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Day 50 of BB11 Feeds

August 28

Sleepy cuddles & kiss


Jordan has been in the DR for a long time. Jeff, who had commented on how tired he was, has gone to sleep in the SS room. Jordan goes into the room and joins him in bed...

Jordan sits on the side of the bed and reaches out to Jeff to wake him...Jeff reaches out for her hand and pulls her towards him...she goes to lay down and he hugs her sweetly, they get comfy...Jordan asks Jeff what time he went to bed?...Jeff is groggy, he mumbles that after she went in the DR, he went in there...Jordan turns to hug Jeff and says he has been sleeping a long time...Jeff says why?...Jordan says because she went in there around 12 something...

Jeff asks who is down here?...Jordan says Michele & Natalie...Jeff mumbles really? and turns towards Jordan, puts his face right near hers...Jordan pats Jeff's face and tells him that he owes her a back rub tomorrow...Jeff moans and hugs Jordan's body putting his leg over her, he says "you got it"...Jordan leans into Jeff and hugs him closer and says "you do?"...Jeff rubs Jordan's head and says "hmm?"...Jordan says "I said you do?"...Jeff says "I said yeah" and rubs her back...

Jeff says he doesn't know why he is so tired today...Jordan says she's going to be so sore tomorrow...Jeff keeps hugging Jordan and says yeah, she is...Jordan says Jeff is hot...Jeff says "like my body?" and she says mmm, hmm...Jeff turns a little bit and rubs Jordan's hair.

Jordan says "we have to win the veto"...Jeff says "yeah"...Jordan says it's really important...Jeff says yes, it is, he thinks so...Jordan says that she told him that if she won she wouldn't take herself off just in case...Jeff turns his face towards Jordan and rubs her hair again briefly...they talk about the house still being on lockdown...Jordan says she is going to let Jeff go to sleep...Jeff whines no, I like you when you're in here  :) ...Jordan says he sounds like he is halfway asleep though...Jeff says he is...Jordan says she will let him sleep...Jeff does that whiny moan noise when he means no and keeps rubbing her hair.

Jordan says for Jeff not to forget to talk to him (Kevin) tomorrow...Jeff says he won't and Jordan better say her peace too...she will...they talk about what the deal was with Kevin...Jordan turns to her stomach and faces Jeff, Jeff has his hand on her head...

Jordan says she wanted Kevin to win but now she's kind of nervous...Jeff keeps rubbing her hair...Jeff yawns big...Jordan says she has a big, old bruise on her knee...Jordan says she was already tired just from running 4 laps...

Jordan says she started off good at first but once she fell it was over...Jeff doesn't say anything with being half asleep...Jordan says she hopes Jeff isn't disappointed in her...Jeff turns to full body hug Jordan and says "no, Jordan you tried your best?"...he keeps rubbing her hair and back...Jordan says she knew she couldn't catch up so after that hmmm, it's like she got so far behind and she just like geez...Jeff says he knows.

Jordan says she gets scared when Jeff yells at her...Jeff squeezes her, he rubs his face and says don't be scared...Jordan says she does, it's kind of like when a coach yells at you, it scares her, doesn't it scare him?...Jeff says no...Jordan pretends to be Jeff yelling at her and says she gets scared...Jeff says he's just helping...Jordan says maybe it's because she has never seen that side of Jeff and she's not used to him.

Jeff is dozy so Jordan says she'll go, she says goodnight...Jeff says gimme a kiss and they kiss...

Jeff says he's tired for real...Jordan can tell because she's trying to talk and he's sleeping, she says to sleep tight...Jeff moans and he reaches for her hand

Sleepy hug/Jeff doesn’t remember 


Jeff & Michele have been cleaning the kitchen, there is a huge ant problem (yuck!)...Jeff is called into the DR...Jordan walks into the kitchen...Michele tells her what they have been doing...Jordan says she didn't sleep well at all (not with Jeff again 😉  )

Jeff comes into the kitchen from the DR and heads right to Jordan, they hug while Jordan tells him she didn't sleep well at all...Jeff says it's because she didn't sleep with him (he's right!)

Jeff says he was out huh? what did he say? wtf happened? did he take a sleeping pill or what?...Jordan goes in for another hug and says she was in the DR and she said something, where's Jeff and he was in bed and she went in there and she was talking to him asking him if he wanted her to let him go, let him sleep (Jeff smiles) and he said no, no and she could just tell so she let him go to bed.

Jeff doesn't remember what she said...Jordan can't remember what she asked him but she remembers him massaging her head and it felt good...he asks her if he did that?...Jordan says yeah, she demonstrates and says it felt good...Jeff says see? that was the perfect scenario, he was asleep and she was getting a massage 🤝Jordan says she asked Jeff is he was disappointed in her and Jeff said no...Jeff says see?

They go back to cleaning up…

Laying in the GR/Broken elastic sweatpants 


Jordan is laying in the GR in her little blanket cocoon, she has a very serious, worried look on her face.

At the same time Jeff is staring at the picture wall...Jeff then comes in and says "Johrdan"...she immediately smiles...Jeff pinches her leg and lays down on the far end of the bed...Jeff says he got up early, got ready for the day and now they are going to go back to bed?...Jordan asks if he wants to?...Jeff says what else are they going to do?...Jordan says yeah, let's go to bed, in here?...Jeff says he doesn't care.

Jordan says she has a headache and she is kind of grossed out by the food..Jeff says him too...Jeff says there were ants marching in there, they were playing Dave Matthews Band ...they talk about how nasty the ant problem was then Jordan says she's sore and Jeff needs to still rub her, she's going to keep reminding him...Jeff says just like when he reminds her to backscratch...they then talk about taking showers vs. just going in the pool...Jeff says he was so tired last night, he liked it, it was like he ran 5 miles...Jordan says when she got out of the DR, the lights were out and she was like where's Jeff? where's my b...(Jeff looks at her and smiles at her hesitation)...where's my BFF?

Jeff asks what time he went to bed?...Jordan says she got out of the DR around 1:30...Jeff says oh, he thought he went to bed at 11...she says it might have been, she was in the DR for awhile...Jeff lifts his foot to her face and she pretends to kiss his toe...Jeff laughs...Jordan moves towards Jeff and lays down with her head facing Jeff's armpit...Jeff says "Johhrdan? you wanna get in there?"...she holds his arm....

Jordan admits she got so embarrassed when Julie asked her about turning away from Jeff's kiss, she could feel her face get so red (well maybe you shouldn't have avoided it )...Jeff said he tried to get in there...Jordan was thinking help me!...Jeff says Jordan was like umm, well, errr, ummm, like...and Jeff was like (it's over sign with hand) "quit it"...Jordan says she didn't know what to say...Jeff says no, it was funny, he didn't do much better.

Jordan reaches up with her other hand to hold Jeff's...Jeff says his questions upstairs were terrible...Jeff explains how he treated talking to Julie like being in the DR, he was rambling and he could tell Julie wanted him to finish up...Jordan's face is just beaming when he tells this story  They talk about how the live show went and how they could have said or done things better or differently. 

Jordan puts her head on Jeff's chest...Jeff starts bitching about Michele and how she is going to be all up in their asses this week, it was kind of good that she was with Russell, they whisper some inaudible game talk...Jordan then blows a raspberry on Jeff's chest saying she had to do that, sorry....Jeff nods LOL...Jordan says Jeff always has his Hanes sticking out...Jeff sarcastically says it's because "someone" broke the elastic on his pants that he wears every day...Jordan says who did that?...Jeff says he doesn't know, they gawn, LOL

Jordan says she didn't do it...he gives her a look...Jordan says it again and Jeff says ok, go back and watch the season, the beginning of the season he had elastic on his pants, then she wore them outside in the hanging competition and he put on his pants and there was no more elastic, it broke, it's in there but it snapped.

Jordan smiles and says he's blaming it on her the one time she wore them?...Jeff says who else is there to blame it on?...Jordan says not me, yourself ANALOGY TIME: Jeff says if he lets her borrow his car and it comes back and there's no engine in it, who is he gonna blame it on? You borrowed it and now it doesn't start? You!

Jeff says just say you broke the elastic, it hurts, you happy you have a drawstring. Jordan says "Jeefffff" :)

Laying in the GR/it’s a boner/You look good without makeup 


Jeff starts up again with how much Michele is making him sick, she drives him crazy with the giggling, he says he can't take it, he imitates her annoying giggling 😠...Jordan giggles LOL Jeff says he has to get through this week, he hopes Kevin sticks to the deal.

Jeff is silent...Jordan buries her head and Jeff puts his hand around her head...Jeff then laughs and Jordan says what?...Jeff says is it cozy in there? (armpit, lol)...Jordan says it's like a bat cave. 

They start talking about what # day it is in the house today and then Jeff sees black stuff in Jordan's eyeball and she gets up to take it out...he gets grossed out by it LOL Jordan sits back down...Jeff hears Michele talking in the kitchen with the others and says now she is bashing Russell.🙄 Jeff says he hopes that Kevin does the right thing...for himself...he looks at Jordan...

Jeff says they are not going to get a word in with Kevin at this rate...Jeff picks 2 ants off of Jordan's blanket and says this is fu**ing gross...Jeff says it's over, they're infested, it hurts...Jordan says we lost.

Jordan says "play with my hair or something"...Jeff says Jordan is getting to be more and more like him  He keeps playing and then says "you wanna see what's on TV?" :) 

Jeff starts tickling Jordan on her neck and Jordan goes crazy "JEEFFFFFF! you can't do that!"...he lets up eventually and she puts her head back on his chest...she says he's too skinny now, she just feels bone.

Jeff says no way, he's gained some weight, he's been eating everything in sight...Jordan says she laid her head down and it was digging into a bone...Jeff says it's not a bone, it's a boner they laugh especially Jeff...Jordan says Jeff is a dork.

They start bickering about the who rubs whom more situation...Jordan says to keep rubbing but she is going to take a shower because she's grossed out and then put makeup on and look presentable...Jeff says not to put make up on because it runs down her eyeballs and she looks fine without it...Jordan gets offended and says oh my gosh Jeff...Jeff says that's a compliment, you look better without makeup...isn't that a compliment?...Jordan says yeah...Jeff says he likes her without makeup...Jordan says she looks tired...Jeff says then fire some makeup on, whatever makes you feel better, you look good both ways.:)

Jeff says to do him a favor, if they do any more comps involving water, wash your makeup off...Jordan says it's only because it's liquid, she can't wear a pencil eyeliner...Jeff asks if she usually wears the pencil kind?...Jordan says yeah but BB wouldn't allow it (writing instrument) so she came prepared...they decide it's time to get "social" so they leave to go talk to the others…

JeJo need to win, that’s all 


Jeff & Jordan are outside on the couches...Jeff has been told by Kevin that he's most likely going up because he can't take the chance that Jeff wins the POV while Jordan & Michele are up and he takes Jordan off and then Natalie has to go up...Jordan is quiet and pensive...Natalie has been sitting with them bitching about Michele being a liar and how she wants her out, all the while lying through her teeth about not wanting Jeff out. 🙄

Natalie leaves the BY and J&J are left soon as she leaves, Jeff looks at Jordan and says she better focus this POV, this is what it's going to come down to, Jordan getting Jeff off the block one time 😟...Jordan says she wishes he would just put her & Michele up, she's surprised he's not putting her & Jeff up together...Jordan says right before she left talking to Kevin, Kevin told her that he thought of Jeff & Jordan as individuals and the nominations don't matter, what's important is the POV and that will decide who's going home...she was thinking Jeff was getting backdoored.

Jeff says it's him & Michele (going up)...Jordan says her stomach is upset...Jordan says even if Natalie wins, she thinks her word is good so it's ok...Jeff says who's word is good at this point?...Jeff says Kevin's plan is smart but stupid because now Jeff has more reason to go after him, he was gunning for him after Michele went home this week anyways, he plans on winning the POV so it's fine...Jeff says she has to pull out a big win and vice versa, if fu**ing Michele wins, he will be so pissed...obviously. 😫

Natalie returns saying Michele & Kevin are still talking...Jeff says Kevin has what he wants and that's all...they sit in silence for a bit...Jordan wonders if Kevin wins the POV will he change the noms?...Natalie says no, what would be the point?...Jeff says he has no advantages of keeping Michele here, Jordan says that is true...Natalie says Kevin doesn't like Michele and wants her out of here.

Jordan says Michele is going to be acting weird now until the POV is over...Natalie says she's already weird, she can't get any weirder...Jordan says her deals change every time there is a new HOH, she's just trying to save herself...Natalie leaves again...

Jordan says she is sick to her stomach...Jordan says she has a feeling that if Kevin wins POV he will replace Michele with Jordan so that Jeff will go home...Jeff says all he cares about is winning the POV...Jeff says he doesn't give a f**k who wins after that, if he doesn't win, he's gone, who the f**k cares if Jordan goes up next to him, it doesn't matter, he's going home, all you have to do is win now.

Jordan says "you're pissed now aren't you?...Jeff says yeah, he's pissed because he could have gone to the final 4, he told Jordan they were gunning for him not her but whatever, if shit was easy, everybody would do it, you gotta prove yourself and I will prove it tomorrow, he'll take it into his own hands and win and guess who he's coming after next week when Kevin's not playing HOH, he'll make a deal with Natalie and say it's me & Jordan, you want to go too? because Kevin is going home...after he wins tomorrow.

Jordan starts up with the scenarios of winning...Jeff says me, you, win, that's all...Jordan says she knows...Jeff says that is all you have to know, don't tell me another scenario or strategy of who's going up, just win, that's all, he doesn't want to hear anything but she's going to win and that's all, no more scenarios, the scenario is if I don't win, I go home, that's all. 😩

Jordan is stressed, she gets up to leave and Jeff follows saying he's going to take a shower.

Don’t look so sad


Jeff is in the kitchen finishing up prepping the chicken. Jordan, all mopey and covered with her blanket, walks into the kitchen towards Jeff...Jeff says "what's up?"...Jordan whispers "what's up?"...Jeff says "nothing, just making dinner", he says he's just going to let it marinate for a little bit...Jordan asks if Jeff wants to go lay down...Jeff says he'll go lay down...Jeff says "why you looking so sad, don't look so sad"...Jordan walks over to Jeff and touches her chin to Jeff's shoulder...she's called out by BB to put on her mic...Jordan leaves to go get it, Jeff finishes up and then Jordan comes back into the kitchen braiding her hair...Jeff asks her to take the bowl of chicken and put it in the SR fridge...Jordan meets Jeff in the SR, they put away the chicken and then head to the SS room to lay down...

Pre POV stress, voodoo & cuddles Pt1


Jeff & Jordan go to the SS room to's not really working...they are stressed from the second they get in there...Jeff starts biting his nails, he says he hopes they get to practice, it better not be just questions, he hopes they do some running around out there...Jordan says she thinks it is because they're doing stuff outside, most vetos you run around.

Jeff says you just gotta win, that's all, he's not too down...Jordan says she feels bad, like she let Jeff down...Jeff says she can tell him that tomorrow...Jordan says why?...Jeff says you have a chance to save me?...Jordan mmm, hmm's...Jeff says well then don't let me down. 😒

Jeff says it's not up to her, it's up to him to win...Jordan says but she's his partner...Jeff says "well then win and don't say you're going to let me down"...Jordan says she will...Jeff says he told her it would come down to that one time, but it's not up to her, don't feel pressure, the pressure is all on him...Jordan says "or I win and I can take you off"...Jeff says that's the back up plan, Jordan winning, that would be sweet, try your hardest...Jordan says he knows she is, why wouldn't she?...Jeff says he knows, everything he prepared her for and told her, this is the moment, it's tomorrow...

Feeds go off and return with Jeff saying winners win and he's one, you can't just walk through, you have to prove yourself, now is his time and there are back up options with Jordan or Natalie winning, he doesn't trust Kevin...Jeff keeps biting his nails...they talk about what the POV comp might be and BB not giving  Jeff an advantage, Jeff wants to practice.

Jordan lays down and faces Jeff, she asks what Kevin said to Jeff?...Jeff says what Kevin did was a smart move, he's just pissed he didn't keep his word but it's a smart move but if Kevin really wanted Michele out he could have done it, but now he made him pissed, he has to get one of them out...Jeff says all they have to do is win, then he's in a good position...Jeff lays out the scenario of what he hopes happens...Jeff turns to Jordan with a smile and says she can step up anytime and win if she wants...Jordan says with what?...Jeff says anything...Michele comes in the room and fake yawns. 🙄

They all get quiet because Michele makes things uncomfortable...Jordan peeks over at Jeff occasionally who is staring at the ceiling...

Jeff closes his eyes...

Jordan covers her face with her blanket...she is restless...she tries to close her eyes to sleep...all three try to sleep but no one is...Jordan opens her eyes and secret smiles.

Just past 7pm Michele leaves and immediately Jordan turns towards Jeff...Jeff looks at her and smiles...Jordan pinches Jeff's cheek and asks him what he's smiling about?...he says about them throwing us under the bus, it doesn't matter though, it's either him or her (Michele)...they are quiet for awhile and then Jeff whispers something about wishing the comp was the money they collected today (he got the most)...Jordan grabs Jeff's arm and says she'll rub his back tonight and he'll feel better tomorrow. :) Jeff says he should win, he's going to win…

POV Stress, voodoo & cuddles Pt2 


It's pretty obvious that Jordan wants to touch Jeff and get closer to him...after telling him she will rub his back tonight she starts rubbing his arm...Jeff asks if they should go over dates?...Jordan says they'll go over everything...Jeff's in an awkward position so Jordan reaches for Jeff's other arm and pulls him closer...Jeff says what? and rolls over to hug Jordan...they hug and then he rolls back on his back...Jordan lays her arm over Jeff and cuddles him...Jeff puts his leg over her leg...(or otherwise known as assuming the position, lol)...

Jordan pats Jeff's tummy...Jeff says "oh man, let us practice"...Jordan rubs Jeff's leg and then whispers to Jeff about Michele...Jeff says so what? it doesn't matter, it's up to him now, he doesn't care what anyone thinks or what their profession is, he just has to win, that's all.

Jordan asks Jeff where he got those scratches? (on his arm) ...Jeff doesn't know...Jeff hopes the comp is not some bullshit, not the kind that is left up to chance, he wants to be able to win...Jeff says Jordan could win, take him off and then they will be both safe and then Natalie would go up and they could start shitting, they could use it to threaten Natalie to help get Kevin out the following week...Jeff says whatever and keeps biting his nails...

Jordan touches Jeff's leg, his foot, asks him if it tickles?...he says no, it feels good...Jordan rubs his tummy, pats it...Jeff asks if that money has something to do with tomorrow since they never got to the bottom of it...Jordan wonders as well about maybe taking the money for the veto or something...Jeff says he thinks he found the most money and he found the key so he doesn't know if it's good or bad, maybe it's nothing.

Jordan asks about the vetos with the faces (that would be the one and Jeff's demise) ... Jeff says yeah, the combined ones, he was looking at the pictures today...Jordan says it might be a messy comp...Jeff says let's get dirty...Jordan says he will win or she will...Jeff says it was still the best move (getting rid of Russell), it's win or go home...he likes it.

Jordan says she can't fall asleep...Jeff says he can't either and he's not hungry and there's nothing else to do...Jordan says she's bored, Jeff too...Jeff starts searching for something in the drawers and asks why they (BB) moved this shit?...Jordan says it was blocking the camera...(hallelujah!! :D) ...Jeff says they just figured that out now?...Jordan says they said it yesterday...Jeff leaves...feeds go off J&J and return…

Jeff & Jordan are hugging on the bed, Jordan rubbing Jeff's back with Jordan saying that in beginning Jeff was (rubbing her?) ...Jeff says she has debts to pay.

Jordan says Jeff's shirt kind of smells like garlic...Jeff says everything does LOL Jordan rubs for awhile and then says Jeff's skin is soft...Jordan rubs his arm and Jeff says thanks...Jeff smells his fingers and says he's garlicky...Jordan says she is smelly from outside...Jordan asks Jeff when he's going to start cooking, he says anytime...Jordan keeps rubbing and touching Jeff, she says his voice echoes in the springs of the bed...Jeff says that's wild. LOL

Jordan says after he wins tomorrow he will be in the best mood ever...Jeff says he's not in a bad, bad mood, he thinks he is going to win, he is positive, he can only wait for tomorrow and wishes it was right now...Jordan says "I would die..." but she doesn't finish her thought...

Jordan says her nose gets stuffy in there, she vigorously rubs Jeff's arm...she burrows closer to Jeff and asks him what he's thinking about?...Jeff says winning, he asks her what she's thinking about, the salon? LOL Jordan says "cookie dough...I'm just kidding"...Jordan rubs Jeff's leg and says she's kidding, she can tell he's getting irritated with her, Jeff says he's not...Jordan lets go her grip and puts her head under her pillow then pops up and asks Jeff if he wants to start cooking?...they get up and go to the kitchen.

Jordan sees aliens


Jeff is laying in the SS room after having dinner...Jordan peeks in telling Jeff she just saw 2 aliens in the mirror...Jordan says she was the only person that saw them...Jeff says maybe they're in here...f**k that!...Jordan sits down on the slide and yells "there they are!" pointing at the wall...Jeff pops up out of bed saying "where?" but he doesn't see them...Jordan laughs...Jordan says she looks like a crazy person! she says they wish they did it at night...Jeff says forget it!...Jordan says she knows Jeff would be running...Jeff asks what do the masks look like?...Jordan says it's a white mask with an alien face.

Jeff says dude, that's pandora's box, what if you had to go upstairs and close it?...Jordan makes a scary ghost voice LOL Jeff says if he was here by himself and he saw it he would be like wtf?...they laugh...Jeff says thank God he had his eyes closed...they talk about being scared...Jeff says get Natalie   

Jeff describes the room Kevin was locked up in and how he was locked up...Jordan talks about her DR and how cool the guy was in there, he gave her words of encouragement about the upcoming POV...Jordan says she will die if she doesn't win...Jeff says good, she will try harder...Jordan says she will, Jeff is her BFF and if he's gone she will die...Jeff says "he gawn, I gawn, forget it"

Jordan says she wants those aliens to come back and scare her when she's off guard...Jeff doesn't, he says he'll freak out...Jordan says she saw them when she was washing dishes...Jeff says "you weren't scared?"...Jordan says no, it was daytime, if it was night that would be different...Jeff says when he goes to take a pee at 4 in the morning, he's keeping his eyes closed...Jordan laughs and says "oh Jeff"...Jordan says she will give up her money so she can play in the veto if that's what it is...Jeff says she doesn't have to.

Michele comes in saying she saw an alien in the bathroom mirror...Jordan leaves giggling about Jeff and his fear of the aliens. Michele & Jeff have an awkward convo about aliens...goes something like this...

Michele - giggle,giggle, asks a weird question

Jeff - answers her question

Michele - shuffle, shuffle, giggle, giggle, adjusts her bed covers, giggle, giggle, mumble, mumble, asks another weird question

Jeff - answers her question

Michele - giggle, giggle, shuffle, shuffle, weird statement, giggle, giggle

Jeff - response

Michele - plays with her clothes & hair, groans

Jeff - statement

Michele - giggle, goofy statement, shuffle, shuffle...

You get the picture 

The convo ends with her lying about her husband,  fake yawning and more giggling 🙄

Everyone sees aliens 


9pm - Jeff is up in the HOH talking to Kevin & Natalie...he finally sees an alien...he giggles...they go downstairs to see if they can see more.

Funny Natalie comment - referring to the clothes she left in the washer, she says now her clothes are going to be all "MILDY" (cross btw mildew & moldy?) LOL

9:02pm -  The HG's have been told the POV comp is tonight after midnight...Jordan is brushing her teeth...Jeff tells her that he saw an alien in the HOH room...Jeff says damn! it's on...Jordan is glad it's on tonight...Jeff says they're making them dress up..they including Natalie try to figure out what the comp is about...Jordan has her hand on Jeff's leg...Jeff says "Jordan, your hands are freezing"...Jordan says sorry...Jeff says it's alright...

They whisper about Michele...Jordan spots the aliens again...Jeff says she's the master of that, maybe you have to spot them out in the yard...they say they're excited...Jeff says he's going to shit his pants, not literally of course LOL

Jordan sees the aliens yet again...Jeff says he saw only one, Natalie too...Natalie says "hey little fellas" :) They keep talking about Pandora's box and the POV comp...Natalie leaves...

Jeff says maybe it's something alien-y (yep!)...Jeff says they just have to win because he doesn't trust anything that is going on in there anymore...the aliens appear again in the mirror...they laugh..they call Kevin over, he is skittish, lol...Jordan is getting a kick out of the aliens...Jeff is killing himself laughing with how scared Kevin is...Kevin leaves...

Jeff leans back and says it's on tonight, he will find out his future 👎 Jordan says there were two aliens, girls or boys, she's not sure...Jeff says aliens are unisex. LOL

Jeff leaves to go give a beer to Buddha.

Pre POV stress, voodoo & cuddles Pt3


(Jeff has some psychic moments here, I bolded them)

Jeff is laying down in the SS room...Jordan joins him after coming out of the DR...she asks him what's up?...Jeff says nothing...Jordan asks Jeff if she should get in the other bed?...he says no...Jordan says she was talking about the aliens...Jeff has his eyes closed and Jordan is smiling...Michele is called to the DR...Jordan looks at Jeff again and Jeff turns and looks at Jordan...Jordan says Michele is going crazy.

Jeff says she was crying...Jordan asks why?...Jeff says he thinks so, he doesn't know, he says that Michele asked Jeff why he called her a liar, not knowing about Pandora's box...Jeff says he called her a liar but he was joking around, it was a misunderstanding...Jordan asks what she said?...Jeff says "that's not coolz"...Jordan says "coolz?"...Jeff says you know how she says that...Jordan says she's freaking out...Jordan says Michele liked it when it was both of them up on the block...Jeff says well she liked it when the plan was her and Russell to get us out, she liked it when she went upstairs and told Kevin to put me on the block, if she was HOH she would have put him & Kevin up.

Jordan says she is excited about tonight...Jeff says him too, but he'll be more excited when he wins, he wants to win and if he doesn't, he has a whole week to know he's going home. 😰 Jeff says he wants to win and be excited and pop that bottle...Jordan says "what if I win?"...Jeff says then he will be even more excited and pop that bottle...Jordan says "and then what?"

Jeff says "and then we're going to fu**ing touch each other" 

They start talking about what they think the POV comp is going to be like, they think it might have something to do with the money they won earlier in the day and Pandora's box...Jeff hopes he won't be penalized for finding the most money, that's BS...Jeff says he hates games where they pat people on the back for doing shit, he hopes it's not about greed because he was greedy, he was sucking up those bills like a vacuum cleaner.

Jordan says she will give up her money if it means playing (to win the POV)...Jeff says "you don't have to Jordan"...Jordan says she will to secure their safety...Jeff says they have to look out for each other...Jeff says he hopes the comp has to do with something smashing them LOL or an alien comes down and throws a rocketship at them...they giggle...Jordan says Jeff needs to be prepared for anything...they go over what the comp might be and what they might wear.

Jeff says "why don't they put us in space suits, who knows what we're going to be in?"  Jeff says they have to do it whatever it is...Jordan says duh! Jeff says "for real, I need you Jordan" Jeff says she will go out there and say, look at that alien hehehe...stay focused, please, he doesn't want to tell her 50 times, just this time, for real, like after the competition if something happens and it's a bad result and they'll say they wish they did a little harder...they have to try their hardest. 🥺

Jordan thinks Natalie & Kevin aren't even going to try, Jeff thinks they are...Jeff doesn't give a f**k about them, he just has to win and Michele cannot...Jeff says he can't believe he will know the answer in 3 hours...Jordan says just get pumped...Jordan says to remember Michele's knee hurts...Jeff says what do you want me to do? chop her knee down? give her a karate kid kick? 😛 Jordan rubs Jeff's arm/shoulder and says she hopes it's not a puzzle, she's terrible at that...Jeff says he either gets those right away or he doesn't get them.

Jeff says it's crazy, like Friday Night Lights...Jordan asks Jeff if he wants his back rubbed?...Jeff says he's not nervous, he's not crazy but he'll always take a back rub...she starts rubbing...

Natalie comes in the room, they start talking about what the comp might be like...Kevin joins them...Natalie says it could be one of those ones where they go out in the BY one at a time...Jeff says "in spacesuits?"...the others think it wil be glow in the dark stuff or tight black suits with neon but Jeff says he's going with spacesuit, they're done with the unitards...spacesuit it is.

Jeff turns around and lifts up his shirt and motions to Jordan to rub his belly, lol. She does. :) 

Jeff vs Natalie - hilarious rant


Jeff goes on a mini rant with Kevin & Natalie in the room. Jordan just rubs Jeff's tummy and giggles at him.  :)

Jeff & Natalie are discussing the key that unlocked Pandora's box...they start bickering about it...Kevin thinks there might be another 10G's involved...Jeff says he didn't read any signs because he was worried about Natalie and running around...Natalie smiles...Jeff says they had to open Pandora's box to get Kevin out...Natalie & Kevin say no, Kevin opened the box and that is why he had his hand in there, so they had to release him...Jeff laughs about how Kevin was saying hurry, hurry...Jeff says he didn't know what the f**k was going on.

Jeff asks Natalie "you really couldn't find that key?"...Natalie says no...they talk about how big the key was, Jordan says she didn't see the key...Jeff says he was going everywhere whipping shit around to find the key, everywhere he ran, he had money coming out of his ass, he was stuffed.

Jeff says he wishes there were more clues, something's up...Jeff says that BB can't go off if we know Pandora's story, what if the story is of Ted Johnson, my next door neighbor LOL Jeff says they have to make the competition even...Jeff says what is up with BB not calling the money thing a competition...Kevin says the card in the DR said it was a twist.

Jeff says "dude, I should get a bonus for finding the key"...Natalie says a bonus in a bad way...Kevin says no, in a good way because it was unselfish of Jeff to do that...Jeff says "yeah"...Natalie says she should get a bonus for knowing about it first...Jeff says "why? you went to the DR, I went upstairs, what if it was in the DR the clue?"...Natalie says the clue can't be in the DR...Jeff starts going off about how Natalie always has all the answers...Natalie says they would never show that on TV for show purposes...Jeff says oh, yeah what about when Dan had to go in the DR and tell their answer...Natalie can't argue with that point...Kevin says "you got burned" 

Natalie says she's just throwing shit out there like they are...Jeff says everything he says Natalie shuts down, all season...Natalie laughs...Kevin says Jeff is so sensitive...Jeff sits up and says he's on edge over here...Natalie says Jeff never believes her...Jeff says it's because she always calls him out, how does she know...Kevin and Jordan laugh.

Natalie says she was right about the Coup d'etat...Jeff says no she wasn't...Natalie says she was, she knew it was instant eviction or the Coup and Jeff kept saying how do you know that?...Jeff says he was just playing that off...Jeff says "I hate not knowing what's going on, because of this greed, because of this money I'm in last place, what's up with getting patted on the back for coming in first over here"...Jordan and Kevin giggle.

Jeff continues "Kevin falls first, 5G's...the one who can't collect the most money? you're safe!" Kevin laughs...Jeff says "that's bullshit!"...Natalie says maybe tonight's comp is about greed?...Jeff says "well what are you supposed to do? suck ass?!...the competition is about greed...ready, go!"

Jeff says he's just going to pass out and they'll say hey, you suck the worst, here's a veto! 😝 ...Jeff says "how about if it's about dropkicking people?"...Natalie says that Jeff takes everything personal...Jeff says what do you mean about greed, what the hell is he supposed to do? see who can lay there the longest and not do shit? 

Natalie says she's just throwing scenarios out...Jeff says he hates scenarios, what if?...Kevin and Jordan keep giggling...Jeff says he's getting freaked out over here...Jordan says she can tell.

Natalie says it's so personal to Jeff, they are all trying to figure it out...Jeff says it's because someone knows something and he knows they're not speaking up, he points at Kevin and smiles...Kevin swears he doesn't know anything...Jeff says just wink and say you know but can't tell...Kevin says he would tell him...Jeff says liar! LOL

Jeff says first of all if it was up to him, whoever got the key should win the veto, that's just me, they all laugh.

Jeff say what's up, he figured out the clue first, that's all...Jordan says what's up?

Jeff thinks it's only fair, they all had the opportunity to find the key and he did, winner! 

Natalie says the only reason Jeff found the key was because of her....

Jeff yells at Natalie saying "you told me not to go upstairs! what are you talking about?!"

Jeff says she put a do not enter sign up there and he just busted through on his own and got a clue, so don't tell me...Natalie says he would have never gone up there if not for her...

Jeff says Oh Bullshit! he went into the DR first, of course he would have gone up there.

Natalie asks why he went in there?...Jeff says he was looking for clues, no one was saying shit, there had to be more to it than just money...Jeff says the DR was locked and he was going to go upstairs but then she said it was locked and not to go up there, Natalie didn't tell him shit and he thought f**k it, so he went up on his own and saw the clue.

Jordan asks Natalie if they told her in the DR?...Jeff says yeah and she was hoarding it to herself, talk about greed! Jeff says Natalie should be banned! LOL Natalie says everything she told him was 100% truth 🙄 Jeff says he doesn't know about that, he says don't give me this I never lied to you shit because you told me the door was locked and not go up there...

Kevin interjects explaining what he heard but Jeff keeps going, lol...he says if Natalie knew the door was locked why did she follow him up there like a shadow? 🥸 They keep bickering about the key, the money, who knew what, who was right...meanwhile Jordan & Kevin just stay quiet, smile & giggle.

Jeff yells "if I get penalized, if I get fu**ing penalized for this bullshit for not going upstairs and not telling me to use the money & the key when I'm the one who had the key!"...Jeff says if Natalie knew something and threw him off the's OVER!...Jordan laughs...Kevin is called to the DR...Jeff says see, they're like Kevin get outta there cuz you're gonna break 

Jeff keeps going! 

Natalie keeps trying to make her point! Jeff says watch the tapes, he kept telling Natalie...get away from me!

Jordan keeps laughing. 

Jeff says as soon as he found that key, she was right on his ass. (wouldn't you be? lol)

Natalie makes her point and says see what I'm saying? Jeff says see what I'm saying?

Natalie throws a pillow at Jeff🥴 Jordan cracks up.

Jeff calls Natalie out on wanting the split the prize...he says "split what? he doesn't even know what he's splitting!"

Natalie keeps making her point and then Jeff says that if this bullshit comes back to bite him in the ass he will be so pissed.

Natalie keeps at it and is semi-convincing but Jeff won't let up, he says money was flying everywhere, there's a thousand dollars all over the place, his pockets are full of hundreds and she wants to split it, split what, she was making no sense, he had no idea what she was talking about, what's going on? where's Kevin? what's going on? split what? I don't even know what we're splitting...they keep bickering and at this point Natalie is sitting on their bed banging the mattress in frustration  Natalie throws the pillow at Jeff again and says this guy is making me so upset!!

Kevin comes back and the rant ends...they start talking about the comp and how it might have to do with a trip out of there, like aliens abducting them (they got the alien part right)...Jeff gets called to the DR, Kevin says Jeff is paranoid and then Jordan tells Natalie that she loves when Jeff & Natalie bicker and how she points her little fingers.

Jeff is paranoid


Jordan, Kevin & Natalie continuing talking while Jeff is in the DR...they talk about the money falling from the sky luxury...Jordan says she didn't know what was going on, she was inside, at first she was taking her time, she didn't think they'd be able to do anything with it...Kevin says they looked like they were going in slow motion, Kevin thinks it has something to do with aliens abducting them...they talk about Pandora's box...Kevin thinks maybe the POV will have some kind of penalty attached...Natalie thinks they're reading into it too much...Kevin says it's a weird veto, Natalie has to admit it's a random situation with the money thing, BB knew that Kevin would open Pandora's box...more Pandora's box talk, Kevin explains how he reacted.

Jordan says she's sore from yesterday...Kevin and Natalie are too...Jeff returns...Jeff is paranoid again and asks what Kevin is laughing at?...Jeff says BB told him something more so now they're on the same page...Natalie one ups Jeff saying BB is about to call her in to tell her even more...Jeff says he believes it but they all know something different...Jordan says she knows nothing, they didn't tell her...Jeff says she's a liar!  ;)

Jordan swears to God BB didn't tell her anything...Jeff says Natalie knows something for sure...Jordan questions if Jeff really knows something?...Jeff is vague LOL...Natalie says Jeff knows Jack shit...Jeff says he knows something about Kevin knowing something but he's not allowed to say LOL Kevin giggles.

Jeff finds some Chima hair on their bed EWWW 🤢Natalie says she found some on the chess board...Jordan says her hair went a long way...Jeff says "Jesus, there's a mysterious's ALF"  Kevin says Oh! space princess...Jeff says "Ronnie!"...Jordan says "nooo" :) Jeff says "Ronnie would have a light saber up a boner" 

They talk about the noises behind the walls...Jeff tries again saying he heard whoever got the key wins the Veto...Kevin giggles...Jeff's stomach makes noise...he says there are aliens in his stomach like Spaceballs, his stomach is doing the cucaracha...Jordan thinks the comp won't be slippery...Jeff says there will be big balls bouncing around...Jordan says what if they knock the shit out of you?...Jeff likes it, he wants asteroids flying and space guns so he can electrocute people during the competition. 

Jeff says he needs an edge...Natalie says not to do it to her, she's on his team...Jeff says he needs to stun gun a few people...Jeff wonders if Lydia will come back...Natalie says no one from jury will come back...Jeff says maybe Ronnie...Jordan wonders if someone from the previous season comes back every season?...they're not sure but think so...Natalie asks where Michele is?...SILENCE LOL...

Jeff thinks they're going to get funky ass costumes, they wouldn't penalize them for what happened today, it could only help them...Kevin giggles...Natalie tells Jeff to stop freaking out...Jeff insists he isn't...Kevin says they wouldn't penalize him...Natalie says it could have nothing to do with today...Kevin says nothing like that has ever happened in BB history...

Natalie talks about when Dan was kidnapped in BB10 to go have a day out with a jury member...Kevin says that was different, they competed for that luxury to leave the house, today they had no competition, it was just collect money...Jeff gets agitated about the key again!...Natalie says she's trying to be the devil's advocate in this house...Jeff says he thinks Natalie likes doing the opposite of what people tell her...Natalie says she's the devil's advocate, they need that in the house...Jeff says he just needs positive reinforcement, he doesn't need a negative influence...Natalie yells saying she's trying to be positive.

Natalie says she can't win with Jeff...Jeff doesn't even know what her point is right now...Natalie starts up again and Jeff rambles something about garlic...she asks him what he said...Jeff says nevermind, he's all over the place, his DR was all over the place...Natalie says she's crazy...Jeff says he needs a gun in this place LOL Natalie says he's driving her crazy...Jeff says maybe she should be on the block then...Natalie says she has been for weeks...Jeff says he wasn't reassured he'd be safe...Natalie asks if she hasn't reassured him?...Jeff makes a funny face and says "that's not the point!"...they laugh...

Kevin says an ant crawled on him, this room sucks...Jeff says they keep it real in this room though...Jeff says "so, what's the deal today? what's the deal with the key?"  Kevin giggles...Natalie blurts out Oh my God! in Spanish...Jeff says thankfully it's not tomorrow...they talk about the comp being after midnight...Jeff is convinced the comp has something to do with aliens...Jeff leaves to go to the bathroom and then Natalie follows soon after...J & K chat some more about the aliens and what they can see behind the walls...

Kevin tells Jordan there is no plan to backdoor her...Jordan says ok, she was scared...Kevin says the plan is to get Michele out...Jeff comes back and says he's dying to know what this is and would be way funner if his ass wasn't on the line...Kevin says that BB totally moved the bed so that they could see Jeff and Jordan in bed, a better camera angle (LOL he's right! and it was too late!) Natalie says it took them half a season to figure that out (no kidding!)

Natalie is eating candy, they talk about candy and the ants...Natalie says Michele was hiding candy and her clothes smell :/ They talk about Russell being a candy fiend...Natalie says she is too...Jeff is dying to know what's up...Kevin asks Jordan if she was scared from the aliens...Jordan says no...they discuss how scared they were...Kevin says he was so scared he almost jumped into Jeff's arms LOL

Jeff hopes the comp isn't random as hell like popping an asteroid...Jeff thinks that the comp will have something to do with the money and greed which is bullshit or maybe they're way off...Natalie thinks they're way off...Jeff thinks so too, it hurts...Jeff says he's done trying to guess, whatever's coming he's ready for it...Jeff turns and squeezes Jordan's side :) Jordan reaches back and moves his hand, Jeff leaves it there for a moment and then takes it away...Jordan lays down alongside Jeff...Jeff asks what she's laughing at?...Jordan says nothing...Kevin and Natalie leave but not before Natalie tells Jeff he's driving her insane...Jeff says he's just laying there LOL 

Pre POV stress, voodoo & cuddles pt4 


Jeff & Jordan and Kevin & Natalie have been chatting in the SS room (post Jeff vs Nat bickering session), Natalie says she's going to see if she can see more aliens and Kevin says he's going to take a nap, they leave the room.

Jeff looks at Jordan and says he's glad they're having a good time...Jordan asks if he's being sarcastic?...he says no, yeah, we need to get focused...Jeff thinks for real that he's going to get something for finding that key or does he sound crazy?...Jordan doesn't think it would be fair...Jordan says she didn't know what was going on...Jeff says because she didn't go inside, she was greedy...Jeff starts looking at Jordan and smiling, saying "do you know something?"...Jordan says she doesn't, she laughs...Jeff says "what's going on?"...Jordan says he's paranoid and she doesn't know nothing!...Jeff has the biggest grin on his face...Jordan swears she doesn't know anything...Jeff says he's freaking out and something is up for sure...feeds cut out...

They return with Jordan saying that Jeff pushed her arm away when she wanted to be rubbed, it made her mad...Jeff was just joking but he did it anyway....Jordan says he should never do that with her...Jeff says she got what she wanted...Jordan sits up and says "me and you,! we are the worst when it comes to teams" (maybe you should have remembered that for TAR! just kidding, lol) ...Jordan says they have no communication whatsoever, all they do is argue...Jeff smiles at her 😊 ...Jordan says but, whatever...Jeff whispers "it's over"...Jordan says she will choke him.

Jeff starts whispering about Michele, how she has opened and closed her drawers (in the RR) 10 times since they've been in there...Jordan motions Jeff to scoot over so she can whisper in Jeff's ear...inaudible whispers about game but at the end Jeff says it doesn't matter, they just have to win...Jordan says she has to take a shower...Jeff grabs Jordan's butt and squeezes it,  forgetting the blanket is not covering her   

...and Jordan says the camera is right there...Jeff says it's over now...Jordan says it's over 😉..Jeff says "there's cameras in here?" LOL

Jeff exhales deeply...Jordan says for him to calm down or he'll do badly...Jeff asks Jordan if she wants to scratch his back?...she says yes...he turns...Jordan says it looks like she does everything for Jeff...Jeff says it doesn't...Jordan says he doesn't do anything for her...Jeff says how does she eat every day? (1 point for Jeff,  lol) Jordan says "and what else? tell me what else you do for me?"...Jeff says to add up the times he has scratched her, her arm as opposed to her doing him, he bets they're very close.

Jordan says that was in the beginning...he liked her more in the beginning than he does now...Jeff says "oh, shut up"...Jordan has the cutest knowing smile here 😊

Jeff says what? you think that...Jordan says she does...Jeff says it's because he's getting more nervous now, he doesn't have as much time to f**k around now with her, not in a bad way but she knows...Jordan says yeah, just use me and then drop me...Jeff says "use you!?" who's using who?" (there's that smile again) ...Jordan says she doesn't use Jeff...Jeff says "yeah well then don't tell me that I use you"...Jordan says she doesn't use Jeff at all, he's her BFF, he knows that...Jeff says let's get friendship bracelets 😋...

Jordan says Jeff is sweating, his back is hot...Jeff says it's because he was laying on it, maybe he is hot, he doesn't know...Jeff starts laughing, saying he's thinking about dumb shit...Jordan says like what?...Jeff talks about them having spandex outfits with huge alien heads that they could barely run around in out there...he giggles saying it was stupid...Jordan says he looks tan...Jordan says to relax...

The Voodoo Hex begins...

Jordan asks Jeff is anyone has ever done, they used to do this in elementary school...she sits up and starts tracing his back...

X marks the spot, circle and a dot, comma, comma, comma,comma, comma, up crawls the snake, bites you on the neck, down runs the blood, down runs the blood, tight squeeze, cool breeze, now you got the chillies.

Jeff says he never heard of that in his whole life...Jordan starts with another one...

People dying, children crying...Jeff says whoa, whoa is this like voodoo shit?  He says to take it easy with kids and stuff...Jordan says it's...

people dying, children crying, concentrate, concentrate, stick a knife in your back, let your blood run down, stick a knife in your back, let the blood run down. (THIS IS CRAZY, YIKES JORDAN)

Jeff puts his head up and says "dude! is this the best ritual to do right before the veto?" (no kidding!) ...Jordan says no! do you want me to do X marks the spot?...Jeff wants to know the ending to the other one...Jordan says it's just something they would do in elementary school...Jeff says "why would you do that right before the competition? you already know I'm freaking out and you're stabbing knives in me?"

Jordan doesn't exactly make things better when she says that then they say stick a fork in your back, let the blood run down and then something about the snake biting you. 😫

Jeff says OMG!...Jordan keeps going about doing it in a dark spot and falling LOL..Jeff says that was the worst thing you could ever do, she better say something positive, if she tries a negative one to get away from him...Jeff says that was terrible, he didn't like that for real 😩 Jordan says it's not a ritual, it was just a back thing to give you chills.

Jeff says "stick a fork in I'm done?" 

Jordan says "No! God! you’re overthinking everything!" (umm, I agreed with Jeff here) ...Jordan says it's not a ritual, it's just a massage, for fun...Jeff says gimme some more of that voodoo LOL

Jordan does the X marks the spot one and Jeff cracks up...Jordan can't believe he hasn't heard any of these...the feeds cut out...when they return Jordan is drawing happy pictures on Jeff and asks if that is better?...Jeff says yeah, do another one...Jordan massages Jeff's back and asks if it feels good?..Jeff says yeah.


Jordan is massaging Jeff's back in the RR. Randomness it.  :)

Random question #120 by Jordan...

"when you get physicals, why do they always have to check your balls?"

Jeff says for a hernia.

Random question #121...

"why do they make you cough"

Jeff says there is something about coughing that makes them bulge.

Random question #122 by Jordan...

"so every time you cough your balls bulge?"

Jeff says if you have a hernia, something in there will move.

Random question #123 by Jordan...

"do hernias hurt?"

Jeff never had one but you have to have surgery to get rid of them.

Random question #124 by Jordan...

"what if you had one ball?"

Jeff says some people have that, if it was between having one ball or being dead, he'd have one ball.

Random question #125 by Jordan...

"can you produce the same?"

Jeff says maybe not as much but he has no idea.

Random story #97 by Jordan...she says when she was younger, little she didn't know babies came out of the vajayjay, her mom didn't tell her, she thought they cut your stomach open, then one day a girl at school told her that her mom told her how they come out and Jordan said she was lying but then she talked to her mom and her mom told her that her friend was right...Jordan got so mad at her mom for not telling her...Jeff asks her if she was freaked out?...Jordan says yes, she didn't know how a baby could come out of "there".

Random story #98 by Jordan...One of Jordan's relatives died, Jordan was taking a bath, Jordan's mom went upstairs and saw her sitting in the bath with a mirror and one eye squinted shut and she thought she was trying to look dead...Jeff is like "what?"...Jordan tries to explain...(I have no idea what Jordan is talking about, lol) she then goes on to say something about how her grandparents don't beilieve in cremation. (again, no idea where she was going with this)

Jeff says for real to not talk about death anymore, he doesn't want to hear any more negative stuff, this shit gets in your subconcious, putting knives in my back and people are dead...Jeff wants something positive...Jordan is thinking about what to talk about...

Jeff asks Jordan if she played sports?...Jordan says she played soccer..Jeff asks if she had an awesome win?...Jordan says she had all her gf's on the team and they would goof off...Jeff asks if she scored any goals...Jordan says no, she was always the person in the back....Jeff asks if she ever won a prize at a fair or anything?...Jordan says she won first place in an art picture...Jeff wants to know about that picture...

Random story #99 by Jordan...she says it was an Egyptian thing, she was in 8th grade in art class and she had to draw a subject and she drew an elephant with this Egyptian person and they entered it into an art contest and she won 1st place and she felt so cool because she had won, they announced it over the intercom...Jeff says "that's what I'm talking about"...Jordan says she still has that picture

Pre POV stress, voodoo & cuddles - Pt5


Jordan is massaging Jeff's back and is continuing with her storytelling...

Jordan says in middle school she got the 3 sport award, she did track, cheerleading and soccer...Jeff says awesome, he wants to hear about the wins...she won homecoming in 6th, 8th, 9th and 12th grades...she was on the court, didn't always win actually...Jeff wants to hear stories of when Jordan has ever felt good about herself, doing something good...Jordan says she won a tennis match...Jordan says she almost hit a girl she played tennis with, she was a bitch...Jordan says one of the girls she played tennis against called her a bitch and Jordan went psycho...Jeff asks if Jordan chest bumped her like Russell?...Jordan says no, she yelled at her and called her a dyke...Jordan's mom scolded her for doing that, her coach too...she starts talking about going into Chick-fil-a and running into that girl but the feeds cut out...

They return a few minutes later with Jeff telling Jordan she did a good job (on his back) and he appreashes...he turns back on his back...Jordan says Jeff's stomach looks tanned and she rests her head on it...Jeff says thank you (for the back rub)...

Jeff says he was zoning out and didn't even hear the last part of the story, he's just kidding...Jordan starts to lay back down and Jeff says "get in here"...Jordan says "armpit?"...Jeff laughs...duh! 😉...they assume the position...

Jordan says she feels like they've been laying in the bed all day...she rubs his stomach/chest and pats him :) She says they need to listen to T.I.'s Motivation...they start discussing songs and the feeds cut out again

They return a few minutes later with Jeff & Jordan giggling about Renny...Jordan is recounting the Almond Joy story...Jordan says she was hoping there was a "Renny" in the house this year...Jeff said he didn't know what to expect in this house...Jordan says she felt weird at first...Jeff says yeah, when you walk out, they don't even announce you or anything, you just walk out like a cheeseburger, like a big cheese ball...

Jordan thought omg, none of these people she would be friends with...J&J talk about when they first came out to line up to get in the house...Jeff doesn't really remember...Jordan says geez, you don't even remember me...Jeff says he did, she was in front of him on the right...they were both focused and nervous about where they were supposed to go...they laugh about how Braden blocked Jeff's camera angle 

Jeff farts and Jordan pushes his stomach to make him fart again but then she smells his fart, sits up and says ewwww...Jeff says see, that was from the depths of the sea. 😛...Jordan says it stinks!...Jeff says "St, Mary!"...they laugh...Jeff says what if Renny was out there? (for the comp)...Jordan says she freaking loves her...Jordan says no wonder Renny didn't like Jessie, she wouldn't have either...Jeff points out that Jordan did meet him and didn't like him LOL Jordan says he was a douchebag...Jeff asks if it was the first night that Renny & Jessie fought?...Jordan says yeah and is about to tell the story but the feeds cut out again 

They return with J&J talking about the possible booger Jeff has in his nose. (my God, these two! LOL) ...Jordan says for Jeff to go blow his nose, he's got some bats in the cage...Jeff says "cave" ...they laugh...Jeff says "oh, man Jordan...I wish they took all your sayings and put them in one 24 hour DVD" (24 hours?? wow Jeff 🤪 how about a couple YouTube videos? 😉)

Jordan says "noooo", she doesn't want him to say that...Jeff says that next year people will be laying in the same bed and saying "remember that girl Jordan"...Jeff says Jordan has so many he can't even remember but it all started when she couldn't tell time on a watch...he laughs and Jordan says "shut up! stop! don't say that! Jeff!"...Jeff says it's already out there...Jordan says there are less people and now "they're" (producers) going to notice it, don't! 

Jordan tells Jeff to not say anything else...he teases her again about the bats in the cage and she says shut up!...Jeff starts saying she is like his buddy Tony but the feeds cut out once again...they return with Jeff saying something Tony said about a dirty chick...feeds cut out again!...they return with Jeff & Jordan playing a little hand slapping game LOL ...Jordan says "is it time yet?"...Jeff says they're going a little stir crazy.

Jeff gets up to change his shorts...Jordan says she is nervous...Jeff goes to the washroom...Jeff comes back and starts stretching

Jeff says he doesn't care what the others are doing, they just need to win, it's win or go home...he says first things first, he would burn these shoes (pointing to Michele's black patent heels)...he says he hates them...Jordan giggles.

Jordan says she is ready to start...Jeff says this place is ant central...Jordan says it's the candy...Jeff says "Almond Joys"...Jordan says (with a New Orleans accent) "Almond Joys"...Jeff laughs and says she cracks him up when she does that...Jeff puts his black dress shirt away and Jordan says "you look good in black"...Jeff says "thank you"...Jordan says "you're welcome"...Jeff says "hopefully you won't see that black shirt until the last episode...and you're right next to me" (awww) :)

Jeff keeps pacing and sighing and stretching...the stress is mounting...Jordan says she hopes to never see Russell again...Jeff says he hopes to not see him next week...😒

Jeff leaves to get water, comes back and gets back in bed and breathes deeply...he gets his cross out...Jordan asks him if he carries that around wherever he goes?...Jeff says not but he thought it would be cool to bring...they get quiet...Jeff is trying to close his eyes...they talk about how the comp will be around midnight...Jordan says she is nervous again...Jeff says he is ready, let's go...they talk about the comp involving temptation and giving up their money...Jordan says she will give hers up...Jeff says what if it is 10G's?...Jordan says she will give it up...Jeff says no, he doesn't want her doing that....

Right before midnight, a BB production voice is heard calling out to the HG's that they have one minute to get themselves outside for the comp to start...

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