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Day 6 of BB11 Feeds

July 15

Raspberry kiss in the RR


J&J are laying in the RR in Jeff's bed. The other HG's are in there with them chatting about various things. Unfortunately there is not one camera focused in on J&J but occasionally it is and there are some sweet moments captured...feeds return with Jeff telling Jordan that it was a nice gesture...he is referring to Jordan giving him a raspberry kiss on the cheek (this was shown on the tv show but not on the live feeds).

Jordan blows a raspberry on Jeff's shoulder and then gets comfy. Jordan smiles at Chima saying that the athletes are threatening people, she might need security.

Jeff says he didn't say shit, he says he's not really a part of that team, they laugh...Jeff says he needs a new shirt, like a purple one.

Jeff has been saying that Jordan loves to throw in little stones (at him) and Jordan says Jeff is just so easy to pick on because he's so Gucci...Jeff says he's a good sport. They talk about being safe in the house and Jordan says "ain't nobody safe in this house"...Laura says she's safe if Jordan wins...Jordan says y'all are safe if you win (pointing to Kevin)...what are you Outcasts?...they all start laughing and Chima says did you see Kevin's face when she said that? LOL they tell Jordan it is "Offbeats"...Jordan tells Kevin to not be mad, she was just kidding.

J&J lay together in silence…

Jordan starts playing footsie with Jeff's leg. :)

J&J nudge closer together and Jordan drapes her leg over Jeff's and plays footsie with his calf...(bone LOL )

Jeff says how many articles of clothing can Laura fold and he lightly slaps Jordan's butt. LOL

Jordan is sitting up and Jeff starts writing something on her back. They giggle & bicker...

Jeff turns on his side and Jordan leans into him. Jeff occasionally touches Jordan's back & side.

Jeff starts rubbing Jordan's neck and Jeff makes sure she knows that he wants the same on his back in return...Kevin asks if they are fighting?...Natalie says they would make a cute couple for real...Kevin says yes, can they make babies? :)

Jordan reaches back to Jeff and he starts playing with her arm, he's jiggling her arm, lol, he laughs and goes in to get closer, he starts rubbing her neck again, Jordan has her arm behind him. He rubs for 3 minutes and then Jordan leaves for the bathroom...

RR - Can JJ make babies


Jeff rubs Jordan's neck in the RR (on Jeff's bed) with the other HG's around discussing all sorts of topics. Jeff makes sure Jordan knows that he expects the same from her on his back. They bicker a little and Kevin asks them if they are fighting. Natalie says that for real they make a cute couple. Kevin says if they can make babies. ;) Jeff asks Jordan if it feels good, she says yes. She wants Jeff to keep going...Jeff says see how I feel? Jeff jiggles Jordan's arm, he laughs and turns to rub her neck again. Jordan is clearly enjoying it. :)

RR - Jeff doesn't like Jordan flirting


Jeff & Jordan have moved over into the same bed (Natalie's bed by the wall), it has been decided as a group they will sleep there tonight.

Feeds turn to J&J whispering in bed...

@1:34:48am...Jordan is saying how she's trying to be friendly with the others...Jeff says she is doing a good job...Jeff says something about "she just wants to shake shit up" and then Jordan says maybe she is playing just like she (Jordan) is playing Russell...Jeff says maybe she is (not sure who "she" is) Jordan says she was flirting with Russell and rubbing his head...Jeff says "don't do that because you give him the, do whatever you want...I'm just saying you send some people the wrong messages, you know what I mean?" 🫤

Jordan says they're ok, that Ronnie was looking at them and falling for it (her flirting with Russell) so obviously it was believable...Ronnie turns on the lights...Jeff says what do you mean we're ok, that Lydia is out there?...Jordan says no, Ronnie believed it so obviously she was doing a good job...Jeff says doing a good job of being a little ho?...Jeff laughs and Jordan says ya.

Jordan says she's serious...Jeff says are you good at that?...Jordan says mmm, hmm, definitely...Jeff asks her how she is when her and her friends go out but Jordan gets distracted and talks to Russell who is milling around and doesn't answer....

They say goodnight to Russell & Ronnie...Jeff whispers he's such a dork and then lights go back off...Jeff mumbles "you are a fu**ing little flirt" but Jordan doesn't hear him, more distraction...

Jeff starts whispering about how glad he is that Lydia left them, she's a loose cannon, she f**ked them and now people are ignoring her because they know she's a backstabber...Laura walks in and says why is the speaker on?...Jordan says the camera is right on them...boy/girl/bed... ;) Jeff says if Laura takes her top off, the camera will go on her LOL

Laura, Jeff & Jordan start talking game on J&J's bed...

RR - Watch out cutie


Jeff, who has gone to the bathroom, returns to the RR where Jordan, Laura and now Ronnie are game talking...Jordan and Laura are on sitting on the bed, Ronnie is sitting on the floor...Jeff points out his black Adidas shoes (wearing them for live show) and asks Jordan if she likes them? Jordan says they're ok...Jeff asks why she doesn't like them?...Jordan says she doesn't know, she needs to see them in the light...Jeff says he'll put them on later, he likes them...Jordan says "well if you like them, that's good" (oh how that would change lol)...Jeff giggles about them being the only pair of dress shoes he brought because they're dark, he put dark shoelaces on them, usually they're white...

Jeff moves over to the bed and playfully chops at Jordan's head, he hesitates getting in the bed for a second but makes his move, saying to Jordan "watch out cutie"

He gets in and lays down, Jordan says she feels like they're having a slumber party...Jeff says it's the schemer circle...Laura starts telling a story about a dream she had...Jordan pats Jeff's leg...Jeff stretches it out more and pats Jordan's butt/leg with his foot...Jordan immediately starts rubbing Jeff's leg...Jeff helps her out by lifting his sweatpants leg up...Jordan gives Jeff a thorough leg rub while Jeff tells his dream story…

As she continues rubbing, Ronnie says he had a nightmare for the first time and Jeff says "what was it, a giant hot dog was trying to eat you?" (Jeff is hilarious! duh :) ) Ronnie explains his dream and they all agree he needs to see the psychologist. LOL

RR - Same bed back scratch


Jeff & Jordan have just finished up their game talk with Laura (and Casey) and settle down for bed. They are sleeping in the same bed (Natalie's old bed, she is sleeping in the HOH). Jeff is sleeping against the wall. Jordan says she doesn't even want any covers because it's too hot. Laura says "doesn't it sound like the speakers are on?"...Jeff & Jordan say yes...Laura tells BB that the speaker is on and they can't sleep. Jeff gets up to grab the other blanket and lays back down.

BB has turned the speaker off, J&J take their mics off and say goodnight to Laura...Laura says pray about Thursday, Jordan says she has been, Jeff says just be positive and good things will come.

Jeff fiddles with the covers and then says "you wanna scratch my back?"...Jordan says "hmm?"...Jeff giggles...Jordan says yeah...Jeff says "you do? I'm so excited"...Jeff turns to have his back facing Jordan and says don't do it if she's uncomfortable...Jordan starts scratching and asks how he can sleep in sweatpants...Jeff says he will take them off.

Jordan keeps scratching and Jeff says "it's good"...Jordan says Jeff's back is a little wet...Jeff says it is? he's a little hot...Jordan says he should put on basketball shorts or something...Jeff gets up to change out of his sweatpants...feeds go to fish then return immediately...Jeff is back in bed and Jordan is scratching.

After a couple of minutes Jeff says that Michele is going to sleep in his bed...Jordan continues scratching Jeff in silence and after about 5 minutes or so she taps him to signal it's over. She softly hugs Jeff, buries her face towards him and Jeff reaches back and squeezes her thigh/butt and says "that was good"...Jeff turns to lay on his back and says "that was a long one"...Jordan says "I know"...Jeff says "see, I like it, now it's even".

Michele comes in and they chat with her about the bed and extra pillows...the feeds switch to the SS room for half a minute then go back to the RR, Jeff is scratching Jordan's leg/butt, Jordan slaps his hand, lol & Jeff slaps her hand back, lol. Jeff goes into the HN room to check on something, Jordan talks to Michele...Jordan says it's hot now but in the morning it will be cold. Jeff who's in the HN room, thinks you can hear people clearly in there so he asks Jordan to say something in a normal voice to see if he can hear her...Jordan says "you're stupid"...Jeff comes back in and says he didn't hear anything, he thought he heard them before. Jeff gets back in bed…

RR - JJ get super close


Jeff gets back in bed with Jordan and starts getting settled in with the sheet and laying the right way...Braden walks by and Jordan says "Braaaden"...Jeff says "good morning"...Jordan has her back/butt to Jeff and Jeff is facing the same way, he gets his pillow just right and then goes to put his hand on Jordan, he seems hesitant or nervous in knowing exactly where to put his hand, lol, he touches her hip and then fiddles with her shirt...Jordan turns and says "do my arm"...Jeff starts scratching it but it takes a few tries to get her arm positioned just right, Jeff laughs about it and Jordan lays on her back to get her arm just right for scratching. Jordan bends her leg towards Jeff and he gets to scratching. :)

They talk to Michele briefly and Braden walks by again back into the SS room. Jeff says something about the others and the food re: the noise they're making, Jordan says they're having a feast. Michele gets up and whispers something to J&J about the tiff she had with Chima earlier, she goes back to bed, they say their goodnights.

Jordan points out that she has a burn on her arm from baking cookies...Jeff farts a silent one, Jordan says "don't you dare fart, I don't wanna hear it"...Jeff laughs and says he just did, it was a little one...Jordan says "you did fart? did it smell?"...Jeff smells for it and says "yeah"...Jeff laughs and Jordan says "eww, gross".

Jeff whispers something inaudible to Jordan...she puts her arm towards Jeff's chest and rubs it, she says "you're like on fire"...they keep mumbling something inaudible and meanwhile Michele is saying something but they ignore it and keep talking LOL...Jordan giggles about something and then they start talking about Jordan's retainer, she plays with it and Jeff says ewww, he laughs and says "don't do that...if I get grossed out..."

Jeff flicks her retainer just for fun, lol, and then drapes his leg over hers. Jordan asks if he would get grossed out, Jeff says "about what?"...Jordan says that is what he said...Jeff says "if you're like" and he shows her what she looked like playing with the retainer.

Jeff starts lightly scratching her arm again...the other HG's are being loud in the kitchen, J&J whisper inaudibly to each other...Jordan touches her belly and says something about her stomach being flatter or fatter (can't make it out)...Jeff exhales/sighs and turns right onto his back....he says "what's up? it's fu**ing hot in here and in the morning (it's cold)..."...Jordan turns and hugs Jeff and Jeff caresses her hair...this lasts for less than 30 seconds...

Jordan turns back and says it's too hot for that...Jeff laughs...Jordan faces the other way but reaches back to make sure she is touching Jeff's leg with her hand.

Jeff makes the sign of the cross and prays. He holds his fingers up to his ears to pray in silence. Jeff finishes and says that he had to do a quick prayer. Jordan holds Jeff's arm and tells Jeff she likes to hold people's arms like this, she doesn't know why...Jeff says "oh yeah? that's nice".

Jeff says it's for taking a walk through the park...Jeff asks Jordan if she knows what fall is (lol Jeff), does North Carolina have fall?...Jordan says "uhh, yeah"...Jeff says he doesn't know how cold it gets there, a lot of places don't have fall...Jordan says her birthday is in the fall...Jeff says when is it?...Jordan says November...Jeff says that's not the fall, that's the winter. 🤨 Jordan begs to differ...Jeff says in Chicago it's cold & snowing already.

Jeff says "November what?"...Jordan says "21st"...Jeff says his Ma's is November 24th...Jordan says "what's yours?"...Jeff says "June 5th"...Jordan says her sister and her grandpa's is June 29th...Jordan takes Jeff's arm and places it on her with his hand resting on her thigh, she starts rubbing his hand with hers and says his hand is so soft, hers isn't...Jordan says Jeff has girl hands and she has boy hands...Jeff says it's because he puts lotion on every single time he's in the bathroom...Jordan keeps caressing them and says "yeah, you have really soft hands"...Jeff says even his callouses are soft...Jordan says "feel mine"...Jeff feels and she says she's just kidding...Jeff says she has none but her hands are dry...Jordan asks if they feel real, real dry?

Jeff says not real dry but dry...Jordan's not so sure...Jeff says "believe me, if they were dry I would tell you, I don't like dry"...Jeff says it drives him fu**ing bananas...mmm, banana pancakes :) ...Jordan giggles and Jeff laughs..Jeff says "you want those tomorrow?"...Jordan says eww, banana? that's gross..Jeff says he'll make banana nut pancakes...Michele, who is listening over in the peanut gallery says she'll have them (who asked you anyway? grrr)

Jeff says fine, Michele says deal, Jeff says done...Jordan continues to rub Jeff's hand and strategically places it on her inner thigh, LOL ...she then rubs his arm and taps it, Jeff taps her thigh...Jordan reaches down again and caresses & holds Jeff's thumb while her other hand rubs Jeff's forearm...Jeff just lays there enjoying :) ...Jordan taps Jeff to signal time's up and then she turns her butt to Jeff and gets comfy...they lay still for awhile and then the feeds switch to the kitchen.

RR - It's getting hot in here 🔥😉


Just after the 3:03am mark the feeds switch from the kitchen where many of the HG's are eating, talking, etc. to Natalie & Michele in the RR who are having a mini confrontation about something that happened outside regarding crying and spraying ants (not sure exactly what this was all about). Natalie is telling Michele she took what she said personally and was offended, Michele is telling Natalie that she didn't mean for it to come off that way, she was joking, etc.

Natalie leaves just before the 3:05am mark saying that it was a miscommunication so let's just drop it and Michele says she would appreciate it if Natalie comes to her first with something rather than talk to everyone else about it.

Michele tells Jeff & Jordan she's sorry about that...Jeff, referring to the ants, drops a one-liner saying "don't let the bed bugs bite" LOL...he says "don't worry, just get some sleep"...the volume on the RR feeds decreases now and the volume on the kitchen feeds increases...Natalie walks in and lies about what she was doing in the RR, she tells the others she was going in there to check to see if her bed was available, she tells them that Jeff & Jordan are in there (she obviously did this to ensure people knew J&J were in bed together because just 3 hours before she had insisted they sleep in her bed because she was going to sleep in the HOH). Loud mics switch back to the RR.

Cam 1 - Michele/Cam 2 - Jeff & Jordan

Michele complains to J&J about Natalie and that people were saying she was outside crying when all she was doing was eating chips, it's bullshit...Cam 2 zooms in on J&J...Jeff has his arm draped over Jordan's chest and she is rubbing it...Jeff says he never heard that...Jordan says "now you know how we feel"...Jeff says "yeah"...Jeff says "see how shit goes around this house?"...Michele pulls the cover over head...Jeff says "how about this, you got a bed and your monkey"...Michele says that's right but it probably makes her crazy too.

Right as Jordan puts her hand on Jeff's leg that is draped over her, Jeff farts...Jordan says ewww...Jeff laughs and says he thought that would break the tension for Michele...Jordan says "she doesn't care about your farts"...Jordan tugs at Jeff's shorts to pull Jeff's leg up higher on her...Jeff laughs again.

Laura who is still awake too says "are y'all hot?"...Jeff says "yeah" and he caresses Jordan's upper chest/neck area...Laura says "it's hot as f**k in here"...Jeff says he knows, it's (usually) not like that, it's today.

Jeff says "I think they're doing it on purpose"...Jordan adjusts her t-shirt and Laura says "please turn on the AC, I can't sleep in this desert"...Jeff yawns and says they (BB) control everything...Jordan lifts up her arm and says something about her going to sleep...Jeff bites it :) and says he was relaxing too...Jordan fidgets with her shirt again and Jeff lifts his leg...Jordan says it's not Jeff, he puts it back down and she rubs his leg...Jeff reaches down and lifts his briefs up to scratch his leg...the camera starts rotating and Jordan who is uber aware of it says "oh great here comes the camera"...Jeff just giggles...they lay there awhile and then just after the 3:08am mark the feeds switch to the kitchen.

RR - Sexual tension builds


sexual tension has already built up here and this is week one!

Now Jordan & Jeff have changed positions and Jordan is closest to the wall. They are facing each other and fighting "the feeling" :) Jordan says something about her eyes automatically watering up, you know? and Jeff says "you know" and starts caressing her hair, their faces are inches apart...

Jeff says "you know what my ma used to do to make me fall asleep? she'd crack eggs on my head"...Jordan says "huh?"...Jeff shows her how his ma did it and Jordan giggles...Jordan in her hoarse night voice says "is that a Catholic thing?"...Jeff says "nah, I don't know what the hell that is"...Jordan says she was just kidding.

Jeff rubs her hair again and says "dude, doesn't it feel good? dude, a dozen eggs, she'd always do that" and he cracks another one on Jordan's head...Jordan says "that does"...Jeff says "it feels good though right? don't like it?"...Jordan says "no, I said it feels good".

Jordan touches her hair and says "I don't have any hair on this side of my hair, I'm bald, all my hair parts to the left, I got a cowlick"...Jeff repeats cowlick...they continue facing each other, the chemistry is palpable...Jordan touches Jeff on the chest and then buries her head closer to Jeff, they lay like this for a bit and then Jordan says something about her face being smashed (?)...Jeff says he can see her and he turns on his back. Jordan is unsure where she should put her hand, she puts it on Jeff's belly...Jeff touches hers with his, rubs it and they lay there for a little while...someone walks by, someone is making noise in the room while they lay there...Jordan seems nervous, she puts her hand more on Jeff's chest now...their eyes are closed...Jordan reaches for Jeff's right arm that is above his head, brings it down and holds onto it for comfort...they fidget a little occasionally but eventually seem to settle into some kind of sleep.

@ the 3:41am mark Jeff gets restless and uncomfortable and gently removes his arm from under Jordan, touches her to let her know he's there and then turns on his stomach to really settle into sleep

Jeff isn't sleeping well


J&J's first night sleeping in the same bed didn't allow Jeff for very restful sleep...even though Jordan seems to be getting some sleep, Jeff isn't.

Just before the 5:05am mark Jeff starts getting restless legs.

Just before the 5:13am mark Jeff gingerly turns over so not to disturb Jordan, grabs the sheet that is between them and cradles it while touching Jordan to let her know he's there, she moves closer to him and Jeff puts his right leg over Jordan's leg...the foot shaking ensues...

Just after the 5:22am mark Jeff bends his other leg up, he's clearly not sleeping, he keeps fidgeting...

Just before the 5:27am mark Jordan stirs and gets herself more comfy by covering herself with the sheet, Jeff turns back onto his stomach and faces the other way...Jordan rubs his back, fixes her sheet, then rubs his back again to let him know she's there. Jeff keeps shaking his foot.

Just after the 5:53am mark Jordan stirs and sits up to fix her sheet and turn herself towards the wall, Jeff turns towards her, she snuggles into Jeff's arm while Jeff turns himself more comfortably, he covers himself with his sheet at the same time. He whispers to her "you comfortable?"...Jordan says "mmm, hmm"

Just after the 6:08am mark a funny moment when Jeff, who has been apparently awake for at least the last 20 minutes turns to try and sleep on his stomach...he tries to cover himself with his sheet which is a complete tangled mess so he gives up, stands up and untangles it and then gets back in bed. He also takes this time to put the heavier blanket at the foot of their bed for when it gets colder.

Just after the 6:15am mark Jeff shifts again, reaches for something, sits up, puts a pillow from the floor onto the bed, scratches himself and just generally looks bewildered. He goes to the bathroom.

Just before the 6:19am mark Jeff returns and lays down, more foot shaking, stirring & yawning.

Just after the 6:33am mark Jeff stirs again, scratches and turns his head.

Just after the 6:38am mark Jordan stirs, looks back at Jeff, nudges closer to him and Jeff cradles his arm around her neck and they stay that way for a long time.

Just before the 7:26am mark Jeff & Jordan both stir, Jordan lifts her head and Jeff takes his arm out but she moves back into Jeff and they snuggle more. Jordan holds Jeff with her free this point Jordan isn't even visible on camera, lol.

I recall Jeff telling someone, if not Jordan, that he had terrible sleep this night and he couldn't sleep with Jordan again

Leave her cute ass alone


Jordan is in the bathroom and runs into the kitchen area...cams stay on Michele in the bathroom but Jeff is heard asking Jordan what's up? she says nothing, she just needs to poop (?) and Jeff says ok, he was wondering what the f**k was going on? (because of her running in)...Jordan giggles...Casey says chlorine is a natural laxative and then the cams switch to the kitchen where Jordan is saying "really? you're lying" and then she says they can't raise their voices at her, she's very sensitive...Casey calls her America's sensitive sweetheart...Braden says that Jordan has the mouth of a trash can at night...Jeff says it's after a glass of wine...Jordan says "I do not, I just joke around with everybody"

BB tells Jordan to put on her mic...Jordan says she was outside...Jeff teasingly says "Jordan, it's half past the hour, what time is it?"...Jordan rolls her eyes and says "stoopppuh! don't do that in front of Casey either"...Braden asks if it's before or after?...Casey asks what did he do?...Jordan says "oh man"...Jeff says it's 11, what time is it?...BB tells Jordan to put on her mic again...Jordan says "shut up, I already know what time it is now" Jordan leaves to go outside he says it's because she looked at the digital clock...Braden giggles...Jordan smiles as she closes the sliding glass door.

Jeff smiles to himself...Braden asks Casey "did you hear about that? she doesn't know how to tell time on a freakin, other than"...Casey says "digital?"...Braden says "yeah"...Jeff says "leave her cute ass alone"...Casey yells "I didn't say nothing!"...Jeff says "before we even got going"...Braden says "it's good"...Casey yells "how I did? how'd I get in this?"...Jeff turns the subject and they all start joking around…

Jeff gives Jordan an ultimatum


*ed - Jeff in no uncertain terms tells Jordan he doesn't like her flirting with Russell even if it's for game, if she continues, he will be her friend from afar. Jordan gets the message. Jeff tells Jordan she is his only priority and he will be hurt if she betrays him.

Jordan is in the pink floatie in the pool. Jeff is in the middle of working out. Jeff comes over to talk to Jordan...Jordan says something about "toona" and Jeff says "wtf, is that like your routine now?"...Jordan says "no"...Jeff says "to rip on me?"...Jordan says "no, it's funny cuz you get so mad"...Jeff points and says "get used to the bottom of that thing"...he smiles and Jordan laughs...Jordan says "that's like an in love thing" and Jeff says "yeah, I know, I can't wait to put you to the bottom of that thing"...Jordan laughs.

Jordan says "so yeah"...Jeff says "well I figured as much, that's your favorite routine"...Jordan says "no, it's funny, I had to say it"...Jeff looks down and unconvincingly says "it is funny"...

Jordan asks "are you done working out?"...Jeff says "no...I'll probably get in the pool right when you're getting out"...Jordan says "probably"...Jeff says "that's how you work it"...Jordan says "yeah, when you get in I have to leave"...Jeff says "I know, for sure"...Jordan pointing at the cement surrounding the pool, says "hey, take your shoes off and sit right there"...Jeff says "no, I gotta finish working out"...Jordan says "noooo"...Jeff says "why?"...Jordan says "cuz I wanna talk to you"...Jeff squats down and says "talk to me"...Jordan says "no, it's so obvious"...Jeff says something inaudible about what does she care since it's obvious (they're together)...Jeff says "I'll stretch out" and he does.

Jeff says "what's wrong?"...Jordan looks in the mirror to see who is watching them before talking and whispers something about thinking that Braden has a chance to stay...Jeff says he was thinking the same thing and if they do it would be so great...Jordan says it would be chaos...Jeff says something about the others hating them and Jordan says they already hate us.

Jeff pretends to show off his muscles to Casey (?) and says he's not "that guy"...Jordan & Jeff talk, hard to hear but I think they're counting the votes for Braden to possibly stay...Jeff says "there'll be some shit up in this bitch"...Jordan says "yeah" and then says something about war...Jordan says that's why she thinks it would be funny, they'd be in complete shock...they talk a bit more game and it's very hard to make out exactly what they're saying…

Jeff says something about Lydia, not trusting her and how she was up there flirting with Russell (to get him to take her off the block)...Jordan says "yeah, I do the same thing, I flirt with Russell but I don't overdo it"...she says something about that night and him working on her legs (?)...Jeff looks less than thrilled and mumbles "slut"...Jordan says "I'm what?"...Jeff says "shot, you're a tease, that's one thing"...Jordan says "I'm not!"...

Jeff says "you're going to come off looking bad if you keep fu**ing around"...Jordan says "why?"...Jeff says "it just doesn't look right, flirting is one thing but fu**ing around, sleeping in the same bed and rubbing each other all over the place, it looks bad"...Jordan says she's not rubbing Russell...Jeff says "if you're rubbing all over and sleeping with him I don't want you in my zone, you be my friend from over there (pointing far away) cuz I'm not making that kind of TV"...Jordan says "shut up"...Jeff says "I'm being serious, don't f**k around like that"...Jordan protests she's not and says she's not talking about that...Jeff says he is talking about that...Jordan says "I'm not though uhhhhh!"...Jeff says "whaddya mean you're not talking about that, I am"...Jordan says "you irritate me"...Jeff says "you irritate me, I'm going to massage everyone's boobs in the house"...Jordan says "go do it"

Jeff says he will, he'll be right back and gets up to go lift more weights, he says he's coming in the pool but he knows for sure that Jordan will get out and it will be him & Michele chilling as always....Jeff lifts weights and Jordan adjusts herself in the floatie, at first Jordan smiles but then gets a very concerned serious look on her face, Jeff's message is getting through loud & clear.

Jeff comes back towards Jordan and sneezes, he asks Jordan if she said bless you?...Jordan says no...Jeff says she needs to learn some manners...Jordan says "you need how to watch how you talk to me"...Jeff says "you need to watch your actions"...Jordan, with a serious look on her face, says "I didn't do anything...what about my actions?"...Jeff says "I'm not saying anything, you can do whatever you want, I'm just saying watch your actions...that's all I'm saying".

Jordan starts game talking again and says that Ronnie said he planted a seed and he said he can get people to turn on Russell...Jeff says "I think they're ready to"...Jordan says "I want, I want him out, I want Jessie out"...Jeff squats down and says the best move is if someone puts up Jessie & Russell and pit them against each other to compete for POV and then see where their friendship lies...they talk about Ronnie and how cute he is with all his plans...Jeff sits down again to stretch...they go over scenarios for next week and Jeff says if Jordan is up he would win POV and take her off...Jeff says "you're really my only priority in here" :)...Jordan says "aww thanks"...Jeff tsks and says "I'll drown you"...Jordan says "and then in the final 3 you'll backdoor me and then I'll talk shit about you"...she laughs...Jeff says "yeah and I'll be remember all that running around you did week 1 and 2?...later!" 🥴

Casey has approached them and stops...they ask him what he's got to say?...Casey doesn't say anything, lol. Jordan asks Casey or Jeff if he wears boxers or just underwear...Jeff says boxer briefs...Jordan says boxer boxers? Casey says not usually anymore, he used to...Jeff says he doesn't like boxers because it feels like he's wearing two pairs of shorts...Casey says they bunch up.

Jordan says she would hate to have a penis...Jeff says he would hate to have a bloody vajayjay...Jordan says "no, penises seem like they get in the way"...Jeff says they do sometimes but you live with it...just before the 12:35pm mark the feeds switch off J&J and then return on Cam 1 at the 12:37pm mark...Jeff & Jordan are talking game again, Jeff says worst case scenario he will meet her at the jury house, he'd like to kick it at the beach if he's going somewhere...Jordan says me too...Jeff says he'd rather go there than go home...Jordan brings up Diane & Drew and how they stuck together the whole way, Drew was the nice guy like Jeff and he made it, he won it and all of them are like Scott, Jase, you know?...Jeff says totally...Jordan says someone just has to put their foot down and do it...Jeff says that's what he means, this week (coming up) is the week to do it.

Jordan says Jeff better win and he should try...Jeff says he is going to...Jordan says if it's her and Jeff left and it's questions...Jeff says he will throw it...Jordan says but don't be obvious...Jeff says whatever, it is what it is...Jordan says they'll get down Jeff's throat...Jeff says he can fu**ing handle himself, he's not worried about them, f**k them, what are they going to do verbally abuse him? get the f**k out of here.

Jordan says "I already know I can trust you because you know"...Jeff smiles and says "no I don't know"...Jordan giggles and says she has to quit saying you know...Jordan says she means even though they do talk, he's just Jeff...Jeff says "I guess that's good enough" 🙁

Jordan says he knows he can trust her because she talked to him...Jeff says "if you ever stab me in the back!"...Jordan says "I swear to God if you do it to me I will find you"...Jeff smiles and says "I'll get thrown out of here for punching a chick"...Jeff cracks up, rolls over and gets up...Jeff says he would punch her right there and then he points to the bottom of the pool LOL...Jordan says "yeah right, I'll bite you"

Jeff says "no, I would be so pissed, you don't understand, I'd be like...hurt"...Jordan says "it's a game"...Jeff says "yeah?"...Jordan says she's just kidding, she's just trying to talk big talk right now, trying to scare him...Jeff whispers he's not scared.

Braden comes out and their talk breaks up, Jordan tells Jeff to go talk to Braden while they work out, she then tells Braden to go talk to Jeff.

Game talk by the pool


Jeff & Jordan are still outside after having their "serious talk by the pool"...Jordan is in the pool, Jeff is walking around mid work out and heads to the pool, they start talking game...Jordan asks if they should trust Laura?...Jeff says what would be good is if Laura won HOH and was serious (about what she told them)...Jordan asks if Jeff doesn't think she would?...Jeff hopes she would...Jordan says she already told them what she was going to do so if she turned her back on them they could say she said "this"...Jeff says the funny thing is if he won HOH he'd put Lydia and Laura up, last night was the first time Laura opened up to him, he's sure it's because Jordan was there, not opened up but talked to him...Jordan doesn't seem to like this...Jeff says "Lydia is going up for sure" gets hard to hear Jordan at this point but I think Jordan is talking Jeff into putting up Kevin & Lydia and how Jeff could talk to him and explain why, Jordan tells Jeff she doesn't want Laura up because she's on her team, if the plan backfires (keeping Braden) then she's by herself...Jeff stands up saying he doesn't want to say (anything yet)...Jordan says "then I'll cuss you out"...Jeff throws the beach ball at Jordan :)

Jeff says he doesn't want to say it yet, Lydia for sure he's putting up, after that he doesn't know, because she fu**ed them big time...Jeff jokingly says "I can put you up" LOL...Jordan says "hell no"...Jeff says "what?"...Jordan says "no"...Jeff says "why not?"...Jordan says "cuz"...Jeff says "I'll be like, I don't like you running around being a little hussy" Jeff giggles...Jordan opens her mouth and says "have I been?"...Jeff says "no, I'm just joking, what did I tell you, I'm not putting you up...ever" he continues saying "you're the one that stuck with me through the 'Jeff fu**ing smells' period"

Jordan says "through the storm"...Jeff says "yeah through the storm"...Jeff pretends to throw the ball at her again and Jordan says "this is your beating"...Jeff says "this is my love tap" ♥

Jeff throws the ball back at Jordan and says he's going to do another set, is she getting out soon? cuz he's getting in soon...Jordan says maybe...Jeff says if she's getting out soon, he's going on the elliptical, if she's staying in, he'll get in before that...Jordan says why doesn't he finish working out then get in the pool?...Jeff says he wants to do that too...Jordan says with sass "well then go do it"...Jeff points at Jordan "you're going up!" :) ...Jordan says "yeah right"...Jeff walks away and says to Braden they have a new plan, Jordan is outta there LOL

Jordan testing Jeff


Just as Jeff heads toward where Braden is, Jordan calls out to Jeff "come here!"...Jeff turns around and says "who?"...Jordan says "you"...Braden says "me?"...Jordan says "no, Jeff" and she giggles...Braden aww's saying he got so excited...Jeff goes over to the pool again...Jordan says "you know they're threatened by us"...Jeff says "oh yeah, I feel it now, before he was like dude, I'm outta here, now I feel like we got something going on"...Jordan says "everybody's threatened by us cuz we're so close"...Jeff says "oh yeah, for real" :)

Jeff says they're two votes instead of one and the others know they won't f**k each other like Lydia...BB calls the HG's inside for a lockdown...Jeff throws the ball and hits Jordan in the head with it, she whines...Jeff whines saying "how long?"...Braden says "shut up, get inside" and Jeff whines about it more loudly LOL

Jordan jumps out of her pink floatie and asks Jeff "can you give me my towel please?"...Jeff says "where is it?" and goes around the pool to get it...Jordan Jeff gets the towel, Jordan gets out of the pool...Jeff hands it to her and Jordan says "thanks"...Jeff says "why did I have to go all the way over there when you were already like right there?"...Jordan says "cuz I just wanted to see if you'd do it...and you will" :)

Jeff's making TOONA


Jeff is slicing up some onion, preparing tuna <--- lol Jordan is milling about the kitchen, she stands next to Jeff and says "eww, you're eating tuna?....eww Jeff"...Jeff says "you don't like anything I eat...because you know why? I don't eat garbage food all the time"...Jordan gives him a look...Jeff says it's true, she knows it, not to look at him like that...Jeff says to not touch him while he has a knife in his hand cuz he might get pissed...he smiles at her...Jordan says it's not even a sharp knife so shut up...Jeff says it won't do any damage...Jordan says not really...Jeff asks her what she wants to eat but Jordan doesn't pay attention, she walks over to the other side of the counter...Jeff says "you hungry?"...Jordan says she feels like she just ate...they chit chat a bit more about that and tanning, Jeff says she's dark, super dark...Jordan complains her hair looks a mess, it looks like butt in the DR all the time.

Jordan says Jeff's food smells...Jeff says "tuna? no it smells like onions"...Jordan says uhhhh, she will stay clear from Jeff...Jeff says "let's go make out" :) ...Jordan says "uhhh, I haven't even kissed you yet (she was planning on it!) and I wouldn't even after you ate that".

Jeff says "what? Michele, can we make out?"...Michele says "what?" they laugh...Michele says "I don't make out with my brother sorry"...Jeff says "that's right, that's gross Michele"...Michele says "gross".

Jeff sings "sha na na na na na na na" (Brady Bunch theme)...Jordan finishes his thought and sings "sha na na na na"...Jeff giggles and Jordan continues singing "yeah time to change...we've got to rearrange"...Jeff says "the Brady Bunch"



Jeff is sitting at the counter eating his tuna. Jordan is getting her salad ready. She gets the salad bag out and the dressing, puts it on the counter and says "guess what I'm making?"...Jeff says "salad?"...Braden who is around says "yeah, yeah"...Jeff says "how did I know, we're on the same page huh?"...Jordan checks in the refrigerator to see if there's an opened salad dressing but there isn't so she has to open a new one. Jeff & Braden both tell her to "do it".

Jordan unsuccessfully tries to open the salad bag and makes a racket while doing so...Jeff is watching her and says "Jordan, you're making me nuts"...she hands him the bag as he grabs for it...Jeff says "what's up?"...Jordan says "what do you mean what's up?"...Jeff says "is this a re-sealable bag? no"...Jordan, in Jeff accent, says "no"...Jeff says "even when I do you a favor you still have to insult me?"...Jordan looks at him…

and rolls her eyes in the cutest way.

Jeff says "what is that with your cross eye, you do that when you get nervous or something"...Jeff finally rips it open and says "here, just take out what you need, you know"...Jordan rolls her eyes again, covers her ears signalling she doesn't want to hear that and says "you know"

Jeff just looks at her then Braden who is talking to Michele says at the end of his sentence "you know" and Jeff smiles and points at him signalling he says it too. Jordan smiles…

Jordan says "I heard"...Jeff says "what'd he say?"...Jordan says "you know"...Jordan looks at the dressing bottle and says "100 calories for this?"...Jeff says "how many servings?"...Jordan says "2 tablespoons" dies down and then the feeds go to fish

Sleeping arrangements talk


I knew there was a conversation where Jeff (and/or Jordan) said he had a terrible night's sleep the night before and I found it! :)

Jeff is sitting at the counter still eating his tuna. Jordan is almost finished getting her salad ready and is milling around the kitchen. Chima comes downstairs from the HOH where she has been sleeping, Braden starts singing the Miss America song "here she comes Miss Sleepyhead"...Jeff asks her if she's just getting up right now...Chima says yes...Jeff says "snap!'d that feel?"...Chima says "great but I really need to start going to bed earlier, honestly"...Jeff says "what time were you up to?"...Chima says 5...Jordan says "what!? and I thought I was a late night".

Chima says "when you go to sleep at 5 and they try to wake you up at 9, it's not"...Jeff says "it's not happening, it's not a good scene"...Jordan asks her "did you sleep good?"...Chima says "I did yeah, because it's a bed, imagine that, I'm so excited"...Chima asks how J&J slept in that "big" bed or bigger bed...Jeff says "it's not that big and I kept getting knocked off"...Jordan says "not comfortable"...Chima says "it wasn't comfy?"...Jeff says no, it's not a good idea.

Jessie has come into the kitchen and says they didn't sleep good last night? he would just sleep on top of Jordan, that's what he would do...Braden says "this is a great cushion"...Jeff says he did at one point, he was all over her...Chima says "I thought two people would work in that one but no".

Jordan says "I'm sleeping with Lydia tonight"...Jeff says "it was not a good plan"...Jordan says "no"...Jeff says "we never got any good sleep"...Chima says "sorry guys, we thought it was a great idea"...Jeff says "because I think we both like separating to our own know like when you're nice at first but then when you get tired you're like alright, go over there"...Chima & Jeff laugh...Chima says "and then you don't really have enough room to go over there"...Jeff says "no shit"...Jordan says in a whiny voice "I know and he's all rub my arm, rub my back, rub my blah blah blah" (umm I distinctly recall Jordan asking Jeff to rub her arm this night :) ) ...Jeff says that was in the beginning (of the night) between them dies down and Jordan comes around to sit next to Jeff to eat her salad, she asks him if he wants some Triscuits and then they eat…

JJ always touching


Jeff is sitting on a stool in the kitchen, Jordan finishes brushing her teeth and walks into the kitchen towards Jeff, he holds out his leg so that she can stand in between his legs, she does with her back to him.

They chit chat with Laura & Ronnie and then move to talk in the GR, Jeff comments that he is smelly, Jordan agrees because he was eating tuna & onions, ewww. Jeff asks Jordan "wanna make out now?" lol Jordan says no, heck no.

They sit down in the GR and start talking game with Laura but then Ronnie & Michele come in and random chatter occurs. Casey comes into the GR to take pics with the HOH camera, Jeff drapes his leg over Jordan and Casey says "why you always gotta be touching Jordan" ;)

They laugh, Jeff says this is the first picture he's touching Jordan! Casey says he has to get one of America's couple right here..Jordan gets all offended, lol and says "nooooo"...Jeff says they don't have to be holding hands or anything...Jordan & Jeff smile for the camera. :)

More random game chatter, Jeff drapes his leg over Jordan and Jordan says that Jeff has skinny legs...Jeff says he doesn't work them out anymore...Michele leaves and then Jordan clears her throat twice and looks at Jeff to signal that he should leave with Ronnie, Jeff doesn't get it so she tells him that she doesn't need to tell him anything else so he can...Jeff says "leave?"...Jordan says yes and Jeff smiles and gives her a look…

Jeff gets up and goes to leave...Jordan says "Jeff, omg, where are you going?" and she shoots him a look like take Ronnie with you...Jeff says he doesn't know what's going on and he leaves Ronnie behind LOL Jordan has to ask Ronnie to leave so her and Laura can talk. Ronnie leaves.

Flirty hallway chat


Jordan & Laura have been talking mad game in the GR and they finally leave. Just as Jordan is walking out the door Jeff approaches her. They lean up against each other and Jeff hugs Jordan as she's putting her mic pack on the back of her shorts.

Jeff says "didn't you want me to leave?"...Jordan says "yeah"...Kevin walks by and makes a face and they giggle...Jeff play kicks Jordan in the stomach...Jeff asks about what happened in the GR, did she tell Ronnie?...Jordan says "no"...Jeff says "what?"...Jordan says "you're so terrible"...Jeff says "I didn't know what you were doing"...Jordan says "no, I was sitting there and I was telling you to get him to go and then you're just like standing there like uhh, ok"...Jeff says "ohhh".

Michele walks by and Jordan stops her to tell her that she felt bad that Michele kept walking by the GR and they (Laura & Jordan) didn't talk to her, she didn't want her to think that her and Laura were talking about her. (As Jordan is saying this she subconciously reaches for the mic on Jeff's tank top to fix it, cute!) Michele says she understands that Jordan has to talk to her teammate.

More flirting...Jordan play punches Jeff in the chest and says she's sleepy...they look at each other...Jordan pats Jeff's hand and it stays there...Jeff says to take a nap...Jordan says she doesn't want to...Laura walks by with a chair saying she's going to curl her hair...Jeff says he'll go in there...Jordan says he's like a girl too.

Jeff says he has to brush his teeth...Jordan says "definitely"...Jeff says "right?"...Jordan says she didn't smell anything but he definitely has to brush his teeth.

Braden walks by and says "hey y'all"...Jeff whispers something about Jordan telling someone about Lydia...Jordan says she hasn't...inaudible whispers and then Jeff says "that bitch"...Kevin walks by and Jeff says "just cuz...Ronnie, I can't believe it".

Jordan calls out to Kevin "hey Kevin, come here", Jordan is holding onto Jeff now...Jeff laughs...Kevin approaches them saying "can we get a picture of you two please?"...Jordan smiles at Jeff and says "they did"...Jeff says "they took kind of one"...Jordan leans her head onto Jeff and says "your dream isn't going to come true because he ate tuna today and I told him I ain't going to kiss him if he ate tuna"...Kevin says "he didn't kiss you last night?"...Jordan says "no"...Jeff says "I was like halfway off the bed, I was trying to get romantic but I was like (shows how he was falling off the bed)"...Kevin says "like tuna breath?...go brush your teeth"...Jeff says "I'm going right now" and he cracks up laughing along with Jordan.

Kevin walks away and Jeff & Jordan walk into the bathroom...Jeff looks at the mirror and says "should I get Lydia to cut my hair right now before we hate each other?"...Jordan says "no, you might be buzzed" turns random between J&J, Braden & Laura.

RR - JJ banter


Feeds switch to the RR just before the 2:43pm mark...Jordan is laying in Jeff's bed, Jeff is showing Braden how small the "big bed" (Natalie's) really is and how they slept last night, he was pushed all to one edge while Jordan was rolled up in a ball taking up all the space...Jordan giggles...Braden says that mattress is so thin compared to the one in the SS room...Jeff says it's wider but it's a facade, it's the same mattress...Jordan and Jeff just look at each other :) ...Jeff says "what?"...he gets up while Braden goes into the SS room...the feeds switch to the SS room briefly & then return to J&J...Jeff is now sitting on the ledge of his bed...Jordan is rubbing his leg...the camera rotates noisily on them and they giggle...Jordan says "here they go, the camera"...Jeff smells himself and says he reeks, he has to take a shower...Jordan in a cute voice says "tuna, you reek with tuna and onions"...Jeff grabs the cover and throws it over over her head...she giggles and says she's just kidding :) ...Jordan says BB is going to call her out about not wearing her mic...Jeff says they're going to say "stop saying tuna"...Jordan says "no Jeff, you're the one that says tuna"...

Jeff turns to look in his drawer...Jordan says "hey!"...Jeff says "what?"...Jordan says "your clothes are in there?"...Jeff in his sexy voice says "yeah...what?...hey what?"...Jordan loses her train of thought and says "just asking"...Casey walks by looking at Jeff's haircut, Jeff asks how it looks? Casey says it's good and even, not patchy...

Super cute moment alert when Jeff says it's nice and short, when he does it up, he'll whip his head around and be like what? He cracks up laughing and Jordan giggles and shakes her head.

Jeff goes over to the bed, straddles Jordan and nibbles her neck...Jordan gets all nervous and says she hasn't cut her hair yet ever (huh? lol) and then her delayed reaction to the neck nibble, she says "oww, you bit my neck"...Jeff gets off saying "you smell like tuna" LOL...Jeff says as soon as he showers BB will say the lockdown is over...Jordan says maybe they're getting ready for tomorrow...Jeff says "already? I didn't do my (cardio) exercises"...Jordan whispers he can do that later.

Jeff gets his soft black shirt out and asks if she wants to sleep with it?...Jordan says "put it on"...Jeff says he can't put it on, he's dirty...he walks over to Jordan and rubs the shirt against her face...Jordan says "yeah, it is soft"...Jeff says "so soft"...Jordan gives it back to Jeff, he walks off with it saying "I love it...I love your shirt"

Jeff asks "did you see my shorts?"...Jordan says he can still wear them...Jeff says "I lost though, it hurts"...Jordan says "you lost?"...Jeff says "I lost, it hurts"...Jordan says "I think guys look so good when they wear basketball shorts, a hat and wife beaters" (exactly what Jeff was wearing! LOL)...Jeff excitedly says "like I had on today?" :) ...Jordan ignores realizing she slipped and says "no, like you know how girls look better dressed up and stuff, I think guys look better when they're bummy"...Jeff says "that's good, cuz I'm bummy"

I guess Jeff has a pink stain on his shorts so he says he can just rock the pink...Jordan says he's not doing anything so why not wear his comfy clothes, he might change now, then change again after going outside and getting nasty...Jeff says he's going to change cuz they're not doing anything...Jordan says change then!...Jeff says he's gonna...they almost start to banter about the shorts again but Jeff says "go to sleep, don't talk to me crabby"...Jordan says she's not crabby...Jeff turns to Jordan and says "stop looking at me"...Jordan says "why? I'm looking at your hair"...Jeff asks "what's wrong with it?"...Jordan says to turn his way and he does spilling a cup of Coke...Jordan giggles...Jeff says "f**k! now that has to be washed"...he throws down his 2 pairs of shorts and says "go to sleep! fu**in A"...Laura walks in...Jeff says "whose Coke was that?"...Laura says it's not hers...Jordan says Jeff has anger issues...Jeff says that if she'd just gone to sleep that would have never happened...

Jordan constantly throws stones at Jeff


Jessie, Lydia and Jeff are in the bathroom...Jeff is clipping his toenails...Jordan walks in and immediately says "eww"...Jeff breathes out and gives Jordan a look, Jordan smiles at him, Jeff does the same to her...

Jordan says his toenails were long...Jeff knows...Jordan says "eww"...Jeff says he's going to put them in her pillowcase...Jordan says she's going to shove them up his butt...Jeff gets up saying "if you don't say something fu**ing nice about me, I'm sick of these negative comments"...Jessie says that Jeff will put them in a little baggie and put them in her mouth when she's sleeping...Jeff says you know you always smell one...Lydia says "ewwww!"...Jeff throws away the clippings...Jordan doesn't get it and says "smell what? your farts?"...Jeff says yeah...Jordan says he's been farting a lot lately...Jeff and Jessie talk about the vitamins making you fart more...Jeff says that and the watermelon he ate pack a punch...Jordan goes to floss her teeth, she says cabbage will give you gas, it cleans her out...Jeff imitating Jordan says "eww gross! gross! eww! you look ugly today eww! your feet are weird eww! your hair's messy"...Jordan caught off guard comes back with "Duh!" LOL...Jeff says "everything is a stone! Jesus!"...Jordan says "have I said one thing?" (yes, yes you did!)...Jeff says "I'm outta here" and walks off...Jordan says "you suck"...Jeff says he can get that out there just as easily.

Jordan continues flossing and Lydia pokes her head up over the cover saying "Jordan dang!"...Jordan says "what?"...Lydia asks if Jeff's on his man period?...Jordan says it's cuz she's always making fun of him and he gets pissed, she thinks it's funny cuz he gets so mad...Jessie says he gets all testicle with her?...Jordan says yeah, he gets all bitchy but whatever...she brushes her teeth…

Jordan's pregnant not pregnant


I think this is the first time on the feeds that Jordan does her pregnant imitation.

Jordan joins Laura, Ronnie and Kevin in the green room after DR session...Jordan mentions how good the food looks (Jeff is cooking) of facial masks.

Out of nowhere, Jordan sticks out her belly and says "Look y'all, don't I look pregnant?"... Ronnie says no, shhh and Laura says she would be cute pregnant and tells her to go show everybody...most other houseguests are in the kitchen, including Jeff who is cooking.

Jordan waddles toward the kitchen, sticking out her belly and says "Hey, y'all look, don't I look pregnant?"

Ronnie laughs and says "It's Jeff's baby" and you can hear from the kitchen Braden saying "I thought you were just BFFs" can't see the kitchen much at all, but Jeff's laugh comes through loud and clear.

RR - Hands, Chicago & Charlottes Web


Jeff is laying in his bed under the covers, Jordan is sitting and in some form they are touching :)

...Michele is sitting on the edge of his bed talking game with them, they seem satisfied with their plan, they fist bump each other and Michele leaves going into the HN room...Jordan leans forward and they whisper some more game, specifically about Casey being scared to be on board with their plan to oust Chima...Ronnie walks into the room...Jordan asks Ronnie what's wrong? he always looks stressed...Ronnie says nothing and he sits on the middle bed...not sure what Jeff is responding to but he says "that's why I want to lay down, I'm not ignoring you stupid" :) Jordan pats Jeff's arm to which Jeff does the same to her (patronizing LOL)...Jordan smiles while looking at Ronnie (I think she looks so beautiful here...)

The three of them start whispering game, Jeff asks who Ronnie wants to stay? Ronnie says Braden...Jordan says Michele is on board...Jeff starts getting pissed at someone who is still at 50% sure, wtf?...Jordan laughs and bends her head down on Jeff's arm...Jordan says Jeff is stupid...Jeff asks why is that stupid?...Jordan says "cuz you are" LOL

Jordan and Ronnie talk more inaudible game, Jeff just looks at Jordan...Jordan says "this is so obvious, disperse, disperse"...Jeff says "I know, for real, spread out"...Michele has made her way back in and so has Braden...

Jordan grabs Jeff's hand and links hers with it, she holds it while Jeff looks at their joined hands...

Jordan pats it, strokes it, puts up hers in comparison and says his hands are small...

Jeff says his brother's are like that too...Jordan keeps playing with his hand...she says she is going to have to see what Chicago looks like...Jordan gets distracted talking about Jessie but Jeff is intrigued by what she said so he says "what do you want to see?" Jordan says Chicago...Jeff says yeah? you'll like it...Jordan says she would like to visit but she doesn't think she could ever live in Illinois.

(interesting that subconciously she was projecting that there was a possibility she might want to move to Chicago one day ) Jeff says why?...Jordan says she doesn't know...(she is tracing what looks to be heart shapes on Jeff's hand)...she guesses since her grandparents live there and it's small...Jordan puts her face in Jeff's hand while Jeff is asking her if she knows how different Chicago is from where her grandparents live and how far it is?

Jordan says yeah...Jeff says he doesn't think she does, it's a 6 hour drive...Jordan says she could move to Wilmington because that's still in NC...Braden jumps in asking if you guys are going to move closer to each other?...Jordan says noooooo...Jeff says Jesus...Jordan says now people are going to think like...

Jeff says "yeah, you should visit Chicago"

Braden says "you're in for it Jordan if you visit Chicago"

Jordan keeps playing with Jeff's hand and says "why?...Oprah? is that where she's from?"

Jeff says "that's where she films, Chicago's badass"

Jordan says "yeah right whatever"

Jeff says "you've never even been there, was I dogging your shitty town?"

Jeff then says "what if I shove you in Charlotte's web? shut up" LOL they laugh...

Jordan says "Jeff is mean" and she bends down to put her head near Jeff's...

Jeff says "it's a term of endearment" :D

Jordan then gets Jeff to smell her hair...he says it doesn't stink LOL Jordan gets up to leave and Jeff asks "where you going?"...Jordan says "I'll be back"...

RR - Fashion show banter


Jordan sits in the bed with Jeff. They talk about all the mirrors everywhere...Jordan compliments Laura on her wavy hair, she tells her she looks sexy...Laura says thanks and that most guys she's dated prefer straight. Jeff says he likes it like that too, it looks like Pantene Pro-V, he then asks Jordan if he shouldn't have said that? did it make his vocabulary look stupid?...Jordan says oh no, it sounded good.

Jordan says her armpits are starting to stink and Laura hands her some deodorant...Ronnie asks Jordan if she's ever driven through W. Virginia...Jordan while putting on deodorant, says no, she's never gone up that way...(Jeff has his hand around Jordan)...Laura says she's going to wear between two dresses for the live show...Jordan says she likes the blue...Jeff says "let me see"...Laura shows the black one...Jordan says blue is pretty but black is sexy too...Jeff says black is the sexy bitch dress, black is good with everything but go with the blue...Jordan agrees saying she will stand out with blue...Laura shows them her red dress...Ronnie says "is that a shirt or a dress"

Jeff says "why don't you try those on?"...Laura shows another one...Jeff says "that's naughty"...Braden says "your stuff's short, holy crapoli" ...Ronnie repeats the questions and Jeff says "or is that a handkerchief?" ...Jordan encourages Laura to try them on...Laura says "all of them?"...they talk about Laura's red dress...Laura asks Jordan if she has silver shoes?...Jordan says she only brought cork, they won't see her feet...Jeff says "dude, no one is going to be looking at your feet in that dress"

Laura leaves to try on her dress...Jeff says he's going to wear a black underwear shirt, will they let him or can they whatever they want?...Ronnie says you can but BB reserves the right to veto it...Jeff says he's going to wear it, that's how he rolls...Ronnie & Braden continue talking as do Jeff & Jordan to each other, Jordan says she needs caffeine, she should have laid out today...Jeff says he was too...Jordan says me too and they start bantering about how Jeff says "too" which inevitably leads to Jordan saying "too, toona, techno"...Jeff says "dude, I'm getting bagged on"...Braden says no way, it's good for him, he'll have a t-shirt coming out soon...Jeff says (don't forget) "bowl, they killed me with that"...Jordan starts repeating "bowl" (in another funny accent, LOL)...Jeff says "bowl, Superbowl...that was your accent"...Jordan says "bowl"...Jeff says "we're going to Superbowl...what? did it sound like it?"...Jordan says no, not everyone in Charlotte sounds like that...Jeff says "bowl of spaghetti, gimme a bowl of chicken fingers"...Ronnie asks if anyone knows any good jokes?

Jeff says "a mushroom walks into a bar and the bartender says we don't serve your kind here and the mushroom says why not? I'm a fungi" 😄

They laugh and Jordan says "I don't get it"...Jeff says "I know you don't get it Jordan"...Jordan says "explain it to me"...Ronnie explains...Jordan says "ohhh, I got it!!"...Jeff cracks up and says yes! and tells her that she can be like "oh the class of mushroom called fungi? pffft, I know's a quarter after, later! I gotta speech to give on higher education" :) Jordan starts touching Jeff's hair and Jeff says "what's up?"...

Jordan says she thinks Lydia did the sides too short, they discuss Jeff's hair and Jeff says Jordan can help cut it a little on the back and no joking around...Jordan says she will be serious because she knows how serious it is with her hair....Jeff says what if he cut this off (her hair short)...Jordan says she would kill him and her friend Char cuts her hair, she's so good...Jeff says Char?...Jordan says short for Charlotte but she's from Buffalo.

Laura comes in with her red dress...Jordan loves it, she looks hot...Jeff says "dude, that's naughty"...Ronnie says Laura will have lots of fans if she wears it...Jeff says he might sign up Jordan likes it...Jeff says "yammahamma, I'll go with that one"...Braden says he will take her to sushi anytime...Jordan says "wow, you look good, you're so skinny"...Ronnie asks another joke...Jeff says he can't focus right now...Ronnie says he's married...Jeff says oh he knows he's taking a peek...Jordan laughs...Jeff says she is Ronnie's housemate, he can look...Laura leaves with them saying that one is the winner so far...

RR - Fashion show part 2


Jeff yells out to Laura to try on the blue dress...Ronnie tells his joke again "so do you guys know how to catch a unique rabbit?"...Jordan says Laura needs to model and then asks Jeff why is he smelling her LOL...Jeff says he was smelling her armpits, he smiles :) ...Jordan asks why is he smelling her armpits when she just told him they stink?...Braden says she just put deodorant on...Jeff says he just told her she smelled delicious ...Jordan says her armpits do stink, does he want her to rub them in his face? Jeff says "do you want me to put you in a leg scissor?" LOL

Ronnie asks the joke again...they don't know...Ronnie says "you neak up on it"...Jeff says "oh, ha ha ha"...Braden says "ahhh"...Jordan doesn't get it, she says "wait, say it again"...meanwhile Jeff is behind Jordan picking hair, lint off her shirt (I love this! I don't know why but I find this so personal)

Ronnie explains the joke...Jordan says Ohhhh...Ronnie then asks "do you know how you catch a tame one?...tame way"...Jeff laughs and says that is so stupid, Braden says it's so 7th grade...Jordan says "I hate jokes cuz I don't ever get 'em"...Jeff says "oh God Jordan, let it go...just smile" :)

Jeff asks if she has a fake laugh, just go "ha ha" (when not understanding a joke)...Jordan says she does if she's around a bunch of people and she doesn't really know them or know the joke she just laughs like it's really funny but in her head she's like wtf did he just say?...they laugh...Jeff says "ahhh, that's so cute"...Jordan says she does that a lot, she doesn't understand why she doesn't get them, she smiles, nods her head and acts like she's interested you know?...Jeff smiles and nods...Braden asks Jordan if she got the joke?...Jordan says "that joke? no"...Jeff & Ronnie try to explain...Jordan pays attention and says "say it again"...Ronnie explains again saying it's a play on words...Jordan goes Ohhhhh...Jeff rubs his eyes and says "Jordan"...Ronnie says another lame joke about "boo bees"...Jeff & Braden laugh, Jordan just looks in bewilderment...Jeff explains...Jordan fake laughs (LOL) and says "now that one was really good"...Jeff says "Jordan, come on!"...Jordan says "shut up! I don't do stuff like this, I don't like jokes"...Jeff & Jordan have a stare down :) ...

Jeff says "dude, what's going on"...Jordan guffaws and covers her mouth saying she didn't mean to breathe on him, she pats Jeff's chest heartily...Jeff just smiles goofily at Jordan ...they talk about the pasta they ate...Jeff tells Jordan she didn't thank him for it...Jordan says she did, she washed the dishes too...Jeff says she's right, he starts rubbing her neck.

Ronnie tells yet another stupid joke...Jeff wants a riddle and then says he has one...he says there's a guy hanging from a rope in an empty room with a puddle of water under him, how did he get there & hang himself...after many guesses Ronnie finally figures out that he was standing on an ice the meantime Jordan touches Jeff's inner arms and asks him if he had surgery there?...Jeff says no, they're stretch marks...Jordan can't believe it, it looks like he got cut.

Jeff & Jordan banter a little over riddles & Jeff pretends to chop at Jordan's neck, lol...Jeff then asks if Jordan ever saw the movie the Karate Kid...Jordan says yeah...Jeff says "Mr Miyagi? I love that movie"...Jordan says that was random, so Braden...Jeff says it was because of the karate chops.

Ronnie tells another riddle...Jeff & Braden try to figure out...Laura comes back in her bright blue dress...they say it's nice, pretty...Jeff says it will look good on TV but the red one is sexy as hell...Jordan agrees and asks why she doesn't model? Laura avoids the question and says it's hard to get in...Braden says Laura has that All American look (she does?? Not really ) ...Laura leaves again to try on the black one...

RR - JJ banter through the roof


Laura leaves, Jordan tells her that her hair looks good curly, she looks good...Jeff goes back to trying to figure out the fox, goat, hay riddle...Natalie enters the room eating a burnt cookie and waits by her bed for Braden to get off, he doesn't move so she asks him if he hint, hint wants to lay in Laura's bed?

Braden says yeah he was waiting for her to get feisty. Jeff tells Ronnie he will figure out the riddle, for him not to tell him the answer. Braden pulls Natalie onto the bed and she gets nervous, lol, she says Jessie was rubbing her arm, he's so nice to her...Jeff says "what did you say?"...Natalie repeats...Braden says he'd be nice to her too if she'd let him rub her shoulder...J/J laugh...Natalie says with Icy Hot...Braden says "oh, that's so hot" LOL...Jeff says "stop talking" ...they all giggle and Ronnie laughs about Braden and his speech during the veto ceremony.

Natalie lays down in her bed while Braden goes into the SS room...Jeff keeps rubbing Jordan's neck and smiling. :) Braden comes back with a blanket and pillow to lay in the corner bed...Jeff & Jordan keep talking while others talk above them so it's hard to hear but then Jordan says "what are you thinking about?"...Jeff teasingly says "this chick back home" haha 😅 Jordan doesn't say a word and Jeff keeps rubbing LOL...Braden notices she is being rubbed and says "rubdown?"...Jeff says yeah and he gets backscratched at night...Natalie says she knows how it is because she just got hers.

Casey walks in and some innuendo is made about how Jeff & Jordan got busy the night before (in Natalie's bed) and the sheets haven't been washed yet because they're on indoor lockdown. Jeff & Jordan giggle over the others giving them a hard time.

Jordan says "that means you go one way and I go the other for a day"...Natalie says they get so much crap, they might as well...Jeff who can't wipe the smile off his face wags his finger "NO" to that idea, raises his eyebrows and smiles even more if possible

Jordan giggles asking if that was Jeff's stomach? Jeff nods yes...Jeff is rubbing Jordan's back/neck...Jeff asks what would be the benefit of them not talking for one day? Jordan wants to know too...Jeff answers his question and says nothing...Braden asks "if Jordan stopped talking for a day?"...Natalie says "to him" (Jeff)...Jeff asks again...Braden says "nothing, it would be sad, I'd just be teary eyed" J/J giggle...Jeff says "I don't get it"...Braden says "no JoJo" <---- he was close! LOL Braden continues "no pool time, no bikini time"...Jeff says "you're stuck in the house, you can't go 10 feet without seeing someone but then you have to ignore someone the whole day? it's not like I could go out and ignore you, then I'd be cool for like a week or two"...Jordan says "no you wouldn't"...Jeff smiles at Jordan :)

Jordan asks what's wrong with Jeff's stomach, is he holding his gas in?...Jeff says no, he's ripping them, she's heard them...Jordan says she heard the one last night...Jeff says he dropped 5 of them right now...Jordan says when!?...Jeff squeezes her neck a little tight and Jordan ow's and says it hurts...Jeff says "you shut up"...they laugh and Jeff keeps rubbing.

BB announces the lockdown is over...Natalie says good, now she wash the sheets that they...Jordan says "we did not, omg all America is going to think we did the nasty"...Jeff says "I think they'll know if we did it"...Jeff says they'll see him sleeping on a popsicle stick because that is how much room he had...Jordan says "cuz I was scooting over?"...Jeff says her butt was pushing him off the bed...Jordan says it was too hot!...Jeff says it got too cold but he was nice and put the blanket over her.

Laura walks in with the black dress on...Jeff says it's nice but not for opening day...Jordan says it's elegant but she likes the red one...Laura thinks it's too fancy...Braden says the red is #1 for him...Jeff notices the see thru sides of her dress...Laura says Ben got her the dress...Jeff asks if she calls him Benjamin Button?...Laura says she does, she explains she went to a pageant and he couldn't come because he had plans with his friends and when she got back he had the dress waiting for her :)...Jeff says he bought it for her because he messed around and felt bad? he's just joking...Jeff starts caressing Jordan's foot with his finger...

Jeff says he'd go with blue for opening day...Jordan says red is sexy...Casey comes back and puts his two cents in saying you want to save some clothes but you have to realize you might only be here for a couple of weeks and why leave it in the bag (how right was he?!!)...(Jeff is rubbing Jordan's foot here)...Laura says she can wear it on the week she's on the block and walk out with a bang...Jordan says to wear the red for the bang...Laura says she'll wear the blue then?...Jordan says either one but the red is just "wow!"...Jeff says to save the red for the block...Laura asks why he thinks she's going to be on the block?...Jeff says she just said that...Jordan explains that wearing red when she's on the block will give the audience more of an opportunity to see the whole thing, it's just like pow!

Laura says the show is over, she's going to change...they all say it was a great show...Laura says thanks...Jeff reaches over and bites Jordan's arm...Jordan winces in delight...Jeff lays his head down into the bed and starts singing "Wasn't Me" (by Shaggy)...Jordan says she hates that song...Jeff says "what else is new?"...Jordan says it's like the worst song ever...Jeff says it just popped in his head, does every song he sings have to be top 10?...Jordan says no...Jeff says "you say something nice about me, you say mean things about me all day"...Jordan says "I do not, like what? what?"...Jordan asks "am I smelly?"...Jeff smells and says no...Jordan says "I'm not?"...Jeff nods no...they whisper about hot dogs LOL...Jeff bites her leg :) Jordan again protests in delight....Jeff asks Jordan to play with his hair...Jordan does while talking about the haircut Lydia gave Jeff, it needs to be shorter on top…

...Jordan comments on Jeff's stomach again (her backside has been right up next to it the whole time so she keeps feeling it, LOL)...Jeff says it's because it's jammed full of pasta.

Jordan starts getting a little frenetic with the hair rubbing and Jeff says "there's a nice way to do that"...Jeff looks up at her and says "do it nice"...Jordan slows down a little but doesn't want to seem to touchy feely around the others, she's self-concious...things quiet down, Natalie leaves...Jordan pats Jeff...Jeff says he doesn't like that because he knows she is over it...

RR - JJ & Braden banter


Right at the 7pm mark the feeds are on the kitchen and then suddenly switch to the RR where Jeff and Jordan are still chatting with Braden...Braden is being goofy...Jeff whispers to Jordan "is Laura with us or what?"...Jordan mmm, hmm's and says now she is...Jeff says to Braden that all they need is Casey and he stays...Jordan raises her arms and gives two thumbs up...Braden says he needs to talk to him...Jordan rubs Jeff's back and then pats his back/arm area...Jordan whispers to Braden to let Casey know he's not a threat...Jeff asks Jordan to scratch right there...Braden says that's the best part...Jeff says it feels good...Jordan continues rubbing/scratching...Jordan asks Jeff if it looks like they are always all over each other?...she taps Jeff and says "hello?"...Jeff says "me? I don't care what other people fu**ing think anymore, I gave them a chance when I came here, now I could fu**ing care less what they think"...Braden says "yeah"...Jeff says "if I'm happy that's what I care about...if you're (Jordan) happy that's what I care about" :)

Braden says "me too"...Jordan says "yeah Braden, I fricken love you"...Jordan stops and Jeff looks at her saying "what happened to scratching over there? it's like you don't even care"...Jordan says "yeah right"...Braden says it's a quick scratch, a scratch off...Jordan starts again and asks Braden who was his last girlfriend...Braden says "I had a really, really, really serious one"...Jordan asks for how long?...Braden in all seriousness says "about a month" Jeff and Jordan crack up, Jordan says she thought he was going to say a year...Jeff thought 4 years...Braden says he could never make that...Jordan asks what happened?...Braden says she jumped...out of high speed...and she looks like roadkill LOL feeds switch out...

Girls chat in the HOH BR


Jordan, Michele & Laura are up in the HOH taking a bath, Natalie is up there as well but not in the bath...they talk about if there is a camera inside the HOH shower and if someone wanted to "do it" in there would they be recorded?...Jordan says that her managers told her to not have sex in the house, that is the worst!...Jordan told them "gotcha ladies"...Jordan says she doesn't get the same time Michele asks Jordan "never?"...Natalie says that her and Jeff do make a cute couple...Jordan says "we are just friends, I mean I do like flirting with him a lot more"😚

Natalie says she's just saying that her and Jeff make a cute couple...Jordan says "he's getting grey hair guys" <----umm what does that have to do with anything? LOL...they say "so" "that's hot"...Laura says "I like older men”"...

Jordan protests "I like older men too but I know after this I won't, I won't, I don't know, I think after this me & him maybe won't talk...well I already told him that, well after this we'd be friends but we won't talk like..."...Michele says "you live so far away and all?"...Jordan says "yeah and I don't want a boyfriend"...Laura asks why?...Jordan says "I just don't, I have trust issues and guys suck sometimes and I just don't wanna get into...I wanna get everything in my life...I wanna go to school and get all that stuff done with and you know? get all this stuff out of the way and not have to worry about...I don't know...he seems like the type though that I could have fun with though...I don't know, I'm rambling...he's fun...he likes brunettes" ...Laura says "well he obviously likes you" (thank you Laura!!👏)...Jordan says it's cuz they're gay and she'll fart in front of him, things like that (umm, no :) )...Michele says that he likes non super girly girls and you're comfortable...Jordan says "yeah, I don't know guys, I get embarrassed every time I'm asked"...

Michele says it's just funny there aren't many single people in the house so everyone is like oooh, oooh, it's so cute...Jordan says she told Jeff last night that the others wanted them to kiss but it wasn't the right time, she doesn't like seeing people kiss, she'll kiss him on the lips in front of them if they want to see that but she can't have a makeout session in front of everybody...Natalie asks if she doesn't just want to make out with him on her own though?...Jordan says not really, though today she thought she might kiss him because he bit her and awww, she just wanted to beat him, like a love/hate and he always tells her he wants to drown her...they giggle and Michele says they are really odd...Jordan says that Jeff said drowning was his affection for her and she explains what she means by "eating someone"....Jordan says she just says some off the wall stuff turns to Jessie & Natalie...

JJ on the same page


Jordan and Jeff are in the kitchen...Jeff is getting some water from the sink...Jordan signals to Jeff she wants to talk to him...she waits at the picture wall...Jeff comes towards her and says "what up?", he stands there looking at the pictures like she is...they laugh...Jordan says "keep your distance" to which Jeff doesn't 😅 and they walk together to the SS room...Jeff says "oh this isn't obvious"...Jordan says "then go back over there"...they start whispering...Jordan says she just needs to change into pants.

They walk into the SS room...Jordan tells Jeff that Russell noticed something was up with her and told her that she has been mean to him today, she told Russell she hasn't been but he insisted she was, that Russell said Jordan was ignoring him and that she told him he hasn't been anywhere (to talk to)...Jordan says she wanted to go to the DR and say "yeahhhhh!" (Watch Jeff's look here ...I guess the talks Jeff had with Jordan about flirting with Russell and choosing between him & Russell worked )

Jordan says Russell said that everyone told him Jordan wanted him out of the house and Jordan said no...Jordan rolls her eyes saying "whatever"...Jeff says they're scared now, a couple of days ago they were walking around with their chest puffed out and now they're moping, they know some shit's coming, he fu**ing loves it.

Jordan wants to change into her pants so she says to Jeff "hang on, turn the other way"...Jeff says "so America can see you but I can't"...Jordan says "just cuz if my family sees"...Jeff says "a boy was in your room watching you change"...Jordan says "right"...Jeff snickers and says "that makes sense, everyone else can see". They giggle

Jordan says Jeff knows what she means...Jeff knows...Jordan says "I weigh 137! you know how terrible that is?"...Jeff asks if she's done?...Jordan says yes.

Jordan says she can't find her other pants...Jordan repeats "I weigh 137"...Jeff asks how much Jordan weighed coming in there?...Jordan hesitates...Jeff says "c'mon"...Jordan says "probably like...I don't think I weighed 130 something but apparently!...I mean I couldn't gain 7 lbs in a week right? is that possible?"...Jeff smiles and says maybe...Jordan says "really?"...Jeff says "I don't know, is it? I think it is, I could gain 7 lbs in a week"

Jordan has taken off Jeff's hoody and is putting on her peach one...Jeff takes his back...Jordan says since she's wearing these pants she needs to wear...Jeff says "something cute"...Jordan says "that fits, it doesn't even match"...Jeff leaves the room saying "it's all orange, it's all the same"...Jordan says "it's bright"...Jordan leaves the room and her and Jeff walk back towards the kitchen...Jeff complains about his shirts shrinking after he washes them...they chit chat a bit more in the kitchen and then they head outside…

The Bachelor


Jejo are off camera but after this Jeff & Jordan appear briefly on Cam 1

Casey calls Jeff & Jordan America's sweethearts (little did he know!) and says how is Jeff supposed to go on the Bachelor now that he's with Jordan. Jordan says "he won't be..." (meaning he won't be with her after the show)...Casey quickly says "on the bachelor" he laughs and says "whoa"

Jordan fiddles around with the elliptical and then Jeff in his Irish voice says "everybody's gotta relax"...Casey says in his Irish voice "that's gotta hurt"...feeds switch…

Jordan's on Jeff's team


Jeff & Braden are playing pool. A bunch of the other HG's are sitting on the BY couches chit chatting. Jordan comes outside and stands on the patio by the pool table...Braden asks her what she is doing?...Jordan says nothing, she is bored...Braden asks her why? she looks so happy and fluffy ...Jordan says she needs to figure out what she wants to do...Jeff says "you mean what you want to eat?"...Braden laughs and Jordan says she already ate a salad...Jeff leans on the washer while Jordan leans on the pool table...Jeff says to Braden "you're up yo-yo".

Jeff warns Jordan to watch her booty (that's on the pool table)...Braden says "her booty's fine...let me tell ya"...Jeff smiles, giggles and looks at Jordan...

Braden misses and Jeff moves over to the pool table to take his shot saying "yesss, sweet!"...Braden says "look at how she's sitting! is that fair?"

Jeff says "she's on my team" :)

Braden says "ahh, that's not fair at all"...they keep playing and Jordan walks away…

Pool table hug


Jeff & Braden are still playing pool.

Jordan is sitting quietly on the patio...she gets up and walks towards Jeff...Jeff puts his arm around Jordan and whispers "why you look all sad?"..Jordan puts her hand around Jeff's waist saying she doesn't...Jeff asks if she's bored? and starts massaging her neck

Jordan mmm, hmm's but she seems to have something on her mind...Braden rambles on about something, Jeff goes over to the other side of the pool table to take his turn and Jordan tells Jeff that whenever he's done to come inside...Jeff says ok...she goes inside.

Bee stinger & toes


Jordan steps on a dead bee's stinger & Braden helps her out by getting her some ice for it.

Game talk amongst Jordan, Casey, Braden & Ronnie. Jeff has gone inside to go to the bathroom, he comes back out and right after the 11:56pm mark there is a short J/J moment...Jeff rubs Jordan's waist as she's telling him she ruined the nail polish on her toe. They continue talking with the other HG's...Jeff says "go fix your toe" and then Jordan goes inside to fix her pedicure.

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