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Day 54 of BB11 Feeds

September 1

Hammock time - Funny voices & crank calls 


Jordan continues describing how her friend Miss Megan and her have their funny way they talk, she calls her beezay...Jeff says he & his buddy Andy talk funny too, he demonstrates how he & Andy talk (impossible to put into words, lol, they sound like cartoon characters)...Jordan laughs and asks where she got that from...Jeff says it's a long story, there was one guy growing up who didn't speak English and he used to go to this place for lunch...Jordan asks who Andy is?...Jeff says he's Mimmo's cousin...Jordan says they're all connected like family...

Jeff continues saying he got the voice from this guy and he told the story to Andy and he loved it so they're the only ones that talk like that to each other, they call each other on the phone and do that, one night they went out drinking, Jeff, Andy & his sister, they got home at 3 in the morning and they started crank calling everyone in their phones, Jeff cranked his buddy Eric from LA and they did that voice and cranked him and would say random shit...Jordan asks if it's prank?...Jeff calls it crank? Jeff says crank call, prank call, whatever the f**k it is (LOL, I call it prank)...and so Andy called Eric and said "hey fu**in asshole" (in that voice)...

Eric was like dude, who the f**k is this because the number was private and Andy said (in that voice) "it's Ashton Kutcher, you fu**ing asshole", he kept using that voice, it was so stupid but he kept doing it and Eric was getting so pissed and he kept calling him back and he kept answering that night and his girlfriend answered and she said he better stop and Andy said "f**k you" was so stupid and he can't talk about the things that they said because whatever but it was hilarious so they just cranked him like 10 times and he kept answering, they cranked him every day from work, he swears every single day for 2 and a half months straight, they would 67 him, leave messages and crank him...Jordan asks if they finally told him?...

Jeff says no, one time they cranked him at night because they forgot to do it during the day (Oh geez!) and Eric said he was going to call the police if they don"t stop doing this and a girl in the background said something that only Jeff & Eric would know and Eric says "wtf did you just say? is Jeff there? I'll fu*ing kill you guys!" so Jeff grabbed the phone and asked Eric how he knew it was him...Eric said first of all, this isn't funny because I was going to call the cops...dude, 2 and a half months every day? are you fu**ing kidding me, it was so funny, he was so mad...Jeff says that every day at work he would ask Andy if he had cranked Eric already and he would say yeah, I did it 3 times already, it was hilarious.

Jordan says she & her sister talk in a funny voice but not in front of everyone else because they get embarrassed...Jeff says he does it with his friend sometimes out but other's don't find it so funny and ask wtf is wrong with them...Jordan asks Jeff if he ever talks in a little voice?...Jeff says no...Jordan goes on to show Jeff how she talks in a baby voice with her sister Jana, she says it's embarrassing...Jeff says she's getting embarrassed right now LOL they both agree they're not as funny right now, they're like inside jokes.

Jeff asks Jordan if her sister is going to watch BB?...Jordan says oh, yeah, she's sure that her & her boyfriend are watching, they live together now and will watch it, they're more serious now, they go to local bars together or just hang out at home more, together or with other couples, her boyfriend will pick up beer or liquor & they sit at home and drink, they do it that way...they have a little dog, it's so cute, it's an English bulldog...

Jeff says he loves those, he wants to get one of those for real...Jordan wonders if it's English or French...Jeff says like the ones from Rob & Big?...Jordan says no, it's not like that, it's got a pug face...Jeff says he likes those dogs...Jordan says she loves it, she always squeezes it, his name is Paris...Jordan says her mom can't stand it, it jumps like a deer, at Christmas, it ran on her mom's coffee table, scraped it, knocked the candles over which were red & lit, they went on her the white carpet in the townhouse, her mom said "that's it!" and Jana had to drive back to her apartment and take the dog back...Jeff says come on!...Jordan says her mom was pissed!

Jordan says her sister and her family talks peoples ears off, they don't make it awkward for people like it is during the HOH reveal, if Jana met Jeff she would diss the people that dissed Jeff but she's real two-faced, she will talk about everybody...Jeff laughs...she bitches about everybody and then to your face she acts like she likes you :/

Hammock to the GR


After Jordan finishes talking about her sister, they get quiet for a sec and then Jeff starts singing, Jordan finishes the lyric again...Jeff playfully punches Jordan's leg...Jordan says it kind of hurt...Jeff laughs and asks if she ever got a charley horse?...Jordan says no...Jeff says him & his friends give each other them all the time, he pops her lightly in the leg again and Jordan says don't, don't (in Jeff voice)...Jeff asks if she's trying to talk like him.

Jordan says she told Michele that she loves it when Jeff drinks and he gets more northern, his accent comes out and she likes it...Jeff says "who me?"...Jordan mmm, hmmm's. Jeff says he gets out of control when he drinks, he talks like a street thug, it's gross, he hates it...Jordan says she likes it and thinks it's cute...Jeff says he has to be drunk to be like that...Jordan says she likes guys from New York when they say things, like that one guy at the bar she was telling him about who told them that he likes southern girls, they make every guy seem like they have a chance, they're so nice, up in Jersey where he's from they turn you down, they act like they're better than everybody and then you come down south and the girls make you feel like they're interested. (funny listening to Jordan actually try to say all of this with a NY accent, it comes off sounding like she's from NY, New Jersey, England, Boston & Canada all at the same time, LOL)

Jeff smiles...Jordan says awww, I love it!...Jeff giggles. Jordan says she's not tired, she wishes they had some Nyquil...Jeff says maybe it's cuz they slept til 5 in the afternoon...Jordan brings up them talking about BB all the time once they get out of here again and Jeff is like you want to talk about this again?...Jeff asks her why she doesn't finish her thoughts? he says of course that's all they're going to talk about, they have nothing on the outside world to talk about...Jordan says they've been here since July 5th?...Jeff says the end of June...Jordan tries to put her thoughts into words but drops it and says nevermind, nevermind.

Jeff says July, August, September, we gawn, we haven't been home...Jordan says when she thinks about Thursday she always gets teary-eyed...Jeff exhales and says "when I gawn?"...Jordan says she keeps thinking when Julie says if she's evicted, she gets nervous thinking about walking through the door, she won't have anyone anymore, being by herself...Jeff says it's his favorite part of leaving...Jordan asks what he will say or do?...Jeff says he'll do this and he raises his arms LOL ...Jordan asks what he's going to wear?...Jeff says his black shirt, he told her, the one he wore the first show...Jordan says to wear his v-neck shirt, it's more dressy...Jeff say no, the underwear one he's wearing and if she doesn't like it? beat it! except he's going to be the one beating it so don't worry about it.

They get quiet and then Jordan says that Michele said the other day that she couldn't sleep because Jeff kept flicking his feet. 🙄Jeff says well, there's 10 other beds, go get one...Jeff asks if she thinks they will put that on there, him flicking his feet?...Jordan says she doesn't know but there was that one time that Kevin thought he was masturbating...Jeff laughs...Jordan says can you believe Michele said that about her making a queefing sound? what the heck?...Jeff says she's going bananas in here...Jordan says she is, she looks really good though after losing all that weight...Jeff says maybe that is part of it, she hardly eats anything because he knows she wants to keep the weight off, he doesn't know if that has anything to do with it, sometimes he feels like she's diabetic or something because her blood sugar, when she has too much sugar she gets all goofy, she has one beer and it's over, that's why they don't give us too much liquor, she's fu**ing jumping in the pool from a glass of wine, they're not going to give us any...

Jordan says remember when Casey was doing the fake bikini contest thing and she was really going and she was like what the heck?...Michele told her when she drinks she gets really flirty and her husband gets mad at her...Jeff says he's sure...Jordan says she shocked her...Jeff says he knows...Jeff says remember how Laura wanted to do that every single day? and he was like dude! wtf? everyday...Jordan says she thinks she would be cool to hang out with, she thinks they will want to hang out more with them because they haven't had a chance to...Jeff says yeah, if they do the Vegas thing, he would rather hang out with her all week than those yo-yo's...Jordan says her and her boyfriend, she was really mature for her age, don't ya think?...Jeff asks how old she was?...Jordan says 21...Jeff says he kinda bashed her, he rode her a little bit, he talked in the DR about how much she talked about herself, whatever, everyone did that, can you imagine what they said about him?...Jordan says Jeff is the only person she didn't talk crap about...Jeff says him too.

Jordan says she needs to go to the bathroom and Jeff asks if she wants to go in the GR?...Jordan has ants all over her shoes...Jeff says that is why he wants to go inside, what's the difference, they'll just lay in the GR...Jordan says she needs to wash her blanket...Jeff says he needs to wash clothes so everything is clean for Thursday...they start walking...Jeff sidesteps a big moth...Jordan stops to look at it, she bends over and says it's a huge one...Jeff goes to pinch her butt but she sees him coming so he tickles her neck instead...they laugh...Jeff playfully slaps her face and then grabs her, puts arm around her shoulder and they walk...

...Jordan tries to trip Jeff and then squeezes his butt...Jeff opens the door for Jordan and they walk inside...

Goofy look/Duh-lih-cious treats 


Jeff & Jordan come inside...Jordan heads to the GR to dump her blanket there...Jeff asks her if she's going to take a poo?...Jordan laughs and says yes, he says he's going to pee real quick then...he goes and Jordan sits on the lounger and waits...Jeff comes out...Jordan uses the bathroom...Jeff brushes his teeth...all over the house LOL...he wanders outside and grabs the deck of cards, he then goes to the GR to put the cards there, then he wanders back into the bathroom and finishes brushing, then he goes to the SS room where Michele is laying down in the dark, he asks if he can turn the light on a second because he can't see where anything is...Michele says sure, she's not that asleep...Jeff changes into his sweatpants from his shorts (interesting to note that right before he takes his shorts off, he quickly glances over at Michele to make sure she's not looking his way ) and heads to the kitchen, he makes himself some tea.

Jordan comes down the hallway leading into the kitchen and Jeff smiles and says what?

Jordan says nothing...Jeff says "what's that goofy look?"...Jordan says "I have a goofy look on my face?...I got my retainer in...maybe that's why"...Jordan asks if everybody is in bed...Jeff says Michele is but he doesn't know about the other dynamic duo...Jordan sits at the counter and says her face is breaking out bad, it's taking a beating.

Jordan says doesn't Jeff hate it in the winter when you're pale and you feel like you look ugly?...Jeff says yeah, when you're like that color? (he brings down his pants to show off his paleness, lol)...and then you go tan and you're red saying hey everybody and people are like what's up tanning dork?...

Jordan says and then people ask you if you tanned?...Jeff says and you say no, why? do I look tan? what? and they're like yeah, sure...Jeff doesn't understand why you deny it...Jordan says it's worse when guys tan...Jeff doesn't respond LOL...Jordan starts laughing...she is reminded of something funny, she says she's going to get in trouble but the DR asked her why Jordan doesn't like it when Jeff says the word 'delicious', she tells Jeff, remember? when I used to say don't say that word, I hate that and the DR was like what is it about delicious? and she said cuz it's like DUH-LIH-CIOUS...

Jeff says she looks like the idiot not him...he starts becoming Jordan-like with his change of topic conversation...he brings up Ho-Ho's, he says remember these?...Jordan says those are the chocolate with the cream filling in the middle?...Jeff says yeah...Jordan says they're not Little Debbie's though, those come in the plastic...Jeff says oh, the two? he laughs, he says he loves the oatmeal cookie, the soft ones with the cream in the middle, has she had those?...Jordan says yeah! those are just called Oatmeal right?...Jeff says Oatmeal pies...Jordan says she likes the brownies with the...Jeff finishes her sentence again, lol...nuts on top?...Jordan says yes and sometimes you can get the colorful nuts on top that taste kind of like M&M's...Jeff says those are so good.

Michele is up and heading to the bathroom...Jordan says "what's up Michele?"...Michele does something off camera that makes them laugh, Jeff says "what the?" and Jordan opens her eyes wide, shakes her head and signals to Jeff that she is crazy...Jeff rummages through the candy drawer...Jordan says she needs some chapstick and goes to get some in the bathroom.

Jeff holds his tea and says he needs to get out of there so he doesn't eat...Jordan asks if they are going outside again?...Jeff says whatever...Michele is coming through and asks if anyone is outside?...Jeff & Jordan stumble on their words, it's a tad awkward...Michele walks into the kitchen area...Jordan asks her if she's going to bed or was in bed?...Michele says she was just chilling...Jeff says to go outside, Jordan says she's going to get her blanket, they both go in the GR...Jeff asks if Jordan wants to chill in there?...Jordan says if he wants...Jeff says he's getting tired of the bugs...Jordan says then let's hang out here...Jeff gets serious and says he didn't mean to blow Michele off, they should just go out there and make things not weird...Jordan says she feels like she is following him...Jeff says what does she want him to do...they head outside...

Chapstick kiss in the GR 


Jeff & Jordan feeling bad that they "blew Michele off" have just gone outside from being in the GR, as soon as they get out there BB calls an indoor lockdown...they head back inside...

Jeff says "I told you to stay inside, stupid...I was right, I should throw this hot tea in your face" LOL They head to the GR again...Jeff says how come all his ideas are violent?...Jordan says she doesn't know, he looks like he's abusive...Jeff turns and says what? what did you say?...Jordan just smiles and giggles...Jeff pushes her lightly onto the GR bed and they laugh...Jordan says "that's exactly what I meant!"...Jeff says he knows and he kneels down on the bed, leans forwards and says "abusive, I heard you"

They kiss 💋

 Jeff says "and quit leaving my pillow laying around"...Jordan says uh, huh..Jeff wipes his lips and says "uh, what is that?"...Jordan says "chapstick"...Jeff says "chapstick? what kind?"...Jordan says the clear kind...Jeff says yeah, that's the gross kind...Jordan says it's not...Jeff says like the one with the little nipple and it's all plastic...Jordan laughs and says it's chapstick...Jeff says it's ghetto...Jordan says you're ghetto...Jeff says get a flavor...Michele walks in 🤨

GR Solitaire - Pt1


Jeff & Jordan have just shared their chapstick kiss, Michele comes into the GR to join them...they discuss the lockdown and the possible reason for it...Michele & Jeff share small talk while Jordan sits quietly...Jeff shuffles the card and deals himself a hand of solitaire, he starts playing...Michele likes Jordan's nails...Jordan says Michele can use it, Michele thinks she will...Michele starts giggling, Jeff snickers...Michele says sorry, she took crack today...Jordan squeezes Jeff and says "I want to squeeze him"...Jeff says crack? they're all goofy and she's acting all weird in there, good thing there's only a couple of weeks left...Michele says there's only 2 more weeks left. (Where I'm from a 'couple' of weeks is two weeks...)

Jordan says that is still good,  they were talking outside about how when they leave and see Casey, Braden & Laura they will be so excited to hang out with them, she's getting drunk...Jeff says only problem he's worried about with Jordan in Vegas is taking care of her, she's going to get drunk in an hour and be out of it, he wants to have fun...Jordan says she doesn't do that...Jeff says that is bullshit, the other day she drank a glass of wine and she was fu**ing crying...Jordan says she had a (she should have said bottle, lol)...Jeff says Jordan doesn't know what Vegas is, it's over for her, she's not even going to realize she was there, he's just saying, he's already preparing for it...

This tells me that a) Jeff was already preparing to go to Vegas "with" Jordan in that way and b) already preparing to be the guy that would take care of her because he cares for her, putting her needs before his 

Jordan says she will have fun, she will dance the whole time, she can't dance but she dances her heart out...Jeff asks if she pumps up the jam? 

(there's that Technotronics thing again lol)

Michele wants to do Vegas up right because she had such a shitty time earlier this year...Jeff says he's not sure how fun it will be, don't they have to do something? it's not like they're going to give them a free trip...Michele says they probably invite us to some party where they have to meet fans...Jeff says in Vegas nobody gives a f**k about you, they'll be like who?...Jeff says they have to do a little, they can't be drunk out of their gourd, whatever, what the f**k does he know? who knows if it's even true, they don't know dick.

Michele thinks all of them are good, they're not douchebags...Jeff says he's not going to want to hang out with anybody, let's GTFO of here, people will think he's a douchebag...Jordan says no? because you evicted them?...Jeff says yeah, people are spiteful in here...Michele agrees. Jeff says he doesn't give a f**k, just stay the f**k away from him, it's all good with him...Jordan points out a card for Jeff to place but she's wrong...Jeff says "it's not the same suit sweetie"...Jordan says she's never played solitaire...Michele says Jordan needs to learn some games...Jordan says she knows...Jeff asks if she ever won solitaire?...Jordan says no, she's seen it on her computer but never played...Jeff says he just won bitch, f**k yeah, he gets pumped up when he wins cuz it's not often...Michele says he just won he doesn't need to put them in stacks...Jeff says it's not official til you do it, when he wins he does 'em up! (hand gesture)...

GR Solitaire - Pt2 


After Jeff finishes up the game he won, Jordan asks Jeff if she can try to play it?...Jeff says yeah...Jordan asks if Jeff can help her...Jeff says mmm, hmm...Jeff shuffles for Jordan...Jordan says she watches Jeff & Natalie play every day...Jeff says it's so easy, is she going to pay attention when he tells her what to do...Jordan says she will...Jeff says it's real simple...Jordan says ok...Jeff hands the cards to Jordan and says for her to deal herself...she does with Jeff explaining she needs to put 1 card up and 6 down and so on...Jordan completes dealing and then Jeff explains she needs to put the cards in order down from the highest card, the King which goes at the top and that it needs to be red, black, etc. Jeff helps Jordan makes her initial moves but she can't do anything else so at this point is where the trouble begins, LOL...

Jeff tells Jordan she has to take 3 cards, flip them over and take the 3rd card...Jordan doesn't do it the way Jeff wants so he says no, no, no, that's your card...Jordan picks up the cards and Jeff tells her to just leave them and to deal 3 more and flip...Jordan holds them wrong and Jeff grabs them from her and shows her it's from the top of the deck you deal, 3 cards and then that's your card ok?...Jordan starts looking through the cards she shouldn't be and Jeff says "don't look at those, it's over"...Jordan deals 3 and flips and looks at all 3 cards LOL Jeff fixes them in her hand and says that's your card...Jordan does it again  🤨 Jeff laughs and says to stop holding them like that, that's her card!...Jordan says okayyyy...

Jordan deals 3 more and flips correctly and with Jeff's guidance she makes some moves...Jordan reverts back to flipping the way Jeff doesn't want her to so he says she is getting him frustrated, he explains the 3rd card rule again LOL

but Jordan doesn't follow instructions again so he grabs the cards and says Jordan, that's all while showing her what she should be doing...

Jordan gets the hang of it and Jeff says "now you got it, perfect" but Jeff says her cards are sucky right now...Jordan makes a few more moves, her luck improves...Jeff continues to guide her throughout the game and things have calmed down...Michele goes to get something to eat...eventually Jordan reaches a dead end and loses the game...Michele comes back and starts munching very noisily UGHHH

Jeff gathers the cards up, he tells Jordan that was good, does she want him to shuffle them again for her?...Jordan says yes, she says Jeff makes her nervous, he kind of gets irritated easy...Jeff looks at her and says whaddya mean?...Michele says he totally does...Jordan says he's showing her but making her nervous and she's kind of like omg, it makes her flustered...Jeff says it's because she knows he gets flustered when she doesn't pay attention...Jordan says she did...Jeff starts to say something but says nevermind...Michele says Jeff shouldn't be a teacher...Jeff says he's not.

Jeff shuffles the cards and hands the deck to Jordan...she starts dealing a hand...Jeff asks her what can she do?...Jordan starts making her moves...Jeff instructs her on putting the 3 card pile down again, he says it doesn't mean she's done with it, just calm down and when she flips them, just leave them there...Jordan says OK...Jeff says he said it 3 times...Jordan keeps playing...Michele gets called to the DR…

Jordan keeps playing and messes up a little...Jeff gets a little irritated again and Jordan drops the cards, puts her hands up...Jeff says why does she drop everything right away? he's showing her what to do, she drops everything like he's an asshole...Jordan plays some more but hits a dead end again, she gawn :) Jeff asks one more?...Jordan says sure and she starts rubbing Jeff's hair.

Michele comes back and Jordan plays again, she tells Michele she lost again...Michele says she has only won twice in the house but it could be because for awhile she was playing with 6 rows not 7...Jeff gently guides her through this game and things go smoothly this time, she gets on a bit of a roll but ultimately loses...Jordan wants something sweet, maybe some Sour Patch candies....Jeff thought she was going to win that game...Jordan says she's done with the cards, she doesn't know how they can play over and over...Jeff says it's because he wants to win...Jordan gets up to leave and get candy...

Late night chat - That’s not all he wants Jordan


After some late night munchies in the GR, random chatter between J/J & Michele, a couple more games of solitaire for Jeff and some game talk between Jeff & Michele they all go to bed. Jordan goes first, Michele goes next and Jeff is the last to come to bed...

Jeff walks in the SS room, where the door has been left open...he says "Hi Johrdan, whatcha doing?"...Jordan says nothing, talking...Jeff puts his cup on the dresser and asks Jordan if she wants her blankie?...Jordan says not right now so Jeff says he'll just leave it there (on her suitcase)...Jeff jokes around that he's going to sleep outside...Jeff sits down on the foot of the bed and squashes Jordan's foot, she ow's and laughs...Jeff says that Jordan doesn't get that he's a big body and she can't lay all over the bed when he's trying to get in bed...sorry Jordan!...Jordan says Jeff always beats her...Jeff says he doesn't beat her...Jordan says he does...Jeff, who is taking off his sweatpants & tank top, says he knows there's a lot of shots of him slapping her face...those are love taps ♥

Jordan mmm, hmm's and starts rubbing Jeff's hair...Michele starts with her giggling and makes a random comment about spanking Kevin...Jeff ignores her and says he might really drown Jordan to show her his love ♥ ...Jordan says wow and Michele ruins the moment by saying "drown me too dammit" 😤...Jeff being the nice guy that he is says alright, he told her he would drown her so tomorrow it is, a double drowning or they can wait until Wednesday so they can get it on tape with the camera...Jordan doesn't say a word but keeps rubbing Jeff's hair while Michele says oooh, that should be fun. 

Jeff tells Jordan that it (her hair rubbing) feels so good because he was wearing a hat today...Jordan puts on her mic...Jeff says they wish they had more scary stories...Michele says remember that time Ronnie was here, that was scary...Jeff says "you and Ronnie"...more giggling from Michele and something about a dream she had where Ronnie came back...Jordan says he got on her nerves so bad.

Michele brings up the time that Jeff was in bed with Jordan in the SS room and Lydia got in bed with them and they were all in there...

Jeff says yeah, that's the night Lydia tried to grab his yoinker...Jordan says she thought she did...Jeff says 15 times!...Jordan says she never said anything but she thought she did...Jeff says dude! like 10 times! (get your facts straight Jeff! heh) ...Jeff says he thought Jordan was making her do that...Jordan says no...Jeff said he was like Jordan!!...Jordan says no, it wasn't her, she wanted to do it herself, she thought that but never said anything, it's funny how Jeff was saying that now...Jeff demonstrates using Jordan's hand how he was covering himself down there while Lydia was doing that, he was like Jordan! stop fu**ing (around)...he thought Jordan was telling her to do that...Jordan says no, why would she do that?...Jeff says he doesn't fu**ing know...Jeff searches for his chapstick but can't find it and asks Jordan if it's in her bin?....Jordan says it's not, she was looking for it earlier...Jordan searches but it isn't there...Jeff asks where'd it go?...Jordan says she didn't mess with it...

Jeff says hold on, he needs to find the chapstick, he gets up and turns on the light and goes his black undies...Jordan looks at Jeff...Jeff says what?...Jordan laughs and sits up and says "you're in your short shorts"...Jeff says they're not, they're regular Joes...Jordan says she thought he was in pants...Jeff says oh, my underwear?...Jeff finds the chapstick but wants to know what she did with the purple one?...Jordan says she didn't mess with it and protests...Jeff says bullshit, liar, he doesn't take it out of there (the bin)...he turns off the light and says "show's over" LOL

Michele makes fun of Jeff having purple chapstick...Jeff denies it and laughs, he says it's grape, he buys them in 5 packs...Michele giggles hysterically that he uses Lip Smackers...Jeff says he buys whatever comes in fives so he can jam them all over the place, he loses chapstick like crazy, he should subscribe to chapstick of the month club...Jordan grabs Jeff's hand...Jeff says it's chapstick and lotion, he's such a little bitch, it's over, he's a bitch and he lost, f**k it.

Jordan is being quiet throughout this...Jeff puts his leg over Jordan's and rubs it to signal to her...Jordan brings her other leg out from under the cover to touch Jeff's leg...Jeff is saying that he doesn't mind having grape chapstick and being 31...Jeff looks over at Jordan and reaches for her face, he squeezes it and says "Johrdan, are you sleeping?"...Jordan holds Jeff's arm/hand and says no, she's listening, trying to get sleepy...they hold hands...Jeff asks about his grape chapstick...Jordan insists she didn't mess with it, she put it on the other night and handed it back to him...Jeff checks again in the bin and it isn't there...Jeff asks to give him a minute, he covers himself and prays...

Michele says goodnight...Jordan says goodnight and says she was saying her prayers...Michele says sorry, she couldn't see...Jordan asks if she wants to work out tomorrow and they agree they want to after laying out...Jeff finishes up praying and starts singing "I'm bad" by Michael Jackson. :)

Cute moment alert: @ the 1:51am mark Jordan turns to face Jeff who is laying on his back...bad camera angle so it is hard to tell exactly what happens but Jordan says she was breathing hard this morning (her nose was stuffy)...Jeff says oh, yeah (dirty connation)...she places her hand on Jeff's chest and Jeff looks to be tapping her hand, he laughs and says "you got that reference?"...Jordan mmm, hmm's...Jeff says what was it?...Jordan says "that's all you want" (sex)...Jeff says shut up...after a couple of seconds of quiet, Jeff turns and looks at Jordan and says "that's not true" (his voice sounds so sincere here)...Jordan says mmm, hmm and Jeff mimics her...Jordan rubs Jeff's head and face and Jeff seems to be loving it...

Jeff says tomorrow they need to hit the pool, jump right in, it will be cool and it will be nice...Jeff says it's been hot out the last couple of days...Jordan says mmm, hmm...Jeff says he loves conversations where everyone says mmm, hmm...Jordan says it has been real humid...Michele once again puts her two cents in saying "it is very hot outside" in some weird British accent 🧐 ...Jeff comments on her accent...Jordan turns back the other way and Jeff, under the covers, touches Jordan butt/leg to get her to come back, he says "Johrdan"...Jordan says to hang on, her mic piece clipped off...Jeff starts singing again and the feeds go to fish and.return a couple of minutes later with Michele saying both of them have taught her a new vocabulary.

Jordan turns with her butt facing Jeff...Jeff puts his arm under Jordan and she hugs it...Jordan says she has to spread the Gucci...Michele says she will...Jeff says the Gucci isn't working, he can't use it, it's Jordan's...Michele says Gucci is more of a girl word anyways...Jeff says TTYN...they giggle...Jeff says that one's the best...Jordan says she'll leave that one in his goodbye message...Jeff does something to tickle Jordan and she protests...lots of rustling under the cover...another bit of MJ's "Bad" from Jeff and brief fish...

Michele says something about laying down raps...Jordan mishears and thinks she says lay down and eat rats...Michele, in a super high pitched tone, laughs hysterically at this...Jeff says "wow"...they go on about rats and then Jeff says Michele loves rat jokes...they talk about Michele's rat toys and her other stuffed animals like her monkey, she likes monkeys better than rats...Jeff tells the story about his niece when she was real little, she had first started talking and Jeff would put on this website for kids and a Jack Johnson video was on it, there's a monkey jumping around the video and she would say "monkey" was cute, it's a lot cuter when it's your own niece he guesses. 

Late night chat - Karaoke/Massages & Happy Endings 


Just after the 2am mark the Cams switch feeds, Cam 1 is now on J&J side angle and Cam 2 is on Michele

Michele is talking about her baby brother saying the word butterfly...Jeff says little kids shock you sometimes with the words that they say...Jordan asks if they remember that Bill Cosby show Kids Say The Darndest Things?...they do...they start quieting down but Jeff tries to make small talk about the battery packs...J&J shift around under the cover and Jeff starts singing "your butt is mine..." (wonder who that could be about? 😊  )...the feeds go to fish for a few minutes...when they return Jordan is saying she wants to sing Karaoke...Jeff says there's this bar in LA called Happy Endings or Afterhours, he forgets...Michele interrupts saying there's a guy from Mr. Belvedere or is it that guy from Saved by the Bell that does Karaoke in a bar in LA...Jordan says Mr. Belding?...Jeff says he knows what she's talking about, he heard about this, he does Karaoke there all the time...Jordan says his name is Dennis something...Jeff says his friends have pictures of him with them, he's always at that bar and loves it when you take pictures with him and stuff...

Jeff sits up and reaches over Jordan to get some water...the Cams switch again. Now Cam 2 is J&J, Cam 1 is on Michele.

They keep talking about Mr. Belding and Saved by the Bell for a bit...Jordan loved that show...Jeff says he guesses he does Karaoke at that place now...Jeff reaches over and bonks Jordan in the nose LOL Jordan says oww...Jeff holds her face again...Michele says there's going to be a SBTB reunion...Jeff says there is?...Michele says Jimmy Kimmel was trying to get them all together or maybe the other dude...Jeff says Conan O'Brien?...Michele says no, not him...Jeff insists it is, Conan did the skit about them...Michele says wasn't it Jimmy Fallon?...Jeff says Michele is right, it was Jimmy Fallon...Jeff explains to Jordan that he was acting like he was Zach Morris, he was on the show with a wig and his jeans rolled and they talked about who was down for having a SBTB reunion, he would talk to the camera and say "stop!" and everyone has to freeze, he was doing shit like that, it was a good skit, a good bit...Jeff says it was pretty funny...Michele thinks of all the Conan she's missed, everything she's missed...Jeff wishes he could go to Conan while he's out here.

Jordan mentions Jodi Sweetin and how she was a meth junkie...Michele gossips about her life and then Jeff says they know way too much about other people's lives...Michele says it's all Perez Hilton...Jordan says she works at a hair salon and she reads magazines all day so she gets People magazine and reads all that stuff and she watches all those TV shows...Jeff says she might be in one of those magazines one day (ding, ding, ding! we have a winner!! )...Jordan says yeah right...Michele says they profile people in some magazines that are on reality tv shows...Jeff says yeah, so you might be in there, it's not way off the charts...Jeff mentions that one guy that they liked (pre BB reporter) was from People...Michele says he's her dude (please 🙄  ) Jeff says so what are those articles for, the magazine right?...Jordan didn't think he would actually write them...Jeff says did you think he was just fu**ing around over there?...Jordan doesn't know, she doesn't think about stuff like that...Jeff says that's his job...Jordan thinks who would care about them...Jeff says that's what those magazines talk about, all that reality bullshit...Michele says especially if you're the winner, then you're going in them...Jordan remembers him being cute...Michele says he was from her school, Boston College...Jordan says he had dimples and she was like "what's up?"...Jeff says "heyyyyy" LOL ...Michele says she forgot to ask what year he was from...Jeff says he was funny, he was cracking up with that guy...Jordan says he was cool, he was making her laugh...feeds go to fish...

Jeff says they shouldn't be talking about this because Smooth Jazz might not like it...they change the subject back to Karaoke...Jeff goes back to talking about that Karaoke bar called Happy Endings...Michele asks if he's not thinking about the massage parlor?...Jeff goes to talk about the bar when Michele says as a side note Dallas has way too many massage parlors, that's one thing she misses about Dallas  So of course, talk turns to that and Michele is giddy at the chance to talk about it...(in this convo, I will mostly be going over what Jeff & Jordan are saying)

Jeff says he's never even had a fu**ing real massage...Michele says these were not real massage places...Jeff says dirty massages?...Jeff hasn't had one of those either LOL Michele says there were billboards everywhere with girls in French Maid costumes...Jordan says hang on, they're talking about not a massage place but a sexual massage?...Jeff says they give you blow jobs at the end...Jordan says shut up!?!...Jeff says yeah...Jordan says she's heard about a place like that in Charlotte but she never believed it, thought it was a made up story...Jeff says they're real....Jordan says isn't that kind of like prostitution though?...Jeff says you get busted if they catch you...Jordan says that's disgusting, so they give you a massage and then jack you off?...

Jeff says that'd be awesome (LOL)...Jordan says "Jeffff! be quiet"...Jeff says he doesn't even know how good the massage is (because that is why they're going to these places! LOL) bad could it be?...Jordan says he doesn't know, they'll probably have to put gloves on...Jeff says yeah, that would get me off, if they wore a mask and shit, they jerk you off in a space suit...Jeff & Michele laugh...Jordan says they'd have to wear gloves because what if some random guy came in there and had herpes or some disease, then you'll have genital warts on your fingers...Jeff says get outta here...Michele says you can't get those there...Jordan says well, herpes or crabs or something...Jeff says dude, get outta here...

Jeff says they give you a phony baloney massage and then jerk you off, that's all...Jeff says he never got one, he swears but he talked to people who did and he asks them c'mon? are you lying, are you serious?...Jordan asks what happens if a girl goes in there?...Michele says they say "you wanna an application?" (now that is funny! lol) Jeff laughs and says oooh, you have good penmanship let me see your hand work. ...Jordan says "OMG, this is crazy! I have never heard of this, she heard about this in Charlotte but she never believed it, she was like yeah right, c'mon"...Jeff asks Jordan if she ever heard the phrase "Happy Ending"?...Jordan says no, not really, no...Jeff explains it...Jordan says she's only had a facial...Jeff stops 🤭 and says you've had a dirty facial? LOL...

Jordan says she's been to a really nice place but they don't say Happy Ending...Jeff says no, you go in and get one and then you ask the lady how much for a happy ending? then they know you want extra and they jerk you off for a couple extra bucks...Jordan says yeah right?!...Jeff says that's how they roll but you have to know where to go, he says in the Chicago Tribune they have ads for places that are open until 5am, you think they're giving massages until 5am?...Jordan says no, whacking and blowing someone off.

They laugh...Jordan talks about going with her friends to the strip club and there are nasty dudes sitting there watching the girls booty clapping, she gets grossed out...Jeff says strip clubs are stupid...Jordan says at home, she goes there after the bar because they are open after 4, they eat breakfast there, it's a 5 star strip club, they have big chairs...Jeff says alright, alright...Jordan says she can't believe this one girl that strips, she's really pretty, she says whatever, they have to do what they have to do, pay your bills...Jeff says their line is that they're doing it to pay for college. those chicks make a ton of money...Jordan says she couldn't do it, don't look at my boobies...Jeff says he thinks they're stupid because the girls pretend to like you, you give them money and they're out of there...Jordan laughs...Jeff says he'll say hey cutie, what are you doing later? they say get a dance and I'll tell you, you get a dance and they're like see ya later and he's like you fu**ing liar...Jeff laughs...he says then the next one does the same and he won't fall for it...Jordan asks if he would sleep with a stripper?...Jeff says no way, he doesn't even like fu**ing going there because they're all phony baloney...Jordan asks if they weren't phony baloney?...Jeff says then we'd fu**ing dance LOL Jordan says "are eww Jeff! are you serious? that's gross!"...Jeff says "what are you talking about? oh stop it, grow up!"...Jeff touches her arm and they both start laughing.

Jordan turns to face away from Jeff and he asks her where she is going?...Jordan says over here...Michele says for her to come in her bed ...Jeff rawrrrs...Michele says she has to leave with all the sexy talk, she is going to the bathroom...Jeff puts his arm under Jordan and hugs her tight, he pulls the cover up...he starts talking dirty, Jordan says his voice is deep, kind of like a killer's voice...Michele leaves…

Late night chat - Jeff wants to be the one ;) 


Jeff continues to talk dirty to Jordan, Jordan says it sounds like a soon as Michele leaves to go to the bathroom, Jeff in his deep whispery voice says "Jordan"...Jordan says "don't talk like that it's scary" Jeff smiles...Jordan says "you sound like you're possessed" Jeff whispers "Jordan, don't look in the drawer"...something is going on under the cover because Jeff smiles big twice and then cracks up laughing, he lifts the cover over them and smothers Jordan...Jordan screeches and says "you bit my ear!"...Jeff says "who did?" Jordan says huh?...Jeff says "it wasn't me"...Jordan says yes, it was...Jeff says "is was the other (in a whisper) Jordan" a really sweet voice Jordan says "don't talk like that you sounded scary".

Jeff humps Jordan LOL Jordan says "Jeff stop"...Jeff says "what? my fu**ing microphone fell off"...they laugh and Jeff says what?...Jordan says "you were fake humping me"...Jeff says he wasn't, he was just getting in the dance mood, like a stripper...Jordan blows a fart on his arm, she says "yeah, let's dance"...Jeff grabs the cover and covers them again, he wraps himself around Jordan while saying "yeah, you want me to go get that shirt, you wanna fool around?...he seems to reach over and put his head near her butt, lol...Jordan says "I told you I'd burn it"...Jeff says why? you love it...Jeff keeps fooling around while Jordan says "let's dance? the let's dance shirt? no, I'll burn it"...they kiss and then start laughing...Jeff reaches for something and Jordan says "nooo"...Jeff says he didn't do anything this time...Jordan laughs and Jeff say quit faking...they continue rustling under the cover...Jordan says "no, Jeff, quit yelling at me, I hate when you yell at me"...Jeff makes that goofy noise he usually makes and keeps wrapping himself around Jordan...Jordan makes that automatic sprinkler noise and Jeff asks her why she makes that noise...she does it again and laughs and says it sounds like a sprinkler...Jeff makes that sprinkler noise and Jordan laughs...Jeff reaches over and starts tickling Jordan, some funny business goes on undercover and Jordan says noooo! Jeff makes his goofy noise, they kiss and Jordan laughs.

Jordan says "bootyliscious"...Michele starts talking but Jordan hones in on Jeff and slaps his chest and grabs his side quite forcefully saying "I want to hit you"...Jeff says "ow! that was a little roughneck Jordan"...Jordan puts her head on Jeff's chest and says "sorry"...Jeff asks Jordan "why you want to hit me?" Jordan says "like in a good way" Jeff says "like drown me?"...Jordan grabs Jeff's face and says "like I wanna beat you"...Jeff says "oh, I like it a little bit" Jordan gives Jeff a big kiss.

Jordan starts getting herself settled down again while Jeff who IMO was caught off guard that Jordan kissed him like that moves around awkwardly, gets his arm stuck behind Jordan, she asks him where his hand is going...Jeff puts it under Jordan (their new position, lol) and says "oh you know where it's going"...Jordan says "" and she puts her pillow up to block the "view" from the camera, lol. Jeff says what?

They settle in and Jeff says "let's give each other dirty massages...who said that?"...Jordan says "we all know Jeff wants a dirty massage"...Michele says "who doesn't want a dirty massage?"...Jeff says "f**k yeah Michele"...Michele says if she could order one in here she would...Jordan says really?...Jeff says "a phone call from home, a dirty massage, a Hawaiian vacation" 

Michele says she's so sexually frustrated in there, it's not even funny...Jordan says really? Michele says yes!...Jeff says they should have a room in there for that, no joke...Jordan says Jefff!...Jeff says what?...Jordan says nothing...Michele says when you're used to getting it all the time and you don't get it, it's bad...Jordan asks how many times does she get it? like twice a day?...Michele says she works a lot so once a day...Jordan asks if she has to have it?...Jeff laughs...Michele says uh, yeah...Jeff says Jordannn...Jordan says she's not, she doesn't, something happened when God made her and made her not horny...Jeff slaps her gently on the face (aka shut up Jordan, lol)...Michele says God needs to pair her up with the right person so she'll be like f**k yeah, sex rocks...Jordan says "so wait, when I find the right person I'll want to hump him all the time?"...Michele says yeah.

This perks Jeff up, he says "let's try, let's see if I'm the one...if not, TTYN!"...they all laugh...Jeff says that's fu**in' the best.

Jordan asks Michele if she knew she was going to marry her husband...they talk about this and Michele's love life and it's all lies so who cares ...feeds go to fish and when they return they're talking about something sexual, can't quite figure out what but they're all saying they've never done "that"...Jeff calls Jordan a liar LOL...Jordan says she's only been with one person...Jeff says whatever...Jordan says I have...Jeff covers Jordan's mouth with his hand ...she makes farting noises, lol...Michele says ok Jordo, you're a sweetheart, you'll find some dude...Jordan says she will...Jordan says "I don't like...well nevermind" (I think Jeff giving her shut up signals finally worked to get her to think twice about what she was going to say)...conversation change...

Late night chat - Smelly issues/Rubbing pact/Makeovers 


The conversation shifts...Michele says she still stinks even with deodorant...Jordan sits up and says if she stinks she should shower. Michele says she does, she puts the deodorant on and it doesn't work...Jeff pokes Jordan in the back to get her attention, they hold hands...Michele says she's Hungarian and she just smells all the time. Jeff laughs...Michele says her family is stinky. Jordan says she won't smell bad if she showers, Michele insists she will. Jordan tells her she can use her Bath & Body Works...Michele says she has that stuff too...Jeff says it's Eastern European...Jordan asks what that means?...Jeff says it means you're rough...Jordan says so he's saying all Eastern European people stink?...Jeff says he's just joking. Jeff sits up to get his water that is on the dresser, after he drinks, he asks Jordan if she can scratch his back...Jeff playfully bites her back...Michele says her husband tells her she stinks...Jordan can't understand why he would say that...

Jordan keeps probing...she says hang on, she will wash her armpits and they still stink? Michele says yeah...Jordan says like BO or just stinks? Jordan asks what type of deodorant she uses? Jeff says Jordan has prescription, she should ask her doctor...Jordan says it's not for stinking but when she gets nervous, she sweats real bad. Michele says it's just her bad smell, it's not BO, everyone has a different smell. Jeff says to try the Axe body spray he got...Jordan asks if she uses perfume...Michele says yeah but it's her armpits that smell bad...Jeff tells her to use that spray again...Jordan asks if she's tried Dove or Secret...Michele has the Secret clinical strength and it doesn't work...Jordan asks if her armpits are wet...Michele says they're not, they just smell.

Michele & Jeff try to make Jordan realize it's about the smell not the wet. Jordan tries to expain that certain types of deodorant mixed with your own sweat make a weird smell...she went to the doctor, her nerves were bad, she was stressed out and she felt like she was sweating all the time, the doctor gave her this stuff that makes her not sweat, it might work for her...Michele says she could also put herself in a bubble (now there's an idea, lol)...Jordan turns to face Jeff and start scratching.

Jeff farts to break up the sweat convo, lol...Jordan says awww, Jeff...Jeff says it's not going to smell but it does. Jordan says oooh...Jeff doesn't believe it...Jordan pulls him back towards her to let him get a whiff...Jeff says it smells like a little sausage, almost like a hot burp...Jordan says it smells like an egg...Jeff says yesterday was an egg, this one was a hot burp...Jordan squeezes Jeff again rather intensely and Jeff says Jordan!! c'mon...Michele goes to close the door.

Jordan says she is tired of rubbing Jeff...Jeff says "c'mon Jordan please!" Jordan says "I rub you all the time and I never get anything"...Jeff says "I just rubbed you right now" (hmm, I didn't see any rubbing, lol)...Jordan says "when?"...Jeff says "right now, first of all, I play with your hair all the time, I rub your arm all the time"...Jordan says "listen, I don't like this, this part of our friendship has turned around and now it's 80/20 %, I'm giving 80% and you're giving 20%"...Jeff says it's 50/50.

Michele interrupts again with a snarky..."so you rub all your friends?" (what's it to you Michele?)...Jordan says if they wanna be...Michele says "Jordy..." <---🤮Jordan says "me & Jeff, Jeff is different"  Michele says she's just kidding...Jordan says she's serious...right Jeff?...Jeff says what?...Jordan says "you're different"...Jeff says how? (LOL way to put her on the spot Jeff)...Jordan says Jeff is not helping her here...Jeff says it's different, they had this pact from the beginning, for real...Jordan says "he'd want me to rub him and I did".

This is where it gets testy for Jeff!

Jordan says she has some guy friends she rubs (I don't know if I believe that one, lol) or if she sees them she would say hey! and give them a kiss on the cheek or the lips but they're just her friends...Jeff asks "you kiss your friends on the lips?"...Jordan backtracks a little and says "uh, no, kinda like a quick peck...some of them"...Jeff says "really?"...Jordan says "some of them"...Jeff says that means you want to do it with them. 😂

Jordan says no it doesn't! Does he kiss some of his girl friends?...Jeff says no, I have sex with them. (burn!) Jeff laughs but Jordan doesn't respond...Jeff says no, he doesn't kiss people on the lips, he kisses people on the cheek though but not on the lips, she does? she just said she does...

Jordan completely backtracks and says "not every one, a couple, some I've known since I was like in 5th grade, I'll just be like hey, muah"...Jeff says "you do it with them?"...Jordan says "no, it's not like that"...Michele says they've established that Jordan hasn't had sex with a lot of people...Jeff says that's all phony...Jordan says yeah right...Michele says if that was true Jordan would be humping you right now...Jeff says "f**k yeah"...Michele says she would have left this bedroom a long time ago...Jeff says it would be on like Donkey Kong in there...Jordan says who? me & you?...Jeff says mmm, hmm.

Now this is where it gets testy for Jordan!

Jordan says "yeah, Jeff wants to do me"...Jeff says "Jordan!" Jordan laughs...Michele says Jeff said he wanted to have sex with me too so...Jordan kind of gasps and immediately pulls her hand away from scratching Jeff...Michele nervously says "you did say that though"...Jeff says that was just to make you feel good...Michele says "he's a liar! thanks Jeff"...Jeff says it would make him feel good too...Jordan turns away from Jeff...Jeff reaches over to Jordan with his leg and asks where'd she go?...Jordan says "I'm done rubbing"...Jeff says c'mon, come here 🥰...Jordan says "you rub me for once"...Jeff swears he will...Jordan says she doesn't like the way this is going...Jeff reaches back and hugs Jordan, rubbing her head and she hugs him back...

...Jeff says this is how it was in the beginning when she wouldn't rub him and she would say rub me and he always did...Jordan knows but he doesn't do it anymore...Jeff says he does, he's always playing with her, right now...doesn't that feel good?...Jordan says mmm, hmm. Jeff says see, even. Jordan says she does it longer, Jeff says she's better at it...they bicker a little more about the rubbing and then Jordan starts scratching again. 

Now I love this, this is what Jordan is awesome at, killing someone softly & subtly...she had just gotten irritated with what Michele said about the sex thing so she turns it around by sweetly mentioning Michele's husband just to drive home the fact that Michele is taken and Jeff is unattainable! Ha!

Jordan says that Michele's husband is going to be so excited when he sees her...LOL all Michele says is mmm, hmm...Jordan says especially now with the new her, her sex life will improve from once a day to five times a day...Michele says she won't have a job then...Jordan says he'll meet you in the lab, she'll have her lab suit and her glasses and there will be rats running around...Michele says no, not sexy...

Jordan says Michele looks real good and she thinks she should wear her hair longer...Michele says now that she knows how to use a flat iron she can have long hair and not look crazy  Jordan thinks the person that has changed the most should get a reward, they should take Michele on finale night to get a makeover, it would be cool...Michele says she is so sweet, she should be rewarded with one...Jeff says to make Jordan look different, she would have to have black hair, she wouldn't look bad with black hair, dark hair, dark hair with her blue eyes she would be fu**in' would be cool...Michele says "you like brunettes don't you?" 🙄 Jeff says he likes both, he doesn't know if he could picture Jordan with dark hair but dark hair with her eyes would be amazing but he thinks he likes Jordan with blond hair...Jordan talks about having dark in her hair once, it didn't look bad...Jeff says she would look good either way...Jordan says dark hair makes her hair look greasy...Jeff says he thinks she looks ok...Jordan says thanks.

They continue talking about the makeover and Jeff asks if she would do it if they had to do something dramatic with her hair?...Jordan doesn't know if she could cut it to her shoulders, it depends...Jordan loves watching those makeover shows, like once on ANTM one girl had her long hair all chopped off to very short and she was crying...Jeff says he thinks he saw that...they talk about haircuts that Michele should wear...ironically Jordan mentions that if Michele wants bangs she should get hair extensions to have it longer, it would look better...Michele says nah, she's not going to do that because she could set her hair on fire at work, that's actually a legitimate concern…

Late night chat - Reaching out/Busy hands 


Jeff, Jordan & Michele continue to talk about reality shows...Jeff mentions one of the girls from America's Next Top Model who cheated on her boyfriend, they went to Europe for modeling, they were partying with these European dudes in a hot tub and she ended up having sex with one of them and then she called her boyfriend back home to tell him, she was crying but he was very dramatic and had a really weird voice, he was like what'd you do? what happened? and she was told him she did it and he said you didn't! and she said she did, he called her a whore, it was so fu**ing funny, he was dying, it was the best, he was so dramatic, the girl said she did the worst thing ever, she told him, I dunno why she did that but he would have found out anyway.

Jeff talks about when they do the top reality moments on tv...Jordan remembers seeing the girl that fainted on ANTM, they recall some crazy moments on reality tv including the one where a girl took a dump on Flava of Love...Michele says can you imagine that happening in the house, she would walk out...Jordan says she would take a dump in Russell's pillow and send it to him...Jeff says whoa! and reaches back and strokes Jordan's face & hair...Jordan continues saying she would set it on fire...Jeff rubs Jordan's hair and says "relaxi taxi"🚕

Michele announces she is going to pee in her pants so she starts getting up to leave...meanwhile Jeff and Jordan are both doing some reaching for each other under the cover...Jordan smiles and turns towards Jeff and spoons him...Jeff giggles and Jordan makes a fart sound on his back...Michele leaves...Jordan says she is crazy...Jeff says she is cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs 🤪 ..Jeff turns to lay on his back.

Jordan snuggles into Jeff and says "you know what I want?"...Jeff in a sexy manner says "what?"...Jordan says "to sit through"...Jeff rawrr's...Jordan continues "to sit through a thunderstorm"⛈️⛈️..Jeff says "yeah, those are the best"...Jordan sits up and says "and have it rain, but I want it to be outside sitting on a balcony and it raining and watching it thunder and lightning"...Jeff says "and do it?"...Jordan says "does everything have to end in doing it?"...Jeff says "what? wouldn't it be nice? just say yes...yes or no?"...Jordan lays back down and in a Jeff voice says "no"...Jeff says "no?"...Jordan grabs Jeff's face and says "no". Jeff turns his head away and says "whatever"...Jordan looks like she feels bad...Jeff reaches for her and touches her under the cover...Jordan reaches for his hand, smiles and lurches forward...Jeff says "what?"...Jordan mmm, mmm's (indicating no)...Jeff mmm, mmm's what?...they acknowledge Natalie laughing outside the room...something happens under cover and they do their "no" banter...Jeff pulls the cover over them and they kiss...and kiss...Jordan comes up for air and says she has her retainer in...Jeff says he loves it 😁...more "no" banter...

Jordan asks if it doesn't feel hotter in there?...Jeff says a little bit...Jordan tells Jeff that he doesn't look like himself...Jeff asks who he looks like?...Jordan says in the dark he looks different...Jeff says "really? you like him better or worse"...Jordan says "huh? you look different"...Jeff says "who do you like better? this one or daytime?"...Jordan says "either one"...Jeff misunderstands and says "neither?"...Jordan asks if she looks the same in the dark?...Jeff says look better LOL ...Jordan gasps uhhh and Jeff brings the cover over to bug her...Jordan says for real?...Michele walks back in and lets some light in and Jeff says "now you look normal"...Jordan says duh!...Jeff says "you look normal I think"

Rustling of the cover, some busy hands under cover too...Jordan seems to be "reaching" for Jeff  😉 and she says "wowzers"...Jeff mmm, hmm's/giggles, more movement then Jeff says what?...he giggles and says it's the same shit every day...Jordan says it is...Jeff says he knows, my God, get him out of this place...Jordan sits up and takes off her mic...Jeff complains his shoulder hurts...Jordan asks why?...Jeff says it's from all the reaching all over the place every night.

They are momentarily quiet but there is something going on under cover again, more rustling of the cover then they both seem to be doing "something" to make the other smile...they grin like cheshire cats and then Michele interrupts "the mood" to say that this week they should do some crazy dares WTF? They discuss what kinds of dares...Michele says no nudity.

Jordan asks Jeff if he would run around naked?...Jeff says naw...Jordan says why?...Jeff says he doesn't want that shit all over the place, you do something stupid here and you're fu**ed for the rest of your life...Jordan says skinny dipping?...Jeff says that isn't that bad but you don't want to do shit like that, he's not 18 years old ykwim?...

Jordan mmm, hmm's...Jeff tells Jordan she can go though, skinny dipping...Jordan says she would...Jeff says do it tomorrow...Jordan backtracks LOL and says he makes a good point she wouldn't do it here but somewhere...Jeff says "jury house?"...Jordan says yeah...Jeff says "with all those yo-yo's?"...Jordan says yeah, she wouldn't care...Jeff says "why'd you show everybody that? really?"...Jordan says she would do it in the jury house (forgetting that the previous hour she said she wouldn't want to be a stripper showing her boobies  )...Jeff says "butt naked?"...More backtracking from Jordan, she says "umm, I don't know about butt naked, maybe with my underwear on"...Jeff says that's not skinny...Jordan says if she was going to go out in the ocean and it was dark, yeah she'd do it but she doesn't know...Jeff farts 🥴

Jordan says she knew he was going to do that...Jeff giggles about Jordan trying to smell it, she denies it...Jeff turns to lay on his tummy (his usual sleep position)...Michele says Jeff needs a lifetime supply of Beano...Jeff says he'll have to do a Gas-X commercial...Michele brings up who would do a herpes commercial...Jeff says he would, it would be better exposure...Michele sarcastically says that would get him lots of girls...Jeff recalls a Friends episode where Joey did a herpes commercial.

They quiet down and then Michele tells them it's almost 3am...Jeff says his goal is to be in the pool by 1pm...they all say goodnight to each other and finally get to sleep or so it seems...

Jejo play footsie


Jordan turns to face away from Jeff & touches Jeff's foot with hers...Jeff turns the other way as well and lays on his tummy, he is getting hot so he kicks off the comforter and exposes his lower legs along with Jordan's leg. Jordan & Jeff play footsie...cutest thing EVER! 

Will you rub my hair? 


Just when it seems J&J have fallen asleep, Jordan turns back towards Jeff and asks him if he's sleeping?...Jeff says no, why, what's up?...Jordan asks if he will rub her hair?...Jeff doesn't seem to responsive so Jordan turns back the other way...Jeff says "you really want me to?"...Jordan says "no, don't worry about it"...Jeff tsks, turns and says he was comfy, can she do that when they're snuggling?...Jordan says "don't worry about it"...Jeff says it's too late, shut up and he starts rubbing...Jordan positions herself lower so they can spoon and says "there, we're snuggling"...Jeff puts his leg over Jordan and he keeps rubbing.

Just after the 3:15am mark Jeff starts slowing down...Jordan shifts around and Jeff asks her "what do you want?"...Jordan says "nothing, you look like you're falling asleep"...Jeff says no, he's getting tired but he'll rub...Jordan says he doesn't have to...Jeff leans in and gives her a kiss 💋 Jordan then rubs Jeff's hair...

It's hard to tell when Jeff actually stops rubbing but they do eventually fall asleep snuggling each other like this.

Under the cover dance ;) 


Jordan has been called to the DR very early...she goes outside for a bit but then she goes back to bed.

@ the 7:53am mark Jeff stirs when she gets in bed and asks her if she's done?...Jordan says yes...Jeff says nice...Jordan puts her mic away and says her hair looks bad LOL

Jordan says "that was so weird, I heard that and I was like, I thought it was Thursday, no it's not Thursday but it is Thursday, I got confused"...they both settle in to sleep but they both seem restless and are unable to...

@ the 7:57am mark Jordan turns to face Jeff who is laying on his back, there's some readjusting of the cover, it seems like Jordan reaches for Jeff and they might be holding hands (?)...hard to tell...Jordan has secret smile #1...Jeff moves around a little, scratches his nose, Jordan readjusts her head...Jeff turns his head a couple of times

@ the 8:00am mark it sounds like Jeff is snoring lightly but he fidgets his feet...Jordan is clearly awake because her eyes can be seen blinking...Jeff shifts again and again.

@ the 8:03:20am mark big secret smile #2 from Jordan which lasts for a little bit...

@ just before the 8:04am mark secret smile #3... Jordan puts her leg over Jeff's and her hand seems to be shifting in a precarious spot...she buries her head in her Jeff's pillow...some more rustling and some movement of the cover in the southern regions, lol, and then just before the 8:05am mark Jeff flinches...twice...Jordan then turns back to her side...Jeff shifts and kicks the cover...Jordan is laying still while Jeff seems restless...

@ the 8:08am mark Jordan now shifts and touches her hair...Jeff shifts and then he turns to spoon with Jordan, he pulls her in close and they snuggle.

@ the 8:15am mark Jeff turns back the other way and lays on his side with his back to Jordan, he reaches back for Jordan's hand/arm...Jordan turns her head to acknowledge what he wants and then her arm can be seen under the cover moving onto Jeff's hip/leg area, after a little bit Jordan moves it away.

Just after the 8:17am mark Jordan once again turns back towards Jeff and spoons him this time, she reaches with her hand to hold/hug him...Jeff's hand/arm can be seeing moving to hold onto hers.

@ the 8:19am mark Jordan shifts back a little to touch her face and ear...Jeff's arm can be seen reaching back again to bring her back in (kind of like a non-verbal "where you going?") and her arm can be seen reaching over Jeff and snuggling close again.

@ the 8:21am mark Jordan turns back the other way and they finally seem to settle into sleep although Jeff is still restless.

(Even though most times it couldn't be seen, I personally think they both had a habit of having one hand on each other at all times while settling into sleep, they both needed that human touch from the other)

Jeff wakes up & rubs Jordan’s head 


Super sweet and self explanatory. 🥰

Outside lockdown head rub


The HG's are outside not doing anything...Kevin & Natalie look to be resting/sleeping. Michele is munching on something noisily. 

Jordan is sitting on the first chair, Jeff is sitting on the couch closest to Jordan.

Cute moment at the 12:42 mark when Jeff yawns and then reaches over to Jordan and rubs her back...he lets go and then Jordan quickly reaches over and squeezes his calf (he has his legs up on the table)...just a little signal to the other that I'm here for ya )

@ the 12:47pm mark Jeff reaches over again and starts rubbing Jordan's back, she even gets the shivers, it's cute. Shortly after that Jordan pats Jeff's leg a few times, Jeff smiles and returns the favor on her back...Jordan leans over to lay her head on the armrest of the chair and Jeff starts rubbing her head. Jordan reaches for Jeff's leg/knee and occasionally rubs too. Jordan looks like she's in heaven...or still sleepy. ☺️

The rubbing goes on for awhile with no one saying a word.

Just before the 12:57pm mark Jeff stops momentarily and Jordan sits up. They say something to each other that is inaudible because a plane is flying overhead. Jeff sits up to take a drink of water, Jordan lays her head back down but then sits back up. Michele mumbles something weird about no talking (??) and then Jordan gets up and walks behind the couches to look at her face in the mirror.  She then goes and walks towards the pool and sits down with her feet in the pool.

Jordan had a dream about Jeff last night 


The HG's are on an outside lockdown. Jeff is sitting on the couches while Jordan is sitting with her legs in the pool. She is wearing Jeff's NY shirt. Jeff goes over to the pool, puts his legs in and starts throwing the mini ball back and forth with Jordan. The ball gets away from Jordan and she doesn't even attempt to get it, lol.

(This part is difficult to hear and they're not wearing their mics so it's not clear what they're saying, not sure this part is correct, lol) Jeff says his back hurts from sleeping so much...Jordan says that bed (SS room) is so uncomfortable...Jeff says you go to sleep though...Jordan says that at one point she did wake up but she thought she was dreaming...Jeff says no, you kept squeezing (?)...

Jordan says she had a dream about Jeff last night...Jeff says what about? Jordan smiles 😊 and Jeff smiles this big 😃 Jordan says "nothin" 😉

Jeff asks "was it good?" Jordan says it was ok...Jeff says "yeahhh, what was it?" Jordan says she can't tell anyone, she will tell him later...Jeff says why? when later? Jordan says she doesn't want to say it in there. Jeff says they don't have their mics on, lol. Jordan says there are mics there...Jeff says "was it dirty?" Jordan says no. Jeff says if it wasn't then why the hell can't she say it for...Jordan says she doesn't want to...Jeff says yes it was...

Jordan says then she had a dream she was getting her hair done at a salon and her toes and nails done. She asked her mom how much it was and it was $100 and she was ok. Jeff asks if that is how much they cost, she says no, that was just in her dream.

They get quiet for a minute and then Jeff says "what was the dream about?" 😛 Jordan tries to shush him but Jeff persists, he says to just give him a clue...Jordan says "it was just me and you" Jeff 😃 "Where were we?" Jordan says "not here" Jeff says "but it was nice?" Jordan says "at first it was" Jeff says "but then we got in a fight?" Jordan nods yes...Jeff says "what happened?" Jordan - 😎 Jeff says "whattt?" Jordan says "I don't wanna talk about it" Jeff says "me and you in this house?" Jordan says it wasn't in this house, me and you were out in the real world...Jeff says he knows but she doesn't want to talk about it in this house so he won't know ever...Jordan says he will know finale night if you want...Jeff says how the fuck is he going to was a dream, who it...Jordan doesn't budge...Jeff says she knows she is going to tell him so she just might as well say it...Jordan says maybe she will tell him later...Jeff asks what are they doing right now...Jordan says being bored, talking...

Jeff goes to lay down on the pool chair, Jordan says she is going to get in, she's hot and sweating...Jeff tells her to come over there in the shade, Jordan says it's still hot there, Jeff says not as much...she gets up and Jeff says "why don't you just wait"...Jordan gets in and says "you get so mad" (Jeff still doesn't like her getting in the pool with her clothes on and now she has his clothes on, lol) Jeff mumbles something and then says never mind...

Secret smile @ 1:33:50 pm

They chit chat about not having their mics, the lockdown and then the lockdown ends...

Weather comparison/My brothers birthday too


Jeff & Jordan are out tanning in the BY, Jordan is on the hammock, Jeff is on the blue raft in the pool...just after the 12:09pm mark they start chatting when Jordan says it's hot out...Jeff says not like it has been but it's humid...Jordan says imagine if you had to work construction?...Jeff says he knows, he always thinks about that...Jordan says her brother has to always work outside in landscaping, he comes home all the time and he's soaked...Jeff says imagine the construction guys they have to work in the blazing heat and then work in the freezing cold...Jordan says yeah but they would like working out there because in the winter it doesn't get freezing cold...Jeff says it's nice and cool.

Jeff says in Chicago it's fu**ing brutal cold out...Jordan says "does it get in the negative?"...Jeff says yeah...Jordan says "it does?"...Jeff says sometimes, with the wind chill for sure...Jordan says at home if there's barely any snow they close the schools...Jeff says really?...Jordan says even if there's only an inch of snow and barely any ice, they call off school, they act like it's such a big deal...Jeff says for them they never cancel school, even in a blizzard, he'd be so pissed, his ma wouldn't drive him in the snow so she'd make him walk to school, he'd say forget it but she'd say you better go...Jordan laughs and says "you'd have to walk?"...Jeff says yeah, even in crazy snow, people get their late and all sorts of shit, it's such a mess, everything is wet & muddy and it's just gross...Jeff says "I hate winter...yuck".

Jeff says she doesn't understand, you can't breathe, when he gets back it will be like winter almost...Jordan says when he gets back at the end of September is it already cool?...Jeff says it will be fall, yes it will be cool, the nights will be cool, you have to wear jeans and a sweatshirt, it will be in the 50's...Jordan says she thinks 50's are freezing...Jeff says nah, it'll be alright, you can wear whatever you want in the fall, it's usually not too cold in the beginning, you can be fine wearing a jacket or not...Jeff says "fall is nice, I like fall plus it's football season and all the trees are orange and stuff".

Jeff says that Jordan has a pretty good climate where she's at...Jordan says "my brother's birthday is October 27th"...Jeff says "that's my brother's birthday!"...Jordan says "really?"...Jeff says "yeah"...Jordan says "nuh uh"...Jeff says "I swear"...Jordan says "your middle or older?"...Jeff says "older...holy shit"...Jordan is at a loss for words with the coincidence and then says sometimes it is freezing, one year she wore a turtleneck, but one Halloween it wasn't really that cold...Jeff says "that's crazy that your brother's birthday is the same as mine" 😊

Jordan asks if he has people in his family that have close birthdays? Jordan explains that her sister & her grandpa have the same, June 29th and so on...Jeff says his family they are all more spread out, he says her family is closer than his, his ma's birthday is 3 days away from Jordan's, his brother is the same day as her brother, he giggles...Michele has come outside to join in suntanning...Jeff asks when Jordan's sister's birthday is...Jordan says June 29th, her boyfriend's is June 10th...Michele pipes in saying she's June 16th...Jordan asks what she did...Michele probably lies about what she did 🤨..Jordan says she & her family used to go eat at a Japanese place...

Finding Jordan in the GR 


Jeff has been outside catching some sun after being in the pool...he goes inside @ the 3:28pm mark and goes looking for Jordan, he heads straight to the GR where Jordan has been taking a nap. Jeff walks in and says "what's up Johrdan?"...Jordan stirs and says "nothing"...Jeff asks Jordan "why'd you come in here?"...Jordan says she doesn't know, it wasn't sunny oustide...Jeff takes off his flip-flops and leans over Jordan to kiss her, Jordan taps Jeff's neck, lol, they kiss...Jordan mmm's...Jeff looks at Jordan...Jordan says "what?"...Jeff says "nothing, what are you laughing at?"...Jordan pushes Jeff down and says "you"...Jeff smells himself and asks if he smells?...Jordan smells herself and says "no, you don't" LOL

Jeff asks "what's up?"...Jordan lays down on Jeff's leg and asks how it is outside? Jeff says hot and lays down on Jordan's leg. Jordan says to not look at her face, it's breaking out. Jeff looks at Jordan in only the way he can...

Jordan asks if Jeff is hot? his legs feel hot...Jeff says he was just lying in the sun and you know where you get to the point where you're hot and it's over? he was like "it's over", he couldn't lay there anymore.

Jordan says he still looks tanned. Jeff says "yeah? I got a little bit today?"...Jordan mmm, hmm's...Jeff says tomorrow he'll finish the job...Jordan hands Jeff a pillow to put behind his head, she says she loves these pillows...Jeff says they're so soft...Jordan says "you're all about the softness soft"...Jeff says he likes it...Jordan gets comfy but Jeff decides to go change shorts because they're wet and he wants to workout later, he'll be back, he leaves…

That’s the funk/Jordan pulled a Melendez/John Gotti dinner 


Jeff returns to the GR where Jordan has been laying waiting for him to come back. Jeff says "Johrdan...Hi Johrdan" and he sits down by Jordan. Jordan says she's sleepy and lifts up her arm over her head...Jeff reaches down to pretend smell her...Jordan says "nooo! don't smell"...Jeff lays down opposite her and says "you stinky"...Jordan says "do I?"...Jeff says she's got a little bit of funk...Jordan laughs and then Jeff laughs...Jordan says she was sweating from being out there, she swears she won't be stinky when she leaves there...Jeff says that's the funk baby.

Jeff starts slapping/patting Jordan's butt and he says he loves how she jumps when he first touches her...Jordan says well that scared her, she grabs onto Jeff's calf/leg…

...Jeff asks what she thought it was...Jordan says she doesn't know, she wasn't expecting it...Jeff keeps doing it...Jordan keeps holding onto his leg...

Jeff says how funny it is that Kevin stays down there instead of up in his HOH...Jordan says when she walked by them they were all silent & whispering and it was awkward...Jeff says give the HOH to him if he doesn't want it...Jordan says that Michele told her that Kevin was locking the room now ever since she took a nap in his room...Jeff says "oh really?"...Jordan sits up and re-tells the what Michele told her about the HOH room...Jeff asks why would she go up there?...Jordan shrugs her shoulders and whispers "she's so weird"...Jeff says it's over, he starts imitating how Michele mumbles and he can't hear & can't understand a word she's saying...Jordan is amused, lol...

Jordan says really? that's so funny...Jeff says "whaddya mean really? you don't know?"...Jordan in Jeff accent says "I do know" and she laughs. Jeff puts his leg on her neck and pushes her down…

Jordan gets red in the face, says Jefff!, laughs and says no!...Jeff eases up and laughs...Jordan sits up and puts her hair in a clip...Jeff pretend smells her again as a joke and Jordan says "you smell it? when you raise my arm you can smell my armpits? shut up, you can't...quit trying to act like I'm a smelly person"...Jeff sits up to smell her saying lemme see, Jordan grabs his face saying no! don't smell me...Jeff lays back down...Jordan says she probably stinks...Jeff says probably?...Jordan says "lemme smell your armpits"...she bends over and does, she says "no, you don't stink" LOL Jeff says he doesn't even have deodorant...Jordan laughs and says his Dove doesn't work...Jeff says it doesn't work when you need medication deodorant...Jordan says the medication is for sweating...Jeff says what about the men's deodorant?...Jordan says she didn't feel like putting it on, she wanted to smell like a woman...Jeff says she smells like a fucking construction worker...Jordan gasps and laughs...Jordan says "you're a b....a hoorah!, that's only for a girl right?" Jeff asks if she was going to call him a bitch because she said b....Jordan says she was trying to think of something and she couldn't.

Jordan asks what Jeff is going to cook tonight...Jeff says nothing for her...Jordan says yeahh! you always have to cook for me...Jeff says she abandoned him...Jordan denies it...Jeff says where'd she go today, he was like "Johrdan" and she was gone...Jordan says "you didn't know I left? I'm like your friend sneaky, sneaky, just get up and leave"...Jeff says Jordan pulled a Melendez.

Jeff's stomach growls and Jordan asks if it's his...Jeff says yes...Jordan tells Jeff to not work out until later so he can hang out with her...Jeff says he will...Jordan lays down saying she wants to work out today, walk...she holds onto Jeff's arm...Jeff says they can hang out for a little bit then he can go work out in an hour and a half when the sun goes down and it gets cooler, then he can work out, then if she comes out he'll walk with her and he'll do his abs with her...Jordan says deal. Jordan starts patting and rubbing Jeff's tummy.

Jeff says then they'll shower and get ready and cook a John Gotti dinner...Jordan wants to know what the John Gotti dinner is tonight...Jeff says whatever she wants, he'll rock it out, he wants to use the grill while he can...Jordan asks grilled chicken? Jeff says whatever she wants...Jordan asks about BBQ'ed grilled chicken...Jeff says he could do that or he could do BBQ pork and lemon chicken or vice versa...Jordan says either one or they could have pitas...Jeff says they have no more pita pockets, it's over for the pita pockets...Jordan says everything is over...Jeff says Jeff is over so they might as well cancel the show...he laughs and says Jeff's gone, show's over...Jordan says Jeff & Jordan...Jeff says Jeff & Jordan is gone, it's over.

Jordan asks Jeff if they had not have gotten rid of Russell would they be in the same situation...Jeff thinks he would have made a move, he thinks it was a good move, all they had to do was win the POV and they didn't, he didn't. Jordan says she didn't. Jeff says he wasn't expecting her to, he was expecting him to.

They are quiet for a bit and then Jordan says "you shaved, that's what's different...he shaved today"...Jeff says he did before he went outside...Jordan knew something looked different...Jeff says worse? she likes it better unshaven...Jordan says she likes it when it's a little scruffy, he looks cute, she likes it either way but she likes him scruffy. They are quiet again and Jordan is stealing glances at Jeff...she pats Jeff again and asks if it's really cloudy right now...Jeff says no, it's the same, it's still sunny, you can see the shadow.

All about Mookie


Jeff & Jordan are laying down in the GR talking. Jordan says she doesn't want to talk about "it" anymore in the DR because "we lost, it sucks" Jeff says "it hurts" Jordan says "it's over". They start laughing. Jordan pauses and smiles to herself and does the Mookie pfffssssssttt sound with Jeff's hand motion. Jeff does the hand motion saying pork choptsssss. They laugh. Jordan does the tsssssss sound again with the hand. Jordan wants Jeff to do his hand motion, to do it again...

Jeff says what are we going to eat tonight?

Barbecued chicktsssssss (w/ hand motion). They laugh again. Jordan says she doesn't know why but she thinks it's so funny. Jeff says he doesn't know why either, she'd fu**ing love Mookie. Jeff says "he is fu**ing annoying this kid, dude, he's the most annoying person ever but you laugh at him" Jordan is laughing non-stop...Jeff says he laughs at him but everyone else wants to strangle him on a daily basis even he wants to kill him sometimes but when you want to kill him he runs and he hides, he's just so skinny and harmless...Jordan says like lanky? Jeff says yeah, and he's so fu**ing annoying, he's the worst!  😝

Jeff says Mookie downloaded a program on his iPhone that is just the highest pitch sound ever and it just goes eeeeeeeeeeeee (feedback sound)'s really high, you'll be like dude, what's that noise...he does it on his phone so he comes and talks to you and you're like wtf is that and you're like dude, what is that fu**ing noise man? and you don't know that it's from his phone, he just walks around the office with it on...Jeff tells him, dude, I'm going to break that fu**ing thing in half and he thinks it's so funny...he's one of those guys that downloads all the fart sounds on his phone.

Jeff says Jordan & Mookie would be BFF's. 😄

Jordan says Jeff would probably want to kill both of them because he can just handle her sometimes, not all the time. Jeff says he could handle her, sometimes he gets frustrated....

Jeff and patience/Champion ab/Jordan likes to be rubbed now 


After talking about Mookie, Jordan brings up how much Jeff can handle her, this leads Jeff to bring up yesterday when Jeff was teaching Jordan how to play solitaire. Jeff says that yesterday he didn't fu**ing get pissed, she was acting like she knew it was coming or something and he didn't even get pissed, that's what was getting him pissed.

Jordan says with the cards?...even Michele says he loses his patience really easy, she could tell in his voice, she figured if she did that then he would quit being so abrasive...Jeff says she did it 10 times, he noticed she was doing it, she could stop doing it, he noticed...stop acting like she's so frustrated cuz he didn't even do anything...Jordan says "yes, you were raising your voice at me" Jeff says he wasn't...Jordan says he was, he gets...he says Jordan! what needs to go over there! and then she's like ok, hang on, calm down.

Jeff wants to run back the videotape because everytime he told her flip over 3 card and don't touch it, the first 10 times she did it, she flipped over and looked through them all and he kept saying it 10 times, wtf was she not getting there...they look at each other, Jeff pretends to punch her...they smile and Jeff says "it's over, whatever and you learned"...Jordan says she did...Jeff says "and I didn't get pissed"...Jordan says he does sometimes...Jeff says he didn't though yesterday, he was trying to keep it cool. They snuggle closer...Jeff asks if she wants to get in there (armpit)...she does and Jeff starts rubbing her hair.

Jordan shifts a little and says Jeff is trying to sniff her armpits, isn't he? Jeff laughs and says no way...Jeff stops rubbing and Jordan says for him to continue playing with her hair...Jeff says he has been all morning...Jordan says no, he hasn't!

Jeff points out to Jordan one of his abs...he says "this ab tries harder than all my rest (he laughs)...he's the champion of the group, what's wrong with that guy all the time, he's always achieving for success, everyone needs to be more like him" Jordan laughs.

Jordan asks if Jeff got fatter after graduating high school or stronger? Jeff says stronger going into college. Jordan asks if he had a six-pack...Jeff says no, he was just thicker everywhere...Jordan says he looked different in his graduation picture.

Jordan says her highest level of achievement was high school and she felt like a goof (when filling out the paperwork for the show). Jeff keeps rubbing and says he gave her an hour of scratch time so far on her head so when he asks for his back scratch he doesn't want to hear any lip. Jordan has a couple of secret smiles. :)

Jeff asks if Jordan ever liked her hair scratched before...Jordan says it was ok...Jeff says now she likes it? he laughs...Jordan says she especially likes it after she wears her hair in a ponytail...Jeff says the same for when he wears hats...Jordan starts making farting noises in Jeff's armpit...Jeff asks if she wants him to cut out some armpit hair and leave it for her so when she's feeling lonely she can jump into it...Jordan says ewww, that's gross, she doesn't want that...Jeff says it was just a thought...Jordan says she's going to sneak something into his BB bag but he can't look until...Jeff says to wait until he's close to finished packing...Jordan says she will help him...they get quiet...

Jordan says she wishes she could write something for him but they won't let them...Jeff says she could record a message for him in the DR...Jordan says she is, she already prepared, she asks if he did? Jeff says no because she isn't going anywhere and he likes to wing it anyway...Jordan says it better be good or she'll be mad...Jeff says why? she won't even hear it. Quiet again.

More banter about if they smell and what they smell like. (they love this! lol)

Jeff’s list of things he hates 


Jeff & Jordan are in the GR chilling and talking, Jeff asks Jordan how she can lay down in wet pants? Ugh

Jeff says put it on the list, I hate it, wet pants, laying down. Check! ✔️

Jordan says what else do you hate? Jeff says you!

Jordan says no, what else? Jeff says he told her everything already, Jordan forgot...

Jeff says peanut butter & jelly in the same jar...Jordan says yeah that's right...Jeff laughs. Jordan says wet pants...Jeff says Lincoln Technical Institute commercials...Jordan says yep...Jeff says people with their socks all sideways, people who tuck their tongues in their shoes...Jeff says dude, I got a lot of them...Jordan says whiners...Jeff says uh, I hate whiners...Jordan does her cartoon voice and Jeff tries to shut her mouth because he hates that voice, lol.

If you’re watching Gawn!


Jordan complains she has a gas bubble. Jeff asks if it's heartburn...Jordan says no...Jeff pats her strongly on the back and Jordan says "what's that gonna do Jeff?"...Jeff says he doesn't know, he thought it might move the air bubble...Jordan sits up, Jeff shows her how to breathe to relieve it, then he asks if she wants him to kick her in the chest...she says no, don't...Jordan repeats it's gas...Jeff asks nervous gas? Jordan says "it's probably I'm upset...gas" LOL

Jordan clips her hair up and then punches Jeff in the leg, she says she saw his nose flare up, why'd he do that?...they goof around a bit with Jordan saying beat it, you're outta here...Jeff puts his foot up near her head and says not till Thursday, don't get cocky, he then scissor locks her head with his legs and tickles her...she gets red in the face and screeches no...Jeff laughs and let's go. Jordan groans loudly and starts punching Jeff, by the third punch Jeff says eyyyyy and she stops, he tells her to not get crazy.

Jeff asks if she's ever seen Scarface, she says no and then says in her NJ accent "the do-gooders"...Jeff doesn't know where that is from...Jordan then does her Renny "St. Mary!"...Jeff says he's surprised they don't let Jordan talk to her...Jordan wishes she could, she would be her BFF...they smile at each other and then Jordan says she should say that in her goodbye message.

Jeff asks "what are you going to say?"...Jordan says she has so much she wants to say...Jeff says they told him it was a bunch...Jordan says there's so much, she was going to say we lost, it hurts, it's over...Jeff laughs...but she thinks people might not get it, only they will and people will think she's trying to be sentimental (Jeff thinks sarcastic, lol) but she thought she might throw that in for his buddies, they'll think it's funny. Jeff says to not worry about that, just make it for him and he'll get it and people will know because he's said it 8000 times.

Jordan says she was going to say it's over or we gawn. Jeff laughs and then says "if you're watching this you gawn" they crack up...Jeff says that is how he's going to start his "Jordan, if you're watching this you gawn" they keep laughing...Jordan says she's going to start hers that way...Jeff says for sure, me too, that's exactly how he's starting "Jordan if you're watching this you gawwn, I don't know what happened". Jordan says at the end she was going to put "love you Gucc, TTYN", she laughs…

Jeff says she's going to make a big fu**ing joke and he'll be so pissed off, he won't like it when he sees it...Jordan says he better laugh at all of hers because then it won't be funny...Jeff says he will only watch it at the jury house? Jordan says no, you watch them with Julie...Jeff asks if she's sure...Jordan explains how it was done in seasons past, remember how Ollie asked April to be his girlfriend when she was evicted? Jeff says aww, cute. 🤨

Jordan says she will be "alright TTYN!", she laughs and says she will have so many jokes in there it won't make sense...Jeff seems to get a bit sad and says I'll get it...Jordan says she wants to get all of it in, as much as she can...Jeff says "I'll get 'em" then gets quiet...Jordan says "Jeff, if you're watching this you gawn"...Jeff says that's how hers is starting for sure…

Jeff says I’m not Gucci, I’m different 


Jordan says if she does stay she's going to fight, fight, fight...Jeff asks her if she wants his cheerleading outfit? Jordan doesn't get the sarcasm, Jeff says it's because she sounds like a cheerleader with her fight, fight, fight!

Jordan says she doesn't need his sarcasm right now...she says she is going to fight, he doesn't believe in her...Jeff exhales deeply...Jordan says he doesn't, he doesn't think she's going to make it...Jeff asks for a nice massage?...Jordan says no, because he doesn't think she'll make it...Jeff says "I brought" then catches himself and says "we're this far...of course I believe in you...c'mon you're doing a massage for me", he turns to his lay on his belly...Jordan says he thinks that the only reason why is he brought her this far...Jeff says "no, you fu**ing helped, you're such a loser, why do you think that?"...Jordan just thinks it, she really does...Jeff says "oh well, I don't control what you think".

Jordan starts rubbing...she complains about the pimples on her face and she doesn't feel like doing anything...Jeff asks if his back is super white? Jordan says not really...she asks what time was it when he came in? Jeff says 3:30.

Jeff closes his eyes and they both settle in for a long rub/scratch...they are quiet...Jordan pats him and Jeff protests, she keeps going...Jordan says she hates getting locked in the HOH room...Jeff says he just tries to go to sleep...Jeff says at least they both got HOH...Jordan says right at the end...Jordan says on a positive note if Jeff hadn't have gotten the Coup they would have been out a long time ago and had a pity party, they've made it a lot further, it just sucks because you think about the money and her thing is she feels if Jeff is gone and she stays she might be out next week and she wants that money and if Jeff is not here she wants it and vice versa...Jeff says me too...Jordan says she doesn't know who to trust...Jeff says go with Michele.

Jordan starts wondering about Kevin...she starts whispering inaudibly...Jeff says right, you might sneak by...Jordan doesn't know if Michele will take her...Jeff says she will, both her and Natalie will take her, he says the key is Kevin gone.

Jeff laments the Can comp thinking maybe if Kevin had won the Can comp then he would have taken Russell out and Jeff would have been available for the Smores comp, etc. Jeff says what if's? everything happens for a reason.

They go over the what if's...Jeff says you can what if all day...Jordan says they made it top 5...Jeff says you can't beat yourself up about what if's...they both agree it will make them mad if Kevin wins...Jordan keeps whispering, it's hard to hear but it's mostly game talk...Jeff says don't beat yourself up, whatever happens happens, just win if you want to make it...Jordan says she doesn't do good under pressure...Jeff says then hope for the best.

Jordan says she put a Milky Way in the freezer, does he want half? Jeff says it sounds good but maybe later tonight, he put a Snickers in there. Jordan secret smiles a couple of times as she rubs...Jeff giggles and says he was thinking about her goodbye message...Jordan says what were you going to say? tell me...Jeff says he doesn't know, he was just laughing, thinking about jokes...if his message were to come on and he would say "hey stupid!"...they laugh...Jeff says "hey stupid, if you're watching this you gawn!" everyone would be like what a fu**ing asshole...Jordan says she's going to say "hey Gucci, if you get this you gawn"...Jeff says "don't call me Gucci"...Jordan says why?...Jeff says she never calls him Gucci, he's not Gucci...Jordan says she calls everybody Gucc...Jeff says "I'm not Gucci, I'm different"...Jordan says Lincoln?...Jeff says don't say that...Jordan rubs and smiles and pats Jeff...rub's over...

Jeff says noooo....Jordan says she rubbed a long time...Jeff says that was like 10 minutes...Jeff turns to face Jordan and just looks at her sweetly (like only he can)...Jordan gets unnerved, lol, and says what? don't look at me like that...Jeff says why?...Jordan says she knows he's looking at her broken out face (yeah right, your beautiful eyes more like it) makes her feel kinda weird...Jordan bends over towards Jordan to shield her face and says "don't look Jeff"...

Jeff sniffs her...Jordan says "sniff me, sniff me here" Jeff does and pokes her in the side at the same time...Jordan likes it but says it's gives her cold chills just from it again. :) He does and he laughs and says "do it again...why you like it?"...Jordan says she does, it tickles, she's serious...Jeff then goes for the full tickle with leg scissor…

Jordan says it's like torture, she screams no! Jeff!...he lets go and Jeff says "you like it"...Jordan says "I do" and she bends over to snuggle Jeff, she blows some farts on his chest...

and then says she wants to go eat her Milky Way...Jeff says to bring it in here, he'll have a bite...Jordan says she kind of wants to eat a pizza, doesn't that sound good?...Jeff says yeah but he's been eating like shit...Jordan says grilled chicken it is, she goes to leave and Jeff asks her about getting some water for him, even an iced tea but ultimately he decides to go into the kitchen with Jordan too…

Candy bars, pranks & hooters 


Jeff & Jordan get something to eat, Jordan a frozen Milky Way and Jeff some leftover chicken that he microwaves. Jeff asks Jordan if she wants to eat in the kitchen or the GR, Jordan doesn't know and asks Jeff what he wants to do, Jeff laughs and says he wants to go in the GR and he does, Jordan follows.

Jeff closes the door behind Jordan and says he doesn't want everyone to know what he's doing, that's how he rolls...Jeff eats, Jordan eats...Jordan doesn't want any of Jeff's chicken, she says it was good though, Michele can cook. Jeff says it is but too fat...they've been eating like shit in there. Jordan makes a face and Jeff asks what it's about, she says she's struggling with the Milky Way...they whisper about the prank that Kevin & Natalie tried to pull on Jeff (the faucet one) that failed and how Michele is probably going to get pranked now...Jordan shoves the rest of the candy bar in her mouth and Jeff asks if that was the rest of it, she didn't save him a bite?

Jordan through a full mouth says "you said you didn't want it...I asked you"...Jordan says she'll put another one in the freezer for him. They get quiet...

Jordan asks how Jeff noticed the prank...Jeff says it sprayed him but to the side but it would have gotten him...Jordan says Jeff would have been pissed...Jeff shrugs...Jeff says it's going to get Michele...Jordan says it would have gotten her...Jeff says he almost did it a couple of times to Jordan, he would ask Jordan to rinse something out for him but he would always think about it too late and he would laugh.

Jordan says she hopes they show bloopers at the finale...Jeff says like the time he bit it during red light, green light? Jordan says there were a bunch of them still here then, Jeff says they were all there, even Braden. They talk about Braden and Simon says, Jordan can't wait to see him at finale but doesn't think he will show up, he might if they pay for it...Jeff says he'll be there, Jordan thinks he might since Chima won't, Jeff says maybe he can clear his name...Jeff says Chima's speech was ruthless and after she was done Braden said...thanks.

WTF else are you supposed to say? Jordan says remember when he would rap and it was awful, they laugh about his horrible rapping. Jordan says Braden & Laura didn't really get to know anybody.

Jeff says that what would be awesome would be a little piece of Milky Way...Jordan feels bad but says she asked him...Jeff leaves to get a treat...Michele comes in the GR saying she got sprayed and then walks out again.

Jordan waits patiently...Michele comes back and explains what happened with the prank. Jeff comes back and lays down at the farthest point away from Jordan, LOL. He's nibbling on a small piece of candy bar. They talk about a similar faucet prank with Evel Dick & his daughter Daniele. They talk about that season and how the HG's were connected. Jordan says Evel Dick reminded her of Tommy Lee and his daughter was really pretty. Michele agrees but says she was super bitchy.😐 They talk more about Dick & Dani and how they made it to the final, he won because they thought he was a douchebag but had good strategy and how Dani worked at Hooters. Jordan says she used to work at Hooters but hated wearing the socks...Jeff explains how he loves how at Hooters they have pictures on the computer to show the items on the menu...Jeff cracks up over this and says how do you f**k up your order? (like that)...Jordan says she still did...Jeff says "don't say that".

Jordan says anyone can make mistakes especially with a big party, she goes on to talk about a party of little boys that were on a football team and they were so cute and they all lined up, it was like a kissing booth and they would give her kisses on the cheek...she made them eat all their food so they could get a hug & kiss & a picture...there was one kid that tried to trick her by getting a kiss on the lips...Jeff says "whoa! what a little Casanova"...Jordan says they were so cute, she wanted to squeeze them. The parents thanked her...Jeff asks if she got a fat tip? Jordan says yes, really good...they talk about putting gratuity on the bill for parties, when it's appropriate and how people tip. They talk about being servers and how hard it is. They talk about how difficult it can be when starting a new job getting to know all new people...Jordan says when she can't remember someone's name she'll say Hey! if they don't answer she'll say "Hey Gucci!" and that usually works. LOL

Jordan starts talking in her Gucci voice and Jeff says he hates when she talks like that...Jordan says she loves it, she talks all the time like that at home...Jordan offers Michele to sit down but Michele says she has to get changed, she's still wet. She leaves...

Rubbing Jeff - he’s enjoying it 


Once Michele leaves to change Jordan immediately signals to Jeff and says "come here"...Jeff wants her to "come here" 🥰 but she wins but not before he asks to be scratched again and she says yes. Jordan puts a pillow on her lap and says that Jeff can lay right there, he does and she starts rubbing/scratching his chest but moves up to his hair and Jeff says "mmm, better"...Jordan tells Jeff that his face is breaking out too...Jeff says "mine? where?"...Jordan points out some red dots near his hairline, 6 of them, lol and one has a white head.

Jeff needs to take a look so he does in the mirror. He doesn't think they're much, he lays back down...Jordan says when she stresses out she breaks out in boils.

Jeff says maybe it's stress for real, obviously he's stressed. ...Jordan keeps rubbing his head, his ear, his face, Jeff seems to be enjoying it immensely, lol. Jeff says usually the sun gets rid of your pimples, it dries them out...Jordan agrees. Michele walks in...Jordan says Jeff is making BBQ chicken...Jeff asks if Michele is making her macaroni? Michele says she can make it another day...Jeff says no, make it, we can have something to make with it...Jordan will make broccoli, they can all contribute...Michele says that the others can just eat it...Jeff says he said on the last day he would make a spectacular dinner and make it with Visine, he heard it gives you the shits, doesn't know if it's true.

Michele says she'd use the fiber choice pills. Jordan starts talking about a movie called 3 Ninjas and Jeff says oh, man 😂 she says the bad guys break into their house and he drinks something like that and he can't even rob the house because he's on the toilet the whole time...

Jordan pokes around in Jeff's ear, touches his face...she lets go for a sec and Jeff immediately signals to rub his hair, she does...Michele & Jordan chit chat about stuff around the house while Jeff just lays there enjoying.

Jeff then brings up the macaroni Michele is making, will it be enough for dinner if she just makes that? Michele says it should be...Jeff says make that because then he wants to work out and he won't have to cook. Jordan brings up another type of noodle they should make but ultimately they decide on Michele making the macaroni.

More poking around in Jeff's ear and then more hair rubbing...Michele asks what Jordan's favorite foods are...Jordan tells her and finishes off the list with chicken Marsala...Jeff mmm's...she says she is picky about it though. They keep talking about food and cleaning up around the house...Jordan would get mad at Casey for leaving stuff on the counter after she had just cleaned up.

Jeff has his eyes closed and is just enjoying/practically falling asleep...Michele & Jordan get quiet...Jordan moves down to Jeff's arm and she says she's getting sleepy, all she does is sleep...Jeff mmm, hmm's. 

Michele & Jordan talk about music, Lady Gaga, how some groups are more popular in Europe before they break out here and how songs will seem new to them but people outside will say those songs are old...Jordan says they have 2 more weeks, isn't that weird? Michele says she has conferences to go to, how hard it's going to be to get back in the real world, she gets 400 emails a day at work, she's attached to her computer. Michele says hopefully she will have a job when she gets back...Jordan asks her about her job...Michele says she doesn't want to be quoted on things she says in the house about her job...Jordan says when she gets back she's not going to serve, only work in the salon.

They get quiet, Jeff seems to be close to sleeping but he's off camera...Jordan closes her eyes looking sleepy and then secret smiles, she closes her eyes again...Jordan says she's sleepy again...Michele says for her to sleep...Jordan says they have to work out...Michele wants to before they eat or she won't...Jordan asks Jeff when he is going to work out, is he sleeping?...Jeff in a hoarse voice says he's relaxing now, he'll work out in an hour...Jordan says it's probably still too hot out...the only time she likes laying out when it's overcast is at the beach near the ocean. Jeff turns his head to get a better rubbing position, lol.

Jordan keeps rubbing and smiling. :) She & Michele talk about hearing some music oustide when BB was working on something, it sounded like it was blaring out of a truck. Quiet again. Michele mumbles something about Kevin sleeping down there instead of the HOH and Jeff mumbles something about not understanding, lol...

Michele says the shirt she is wearing was Natalie's and it smells like cooking oil from the comp, she says when they leave here their fashion will be outdated...Jordan says she just wants to be around a lot of people. Jordan stops rubbing.

Michele starts talking about her & her husband  thinking of moving to Hollywood, a 1 bedroom apt. because rent is so high, they discuss various cost of rent in different places and what they like to have where they live.

Jordan asks Jeff if he can lay straight so she can move, he does. Jordan says she needs to get situated so she can nap...Jeff says me, too...Jordan lays down next to Jeff. Michele leaves the room and Jeff & Jordan start napping.

Daydreaming & beds 


Jeff, Jordan and Michele head outside to work out.  Jordan stands by the hot tub waiting for Michele to put her shoes on.  Jeff sits down by the elliptical machine and stretches. Jordan turns to look over her right shoulder, with her hand on her hip, and just STARES at Jeff.  She starts rubbing her neck.  Jeff notices her and asks "What the f@*k you looking at?"  Jordan snaps out of it. "Sorry I was just daydreaming..."  (Wonder what she was thinking about! 😍 )

MIchele mentions she is glad Jordan was the one to wake her.  She would have beaten anyone else. (She had been asleep on the couch in the bathroom.) Jeff wonders why she just didn't go to bed.  Michele says she doesn't like the beds, she needs a big bed.  Jordan says that she could have gone in with Jeff.  Uncomfortable silence.... LOL Jordan abruptly adds "in the green room". 

Jeff laughs at her awkward qualifier.  Michele says he has cooties.🥴 Jeff moves them out of the awkwardness and says "or you could have just used a bed.  That's still an option, too.  There's like 10 of them."  Michele says she only likes the HOH bed or their bed.  Jordan says she can sleep in their bed (meaning napping during the day).  MIchele says Jeff will just tell her she's stinky and needs to wash the sheets. They all drop it and begin their workouts.

Sweetpea :)


Jeff & Jordan are outside on the BY couches, Jeff has been playing cards and showing Jordan how to play solitaire...Just before the 8:13pm mark Natalie comes outside and tells them that she is going to be pranking the house tonight so to beware...they chit chat about that for a little bit and then Natalie leaves. Jeff finishes shuffling the cards, hands them to Jordan and says "there ya go sweetpea" ♥

8:21-8:36pm Jordan figures she needs to be nicer 

Jordan and Jeff have both showered, changed into matching blue t-shirts and have snacked on some food. They both go outside to sit on the couches while they wait for Michele to finish up making the mac & cheese.

Jeff is shuffling cards...Jordan asks him if he didn't talk about them in the DR? Jeff pauses and says yeah, he did a little bit. Jordan says that is what she did. (Jordan seems quiet smitten & mischievous here) Jordan says what she said was the sweetest...she says "you know what they're going to do? they're going to play it and the viewers are going to want to see a kiss at the end because they asked me about it...if the eviction...if there's going to be a kiss and I was like we'll see" Jordan smiles at Jeff, gets shy and touches her head to Jeff's shoulder.

Jeff smiles. Jordan continues flirting saying that she said it (in the DR) in the past but she doesn't know if Jeff is going to do it, they asked "will you?" and she said...BB calls out Jordan for talking about the DR...Jordan finishes up by saying that the DR said she wouldn't reject him because it's live? Jordan says she will kiss him.

Jordan smiles at Jeff but Jeff says nothing. Jordan says that Jeff knows that if they had stayed until final 2 everyone would remember BB11 Jordan & Jeff made it to the final 2, but they made it far together...Jeff says yep, it's the end of the road sister...Jordan starts singing "End of the Road" by Boyz II Men, Jeff laughs...Jeff says they could play music montages and get really corny...Jeff asks if she wants to play another solitaire, she doesn't want to and Jeff says OK. Jeff says the bugs are driving him bananas. Jeff hopes they give them alcohol since tomorrow they can't.

Jordan says she told the DR that she was trying to soak up all of Jeff she could before Thursday. 😒 Jeff smiles big and puts his hand on her knee...Jeff says every time he takes a nap and he wakes up Jordan isn't there, he wakes up and he's wtf? (Jeff had a real problem with his! lol) Jordan rubs Jeff's arm and hand and says "awww,'re expecting me?"...Jordan explains why she left, he says he woke up and was cold, wondered where she was and she took her blanket...Jordan says he couldn't snuggle up to the booty. :) Jeff says yeah. Jeff says he woke up to work out but wanted to nap for 10 more minutes. Jordan says she got called to the DR and talked about them, good stuff. Jeff says terrific.

Kevin & Natalie come outside to get the grill going (they are having a different dinner). Jeff asks if there's a bug in his eye, Jordan says no. He keeps messing with his eye, Jordan asks about his contacts...she asks if he's still getting laser eye surgery? Jeff wants to...Jordan asks how much it is?...Jeff says hopefully around $3181 (what he won in the comp)...Jordan asks if he's nervous...Jeff says no, you don't even feel it, it would be amazing to wake up and see and no more dry eyes...Jordan asks when he got contacts...Jeff says in high school, you might as well pay upfront because you're going to be continuously paying for lenses, glasses, eye appts.

Jeff says it was a pain going to get his contacts before he came on BB. Jordan mentions a ticket she had to get taken care of before she came. Jeff doesn't say anything.

Jeff asks if the pants Jordan is wearing are her peace pants? Jordan nods yes. Jeff asks why she just doens't wear them regular? (she's wearing them inside out) Jordan with the cutest face say "cuz you made fun of me"...Jeff cracks up and says he didn't make fun of them, at least she doesn't get to burn any of his shit...Jordan says oh, you know what would be burnt...guess? first one!...Jeff says what?...Jordan says he knows...Jeff says "oh I know, you're such a loser!...Jordan says why?

Jeff says it has nothing to with anything (obviously they are talking about the Let's Dance shirt that Jeff's "friend" gave to him)...Jordan feigns confusion and says "whaddya mean? what are you talking about?"...Jeff asks the same...Jordan slyly says "you're talking about something else?"...Jeff says "I guess so, what are you talking about?"...Jordan says "youuuuu, I already said it, I would burn it"...

Jeff says what?...Jordan rolls her eyes and smiles and says she would burn 2 things of his...Jeff says he knows one of them...Jordan mmm, hmm's...Jeff says it's so cliché, what's the other one?...Jordan says don't worry about it...Jeff says his Aurora pants?...Jordan says no, those are mine...Jeff says he wears them every day...Jordan says the grey ones?...Jeff says those aren't Aurora...Jeff says he gave those to 'an old friend of mine', Jeff laughs wink wink aka an old girfriend ...Jeff says it's so humid out there...they share an inside joke.

Jeff asks what Jordan has on her foot, it's all round? Jordan says it's a water bubble from her walking earlier with Michele, she wasn't wearing socks with her shoes. She places her foot right on Jeff's crotch, lol, and says "pick it"...Jeff is not amused, haha, and says "get the f**k outta here, it's gross, pick my blister?"...Jordan says it's flat, the skin needs to be peeled off...Jeff says "yuk! what do you think I am? a doctor?"...Jordan says he asked about it...they banter a bit more about the blister and then Natalie calls out to Jeff to ask how he made the fries last night. Jeff explains and Natalie goes back inside. Jeff says they're taking his cooking skills and sending him packing.

Jordan seems sad...

Jeff says so anyways, what is she going to throw away of his? Jordan says what does it matter?...Jeff says she's right, it doesn't, at least he gets to keep his clothes...Jeff asks again what is the other things she wants to burn? Jordan says it's a green shirt that he hasn't worn...Jeff says oh! the cowboy one, he hasn't even ever worn it...he bought in with a credit because BB wanted colours, he's never worn it in his whole life. Jordan says she likes the shirt he has on now, she likes v-neck shirts, jeans & flip flops on him, it's cute, she's giving him compliments...Jeff says she's only complimenting him because his goose is cooked...Jordan says no, she figures she needs to be nicer. ☺️

Jordan asks what he would burn of his? Jeff says he's not going to burn anything and what does he need her stuff for...Jordan says you're supposed to leave something for the other person...Jeff says at least it has to be usable, not "luminous"...Jordan says "you don't like that?"...Jeff says he does but he wants something that won't go away, he wants a keepsake...Jordan says save the bottle, pull it out and says "luminous!" this reminds me of Jordan...

Jordan says her Mardi Gras shirt because it will remind him of St. Mary's!...Jeff says deal...Jordan says he's going to need to wash his hair in the ...hotel, he won't go straight to jury house...Jeff says he wants a balcony! with a nice view!...Jordan says she's pissed, don't talk about it, she'll get in a bad mood, she has nobody...Jeff says he has nobody either. Jeff bitches about not ever liking those people in jury house, for them to get away from him...Jordan squeezes Jeff's belly, says she loves squeezing it. They talk a little game...

Jordan is all about Jeff 


Jeff & Jordan have just finished talking game when Jeff tells Jordan that she has a shot at winning because she has his vote and probably has America's vote so all she needs is 2 more votes. Jordan, hearing Jeff confirm this for the first time, is speechless for a second then aww's and asks Jeff if he would vote for her? Jeff says yeah, he'd vote for her...Jordan says even though she (Michele) has done more?...Jeff yeah, for what that she lied every fu**ing word out of her mouth? that's not how he played the game, that's not his style, no, he wouldn't give her a vote...Jordan worries about Kevin...Jeff says she needs to fu**ing win something, step up to the mic...Jordan says she is.

Jordan is quiet for a second and then lays down putting her head on Jeff's chest...

Jordan then gives him a big loud kiss on his cheek. Jeff says now she's just patronizing him...she keeps kissing him...

Jeff says "let's get a hotel" :) They giggle...

Jordan pats Jeff's belly and hums...she keeps patting and then kisses him/blows on his face again...Jeff says he's hungry...Jordan sits up and says she looks like a bozo, she's kissing him and he's doing nothing...Jeff asks if she wants him to grab a boob? Natalie & Kevin have come outside to grill, Natalie asks Jeff a question...Jordan lays down on Jeff's lower belly area. 

Jeff touches her butt area and Jordan asks if her crack is hanging out? Jeff says no, he was just trying to give her an undie grundie...Jordan in her cute voice says "undie grundie?" Jeff laughs and says in her voice "a John Gotti sandwich" they giggle...Jordan hums and touches Jeff's hand which is lying on her hip...Jordan asks if he wants her to get off him...Jeff says no...Jordan asks if he likes her hair? Jeff says it looks luminous.

An airplane flies overhead and they talk about airlines and the Burbank airport...Jeff & Natalie talk about how their grilling is going, Jordan asks Jeff if he wants to eat out there or inside...Jeff doesn't care, what does she want? Jordan's concern with eating out there are the bugs...Jeff says yeah, they're the norm.

Jordan sits up and then puts her legs over Jeff's...she says Jeff was making her sleepy when she was rubbing his head...Jeff says that is what got him sleepy...out of the blue Jeff asks Jordan why the "w" is not double V...LOL...Jordan has no answer, she never thought of that...Jeff says him neither, this is how exciting this place gets.

Jeff gets annoyed by a bug...Jordan says they're everywhere...Jeff says he knows, what's up with today?! Jordan laughs at how when Jeff gets mad he always says "what's up!?"...Jeff says he wants to see her do some impersonations...Jordan says they'll save it for tomorrow, she starts telling Jeff how she's going to start out her goodbye message but stops herself saying no, she wants to wait, she already has it planned out...

Jordan asks Jeff if he's going to give a speech on Thursday...Jeff says yes but he just likes to wing it...Jordan says she keeps thinking of all this stuff she wants to say but she doesn't want to be cheesy...Jeff says she should be cheesy and that everyone is waiting on her message...Jordan says why? (lines of communication get tangled here)...Jeff says "whaddya mean why?"...Jordan says "why would they wait on mine?"...Jeff says if he leaves why wouldn't they wait on hers, don't be stupid...Jordan doesn't get it...Jeff raises his voice saying when he leaves and he's sitting there who's message do you think they want to see...Jordan says no, when they get up from the green chairs, that message...Jeff says "speech?"...Jordan says yes...

Jeff says he already told her that he doesn't know what he's going to say, they just established that right before she asked that other question...Jeff goes over why they were confused and then gets testy asking if she wants him to say the same thing again...Jordan says no, nevermind, she doesn't like his attitude...Jeff says he doesn't like it when she asks him the same questions in different phrases, "how do you feel today Jordan?"...Jordan opens her arms and says "come here"...Jeff says no...Jordan says "come here...come here"...Jeff won't...Jordan crosses her arms and says "for real?"...Jeff plays with her pant tie and Jordan repeats "come here"...Jeff says "come here what Jordan?...I'm right here"...they hold hands and then declare a thumb war, lol.

Jeff says what does she want him to do? lay down and fall asleep so she can disappear?...Jordan who suddenly gets flirty says no, they can lay down and she can play with his hair...Jeff says it's too early for that, it gets him sleepy...Jordan says ok...Jeff says they'll do it later though, is it still good for later?...Jordan says "I don't know"...Jeff says "whaddaya mean you don't know"...Jordan says she might not be in the mood...

Jeff says "why are you so all about Jeff right now?"...Jordan says "I've always been...(she catches herself because she knows it's a bit of a fib, lol)"...Jeff says "that's not true"...Jordan says "you don't think so?"...Jeff says no...Jordan says why?...Jeff says because it's right now that he's leaving and it  just hit her...Jordan says not true...Jeff says true story...Jordan looks pensive...

Michele comes outside to tell them the mac & cheese is done, they get up to go inside...Jordan opens the sliding door and walks in first, Jeff right behind, he promptly squeezes her butt and asks her how she's going to leave a piece of that?  Jordan says they can use clay to mold it...Jeff says they're making a clay butt...Jeff says Johrdan...they dig into the mac & cheese.

Sharing a Mac & cheese


Jeff & Jordan are outside. Jeff is playing solitaire, Jordan is eating her mac & cheese before eating dinner. Jeff has already eaten his m&c. Michele finishes hers and goes back inside. Jeff loses his game, gathers his cards and starts shuffling...he turns around to look at Jordan and at the exact same time Jeff starts leaning back towards her, Jordan feeds him a forkful of mac & cheese.

They quickly knowingly look at each other and continue on without saying a word. Sometimes no words are needed...

Actions not words 


Jeff & Jordan have finished eating the mac & cheese and are sitting outside. Jeff is playing solitaire and Jordan is just zoning out. She instinctually reaches under Jeff's shirt and starts scratching his back. They don't say a word...

Michele joins them and they laugh about someting (?)...Jordan continues to stay quiet...

Michele says she should have known Jeff was quitting smoking...Jeff says he's not...Michele says well, he was a smoking fiend for how many weeks...Jeff says he was...Michele says that's awesome...Jeff says if he has a couple of drinks tonight he will have a smokeroo, he only smokes on the weekends but nobody buys that...Michele says every day is a weekend here...Jeff says in there it's different, he was a social smoker now he turned into a huge smokeroo...

Jordan is still quiet, just staring, playing with her hair...Kevin & Natalie yell out that the food is ready, Jeff says he just won solitaire, Jordan should have played this one...Jordan gets up and says "I know" and leaves to go eat. Michele & Jeff leave shortly after.



Jeff & Jordan have finished dinner. Jordan is now washing dishes and Jeff is drying and putting them away. Natalie is drinking a Mike's Hard Lemonade and tells them that at home she can usually have a 6 pack and be fine but she drank one and it's weird...Jeff says she has no tolerance for it. Natalie asks if Jeff wants one...he says an 18 year old is drinking and it might be his last night and he isn't...that's horseshit. Natalie leaves to the bathroom saying she's going to take a shower.

Jeff starts snapping the tea towel on Jordan's butt..

...but isn't quite getting the velocity he wants, lol, he laughs and asks her if hurts, Jordan half turns around and says no, not really...Jeff starts prepping the towel, he says it's gotta be a good one, to hold on...Jordan says "no! don't hit it hard"...Jeff says he's not and proceeds to roll up the towel tightly, he snaps it and bam! he whips Jordan in the butt with it...Jeff cracks up laughing...

Jordan says "now that did hurt!" Jeff keeps laughing ...Jeff says "that was a sweet one...did you hear that snap?" Jordan says she did...snap, crackle, pop!

The little piece of meat is calling Jeff’s name 


After the towel snapping, Jeff goes to the sink to dry more dishes...Jordan continues washing them...Natalie yells out if it's ok to drink when you have your period  and Jordan tells her it doesn't matter, she has before...Natalie says she's drinking all of them tonight...Jordan tells her to be careful with her medications.

Jeff burps loudly and walks over to where the meat is on top of the stove...Jeff reaches for it and says "dude, this little piece of meat is calling my name...Jeff what's up? nothin' buddy, I'm coming" Jordan cracks up and then continues washing while smiling to herself. Jeff walks around eating the piece of meat that was talking to him earlier 🙂...he looks at Jordan and says "right?"

Jeff's bitterness towards Kevin comes out a little when he says to Jordan "is Kevin going to wash under her arms too for her?"...Jordan says why? Jeff says he just finds it funny, that's all...Natalie walks by and says she's going to get drunk tonight...Jeff asks her to check the storage room (for liquor), she does and says "denied"...Jeff says "denied?"...Jordan says "they don't love us anymore"...Jeff says "no love"...Natalie says Jeff should flip a table...Jeff says "right? wtf do I have to lose?".

Jeff starts drying the dishes again and Jordan keeps washing...cute! they're playing house ♥...Jeff pinches Jordan's butt with the tongs, lol and then he sings causing fish...they return with Jordan saying she ate too much...Jeff says he's right there but he might just fit one more thing in, he grabs a Ho-Ho and goes outside to eat it…

Hammock Crickets


Jeff & Jordan are sitting on the couches,  Michele & Kevin are sitting out there too and no one is saying a word. Jeff & Jordan are bored...Jeff says it would be nice to watch a movie right now...Jordan says she knows and asks if he wants to go on the hammock? Jeff says "yeah, that's kinda like a movie"...they walk to the hammock.

Before they sit down they turn the hammock to the other side to get rid of all the ants that are on it, they sit and then lay down facing opposite each other. Jeff says he's like camouflage. Jeff puts his hand on Jordan's knee...he says it's nice out. He then says he always feels like has boogers...Jordan says she feels like she's trapped in a ball...Jeff looks at her funny and asks if she means the house? Jordan says that too...he asks what else did she mean? Jordan mumbles that she feels fat...Jeff smiles and says huh?...Jordan says she feels fat...Jeff asks "is that what you were talking about?"...Jordan mmm, hmm's...Jeff tries to joke around by saying "you feel like you're trapped in a fat ball?...that's awesome".

Jeff looks into the mirror/window and Jordan asks what he's looking at? them? (Kevin & Michele)...Jeff nods yes...Jordan says she told Jeff there's something up with them, earlier when they were inside, Michele came outside when Kevin was grilling and she was talking with them, then Kevin was talking to Natalie, guaranteed they're taking her out next week, she needs to win HOH or if Jeff's here...Jeff says if he's not, she's gotta win...

Jordan says she is mad at herself for not backdooring him and not keeping Lydia...Jeff says they should have won the veto, that's all...Jordan says she's all alone and she doesn't trust her...Jeff says she has nothing else to go on, so do what she can. Jeff says Michele thinks she's so fu**ing smart it makes her sick...OMG...Jordan thinks even though Michele wants to get rid of Jordan, she wants to get rid of Natalie first...Jordan asks if they are whispering...Jeff mmm, hmm's.


literally crickets, lol

Jordan tells Jeff she's going to turn around to lay next to him, does he care? Jeff nods no, Jordan gives him an impish look and Jeff asks why she's looking at him like that? Jordan lays down next to Jeff and Jeff puts his leg in over hers (aka the position)...Jordan comments on how the moon looks yellow...Jeff says it does, it was whiter last night...Jordan says there are no stars, normally she finds one...Jeff says it's a planet, later in the night it will move over there.

Jeff says he wishes they would go whisper inside, he doesn't want to hear it no more, get away from his face. Jordan says she told him they want to take each other to final 2, it's either him and her or him and Natalie. Jeff says Michele is nervous they are coming after her next week...Jordan asks if that is why Michele is sucking up to Kevin?...Jeff says yes, hands down she is the biggest liar in this whole game, worse than Ronnie...Jordan mmm, hmm's and once again brings up the fact that Michele is coming after her...

Jeff is about to have an outburst again about how wrong Jordan is but he says "why would..." and clears his throat instead to calm down, lol...Jordan says it's another person out (her) so she can save her ass next week...Jeff says who knows what she's thinking, she's so fu**ing fake he can't take it...Jordan says they all are...Jordan asks who would he trust more? Jeff says Natalie but take Michele if she wants to win (wrong!), do whatever her heart tells her, everyone is lying. Jordan says she knows. Jeff says she's probably better off doing dick like everyone else and skate to the finals...Jordan says she's not going to try and do that.

Pensive on the Hammock 


Jordan turns on her side to face Jeff, she peeks a look at him while Jeff looks off into the distance (what distance there is...)...they swing...

Jordan peeks another look at Jeff, Jeff catches her this time, smiles and says "what..wanna go in there?" (referring to his armpit) Jordan giggles and shyly says no...Jeff smiles...Jordan grabs Jeff's hand, holds it..Jeff looks at their hands ☺️ Jordan plays with his fingers and then lets go, she puts her leg on Jeff and says she's getting comfy. She keeps holding onto Jeff's hand with her other hand...she says she's splattering out like a spider...they swing in silence for a bit...

Jeff gently slaps Jordan's butt and turns his head the other way...Jordan grabs Jeff's arm and caresses it...

She then puts her hand back onto Jeff's...more silence...Jeff then looks at Jordan and says "gotta think of some fu**ing speeches"...Jordan asks if that is what Jeff is thinking of now?...Jeff says no, he's just thinking of what he needs to do tomorrow, it's Wednesday, need to talk...Jordan turns to lay on her back again...Jeff says "they love this little row right here"...Jordan says the ants? More silence...

Jeff snickers and says "how comfortable would you feel?" Jordan hmm's?...Jeff says "nothing, Michele is just so fu**ing awkward, she just is, she's just so..." Jordan turns back to face Jeff and asks what he was about to say...he was about to say something funny...Jeff smiles and says he was going to say how Kevin locked the HOH room (and yet Michele is still talking to him)...Jordan smiles and says she knew he was going to say that...Jeff says he would be embarrassed that he did that, he'd never want to see that person again, omg, they must think I'm gross...Jordan says kind of like when she went up there and he didn't answer?...Jeff says exactly...

Jeff says "God, Michele is so weird"...Jordan says she is, she tapped her to see if she wanted to walk and Michele popped up all scared...Jeff says she is so weird and two faced, he always wants to bash her but he holds back, he just gives a little bit, like in the blog or the DR, she's crazy for sure but whatever she's alright, no, honestly she's (makes the crazy hand signal)...Jordan says that she says in the DR that she's crazy and not all there...Jeff says yeah, he can't even stand her, he's so fu**ing tired of her teehee'ing and giggling around him, he can't take it, he gets so pissed...Jordan giggles and smiles.

Jordan says she probably feels confident that she's going to win HOH on Thursday, she can see it now...Jeff agrees and says she has a swagger, she thinks she has everything figured out, she kind of does...Jordan says no, she doesn't...Jeff says he'd be feeling the same way in her position, he'd be feeling good, she walks around with the fu**ing smile, he'd backhand it off her fu**ing face, teehee!

Jordan says her heart was pounding before the veto comp. Jeff says Michele talks sooo much shit, so much, piles and piles of shit, if she hears you say one thing, she'll (in a crying voice) say "did you say that about me?"...Jordan says she cares a lot about what Jeff thinks...Jeff says she also says and makes up a ton of shit about everybody.

Jordan says "we used to sit out here when we were at the bottom" 😢 Jeff says "guess what? I'm on the bottom" 😭 Silence for a couple of minutes...

Hammock Sweetness


Jeff & Jordan are quiet...Jordan has her eyes closed and Jeff is looking into the distance again (the short distance, lol)...Jeff says "how do all those ants know where they are going and shit?...they all work together, how do they know what they're job is?, fu**ing smart, know what I mean? they're just booking in every direction but they know where they're going"...Jordan mmm, hmm's...Jeff says "you're not impressed?"...Jordan says "no, I am"...they get quiet again...

Jeff giggles, scratches his head, turns to Jordan and squeezes her cheek...Jordan snuggles up to Jeff and kisses him on the cheek, she puts her head on Jeff while Jeff is telling her he needs to put his clothes in the dryer...Jordan says now?...Jeff says yeah, so they're done later, why? are you comfy? Jordan mmm, hmm's and they look so comfy and adorably sweet.....seen in countless tributes...

They stay like this for a little bit and then Jordan tells Jeff what if he was shrunk like in Honey I Shrunk the Kids and someone put him on the wall where all the ants are, you know how huge they would look compared to you like if you shrunk real, real small and if you could follow where they went, that would be weird...Jeff says what would be weird is what if you were just looking and you saw him as big as an ant running and doing their work with them? They laugh...

Jeff says that Jordan would say "Jeffff!" his ant voice he continues saying "Sorry Jordan" they laugh again...

Jordan asks Jeff to do that voice again...Jeff says no, it's over...Jordan says "no, please"...Jeff says "nope, that was my ant voice", he can't resist and says in his ant voice "cuz I was little" they laugh again...

Jordan starts doing her tiny voice that Jeff doesn't like...she pretends she's shrunken Jordan that needs Sir Ant Jeff to rescue her ;)...Jeff says Jordan likes talking like that...Jordan says she thinks it's funny, it sounds cool...Jeff thinks it's annoying...Jordan says "Jeeeffff"...Jeff say "nah, it's alright Jordan, keep going"...Jordan says thanks...Jordan starts shifting to distribute weight on the hammock...Jeff asks where she's going...Jordan tells Jeff to lean this way...Jeff says "where my booty is?"...Jordan says it's even...Jeff says "I got no booty"...Jordan says "I do"...Jeff does a sexy mmm and says gimme some of it.

Jeff asks if she always feels like there's bugs on you? Jordan says lately she has. Jeff tells the story of how he was laying in his living room watching TV late at night and he felt something like an itch on his arm and normally you wipe it off and don't think anything of it but you never look at your arm because you figure nothing is there and it's all in your head...well he felt something, he thought it was nothing, he actually made himself look and not wipe at it, he kept telling himself nothing was there and then he finally looked and there was a huge spider on his arm and he freaked out...that was the last time he tried to use mind over matter, no wonder he thought there were bugs on him, there actually were bugs, he freaked out and flipped out of the sofa. Jordan laughs.

Jeff fake giggles like Michele would if she had just heard that story and then he says "I wanna fu**ing spin..(kick)..." he doesn't finish his thought...

Jeff says "no more powers Jordan, we gawn"...Jordan says they are definitely gawn...Jeff says at least Jordan will get some cool prizes now...Jordan wonders how he is so sure...Jeff says well it just rained G's in here, that's pretty cool...Jordan thinks it's only when there's 3 left...Jeff is sure they get something...Jordan says she doesn't get that lucky, she'll probably leave next then when it's 3 people left then they'll probably get all the prizes...Jeff says "well that's a good attitude"...Jordan says with her luck that is what normally happens...Jeff says "or you could leave right now and not even worry about final four, how's that? (ouch!)...which option do you like better?"...silence for a second...

Then Jeff asks Jordan what she wants him to do with her clothes while leaning over Jordan and kissing/nuzzling her neck. Jordan giggles and hugs Jeff...

Jeff lifts his head up and asks huh?...Jordan says "in the dryer"

Jeff says they're in the dryer...Jordan says "take them out"...Jeff says he knows, what does she want him to do with them?...Jordan says put them on the pool table...Jeff says "all your undies?" and he goes in for another nuzzle...Jordan giggles, Jeff lets go, goes to get up and says he'll be back...Jordan decides to go to because she says ants will get on her clothes...Jordan goes to put her slippers on and says ugh, there's ants in here...Jeff has the same problem with his shoe...what's up!? Jordan says they're not sitting out there (anymore)...Jeff says no, it's over, how did they all get in there? this is crazy talk...they walk towards the pool table area complaining about the ants...Jordan says she's going to go inside, she's done....she heads inside.

Popping zits


Jordan and Jeff come inside from being out on the hammock. Jordan goes immediately to the bathroom and Jeff calls out to her "Johrrdan". She says what? Jeff says "what are you doing? Oh, I thought you were taking a shower...aren't you already clean?" Jordan has been popping her pimples and Jeff says what are you doing? popping your buddies? let me see...Jordan says no! Jeff says let me see...she says nooo! cuz it's really bad now.

Jeff says let me see and puts his face about 2 inches from hers, lol

Jeff says he's looking at that one, it needs to be peeled...Jeff goes to the other side and says let me see...Jordan yells no, don't look...she's embarrassed...Jeff smiles and says ew, Jordan, grossss, I don't wanna talk to you no more and he waves bye and goes to pee. :tongue: Jordan looks at him and Jeff says it's not bad, I'm just fucking with you, it's fine.

Jordan keeps poking at her pimple and keeps holding the wet towel up to the bigger one. She then gets something out of the storage locker, Jeff comes up behind her and touches her butt and says let me see that thing, come here...he washes his hands and smiles and says it's not bad...Jordan says yeah, it is...Jeff says whaddya mean? it's a zit...Jordan says it's huge. Jeff says "let me see, will you stop!"

Jordan takes her hand away and Jeff says it's fine, it's a zit, whaddya want...he shakes his head at her and smiles...Jordan starts brushing her teeth and Jeff says "brush your zit and let's go" :)



The HG's are all getting ready to play Bullshit. Jeff opens up a box of Goobers and offers some to Kevin who has never had any. Kevin says he's never had a Goober...Natalie says it's because Kevin is a goober himself...Jordan is going to sit down at the table and Jeff (who clearly is STILL bothered by this, lol) says "that's what Jordan called me when she first saw me"...Jordan says "gooober" 

Jordan is a good kisser, so is Jeff 


The HG's are all sitting around playing cards less Jordan who played one round of Bullshit and sat out for two rounds of 31. They have a little break, they start talking about sleeping arrangements and Natalie, who is tipsy and getting obnoxious from the Mike's Hard Lemondade, says they leave her all alone in the RR to sleep by herself...Michele says she can't sleep in that room, she tried, she's sorry...Jeff makes a little dig at Michele by saying she'd rather sleep in "their" room (the SS room) when they're fu**ing giggling all night...

Natalie says she sleeps better in the RR...Jeff says "why don't you come in our room and sleep?"...Jordan gets up and says "yeah"...Michele says they have an extra bed...Jeff says "yeah, we just crack jokes and fart in there"...Natalie says ok, she'll sleep with them tonight...Jordan says she can't sleep in the other room (the RR) she tried that night, it's uncomfortable...Jordan goes to the kitchen area...Michele doesn't like those beds...Natalie says they're good, comfortable, which bed did Jeff like the best? admit it, be honest...Jeff says he liked the double bed the best (Natalie's bed)...

Natalie says "it's only because you got to sleep with Jordan"...Jeff says "and it's big"...Natalie says "is Jordan a good kisser?"...Jeff is a bit taken aback and nervous giggles, he says "yeah, Jordan is a good kisser"...(watch Michele's face when he says this, lol)...

Jordan who is walking back to the table is asked by Natalie if Jeff is a good kisser?...Jeff smiles and looks at Jordan for her response...Jordan non-chalantly says "hmm?, he is" and she walks back to the kitchen area...Natalie asks "what else is he good at?"...Jordan playfully says "hmm, I can't say that...just kidding"...Natalie ooohs and Jeff says "yeah right"...Natalie presses on and says "do tell Jordan, I won't tell nobody"...Kevin says "except all of America", Michele says "mmm, hmm"...Natalie continues saying "Jeff? what else is Jordan good at?"...Jeff pftt's and says "apparently nothing else but that", he looks at Jordan and smiles, Jordan sits down.

Natalie says "Jordan, you should prove him wrong"...Jordan says "one day" (hell yeah! 🤘) and smiles at Jeff...Natalie says "in Hawaii?"...Jordan says "I don't know"...Jeff smiles at Jordan…

Jeff says "don't get us fu**ing started on this Hawaii shit"...Jordan just sits and looks at Jeff...Natalie says she thinks Jordan should go to Hawaii, she backs her on that...Jeff whispers "I'd back her on that too" and he smiles :)...Jordan whispers "I'm not going to Hawaii"...Natalie says that is messed up though...Jeff says "what?" to Natalie...Natalie says "that you don't take her to Hawaii"...Jeff giggles and says "stop fu**ing being an instigator"...

Natalie tells Jordan that technically Jeff got Hawaii because of her, she could have taken it from him...Kevin agrees...Natalie starts yelling and banging on the table saying "now to the nitty gritty, Jordan could have taken Hawaii!" Jeff says but she chose HOH...Natalie says you split HOH benefits so you should split Hawaii, right Jordan? Jordan and Natalie high five each other, Jordan says "good point"...Jeff says that is a good point...Natalie says "so that means Jordan gets to go to Hawaii". 😊

Jeff says "I should have just took the cash from Kevin, then no argument"...Kevin agrees...Natalie says the bottom line is Jeff is taking Jordan to Hawaii...Jordan says that Jeff is taking someone to Hawaii he's having sex with...Natalie says "no, put your foot down Jordan" and the conversation turns back to cards…

Just for Grandma


The HG's continue to play cards...feeds cut out and when they return I'm thinking someone was saying that Natalie listens to Jeff, Jeff says "you listen to me all the time huh? How bout some drinks (hand signal) tonight? Nope, you don't listen to that one" Jordan does the hand signal and tssssss. Jeff says "no drinksssss for Jeff" Jordan laughs.

They keep playing cards, Natalie asks if they can center the cards (she can't reach), there's some rude people up in this place...Michele tells Natalie to calm down...Jeff gets up saying he has an idea. He gets a plate from the cabinet and brings it to the table saying this is what they always used to do for his grandma because she could never reach the cards. Awwww  🥰 Jeff puts the cards on the plate and shows them to just pass it around.

Jordan & Michele giggle. Kevin uses it and says "that's a good idea Jeff".

Jeff says "my grandmama" ☺️

The Human touch in the BY 


Jordan & Natalie are outside on the couches, Jordan is laying down on the long couch with her head on the armrest, Natalie is sitting opposite her. Jeff comes outside and sits down on the single chair beside Jordan.

Like a little boy bugging his best friend little girl, Jeff grabs the badminton racquet and starts tapping Jordan on the head with it...

Jeff asks if it kind of feels good...Jordan says no, not really. He stops and puts it back down on the table. Jeff says to Natalie that at least she should fall right asleep (because of the alcohol), he knows she's not going to sleep right away though.

Jeff reaches over, pulls Jordan's hair away from her ear and starts caressing it...Natalie says she sure can fall asleep now...Natalie yawns loudly for the second time...Jeff says tomorrow is fun in the sun and picture day...Natalie says oh yeah it's picture day...Jordan says she forgot about that...Jeff says they better think of some creative shit now...Natalie yawns again.

Natalie says "you and Jordan making out"...Jeff pinches Jordan's ear and Jordan giggles and oww's...Jordan holds Jeff's hand and says every time she sees the camera in the mirror she thinks it's the alien masks...Natalie says she's about ready for bed...Jeff & Jordan laugh...Jeff says I bet, she's all relaxed. Natalie asks Kevin why he's sitting in the corner all by himself (on the hammock)...Kevin says why not?...Natalie says he looks like a loser...Michele comes out and Natalie asks her if Kevin doesn't look like a loser? Michele doesn't respond and Natalie whispers "did she just give me a dirty look?"...Jordan & Jeff giggle...

Natalie yawns loudly...J&J giggle and Jeff says "oh, man". Natalie says who wants to go to bed, Jordan says she's going to go soon too, is she sleeping in the SS room? Natalie says she'll lay there and talk but then go to her bed...Jordan giggles that that has been her bed since day one, Natalie says she never moved, never slept in another bed...Jeff says "we spent a week, I spent a week in that bed"...Jordan takes Jeff's hand and places it on top of hers...Jeff asks if she wants him to scratch, she does and he scratches...

Jeff says Natalie stayed upstairs for a week...they discuss who slept where & when...Jeff keeps scratching and Natalie keeps yawning, lol...she also makes a couple of skank comments towards Michele...Michele comes over and Natalie asks her why she's looking at her like that...Michele says she is ridiculous...Jeff leaves to get water...Natalie asks Jordan if she thinks she's ridiculous...Jordan says no. Natalie just wants to go to bed and everybody should go to bed...Michele says she's not sleepy yet. They discuss sleeping arrangements...Natalie is getting loopy, she says she's going to sleep with Jordan and Jeff will sleep with Kevin. 

Folding Jeff’s clothes/Jeff - lucky number two 


This whole sequence is very choppy with feeds cutting in and out, most of this convo was shown on BB After Dark and was left off the feeds. This is the convo where Natalie asks Jeff about his ex-gf that auditioned with him for BB, what she looked like and was her or Jordan prettier...Jeff answered Jordan. 😍 I tried to find the youtube for this but up until now I have been unable to find it.

Jeff is folding his laundry at the pool table. Jordan & Natalie are over on the couches still. Natalie gets up and says she's going to help Jeff fold laundry...she tells Jordan that Jeff needs help, she says look Jordan, he needs help to fold his hear Jeff saying "here give her this shirt" (he's referring to his "Let's Dance" shirt that she loves so much, lol).

Jordan walks over to help fold. Jeff sings and fish...return to a brief snippet of Natalie saying that Jeff went to the audition with his ex-gf...more fish...return to Jordan asking Natalie "if we were boyfriend & girlfriend? yeah, I'd have a problem with it" (I think Natalie asked Jordan if she would mind Jeff hanging out with the ex)...Natalie says "exactly, any girl would have a problem with it, right Jordan?"...Jordan says yeah...Natalie says "any sane girl would have a problem with it"...Jeff laughs...Natalie presses on by saying "Jordan, if you could choose one shirt to burn you would choose that one right?" (Let's Dance one)...Jordan & Jeff both laugh...Natalie continues saying "because the ex girlfriend bought it"...Jordan deflects by asking Jeff how he got that NY shirt back and why he washed it when she had just washed it.

Natalie says "it's just like Diane, us girls burn shirts of boys that girlfriends bought them, that's what we do Jeff, unfortunately that's the reality of the situation"...Jordan says yep. Natalie asks Jeff what his ex looks like and how long they were together...Jordan laughs...Jeff says "that girl? that girl only a couple of months"...Natalie says what does she look like?...feeds cut out for a long time (this is where he tells Natalie she is brunette, brown eyes and Natalie asks if she's pretty like Jordan or prettier than Jordan, cannot remember, and Jeff says Jordan is prettier)

The feeds return just before @ 11:47pm with Jeff, Jordan & Natalie in the SS room. Jordan is putting on chapstick and Jeff is putting on his sweatpants saying he likes them because they're warm...Natalie says he likes warm Jordan...Jordan giggles...Jeff says he's about to take this off and seal the deal...Natalie eggs Jordan on by saying "Jordan? can he seal the deal?"...Jordan impishly looks at Jeff...

and says "I don't know"...Jeff smiles at Jordan and says "let's do it tonight" 😘...Natalie says they could just put the covers on them, no one would ever know...Jeff says that's what he's talking about...Natalie says put them over, no one would know...Jeff walks over and puts his cup on the dresser...Natalie does a #2 sign with her fingers and says "Jordan, you could make number two"...Jordan laughs...Jeff says "what's that?"...Jordan says "look at you, miss, you won't even talk about your sex life"...Natalie says "Jordan you know you've been waiting on number two"...Jeff says he gets it now, number two...Jordan says "Jeff, lucky number two".

Jeff lays down and says "so Jordan what am I going to do for work? you gonna support me? I eat a lot"...Jordan says "me too" (LOL)...Jeff says "what else?"...Jordan realizes she forgot her blanket outside and goes to get it...

Natalie jumps onto the rafts, she is completely tipsy, she almost hits her head on the railing...Jeff asks if it's comfy...Natalie says it is...Jeff says it looks it...Natalie starts getting loud & crazy & singing which causes fish...Jeff asks Natalie if this is the first time she drank? Natalie says "in 3 months"...Jeff says no wonder...Natalie says Jordan is going to sleep with her on the rafts...Jordan says umm, yeah later...(LOL)...she says Natalie is going to pass out in there, it's comfy. Natalie agrees.

Wrap party discussion 


Jeff & Jordan continue hanging out with Natalie in the SS room...

Jeff laughs at how Braden used to make his bed (the one Natalie is in) every day. Jordan says he used to put Ellie in the middle of it after making it.

Natalie asks what's Ellie? Jordan says his elephant...Jeff says his one-eyed elephant...he brought it with him and took it home, Jeff says he loves that thing...Natalie asks if Braden is going to the wrap party? Jeff say who knows? Jordan says who knows, he's random...Natalie says he was going to Australia...Jeff says yeah...Jordan says Braden said a lot...Natalie doesn't think he's going to Australia, he's homeless, how is he gonna pay to go to Australia?...Jeff says yeah, he'll probably be at the wrap party...Jordan says she's sure he will, she liked him, she thought he was so funny...Natalie says she didn't know Braden so she has no opinion of him.

Jeff asks when Natalie thinks that the wrap party is gonna be for real? Natalie thinks it will be a couple of days to a week later...Jeff says that's it?...Jordan says you think we'll stay here for an extra week? Natalie doesn't think so, she thinks they will go home...Jordan says fly home and then turn around and fly back? Natalie says it's the same thing flying to Vegas from LA or from home (not quite!)...

Natalie talks about how Jessie was allowed to bring someone but that was when BB did the wrap party, they're not doing it this time...Jordan says wait, who's doing it? Natalie says supposedly Evel Dick, he's hosting per Diane...Jordan is surprised to hear this...Natalie says BB has budget cuts...FISH...when they return Natalie is saying past HG's and fans go to the wrap party...Jeff seems perplexed by this...Natalie says the fans don't want to go if they're not there, they're coming to see us...Jeff says he doesn't know about that, he says "would you go, would you fly to Vegas just to see somebody that was on the Real World?" LOLOL...Natalie & Jordan say no...Natalie says there are fans that are uber fans like that...Jeff says he thinks that is ridiculous LOLOL Jordan says she wouldn't but maybe people that live near there and it was a regular spot she goes to then she would go but she wouldn't go out of her way. LOLOL

Jeff asks if last year's party was in Vegas? Natalie says no, the wrap party was in LA but BB paid for it all, even a person you got to bring, they flew them out...FISH...they return, Jordan is biting her nails and Jeff asks if they're her nails in the backyard...Natalie says they're Russell's...Jeff says blech...Jordan says she always bites her fingernails...Natalie says her too. Natalie says she wants to see her boyfriend for 5 minutes, to hug him, smell him...Jeff & Jordan laugh...Natalie wants to have his scent on her, take his shirt you know?

Jordan knows...Jeff says everything is coming to an end here...Natalie asks who Jeff would bring to the wrap party? His ex-girlfriend? Jeff says she would love it...FISH...they return to Jeff saying they could have not a wrap party but have all the production come out here and talk to them and meet each other and have a couple of drinks...Jordan says go to a Karaoke bar...Jeff says not even that, just after the show, but think about it, how many people are in production? have a party of us 13 plus over 100 people in production, think about all those people eating and drinking, they could take 5G's of prizes and use it for the party.

Natalie says BB has paid out $32,000 in cash...Jeff says plus the trips and stuff...Jordan asks what Jessie said about the wrap last year? Natalie says she didn't even ask just that they took care of it all...FISH...they return with Jordan telling Natalie which seasons she watched, she would like to meet some people from Season 8, she didn't even know Jen was from BB...they talk about when they arrived in LA for sequester, Jordan got there Thursday, Jeff on Friday...Jeff says it was a nightmare...Jordan says with all the drama they have had, there's really people she doesn't care to see but everybody else she would, she would like to see Casey, Laura, Braden, Natalie, Jeff. (LMAO at her wanting to see Jeff at the wrap! Umm, I'm thinking Jeff was a given at that point...)

Jeff says they bring everybody back for the finale, it makes sense that they would have the party there but they don't have a party...Jordan says they can make their own party

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