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Day 52(Pt 3) of BB11 Feeds

Updated: Oct 8, 2023

August 30

Hawaii Hammock Chat Pt3


Their chat continues...Jordan asks Jeff if he thinks it's true what Natalie said about Russell (sending him a bday gift - Jeff)...Jeff says he doesn't know, she wanted to ask her...Jeff says him too...Jordan tells Jeff that in her goodbye message to Russell she hoped he would have to vote btw her and someone else at the finale (he did!)

Jordan says she will be miserable in the jury house, Jeff says he might be too so let's not worry about it, they both need to cheer up, he gets happy and she gets sad...Jordan says she thought today they had fun...Jeff says they did but they get their moments, it's normal to get sad, sometimes he just wants to be alone...Jordan says to tell him...Jeff says not her! he swears to God if he wanted to be alone, he would just say to give him an hour because it wouldn't be her, it would be him, he would just want to get his thoughts together.

Jordan asks if Jeff has his speech prepared? she kind of does...Jeff says no, he doesn't and he doesn't want to start asking people for votes yet like Russell did all day, everyday because he would rather do it later so that people don't have time to pick apart his arguments to stay, that way they can see the positives in it and not dwell on the negative.

Jordan asks Jeff to pinky swear that he'll take her to Hawaii and buy her earrings if she does this? Jeff flashes his dimples and says he has to win though...Jordan says if Jeff wins $50,000 he is taking her to Hawaii and the earrings...Jeff eyes open wide while smiling...Jordan says either way, 1st or 2nd place, he's taking her...Jeff says no, 1st place!...Jordan says no, 2nd place, quit being cheap, she will pay for some of her trip!...

Jeff absolutely cracks up at this and says get outta here...Jordan says she's serious...Jeff says he told her he would...Jordan wants a pinky promise...Jeff laughs and hand signal included says they'll talk about it later...Jordan says really!? if she goes through all this work and she's leaving, she's getting her earrings and a trip...Jeff says not for 50G's, for 500 yeah...Jordan says no! 50G's...Jeff does his emphasis voice and says "you better fu**in' be quiet" LOL

Jordan says she will lower it down to earrings for 2000 if he wins 50G's...Jeff says "are you crazy?"...Jordan says she's not, this is what she gets...Jeff says "this is the deal, I win, Hawaii and earrings, DONE, I just threw in Hawaii, I upped it, I could have just said earrings, I upped the ante, I have to win"...Jordan says either way, I could have won and she would give him seasons tix to the Bears, what else?...Jeff says they didn't discuss it...Jordan says she could buy him a fishing pole for fishing...Jeff says "we're fu**ing doing it in Hawaii if I take you!" 😍😍😂

He laughs and says she better pinky swear on that!...Jordan says why?...Jeff says what?...Jordan says "why do I have to do it in Hawaii?"...Jeff says "what the f**k else are they going to do, they're going to be in the hotel all day"...Jordan says they're going to be out in the sun, snorkeling, doing fun stuff in the sun, why does it always have to be about sex?...Jeff smiles and says "well I'm getting me a hula chick"...Jordan in a jealous tone says "you are!?"...Jeff cracks up laughing and points at Jordan and says she got pissed!🤣

Jordan says no, she's just saying...Jeff says he's getting himself a hula whore LOL Jordan says to go do that...Jeff says f**k yeah, what are you going to do?...Jordan says go find someone else...Jeff says and what? not make out with them?...Jordan says yeah, she doesn't have to go do that.

Jeff brings up she's ever seen the movie Saving Sarah Marshall (I need to watch this because I still don't get the reference...) Jordan hasn't seen it...Jordan says "why are guys always like that?"...Jeff says he's just joking! (about doing it no, about the hula chick yes lol) Jordan says he's being for real...Jeff says he isn't being for real but he is being for real when he says if they go to Hawaii they would do it, he would bet all the money because it's Hawaii and you don't just go there and not, he laughs (great point Jeff!) ...Jordan says she's only been with one person...Jeff says it hurts (now that's mean, lol)

Jordan says why would it make it any different just because she's in Hawaii with another person that she's going to have sex...Jeff says because it's 7 days and it's Hawaii, sometimes you just gotta bite the bullet, he laughs...

Jordan gets all tongue tied and this is word for word what she says next "no, I can't do it, I couldn't just have, I told you, I wouldn't, just because if, well no!, cuz then you're not're not dating the person, you have like...even though if you're dating someone and you don't, I think that you don't have to sex with that person just because you're dating that person you know what I mean, I just don't want to make the same mistake" :)

Jeff says for Jordan to take it easy with her psychology behind everything...Jordan says she's just telling him how she feels...Jeff says "I got you...500, Hawaii and earrings, done"...Jordan says and what else?...Jeff says she is out of her mind! and if he goes home, they are doing it right after the show, he laughs!  😅 Jordan says no because she's going to be mad...Jeff says if he goes home he will be mad...Jordan knows this...Jeff says then they are doing it on finale night (close lol) Jordan says no...Jeff says yes! that's the deal, let's lock it up, lock it up! 🔒

Jordan deflects and asks about what they will do finale night? will they go straight home that night?...Jeff has no idea but thinks they have press the next day...Jordan says they can get drunk that night...Jeff says you wanna get smashed and then do press the next morning? not a good idea...Jordan says maybe if their flights leave at the same time they can get drunk at the airport but Jeff is staying...Jeff is going to ask them and they could say no...Jordan says good because they can stay and hang out before the flights...Jeff says hang out for 2 hours? f**k that, why wouldn't she just stay in LA for a couple of days? 😊

Jordan asks where would she go?...Jeff says they would get a hotel by his buddies place on Sunset...Jordan asks what would they do?...Jeff says hang out with his buddies, they'll call his friends and go out...Jeff says only a handful of days, they'll go fishing...Jordan says she will go fishing...Jeff says 3 or 4 nights...Jordan says she will tell her mom, she'll see what she says, she might want her to come home...Jeff says she might but since he's there and BB allows it on their dime, he might as well instead of going home and coming back a month later, he does want to go home too, he needs to take everything into consideration (including the planned Vegas thing) changes to Jordan looking rough (her words) and the fact they have been lazy about working out and they have been eating all day…

Hawaii Hammock chat Pt4


They continue chatting...Jordan inches closer to Jeff and he asks where she is going?...Jordan says she is getting in closer...Jeff says "oh yeah? making your move?"...Jordan mmm, hmm's...Jeff looks intently at Jordan and smiles...Jordan asks what?...Jeff says "my clothes, this is pretty soft huh?" (his NY shirt)...Jordan says Jeff is all about softness...Jeff says "yes, and this is the softest, feel it" (his black t-shirt)...Jordan asks Jeff what he's going to wear on Thursday?...Jeff says his black shirt...Jordan says she thought about wearing black but then she thought she'd wear a bright dress...Jeff says he's wearing black so stand out...

Jordan says if she is leaving she wants to wear black because it's more slimming, she has gained weight and she wants to look skinny walking out there...Jeff says they're both going to be people in black?...Jordan says she wants to look thin...Jeff says he's wearing the shirt he was saving, he pulled it out and jinxed himself...Jordan would wear pants but she wants to wear a dress...Jordan says she will be so nervous when she walks out the door...Jeff says she's not going anywhere and to stop talking about it, they don't know what's going to happen.

Jordan says Jeff better campaign because Michele is coming after her next week...Jeff says to not say that to Natalie...Jordan says she didn't...a bit of game talk and then Jordan says if there is a wrap party in Vegy that Jeff has to pay for all her drinks...Jeff doesn't seem pleased LOL he says he will throw 100 on red for her, she would win and take the 100 and go buy drinks...Jordan says you're not guaranteed (to win the money)...Jeff says he'll keep doubling up until they win...Jordan says ok...Jeff says that's how he gets into trouble, stop it! he's not supposed to gamble.

Jordan asks if when you're the 5th person to leave people will remember you?...Jeff mmm, hmm's...Jordan mentions Renny who was 5th and she's memorable...Jeff points out a planet in the sky and Jordan says no, that's the moon...Jeff says no, the other one. LOL

Jeff says the star up there is a planet...Jeff laughs about her saying that's the moon (obviously) and Jordan in her Jeff voice says "I know you know it's the moon" 🌝

Jeff smiles and Jordan sits up again and says whenever Jeff, the other night when Jeff was drinking his bottle of wine his accent gets stronger...Jeff says he knows...Jordan says it does, she likes it though, she likes it a lot better...Jeff says what? strong?...Jordan says she likes northern accents like that and when he was talking and kind of tipsy and his accent was stronger, she liked that better.

Jeff laughs and says so she wasn't listening at all to what he was saying, she was just listening to his accent?...Jordan says she was listening and saying "aww, it made me like you even more" 🥰 (even more? That means you already like him)

They both smile and Jordan says she's just being honest, this time Jeff deflects and says ahh, that was a nice, did you feel that little cool breeze?

They start talking about grilling something, drinking wine and Jordan thinks that in the jury house they have been drinking every night...Jeff isn't so sure about that...Jordan swears that the last season the jury house was in Mexico...Jeff asks if she has her passport?...Jordan says no, you need one?...Jeff says yeah so they're not going there, he thinks it's just on a beach in Malibu...they start talking about where they are located in LA, Studio City...they discuss Malibu just being another city along with Santa Monica...

Jordan talks about the movie Knocked Up and how they are driving in a car at the end of the movie on a highway, Jeff says that is the PCH...Jordan asks if they can leave the jury house?...Jeff says no but you can go on the beach...Jordan says she will be in there with 3 people she hates, she will isolate herself...Jeff says he might be going too.

Jeff notices a praying mantis and Jordan starts freaking out telling Jeff to direct it to go the other way, she will kill him if it goes on her...Jeff says how to direct it, with his thoughts? LOL Jordan uses a pillow as a shield. :) Jeff says he just saved one of his buddies and he knows that deep down inside and he's saying to "Jeff, dude, you're cool"....Jordan mocks Jeff but says she is kidding...Jeff says what if the praying mantis knows this and says that dude is cool, that chick (Jordan) is done. Hand motion - pffffftssssssss Jordan does the hand motion - pffffttsssssssss....Jeff laughs...

Jordan talks about her nail color and they goof around a bit. Jordan says omg...Jeff says what?...Jordan gets the sweetest look on her face and says if she does leave on Thursday she gets to call her mom :) Jeff thinks they get to make limited calls...Jordan says "call my mom"...Jeff says he's going to call his ma too saying "ma? did I embarrass you?"...Jordan says she doesn't want her mom being disappointed...

Jeff says neither of them are gone yet so relax...Jordan says she knows if she stays she is going to feel like shit...Jeff says either way he's going to feel like shit...Jordan asks why he would feel like shit if he stayed?...Jeff says he won't feel better until he wins, he would feel better about everything and that he could do some things for Jordan...Jordan says just think during the comps that he has to get her the earrings and they're going to Hawaii...Jordan says if he breaks that promise she will kill him...Jeff says literally dead?...Jordan says she will be mad and won't talk to him again...Jeff says no text messages? LOL...Jordan says then he blew her chances of having money...

Jeff squeezes her butt and says he wants to take it with him. Jeff says if he gets evicted he's going to take a piece of it with him...Jordan says noo!...Jeff says why?...Jordan says "you love it, you love it in there"...Jeff says when he's gone Jordan will be saying all his sayings...Jordan says if Jeff is gone she is going to be so bored...

Jordan says after 2 weeks of not being around her, he will miss her so bad...Jeff says he probably will, she's right, she will too though so what up?...Jordan says Jeff will say, God, I want to talk to her...Jeff says he will say (to the others) "get away from me...where's Jordan?"...Jordan says mmm, hmm, you will, wait...Jeff says she will too...Jordan says she knows...Jeff says she thinks she's so cool with her new friends...Jordan says no, she'll be sitting there...bored.

Jordan says she has no respect for Russell, she hates when he calls her Jordy...Jeff dreads the jury house...Jordan brings up Jessie...Jeff says Jessie is going to murder him...Jeff says they're just sitting around drinking having a bash Jeff parade...Jordan doesn't care, neither does Jeff but he says it will be a long 2 weeks...Jordan says if she leaves he will be a lot more focused...

As Jeff responds to Jordan here, Jeff does his ghost wedding ring thing

Jeff agrees and says he'll have nothing else left to

do...Jordan says he better strike up his deals...Jeff says he will try his best but if not she needs to try her best...Jordan says she can't beat Michele, she's not good under pressure.

Jeff asks if she wants something to eat?...she does...they start rattling off all the food they ate, seems like they ate the exact same thing and a lot of it LOL Jeff says he's hungry...Jordan says not to think about it...Jeff says then he wants a cigarette...Jordan says no!...Jeff says then he has to eat!...Jordan says for Jeff not to raise his voice at her...Jeff looks at her and calms down :) He says if he smokes he won't eat, it kills his appetite...Jordan says not to smoke...Jeff says he doesn't want to because he's smoked too much already...Jordan says at least his mood has changed, she hates when he's in a bad mood...Jeff only wants a cigarette when he's drinking.

Jeff sits up, sees the praying mantis again...Jordan asks where he is going?...they are both sitting up and their faces are very close to one another, it's hard for them to look each other in the eye (they are so close I bet they want to kiss...)...they talk about the praying mantis and what Jeff is going to fix...Jeff says if it flew in his face he'd flip over and he falls back onto the hammock...Jordan says they are weird, what is their purpose of life?...Jeff says to reunite old friends.🧐

Jeff gets up to go see what they can eat, he wants something meaty...Jordan doesn't know if she should eat but she gets up too, she says her pants are huge...Jeff says they are a little tight for him in the junk department...they both walk to the kitchen...

Chicken of the Sea - to eat or not to eat


Jordan & Jeff come inside from being out on the hammock...Jeff is hungry and as soon as he walks in the door he says "how about tuna?"...Jordan says "ugh, tuna is gross, why are you so obsessed with tuna?"...Jeff says he thinks he's making tuna, it's over...Jordan says not to because he has to make her Jeff goes to the bathroom he tells her he will make her something, the hamburger meat but he's making tuna for himself...Jordan looking through the fridge says nooo...Jordan nibbles some fruit salad...

Jeff comes back and asks if she saw something (in the fridge that she wanted)...Jordan says she's not going to eat...Jeff asks nothing?...Jordan grabs the pita chips bag and says no LOL...Jordan says "don't eat tuna"...Jeff asks why?...Jordan says that if she has to kiss him tonight she's going to have to smell it...that perks Jeff's ears up and from this point on he starts trying to find any excuse, without making it seem like she's right, to not eat the tuna and find an alternative, lol...Jeff says oh, yeahhh, we're making out?...Jordan says she doesn't want to smell tuna...Jeff says "so you're saying we're making out?" 😍...Jordan says "if we do"...

Jeff puts his foot down and says we made out like 3 times (but who's counting, lol) he plunks down the tuna can and says "I'll take my chances"

Jordan says they have kissed a lot more than they ever have...Jeff makes a face...Jordan says yeah, we have...Jeff says when? we've kissed twice (he conveniently forgot he just said it was 3 times ) ...Jordan says normally they've never kissed but she's kissed him a lot more...Jeff again says twice more.

Jordan picks up the can of tuna and starts reading it "the best tuna, Chicken of the Sea, solid white tuna in water...please don't eat this" 😂 Jeff says why?...Jordan says she doesn't want to have to smell it on him...Jeff says she doesn't want him to smoke, she doesn't want him to eat the tuna, what does she want? what else? can he eat something? can he live his life or what? (dramatic or what Jeff? haha)

...Jordan says he can eat something besides Chicken of the Sea 😊 Jeff opens up the fridge and says he has a taste for it...Jordan says again she doesn't want to have to smell it...Jeff says she won't smell it...Jordan disagrees...Jeff starts pulling out bowls & jars, he sees there is leftover fajita stuff...Jordan says to eat that...Jeff says she is lucky and he puts the tuna away...Jordan says wooo, yay, he listened to her...Jeff says yeah...Jordan says thank you, I appreash...Jeff says she is lucky the fajitas are already made...

Jeff says the pickles make him sick...Jeff pulls out some other stuff and says "Or I could make a John Gotti sandwich"...Jordan says "what's a John Gotti sandwich?"...Jeff totally cracks up laughing at Jordan's question...he says it's just like a good sandwich...Jordan giggles and says "why are you laughing?"...Jeff says it's funny the way Jordan said that, he bursts out laughing again and says he doesn't know why it's so funny and he repeats what Jordan said, he says it's funny for his own reasons...

Jordan keeps eating her pita chips while Jeff preps his food...he asks if she doesn't want anything?...she says no, she feels like a fatty...they talk about different things she could eat like fruit, a hot dawg...Jeff says a turkey dog is better...they banter back & forth a bit...Jordan might want a pizza but then decides to not eat one, she wants the bean dip, the hummus.

Jeff says what he's eating is actually perfect, he's obsessed with sour cream...Jeff sits down and starts eating, he brings up the John Gotti sandwich 😎...Jeff says the pita chips are 50% less fat than chips so you can eat twice as much...Jordan doesn't get it so Jeff says it's half the fat!...Jordan is like ok, geez, she says she hates when he raises his voice at her, she hates it more than anything...

Jeff slams his fist down on the counter and says, with a smile, that he hates it when she doesn't understand things right away...Jordan says she's sorry she didn't understand it...Jeff says it's half!...Jordan says ok, Jeff, I get it, it's half ok?!...Jeff laughs and keeps eating...Jordan says Jeff doesn't have patience with her...he says he does...she says he used to but now he doesn't...Jordan imitates how Jeff says No! that's how he sounds...Jordan says and...Jeff says "what? shoot"...Jordan says she does listen to him even if he thinks she doesn't listen, she tells him all the time...Jeff says sometimes she doesn't listen...she insists she does but sometimes she spaces out but she listens so she doesn't want to hear it...Jeff says zip it...

They talk about how they've been eating all day...Jordan says it's 11:30 and she's not really that tired...Jordan tells Jeff to look at the picture wall and says why didn't she know that? she can see now...Jeff says it's because they know the answer...Jordan says she told the DR that they made a cute alien, everyone else's was ugly...Jeff smiles and says he said that too...Jordan says their's was the prettiest and Laura & Jessie's was the ugggliest...Jeff agrees and says the teeth (were huge) and they laugh.

Natalie comes inside to eat some soup...Jordan asks Jeff if he will rub her arm tonight?...Jeff says yes...Jeff says "will you rub my.......back?" LOL ...Jordan says yes but she gets it first...Jeff says he always does...Jordan disagrees and says lately she does it more than him...Jeff says it's because he is adios muchacho and she has to...Jeff wishes there was more fajita stuff, who cooked it, it was so good?...Jordan says you...Jeff says oh, yeah 😅

Natalie returns with her soup and they start talking about soup, what types of foods they like and dislike, what Jeff puts in his food...Jordan goes to the bathroom...Jeff & Natalie chit chat about cheese and Natalie gets her soup ready...Jeff says today was the laziest day he's had in the house so far, he ate and slept all day, didn't do anything productive other than winning 2 hands of solitaire (that's because you spent all day glued to Jordan and I have 25 or so calendar entries to prove it! 😅)

Jordan comes back from the bathroom and Jeff starts laughing...Jordan is like what?...Jeff says nothin', he had a joke he was going to play...Jeff gives her the "look", big smile on his face and brings his face up close to hers...Jordan asks if he wants to go back outside?...Jeff says he's still hungry and says he's going to go make some tuna, he leans into her and playfully slaps her butt...Jordan says nooo!

Jordan tells Natalie that Jeff said if he's taking her to Hawaii, they're doing it...Jeff turns around and smiles...Natalie says "so does that mean you'll go?" LOL Jeff cracks up...Jordan sits on the counter and says she told him she would go but they're not doing it. 😛 Natalie says then he's not going to take her...Jordan says yeah, he is, who else is he going to take?...Jeff says someone that's gonna do it, he looks at her with eyes wide...

Jordan is quiet...Jeff asks Natalie if her boyfriend took her to Hawaii would she do it?...Jordan yells out that it's her boyfriend (maybe Jeff wants to be yours Jordan, lol)

Jordan says it's different...Jeff says he will ask her out on the plane and then they can break up on the way home LOL..Jordan is not amused...Jeff says it would be official...Jeff decides to eat a turkey dog and goes to get them...Natalie & Jordan chit chat about the picture wall...Natalie prays...Jeff comes back and giggles about the Jessie/Laura alien and they laugh about the Ronnie/Lydia one.

Feeds cut out, when they return J&J are bantering a bit more and Jeff says that Jordan acts all cool around other people but when they are alone, Jordan says Jeff I love you, but I don't even know you 😄...Jordan says she doesn't even say that, don't make her look psycho...Jordan admits she has been sweeter this week...Jeff agrees and says he wonders why...they talk about how tomorrow is the veto ceremony and they need to get up early...Jeff says he can't wait to just go to a football game...Natalie says she can't wait to go to a movie...Jeff too...Natalie says they are making Toy Story 3 in 2010...Jeff says he likes burnt cheese, he finishes up his turkey dog and Jeff & Jordan head outside again…

11:52-11:59pm Round2 hammock chat - Eye gazing 

Jeff & Jordan head outside again and head to the hammock...Jeff says he feels better (after eating) and Jordan says he didn't even smoke...Jeff says he has to quit altogether...they notice the praying mantis is still hanging out...Jordan gets closer to it and Jeff tells her not to f**k with it because it's not fu**ing around with her and then people wonder why bugs jump on them...Jordan says she just wants to see it move but Jeff says to leave it, he'll put it in her bed later...(your bed too Jeff 😉) Jordan says Jeff is making her mad and Jeff says why does she want to roll the ball at him so he jumps right on his face...Jordan laughs and says that would be funny...Jeff doesn't think so and gets agitated and says maybe she would want it to jump on her face...Jordan sits down near Jeff and tells Jeff to lose his temper...Jeff says he doesn't have one and Jordan says to quit getting so agitated then, calm down!...

Jeff quiets down and they swing...Jordan says what?...Jeff says he's being calm, isn't that what she wants?...Jordan says yes and then says she feels like she is about to barf...Jeff laughs...

Jeff grabs her head in a scissor hold...Jordan says no...Jeffff!...Jeff says this is the move, she loves that move...Jordan says choke hold? she feels like a fat f**k...Jeff's eyes open wide and he says "whoa, you swore"...Jeff tickles her neck and then they talk about what they've eaten (again!) ...Jeff says midnight is a new day, they have to have a new attitude and a new diet...Jordan lays down next to Jeff and snuggles towards him, putting her leg on his.

Jeff says they have to eat salads tomorrow and work out...Jordan mentions how odd Michele was earlier...Jeff says something seems super weird with her, she was talking about ripping pillows...Jordan says she is crazy...Jeff laughs about him throwing stuff around too, he can't wait to see how funny he looked when they were grabbing all the money, his pockets and clothes stuffed with money...Jeff wonders what if that key saved him from something?...Jordan says how?...Jeff doesn't know, he's just thinking like a yo-yo...Jordan says it's not, they're done, it's over.

Jeff says they haven't told them anything about that yet...Jordan says it's over...Jeff says to keep hope alive...Jordan says they're done....Jeff says how does she know, why didn't BB tell them what that key meant?...Jordan doesn't know but they're done...Jeff says she's done, he's keeping faith alive, it could be nothing but until they know for sure, it could be something...Jordan says it's not anything, one of them are going home on Thursday so...Jeff says not if that Pandora's box has something to do with it...Jordan insists it won't...Jeff says because she's been right in this whole game...Jordan says she hasn't been right about anything in the whole game...Jeff says good, he hopes that continues...Jordan says it has nothing to do with it, he's thinking too deep...Jeff says he's just thinking positive...Jordan says then he's going to get his hopes up...Jeff says it's better than giving up!...Jordan says ok! don't yell! just talk...Jeff says she just yelled.

Jeff squeezes her mouth shut...Jordan says it hurts there because she has a pimple...Jeff says gross...Jordan says shut up...Jeff says those are the worst because you can't pop them.

Jordan reaches over and puts her hand on Jeff's chest and asks him to turn to her because she is tired now...he says he can't...Jordan says she wants to go to sleep...Jeff says he can't because he took too many naps today...Jeff says Jordan abandoned him...Jordan says she didn't...Jeff says all his naps, she would be peace out and then he would wake up and he'd be like what's up? she gone...Jordan says she was bored because he wasn't talking...Jeff says it was nap time...Jeff notices the praying mantis eyeballing him...Jordan laughs and says Jeff is scared of it.

Jordan tells Jeff to quit farting and that his fart stunk the other night...Jeff says so what? one out of a fu**ing million?...chitter chatter about stuff and then

@ the 11:59pm mark Jordan lays her head down on the pillow, lets her guard down and looks at Jeff unlike ever before...with adoration and love...Jeff then turns and looks at Jordan. Whoa!

Jordan says she can see her reflection in Jeff's eyeball...they start looking in each other's eyes really closely...Jordan can see lights in his green part, herself in his black part...Jeff does too and notices her pupils dilating and shrinking, he says it's wild...Jordan says he look freaky...

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