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Day 62 of BB11 Feeds

September 9

Jordan - “He could light my fire” ;) 


Jordan, Kevin & Natalie are chilling in the RR reminiscing about their stay in the BB house. They are wondering what the schedule for the final days is going to be...Jordan mentions that the grill is gone, did they notice that? Natalie says she didn't...Jordan says she noticed that.... Kevin says "they're like Jeff's gone, they're not going to use it anyways"...Jordan says Jeff & Russell used that thing every night.

Kevin asks why grilling is such a man thing?...Jordan thinks about it and says "hmm, I don't know...cuz it's fire...and it's hot"...Jordan says she was in the DR and she said something so corny, they were talking about Jeff grilling and she told them "hmm, he could light my fire" 😉 Jordan giggles and smiles big 😁

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