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Day 55 (Pt 1) of BB11 Feeds

September 2

Plans & Schemers & Cuddlers 


Jeff, Jordan & Natalie are still talking about the wrap party and the chances of them staying after BB for a few days in LA.

Jeff is saying something about paying for an extra night in the hotel and then flying back home, they could pay for their own party somewhere...Jordan says yeah, pay for our own drinks and stuff...Jordan says she's want her flight the next day to be late at night because she'd be so hung over...Jeff says he would actually like to stay a couple more days, he doesn't know how it would work out or how he would work that out...Natalie cheekily asks if Jordan is going to stay a couple of days with Jeff...Jordan giggles and Jeff smiles...Natalie says no, get to know California, it's a popular place...Jeff says "I told her to stay"...Natalie says it's really popular out here.

Jordan fake yawns and says "if we can move the flights, I mean I do wanna see my mom and them, I do wanna get home but if Jeff would stay maybe 2 days, maybe 3 days, 3 days max then I would" 🥰(Jordan looks at Jeff who is acting all non-chalant but smiling inside I'm sure...)

Natalie asks where Kevin & Michele are? They don't know, Natalie says they are scheming, she starts yelling at them "I know you're scheming, bastards, scheming!" They talk a bit about Kevin & Michele...Natalie walks out saying she's going to catch them scheming, she leaves yelling "schemers!!"...Jeff says she is so hammered. Jordan grabs a pillow from the floor for herself and says everything seems so dirty...she lays down near Jeff and says that Michele is getting so pissed (with Natalie)...Jeff says he knows, they're going to go at it, Michele has no patience, why doesn't she just be quiet? you could see it when they were playing cards. The camera moves positions and Jordan laughs and says "oh there it goes" 😉

Natalie comes back and flops down on the rafts...she tells J&J that she called Michele a schemer. Jordan farts. 🥴 Jeff sees that she did and gets up to leave because according to Jordan it's stinky and he doesn't want to smell it. LOL Natalie says "cochina" and they laugh. Jeff leaves and Jordan lays down on Jeff's pillow.

Natalie says Jordan better not be scheming, Jordan says she hasn't, she's just been hanging out with Jeff and keeping to herself...Jordan wants to put on shorts...Natalie says for her to wear sweats, it gets cold...Jordan says she can't, she says she's miserably full from tonight...they get quiet.

Natalie asks "is Jeff a good cuddler?"...Jordan says "uh, yeah, I mean, we don't really cuddle too much"...Natalie says that's boring, he doesn't hold her? Jordan says not too much...Natalie says she needs to tell him...Jeff walks in with his glasses on 🤓smiling at Jordan...Jeff asks what?...Natalie says that Jordan said Jeff doesn't hold her in the middle of the night...Jordan giggles...Jeff says what? and drinks a sip of water and accidentaly spits it on Jordan who is laying in bed...Natalie repeats what she said and Jeff chokes on the water this time, lol.

Jeff lays down, Natalie says girls like to be held...Jordan says "yeah, Jeff"...Jeff says "what are you talking about?"...Jordan laughs...Natalie says she asked Jordan about Jeff being a good cuddler and Jordan said he never holds me at night...Jeff looks at Jordan and says "you're...did you really say that?"... Jordan says she said that they don't really cuddle, cuddle...Jeff says "before we go to bed we cuddle and then afterwards we turn and smash our butts together...that's our move" they laugh...

Jordan says they always put their butts together at night...Jeff says yeah, that's the move...Jordan says normally she holds his hand...Jeff says "and sometimes I wake up and her hand is cupped on my butt"...Jeff cracks up. Jordan says she wouldn't say cuddle, cuddle...Jeff agrees but says "we snuggle for a minute and then it's down to business (Jordan smiles)...then we have to get our rest"...Jeff out of the corner of his eye sees Jordan looking at him and smiling and says "not that business...I wish" 🥰

Jeff asks if he should shut the lights off? Natalie says mmm, hmm. Jeff says she gawn, she gawn over there. He gets up and shuts them, burps loudly and then he lays back down and sings "let me lick you up and down" .. brief FISH

 It’s up to Big Jeff 


Jordan says she hates when you first turn off lights and all you see is black and you can't see nothin'. Jeff says it almost looks like white in your eyes right? Jordan says right. Jeff yawns and says he wants to go to a haunted house...pretty soon, when they get back it will be time already. Jordan says she loves going to haunted houses, doesn't he? Jeff says yeah, it gets scary. Jordan asks if Natalie likes going? Natalie mumbles mmm, hmm (she's almost asleep)...Jordan gets up to change into her shorts, she says "you gawn"...Jeff says "yeah, she gawn", they both agree she's out.

Jeff can't believe BB didn't give them anything to drink tonight, isn't that weird? Jordan asks if he's mad? Jeff says he isn't but he would just like to have answers...Jordan says she would be more concerned if this were the real world (?)...Jeff says but they can't get drinks tomorrow and this is the last hurrah...Jordan says she can't believe it, she's still just...Jeff interrupts saying "they should have given us a shitload of drinks tonight and let me & you made some bad decisions" 😛

Jordan bonks Jeff with her elbow and says "I know"...Jeff puts his leg over Jordan's and says "then they would have had some TV"...Jordan rubs Jeff's hair/head (hard to see)...Jeff says he scratched her head all day today...Jordan says "not all day"...Jeff says "c'mon"...Jordan says "not all day Jeff"...Jeff says "a lot".

Michele comes in and says "you guys are all in bed?"...Natalie shushes her...Jordan giggles...Michele goes and sits on her bed...Natalie says if Michele comes near her she will kick her in the boobs...Jeff says to settle down...Natalie says she is going to bed for's awkward for Michele so she leaves saying she's going to scheme or do laundry.

Jeff says "so anyhoo..."it's back to black again"...Jordan says tssyeah...Jeff imitates her...Jordan says "I love how you repeat a lot of stuff I say"...Jeff imitates her again in a growly voice...Jordan laughs...Jeff laughs...Jordan says "oh Jeff"...Jeff asks "what? where are you?"...Jordan says "hidden"...they move around and Jeff tickles/pinches Jordan (hard to see)...Jordan laughs...Jeff says "what? farted"...Jordan says she didn't, she promises...Jeff says everytime she laughs like that, it means it's a fart usually...Jordan elbows Jeff again and Jeff says "what's up with the elbow?"...Jordan puts her arms by her side...Jeff asks "what's going on over there?"...Jordan says "where? over here or over there?"...Jeff says over here...Jordan says nothing. They get quiet.

Jordan says "they can lay out tomorrow and then pack together"...Jeff says "what a sad fu**ing day" 😞Jordan giggles...Jeff says he has to do a pack job, he doesn't know how he's going to fit everything in there.

After being quiet again, Jeff grabs the cover and covers himself, turns towards Jordan, snuggles her and says mmmmm. Jeff feels something on her, asks if it's a scratch? Jordan says it must be. Jeff softly says "St. Mary!"...Jordan whispers "St. Mary, St. Joseph"...Jeff grabs Jordan even closer, Jordan slightly pushes him away, Jeff says "what?"...Jordan whispers "no"...Jeff gets comfy and says "I need a yes one time"  Jordan says "one day"...Jeff practically lays on top of Jordan and says "I doubt it, when is this day? today?"...Jordan whines...Jeff says "yeah?" Jordan says nuh uh...Jeff says "f**k yeah"...Jordan giggles and says she said no...Jeff says she said yes, he heard it....Jordan says not today...Jeff says "don't go back on your word"...Jordan says she's not.

Jeff asks if Jordan is going to tell him about her dream. Jordan deflects asking if someone yelled something? she could have sworn somebody just said Jordan, he didn't hear it?...Jeff says no...he then whispers "it's creepy...Jordan...fool around with Jeff" 😅 Jordan laughs.

@ the 12:16:13am mark Camera 1 turns towards Jeff & Jordan for a close up angle

Jeff says "did you hear that? I didn't hear anything, what'd you hear? did you hear something? Jordan!"...Jordan says "what?"...Jeff says "did you hear something?"...Jordan says "yes, I heard little Jeff, playdoh litte Jeff, it was his spirit, coming back saying..something."...Jeff says "yes!...little Jeff is trying to hook it up"...Jordan says "it's not up to little Jeff"...Jeff says "who's it up to?"...Jordan says "Big Jeff"  Jeff pulls Jordan closer saying "hmm, alright Let's Dance" Jordan laughs...movement under the covers...Jeff whispers in Jordan voice "mmm, noo"...Jordan whispers "no"...Jeff whispers "mmm, yes"...Jordan turns her head the other way...Jeff moves his hand...Jordan does something to make Jeff say "off completely?"...Jordan says no and she starts humming...Jordan asks if he's hot in his sweatpants? Jeff says a little bit, Jordan says that is why she changed into her shorts...Jeff gives up trying, LOL, and turns away from Jordan and throws the cover off of him onto Jordan...he exhales and closes his eyes...(poor guy, hehe)

Jeff’s sexual frustration


Jeff has just turned on his back and pulled the cover off of him and onto Jordan after giving up making "advances" at Jordan, she denies him...

Jordan is maybe feeling bad about not letting Jeff get his way a little...they are quiet then Jeff says he ate so much tonight...Jordan says she feels fat too...Jordan starts humming again and tries to grab Jeff's arm but he starts taking off his sweatpants and she whines...Jeff says "what?"...Jordan says she's trying to get his arm...Jeff says "hold on a second"...Jordan says "sister?"...Jeff says "yeah, you relax, here you go" and he plops his arm down on her face LOL

He starts trying to grab her face with his hand, she giggles but says "oww"...Jeff says "ow what?"...Jordan says it's her pimple...Jeff says "gross"...Jordan gets a little offended and pushes his arm away...Jeff says "come here" 🥰 Jordan relents and holds Jeff's hand.

Jeff says she looks like that competition, he starts laughing...Jordan opens her mouth wide, she isn't impressed but she keeps holding his hand...Jeff says "what was the name of that? Pop that Veto"...Jeff laughs...Jordan half laughs but lets go of Jeff's hand...Jeff says "Jordan, come here" (my favorite two words)...Jordan directs his arm away and says "you can go over there"...Jeff says "no problem"...Jordan turns away from Jeff and sarcastically says "pop that veto"...Jeff says "pop that Jordan"...Jordan harumphs...Jeff says "you don't roll over on me"...

Jordan mmm, hmm's...Jeff now feels bad and immediately covers himself and spoons Jordan...he fake humps her and they both laugh...Jordan says Jeff looks like a very sexually frustrated person...(they both mumble something I can't quite make out)...then Jeff says "well, what do I look like? a normal guy?"...Jordan says "true"...Jeff says "they're probably sick of me being shut down"...Jordan says "wha? I'm not doing it on camera"...Jeff says "me neither, you sicko"...they both laugh with Jordan saying to not turn it around on her and Jeff saying "what are you talking about?"...

Renny: St. Mary! St. Joseph! 


After J&J have a laugh about not "doing it" on camera, Jordan says "I'm so freaking bummed"...Jeff says "yeah, we lost"...Jordan says "no, it's like the worst"...Jeff says "yeah, it's the's over"...Jordan says she hasn't felt like this in a long time, it's weird, it's a game why is she getting all upset, she doesn't know why...Jeff says it's cuz they came so close and thought they were going to do it then it was snatched away and it gawn 😟

Jordan says if Jeff leaves on Thursday will he be nice when he leaves?...Jeff says yeah...Jordan asks if he is he going to be smiling and like Jeff or is he going to be negative and walk out like Lydia?...Jeff says "no, no, no, I'll be gotta go out with class, you can't be a fu**ing...goober"...Jordan says she said in the DR that if she was gone, if she gets evicted she's going to give everybody hugs and smiles, just walk out the door and joke around and laugh because when Julie says you're evicted, it's over, you gotta get over it...Jeff agrees....Jordan then says she said that if Jeff leaves he's going to be bitter but if he does go, she would hope, she wouldn't want to remember Jeff as walking out all pouty.

Jeff gets a little pissy here and says while taking his arm out from underneath Jordan's head "I'm glad your DR's are about me walking out the door"...Jordan says she said it about her and she had to say it about him too...Jeff says "get off me"...Jordan repeats she had to talk about both...Jeff says her and production are having a good laugh about him...Jordan laughs and says she said it about both, didn't Jeff hear her?...Jordan has put her arm on Jeff, Jeff pushes it away playfully.

Jeff says "St. Mary!"...Jordan says "she was in this room"...Jeff says "yeah, why? do you feel her spirit?"...Jordan laughs and says "it's awesome though" and then Jordan starts talking about Renny and how the room was in their season...Jordan reaches over to grab Jeff's hand...Jeff says "forget it" but he of course, gives it to her anyway...Jordan pulls him over, close to her, Jeff spoons her and says "I like this"  🥰

Jordan continues on about Renny and her leaning over the drawer...Jeff adjusts his mic that is bugging him, he asks if Renny was saying it in the drawer?...Jordan gets up and shows Jeff (in the dark, lol) how Renny was bending over the drawer saying St. Mary! St. Joseph!...Jordan cracks up and sits down...Jeff asks if she was saying it while she was sleeping?...Jordan gets up again and shows Jeff how she was leaning over...Jeff asks why she was saying that?...Jordan doesn't know but Keesha & Memphis were like Renny! and the next day they showed Renny in her DR and it showed her in the kitchen, grabbing Almond Joys and she guesses she was eating them, sleepwalking, she brought them back in the room and so she said the next day when she woke up and saw the empty wrappers of Almond Joys, she must of gotten up in the middle of the night 😃

Jeff says he has to watch that again...Jordan says he does, it's so funny...Jeff says they talk about this every single night...Jordan says it's cuz she loves her, Renny is the freaking bomb...Jordan thinks she didn't play dirty, she was just fun, she didn't scheme, last year's cast was cool, they had older people...Jordan goes over the last season and the older people that were cast...she wishes she was cast with them, she would have had so much fun.

They get quiet and then all of a sudden a movement is seen under the covers by Jordan, Jeff quickly lifts the cover off of him...this must be an inside joke because Jeff looks over at Jordan and they crack up laughing...they're so in sync at this point that their laughs even sound the same!

Jeff says "what? what happened? St. Mary"...Jordan says to say it...Jeff says "St. Mary!...I can't do it, you do it better"...Jordan says "do I?"...Jeff says yeah, it's funny when she does it...Jordan says "St. Mary!"...they crack up...Jeff asks if she really says that...Jordan says she swears it's something like that...Jeff says he has to watch it...Jordan says to fast forward to the final 5...Jeff says she made final 5?...Jordan says yeah...Jeff is surprised...Jordan explains the order...

Jordan's mic jabs Jeff and he says "what's up? why do you always stick this thing in me? it makes me sick"...Jordan says she didn't stick it in him, it was just there...Jeff says "stick it in you?"...they both crack up LOL...Jordan pats Jeff's side...Jeff says he fu**ing hates those things, the edges, they're tiny & microscopic and scratch you...Jordan laughs...Jeff says she has the giggles now...Jordan says no, she just keeps thinking about what she's said...Jeff says St. Mary?..Jeff says they've said it 100 times...Jordan says it's every night...Jordan busts it out again "St. Mary! St. Joseph!"...

Jordan is scratching Jeff's arm now...Jeff says he's gotta watch that for sure...Jordan says "and then she's like (in Renny voice) I wake up and I find a bunch of empty Almond Joy wrappers"...Jeff cracks up "I must have been sleepwalkin' or something"...they both crack up...Jeff says she was pretty carefree...Jordan says she freaking loves her, she was the coolest...Jeff says she cut hair too...Jordan talks about the time when Renny cut Dan's hair...Jeff says they for sure showed Jordan cutting his hair...(wrong Jeff, lol)

Making Jordan better/Jeff believes in Jordan 


Jeff & Jordan are talking about when Jordan cut Jeff's hair and how they hope BB shows it, Jeff thinks they are for sure...Jeff says "I wasn't getting pissed was I?"...Jordan says "you kinda were at first "does it look alright here? no, Jordan look at the line!""...Jordan says awww...Jeff says "I do get frustrated easily"...Jordan says "oh God, you do, you used to not in the beginning with me, why all of a sudden do you now?"...Jeff says "because I thought you'd be learning throughout the process and you're not"...Jordan doesn't respond (and maybe taps him with her foot or something unseen) because Jeff nervous laughs and then says "why did you do that?"...Jordan says "cuz, that hurts my feelings"...Jeff says "why?"...Jordan says "cuz"...Jeff says "what hurts your feelings?"...Jordan says "cuz you said I'd be learning through the process and I'm not"...Jeff says "cuz I try to make you things, but you're fine the way you are" 🧐  

Jordan says uhhhh...Jeff says "what? that's a compliment"...Jordan says "no, I don't think it is"...Jeff says "yes it is"...Jordan says "then why would you be trying to make me better"...Jeff gets all tongue tied saying "well, how the, what the hell, who's the hell"...he starts laughing and says "well who the hell I am to tell you"...he laughs again and Jordan does the same...Jeff says "who the hell am I to tell you you're supposed to be better than me, ykwim, what the hell do I know?...that's what I was trying to say"...they both laugh...Jeff says "why are you laughing? I know why you're laughing but it's not a laughing matter" LOL...Jordan whines "Jeeeffff"...Jeff says "what?"...

Jordan props herself up a bit and faces Jeff saying "you're supposed to believe in me!"...Jeff says "I do believe in you!"...Jordan says "I don't think you do"...Jeff says "yes I do"...Jordan says "you just say you do, I think, cuz you don't want to hurt my feelings"...Jeff says "Jordan, I wouldn't be with you, if I didn't believe in you"...Jordan totally cracks up laughing and digs her head in Jeff's armpit...Jeff says "what are you laughing at? like partners"...Jordan says "no, it sounded like a rhyme or a card or something, she says "Jordan, I wouldn't be with you, if I didn't believe in you"...they both laugh at how cheesy it sounds...Jeff says "you're such a loser"...Jordan grabs Jeff, hugs him, puts her hand on his face...

...and says "awww, give me a hug" and she plants 5 big noisy kisses on his cheek...Jordan says "whaddya think about that?"...Jeff says "I think I'm going to get an oily pimple on my cheek"...they laugh and he grabs the cover, covers both of them and goes in for the snuggle/kiss.

They kiss twice and Jeff says "let's get dirty" while pulling the cover over them even more...Jordan of course says "no!"...Jeff says "what? don't make me kiss your zit"...they giggle and then Jeff starts tickling Jordan mercilessly, she laughs and thrashes around under the cover...Jordan yells "JAYEFF!"...Jeff shushes her and says "St. Mary!"...Jordan says "omg, that tickled so bad...Jeff says "dude, you looked like the exorcist in there"😅...Jordan laughs...

All of their sayings


Jeff has just finished tickling Jordan, Jordan comments on how Jeff said don't let me kiss your zit...Jeff says "nooo"...Jordan says "nopo, yeah, nooo, you did"...Jeff says "do some...I'll give you 5 minutes to rip on some impersonations"...Jordan says k, umm and she starts...

"No, Jordan I said 2 cards!"...Jeff laughs...Jordan says "and then you'll say "I'm out, I'm done, I've had it or you're like TSSSSSSSSSS (hand signal)"...Jeff says that one she makes him do...Jordan says "you're like, John Gotti SSSSSSSSandwich!" Jeff loses it!!😂 and says that's a good one...Jordan says "and then you say we lost, it hurts, it's over or we lost, it's over, it hurts, how does it go?"...Jeff says he doesn't know, it's over, we lost,  it hurts...Jordan laughs...Jeff says "whatever you want"...Jordan says "and then you say someone needs to clean out this toona in the fridge"...Jeff says "this fu**ing toona"...Natalie shushes them...Jeff says to Natalie hey, there's another room in there, she was going to lay in here and then go to sleep in the other room...he realizes she's sleeping...Jordan says "and then you'll say I'm out! but I do love the anybody want a John Gotti SSSSSSSandwich?"...they crack up laughing...Jeff says he can't believe she picked up on it...Jordan says " and then you're like you gawn!, we've got a lot"...Jordan hugs Jeff...Jeff says "yeah, so many".

Jordan giggles again and says "you're like tssssssss (hand signal)"...

Vit Tan Don & John Gotti


Jeff & Jordan continue talking...Jeff says Jordan would love his buddy Andy, he laughs like the same...Jordan ask which one is that?...feeds cut out...they return with Jeff saying he (Andy) laughs at them all and he uses them...Jordan says Jeff doesn't like hers, he only likes Luminous!...Jeff says that one is funny, he doesn't like Gucci, it's too cliché, it's too much, if it was your own word but it's a product name...Jordan says her Gucci word started in 8th grade and they've carried it on since then and people know her as Gucci...Jeff says he can't stop now, he just wishes it was something different, he wishes it was a different word but Gucci is cool, it's her thing...Jordan says Gucci and Gooch...Jeff says the Goocher was from Different Strokes...Jordan starts singing and feeds cut out...

They return to Jeff saying Vit Dan Ton...Jordan is trying to say it...Jeff explains how he got the name, his ma used to be like Vit Antone! and his best friend Guiseppe is kind of deaf so he's like Dan Ton so that's how he says his name Dan Ton but that's where it comes from, his name is Vito Anthony and she says Vit Antone, Vit Antonio, so like Vit Antone...Jordan says Vit Tan Ton LOL...Jeff says Vit Dan Ton but then his best friend is like Dan Ton so it's all blended in to Vit Dan Ton...Jordan says hang on, she wants to say it like Jeff but she can't...Jeff says Vit Dan Ton...Jordan says Vit Dan Ton...Jeff says yeah, you said it...Jordan says Vit Dan Ton...Jeff says Vit Dan Ton...Jordan says Vit Dan Ton...Jeff says it twice more...they laugh...Jeff says everyone says Vit Dan Ton back home.

Jeff says Jordan would die because all his friends have the same sayings as him, she would laugh and know what they're talking about, one of his friends would pull up and say dude, he got the best John Gotti parking spot...Jordan asks why does he say John Gotti? he was the gangster right?...Jeff doesn't know why, it's been for awhile, everything was John Gotti so when something is good or I find a good parking spot it's John Gotti and apparently good sandwiches...they laugh...Jeff says he doesn't know why he talks the way he does...Jeff says Jordan fu**ing cracked him up. 😀

Real kissing before practice for the show


Jeff has just finished saying that Jordan cracked him up (with the John Gotti ssssandwich thing) when Jordan hugs on Jeff and kisses his arm (that he has raised)...Jeff makes a sad mmmm sound and says it's over 😔...Jordan says we lost and continues kissing/biting Jeff's arm 😘..Jeff says it is...Jordan says it hurts...Jeff asks Jordan if she's going to cry Thursday? he turns towards her and lifts the cover over them...Jordan says there's some days she thinks she will and others she doesn't...Jeff kisses Jordan and says he hopes not...Jordan says "why?"...Jeff lifts the cover totally over them and says "so we can kind of keep it fun...and dirty"...Jordan says "dirty?"...Jeff says "wanna get nasty for the live show?"...Jordan says "no, nasty?"...Jeff whispers he's just joking...Jordan says "yeah, what are you going to do?"...

Jeff says he's going to be like and he starts pretend making out with her...Jordan says "no! you can't do that"...movement under the cover...Jeff kisses Jordan...Jordan says he can't do that either 😉...Jeff says why?...Jordan says "cuz we're on live show"...Jeff says they'll like it, he kisses Jordan again...Jordan says people are expecting it...Jeff asks "why, cuz you told them?"...Jordan says "I didn't tell them anything, they asked, she didn't even say anything so it's up to you, brother"...Jeff mmm's and says "pressure's on?"...Jordan mmm, hmm's...Jeff kisses Jordan. (recurring theme, lol)

Jordan says "you don't think so?"...Jeff says "you don't think so what?"...Jordan says "you don't think the pressure's on?"...Jeff says no...Jordan says why?...Jeff says "to kiss you on the live show?"...Jordan says mmm, hmm...Jeff says "who gives a f**k, everyone saw it already"...Jordan says "so how are you going to do it? re-enact"...Jeff says "re-enact or you mean practice?"...Jordan says yeah, practice.

Jeff says he'd be like and he starts tickling her again...Jordan begs for mercy...Jeff stops, mmm's, throws the cover over them again and goes in for a slow kiss...Jordan then says "so what are you going to do?"...Jeff whispers "come here, I'll show you"...Jordan lifts the cover up in the air saying she's hot...Jeff reaches over and kisses her one more time...Jordan takes off her mic and Jeff sits up to grab his drink on top of the dresser.

Jordan says "don't spill it on me", they laugh...Jeff lays back down and says "now relax"...ahh, but Jordan won't let him. 😁

Practicing their goodbye kiss for the live show 


Right after Jeff says he's going to relax, Jordan says "no, you're supposed to show me"...Jeff says "what?"...Jordan says "ready?" and she sits up to face Jeff...Jeff says "no, I don't know...wait, we're really going to do this?"...Jordan says mmm, hmm...Jeff says "noo"...Jordan says "you don't?"...Jeff says "like a dramatic one?...Jordan says "nooo"...Jeff says "can't we just give a nice kiss and hug?"...Jordan says "that's what I'm saying"...Jeff says "well, what do you want?"...Jordan lays back down and says she doesn't know but tells Jeff to turn her way and pretend...Jeff turns to face Jordan.

Jordan says "let's pretend it's me that's evicted"...

"and we just get up out of our chairs, face each other"...Jeff says you gawn...Jordan says she'll say "you gawn" and then...Jeff puts his hand on Jordan's boob  ...Jordan laughs and says "Jeffff"...Jeff says "what?"...Jordan says "so which way? is it going to be a hug and...(she kisses Jeff) that? or is it going to be a hug and..."...Jeff grabs Jordan and fake grinds her LOL...Jordan says "no, not like that".

Jeff says "can I grab your butt and be like this?"...

Jeff kisses her more deeply...Jordan says no, he can't do that...Jeff asks why?...Jordan says "grab my butt and do that?"...Jordan mulls that over for 2 seconds and says that Jeff can pat it...Jeff says how about he double fists it and pull her legs up on him?...Jordan says no, he can do it like (she pats his butt and kisses him)

Jeff says how about he push her over the table and then get behind her  LOL ...Jordan doesn't respond...Jeff starts laughing and moves back the other way...Jordan reels him in and starts up again, she gives Jeff a brief kiss...

but says he's not trying...Jeff asks what she wants him to do?...Jordan says pretend right now...Jeff says "I am pretending...that I like you"  ...Jordan play punches Jeff for saying this...Jeff says he's just joking, c'mon, what's up, this is stupid...Jordan says "why?"...Jeff says "because we're pretending to say goodbye? can't they just be like see ya buddy"...Jeff kisses Jordan on the nose...Jordan says ok, do that...Jeff says well how does she want to do it?...Jordan says "I told you"...Jeff goes in for a deeper kiss...

Jordan says no, that's too nasty for TV...Jordan then kisses Jeff and Jeff says "that's nice"...Jordan says "yeah, that"...Jeff says "ok, perfect, deal?"...Jordan says even if it's her evicted, she's going to smile big at Jeff even if she should look disappointed, she's going to smile real big and even if Julie says you're evicted, she'll have a frown for a second, then she'll give him a big hug or smile ok?...Jeff says yeah...Jordan says for Jeff not to think she's going haha, you gawn...Jeff strokes Jordan's hair and says mmm, kay...Jordan says "and then" and goes in for a kiss...

Jeff says "don't make it all cheesy and big"...Jordan says what does he mean?...Jeff says he's going to be classy but not happy about it, ykwim?...Jordan says Jeff doesn't have to kiss her...Jeff says he doesn't care...Jordan says he said he was always going to do that so he might as well stick to it...Jeff says he was going to do it by the door and make it all dramatic...Jordan says like when you bend them over and do it sideways?...Jeff says yeah but they need to practice that cuz they'll both fall down...Jordan says then they'll look like douchebags...

Jordan concludes by saying he can do that or make it look like a movie, she laughs...Jeff turns to lay on his back again...Jordan turns to hug him and Jeff grabs the cover and says "I say we get dirty"  (bonus points for persistence Jeff!) ...Jeff goes in for a kiss while Jordan is saying that Julie asked her about it and this way, she's not rejecting Jeff again...Jordan says she never rejected him before (umm, yes you did) just she was, you know, she didn't want to do it live...Jeff says why not? how are you going to do it now?...Jordan says she doesn't know...Jeff says she better get over it. 

In the meantime Michele has come in, they greet her but they're kind of busy under the cover (LOL) and they are half listening to what she's saying so the conversation is stilted and weird.

Jordan makes some sort of advance towards Jeff, he mmm's and then pulls the cover higher and gets cozier with Jordan...Michele asks them about Natalie, they have mixed responses, finally Jeff peeks his head out from the cover and says Natalie is sleeping in the see a big smile come across Jeff's face  and he goes back under and there is movement and rustling...Michele says goodnight, they barely hear her, they pull the cover off of them, they giggle...Michele says they're all suffering form hearing loss today, they agree...Jordan then turns to face the other way and Jeff exhales, closes his eyes and holds his forehead with his hand.

Sweet restlessness before sleep 


Jeff hears a noise and says it's a mouse...Michele giggles  😐 Jeff has a look on his face LOL and says what?...Jordan has turned the other way but it doesn't stop Jeff, he rolls back to spoon her and lifts the cover over them (I think he's rubbing her butt, lol) ...Jordan does something and Jeff says what?...they spoon quietly...Jordan turns a little towards Jeff...Jeff surrounds Jordan and they kiss, things get a little heated...Jeff shifts to lay on his back, Jordan holds him and Jeff says "I's over"...Jeff starts rubbing Jordan's head...

He asks if she's going to sleep?...Jordan shifts to be touching Jeff's chest, she snuggles and says she's probably going to, is he?...Jeff says what else is he going to do?...Jordan has her head on Jeff's chest...Jeff rubs Jordan's hair again...

Michele tells them no, she's not sleepy (who asked you?) ...Jeff says "let's tell stories"...Jordan can't get enough of Jeff so she grabs his arm and brings it up over Jeff's chest but Jeff says that it's so uncomfortable...Jordan brings Jeff's hand up to her face...Jeff covers them with the cover and he says "best friend"...Jordan says nuh uh... (Jeff is talking about his armpit that Jordan is in but interestingly Jordan thinks he's talking about them being best friends and for once she finally doesn't like him referring to them as best friends 😏)...Jeff says "my armpit"...

Jordan comes from out under the cover and says something smells like garlic...she asks if Jeff smells it? she smells Jeff's fingers to determine which one it is...Jeff says it might be the blanket because he smells it all the time too...Michele says she has smelly fingers  ...Jeff says him too, he complains about his mic, he's so over it...Michele says they can send her out of the room if she's took garlic-y...they say she's fine.

Jordan turns and asks where Jeff's hand is?...Jeff says his hand can't do that, where does she want it?...they rustle around, Jordan tries to get comfy, she can't get her neck right...Jeff puts his mic away and they get quiet.

@ the 12:58am mark Jeff pulls the cover off of him and Cam 1 turns slightly off of them and then goes to the far away this point Jeff is praying...Jordan says she can't get comfy, she's turned 10 or 20 times...they lay quietly...Jordan elbows Jeff and says sorry if that was his head...Michele says she's hungry and gets up to leave...Jeff says get some food, there's some steak on the stove...Michele leaves.

@ the 1:00am mark both cams go off J&J and onto Michele, they return a minute later

Jordan is rubbing Jeff's head, they kiss and Jeff says he has to pee real fast, he puts his sweatpants on and goes to the bathroom.

Just after the 1:04am mark Jeff returns, drinks some water and gets back in bed.

Jeff immediately gets undercover and bites Jordan's butt  LOL! 😅 he grabs her, they spoon, they both giggle...Jeff says "what happened?"...Jordan doesn't know but it kind of hurt...Jeff says he hopes it's black & blue...Jeff farts and says what if you did that when I was biting it? LOL ...they laugh...they get comfy with Jordan holding Jeff's arm...Jeff says "Johrdan"...he throws the cover off him again, they can't sleep...Jeff says what are they going to do, play games?...Jordan says what kind of games?...Jeff says he's never picked his nose so much, nothing comes off.

Jeff says he could try to go to sleep if she wants?...Jordan secret smiles A LOT and holds onto Jeff's arm...Jordan puts her leg onto Jeff's...Jeff shifts his and starts shuffling his feet...Jordan moves her leg back...Jeff says "what's up Johrdan?" and rubs her hair...Jordan rubs Jeff's hair, shifts back a little and secret smiles some more 😊 ...Jeff keeps shuffling...Jeff then turns his face towards Jordan, reaches for her forehead and gives her a sweet kiss saying he's going to try to sleep 🥰 he turns on his belly and Jordan immediately starts scratching without even him asking 🥰🥰

Jeff mmm's and Jordan scratches his back and his hair...

Just after the 1:13am min mark Jordan starts slowing down and then just after the 1:14am mark super cute moment when Jordan turns to lay back the other way, she has her hand near his head and Jeff reaches for her hand, he holds it. (just this little action said so much)

Jordan continues scratching but very off and on, she's getting tired...just before the 1:17am mark they finally settle into sleep, right on cue...Michele walks back in the room and they all go to sleep.

Jeff rubs Jordan’s head again


Jeff is waking up...Jordan turns towards Jeff and he turns towards her and strokes her hair/head very sweetly. ☺️

He then pauses, rubs his eyes, then turns towards her again and gently caresses her arm for a little...he then turns back and covers himself,  closes his eyes...

Under the cover kisses/Jeff likes Jordan


Jeff has woken up, gone to the bathroom, brushed his teeth and goes back into bed with Jordan who is still laying down. Cam 1/2 switch to them just after the 11:34am mark...Jeff is under the cover with Jordan. He's spooning her and then he reaches down with his head and (I think) bites her butt again, lol...Jordan says "no"...Jeff giggles and says "what?"...he kisses/nuzzles her neck and Jordan giggles...Jeff does it again and Jordan semi-protests and turns saying "you bite me"...Jordan moves back to spoon with Jeff...Jeff asks if she wants him to make regular pancakes or make them fun?...Jeff says "you don't like bananas huh?"...Jordan says she doesn't...Jeff kisses Jordan from behind and then says "you giving me the hand?"...Jordan says "no, I'm running my hand through your hair".

Jeff kisses Jordan again, rustling, then some mumbling, Jordan asks about the pancakes and Jeff says he was going to make banana nut (ones)...Jordan says she doesn't like bananas, she's still kinda full...Jeff asks from the steaks?...inaudible mumble from Jordan...Jeff lifts the cover over them even more and goes in for another kiss and some tickling...Jordan screeches and then giggles...Jeff in his best Jordan voice says "Jayeffff"...lots of rustling and more kissing...Jeff says "it's over"...Jordan turns towards Jeff and says "we lost, it hurts"...more rustling and longer kissing...Jeff says does that mean it's over?...Jordan says "that means thanks"...Jeff says "it means it's over"...Jordan says nuh uh.

Jeff starts humming the lick you up & down song again, lol...Jordan says she doesn't know why she gets so ticklish there...Jeff says "you get ticklish but you don't wanna be ticklish"...Jordan says her mom is the same way...of course Jeff starts tickling her and Jordan screeches Jeffff!...more rustling and giggling...Jeff kisses Jordan and Jordan says she hasn't brushed her teeth yet...Jeff says "gross"...Jordan says he saw him get up out of bed...Jeff says he thought she went to the washroom...Jordan says to pee earlier but she didn't brush them...Jeff calls Jordan a grossie...Jordan says "what? I'm just warning you"...Jeff says he's just joking...Jordan says "try to yell at me and call me gross!"...they kiss LOL...they stop and Jordan says "thanks"...Jeff says "Jayefff!"...Jordan says thanks again.

Jordan says she forgot she put on mascara last night...Jeff lifts the cover off and sort of looks at Jordan...Jordan says not to look...Jeff says "let me see, yammahamma!"   Jordan says "noooooo"...Jeff says "it's fright night"...Jordan says "for real?"...Jeff says "no, I didn't even look at you"...Jordan's comes up for air (LOL) and she asks if it's pretty outside?...Jeff says it's 11:30, he's not tired, he slept enough.

Jeff says he can't believe how many times he peed last night...Jordan says "you drink more water than anybody I know"...Jeff laughs and says he doesn't know why, he's always been like that, he drinks so much water...Jordan says it's not a bad thing...Jeff says it is when you have to pee 3 times a night...Jordan says then don't do it...Jeff's Irish accent comes out a little when he says "I'm thirsty"...Jordan says then she doesn't know how she can help him...Jeff says he knows, he lost, he could stop complaining all the time and maybe just suck it up...Jordan says "and get up and pee"...Jeff says yeah...Jordan nods and says "that'll work".

Jeff says "I only complain if I like you so take it as a compliment"...Jordan says "that what?"...Jeff repeats "I only complain to you if I like you" Jeff says "if you were just a person in this house he would just be like I peed a lot yesterday whistles and that would be the end of that, I like to drag things out and complain more"...Jordan says "with me?"...Jeff says "the more I like someone" (hint hint Jordan)...Jordan says "oh, well thanks"...they laugh...Jordan says "thanks Jeff"...Jeff says that was his attempt to make an excuse at bitching, she still doesn't get it, he's just going to drop the whole...Jordan says "I do get it!"...Jeff reaches for chapstick and says "what?"...Jordan, in a lower voice, says "I do get it".

Jeff offers Jordan chapstick and she says no, she hasn't brushed her teeth yet...Jeff doesn't get how that matters...Jordan explains it will get on her toothbrush...Jeff is going to let that one go, what if she needs it in the middle of the night...Jordan raises her voice again and says she would use it because it's the middle of the night, you're not going to get up and brush your teeth...Jeff points at Jordan and says "don't start, today we're not going to fight at all", he crosses his arms and then asks Jordan if she rolled her eyes...Jordan says no...

Jeff points his index finger upwards and says "there's our first fight"...Jordan turns the other way and says she didn't roll her eyes. Jeff like a 5 year old bugging his playmate pulls Jordan's ponytail and Jordan laughs...Jordan says tomorrow...Jeff says tomorrow it's over...Jeff laughs...Jordan turns back towards Jeff and says we lost, it hurts...Jeff laughs and says at least they have that joke to keep them laughing but it faces facts...Jordan says "it hurts bad"  Jeff nods saying "real bad"...Jeff whispers "we lost" and turns to face Jordan who closes her eyes and smiles at Jeff who starts laughing. (I think at this point the we lost it hurts routine is more referring to the fact they can't get intimate in there not the fact one of them is leaving 😉)

Jeff says his buddies are going to die...Jordan says if she goes to the jury house she's going to be in a bad mood just because with those people and in here you'll be in a better mood here than there. Jeff says he'd rather be alone...Jordan says maybe Jeff can ask...Jeff says no, you gotta experience the whole thing...Jordan says it will be different because the game's over...and Jeff says it's going to be so nice...Jordan says if they are, then they suck at life...Jeff doesn't doubt that, then they lost...Jordan says and it hurts...Jeff says for life it hurts...Jordan says Jessie never got over what Dan did so who knows...Jordan shifts and Jeff says here they go, she already stuck him (with the mic)...Jordan says she's sorry...Jordan tells Jeff to scoot over and she starts whispering in his ear...

It's inaudible at first but then the mic kicks in with Jordan telling Jeff about the promises Michele made to Natalie so that Natalie would keep Jeff...Jeff nods and Jordan asks if Michele told him, he nods and she says oh, nevermind then...Jeff smiles and says she told him...Jordan says the only negative side...and then she whispers game in Jeff's ear again...Jeff says Natalie is not going to fall for it, he just asked her right now where she's at and she said she didn't know...they discuss game again...Jordan starts up for the umpteenth time about Michele coming after her and Jeff tells Jordan to pick whoever she wants to pick, she seems to have it all figured out...Jordan says she hates his sarcasm...Jeff says he hates her fu**ing way of thinking, he looks at Jordan...

Jordan talks game again and Jeff says for her to play both sides...Jordan says she's keeping to herself...Jeff says yeah, for real...Jeff says for her to say she's still pissed about him and don't talk to nobody and wait to see who wins and then jump on their side. Jordan asks what time he said it was? Jeff says it's almost noon...he then says he's going to get up, it's his last day in there and he doesn't want to spend it in bed, he gets up and gets some shorts to change into and leaves...

Kitchen hugs before lunch 


Jeff is prepping lunch in the kitchen...Jordan walks into the kitchen after getting ready in the bathroom...Jeff asks her if she wants this meat like that, he's going to put eggs in his...Jordan smiles and says "eggs in it? for what?"...Jeff says he doesn't know, just cuz he feels he wants some eggs on it...Jordan walks around the counter towards Jeff who is opening the fridge...Jordan says she doesn't want any eggs...Jeff looks at her and says he'll just make that and put an egg for him...Jordan covers her face, smiles shyly and tells Jeff not to look at her pimple...Jordan hugs Jeff and Jeff hugs back. 😊Jeff says she can do whatever she wants with her and asks her if she wants to go get a thing of eggs for him while he defrosts the meat...Jordan says yeah but she points to a carton of eggs already in the fridge.

Jeff says he hates the meat all frozen like that, he talks about some smelly pork chops that were outta there...Jordan says ewww...Jeff says big time...Jordan says "ewww Jeff"...Jeff says "whaddya mean ewww Jeff? it wasn't my crotch that smelled like that" (yikes! lol)

Jordan aaahhh's...Jeff puts the meat in the microwave to defrost...Jordan asks Jeff if she wants some of her lemon water?...Jeff says no, but she can put it in his tea...Jordan says the freezer smells so bad...Jeff imitates her and then pretend punches her.

Jeff sadly says his suitcase was in the storage, he looks at Jordan...Jordan awww's, looks at Jeff and pouts then squeezes lemon into Jeff's cup...Jeff says "it's over, I'm going to be black & white" ☠️ He smiles at Jordan and mumbles "thanks Kevin...I hope you burn in hell" 😳

Jordan makes her lemon water in silence...Michele walks in and asks what they're making?...Jeff says ground beef and eggs and iced tea and water and lemon...Jordan smiles and puts the lemon back in the fridge and then rinses her hands...she asks if it's that muggy hot outside again?...Jeff says it's pretty hot...Jordan tries to get to the counter but Jeff blocks her way and so Jordan reaches for Jeff with one arm...Jeff says "don't patronize me"...Jordan says "I'm not patronizing, I'm trying to...give me a hug"...

Jeff hugs her and Jordan says "squeeze"...he squeezes her and lets go...he starts smelling his fingers all nervous LOL and then Jordan puts her fingers near his nose saying they smell good...Jeff says yeah...Jordan asks what his smell like and she smells...she says "nothing"...Jeff says he was just touching the meat and stuff...Jordan says "ewww, I had that shoved up my nose"...Jeff says "raw meat". Jordan goes outside and comes back in, Jeff asks if it's pretty hot out...Jordan says yeah...Jeff says it's 12, they can get some good sun in...Jordan gets a cookie to eat and asks Jeff if he wants half...Jeff says no, not for breakfast...Jordan says it's 12 o'clock...Jeff says it's breakfast, what's the first thing you eat?...Jeff wants to get to the microwave and directs her to move and take her cookie...Jordan gives Jeff a look...Jeff says for her not to give him that look because she feels all guilty from eating the cookie...he laughs...Jordan sits down at the counter...

Jeff digs into the meat, he calls it a big ball of meat...they joke around about Michele's weird eating habits with her bagel & mayo and how she leaves it sitting around all day...Michele says she is banned from eating mayo at home because Tim throws up when he sees it, she loves mayo...Jeff says he knows a couple of people like that...Jordan says she loves mayo too...Jordan comments on the strong garlic smell and how they put garlic in everything...Jeff says he likes garlic, he wants to...(sexual innuendo)...Jordan shakes her head and smiles at Jeff...they talk about their smelly hands and comforter.

Jeff is near the stove dealing with the meat and Jordan is eating, now Teddy Grahams. 🧸 They talk about laundry...Jeff says he's good, he's ready to pack, he looked at his suitcase and there's no way he can fit all his stuff, it's like carry on...(Jeff waits for a response from Jordan but there is none)...finally Jordan says what?...Jeff says nothing, he loves it when she pays attention to him 🤨 Jordan doesn't respond again LOL

Jeff putters around and wants some Jordan attention so he asks her what?...Jordan says nothing...Jeff asks what she's laughing at?...Jordan says "can I not think of things?"...Jeff says yeah and wants her to share...Jordan mumbles something about at night, farting and making her laugh about it...Jeff turns away without saying anything and goes back to his semi-frozen meat and starts cooking it....

Eggs/McMuffins/Bagels/Biscuits/Horsing around 


Jeff is almost finished cooking the ground beef and is making himself another glass of iced tea...Jordan is secret smiling at the kitchen counter :)...Jeff sneezes he says from the iced tea powder, he goes to get Jordan's lunch and says "here Jordan, it's just meat, you want it?"...Jordan says yeah...Jeff says it's just meat...Jordan asks if it's better with eggs?...Jeff says he's going to put egg on his...Jordan says then put it on hers...Jeff says "you want egg?"...Jordan smiles and says "yeah"...Jeff giggles and raises a fist at her LOL 

Jeff asks just one egg or two?...Jordan wants two...Jeff cracks the eggs in the skillet and lets them steam...Jeff mumbles something about she's always judging (talking about Jordan) and both Michele & Jordan are confused...Jeff says nobody worry about it.

Jeff tastes a bite of meat and Jordan asks him if it's good?...Jeff shrugs his shoulders and says it's meat with eggs and he laughs...Jordan says she feels like jelly...Jeff says to fire it up, on toast?...she says on a McMuffin...Jeff says he doesn't like that but to go for it, it's right up her alley.

Jordan comes around the counter and says maybe she'll have it on a bagel...Jeff confuses what she wants on the bagel and says she can eat the meat on the bagel...Jordan says meat on a bagel, it wouldn't be good...Jeff says it would be like an Egg McMuffin...Jordan says meat on a bagel?...Jeff says what does she think McDonald's meat is? high quality Kobe beef?...Jordan says "no, but still I don't eat the bagels"...Jeff say "McMuffin?"...Jordan doesn't answer...Jeff waits and Jordan walks by him and squeezes his sides...Jeff pretends to punch her.

Jordan comes back with her English muffins to toast and Jeff asks if she wants cheese on there (the skillet)?...Jordan says sure...Jeff is going to bombard it with cheese...Jordan waits and Jeff asks if she's having jelly with her egg McMuffin? (You mean English muffin? 😉) ...Jeff says he's never liked that, he doesn't know why...Jordan says she's not putting it on the McMuffin, she always gets biscuits...Jeff says he's not a big biscuit fan either, he pretend punches her face...Jordan says she's a big biscuit fan (more opposites, how surprising 😁)...they play fight...Jeff says really? he's not...Jordan says she loves them, she talks about Crackle Barrel, there must be one in Chicago, it's country food, she eats like 3 biscuits before her meal and then she's already full...Jeff says he knows but never ate there, he never broke bread there...Jordan says it's so good.

Jordan asks if it's ready?...Jeff says pretty close, how runny does she want her eggs? it should be ready to jam...Jeff asks if she likes her eggs runny?...Jordan says not really...Jeff says to hold her fu**ing horses, her muffin isn't even ready...Jeff wonders why it isn't steaming, he moves away from the stove and says "the horses, I miss the horse track" and kicks Jordan in the butt...twice LOL

Jeff says "this is the weirdest lunch ever"...he fixes his plate and then goes outside, he drops his fork, comes back in and asks Jordan to get him one, she also hands him the hot sauce to which he says it's wrecking his stomach...Jeff asks if Jordan is going outside?...she says yes...they all eat outside…

Jeff’s psychic tattoo


Jeff & Michele are outside on the couches, Jordan is in the DR...Michele has just shown Jeff her scar from when she was HOH...Jeff jokes around about how here is his scar from Vietnam, here is his scar from Big Brother...Michele tells Jeff she had a dream, there was this one time on the Amazing Race where they had to get a tattoo of the Amazing Race on them...Jeff says a real one?...Michele says the two people that ended up doing it were this old grandpa dude and his grandson, they got matching TAR tattoos and then they didn't win the whole thing so they were stuck with them...Jeff says that's terrible...Michele says she dreamt they had to do that with BB ones and she was like where is she going to put this BB tattoo?

Jeff says "imagine if I had Amazing Race on my arm or Big Brother"

Michele says "if you had Amazing Race on your arm that would even be more confusing" (HAHA not really Michele!!)

Jeff is thinking of Jordan 


Jeff, Jordan & Michele are outside...Jordan & Michele are talking about Jordan using the word Gucci and Jordan says everybody at home knows her as Gucci...Jordan heads over to the pool...Jeff, who is sitting on the BY couches and just intently looking over at Jordan, suddenly yells out to her "where you going?"...Jordan says "getting in the pool"...Jeff says "noo"...Jeff pauses and says "they're going to call me into the Diary Room otherwise I'd already be in there"...Jeff gets up, goes inside and (unseen) heads to the kitchen sink (camera is on Michele)...after a few seconds Jeff is heard saying to himself "Johrrdan"🥰

Last pool time Pt 1


This would be the last time Jeff & Jordan hung out in the pool...😔

Jordan has already entered the pool and is sitting on the blue raft sideways...Jeff is finishing up cleaning up after lunch, he comes outside along with Michele...Michele comments on how hot it is and how her bathing suit is falling apart...Jeff puts on sunscreen...Jordan asks Jeff to get her a towel and he does...Michele keeps mumbling about something...

Jeff burps loudly and Jordan secret smiles...Jeff says that Jordan has all these inside jokes today, what's up?...Michele is sitting on the edge of the pool with her legs in the pool...Jeff the same but on the opposite side...Michele asks if any of the jokes are of Jeff because she doesn't think she knows any of them?...Jeff says "what? I don't know them either, she doesn't tell me"...Jordan has been singing and hasn't been listening, she says "hang on, what?" answer so Jordan says "I wanna sing karaoke" 

Jeff says he never finished his story about happy endings, they kept interrupting him six times...Jordan says continue, she's listening...Jeff says continue from a week ago? (actually 2 days ago, lol)...Jeff says they have a band that plays while you sing karaoke...they ask where?...Jeff says here (in LA)...Jordan asks if the people are actually good or they just go up and do it?...Jeff says they're pretty good but it might be because of the band...Jordan says she wouldn't want to go up there and look like a yo-yo...a plane flies overhead loudly, it's hard to hear...Jeff is saying that it's easy to look like a yo-yo...Jeff says he hates when the person before you is really good and then you go up there and say "just beat it", he laughs...Michele talks about going to one in Montreal and they sang with French accents...Jeff says he loves when people suck.

Jordan talks about a karaoke scene in Boy Meets World with Cory & Topanga and also how she sang "Like A Virgin" in her senior year Spring Break and she was the only true virgin that could sing the song, she sang her heart out...Jeff says "and that night you got nailed" 😂 Michele talks about singing I Like Big Butts (Baby Got Back) from a karaoke machine...Jordan talks about this hardcore guy at karaoke that was screaming into the mic, he sounded like Slipknot...

Jeff tells the story about his buddy, who is the brother of another guy from another restaurant he goes to, he played high school football with him, he's a big guy but kinda quiet and they went to sing karaoke, he always sings Footloose, he does the dance with his feet on the stage like in the movie, he cuts up, he's an awesome performer, he sings the whole song, it's the best, Jeff loves it and he does it all the time...Jordan says that's a good movie...they talk about the movie being re-done and who is going to be doing it...they talk about Zac Efron and how he was going to do it but isn't anymore...Jordan says his girlfriend is pretty...Jeff says he loves her except she's like 18, he's not weird...Jordan says she's cute...Michele says she looks older.

Jeff wonders if the DR is going to call him on or else he's going in the pool because it's too hot...Jeff says they lost...he takes off his mic and gets in.

Last pool time Pt2


Jeff gives up on waiting for the DR to call him so he gets in the pool, he throws the beach ball towards Jordan who is still sitting on the blue raft at the end of the pool, they play with it back and forth...Jeff dives in and heads straight towards Jordan, they bicker a little about how Jeff wanted to hit Jordan in the face with the ball...he says it's so much nicer in the water...Jordan makes fun of how he says 'water'...Jeff says he didn't even say it like that, it's Michele that does...they talk about who says water how, how Michele says 'forest', the movie Forrest Gump comes up and Jordan says she loves that movie.

Jeff positions himself to be floating with the help of the beach ball, his legs on Jordan and the raft...Michele talks about how Tim has a strong Boston accent...Jeff loves that, is it worse when he's drunk? LOL This brings up Mr. Boston from Rock of Love which Michele doesn't know, she only goes to Perez Hilton to get gossip on these shows...Jeff asks if he talks about that shit?...Michele says yeah...Jeff thought she meant him talking about them...Jordan doesn't think Perez would talk about them...Jeff says why not? maybe he'll talk about Chima...Jeff then asks Jordan why she's pulling his shorts down?...Jordan is caught off guard and says she doesn't know, she didn't mean to LOL, so she continues fiddling with them and secretly smiling to herself. ☺️

Michele brings up how every year BB gets media to tour the house and test out competitions and stuff...Jeff says they did put 12 people in there didn't they?...Michele says yeah, for a day...Jeff thinks it's for a week...Michele says no, for a day, Jen (Johnson) was one of them...Jeff asks why the f**k would she do it, she already knows what it's like...Michele doesn't know, she reports for MSN...Jeff says he wants to do that...Michele says they get to play 12 weeks of competitions in one day...Jeff isn't buying it, there's no way they can set up 12 weeks of competitions in one day...

Michele says they were scaled down...Jeff says he thinks she's making it up...Michele says she was checking it out before BB...Jordan says apparently everybody was...Jeff says he did a little bit too and they said there was going to be some kind of jellyfish tank...Jordan says "for real?"...Michele remembers that and there was also supposed to be some cool fiber optic wall or something...Jeff says they make this shit up...Michele says some of it is real because she heard about the high school theme...Jeff heard something about a jungle house, that would have been cool...they all were worried about there not being a washer & dryer, they weren't looking forward to that.

Michele says she heard somewhere there was going to be nudist BB...Jordan says "what?"...Jeff says we were going to be naked? how would you air any of that? no, you'd have to cast nudists, if they told him he had to be naked for 2 months on TV he'd say "dude, I'm out, you sick bastards, what kind of show are you running?"😅

Jordan asks Jeff if he thought he would make it far or did he go just to go along with it when he went with his girlfriend?...Jeff guffaws and says "my friend"...Jordan says his friend, did he know or did he just do it?...Jeff says he thought, I'll do it, I'm good at interviews and shit so he said he would do it so he went with her...Jordan giggles and says he made it (and she didn't)...Jeff laughs and says "yeah"...Jordan says hers was easy, it felt normal, she didn't feel awkward, she acted herself...Jeff says he didn't think he would "make it, make it" and when they called he said what? am I going to have to do this? get ready?...Jeff says they ran around the bush and then said they were going to send out a crew and Jeff said if they send out a crew, he better be on, was he on?...

Michele says she was nervous but BB was looking for a dorky person anyways...Jordan says she told Jeff she would love to see Michele's interviews and what she said...Jeff says that in some of his interviews he looked like Joey Tribianni, he looked like the biggest yo-yo, he said the dumbest shit...Michele says he is a big yo-yo...Jeff says he is but whatever, they all made it there somehow...Jordan says she was shocked she made it.

Jeff says that the last week BB just told him to be ready because he kept asking him all these leading questions with hidden meanings, BB was onto him and just told him to be ready by Friday and Jeff asked if they meant ready to leave? and they said yes, be ready today, right now and then Jeff thought he was on for sure and then someone else called and told him he was top 25 and then he was confused, he went to work and Mimmo asked him what was wrong and he wasn't sure what was going on, he had to tell Mimmo for the release...Jordan says she was so stressed with work...Jeff says Mimmo told him to get the f**k out of work, go home, he was done for the week, go get himself ready, he had to go to the eye doctor, buy a shirt, etc...Mimmo told him he wasn't even working so just go home...Jordan says "awww, I guess that's the perks of working for your friend"...Jeff says that was a Tuesday and then he was out.

Jordan asks if Mimmo was in the video he made with the football? (for his BB intro)...Jeff says yeah...Jordan says what about the other guy, Robby, Bobby? the one in the picture at Hooter's?...Jeff says Barry, no he was going to be there but BB told him he had too many people...Jordan says she had 3 of her girlfriends and 2 of them couldn't come because she has a real job at the hospital...Michele talks about her work (oh the irony here!!) and how the people there were so rude saying they hoped she wasn't throwing away her career for this...Jeff says dude, haterade...Jordan would say "don't be jelly"...Michele says there is always haterade around her...Jeff says you can't make all of the people happy all of the time...Jordan says you can't please everyone.

Michele says BB told her they thought it would be like Revenge of the Nerds with her banding with the smart people to take out the populars and then she took out the smart ones...Jordan says Ronno had to go, she says he would get so excited with his questions with Julie...Michele wonders if Julie hates Ronnie?...Jordan says she wonders if Julie takes favorites?...Jeff says they can't...Michele says she has to be objective...Jordan says just in her head, of course she has to be objective...Jeff likes reporters who are super biased especially in sports, when they're over the top...they talk about reporters they like and Jordan says she likes Barbara Streisand LOL

Michele says Barbara Walters?...Jordan says yeah her, she says she just likes listening to her voice...Michele says she is quitting the View this year...Michele gets in the pink floatie...Jordan says she liked when Katie Couric interviewed L'il Wayne, she likes hearing what he has to say...Jeff says really? did he have some good views...Jeff moves over to sit on the stairs in the pool...Jordan says no, he was just talking about his life, he's direct and to the point, no bs, they went bowling and he was talking about his dad, his records, his music, he was funny, she asked him about weed and he admitted he liked it...Jeff says when you're one of the best rappers and you have millions and millions of dollars you can say whatever you want...Jordan says true, she hates how their videos are always about cops chasing them, girls half naked dancing around, throwing money in the air, pouring liquor on them, it's always the same thing and it sometimes gets on her nerves, can they please rap about something else, she hates when they have their grills in and you can't understand what they're saying too.

Jeff & Jordan throw the little ball around a bit and Jordan throws it so it splashes Jeff in the face, she says sorry, he says no worries and proceeds to do the same to her, he laughs...Jordan says she doesn't like Jeff today...Jeff says what?...Jordan says he woke up and he was all sweet and noooww...Jeff says what, he made her brunch (LOL)...Jordan says she needs to go lay out...Jeff says she can get sun right there (hinting that as usual he gets in the pool and she leaves)...Jordan asks if Jeff would like the raft?...Jeff says he would love it...Jordan slowly heads towards Jeff and hands him the raft...Jeff lays down on it and floats around and then Jeff & Jordan hold hands and Jeff gets pulled closer to Jordan who is standing...Jordan pats Jeff's belly and then gets out to dry off and lay in the sun on the hammock...Jeff lays on the blue raft and gets sun dies down...

Last pool time Pt3


Jeff & Michele are in the pool talking game, Jeff comes back from going to the washroom and sits at the edge of the pool...Jordan tells Jeff that she is telling Michele that if she goes home tomorrow she wants Jeff & Michele to go to the end, she doesn't want there to be any awkwardness...Jordan says she's not going to the jury house to talk shit about them, unlike Russell who probably is, she will have to defend them, she thinks if Kevin gets to the end he will win because he has friends in the jury house, also that Russell told Kevin & Natalie that if either of them got Jeff out this week, they had his vote...Jeff laughs and says that Russell's whole game revolves on getting Jeff out rather than trying to save himself, he's more upset about Jeff winning than him losing, what a way to live life...Michele starts to semi-defend Russell by saying Russell was trying to get Kevin out the whole game...Jeff doesn't want to hear it and gets up saying that he doesn't give a f**k what Russell has to say, he's a fu**ing dork...Jeff gets a drink and then goes and lays down on the raft again.

Michele starts talking game again and says that she wants Jordan to know they're good even though they haven't been strategizing...Jordan repeats she wants Jeff & Michele to make it to the end because they have done the most, her and Kevin are tied...Michele says Jordan has to start playing the game...Jordan thinks Kevin would take Natalie to the end...Jordan thinks if they vote strategically they would vote for Michele but this cast is so bitter they might go by favorites...Michele says it's hard to predict what they're going to do...Jeff is silent...

...they go over jury votes...Michele says they have to do what it take to get to final 3...they both don't trust Kevin & Natalie...Jordan knows she can't trust Kevin because of what happened with Jeff...Michele says that Kevin told her last night that the Kevin & Jeff deal they made was to get Michele out...Jeff says "what a fu**ing scumbag" (well it was, lol!)...Jeff repeats what he said and says don't even get me started...they talk about how Natalie was drunk and was yelling about them scheming.

Jeff starts floating over to where Jordan is sitting...Jordan asks Michele if she's comfortable sitting in that floatie?...Michele says she is, she's flexible...Michele gets out of the pool to catch some sun...Jeff says he feels white but knows he isn't...Jordan says he's basically been laying out all summer...Jordan moves around Jeff and scratches his head and plays with his belly...Jeff looks at Jordan and Jordan asks if he's looking at her shoes? (she's wearing her flip-flops in the pool) Jeff says yeah, he hates it...Jordan asks why?...Jeff says "put it on the list"...Jordan says "things to burn?"...Jeff says "things I hate"...

Jordan moves closer to Jeff and asks why he isn't talking?...Jeff asks her what she wants him to say?...Jordan compares who is tanner...Jeff says he looks white...Jordan says it's because of the water, when you go inside later on you look tanned.

Jordan pats Jeff's leg and says "I like squeezing your fat" while squeezing his muscle, LOL. Super cute moment when Jordan says her mom used to squeeze her and pat her leg and Jordan would get mad, she would do it again and say "must be jelly cuz jam don't shake like that"...Jordan smiles and giggles and asks Jeff if he ever heard that?...Jeff has...

Jordan says she used to get so mad...Michele says yeah, your mom sounds like a riot...Jordan says she is real quiet at first but she's real sweet, sometimes she stresses over men, Jordan ends up counseling her, she's like the parent...Michele says her and her mom are real close and talk every day. Jordan says that is normal, well at least for her, she can't imagine not talking to her mom all the time, this is the longest she has gone without talking to her mom...

Jordan asks Michele if her mom was strict growing up and if she still tries to do that to her...FISH...when they return they are talking about a family reality show (Wife Swap?) turns to Michele dating some guy with a Pirate fetish...Michele tells Jordan to promise her she won't date weirdo's...Jordan promises and says she doesn't date that much, she's weird...Michele says maybe she's really picky...Jordan says she is picky, she's just weird...Jordan says she wants to go somewhere where the water is blue like the pool, wouldn't that be nice?...Michele says she's never been on a beach vacation...they get quiet again…

Last pool time Pt4


Pool time is almost over, Michele is still sitting in the floatie, Jordan is just standing in the pool, Jeff is on the raft, talk has died down and Jordan is getting bored...she says her hair feels like it's on fire and she is going to go to the hammock soon...Jeff gets out of the pool and Jordan asks where he's going?...Jeff says to put more lotion on...Jordan says her nose is so dry and she feels like she has so many boogers...Jordan gets out and heads to the hammock...Jeff puts on sunscreen and gets back in the pool...

Michele & Jeff chit chat about the final HOH competition...Michele explains how it normally goes and Jeff says he remembers now, right, right...he then imitates Casey saying "right, right, right, right, right"...he tells Michele that's Casey..."that was my Casey"...Jeff says to Jordan on the hammock "did you know who that was Jordan?"...Jordan says she did, didn't he hear her laugh?...Jeff says "oh, you did?"... "right, right, right, right, right...but the thing is..." Jeff laughs and Jordan laughs from afar. Jeff says he always had something to say...Jordan ahhh's...Jeff says as Casey "but the thing is, you know, you're a lot younger than I am...and you keep eating that cookie dough..."

Kevin comes outside with the camera and they ask Kevin if he twittered? he says he did and blogged but he's quite quiet...Kevin takes a couple of random half ass pics of Michele & Jeff in the pool and then heads to the hammock to take one of Jordan...Jordan doesn't want to because she says she looks fat, Kevin says she isn't...Jeff encourages her to take one, she has to...Jordan gets up and wraps the towel around her and poses for a pic

Kevin is done. Jordan walks towards the house and Jeff asks her if she wants to poop?...good guess Jeff ;) Jordan says yes and walks inside...Kevin walks inside and Jeff asks Michele if they gawn?...Michele says she guesses so...Jeff says good...Michele says they're going to take final 3 pics together (K&N&Jo), just kidding...Jeff says f**k that, Natalie is doing it, she's gotta do it...Michele says if she doesn't she will Evel Dick her ass all week...Jeff says they have to get a hold of her...Michele agrees...Jeff wonders what the upcoming POV is going to be?...Michele has no clue, it's different all the time...Jeff says he'll worry about it later, he has to get through Thursday...Jeff says God, she's gotta just do it...Jeff asks Michele if Kevin said he blogged too?...Michele says she thinks so...Jeff says that would have been a good time to talk to Natalie, they should have taken advantage...Michele says it doesn't matter if Kevin knows they are talking to Natalie.

They get quiet for awhile and then Jordan comes back out and heads for the hammock but wets herself under the shower first...Jeff watches her...Jordan shivers with the cold water and Jeff laughs...Jeff says he doesn't even know if he's actually getting tanned... Michele thinks he might be burning...Jordan says Jeff is getting lots of sun on that raft...Jeff gets out, wraps himself in a towel and goes inside...Michele heads to the hammock and lays in it with Jordan, they talk some serious game and then Michele leaves when Jeff comes back out. Michele gets back in as well...Jeff lays on his belly on the raft to get some sun on his pretty much dies down here and all is quiet until they all go inside just before 2:30pm...

Jejo packing for eviction Pt1


It's packing time for Jeff & Jordan 😥

Jeff has changed out of his wet shorts and into his sweatpants, he enters the SS room where Jordan is already starting to pack...he hangs his shorts on the "pool" ladder...he uuhhhh's, takes a sip of water and says "this sucks" 😟

Jordan has put her Mardi Gras shirt on Jeff's suitcase...Jeff notices and picks it up and looks at it...Jordan giggles and says "doesn't it look so little?"...Jeff says "yeah, what am I supposed to do with this?"...Jordan says "you keep it...use it as a souvenir, and too, you know how I always use the Renny voice, you'll think of Renny too"...Jeff says "I will"...Jeff puts on his Aurora hat and says "my Aurora hat, it" and he throws it over to Jordan...Jordan says thanks and tells Jeff she will give it back to him at the end of the show...Jeff says it's alright, he'll get a new one...Jordan says he looks best in his Aurora hat. 😊

Jeff unzips his suitcase and says it's Mimmo's luggage, he says he put some stuff in there and BB took it out, stuff from different competitions...Jeff says he doesn't know where to start, it's like fitting all those clowns into a circus car...Jordan says "this is the sad part"...Jeff says "yeah I think from here on out is the sad part" 😟

Jeff puts the clothes he will wear tomorrow for the live show in a little pile on top of his chest of drawers...he says "you are safe for tomorrow"...he forgets to put some underwear so he picks some white ones and says he will go out with some white underwear...Jeff starts fiddling with things in his drawers...Jordan says she doesn't know how she's going to fit all her stuff in, she's got so much more stuff now...Jeff says me too...FISH...when they return Jeff is saying that he should have brought the giant bag his brother gave him...Jordan says didn't you say that you wouldn't need it?...Jeff says he told him he didn't want to look like a yo-yo...Jordan laughs...Jeff says what?...Jordan says Jeff is funny...Jeff says he put 3 pairs of pants and it already looks full...Jordan tells him to roll them, it will fit more, she is rolling her shirts and shows him...Jeff says but her suitcase is jumboriffic.

Jeff starts folding his shorts, putting them in a pile and says there's no way (he's going to fit everything)...Jeff decides to take off his sweatpants and put shorts on...he folds his sweatpants away...he finds more shorts in another drawer and says "holy macaroni...I don't even know how I got this shit in here in the first place"...Jordan asks if when Jeff was packing he thought he would wear this and that and he didn't even touch it?...Jeff says yeah, there's a couple of things he didn't touch...Jordan says she sees something in there that looks like a fire department shirt...Jeff says "this? I wore that"...Jordan doesn't remember him wearing it.

Jeff brings out yet another pair of shorts and says he hasn't worn them...Jordan says they're cute, why hasn't he worn them?...Jeff doesn't know, he only remembered he had them right now and they match his flip-flops, maybe he'll wear them right now just so he said he wore them, he takes off his shorts and puts those ones on...Jordan starts talking about packing things on the side of his suitcase for whenever they leave and we get FISH...when feeds return Jordan is showing Jeff all her shirts...Jeff says she better get another system going...Jordan says she has so much and all the things from the competitions...Jeff points out that all he has out are his shorts and pants, he's never going to fit it all, it's over...Jordan opens another drawer and says "holy crap, I got more"...Jeff laughs while folding Casey's shorts he left him...Jordan points out all the various things she never wore so far.

Jeff sits down and starts meticulously folding all his shirts including Jordan's Mardi Gras one that she says smells good...Jeff says he remembers doing this before coming to the house...Jordan says she's going to burn the spacesuit because it's going to be nothing but bad memories...Jordan mentions something being too tight for her now, she wore them the day before she came there, they don't fit...Jeff says "it hurts"...Jordan goes to return Jeff's grey sweatpants but Jeff insists she take them...Jordan says they are his brother's...Jeff says he doesn't wear them, just take them, he can't even fit them in...Jordan says she'd rather have the NY shirt...Jeff says she can have them both, he hands her the NY shirt...Jordan puts the sweatpants down but Jeff throws them back on the bed and tells her to keep them...Jordan says "geez, you want me to have a lot"...Jeff laughs and says he'd rather her keep the sweatpants than the NY shirt, she's not even from New York, why does she want it? (Jeff, you're not from there either, lol)...Jordan says cuz she likes it, she wants to spray some of Jeff's cologne on it so she walks over and sprays it. AWWW

Jordan asks what brand YSL is and Jeff says Yves St. Laurent...Jordan sprays and says "there you go"...Jeff continues folding (even shirts that are already folded, lol) and asks if it smells nice now?...Jordan says hmmm?...Jeff stays quiet and keeps folding (he has a LOT of shirts!)...Jordan thinks Jeff will be able to fit everything in...Jeff doesn't think so...Jordan heads to the cologne again and sprays more of her stuff, Jeff smiles...Jordan says it's for good luck...Jeff says she won't be getting it from him...Jordan mmm, hmm's.

Watching Jeff fold all the different shirts makes me remember all the JeJo moments they had. ♥

Jeff gets up and decides to put the shorts he's wearing away but says he did at least  wear them, he takes them off and puts on the original black ones he was wearing...

Jordan shows Jeff all the stuff from the competitions and how she has it separated...Jeff shows Jordan all his stuff...Jordan tells Jeff that the day she leaves there (LA) she's going to wear this hat (Aurora one) at the airport ..Jeff says do it...Jordan says "I am" (AND SHE DID!). Jordan says she's going to have to use her BB bag but she's going to put tape over it.

Jeff dancing with the green shirt 


Jeff and Jordan continue packing...Jeff puts on his green shirt and Jordan says "nooooo"...Jeff laughs and says "dude, this is a good beach shirt"...Jordan says that's a Braden shirt...Jeff says he's wearing it while he changes...Jordan says "Jeff, that looks like something that Braden would wear"...Jeff starts dancing doing his Braden impersonation...Jordan whines "you look like himmm...when you do that"...Jeff dances some more like Braden. Jordan laughs...Jeff sits down and folds more saying the shirt isn't that bad, for a day at the beach, it's on...Jordan says the green looks good on Jeff but not the shirt, he's got to get rid of it...Jeff says it's staying, he was going to fire it but now he wants it

3:11-3:27pm Jejo packing for eviction Pt2

Jeff has just finished deciding he's keeping the green shirt, he keeps folding his dressier shirts now...Jeff points out another shirt he didn't wear...Jordan says why?...Jeff says he wasn't there enough weeks, he got fired out of there...Jeff says all his clothes are from the Buckle.

Jeff folds a pink plaid shirt and Jordan asks if Jeff got that shirt for free too?...Jeff says no, she doesn't like it?...Jordan asks for him to hold it up, she says maybe if it was long sleeved...Jeff says no, it looks nice with a pair of jeans but he never busted it out...Jeff folds a shirt that is very similar to his Coup shirt and asks Jordan if she doesn't like it, he does...Jordan says that is from when he stood up...Jeff says "is it? no it's not"...Jordan says it is, she remembers it was the Coup D'Etat...Jeff says she remembers wrong...Jordan says yeah, that's the shirt he wore...Jeff says that one?...they are confused but come to an agreement on the other shirt being the Coup one...he folds it...

Jeff says overall he wore almost everything, usually when he goes on vacation there's 20 shirts that he brings and doesn't wear...Jeff gets up and takes off the green shirt...Jordan shows Jeff what she was thinking of wearing tomorrow...Jeff wants her to put it on...Jordan doesn't feel like it...Jeff says if he had Jordan's suitcase he'd have no problem...Jordan says maybe Jeff should have listened to his brother and he'd have no problem...Jeff says he didn't want to look like a yo-yo.

Jordan gives Jeff some beads...Jeff folds his safari shirt and says he won in it as opposed to his spacesuit which he brings out...Jordan says to burn it...Jeff says he would but it's pretty cool...Jordan says he can wear it for Halloween...Jeff says one of his friends would for sure...Jeff pulls out his "Hawaiian Vacation" card and says "how bout this bad boy?"...Jordan says "yeahhhhh"...then Jeff shows off his tie dye shirt and says Jordan knows she wants it as Jordan looks at his Hawaiian Vacation card LOL...she says she wants the Hawaiian vacation, that's what she wants...she starts to head out and Jeff asks where she's going?...Jordan says to throw her bottle away...Jeff says he wants her to keep him company...Jordan says she will, she'll be right back.

Jeff folds his golf comp pants and says "another one that I won...for nothing" 🙁 Jordan comes back...Jeff lifts up his chicken suit and starts humming the Chicken Dance song LOL Jordan touches it and says it feels nice...Jeff keeps folding more shirts...Jordan says she's done laying out for the day, she doesn't even feel like it...Jeff says him too, it's 3 o'clock...Jeff puts away his tie from the car stuffing comp, then he holds up his pig suit and puts it away...Jordan puts on her homecoming shirt and tells Jeff that this is another shirt he wants to burn...

Jeff laughs and says he doesn't want to burn any of her shirts...Jeff debates keeping the Greek wreath, decides not to...Jeff holds up the cheerleader wig and sarcastically says that it was from the best day there...Jordan says the worst if there ever was one...Jeff wants to throw out the pom-poms but Jordan tells him to keep them since they go with the costume...Jeff debates keeping a sheet (his toga)...Jordan says she keeps everything...Jeff says he does too but some things have to go.

Jordan asks if he wants her to help him...Jeff says no...Jordan says why?...Jeff wants to see what he can get in first...Jordan lays down on their bed while Jeff continues putting away stuff...

Michele comes in and Jordan says they're all packed up, this is sad. 😢 They talk about the sombreros...Jeff says he wants to take one but doesn't know how it's going to fit...Jordan says to carry it on the plane...they talk about the cliques in the house...Jordan gets up and fiddles with her suitcase...Jeff says what if they stopped him in the airport asking him about the chicken suit and the spacesuit...Jordan says she'd be embarassed if you brought condoms on the plane...Jeff says he feels like stealing them...Jordan says what use will he have for them in the jury house? none (true, true)

Jordan puts on her camo pants...Michele reminds them that the outside is open again and Jordan tells her she's not going to lay out anymore...Michele leaves and Jeff mutters "we're packing, can't you see that" 😠

Kiss between packing


After Michele leaves, Jordan fiddles with her blanket...Jeff lays on their bed and grabs his cross and chapstick from the bin where he keeps them...Jordan sits down next to him while Jeff says that Jordan knows she wants a chapstick to remember him...Jordan reaches over and grabs Jeff's belly...Jeff sprawls on the bed, his hat falls off...Jeff sadly says "it's over"...Jordan looks at Jeff and bends down and kisses Jeff on the cheek...

Jeff says "we came a long way though" he holds up his cross and continues "me and my Jesus piece"...Jordan says "I thought you meant me"...Jeff says "yeah, I meant you"...they high five and hold hands...Jordan lets go and rubs Jeff's arm...Jeff looks at his cross and says "we'll have better days brother"...Jeff puts his hat back on and gets up again and Jordan lays back down on the bed.

Jejo packing for eviction Pt3


Jeff gets off the bed and continues packing...Jordan lays down and asks Jeff if he wants help?...Jeff says for rolling his underwear, he's going to roll them like Jordan's trick (of rolling her clothes)...Jordan says she will help him...Jeff says his underwear came like that (rolled)...Jordan suggests Jeff roll his shirts too...Jeff says no...Jordan sternly says to keep his pants in & dress shirts and roll his cotton shirts...Jeff says he just folded them as flat as can be...Jordan says she knows but to roll them...Jeff gets pissy and says "be quiet, how about that? for once, be quiet, we're not going to compromise, I'm going to do it my way, ok? that's the end of that fu**ing story, how's that?" 🫣

Jordan holds her tongue and looks at Jeff...Jeff says "I'm rolling the underwear for you...where's your suitcase? yours isn't even fu**ing closed, how are you telling me how to pack"...Jordan raises her voice and says she's keeping it open just in case she has to get something else out so she doesn't have to keep zipping and unzipping but yes, she can zip it shut...Jeff says "is this how you want to fu**ing go out?"...Jordan says "no, Jeff, I'm just telling you"...Jeff smiles and  throws the sombrero at Jordan and says "adios muchacho"🇲🇽

Jeff keeps rolling his underwear and asks Jordan what she's looking at?...Jordan says she's watching him...Jeff says she doesn't have to make fun...Jordan says she's not, she's trying to help him...Jeff says "how do you know it doesn't fit yet, hold on, before you start throwing stones at everything"...Jordan insists she wasn't throwing stones...Jeff says "don't go out like that Jordan"...Jordan notices there's an ant crawling on Jeff's shirt, she tells him...Jeff says "f**k it, it's going to Chicago"...Jordan laughs. 

Jeff brought a lot of underwear, LOL, he keeps rolling it and stuffing it in his suitcase...Jeff asks Jordan what's up? does she have something to say?...Jordan says nothing...Jeff puts some snacks for the plane in his bag...Jeff mmm's and says "my grandma's scarf"...Jordan suggest putting it where the Hawaiian vacation is so it doesn't get messed up...Jeff says "good call, good call, see, that's what you're here for Jordan, to keep me straight"...Jeff looks at a bag of products and says it's the hotel lotion and Braden's gel...Jordan asks if that is what Braden gave him?...Jeff says yeah...Jordan moves over to the rafts to see what brand it is...Matrix Men All Style Wax :) Jeff says Braden said they have to give each other stuff when they leave...Jordan laughs.

Jeff is folding bandanas...Jordan says he has a lot, were they all from the competitions?...Jeff says yeah except for one he brought...Jordan says "the baby blue one?"...Jeff says yeah...Jordan asks if that is the one in the picture with his dad?...Jeff says yeah. Jeff says it's like a good luck one, he says he used to wear one under his football helmet so it fit tighter and he couldn't find it before a game one time, he needed one so he went to the store to get a black one and all they had was baby blue, he thought he couldn't wear this because the school colors were bright green but he bought it anyway thinking he would look like a yo-yo, he had a good game though so he kept it and wore it through college...Jordan says "for good luck?"...Jeff says yeah so he brought it to BB and it failed, nah, it gave him luck, he got far.

Jeff starts dealing with his tanks and asks Jordan if he should roll these up?...Jordan thinks so and says she will help him with that so he can start doing something else...she starts rolling...Jordan laughs that his underwear could be her shorts...Jordan starts handing Jeff the tank tops, he doesn't like the fact that one tank takes up so much room rolled so he undoes a couple and lays them flat.

Jeff keeps filling up his suitcase and it's overflowing...Jordan asks if he got all his crosses?...Jeff says yeah, he keeps stuffing his BB bag with his competition stuff and puts it on the stairs.

Just before the 3:43pm mark all cams go off of Jeff & Jordan and the last thing we see is Jeff folding his hoody...

Goodbye message to Jeff DR 


Jeff is in the kitchen preparing food...Michele is hanging around, mumbling and spraying ants...Jordan comes out of the DR and heads straight to the kitchen...Jeff says "you didn't cry"...Jordan says "huh? I got choked up at one point and then I stopped and then I had..." Michele interrupts her saying there are ants everywhere and "we're cleaning" (as far as I see she is cleaning not Jeff)...Jeff (who clearly doesn't want to talk about the ants) says "that's bullshit Jordan"...Jordan says she took a break...Michele interrupts again saying the candy has to be put up high if they don't want the ants in there...Jordan ignores her, walks towards the washroom and says "Jeff, you know I had to take a break"...Jeff says why?...Jordan says because she didn't want to cry...

Jeff destroys a lemon to get the juice out LOL and says "whatever, I cried"...Jordan says "yeah right"...Jeff says "ask them"...Jordan says "did you really?"...Jeff mmm, hmm's...Jordan says "no you didn't, you're just saying that"...Jeff says "I had to take a break" LOL Jordan says "did you really?"...Jeff says "yeah"

Jordan says "no, you're smiling"...Jeff says "I'm smiling at this" (the marinade)...Jordan says "aww, you really did?"...Jeff asks Jordan "did you get any fun ones in?"...Jordan says she did...Jeff says that his was kind of weak, he's being honest with her, it was ok but he thought it was good but kind of weak so don't expect him to knock it out of the park...Jordan sits at the counter and says she said you gawn, TTYN and we lost, it hurts, it's over...Jeff laughs and asks what the DR asked, wtf is that?...Jordan says they asked her questions like are you going to miss Jeff? do you love Jeff as a friend?...Michele perks up at this one and says "they asked you questions like that?"...Jeff laughs and says "do you love Jeff as a friend? right, they're going...they want you to say 'I love Jeff' a friend and they're going to edit 'as a friend' right out"...

Jordan says to not forget that Jeff is taking her to Hawaii, she said everything, she did get choked up a little...Jeff says that's why she didn't cry because she thinks she's going to Hawaii...Jordan raises her voice and says "who else are you going to take!? no one but won that in Big Brother so you have to take me"...Jeff says "I do?"...Jordan doesn't like her hair LOL...Jordan thinks they're going to show a long version of her message and they asked about the kiss...Jeff says "which one?" LOL...Jordan says the goodbye one...Jeff says wow, they're ready for it, Jesus...

Michele finally leaves after being called to the DR...Jeff asks how the DR knows so much about this end kiss?...Jordan says she doesn't know...Jeff says for some reason he thinks they get more info out of Jordan than him 😏 Jordan says she honestly hasn't said much about that....Jeff says well at least they know what the main focus is this week, he laughs...Jordan agrees...Jordan says Jeff should be excited because she said all good stuff...Jeff isn't so sure about his message...Jordan seems upset by this...Jeff says he said really good things...Jordan says like what?...Jeff says she will see, it's better if he doesn't tell her, like what? things he's been saying throughout the show, then they asked him to do another take and he told them he was done.

Jordan says she said that she couldn't have done it without Jeff, she's going to be bored without him, at night...FISH...return to Jordan saying something about changing because she wore what she had on to look cute for the "Jeff goodbye message", she leaves to change.

I wanna make a sandwich out of your butt


Jeff is preparing dinner for tonight and making himself some soup...Jordan comes back into the kitchen after changing into her hot pink shirt, she gets something to drink and sits down at the counter...Jeff gets ready to eat his soup so he comes around and sits next to Jordan who is asking if she should have worn this shirt (for the goodbye message)...Jeff says she looks cute, both ways ☺️...he said he told the DR that he likes Jordan's hair always, no matter what...Jordan says they told her she could go back in the DR and do it over with this shirt...Jeff says "if you're going to cry"...Jordan asks if the other shirt looked bad?...Jeff says "no, you look good, I want you to cry though"...Jordan holds Jeff's arm and says why?...Jeff says "how about mine? I did mine with no shirt on...what a yo-yo do I look like?"...Jordan says no and pinches Jeff's nipple LOL

Jordan quickly tells Jeff that she said in the DR "oh yeah, omg, I was sitting there and I was like, yeah Jeff, you know I think you're hot...and you know I like your teeth and your smile and when you wear your Aurora hat..." Jeff gets a big smile on his face...feeds cut out...(was this the first time Jordan admitted that she thought Jeff was hot? I know she had told him before he looked "cute" wearing certain things but...)

When the feeds return Jordan is asking Jeff what he's eating?...Jeff says vegetable soup with cheese...Jordan asks if it's good?...Jeff says mmm, hmm...Jordan asks if she can have a bite?...Jordan says Jeff paused...Jeff says it's because it's vegetable beef and he remembers her saying she doesn't like the beef (aww)...Jordan says it's better than the last one she had...Jeff says it's because he souped it up...Jordan wants to know what he put in it...Jeff says some garlic powder, hot pepper and cheese...Jordan wants some of that...Jordan goes to get some soup from the SR.

Jordan brings back Chicken with Rice soup and asks Jeff if she should put something in it to make it better?...Jeff says if she wants...Jordan asks what she should put?...Jeff tells her but says for her to put whatever she wants, it's her soup...Jordan microwaves her soup while Jeff finishes his.

Jeff sees ham on the counter and asks if she's putting it in the soup?...Jordan says no, she's craving a ham sandwich, don't that sound good?...Jeff says he feels like whipping a half a pound ham right at her face LOL Jeff cracks up...Jordan says "why?"...Jeff says he doesn't know, it would be funny...Jordan shoots him a look and he says he's just kidding...Jeff says "you want me to throw out the garbage...honey?" 🥰

Jordan doesn't say anything...Jeff says "huh? over? cuz of the ham comment?"...Jordan gets some bread for her sandwich and Jeff says "your butt looks like a honey baked ham"🍑..Jordan says she loves it...Jeff says "I wanna make a sandwich out of your butt"...Jordan laughs and Jeff cracks up 😂...Jordan says that she told someone that if she was on a plane and it crashed and you had to eat something, you could eat her for days...Jeff says he'd slice her butt into little slices like that and make a sandwich...Jordan says "thanks" LOL Jeff says "yippee ki yay" and laughs...Jordan says she forgot about John Gotti.

Michele says that what Jordan said is possibly the weirdest thing she could have said (who asked you anyway?)...Jordan says it came out wrong, not that kind of "eat"...some small talk about necrophiliacs and narcissists and then Jeff gets called out by BB to move his mic higher...Jordan says "Jeff please go back in the DR and re-do Jordan's message"...Jeff says forget it, his was good, he thought...Jordan says ok...Jeff says he's not good at Hallmark cards...Michele says "or hugging" 🤨 Jeff says he has his moments but c'mon guys...

Only the best for little Jeff 


Jordan starts eating her ham sandwich, Jeff looks at her and smiles...Jordan offers Jeff a bite, he declines and says "that looks like a...a brown bag lunch sandwich"...Jordan says it is...Jeff says "I know, like lunch time"...Jordan says "just cuz it's not a John Gotti sandwich"...Jeff laughs and says "my kids are going to have little Gotti sandwiches, there's no way I'm sending them to school with that sandwich"...Jeff gets up to put away his dishes and says "only the best for little Jeff" 😊

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