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Day 52 (Pt 1) of BB11 Feeds

Updated: Oct 8, 2023

August 30

Jordan rallies for Jeff to stay


Jeff keeps creating the pizza and Jordan keeps eating her chips...BB asks Michele to go put on her mic so she leaves to go find it...Jeff looks back at Jordan and widens his eyes...(clearly saying wtf is up with her?)...Jeff mumbles that everybody's got the munchies uh?...Michele talks about the weird prizes you get in Cracker Jack boxes...   Jeff humors her for a second and then hones right in on Jordan...he leans over the counter and says "you're going to town on those chips"...Jordan keeps chewing and nods...Jeff gives her the sweetest smile…

Jordan puts the bag of chips away and looks at Jeff...Jeff keeps looking at her intently...Jordan says what?...Jeff says nothin'...Jordan looks to the side while Jeff scrunches up his nose in a playful way...Jordan looks at Jeff and says what?...Jeff laughs and says he was just fu**ing with her and walks to tend to the pizza...

Michele is chewing her Cracker Jack's loudly and says you look bummed Jordo...Jordan says she's fine...Jeff says she looks bummed...Jordan says she's fine...Jeff spins the spice bottle on the counter over and over and then looks at Jordan's sad face again, he starts tapping the bottle loudly on the reaction from Jordan...Jeff says he's going to put the bottle down before he breaks it.

Michele, again trying to engage Jeff, throws some Cracker Jack's at Jeff, she misses, he doesn't even see it, then she throws another one and says I got you. 

Jeff ignores Michele again and goes right to Jordan, leans over the counter again and looks at her...Jordan says what?...Jeff says nothin', you're just so bummed...Jordan is clearly bummed...Michele sits down near Jordan and keeps chewing loudly UGH...Jeff says I know, I know and he walks to the bathroom...Jordan goes back to eating chips.

Michele tells Jordan that if she doesn't win HOH next week she's probably going to the jury next week...Jordan says she's probably going this week...Michele says no, if Nat wins, she's going home (right! lol) Jordan says she's going home (wrong!) Jeff walks back into the kitchen...Jeff says the thing is nobody is going home, we're going to the jury house.

Jordan says "between me and Jeff, vote for Jeff because..." Jeff says to Jordan, shut up, eat your chips...Jordan shushes Jeff and says he made better moves than me...Jeff mutters "Jordan"...Michele says it's not up to her anymore, it's up to them two outside...Jordan says she's just telling her to vote for Jeff, her and Jeff can make it far...Michele says they have all made it far, there's only not many weeks left.

Jeff sits himself down on the counter...Jordan comes around to get a drink saying if Michele is smart, keep Jeff...Jordan says she's dead serious...Jeff says "alright Jordan, enough"...Jordan says she's being honest...Michele says she appreciates it, thank you...Jeff says me too, but enough...

Jordan says she's serious, she even told Michele today at the pool, Kevin goes up against anybody, Kevin is going to win (right!) because everybody likes Kevin and Kevin is funny and America will vote Kevin if it's a tie and if anyone is against Natalie, she will win so if it's y'all two it's an even platform because y'all have an even amount of enemies...Jeff laughs and says it's not about liking them, it's about who do you despise less, that's great.

Jordan says they have done the most...Jeff says he was just laughing because with them (K&N) it's who likes you more and with us (J&M) it's about who hates you less...Jordan says y'all have won the same amount of stuff so it will be an even platform, she pours Jeff some soda...Jordan keeps going and Jeff says to take it easy...he appreashes...

Jordan says she's just saying if y'all want to win, she walks past Jeff and Jeff pinches her cheek and kisses her forehead as she walks by. :)

Jordan says she's just looking out and sits back down....BB admonishes Jeff saying "no climbing!" wtf?? Jordan says huh?...Jeff says "I can't sit on here? wow, I felt like I got yelled at"...Jordan keeps saying that anybody that goes up against them two is going to lose, guaranteed, she'll put her money on that...Jeff says she's throwing around her money these days.

They start talking about jury votes, last season's outcome...Jordan says if Michele is smart she will vote to keep Jeff...Michele asks Jordan if she will hold it against her if Jordan stays?...Jordan says no...Jordan repeats what she said about it being an even platform...Jeff says alright, is she done?...Jordan says no and keeps going...Jeff says we got it!...Jordan says she's just being honest...Jeff says he gets it, what is she getting mad about?...Jordan says don't get mad at me...Jeff says I said thank you, I'm not mad, I just said thank you 5 times...Jordan says she's just saying they will progress further if he stays and they are together...they continue talking game ....

Awkward Kitchen talk 


Jeff, Jordan & Michele continuing talking game in the kitchen...Jordan continues to eat the Baked Lays LOL Jordan says it's between her and Jeff and everyone starts to need thinking (about who to keep) and she says she's done talking...Jeff, who is leaning over the counter says good, how are those chips?  😛 Jordan says good...Jeff says "are you going to eat that pizza?"...Jordan says yes and then she's going to bed...Jordan stuffs her mouth with chips...Jeff looks at her and laughs...Jordan covers her mouth and laughs...Jeff says "did you shove that, did you chew it or shove it down your throat?" LOL

Then Jordan, who is clearly still tipsy, opens up and asks Michele why she said she felt betrayed by Jeff & Jordan?...this leads to very awkward conversation between Jordan, Michele & Jeff:

Michele says the mood in there just got really bad before nominations, she says she didn't like being called out during the veto ceremony when Jeff was HOH, it wasn't the nicest speech, she felt like Jeff cast her aside when it came to the whole Russell thing, she knew Jeff was looking out for himself for this week, etc...Jeff says that he had to figure out who was the liar, he never really did and Michele could have just as easily been the person that left last week.

Jordan says she's an upfront person and she doesn't think she has treated Michele any differently....she keeps grilling Michele...she asks her why she told Kevin to put up her and Jeff up on the block?...Michele says she didn't say it like that, she told him to put them up so that she could win POV and take one of them off and vote out Natalie...Jordan tells Michele again to keep Jeff and go on and win this.

Jordan goes on and on and doesn't listen to a word Michele says (problem being that Michele proved herself a liar in the game so why would Jordan believe anything she says let alone the fact she is tipsy and free thinking)...she keeps eating those chips...Jeff is clearly uncomfortable with the discussion and keeps pacing and walking around...Jeff lets Jordan ramble on, she does until Kevin & Natalie come inside and then the chatter dies down and Jordan gets called to the DR…

Natalie tells Jeff her version of the truth 


After Jordan gets called to the DR, Kevin goes upstairs and Michele leaves the kitchen...Natalie tells Jeff that she can't vote for him to stay, she's telling him straight up...Natalie says first off Kevin isn't going to keep him and secondly she doesn't trust Michele...Michele told Kevin that Jeff will come after Natalie next week...Jeff says it isn't true...Jeff tells Natalie if she keeps him, she will have 2 people playing for her because Kevin can't play.

Jeff & Natalie go over scenarios and Jeff says do what's best for her...they continue to talk what if's...Jeff says to think about it, they have all week, they go back to getting the pizza out of the Natalie is getting her slice she says that she would never make a deal with Michele, that's like making a deal with the devil, she learned her lesson with what happened with Chima...

Jeff gets his pizza and goes outside…

Jeff has grown on Jordan 


Kevin, Natalie & Jordan are outside talking...Kevin & Natalie have been filling Jordan's head with the illusion that Michele would actually consider taking Jeff off the block with her veto, therefore ensuring Natalie goes up against Jordan with the promise that they would vote out Natalie...clearly that was never going to happen… 😫 Jordan, naturally, is buying it because she wants to keep Jeff at all costs...

Kevin & Natalie keep pushing Jordan, convincing her to talk to Jeff about flirting with Michele to ensure she follows through with the ludicrous plan...they spend a lot of time talking game...

Jordan admits to them that she can honestly say that Jeff has grown on her because before...Natalie says "are you going to make out with him tonight?" (no worries Natalie, she already did )...Jordan smiles...Natalie says this could be her last opportunity...Jordan says she knows, she told Jeff that if she's up his butt to not get mad because she is spending time with him before he leaves, in case he leaves, but before no, of course not, he's definitely grown on me but moreso he's like a good, good friend...a good, good friend that she would want to, you know...

They start wondering where Jeff is? he needs to be on board with this before Kevin talks to Michele...they continue discussing how to go about with the crazy plan...

Jeff shows his character


Jeff comes out of the DR and joins Jordan, Kevin & Natalie...the first thing he says is "don't even start"...he sits down and Jordan asks Jeff if he wouldn't even try that? (the plan to try and get Michele to use the veto on Jeff) Jeff says no, it's pointless, he's not Russell...Jordan says he's going to piss her off if he doesn't do it...Jeff says he's not going to do it, he's done enough shit in this game, to be honest he's exhausted.

Jeff says "use the veto on me, are you fu**ing crazy?"...Jordan says "well then, you're a sorry loser" ouch! ...Jeff says that's cool, sorry loser? are you out of your mind, use the veto on me?...Jordan says Michele probably would...Jeff says "dude, you guys are fu**ed"...Kevin says people have done it before (whatever you just want Jeff to make a fool of himself grrrr)

Jeff says for Jordan to tell Michele then...Jordan says "no, Jeff, she likes you"...Kevin says that Michele is in love with you...Jordan repeats herself.

Jeff says she won't do it PERIOD

Jeff says he's already talked to her about it and Michele told him she's not stupid, of course she's going to keep the veto and use it on herself...Jordan says if Kevin talks to Michele, Jeff has to be on board...Jeff says of course he is, he's not going to say no...Jordan says well then let Kevin try...Jeff says go ahead, he can do whatever he wants to do...Jordan says that means Jeff has to start flirting or do something, Jeff knows she's like "Jeff!" blah blah blah...Jordan says Jeff needs to start kissing her ass.

Jeff looks down at the ground and is not amused    Jordan says make her laugh, make her think she has your trust...Jeff says cool, so trick her, take the veto, evict her, another big player and then take it up the ass next week and I go home, why doesn't somebody else evict somebody.

Jordan says they're not on the negative train right now...Jeff says he's not either, but he's not on fu**ing Jupiter either, he's on Earth, she should try it...Jordan raises her voice and says "ok, Jeff! listen it's either you or me going home ok, it doesn't help but to try"...Jeff says he has come to terms with it.

Jordan says he's being negative...Jeff says he wants an option that is on this planet, someone is going to give away their fu**ing veto?...Natalie & Kevin say it's happened before...Jordan says you have to kiss her ass...Natalie says pretend you're in love with her. (yikes!)

Jordan tells Jeff that Michele has more guy friends than girlfriends...Kevin says you know she loves you...Natalie says she cries in the DR over Jeff...Jeff points out again what they are asking of him and then he says he doesn't know if he wants to pursue that avenue...Jordan says why? it's dumb if you don't...Jeff says is it?...Jordan says yes.

aaaaaaaand this is why I love Jeff...

Jeff says "#1 it will never happen and if she was nice enough to give me the veto I wouldn't stick it back up somebody's ass, other people might, I wouldn't do it"...Jordan tells him to try...Jeff says "I don't give a f**k for 10 million dollars, I'm not going to do that to somebody, money doesn't fu**ing mean everything to me, I'm not going to be like sell myself out, give me the veto and then stick it right back up their ass, that's not who I am, you fu**ing do it, I'm not doing it"

Jordan says she would do it but it won't work for her, it has to be him...Jeff says "it's not going to work anyway and if it did, he wouldn't do it, he's telling her right now that he won't, he's not that person, he's not selling out, he keeps his word (jab at Kevin, lol) and sell out, someone gives him a nice gesture and fu**ing put it right back up their, I don't need the money that bad, so I look like a fu**ing complete asshole?"...Jordan says it's part of playing the game...Jeff says "it's not, it's part of being a huge everybody else is happy? he should have won, that's all"

Jordan says she thinks Kevin should try...Natalie says drop it Jordan, it's not happening...Kevin says not happening...Jordan insists that they should try...Jeff says they are crazy...Jordan says you don't know that Jeff, she's been crying in the DR about Jeff and she always cares what Jeff says...Jordan, Kevin & Natalie give examples and Jordan says try it just to see...Jeff says to see what? how he can influence someone's mind to f**k over, he already got fu**ed over plenty of times in this game, he doesn't want to do it to everyone else...Jeff says they all got fu**ed over when they didn't win, when he didn't win, they lost, he lost. 

Jordan asks Jeff if he honestly wouldn't do it?...Jeff says no...Jordan says even if you knew you could stay another week?...Jeff says no.

Jeff says he's not going to influence her into giving him the veto and then she gives him a beautiful gesture and he sends her packing...Jordan & Natalie try again, Jeff says she's not going to do that...Jordan says won't Jeff be hitting himself over the head if he doesn't try...

Kevin explains how the plan came about, he says it's just an idea. Jordan says why doesn't Jeff try?...Natalie says Jordan...(signalling her to give it a rest)...Jeff says why didn't you (Jordan) try, why didn't you try harder yesterday, I could tell you the same thing...Jordan says she did try...Jeff says why didn't he try harder...

Jordan keeps at it but Jeff says for what, to put more blood on his hands, he has fu**ing sent home enough people, they can deal with her now, he's out, good luck.

Jeff says they have it this easy now, they should be thanking him...he walks away while Jordan is saying that he's pissing her off, as he walks inside he says that Jordan should be happy that he sent home the fu**ing strongest people in this game...

Jeff shows his character - round 2 


Jeff goes inside to grab a cigarette, then comes back outside and again says don't start...Kevin & Natalie laugh...Kevin says they've dropped it...Jeff says he doesn't think so by the look on Jordan's face...Jordan says she's not done...Jeff says he knows she's not...

Kevin leaves to go to the bathroom...Jeff says Jordan wouldn't have the balls to do that either, just so she knows...Jeff says if some guy liked her and she was all sweet talking him, rubbing him...Natalie interrupts saying Michele already fu**ed him over...Jeff says a lot of people fu**ed him over, like the one sitting right there (Kevin), why wouldn't I want to f**k him over?

Natalie says that she came up with the plan and told Kevin...Jeff says he wouldn't be in this situation if it wasn't for him and Kevin wouldn't be sitting where he is right now if not for Jeff...sitting pretty with no blood on his hands and did no work. Jeff says you want me to sweet talk somebody, smooth them over and play with their emotions?

Natalie says she did it to keep Jeff here...Natalie says Kevin never did her wrong...Jeff says it's because Kevin never did anything in the game...Natalie says she's really loyal...Jeff says he saved her twice...Natalie says he also put her up...Jeff says knowing she wasn't going home, he saved her twice...Natalie says but Kevin never...Jeff says he's never done anything, that's his whole point, the first chance he got, he fu**ed him, what kind of loyalty is that?...Natalie says the only person she's had is Kevin, she's loyal, her word, blah, blah, blah...

Jeff says the plan is impossible, would they sweet talk and play with someone's hair and say what's up? and play with their emotions and get the veto and stick it right back up the guy's ass?...Natalie says Jeff doesn't have to because he doesn't have to vote against Michele...Jeff says she's not that dumb, that's a great plan if someone else does it, he's in...Jeff says they wouldn't do it...

They go over who could be going home...Jeff says it's one of them, pick your poison, then stay Jordan, get her vote, he's stuck here, he tried his best, his plans didn't work out, he got fu**ed, he can't do anything anymore, he has no control.

Jordan says if he could get Michele to, she only wants it to be her, Kevin & Jeff in the final 3...Jeff says he's not working over her emotions, they could have tried harder in the comp yesterday, how about that? nobody did (yep! including himself)...Jordan says she did...Jeff says how many people do you want him to take out of this game? someone save me...

They say Kevin would be taking her out, not Jeff and Jeff says it's semantics, it would be him taking her out...Natalie says would you rather be out, in the jury house...Jeff says there are other avenues to pursue...Jeff says "do that and fu**ing shame myself and next week take it again up the ass if Kevin wins the veto and I lose again and I go home"

Natalie says Jeff has 2 shots next week vs. Kevin who only has one...Jeff says he knows...Jordan says why won't you just try it? (stubborn, lol) Jeff says he's not that person, he's not doing it...Jordan says "at all? 100% not doing it"...Jeff says no.

Jeff gets agitated saying that Kevin should be selling the story not him, they say Kevin wanted Jeff to be on board...Jeff says it always comes back to him, Kevin is the one selling the story...Jeff says before they get all pissy about him, ask Kevin to ask Michele and if she says go f**k yourself then he doesn't even have a chance.

Jordan says she thinks Michele would do it if Jeff was on board...Jeff says he is, give it to me...Natalie says Jeff has to work her...Jeff says Michele is not giving it up...Jeff asks Jordan if she would give up a veto?...Jordan says it would depend how much you trust someone...Natalie says they only thought it would work because it's Jeff and she's in love with him.

Jeff gets pensive and quiet and talk turns to laundering Jordan's blanket...

Curled up like a ball on Jeff’s lap 


Jeff is quiet and has his head down...Jordan and Natalie are talking about Jordan's blanket and how to wash it...Jordan reaches over to grab Jeff's arm and he gives her a look...Jordan says not to give him that look...Jeff says they come up with this plan and then he is made out to the bad guy...Jordan says he doesn't look like the bad guy...Jeff laughs and leans back on the chair with his arms folded...

Jordan looks at Jeff but Jeff won't even turn his head to give her a glance...Jordan gets up and says she is going to look like a crazy person in her DR's because she's always crying...Jordan tells Jeff she ate the pizza and it was good...Jeff says cheesy.

Jordan sits herself down in Jeff's lap and snuggles up to him but Jeff is as stiff as a board, he won't crack a smile...

Jordan asks Jeff if she's hurting him...he says no...

Jordan gives him a couple of raspberry kisses on the cheek, he's ticklish and says alright...

She gives him one more and says "cheer up", she pats him and then gives him a real kiss on the cheek and sits up...Jeff asks if she's going to bed?...she says not yet...she sits on his lap for a bit but they don't speak...Jordan says it's so quiet now...Natalie gets up to leave and Jordan asks her where she's going?...Natalie says inside, probably to bed...Jordan says she'll be there in a little bit...

Jeff is quiet and giving Jordan looks and Jordan says Jeff! quit acting...Jeff says why are you acting like that in front of everybody saying do it!?...Jordan says she thinks he should...Jeff says he knows she thinks he should...Jordan says she wants Jeff to be there...Jeff says there's only so much he can do...Jordan says this is his last straw, to try it, why not, why wouldn't he?

Jordan says do what you want but she thinks he should try...Jeff says that's great but they should have won the competition, they should have, he should have, they should have won...Jordan says Jeff is giving up...Jeff says not necessarily...

Michele walks outside and Jeff warns Jordan to watch what she does...Jordan goes to lean on Jeff again but Jeff says he wants to brush his teeth, they can lay down after, what's the difference...Jordan says forget it, never mind....Jordan lays down on the couch and Jeff goes inside...

Jordan tells a story/Jeff tells a story 


Jordan joins Jeff in bed in the SS room...she asks to use his chapstick...Jeff goes outside the door to put on lotion...they are quiet for a bit and then Jeff says "what's up? why aren't you talking?"...Jordan doesn't know, she puts on her mic to talk...

Jordan thanks Jeff for the pizza, saying it was good...Jeff says you're welcome, it was cheesy...Jordan asks Jeff if he had some?...he says yes, a slice of the olive part, he likes the cheese.

Jordan asks Jeff if she ever told him about the time when she was a kid she took a big clump of cheese and put it in her mouth and choked on it?...Jeff says no...Jordan says her mom had to stick her hand down her throat and get it out...Jeff giggles and Jordan says she's serious, it was a cheese pizza, she took the whole thing, her sister said look at this and then Jordan said well look at this and she didn't chew it all the way and it got stuck in her throat, her dad was on the phone and her mom was screaming and she had to get it out.

Jordan starts rubbing Jeff's hair...Jeff says her mom reached down Jordan's mouth and got it?...Jordan says her throat and got it, she demonstrates on Jeff and he laughs...he asks how old she was?...Jordan says she was 4 or 3, it was the worst feeling, her heart dropped...Jeff says 4 or 3, you remember that?...Jordan says yep, she couldn't breathe, she was in preschool, she couldn't breathe at all, her dad was screaming on the phone and her mom was panicking so her first instinct was to get it out, she can't believe she did that.

Jeff asks what would Jordan do if her daughter was choking?...Jordan says do that and she would be having her husband call 911...Jordan keeps gently rubbing Jeff's hair/head for over a minute...

She stops and Jeff looks over at her zoning out and pats her cheek...Jordan laughs and snuggles up close to Jeff, she whispers about the faces in the Alien comp and how it was so much easier seeing the faces in the DR, they looked more familiar...Jeff says that's because you know them...

Jordan says she was crying in the DR, she must look psycho...Jordan asks Jeff if he thinks she looks psycho?...Jeff says a little bit especially the part where she told him the same story 3 times today.

They talk about the alien faces, Jeff says he didn't even know about Russell's scar...Jordan says she knew the one of her and Jeff because of her smile and  one eye was bigger than the other...Jeff says he didn't know that was her other eye, he saw the teeth but didn't know that was her eye...Jordan says her one eye is more slanted than the other...Jeff says it couldn't be that because one eye was normal size and the other was gigantic...Jordan insists her eyes are like the aliens...Jeff disagrees but says because of the size difference he didn't know they were both her eyes.

Jordan points out that their alien had Jeff's hair...Jeff didn't even look at that...Jeff says he was a complete idiot, he looked at the pictures and didn't notice anything on anybody, he deserves to go home, that was the worst performance ever...Jordan says "Jeffff"

Jordan says she thought she did ok in the competition...Jeff says she wasn't good, she sucked balls LOL...Jordan is offended, lol...Jeff says what? she was laughing at him, what was she doing taking a nap during the competition?...Jordan opens her mouth and says "you hurt my feelings!"...Jeff says she just made fun of him...Jordan says "no I haven't Jeff"...Jeff says she would say "it was your hair, I have a lazy eye, you make it seem like it was a lazy eye, one was gigantic and one was 1 inch"...they laugh...Jeff says you're making fun of me...Jordan says she hasn't made fun of him...

Jeff says Jordan made a snack during the competition, just finish it...Jordan says she hasn't made fun of Jeff at all, she has supported him...Jeff says supported me with wisecracks...Jordan looks at him and Jeff says what? you can bust on me but I can't bust on you?...Jordan says she hasn't and the eye thing was her...Jeff says this is the part where I tell a story and Jordan listens...

Jordan says she does listen, she pulls Jeff closer and hugs him while Jeff tells the story...Jeff says he thought it was Laura at first, he's so dumb and then he thought it's too easy to put me & Jordan (subconciously) so he didn't get it...Jordan says she thought that at first but she put her because of her teeth and she thought Braden but then she thought, no, that's Jeff. 

Jeff says he's such an idiot, on his own picture he fu**ed up, he's such a yo-yo...Jeff says when you stare at those pictures all day, it's easy but when you're in a competition and you're going home, it's not as easy....

J&J sweet words & kisses 


Jeff has just finished talking about how much he fu**ed up during the Alien comp, he looks at Jordan who is looking around and not saying anything...he asks her why she is looking around?...Jordan says she wasn't...Jeff says whatever, excuses all day, I lost, no excuses...Jordan blows on his shoulder and looks around again...Jeff says what is she doing that for? doesn't it seem extra bright in there?...Jordan says it seems bigger in there...Jeff says how did that happen? she might just be drunker. 😊

Jordan says she sobered up, she didn't even get that drunk...Jeff says she was a little crunked...Jordan says she was upset...Jeff says and crunk, she's turning on the waterworks in the DR lately...Jordan says she is, she really does look like a crazy person, she's always crying in there now, it's hard not to, it's all in good fun, omg, it probably looks like she is obsessed with Jeff or something...she said it shouldn't be me staying, it should be Jeff, Jeff made all the moves, it sucks if he leaves and everyone else benefits from it, she says they must have quit listening to her...Jeff says they went and made a snack LOL...BB calls them out on the DR stuff...Jeff says they are on it now...

Jordan asks if he thinks they won't be so excited?...Jeff says f**k yeah, it's their kid...Jeff jokingly says they would see Jordan and say "what's up Jordan" and walk away...Jeff asks if Peyton will say "Johrdan"?...Jordan says yeah, he'll give her a big hug and say Johrdan, Johrdan and then he'll start off with a story and he'll ask her 100 questions, he wants details, he gets annoying and she gets mad.

Jeff gets up to grab some water that is on top of the dresser, when he lays back down he covers them up with the blanket and pulls Jordan in real close...Jeff says "Johrdan"...Jordan says her mom will probably ask a couple of questions LOL Jeff says "about what?"...Jordan says she will be real nice and then question her on things she did and said.

Jeff says "hmm, so that is why it's bright in there, I didn't put 2 and 2 looking at a picture" (I have no idea what Jeff meant by this, lol) Jordan giggles and says you yo-yo...Jeff says super duper yo-yo...Jordan laughs.

Jeff & Jordan get quiet while Michele shuffles in the room looking for something, she leaves...Jeff whispers "is she going to sleep out there?"...Jordan says Michele told her she was sleeping out there and Jordan asked her why and Michele said so you and Jeff and Jordan told her "what? it doesn't matter"...Jeff says Michele told Natalie that Jeff & Jordan talked all night last night and she wasn't sleeping in that room...Jordan says that is probably why...Jeff says whatever it is, he's glad she's not.

Jordan says that Michele says so many different things...Jeff says she's so opposite...Jordan says she was out there saying so many different people lie...Jeff says she's the fu**ing liar...

Jordan reaches for Jeff's head and whispers something about Michele and the plan and how Michele is all about Jeff...Jordan says she doesn't know why, she (Michele) loves her some Jeff...Jeff and Jordan snuggle closer and then Jordan moves around...

Jordan snuggles into Jeff really close and whispers about Michele again, saying that Jeff can say whatever he wants and she will like...I don't know...

Another one of my fave J&J moments on the feeds...

Jeff says "you can't talk to one person in here, everyone's fu**ing telling a lie"

Jordan touches Jeff's face and says "you're my BFF"

Jeff says "yeah"

Jordan says "you're the only person I trust in the house"

Jeff says "me too"

Jordan says "and then if you leave, I'm screwed and then if I leave, if I leave, I'm not worried about you cuz I know you'll do good"

Jeff turns his head to face Jordan...

Jeff says "one of us is going" awww so sweet the way he says this 💔

Jeff says "it hurts" 🤕

Jordan says "we lost"

They laugh...

Jordan says "if you win over me, you need to let me know, you need to let me know if you have the votes so I can wear my best outfit"

Jeff says "I will but I don't think I got it"

Jordan snuggles even closer if possible and touches his face again and says he would be stupid not to campaign for votes...Jeff says he'll ask but not get crazy about it...Jordan is practically on Jeff now LOL she says he'd be stupid if he doesn't...something is going on under covers...Jeff says I know...Jordan giggles and Jeff says mmm, giggles and says nooo (Jordan style)...Jordan says no, Jeff...Jordan makes a weird squee sound and then says "just in that's like (makes an exploding noise)" 😉 ...Jeff says what?...Jordan says nothing, nevermind...

Jordan asks Jeff if she got on his nerves today?...Jeff says no, Jordan you don't get on my nerves, if you get on my nerves who the f**k am I going to talk to?...Jordan says no one...Jeff says it's over...Jordan says you lost...Jeff says "it's over, I lost" while covering them (mostly Jordan, lol) up with the blanket....Jordan kisses Jeff...

Jordan says she's going to take off her mic...Jeff says it's over?...Jordan says she doesn't think she's going to need it...they both take off their mics...Jeff says see ya in 5 mins microphone and says he wants to sleep all day tomorrow...he takes the blanket and covers them up again and they start kissing...Jordan as usual starts up some random convo about food or music, lol, and asks Jeff what music they played this morning. Jeff says no music, Jordan says there was but they were sleeping...the feeds cut out...

Jeff would hook up with Jordan


The feeds return with Jordan scratching Jeff's back...Jeff is asking to be scratched in a specific area on his back, Jordan obliges and Jeff says he loves being scratched huh?...Jordan says he loves being scratched or rubbed...Jeff says yeah...Jordan starts rubbing his hair and Jeff says "that I love"  :) Jeff says when they do shampoos at the salon do they massage it a little bit?...Jordan says mmm, hmm...Jeff says isn't that the best? 🥰

Jordan explains that at her salon they do something when sitting at the chair called a stress reliever, they massage the shoulders and head for 5 minutes and then go wash the hair...Jeff asks if it's included with the haircut?...Jordan says yes...Jeff says you have to tip each person thinking that different girls do the different things (massage & cut)...Jordan says only if you go to a senior stylist that has an assistant, then they do it, otherwise it's the same girl doing it all...Jeff says the girl that did his hair would massage his temples while shampooing him…

(At this point Jordan is doing more cuddling and hugging of Jeff then actually back scratching, lol)

Jeff asks what a good tip is? 5 bucks? Jordan doesn't really answer, she says that senior stylists for men's cuts...Jeff says "no, no, no, (for) the girl who massages you"...Jordan says 3 to 5 bucks...Jeff says he gave his stylist 5 bones LOL as a tip for the head massage, for making him relax...Jordan giggles and says "good job, that's good"...Jeff says he was just wondering what they get tipped...Jordan says some people don't tip them...Jeff says no, you have to.

Jeff says he used to be so excited when he'd get his haircut because of that...Jordan asks why?...Jeff doesn't know, it was warm water and she'd massage and it'd be all shampoo-ey LOL...Jordan says "you really did like that? it was the best part?"...Jeff says yeah for sure.

Jordan says basically everybody is ranked by seniority...Jeff says "if you have long hair?"...Jordan says no, by seniority, how long you've been at the salon...Jeff understands now and says if you go to a senior it's more money?...Jordan says it's 50 bucks to go to a senior...Jeff asks "for a guy?"...Jordan mmm, hmm's...Jeff says "f**kin' beat it" LOL...Jordan laughs...Jeff says he always has friends cut his hair so it's 25 bucks...Jordan says women's haircuts are more and if you go to one of the owners it's $75 for a haircut.

Jeff says went to a stylist in LA that cuts celebrities hair, he charges 100 bucks...Jordan says shut up!...Jeff says he cuts the star's hair and his ex-gf knew him and told Jeff he was going, she's already paid him the money...he showed him a book with all the celebrities he had done because he thought he was cool  ...Jeff says dude, $100, a haircut, no shampoo &  no massage, it was a real good haircut though, he told him if he kept coming to him he could get rid of his cowlicks, he cut it all with scissors perfect, he did know what he was doing but he wouldn't go back, it was 100 bananas for a haircut? he'd rather get drunk...Jordan is surprised at how much it was and says she doesn't understand why because they all go through the same training. 

Jeff says at that one salon he goes to? she doesn't cut his hair anymore...Jordan says no, at the salon with the celebrity stylist...Jeff has no f**king idea...Jordan asks if he went to him one time and quit going?...Jeff says yeah, his ex paid for it, maybe for his birthday, he's not sure what it was...Jordan says that was nice, how much did she pay for it?...Jeff says he forgot, it wasn't that much because she went to him all the time...Jordan says "he hooked her up?"...Jeff says yeah, maybe she got a deal and didn't pay $100.

This reminds Jordan of a girl at her salon...Jordan explains that all of the girls there are really pretty and the guys who come in there are always commenting on how hot everyone there is, there is this one girl there from Greece and Jordan thinks she is sooo pretty...Jeff says "I'm gonna go there"...Jordan says "to Greece?"...Jeff tells her "no, to your salon" LOL ...they both laugh...Jordan tells him he would find a lot of pretty girls there.

Jeff asks if she would hook him up? (going back to the few convos they had in the house about that 🤓 ) ...Jordan says if he wants to be hooked up...Jeff pauses and says "no, Johrdan"...Jordan says "no what?"...Jeff says he doesn't want to be hooked up...Jordan says "you don't?"...Jeff says "I would hook up with you if I went there"...Jordan says then he'd go back to Chicago and hook up with whoever's back there...Jeff says "Oh, boy"...Jordan laughs and says she's just kidding...Jeff explains how he would show up to Jordan's salon to surprise her one day only to find she has a boyfriend there in Airforce One's and a NY Yankee's hat...Jeff says he would ask her "who's this yo-yo?" and Jordan would be like "that's my boyfriend"...Jordan says she doesn't have any boyfriends...Jeff says "I'd be like, dude! you with your white tee, get away from me" 😂

Jordan asks Jeff if he was "talking" to anyone before he came on the show?...Jeff says he was talking a little bit to an ex-gf, not an ex, a girl he used to date, talked to her a little bit, they dated before and it didn't work out and then they started talking and you know...that's all...then I gawn...Jordan giggles.

Jeff says it seems like fu**ing years ago...Jordan says "doesn't it?"...Jeff says "oh God"...

Remembering & reminiscing Pt1


Jeff says it's only been 60 days since they've been in the BB house, imagine prison?...Jordan says gawwwwd...Jeff says when he was locked in the hotel for a week before BB he couldn't take it anymore, he wanted to kill himself, if they told him he had 30 years in prison, it's over, he would kill himself before that, so they lost, it makes him want to never do anything bad, your mind has to change, your mentality because you have to know that you're in there for 30 years, that's your life, he couldn't imagine, that's why doing shit he used to, forget it, he wouldn't do it anymore...

Jordan says Jeff must have been a trouble maker...Jeff says he was a hitman for the mob, for the Mimmo crime family 😂 Jordan says yeah right.

Jordan says if they had honestly asked her, she really didn't think she would find a...(pause 😉) of my BFF's would be a guy, she really didn't...Jeff says funny huh?...Jordan says isn't it? didn't he think the same thing, someone you'd be close to would be a girl?...Jeff says yeah...Natalie opens the door and asks where Michele is sleeping, she wants to make sure she isn't in the SS room.

Jordan continues the convo and says she doesn't know, she would have said noooo, no guy is going to be her BFF...Jeff says how about when they were on the steps (of the BB house) and she called him a goober and someone said that goober is going to be your best friend, you'd be like noooo...Jordan says not goober...Jeff says goober...Jordan says that's her word...Jordan hugs Jeff...Jeff says it means douchebag, douchebag in Charlotte...Jordan says no, it doesn't, she says goober all the time, she just meant that...(loss of words)...they laugh.

Jordan says she thought Jeff looked too...Jeff says Gucci?...she says innocent...Jeff says "innocent? oh now you're making shit up"...Jordan tries to explain, goober like, kind of like Jeff was the type, the stereotype of a guy that plays football, the jock type and you've never done a bad thing in your life, kind of like how Jessie was, kind of...hard to describe, but that was just first impressions, she thought Jeff would be like I'm hot (Jeff laughs), I played football, I'm a jock...Jeff says that Jordan didn't even know he played football?...Jordan said Jeff never said he played, he just looked like that jock type in high school...Jordan says she definitely thought Braden was a goober...

They laugh and Jeff starts talking about how when he first saw Braden in his Hawaiian shirt with his wavy hair, he thought who is this fu**ing yo-yo? and then when he blocked the camera he thought this was the first dude he wanted out.  ...they laugh...Jeff says he was blocking the camera, like there wasn't going to be another camera on him the rest of the time, what's up? give me some camera time, he was pissed before he saw his face 🤣

Jordan says she remembers when they were all getting along, she knew it would change in a matter of weeks...Jeff thought how were they going to vote anyone out, everyone seemed awesome but he knew that would change, they laugh...Jeff says on day 2 his DR was "hey everybody I'm Jeff! and everybody is perfect" and now he wants everyone to fall on a bed of nails or fall on a paper shredder...Jeff says everyone did get along...Jordan says she felt like an outcast, weird...Jeff says it's inevitable, it's the theory of the show.

Jeff says he felt weird when he was the only one with no bed, he was like "hey everybody, I'm Jeff, is there a couch around here?", he was already going to piss someone off because he had no bed...Jordan remembers Michele saying she couldn't share with a guy because she was married. 

Jordan remembers thinking she wouldn't mind sharing a bed with Jeff...Jeff says hell yeah...Jordan says she didn't want to be "that girl" sharing a bed with a guy right away so she thought she would share with a girl (Lydia) and Jeff could sleep here in this bed...Jeff says it was so nice right when Jordan did that, he knew Jordan & Lydia would be his best friends...Jordan says at night Lydia would be rubbing her arm...Jeff says really? rawrr, she wanted to get with her...Jordan says Lydia told her one time she wished she was Bi...Jeff says she wanted to grab some booty.

Now this convo is interesting because it mirrors what Jeff told Jordan outside when they were trying to convince Jeff to use Michele to give him the veto...Jeff told Jordan that she would never do that, use a guy, play with his emotions to get herself further in the game...

Jordan says it would be awful if there was in one season a guy who used a girl to get to the end for his emotions...Jeff says what?...Jordan says used a girl for the emotional part, some guys like being alone...Jeff says like Drew?...Jordan says she thought he really did like her...Jeff says he can't believe that he picked Cowboy...they talk about Drew & Diane...Jeff says he played her like a fiddle, he would yell at her and she would cry and then he would say he was just kidding and she would get instantly happy, that's the crush she had on him...Jeff says the best part was when he talked to her pre-BB and he was watching her season and hadn't seen the end yet, it was weird that he was meeting her, so when he met her he asked her what happened and she told him Drew picked Cowboy and she was still so pissed and bitter, she told Jeff not to trust a girl in the house...Jordan thought she was really pretty and so was her engagement ring...Jeff said she showed it off to him too...Jeff said he told her she looked like his ex-gf.

Natalie barges in again saying she can't fall asleep and asks why Michele is in her room?...Jeff says she can come in and talk and so she does, she lays on the bed in the room and they start talking about their first few days in the house...

Remembering & reminiscing Pt2


J&J and Natalie start talking about the first few days in the house, how everyone was getting along...Jordan says she didn't like taking those bathing suit shots outside...Jeff says they were all so white and now they're so tanned...Jordan says even the producer in the DR said they were all getting great tans...Jordan says she felt so weird...Jeff said the individual pics were the worst...Jordan said she felt stupid standing next to Laura who was so skinny and there she was...Jeff says what do you mean, he was standing next to Jessie with his 25 pack and Russell who was ripped at that time...Jeff says he was 10 lbs heavier and white as hell...Jordan says he has definition, she has nothing...Natalie says at least she doesn't have oversized, jiggle watermelon sized boobs...they laugh...Natalie says Laura could go swimming and just float.

Jordan tells the story of how she was wearing the white pants and she started her period and she bled through which had never happened, she had an orange sweater and she wrapped it around her waist for the interview, she asked a handler for tampons, they had to find some and she went to the bathroom to see if she could get the blood off her pants...Jeff says omg, that is awful, it's so embarrassing, he feels for her...Jordan felt so embarrassed...Jeff says he totally remembers her now and he was trying to look at her but she was acting all "magoo", she was all Joe cool and he thought who is this fu**ing prissy thing, Jeff says her nose was all up in the air LOL

Natalie remembers Jeff smoking and thinking oh, there's a cute guy but he smokes...Jordan asks Jeff what he was wearing?...Jeff says a baby blue shirt, he was sitting right in the middle...Jordan is trying to remember who Jeff was, she remembers a guy with a blue shirt...Jeff says that guy looked like him but he was smaller...Natalie says another guy was wearing a pink shirt...Jordan says the other guy was making eye contact with her...feeds cut out

When they return a few mins later, Jeff has gone to the bathroom and Jordan & Natalie are talking, whispering about Michele. Jeff comes back in and the feeds cut out again...

A couple minutes later the feeds return again...they're all chatting about how much scheming went on in the house in the beginning...Jeff asks if anyone from that crew ever asked if they could take the day off?...Jeff said Ronnie made him sick with his constant game talk...Jeff & Jordan talk about that one day that Ronnie talked to them by the hammock, 15 people were going up, even people that weren't in the house were going up, even the producers 😛 and after that Jeff went up...

Natalie comes clean on what Ronnie thought when it came to Jeff & Jordan and the noms...Jeff says Ronnie would be the one to come to him and talk not vice versa...J&J say they didn't know that Ronnie was the swing vote that took Braden out at first, they never thought it was Casey, they took a little while to figure it out...they tell Natalie that Ronnie was the one that convinced them to try and keep Braden...Jordan explains how she rallied votes...Jordan says that last minute Laura told Jordan that Ronnie was not going to vote out Chima because he winked at her...Jordan told her no, he'll vote their way and sure enough the votes were tied...Natalie says they were expecting a tie...Jeff says it would have been unanimous if Ronnie hadn't cooked up the plan to save Braden, they even talked about that in their DR's, Braden was hopeful he would stay but deep down knew it probably wasn't going to happen.

They talk about Casey and how he came on board last minute...Natalie says he had a final 2 deal with Russell at that point so when Casey went back on his word, they turned on him and Jessie wanted him out...J&J says how Casey would make fun of Russell...they say that Russell was going to turn on Jessie because Jessie got all the attention.

Jeff says so he's the asshole because he's trying to enjoy his first 5 minutes here so he's cut from the game, well how about this, f**k you!...Jeff says he was made a fool of because of that, people just jumped to conclusions...Jeff says Natalie makes him feel better about his decision to get rid of Jessie because he would lie to his face saying everything was cool but make decisions about him behind his back...Natalie says if Jessie would have still been there, he wasn't putting Jeff up, he was putting up Dr. Crazy...they giggle...

Remembering & reminiscing Pt3


J&J continue talking about the beginning of the game with Natalie...

They talk about how if the Coup wasn't used the other side would have controlled the game...Natalie says she never made the decisions, only went along with the decisions 🙄 Natalie continues being sanctimonious about how she played the game.

Jordan says she didn't like the way Jessie talked down to her...they talk about why Ronnie did what he did regarding the Braden vs. Chima vote...Jeff can't understand why he did it...Jordan gets up to get a glass of water...Jeff & Natalie discuss that first week, Jeff doesn't understand Ronnie's logic, it made his side look like a bunch of fu**ing assholes, that's why he didn't like Ronnie after that, it made him look bad...Natalie says Russell took advantage of that situation during the Ronnie blowup week.

Jeff says everyone knows Russell's true colors by now...Jeff says he thinks he is a compulsive liar or something, they laugh about how Russell told the others he was a lawyer as Jordan comes back with the water...Jeff says he couldn't be a lawyer when his arguments suck, he makes no points.

Jordan asks if Russell bashed her & Jeff the last day?...Natalie says no, he just kept saying they have to get rid of Jeff & Michele...Jordan says Russell was probably shocked she spoke up...Natalie says Russell said Jordan was a hypocrite because when she jumped to Jessie's defense vs. Casey, Jordan said things but then she did the same thing by jumping to Jeff's defense...Jordan doesn't remember that, neither does Jeff...Jeff gets agitated with Natalie's argument and says what does Jordan have to do with that?...Jeff says no one said shit!, they try to recall what happened...Natalie asks if Casey asked Jeff for a vote and Jeff said no, he wasn't going to make Jeff go against Jordan.

Ironically Jordan says that everything is being ironed out now because Natalie is telling the truth...(poor Jordan must have been so hurt to find out how much Natalie lied!)

J&J say they both feel stupid at how the both talked up Ronnie in the DR and how he played them...Natalie says even her side was confused after the first vote because Ronnie went up to Jordan crying and they thought it might not have been him that voted their way after all...Jeff says they were confused too...Natalie says after the HOH comp where Ronnie won, he told them he was just playing Jordan and he did vote Braden out...Jeff says Ronnie kept coming up to them to get information and talk to them...Jeff says he feels like it was so long ago, it feels like last season.

Natalie says no matter what Jessie would have never put up Ronnie...they discuss the Ronnie blow up outside and Jeff gets agitated again about what Jessie did...Jeff didn't like how Jessie didn't go along with the house...Natalie says that was opposite of Jessie's strategy which is mob mentality, Jessie didn't want that...Jeff & Natalie argue over what really happened during the buzzworthy HOH comp...Natalie says Jessie wanted to win it so that Ronnie would be safe...Jeff says he doesn't know half the shit that goes on in the house...they talk about the "it's us 3 vs it's us 4" conversation...Natalie says she wanted to include Jordan because she knew that J&J were a package, Jessie didn't want to commit to that...Jeff says he couldn't trust Jessie, he never had a problem with him personally.

Natalie says Jessie knew Jeff had the power and he knew was gawn...J&J wonder if Jessie was being nice to them his last week because of that, he was sucking up to them...Natalie says if she had won the POV things would have been different...Natalie asks Jeff if Jessie had won HOH that week would he have used the power?...Jeff says maybe...Jeff says the only reason he put up Natalie was to ensure Jessie would go.

Natalie says Jessie will never forgive Jeff, Russell will but Jessie won't, Jessie knows it was the best move even though it put the target on Jeff...Jeff says he had to use it for himself...Natalie agrees it was a good move.

They discuss Lydia, they talk semantics on how if Jeff did actually "save" her (man Natalie can argue with the best of them! geesh...) ...Jeff says whatever, she can say whatever the f**k she wants, he doesn't care...Natalie says Jeff doesn't have Lydia's vote, he says f**k her, she's a basketcase, he doesn't expect her vote, so go f**k herself, Capt. Fu**ing Loser.  

Jordan says Lydia was night & day, girl be crazy...Natalie says she never liked her, she says the only person that talked to her once Chima left was Kevin...Jeff says there was no one else to talk to, that's why...they argue over which side Kevin was on...Jeff says he's getting pissed because you say one thing and it gets all twisted...and then he farts LOL

Natalie was thinking are you serious? when Casey asked her for a vote against Jordan, she would never go against her friend (Jessie)...Jordan says she hated this place the first couple of weeks.

Jeff said he was just calming her down, he thought they were friends, after that everything changed and the whole house started hating him and then Jordan came and talked to him, she was the only one from the beginning...Jordan says yep. :)

Jordan says she cut Lydia off after that because she was flaky...Natalie asks about how they got in an alliance with Michele and the feeds switch...

Remembering & reminiscing Pt4


Natalie asks J&J how they got into an alliance with Michele?...they say they always talked to her because she was in the SS room originally too, they always talked late at night and never had an issue with her...Jordan says only recently they started talking game to her, in the beginning they never did...Jordan said everyone that felt like losers would come to them...Jeff says they were definitely the loser crew...Natalie says she can't believe she's even talking to them like this now...Jordan says she can honestly say she likes Natalie, they say they have come a long way after what happened...Jeff says it almost feels like it didn't happen.

Natalie says she didn't even know them at all especially Jordan and now she loves hanging out with her...Jeff says Jessie would get mad if Natalie talked to them...Natalie says they have to understand how it was...Jeff says he understands but it's stupid...Natalie gets that.

Jordan snuggles up to Jeff...Jeff goes back to the mob mentality statement, he asks Natalie if Jessie doesn't like it?...Natalie says no he doesn't...Jeff says isn't that hypocritical, isn't that what he was doing?...Natalie says no...Jeff says Jessie was controlling the house, that is what mob mentality is LOL Natalie gives up arguing...

Jordan says she thought Jessie's speech to Casey was...(she probably meant to say awful but didn't...)...Jeff says he never stuck it to anyone on their way out...Jeff says they painted him out to be an asshole...Natalie says it was Lydia...Jeff says she's crazy, she ruined the whole thing, one day she's cool and the next she's psycho.

Natalie says you have to admit Casey talked too much...Jeff agrees...Natalie makes her points as to why...Jeff says he never understood how Russell & Casey were so close...they talk a bit about Russell and how he exaggerated everything...Jordan feels out of all the people in the house, she knows him the least...Natalie couldn't believe that Jeff forgave Russell after what happened in the beginning...Jeff says he just couldn't understand his points, he doesn't know what his problem is, he thinks he's very insecure...Natalie says Russell won't do anything in the jury house, he has the most to lose, he won all that money...Jordan says she wishes she had 10,000 dollars.

They start to quiet down...Jeff says it's so weird to talk about all this stuff because it was way in the beginning, it was so long ago...Natalie says she was glad Laura left right away, she didn't like her at all...Jeff says neither did he right away...Jordan says at first she didn't but then she did later...Natalie says they bonded in that room...they start talking about what happened in the ugly truth comp, the fight btw Chima and Casey.

Jordan asks about the picture Chima drew of her & Jeff?...Natalie says she told Chima not to show it and disqualify herself, she says the picture was not good. 😳 J&J ask why Chima didn't like them?...Jeff says she thought he was stupid...Natalie & Jeff start arguing again about something Natalie said during the comp (I think referring to how they were right about Jeff, his type because he picked the cheerleader vs the sports fan)...Jeff says she was wrong, he wanted to slap all 3 of them (Nat, Chima & Lydia) with their wisecracks...Natalie says if it wasn't for her they would have shown the picture on TV...Jeff says who cares...Jordan asks what the picture was?

Jeff goes off on Chima again, he says when she doesn't like you, it's over...Jeff begrudgingly admits that he did screw her in the game...Natalie says Chima threatened in the DR to ruin CBS' show if the power was used so that is why they taped early that day...Jeff says they told them New York needed it early and he thought to himself that was bullshit...Jordan giggles over the fact they switched the taping for her...they continue to talk about Chima and Russell...Jeff says Chima tried to control production, it was too much, why did she even bother trying out for the show?

Jeff & Jordan are starting to get sleepy...Jeff reaches back to put his arm on Jordan...Jordan holds it...Jordan says she was clueless about things that were done, she was out of the loop...Jordan says she thought Chima was a bitch at first but then she liked her...Natalie asks if they didn't like her at first?...Jordan says no, not at first because she thought she was an instigator, but she was so wrong (you were right Jordan!)

Jordan thought Jessie controlled Natalie but she was wrong...they bring up when they moved Jeff's clothes around...Jeff says that was when Natalie was getting real smart alecky towards the end with Chima...Natalie tells Jeff what she was thinking when he told her not to touch his shit...Jeff says she knew what happened, he was being quiet and they kept fu**ing with him...Natalie says it could have been worse if not for her. 

Jeff says he was being nice...Natalie says it was none of her business...Jeff says Natalie always takes it to the next level instead of biting her tongue, she always has an excuse to irk him, to take it to the next level...Natalie goes on and on about how it's none of her business that she knew where Russell's rosary was, where his hats were, etc. (again, the girl is so argumentative and righteous), it's not her place to tell...she tries to justify Chima taking Russell's rosary...J&J aren't buying it 

Natalie says this is a crazy game...Jeff whispers to Jordan to scratch...Jordan says wait a second, she's hot, she puts on shorts...Natalie asks Jordan if she ever watched the show?...Jordan says she had to borrow her friend's laptop to watch episodes on youtube...Jeff says he's never going to sleep, he puts on his sweats to go to the bathroom...Natalie asks if you never watched, did they find you?...Jordan says they went to her work...Natalie asks Jeff...Jeff says he went with his ex-gf because she loves this show and then he got called, he walks out...feeds cut out...

They return a couple of minutes later with Jeff returning to the room...Natalie says she's going to bed and says gn...

That’s been over...but let’s kiss


Jordan says she has dry mouth...Jeff says his bladder is the size of a cheeseburger LOL he has to piss every 10 minutes...Jeff settles in and reaches for Jordan's butt, he rubs it 😉 he pulls her closer and they spoon...Jordan says it feels a bit better...Jeff says yeah he likes cracking jokes, you forget about stuff...

Jordan says Michele is outside, she says she's weird, Jeff...Jordan says she said in the DR that Michele is weird because she's so smart...she says (again) that she was spilling her whole heart out, she's depressed, it's like when you break up with your boyfriend...Jeff says Jordan keeps telling him the same story as she sobers up, lol...Jordan says she told the producer to not think she's crazy...feeds go to fish briefly...

Jeff rubs Jordan and asks if she's going to bed, if it's over?...Jordan says is he going to bed?...(I don't think Jeff wants to...he wants some smooch time, lol)...Jeff moans and says "I guess"...Jordan doesn't budge...he giggles and turns back to his side...Jordan says it's over...Jeff says it's over, that's for sure...Jordan says hmm?

Jeff says what? what's over? and he turns towards her...Jordan says she doesn't know, what's over?...Jeff nuzzles her and touches her (somewhere) and says "that...that's been over"...Jordan gets all indignant and says "Jeffff"...she sits up and says "you always act surprised"...she gets in his armpit...Jeff says "get outta there"...Jordan blows kisses on his chest/armpit...Jeff asks if it smells in there?...Jordan says it smells good...Jeff can't wait to kiss her so he pulls the blanket over them, does his little moan and they kiss...Jeff says "purple" and they kiss...

Jeff uncovers them with the blanket...Jordan says "you can't breathe?"...Jeff says why? you like it under there? and he covers them up...Jordan says sometimes, when you can breathe...Jeff says it's like a fort and he hums a song...they stay under for a bit...Jeff says he hates that...Jordan says what? the pat?...Jeff says yeah, it means it's over.

Jordan hugs Jeff close and looks to be in thought...she says she looks like a yo-yo (again) ...Jeff says what else is new? he smiles.

Jordan turns to the other side and asks Jeff if he has any pets?...Jeff says he did growing up...Jeff asks Jordan the same...she says no...Jeff says it would be cool if they had a dog here but who would keep it?...he turns to kiss Jordan and they do...for awhile...

They giggle and come out from under the covers and Jordan thinks Jeff is sniffing her like she told him about before...they finally settle down and start to fall asleep...but Jeff starts up again whispering about Lydia and how many times she was on the block (the earlier convo btw him & Natalie was still eating at him...)...they do then fall asleep...

Going to the chapel 


Jeff & Jordan are in bed in the SS room, they are quiet and then Jordan picks up a hair on her pillow and says omg, that's a split end...Jeff says Oh Em Gee, TTYN...they laugh...Jeff says it's hilarious...Jordan says all her hairs have split ends...Jeff says he'll split her head...Jordan says no...Jeff says noooo and he reaches down to rub Jordan's butt...Jeff says he'll split her butt cheek...Jordan says cut it off?...Jeff says no, why? never...Jordan says never?...Jeff says never what? cut your butt off?...never, she has his promise.

They get quiet for a bit and then Jeff reaches down to grab Jordan's butt again...they look at each other...Jordan smiles and hugs Jeff...he says noooo...Jordan starts patting him.

Jordan asks Jeff if he's ever played this game with his fist?...he says yes...she shows him another game, she sits up to do it...Jeff points out that he has nerve damage on one of his fingers, he cut it right across the tip...Jordan asks how he did it and Jeff says he'll tell her after they get out of there...Jordan says omg, is he really part of the Mimmo crime family?...Jeff says no.

She plays with his hand again and guesses the wrong number...they play again and she guesses wrong again LOL Jordan starts playing another tickling game...Jeff doesn't fall for the trick...Jeff says her games suck.  Jeff plays the "did you feel that" game with her, at the end he playfully slaps Jordan in the face...Jeff laughs and Jordan pretend hits him and he says "did you feel that?" LOL Jeff calls Jordan out on peeking and Jordan denies it, she says that was an awful game...Jeff says if Jordan didn't peek flowers were supposed to appear. 

Jordan says she done! and Jeff scissor kicks her down to the bed and then tickles her leg saying "do you feel that?"...Jordan says it tickles, she playfully punches him and says she feels it...Jeff asks if she's going to chest bump him? 😉 Jordan says to not make fun of her for that, she had to do that...Jeff says she had to do what she had to do...Jordan says to prove she wasn't scared, when she gets out of there she'll punch him in the face if he tries that again...Jeff says whoa!...they joke around about both of them being in the Mimmo crime family...Jeff says they work together LOL They talk about what if someone here actually had a relative in the mob, a criminal...Jeff doesn't think they would allow it.

Jeff says he knew that if he referenced that movie Jordan would know...Jeff asks her what is the name of the movie he just told her about?...she doesn't know, lol...Jeff gets agitated that she doesn't listen to him...she says she does but she has a small attention span...Jeff says she doesn't listen, he told her the name 10 seconds ago...Jordan says she forgot...Jeff drops it.

Jordan plays with Jeff's arm/armpit and Jeff asks her what she's doing, does she wanna get in there? She says yes...they talk about Jordan's grandparents' names and the feeds cut out...

They return with Jordan playing with Jeff's arm again, she leans down onto Jeff's arm and sings ♪going to the chapel and we're gonna get married ♪ :)

Jeff wants her to play with his other arm...she does and they goof around some more...Jordan wants Jeff's armpit so she gets in there...Jordan says for him not to move away...Jeff says he's giving her more armpit space...Jordan says she's supposed to dig her hole...Jeff says she's fu**ed...Jordan needs to stay in there, it's dark and hidden...Jeff needs Tums...Jordan starts singing ♪going to the chapel and we're gonna get married ♪ and feeds cut out again...

They return with Jordan saying she feels like doing nothing...Jeff says him too...Jeff asks Jordan if she has ever gone to the circus?...Jordan says no...Jeff asks what about the zoo?...Jordan says when she was little...Jordan points out that she lost the mate to one of her earrings...Jeff jokes around that he only needs to get her the one then, the match...Jordan says she needs two and make them square, lol, but that's only if he wins the money...Jeff's got it, he remembers.

Jordan says he seems like he's in a better mood...Jeff says he told her needed a day or two...Jordan says he might not leave...Jeff has a good idea he's going...

Jordan asks if he wants to cook something?...Jeff says no, he wants to get cooking in here Jordan says Jeff is a nerd...Jeff says what if BB said alright guys, you have one hour all the cameras are shut off...Jordan says Jeff would be on her like...just kidding...Jeff says would she get down & dirty?...Jordan says would I?...Jeff says yeah, who else is in here?....Jordan says she was just re-stating the question...Jeff says because Jordan got nervous about the question.

Jordan says no sex...Jeff says but down & dirty, oh yeah...Jordan rubs Jeff's ear and says oh, Jeffff...Jordan asks if Jeff randomly sleeps with people?...Jeff says no, never...she asks if he's ever had a one night stand?...Jeff says no, me neither...Jeff asks if she's ever had pineapple upside down cake?...Jordan says yes, the shot?...Jeff says no, the cake LOL They bicker a little over the shot vs the cake...

Jeff grabs Jordan's head, brings her closer and asks if she's ever had the Good Humor chocolate eclairs?...Jordan says no...Jeff says Jordan needs to otherwise she's not living, she needs to get busy living...Jordan says she wants a margarita...Jeff says if he was on the beach eating he could pop some beersssssssss...Jordan says she wants to go to the beach...Jeff says to fish?...Jordan says she will fish...

They talk about potentially getting a trip out of the house and rescuing the other from the jury house for a day, they bicker cutely about that...Jordan wants to know if she's going so she can put on her best outfit...Jeff says let's just dress cute anyways...Jordan says they're up on the block together, how crazy is that?...Jeff says not as crazy as he thought.😩

So anyways, what would we do in that hour? ;) 


Jeff and Jordan both say they don't even want to sit through the veto ceremony...Jeff says he'll smash that thing in half, kick the box over and storm out of there, that'll show them...Jeff then pokes fun at Jordan's split ends LOL he wants to see one...Jordan tries to show him...Jeff says nevermind, he was just trying to prove to her that she doesn't have as many as she thought...Jordan says she has them because she needs a haircut, her hair has gotten a lot longer, she says it's bad when you have them...Jeff says she gets her hair done at her salon right?...Jordan says yes, for free and colored for free...Jeff asks if it's a senior that does it?...Jordan says yes...Jordan finds a split end. 

Jordan snuggles into Jeff's armpit and they talk a little bit about the salon & the stylists there...Jordan says the stylists work their way up...Jeff says if he came in there and he was Edward Scissorhands, rocking out haircuts would he be a senior?...Jordan says no...Jeff says well then he would go somewhere else because her place sucks anyway and he'd storm out of there! 

Jordan says it would be like if she went to hair school and finished...Jeff pokes fun at Jordan covering her mouth when she talks LOL...they talk about everything smelling like garlic and fish...Jeff says "this one tastes like fish" :)...Jordan tells Jeff he has booger...Jeff says when he's in this room now he gets bad vibes because he was climbing the walls in there (during veto comp), when he looks around that's what he thinks...Jordan goes back to the hair school thing...Jeff pretends to flick a booger on Jordan...Jordan says not to do that...Jeff says "what'd you say booger?"...Jordan says she would start at the bottom and work her way up but you still make good money...they face each other...

Jeff goes back to the convo he's really interested in...

He says "so anyways, what would we do in that hour?"  (when the cameras are shut off 😘)...Jordan says "what?"...Jeff repeats...Jordan says "I don't know" while rubbing Jeff's head...Jeff says "oh you know"...Jordan giggles and snuggles closer...

Jeff says "they'd turn off the lights and put on that CD, the one that you hear late at night with all the songs on there, you know which one I'm talking about?"...Jordan says yeah she knows, the ummm...Jeff says "love jams?"...Jordan says "slow motion"...they laugh and Jordan starts singing ♪ have I told you lately that I love you ♪ ...BB tells her to stop singing...Jeff says they were waiting on that one...

Jordan says "'s like a couple dancing to a candlelight dinner...or they're sitting by the ocean holding hands...something corny"...Jeff says "it's funny...what if Smooth Jazz came on and sang a jam...a slow jam?"...Jordan says "I would laugh"...Jeff says "but we'd be getting busy"...Jordan says "no we wouldn't!"...Jeff says "what are you talking about?"...Jordan says "why do you think we'd be getting busy?" Jeff says "oh you know what goes down" 😘 they giggle...

Jordan says Jeff is just sexually frustrated...Jeff says he just wants to make sure his junk works...Jordan says it's because he hasn't used it in awhile?...Jeff says "yeah, he gawn!"...Jordan says he's hibernating right now...Jeff has to call a plumber...Jordan says he's clogged.

They get quiet...Jordan then stops rubbing Jeff's head...Jeff farts and asks Jordan if she's going to miss them?...Jordan does smell garlic...Jeff says it's garlic city in here, it's probably coming out of his pores because he puts 10 cloves of garlic in everything...Jordan says your poop will smell bad if you eat a lot of garlic...Jeff says garlic is good for you and he starts talking about garlic and garlic pills when Jordan blurts out that it reminds her of her dream...Jeff gets frustrated that she interrupted his story, he says she must of have been reminded since the day they walked in there because that's all she does, he wants her to listen when he tells stories LOL

Jordan says continue, she wants to hear his garlic story...Jeff laughs and says forget it, it would have turned out good...but then he says there were two garlic people and they massaged each other and then he was going to show her and massage her everywhere...Jordan says oh, shut up!...Jeff says you never saw that movie? it's Garlic & Me. 😜 ...Jordan says he got that from Marley & Me.

Jordan starts to tell her dream and Jeff says "St. Joseph!"...they giggle...Jordan asks if Jeff wants her to do her Renny?...Jeff says no, he just wanted to throw her off LOL...Jordan says it's funny...Jeff says it's hilarious when she does it, it makes him laugh all the time and she did it 100 times.

Jordan tells her dream about serving, they changed the computer system and there was a boy there from school who was rude, she was flustered with all the tables and the drinks, she remembers that now...Jeff wants to know the ingredients for Buffalo sauce (? lol)...Jordan doesn't know...then they talk about boneless chicken wings and hot sauces and what they like...Jeff says he likes mango habanero sauce...Jeff wants to send Jordan a mango, he has a list of things he wants to send her, she's getting a care package. 😊

Jordan wants Jeff's Aurora hat, she says she will give it back to him after the show...Jeff thought she would keep it so he says she can have whatever she wants then, he questions if she's lying...Jordan says she will give it back, they'll see each other (after)...Jeff says their suitcases will be all over the place...Jordan wants his grey sweatpants...Jeff says done!...Jordan says she will give everything back, she promises...Jeff wants to flip it if he stays...Jordan says he can have her SP shampoo....Jeff says LUMINOUS! he cracks up 😂

Jordan wants to keep the booster though...Jeff wants it to make his hair silky...Jordan says she needs it...Jeff says deal's off!!...Jordan says fine, crybaby he can have it...Jeff says the deals back on, so he gets shampoo?...Jordan doesn't know what else to give him? her Mardi Gras shirt since he hates it so much...Jeff says St. Mary!...Jordan says "you want Mardi Gras?"...Jeff says it's alright, he wants her one bra LOL....Jordan says she needs it...Jeff can't believe she only brought one bra...Jordan says that thing is for memories from right after her boob job.

Oh the irony here...LOL 

Jeff says she can sell it on Ebay...Jordan says no...Jeff says it's been through war...Jeff says he can't believe people put their shit on Ebay...Jordan says it's embarrassing...Jeff says it's pretty vain...Jordan says look who was doing it (Jessie)...Jeff says exactly, here's my pants from the competition...Jordan says here's my wifebeater, who would want that?...Jeff says he's going to give that stuff away at home, to the people at home who love him and watch him, his friends, no, not his fan club, dork...Jordan says she was about to say omg Jeff are you serious?...Jeff says if he was serious he would allow her to fu**ing smash that dresser over his head, if his friends want stuff, he'll give it to them...

Jeff starts tickling Jordan on her neck, she goes crazy and Jeff laughs...Jeff says people would think he was choking her but he wasn't, he could choke her to death without evidence because he'd do it without squeezing, just tickling and he'd get the same satisfaction...Jordan calls Jeff a psycho 

Jordan says she needs to use the bathroom...Jeff says where are you going?...Jordan says aww, he wants to stay and hang out...Jordan says c'mon let's get up...Jeff says to where? so they can lay in another room?...Jordan gets up and puts on Jeff's slippers and says his feet are huge...Jeff says his feet are size 10 but those are 15, that's why people slop around in them...Jordan wants Jeff to get up...Jeff says to carry him, drag him off the bed halfway, she tries to pull his legs to get him out of bed but he's too heavy...they goof around for a bit and then Jeff says they're such losers, they're bonding like the 2 losers that are on the block...Jordan says they always bonded...Jeff says he knows, but the 2 losers on the block love to commiserate...Jordan is walking out when she says right...Jeff says what did I just say? Jordan repeats it (she listened! )...they both walk out…

I’m human, I have to poop

12:16- 12:22 PM

Jordan heads to the bathroom after leaving the SS room...Jeff wanders in there too and asks her where she is going?...Jordan says bathroom...he asks her how long she will be?...she says huh?...Jeff says he's just joking, he brushes his teeth and puts his contacts in and waits...Jordan opens the door and says "you're not going in there are you?"...Jeff says yeah...Jordan says no...Jeff says "I told you, why didn't you let me pee!"...Jordan says to wait...Jeff says did you spray?...Jordan says she did but let it air out...Jeff says if she knew she was going to take a dump why didn't she let him pee first?...Jordan says she doesn't know, don't ask her so many questions...Jeff says it's one question..."why couldn't I pee when she had to take a shit?"  

Jordan says she had to take one bad...Jeff says liar!...Jordan yells she had to take one!...Jeff says eww, he smells it from there, he's joking and he laughs...Jordan says hang on...Jeff says he's waiting, what does she want?...Jordan starts spraying...Jeff says alright, alright, too much of that stuff makes him sick...Jordan fans the room with the door LOL...Jeff says does it reek?...Jordan says no, it should be good, she just didn't want him to smell anything and be ughhh...Jeff says eww, Jordan!

Jordan says "I'm human, I have to poop!" 💩

Jeff says they can't talk for the rest of the day, he's just joking and he goes to use the bathroom, when he enters he says oh man, maybe I'll poop too 

Jordan tells Jeff she wants to make something...Jeff says eggs and toast and bacon...Jordan says "and what?"...Jeff says "and toast?"...Jordan says he's missing something, pancakes...Jeff says not today...Jordan wants them, she asks if he's making enough for her?...Jeff asks if she wants eggs and potatoes...Jordan says omg, yeah!...Jeff says alright...Jordan wonders if there's biscuits? probably not, that stinks...Jeff says "it stinks in here" LOL ...Jordan asks Jeff if he's pooping, he is...she says uhhhh...she leaves and tells him to hurry up and poop. 

Jeff the sexy cook


Jordan goes in the kitchen to pour herself a drink...Jeff comes in from the bathroom, Jordan looks at him and Jeff says what?...Jordan says nothin' I was just lookin' at you. 😊 Jeff says she was giving him a weird look, what are you giving me a look like? huh? ooh, I wish the cameras were off for an hour (again! lol)...Jordan says yep...Jeff says hell yeah, see Jordan, I knew you'd come around...Jordan smiles...

Jeff says "I love how we're pretending like we're...well you're not, never mind"...Jordan says "like we're gonna do it?"...Jeff says "oh no, I'm not pretending about that"  Jeff says he was going to say breakfast...Jordan doesn't get it. 

Jordan is putting things away in the kitchen while Jeff preps to make his dish...Jordan asks Jeff about an omelet he made a long time ago with a bunch of different things in it, it was spicy...Jeff says that is what he's doing right now...Jeff complains about the ants and leaving out food...Jeff sprays them with Raid...Natalie saunters in and out of the kitchen, she comes back in and tells them that Michele, without telling Kevin, went up to sleep in his HOH room which is why Kevin is pissed...Jeff noticed he was acting weird...Natalie can't believe she did that...they all laugh...Jeff says to Jordan "dude, she's weird" 

Jordan, as she's washing dishes, tells Jeff that she wishes Jeff would convince her to use the veto...Jeff says he wishes Jordan would...Jordan says she's not in love with her though...Jeff says she's not in love with him either and don't fu**ing start ok?...Jordan says she's not...

Jordan goes outside while Jeff preps the food and cooks shirtless. 😛 Yeah, he looks mighty fine doing it. 

Jordan comes back inside, she seems pensive...Jeff asks her what's up, what is she thinking about?...Jordan says I don't know, just stuff...feeds cut out briefly...when they return Jordan is sitting on the counter by the fridge and Jeff approaches her and tries to kiss her neck...Jordan pushes him away and says no, go!...feeds cut out for a sec then when they return Jordan is saying ok, I just...Jeff says hold on...Kevin & Natalie walk past to go to the RR...Jeff goes to the fridge and says they need to clean it out sometime...Jeff approaches Jordan again saying what were you saying?...he tries to kiss her neck again...

Jordan pushes him away again and says he's cold...he flashes his dimpled smile and sticks his tongue out, laughs and walks away (seen in a ton of tributes)

Jordan says pull up your pants!...Jeff says he would if they had elastic on them which was strangely enough the case when he came in there LOL Jordan says they look huge...Jeff says he had elastic til someone borrowed them...Jordan said who did that? 😉 Jeff says he doesn't know, they gawn and took the elastic with them...

Jeff keeps cooking...Jeff says this stuff is going to be jamoni...he walks towards Jordan again and says what?...Jordan says nothing...Jeff turns around and asks Jordan to scratch...she scratches Umm, yeah, sexy....

Jordan asks if Jeff is cold?...he says no but she gave him chills a little bit...Jordan randomly says that her thighs are big...Jeff ignores it. Jeff talks about adding the eggs to the mixture and says it's so they can jam together...Jordan says Jeff should really be a cook or open up his own restaurant...Jeff says that would be awesome...Jordan says why doesn't he?...Jeff says because it's a lot of money and a lot of work to do that.

Jordan says Jeff should open one and she can be the manager...Jeff says alright, it sounds like a plan, what's the name of it? Mimmo's?...Jordan says no...Jordan says "we lost"...Jeff says "it hurts"...Jordan says yeah, it hurts...they should have things like stab in the back beer or cuckoo magoo cocktails...Jeff says BB would sue them...Jeff says he doesn't think people would go to a restaurant called it hurts LOL

Jeff says they should call it Vit Tan Don's...Jordan says no, they wouldn't be able to pronounce it...Jeff says it would be cool...Jeff asks who is buying this restaurant?...Jordan says you!...Jeff says then he should pick the name...Jordan says do it...Jeff wants Vit Tan Don's...Jordan says no LOL Jeff laughs and says what does she want then?

Jordan says something with J in it because they both have J's in their name...Jeff says J to the Izzo? 😛 then JayZ would sue them, they can't win...Jordan asks about his cooking?...Jeff says he just makes it up as he goes along, he's seen a skillet before though...Jeff says cooking isn't hard, he likes it, that way he knows what is going in it...Jordan says not to make it too spicy...Jeff says he isn't, he's toned down the spicy since being there...Jordan says good job because she hates spicy...Jeff says he hates her 

Jordan says her stomach gets upset easily...Jeff says there's a kid at his work that is super fat, they made him drink the take out container of hot sauce for 12 bucks, lol and he ate a locust for 20 bucks, he even drank his own piss...FEEDS CUT OUT...LOL...when the feeds return, the skillet is finished and they are helping themselves...they go outside to eat…

What do you mean what do I mean


After finishing eating Jeff goes to lay down in the SS room...Jordan joins him a short while later, she sits on the slide and they give each other a look...Jeff smiles and Jordan says there ya go...

They're bored and don't want to go outside and sit in the sun...Jeff says it's Sunday, it's a lazy day...Jordan says she never does anything on Sundays at home ever...Jeff says TV, movies...Jordan gets in bed...Jeff says it's his side but he makes way for her   

Jeff says Jordan was crunked yesterday...Jordan says she doesn't think BB will air her crunk DR session...

They have decided to play a game...Jeff says they will take a couple of minutes to brainstorm some games, each must think of 3 ideas in 3 minutes and Jeff says if Jordan doesn't she has to take off her clothes. 😂 he says no wait, that's one of my ideas LOL Jordan spoons Jeff and they think.

Jordan can't think of one...Jeff says maybe if she scratches his back it will help...she protests...Jeff says draw a picture instead...she's a sailboat...that game is over quick...Jeff says alright, just scratch...please 😊

She does for a little while, then she stops...Jeff moves to signal for her to keep going...she doesn't so he leans back and reaches out to her and says "you getting sleepy?"...Jordan says no, she's thinking...she grabs Jeff and pulls him closer...Jeff says about what?...Jordan says everything...Jeff says "well don't...let's not talk about that...I know what you're thinking about...for real...and then I fu**ing get stressed out and need Tums"...Jordan giggles.

Jeff says this place shredded his insides and his lungs are riddled with smokes, he's not smoking today, yesterday he smoked a lot and it made him sick...Jeff tells Jordan to say something like tell him she doesn't like it (aww) Jordan says she has told him before to not smoke anymore...Jeff says it's over...Jordan says he doesn't listen to her and then he smokes anyways...Jeff says he hasn't smoked today...Jordan says by the end of the night he might.

Jeff says if he doesn't smoke at all today, it's getting dirty in there says deal...Jeff says how dirty?...Jordan sings some Christina Aguilera lyric which Jeff didn't get then he says how about if he doesn't smoke 3 days in a row? Is it bow chicka bow bow time?...Jordan says Jefffff!...Jeff says what? he needs some incentive ...Jordan says no, he can wait 😘 Jeff calls her on it and says for what?...Jordan doesn't know...Jeff says what is she saying? (busted!) Jordan smiles sheepishly and says nothing...Jeff asks if she's giving him clues to a hidden meaning?...Jordan says no...Jeff knows exactly what she means, he says "oh, I get it"...Jordan says what?...Jeff says "I know what you mean"...Jordan says she doesn't know what he means, what does he mean?...Jeff keeps egging her on saying "I got it don't worry"...Jordan says "what do you mean!?"...Jeff says he's got it, he purrs and laughs...Jordan says he doesn't know what he means...Jeff says yeah he does, he knows what she means and she means business 😛

Jeff plays with the cabinet drawer and then Jordan kisses his arm and asks Jeff what day this is?...they go over what day it is and how many days the HG's spend in the house...

Whoville people/Luminous/Herbal Essence 


Jeff and Jordan are quiet and then Jordan shifts a little...Jeff turns to look at her and says what? just say it whatever it is...Jordan says she's not saying anything...Jeff says to just say it cuz it's all in her head and no matter what story he tells that's all she can think about, so what's up?...Jordan says she's not saying anything...Jeff says what's on your mind?...Jordan says nothing, she's just thinking...Jeff gives her the most beautiful look...Jordan says what?...he keeps adoring her...Jordan says where's my kiss?...Jeff smiles and flicks her face...

...Jordan says why'd you flick me off?...Jeff gets nervous now, lol, he says Jordan is being fishy, he covers his face with the blanket...Jordan asks with what?...Jeff doesn't like fishy business...Jordan says how can she be fishy? fishy with what?...Jordan puts her head under too and they kiss briefly...Jeff says he wishes they were fishing...Jordan says let's pretend that...Jeff does the fish mouth with his lips and Jordan says not to do that, she thought it was a kiss...they kiss again and then both are doing the fish face...Jeff isn't sure he likes it.

Jordan tells Jeff to do the monkey...Jeff says for her to do it...Jeff says she looks so weird, Whoville...Jeff brings up the fat kid at work again LOL and the feeds cut out for a minute...when they return J&J are bickering over the Grinch & Whoville 😅 Jordan raises her voice and Jeff goes to choke her out's pretty funny and thanks to Jordan I now know that Whoville people are people! 😂

Jordan flips him the bird and Jeff says he didn't know Jordan got so animated...Jordan says when they go home, he's going to watch the Grinch...Jeff says how about it you go home and get away from me right now if you talk to me like that again! Serious face by Jeff...he starts laughing at how Jordan got scared...Jordan denies...Jeff says Jordan was thinking "I'm sorry Jeff"...Jordan laughs and says "shut up, you know you'd miss me"...Jeff says you're going to miss me...Jordan says you'll miss me...

Jeff says he's sure they'll be fine they'll get texts (sounds like Texas) like crazy...Jordan is confused with the Texas reference...Jeff says yeah, we'll text each other...Jordan says she was thinking too deep into it...Jeff wants to know, he wants to laugh about it...Jordan mentions her friend Big Texas...feeds cut out...

When they return they're clearing up the text/Texas mix up and Jeff says he can't wait to get out of there and text Jordan.🥰 Jeff cracks up...Jordan says she will send him annoying text messages all the time, she says at the end of all of them she will put TTYN...they laugh...Jeff says it's so funny...Jeff says Luminous!...Jordan says she can mail him some of that for cheap, she gets a discount from work...she talks about the prices and the 3 step Luminous process, lol.

Jordan says it's mainly for blondes, she gets compliments all the time on her hair when she uses it. Luminous! ✨ Jordan can't wait to get home, get her hair done, colored, her eyebrows done, fixed...Jeff says he uses the shittiest products...Jordan brings up Survivor & unibrows LOL Jeff says it only last 30 days because they don't want to starve people for too long...Jordan is surprised it's that short.

Jordan says to continue about the bad hair shampoo...Jordan can get Jeff good stuff at a discount...Jeff says one of his friends...that was a girl...they laugh...had some tingly conditioner that he loved...Jeff says he gets so excited with products...Jordan says she can buy a big bottle for Jeff for only 12 bucks, it's good stuff...Jordan is animated again and Jeff goes to choke her again ...Jordan says she gets a discount...Jeff asks her if she's screaming because he screams and she's around him a lot and it's rubbed off?...Jordan says probably but when she tries to make a point she gets like that...

Jeff asks for his iced tea that's on the ground...Jordan passes it to him...he sits up to drink it and Jordan says she thinks that is a lot for shampoo because he could just go buy (pronounce the H) Herbal Essence or Pantene Pro-V...Jeff asks what could he buy?(already smiling at how Jordan pronounces herbal) ..Jordan says (pronounce the H) Herbal Essence...Jeff smiles and says Herbal?...Jordan says Herbal Essence!...Jeff laughs...he lays back down and says oh, man, Herbal...Jordan says you know! and she imitates the commercial...Jeff says isn't it “Erbal”? Jordan says no, it's Herbal, H.E.R.B...Jeff absolutely cracks up laughing 🤣 and then says like Herbie Hancock? it's Herbal Essence...they both laugh...Jeff says holy, he loves it, he needs a fu**ing CD of all this stuff, he wonders if they could get somebody on that case.

Jordan's stomach makes a weird noise and they giggle over that, then Jeff goes back to the H thing and asks if she ever smoked any Herb?...he laughs again and says his buddies like to smoke a lot of of them loves it...feeds cut out...

Guess what animal I am game 


When the feeds return J&J have decided to play an animal guessing game (leading to one of the funniest moments on the feeds...African Kangaroo). They go over how to play the game and they start.

Jeff goes first, he has an animal. Jordan is guessing...she asks what he eats...Jeff says grass...and leaves and whatever's around on the prairie.  Jordan asks if he's a cow, a sheep or a goat? Jeff says no, he's not by any of those animals. Jordan asks if he's furry? Jeff says people like his fur...he has a very distinct pattern. Jordan asks where would she find him? Jeff says besides the zoo, Africa. Jordan guesses he's a giraffe!🦒

Jeff says no, but they're around where's he at....

Jordan guesses a kangaroo? 🦘

Jeff says in Africa!? 🤔

Jordan says "I don't know! Stop yelling at me!" (as she is yelling, lol)

Jeff says "a kangaroo in Africa? and what distinct patterns do kangaroos have? 😂Jordan says she forgot about that part! stop! ok...

Jeff says ugh! you get me angry...Jordan says umm...Jeff says to keep asking questions...Jordan asks for Jeff to describe himself...Jeff says he's very horse-like. Jordan finally guesses zebra 🦓Jeff says wow! Jordan says ahhh, I got it.

Jeff says he needs a 5 minute break, he's just joking. Jordan says it's his turn now. Jeff asks if she's got it, she says yes.

Jeff asks "is it an African kangaroo?" (there is laughter heard behind the walls of the room LOL)

Jeff looks over at Jordan, they laugh and he says "they were not laughing at us were they?" (hell yeah they were!)

J&J keep laughing and then Jordan says she gets so mad at Jeff because he yells it out and he makes her look bad...

Jeff says you don't think they're laughing behind the camera thinking did she (Jordan) just say that? yeah he's the one that points out because they're doing other work and say hey? what did Jeff just say?...

Jordan keeps laughing but says Jeff calls her out and she makes him look bad! she forgot he said distinctive stripes and she was picturing kangaroos in Africa (more laughter from them) 😂

Jeff says he said distinctive stripes and Africa and Jordan just blurted out kangaroo, what is she talking about? Jordan says but don't call her out like that anymore...he says he's not...Jordan says just stop, ok go. Jeff says the worst thing is they ask him about it in the DR and he doesn't know what to say anymore.

Jeff's she a reptile or an animal? Animal.

Can you find her at the zoo? Yeah.

Is she furry? Yes.

Is she originally found in Africa? Yes.

Is she a safari animal? Yeah.

Does she have a pattern? Yeah.

Jeff says is she kind of like a zebra?

Jordan says it is a zebra!!  🤣🤣🤣

Jeff gives her a look --- 😲

Jordan says nevermind, nevermind, she was thinking of something else...

Jeff says now, she's just acting stupid...

Jordan says she thought Jeff said giraffe so she was saying yeah! he got it, let's just do another one LOL Jeff says c'mon, he hates when she acts dumb. Jordan says she's not, it was an accident.

Jeff's turn again...Jordan's got one.

Jeff asks are you a reptile or animal? Reptile.

Are you a snake? Yes. (that was quick)

Jordan's turn. Are you furry? No.

What do you eat? Hay, and fish and stuff, he thinks he eats meat but he eats mostly hay.

Found on a farm? No.

Are you cute? Maybe in cartoons but not real life. What color are you, patterns? No patterns, kind of purple-ish.

Purple? Yes that's what you'd describe me as...greyish-purple.

Jordan is perplexed...Is he in water? Uh huh.

Jordan guesses octopus.

Jeff says no but that was good.

Jellyfish? No, she's drifting.

Does he live in water? No but he goes in the water a lot because it gets too hot.

Jordan says greyish-purple color? Umm, a that's grey...Jeff smiles😃

Jordan says am I close? Jeff says she was really, really close...

Jordan says but they're, a hippopotamus?

Jeff says yeah!

Jordan says they're not purple!

Jeff says they don't have a purplish tint?

Jordan says no! they're grey!

Jeff doesn't know about all that.

Jordan says are you color blind? they don't have a purple tint Jeff.

Jeff says you wanna bet?

Jordan says no, hippopotamusses are grey...they laugh 😅

Jeff bets they have a purple tint, elephants are grey. They keep bickering over it...Jeff say who are you going to believe? myself or you? LOL

Jeff calls Natalie over and asks her opinion. Natalie agrees with Jordan, no purple tint.  Natalie says Jeff is trippin', Jordan agrees and says Jeff has been smoking the herb 🤪 Jeff continues debating it but Jordan is ready to play again...

Jordan has one...Jeff says they are purple, they're not even grey, they're purple...

Jordan says she won't argue with him...

Jeff wants to bet, what is she willing to lose.

Jeff says they'll send each other some tingly conditioner if the other loses. Deal! 🤝 They smoke it.😀

Jeff's you live on a farm? No.

Are you an animal or reptile? Animal.

Are you furry? Yes.

Are you white? No

Do you have horns? No, I have ears.

Jeff laughs and says as other animals who uses their horns as ears. 😛 He cracks up!

Do you have a mouth? Yes.

Are you cuddly? Yes, she could be sometimes.

Jeff guesses koala bear or panda bear? No.

Jordan says when she poops she throws it at you. Jeff says monkey? Yes!

Jordan's you live in water? No.

Are you furry? Yes but furry doesn't describe him. What does he eat? Fruits & nuts and stuff.

Where does he live? Warm climates.

Is he in Africa? He's got cousins there.

What color is he? All different, bright colors.

A peacock? No.

Bird-like? Yes.

A parrot? Yeah. 🛎️

Jeff's turn...Are you a reptile or animal? Reptile.

Have a hard shell? Hard but no shell. Jeff says me too. 😉

Live in water? Yes, in and out.

Can you breathe underwater? Not sure, mostly float. An alligator? Yes.

Jordan's turn...Do you live in water? No but I like it. Do you have legs? Yeah but they're kind of connected to my body..(Uh duh!)...if he does they're really small...

Jeff thinks aloud and says do I have legs? what are those fu**ing things?

Are you a snake? Umm.

Are you black? Yes.

Are you ugly? No, cute.

Where do i find you? In the cold.

A penguin? Yeah.

They laugh. Jeff asks Jordan if they have legs? Jordan says yeah, they walk. Jeff says they don't have kneecaps that's for sure. Jordan says they hobble, she would call them feet. Jeff says they're like Mr. Potato Head. They try to figure out Penguins and their legs 😁

Jeff's turn...Are you an animal or reptile? I live in water.

Are you a fish? Yes.

Guess the fish? Yes. Do you live in salt water or fresh? Salt.

Dolphin? No.

Do you have big teeth? Jordan says they might not be big, she guesses if she was a little shark, they would be little but...Jeff says are you a shark? Jordan says God dangit! 😂 They laugh especially after Jordan does a little fart.

Jeff say the answer would be yes, big teeth if you were a shark. Jeff pokes fun at her fart and Jordan says the fart was saying Let's Dance. 💃

Jordan's turn...What color are you? White.

Sheep? No.

Polar Bear? Yeah, that was fast.

Jordan wants another game. Jeff asks if polar bears are black under their white fur. Jordan doesn't think so. Jeff says he heard that. They talk about polar bears and how they keep warm...Jeff says they use their blubber to keep warm. Jordan wonders if he's bs'ing her...Jeff says it's for real...why doesn't she believe him because he used the word blubber? LOL Jeff wishes he had a friend named Blubber.

Jordan wonders if they're done...Jeff's turn...Live on land or water? Land.

Animal or reptile? Animal.

Furry? No, well not furry but some hair.

Elephant? No.

Found on a farm? Yes.

A pig? Yes. They discuss pigs.

Jordan starts playing with Jeff's nipple. 🧐 Jeff recalls the laughter behind the wall.

Jordan's turn...Find you in a zoo? Yes.

Live in Africa? No in the US & Canada.

Furry? Not furry but have fur.

Big or little? Compared to? Elephant big? No, little. Koala bear little? Around that size.

Are you mean? No but I look mean.

Gorilla? No.

Do you have feet and legs? Yes but they're not called feet.

Jeff says she's way off. Are you reptile? No.

Sharp teeth? No teeth.

Where would I find you? In a tree, at the top.

Can you fly? Yes.

An owl? No.

An eagle? Yes.

Jeff is tired and snuggles the blanket. He says Jordan looks tanned. Jordan wants another game. Jeff slaps her arm and says that was a good game. Jordan wants to do one last and final one...

Animal or reptile? Animal.

Furry? Covered in hair.

On a farm? No.

At a zoo? Yes.

Feathers? No.

Go in the water? No...

Natalie wanders in and Jeff says what's up purple hippo?...Spots or patterns? No.

Live here or Africa? Here or another country.

A horse? No.

A cow? No.

Eat meat? Not sure what they eat.

Are you small? No, not horse big but human size if standing.

Dog? No, most of them are brown.

Cute? Not really, I can be mean, I hop around. Kangaroo? Yes.

Jeff says you went back to kangaroo?

Jordan says yes because she knew he wouldn't go back to that again. Game over. 

Jeff gets really sleepy and Jordan starts talking to Natalie and is getting sleepy too...Natalie leaves...

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