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Day 55 (Pt 2) of BB11 Feeds

September 2

Jeff hides in the GR 


Jeff puts away his dishes, grabs a snack and sits back down at the counter where Jordan is still eating. Jordan wonders if they use the BB house for anything else...Jeff says he was wondering the same thing, what do they do with the house off season...Jeff thinks they could use all the cameras and lighting for something else...Jeff says he wants to run around behind the scenes so bad, like the control room...Michele says that would be cool...Jeff says while you yo-yo's are in here...Michele talks about being able to see the bathroom...Jeff says he wouldn't be a sicko...Jeff says "whatever, if they want to see my dumps go for it"...Jordan is quiet so of course Jeff wants her input and says "huh Jordan?"...Jordan hmm's (she's eating salad) and Michele continues talking trying to keep Jeff's attention by saying she was telling herself not to talk in the bathroom (stall) or else they were going to pick it up.

Jeff (again steering the convo to Jordan, aww) says "Jordan always talks to me while I'm taking a shit". Jordan rubs Jeff's back and Jeff says "what'd you rub me for?"...Jordan says "cuz I wanted to!"...Jeff flirting with Jordan says "what are you thinking about?"...Jordan says "nothin" and starts smiling behind the napkin she has up to her mouth...Jeff smiles and says "liar"...Jordan says "nothing"...Jeff asks if he can have some of her soup...Jordan says yes but he might want to stir it...Jeff says he'll stir it up for her...he tries it and says it's good but his was better because he had a taste for it.

Jeff gets up saying he could almost work out but he took a shower...he goes into the GR to lay down asking Jordan where her blanket is...Jordan eats her soup, puts away her dishes and washes them and grabs a Toblerone candy bar to eat for dessert 🍫

@ the 5:11pm mark Jordan goes looking for Jeff...she walks by the GR, doesn't see him and says "is Jeff poopin'?" She goes into the bathroom saying "Jeff, Jeff!? he pooing?" Jordan heads back into the GR and realizes he's hiding under a huge mound of pillows 🤣 Jordan pulls a couple of pillows back and laughs...Jeff is hiding under there and cracks up laughing...Jeff says "did you know I was in here?"

Jordan says "I walked back there and I was like is he pooing?"...Michele walks in asking what Jeff is doing...Jordan says "look"...Michele laughs...Jeff asks Jordan if she even saw?...Jordan says the pillows looked too neat...Jeff says "when I popped out you didn't know I was back here? you were just waiting for me?"...Jordan says she didn't see him (go in the GR), she just walked in the room, saw his cup and thought the pillows looked too neat like a body...Jeff grins big and says he didn't know how to set them up (to fool her).

Jordan offers Jeff some Toblerone, he wants just a little piece, Jordan gives him more, he doesn't want so much, she snaps it in half and he eats it. Jordan lays back on a pillow...Jeff says he should have made it more spread out but he made a little hole so he could see her...Jordan asks if he saw her coming...Jeff says "yeah, you peeked in and you said Jayefffff!!" Jordan smiles. Michele joins them...

Sweet snuggly nap in the GR


Jeff & Jordan are laying in the GR, Michele is there as well and they are chatting, mostly game talk. Talk dies down, it's obvious that Jeff & Jordan want to be alone because they're not advancing the conversation with Michele but she isn't getting it. She lays her head down on the pillow...Jordan looks at Jeff who is getting heavy eyes, she rubs his chin...Michele says she's getting sleepy...Jordan says she is too...Michele asks Jordan is the pillows and comforters on her bed are hers...Jordan explains that she put those there because she had her suitcase on there when she was packing.

Jordan gets up, puts her cup on the counter and lays back down, this time in "the position" LOL, she lays with her butt towards Jeff and gets comfy with the green pillows she says she loves. Jeff looks at Jordan but doesn't say a word and closes his eyes...he smells his fingers and says he reeks like garlic...Jordan says "me?"...Jeff says "me"...Jordan reaches back to touch Jeff and says "you stinky"...Jeff puts his fingers to Jordan's nose and she says "ewww"...Jeff starts hitting Jordan on the butt/hip and Jordan oww's.

Jordan removes the pillow that is between her and Jeff and positions herself closer to Jeff so he is spooning her...Jeff says "what's up? you're horking all the pillows"...Jordan says Jeff is warm...Michele gets the hint and finally leaves them alone...Jeff says he's trying to stay warm under the pillows...Jeff puts his hand around Jordan and Jordan holds his hand.

Jeff makes a vrooom sound and Jordan laughs and says it sounds like something from the Jetsons...Jeff says mmm, hmm.

Jeff says who is the Jetson's boss? Jordan says it's George Jetson, what's the daughter's name?...Jeff says they had a daughter? there was Jane his wife, Elroy but he can't remember the daughter's name, what was the boss' name?...Jordan forgot the boss' name...Jeff asks what the Flintstone's boss' name? Jordan doesn't even know that...Jordan throws her slippers off onto the ground and asks if they're taking a nap?...Jeff mmm, hmm's.

Jeff asks again what the Jetson's boss' name is? Jordan still doesn't know from the last time he asked her which was 30 seconds ago, LOL, she hasn't seen the Jetsons in freaking years, does Jeff remember Gilligan's Island? Jeff mmm, hmm's, he liked it...Jordan says she did too...Jeff is getting sleepy, Jordan holds Jeff's hand again...Jeff asks if she ever watched the Munsters...Jordan says kind of, it was in black & white?...Jeff says yeah, it was...Jordan says she saw the movie the Monsters...Jeff says Munsters...Jordan says Munsters.

Jordan pats Jeff's hand and rubs it...she says "last night buddy"...Jeff mmm, hmm's and says "this is it" 😢 Someone has a rumbly stomach and Jordan asks who's it was...Jeff is obsessed with the boss' name and asks what the hell was his name? LOL Jordan says she couldn't tell him...Jeff says he wasn't a big Jetson's fan.......but he did have a boss. 

Michele walks by and Jeff asks her if she ever saw the Jetsons?...what was his name? Michele sees him in her head but doesn't know...Jeff asks her what the Flintstone's boss' name was? Michele doesn't know that either...Jeff remembers it's Mr. Slate but he thinks the other one is like Mr. Spacebody or something like that, whatever, nevermind...Jordan rubs and holds Jeff's arm...Michele leaves and says goodnight...Jeff mmm's, changes hand positions so his hand is on top of Jordan's and he looks at Jordan like this...


The camera rotates to go on Jeff & Jordan again, Jeff imitates the camera sound...they seem to doze off finally to nap but Jordan seems to be mostly awake at first, she is secretly smiling and lapping up the coziness with Jeff. :) Jordan does eventually nap.

@ the 5:55 mark Jordan and Jeff shift around a little to get more comfy and take out the kinks. Just past the 5:57pm mark Jeff snuggles closer to Jordan and looks like he's going to kiss her but holds back and  pinches her cheek instead, he then puts his head near Jordan.

Jeff then says he'll be a sec and gets up and leaves.

Sweet snuggly back scratch in the GR 


Jeff has stepped away from snuggling to go to the washroom, Jordan is still laying peacefully in the GR...Jeff comes back STILL talking about the Jetson's boss LOL...he says "was Mr. Spacely his boss?"...Jordan smiles, giggles and says yeah...Jeff saying that it was right? he climbs back into his snuggling spot, he squeezes Jordan's butt and bites it as he gets comfy. Love bite 🫦 Jeff laughs, squeezes her butt again and cuddles in super close, Jordan grabs his arm and puts it under her.

Jordan asks if he's even comfortable...Jeff mmm, hmm's...Jordan says you are? but Jeff doesn't respond. OMG Jeff brings up the Jetson's boss yet again! and says "I knew it was something like "space" something and you guys laughed at me"...Jeff starts rubbing Jordan's back where her t-shirt has gone up...

...and Jordan immediately takes Jeff's hand away...Jeff says "what? it tickles?"...Jordan says "not on here, not in here"...Jeff says "to scratch your back?"...Jordan says "I don't want it to look..."...Jeff says "you wanna scratch my back?"...Jordan says hmm, yeah...Jeff says yeah?...Jordan says she'll scratch it.

Jeff shifts over to the other side and lays on his belly...Jordan says to let her get comfy...Jeff says to get comfy and take her mic before it stabs him...Jordan says "scoot over, you know the drill"...Jeff says "hold on Mrs. Spacely, don't boss me" Jordan tells Jeff to scoot over more and up, he does and she starts rubbing...Jeff snickers and says (imitating Jordan) "nuh uh, not here...scratch my back"...he looks at Jordan and taps her forehead...Jordan says he knows what she means with her shirt lifted up...Jeff says "oh yeah" and he purrs...Jordan says "I don't want, I don't know"...Jeff says "I get it".

Jordan scratches and rubs, rubs and scratches, going up into his hair (which Jeff loves) as well.

Jeff says "you're getting good at it Jordo"...Jordan says "whaddya mean?"...Jeff says she scratches his back and then moves up to the hair, she knows what's up.

Jordan seems to be soaking Jeff up, she can't get close enough to Jeff and Jeff seems to be in heaven 😇 Jordan keeps rubbing and scratching...she pauses for a sec and Jeff says mmm, mmm to keep her going...she does and very well I might add.

Jordan pauses and holds Jeff.

Another one of my favorite moments on the feeds... 🥰

Jeff turns to look at Jordan, Jordan looks at Jeff and pinches his cheek, they are quiet but IMO the fact they are going to be separated soon hits them...Jeff keeps shaking his leg, Jordan runs her finger over Jeff's face, she looks at Jeff and touches his ear...

...she plays with his necklace and neck...Jeff is so quiet...Jordan starts playing with his hair and starts rubbing his back again...Jeff turns his head the other way and has his eyes open...they are very glossy, he looks pensive...Jordan holds Jeff and then she shifts and asks Jeff if he's sleeping? Jeff says no and turns to face Jordan again...Jordan buries her head in the pillow and says she needs to brush her teeth, she lays her head down and keeps rubbing Jeff and patting him...Jeff unnerves her with his looking at her, lol, she moves and says "c'mon"...Jeff manages to scissor lock her with his legs...Jeff starts tickling her, she screeches and Jeff asks "aren't you gonna miss that?"...Jeff says "it's over"...Jordan pulls Jeff down to hug him.

Jeff kisses her and laughs...Jeff tickles her again and then sits up, puts on Jordan's slippers and shows her, LOL...Jordan says 'that's hot"...Jeff lays back down and Jordan starts doing her Chewbacca imitation...Jeff calls Jordan out for addressing the camera which she says she didn't...Jeff says he can't stand it...Jordan puts her feet up and says Jeff has to grab her (to help her off)...Jeff does and practically whips Jordan off the bed, LOL...he helps her up and they finally leave the GR.

Jeff grills for the last time 


Jeff gets the grill going, comes back inside and puts a tank top on, putters around the kitchen then heads to the bathroom...Jordan is coming out of the bathroom into the kitchen and they have a cute little encounter in the hallway. 😊 Jordan giggles...she heads outside and sits on the chair freaking adorable, the second she sits down she starts pulling at her hair and secretly smiling.

I wonder who she could possibly be thinking about? 😉 She was definitely looking like she was hit by this...

Jordan yawns, looks up at a plane that flies over, generally seems to be deep in thought...Jeff comes out, she is chewing ice and smiling again. Jeff cleans the grill vigorously...Jordan keeps pulling at her hair, twirling it and secretly smiling...she can barely contain herself...Jeff puts the meat on the grill...Jordan just watches him...Jeff closes the grill and walks over to where Jordan is...Jordan smiles...Jeff says "what?'ve always got that little joke going on in your head"...Jordan says no...Jeff makes a playful fist at Jordan, she giggles...Jeff sits down on the table and sighs...he says "it's over"...he's all sad and what does Jordan do?

She secretly smiles again. LOL She stays like this for a bit...and then Jeff says "wtf are you laughing at?"...Jordan sings "nothing"...Jeff gets some Gatorade from the fridge outside and says that every time he drinks it he's going to think of that day he went on slop...Jordan says "oh yeah".

Jeff heads back to the grill to tend to the meat.

Jeff gardens for the last time 


Jeff has just finished turning the meat on the grill, he closes it, puts the tongs down and starts walking towards the patio area, stops himself, looks at the garden and then in a sad tone says "the garden, it's gone" he smiles at Jordan and says "should I water it one last time?"...Jordan giggles and says "hey, that's funny that you were saying that cuz I was thinking of stuff in my head, I don't know just about everything you've done in here and I was like God, the most important things he cares about are the garden and the pool, I was just thinking about that" Jordan is saying this Jeff grabs the hose and starts watering the pathetically dead garden...Jeff says "I'll give it one last go, it's very symbolic though, I'm dead, the garden's dead". 😭

Jeff keeps watering and says "it's like a wasteland". Jeff continues watering and Jordan continues fiddling with her hair and secretly smiling. ☺️ Once he sufficiently waterlogs the garden, lol, Jeff says "that's it", shuts the hose off, rolls it up, says "my last water" and goes back to the grill to tend to the meat.

Jeff uses the pool vacuum for the last time 


Jeff tends to the grill again and then heads to the box where the pool vacuum is kept. Figures he wants to do that one last time too. Jeff puts the hose in the pool, gets it going...gets up and says "it's official, my work is done"...he walks over to the box, closes it and says "thanks for playing". Jeff walks back to the patio area, has a sip of his drink and then goes back to the grill. He closes it again, steps away from it, puts his hands on his hips and looks pensive...Jordan says " of us is going to get to see our cell phone tomorrow"...that perks Jeff up, he says "see what?"...Jordan says "our cell phone"...Jeff says "oh, yeah, maybe huh?...f**k, I didn't think about that"...

Jordan says she almost forgot what her cell phone looks like...Jeff says he's going to forget how to text...Jordan says she got a newer phone a couple of months before coming there...Jeff says he doesn't know if his is on, he told his parents to shut it off if they could, he doesn't know, he doesn't know what's going on...Jordan says "I told my mom to put it on"...Jeff says "yeah, that vacation whatever"...Jeff then says he left a list of things for his parents to do like cancel the gym but how are they going to do that when it's them and not him, he didn't know for sure if he was coming so he didn't want to do it himself in case...Jordan asks if Jeff's mom was getting all flustered with everything she had to do...Jeff says yeah, he wrote down numbers like if she had a problem call Barry because he watches the show all the time and he'll know what to do...Jordan laughs...Jeff says he told his mom that she had to send pictures of him and things he liked in his HOH basket and his mom was like 'what do you like? I don't even know!'....Jordan laughs...Jeff says he told his mom he doesn't know either just talk to Barry...Jordan in her New Jersey voice says "that's hilarious"

Jeff goes back to grilling and then notices the spider (they saw during the eagle/squirrel convo) and says that the spider is so big, he cruises.

The meat is finally finished being grilled, Jeff goes inside asking if she wants to try some, he says he's not hungry but it looks good so he is going to try some.

6:45-6:58pm Pork chops/fear of flying/Ted the pilot 

Jeff comes back outside to eat his pork chops, he sits by Jordan on the couch. Jordan asks Jeff is everybody is sleeping? Jeff doesn't know, he gives Jordan a bite of one of his pork chops to try...she says it's good...a noisy plane flies overhead, Jordan says it's a big one...Jeff says "what?"...Jordan says it's a big plane...Jeff gives Jordan another bite saying "now try this one, I have no idea what it's going to taste like"...Jordan says "not bad", Jeff then tries and scrunches his face signalling it's ok...Jordan asks for a sip of his drink, Jeff gives her his cup...Jeff says it's not his favorite, he never tried it before...Jordan asks what he put in it...Jeff says honey, syrup, brown sugar, bbq sauce and soaked in pineapple juice.

Jeff says "weird" and keeps eating asking if Jordan wants more...she says no, thank you...Jordan looks up saying it's weird when you see planes from the bottom, some are fatter, some are so skinny.

Jeff asks if he had a movie on her plane?...Jordan says no...Jeff says me either, he gets so pissed off...Jordan says it's only for longer flights...Jeff says how long was your flight?...Jordan says 5 hours...Jeff says yeah, wtf?...Jordan says she went to Atlanta first...Jeff says it depends on how big your plane is...Jordan says there were a lot of people on her plane...Jeff says if you had a 747 there's usually a movie on there, the bigger, more people you have, you have a movie...Jordan says there were at least 170-200 people on her plane...Jeff asks what kinds of rows were there?...Jordan explains that one plane was roomier than the other, the one from Atlanta to LA was longer but lots of people, maybe 3 and 2...Jordan asks Jeff if doesn't he get scared that with all the luggage & everything, it's going to weigh the plane down? she hates flying, she gets so scared, she is nervous about flying back home.

Jeff says he does too, he doesn't like it at all but look how many planes they just saw take off in 5 minutes, let alone the whole world how many planes are going...Jordan says she wants to listen to some Journey right now...Jeff says the pork chops are not the worst, just different?...

Jeff starts shuffling cards (<--kill me now! lol)...Jeff says "the more I eat it, the more I like it"...Jeff asks Jordan if she wants another bite? Jordan says no, thanks...Jeff asks why?...Jordan says "did you see how much I ate earlier?"...Jeff says no.

Jordan looks up again and says the plane going over is little...Jeff says it looks like a fighter plane...Jordan says she wouldn't want to ride in that...Jeff says he doesn't even know what that is, it looks like an army plane...Jeff says one time he went on a small plane from Tampa Bay to Panama City, he died, he thought he was going to die, the pilot said "you ready?" and he closed the curtain before taking off, he swears there were 19 people on there and they were bumping through a thunderstorm...Jordan says the whole time she's tense, she can't relax...Jeff says his palms sweat...Jordan says yes, she looks out the window and then tells herself to not look out the window because she's scared she's going to see something and the whole time she's freaking out...Jeff says me too...Jordan says he sees other people that are sleeping like it's nothing...Jeff says that's what he looks at, he thinks how the f**k are they not freaking out, kids are having fun, meanwhile he's freaking out...Jordan says she's always thinking about the worst...Jeff too...

Jordan says she likes take off...Jeff says it's better when you fly with someone, when you're by yourself, you stress more...Jordan says she met a friend on the plane, an old man, he talked about travelling the world, he made her feel better, Jordan asks if Jeff talks to people?..Jeff says yeah, before when he was scared, he's gotten more used to it but he would make random conversation to get his mind off of it, he'd tell the person next to him he's scared of flying just so he could hear "don't worry" but he'd freak out if they were scared too LOL

Jeff says he doesn't like it because he has no control of what's going on, if he sat in the cockpit one time he'd be better...Jordan says that would be even more scary...Jeff says no, he'd be like "what is that Ted?" and the pilot would say "hey Jeff it's just this" and he'd be "ohh, alright, thanks Ted"...Jordan laughs and says "you're a dork, you're such a dork"...Jeff says "why?"...Jeff says he's serious, then he would know what's going on...Jeff is about to tell a story but Jordan interrupts and Jeff says the story is over...Jordan says on the way there she didn't know they had satellite radio on the plane, she didn't know what it was, she plugged it in and had a ton of stations to choose from, Jeff doesn't respond because he's bitter she interrupted him LOL...Jordan points out another plane that's going fast...Jeff says it's smaller.

Jordan says when you land at home there's lots of green land around, when she landed in LA it was all buildings and no land...Jeff says it's cool flying into Chicago going over the lake so they have to circle and you see the whole city and the water is behind it, 2 minutes later, you're landing at O'Hare and he's so close to the airport he can see his house's area when landing...Jeff starts singing and feeds cut out...feeds come back Jeff is shuffling cards...Jordan says she's going to go shave, she takes Jeff's plate and goes inside.

Jeff plays pool for the last time/Jordan lounges 


Jeff has been playing pool alone, Jordan has been shaving her legs...she comes outside and Jeff tells her that he won, Jordan claps and heads to the lounger and asks if Jeff knew that there was something that pulls out for drinks...Jeff knows...Jordan says she never knew that, she also informs Jeff that her legs are silky smooth now and she doesn't have to bother shaving tomorrow (for the live show)...she asks Jeff to feel and he does, but first with the pool stick, LOL, and then with his hand...he says "wow, wanna do it?"   Jordan of course says no...Jeff says "what? why not?".

Jeff says he thinks Jordan is right, there was a fire somewhere because there's ash in the air from the fires, on the lounger, on the pool table, for real...Jeff says Jordan said that it smelled like that right? Jordan mmm, hmm's...Jeff sits down on the lounger and points them out saying it might be ashes.

A wonderful thought 😩 comes to Jeff's mind, he says "what if the rest of the world blew up? except us?" Jordan looks up at a plane flying overhead and says "that would be weird"...Jeff says "we wouldn't even know...we'd be like dude, what's going on? right?"...Jordan grabs and squeezes Jeff's upper arm and says they'd hear planes...Jeff says they'd hear nobody, it's kind of a weird thought...Jordan says "yeah it is"...Jeff pats Jordan's head with the pool stick and says "it's humid out huh?", he didn't think so at first but now he does. 

Feeds cut out a couple of times, when they return Jeff is playing pool again, Jordan lays back on the lounger and gets comfy. Jeff plays pool for the last time.🙁

Just before the 7:24pm mark Jeff finishes playing, looks at Jordan and says what? walks over to where she is and starts opening her legs (insinuating a sexual position, lol)...they both giggle and Jeff lays down on his side.

Jordan immediately pinches Jeff's cheek and rubs his chin. Jeff just looks at Jordan...intense moment here...

J&J - future plans on the lounger Pt1 


J&J are having a "moment", Jeff breaks it up by sniffing Jordan's hand and says "what is that vanilla lotion?"...Jordan puts her leg on Jeff and says "hmm, no that's cocoa butter"...Jeff says "cocoa butter for when you get all ashy?"...Jordan says "yeah, it's that baby oil stuff".

Jeff lays down, rubs his eyes and asks if that shit doesn't clog your pores?...Jordan says "I don't think so, I don't know"...Jeff says he's eating everything in sight and he wants a bowl of cereal...Jordan says "well, eat it"...Jeff says no, he's fat as hell...Jordan pokes Jeff's armpit and says no, he's not, he's skinny.

Jeff turns to release Jordan's leg, sprawls out and says he wants to weigh himself but it can wait until tomorrow...Jeff reaches out his arm to be closer to Jordan and Jordan continues to play with his armpit/side...Jordan asks Jeff if he already showered?...Jeff says "mmm, hmm...why? you wanna take one with me?"  ...he turns to look at Jordan and says "what?"...Jordan says "you wanna get in the hottub or the pool later?"...Jeff immediately springs up and lays on his side facing Jordan and says "yeah"...he rubs Jordan's leg and says "and then what?"...Jordan says "swim"...Jeff rubs her leg again and says "you mean (in air quotes) 'swim'" ...they laugh...

Jeff slaps Jordan's butt and Jordan says owww...oooh. Jeff says they can't swim right now, his trunks are packed away...Jordan says her stuff is too, she just has to grab it...Jordan pats Jeff's chest...Jeff says he guesses they could get it, it's no big deal...Jordan says it will give them something to do...Jordan pokes Jeff's other armpit...

...and says his arms are wet, she can see it in the light...Jeff says "touch it"...Jordan has been, lol, she smells her finger and says he doesn't stink though...Jeff says "way to go women's deodorant"...Jordan woohoo's in that funny voice she makes and Jeff makes a funny face at her and flicks her in the face, LOL. Jordan oww's and pinches his cheek...Jeff oww's and pokes her in the ribs...they both laugh.

Jordan says she likes the little couch thing (they're on)...Jeff turns again to lay on his back, he says "really?"...he yawns and then asks Jordan the question that gets them talking about future plans...

Jeff says "where would you be right now if you could be anywhere? not anywhere, not like Brazil (random, lol) but like anywhere that you know?...Jordan keeps prodding Jeff's armpit and says "back at home, something like that?"...or anywhere like in the US?"...Jeff says "anywhere in the US, let's say"...Jordan says since she's already out here and she hasn't seen much, she would wanna see the Hollywood sign, go to a bunch of shops, see everything...Jeff says "Hollywood Boulevard?"...if she would stay he would show her all that stuff, go to Hollywood Blvd, take her to Melrose, she can see the Hollywood sign from anywhere...Jordan says "oh really?"...

Jordan says if not that, she would like to go to New York because she's never seen Times Square or if not that then be at home...she then asks what's today? Wednesday right?...Jeff says yeah, is today day 60?...they count and realize it is day 60...Jeff says "wow, we made it to day 60"...Jordan says "that's good Jeff"...Jeff says "yep"...Jordan says "if you stay tomorrow you better win"...Jeff says "I doubt it Johrdan...didn't they already tell you you're staying?...Jordan says "no, not really, not for sure" (a little fib here)...Jeff says "I thought you said that?"...Jordan says "no"...Jeff raising his hand in the air and clasping it with Jordan's says "well, whatever it is, good luck to the other"...Jordan says "and if the other stays, I hope they win"...Jeff says "yes"...Jordan says "cuz that would suck"...Jeff says "and when we (catches himself)...when one of us win...when one of us win, the Bears & the Panthers usually play each other in the playoffs and we're definitely doing that"...Jordan says "K, promise"...Jeff says "promise" 🤝...Jordan says "for sure"...Jeff says "the winner has to fly the other one out and put them up in John Gotti suites"...Jordan laughs and says if it's in Charlotte, she could probably get a hotel downtown just so they could get drunk and walk everywhere...Jeff says yeah, for sure...

Jordan continues saying that if not, she doesn't live too far from downtown, he could stay with them and get rides downtown...Jeff says "but if you win 500G's, it's John Gotti suitesssssss (hand gesture)"...Jordan promises John Gotti suites and playoff tickets...Jeff says "good seats, no nose bleeds, no cheapies, playoff tickets are expensive, they're going to be 500 a pop"...Jordan says with 500G's, 500 bucks will be nothing...Jeff says it will be a G but she could probably get a better deal than that but anyways...Jordan says she could probably get hooked up because her dad has "people", you can always find somebody with tickets...Jeff says "that's what we're doing" 😊

Jordan says it's a deal, she's wearing her Panthers jersey, Jeff says he's wearing his Bears one, it's war...Jordan says it will be, where they used to sit where her dad had season's tickets, it was all Panthers jerseys and anyone that would come dressed up in a different outfit besides the Panther's, people would talk shit to them, it was so funny, she wouldn't mind going to a Cowboys game...Jeff says can you imagine if they walked in, her with a Panthers jersey and him wearing a Bears jersey? in Chicago people would be pissed at her...Jordan says why? she's wearing her Carolina!...

Jeff says in Chicago when it snows people make snowballs and fire them at people with other teams' jerseys...Jordan laughs and says it's mean...Jeff says it gets fu**ing rowdy, he guesses Philadelphia is supposed to be the worst, Chicago is kinda bad...Jordan asks if that's a northern thing?...Jeff says "what? sore losers? I think so"...they laugh...Jeff says Chicago is kinda bad, New York is bad and he's heard Philadelphia is the worst...Michele comes outside...

J&J future plans on the lounger Pt2


Michele comes outside and Jordan asks her if she slept good? Jeff tells her he made pork chops, they're on the kitchen counter...Michele says "for realz?"...Jeff laughs...Michele says she missed them because Kevin & Natalie are cleaning up the whole kitchen...Jeff says to tell them there's pork chops too if they want them...Michele goes back inside and Jordan laughs at how Michele did not see the pork chops...Jeff makes fun of her saying "for realz?" and then comments on how now they're cleaning...Jordan is looking towards the kitchen and says that Michele didn't even look (for the pork chops)...Jeff says nah, she's looking at olives...Jordan laughs.

Cute exchange here...

Jordan slaps Jeff's shoulder and says "dirty martinis!", she claps and Jeff turns and pretend hits on with his leg and says "why am I so like I want to beat you up?"

Jordan says "in a good way?"

Jeff says "yeah"...

Jordan turns towards Jeff and says "so like whenever you want to do that, you always say"...

Jordan gets distracted and says "ooh look at that plane" LOL Jordan says it looks like a fighter plane, Jeff thinks the other one totally did, he bets it was an army plane, you can tell this one is commercial because of the lights...

Jordan returns to the cuteness, she says "but anyways, umm, you know like when you wanna do that, you always says uhhhhh, I wanna eat you" 😊

Jeff says "me?"...

Jordan says "yeah, that's like if you wanna beat somebody"

Jeff says "I say that all the time?"

Jordan says no, that is what she says, she'll says I wanna beat somebody...

Jeff says it's like little kids when you say you want to eat their cheeks off...

Jordan says "yeah and you're just ooohhh, I wanna eat you! that's how we say it"...

Jeff says "like I wanna eat your butt up?"

Jordan giggles and says " or I wanna beat you"

Jeff turns towards Jordan and grabs at her neck and says "I wanna fu**ing strangle you and rip your spinal cord out" 😳😂

Jeff cracks up and then says "what? I thought that was like I love you"

Jordan sits up a bit and says "no, I know but rip my spinal cord out? I don't go into detail like that!"

Jeff lifts his head and says "what I thought..."

Jordan says she'll just say uhhh, I wanna beat you, she grabs Jeff's chest and says "like that"...

Jeff says "I wanna play jumprope with your spinal cord"...they laugh...Jeff says "what's wrong with that?" 🤨😂

Jeff points at a wire that is hanging to Jordan and says it's stupid but it reminds him of the S in the SP bottle (luminous!)...Jordan says he's thinking really deep...Jeff says what does she mean his mind is tssssssssss! Jordan says "John Gotti suitesssssss" (hand gesture)...Jeff cracks up...Jordan notices Michele seeing the chops...Jeff makes fun of her saying "for realz" again...Jordan says oh, wow, they need to take Michele to a football game...Jeff says "no way, I'll fu**ing leave her at the stadium" 🤣

Jeff says "that's it man, I hope the Bears go to the playoffs, I should say this, I hope Carolina goes to the playoffs so they can see the Bears in it"...Jordan says they so got it...Jeff says "NFC championship game", does the rock on sign with his hands and says "that's what it comes down to"...Jordan says "omg, that would be so much fun, beer, popcorn, hot dogs"...Jeff says "f**k the popcorn, do you guys tailgate when you go there?"..Jordan says mmm, hmm...Jeff says "tailgating all day, wear my Peyton jersey, it's on"...

Jordan says "yep, downtown is packed with people"...Jeff says he feels nervous wearing his Chicago shit but the game might be in Chicago...Jordan says they don't throw stuff at people like them...Jeff says it's all in good fun...Jordan wouldn't want people throwing snowballs at her,she'd be pissed...Jordan says "let's go to a Cowboys game"...Jeff says "why do I wanna go there?"...Jordan wants to go cuz she watched Making of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, she loved them...Jeff says he has no reason to go there unless Chicago is playing them...Jordan says "what about Tony Romo? you like him?"...Jeff says "I like his chick" (yes and you would marry Jessica Simpson too, lol)...Jordan says "yeah..."

Jordan says the plane flying overhead is low. Jeff & Jordan talk about planes, the routes they take and why they fly and take off the way they do...Jordan then switches the subject and says that if she stays she swears she swears she's hoping she makes it to final 2, she's going to be pissed if Kevin wins...Jeff says him too, he hates him, he told her that Northeners are poor sports, lol...they talk a bit more game and what might happen in the final 4...Jeff says you can't believe shit...Jordan says what sucks for them is all their friends left before jury house...Jeff tells Jordan she doesn't have enemies...they go over who would vote for whom, Jeff says he wishes it was them two in the final 2 so they would have to vote for one of them...they talk about goodbye messages and what they said to each of them.

Jordan mentions she has her foot near Jeff's butt, he farted and she felt it, lol...Jeff says her white slipper is now brown...Jordan says Jeff needs to wash his butt...Jeff says she needs to wash her fu**ing mouth...they banter a little about boogers and then Jordan says it's weird to think that in 2/3 weeks this whole thing will be over, they'll be back to normal...Jeff says "yeah"...

Jordan says she thinks that is why it has given her a couple of days to soak it in, understand that one of us is leaving because at first she was so upset and then she's thinking that they have been here 60 days and they've made it this far and we only got 2/3 weeks left and somebody has to go and it just wasn't meant to be, it's only in the cards for one of us, she can't be mad about it because honestly Jeff could have been the first or second one out and people will remember him, he used the Coup, he was a good player, he was real, how big of a liar and asshole Russell is...Jeff just looks at Jordan, doesn't say a word.

Jordan changes the subject and wonders how pregnant her friend is now, her mom didn't even know yet...Jeff wonders wtf is going on in the world?...Jordan says BB is not going to let him see anything...Jeff agrees...Jordan says "or me"...Jordan says it's going to be weird if they say she is evicted, she's going to be so nervous to walk out the doors...Jeff says they're by themselves either way...Jordan says she knows but it's surreal...Jeff says what's so surreal about it? they know it's happening...Jordan doesn't know.

Jordan reminds Jeff to take the Luminous shampoo...Jeff says for her to keep it...Jordan says he has to take it, he needs good shampoo...Jeff asks why? he's never used it in his life...Jordan whispers "Jeff, just use it"...Jeff says he's used it only a couple of times...Jordan remembers the tingly stuff he mentioned, he has to find out what that is, he doesn't talk to that fu**ing c**t anymore... Jordan says 'that's awful, don't call a girl that"...(I agree, it's one of my most hated words...yuck)...Jeff says "f**k her"...Jordan says someone is bitter...Jeff says "table for one?"...Jordan says he's definitely bitter…

I’m going to drill you! 


Jeff says something mean about his ex-gf and then changes the subject...Jordan says she feels Jeff never wants to say anything about those kinds of things on camera so she tells Jeff that she's going to ask him a million questions (about his personal life) when they get out of there...

...Jeff says he'll tell her everything...Jordan says "I'm going to drill you"...Jeff says "I'm going to drill you when I get out of here!"...Jeff cracks up laughing 😂Jordan says "yeah right!"...Jeff pauses, laughs again and in his Jordan voice says "yeah right!". 

J&J future plans on the lounger Pt3


After they've decided they are going to drill each other after the show  , Jordan asks Jeff if she does stays does he really thinks she has a chance of winning? Jeff says yes, for her not to worry about winning, just get to the final two and that's all she can do...Jordan says that's what she means, she considers final two winning...Jeff says she has a good chance because people don't want to take Natalie and Michele doesn't want to take either of those two so depending on who leaves she could sneak through without doing dick...

Jordan says "oh thanks Jeff"...Jeff says he's just saying, she doesn't have to do nothing...Jordan says she doesn't want to be known as not doing anything...Jeff says then start winning and choose her own destiny, he's just saying that if she loses every competition to not get down but if she wins every competition then she gets to decide who she wants to take to the finals, see what he's saying?...Jordan talks a bit more game about the veto & HOH and how the rest of the game might go...Jordan is scared that Michele will pick Natalie or even Kevin...Jeff disagrees and says he thinks Michele is scared Jordan won't win anything and she's nervous about that...Jordan says that is why she wants to keep Jeff...Jeff says that is exactly what he thinks.

Jordan says she did so good on her own veto (when she was HOH)...Jeff says there are a lot of competitions...Jordan says she doesn't do good under pressure...Jeff says that she has to change that...Jordan says she has her HOH's & veto's memorized and rattles them off quickly...Jeff says that's good and for her to keep practicing them.

Jeff wants to talk about jury house and asks Jordan if she thinks they take them to a hotel for the first night (when evicted)?...Jordan says that she swears...Jeff reads her mind and tells her that you can't go to Mexico without a passport...Jordan says she heard you don't have to have one...Jeff says "to go to another country?" Jordan swears to Jeff that last year they went there...

Jeff thinks maybe you only need a driver's license...Jordan says she swears she was watching BB10 and she saw Jerry walking into jury house and it said (on the TV) something Mexico and she was thinking whoa! because she always thought it was around LA...Jordan rambles a bit about that and then Jeff says "ok, whatever, say it's in Russia for the sake of what I was talking about, do you think we stay in the hotel tomorrow night?...Jordan says yeah, she would think so...Jeff says then they would do interviews and press and you would wear the same shit so it looks like you went straight there...Jordan's not sure but she thinks since BB is on a budget they will have it nearby...Jeff says he heard Malibu, there are nice houses in Malibu.

Feeds cut out, when they return Jeff & Jordan are play punching each other until Jeff punches her in the gut...Jordan says oooh, they giggle...Jeff reaches for Jordan and holds her leg, Jordan puts her leg on Jeff, then touches Jeff's hair and says "if we can stay a couple extra days, if you don't stay long, I will stay cuz I do wanna go fishin'...and all that Gucci stuff"...:) Jeff nods (he's speechless Jordan finally said yes, lol)

Jordan then asks if they can then go to the beach and lay out?...Jeff says "yeah, we're going to go to my friends' in Hermosa"...Jordan wants to go to the beach...Jeff says his friend has a house right on the beach, it's the baddest...Jordan asks if Jeff called him and told him he was coming...Jeff says he doesn't even care, he'll just leave his door open for Jeff when he tells him he's coming to Cali but now he's got a girlfriend so he has to be more cautious but he works a lot, they could hook up with him at night for sure, he sells cars...Jordan says she wants to go out to town down in LA...Jeff says there's a square with bars in Hermosa.

Jordan says she gets confused with Hollywood, the Hills, what types of people go where....Jeff says he likes Hollywood, there's a place called Cabo that she would love...Jordan says she heard people stay in the areas they live in...Jeff says he never liked the Valley, he thinks Jordan would like Hollywood, they don't know wtf they're talking about, there's a place called Cabo where he used to work, it's the best, it's like a tiki hut, there's hay on the roof, they have 2 for 1 drink specials and it's so chill in there...Jordan asks if you can just wear jeans...Jeff says f**k yeah, wear whatever you want...Jordan says omg, let's go!...Jeff says it's his favorite place, he loves it.

Jeff will take her to Saddle Ranch, it's country and she will like it, they have a mechanical bull, he doesn't like it too much but she will like it, it's wannabes though, people that work there are yo-yo's, the people that work there try too hard with their bandanas, ripped jeans and cut off shirts but they're told to wear that...he knows some of them...Jeff says he never got into that crew, he hangs out during the day at the Standard or the Mondrian, a nice hotel like the one Chima worked at, a hotel pool, those are fun, just chilling and then go out for dinner somewhere nice or just f**k it and go to the beach to eat...

Jordan asks if they have places to eat on the beach, where you can get chicken fingers and they have a band playing? Jeff laughs...he says he doesn't know about a band...Jordan explains there are places like that back home that are right on the beach, they have a band that plays beach music...Jeff says that's awesome...Jordan asks if they have anything like that out here?...Jeff says there might be but he doesn't know, he has a pretty simple routine, he does the same shit he did when he used to live in LA...Jeff says he likes that, he likes going on the beach but he has one buddy that's a promoter that knows all the hot spots at night...Jordan says she so wants to go...Jeff says what he likes is just drinking with his buddies and catching up with them, telling old stories.

Cabo is his favorite! he wishes he was there right now...Jordan asks if they have margaritas?...Jeff says yeah, two for one...Jordan perks up at that...Jeff says you get crunked there...Michele comes outside and says thanks for the pork chops, they were yummy...Jeff says no problem...Jordan forgets she hates the word "crunk" and says "we'll so get crunked" Jeff says it's the best.

Jordan says if Jeff, before it gets cold, he's back at home and can get off work, he should come to Charlotte and they can drive to Myrtle Beach and she'll take him there to places there...Jeff says he went to Myrtle Beach before...Jordan says "isn't it fun?"...Jeff says he doesn't know what it was, they went there on a college trip and nobody was there, it was after race week...they still had a good time though, they went to a bar that had cheap beer & oysters...

Jordan sits up and says she will take him to this place that has 5 or 6 seafood restaurants all in a row called Calabash, they normally go there, it's on the water and there's another place that her sister and boyfriend go to in Cherry Grove, 30 mins from Myrtle Beach, that's a good place to go, there's another place called Molly Darcy's that has a DJ, it's just a regular bar and then there's another place up top on a roof that's real casual, they have Christmas lights up there...Jeff says he likes that...Jordan says it's never packed though...Jeff says that's his favorite type of shit...Jordan says it's really fun, she knows her way all around Myrtle Beach...

Jeff says he likes the way that sounds, when they went there they got the top room in this hotel, it was all windows with a balcony, it was so nice, they got a deal, it was too cold to go to the beach, nobody was there but they had a good time...Jordan says well if he can before it gets cold, it will be September, whoa, it'll be close to October, it might be too cold at the beach...Jeff says they're getting ahead of themselves, let's see if they can stay a few days after the show...Jordan giggles, gets up and goes to the couches to talk to Michele, Jeff goes inside....

Sweet kiss in the bathroom 


Jeff is pensive, laying on the seating area of the bathroom...Jordan approaches him and sweetly kisses him on the cheek.  :) 


9:21pm That’s fucking cute! 

Jeff is sitting with his feet in the pool along with Michele. Jordan has gone inside to check if there is liquor. Jeff is telling Michele they haven't had a lot of liquor in there, the first time they drink when they get out of there, they're going to be smashed, they're going to need someone to carry them out...Jordan comes outside with a bottle of wine...Jeff says "really? that real?"...Jordan says "yeah"...Jeff says "wow"...Michele heads towards Jordan, Jeff heads towards the hottub to put his flipflops on...Jordan says she couldn't get in the SR at first and she thought, yeah right, they're really not giving it to us and then she opened it up...Michele says "we got white?"...Jordan says "yeah, Chardonnay"...Jordan shows Jeff the bottle, smiles and starts to turn towards the door.

Jeff says "that's fu**ing cute!"...Jordan laughs, looks towards Jeff, then turns back and says "I love when he says that"  🥰 Jordan heads inside. Jeff heads inside as well…

Kevin throws out the wine


Jeff & Jordan go inside to open the wine. Jordan puts the wine down on the counter and looks for the wine opener. Kevin is in the RR, as he is about to leave and head towards the kitchen, Jeff mutters "fu**ing, does Kevin douchebag want some?"...Jordan leaves the wine then and heads to the fridge...Kevin sees the wine as he walks by going into the bathroom...Jeff starts eating the frozen coke and says it's so good, he keeps taking bites of it...Kevin enters the kitchen all mopey and weird and says there is alcohol, is there beer?...Jordan tells him there's only wine because of tomorrow...Jeff asks if he wants some...Kevin mmm, hmm's...Jordan says she doesn't want any...Jeff says "what!?"...Jordan says she's just going to get water, she's going to let Jeff drink it...Jeff says "no, everyone is drinking it"...Jordan says he can take her place, she doesn't want any...Jeff says "just drink it, have some, if you don't finish it, I'll drink it but you'll finish's the last night to throw down"...Jordan turns to Jeff and says "I'll throw it down with you"...Jeff says "well then, throw it down"...meanwhile Kevin has started opening the wine, he then pours it out into the glasses...

During that, Jordan pours herself some diet Coke while Jeff eats his frozen coke and she is secretly smiling again...Jeff approaches her and says "take a bite"...Jordan says it was sitting out so she's hesitant...Jeff says he turned it upside down, it's fine...Jordan takes a bite...

Jeff says it's like a sno-cone...Jordan says she loves sno-cones, she hasn't had one in forever...Jeff wants her to take another bite but she doesn't want to...Jeff says "why?"...Jordan says "she's good"...she drinks her diet Coke, Jeff starts singing "I think we're alone now" (by Tiffany)...they banter a little about the song and Jordan not paying attention...Kevin has finished pouring the wine...Jeff says "it looks pretty even"...they putter around a little more in the kitchen and then Jordan grabs the two wine glasses for her & Jeff, she tells Jeff she has his and she heads outside.

Jordan sets the wine down on the table and grabs her blanket that is on the lounger, she sits down on the far couch.

Inside, Natalie is telling the others she is surprised they got alcohol tonight and not last night...Jeff says it's to ease the pain, he walks away...Kevin mutters under his breath "whatever"...Michele gets called to the DR, Kevin & Natalie head upstairs and when they enter the HOH room, Kevin tells Natalie that he didn't even want alcohol, he just wanted to take this portion away from Jeff, he's going to dump this down the toilet...Natalie tells him to let Jeff drink it, then they'll get a show between him & Jordan...Kevin says "F**K Jeff!"...feeds cut out...when they return Kevin pours it out. Natalie says it's Lydia 2.0

I will say this...KARMA IS A BITCH ain't it Kevin! The concept of throwing away food or drink to spite someone is NOT COOL in my books. 

At the exact same time Kevin is throwing out the wine, Jeff comes outside to join Jordan and informs her he is smoking two cigarettes, just so she knows, Jordan says no, don't...Jeff says it's his last night, it's over...

We’re going to have fun after…


After Jeff tells Jordan he's going to have 2 cigarettes because it's his last night, he sits down near Jordan on the couches. Jordan has a sad/worried look on her face. Jeff holds his glass of wine, clinks Jordan's glass that is on the table and smiles...Jordan says that the other glass of wine is Jeff's glass too...Jeff asks her if she doesn't want it?...Jordan says she wants Jeff to have it...Jeff says to have some...Jordan says she wants Jeff to have it...Jeff says "just have some, it's not going to make a difference, have a little bit, if you don't want it, then I'll drink it"...Jeff then raises his glass and says "but that was nice of them to give it to us, I'll address the camera one time only...thank you"  😊 Jeff laughs and takes a sip.

Jordan wonders why they gave them wine tonight and not last night...Jeff says they're making it mellow so then can sedate him...Jeff says he's been good, he's been so calm in there...Jordan says "yeaaaaahh"...Jeff says "for real, compared to my temper and stuff, I bit my tongue a lot in here"...Jordan says she's never seen his temper...Jeff says she doesn't know him on the outside...Jordan says "well, the way you get aggravated with me and you kinda get loud, I'm sure you have a bad temper"...Jeff says it's in control anyway but this was definitely a testeroo.

Jordan says "that's good Jeff"...Jeff says yeah...Jordan hopes she doesn't come off bad the way she yelled and stuff...Jeff says no, it's understandable the way she yelled...Jordan says she was sticking up for Jeff...Jeff says "sticking up for you? he called you a fat ass and go get cookie dough, maybe you were sticking up for yourself a little bit"...Jordan says she was sticking up for Jeff too, that's how it started...Jeff knows and he appreashes...Jordan says he called her Jeff's lapdog...Jeff says whatever, that kid is a fu**ing idiot...Jordan can't believe he was cast...Jeff says they have to cast somebody like that.

Jordan wonders if BB knew they would get along?...Jeff says he said the same thing, if they knew that...Jordan asks if Jeff put that he was outgoing and fun...Jeff mmm, hmm's...Jordan says she wants to look up his interviews and stuff...

Jeff says now that he thinks about it, he remembers Jordan being one of the two "chicks" he saw and made note of that one day when they were sequestered that they had talked about before...he remembered Laura and Jordan right by the door...Jeff said he noticed someone's boobs and the blond chick that was hot and it was you 😍..Jordan isn't sure she remembers Jeff...Jeff says he said something smart about Jordan though, something like she was all sassy and shit because he thought she was acting cool, acting all the shit...Jordan says she was just silent, Laura had said she looked like a church girl.

They then talk about a few of the other possible HG's that day, an older lady that looked like Renny, Chima who was in a van with Jordan, Jeff thought Chima was getting on for sure...Jordan asks Jeff what he was wearing...Jeff says blue, baby blue...Jordan asks if they made eye contact...Jeff doesn't know...Jordan remembers another guy wearing blue but his hair was dark, he looked Mexican or Puerto Rican, he kept making eye contact...Jeff says just because Jordan is talking softer doesn't mean they can't hear them.

Jeff lays back and says ahhhh...Jordan says "you know how weird tomorrow is going to be?"...Jeff says yeah, it's going to be sucky...balls, it's gonna suck...the only thing he's looking forward to is walking into the crowd, he likes that...Jordan says it's his time to shine...Jeff says yeah for 15 seconds...they debate over when they do the Early Show interview and when they go to jury...feeds cut out...they return with Jordan saying something about being together...Jeff says sometimes you just gotta roll solo...Jordan says she doesn't like the idea of rolling solo...Jeff says "ohhhh, whatever"...they go silent. Jordan takes a sip of wine and says she loves white wine better than red...Jeff says he likes it only because it's cold...Jordan offers her wine to Jeff again saying she doesn't want any more.

Jordan giggles and Jeff says "what?"...Jordan says "nothing...we're going to have fun after" 😘 ..Jeff says "after?"...Jordan takes another sip and says "mmm, hmm"...Jeff raps "after the show it's the afterparty"...Jordan says "after the party it's the hotel lobby"  Jordan laughs and Jeff says "f**k yeah"...feeds cut out, LOL

They return with Jordan saying something about the "finale thing", it will...uh whatchamacallit, they'll have to stay somewhere...they get called out by BB....Jeff says "who knows, it will work out"...Jordan says if she is left in the final 2 and he's sitting out there, she's going to run and be like "Jefffff!" (well that didn't exactly happen LOL)...Jeff says if he sees Jordan in the jury house he's going to say you motherfu**er...Jordan says "you are?"...Jeff says he's going to be pissed, not at Jordan but in general...he sits on fridge to have a cigarette.

Jordan then tells Jeff how Michele told her that she wants Jeff to stay because he's a stronger player for her but also because then the others will want Jeff out before her, they would target him and he would leave. Jordan knows if Jeff stays, him & Michele will rock it...Jeff says that's why he's not staying, they know that too...Jordan says that Michele doesn't know anything about the numbers, the dates, she also tells Jeff that she told Michele that they both studied together and Michele was awww, Jordan figures she felt left out...Jeff says that was when she was making a final 2 to take them down, she's a dummy.

Jordan says if she stays she's going to try her heart out cuz she'll have so much free time...Jeff says Jordan remembers how to do the cards right?...Jordan says yeah but now she knows how to do it on her hands...Jeff says for her to please do the cards, to not get him frustrated...actually she can do what she wants, count with her hands, use her toes, she'll get to 20 and then who cares 🤨...Jordan stares...Jeff says "what?"...Jordan says it's easier for her to do it that way...Jeff says Jordan knows the dates...Jordan says Michele was asking her about them, she doesn't want to tell her...Jeff says Jordan doesn't have to tell her shit.

They go over the canisters again & the pillows, lol...Jordan says in the DR she said that she knows Jeff gets flustered with her but she admires Jeff and looks up to him and she asks him questions because she thinks he knows the answers but then he gets mad...Jeff appreciates that but he thinks Jordan looks to him for answers and he doesn't have them all. They go over big dates for POV and HOH, Jeff thinks Jeremy Piven was a big date  , the day Chima left, etc. Jordan gets called to the DR...

Last backyard chat Pt1


Michele & Jeff have been talking outside on the couches...Jordan comes back from the DR and sits down next to Jeff...Jeff immediately smiles at her, he asks her if she cried? LOL Jordan says no, she gave Michele compliments, she is hot...Jeff says "that's it? the DR is already over Jeff?"...Jordan says it is, it's all about Michele now, she pats Jeff's arm and says she's just kidding...Jeff says we gawn...Jordan tells Michele she told them that if they're in the final 2 she has a dress that's real cute that she can wear, she can have it, she can wear some high heels and she'll be workin it...Jeff says wow, he's still there, can they worry about this shit when he's gone, it's just a couple more's already life after Jeff...Jordan grabs Jeff's face saying "you won't ever be replaced!"...Jeff says "get outta here"...Jordan giggles.

Michele says whatever, she's going to have a dress, Jeff is taking Jordan to Hawaii so...Jeff says "she better win that 500K", he giggles...Jordan says it's pretty obvious she's not going to Hawaii...Jeff asks why is she saying that?...Jordan says because he's always saying no...Michele says that it's because Jordan said she won't "give it up"...Jordan says then he can take someone who is going to give it up to him...Jeff says he didn't say anything, Jordan is the one who just assumes everything, he didn't say yes or no, she just keeps asking...Jordan says she can tell by his actions...Jeff says because he didn't say yes or no and he follows through, if he promised her something he would follow through, he's not a fu**ing jackass.

Michele says thank you again for the offer of the dress...Jeff says what is he going to wear for finale night when he comes back?...Michele says didn't he say he'd wear no shirt?   Jordan says he should wear either his black soft shirt or his baby blue shirt...Jordan says Jeff looks hot in black but he looks real good in baby blue...Jeff says it depends on how tan he is, he'll have 2 weeks to think about it...Jordan says with a big smile..."you're going to look real good" 🥰

Cute moment...

Jeff says he feels like he could be more tan but he doesn't know how, maybe with the sand & ocean he will...then he says every time he doesn't feel tan he looks at this and sees he is (he pulls down his shorts to show his whiter skin)...Jordan peers over to look and does a double take and smiles to herself...they laugh at how she was trying to sneak a look inside Jeff's shorts. 

Jeff tells Jordan he was telling Michele how weird it's going to be tomorrow not having a mic or cameras on him...Jordan says awww and gets sad...Jeff says he can do whatever he wants, he pretty much does anyway. Michele then says she wishes they had a foam party (like BB8 ), she always wanted to do that...Jeff says the naked foam party? he thought that was a little weird, wtf is that?, it's on regular tv, it's very Real Worldish...Michele says she would have done Nudist BB ...Jordan is shocked at the foam party, Jeff & Michele explain what it was like...Jordan says she wouldn't do that.

Michele says Jeff can't leave now because he was the only one that saw her vagina, no one else in there has seen it. (is this chick FOR REALs? ugh)...they talk about the Grad comp where Michele's pants came off...they reminisce a bit about the game, Jeff says that if it wasn't for the Coup, he wouldn't even be there now...Jordan says they all would. Jeff says f**k it, let's have a pool party and he walks over to the fridge to smoke again.

Michele says that people only remember the last HG's, they'll say Jessie who?...Jeff says yeah, Jeff who?...Jordan says yeah right, he made it to 5, Renny was the 5th one and she remembers her...Michele says Jeff is way hotter than Renny too so...Jordan says of course they will remember Jeff (if she only knew then!) and especially because he has the Coup and they'll probably remember Jeff & Jordan because they probably made like a showmance type thing (uhhh, yeah)...

Jeff snickers "showmance"...Jordan says and tomorrow if Jeff does leave there's her exit kiss, people are going to remember that...Jeff smiles nervously...Jordan says "aren't you going to practice?"...Jeff says "later, after another glass of wine", he smiles...Jordan says "how are we going to do this?"...Jeff says he doesn't know if he's going to be up for it right when he's evicted because he'll get sour, big dimpled smile...Jordan says "well, I'm supposed to not make you sour"...Jeff says "alright, we'll worry about it later"...Jordan looks at Michele and says "it's not going to happen" (Yep, Nostradamus Jordan!! :) )

Jeff says he's spontaneous and doesn't like to plan things...Jordan says "if you don't do it, I'm going to be mad"...Jeff says "oh boy"...Jordan says "you gotta give them something to remember...when you grabbed my ass and squeezed it and gave me a big ole kiss...I'm just kidding"...Jeff smiles, raises his eyebrows and gestures that he'll bend her over and hump it...Jordan says not that way...Jeff says "why? people will remember that"...Jordan says she will give him a kiss on the cheek even if it's not on the lips...Michele says that is lame, she can give him a kiss on the cheek...Jordan says "ok, I'll give him a kiss on the lips but you don't act like you really want it"...they smile at each other...Jeff mutters "Jordan, be quiet...I got different ideas in my head" He laughs...Michele says you know you only have a minute right?...Jeff says dude, it might only take 30 seconds, he cracks up! Jordan smiles but gets all pensive, LOL.

Michele says she's excited to see what will happen...Jordan says the DR keeps asking about it...Jeff says he knows...Jordan says they can't let them down...Jeff says they're trying to make a show here...Jordan says yeah and they're going to make it 😉

Last backyard chat Pt2


After J&J finish bantering about the exit kiss, Jordan says to Jeff "I know, I got a lot to tell you...after, nothing gamewise, but I'm not going to say it all on here"😉♥️ 😉♥️...Jeff says "whaddya mean?"...Jordan says it's just stuff she wants to say but it's nothing game or about anybody there...Jordan smiles and giggles...

Jordan then says how she couldn't believe that Jessie confessed how much he liked  Natalie in the GR, after only knowing her such a short time, she would feel like a douche, she wouldn't do it on TV. (Jordan is obviously projecting her feelings about this onto Jessie as it's clear from comments she has made that she would feel like a fool if she admitted on the show that she was falling for Jeff, which she was, but she was ready to tell him all after the show 😉😉)

Michele says the house isn't like real life...Jeff says this is their reality though, this is all they know. Jeff hopes they hook them up with some fun facts when they leave, like how the Bears are doing. (so funny that Jeff then got to play that current events game with Ross Matthews in his exit interview...ask and you shall receive! lol)

Jordan starts snapping her fingers in boredom...Jeff comes over to sit near Jordan again...they start talking about drinking and Vegas. Jordan says her and tequila don't mix...Jeff says he's not going to babysit Jordan, what is he talking about, he'll need one...Jordan says she might need one because she wanders off when she's drinking...Michele starts telling some weird story about her and Tim in Vegas (I can't stand listening to her at this point so I'll spare myself the details, lol)...Jeff says you get so drunk in Vegas...Jordan says she doesn't know if she could handle going to Vegas with a boyfriend if he paid too much attention to other girls, she would get jealous...Jordan wants to go dancing...Jeff says he would rather go to Cabo (the bar) then Vegas...

Jordan says if Jeff stays and she can stay, they're going to go out, Michele can come dancing with them...Jeff says he's for sure staying if he can change his flight...Jordan says if she stays for 2 or 3 nights max, if she can re-arrange her flight, she's going to the place that Jeff is talking about and Michele can meet them there...Jeff says he has a promoter friend that can hook them up to go dancing...Jordan asks if Jeff's friend's are hot...Jeff mumbles yeah, lol.

Jordan & Michele giggle...Michele says she has to stop drinking...Jeff says if they act like fools he's OUT!...Jordan says they won't...Jeff isn't worried though because Michele will have her husband there. 🥴 Jeff has so many questions for him. (about how weird and bizarre she is? lol)

Michele says she's the same in the house as she is on the outside.  Michele says she is flirtier outside the house. Jordan says she can be flirty but she is flirtier when she's drinking. Jordan asks Jeff how he is? Jeff says he keeps it cool all the time, Jeff doesn't know, he's just goofy, he cracks jokes all the time...Michele says that's why she loves Jeff, he's a goofball.

Jeff says now he's getting excited to stay in LA for a few days...Michele says if they want to stay she has a ton of flight vouchers she needs to use up, she also implies that Jeff can sweet talk the women from the airline to change his flight...Jeff says he doesn't know why they think he's some Don Juan, he's not, he's a yo-yo. Jordan says she's a yo-yo...Jeff says his buddy Donovan is here for sure, his buddy Eric is out east but he wishes he could come out for 2 weeks, his buddy Donovan is a riot, he has lots of stories to tell.

Jordan says that Casey gave them advice on how to use their "celebrity" to get free drinks and VIP tables, Jeff says he would never do that, they would be like "get outta here"...they talk about the pre-interviews with Entertainment Tonight and how they were nice, they get called out by BB to not talk about that stuff...Jordan asks if Michele loved Renny...she didn't...Jeff goes inside and Jordan & Michele continue talking...


JeJo -  Dual DR


Jordan & Michele are outside on the couches talking. Jeff opens the sliding glass door and says "Jordan, come here for a sec, I wanna show you something"...Jordan gets up and says "come here?"...Jeff says yeah...Jordan heads over there and Jeff says "just for a second Michele, we'll be right back"...Jordan asks "what's up?"...Jeff closes the sliding glass door behind them, smiles, giggles and says "they want us to go into the room together" 👩‍❤️‍👨Michele is left alone and starts getting paranoid...

(They would end up staying in the DR for a full hour)

Youtube of the segment they aired during the recap show before the finale: 

Screencaps from the segment shown:

This one is where Jeff says he loves Jordan's heart, she showed him that there are good people in the world.

And this one is where she is listing all of Jeff's wonderful attributes...

(Notice how J&J progressively got sitting closer to one another)

Jejo in the DR/Nuts in the house


Jeff & Jordan go into the DR...Michele is left alone outside.

When Jeff told Michele that he & Jordan would be gone just a second and they disappeared the look on Michele's face was one of bewilderment, she then awaited their return, when they didn't, she made herself look busy while at the same time looking for signs of J&J.

She headed to the bathroom, then headed back outside and chewed food noisily while waiting, UGH, then she went into the hottub, sat outside the hottub, went back in the hottub, went inside to change, made faces at the mirror, washed some dishes to pass the time, glanced over towards the living room a few times, talked to herself, went to the RR to mess around with her clothes while actually doing nothing, looked at her fake letter from Tim, got bored of that then headed back into the bathroom to change again...meanwhile Kevin & Natalie who had been up in the HOH playing their 79th game of chess in that house have come downstairs, they go outside to plot their next prank, they are at a loss as to where J&J are too...

Michele goes back into the RR and it's pretty clear she is really wondering where J&J could be...she fake yawns and heads back into the kitchen area and goes outside muttering to herself, she does some laundry...meanwhile Kevin & Natalie head into the RR and sneak around finding something to use for their next prank, they rig up the faucet so it will spray someone again and then they go outside to play pool, Michele goes back inside and heads right for the faucet and gets sprayed...Kevin & Natalie giggle in hysterics over how good they got her, they say Michele is freaking pissed.

Michele heads to the DR to bitch & complain about the prank and sees that it's locked, she waits but it won't open, it dawns on her that possibly Jeff & Jordan might be in there, she heads to the SS room, opens the door and sees that J&J aren't in there, she stands there taking it all in, she then tries the door to the HN room and it's locked, she stands in the middle of the room with her hands on her hips wondering where the hell J&J are 🤪...she then goes into the SR and talks to herself about how fun that was (the prank), she keeps mumbling to herself and then almost goes back into the SS room but stops herself, she goes in circles mumbling and then heads into the SS room and sits down on her bed staring into space, she then gets up and puts her hands on her hips again, looks in a drawer, almost walks out but then turns back, gets something from beside the bed and then walks out of the room just as Jeff & Jordan are exiting the DR...

After the dual DR moments


Just as Michele comes out of the SS room, Jeff & Jordan finally exit the DR after being in there for an hour...Jeff cannot be seen on camera but can be heard...Jordan is seen walking towards the kitchen when Michele asks them "what were you guys doing in there?"...Jeff says "what was going on in here?"...Jordan says "what time is it?" and turns back towards the bedrooms...Michele tells Jeff she got squirted, Jeff says "squirted?"...Michele tells Jeff that they pulled the spray trick on her again...Jeff says "ohhh, you got got"...

Next the cam switches to the SS room where Jeff & Michele are (Jeff had gone straight there after leaving the DR whereas Jordan walked the other way probably trying to make it look not too obvious they were in there, LOL)...Jordan walks in the SS room, says "oh geez" and starts to walk out, Jeff looks to have been messing around with his BB bag for no reason  and he starts to walk out...Michele tells them that she tried to get into the DR but "apparently" they were in there. Yep!!

Jeff says "you didn't know we were in there?"...Michele says "no, you said you were going to grab Jordan not you were going to hang out in the DR"...Jeff says "it was on the down low, like it never happened you know what I mean?"...Michele says "it didn't happen"...they all walk towards the kitchen...Kevin & Natalie walk by without saying a word and head towards the bedrooms...Jeff & Jordan walk outside and sit on the couches. Jeff asks Jordan "what's that all about? they just fu**ing left?" Jordan says "oh well"...

Jordan says to Jeff "oh that was fun, don't ya think?"...Jeff says "you took the bull by the horns in there"...Jordan says "I do it like that all the time in the DR's...oh right sorry we're not talking about it"...Jeff says "holy moly"...Jordan says she wishes she hadn't of taken her makeup off so she could have looked better...Jeff whispers "that was pretty funny".

Michele comes out to continue to stay glued to their side and asks what they were doing in there? (none of your business!)...Jeff says they were just cracking jokes...Jeff changes the subject and asks why K&N just stopped in the middle of their pool game and left...Michele says Natalie went in the DR, she went in to laugh about spraying Michele...Michele AGAIN tells them that she wanted to go in the DR to complain but they were in there, Jeff doesn't take the bait...Jordan who was apparently in LaLa land when Michele told the story twice about getting sprayed asks "what happened?" 

Michele tells Jordan what happened, Jordan rolls her eyes...Michele mumbles about being upset they did it a second time...Jeff isn't paying attention now, he gets up to have a cigarette and says towards Jordan "that was fun" 😁 Michele says "of what? me being mad? are you pulling pranks Jeff?" (no dimwit, their DR session was fun!)

Jeff doesn't answer her but says he'll pull a couple, he thinks...Jeff says he might do the water one where he puts the glass of water on top of the door and when it's opened the person gets wet...Jordan just sits quietly and seems deep in thought...Jeff smokes and looks at Jordan occasionally and Michele continues talking nonsense...Jordan secret smiles...Michele wants to prank the others and wants ideas...Jordan says she's not good at it and never pulls pranks on people...more weirdness...Michele points out that Jordan is "smiley"...Michele keeps talking and says she almost drank Jeff's wine that was sitting there for a long time, Jeff thought she did...Jordan continues to stay quiet constantly fiddling with her hair and occasionally glancing over at Jeff...Jeff does the same between puffs.

Michele says she's sleepy, they need to rest to kick some asses response...Michele then tries to talk about the veto comp where they needed to know an analogy, she doesn't know any but Jeff does...Jeff tells her that wasn't a veto, that was a luxury comp and that wasn't an analogy but a saying...Michele says oh, well I don't know any sayings (I just can't with her! )

Michele blows smoke up Jeff's ass by saying he's the king of sayings, can he help her with the gift horse in the mouth one...Jeff patiently explains what the saying means...she asks if that means the horse is going to bite you or something?  Jeff says it's just a saying like bury the hatchet, wth does that mean anyway? Jeff says he's packed with useless knowledge. Jeff goes inside.

Jordan sighs and says "oh Michele, Michele"...Michele asks if Jordan knows those things...Jordan isn't too sure...Michele gets called to the DR.

Jordan continues to sit quietly still fiddling with her hair and still secretly smiling. 😊 Natalie comes out a minute later and asks if Michele was pissed? Jordan says not really...feeds cut out, when they return Jeff is sitting with his feet in the hottub, Jordan is telling Jeff she wishes they could have looked better, had their hair done...Jeff looks down at the water and smiles...Jordan says she doesn't think BB has ever done that with anyone else...Jeff shrugs his shoulders...Jordan says that's why she told Jeff that maybe people really care, really like them, you know?...Jeff thinks that BB thinks they say dumb shit and want to hear their opinion on it. (huh? lol)

Meanwhile Natalie & Michele goof around about the prank and have a laugh over it...Jeff & Jordan don't seem too amused but just look on with similar smiles.

Natalie & Michele go over how it happened and Natalie says Kevin thought all 3 of them were pissed when they were coming outside together...Jeff now understands why K&N walked in all weird just leaving their game of pool...Jordan tells Natalie that her & Jeff were in the DR, Jeff says they didn't know what happened...Kevin comes out and more quietness...Jordan keeps pulling at her hair (I really don't know how she keeps it with the constant tugging) and looking at Jeff once in awhile...Jeff keeps looking down at the water.

Just after the 11:50pm mark, Jeff & Jordan have a moment, Jeff giggles, shakes his head, drinks a sip of water and smiles at Jordan...Jordan looks at Jeff, opens her eyes wide and smiles...Jeff looks down again...Michele goes inside...Jordan says to Jeff "I'm hungry again"...Jeff says "want cheese & crackers? and hummous?"...Jordan says "let's do it"...Jeff says "I'm down"...Jordan says "come on" and they both get up to go inside to eat.

J&J get domestic


Jeff & Jordan come inside to eat. Jeff gets his prank set up (the water on the door one), they both laugh how they will probably be the ones getting wet...Jordan is still thinking about her hair in the DR and tells Jeff she should have worn her hair down...they decide to maybe nix the cheese & crackers and instead eat the pork with mozzarella cheese...Jordan only wants one, Jeff does too, Jordan says it's late, they should only eat one each...Jeff fixes them each a plate and puts them in the microwave, he gets cutlery for both of them... Jordan opens the hummous and gets the Triscuit crackers and they both start munching on that.

Michele walks by with something and Jeff realizes she's setting up a prank with it, he says it's going to get him because he pees the most...he tells Jordan to not pee, lol. Jordan takes the plates out of the microwave...Jeff tops his pork with sour cream and says he loves it...Jordan puts some on her plate and Jeff smiles at her knowing he's rubbing off on her...Jordan wants more sauce on it and asks Jeff if he wants some, he doesn't. Jordan pushes her plate over, walks around and sits by Jeff to eat. Jeff comments that Michele is up to no good. They eat and cams go off them...

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