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Day 7 of BB11 Feeds

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

July 16

BY chat - Positivity/JJ loyalty


Jeff, Jordan & Laura are outside chatting.

Laura says she's going to bed, she gets up...Jordan says she is so skinny...Laura says she's gained a lot of weight in this house...Jordan says no, she has...Jeff says "oh shut up" :) ...Laura goes inside.

Jordan & Jeff congratulate each other on doing a good job in rallying votes for Braden. They semi high five each other...Jeff says they came a long way. Jordan says just a couple of days ago she wanted to cry...Jeff says that her, him & Braden were going to have lunch in LA...they laugh...they talk about how they were 99% sure Braden was leaving and now he's staying...Jordan says Chima has no clue...Jeff says the other side is going to come after him because they automatically assume he was behind this, he kind of was...Jordan says it was both of them...they say they did good, Jordan is proud...Jeff says Lydia is going to feel like so stupid, what an idiot...Jordan says they turned the whole thing around, it's good being nice...Jeff says they were just real, didn't change who they were...Jordan says that Natalie makes her cringe...Jeff says that Natalie lies, she lied about a conversation to Jessie.

They discuss Michele & Russell...Jordan says she knows people laugh at what she says and that Russell told Michele that he hates ditzy blondes...Jeff says "whatever"...Jordan says "I'm not ditzy"...Jeff says "you're a little bit ditzy but it's cute"...Jordan's mouth drops and she says "you think so? I don't think so"...Jeff pinches her cheek and says "you're alright"...Jordan says she's not like Holly (BB5)...Jeff says "nah, she's annoying, you're not annoying, you're funny...whatever, it's who you are, you're real to who you are and who cares"...Jordan says "I don't want people to think I'm ditzy, I don't act ditzy"

Jeff says "you don't act ditzy?"...Jordan says just because she didn't know the time?...Jeff laughs...Jordan says she's just honest...Jeff says she's cute, to not worry about it...Jordan says she's just real, she zones out & doesn't listen, if she's not interested she gets sidetracked "you know"? Jeff says he knows ;) ...Laura says she's saying "you know" ahhhh! Jeff says Braden too. LOL Jordan says Braden owes them his life...Jeff says they go to bat for their people...Jordan says they're the leaders...Jeff says he doesn't want to be but they are, whatever.

Jeff says he stayed positive, it all goes back to what his boss told him, just like he told Jordan before...Jeff says if you stay positive and focused on what you want good things happen to you and you get what you want, it's right and it comes true and his boss tells them, when he's doing his speeches some people say whatever, that's bullshit but if you really listen and believe, some of his good friends like Mimmo, they make the most money in the company, they all believe in that, they all live their lives like that and they all do well...if you believe & think positivitely good things happen and you get where you want to go...Jordan says right...Jeff says his mind controls everything, if you're positive you can be anything...Jordan pokes fun at how he is saying stuff...Jeff says well, take it for what it's worth...Jordan says she is.

Jordan asks if Jeff likes his job?...Jeff says he likes the people he works with, it's ok but it's not what he wants to do...Jordan asks what he wants to do?...Jeff hesitates and says we'll see what opportunities come, he'll stay positive...Jordan keeps pushing and asks what?...Jeff says different things...Jordan asks why can't he say?...Jeff says he could say it...he does LOL...he says he wants to do hosting for a travel channel, he wants to travel, do something like that but he doesn't want to say that and then seem like he's begging for a job...Jordan giggles...Jeff says he doesn't want to seem like he's begging, he'll get it on his own, he doesn't need it to be broadcasted.

Jordan says "and?"...Jeff says he just wants to get into the industry more...Jordan says like a news reporter?...Jeff says no...Jordan says OMG, even though she doesn't watch sports she would love to be that girl...Jeff says Jordan would be a good host because, not to take it the wrong way but she is a little spacy, she doesn't care, she's so blunt, she could interviews, ask them uncomfortable questions, be her and it would be funny, he doesn't know if she'd be interested in that at all but she would be funny.

Jordan says she's excited, she can't sleep...they need to talk to Ronnie...Jordan says doesn't it feel like they are on vacay?...with a bunch of nutty people? Jeff says yeah, on vacation with 11 other people you don't want there? 😂

Jordan says at least she has him, who is normal...Jeff agrees, says he doesn't want to think about it, he would have been bummed this week if she weren't there...Jordan says "awww really?"...Jeff says that's why, no matter what, through anyone else, he's taking her over anyone because she was the only one that was there for him all week, when everyone counted me out, he was poison to talk to and she even got yelled at a little bit for talking to him so that he doesn't forget 🥰

Jordan says Jeff went in and stuck up for her...Jeff says "that's cuz you were with me all week, of course I'm gonna go to bat for you, I'll take the bullets rather than you because you showed me what kind of person you were and that goes a long way with me you know? if I have loyal friends at home, I'm loyal to them til the end you know?...I'm being serious"...Jordan says she's listening, she doesn't know why he thinks she isn't turns how her toenail polish is messed up, lol and to Jessie and how now all of sudden he's being all nice to them…

BY chat - C/L & JJ talk


Laura comes outside to vent...Casey & Laura talk about the talk she has just had with Natalie, she is pissed about it and storms off to go talk to Jessie in the HOH room...Jeff is inside, Casey and Jordan are in the BY.

Jordan tells Casey she likes him, he makes her laugh...Casey says he likes her too...feeds switch out & then return immediately...Casey and Jordan continue talking game, they are wondering what's going on up in that HOH room...Jeff comes back outside shortly after 1:18am...Casey tells Jeff what just happened with Laura...Jeff says he knew that was going to happen...Casey, Jeff & Jordan talk game, they explain in more detail why Laura stormed off, Casey says he should have kept Jessie out of the loop, he disappointed him.

Jordan says she wants some cookie dough, she giggles and says she craves it every night... :) more game talk...Casey farts and Jordan giggles, she then tells the story of when she had a boy come over and her dad farted right in front of him and she was so embarrassed LOL

Casey complains about how little sleep he gets in the house...Jordan gets up and starts walking away...Jeff, pointing out that Jordan's mic is tangled, says "you know that shit's between your legs right Jordan?"...Jordan fixes it and laughs, she goes inside...Jeff says "uhhh, Jordan" :) ...Casey says Jordan is a trip.

Casey and Jeff talk game...Jordan comes back out with cookies...Casey poking fun at her says "eeeeeat Jordan, eeeeat, eeeeat"...Jeff says "oh my gawd"...Jordan just laughs and proceeds to eat her cookies and milk...Jeff says "why the f**k do you eat that?"...Jordan says she stress eats.

Jordan tells them she can hear them up in the HOH arguing, they talk more game and Jeff says maybe he's paranoid but he thinks the whole conversation is about him...Jordan gets up to leave and asks if they want anything to drink?...Jeff says "why don't you make a butter shake?" Casey says "with sugar"...Jordan laughs and says she can't help it...Jeff says how about she put some pizza, butter & ice cream in the shake and bring it out there for them?

Casey says see if Braden can blend it up!...Jeff laughs and says to get one of his recipes from when he lived in Russia...Jordan says that blender was his prized possession...Jeff says he knows, he made 35 shakes the first few days...Jordan says Braden would say he learned in Hawaii...Jeff laughs...Jordan goes inside again and Casey & Jeff keep talking game with long pauses of silence.

Just before the 1:43am mark Jordan walks back outside and Jeff gives her the sweetest smile...

Jordan sits down, they continue talking game and how tomorrow might go...

Jeff shifts and lays down with his head on her lap...Jeff asks if she's going to scratch his back...Jordan starts scratching...Jeff says even if they want to go to sleep, Laura is going to come out and want to tell her story...they hope Laura is not up there spilling because she was fired up...Casey gets up and says he is going to try going to sleep again...they tell him "see you in 20 minutes"...Casey goes inside.

BY chat - Cowlick/hair/glasses banter


Casey goes inside leaving Jeff & Jordan outside alone...Jeff yawns and says come on Laura...Jordan thinks Laura won't spill will she?...Jeff says spill what? what is there to spill?...Jeff says Laura wants Russell out of there as much or more than they do...Jordan says Russell was so cocky the day the told Jeff off...Jeff says "take it easy he told me off"...Jordan says he knows what she means, attacked him...Jeff says that's better, he's been acting like that ever since then...Jordan says not today, he was eating alone...Jeff says he's playing the sad card, feel bad for me because I'm an idiot card...Jordan says he has no friends...Jeff says too late, he didn't even play that card, he had no choice.

Jordan starts running her fingers through his hair, she wonders if Lydia went to hair school because she didn't do a good job on her hair and Jeff's, she buzzed Jeff's hair but didn't cut up top...Jeff says they didn't have scissors...Jordan says she noticed how badly it was cut...Jeff says "I can't see back there, what do you want?"...Jordan says "I don't want nothing, I'm just saying"...Jeff laughs.

Jeff says he knows, he has to cut it a little bit...Jordan says they'll cut it tomorrow in "their" HOH room Jordan asks what Lydia put in Jeff's hair? Jeff says he put it in...Jordan asks what it is? Jeff says it's stuff that he has...Jordan says it's sticky, Jeff says yeah...Jordan asks if Jeff has ever had long hair?...Jeff says no, not real long...Jordan asks shaggy hair?...Jeff says he's had it longer than he has but not too much longer...Jordan asks if it was shaggy and stuck out of his hat?...Jeff says yeah but not super long...Jordan says "it was so nice, you say that a looks so nice, that's so nice"...Jordan says he says it when talking about scratching his back too...Jeff says to keep playing with his hair, he loves it, he'll fall asleep...Jordan doesn't want him to fall asleep, she needs someone to talk to...Jeff in Jordan voice says "I'm tawlkin' :)

Another version of Bully/Bowly

Jordan keeps playing with Jeff's hair and says it swirls back there...Jeff says it's a cawlick...Jordan says "a COWlick"...Jeff says "yeah" ...Jordan says "what'd you call it?"...Jeff says "cawlick"...Jordan says "say cowlick"...Jeff repeats, Jordan repeats, Jeff says "like a cow lick? cawlick...I think it's cawlick, I don't know wth it is"...Jordan says "I say cowlick"...Jeff says then it must be cawlick, cowlick, it doesn't even make sense, cawlick, it's a cawlick...Jordans says "COW LICK"...Jeff says "I don't think so"...Jordan shows Jeff her cowlick...Jeff says "yeah, you got a cowlick right there" :) ...Jordan says "yeah" They laugh 😂

Jordan says she has a big forehead from her dad...Jeff tries to make a joke about it being like a drive-in movie theater screen but it falls flat LOL Jordan asks what Jeff is going to wear tomorrow?...Jeff doesn't know but probably his black underwear shirt, if they let him, he has other button ups. Jordan wonders what Laura is doing?...they talk about where Jordan is going to sleep turns...

Jordan asks "when did your hair start turning grey?"...Jeff says "a long time ago?"...Jordan asks "how long?"...Jeff says when he was 18, he got a big patch up top...Jordan asks if he thinks by the time he's 40 he'll be completely grey?...Jeff says "I don't know, maybe"...Jordan says "probably...that's like what? 9 years?"...Jeff says yeah...Jordan says "gaw, 9 years you'll be forty"...Jeff says "I know, wow, you just fu**ing shocked me too"...Jordan says she is 22 and she starts counting 9 years and says in 9 years she'll be his age. Jeff smiles big, giggles and says "yep"...Jordan says "doesn't that make you laugh, it's crazy" 🤪

Jordan thinks the others are going to try and turn Laura against her or them...Jeff says for sure, what does she think they're doing up there, he has a feeling he's being killed up there...Jordan says he probably is, both of them...Jeff says they have to lay blame on someone and he seems to be a good one for that...Jordan says he's just a good target...Jeff says it's true.

Jordan is getting impatient waiting for Laura, she tells Jeff she's kind of scared getting into bed with Lydia, she'd rub her arm at night and shows Jeff how...Jeff says what's wrong with that? she probably wanted to make out with you...Jordan takes off Jeff's glasses and puts them on, she says he really has bad vision.

Jeff says especially with these lights because they are bigger and brighter, it's not precise and pinpointed...Jordan doesn't really get it (he is terrible at explaining it! LOL Just say the lights are blurry & look bigger Jeff) and he drops the subject...Jordan gives Jeff's glasses back…

BY talk - Cutest classic JJ banter


Jeff & Jordan continue talking...Jordan starts touching Jeff's ear and asks "what if there was a bug in your ear?"...Jeff says he heard a story one time...Jordan interjects saying a doctor put a light in a lady's ear and there was a roach that crawled out of it...Jeff says he heard a june bug...Jordan starts prying Jeff's ear open...Jeff says "get outta there" :) ...Jordan cracks up and Jeff says "you'll freak me out"...Jordan says "let me see, I'm scoping your ear out"...Jeff says "dude, I think I'd freak out if a bug was in my ear"...Jeff asks if that wasn't true?...Jordan doesn't know, can bugs get in your ear?...Jeff says he heard about a woman who had a june bug in her ear, she had a headache for three days, she went to the doctor and they looked in there and pulled out a june bug and it was buzzing, it couldn't get out...Jordan eww's...Jeff says ugh, God...Jordan wants to check Jeff's ear so she does ...Jeff asks what they see in there?...Jordan says she sees something...Jeff smiles...Jordan says "it's got..." Jeff says "legs?"

Jordan says "yeah"...Jeff shies away laughing and says "get outta here"...Jordan giggles...Jordan keeps looking in there...Jeff giggles again...Jordan giggles...Jeff says it tickles a little bit, he doesn't think you're supposed to be jamming your fingers down someone's ears.

Jeff says "dude! what's up up there?"...Jordan says "God, I don't know, kumbayah"...Jordan asks Jeff what he thinks?...Jeff says he thinks they are getting bashed...Jordan says she knows they will be targets if the others win...Jeff says at least they had 5 good minutes where they thought they were cool before being back to normal...Jordan says it's Natalie that is starting drama...Jeff says he knew Casey shouldn't have talked to Jessie...Jordan doesn't understand why people don't trust them more, they keep things amongst themselves...Jeff says he wishes he were a fly on the wall up there...Jordan says "and know what's going on? me too"...Jeff says they are in the middle of it...Jordan says Laura better not be spilling the beans...Jeff says they won't ask him anything, they don't have the balls, they will ask Jordan...Jordan says then they will yell at her...Jeff says then he'll have to jump in...

Jordan keeps prodding in Jeff's ear...Jeff says "you love it in there" :) ...Jordan giggles and says she's looking for blackheads...Jeff asks if he has any?...Jordan looks and says she's going to push on them...Jeff says you like popping zits?...Jordan says yeah...Jeff asks why girls like that?...Jordans says because they are gross, she tells Jeff that if he ever has a zit or a pimple and he's going out with a girl on a date or something, make sure he pops it because they will stare at it, she does...Jeff asks "who goes out with a pimple on their face?"...Jordan says some people do, it grosses her out...Jordan tells Jeff to stop moving...Jeff says he hasn't, she's jamming things in his ear, she's making him feel weird...Jordan asks why? she's just looking for blackheads, she thinks her fingers are too fat...Jeff asks where she's going?...Jordan's not sure if there are blackheads or dents in his ear...Jeff gets ticklish again and says to just leave it...they laugh.

Classic Banter

Jordan almost starts to dig again and Jeff tells her to play with his hair, it'll keep her fingers busy...Jordan starts feverishly rubbing...Jeff says "nice"...Jordan asks why he says that? Jeff says "because I like it nice"...Jordan says to say "soft"...Jeff says "what's the difference?"...Jordan says she just doesn't like it...Jeff says Jordan doesn't like anything he says, get used to it ...Jordan says some of his vocabulary is weird...Jeff says hers is...Jordans says "no it's not, mine is cooler than yours, you don't say crunk, I'm gonna tell you that now, don't say that around a girl"...Jeff starts laughing...Jeff says that the more Jordan tells him not to say it, the more, twice as much he will say it...Jordan says she's trying to help him out for when he gets back home. Jordan says "don't say crunk"...Jeff laughs and says "holy shit" LOL Jeff says "ok, do my hair slow"...Jordan says good job...Jeff starts to say nice and Jordan protests again saying for him to not say "nice", she doesn't like they way he says it...Jeff says she's not the boss of him...Jordan says she's not, she's his BFF, trying to help him out...Jeff asks best friend, pass me some water. LOL Jordan does.

BY chat - Fonzie/family/Scramble banter


Jordan continues telling Jeff that she is just trying to help him out, trying to make him cooler, more hip...Jeff says alright...Jordan starts rubbing and says "do it softer, I feel cooler now"...Jordan says "or rub it softer"...Jeff says "rub it softer, I feel like I have a leather jacket on right now, I feel so cool"...Jordan says "you have a leather jacket on?"...Jeff laughs and says "like Fonzie"...Jordan giggles...Jeff says "you don't even know who Fonzie is"...Jordan says "yes I do, from Happy Days"...Jeff says "holy shit, thank God"...Jeff says at least she knows who one person is, who Fonzie is...Jordan says she knows who Fonzie is...Jeff says she didn't know who Al Pacino was so he doubted she knew who Fonzie was, she gets two cool points for knowing who Fonzie is. 👍

Jeff asks Jordan to write something in his hair. LOL She does, he has no idea what it is...Jordan says "Jordan"...Jeff wants her to do it again...she keeps writing...Jeff says "do you ever feel like you hear your cell phone?"...Jordan says yeah, she wasn't prepared for her cell phone to be taken away, she didn't look at her missed calls, she got a text message from her dad...Jeff says he had a couple of texts he didn't get because they took his away...Jordan says she didn't really get to talk to her dad before the show, her mom & dad don't talk, he's a contact but she filmed at her mom's before she left.

Lydia opens the sliding door, peeks out and leaves...Jordan says she hates them...Jeff wonders if she came from upstairs...Jordan says she doesn't see her and she guesses she's not sleeping with her tonight...Jeff says "yeah she hates us"...Jordan says they are so going to get Laura, they're going to be back to the bottom of the pit, at least they still have Ronnie, she asks if Jeff thinks he would turn on them?...Jeff says no...Jordan asks about Michele turning?...Jeff says no...Jordan thinks she will...Jeff says "f**k no, she's golden"...they discuss what they could be saying up in the HOH...Jordan thinks she's hearing yelling up in the HOH...Jeff says she's imagining it, she couldn't hear them from there.

Jordan asks "are you close with your family?"...Jeff mmm, hmm's...Jordan says "are you close with your mom?"...Jeff mmm, hmm's...Jordan says "you say my ma"...Jeff says "my ma" :) ...Jordan says "yeah, you don't say mom"...Jeff says "my mom"...Jordan asks if that sounds weird?...Jeff says no...Jordan says when Jeff tells a story he'll say "my ma"...Jeff says "yeah"...Jordan tells Jeff to keep going...Jeff says he's very close with his ma...Jordan asks about his dad?...Jeff says yep...Jordan says "and your brother?"...Jeff says "my middle brother yeah, my older brother I don't talk to as much"...Jordan asks why?...Jeff says he has his own family, he doesn't know, he's always with his wife's family...Jordan asks why?...Jeff doesn't know, he wonders the same thing...Jordan asks if they were close growing up?...Jeff mmm, hmm's...Jordan says "he just doesn't like coming around?"...Jeff says he's just always with her family, he used to see him all the time, now it's a couple times, a handful a year...Jordan asks where his older brother lives?...Jeff says close to his other brother in the suburbs whereas he lives more towards the city...Jeff says he's really close to his middle brother, Scott.

Jordan asks if Jeff always wanted to be on this show?...he says no...Jordan asks if it just happened...Jeff says no, he auditioned...Jordan says she didn't, she was just working, she can't say more because they'll get in trouble, they'll talk later...Jeff says that's funny because so many people audition...Jordan says she was just "Gucci"

Jeff says "I guess that was it" :) Jordan says they needed gucci people so they picked her...Jeff giggles...Jordan says at first she didn't think she'd like Casey but she does...Jeff says he's a stand-up guy, he likes Casey too...Jordan says "he's nice" (ummm, I thought you didn't like that word Jordan LOL)...Jeff says he says what he has to say, he's real, he says it like it is, he likes that...Jeff says this is getting borderline ridiculous, what's up? (with Laura taking so long)

They are both getting tired, trying to decide whether to go inside or not...Jordan wonders if Lydia will kick her out, will it be awkward...Jeff says it will be awkward but she won't kick her out, she can lay down with him and pass out, then go over there and it won't matter.

Jordan starts humming the Jeopardy theme song...Jeff says "Jeopardy...are you good at Jeopardy?"...Jordan says no...they start laughing...

Jordan says "I played Scramble one time"...

Jeff says “Scramble?”

Jordan says "yeah"...Jeff says "Scrabble?"

...Jordan says "yeah"...Jeff laughs saying "holy shit"


...Jordan says the person she was playing with had good words and her words, she was talking about the spelling comp, her words would be like butthole, something dumb like that...Jeff says he wishes she was in that game...Jordan laughs and says she probably would have won...Jeff says at least the attention wouldn't have been on him...Scramble, Jeff laughs and says "holy cow"...Jordan talks about the simple words she used like poop...Jeff says "are you really talking right now, I feel like I'm asleep and you're telling me this"...Jordan says "whatever"...Jeff asks if he's dreaming she said Scramble and she spelled poo when she played Scramble...they laugh.

Jeff asks if Jordan's friends are the same as her...Jordan says OMG yeah, they all act stupid and have fun, she has a good group of friends, they never have drama...Jeff says that's good...Jordan rattles off her friends' names...Jordan says Jeff has to come to Charlotte one time...Jeff says what would her friends think of Jeff?...Jordan says they'd act stupid and say heeeeeyyyyyy, what's up?...Jeff says "that'd be great, 13 girls like you"...Jeff says "would we get crunked?"...Jordan says "nooo! don't say'd say wasteface or getting wasty!"...Jeff says "oh God...I can't say crunk but you want me to say wasty?'" (I agree Jeff 🙄)...Jordan says saying crunk is so out of date.

Jeff says she's getting too loud...Jordan says are the neighbors going to hear them?...Jeff says no, his eardrum, she loosened it and now he can hear better or it's late and he's tired and she's screaming in there.

Jordan says she sees the image of a man near a tree starting straight at her...Jeff can't see it (put on your glasses Jeff :) )...Jordan says it's kind of scary, it's funny how your mind plays tricks on you when you're in the dark...Jeff says sometimes it will seem to move...Jordan asks if Jeff lives by himself...Jeff says yeah...Jordan asks in a house, apt, condo?...Jeff says in a house with a moat around it ...Jordan doesn't get it...Jeff says an apartment...Jordan asks if it's nice or dirty? ...Jeff lies saying dirty...Jordan says it is?...Jeff says no! what do you think? am I dirty here?...Jordan says she doesn't know, it might be different at home...Jeff says "and I'm showing off here?"...Jordan says she didn't say that...Jordan asks what his apartment is like, stuff hanging on the walls?...Jeff says he has a picture he brings everywhere with him called "the Cafe"...Jordan doesn't know it...Jeff says it doesn't matter...Jordan asks if it's Pablo Picasso or something?...Jeff says no and asks if she likes artwork?...Jordan says not really...Jeff asks if she has posters of bands?...Jordan says no.

Ronnie walks by and Jordan says that figure in the window looks scary...Jeff puts on his glasses and Jordan tells him where the figure is...the feeds switch out…

Sleeping head to toe


Jeff & Jordan apparently forgot they had said earlier in the day they weren't going to sleep together anymore because they prepare to do it again this night but this time it is head to toe. :)

Jordan has been laying in bed waiting while Jeff has been having a cigarette outside. He comes to the RR to go to bed and searches for a blanket on the bed Ronnie is sleeping on (Natalie's day bed)...he awakens Ronnie and tells him he's looking for a brown blanket...Ronnie finds one and hands it to Jeff but Jeff holds it up and says it's a towel. LOL Jordan laughs...Jeff gets in bed and says Jordan took the good pillows. Jordan hands Jeff the pillow she has and Jeff says "you don't want it?"...Jordan says she knows Jeff likes that one, they switch...Jordan wants to whisper something to Jeff but fears someone will hear so she shrugs her shoulders and lays back down.

She then sits up again and laughs...Jeff is like "what?"...Jordan whispers something else and then she lays back down, pats Jeff and says goodnight...they hold out their hands, hold them there for a few seconds...

Jeff says he's going in the fort but fumbles around with his glasses and gets up to put them on the dresser...Jordan giggles and Jeff gets back in bed...about a minute later Ronnie mumbles something in his sleep, Jordan & Jeff giggle and Jeff says "he's still playing" ...Jordan giggles for another 30 seconds or so and then Jeff says "go to sleep" plays with Jordan's foot/leg for a second and then they seem to settle into sleep.

Sleepy touch


Jordan has seemed peaceful and still from the time they fell asleep around 3:30am. Jeff on the other hand has been moving around a lot trying to shift his bigger body around without bothering Jordan. At 6:06:49am Jordan starts moving around just a tiny bit. At 06:07:20am she lifts her foot which looked like it was in Jeff's arm pit. This wakes Jeff more. He lifts up a little and rubs his eyes. At 06:07:37am he sits up and looks at Jordan and leans to do a quick touch of her face with his fingers.

Then he settles into sleep again…

HOH lockdown


The HG's are on lockdown...Jeff is laying down on the floor near the HOH bed listening to music with his eyes closed...Jordan has gotten up and walks over to where Jeff is and puts her foot on his tummy to let him know she's there...Jeff squeezes her legs with his and she pretends to kick him in the nether region LOL...she sits down and Jeff puts his legs on top of her...everyone is pretty quiet and the mics are not turned up at all so it is very hard to hear

Just before the 11:25am mark Jordan rubs Jeff's leg, Jeff puts his head up, looks at her and bobs up and down to the music...Jordan keeps playing with her hair

Jeff turns to change the song on the CD player and then @ the 11:27am mark he shows off his dance moves...hands in the air...the head bob, then "wave it like you just don't care", this time to Casey...then more hand movements, Jordan nods her head no and Jeff nods his head yes and starts doing the lasso :) and the two crack up laughing...Jeff settles down and Jordan keeps messing with her hair...Jeff hands the headphones to Braden and he gets up to get a snack.

Just after the 11:30am mark Jeff returns and puts his leg over Jordan again...they whisper inaudibly...Jordan grabs Jeff's hat, puts it on, Jeff points to his sweatpants (they must be talking about college), Jordan asks if he went to UCLA?...Jeff says no...Jordan asks if he just likes it?...Jeff says yeah...Jordan says her hair looks a mess...Jeff says "it looks hot" 😍

Jordan shows him the back of her hair, Jeff must say something about her fixing it later, they smile...Lydia starts throwing candy at Russell who is in the corner...Jeff & Jordan giggle about that, Jordan says it's chocolate pieces...more inaudible whispers and then Jordan squeezes Jeff's tummy...Jeff smiles...Jordan shows off her tummy fat by squeezing it all...Braden and Jeff start talking, Braden hands the headphones back to Jeff...they start talking about something Jordan has on her arm, they banter a little about that and then shortly before the 11:35am mark Jordan gets up to sit on the round chair with Kevin.

First we're a package reference


Jeff has made himself a salad and sits down at the kitchen counter to eat it next to Jordan who is just waiting for time to pass until the live show. Jordan asks Laura what she's wearing...Laura says her off the shoulder blue shirt...Jordan realizes you can wear things like that and says she will dress simple then...Laura leaves...Jordan turns to Jeff and asks if he's sure they don't need to talk to Casey again...Jeff says it's all a go (voting Chima out)...they discuss Ronnie and Casey in whispered tones...Jeff talks for awhile about something but it's very hard to hear what he's saying, it's about flipping the votes to get Chima the end Jordan says "that's sound smart, really smart"...Jeff says "who me?"...Jordan says "yeah"...Jordan turns to Jeff again and says "then?"...Jeff keeps going but again, very hard to hear...he's talking about a conversation he had with Jessie with Jessie asking him who is here to win, him or Jordan? Jeff says he wasn't stupid enough to answer that question and wasn't going to name names...Jeff smiles at Jordan, she smiles back...

Jordan says "you have to throw me in with you, we're a package...can you believe that?"...Jeff explains he was not going to name her or say anything to Jessie because he would turn it against him...Jordan says of course, when they're in the final two, they'll be battling :) ...Jeff pretends to kick Jordan LOL Jordan says she's just kidding...Jeff then explains to Laura who is sitting next to Jordan what he told Jessie, how he said that so he couldn't be railroaded again...

Jeff says his salad is bomb diggity...they talk about what they're eating for lunch...Jordan says the pancakes Michele are making are 200 calories...Jeff says it's per bite...Braden & Michele say that's before you add the other stuff...Jordan eyes pop and she looks at Jeff...Jeff shakes his head and looks Jordan up and down...Jordan says "don't even"...Jeff smiles and says "I didn't say anything!"...Jeff pinches Jordan's cheek and Jordan says "I saw you looking at me"...Jeff looks down and keeps eating his salad.

Jordan comments on how skinny Laura is and says she has a body just like her best friend back at home except she is blonde...Jordan walks away…

Black shirt (good call Jordan)


Jordan comes out of the SS room, she has been talking to Casey. Jeff is deciding on what to wear for the live show. Jordan tells Jeff that Casey is irritated, mad. Jeff asks if he's still voting their way? Jordan says mmm, hmm.

Jeff asks "hey, what do you like better?...this? (his Coup d'Etat western shirt) or this? (his black underwear shirt) it's like fitted you know?"

Jordan points at the black one and says "that"...Jeff holds the white one up and says "you don't like this shirt?"...Jordan says she didn't say she didn't like it, it looks country western.

Jeff says "yeah I know, I'm trying to be more like you" :) Jordan giggles

Jeff says he has another one almost exactly the same, he doesn't have that many dress up clothes and he tried to get stuff with color and that didn't really work out for him.

Jordan sits down on Natalie's bed...Jeff finishes up with going through his clothes and he says that he hates when the others touch his shit...Jordan says they need to rearrange this whole sleeping thing...Jeff says "no shit"...Jordan says "get them out here and us in there"...Jeff says "right"...Jordan says "God"...Jeff asks how the f**k they got out of there (SS room) and in here in the first place...Jordan says "I don't know...cuz you're too nice"...Jeff says "yeah no shit"...Michele walks in…

Wanna Dance?


Getting ready for the live show in the RR, Jeff asks Jordan if she wants to dance. :)

Jordan looks sexy/junk in the trunk


Right at the 3:17:30pm mark the feeds switch to the SS room where Jeff, Jordan, Braden, Ronnie & Casey are, they're talking about the upcoming live show...Jordan is changing into various outfits, she's not sure what she should wear and Jeff and Braden are advising her...Jordan has on jeans and a hot pink's pretty vavavoom...the audio finally goes on with Jordan saying it's not a fashion show...Jeff says they have an hour and a half to kill.

Jeff looks at Jordan saying "that looks sexy just so you know" Jordan's reaction is hysterical, she says "Jeeefffffffffuh! that embarrasses me" (look at Casey's reaction LOL!)

Jeff is lost, he's like "you what??" he looks around saying "that's embarrassing?"...Jordan says yes...Jeff says "for who?"...Jordan says "I don't..." Jeff says "what?"

Ronnie starts whispering game with Jeff and Braden...Jeff gets distracted from game talk by the shorts Jordan is holding up, he says those are booty-hooty shorts...Jordan says "no, they're not"...Ronnie plants the seed that if there is a stray vote it has to be Michele ...Jordan isn't happy with her hot pink shirt...Jeff says to tie a bow...she doesn't like the bow...Jeff says "it's very southern Belle, you look hot"...Jordan says "no southern Belle", she doesn't like how it sounds, not his choice of words, it just makes her look gay...Jeff says "I don't know about those hooty-hoo shorts"...Jordan asks "what about jeans?"...Jeff says yeah...Ronnie leaves.

Jordan asks Jeff and Braden to turn around while she changes into the other jeans, Jeff hides his face in his shirt and Braden just keeps watching LOL...Jeff says for Braden to not be a creep.

Jordan puts on her jeans...they talk a little about Jessie...the jeans are tight, Jordan says she has got to lose some weight...Jeff opens his mouth in disbelief...Jordan asks if they look too tight?...Jeff says "geez Jordan"...Jordan says "I know, I'm putting on weight"...Jordan turns herself around while Braden says to just stretch them out, do a little bun squeeze...Jeff just stares at Jordan's butt in amazement 😍 Braden too and then he says Jordan is packin'...Jeff cracks up laughing and says "there's fu**in junk in the triz-unk!"...Jordan says "Jeff! stttooopppp"...Jeff says "why? you look good, I like it, I'm not throwing stones"...Jeff starts singing "Apple Bottom jeans"...Braden hums the rest of the lyric...

Jordan says she doesn't like it, Braden says to try the other one...Jeff sings "the whole club was looking at 'er!"...Jordan puts her booty shorts on while insisting they're not booty :) Braden says it looks great with some black heels...Jordan says she only brought cork, could she wear flip-flops?...Jeff says no, she looks cute like that, it looks good...Jordan shows another top that's longer, Jeff wonders what she would wear it with?...Jordan asks if her hair looks bad? Braden says it looks great...Jeff asks what Braden is wearing? Braden says his bomber...Jeff says he's wearing a black underwear shirt, should he shave?...Jordan says "nooo, don't shave"

Jordan puts on the grey top...Jeff can't understand why there's a piece of tape on it LOL he says that he likes the pink one but let's see what she's working with...Braden likes the grey one better...Jeff asks if she's going to put a little tape on those headlights? LOL Jordan misunderstands and says no but then says she will...Jeff gets up to make sure that the piece of tape on her top is attached and actually part of the shirt...Jordan wonders about another shirt...Jeff says the pink looks nice but that one looks nice too, she pulls shit off...Jeff gets up to leave and gives his opinion one last time, he likes the pink with the shorts but doesn't know how classy that would be day one...Casey comes in and they start talking game again…

Jordan's boob pops out


Jeff & Braden are hanging out in the SS room while Jordan is changing into various outfits trying to decide what to wear for the live show. Jeff purrs at Jordan and says the top she's wearing is nice but not with those pants (shorts). Braden says to wear the pink top with the booty shorts...Jeff likes the top but says she should class it up a bit...Jordan starts putting on her coral/orange dress...Braden says she should wear the colorful one (with the stripes), that one is gorgeous...Jeff says which one? He says that one she's putting on looks nice too because it's she's putting the dress on, she pulls on it and her boob quickly pops out and Jeff raises his arm in the air and yells "yes! I caught one!" 😂

Braden says Jordan totally meant to do that...Jordan says "no I didn't"...Jeff just smiles while Jordan keeps readjusting...Jeff says "I totally fu**ing caught it"...Braden says that thing plopped out...Jeff cracks up and says "that thing shot like a missile"...Braden says it's like a baby looking for milk...Jeff says they were owed one anyway, now the left one is like "what's up? I wanted to party"...Braden says it didn't get the call LOL

They joke around a bit more and then Braden says it was better than Tara Reid's red carpet shot of '96.

Jeff says "that was great! that was awesome..." (no doubt!)

JeJo’s First Kiss

Times are approximate

This was not shown on the live feeds but was shown in a segment that aired on the recap show before the finale.

Jeff & Jordan share their first kiss in the bathroom while getting ready for the live show.

JeJo are blindsided


The live show has just ended and the feeds return from trivia...

Jeff & Jordan are sitting at the kitchen table talking as the other HG's have a yelling match in the RR, primarily Chima/Natalie vs Michele. Jeff & Jordan are shocked at Braden being evicted because they were convinced they had the votes to keep him.

Jordan says to Jeff "so it was Ronnie? Ronnie or Casey?"...Jeff says what?...(Chima is heard yelling)...Jordan says "see, I wish she was's me, you, Laura, we've got Casey on our side right?"...Jeff says "I don't know who's the sneaky f**k"...Jordan says "we're not going to make it far" (hehe, little did you know!)...(Chima is heard going OFF on Michele)...Jeff and Jordan just take it in...Jordan says "I can't stand Jessie, I think he should put up Russell & Jessie"...Jeff says "I think so too"...Jordan says "remember he told me he's good at doing debates, making people turn against each other, that's what Ronnie does outside the house"...Jeff says "there's always a sneaky f**k, there's someone sneaky, I don't know"...Jordan says "I swear to God, I mean, you know I didn't vote him"...Jeff says "yeah, I don't know who to trust"...Jordan says that Laura didn't...Jeff asks how Jordan knows that Laura didn't?...Jordan says "cuz I do...I've got a headache".

They continue to listen to the yelling match and it escalates...Jordan just looks at Jeff...

Jeff says "I'm not going in there"...Jordan says that if Braden were here, it wouldn't be like this...Ronnie walks in and Jordan says "huh?"...Ronnie says he's over it and sits next to them...Jordan says she knew this was going to happen...Ronnie (the rat) says that what it is is that Michele got caught flip flopping the vote ...Ronnie gets up to get something to drink.

Jessie has entered the building and says to Jeff that their fight (Russell/Jeff) didn't come to this...Jeff says that guy fights? yeah, they're nothing compared to girl fights, they get catty...Lydia who has also graced the room with her presence says that she doesn't think her and Jordan's fight was this bad.

Feeds switch…

Who's the rat?


Jeff, Casey, Ronnie, Jordan & Michele are all in the SS room shortly after the live show has ended. They are all trying to figure out who was the traitor...Ronnie, of course, deflects blame to Laura who isn't there to defend herself. They ask Ronnie if the plan to put up one of the other side is still in place and are they all safe? Ronnie lies through his teeth and says they're all safe and everything is on track.

Laura walks in and Jeff says there's a little piggy in this room...Casey says one little piggy was swayed...Jeff says "who's the little piggy?"...Casey says he knows who it wasn't (at the same time Ronnie is whispering in Jordan's ear)...Jeff says he knows who it wasn't too...Laura looks at them and says "it wasn't me, y'all know that"...Casey says "well somebody is lying Laura"...Jeff says "somebody in here is lying".

Laura says she already swore on her own life...Jordan says she swore too...Casey says swearing on somebody don't mean nothing, no disrespect to y'all...Ronnie pipes up and says like he said, they will see tomorrow (they sure will Ronno)...Laura says she hates to say it and she trusts him but if it was Ronnie then one or two of them will be on the block...Ronnie says absolutely...Casey says "and I will light your ass up in that DR and maybe outside the house"...Ronnie nervous laughs...Laura says that Ronnie doesn't strike her as somebody that would lie but we'll see tomorrow...

Ronnie who is full of poop says "actions speak louder than words and we will see".

Jeff starts picking out a pillow and Jordan lays down on her bed and says "oh f**k". Casey leaves the room and they start talking about Ronnie's HOH pictures, Laura saying she's going to cry when she sees them. Ronnie says it's ok, it will be a cry/hug fest.

Jeff still looks stressed...Ronnie approaches him and says that he got so excited when he heard the words congratulations you are the new HOH that he started jumping up and down...Jeff says "aren't you worried about who the sneaky fu**ing person is?"...Ronnie says "no because we have the power"...Jeff says "for now"...Ronnie says "it'll be good"...Jeff says he doesn't trust anybody...Ronnie puts his hand on Jeff and says he has to have more confidence ...Jeff says "confidence in what? I had confidence in the plan and I got fu**ed so who do I have confidence to talk to now?"...Ronnie whispers to Jeff that he overheard Chima saying she hates, hates, hates Russell...Jeff says he doesn't know about that, she just said she wanted him & Jordan out right to their faces...Ronnie says Chima would vote him out no question...Laura says everybody would...Ronnie says yeah...they continue talking game and Ronnie tells Jeff they'll talk later and that obviously there is a rat about.

Laura tries to plead her case and say that she proved herself that she's not a liar...Jeff says the problem is that someone is lying, everyone voted but obviously someone is lying...Ronnie tells them that they can talk in private in his HOH room tonight, noms are tomorrow. Ronnie leaves. Jordan says she really has a headache…

Laura's right


Ronnie has just left the SS room and Laura tells Jeff, Jordan & Michele her theory on the rat.

Laura whispers "I think it was Ronnie"...Jordan says "you do?"...Laura says "I think he did it on purpose, he's smart and if he did that it makes them hate us that much more and it makes him ok, he's just in the middle"...Jeff says "who?"...Laura says "Ronnie"...Jeff says "but what if he puts them up tomorrow?"...Laura says that would be his boldest move because they're a bigger threat than they are but she's saying he didn't know he was winning HOH, she wants to explain it...she moves over to sit closer to Jeff to explain...

"So this is how it works...if he gets all of us to vote Chima out, ok, that makes all of us a target, all that half the house is pissed, he's working both sides, he's telling us we're cool, he's telling them they're cool, he's telling them he's on their side, he's telling us he's on our side, he made sure it was going to be 5-5 and he voted for Braden, he voted to evict Braden"

Jeff says "ok now he's going to put up 2 of them"...Laura says "cuz that's the best move, he didn't know he was going to get HOH though so what happens if they got HOH, he had to cover his own ass, you get what I'm saying?"...Jeff says "yeah but so now he's going to put up?"...Laura says "he should put up Russell and them two, that would be his boldest move, maybe he'll put up me & Russell, you know, I don't know but what I'm saying is he didn't know he'd get HOH and to make sure he would still be here next week he had to make sure it was a tie cuz then it makes all of us a target to them and all of them a target to us and nobody is worried about Ronnie...I promise you on my life, I know for a fact and I know this game like the back of this damn hand that it was Ronnie"

***ding ding ding we have a winner!!***

Laura says "we don't want to start drama and go around saying that because if we do he's going to put our asses up but it was him, it was Ronnie"...Jeff says he can't trust fu**ing nobody in there...Laura says it had to be him because if he gets all of them to vote Chima out and all of them to vote Braden out we're going to automatically draw a line in the sand and where does he fit? Ronnie sneaks in…

Jeff just wants to know who the rat is


Ronnie re-enters the SS room where Jeff, Jordan & Laura continue to be in a little state of shock at the turn of events.

Laura says "Ronnie, why is this game so stressful?"...Ronnie gives her a side hug and says he knows...Jordan orders Ronnie to go in there and see what they're talking about, LOL...Ronnie says they're talking about Chima's speech and how it will go down in BB history...they talk about how the HOH comp went down and Jordan says Ronnie did freaking awesome.

Laura says now Ronnie is going to be even more stressed out becasue he has to make the decision on who to put up...Ronnie says he's going to be honest with Laura and tell her it was hard for him to keep his vote straight because Chima scared the poop out of him with her speech...Jeff (keeps pushing this) says "well somebody flipped"...Jordan says she doesn't think Braden should have said Julie you're a whore.

They say he said "ho" but he wasn't malicious. Jordan says "whoever switched the vote, they just let them have a chance to win this game"...Ronnie switches the subject and talks about Braden...Laura switches back and says she just doesn't want them to win.

Ronnie says that next week is questions too...Laura says Ronnie can't win...Ronnie says but they can...Jeff says "f**k that! who flipped!?" Jeff says it's all he can think about, he can't think about anything else...Ronnie keeps pacing...they start whispering about who Ronnie should put up (a combo of Jes/Nat/Russ)...Laura says he knows they have his back whatever he decides...they go over possible scenarios and Ronnie throws out putting up Kevin and whomever and backdooring Russell...Jeff says but to backdoor you have to get the veto. Ronnie doesn't want Russell having the chance to play veto...Laura says if she were HOH she would put up Jessie & Russell...Ronnie says they'll talk about it tonight.

Jeff says "dude, I can't believe more people aren't concerned about who flipped"...Ronnie throws Michele under the bus saying he's sorry but at the end of the day he thinks it was Michele. Jeff isn't buying it saying why would she allow herself to get killed like that (in the yelling match)...Ronnie says it's to cover her tracks...Jeff says he would have said "dude, you got my vote so what are you screaming for", why would she argue...Ronnie says it's cuz she's defensive, she got like that with her earlier argument with Chima...Laura says then she would have voted Chima out...Ronnie shuts up...Jeff says "well somebody is the rat and everybody could tell me how they're not but somebody is".

Jeff points at Jordan and says "are you sure you said Chima by mistake?"...Jordan says "swear to fu**ing God"...Jeff says "I know but did you make a mistake or no?"...Laura starts laughing...Jordan says "are you serious?"...Jeff says "I'm serious"...Jordan says "ok Jeff"...Jeff says "what the f**k else happened? everyone is like I swear I didn't do it"...Laura says she didn't do it...Jordan sits up and says she swears to God, she swears on her life...Ronnie says it's this game.

Jeff says "whaddya mean this game? there were 6 votes, we had 5 so someone is a fu**ing rat"

Ronnie thinks it was Michele...Jeff says we think, we don't know anything...they agree they won't know until somebody gets out...Jeff says it's fu**ing bullshit...they talk about the HOH comp again and Jeff who is still fuming says "fu**ing A"...Jordan says she can't wait to go back and watch the video to see who voted for Chima to stay...Ronnie starts up again and Jordan says "no, now it's like we're screwed" LOL

Jeff says we're screwed because how are you supposed to talk to anyone when you think they're the rat, how are you going to tell them what you're thinking...Ronnie spends the next couple of minutes pontificating about how to wait and see people's true colors and throwing Michele under the rat bus. Ronnie almost guarantees one of his noms will be Kevin because he's the biggest gossip...Jeff says he's not a threat though...Ronnie says they'll talk later but he's completely open to discussion. Jordan tells Ronnie he has to make a bold move and switch this game up. Jeff mumbles that putting up Kevin, wtf is that going to do? LOL Then Jeff says "we just got fu**ed, someone's a rat, how are you supposed to talk to anyone, it's fu**ing bullshit".

Ronnie says he's going to try and get in that DR to get the stuff to make cheesecake so everyone will feel better...Jeff says "f**k that cheesecake"...Ronnie leaves saying Jeff won't say that after he tries it.

IMO this might have been the conversation that convinced Ronnie to put Jeff up on the block because he looked scared of everything Jeff was saying, Jeff's anger about the whole rat situation was pretty apparent.

Who's the rat - Part 2


After Ronnie leaves the room, Laura whispers "I told you, it was him, mark my words, I'm 100% sure"...Jordan sits up and whispers "we have to figure it out now"...Laura says "he did it, he did it, I know he did it"...Jordan looks at Jeff...Laura says "Michele would not have stood out there and taken that and she did do it"...they agree...Laura says "he did it...we can't keep going on about it because he'll put one of us up you know? you think he'll put us up or them?"...Jordan whispers that Ronnie won't put them up, she cannot stand Natalie, they cannot let her get anything...Jordan says to both of them "y'all think we still have a chance?"...Jeff says "no"...Laura shakes her head and says "if he puts up who he should put up then yeah but if he puts up Kevin"...

Jeff says "we still don't know who the fu**ing rat is so..." Laura says "it's him, it's him, so be careful, listen be careful what you say to him"...Jordan says "we know it wasn't us"...Laura says "it was him"...Jeff stubbornness continues with him saying "well we don't know who it is so we can't say..." Jordan says "we're the ones that came up with the plan so we know it wasn't us, I came to Laura and asked her..." Jeff says "the only person I don't know it is is me and you (Jordan), everyone else I think could have done it"...Laura says "I didn't do it"...Jeff says he walked into that room and everyone said they didn't do it so someone is lying.

Laura says that she didn't do it, she voted Chima out...Jordan says she voted Chima cuz she was so scared she kept saying Chima over in her head so she wouldn't forget her name...Laura says she did the same...Jordan can't believe what Chima said...Laura says "why the f**k would she vote out her own teammate, that's going to hurt me, they hate me"...Jordan says they hate me.

Laura says she promises on anything important to her...Jordan says to Jeff "why does Chima want me & you out?"...Jordan says that Chima and Natalie are always yapping, they're fu**ing drama...Jeff mumbles something about the rat again 😵‍💫 LOL...Jordan says "I gotta a fu**ing headache so bad"...Laura says she needs an advil, she gets up to get them and asks Jeff if he wants anything?...Jeff says "no, I need to find out who that fu**ing rat is"

Laura says "I'm telling will probably be one of us that goes home and sees the damn tapes next week"...Jeff says he just wants to go home to find out who the fu**ing rat is...Laura knows and says me too...Jeff says he wants to come back and burn their bed.

Jeff says "I can't stand a rat"...Laura says "I can't either"...Jeff says "it makes me sick"...Laura says "me too"...Laura says she wouldn't have endured what she did last night with Chima, she promises on anything that she would not have voted to evict Braden...Jordan says if any of those people get HOH we're gone, they don't have any votes, they're not friends with any of them...Jeff says they're fu**ed, as soon as any of them get power he's gone, they'll put him & Jordan up...Laura says not if Ronnie puts two of them up but Kevin and a pawn? or put her up as a pawn...Jeff says what is Ronnie talking about Kevin & Laura, he's got to put up the strong people...Laura says didn't Jeff hear him, he said he wasn't going to do it, he said Kevin and maybe a pawn then backdoor...Laura says Ronnie isn't going to put up Jessie because he trusts him.

Jordan says she has to quit thinking about his, tomorrow will be drama with them talking shit, one fu**ing vote, just one fu**ing vote...

Laura says Ronnie is the only one smart enough to come up with that,she saw Ronnie winking at Chima and thought wtf is he doing that for, he tried to hide it by lifting his glasses pretending something was in his eye, he wanted to make sure Laura didn't see and change her vote...Laura says "I'm telling you, I'm telling you"...Jeff says "you might be right"...Laura says she will bet money, she bets Jordan $100 that it's Ronnie, ok dinner when they get out of there and they shake on it, Laura extends her hand to Jeff and Jeff says he doesn't even know who it is yet (that's the point of the bet Jeff! lol)...Laura says "it's Ronnie, when we get out of here, when we find out, if I'm right you have to take me out to dinner" (they never shook on it ;) )

Laura says she wouldn't have endured last night, Michele wouldn't have endured what she did, Jordan would keep Braden because he was on their team and Jeff wouldn't be so pissed and Casey wouldn't have said he voted her out too...Jeff says Ronnie didn't seem too concerned with finding out who the rat is.

Jordan brings up that Ronnie told her he does something with debates...Jeff jumps on her and says "who cares about that"...Jordan says "omg, don't get an attitude with me"...Jordan says that Ronnie can make people change their minds...Jeff says "what is he a magician? he can't make people do anything" ...Laura says he plays this game 24/7 he was talking in his sleep, he's playing everybody and he's going to win this damn game, he played both sides of the house and he accomplished it, nobody hates him, he's fine being in the middle...Jeff says he's not going to stir up trouble...Jordan says they need to at least make it to the jury house...Jeff says next week they get the power we're fu**ed...Jordan says unless we win POV...Laura says unless Ronnie makes a wise choice...Jeff makes a face and says what is Kevin going to do?...Laura agrees and says Kevin is a floater, he's ok with both sides, do they see what she is saying, she's seen this game so many times, she should have seen it coming, she told Jordan earlier she didn't trust Ronnie. Jordan says when she heard there was a tie, her heart dropped...

Laura says he's not being malicious, just doing what he needs to do to win the money, it was a smart move because now the other side of the house hates them and vice versa and no one hates Ronnie, so how is that not apparent who the rat is...Jordan says they should have kept it how it was and kept Chima...Jeff agrees...Laura says "and who's idea was that?"...Jordan says Ronnie and her thought of it, Jeff says he didn't think it could be done, Jordan says then the fight happened and they all agreed to it...Jordan says she was all confident...Jeff questions something about Casey and Jordan says "he's a floater too"...Laura finally leaves to get some Advil...

Jeff says this is the first time he's been stressed out and he starts biting his nails...Jordan says "fu**ing A"...Jordan goes to lay on the rafts and asks Jeff is he thinks they just dug themselves a big hole?...Jeff says we're finished again, we thought we were so cool for 5 seconds...Jordan says and then he's getting an attitude with her...Jeff says they should have just voted him out, from now on they will always say they voted for a bigot, that will be their defense.

Casey walks in and says his argument for that and he's pissed...Jordan says "I'm pissed"...Casey says "no, no, no, you didn't switch out like I did", he says he knew he'd take some heat but not like this and somebody is lying, it's bullshit.

Casey knows it isn't him that's lying...Jeff says he knows it isn't him & Jordan...Casey says he admitted to Chima he voted her out, Kevin says Kevin is mad at him...Jeff says he hates a rat, he hates it, it makes him sick, now who does he talk to?...Jordan tells Casey that Laura had some good points thinking the rat is Ronnie...Casey says they will find out tomorrow...Jordan says Casey's not going home...Jeff says as soon as they get power Casey is good, it's him that's gone and Jordan...Casey says it's a week by week thing...Jordan says they should have voted to keep her...Casey says if Ronnie got him then he'll shake his hand and say he got him...Jeff says he'll pop him in the mouth LOL...Casey says he can't do that...Jeff laughs and says he's going home...Casey says if you get got, you get got...Jeff says "dude, I hate a rat, it makes me sick"...Casey says he got hustled...J&J agree they did too...Jordan says she was too confident...Jeff says the funny thing is people at home are watching and saying "it's them" and they have no clue...Casey says he had every reason to lie to Chima and he just took his medicine...Jordan says she got too cocky...Casey warned her not to be overconfident...Jordan admits she was...Jeff says he wasn't but thought it would get done...Jeff whispers he's so pissed...Jordan says she wants to cry but doesn't want to look like a crybaby...Jeff says he has to deal with smug looks all week...Jordan says she told Ronnie who to put up already so we'll see what he does...Jeff says they need to take out strong players...Casey says not like Lydia & Kevin...feeds switch to the kitchen...

BY chat - the cheese gets the rat


Casey, Michele, Laura, Jeff & Jordan are all sitting outside trying to figure out how they got in this predicament when the rat himself, Ronnie, comes out to join them. Ronnie says that everybody is already trying to pitch tents inside his asshole now that he is HOH. Casey says he hasn't pitched one so don't say everybody. Ronnie says well most everyone...Casey says they're having a celebratory party...Ronnie tries to change the subject by talking about how fast BB cleans up the BY after a comp and then sees Jordan sulking and asks her if she's ok?...Jordan says she's just mad...Ronnie tries to hug her but she doesn't budge...Ronnie says "you're upset with me?"...Jordan says she's mad, they all had this plan and someone didn't stick to it...the others say someone on this couch...Jordan says now the other side is against us and Casey is in a bad spot.

Ronnie says the others have talked to him but not said one word to him, they've just talked about the game & Chima's speech...feeds go to control room...they return with Casey saying Ronnie is calm because he's HOH...Ronnie says it's part of the game (the lying), that's why he voiced his concern to you, you, you because it's the game. Casey asks if last minute Ronnie went against the plan? Ronnie denies it...Casey one by one asks them all who they voted for and of course Ronnie lies. Casey says that's a fun game ...Jeff says he wishes whoever it is just come clean with it, it's part of the game and let's work together if you still want to work...they start talking about how Chima did it (the speech) and feeds go to the control room...they return with Laura saying at least Ronnie can sleep good.

Ronnie doesn't know about that because in less than 24 hrs he thinks he has to make the nominations. Laura asks when the food comp will be and Ronnie says no idea but then gives her his idea on it, lol...Casey says they guessed the HOH comp pretty well...Jeff says what's even stupider is that even with them knowing there was a rat, the HOH comp went according to plan and the two people they wanted competing at the end were there. Casey says he hopes whoever the rat is, they stick to the plan, maybe they can stick to the second part of the plan. Jeff says it's going to be an interesting nomination ceremony.

Ronnie notices something on a plate on the table and says "is that butter? no, it's cheese, from the angle I was looking at, it looked like butter"...Jeff says "what's that cheese for?"...Ronnie doesn't know, the cheese stands alone...Jeff gets a devilish look on his face and says "the cheese gets the rat"...Jeff then looks right at Ronnie...Ronnie & Laura giggle...Ronnie says "you kill me Jeff"...Jeff puts his head back and mocking them says "ha ha ha!"...Casey loudly says "HA HA HA HA!"...Jeff says "and you know what's even going to be a better one? is that when everyone's gone they can just go in the camera and be like (gnaws on food motion), eat the cheese in front of the cameras and be like"...

They all start laughing and Jeff says "that's what I would do"...Ronnie instantly changes the subject and asks if they ate dinner...Jordan says yes, Laura ate a bagel, Michele chimes in, Jeff says no, they're still sick about the rat...Laura says she's just sick in general...Ronnie says it's the adrenaline of being in a comp, he was shaking...Casey bring up the fact someone out there is a liar and Jeff says he doesn't care about the comp...Ronnie repeats it's a game...Casey asks if that makes it ok?...Ronnie says no, it just makes it a game...Jeff says he gets it...Ronnie says he got played like 4 other people got played, he's just happy that he's in a position that he can do something about it and maintain things.

Casey says we'll see what happens and he's excited about his nominations...Jeff says me too...Ronnie says alright, well he was wondering where they were...Jeff says they're sulking...Jeff in his Irish accent says they're going down with the ship, either jump aboard or tell them who the rat is.

Jordan says "we're going home now"...Ronnie says no they're not...Jordan says they're all coming after them...Ronnie says not all comps will be physical...Casey asks Ronnie what Kevin & Lydia were saying about him...Ronnie says nothing yet, he's waiting...they talk about when the noms will be, the schedule coming up...Laura asks if Ronnie knows what he's going to do?...Ronnie says he has some ideas, he's trying to hedge his bets in getting what they want done, they go over various scenarios with backdooring and it's clear Ronnie is trying to convince them of something they don't believe...Jordan says Ronnie needs to put Russell up along with another strong player...Laura tries to reason with Ronnie saying if he's going to use a pawn, don't put one of them up, put one of the others up, she doesn't want to be used as a pawn because she did reach out to him.

Casey comes out and yells "too late!" and this sets Ronnie off saying that he's scamming and is acting all paranoid...they start arguing with Ronnie saying that Casey is making a difficult situation worse and that he's being so loud about the rat and that indicates the person that is usually the rat, Casey OTOH is saying that why would he lie when he told Chima to her face he voted her out and has his teammates are pissed at him, what good did that do, he didn't gain from that. They have a hilarious little debate about who is included in the phrase Y'ALL.

Ronnie walks out in a huff and Jordan says "he did it"...Laura says "I told you" and that's a wrap!

JJ aren't like J&N


Jeff, Jordan & Laura are outside talking about the rat and how tired they are of this shit...Jeff who is sitting on the coffee table, says the best thing they can do is stay positive, be happy, what the others would want the most is them walking around with their heads down and just counting the days. Jordan says that people are asking her how much she trusts Jeff and things like that...Jeff says they want Jordan against him...Jordan says "I know but listen"...Jeff says he's the one with his word in this house...Jordan says she knows Jeff isn't doing anything, will he listen?...Jeff says "no! I'm not a good listener".

Jordan says "all of us and we need to get Casey in here have to promise not to turn on each other and to stick with each other the whole freaking time"...Jeff says "how do you say that when one of us is a rat?"...Laura says "yeah"...Jordan says "no! I don't believe it's either one of you, I honestly believe it's not one of you"...Laura says she wouldn't be doing all this shit if it was her...Jordan says "why? do you think it's me or something stupid?"...Jeff laughs and says "no, I don't think it's you"

Jeff gives her a look.. swoon ☺️

and says " better apologize, I said no negative energy out here"...Jordan says "definitely giving me negative energy"...Jordan says that Natalie said she wanted to break them up, she thinks they're jealous because they're BFF and we're close, we do flirt but besides that. Jeff says "whatever, tsk, dude why do they bust mine and your balls, not bust them two"...Jordan says it's because she has a boyfriend...Jeff says they flirt as much as we do...Laura says they flirt more...Jordan says Jeff doesn't wake her up and make her breakfast (he would later! )...Laura says "or rub her shoulder for hours on end".

Jeff says "it's not like she scratches my back for more than 20 seconds at a time...that's changing too! I'll tell you that! did you hear me?"...Jordan says "yes"...Jeff says that is one thing he is changing, they're doing better turns to the sleeping arrangements…

HOH room reveal - stair hug


Ronnie yells out for the HG's to come see his HOH room. Some go up right away but some are a little slower in going up, BB is organizing them for the TV show, while they get organized Jeff and Jordan wait on the stairs, Jeff puts his arm around Jordan and comforts her (they are still reeling over the fact Braden was voted out), he then rubs her neck for a bit too...sweet. ♥

HOH room reveal - Twinning


Jeff & Jordan are still reeling from the fact that Braden was evicted not Chima but they put on a brave face to go up to Ronnie's HOH room reveal. As Ronnie talks about his wife and the others laugh and carry on, Jeff & Jordan, along with Laura just stand there for quite awhile with their arms crossed not saying a word, the expression on their faces in this screencap says it all.


Jeff shakes Ronnie’s hand and says "congrats, you deserve it brother". Shortly after that Ronnie tells them that the photo of Michelle & his cat is his cell phone background, Jordan's face during this is too funny.

Ronnie and the others ramble on about stuff while Jeff, Jordan & Laura say boo and continue watching demonstrating noticeably tense body language.

Jeff's face just after the 10:13pm mark on Cam 1 & 3 makes me LOL...reading his mind he's probably thinking "when the f**k can I get out of here and how the f**k did this happen?

Just before the 10:15pm mark Ronnie talks about his Legally Blond soundtrack CD and Jeff finally speaks up and asks to see it. He looks at the CD. Ronnie starts talking about his bubble wand and

Jeff goes to the bathroom right after this.

Ronnie starts opening his playdoh and hands it out, Laura grabs some begrudgingly and starts playing with it. Jordan just stands there with her hands on her hips. When Jeff comes out of the bathroom, Jordan takes some playdoh from Laura and starts playing with it half-heartedly. Jeff looks at the fish tank for a bit and then moves over to Ronnie's pictures and says that Ronnie's dad looks a little like Matthew McConaughey from Dazed & Confused...Ronnie says he totally sees it.

Casey who has excused himself just a minute before leaves. Laura & Jordan continue to not say a word this whole time. Jordan excuses herself saying congratulations to Ronnie and leaves. Jordan sighs going down the stairs and immediately goes outside. Laura heads out right after and heads outside Laura and Jordan start comiserating on the couches in the BY, Jeff, who is clearly itching to leave the room finally does just before the 10:27pm mark.

BY chat - Comiserating


Jeff comes out of the HOH room and heads outside where Jordan & Laura are, they have been talking game, feeling frustrated. Jeff approaches them and Laura says "talking shit?"...Jeff says "no, he's a good guy, Ronnie's a good guy you know...I just feel bad, I'm proud of him, they just, those people just suck the fun and energy and they make a happy thing for him, good thing he's happy go lucky cuz they just suck the energy right out of the room"

Jordan says "oh I love that!" and you gotta pretend you're like...Jeff says "it's just disgusting, the kid's so happy and innocent" (yeah right Jeff! lol)...Laura says she's happy for him...Jeff says Ronnie's playing the game, he has too soft of a heart for that, he's a good kid...Laura says he's doing what he has to do to win...Laura & Jeff talk over each other here and they're making opposite points but just keep going, lol.

Jeff says they can't share the HOH with him and they were the ones talking to him the whole time, the others make fun of him all week but now they're up there...Jeff says he didn't say anything, Ronnie is happy seeing his family so he doesn't want to do anything to disrupt that, if people want to be stupid he's not going to get in the way of that, it's just sick the way people act sometimes.

Laura can't believe the way some of them act in there, don't they realize they're on surveillance 24/7?...Jeff says what are you going to do? look at the good people in the world, Ronnie's a good person no matter what he did, it's just a game, it's nice to meet people like that I guess. Jeff admits that the game gets to his head and he loses his temper...Jeff walks back inside...feeds go to control room and return...Laura goes off about how she has a real life outside this place and she will probably never see these people after the finale, all she hopes is that if Ronnie wants her up that he puts her up so she can at least play for the veto...Jordan assures her she isn't going out...Jeff comes back outside.

Jeff sits down and says he hopes they're not up there already playing the game by pointing out that they (J/J/C/L) were the first people to leave, he hopes they don't start that, let him enjoy his moment. Laura says it was uncomfortable, Jeff says totally, it wasn't even his moment and he felt he was ruining it, it's terrible...Laura & Jeff say they both almost teared up when Ronnie read the letter and they couldn't even enjoy it.

Casey comes outside and says "cackle, cackle, suck, suck" Laura laughs. Casey says you think I'm funny in here, wait until you see me out of here...Jeff says he can't wait to kick it out of there, they don't have to put on any fu**ing shows even though they don't dance for each other. Casey starts lecturing about how they are still there, there is a lot that can happen depending on who is put up and then veto, there are tons of variables, his advice is to not argue and try not to vent too much...Casey says he might go off on Russell still...Laura says how Jessie's true colors came out, how he was trying not to be the same guy he was last season but he is...Casey defends Jessie saying he is just trying to win, the longer he stays the better it is for his career, the better his shot at getting half a million...Jordan says she wouldn't want someone like him getting half a million.

Casey says they may want to watch against overconfidence in the future...Laura says they're not gone yet, they need to be careful...they spit out some cliches and say they're tired of talking and thinking about it. Casey says he's not going to be friends with these people (with some exceptions), play the role, play the game, put on a happy face...listen to him giving advice, he doesn't know wtf is going on...Jeff while smoking says he's done talking, he doesn't know wtf is going on dude. Casey complains about having to apologize over and over to Kevin about the vote.

BY chat - Comiserating continued


Comiserating continues...Casey says he doesn't know if he's good enough for this game because he doesn't like chasing people around, doesn't have the energy nor the desire, it will be noted that the four of them left first, you can believe that...silence...Laura lays down and says she's glad they're staying outside so they can't hog the backyard...Casey says that's dumb too, you can't be in a room because they're in there? that's lame as hell...Casey & Jeff continue to smoke up a storm...Casey says "do your giggling and your cackling and your fu**ing scheming, whatever dude".

Laura closes her eyes...Casey wonders what Ronnie's master plan is...Casey laughs saying he thinks they still have 5 votes, Casey makes fun of himself bragging in the DR about having 6 votes to 5, lol...Jeff says he couldn't even talk in there because he's so sick of eating his words from day one.

Jeff says he said "this person has a great heart, they wear their heart on their sleeve, they're the best" and ugh he walks in there, they're going to put a cartoon knife in his back...Jordan and Laura laugh...more silence...Jordan then speaks up saying that she trusts them all but she's still skeptical about Michele...Jeff says he's skeptical about everybody at this point...Casey says he based his decision on her word, on what she said, that and his distaste in general for Russell & Natalie.

Jordan tries to lighten the mood by saying how funny it was that Russell & Jessie came out there with their nice jeans and shoes and no tops on...Casey says they're peacocks...Jordan makes fun of Russell with his shirt buttoned down halfway...Jordan says she bets Braden is saying some funny stuff right now, she knows it was a shock for him...Jeff says poor guy, he's going to get killed...Jordan says she feels really bad for him...more silence...Jeff finishes his cigarette, puts his hands to his bent head and scratches it...more silence...Jeff rubs his lower lip and says hmm...Casey says yeah, they're all confident too, Casey says he voted to evict Chima dead eye in the camera like a fu**ing idiot, whatever dude...Jeff says me too, me too...more silence

Jeff says to Casey "I was telling them, game or no game, Ronnie is a happy kid right now...Casey says "I don't feel bad for him, he might have got us"...Jeff says he was telling Laura & Jordan that he hopes they're not tainting his enjoyment with the whole see who left first, see who trusts you stuff, he hopes they're not doing that....Casey says you know they are, they are...Jeff says that is terrible, he's enjoying a moment and they gotta ruin it with playing this game...more silence...Casey then says that honestly it's a game, they got hustled, it's funny that Ronnie keeps saying it though, it's just a game...Laura says it's because he knows who he's going to put up and one of their happy asses is going up and we'll be seeing the tapes soon and he's worried saying it's just a game...Jeff says "whatever, it is just a game".

Laura says she was happy before she came there and if they send her out sooner than later she'll be happy walking out the door...Casey says he'll go back to a loving family and healthy kids...Jeff says "man, are we licking our wounds"...Casey says it seems like Jessie knew because he kept telling them they were going to regret it and he thought Jessie was just playing mind games, he acted like he knew...Laura says she doesn't think Jessie knew Ronnie would do that, he's playing mind games which is smart on his part....more silence...

Casey says that he's not going to let somebody's speech dictate what he does (Chima's)...more silence then Casey gets up to lay on the lounger across the BY...more :( and silence...Laura asks Jeff for a towel, Jeff says it's wet, Laura say it's ok, she will cover her face with a pillow...Michele comes out and Casey asks if Michele can go check for liquor, she does...Casey says to lick your wounds right now and live to fight another day, 4 of them can't go home so 3 of them will fight for HOH next week...Jeff says maybe all 4 of them...Casey says unless he has superpowers he can't send all 4 of them home...Laura says he may put one of them up with Kevin and gives them the veto or he may replace someone with one of them...Casey says at least then they get to play for it and maybe pick with HG's choice...Laura says that's what she was telling Jordan, she'd rather be nominated and then fight for POV...Laura leaves to go to the bathroom...

BY chat - There's the BFF reference again


After Laura leaves to go to the bathroom, Jordan asks Jeff "what are you thinking about?"...Jeff says "I don't know...everything"...Jeff thinks and then says "I hate losing, I don't take it well"...Jordan half giggles...Jeff says "I swear it's the worst"...Jordan smiles...Casey yells out "you just hate 2 weeks in a row of the fu**ing gloating man"...Jeff mumbles "I hate it"...Jordan says "I know, me too...we were being too confident yesterday"...Jeff says "I was being too nice, I trust you, you're such a nice, good person, wtf was I thinking...I get fu**ed in here the same way I get fu**ed outside, I give everyone the benefit of the doubt, I meet a new person, I'm like 'you're the best'...and then...(Jeff does the popping sound with his finger in his mouth)...right in your butthole...I don't know why"...Jeff says "I made some bad choices from the moment I got in here"...Jordan says "like what? I don't think you did"...Jeff says "I don't think I was ready for what this was all about"...Jordan says "I thought I could do it, I was like oh, I'll be myself, you know?"...Jeff says "but I mean even if I played again I can't be one of them, it's just not me, I can't do that, ykwim? I can't do that"...

Jordan says "if you weren't here I would're my BFF in the house" :) ...Jeff says "I'm your anchor in this house"...Jordan says "what does that mean?"...Jeff says "you'd probably be up there right now if you didn't talk to me"...Jordan says "why?"...Jeff says "I don't know, you'd probably be with them...I don't know what I'm saying...I don't even know what that means"...Jordan says "I don't like you when you're mad"...Jeff doesn't respond but says "I just gotta think, there's not much to think about but"...Michele comes out then Laura...

BY chat - No joking around


Michele comes outside and joins Jeff & Jordan, she's sad because she was so close in the HOH competition and she was one buzzer away from seeing pictures of Tim. Jordan says sorry that she said 'fag', she didn't mean to offend her, she says gay a lot, she has to work on that. Jordan says she was close but they have next week.

Jordan says Ronnie was so excited (about his HOH room) and that they look like some depressed people...Jeff says he's a little...he's just pissed...Jordan wishes they still had Braden...Jordan says she's sleeping on his mat tonight, not with Lydia. Jeff kind of shrugs to signal ok, if you want to sleep alone that's fine.

Jordan says she actually slept good last night...Jeff says me too...Jordan asks if her feet got in the way?...Jeff says no...Jordan says "not at all, I didn't kick you in the face?"...Jeff says no...Jordan says tonight she probably would but Jeff doesn't respond and Jordan says nevermind, tonight is not the night for jokes.

Laura says that Jessie technically doesn't have a bed...Jordan says why doesn't he hop in with Natalie? Laura says she assumes he'll do that...Jordan says Laura killed the comp, it should have been her and Ronnie in the final round...Laura says she was close, probably everybody back home was like Laura! nooo!

Jeff is silently rubbing his ear...Jordan says Laura was doing so good and here she was (doing badly). They talk briefly about the have not competition.

Jordan says she wishes it was just the 5 of them left...Jordan says "Jeff if you leave, I'll be so bored"...she says she'll have Laura and Casey...Laura says Jeff can write you a letter or vice versa...Jordan says "yeah Jeff"...Laura says she doubts it will happen...Jordan says "listen homie, if you leave before me or if I leave before you write me a letter" :)

Jeff says "alright"...Jordan says write a mean one...Jeff says he was going to say if he could put F-bombs in there?...Jordan asks if you're allowed to say whatever you want?...Laura says no, they monitor the letters...silence...Laura says her head hurts again, Jordan's was hurting before...Jordan says if Braden was there it would be such a different mood...Jordan says they wouldn't be rubbing it in people's faces...Jeff says yeah they would but then says he doesn't know what he's talking about.

Jordan wants to sleep out in the BY tonight...more silence...Jeff says he hopes they're not fu**ing around and try to take his bed from him...Laura says they already tried?...Jeff says yeah...Laura asks what Jeff said...Jordan says why don't they go in there then?...Jeff says he's not playing that game either cuz he'll fu**ing snap.

Jeff then imitates Natalie saying "who's bed was it originally?"...Laura says Chima's...Jeff says he gave up his bed for that fu**ing cocksucker...Jeff says "see what you get for being nice? it sucks, I hate it"...Laura says she knows, exactly.

Jordan can't find her reef sandals...long pause of silence...Jordan finally asks Laura if she wants to go inside and lay down?...Laura kinda does but where is Jordan going to lay down?...they decide to lay in Jeff's bed and they leave the BY.

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