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Day 52(Pt 2) of BB11 Feeds

August 30

Jeff’s nationality/licking off chocolate 


Jeff is laying down on the couch outside...Jordan joins him, sits down and places his feet on her lap on a pillow...Jordan is eating chocolate ice cream...Jeff is pensive...Jordan says whatcha thinkin' about?...Jeff says nothin'...going home. 🙁

Jordan says "I doubt it"...she says it's probably her (going home)...Jeff says no...they start talking about the ants getting in the marshmallow puff stuff...Jeff says it sucks, now that he can't make them he wants to make them even more...Jeff asks Jordan if she's eating everything in sight?...Jordan says she guesses so...Jeff says him too, he just grabbed that pizza and now he wants ice cream...Jordan says it's cuz he's bored...

Jordan says the ice cream is really good, she was going to get the Cake Batter one...Jeff says he might have had that...Jordan says how about she goes get the Cake Batter one so he can have some temptation  Jeff asks if she didn't want to?...Jordan says no, she'll go grab it so he'll have temptation, she'll just sit it on the table...Jeff says he'd have a spoon full of Cake Batter, it's pretty good, the one she's eating is too, too...

...Jordan says "chocolatey", she remembers him saying that...Jeff is impressed that she remembered something, anything he said LOL Jordan says she remembers everything he says.

Jeff asks "what's the name of the movie?"...Jordan says not stuff like that...Jeff asks "what's my favorite movie?"...Jordan says Blow...Jeff says no...Jordan thinks he said that...Jeff says that was in his top 5...she can't remember and jokes around that it's the Notebook :)  Jeff says she doesn't remember everything...Jordan says Goodfellas?...Jeff says no...Jeff asks "when's my birthday?"...Jordan says June 5th (aha!) Jeff smiles and nods yes, there ya go...Jordan says she made up for that question and then asks "and what else you wanna quiz me on?"

Jeff asks "what nationality am I?"...Jordan says "white"...Jeff says "what's my blood?" ...Jordan says "Italian"...Jeff says "and what?"...Jordan says "Italian and white?"  Jeff says mmm, hmm and giggles then says "is white a nationality? Are my parents from Whiteland?" LOL Jeff says he's German, she doesn't know everything...

Jeff asks "who's glasses are those? the broken ones?"...Jordan nods yes, you like?...Jeff says me like...Jordan says she never heard him say German...Jeff says his last name is Schroeder...Jordan says how is she supposed to know that's German?...she says "Jeff Schroeder"...she spells his last name without the E and he spells it properly...Jordan asks how to spell her last name?...Jeff spells it correctly with emphasis...Jordan says "ooh, you're trying to be a wiseguy saying L l o y d"...Jeff says "oh snap" and does his pffftttt hand gesture...

Jordan says she's going to get the Cake Batter...Jeff says "I'm down, get two spoons and then we'll make out after" 😘

Jordan says "and what? rub chocolate on my lips and lick it off"...Jeff says yeah...Jordan goes to get it and Jeff asks her if she's leaving the chocolate one out there?...Jordan says "yeah, cuz, so you can lick it off" ...Jordan walks away leaving Jeff smiling and in a confused tone saying "what?" LOL

High level flirting/you have a beautiful smile 


Jordan comes back outside with the Cake Batter ice cream and gives it to Jeff...Jeff asks if it's just for him?...Jordan says yeah...Jeff says why? you want me to eat ice cream with you?...Jeff giggles and says thanks, he starts digging in...(literally! that thing is frozen solid because Jeff is making a huge effort to scoop it out, LOL)...Jordan asks how it is?...Jeff says pretty good...Jordan says it turned his frown upside down...Jeff finishes up, says he was shoving it down his throat, he says "thank you, thanks Johrdan"  😊

Jordan offers some of hers but Jeff says he has a nice flavor of Cake Batter now (in his mouth) ...Jordan puts chocolate ice cream on her lips and tells Jeff to lick it...Jeff says oh yeah...Jordan says do it...Jeff smiles and nods no...Jordan says why?...Jeff says they will save that for their hour break (yes, it's still on his mind! lolol)

Jordan says "what? we have to be under the covers?"...Jeff smiles and nods yes...Jordan says she's just kidding...Jeff says he'll do it right here if she wants...Jordan says do it (she means licking, he means "it" LOL)...Jeff laughs and says no, he means the nasty...Jordan says that's only because he's horny and he just wants to get off...

Jeff says Jordan!!...Jordan says what?...Jeff says don't talk like that...Jordan says "it's the truth! you just want to use me for one thing" 😕...Jeff reaches over with his foot and touches Jordan and says "that's not true Jordan"...Jordan says "you're just like all of them"  ...Jeff gives her a look and says "fine, I'm done trying", he moves his foot away from her and says "I won't touch you no more Jordan"...feeds cut out...

When they return J&J are talking about the fridge smelling like fish...Jordan asks if she has chocolate on her mouth?...Jeff sexily licks his lip...Jordan says do I?...Jeff sexily licks his lip again...🫦

(Obviously Jeff isn't done trying with her because he puts his foot near her again, lol) Jeff says that he doesn't want her rolling her eyes under her sunglasses to pretend he can't see...Jordan says she has chocolate all over her and she's not rolling...Jeff says she did...Jeff gets agigated that she's rubbing his chocolate fingers on her, trying to be supportive when really she's washing her hands on his leg LOL

Jordan says she's not, she's trying to be sweet...Jeff tsks...she says she's trying to be affectionate, she's not an affectionate person, she's trying to work on that, her mom tells her that...Jordan goes to the hot tub to rinse her hands, she sits back down, gets Jeff to put his foot back on her lap and then she rubs it and says "that's nice" (Jeff voice)...Jeff says it is nice...they talk about how hot it is even where they are sitting, they discuss the calories for the different size pizzas and the ice cream.

Jeff asks if she paid attention to that?...Jordan says she did...Jordan keeps rubbing his foot, she shows him the bathing suit she's wearing, she's had it since 9th grade but the top is too small now since she got her boobs done...Jordan asks how Jeff feels about fake boobs?...Jeff says he doesn't care, he doesn't like them fu**ing huge but hers are good, but they didn't look bad in her picture (HOH)...

Jordan says they were small, her size was 32A, she's a 36C now...Jeff says whatever makes her feel better...Jordan says her boobs were ugly and pointy...Jeff asks if she feels better?...Jordan says yes, she was so self-concious before, she would just show them now...Jeff says let me see one.  Jordan says it would have been better if she could have shown them to him before when they didn't know each other...Jeff says she was gonna...Jordan says now, they're really close so it would look like they're tying to do something....Jeff says he can look at them tonight, they'll play doctor and she can check if he has a hernia :)

Jordan says her boobs were like from Something About Mary...Jeff says she told him, he laughs...Jordan says she's serious...Jordan says when she lost her virginity, she was so uptight and embarrassed, she would never let him see them, she would cringe if she thought about it...Jeff says then maybe she did the right thing then...Jordan says that is why she worked so hard, she knew from when she was 16 she really wanted them, she knew she had to do something about it, it would be on her conscience all the time, she told her mom she had to get it done, it would bother her forever and her mom was nice about it...Jeff says it made you feel better, it's important...Jordan says now, she would be like look...Jeff says let me see and he goes to eat more ice cream.

Jeff says c'mon, show me boob while I eat ice cream LOL ...Jordan says her friend has fake boobs and they went to Mardi Gras and she wouldn't show them but if it was her she would...Jeff says St. Mary!...Jordan says St. Mary!...Jordan loves how people from Louisiana talk...

Jeff laughs at the plant going by over the wall, makes him think of what Jordan said...Jordan says it's good then, it's a memory...Jeff says he wishes they did a moment of all of their best stuff...Jordan says no...Jeff says no one would like their own, his would be fu**ing tuna and all that BS...Jordan says she would laugh...Jeff says he would die at hers, he would love it, all her sayings...Jordan says Gucci? Bodu?...Jeff says no, not those, Herbal and all that from there backwards...Jordan gives him a look...Jeff says to not give him that look! he doesn't understand how she can say tuna all day but he says one thing and she gets pissed (he has a point)...

Jordan says he can't because it makes her look bad...Jeff says how about African Kangaroo? (Jeff rubs her with his foot)...he says they're for sure asking about that...Jeff says to not give him that look again and to take off those sunglasses right now, she gives him dirty looks under there...Jeff says he won't say it no more ok?...Jordan says to not say anything about the kangaroo...Jeff pokes fun of her African Kangaroo and what he'll say in the DR...Jordan tries to explain why she said it...

Jeff suddenly says "you have a beautiful smile" 😍🥰😊

Jordan says huh?...Jeff says "you have a beautiful smile...Jordan says "for reals?" Jeff nods yes :)

Jordan can't take a compliment as usual so she continues telling Jeff that he can't say anything about the kangaroo in the DR...Jeff says it doesn't matter, he's just playing around...Jeff says he won't say a thing, the box is locked and he'll throw away the key...Jordan says she knows Jeff gets aggravated at her.

Jordan asks if she's smothering him?...Jeff says she's not, trust him...Jordan says she told him she would be up his butt this week...Jeff says go ahead, him too so he's not feeling it at all...Jordan says since one of them is going to be going...Jeff says his muscles are smaller...Jordan says yes, she's the only person that has gotten bigger there...Jeff says he should work out but he has no motivation.

Jeff looks over at the BY and wonders how Michele lays in the hammock on her stomach?...Jeff looks towards the kitchen and shrugs...Jordan wonders what Jeff is looking at, he points at Michele...Jordan thought Jeff saw someone in there...Jeff looks there again, points at Jordan and signs that she is crazy...Jordan says no she's not....Jeff looks again, pinches his cheek and points at Jordan...Jordan says what?...Jeff says "you're cute" 🥰

Kevin & Natalie come outside and go to the grill...Jeff mumbles "he's not so Gucci to me anymore"...Jordan says who?...Jeff says "your other boyfriend" (so you're her boyfriend huh? 😉 )

After being quiet for a bit Jeff pinches her boob with his foot and Jordan says OW!...Jeff laughs...Jordan says "Jeff that hurt"...Jeff thought she said HOW...Jordan says with your toes...Jeff says they're like hands...Jordan says yeah, they are, creepy...

Jeff demonstrates while saying that if a guy went like that (with his foot) to your boobs, you wouldn't care as much but if he were to grab it with his hands you'd freak out a little...Jordan says if you did it?...Jeff says no, some guy...Jordan would say "ok, what are doing?....uhh, like weird"...Jeff says you wouldn't smack them?...Jordan says it depends...Jeff says "on what? if he was cute?"...Jordan says no, she would say what are you doing? but if it was Jeff she wouldn't care cuz she knows him...Jeff asks if she lets all her friends grab her boobs? guy friends?...Jordan says no, no...Jeff asks if he's special?...Jordan mmm, hmm's and he raises his hand and says "I'm a winner no matter what happens" ‼️

Quiet again and then Jeff pulling his lip up, says "I like sometimes when you smile" ...Jordan says "it's crooked"...Jeff says "I like it" ...

Jordan says why?...Jeff says "I don't know, I love it"...Jordan says "you notice that?" ...Jeff says "mmm, hmm, that's one thing I like"...Jeff shows her another thing she does with her smile and he says "I like it" :) ...Jordan blushes, she says "omg! I thought I was the only person that noticed that, it's this lip, it goes up, I don't know why it does"...Jeff nods and says he likes it, he told her he likes it...she doesn't..Jeff says "I like it, it's so cute and sexy" 😍🥰

Jeff just smiles and nods...Jordan gets flustered and doesn't know what to say LOL so she talks about how her eyes roll when she's drunk...Jeff mentions her being drunk yesterday and how her eyes were...Jordan gets mad and says he's throwing stones...Jeff says he just gave her a nice compliment...he pinches her again :)

Jordan says she thinks she gets her crooked smile from her mom...Jeff says his sister-in-law has a big birthmark on her leg and his niece has one on the same spot on her leg too, isn't that weird?...Jordan says yeah...Jordan talks about her friend and her 2 sisters that have scars all in the same area.

They get quiet and then Jeff starts fooling around with Jordan with his toes  Jordan says noo!...Jeff says he has busy toes...Jordan says yeah, he does...they whisper about how weird Michele is then Jordan decides to lay down next to Jeff...

Denial leads to a head rub & cheek kiss 


Jordan lays down next to Jeff on the couches...Jeff says can't we go inside and lay down?...Jordan says no, she likes it here...Jeff says it's hot...Jordan says they're not going to be touching each other...Jeff says yeah we are, you're crazy LOL

Jeff scoots over and assumes the position but puts his feet on Jordan's butt for a little bit first...Jeff says why don't they go in the GR, it's cool...Jordan doesn't budge...Jeff says he looks tired right? he looks worn...Jeff says he's sick of his face, he wants a new one...Jordan asks if Jeff wants to sit by the pool?...Jeff says no, he wants to sit on the other side of that fence...Jordan doesn't like it when Jeff acts all depressed...Jeff says he likes it, he just likes to bitch it out...Jordan doesn't because it's not Jeff...Jeff taps her forehead and asks if he's annoying her today?...Jordan says no...they start singing about PB&J and feeds cut out...

When they return Jeff is going on about the things that make him angry, the Lincoln Technical Institute commercial about a mechanic school, they're the worst, he wants to bust the TV in half when they come on...Jordan says tell me what else (makes you mad)?...Jeff says the sock thing, peanut butter & jelly in the same jar, loud chewers...Jordan agrees...

Jeff banned his friends for 2 weeks from him because he chewed too loud  😨 ...Jeff talks about when he got his tattoo and that guy smacked while he chewed, he makes him sick, he lays like a mummy in bed, puts Vicks under his nose & eyes to breathe, he's eating lunch, crawfish (insert loud chewing/chomping noise) and that was it! 2 weeks Jeff didn't want to talk to him, no calling, it's over! he refused to talk to him in the car driving home from Florida, he banned him from his nation, outta there, he was lucky that it was only a two week ban LOL

Natalie comes out and starts talking about fruit salad & granola...Jeff offers her some Cake Batter ice cream...she doesn't want it but tries a spoon of it, she's not big on ice cream or chocolate...Kevin comes out with his big bowl of fruit salad and sits down...Jordan then sits up...Jeff decides to put away the ice cream and related dishes, he says he's sweating...he pokes Jordan's boob and laughs...

Jordan playfully hits him and then Jeff goes in for a kiss and she pushes him away...Jeff makes a shocked face and says denied again on camera 😔...Jordan says noooo and half hugs him and says maybe later...Jeff gets up...Natalie says you're going to have to stop denying him Jordan...Jeff says yeah, it's over now...Jordan says no, it's not...Jeff says "Jordan said the things she'd do to me if they shut off the cameras for awhile, for an hour in here...Jordan tell them" (he's STILL thinking about this, lol) ...Jordan in a British accent says "let him lick chocolate off me"...Jeff laughs and walks inside...Jordan says Jeff is kidding....Natalie in a serious tone tells Jordan she has to stop denying him because he's going home on Thursday...Natalie says she's glad he's not being like Russell...Jeff comes back and sits down.

They all make small talk...Jeff wants to know what power the key he found will give him...Natalie says she doesn't want him to have a power because look what happened to her last time, at least she looked cute that day though...Jeff says she looked like JLo...Natalie gets happy and Jeff says oh, look, all is forgiven now LOL

Natalie starts talking about what the live show was like for her, how she would talk about her dad with Jessie all the time...Jeff turns and lays down with his head towards Jordan...she automatically starts rubbing his hair. :)

Natalie talks about the advice Jessie gave her.

Natalie says they wouldn't have to look at Michele's face anymore if Jessie had stayed because he was going after her...Jordan asks why he didn't like her?...Natalie says Jessie never knew where her head was at...Jeff says nobody did...Jeff says it's funny because every DR is going to be no one knows who the f**k this girl is...Jeff says that to this day, he doesn't know who the f**k she is...they discuss how crazy Michele is and then talk about what is up with Russell...Jeff thinks his problem is insecurity...

Natalie says she thinks Michele is jealous of Jordan because Jordan is with Jeff and she's not, she's in love with him, she wants him...Kevin says Michele doesn't love Jeff but wants to know that she can have him if she wanted to...Natalie says that Jordan doesn't even try and Jeff is right there, she has to try...meanwhile Jeff feels uncomfortable with the subject at hand (because IMO it makes Jordan feel bad) so he shifts positions and lays on Jordan's lap and then looks right up her nose LOL ...this makes her feel weird, he then grabs a pillow and lays on that.

Natalie asks him how it feels to be a stud?...Jeff doesn't say much other than there are only 2 guys left (doesn't mean anything), he asks Jordan why she moved over and Jordan reaches down and blows a noisy kiss on Jeff's cheek 😊 Jeff wants to eat but doesn't know what...Jordan suggests grilled cheese...Jeff thinks that is good, with soup...they head inside to eat...Jeff says let me look at that butt LOL Jordan says no...the usual banter...

Grilled cheese chat-Bowing, Parking & Chicago


Jeff & Jordan come inside to make their grilled cheese sandwiches, they head to the SR...Jordan's towel comes undone and Jeff says "oh, yes! there are no cameras in here"...Jordan says there are...Jeff says there's not, they could totally f**k around...Jordan looks for soup and asks what's cream of mushroom soup?...Jeff says creamy, with mushrooms in it.  😛 Jeff says it's pretty good actually...Jordan says she likes chicken noodle soup, there's vegetable...Jeff wants vegetable beef...there's one with letters...Jeff says for Jordan to have that one because he knows she thinks it's fun :)

Jordan says it reminds her of Spagetti-O's...Jeff says Uh Oh LOL Jeff says he could go for Chef Boyardee Ravioli's...Jordan heads to the kitchen...Jeff has to go back to get cheese and bread...they start prepping their food...

LMAO @ the 5:18 mark when the camera does an extreme close up of Jeff's chest while he's spreading butter on the bread.

Jeff makes the grilled cheese(s)...Jordan says she used to always eat them with ketchup...Jeff says to bust some out, she doesn't want to, she just always did that before...Jeff gives to first one to Jordan, she says thanks 😊

Jeff sits down at the counter near Jordan to eat his...Jordan asks where his soup is at?...Jeff didn't want it, he'll make it in a little bit...Jordan tells Jeff to try a bit of hers, he does...Jordan starts to tell the story of why she won't eat vegetable soup with beef anymore...Jeff hopes she isn't going to tell it if it's gross because he was going to eat that...Jordan says then she won't tell him...Jeff says she might as well because he's never going to eat that ever 😝...Jordan says she once bit into the beef and it was really fatty and tasted disgusting and it made her gag, she can't eat it...Jeff says that's personal, he can get by that...

Jeff looks at Jordan, smiles and says "grilled cheese"...Jordan rubs his back nicely and pats him saying mmm, hmm...Jordan says "so what's the plan for tonight? we going drinking? just kidding"...Jeff says he could actually go for some bowling...Jordan says really? he knows that if he goes to Charlotte they can bowling (because of her old job), maybe not over there but they can go...Jeff all serious sits up and says "you know there's bowling in Chicago too"

Jordan says she knows but it's at "her place" if he comes to visit her...Jeff says he knows...Jordan says it's expensive to bowl at her work...Jeff says he knows the Lucky Strike chain...Jeff tells the story of when he went downtown with a girl as her boyfriend and her friend, first time they met, so they wanted to pay for it all, so they bowled and had a couple of drinks and it was $85 for two games and the other guy said "dude, who broke a window in our group?"...they laugh.

Jeff says "holy shit for bowling? I come off as such a tight ass because I get so pissed when people try to fu**ing stick me with something, ykwim?"...Jordan says he is tight isn't he?...Jeff disagrees, he's not tight at all, he throws his money around like crazy but...Jordan says he seems like he's tight...Jeff says it's shit like that that he gets so pissed off about.

Jordan says isn't it awkward when you go out with friends like Jeff was saying and your friend's boyfriend doesn't really say anything or talk so you feel left out and you initiate conversation but you don't get anywhere...Jeff says then you ask about their shoes or ask them about them going to school, that it's cool...Jordan says normally she's the one doing all the talking, it depends though, if she feels uncomfortable she won't talk but if it's fun and stuff that's different.

Jeff asks "anyways, when did bowling get so expensive?"...Jeff says where he mentioned was the city but there's another place that has $1 games on Wednesdays...Jeff says you can bowl your face off but actually he's only been bowling 2 times in the last 5 years...Jeff says "you know what else I get pissed about paying for?...parking"...Jordan says "oh God, that's awful"...Jeff says that's the worst, he says he's going to be 10 minutes and it's 15 bucks...Jordan asks if he gets attitudes?...Jeff says it depends, he tries not to but sometimes he gets really pissed off and he works himself into a situation that he has to confront so he tries to psyche himself into not doing it and he does it anyway...

Jordan explains how one time she had to pay the full amount for parking for staying after 11, she was hungover, she was so mad, she was trying to explain to the guy, she was really nasty with him, she never does this and didn't have cash on her and she told him that she knew the guy that owned the parking deck and he wouldn't stand for this, etc, the guy just looked at her and said "go on ma'am"...Jordan says she never does stuff like that though, she doesn't like name dropping.

Jeff says it's a goldmine owning a parking lot, what pisses him off even more is that they don't even have attendants there, you're just pushing buttons, you can't even talk to a person, it pisses him off...Jordan says she knows they raise the prices for big events like football games when during the week it's 6 dollars...Jeff says or when you walk out of the parking garage and there's a spot in front, you mofo!...

Jordan says she has to park downtown all the time but the attendants are sometimes not there, like when she arrives before 5pm, pulls a ticket then leaves at 2:30am and they're gone so she doesn't pay...Jeff says that's good...Jordan says if there's an event, she has to park far away and get one of the bouncers to walk her to her car late at night just to be safe...Jordan talks about one of the bouncers that was so Gucci, she gave him a ride after he would walk her to her car, he was fun, she made him wait in line one time with her for a hot dawg, he's nice.

Jordan asks if Jeff lives near downtown?...Jeff says mmm, hmm...Jordan asks if downtown Chicago nice?...Jeff says yeah...she asks if it's big?...Jeff says yeah, has she been to NYC?...Jordan says no...Jeff says it's spread out bigger...Jordan says it's like that?...Jeff says yeah, it's a big city...Jordan thought Chicago was like Charlotte...Jeff thinks it's bigger, he says it has an awesome skyline, a lot of buildings, has she never seen it?...Jordan doesn't think so...Jeff says Chicago's dope, it's like a clean NY...Jordan asks if a lot of rappers live in Chicago?...Jeff giggles, says he doesn't know...Jordan says like in Atlanta...Jeff has gone to the bathroom and doesn't hear that...feeds cut out & they return, he comes back and they talk about rappers again.

Jeff says yeah, from the dirty (ATL)...Jordan asks "why is that?"...Jeff says Ludacris is from there but Kanye West is from Chicago...Jordan doesn't listen to Kanye...Jeff says how about Lupe Fiasco?...Jordan only likes the one song from him...Jeff mentions Pharrell and then he gets called to the DR...Jordan tells him to not say anything bad...Jeff says oh, shit and he leaves for the DR....

Jeff lays it all out/Getting pissy/GR stand off/Blackjack lesson 


Jeff & Jordan go into the GR to talk game...Jordan says that if Jeff leaves she will be next right behind him, she feels all alone in the game now because she says Michele is mad at her and she can tell Kevin & Natalie are scheming and conspiring behind her back...Jeff says if Jordan leaves he's wiping out this place...Jeff is shuffling cards to start playing solitaire...Jeff says all he can do is ask how they want to vote...Jordan says if Jeff wants to stay, he will stay...Jeff asks how? he's going against Kevin too...Jordan says he can if he really wants because Michele will vote for Jeff to stay and Natalie will vote whichever way...Jeff says he asked Natalie but she's not sure, it's only Sunday so he's not pushing it.

Jeff says "if I could stay, I'm going to stay Jordan, ykwim? but if I have to go crazy and start running back and forth and making promises, I'm not doing that, ykwim? If you want me to stay, stay, if not, Jordan wins, ykwim, it makes no difference if I win or you win to me, you know like if you stay, you better fu**ing win this thing, you know?"....Jordan says she's all alone...

Jeff says if he stays he's fu**ing winning this thing, he'll tell her that...he's at least going to final 2...there's no way they're going to stop him...but it's up to them, he's telling it to her face, he's not going to go around bashing and saying different things to everyone else, he'll say if they want him to stay, you have him and if you don't and you want a strong player out, then kick him out...he's not going to bash her, so don't worry about it...Jordan says he has no reason to bash her, she knows he won't...Jeff just wants her to know that.

Jordan says she knows if he really wants to stay he will...Jeff says he wants Natalie's vote not Kevin's...Jordan says she would vote for him...Jeff says whatever, let's not talk about it please, is that ok?...Jordan says whatever...Jeff says what is she getting pissy about?....Jordan says she's not, she's just saying...Jeff asks her what she wants him to do?...Jordan says she's not saying anything, just drop it...Jeff doesn't know what she wants from him...Jordan says she doesn't want anything from him...Jeff says "you're getting pissy"...Jordan says she's not...Jeff says a little bit...Jeff says to not worry, they're not keeping him so don't get pissy...Jordan says no, it's not even that, that's not why she's getting pissy about (so she is getting pissy! lol)

They start whispering...Jeff says "why are you getting pissy?"...Jordan says "nothing"...Jeff says "for real, what? what?...who?"...Jordan shakes her head and says later...Jeff says who?...Jordan says about what?...Jeff says who are you getting pissy about?

Jeff says is that blanket really working? (referring to the fact that she's partially trying to cover her legs from the camera with a beach towel) ...Jordan says it's something...Jeff sighs and keeps shuffling, he shakes his head at Jordan, he says "don't look at me, what are you looking at me like that for?"...Jordan gives an air kiss...Jeff says "gimme a kiss"...Jordan makes a kissy face...Jeff says come here...

Jordan says no, you come here...they continue to flirt...Jeff says he'll get her a blanket if she gives him a kiss...Jordan says for real? no...Jeff says yeah, yes he will...Jordan says he can come over there...Jeff says he'll get her blanket and she's not going to make a move?...Jordan says no...Jeff says really? then no blanket...Jordan says c'mon Jeff!...Jeff says c'mon what?...Jordan puts her arm up (like in the SS room stand off) and says she can't, there's people behind the wall, she screeches and says "you and that game"...Jeff says they're just sitting there what does she want him to do?

Jeff says "hey Ma"  😊

Jeff says it's too hot outside, it's usually hot like this in LA in August...Jeff looks at Jordan and says "what are you thinking about?"...Jordan says "nothing"...Jeff says "I hate that"...Jeff says "what?"...Jordan says "nothing! Jeff!"...Jeff says "liar! now you're lying to me?"...Jordan says "I'm not lying to you"...Jeff says "that's nice"...

They quiet down, Jeff plays solitaire then Jeff says "Johrdan" then he says "what, what, what? just go for it, what's up?" you're not making me pay attention over here"...Jordan says why?...Jeff says because he keeps looking at her and she's got something on her mind so what's up?...Jordan says she needs to shower...Jeff does too...Jeff tries to joke around with her by asking what he's going to do when she's in the shower but she doesn't respond so he tells her to go outside, he doesn't know what she wants from him.

Jeff finishes up his game very angrily, puts the cards down, exhales deeply and lays down and stares at the ceiling...Jordan looks at him...Jeff then turns to look at her and says "what Jordan what? stop for real"...Jordan says she's just laying there...Jeff asks what she's thinking about?...she says just stuff...Jeff asks if she wants to play Blackjack?...Jordan says she's not a big card player...Jeff asks her if she knows how?...Jordan says no...Jeff explains she should learn, it would be good practice for Vegas...Jordan says she thought Jeff didn't want to go?...Jeff says it's practice for her (when she goes) and he doesn't want to go if it's all like, finale, ok, let's go to Vegas...Jordan says what if he wins?...Jeff says then he'll go for sure, he's just saying he could use a break from everybody...

Jordan says if Jeff wins, he's got her drinks, he'll pay for all her stuff...she lays down facing Jeff and pats his belly...Jeff says if he goes home this week, she pays ok, she keeps getting shit off of him, what does he get?...Jordan says he's getting Bears tix...Jeff says those are really expensive like 100G's...Jordan says yeah, right...Jeff says he has no idea, he hasn't looked into it...Jordan says her parents had season's tix and if they could afford it...Jeff says these are the Bears...Jordan says so? I had the Carolina Panthers...Jeff tries to wrap his leg around her head, she sits up...Jeff says it's all sparkly and Jordan says don't be jelly...Jeff laughs and says "what a dork"...Jordan talks in her "voice" again and Jeff says to not talk like that around him, do it around her friends.

They goof around a bit and then Jeff says let's play Blackjack...Jordan doesn't want to because Jeff yells at her...Jeff says he won't yell...Jeff explains the game and they play as he keeps teaching her...they play for the next 8 mins or so...finally they stop and lay back down and complain that all they do is lay around...Jordan feels like going to sleep and Jeff says he does too, it's sick, they're going to be up all night...hey debate over which room to lay in LOL Jordan wants to put on a t-shirt, one of Jeff's t-shirts...Jeff says he'll get her blanket too, a blanket and a t-shirt..."let's dance?" ...Jordan says no, a better one...Jeff says he'll get her that one  and he leaves the GR...

Feeling vibes/Jordan is sending signals 


Jeff comes back into the GR with his NY t-shirt and her blanket that Jordan asked him to get, he also brings her sweatpants because he thought she only had a towel on over her bathing suit bottoms (she had on shorts)...Jordan puts on the NY shirt...Jeff says it's soft huh?...Jordan says she kind of thinks she should shower before putting it on because it will stink...Jeff lays down saying he'll wash it anyways, it looks cute...Jordan kneels on the bed/lounger saying it actually fits her...Jeff says it looks cute...

Jordan say it kind of fits, it's sad because he's a boy and she kind of fits in his shirt?...Jeff says "how is that? it's tight on me and big on you, how the f**k does that fit?"...Jordan says she will save Jeff's sweatpants for later because she wants to wear them tonight so don't take them (back)...Jeff says he's taking them right now...Jordan says no...Jeff says "what do I get?" ...Jordan gets a huge smile on her face 😁 (hmm, wonder what she was thinking Jeff was getting? lol) and says nothing...Jeff keeps eating his candy bar...

Jordan says she doesn't feel like showering or anything, she feels like being a bum...Jeff says she's a huge loser...Jordan sits down and says exactly...Jeff says he hates this...Jordan plays around with the deck of cards while Jeff looks at her intently, he asks her if she is pretending to do a magic trick?...Jeff says "give me those we're going to send vibes to each other" LOL

Jordan says no and leans over to Jeff and gives him a big noisy kiss on his cheek...Jeff closes his eyes and tells her to give him a vibe while she is kissing him :)

Jordan asks if Jeff felt her pushing on his face really hard?...Jeff says no, it was cute...Jeff says umm, send me a vibe...Jordan makes some funny vibe noises and says 5...Jeff says "you got it sister" and lifts up a 6, close!...Jeff says he was feeling 6...Jordan says whatever...Jeff swears!

Jordan grabs the cards for her turn...Jeff says you have to just feel it!...Jordan says ok, weirdo! Jordan is feeling it but Jeff says she doesn't even know what he's sending out, she pretends to focus and Jeff laughs and says to hold on, he's getting serious...Jeff dramatically pauses for effect while Jordan waits for him to "feel it" LOL

Jeff says 10 and Jordan picks up the wrong card, of course...Jeff says she wasn't feeling the vibes and has to do it seriously next time and they will get it.. Jordan says 8 and Jeff!...Jeff says told you! what's up!? 😀 Jordan wants to keep playing and Jeff says that's all the props he gets? he just yanked her card...Jordan asks what he wants her to do?...Jeff motions like he is about to unzip his shorts and cracks up laughing and gives her a little hug and says he's just joking...

Jeff says that was terrible and he pinches her cheek...Jeff says he has to get the bad spirits out and he farts LOL Jeff then does his "focus face" to attract the vibes...

Jeff says a 3 but Jordan isn't feeling it, she lifts up the wrong card...Jordan starts whining that Jeff messed up her card and Jeff asks if she whining?...Jeff says he hates whiners? put that on the list with PB&J, socks & whiners...Jordan, out of the blue, wants Jeff to give her a hug, she opens her arms out wide for one and then leans into him and says "Jeff, quit" and she kisses him again and again on the cheek...Jeff says he wants to get the card right so she will be impressed with him, he'll be like a genie.

Jeff shuffles the cards and wants Jordan to give him a vibe...Jordan says king...Jeff lifts up a 6 and immediately tries again and lifts up a king...Jordan says yep!...Jeff says BAM!...Jordan still doesn't recognize his amazing abilities /sarcasm and she says thinks he's some psychic now LOL

Jeff says that shit is out there, you can do it...Jordan says oh, Jeff, c'mon...Jordan says she's feeling it, what is he picking?...Jeff does the "focus face" again and says he has two different numbers, first one is a 4...Jordan is cheating and says no, hold on...Jeff waits...she says she's being serious, she picks a 4!...Jeff just smiles and Jordan says oh! it's a 4! I'm feeling the vibe!...Jeff looks at her, she admits she cheated a little and then Jeff says now the vibes are scared 

Jeff says queen...Jordan picks a 4...Jeff says that was the same card she just picked...Jeff grabs the cards out of her hands and Jordan says she hates when he gets these arrogant little attitudes and he gets mad at her, she pinches his cheek...Jeff laughs and says alright! focus!!...he grabs her face playfully, she holds his hand to her face so she can focus LOL ...they are about to bust out laughing...

Jordan says she's feeling a 3, Jeff picks an 8, then she says queen...Jeff says he's channeling it but he channels an 8 again :tongue: Jeff says she's not feeling it, she's goofing off...Jordan says he better watch his tone with her...Jeff grabs her hand and puts it on his forehead while he crosses over with his other hand to reach for to shuffle the cards (it's vibe Twister! lol) , they get it wrong again and they start play fighting...Jeff leans into Jordan and asks if she is going to chest bump him?...Jordan leans in and kisses Jeff again on the cheek...Jeff doesn't respond...Jordan wants him to give her a hug...Jeff half hugs her...Jordan says like you mean it, he laughs...Jordan says "like you mean it, like you mean it Jeff!"...Jeff says he doesn't understand what all the hostility is about?...Jeff hugs her but it's pretty pathetic, he says it's the most embarrasing hug ever...

Jordan moves over and lays down with her head on Jeff and her hand holding Jeff's leg...Jordan starts singing the BFF Christmas song LOL in that voice Jeff hates so he shuts her mouth with his hand and then pinches her nose shut with his other hand...Jordan says give me mouth to mouth, she's serious. Jeff says let me choke you out first 🤨

Jordan says c'mon, it's funny...Jeff says he's not playing CPR because she keeps that business & pleasure...**wink wink** he laughs...Jeff puts the cards on Jordan's tummy and starts summoning the spirits but he guesses wrong anyways...Jordan says she doesn't like this game...Jeff says he didn't like when she was sending him bad vibes before the veto...Jordan plays with his chin and cheek pulling his skin...Jeff talks about the children dying and crying thing that Jordan was doing, he says it was bad vibes, make up a new one that says bad vibes...Jordan keeps poking and prodding Jeff's face :) saying it was like in the Peter Pan movie, she asks if he loves it?...Jeff says not really, there's a lot of stuff he likes better.

Jordan wants cookie dough...Jeff smiles, he wants a piece and says they're the two fattest people in there today, they had 800 million calories today...they count what they had...Jordan says it's good, he needs to gain weight...Jeff disagrees and tells her not to boss him.

Jeff wants to guess a card off Jordan's boob 😜

He touches it first then says he's got to stop goofing around, he picks the wrong card again, no boob vibes there...she says he's done...Jeff says she's done...he tries again on her boob but the cards fall off and he gives up...Jordan pinches his cheek twice..Jeff puts his hand on her tummy...

Jordan wants to paint her nails and go outside...Jeff doesn't...Jordan turns around and whispers to Jeff that Michele is being all anti-social...Jeff says she's weird...Jordan says she's leaving because he's boring her...Jeff says "beat it"...Jordan says she's kidding and wants another hug...Jeff scissors her head with his legs and starts to tickle her, she goes crazy and sits up...they goof around some more...Jeff puts the cards away and then says for her to get her nail stuff and do them in here...Jordan says she wants Jeff to play with her :)...Jeff says he's going to...Jordan wants to aggravate Jeff, she's in the mood to...Jeff says they are so bored...Jordan laughs and says "out of my mind"...

You love me/be quiet/I miss you


Jeff & Jordan have just finished up one of their GR chats, they have been playing a card guessing game, they are bored out of their minds...Jordan gets up to leave, she drops a card, Jeff tries to guess it, he says 7, she says's a 9, he quickly says 9...of diamonds. Jordan says she told him what it was. They bicker over who said what first lol

Jeff asks Jordan where she's going...Jordan says away...Jeff says are you really?...Jordan walks to the door...Jeff says good! who needs you...Jordan says "you love me, be quiet"...Jeff who has his face buried in her blanket says "I miss you"🥰

Squeezing Jeff’s sore butt


After Jordan leaves Jeff in the GR, she takes off her nail polish, goes to the bathroom & then returns saying "Jeffrey"...Jeff says "yes Johrdan"...Jordan says "do you want me to make us some cookie dough?"...Jeff says "no go ahead, if you eat some I'll have a bite"...Jordan says "no, I want you to eat it with me"...Jeff says "I don't want a lot"...Jordan says "so I don't feel bad"...Jeff says he ate a half a snickers...meanwhile Jordan has been massaging & really squeezing Jeff's butt 🍑

Jeff says his butt is sore, his cheeks...Jordan feels/punches for where it's sore...Jeff says right there, Jordan touches the left cheek saying "there?"...Jeff says yeah, what has he been doing? running?...Jordan doesn't know and walks away saying that she is wearing his sandals...Jeff says it's fine and Jordan leaves Jeff alone again.

Jordan says she HAS been making out with Jeff 


Jordan comes outside, sits down on the BY couch & starts painting her fingernails, Kevin & Natalie are outside playing pool. Natalie asks Jordan where Jeff is? Jordan says he is laying in the GR...Natalie asks "have you been spending time with him?"...Jordan says "I have"...Natalie keeps pushing and asks if she's given him a kiss at all, something?...Jordan says "when?"...Natalie says "before Thursday"...Jordan says "yeah".

Natalie says "like I mean a kiss, kiss Jordan"

Kevin says "tongue"

Jordan says "yeah"

Natalie says "are you going to make out with the guy basically before he leaves? that's what I'm trying to ask you"

Jordan says "I have been" ☺️

Natalie says "you have?"

Jordan says "yeah"

Natalie says "oh, I must have missed it all, I was in there last night, it was dark though"

(geez talk about being nosy!! everyone wanted to SEE them kiss/makeout  )

Jordan says "it was after"

Natalie says " that's all it takes?"

Jordan says "what?"

Natalie says "to make out with him? him going home?" (so now you're putting conditions on the make out sesh?  This is NOT your life)

Jordan says "yeah but I could be going home too"

Natalie then says that she has nothing to worry about, she's staying, she's voting Jeffrey out...

Jordan says she doesn't know...

Natalie then lies AGAIN saying she has never voted to evict Jordan yet...she voted to evict her in week 2

Kiss before returning Jeff’s sandals 


Jordan is wearing Jeff's sandals...her and Jeff meet up in the hallway...Jeff asks her where she has been?...Jordan says outside...she walks into the bathroom and Jeff yells out to her that he wants his sandals back because the floor is gross...she meets him by the end of the hallway, gives him a kiss MUAH and says "there ya go" and gives Jeff back his sandals. 

You abandoned me


After giving back Jeff his sandals, Jeff asks Jordan if she hasn't showered yet?...Jordan says no, she doesn't feel like it yet...they are doing their respective things in the kitchen...Jordan opens up a candy bar to eat half of it...Jeff is opening his can of soup...Jeff asks how long did he sleep for?...Jordan says it's 7:30, she doesn't think he slept too long...

Jeff says "you abandoned me"😔

Jordan tells Jeff she told him she was going to paint her fingernails...Jeff says way to go, thanks...Jeff heats up his soup...

Jeff says "you left me all alone"😔

They meet up near the fridge and Jeff says "beat it"...Jordan puts ice in her cup and Jeff asks for some in his...Jordan touches his arm sweetly..

...and then helps him put some ice in his cup.

Jeff sits down to eat his soup while Jordan fills up a bowl with fruit salad...Jordan goes to leave and tells Jeff she'll be outside...Jeff says ok…

Jeff is seething/Jordan leaves Jeff alone 


Jeff is out on the hammock...Jordan is sitting on the couches talking with Kevin who is filling her head...Jordan goes to Jeff to sit with Jeff, he is in a pissy mood (clearly he is not happy Jordan is talking with Kevin) The camera stays on Kevin but he leaves to go inside and then it switches to Jordan who is sitting and looking at Jeff who isn't saying a word...

He finally says while pushing himself away from Jordan "go talk to fu**ing assholes that stab me in the back"...Jordan's face drops...Jeff says "I don't wanna talk to him, I don't wanna be his friend" 😠

Jordan as usual tries to deflect the tension by bringing up something random, she says "I need to get in the shower"...she then says that Kevin was telling her that, they were both telling her that Michele said that if she was here next week because Michele is voting to keep Jeff, that she (Jordan) is outta there or Michele is coming after her if she wins the veto because she's not keeping someone in this house that hasn't done anything.

Jeff says "really? How do they know Michele said that? Natalie didn't do shit won more shit than Natalie so how does that make sense?" Jordan says she doesn't know. Jeff says "they want you to say that so that you'll go after Michele and they're safe, they're not stupid Jordan, they're playing you too"...Jordan says she already told them that if she stays and it's her, Natalie & Kevin, he's going to pick Natalie, she knows this...feeds switch out...

They return and Jeff is quiet and seething...

Jordan keeps swinging the hammock...Jordan says tomorrow is only Monday...Jeff says mmm, hmm...more quiet...Jordan hums...Jeff peeks a look at her...back to the random statements by Jordan, she says her hair is all knotted...

Jordan turns to face Jeff and says "aww, you were in a good mood earlier"...Jeff says "when they try filling your head with bullshit, that Kevin's your best friend, he sent me home, go give him a fu**ing hug" ...Jordan says "I'm not acting...I'm just sitting out there"...Jeff says "I know, listening to their bullshit" ...Jordan's face is sad 😟 She turns even more towards Jeff...Jeff says "fu**ing scumbag, they think they're so smart, they played the game terrific, they both suck dick...literally"...more quiet...

Jordan says "yeah, I'll leave you alone" and gets up to leave...Jeff says "I'm going inside anyway...uh, maybe not, I'll stay here" ...Jordan goes inside...

Tension in the whole house/GR Three’s company 


This entry will be more of a general recap with some editorializatiion than an actual detailed recap because it's more about a sequence of events, an overall mood and the dynamics of the house...

While Jordan was talking to a seething Jeff on the hammock, we see Michele & Kevin talking game inside...Kevin tells Michele that Jeff is mad at him and that if Kevin walks in any room that Jeff is in, Jeff will walk away, he also tells her that if Jeff doesn't approach him to "talk" by tomorrow (Monday) before the Veto ceremony than he lost his chance but there is probably no way he's going to keep him...Michele calls Jeff an idiot because she says that everyone has a chance to save themselves in this game...  

Jordan leaves Jeff in his funk on the hammock and goes inside, she then starts up a convo with Michele in the kitchen...meanwhile Kevin & Natalie are outside talking game and wondering if Michele is still voting to keep Jeff...Kevin knows she will because it's a jury vote...Jordan asks Michele what's wrong, she's being quiet all day...Jordan then straight up asks Michele if Michele said that she would vote out Jordan next week if Michele were to win the veto because she wanted to get out a player that hasn't done anything (Jordan)...Michele admits she did but she says she said it before the veto comp (huh? she's confusing this week with next) and that she will say anything to stay alive in the game...

Jordan tells her that she is trying to be honest and in a nutshell is trying to keep them from believing all the BS floating around the house and that they have to stick together since Kevin & Natalie are...Jordan tells Michele that she knows Jeff is upset because he wants to stay and there is tension...Natalie walks inside the house and the conversation gets awkward...Michele tells Jordan to give him his space...Jordan deflects the topic saying she needs to shower...Michele wants to do her nails...they disperse...

Jordan goes to take a shower...Michele goes outside to work on her nails...Natalie & Kevin are out there gaming...Jeff is not on cam...Kevin goes away leaving Natalie & Michele outside...major tension, nothing is said...Kevin comes back out and they start playing cards...Jordan is finishing up her shower...Michele heads inside with all her nail stuff in tow...

@ the 8:13pm mark Michele heads inside and goes into the bathroom and tells Jordan she hopes Jordan isn't going to tell them (K&N) everything they just talked about...Jordan says no, she was just asking her...Michele then asks if Jeff is in the GR?...Jordan doesn't know, thought he was on the hammock...Michele says ok and walks away and goes in the GR...Jordan tells her she thinks he's ewww.


Michele walks into the GR to do her nails and talk with Jeff who is playing solitaire, she starts talking one point BB tells her to not block her mic so she puts the pillow away from how Michele is sitting after this and what she is wearing 🫢...enough said JMO but I felt like Jeff was very uncomfortable with Michele during this talk, he can barely look her in the face and ignores her, he'd rather face the other way, shuffle his cards...we all know Jeff is about eye contact...I think he found the way she was sitting and his viewpoint from there very awkward.

At one point he turns to lay on his back and talk to her, he barely looks her in the face again and then lays back down on his tummy facing the other way to play cards, then he sits the other way with his back completely to Michele to play's pretty funny actually, lol...I never saw Jeff be rude like this before, maybe Michele should have worn some pants or maybe learned to close her legs...just saying 

During this game talk, Michele has been continuing to paint her nails...Jordan is getting dressed and blow drying her hair

@ the 8:36pm mark Jordan knocks on the door...Jeff who is facing the door and shuffling, says yeah...Jordan says it's just her, do they want her to go?...Jeff says no...Jeff gets a cute smile on his face and says "look at you, all geared out"...Jeff moves over to get Jordan to sit near him but she says she's fine and sits down on the floor 😣

Jordan tells them the sliding glass door handle broke...they start making small talk...Jeff keeps shuffling...Michele says she made Jeff angrier than he was before...Jordan asks why and if Jeff is mad?...Jeff says no...Jordan seems confused...Michele says it's about K-Town...Jordan asks what happened and Jeff says nothing & starts playing solitaire...Michele says yep and keeps painting her toenails, she starts small talking again... (It's clear that Jordan is uncomfortable with Jeff & Michele in there, she tells Jeff later this night in bed that she thought Jeff & Michele were scheming and she didn't like it)

Jeff asks Jordan if she showered?...Michele asks what kind of voodoo they were doing in there earlier?...Jordan says Jeff was just being Jeff...Jeff doesn't get that...they start talking game again...Jeff goes on a mini rant against Kevin saying that he doesn't like what he said about him having to talk to him before Monday or else so how about he goes outside and just slaps him, don't tell me when to fu**ing talk to him.

This is news to Jordan as Michele told Jeff and not her about this and Jeff hadn't yet had a chance to tell Jordan...Jordan seems clearly hurt by this and you can almost see the wheels turning in her mind...Jordan then asks if there's any way that all 3 of them can stay?...they say no...Jordan then plays dumb and brings up the Michele using the veto on Jeff plan in a sneaky way to see what Michele would say but Michele doesn't bite, she says she's using it on herself...Jordan's face says it all, she gets quiet, then @ the 8:52pm mark she gets up, grabs her blanket and leaves the room...Jeff who has had enough gets up one minute later saying he's going to take a shower..

Does my hair look bad/Aww that was cute 


Jeff is sitting with his feet in the hot tub. Jordan comes outside from being in the DR and asks Jeff if her hair looks bad, she had to change it up because it always looks exactly the same (in the DR) This part is hard to hear because of the hot tub noise and Kevin & Natalie laughing by the pool table. Jordan sits down near Jeff, she's having a glass of wine. Jeff reaches over and puts his hand on Jordan's leg and rubs it, he asks her what's up? Jordan says not much...Jeff asks if she needs a towel (to sit on), she says no. Jordan starts rubbing Jeff's arm...he's holding something in his other hand and say it looks like a football...just for a second Cam 1 has a close up of J&J as they say this part ---Jordan thought it was a bandaid, Jeff says it's a rock from the competition that he sucked at. 🥺

Jeff takes his hand away and say he hates seeing those things in the DR. (the alien pics) Jordan says she didn't shave her legs. They talk about the heat of the water. Jeff asks Jordan if she likes those sweatpants...Jordan says yes, she's taking them and then when she sees him she'll give them back. Jeff says they are his brother's. Jordan knows and says to tell him she wants them, she promises she won't lose them...

Jeff says she already ruined his Aurora pants, Jordan says to tell him she'll buy him another pair...Jeff says they won't be the same, he already told him in the blog. Jordan asks "you sure my hair didn't look bad?" Jeff moves one hair over and says "ok, nice" LOL Jeff ask if she put hairspray in it, Jordan says no, Phomollient. Jordan asks if it looked bad...when she was in there talking? Jeff just stares at her...Jordan says so basically he's telling her yes. Jeff says no! it never does.😊

Jordan asks if it was too much...she always wears it down and she needs to mix it up so she doesn't look boring so she doesn't look like Plain Jane, plus she doesn't wear make-up in there ever...Jeff says good...Jordan says no...Jeff says she looks fine, he doesn't wear makeup...Jordan says he's a guy plus guys that are watching it are going to say that girl never wears makeup, that will be her downfall...Jeff says that's why guys won't talk to you? Jeff tsks and Jordan says just kidding.

Jeff points to Jordan's sweatpants and says he never wore them one time, he should have busted them out earlier. Jordan asks yet again, if she should have worn her hair down...Jeff says she's such an idiot with her hair. Jordan tells Jeff she had to re-do what she did last night in the DR. Jeff says what? Jordan says she told him they weren't going to show that because she was spilling her heart out. Jeff says that sucks. Jordan says she looked crazy. Jeff says it was because she was drunk. Jordan says no, she was just upset. Jeff asks if she said the same shit. Jordan says kind of...that it's not fair, that she shouldn't be here over him and that the only time she ever imagined them two sitting in the green chairs was in the finals. Jeff says "awww, that was cute" :) Jordan says she knows, that was probably her downfall because she got too confident about it. Jeff says that was cute again and then notices all the ants.

Jordan asks if Jeff wants to sit on the hammock, he does and they go...

Hawaii Hammock chat Pt1


Jeff & Jordan head over to the hammock, they try to sit sideways on it so they can drink their wine but are having difficulties with balance and are just uncomfortable...Jordan almost spills her wine when Jeff backs up but they manage to rock back and forth for a little bit...Jeff decides he doesn't like it afterall and so he lays down and Jordan sits up facing him.

Jordan and Jeff get comfy...Jordan notices something red on Jeff's face, he doesn't know what it's from...Jordan thinks maybe she hit him LOL They talk about how much they've been eating...Jordan says in her prayers she hoped for wine and they got it. 

Jeff is surprised they got wine the night before noms but it's because they are so down...Jordan says it's weird...Jeff says he didn't make it weird...Jordan says she didn't either...Jeff says the good news is that they only have 2 more weeks after this Thursday no matter what happens.

Jordan says she has something she wants to talk about but will do so later...Jeff wants to know what it is...Jordan says he has to listen to what she has to say because he says he's heard it a million times but she has to get it out, she feels like she's saying it but not getting it all out...Jeff says he knows what she's going to say, he gets distracted by the ants...Jordan mentions if Jeff saw the animated movie Ants? she really liked it, she scrunches up her nose while saying that and Jeff imitates her and asks why she did that? he's never seen that face...Jordan doesn't know why she made that face, it means she means it.

Jordan says what is making her nervous for Thursday is after the eviction when you walk out the door and the audience is out there, it will just be like omg...Jeff says that is the cool part of getting evicted, it will make you feel good, the applause...Jordan compares the applause for Casey & Russell, hopefully people like her and cheer loudly...Jeff says or him...Jeff says Natalie isn't voting to keep him...Jordan asks how he knows? she says she can talk Natalie into it...Jeff says she's attached at the hip with Kevin...Jordan knows she can talk her into it...Jordan says she wouldn't be doing it if she thought he wasn't going to win...Jeff says he will get to the finals...Jordan says she knows, that is the only reason she's doing this...

Jeff says she wants some bling (referring to earrings)...Jordan says who knows, after this he might not (buy her earrings) because the guy always ends up, you never know (implying he would lie to her about buying them)...Jeff says "yeah, don't compare me"...Jordan says she's not, you never know...Jeff says "don't ever compare me" 😒

Jordan implies that Jeff could get the money and then brush her off...Jeff asks her if she thinks he's that type of person or if he will follow through with what he said?...Jordan says she doesn't know...Jeff says if he didn't give a f**k he would say she's coming to Hawaii with him (admitting he does care)

Jordan says if he does get her earrings he has to take her to pick them out so she'll like them...Jeff says he'll come visit her and then they'll go get them...Jordan wants to pick the jewelry store she wants...Jeff says wow! you're definitely not going to Hawaii 😅 Jordan says the deal is that she's giving up this whole thing, her chances then she's getting the earrings and she's definitely going to Hawaii!...Jeff cracks up!...Jordan says she is serious...Jeff asks her if she's going to get there? (finals) because then she can go and he will demand a couple of things...

Jordan says that people are going to think she's crazy or an idiot but she's doing this because she knows if Jeff gets another chance she knows he will win...Jordan brings up her gifts again and Jeff says he has to win 500G's though...Jordan says or 50G's"....Jeff says earrings with 50G's?...Jordan says yeah...Jeff says they're going to be like 5G's!...Jordan says they can get cheaper ones...Jeff laughs...Jordan says it it's 500G's then 5G's is nothing compared to that so she can get earrings for $5000 maybe $8000 (wow!) Jeff wants to cap it at 5...Jordan says no, he's being cheap! he's not married, he's single, he has an apartment...Jeff says he won't be in an apartment for long, he'll be in a fu**ing John Gotti house. 😎 Jeff says he's going to get a dog house for when she comes to visit LOL ...Jordan says no, she will be in the guest house...Jeff laughs and says how much is it? 500 thousand or 500 million? 😂

Jeff says they are getting a little out of control...they start talking about houses going into foreclosure, how cheap you can get them and they talk about her dad letting the family house go into foreclosure...cute moment when they spot a big dragonfly and Jeff says it looks like Falcor from the Never Ending Story :) 

Hawaii Hammock Chat Pt2


Their chat continues...Jordan tells Jeff that he needs to talk to Natalie and try, she tells Jeff that if he didn't do it (try) she would feel bad either way, if she stays she will feel awful, if she leaves then she will feel better knowing he has another chance to win it, it sucks that it has to be this way, if it's not meant to be for her then...Jeff says or me...Jordan says she would feel bad if Jeff didn't try, she would be disappointed in him because she knows he could get the votes and stay and she would feel like she is cheating because it would be like he gave up and she is just staying because he didn't try to get the votes when she knows he could...

Jordan tells Jeff she asked Michele if she said that about going after her and she admitted she said it...Jeff is surprised but says maybe she was just saying that. Jordan says she knows she will feel like shit if he left and she went right behind him...she just doesn't want her mom & them to be disappointed in her if they think she gave up but she didn't...Jeff knows what she is saying...Jordan doesn't want people to say if she really wanted to be there she could have, she would put all her stipend money that he would make it...she wouldn't be doing this if she didn't think Jeff was a genuine, nice person, she knows he's a good person and he wants to see him win over anyone there because he deserves it the most, he did it right and for him to have to go and be cheated, that's not fair at all and she would be pissed off if she was in his situation.

Jordan says she only won the HOH comp because Jeff let her win it and the Veto she won but she would be pissed if the person that just didn't do anything and just "entertained" her stayed...Jeff says "no, you're not like that, don't think of yourself like that, I know you don't think like that"...Jeff asks if that is what she wanted to tell him?...Jordan says yes and continues...Jeff puts his hand up for her to stop...Jordan says she wants to get this all out, to not stop her please...she spills her heart out even more...

Jordan says "I know people are going to think I'm so stupid because they're going to be like, you don't even know, you've only known this person a couple of days but I'm not that type of doesn't make me feel good knowing that...I mean, you haven't done anything thing to me and I've only known you..." Jeff says 58 days  :) "...yeah but...(she stammers)...I don't know, maybe I'm too nice of a person, I don't know" Jeff says "you are a nice person" :) Jeff says look at it this way, if Natalie doesn't vote for me, I'm not staying...Jordan says it doesn't make her feel good knowing that...Jeff says "I appreciate, you're so cute" 🥰 Jordan says "as much as I want it and as much as I need it, I don't deserve it, I don't want to take something I don't deserve and I don't want someone else to be able to keep me just because I'm a weak player and them walk all over me when you could actually do something with it because I know if you stay, I know you'll win"

Jordan says she will even convince people in the jury house to vote for Jeff, she will try anyways, she says Jeff needs to start talking and persuading and she will talk to Natalie to not vote for her and she will even say it in her speech to ensure she goes on Thursday...Jeff says she doesn't need to do all that, he appreciates but she doesn't have to do it, she's too nice...Jordan says maybe if Jeff isn't in the jury house with her she can get the jury prize since she doesn't think who is there has a chance.

Jordan tells Jeff she has been telling Natalie that Jeff will take her to the final 2...Jeff says he hasn't had too much of a chance to talk to her...Jordan says if she sees them talking she will walk away, she says it's best to tell Natalie that she knows they are talking...Jeff says he already told her that when they talked before, he told Natalie what he could offer and he wasn't going to bash Jordan, he told her to ride with Jordan if he leaves, it's all he can do, he's not going to bash her or throw her under the bus to get a vote...Jordan says it's not fair, he's cheated...Jeff says whaddya gonna do, it's a game...

Jordan asks Jeff about what Michele told him and he says he will tell her later...Jordan goes over what Jeff needs to do again, she says he just has to promise her her earrings and Hawaii. Jeff says "if he wins 500?"...

Jordan says mmm, hmm, she's serious...Jeff smiles and says "for sure"...Jordan huffs and says that was like an 'I don't know'...Jeff says "I said for sure, that is the first time I ever said it" 😉 Jordan says Jeff has to do what she said, that's the plan...Jeff says he appreashes but he has to get through this week...Jordan tells Jeff not to say he appreashes because he can get it...Jeff disagrees...Jordan says she will work on it, she just doesn't want people back at home to think she quit, does she look like a quitter?...

Jeff says "you look like a good person, you have a good heart and I said the same shit in the DR throughout the whole thing and you even offering it, is super sweet before it's even done so thank you"

Jordan says she normally wouldn't do it if she didn't think he would win or deserved it and she can't stay knowing that she shouldn't be the one here...Jeff says what she's doing and saying right now proves she deserves it because she tried and it just didn't happen...Jordan says if he stays the fact she left should give him more encouragement to win...Jeff says it would, it would make him focused and pissed...Jordan says then he wouldn't have her to talk to all the time, she wonders if people think she is whipped with that guy...Jeff says no, because then we'd be fu**ing doing it. 

Jeff cracks himself up...Jordan laughs and blushes and says what do you mean doing it? sex?...Jeff says yeah and keeps laughing while Jordan turns red and shakes her head, she says "you're crazy"🤪...Jeff says "!"...

Jeff tells Jordan he didn't have a cigarette all day...Jordan says huh?...Jeff repeats what he said and Jordan says "oh, I thought you said I didn't even see her all day"...Jeff opens his eyes wide and in a jealous tone says "who dis bitch!?" 🤣🤣🤣

Jordan says she didn't mean it like that...Jeff sings 'jealousy'...Jordan says she's just going to have to go to the jury house and make Russell & Jessie her new BFF's and replace him, she's just kidding...Jeff says good luck with that, he says Russell will kiss her ass saying what he did was all for game and then he'll try to bash Jeff...Jordan says she will shit on his pillow.

Jeff says yes!...Jordan says she has no respect for Russell whatsoever...Jeff asks Jordan if he can have a cigarette?...Jordan says no, he says ok...Jordan says it would make her feel so good if she was out and then Kevin was out after her...Jeff says he's gunning for his ass...Jordan says she will be so pissed if she leaves and Jeff gets out right after...Jordan says she doesn't want Jeff in the jury house because he will win the jury prize over her and she would be pissed...

Jeff says he knows he will make it to final 2, he doesn't care who he goes with but he's taking Michele...Jordan says Michele won't turn on him, she likes him so much for some reason, she wants to know what they talked about in the GR. Jeff says just bullshit, stuff about Russell, nothing big...Jordan asks if Michele told Jeff to try...he says she told him to try, he would be stupid not to, she then told him about Kevin's ultimatum which Jeff was none too pleased about, he & Michele can go f**k themselves. 

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