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Day 8 of BB11 Feeds

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

July 17

BY chat - Pity Party


The pity party continues once again in the BY...Jordan, Casey and Laura are comiserating about the situation they're in...Jeff walks out all bummed out, he sits down next to Jordan and sighs loudly...Jordan mumbles "I can't believe" while Casey rants...Jeff says "dude, they're riding their fu**ing horse now, f**k it"...Laura asks where they're at...Jeff says he doesn't even know if their comments are meaningful but Jessie asking him if he had a zit, is he stressing out out there? just little comments, he's not sure if they're playing around...Laura thinks it was stone but to not worry about it...Jeff says he'd like to take a fu**ing bat and crack it over his head and be like "how do ya like that fu**ing zit?" :)

Jeff says that he gets heated so quick, he's got to bite his tongue...Laura says it's late, they should go to bed...Jeff says f**k that...Laura says that she doesn't want to go to bed by herself, she's in the same room as the bozos...Casey gets up and leaves...Jeff says "whatever man, you can't ride that high horse for long"...Laura says if for some reason they all get knocked out, the others eventually have to turn on each other...Jordan speaks up saying she doesn't want to be knocked out by them, it's irritating...Laura doesn't either and she's putting up a fight...Jeff tsks saying "whatever"...Jordan touches Jeff saying "don't get"...Jeff looks back and says he's not, he's trying to look at the positive...Jordan says "ok! I gotta stay away from you tonight, you're grouchy"...Jeff looks back again, touches Jordan's leg and says "no, no, no"...Jordan says "you are very grouchy"...Jeff says it's because he doesn't like these little...

Jordan says "what? these little high school games?"...Laura says it is high school edition...Jeff says they throw these little stones that they're better than him, they're not better than him, you just played the game better, you're not a better person than him...Jordan says they're bad Big Brother people, she giggles...Jeff says "dude, I'm the worst! eww, I fu**ing suck at this game"...Jordan says Jessie sucks, he left fourth last time...Laura rattles off the reasons why Jessie sucks LOL...Jeff says he's not going to bash anybody, he sucks, he'll take his medicine like a big boy...Jeff says that every alliance, every person he tried to make friends with fu**ed him, he laughs...Jordan puts her foot in Jeff's lap, Jeff looks down, squeezes her foot and says "not you Jordan"...

Jordan says "I know!"...Jeff says she better win an HOH or something, like hit the buzzer...Jordan explains how she performed in the HOH comp, Ronnie was going to win anyway...Laura says she was an idiot...Jeff says not to think like that, be confident...they talk about possibly being a HN and the sleeping arrangements...Laura says for them to go lay down...Jeff says he's not going to lay down...Jordan tells Laura to not let the others turn her against them...Laura says she won't and they won't try...Jordan says she's going to keep her distance from them.

Jeff says "dude they could make me sleep in a bed of pirahas they're not going to break me, I'll tell you that"...Laura says she's not going to quit...Jordan says she feels bad for coming up with the plan, along with Jeff, for keeping Braden...Laura says they had to try...Jeff agrees...Laura says they'd be in the same position either way...Jeff pinches Jordan's foot :) She screeches...Casey comes back and sits down...they talk about what they miss outside the house...Jordan says she really didn't think this game would be so hard, she thought she's a people person, she could do this...Jeff says "we had it all figured out"...Casey says "I'm a people person, they'll like me"...Casey starts saying how he can't believe Chima of all people is still there and the feeds switch out…

Jeff f***ing rants


Jeff goes off in an expletive filled rant about the house & the fact someone put an opened condom under his bed as a gag when he & Jordan didn't even sleep in the same bed. 🤬

RR - Come here/JJ in bed depression


Feeds switch to J&J in the RR...Jeff is laying in his bed, Jordan is sitting in Laura's bed...Jeff is talking to Casey about what Ronnie is going to do...Jeff says he doesn't know what he's going to do, neither does Jordan...Jeff says he doesn't know if he's the rat, he doesn't know if he has a penis anymore, if it's still there, he doesn't know what's going on...Casey says it could be Jordan...Jeff agrees...Jordan says "shut up"...Jeff says it could be Jordan...while Jordan is asking them if they're serious, she's the one that started the whole plan, Jeff winks at Casey and says "for real, I've been hearing some shit though"...Jeff turns to look at Jordan but can't keep a straight face and smiles saying that he just winked at Casey but he couldn't even do that to her. :)

Jeff says "come on, come sit by me"...Jordan says "no, you're being mean"...Jeff says (my two favorite words he says to Jordan) "come here"🥰 ...Jordan says "you've been mean like forever"...Jeff says "no I wasn't, come here" :) ...Jordan says last night he was and she wanders over to his bed.

Jordan gets in bed with Jeff and lays down...Jordan says she can't stand to listen to "them" or look at "them"...Jeff knows, it makes him sick...Jeff says he doesn't mean to be mean, he's just crabby..Jordan knows, she is too, they're still not out yet...Jeff knows that and says he hates taking his medicine, their day will come, he promises (yep!)...Jordan says they're so cocky, she can't leave this house knowing one of them is still there...Jeff says he won't even watch, he'll get sick...Jordan thinks Chima is trying to make good TV, she feels bad for Braden, she ruined him...Jeff says he's not going to talk shit, everyone's true colors are coming out now, he swears, he so believes in that, everyone is so happy & giggly...Jordan says she wants to hit Russell so hard, she can't stand Natalie...

Jeff says she's smug, he's said what he has to say about everybody, he doesn't like them, sad it came to that but they left him no choice, things will change, they always do, their day for honoring themselves will be over soon, then they'll find out when they're on the bottom what kind of people they are, he'll go out but he's not going out kissing their ass making deals with the devil, forget that...

Jordan says Jeff smells good...Jeff says Casey put on cologne, he just had a garlic bagel and didn't shower...Jordan giggles saying he smells good though...Jordan asks if they can lay there?...Jeff thinks so but they have a competition soon...Jordan snuggles into Jeff's arm...Jeff rubs his forehead, he's stressed...Laura comes in with her oatmeal, saying going on BB was a drunk decision, she's bummed....Jordan says she thought it would be easy...Jeff says he feels like bozo the clown right now...Laura says she's eating her oatmeal in her bed like an idiot...Jeff says he ate in the LR like a loser....Jordan says she just can't be around them...Jeff says Russell is the biggest nerd, my God...Jordan says she hopes that when the nominees are picked that the others will start bickering and arguing...Laura tells them to be prepared for 2 of them going up...Jordan says she was skeptical of Ronnie up in the HOH room...Jeff says Ronnie loves the backdoor move, maybe he's right, what do they know, look where they are with their bright ideas...Jordan says they tried...Jeff says the plan sucked...Jordan says the plan would have been good if they stuck to it...Jeff says at this point it's over.

Jeff says he wishes he could get outta there and go to a movie...Jordan wants to go to a bar...Jordan says after this she wants to fly to Atlanta...Laura says she's damn right, Jeff needs to buy her a steak...Jordan says she's only an hour away from her...Laura says she'll pick her up at the airport...Jeff wants her to try and get Falcon tickets...Laura says she can, it's not hard through work...if the Bears play the Falcons he'll go down there for sure...Jordan says her dad used to have season tickets to the Panthers...they talk football a bit more, people come in and out of the room...more small talk...Laura hopes they're not on slop...Jordan doesn't care, they'll have the whole room to themselves, Jeff can bring a mattress in and everything...Laura says he can't...Jeff says they can just take naps together...they are generally bummed out, Jeff is over tired, Jordan has a headache, Laura is bummed her boyfriend is out having fun on a Friday night, it sucks...

Feeds return with J&J talking to Ronnie...they whisper about how Jessie and Lydia slept together...Jeff says they should have used the condom joke on them considering he slept alone...they talk about cereal.

Ronnie has a pity party for himself about the hard decision he has to make ...They try to bolster his confidence about his picks for nominations...Jordan says she's sleepy, she slept good with Laura than she has in awhile...Jeff asks what she's saying? he thinks they'd sleep better (together) if they had a bigger bed...Ronnie leaves.

They try to nap...Jeff yawns saying he's so over tired...Jordan says no wonder they did so many tests, stress tests, people lose their mind in there...Casey comes out of the SS room and they share some laughs about the other side, the game and life after the game...Ronnie comes back in and they talk game again...Ronnie feeds them more lies...Jeff gives him a pep talk, he says he'll throwdown for him, he can always rely on him if he feels threatened. (Gah! this talk makes me so mad knowing how Ronnie immediately went and put Jeff up a few hours later)

Casey leaves...they continue trusting Ronnie...Michele wanders in and Jeff asks her if she's mad about the raft thing (Jeff threw the rafts on her, he didn't see her)...Michele says no, let's kiss and make up and she hugs him (UGH ) Jeff says he needed a hug, it was totally by accident...Jeff and Michele continue talking about that while the noise escalates in the room...Michele talks about how she slept in the HN room, it was ok...Jordan marks her territory and snuggles right into Jeff 😚

Laura says if her and Jordan become HN's that it will only open up one bed...Jeff says "do it nice"...Jordan has been rubbing Jeff's tummy and looks at Jeff...Jeff asks if she's going to bust his balls?...Jordan says no...Casey has come out of the SS room again and they share more laughs...Jeff says he's worn out, he feels it...Michele says they have to go to bed earlier or they're not going to win anything...Jeff says he was in bed by 2/2:30 but he laid in bed awake until 5:30, he went through every emotion in his mind, it's better talking to himself, he's his worst enemy...Jeff says that "Jeff had a good talk with Jeff yesterday and Jeff is pissed"...Jeff says he had so many analogies...Casey says they're so happy, he hopes Ronnie has the balls...Jeff says whatever happens, "I'm just gonna put my gloves up and let's dance" :), he has a shirt that says Let's Dance, he always says that, someone got him that cuz he always says it...Jeff gets a serious look on his face and taps his teeth...

They talk about the sun, competitions...Jordan says she can't believe it doesn't rain there...Jeff says it never rains in southern California, it's a song that Jordan hasn't heard of LOL Jordan wants a zip up hoodie like Michele's...Michele says she got it at Target...Jordan asks if it was in the workout section?...Michele doesn't think so...Jeff with sass says how about Jordan take a 3 min. walk and go check it out herself when she's at Target next time?...Jordan rolls her eyes and play punches Jeff...Michele says he's mean and leaves...Jeff's joking, he holds Jordan's hand and starts rubbing it/her arm...Jordan says she feels like she's on the War of Worlds...Jeff says he feels like he's in Vietnam...

Jordan says they're so cocky...(too funny how Jeff says this next thing considering what they ended up doing on TAR )...he says "I wanna jump out of a foxhole and rip a grenade down somebody's throat"...Jordan says she knows...they laugh some more about being violent in there...Jordan makes a fort, she stays hidden under the covers, he's seen but she's not...Jeff asks "where's Jordan?" and he starts laughing...Jordan says her hands have to be seen or people might think she's doing some funny business under there...Jeff giggles...Jordan points out that just yesterday Jeff was saying he has to stop smoking and cussing and today every other word was f**k, f**k...Jeff hasn't had a cigarette, he's 50%, smoking is gross for real, he wants to quit, he doesn't mind when it's a couple a week but he was rocking smokes...Jordan sits up saying she can't sleep...Jeff says people are in and out talking to them...Jeff turns, pulls her down and spoons her. They try to nap...

Jordan is upset/Jeff comforts her


Jordan & Laura are crying in the HN room, they have just been put on slop by Chima during the Truth Hurts comp. Laura says "these people are fu**ing terrible"...Jordan says "it's just because they have power and they think...whoever the fu**ing rat is with us, I hope they're happy".

Jeff comes in and says "oh stop", Jordan half giggles & cries...Jeff sits down to console Jordan, puts his hand around her waist and puts his lips to her shoulder…

Laura says "we're just getting railroaded"...Jordan shies away from Jeff saying "I stink, don't touch me"...Jeff says she doesn't and rubs her shoulder. Laura says "it's not even worth this"...Jeff says it is worth it, to not let it get to her, be the stronger person, believe him, they'll see what it's portrayed like on TV, even Dan is going to know what it's like being here for 3 hours, that this is the worst fu**ing cast ever and they're a bunch of scumbags, he hopes that rat is happy by keeping (Chima)...Laura says it really isn't worth this...Jeff continues rubbing Jordan's back and says "just be stronger than that, just be stronger than that"

Laura looks up at the camera and says she's never cried this much in her life...Jeff tells her to stop addressing the cameras all the time, it's so stupid...Jordan & Laura laugh...Jordan says they're going to have to show it eventually...Jeff tries to say that the cameras will get it anyway and Jordan says "shut up Jeff, don't make us in more of a bad mood, we're already in a bad mood"...Jeff says and he's not? he's having a fu**ing great time, his answer wasn't even right...Jeff says when he went into the DR they asked him how he felt about Chima and he said, first of all his answer wasn't even right, then change it cuz he looked like a fu**ing bozo already...Laura asks why?...Jeff says he thinks it was a misunderstanding, he didn't know what was up and he thought he had to stay with that answer...Jeff explains there was underwear and an outfit and the underwear went under the outfit but he thought it was two outfits so when they asked if he liked fan girls or super sexy cheerleaders , and of course he likes the fans, someone you can talk to, Jeff said he's not wearing these (the underwear), he asked if that was one of the outfits and he wasn't going to just wear those so he went for the cheerleader outfit and then asked if he could change his answer to get the other outfit and BB said no and he was like wtf?...Jordan says "don't worry about it"...Jeff says "whaddya mean don't worry about it? I already look like an idiot, I don't want to be a superficial idiot" ...Jordan & Laura laugh...feeds go to trivia.

BR chat - More pity party


Jeff & Jordan are sitting in the bathroom while Laura takes a shower. Jordan is sad about the truth hurts comp and being put on slop. Jordan says she is ready to go home, it's re*****d, she's ready for the outside world, to be around her friends and family. Jeff is looking at Jordan and sighs...Laura says at least they will both be skinny...Jordan says yeah, no more late night cookies...Jeff says he feels so bad for her, she's gonna die...Jordan says she doesn't care, she shares a room with her mom...Jeff says oh, the room? he meant the food, she loves eating...Jordan mumbles that she at least wanted to make it to the jury house...

Casey is washing his hands while J&J talk something inaudible about Ronnie and nominations. Jordan says if he does she won't talk to him, she says she won't be far behind...she really doesn't care anymore...Jeff doesn't either, he can't live with that wild animal (Russell?) Jordan says she can't stand yelling...Jeff says the comp was supposed to be fun but they ruined the TV show with their behavior out there...Jordan says even Dan noticed it...Jordan says she didn't think she would be hated so bad...Jeff says me neither...Jordan says she has never been hated this much in my life...Jeff agrees, he says this cast is the worst...Jordan agrees and says she wishes she wasn't in the high school one...Jeff says maybe once they're gone it will get exciting to see them all chop each other down...Jordan says cuz they will...there can only be one winner 😉

Jeff thought he would at least make it to the jury house and at least they tried to make a move...Jordan says she is so done...they can't believe Ronnie did that to them, Jeff says he loves the backdoor shit but the only one getting backdoored was him...Jeff realizes he is probably getting put up...feeds switch…

HN room - Bad moods


Jordan, Casey & Laura are in the HN room. Jeff joins them. They are talking about feeling bad for Casey. Jeff lays down next to Jordan and rubs her back and says he feels bad for her...Jordan says "why?"...Jeff says because she was crying. Laura is putting on makeup getting ready to go to the DR...Casey is talking with them about the truth hurts comp. Jeff says Jordan isn't in a good mood...Jordan asks why wouldn't she be in a good mood? (Umm do you have to ask? 😕 )...Jeff says she has to relax, he's in a crabby mood too...Laura gets called to the DR again and she leaves along with Casey leaves...J&J are left alone.

Jeff ask "you wanna be alone?" Jordan says no, he can stay in there...she just wants to go home, be around her family, positive people, she doesn't care anymore, she can't win.

Jeff says he would rather they go out the way he did with fighting back instead of letting them run their lives...would she rather sit around and laugh at their fake jokes, he doesn't get them at all, he can't wait to see them kill each other...Jeff says he knows what she means about going home...

Jordan doesn't even understand what they did...Jeff says nothing...she says there is no point in arguing...Jeff agrees...Jordan says they're going to lose no matter what...Jeff is sick of talking to people and getting backstabbed...Jordan feels tired and drained...Jeff says from everything? Jordan says yep...Jeff says he is taking more shit than her...she doesn't understand why...Jeff says cuz he went against them, he lost, what is Chima trying to prove, he can't say anything to stick up for himself with Chima because it will come off racist...he won't fu**ing play that game...and then on top of everything he comes off looking like a bozo (during the comp)...Jordan says quit stressing about that, it's no big deal but it is to Jeff, he thinks it was a big deal on top of everything.

Jordan says they hate us, there's nothing we can do about it, everyone is on their side, it doesn't matter, she doesn't care anymore. They get quiet, Jeff sighs, Jordan sneaks peeks at Jeff and she whispers something inaudible to Jeff about Chima to which he doesn't respond. Jeff says he's going to leave her alone, she seems pissed...he leaves...

BY chat - Pre noms


Jordan & Laura are sitting outside on the couches. Jeff joins them. Jeff says what's up? why are you looking at me like that? Jordan makes a sound between huh and hmmm. Jeff asks Laura how the slop is, she says it's ok, it's like oatmeal but it will be hard to eat it for 7 days.

Jordan asks if she looks really bad without her makeup on? Jeff says without it? seem so sad :( ...Jordan says she is...Jeff says he knows...Jordan says she feels bad for Jeff, she doesn't know why she has it out for him so bad...Laura says they're behind you...Jordan doesn't care, she says they can hear everything I say, they're two faced anyway.

They talk game and Jordan says to Jeff that if they put Jeff up and backdoor Russell that it is just an excuse...Laura says he knows, Jeff is smarter than that...Jordan says in the DR she said Ronnie will be making a mistake because in the beginning they always stuck up for him and Russell made fun of him...Jeff smells himself and says he hasn't showered...Laura says that's hot 😝...Jordan keeps rambling about the game, she says she wants to hit Natalie so bad, she can't stand her...Jeff says he knows...Jordan hates Chima & Natalie...Jeff says if he had the power he wouldn't act like that...Jordan asks if we have a chance...Laura says if she puts two of us up one of us is going home and he's doing it intentionally...Jeff agrees...Jordan says if he does she won't talk to him...Laura says what matters is that one of them wins HOH next week so everything would turn...Jordan says they just have to leave before her and she will feel better...she just needs to get Jessie, Natalie & Chima out before her and then send her ass home...Jeff just looks at her intently, smiles and says yeah, me too.

They debate over who will be put up, Jordan insists it will be her, Laura disagrees, they hate her, Jeff & Casey, they dislike Jordan but won't put her up.

Casey comes out to join them. They start talking about the zingers they threw at Jessie & Natalie during the truth hurts comp. Feeds cut off for the nomination ceremony…

GR chat - Laura with the common sense


Laura & Jordan are talking in the GR after Laura and Jeff have been put up during the nomination ceremony.

They talk about what will happen if Laura goes home, she says if she doesn't get the veto, she will do something stupid, she will go out with a bang...Jordan says do it and say something good...Laura says she won't say anything mean though...Laura says she is going to wait until after the veto...

Jordan says this is what she's hoping..."you win the veto, save yourself...if I get the veto...if my name gets drawn, I will save you, I'm going to talk to Jeff"...

Laura says "no, I hope you don't get it, honestly, it puts you in a bad position cuz I think honestly, personally I think that you and Jeff could be something out of this house and you don't want to burn that bridge and they're not going to send him home...we'll talk about it later". (Thank you Laura! 👏)

They go on to talk about more game. They talk about how Chima is pissed at them because of the Braden votes. Laura admits she didn't really like Braden, he was annoying to her but it would benefit her game to keep him.

Laura says this shows Jeff that unfortunately she was right about Ronnie being the rat. Jordan says she really didn't think that Ronnie would put up Jeff. Laura did. Jordan says she's dumb, she had never watched BB before, she wants a repeat.

They talk about the truth hurts comp and how people in the house could be lying about their true professions...Laura says she picked up how Dan didn't know Ronnie was a teacher...Laura says her title is "swimsuit model"...Jordan says why does she have to be the "southern belle"...Laura says no, they put your job. LOL

Jordan says everytime she thinks of southern belle she thinks of tea parties. lol! Laura says it's not a bad thing, she just considers Jordan a little more real than a southern belle. :) Jordan feels bad that she assumed Laura was a bitch, her best friend is assumed to be one too but she's the nicest person...Laura understands, she gives off that air...she can be a bitch but it's more a sweet bitch, she's sassy or quirky. Jordan apologizes for what she thought about her and her looks to her in the beginning. Laura says she doesn't care. Jordan thought Lydia was going to be like Nakomis, Laura says no, her sister is like Nakomis...the total opposite of her. Jordan says she was influenced by Lydia on what she thought of Laura.

Jordan says she takes this game to heart, she says that if Laura goes home, she will want to too. Laura says no, you can't give up, we have made a commitment to BB that we will play, fight, and walk out when we're supposed to. Do not let these people see you down. Jordan says they are wiping out the populars. Jordan asks if a ton of people watch this show...Laura says there are a lot but the BB fans are diehard fans that get the feeds. Jordan wants to make it to the jury house for the fact she did come out here and voice her opinion on who will win. They continue to talk game...they bring up Chima and what she said about Jeff (regarding him picking the cheerleader girl over the sports fan girl)...Laura says that Chima said "I knew you'd pick the dumb, hot girl because you're not so smart yourself" 😤

Laura says she's so over this game...Jordan says she so misses her cell phone. 🤓 Laura feels bad that they put her up vs. Jeff. She says they did it to make Jordan weaker. They continue to talk game...

Miss me?


Casey, Laura, Jeff & Jordan are sitting outside...Casey & Laura are mostly talking game, Jeff and Jordan are quiet...Jordan gets called to the DR...Jeff says "are you going to say you miss me?" :) ...Jordan says "hmm?"...Jeff says "are you going to say you miss me?"...Jordan says "am I going to?"...Jeff nods...Jordan says "yeah" :) ...Jeff puts his hand up to his eyes and says "cry?" LOL ...Jordan smiles cutely and gets up to go to the DR...

BY chat - Jeff will tongue her down/America's sweethearts/Laura is spot on


Jeff, Casey & Laura are sitting outside...they are talking about Ronnie and game...Jordan comes out and her & Jeff want the other to move over and sit by them...neither budge LOL They look at each other....

They start discussing what they really do outside the house & Laura says she'll tell them one more "secret" about herself as she walks out the door...Jordan guesses she is a swimsuit model...Laura says that is the same as promotions...Laura didn't want people to judge her...Jordan asks if they think Braden is a gypsy? LOL!

Russell comes out with beer and shares with Casey and Jeff...Jeff wants to finish his wine first though...they joke about being caged in...

Jordan says to Casey, if it's going to be like (when they get evicted) aaaahhhh, my cell phone!...Laura says oh, my blackberry! Jeff says "Jordan if I get knocked out and they say Jeff you're eliminated, I'll make out with you right at the door" :) ;)

Laura says ok...Jordan says huh? LOL ...Casey says "tongue her down man" Ha 😛

Jeff says "tongue down the throat...deep throat"

Casey says "y'all are both single tongue her the f**k down bro" ;) ...Jeff says "yeah for sure and then everyone's gonna love it when I come out"

Laura says "aww they will because America's rooting for y'all, I know it"...Casey says "you're America's sweethearts man"...Laura says "yep, yes they are"...Jeff says "we're nothing right now but I'm making out with you right when I leave" 🤣🤣

Laura, pointing at J&J says "y'all are the favorites, they don't like Natalie & Jessie, I guarantee it and they're rooting for this romance to happen"...Jordan laughs...Laura says "everybody at home is like they want them...when y'all are holding hands they're all like kiss, kiss, I promise you"...Jeff says "I don't know about all that"...Laura says "I've seen this show enough times, they're rooting for y'all and that makes me happy" 🥰

Jordan keeps giggling and Jeff says who knows how they are being portrayed, we have no idea...Laura says Jeff is portrayed as the underdog and she's portrayed as the southern belle and y'all like each other"

LAURA - you were spot on!!

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