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Day 56 of BB11 Feeds

September 3

Jordan allows Jeff to cop a feel (sort of)


Jeff & Jordan are finishing up eating...Kevin, Michele & Natalie are around them talking and being goofy about the pranks but J&J ignore them and stay silent...Natalie insists that Michele is the one that did the cup of water on the door prank...Jeff smiles to himself knowing that she's wrong, he set up the prank...Michele won't reveal Jeff did it either, after the others disperse, Jordan says "these things are good"...Jeff says "Triscuits?"...Jordan says mmm, hmm and the cams go off J&J again.

When Michele returns a couple of minutes later to the kitchen the cams go back on J&J (this was a sign of things to come later with the kooky camera work this night, UGH) ...Jeff finishes up and Jordan says she doesn't even feel like doing dishes tonight...Jeff says to throw his plate in the sink, for her not to do shit, please & thank you...Jordan says now what?

Jordan asks Jeff if he thinks you would be able to tell she didn't have a bra on? (in the DR)...Jeff says no...Jordan says her boobs feel so heavy 'like here'...Jordan says "gimme your hand"...Jeff outstretches his arm with an open hand LOL...Jordan says she'll do her left boob, she says "feel here and then go up"...

Jeff does and gives her a look...she then says "take your hand here and then go up"...Jeff tries...Jordan says "no, take your hand here and then go up"...he does...Jordan says "doesn't that feel weird?"...Jeff says "you have fake boobs" (Captain Obvious!)

Jordan keeps touching her boobs and making faces...Jordan says her scar right there is real bad, it's really thick, she's going to go to the doctor after because if you look at it, it's very, very purple and it shouldn't look like that, she says she remembers there was a stitch sticking out, it doesn't hurt but she's going to check it out just to see, if you rub it, it's real thick, she showed it to Jeff didn't she?...Jeff says yeah, the scar.

Jordan says she was sweating, she was getting so nervous, is Jeff like that?...Jeff says maybe a little bit but it was hot in there with all the lights (DR)...Jordan says she's going to pee, she's going to try and lay down...Jeff asks if she wants to lay in the hammock? it's the last chance...Jordan is worried about the bugs, Jeff too...Jordan says why don't they lay down in the bed and talk?...Jeff says "let's go in the hammock first"...Jordan says "for a little bit?"...Jeff says yeah and he walks outside...

Last hammock time kept off the feeds


Jeff & Jordan agree to go on the hammock one last time before they go to bed...pretty much all of J&J's hammock time in the house had been captured by the feeds but not tonight, the feeds were purposely kept off of them for almost 20 minutes 😠

Just after the 12:08am mark Jeff is seen walking by K&N who are playing pool...he then goes off camera...Jordan is seen walking by K&N just before the 12:11am mark...all cams stay off of them until just before the 12:27am mark, they are then both seen walking towards the door to go inside.

Their last hammock time is over and viewers missed out. Camera work was terrible this last night of J&J! More to come...

JeJo get ready for bed together


Jeff & Jordan were glued at the hip!

They get ready for bed...

They both walk into the bathroom together after their hammock time...Jeff asks Michele what she's up to?...Michele says nothing...Jeff says "no good?"...Jordan says "yeah, you were up to no good"...Michele insists nothing is going on...Jordan holds out her toothbrush for Jeff to put toothpaste on, he obliges and they start brushing...Jeff standing and Jordan sitting on the seating area...(good synchronicity 😊)

They finish brushing at the almost the exact same time...Jeff takes off his contacts...Jordan cleans her nose...Jeff goes in the bathroom stall, opens the door and points out something gross to Jordan...Jordan leaves the bathroom and heads towards the bedrooms...a minute later Jeff puts on his lotion and heads out, grabs his cup and heads towards the SR to get water...

There is none so he goes into the SS room where Jordan is laying down waiting for him...(Michele is in there too munching loudly...grrr)

J&J’s last night together Pt1


Jeff comes into the SS room where Jordan is laying down waiting for Jeff...Michele is in there eating and gets up just as Jeff walks in...Jeff, who has been suspicious of Michele for the last little while (pranks) asks her "wtf are you doing?"...Michele giggles and says she's just eating, she says she's all hyper right now...Jeff says "yeah" (it's obvious Michele was just about to leave but now wants to stay because Jeff is there)...she fumbles around the room looking for any excuse to stay...Jeff takes off his tank top...Michele asks if they're turning off the lights?...Jeff says "yeah"...Michele says she'll eat by herself and she licks her fingers loudly 😖 Jeff asks Jordan what's going on and lays down next to her, he lets out a big sigh...Jeff gets back up and says "stuff is going to go down tonight, I feel it"...Michele says "like what?"...Jeff says "I don't know, something kooky", he gets back in bed and sighs again...Michele leaves.

The second Michele leaves, Jordan cracks up laughing and says "I'll turn them off"...Michele & Natalie are making a racket outside and Michele opens the door to turn off the lights that she had forgotten about...Jeff takes off his glasses and says "oh, it's going to be a long one"...Jordan says "I hope they don't play a prank on us, I don't want to have anything in my hair"...Jeff says he doesn't want any fu**ing thing on him...Jordan says they probably won't do it because one of them is going home...Jeff says they won't do it because they know he is going home and they don't want to piss him off.

Jeff & Jordan get quiet and then Jeff says he wants to "think" for 2 minutes...he covers himself and prays...Jordan turns and seems to be in thought too...Jeff finishes and uncovers himself and says it's hot huh?...Jordan doesn't answer, they are quiet and then Jordan then says "sorry, I was saying my prayers"...Jeff repeats "it's hot right?"...Jordan says yeah, they shift a little so that Jeff's leg is on Jordan's legs and Jordan is cradling Jeff's arm as she normally does...Jeff whistles...they are quiet...they shift again and Jordan puts her hand on Jeff...Jeff reaches for her hand and they hold hands still being quiet...Jeff shakes his foot.

Jordan sits up and throws her blanket aside and says she feels like her blanket has bugs on it...Jeff giggles and says yeah...Jordan ties her hair in a ponytail...they notice the high heeled person behind the walls...Jordan laments the fact she ate so late...Jeff says yeah, he's gaining weight for sure again...Jordan says "how do you think I feel?"...Jeff says "how do you feel?" LOL

Jordan starts counting and says she gained 12 pounds, that's a lot, she asks Jeff is he thinks she gained weight in her face?...Jeff says no, he's been with her all the time...Jordan says that he's seen her the whole time so he hasn't noticed...Jeff whispers that's what he was saying...Jordan bets that if she looked at the first day compared to now she would say she looked so much skinnier.

Jordan grabs Jeff's hand to hold and says she'll work it off when she gets home...Jeff starts pfttssssss'ing...he says "whattup?"...he sings "what I like about you" and then says "do you wanna talk about something?"...Jordan whispers "what do you wanna talk about?"...Jeff says "why Michele put that peanut butter in the toilet"...Jordan says "God, there's going to be ants all over that"...Jeff ahhh's and says "there is going to be ants all over that...f**k I didn't even think about that"...Jordan says she's not going to clean that shit up...Jeff says it's going to be gross as hell...Jeff gets up to get lotion as they discuss how gross the prank is.

Jeff gets back in bed...Jordan reaches for his hand again and Jeff spreads some lotion on it...Jordan says to rub it on the other hand...Jordan says she's going to be so bored tomorrow, she's going to be a loner...Jeff says "not unless you're here...I'd be able to swallow the pill a lot more if I was here too"😢..Jordan plays with Jeff's belly button, feels bad (IMO) and then turns the other way...

Jeff is quiet...Jordan tries to lighten the mood by saying that instead of hugging each other before leaving they should do the knuckle thing (like they did when making the halfway resolution pact)...Jeff says "blow it up?"...Jordan says "yeah"...

Jeff continues to stare upwards, thinking and staying quiet, all of a sudden Jeff says "if you come into that jury house next week I'm going to be so pissed"...Jordan says "I won't...if I do you better be happy to see me"...Jeff sarcastically says "yeah, I'll be ecstatic" ...Jordan says they can lay out and grill out and do fun stuff.

Jordan asks Jeff if he has noticed that on Thursday nights they are always sitting beside each other? BB puts them sitting that way...Jeff mmm, hmm's...Jordan says it's funny...change of subject...she feels like stuff is crawling on her, she feels dirty...Jeff says to wash the sheets...Jordan says the room is probably going to be closed down...Jeff says half-heartedly says maybe...Jordan reaches for Jeff's hand again and they hold hands.

They are quiet again...after awhile Jeff mutters f**k...Jordan says "what?"...Jeff says "nothing"...agonizingly quiet once more but it's almost like you can read their minds...

Jeff turns himself around to lay on his belly saying that tomorrow is going to suck, he takes off his mic...Jordan goes to take off hers and asks "is this backscratch time?"...Jeff says "if you want to"...Jordan prepares herself and tells Jeff to scoot over, he does and she starts scratching...not a word is said...

Michele comes in noisily and asks if they want the door back open?...Jordan says no, you're fine...Michele makes more noise...Jordan rubs Jeff's hair too...Michele says goodnight...Jordan & Jeff say goodnight...Michele says something about her yelling and if they want her to sleep outside...Jordan says no, you're fine, you're perfectly fine, it doesn't bother her, they've all been sleeping in the same room since they got there, isn't it funny? (Jeff probably disagrees...)...Michele says well this is "their" room...Jordan knows and says they thought this wasn't the cool room...

Nothing from Jeff/sweet kiss on the shoulder


After Michele & Jordan quiet down, Jordan continues scratching Jeff's back...Jeff didn't say a word during their exchange...Jordan starts to slow down, she lightly scratches Jeff's side, nothing from Jeff...she lightly scratches the nape of his neck, nothing from Jeff...she pauses and looks up, she gets under the cover and puts her hand on Jeff's lower back, nothing from Jeff...Jordan starts to wonder if Jeff is falling asleep and probably wonders if that is how they are going to spend their last night, with such little interaction...she lightly taps Jeff's back, nothing from Jeff...she looks to be thinking to herself "that's it?"...finally Jeff moves lifting his head to scratch it...Jordan smiles...Jeff lays his face down and starts to rock his foot.

Jordan sweetly reaches over and hugs Jeff, putting her head on Jeff's shoulder...she lightly taps Jeff's armpit a few times...nothing again from Jeff...she lightly pats Jeff on the face and asks if he's sleeping?...Jeff nuh uh's...Jordan rubs his neck, kisses Jeff on the shoulder and says "goodnight" 🙁

Jeff doesn't say a word...Jordan turns and lays on her back and tries to sleep...Jordan then turns on her side facing away from Jeff and the cams go off of them.

Jeff finds out he’s 100% gone


Jeff has gotten up to go the bathroom, on the way there he sees Natalie at the kitchen counter...he asks her where she's at? is she a go or no?...Natalie tells him she doesn't think so...Jeff says he hopes he doesn't see her at the jury house...Natalie knows it's just she'd rather roll with Kevin than Michele...Jeff says Kevin is going to jury house, just so she knows...Natalie says she knows she'd have to win at final 3...Jeff says yeah...Natalie says she knows that but Michele isn't either...Jeff says with him she's guaranteed final 2, whatever, she can roll with someone who'll stab her in the back...

Jeff goes to the bathroom, comes out, washes his hands, gargles with mouthwash and puts on more lotion...he walks towards the bedrooms...Natalie who is now sitting with Kevin tells Jeff that Michele is the one that put the peanut butter on the toilet, just so he knows...Jeff couldn't care less and walks away muttering under his breath…

J&J’s last night together Pt2


Jeff returns to the SS room after finding out that Natalie will not keep him, he walks in just as Michele is walking out...Jeff lays down and Jordan asks if he had to pee?...Jeff mmm, hmm's and says then he got some water...Jordan rubs Jeff's chest...Jeff asks why Michele keeps coming in here if she knows she's going to get up and leave?...Jordan says Michele said she had to go clean up the peanut butter because there would be ants tomorrow...

Jordan says "you're in a bad mood now aren't you?"...Jeff says "yeah, well you're staying 100%"...Jordan says "how do you know?"...Jeff says "cuz I just asked Natalie"...Jordan takes it in and turns away from Jeff...Jeff says "congratulations"...Jeff says that Natalie is so stupid, she's going to roll with Kevin, he's not even going to take her to the finals, she's so dumb, a fu**ing 18 yr old gets to the final four...

Major quiet tension alert...(they are quiet for over 7 minutes)

Jeff is in deep thought realizing the finality of it all...Jordan is trying to keep her eyes shut, who knows what she is thinking...Jeff rocks his feet and lets out a big sigh...just after the 1:17am mark Jordan reaches over and kisses Jeff on the cheek.

Just as she does Michele walks in to ruin the moment 😫 she mumbles something about them doing the Saran wrap thing...J&J have no clue what she's talking about...Jordan kisses Jeff again and lays back down...Michele asks Jeff if he told them about the "toilet thing"?...Jeff says no.

Michele says that K&N said Jeff told them...Jeff says "another lie in the BB house, what a surprise, even for a fu**ing dumb thing like that"...Michele says "it's all it's not"...Michele sits down in bed...more weird tension...Jordan reaches over for Jeff...Jeff gives Jordan his arm, she starts rubbing and holds it...Jeff is still quiet...Jordan takes her leg out from under the cover...Jeff places his hand on it...Jordan links her hand with Jeff's.

Jordan shifts and lays on her back again...Cams switch to 2 (camera person drove me nuts this night!!) ...they let go of their hands...Jeff rubs his eyes, exhales, takes off his shorts and covers himself...more silence for a few minutes...Jeff puts his legs up, uncovers his chest and just stares upward...Jordan keeps looking up too and turns away from Jeff onto her side…

J&J’s last night together Pt3


Jeff & Jordan continue to lay in silence, Jordan turned away from Jeff...Jeff plays with his hair then continues to look upward...Jordan shifts around, scratches her back, her nose and yawns...she reaches back and looks for Jeff's hand...they hold hands...

Michele gets up and leaves...Jordan turns to face Jeff and says she feels like bugs are crawling on her...Jeff says he feels Michele is bugging him...Cams go off J&J and then the feeds cut out...

They return with Jeff and Jordan still being distant and restless...Jordan has turned away from Jeff again...she then lays on her back and clasps her hands on her chest...Jeff makes a weird moaning/groaning noise and then says "at least I can fu**ing jerk off tomorrow"...he laughs and gets up to get some water, as he lays back down he says to Jordan "dude, you like that better? I'm thinking positive" 😐

Jeff covers himself and gets comfy, he grabs Jordan, slides her over to snuggle with her and kisses her...Jordan doesn't respond and turns her head the other way...Jeff says "what are you being pouty about?"...Jordan looks at Jeff and then turns her head away and says "cuz you make me feel bad"...Jeff says "about what?"...Jordan says "I don't know"...Jeff says "shut up...shut up stupid"...Jeff seems to be touching Jordan's boobs, he makes that mmm sound that he does and then Jordan says "oww"...they cuddle and Jordan says "hmm?"...Jeff says "I'm just feeling"...Jordan says "it doesn't hurt but it kinda does, you know"...Jeff says "well you better get it checked out"...Jordan knows...Jeff says "don't you have to go for like checkups too anyway?"...Jordan says "yeah I was supposed to right before I left for here".

Jeff has moved onto Jordan's butt now LOL he says "I love this butt"...Jordan says "why?"...Jeff says "I don't know, it's just sexy to me" 😍 Jordan giggles and then says every time she would get the VIctoria's Secret catalog in the summer when they're in their bathing suits and she would be ahhh because their bodies are so perfect...

Jeff says they could wear an egg sandwich and they'd look good...Jordan says yeah and look so hot...Jeff says yeah...Jordan says they really are the prettiest girls...Jeff says "in the world...yeah they are"...Jordan says "they're all from different countries right?...Jeff says hmm...Jordan says "mainly Brazil"...Jeff says yeah a couple...Jordan says she'd hate to live in Brazil...Jeff says he'd love it...Jordan says she knows Jeff would love it but she wouldn't...Jeff says why?...Jordan says cuz all the girls there are so pretty...

Jeff says Jordan has a Brazilian butt 🍑..Jordan says "no, I don't"...Jeff says "yeah you do"...Jordan says "Brazilian butts are big?"...Jeff says they have big booties, some of them" (Jeff makes a clomping sound)...Jordan says "Brazilians? Is that why it's called Brazilian bottoms?"...Jeff doesn't know, maybe, he says not everybody, he thinks they have nice asses.

Jordan says maybe if she worked on hers more and toned it, she'd have a Brazilian booty...Jeff says "you're fine"...Jeff farts and Jordan laughs...Jeff says what? it's not official until he blows farts before he leaves...Jeff ruffles the cover to let out the hot air...Jeff says wow...Jordan says what?...Jeff says it's weird that it's the last night...Jordan turns to face Jeff and she says that Jeff doesn't look like himself, he looks like Jordan Knight from NKOTB...Jeff says he looks like Jordan Knight in a pitch black room?...Jeff sings "the right kind of love" and says no, that's Jeremy Jordan, who is Jordan Knight?...feeds cut out for over 5 mins and return around the 1:46am mark

When they return they are talking about celebrities they get mistaken for...Jeff says Jerry O'Connell but Jordan doesn't know who that is, he asks who does Jordan get?...Jordan says Miranda Lambert, she's a country singer, she sings Kerosene, she also gets that blond girl from the surfer movie Blue Crush...feeds cut out again for over 10 mins and return just after the 1:58am mark.

Jeff & Jordan are under the cover presumably kissing...Jeff whispers that Jordan is trying to keep him quiet (by kissing) Jordan says for what? Jeff repeats what he said and then says why does he feel the cover is so small? Jordan says why does she feel it's so hot?...Jeff says cuz it is...Jordan says "Michele?" and rubs Jeff's head, she asks her if she thinks it's hot in there? Michele says she feels "messed up"...Michele says quite honestly her crotch hurts...Jeff says "oy oy oy"...Jordan is flirty and holds Jeff's face and then starts kissing him on the chest and shoulder while Jeff says he wishes his crotch hurt, just to get some feeling down there.

M/J&J Sex talk Pt1


Warning - Graphic Content Ahead ⚠️ LOL

Michele has just told Jeff & Jordan that her crotch hurts and Jeff says he wishes his did, at least he'd have some feeling down there...Jordan is kissing Jeff's chest/shoulder under the cover...Michele says it's not a good feeling, she spent too much time in the pool...Jeff asks how the f**k does that make your crotch hurt...Jordan pops her head out from under the cover to listen in on this, lol...

Michele says if you sit around in a wet bathing suit all day, it's not good for girly parts...Jeff asks if it gets all pruny like your fingers? Jordan asks what about it?...Michele says she has an itchy vajayjay...Jeff still wants to know if it gets pruny though?...Michele & Jordan are like huh?...Jeff says he doesn't know, Michele said it hurts, doesn't it get pruny like fingers?...Jordan says it hurts because it lost...Michele laughs and says it lost for 2 months...Jeff says his vajayjay lost...Jordan says vaginas don't get pruny...Jeff says he doesn't know wtf they get like...Jordan says fingers are different than vaginas. 🥴😅

Jeff says he knows, his dick doesn't...Jordan says no, penises just get shrivelled and hard...Jeff says it does get shrivelled up...Jordan says I guess you could say your penis gets pruny...Jeff says it doesn't but it definitely gets weird, penises and water don't mix...Jordan says "why?"...Jeff says it's not that they don't mix, they just go to a different place, a mindset...Jordan says "what? they camp out?"...Jeff says yeah definitely...Jordan says when it's cold or when it's hot...Jeff says when it's cold or when you're in the pool, if you're in a cold pool, it's over, it's non-existent, you're lucky if you have a dick...

Jordan asks if you're hot, you get hard?...Jeff says no, but what's weird is that your balls control your temperature, like if it's boiling hot your nuts are going to sag lower...Jordan ewww's...Jeff says if it's really cold your nuts will be up on you to get tight for the warmth...Jordan asks if it's like when a girl's nipples get hard...they say no...Jordan thinks girl's nipples get shrivelled when you're cold...Michele says they get pointy and hard-y...Jordan says "yeah, they get hard and they shrivel"...Jeff says your dick doesn't get hard when it's hot, you don't walk around with a boner.

Jordan asks why do guys wake up with boners?...Jeff says "cuz they're thinking about jamming some chick" They laugh. Jordan asks "is that really everything?"...Jeff says he doesn't know, he thinks so...Jordan says some guys just wake up and they're hard...Jeff says always...Jordan says "if you didn't dream about banging some chicks, what else would be the reason for you to be hard?"...Jeff says you gotta be thinking about some're not going to be chased by a mountain lion and get a boner 🍆

Jordan asks what if you wake up and have to pee real bad? does that make you hard, like in the morning?...Jeff says not really, sometimes you just have one and need to pee...Jordan says that's a bad combination...Jeff says it is because you then have to aim it in there, you gotta wait til it goes down a little, it's like a jack knife...Jordan says "wow"

Jordan keeps pushing and asks Jeff if he likes waking up hard? Jeff says he doesn't like it, he doesn't care, it's not like he wakes up and says "it's gonna be a good day, I've got a huge boner" 🍆 They laugh. Jordan asks if he doesn't wack off or use it, does it hurt?...Jeff says "like blue balls?"...Jordan then asks "blue balls, why can't you get off?"...Jeff says "no, you can get off, if you don't get off, that's what blue balls are"...Jordan asks why you don't get off?...Jeff says he doesn't know why not, what the problem would be...Jordan asks if Jeff has ever had blue balls?...Jeff says "no, I always fu**ing finish the job" Jordan says "always?"...Jeff says "yeah"...Jordan says "you've never had blue balls?"...Jeff says "well if I don't finish over there, you better believe I'm going home and finishing up" 😆 They laugh.

Jordan says "wow"...Jeff says he did a couple of times...Jordan asks if it was with himself or someone else?...Jeff asks how the f**k would he have it with himself? he'd get in an argument with himself?...they laugh...Jordan says maybe he wasn't in the mood...Jeff says "what? I didn't buy myself dinner and I'm fu**ing out of here? More laughs...Jordan keeps on with the blue ball theme...Jeff says say you're with a chick, you just start talking to a chick...Jordan says "and she scrapes you with her teeth?"...Jeff says that could be a reason or you're just fu**ing around but you never finish, you're not going to have sex with that person but you're doing everything else, you're into it but it dies down or something happens and you don't, what if someone has to leave...

Jordan says it stops but then that horniness is built up inside and you need to release it cuz if you don't your penis will be sore?...Jeff say your balls will be sore...Jordan asks what it feels like?...Jeff says it's an achy feeling...Jordan says you need to ejaculate then...Jeff says "yeah, you gotta pop that zit"...Jordan (not liking the analogy) says "thank you"...Jeff says "what?"...Jordan says she thought Jeff was being sarcastic about her face...Jeff says no, why the f**k would he do that? he was using an analogy...

M/J&J’s Sex Talk Pt2


Warning - Graphic Content Ahead ⚠️ LOL

Jeff explains that he was just using an analogy when saying getting off was like popping a zit...Jordan doesn't take offense and rubs Jeff's hair, she says "I'm glad I don't have a penis and balls then"...Jeff says it doesn't happen all the time...Jordan says "I would hate to wake up in the morning and feel pain in an achy pain, I would hate that, I'm glad I have a vagina and I wake up and my vagina is fine, you know?...and it's not crying, for attention" Jordan laughs...Jeff says "your vagina should be crying for attention"...Jordan says "why?"...

Jeff says "I don't know...there's probably like spider webs in there" 🕸️🕸️🕸️ They crack up laughing...

Jordan says OMG!...Jeff says "I'm just playing around"...Jordan says "that was so funny"...Jeff says "if it was about somebody else"...Jordan says no, she thinks it's funny...she knows, there's a big shock sign and if you touch it, it zaps you...Jeff says "yeah, out of business"...Jordan says "no trespassing"...Jeff says she should have one of those little signs that says be back in 5 minutes and never flip it around.

Michele asks Jordan if she has a vibrator?...Jordan says she doesn't...Michele says she should get one...Jeff says she should get "something"...Jordan says she doesn't even know how to use one...Michele says it's really easy...Jeff says yeah, ask Michele, before you leave (LA), swing by Michele's house, she's probably got them in the kitchen drawer...Jordan laughs...Michele says no, yes!...Jeff says Michele mixes eggs with her vibrator ...Jordan says ahh, man, she's probably the only person in this world that doesn't have one...Michele says no, seriously, get one...Jeff says Michele is serious...Michele says she cares about Jordan 🙄

Jeff asks if there aren't a million different vibrators?...Jordan says she always pictures a vibrator as a big dildo looking thing that just vibrates...Michele says you can get them smaller that just vibrate...Jordan says "what do you do? stick it in your cooch?" Jeff cracks up! Michele says no, you stick it by your clit, you turn it on and there you go...Jeff & Jordan laugh in the exact same way with their hands up to their faces...Michele says "job done"...Jeff says it's true, it's pretty simple...Jordan says "holy shit"...they keep laughing.

Michele says she could get all crazy and get the double ones...Jordan bets Michele has the triple decker one...Jeff says Michele plugs it into her car battery ...Michele says she broke her favorite one before she came to BB and she was mad...Jeff wonders how you break one, she got crazy with it?...Michele say she just broke it...Jeff says "omg"...Jordan bets Michele & her husband have crazy sex, she doesn't want to picture it...Michele says please don't....

Jeff says "yeah, yeah yeah, I thought about that"...Michele blurts out "you thought about me having sex, good!...thanks Jeff" ...Jordan half giggles and Jeff says "no, I thought about how crazy your sex is probably"...Jordan marks her territory and grabs Jeff's hand , they hold hands.

Jordan says now Michele lost all this weight and looks good, she needs to go buy some sexy lingerie...Michele says she so is...Jeff says that shit won't even last when she walks in the door, he'll rip it off...Jordan says he'll rip it off and attack her...Jeff says she has to go to that Hustler store...Jordan says at home they have the Red Door...Jeff says they have Lover's Lane and then he says it in his husky whispery voice...Jordan says he sounds like a killer's voice...Jeff says they're everywhere but he's never been in one of those...Jordan says there's Adam & Eve?...Jordan says she's been in a sex store before but never bought anything, she saw some crazy stuff...Michele says there is, she orders her stuff online.

Jordan says she has thought about it, one time, dressing up, trying to be sexy...Jeff says to Michele "you get shit online?"...Michele says yeah...Jeff says that's good because then it comes in a box and no one knows...Michele says you can buy stuff at Amazon. Jordan says she wants to do something different if you husband or boyfriend came home and it's a nurse, everybody has a nurse or the schoolgirl, she'd want something like...Little Red Riding Hood or something...Jordan laughs...Jeff says "f**k yeah...dirty little hood" 🐺 they laugh...

Michele says she likes to clean in her French maid outfit but Jeff ignores her and as Jordan reaches back to touch Jeff's arm...

Jeff says "would you dress up like that Jordan?"...Jordan says "what? like sexy?"...Jeff says "yeah, like in those outfits?"...Jordan mmm, hmm's...

Michele speaks up trying to put her two cents in saying it will put you in a sexy mood but Jeff presses on with Jordan and says "you would?"...Jordan says "I would"...Michele keeps rambling about putting on one of those and you feel hot, let's do it...Jeff ignores her again and continues asking Jordan "so if we were dating and I came home from work, you would maybe just be there one day wearing that?"...Jordan nods yes and mmm, hmm's...Jeff is 😛 and says "come on!"...Jordan says "no, I'm serious"...Jeff says "that's pretty hot"🔥...

Jordan explains she wouldn't have before she got her boobs done but now that their done she would...Jeff says "but then you know you have to do it after that"...Jordan says "yes, I know"...Jeff says "you can't just put that on and be like ok, I was just playing"...Jordan says she's not self-concious about it, you put it on and feel sexy or whatever, go for it...Jeff says "f**k yeah, rawwrrr" 🐯

Jordan tells a story about a girl she knew that would dress up for her boyfriend (they're married now) every time he would come home from work, she would tease him, tie him up...Jeff says "oh God...thank God I got one more night in here" ...Jordan says they dated for 5 or 6 years and she would do stuff like that to keep it spicy because it can get boring.

Michele agrees...Jordan says her mom said you have to keep it exciting...Jeff agrees and says he's down with that shit...Jordan says when you date someone for a year or two, you kind of bum around, don't put on makeup, you do a routine...Jeff says "you kind of do it to get it done?"...Jordan says kind of, that's it, it's not like when you first start dating someone...Jeff says "no way"...Jordan says "it's all like..."...Jeff says "sex fu**ing 10 times a day"...Jordan says "it's the honeymoon stage where all you want to do is"...Jeff says "do it?"...Jordan says "yes, thank you for filling out my words, all you want to do is like"...Jeff says "bang?"...Jordan says yes. Michele says she's so looking forward to getting out of this house...

Jeff says "I never thought I'd be looking forward to it til tomorrow but I'm going to beat my junk like it owes me money" 🤣🤣

Michele laughs and Jordan says "Oh My God!"...Jeff says "see you guys on the flip side"...Jordan says "wow"...Jeff says "there's no time for an interview Julie, where's the bathroom?" he laughs...Jordan says "wow Jeff"...Jeff says he's just kidding…

J&J’s last night together Pt4


Jeff has just finished joking around that he doesn't have to hear Jordan's jibberjabber all night due to the fact they'll now have a TV to watch in the hotel room when they get out and Jeff says "aren't you going to miss my wisecracks?"...Jordan is kissing Jeff's arm, she says mmm, hmm...Jeff says "you guys are gonna miss, maybe not tomorrow or Friday but"...Michele interrupts saying that she's going to tell his ass off once he walks out the door, screw you Jeff ...Jeff ignores her and says "on Sunday when you guys are laying here with nothing to do, you'll be like I wish Jeff was here"...Michele is rude once again saying "are you kidding? now I can have Jordan all to myself, f**k you" (Michele thinks she's being oh so funny...ugh)

Jordan reaches over and snuggles into Jeff caressing his face while Jeff says "you guys are going to have a Jeff day, I know it"...Jordan kisses Jeff while Michele says "no, you think too highly of yourself Jeff"...Jordan caresses Jeff's face again while Jeff says if he thought highly of himself he would say they would miss him everyday...Jordan rubs Jeff's face and hair...Jeff says that he says that one day they're going to break down and do all the Jeff highlights like you do with each past houseguest...

Michele sarcastically says "no, I already forgot what your name was"...Jeff says "and Jordan will still be outside and one of you will dick over the other person and then you guys will become friends with that person and then they'll come in and talk shit about the person that just dicked them over"...Jordan holds Jeff's face and kisses him repeatedly while Jeff continues "and then you'll be like remember Jeff? we shouldn't have dicked him over and now I have a dick in my ass and I'm leaving next week".

Jordan says that she said when she first came there she said she wanted a bed to herself because she shared a bed with her mom and she didn't have to sleep with anyone and she ended up sleeping with someone, it's funny, she hasn't minded sharing a bed the whole time she was here, first with Lydia and then with Jeff and before she was scared to sleep in the same bed (with Jeff)...Jeff says "I know"...

Michele says the first thing she said is she's not sleeping with a boy...Jordan says she remembers she gave Jeff her bed...Michele says she ended up sleeping with Jeff in the HN room, Ronnie in the HN room, Russell in the HN room...Jordan grabs Jeff again and holds him tight...Jeff says "oh yeah, that's real sexual in there" and then holds Jordan's head and rubs it (sweet! 🥰)...

(I must've missed this gem 🙄 from Michele implying sexual feelings due to the fact I tuned out most everything she said) Michele says her & Jeff would be in the HN room and hit each others' butts by accident and then one of them would run to the bathroom, it was so sexy🥴 ...Jordan pats Jeff on the belly...Jeff says they would wake up and start cursing, they were so pissed...Michele says they would be shivering, it was like sexy time in jail (UGH)...

Jeff mentions the hairy pig blankets and the tissue pillows...Jeff tells Jordan that at least she gets to sleep alone tomorrow night...Jordan says she wasn't saying it was bad, she likes it (sleeping with Jeff), she's used to it...Michele offers to sleep with Jordan...Jordan says yuck or yuhh (can't tell)...Jeff laughs...Michele says please, she just wants someone to cuddle with...Jordan says she'd wake up in the middle of the night and Lydia would be rubbing her arm, sometimes it felt good so she never said anything...Jeff says "f**k yeah".

Jordan says what about that one night she tried to touch Jeff's peepee...Jeff says yeah...Jordan says she was getting pissed...Jeff says he thought Jordan told her too and he was like Jordan!...Jordan says why would she do that?...Jeff doesn't know, people were grabbing his yoinker all night...Jordan at first was like what?...Jordan hugs Jeff again and then let's go...Jeff says Lydia is probably giving double hand jobs in the jury house right now...Jordan says not with Russell, she wouldn't mess with him but definitely Jessie...Jeff says whatever, it's going to be a fu**ing nightmare tomorrow, he's going to be ridiculed...Michele doesn't think he'll go tomorrow, he'll get a decompression day...Jeff hopes not, he could use that, he asks when he gets to talk to the psychologist? he's got a couple fu**ing sentences for him...Jordan is holding Jeff again and rubbing his chest and patting him...Jeff says he has a couple things to get off his chest.

Jordan is giving Jeff the signs she wants to cuddle so Jeff turns towards Jordan and covers them, he kisses her on the forehead, he asks her what? what was she going to say?...Jordan says Jeff always talking about stabbing people...Jeff says he wants to, nah, he's just joking...Jeff & Jordan cuddle, there is rustling...Michele's stomach rumbles and she says it's obnoxious, she needs more Tums...Jeff takes the cover and completely buries them under it...lots of kissing...Jeff pauses, lol, to say he smells like garlic...

Michele mentions smelly hand lotion to cover it up...Jeff is distracted but says "what?" from under the cover...Michele says to put hand lotion on...Jeff says he does, it's in his pores...Michele says he's the cooking guy, isn't there something that takes the smell away?...Jeff says "soap?"...Jeff says Lydia's lotions smells good, he loves it.

Jeff then says to Jordan "what's up? you got itchies?"...they continue under cover and then Jordan does something to which Jeff whispers "what?...Jordan whispers "nothing"...Jordan turns the other way and says Jeff always cooks with garlic, that's why he smells...Michele says Jordan's answer is very delayed.

Jordan looks up in the air while Jeff is feeling Jordan...all over her body, lol (especially her butt 🍑 ) he kisses her face twice😘😘...Jeff & Michele talk about her making garlic when she was on slop...Michele goes to get up...Jordan asks where she's going? Michele says to scheme, no, she's going to go piss...Jeff says to watch for the Saran wrap...

Cams go off J&J now and follow Michele into the bathroom!...right when they were getting cuddly! Grrr LOL

Goofing around & getting frisky


Michele has gone to the bathroom and the cams go irritatingly off of J&J and onto her...they stay off of J&J for about 2 minutes, they return just after the 2:33am mark...

J&J are under the cover rustling around...Jordan is giggling like crazy because Jeff is tickling her...Jordan says "Jefffff, oh man that tickles" ...Jordan's head peeks out...Jeff covers them again with Jeff saying "mmmmm, it's over"...Jordan says "what's over?"...Jeff reaches over to kiss Jordan and says "no more tickles"...kiss...Jordan giggles and says "oh geez I got that tingling inside ...on my neck"...

Jeff does something and Jordan says "nuh uh"...Jeff says "yes"...Jordan says "no"...Jeff says "yes"...another kiss...Jeff says "mmm, I quit"...Jordan mumbles something...they keep kissing...Jordan says "no, you can't go near my neck"...Jeff says he's not...Jordan sits up and says it's cuz Jeff tickles her...Jeff says he's just fu**ing around.

Jeff says "you"...Jordan says "you what?"...Jeff says "you like it"...Jordan lays back down saying "you like it"...Jordan grabs Jeff's arm and says "k, goodnight"...Jeff says "just like that?"...Jordan says "why aren't you going to go to bed?"...Jeff says "you wanna scratch my back?"...Jordan says "hmmm" and the same time they both say "yeah"...Jeff turns to lay on his tummy and says "whaddya mean, you don't have to do it no more"...Jeff gets his pillow ready and says "it's over", as he does this Jordan says "one more" and waits for Jeff to kiss her...Jeff says "what?" and Jordan says "kiss"...Jeff obliges and they kiss.

Jordan preps herself and tells Jeff to scoot over closer which he does...Jeff says he wants to take this fu**ing thing off (referring to the cover) and he whips it off his legs while Jordan starts scratching/rubbing...cue Michele entering ...Michele asks if they are sleep for real now (umm, if they were you just woke them up)...

Jordan says she's rubbing his back for him to go to sleep but she's going to have to pee now...Jeff says he has to too...Jordan secretly smiles and then Michele says another doozy 😑 "remember that time we all slept together in the bed, that was nice"🥴 ...Jordan is caught off guard and giggles (probably thinking she is crazy) and then says "in the HOH?"...

Jeff says "that sucked.....if we all had different blankets it might have been alright" (nice save Jeff)...Michele says "yeah" and then says he had a ridiculously shaky leg...Jeff says he's the worst to sleep with, he does have shaky leg...Michele says "it's cute" 🤢 ...Jeff says "not when you're trying to sleep" (Jordan has stopped rubbing and is taking this in, probably thinking I'm gonna slap this b**ch! lol)

Jeff moves to get Jordan to keep rubbing, he says "hey"...Jordan says "sorry" and keeps rubbing but then says she's got to go pee real quick because she really has to go...Jordan leaves.

Michele immediately asks Jeff "what's the longest you've been in a relationship?"...Jeff says 8 years...Michele says 8 years?...Jeff says "8 or 9 years, yeah"...Michele says "geez"...Jeff says it was on and off but it started in high school from sophomore year but then it was on and off was a long time...he asks Michele where did that question come from?...Michele says she never asked him anything personal about girlfriends and stuff...Jeff says "yeah, I don't talk much about it"...Michele says she knows, it's hard to pry information out of him sometimes...Jeff says yeah...Michele says he's mysterious...Jeff says nah, it's just, he's pretty open but some things...if he wasn't in here he'd probably tell her a lot, lot more about things.

Oh please kill me now with this comment 😵 - Michele in a sickly sweet voice says "hey, if we weren't in here we would have never met"...Jeff says "yeah"...they quiet down and then Michele asks what "Jordo" has to get Jeff if she wins...Jeff says he told her Bears tickets...Jeff says Jordan had a pretty lengthy list so it's good he's not going anywhere...Jordan walks in and Jeff says "there's that golddigger now" LOL...

Jeff gets up to go pee...Jordan stands still and says "who?"...Jeff says "what?"...Jeff sits at the foot of the bed and puts his shorts on...Jordan reaches out in the dark for Jeff and says "where you at?...I can hear you, are you up?"...Jeff stands up and reaches for Jordan saying "what?" he hugs her, grabs her butt with one hand and nuzzles her neck but accidentally bashes her foot/leg on the frame of the bed causing her to fall on the bed...Jeff says "did you bash your heel?"...he laughs and kisses her back...Jordan moans in pain...Jeff holds her foot while Michele asks if they're wrestling?...Jeff says he smashed her foot against the wall...Jordan reaches out to Jeff saying he does it all the time, every single time...she pulls Jeff down on top of her and holds him there 😉they both giggle...Jeff says he has to pee but he kisses/nuzzles her neck twice for good measure...Jordan is giggling and loving it, the second time saying between giggles "stop, my neck...Jefffff"

Jeff shows mercy and stops saying to watch out, he'll hurt himself...Jordan says she hopes he bangs something...Jeff says "I hope I bang something tomorrow"...Jeff leaves and Jordan says "ahh, he's crazy" 😜

Jeff is too negative


Jeff comes back from going to the washroom and goes to the dresser to get a drink of water...Jordan tells Jeff that she's laying right where Jeff normally sleeps...Jeff says "why?"...Jordan says she kinda likes the way that side feels and with that moody Jeff comes into effect 😣...he tells her that she can get used to it tomorrow...Jordan laughs...Michele asks Jeff if he can leave her some cigarettes...Jeff says he can leave her just a couple but he doesn't think she needs to be smoking...Michele says "oh, shut up"...Jeff lays down and asks Jordan "where you at?"...Jordan says "right here"...Jeff says "why?"

Jordan asks "whaddya mean?"...Jeff says "can you scoot over a little?"...Jordan does...Jeff says "that's all, give a brother some space"...Jordan turns facing away from Jeff...Jeff says "ahh, it's so much funner when other people are going home"...they both laugh...Jeff says "it sucks when the game's's fu**ed up"...Michele says Jeff would have had a lot more fun this week if she was going home...Jeff says "if anyone was going home but me it would be"...Michele says she was the one going home if not him...Jordan interjects that she was the one that was going home...Jeff says (to Michele) "that's not true, if you fu**ing won HOH then none of us would be going home"...Jeff is super mean here saying to Jordan "you too, f**kface" 😨

Jordan pffftt's and Jeff pfttt's too and says "what? f**k at least I'm not going home, who cares if I have to run fast"...Michele says "dude, I fu**ing tried man"...Jeff says "we'll see how much harder you guys try when it's your ass on the line"...Michele says "dude, I was totally running fast, I don't have fu**ing huge legs"...Jeff says "whatever, hopefully you guys never go home"...Michele asks if Jeff is serious...Jeff says "no, no, I'm just fu**ing busting your balls"...Michele says ok, she was trying, she broke her knee...Jordan speaks up agreeing that Michele hurt herself and tried.

Jeff says "whatever, you guys need two more people outta here and you win the money...that shouldn't be that hard"...Jordan says "could you talk any louder?"...Jeff doesn't like hearing that and says "who gives a f**k, talk any louder what? they don't know it's you two against them two?"...Jordan shifts and makes a noise of frustration...Jeff says "what? am I ruining your gameplans?"...Jordan says "no, you're just, I can't stand when you act like this"

Jordan raises her voice and continues "I told you, I can't stand when you act like this!"...Jeff says "act like what?"...Michele says "are you being negative for like a second"...Jeff says he just said he wants them two to f**king win...Jordan says "ok Jeffff"...Jeff says "oh shut up Jordan" 🫣

Jeff rubs his ear and they lay in dead silence.....................................

Michele asks "have you planned your speeches?"...Jeff & Jordan say no.

More silence.........................

Around the 2:50am mark Jordan turns to lay on her back and she places her hand on Jeff's side near his underwear...just at the 2:51am mark Jeff takes his hand and pushes Jordan's hand aside...Jordan tries again to place her hand on Jeff but he turns away from her saying "factory's closed"...Jeff lays on his side clutching the cover...

Jordan turns to spoon Jeff, she places her arm on top of Jeff's arm...Jeff says "don't hug me, I'm too negative" 🥺...Jordan doesn't let that stop her, she puts her arm under Jeff's, squeezes him tight and pulls him towards her...Jeff says "just go to sleep"...Jordan takes her arm away to fix her shorts and then she tries again, she hugs Jeff by putting her arm under his...

Jeff seems to be thinking and it's clear he's not sleeping anytime soon...Jordan is occasionally secretly smiling...Jordan shifts again and hugs Jeff again, this time putting her arm over Jeff's arm and pulling it back towards her, she holds Jeff's hand and gives Jeff a sweet kiss on the shoulder...they both lay in silence blinking and thinking.

Jeff pulls his arm away and clears his throat...Jordan isn't deterred, she yet again hugs Jeff...for some reason Jordan keeps secretly smiling as they lay in silence, lol...just after the 2:56am mark Jordan gives up and turns to face away from Jeff and gets comfy with her pillow, shortly after that she tugs on the cover and Jeff gets himself comfy and adjusts the cover asking if it's ok for her...she mmm, hmm's.

Jeff stews for the next 7/8 minutes laying on his side, then turns to lay on his back...Jeff stares upward...

Jeff says he’s sorry


Along with the loving look Jeff gave Jordan in the HOH room after she offered Michele her nail polish, this is my other favorite J&J moment on the feeds.

Jeff has been laying on his side stewing for awhile when he finally turns to lay on his back...he exhales and looks upward thinking...he picks at his nose a little, lol...he clears his throat and looks upward again...he finally gives in and turns towards Jordan, nudges her and whispers "are you asleep?...are you sleeping?"...Jordan mmm's and says "kind of", she reaches back and rubs Jeff's head.

Jordan says "you want me to rub your back?"...Jeff says in a muffled tone "no, it's alright, I'll fall asleep"...Jordan says "no, I'll rub your back, that'll make you sleepy"...Jeff continues hugging her and says "don't worry about it"...Jordan says "no, c'mon, I don't mind"...Jordan turns towards Jeff and she touches Jeff's face...they get cozy...Jordan says "it'll make you sleepy"...during this Michele gets up again and heads to the door, just as Michele is exiting Jeff is seen taking the cover off and reaching over Jordan's chest to hug/kiss her but of course the camera goes off J&J and onto the ever fascinating Michele. UGH!!

A minute later the cam goes back to J&J, Jordan is now rubbing Jeff's back. It's very close and intimate, slow and deliberate...they know this is the last back rub, Jordan seems like she is sleepily taking all of Jeff in, Jeff has his eyes wide open and seems deep in thought probably regretting his moodiness.

Just after the 3:12am mark Jordan signals to Jeff that it's over, Jeff turns to face Jordan whispering thanks...Jordan holds Jeff's head and hmm's...Jeff whispers "I'm sorry" and they kiss. ♥

Jeff lays his head back down on the pillow and Jordan is seen looking up towards the camera and smiling. Oh so sweet!

Jordan starts rubbing again, this time even closer to Jeff, she rubs for a few minutes, then tires and stops, signalling Jeff it's over by patting him on the back...Jeff whispers for her to go to sleep...Jordan turns on her back, rubs Jeff's shoulder with her arm and then lays her arm down next to Jeff and places it under the elastic waistband of Jeff's underwear. So freaking cute! (guaranteed she did this many times when they slept, it was just never seen this clearly before)

Last kisses before sleep


Jeff & Jordan still haven't gone to sleep despite attempts, they have been laying quietly for a little while, Jeff on his belly, Jordan on her back with her hand in Jeff's undies 😊

@ the 3:21am mark Jeff turns towards Jordan, covers them both and cuddles Jordan pulling her body closer to him...Jeff starts rubbing Jordan's arm because Jordan says "rub this arm because it's closer"...Jeff rubs her arm for a bit and then cuddles closer to her, caressing her face with his free hand. Very sweet & sad...

They lay like this for a little bit and then Jordan turns her face towards Jeff, holds his head and sweetly kisses Jeff's forehead.

She then starts rubbing his arm that is draped over her...Jeff then kisses Jordan on the cheek and whispers something to her (inaudible but most likely that they should go to sleep)...they finally settle in to sleep for real...

Jordan reaches for Jeff


Just before the 4:29am mark...while sleeping Jordan turns and reaches out for Jeff, places her hand on his chest briefly and then positions her hand more comfortably for sleep.

Sweet sleepy neck rub


Jeff and Jordan are sleeping...Michele starts making funny noises and then suddenly yells out "Mom, stop it" 😳 ...both Jeff and Jordan startle but settle down again with Jeff covering himself and Jordan snuggling into Jeff's back...after half a minute Jordan shifts again but still maintains contact with Jeff...he leans back into Jordan but they don't speak...Jeff lays his head back down and Jordan reaches for Jeff's neck and sweetly rubs it for a minute...

Jeff shifts and then Jordan settles back down to sleep some more…

The sadness begins


The HG's are woken up by BB, they putter around for a bit and then Jordan sits on the bed in the SS room and drinks her OJ...Jeff joins her in bed...Jeff covers his face with the cover, constantly shaking his feet. Jordan lays down and just stares out in space, there are no words spoken by them but just the look on Jordan's face says it all.

@ the 10:31am mark Jordan looks up at the ceiling visibly fighting back tears. She continues with a super sad look on her face for another 5 minutes or so. As she would say, she is majorly bummed.

Just after the 10:34am mark more tears well up in her eyes.

Just after the 10:36am mark Jordan closes her eyes and dozes off. Jeff keeps shaking his feet…

Last cuddle and banter in the HOH room


The HG's are locked down in the HOH first Jeff plays solitaire on the floor near the round chair while Jordan lays in the round chair...Jeff gets tired of playing and lays down on the floor covering himself with the turquoise duvet...Jordan is huddled with her blanket laying on the round chair...they are both pretty restless but do seem to settle...

After awhile Jordan starts shifting around more and puts her feet over the edge of the chair...just after the 11:23am mark Jeff, who is also moving around touches Jordan's foot with his to tickle cute!...she sits up and asks Jeff if he was tapping his foot?...Jeff touches her foot again with his to show her he was...Jordan asks if he was tapping his foot earlier?...Jeff says probably, why?..Jordan says that she was like uhhhh.

Jordan asks Jeff if he wants to come up on the round chair?...Jeff says "that's ok" and he yawns...Jordan says "come up here"...Jeff says "come down here"...Jordan says "nooo, that floor's hard"...Jeff says "that couch is small" Jordan goes and lays down next to Jeff on the hard floor LOL

They cuddle and get settled and Jeff says "what's up?"...Jordan says "nothing"...they get quiet...after a minute Jeff giggles/snickers and says "we have to get in our last one" 😉...they shift around and Jordan hugs Jeff, Jeff softly kisses her a few times...Jeff says "I didn't sleep at all last night, did I wake you up?"...Jordan nuh uh's...Jeff says "I was tossing and turning" 😟

Jeff & Jordan get quiet then Jordan turns again and Jeff spoons Jordan, hugs her from behind, at one point he laughs about something. (mostly inaudible but I think he says something about Jordan snoring last night)

Michele notices Jordan isn't on the chair and then puts her two cents in by saying that Jeff has company...Jeff says mmm, hmm...Jordan says "drown me"...lots of rustling under the cover, weird noises are heard coming from under there, maybe a kiss, Jeff and Jordan both giggle...Jeff then mumbles something inaudible about being sad (?)...they stay quiet for a long while...more inaudible words...then Jeff says or does something to which Jordan says mmm, hmm...Jeff laughs and says "shut up"...Jordan giggles.

Miraculously the mics get turned on finally and we hear Jeff saying "fright night"...Jeff whispers something inaudible and says something about Jordan putting her stupid make up on time...Jordan says she has until 5...Jeff says "hate that shit, put it on the list!", he laughs...Jeff then says something about being bitter and the list and says to Jordan "you're going to be on that list too"...Jordan says "why?"...Jeff says he's just joking and he laughs...

Jeff says "makeup, on there"...Jordan says something about him not liking her (with makeup, it's very muffled)...Jeff says "I like you like that, you look good like that"...Jordan protests...Jeff says "if I didn't think you looked good like that why would I tell you that"...Jordan says "I don't know"...Jeff says he can't take that shit and to put it on the list, he thinks that's already been on...they laugh.

Jeff yawns and says "geez Louise", he asks Jordan if she's hungry...Jordan says she is, what is he cooking?...Jeff doesn't know but it's his one last hurrah with sour cream, turkey bacon and avocado...Jeff whispers something and he giggles.

Jeff says "what are you looking at?...Jordan says "you"...Jeff says "for what?"...Jordan doesn't answer...

Jeff says he hopes that crowd is rip-roaring, will he get a loud one?...Jordan thinks so...Jeff asks "will there be a Jeff sign?"...Jordan says she doesn't know about that...they giggle...Jeff says "I'm pushing it?"...Jordan says "yeah"...Jordan tells Jeff she thinks he'll get a good ovation, she says if Jeff gives her a kiss at the end of the show, he'll probably get a really loud one 😏...Jeff says "you're really looking for this kiss"...Jordan says "I am"...Jeff says "if you were going out, I'd give you a kiss, I'm going to be bitter going out"...

Jordan says "so I'll give you a kiss"...Jeff says "but it's not going to be good because I'm going to be sour"...Jordan says "well then nevermind"...Jeff says "we'll see how it plays out, how I'm feeling"...Jeff continues saying "it's cool if you give a big kiss and I fu**ing march out the door like a bozo"...Jordan giggles...Jordan continues hugging Jeff....feeds cut out signalling HOH time is over...

Jeff the cook gets one last squeeze


Jeff is cooking lunch for the last time. Jordan is doing dishes. They are being quiet but then Jeff says "might as well eat the rest of the pasta you know?"...Jordan says "yeah, I agree"...Jeff says "might as well make some pasta before I go home and eat pasta all the's all I eat at home"...Jordan says "pasta?"...Jeff says when he goes out he eats pasta with pink sauce all the time or fish, actually he's going to eat a lot of fish...Jordan says "ewww"...Jeff says he's going to send her a piece of fish...Jordan says "yuck, I'll send it back in the mail"...Jeff says "really, I'll fu**ing fly there and slap you in the face with it" LOL

Jeff says "I'm kind of excited like I'm going home but I'm not, ykwim?"...Jordan says "what?"...Jeff says he kind of thinks he's excited to be going home...Jordan says "why?"...Jeff doesn't know but he feels like he's going home but he's not...Jordan says you never know what it's going to be like in jury house...Jeff says he's sure it won't be as bad as he thinks but it won't be home...Jordan says Jeff will be stress free, he won't have anything to worry about for 2 weeks so it's basically like a vacation, she's sure Russell and them will be Ohhhh when he walks in but then it will get old, they'll get over it and they'll all be friends by finale night...Jeff says he doesn't know about that...

Jordan says not friends but cordial, they can fake it, then they can all go talk all the shit they want...Jordan hopes she doesn't have to see Russell in the jury house...Jeff says yeah...Jordan doesn't like him, she doesn't want to be around any of them...Jeff says it's going to be awesome...Jordan says the house is supposed to be so big...Jeff hopes so but like she said it's not going to be as bad as he thinks, it will suck dick but it won't be as bad as he thinks...Jordan agrees and says he can watch movies...

Jeff says yeah after 2 or 3 days they'll get over it and then they'll start bashing the next person...Jordan doesn't think they'll bash anyone else...Jeff doesn't know about that...Jordan is sure Russell will says something about his birthday present...Jeff says this is going to be their fu**ing wish of the century...Jordan says to not worry about it and if he starts arguing with him, just walk away from him...Jeff says "f**k that, what do I have to lose now"...Jordan says if he says something to just say that he outlasted him.

Jeff adds the vodka sauce to the mixture in the pan...Jordan asks if the colander is out for Jeff?...Jeff says yeah, he's going to do the pasta in there...Jeff hands Jordan the empty sauce jar to throw out saying that she looks like she wants something to do...Jordan apparently rolls her eyes because Jeff says "did you just roll your eyes?"...Jordan throws out the jar...Jeff says "ahhh?" and Jordan mumbles "yeah"...Jeff says "why? at me? huh yo-yo?"...Jordan straightens out the kitchen table chairs...

Michele walks by in her dress for the live show and Jordan says "oooh"...Jordan heads towards Jeff...Jeff says "did you roll your eyes at me right now?"...Jordan says nuh-uh and squeezes Jeff from behind and rubs his side/belly. Jeff says "I was like what was that for? I didn't say anything bad"...Jordan then says she's going to take a shower and heads to the bathroom.

Last tender moments in the SS room


In a week where Jeff's bitterness and anger toward Kevin boiled over onto Jordan several times, this next exchange is so sweet and telling.

Jeff has been playing solitaire in the SS room on Cam 1 and Jordan has been getting ready for the live show in the bathroom on Cam 2...over the next 40 minutes or so Jordan comes in and out of the SS room...she is obviously very upset and seems unable to even look at Jeff, she packs the Luminous and the White Strips for Jeff in his Big Brother bag so he'll have something from her and to do in the jury house.

@ the 1:38 pm mark Jordan does sit on the bed next to Jeff who is still playing solitaire as if somewhere in the cards there is the cure for cancer or something 🤨 He plays for a bit longer and then lays next to Jordan.

@ the 1:40 pm mark Jordan turns towards Jeff and snuggles into his armpit, she lays on her stomach with her knees bent, swinging her feet in the air a bit....Jeff puts his feet on top of hers and their legs swing together for a is almost as if they are holding feet.

ed. note: Michele is in the room irritatingly spraying Raid on the ants and just does NOT seem to get the message that Jeff & Jordan want to be alone despite a hint that Jeff gives her to go spray in another room. UGH

Jordan seems to be very teary eyed through these moments, lots of sniffling and eye swiping, not even able to look at Jeff...Jeff leans over to hold her for a moment, kissing her neck...Jeff asks "is your hair Luminous?"...Jordan turns and smiles at him, saying "mmm, the light?...Jeff comments on how soft her hair saying "it's softy"...Jeff keeps caressing it and says "I like soft things"...Michele giggles and Jeff says "what?"...Jordan gathers her hair and tells Jeff to play with it...he protests mildly saying he doesn't want to mess it up and make it all "bird's nest" but he plays with it anyway...

...gently running his fingers through it. Michele keeps spraying...UGHHH

Jordan is sniffling and can be seen rubbing/wiping her eyes with her fingers while Jeff does this...Jeff finishes and says "Luminous"...they touch feet again and Jeff completely rolls onto Jordan giving her three sweet kisses.

Jeff holds her while Jordan swings her feet around...Jeff looks pensive...Jordan turns her face away from Jeff and he rubs her hair one last time, she turns her face toward Jeff and says something about his speech (?)...Jeff keeps rubbing and says "oh yeah"...Jordan mumbles something inaudible and then Jeff keeps rubbing and thinking, he gets his leg off of her and looks at her, placing his hand near her butt...

...he starts humming and the feeds cut out for a quick sec...when they return Jordan is wiping the tears from the corners of her eyes and she kicks her feet in frustration...Jeff looks at her sweetly, giggles and gives her another three sweet kisses...Jeff looks the other way and says "I gotta do something, I can't just lay here...I gotta at least win one motherfu**er today" and he starts shuffling cards to play solitaire...Jordan leaves with Jeff looking on...

Last sad moments in the GR


Jeff & Jordan had just been in the SS room sharing some tender moments...Jeff started playing solitaire so Jordan got up and left...Jeff doesn't end up playing instead he heads to the kitchen...Jordan headed straight to the GR to be alone and ponder...she is laying down, looking very sad and is fighting back tears...

Jordan sits up to take off her hoody placing it on chest to cover herself. She lays back down and Jeff is seen walking by in the hallway towards the bathroom, he sees her laying there..

More sad/serious face from Jordan...moments later Jeff walks in and asks her what she's doing in there?...Jordan says she's just laying around...Jeff puts his knee on the "bed" and says "wanna be alone? aren't you gonna have enough alone time?"...Jordan says "no, you can come in here"...Jeff asks if Jordan packed away her mirror?...Jordan says "no, you can have it, it's in my makeup bag"...Jeff says he doesn't wanna have it...Jordan says she doesn't need it...Jeff says he just needs to look at the back of his neck...Jordan says Jeff is gonna need it...Jeff says "for what? for the beach? I don't need it"...Jeff sits down and looks at his neck in the mirror, looks upward at the camera and then looks at his neck again.

Silence as Jeff looks at Jordan...Jordan looks at Jeff, their pending separation seems to be hitting them right now...they both look away for a little while...Jeff then lightly slaps Jordan's thigh twice and leans back holding her leg...Jordan continues looking upward and Jeff picks the lint off his shorts.

Jeff rubs Jordan's leg looking away and downwards and then looks over at Jordan...still not saying a word...finally Jeff says "what are you wearing?"...Jordan says she's wearing either a bright orange or maybe coral dress or maybe a black dress, she's still deciding if she should go brighter since he's wearing black or should they both be black...Jeff says "like it's, like it's a fu**ing funeral?"...they both smile and Jeff giggles...Jeff says "nobody is dying, that's for sure"...Jeff mumbles something about hoping counting something comes into play (?)...Jordan nods...Jeff pats Jordan's leg and they are quiet again.

Jeff pats Jordan's leg once more, smiles and says "must be jelly"...Jordan smiles and says "cuz jam don't shake like that"...they both laugh softly and Jeff bends over to kiss her leg...he sits up and rubs her leg some more...Jordan says "I gotta work out the jelly"...Jeff says "you're worries"...Jeff leans back again and Jordan giggles saying "Hakuna Matata"...Jeff rubs Jordan's foot, he looks like he is about to say something but stops himself and exhales instead.

Jordan sits up and says she has hairspray in her hair, like volume with Luminous...they both smile at each other and Jeff mmm, hmm's...Jordan thinks it's Jeff's hairspray...Jeff says it's hers now...Jordan says "it's a huge bottle?"...Jeff says "yeah, you go for it"...they look at each other and Jeff says "can you believe I'm going to see all those yo-yo's tonight?"...

Jordan says "pissed"...Jeff says "they're gonna get their rocks off when they see me, I'm going to be so soon as the cameras are off, I'm going to be like none of you motherfu**ers even look at me for 2 weeks, you fu**ing worthless scumbags"...Jordan says she wouldn't start off like that...Jeff says what does he care, he'd rather be alone, watch movies, go on the beach and don't talk to those fu**ing assholes, it's a dream land cuz he knows they're going to throw stones, big time, he'll take a couple but that's it, I'll get pissed, there's no need to bite his tongue in there...Jeff then asks if Jordan wants to do his neck?...Jordan asks if he wants her to?...Jeff says he'll do it but she can supervise...they leave the GR...

Must be jelly comment


Jeff and Jordan are in the GR...they are quiet...Jeff taps Jordan's leg and says "must be jelly" and Jordan says "cause jam don't shake like that"...Jeff and Jordan both laugh softly and Jeff bends over to kiss/bite her leg One of my favorites!

Last J&J time in the bathroom


Jeff & Jordan finish up in the GR and Jordan heads out, walks toward the bathroom but then heads back into the GR to get a sheet of paper (one that they used to count cylinders), she folds it and puts in on the locker...Jeff, meanwhile, has gone back into the SS room to get his clothes for the live show, as he's walking back to the bathroom he sees Jordan standing by the door to the DR...Jeff says "what are you doing?"...Jordan says "ask them something" (she went to ask if she could write a note for Jeff to take with him, sadly they told her no...)

Jeff brushes his teeth and is getting ready to shower when Jordan rushes into the bathroom and sits down on the seating area...Jeff is looking around the room when he says "what'd you ask?"...he sees she is crying and says "aww Jordan, what'd you ask?"...Jordan whispers "nothing" ...Jeff heads towards her and the feeds cut out.

(if you look closely at the control room camera 1 feed you can see Jeff lean over and kiss Jordan...♥ )

When they return a couple of minutes later, Jeff has taken off his shirt and is putting on shave cream, Jordan is watching...

Jeff says "should I leave my Johnny Depp?"...Jordan nods yes...Jeff says "no way"...Jordan says "no?"...Jeff says "no"...Jordan says "do your Johnny Depp since I haven't seen it"...Jeff says he will, he's just going to show her...Jeff starts shaving...Jeff says the razor he is using is the champ but it's pulling a little just as he says it, lol...he says he only has 2 left, it's the Schick Quattro.

Jeff keeps shaving and Jordan keeps watching and smiling...Jeff says he keeps thinking he's going home and he's not even going there...Jordan says Chicago?...Jeff says yeah, he keeps thinking of little things but he's not going...Jeff finishes up shaving and shows Jordan his Johnny Depp...Jordan says "wait, what"...Jeff steps closer to her to show it and Jordan says she likes it, to keep it...Jeff is uncertain saying that is what he's going to do all his interviews in?...Jordan says she likes it...Jeff says we'll see.

Jeff wets his neck and puts shaving cream on it, he asks Jordan to grab her mirror for him please, she does and Jeff carefully shaves the nape of his neck...Jordan asks if he wants help?...Jeff says it's ok...Jeff asks if it looks straight?...Jordan says yes...Jeff says "I won" and he thanks her for the mirror, while putting it back Jeff says "you're cute"🥰

Jeff says he's taking Johnny Depp out just cuz he has to do the interviews and they'll says who's this yo-yo?...Jordan smiles and rolls her eyes (in a cute way)...Jeff puts shaving cream on and says "Johnny Depp...usually I rock that when I go out Friday nights with my hat"...Jeff cracks up and Jordan smiles...Jeff says "where do I go Friday nights Jordan?"...Jordan says "to Mimmo's"...Jeff says "no"...Jordan says "at Tony's"...Jeff says "yeah"...Jordan continues saying "cuz it's his brother's restaurant and you go with your friend who gets drunk and leaves you"...Jeff says "Nonna Silvia's...what did you say?"...Jordan says "your buddy Tony, his brother owns it"...feeds cut out...

When they return Jordan is yawning and Jeff has finished shaving...Jeff says "I have a zit on my nose because I was making fun of you"...Jordan watches Jeff and smiles...Jeff tries to pop his pimple and then he uses the clippers to shave his sideburns. Jeff asks Jordan for tweezers...Jordan looks for some...feeds then cut out and go to Trivia

Jeff playing solitaire over & over/ Jordan tries to keep him company Pt1


Jeff sits at the kitchen counter to play solitaire, he starts dealing...Jordan has finished dressing, she walks towards the kitchen and puts her BB bag on the floor by the door, ready for the live show...Jeff looks at Jordan as she approaches him and opens his eyes wide signalling she looks nice, he asks if she wants some pita chips and dip?...Jordan doesn't...Jeff says "why?"...Jordan says cuz she doesn't...Jeff says "yeah you do"...Jordan says she doesn't have a speech ready...Jeff says "me neither, not even close"...Jordan says she's just going to wing it, it's really not going to be long, she doesn't have much to say anyway...Jeff says he was going to say thank you for putting me on here (the nom chair) but they told him not to, he doesn't even want to say anything to them.

Jeff keeps playing...Jordan puts her mic on near the mirrors by the table while Michele, who is sitting at the table eating, says that she likes the coral dress over the black plus Jordan's boobs are shown off...Jordan says she doesn't want to show them off too much...Michele says they're not busting out, they look good...Jordan adjusts her mic on the back of her dress...Michele tells Jordan she looks good...Jordan says thank you, I appreash...Jeff mutters "you appreash"...a little more chit chat while Jordan adjusts her mic and then Jordan puts on her hoody back on and walks towards the bathroom.

About 6/7 minutes later Jordan joins Jeff again who is still playing solitaire...Jeff says "hey"...Jordan says "you done?" (unfortunately not Jordan 😕) ...Jeff says "not yet"...Jordan says "you still haven't won?"...Jeff says "nope, I'm going to fu**ing play til I win" ...Jordan asks if she's going to be taller than him with her shoes?...Jeff says he doesn't know...Jeff stands up and says "close, not quite"...Jeff sits back down and tells Jordan to have some of the dip...Jordan says she doesn't want any...Jeff says "why?"...Jordan says "cuz"...Jordan stands next to Jeff and puts her arm around him and says "give me a hug"...he puts his arm around her and bites her boob instead LOL

Jordan says she hopes her "neenee"s not showing during her speech...Jeff keeps munching away like chips and dip are going out of style 😩 ...Jordan rubs Jeff back a little and then rubs his hair briefly, Jordan then tells Jeff that she asked if she could write Jeff a note and put it in the Luminous thing...feeds cut out...

When they return Jordan is just standing there next to Jeff who is shuffling cards and being non-responsive...Jordan sits down next to Jeff...Jordan says "I hope you stay here over me"...Jeff says "it's not happening"...Jordan says "if not, I'm going to try my best"...Jeff says "stick with Michele, they're not winning shit, don't listen to what they say even if they try to tell you Michele said something...dude, she's acting exactly like she did when she was fu**ing Jessie's little sidekick, ykwim, with that fu**ing respect, fu**ing talking about"...Jeff sighs and says it makes him so sick, he should have finished off those fu**ing assholes off when he had the chance...Jordan says but if you think about it Russell would have...Jeff says "he would have done the same thing he (Kevin) did?"...Jordan says "probably"...Jeff says "so pick your poison".

Jeff playing solitaire over & over/ Jordan tries to keep him company Pt2


Jeff continues playing solitaire while Jordan sits quietly watching and wanting to spend every possible moment with Jeff even though this was probably not what she envisioned...

Jordan fiddles with her hair and Jeff makes a racket playing cards...Jordan takes a sip of water, she covers her face with her hand...Jeff sighs and says "uhhh Papi" LOL ...he clears his throat...Jordan is clearly bored, more fiddling with her hair...Jordan says "it's going to be so weird"...Jeff says "not having me here?"...Jordan mmm, hmm's...Jeff says "yeah sure, it's going to be weird for me too"...Jordan says "well, we just got 2 weeks"...Jeff says " least you'll be doing stuff though, you'll be having fun, winning prizes"...Jordan says what if she wins a thing where she can take someone on a trip for a the day, she could come rescue him from the jury...Jeff says that would be cool, he laughs but says that Jordan has to do what's best for her, if it helps her to take someone else, take them...Jeff loses another hand, clears his throat and continues shuffling...Jeff eats more chips and dip and tells Jordan it's good...Jordan says "I can't eat it, my stomach"...Jordan tells Jeff she ate his pasta stuff...Jeff says "that's good, I never made that before"...Jeff explains what ingredients he used, Jeff likes it just like that.

Jeff deals another hand and says that it's a winner, they're going to do the show without him until he wins...Jordan continues being watching and being bored...Jeff finally says "what do you think HOH is going to be"...Jordan says "true or false"...Jeff says "you can do it"...Jordan says she didn't do badly on the last one but the toona messed her up...Jeff says maybe she can be a little more focused without him there...Jeff says "where's that 2 of f**ing hurts"...Jeff sighs loudly...Jordan continues fiddling...Jeff keeps shuffling and eating chips & dip...Jordan stares at the picture wall.

Jeff deals yet another hand 🙄...the silence continues until Jeff says "what's up?"...Jordan says she's watching Jeff play...Jeff wants her to tell him a story, something goes in Jeff's eye and he pauses to clear it and then asks again for a story...Jordan says she doesn't have one.

Jeff asks "do you think I'll get any info on the world?"...Jordan mmm, hmm's...Jeff says he would like a little...Jordan notices Jeff missed a 10 and points it out...Jeff says f**k, where were you a second ago?"...Jordan says she just noticed it...Jeff explains how it would have helped...Jeff says it was a good move but it hurts...Jeff asks if Jordan's move will get him to the top? they'll see in the next episode...Jeff keeps playing and not doing well...Jordan says "isn't it weird that they never told us what that Pandora's box meant?...what do you think it meant?"...Jeff says "nothing...I thought it was something to until they gave us our know?...I wish...buh-lieve".

Jordan says "what if Julie said tonight that the person who found Pandora's box key stays?"...Jeff says "that'd be awesome and then everyone here would fu**ing cry because they'd be that's rigged"...Jeff says he's kinda going to rip into those 2 a little...Jordan says to not be nasty...Jeff says he's not, just a little bit...Jeff keeps shuffling and says he's going to give them some guilty feelings, he's going to do it towards Natalie saying that she had a chance to see her boyfriend and her dad guaranteed and she turned it down, she talks about how much she loves him , that's weird and she sided with a guy who's a liar, a known liar and he's never going to take you to the finals because he knows he can't beat you, doesn't make sense to him, but whatever and he was going to throw in something about wanting to see Jessie more but he won't.

Jeff shuffles another hand while Jordan says they'll probably all going to get questions tonight...Jeff wants a winner and says when you're having a bad day, you're having a bad day...Jordan finally gets sick of watching Jeff play solitaire 😕 and she walks away towards the bathroom...

Jeff playing solitaire over & over/ Jordan tries to keep him company Pt3


Another half an hour or so has gone by since Jordan last left Jeff playing solitaire and he is back at it again, this time after changing into his black shirt and finishing prepping for the live show...Jordan has been generally moping around and has just finished having a mostly game chat with Michele in the SS room, she also tells Natalie she will help straighten her hair.

Jordan joins Jeff at the kitchen counter yet again...Jeff mutters "it's fu**ing bullshit", he bitches about losing by two cards...Jordan is less than thrilled.

Jeff loses again and starts shuffling again (I seriously do not know how Jordan had the patience to just sit there watching him repeatedly play, he was being so annoying! Talk to the girl will ya!) Jordan fiddles with her hair again and they both don't say a word...Jeff deals another hand and explains to Jordan how he would have won the other time if he had not made this one mistake, he was so pissed...Jordan mmm, hmm's probably thinking I wish you would have won so you would stop playing this stupid game!!

Jordan taps Jeff and whispers "I'm going to say something to her"...Jeff doesn't hear and leans in and says "what?"...Jordan explains that Natalie wants Jordan to straighten her hair and she's going to talk to her and say, listen, don't listen to anyone because someone promised you something, go with your gut, ykwim, talking about Jeff, for her to listen to Jeff's speech because she's thought about it and she's ready to go...Jeff says "but you're not going anywhere, that's the thing Jordan"...Jordan says "whaddya mean?...yeah, we're going to the jury house, I think I'm ready to just...go"...Jeff says "no, you're not...alright I'll give my speech and it'll be a I told you so anyway that's pretty much what I want, I told you so motherfu**er and then when she leaves it'll be I told you know?"...Jordan says mmm, hmm.

Jordan touches her armpits and says "the sweating is starting", she laughs...Jeff says "let the pits begin?"...Jordan asks if Jeff wants to take her blanket?...Jeff says he can't fu**ing fit anything in his bag...Jordan says something about her bag and Jeff says he broke his zipper...Jeff gets back to his game, frustrated he can't use one card...Jeff then says why does Jordan care? she doesn't have to carry her shit anywhere...Jordan says she doesn't know but she has a feeling she is going, she really does, he might be surprised...Jeff says "yeah? you had a feeling we were going to win it all"...he turns and smiles at Jordan...

Jordan shrugs her shoulders and says "yeah, well, whatever"...Jeff cracks up and says "good answer!...yeah, well, whatever...exactly, yeah, well, whatever, I can't fu**ing win" ...Jordan says "you're going to play that the whole time" and she walks away to the bathroom...Jeff says "til I win"...

Jeff & Jordan’s last moments on the feeds


Rant- After hearing Jeff shuffle cards for 2 hours or so while I did these last entries, I have decided I never, ever want to hear someone shuffle cards AGAIN!!!

Jordan has finished helping Natalie with her hair and surprise, surprise, Jeff is still playing solitaire😡...Jordan gives him a little hug/squeeze and Jeff says "ahhh, you're so cute"...Jordan says hmm? and Jeff says "you're so cute"...Jordan puts her face to his neck...she leans in again and whispers "go to the splish splash"...Jeff says "right now?"...Jordan says "yeah, cuz you've been playing cards all day"...Jordan starts going there but Jeff says to hold on, he gets something to drink and they both walk to the room...

Jordan says she should have worn flat shoes because she looks taller...Jeff says he's taller...Jordan says they're going to look the same height...they go in the room and Jeff heads straight for his BB bag...Jordan asks if Jeff heard her talking to Natalie in the bathroom?...Jeff says no...Jeff lifts his bag onto his shoulder...Jordan tells Jeff that he told Natalie that if she changes her mind last minute she promises she won't be mad at her, to do what her gut tells her, if her gut is telling her to vote the other way then do it, do what takes her the furthest in the game and she told her to just remember that Jeff is a strong player...Jeff thinks it doesn't matter but he appreciates it though.

Jordan and Jeff both seem awkward, Jordan especially seems to want to say or do more since this is their last time together but Jeff isn't very talkative.

Jeff starts heading towards the door while Jordan says "I don't know, your speech could have an effect on everything"...Jeff is practically out the door when Jordan looks at herself in the mirrors and says "if I do leave is this what I'm going to walk out in?"...Jeff says "you're not going anywhere"...Jordan says she's going to change into black...Jeff says "dude, you're not going nowhere"...he walks out with Jordan behind...Jeff says "is my bag supposed to be jam packed?"...Jordan says "yeah"...Jeff walks way ahead of Jordan and without looking at her 🥺 says "if I forget something just grab it for me you know?"...Jordan says "I will"...

Jeff drops his bag near Jordan's and sits at that darn counter again to continue playing the solitaire game he left behind. 🤯

Jordan walks into the kitchen saying "I think I have to pee"...Jeff says "nervous pee?"...Jordan says she does that when she gets nervous, she heads to the bathroom.

Jordan has come out of the bathroom...Jeff calls her over saying "check this out"...Jordan says "what?" and comes over to stand by the counter facing Jeff...

Jeff seems to be finally winning and says "can I pull out a last minute victory after playing all fu**ing day?"...Jordan says "I know! it's our last time ever being able to be in the Big Brother house together, instead you choose solitaire" (you GO girl, let him have it, you are so right!)...

Jeff says "whaddya mean, you go in every other room except the one I'm in" (liar! not today she didn't, lol)...cuz you don't wanna talk to me"...Jordan says "yeah right!"

Jeff keeps putting his cards on the top decks...Jordan whispers to Jeff that she told Natalie that she can't trust Kevin so...Jeff says "well I appreciate it Jordan"...Jordan says "if I stay don't be mad at me"...Jeff tsks and says "why would I be mad at you? why would you ever think that?"...

Jordan feigns uncertainty...Jeff says "I already know you're going to stay, I already accepted it...but I didn't accept defeat in solitaire...motherfu**er!!" (hand signal)...Jeff has fittingly finally won a hand of solitaire minutes before the live show starts...Jeff gets up and leaves, leaving Jordan to put the cards away and feeds cut out to TRIVIA 😢

Jeff’s last moments on the feeds


Jeff plays cards at the kitchen counter.

Jordan keeps him company.

Ironically Jeff wins his last hand of solitaire.

He was evicted an hour later...

Jeff has one last win…

Jeff says "...but I didn't accept defeat in solitaire...motherfu**er!!" and leaves...

Jeff is evicted