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Day 5 of BB11 Feeds

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

July 14

Red Room bed sharing


Jeff is laying down in the RR and Jordan joins him just after the 12:58am mark...Jeff says "on the bed with nothing?" Jordan says "yeah...I gotta block that glare"...Jeff moves the cover and says "it stands up"...Jordan laughs and says "I know"...Jeff demonstrates how he puts the cover up to block the light. Jeff takes off his glasses and Jordan reaches for them...Jeff says "you want these?"...Jordan mmm, hmm's and puts them on.

Jeff looks at her and Jordan says "you look like you're staring weird"...Jeff says "who? me?"...Jordan doesn't answer, lol and says if she crosses her eyes she can see it...Jeff says "see what?"...Jordan says "I can SEE!...better if I cross my eyes"...Jeff is quiet...Jordan takes off his glasses and holds them up...Jeff whispers "put 'em in there" (the cubby)...and she does. Jordan says she feels bad for Jeff, it's bad, the light thing (glare from the LR) is real bad...Jeff says he knows.

Ronnie comes into the room, turns on the light, apologizes, they say it's ok, he goes into the HN room. Jordan tells Jeff he's being serious...Jeff looks at her and says "no, I'm not"...Jordan says he is, she doesn't like it when he's serious, he bores her, she laughs...Jeff says "go somewhere else"...Jordan says "I might just do that"...Jeff says "beat it" (big smile)...Jordan compares their arms and says she's still tanner...Jeff thinks he's not getting any tanner and says Jordan gets dark, he doesn't get that dark...Jordan says "yeah, cuz I'm better" and she giggles...Jeff says "everybody is"...Jordan says "hmm?"...Jeff says that everybody in here thinks they are...Jordan says she thinks they did good today...Jeff nods and says he doesn't want to lay it on too strong, like everyone's one big happy family.

Jordan says she has been kissing some major ass...Jeff says he was just talking...Jordan says she was rubbing Russell's arm and being so over the top...Jeff gets a look on his face and is about to say something when Ronnie walks out of the HN room...Jeff asks where he is going?...Ronnie is going to shower...Jordan notes that the camera is staring straight at her & Jeff, they giggle...more chit chat with Ronnie and then he leaves and shuts off the light for them...they talk about how cute Ronnie is, Jordan says she just wants to squeeze him like this and she squeezes Jeff's arm...Jeff says "you know how easy I bruise on my triceps? here I bruise so easy"...Jordan says "just say your arm"...Jeff says "on the back of my arm".

Jordan says her boob feels weird...Jeff says "why?"...Jordan says "because I haven't been doing my exercises"...Jeff says "whaddya gotta do?"...Jordan shows him and then tells Jeff to feel but first covers them up so the camera doesn't see LOL Jeff feels, Jordan says he can squeeze...Jeff sounding like a 7 year old says "they feel real" ...Jordan giggles...Jordan says they're silicone, she instructs him how to feel, he does, she says "doesn't that feel weird?"...Jeff says it feels real but he can kind of feel it from the bottom but they feel nice.

Lydia comes into the room with freshly laundered sheets and asks who is in the SS room sleeping. Jordan says it's Braden, just Braden 🙃

Lydia turns on the light again and goes to make the bed, Jordan tells Jeff that is why she got the silicone, if you squeeze them they feel real. Jeff is quiet...Jordan says she's going to leave in a second because he's too lame. Jeff says he's not lame and at least she's got her bed made...Jeff says "what do you want me to do? juggle?" Jordan says yeah, he's being no fun and she does the patented Jordan "butt towards Jeff" move. lol

Jeff says "you want to play a game?"...Jordan says "what game?"...Jeff says "I don't know"...Jordan says "what kind of game?"...Jeff says he wants to play something like movies...Jordan says "like what?"...Jeff says "I'll name 2 actors and then you have to name what movie it is"...Jordan says "ok"...Jordan asks Lydia if she needs help and she gets up to help Lydia make the bed.

Jordan gets back in bed with Jeff saying "you happy now?"

Jordan says "yeah, definitely" and asks Jeff what game are they playing?...Jeff says he really likes his sheets (because they are stiff and block the light) you know?...Jordan giggles and says that Jeff really has her saying you know, she will catch herself, it's terrible...Jeff goes back to the cover talk and he shows her how comfy it is with the pillows holding it up like a fort...Jordan giggles...Jordan tells Jeff to go (to get the game going)...Jeff says "actors?"...Jeff asks if Jordan is even good at this, is she good at movies?...Jordan says yeah...Jordan asks if Jeff can see her?...Jeff says he can see up close...Jordan waves her hand in front of him and giggles...Jeff says what? he can see without his glasses but he can't see far but it's just blurrier...Jordan mmm, hmm's...Jeff says he loves how he talks and she doesn't even pay attention...Jordan says she is listening...Jeff says umm, that's all, it's just real blurry. Jordan says "k, go" and they start playing…

RR Movie Game


J&J start playing the movie game. Jeff goes first, he says John Travolta & Nicholas Cage...Jordan says "umm, oh my gaw, I know this, I know this, I know this, umm...what's the name of the movie"...Jeff says "that's the whole game" Meanwhile the lights have been turned on again, this time by Natalie...Jordan wants a hint...Jordan guesses Pulp Fiction...Jeff says no...Jordan says she doesn't know, what is it?...Jeff says it's "something - off"...Jordan says she doesn't know...Jeff says Face-off...Jordan says she wouldn't have got that...Jordan's turn...she says Kate Hudson & Matthew McConaughey...Jeff says they have a couple of them...Jeff is called out by BB to put on his mic and he does...lights have been off and go on again...Chima is in and out of the HN room...Jeff says "Fool's Gold"...Jordan says no, it's the one before that!...Jeff says "who the f**k are you yelling at and trying to impress? Chima?"...Jordan says yeah, she's trying to yell and impress Chima...Jeff laughs...Jordan punches Jeff playfully, he does the same and says "I'll fight..." and then they unison they say "I'll drown you"

Jeff says he knows the movie, the one where she's always with his buddies and she's trying to make him hate her...Jordan says yeah, so what's the name of it...Jordan gives a hint "Ten"...Jeff says what is that? 10 things I hate about you...10 ways to lose a girl...Jordan says "How"...Jeff says how to lose a girlfriend in 10 days?...Jordan says "how to lose a"...Jeff says "girl"...Jordan says "no"...Jeff says "date, husband"...Jordan says "guy"...they laugh...Jordan says "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days"...Jeff (showing his competitive side) says he won anyways because he did named another movie with them.

Jordan says ok, go. Jeff is trying to think of a movie she would know. Jeff says "Al Pacino"...Jordan throws her arms in the air in protest...Jeff says "you don't know Al Pacino?"...Jordan says no!...Jeff makes a spitting sound and says how can she get this if she doesn't know who Al Pacino is...Chima walks by and is astounded Jordan doesn't know who Al Pacino is, says it's blasphemy...Jeff is like "come on! that's terrible"...they ask her if she's seen Scarface...Jordan confuses it with Godfather but says she never saw Scarface.

Jordan says Jeff is looking at her face like ewww but Jeff says it's because he's trying to focus...Jordan starts moving around to see if Jeff can see her and Jeff says he can over and over...Jeff says he's not blind...Jordan says she knows, she's aggravating him...Jeff wants Jordan to say one...Jordan says Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen...Jeff says "oh God!"...Jeff says "I don't know, Bubblegum Shoe" lol, he doesn't know their movies...then she says Nicholas Cage & Angelina Jolie, she changes her mind and says Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie...Jeff says on the cover they both have guns...Jordan says Jeff sucks at this game (LOL)...Jeff says he's thinking...Jordan says he sucks...Jeff says she sucks, she doesn't even know Al Pacino...Jordan gives him a hint saying "Mr..."...Jeff guesses Mr & Mrs. Smith.

More banter over who sucks more at this game and what types of movies they know. Jeff has one...Anne Heche & Harrison Ford...Jordan says "the road of Rodanthe or something?"...Jeff says no, he wonders if Jordan knows who Harrison Ford is...Jordan says that's the old guy...Chima says "Indiana Jones"...Jordan says yeah, is that the movie?...Jeff says Indiana Jones? No...Jesus! 😂

Jordan says the Fugitive?...Jeff says "are you just naming Harrison Ford movies?"...Jeff says "do you know who Anne Heche is?...Jordan nods no and asks who she is...Jeff say that girl that was married to Ellen...Jordan says ohh, ooh, and they're lost on an island...Jeff says yeah...Jordan doesn't know the name of it, LOL, neither does Jeff really and they agree it's Six Days Seven Nights. Jordan needs multiple choice. LOL

Jeff asks Jordan what her favorite movie is?...Jordan says she has a bunch...Jeff says for her to name her top 5...Jordan says she likes the Notebook...Jeff whispers that he did ask her that...Jordan says "I don't know, cuz I'm jealous of them cuz they have like this perfect love story"...Jeff says who?...Jordan says them, the Notebook!...Jeff says she has to work on snapping at him, ykwim?...Jordan giggles and says she is just kidding when she snaps at him...Jeff says every time she snaps at him there'll be a 10 minute penalty of scratching his back.

Jordan says well then she won't do it a lot. Jeff says he knows because she can't get through 10 seconds...Jordan says "10 seconds of what?" Jeff says "what do you think?"...Jordan says "you're just horrible at that movie"...Jeff says "what?" (LMAO)...Jordan repeats he's horrible at the movie, the game they're playing, stupid! (right as Chima walks by, lololol)

Jeff says "alright, whatever, I don't even know what you're talking about anymore"...Jordan giggles...Jeff asks what is with her? she's looking at every angle over there, are there people (around), what's going on?...Jordan just smiles and keeps looking at Jeff...

...Jeff changes the subject back to her favorite movies...Jordan doesn't know...Jeff asks why shit is so difficult?...Jordan lays back down and says "cuz"...

Shutting off the light snappiness


Jeff asks Jordan "why don't you shut that light off, so we can kind of go to sleep while we're not talking"...Jordan says "no, I'm going in my room"...Jeff says "oh you are?"...Jordan says "yeah"...Jeff rubs his eyes and says "aren't we going to do movies?"...Jordan says "yeah"...Jeff says "well then shut the light off"...Jordan uhh's and Jeff raises his voice saying "does it matter, do you think?.."...Jordan says "no, quit raising your voice at me!" as she holds Jeff's arm and pats it...Jeff stops immediately, looks at his hands, looks back at Jordan and says "you're a handful" ...Jordan gets up, shuts off the light and then gets back in bed.

RR goofiness & arm rubs


Jordan gets back in bed after shutting the light and they realize that the HN lights have been shut off as well. Chima comes out to turn the light back on and says she just needs two more minutes. They apologize, Chima says it's hard to remember, Jeff says yes it is, that and remembering who Al Pacino is...they laugh and Chima says J&J are so cute together. She goes back in the HN room.

Jordan tries to tickle Jeff's armpit and asks if it tickles? Jeff says a little, he can take it for a second but if she keeps going...Jordan asks for his arm...Jeff is hesitant saying first of all it's gross (oh how that would change! lol)...Jordan starts blowing farts on his arm...she asks if it makes him laugh...Jeff says no, only if he has the giggles...Jordan continues...Jeff says she's all giddy...Jordan says what else?...Jeff says if she wants to keep making fart noises...Jordan keeps going...they giggle...Jeff says "what is wrong?"...Jordan is laughing amidst the farting noises...Jeff says she's easily amused, he kinda likes it. :)

Jeff says "you wanna scratch my arm? we could play that game"...Jordan keeps blowing farts...Jeff says "try to play a song and I'll guess what it is"...they giggle...Jordan tries to no avail...more laughter...Michele walks by saying they're silly...Jeff explains Jordan is trying to play a song and he's never going to get it...Jordan tries again but loses it...Jeff says for her to try to focus, he wants to get one...Jordan says she's going to get serious but it doesn't work...Jeff asks what song she was trying to play?...Jordan says Mary Had a Little Lamb...Jeff freaks out saying that was the song he would have guessed, he swears on the Holy Bible...Jordan laughs and asks why that one?...Jeff says it's the easiest thing, it was in his head the whole time, it's so weird.

Jeff says he's going to work on not swearing and not smoking...Jordan says he needs to...Jeff feels sick and doesn't like it. Jordan starts humming the same song and then asks Jeff to play one on her arm...he doesn't want to but does anyway, lol...he grabs her forearm, tries and fails miserably. LOL He says "get out of here" and they laugh, Jordan snorting too.

Jordan asks where everybody went? Jeff says they're getting ready for bed and Jordan is giggly. Chima comes out to turn off the light and says goodnight.

Jeff says he likes movies...Jordan says he's already said that. Jeff asks if Jordan wants to scratch his arm. She starts scratching his arm that is draped over her chest. Jeff asks if he is choking her out? Jordan says no. Jeff asks if it's uncomfortable?...Jordan says no, she feels like she is playing the violin...Jeff asks her to play a song, play his arm like it's a guitar...she starts strumming and they laugh.

Jordan asks why she always has to rub him? why doesn't he rub her?...Jeff says he will rub her feet...Jordan says "do my arm" and she holds out her arm...they giggle and Jeff says it's a good tradeoff...(they do look silly, lol)...Jordan takes her arm away saying it tickles...Jeff says "you don't like it?"...Jordan says no, it kinda tickles, feels weird...Jeff says "for real? it doesn't relax her?"...Jordan says no, it's like a weird tickle...Jordan asks for Jeff to do it harder, Jeff says he likes his like this...Jordan says to go harder...Jeff says he knows but do his like this, he says the way Jordan is doing it is nicer, it relaxes him...Jeff scratches harder and says Jordan likes that?...Jordan takes her arm away and says ew, she doesn't like that either.

Jordan says she doesn't think she likes the way Jeff does it, Jeff wants to know how he should do it but Jordan says she just doesn't think she likes it...Jeff says "well do you like your arm being scratched?"...Jordan says "yeah, I just don't like the way you do it" (eat your words Miss Jordan, lol)...Jeff gets agitated and says "I got it, you said it 5 fu**ing times! f**k!"...Jordan laughs and there goes Jeff's vow to not swear. LOL

Jordan says "quit cussing"...Jeff says "because you're driving me crazy"...Jordan says "why?"...Jeff gets pissy that Jordan didn't like his technique then Jordan says "Jeff!"...Jeff says "what's up?"...Jordan says "nothing" :)

Jeff says she does relaxing things and then she doesn't want to relax with it...Jordan says it was Jeff's idea...Jeff knows, he likes it because it relaxes him…

Jordan acting weird/Jeff won't be played for a fool


This is the conversation that starts Jeff telling Jordan he doesn't want her flirting with Russell and hanging around him as well, she can't have it both ways, he doesn't want to be played for a fool.

Jordan keeps scratching but tells Jeff she is "thinking"...Jeff says "about what?"...Jordan says "life"...Jeff says "in here or outside?"...Jordan says she hasn't had a life outside, life here"...Jeff says "oh yeah, what are you thinking about?"...Jordan says "do me" and she stretches out her arm for him to scratch...Jeff starts and says he doesn't understand how she likes it...Jordan tells him to put his arm away and he does.

Jeff asks if this is better? Jordan says mmm, hmm...Jeff says "with the nails more?"...Jordan says "yeah"...Jeff says "alright, what are you thinking about?"...Jordan says "none of your business"...Jeff says "we talk about that" (big smile from Jeff as he looks at Jordan who looks at him and smiles)...Jeff says "none of my business?"...Jordan says "yeah"...Jeff says "then we have to talk about something else"...

They are quiet for a little bit then Jeff asks if Jordan is excited for Thursday?...Jordan is and asks if Jeff is...Jeff says "yeah".

Jordan turns on her stomach and faces Jeff, she says that Braden ruined his chances...Jeff says he fu**ed himself bigtime but as much as they say that, he doesn't think Braden had a chance

anyway...Jordan asks if he did?...Jeff says no, now it's so easy for everyone to justify his eviction...Jeff says he hates that he has to pretend that they are right saying "yeah, I am an idiot"...Jordan laughs...Jeff says "ykwim? I hate that".

Jordan starts stealth whispering and Jeff leans up to hear, Jordan says he sucks at this, you don't lean up...Jeff asks if someone is in here? what's wrong with leaning up, it's so she doesn't have to say it loud, was she trying to say something?...Jordan says mmm, hmm but she'll tell him tomorrow...Jeff says "why?"...Jordan says "cuz"...Jeff asks again if someone is in there, why won't she tell him?...Jordan looks around and they whisper some inaudible stuff...Jeff asks if she has something?...Jordan shakes her head and says no...Jeff says she doesn't?...Jordan says what? a good movie? (LOL)...Jeff says no, something good to talk about...Jordan says no, not really...Jeff says "no, a good thing to talk about tomorrow"...Jordan says nothing major exciting...Jeff says "the same old".

Jordan says they will have to wait and see but it's nothing major...Ronnie walks by and says he is going to chat with them for a second if it's ok, they say sure and he goes in the HN room to put his stuff away. Jordan whispers something inaudible to Jeff who gets in close to hear her. Ronnie comes back in the room and sits on the other bed to talk to them

As Ronnie does this Jordan tells Jeff a convo she had with Russell where Russell asked her if she was going to sleep with Jeff and Jordan said no, then she says something about snoring and Russell told her that she could come sleep with him because he doesn't snore when he cuddles with someone. Jeff says "he's such a fu**ing dork...that's alright, I'm going to sleep with Russell, good luck with that".😤

Ronnie and J&J talk about being a HN and how hard he's going to play for it next week. More chit chat about being over tired and napping. Jordan turns her butt towards Ronnie & Jeff. Jordan says it's too bright and Jeff tells her that she should put the cover up (to block the light)...Jordan pushes it away and says it's fine...Jeff pushes it back and says she doesn't have to go under the covers you fu**ing weirdo...Jordan says she's not!...Jeff says "geez, you're so fu**ing nervous, Ronnie is here"...Jordan says she's not! she's saying it's not weird...Jeff asks Ronnie if she's weird? she's a little weird, tell her, she can do it down there...Jordan says to Ronnie "tell him to shut up"...Jeff says "you're so nervous about everything, relax, we're buddies"...Jordan says "I know, til the end" and she holds up her pinky...Jeff brushes it off...Jordan says "all 3 of us, the 3 amigos"...she pinky swears with Ronnie and then asks where Jeff's is and they all three pinky swear.😨

Ronnie likes the movie Three Amigos...Jordan says Ronnie would be good at the movie game, Jeff explains it...Jeff says John Travolta & Nicholas Cage...Ronnie immediately says Face-Off...Jeff laughs...Jordan says "God, he's good"...Jeff says "she's the worst"...Jeff says Al Pacino & Keanu Reeves...Ronnie says Devil's Advocate...Jeff says Ronnie is fu**ing good...Jordan says she is comfy like this...Jeff says it's because he is smashed against the side....Jordan says when Jeff is confessing his love to me, he says he wants to drown me and beat me up ...Jeff says not beat you up, just drown you...Ronnie says "you're not into auto-erotic asphyxiation stuff are you?" (that goes way over Jeff & Jordan's heads, LOL, they don't respond)...Jordan says "so"...Jeff says if he ever hears him say that it's just a term of endearment...Ronnie says he says stuff like that to his wife like stabbing her and then Jeff says he jokes like that too all the time...Jordan says "whatever"...Jeff whips his head around and says what?? she's been throwing little shots in (I found this so funny ).

Ronnie says that earlier Jordan had her glass of wine and she was on a roll, the damn opened up and the hits kept on coming...Jordan says she got a little tipsy...Jeff says "yeah I know, I think everyone knew" (Jeff was always observing her )...Jordan says "why?"...Ronnie says he just noticed that...Jeff says for her to stop screaming and she should close the door to the SS for real...Jordan asks if she was free-flowing, was it bad?...Ronnie says no...Jeff says it wasn't bad for her because she says whatever the hell is on her mind, if someone else said it, it would be bad...Jordan says to Jeff "why? how I was calling you out?"...Jeff says he doesn't care when it's about him but he alludes to how Laura was egging Jordan on and having fun at her expense...Ronnie says he's going to say goodnight and go to bed, he walks towards the kitchen.

Jeff won't be played for a fool Part 2


This is the conversation where Jeff, in no uncertain terms, tells Jordan to choose between him & Russell, he tells her he doesn't want to look like an idiot.

...Ronnie leaves, Jeff tells Jordan to scratch his side because it feels good, if you just scratch anywhere it feels good, it relaxes him...Jordan scratches...(Jeff immediately brings up what Jordan was telling him previously, the convo she had with Russell)...Jeff says "so what were you saying?"...Jordan says "about what?"...Jeff says "you and Russell"...Jordan says "yeah"...Jeff says "what'd you say? yeah?"...Jeff says "yeah, yeah, yeah"...Jordan says she doesn't want to get on his bad side, she needs to kiss his ass.

Jeff says "don't kiss it too much"...Jordan says "hmm?"...Jeff says "don't kiss it too much"...Jordan says "why?"...Jeff says "I don't know, just so it doesn't feel cool"...Jordan says "I should probably sleep in a different bed"...Jeff (who is clearly annoyed) says "go ahead...then I'll look like an idiot"...Jordan says "why?"...Jeff says "like he's one up on me"...Jordan says "why would you look like an idiot?"...Jeff says "because then it'll start a power struggle over you and I'll be like dude, you can take her"...Jeff half giggles and says "dude, I'm not playing that game, that's one game I'm not playing"...Jordan asks what he means...Jeff says "if he started, if he just kept talking and talking and talking, I'd be like"...Jordan makes fun of Jeff's hand gesturing...Jeff says you! and he gestures that he would cut her off 😐

Jeff whispers "cuz he thinks he's like cool, so if you wanna go on that side, go ahead, I'll take care of this solo", he giggles...Jordan gives him the finger...Jeff says "same to you too"...Jordan pokes him with her middle finger, LOL, and says "just because if I did that?"...Jeff says "did what?"...Jordan mumbles "slept with (Russell)"...Jeff says "yeah, I would cut you, I'd be like later, for you two"...Jordan says "why?"...Jeff says "whaddya mean why? you wouldn't sleep in here but you'd sleep in there?"...Jordan says "that's my room"...Jeff says "what?? then go in there"...Jordan says "quit getting an attitude with me"...Jeff says "it's just re*****d, what are you talking about"...Jordan asks "why is it re*****d?"...Jeff says "well, go in there then"...Jordan says "no, I'm laying here right now"...Jeff says "I know, I'm just telling you."

Jeff says "why? are you asking me or something? you can go and do whatever you want"...Jordan says "I'm not asking you"...Jeff says "alright, I'm just telling you"...Jordan says "well good"...Jeff says "don't pretend you're cool"...Jordan says "uhhh, you're not cool" she turns around to face Jeff again...Jeff says "obviously"...Jordan says "why?" and then says "we're isolating ourselves right now"...Jeff says "we are?"...Jordan says "we did good though"...Jordan lays her head on Jeff's chest and Jeff says he is done putting on a show, he says he's just talking to people.

Jordan puts her head up and she whispers something inaudible about Laura and how they were outside. Jeff says something about giving Laura attention and she's yours. Jordan whispers something inaudible again about Russell & working out...Jeff says "just don't get too close cuz then it will just throw fuel on the fire, ykwim, cuz people will be like oooh, people will just start talking ykwim?"...Jordan says she talked to Russell about her & Jeff, she told him, not knowing if she did bad or not, that her & Jeff are just friends and then after this show, we won't be like that, we'll be good friends, she doesn't people to think she is trying to switch, ykwim? (how did that work out for ya Jordan? )

Jeff rubs his eyes and says "that's fine we're just friends but then he's going to be like cool, let's me and you hook up and then everyone in the house will be like oooh, you were with Jeff now you're with Russell, it's just going to start controversies so if you like Russell you've got to ease away from me and move into that, ykwim?”

Jordan says "mmm, hmm"...Jeff says if Jordan does it right away people are going to be says ah, Jordan is with Russell, you got played (Jeff)...Jeff says "dude, I didn't get played, you're fu**ing idiots"...Jordan giggles and says Jeff has to work on the cussing...Jeff says it was only one time, he reiterates his point saying "but that's all I'm saying, like make me look stupid so if you're going to go that way"...Jordan says "make you look stupid? why would I make you look stupid?"...Jeff says "if you start hooking up with Russell?"...Jordan says Jeff is her BFF...Jeff says "I know, but if you start hooking up with Russell, it'll make me look stupid"...Jordan says "I'm not, why would I hook up?"...Jeff says "I don't know what you're talking about, it would just look weird"

Jordan turns her head away from Jeff and they are silent, Jordan seems to be taking it all in...she turns her head back and Jeff says "you know what I'm saying?"...Jordan nods and says yes...Jeff says he doesn't think she does...Jordan says "I do"

First armpit reference :)

Jordan says "your armpits smell good"...Jeff says "my baby powder deodorant"...Jordan says it's the fresh deodorant stuff...Jordan whispers inaudibly...Jeff says Jessie?...Jordan whispers inaudibly again...Jeff mentions Laura and then says something about it causing problems, he doesn't think Jessie would though...more whispers...Jordan asks if Jeff thinks they saved themselves or no?...Jeff isn't sure but says that's why he doesn't want to try to hard, they're not friends, he's not kissing ass and they still think he's a fu**ing whatever...but that's why if Jordan is going to start talking to Russell move away from him cuz he doesn't want to look like a bigger dork...Jordan giggles.

What's the Vatican


Jordan asks if she wants her to let Jeff go to bed...Jeff says he doesn't care, whatever she wants...Jordan does something weird with her eyes and they talk about Jordan's head, Jeff says he doesn't know what's going on in there...Jordan says why?...Jeff says he doesn't know, he never knows what she's thinking...Jordan says really? you think I'm weird?...Jeff says no, he just doesn't know what she's thinking ever...Jordan says "why?"...Jeff says she's all over the map...Jordan grabs Jeff's glasses saying she loves them, she puts them on...she says "don't I look so gay?"...Jeff says no, she looks cute...Jordan says Jeff is really blind...Jeff reaches for his cross and Jordan laughs about how much stuff he has in his little cubby...Jordan says "what's your cross for?"...Jeff says "I don't know? for me"...Jordan says "I know, why do you carry it?"...Jeff says "I don't know, I like it"...Jordan says "I know there's a reason behind it"...Jeff says yeah...Jordan says "and?"...Jeff says "nothing, it's just good, I just like it"...Jordan says "I know, what's the luck?"...Jeff says "what's the luck? it's not luck, it's a cross, it's Jesus you know?"...Jordan says "duh, but why would you carry it? is it luck or what is it?"...Jeff says "no, I got it in the Vatican"...Jordan says "what's the Vatican?"...Jeff says "in Italy"

Jordan snuggles in Jeff's armpit and says "doing what?"...Jeff says "I was just travelling and I got it there, I got it blessed don't know what the Vatican City is?"...Jordan says "no"...they laugh...Jeff says "holy shit" 😂 Jeff says "it doesn't matter, I just like it"...Jordan says "should I know?"...Jeff says "yeah, you should"...Jordan says "why?"...Jeff says "why because...I don't know maybe you shouldn't".

Jeff says "you know where Rome is?"...Jordan says "oh yeah, I've heard of Rome, yeah"...Jeff laughs, Jordan laughs...Jeff says "oh my God" 😛 Jordan puts her arm around Jeff's belly, she says she's definitely heard of Rome she just doesn't know where it's at in Italy but she's heard of it and Venice. She pats Jeff's belly and snuggles.

You know what I mean banter


Jordan snuggles up to Jeff and hums...she says "my head's like in your armpit"...they laugh...Jeff says "you like it in there?"...Jordan hmm's and says "it's like a hole"...they laugh...

Jordan says "it makes me feel safe"...Jeff says "get in there"...Jordan says "no, you got baby powder on in your armpit hair" (thanks for that visual Jordan, lol)

Jeff says "you were already in there, that's why I was being sarcastic"...Jordan pinches/pokes Jeff and asks "does that hurt?"...Jordan makes fun of Jeff's accent saying ""...Jeff smiles at Jordan and says "I don't, first of all I don't sound like the way you sound"...Jordan says " know what I mean?"...Jeff laughs and says she's right about "you know what I mean", he came from her...Jordan says she never says that...Jeff says no, it came from being around her because he says you know what I mean because she doesn't know what he means. LOL

Jordan says she does know what he means...Jeff says she doesn't though...Jordan says "why?"...Jeff says cuz she doesn't know...Jordan says "do I really seem that spacey?"...Jeff says a little bit, she's out there...Jordan keeps touching Jeff and says he's so skinny...Jeff says he's not...Jordan squeezes Jeff all over...Jeff asks her to relax, scratch him, be nice and tell him a story (Jeff's basic requests for the whole time in the BB house apparently, lol)...Jordan says a story about what?...Jeff says he doesn't know, just tell him one...Jordan doesn't know...Jeff says to tell him one about her friends...Jeff says no and he asks if she ever went on vacation and where was the furthest she went?...

Jeff won't be played for a fool Part 3


Feeds return briefly with Jordan saying "it was fun, I had ugly boobs then"...feeds go to fish again...they return with Jordan saying she pulled her pants down & Jeff saying if she went to Mardi Gras now "those" (her boobs) would be all over the street...Jordan says "oh yeah on everybody's camera"...(obviously they were talking about her Mardi Gras/NO vacation)

Jeff laughs...Jordan pats Jeff's belly and says "they're pretty now, I don't have a reason to not to show them, you know?"...Jeff mmm, hmm's....Jeff wants to know what other vacations she went on...Jordan says in 7th grade she went to Clearwater, Florida...she's been to the Bahamas, they go to Myrtle Beach all the time...Jeff says she went to the Bahamas? so she travelled a little bit...Jordan says that was in 9th grade with her family, nowhere major though, nowhere real exciting...Jeff says good story.

Jeff brings up the Russell thing again..

Jordan says she likes this bed, it's comfy...she whispers that she has to freaking sleep with Lydia...Jeff says "or Russell"...he smiles, Jordan looks at him and says "don't be mean"...Jeff says "I'm not being mean, I'm just saying I'll write you off cuz it would just cause so much shit"...Jordan turns away from Jeff and says "whatever"...Jeff says "you don't think it would cause shit?"...Jordan says "I'm trying to help me & you out"...Jeff says "by fu**Ing sleeping with him? it'd cause a lot of talking, I'll tell you that".

Jordan half covers herself with the blanket and doesn't respond...Jeff says "you don't think so?"...Jordan mumbles "I don't know"...Jeff says "what do you mean, you don't know?"...Jordan says louder "I don't know...I'm trying to stay on everybody's good side"...Jordan reaches back to hold Jeff's arm and says "I'm on everybody's bad side right now"...Jeff laughs and says what?...Jordan repeats and Jeff says "so by sleeping with everyone you get on their..."...Jordan says huh?...Jeff say nothing...Jordan says "what'd you say?"...Jeff repeats nothing...Jordan says "no, what'd you say?"...Jeff says he didn't say anything, who cares, she can do whatever she wants to do, it's none of his business.

They both close their eyes and get quiet. Jordan says she is sleepy but doesn't want to go into the SS room yet...Jeff says for her to fall asleep and then when she's fallen asleep just run over to the room and fall asleep there...Jeff starts adjusting his pillows and Jordan asks if she's scooted over too much on his side...Jeff misunderstands and reaches over Jordan to see how much room she has and says she has a little room and she's alright. Jeff adjusts himself and Jordan says that she means if she is over too much on his side...Jeff says "no, you're good"...Jordan says "do you have room?"...Jeff says "yeah, I'm good".

Jeff lifts up the blanket to block the glare and tells Jordan he needs a blocker...Jordan turns back and holds it up with her hand...Jeff says to not worry, it's done....Jordan lets go...Jeff says "I hate that you roll over and then you can't scratch me"...Jordan giggles and says "I scratch my arm"...Jeff adjusts to spoon Jordan and starts scratching but Jordan tells him to scratch the top part of her arm, the fat part...Jeff laughs...Jeff asks if it relaxes her right there?...Jordan says "yeah, cuz it know?"...Jordan says ahhhh...they laugh...Jordan says it's awful (about her saying you know).

Jordan asks if Jeff thinks they will be woken up early tomorrow...Jeff thinks so but it's not late so they can still get good sleep...Jordan says "go to bed...wake up in the morning........." Jeff says and what?...Jordan says that made no sense...Jeff says Jordan is on space patrol tonight...Jordan smiles and says "space patrol"...they crack up...Jeff says "you're fu**ing acting all spacey"...Jordan says "I'm not"...Jeff giggles and says "don't give me the giggles cuz I was just getting sleepy...just getting comfortable"...Jordan says she was getting sleepy too and then Jeff will make her laugh and then she won't be able to sleep...Jeff says "don't talk about Braden otherwise we're never going to bed".

Jordan says she can't wait to see his exit...Jeff says "it better be grand"...Jordan says she wants him to leave Bella, Ella?...Jeff says yeah, Ellie...Jordan says Ellie...Jeff says he can't believe him today, what he said, Jesus...when he yelled at Lydia...Jordan says that was crazy (change of subject lol)...Jordan says her head is peeling...Jeff says "that's crazy" ...Jordan says it's gross...Jeff says it's because where Jordan parts it she needs to put lotion there...Jordan says "no saying 'you know'"...Jeff says he didn't think he did it that much...Jordan says he does it more because she's slower...Jeff says "that, for sure"...Jordan is offended...Jeff says "because you know what I mean"...Jordan gives him the hand and says Jeff said it again...Jeff says he meant to actually say it this time...confusion reigns and then Jeff say this conversation is dumb, it's like they're speaking two different languages...Jordan hugs her pillow and says "I know"...Jeff says she said I know like she was sad.

Jordan says she is surprised everyone is staying up late now, it used to be them, they were the troopers, times have changed in the BB house, you know?...Jordan says aahhh, getting mad at herself for saying 'you know', she says she has to quit hanging out with Jeff, she keeps saying 'you know'...Jordan says "ahh, I didn't mean that, did I hurt your feelings?"...Jeff says yeah...Jordan says "did I?"...Jeff says "no, you can stop hanging out with me whenever you want".

Jordan turns back to look at Jeff and reaches for his chest and starts scratching...Jeff says "you just gotta let me know"...Jordan says "why?"...Jeff says it would be nice, she's his friend, that's what friends do, is she going to pull another 'you know who' on him?...Jordan says "shut up, oh my gosh"...Jeff says "what?"...Jordan says "I'm just joking with you"...Jeff says "well how do I know? anything fu**ing happens in here, you can't trust nobody"...Jordan says "whatever...can't trust you"...Jeff says "really?"...Jordan says "mmm, hmm, sneaky"...Jeff says "yeah I'm sneaky when I'm by myself"...Jordan says "I'm just kidding...who's fault is that?...Jeff, I'm so fu**ing with you, I'm just kidding", she pats him on the belly.

Jeff says she can fend for herself too...Jordan says oh my gosh, she already knows she's probably going home...Jeff says "not if you keep sleeping with everybody" he giggles...Jordan says "oh no, don't even say it like that because that is going to make it seem"...

Jordan says Jeff's chest hairs are spiking her...Jeff says he needs to cut them, Jordan agrees...Jeff says he was going to do it today but then he had to cook that shit....Jordan says right...Jordan turns her face onto her pillow and they get quiet again...Jeff looks at Jordan...Jeff is learning from Jordan on how to change the subject...he asks Jordan "did you ever go skiing?" ...Jordan says yeah...Jeff says "that's great"...they laugh...Jeff says that's terrific that you did that.

Jordan pushes down the blanket and Jeff asks why she had to ruin the thing...Jordan says she is sorry, she forgot...Jeff asks if it bothers her, Jordan says no, not at all. She curls up and they get quiet again for a couple of minutes. Jeff adjusts his head...Jordan says she feels like her nose is always stuffy and she can't breathe...she positions herself more onto Jeff and Jeff's space gets smaller, lol.

Jeff says maybe she has allergies...Jordan says Jeff better not fall asleep with his mic on and she tells him to take it off, he does reaching over her to put it away and takes the opportunity to snuggle into Jordan asking her to scratch his arm. She does.

Jeff says it sucks (because of the position they're in)...he touches her somewhere and says "are you ticklish there?"...Jordan says "no"...Jeff whispers something inaudible and Jordan giggles...Jeff continues touching Jordan somewhere that cannot be seen because of the blanket but his arm can be seen moving slightly, Jordan seems very aware of the cameras and moves her body a little bit away from Jeff...Jeff does the old scratch the nose when you want to look cool thing and gets comfy with his hands off Jordan....Jordan starts secretly smiling...a lot!

They lay still for a couple of minutes and then Jeff shifts a little to rub his eye. He settles in, covers himself and (I think) puts his hand on Jordan's waist. He starts shifting the blanket to block the glare and Jordan asks if he's trying to build his fort...Jeff mumbles something and Jordan turns her body towards Jeff, Jeff places his hand on Jordan's tummy (slightly visible from under the blanket)...Jordan hears voices and says she's not going to able to sleep in this light...Jeff says she has to make a fort...Jordan says then it will be hot, too hot...Jeff says then in the mornings it's freezing...Jordan says she knows, she needs to get in her bed...Jeff says to go ahead.

Natalie approaches and Jordan says "everybody still up?"...Natalie says yes...Jordan says she won't be able to sleep for awhile...Natalie leaves...J&J talk about the blanket/fort situation again and while lifting the blanket, Jordan's shirt is seen visibly lifted exposing her tummy (Jeff was rubbing it, lol)...Jeff tells Jordan to go in the SS room if she wants and if it gets too loud she can come back, or too weird, or she could sleep with Russell. (again!)

Jordan giggles and then says she needs to work out

tomorrow...Jordan bites at her nails for a bit and then says she's going to her bed, for Jeff to have fun in his fort...Jeff says he will, look how much room she had...they say their goodnights and Jordan leaves.

Morning Hammock talk


The feeds cut from a convo btw Kevin & Russell to the hammock where the convo picks up between Jeff & Jordan...Jeff says "did you put all your makeup on?"...Jordan says "did I? yeah I did"...Jeff says "did you put makeup on?"...Jordan says "why?"...Jeff laughs saying "you're fu**ing really working it today"...Jordan says she has to get camera ready...Jeff says that's true, he thought she was doing it to work her magic...Jordan says "I do"...Jeff says she cracks him up...Jordan says "I have to, why? does it look bad?"...Jeff says "you look good"...Jordan says "I have to do it"...Jeff says "why?"...Jordan says "cuz! so I'll get their vote"

Jeff says "you're such a...don't be a fu**ing hooker" ...he laughs.

Jeff starts rubbing her back :) ...Jordan slightly punches him and says "I'm not...I have to do it so I get a vote, you know?"...Jeff says "yeah"...Jordan looks over to the mirror wondering if people are looking at them...Jeff says "don't you think people are over it already?"...Jordan says she doesn't know...maybe...Jeff thinks they're over it, you can kiss their ass but their minds are already made up...Jordan says if she starts now...Jeff says she's right, it won't hurt...Jordan says Jeff needs to start talking to Kevin because he says Jeff doesn't talk to him enough...Jeff says he will but he doesn't want to overdo it...Jordan says when they're in a group Jeff needs to go over and talk with them, not just sit with her because they'll look like they're scheming...Jeff says he doesn't give a f**k, they're losers, they're backstabbers...Jordan says "so, everybody is a backstabber in this game except for me and you"...Jeff says he doesn't have to talk to them 24 hours a day...Jordan says "you gotta talk to somebody".

Jeff says he will...Jordan says "instead of just me and you"...Jeff in a sweet tone says "I like it like that” 🥰

Jordan gives him a look and says he's just joking (but he really isn't lol)...Jeff says "I know, I know"...Jordan makes fun of Jeff's accent saying "I know, I know"...Jeff says Jordan shouldn't sell herself out...Jordan says she's not...Jeff says she's trying so hard...Jordan says he can talk to Jessie, she can talk to Russell...Jeff says he's starting to talk to Jessie...Jordan says about Russell "omg whenever I get the chance, I want him outta here...he's smart too".

Jordan switches the convo to her spiky legs, she asks Jeff to feel...Jeff says "like a fish"...Jordan says fish don't feel like that...Jeff says they're not that bad...Jordan says she's falling apart in there...Jeff says she's got to get it together...they talk about her eyebrows and then Jordan says she's going over "there"...Jeff says "bye sista, we'll catch up later, I'll see ya on the flipside"...Jordan walks away and says "whenever".

If Jordan kissed Jeff?


Jordan is sitting with Kevin & Lydia on the BY couches, she's plucking her eyebrows, Jeff is still laying in the hammock since Jordan left his side about 10 mins before...Lydia yells over to Jeff "have you ever been kissed by a guy?"...Jeff says no...Kevin asks Jeff "what would happen if Jordan kissed you?"...Jeff says "I'd probably kiss her"...Kevin and Lydia ooh and ahh and Jordan yells out "and I'd spit in your mouth! lol, I'm just kidding"...Jeff says "if Jordan would kiss me I'd think we'd start laughing"...both get quiet for a sec and then the convo turns to sleeping and being tired.

Working out


Jeff and Jordan work out in the BY...Jeff does weights...Jordan starts doing crunches...Jeff walks up to her and she gets shy about it, she stops...Jeff says "go!"...Jordan says "no, I can't"...Jeff asks why? she's doing fine...Jordan doesn't respond.

Casey and Jeff take turns...Jordan asks if Ronnie wants to walk with her...Casey tells Jordan he'll walk with her after he does the weights...Jordan says ok...Jeff asks Jordan if he saw what Casey did last night? (circuit)...Jordan says she did, she was out there last night...Casey says Jordan was doing the elliptical...Jeff says she did it for 10 mins...they giggle about that...Jeff says every time she acts like a smart ass he gets 10 mins of back scratching...Jordan says she thought it was 10 mins of drowning...Jeff says that'll come after his backrub.

Jordan tells Jeff that Casey's waiting...Jeff says he's getting it...Jordan says no, he was too busy looking over there (at her)...Jeff admits he was ;) BB calls a lockdown

Jordan starts doing sit ups with Ronnie as her spotter...Jeff and Casey do weights...Jeff waits and Jordan finally stops...they talk about the garden, Jeff says he waters it every day...Ronnie says if it were up to him it would die...Jeff looks over at Jordan again and they have another little giggle over Braden who has inserted himself into the workout LOL

Ronnie starts babbling about Helen Keller jokes, no one cares LOL Jeff takes a turn with the weight bar...Jordan watches...they exchange weights and Casey takes a turn, then Braden...Jordan who has done about 20 sit ups says she's sweating (it's a workout watching people workout lol)

Jeff lifts again while Jordan and Ronnie talk some game...Casey and Jeff switch up the weights and position and it's Casey's turn again...Jordan keeps watching...she gets up to adjust her towel and they start talking about a grasshopper that's in the corner...Jeff and Ronnie join her to take a look...Braden goes over to look and says "hey buddy, welcome to Big Brother" :)

Jeff walks back and asks Jordan if she's all done?...Jordan says yeah, they high five...Jordan walks away...Jeff lifts then Casey lifts...Jeff still has his eye on Jordan and asks her if she has her bathing suit on?...Jordan says yeah...Jeff & Casey continue lifting while Braden meditates and Jordan just sits in the sun…

Comparing bodies


Jordan & Laura are sitting in Laura's bed in the RR. Ronnie, Chima & Jessie are hanging out there as well. Casey comes into the room and chit chats and then Jeff wanders in looking for a shirt to wear. He rummages through his clothes and Casey makes fun of his clothing organizational system. :)

Jeff expains he had to pack tightly and now his stuff doesn't fit so it's all over the place...meanwhile Jordan & Laura discuss the cameras and changing their clothes...Jordan admits she does it out in the open and Laura reminds her that she will be seen on the live 24 hour internet feed...Jordan says everyone has seen her vagina then...Laura says Jordan flashed her and she was "oh no"...Jordan says "I hope they like my vagina!"...Jeff mumbles "you seem real concerned about it".

Jeff & Jessie start up with their Irish accents...Laura & Jordan talk about being naked again...Jordan says Casey walked in on her today and she had her boob pop out and Casey was like 'excuse me' and left until she was done...Jordan says she doesn't care about her boobs.

Jeff mumbles he has to shower...Jordan hears him and says why shower if he's just going to go back outside and get all smelly anyways...Jeff says it's a good call.

Laura says to Jessie that Jeff's body does look like Ben's if Jeff were buffer...Jessie calls Jeff back into the room...Laura says Ben is Jeff's size but if Jeff worked out 7 days a week...Jeff puts his finger up to his teeth and says "wtf are you saying?" LOL

Laura says Ben has bigger boobies, he's got big tatties (?)...Jeff in his Irish accent says "I think she's full of shit"...Laura is saying something about Ben being not as big as Jessie when Jessie asks Jeff what he weighs...Jeff says 190lbs.

Jessie asks "how tall are you?"...Jeff says "5'11, 6 foot like this (w/ sneakers)"

Laura says "he's just more muscular, you have to see him if I get pictures"...Jordan is smiling like crazy at Jeff...Laura says he's not huge like Jessie he's just got...Jeff interrupts saying "he's ripped, his dick's that long (holds his hands out a foot long) and he's (inaudible)" Jeff says "dude, hook me up with this dude" 😂

Chima cackles and they all laugh...Laura says he is vascular like Jeff with muscle definition but he's not big...Jessie says he & Jeff weigh the same except he's got an ant on his right nipple LOL Jeff brushes it off saying he has ants everywhere, f**k off and he walks away doing his Irish schtick with Jessie.

Jordan is coy about Jeff


Jordan, Laura, Chima, Ronnie & Natalie are dozing off in the RR...Jeff has just been in there but walks away.

Jordan immediately says that maybe after the show she can get herself an older man...Chima says that would be easy breezy, they like younger women...Laura says "how old is Jeff?"...Jordan gets this look on her face and protests "oh my God!"...Laura says she is just asking...Jordan says "oh, 31...I don't want Jeff after the...that...he lives somewhere else"...Jordan guffaws...Chima says "you can move to Chicago"...Jordan says nuh-uh...Laura says Jordan isn't tied down to anything right?...Jordan says she farts in front of Jeff so...Chima says it means she really cares for him LOL

Jordan says "no...that means a friend...I don't care...he's just somebody I feel I can really talk to in this house and I feel like I can just like tell him my problems, I have a lot of problems...just kidding"...Chima giggles and says Jordan is too young to have a lot of problems...Jordan says "I don't know"...Chima asks how old Laura & Jordan are...Jordan says she is 22, 23 in November...she wants to move after this show, she is serious, she wants to move away...Laura asks "to where?"...Jordan says she wants to explore, there's nothing in Charlotte for her...they joke around about Jordan moving into the Playboy mansion and then talk turns to Kendra on the Girls Next Door…

The reunion of the couple


Jeff & Braden are talking in the SS room, mostly about game...they also talk about how the food especially chicken goes so quickly and how messy everything gets, why don't people just clean up after themselves, then hey talk about how Chima is out in the RR napping in Jeff's bed and that is why he's in the SS room chilling on Jordan/Lydia's bed.

Jordan walks in just after the 1:16pm mark she says Jeff is in her spot and Jeff says no...Jordan goes to the other side of the bed and gets in...Braden says she has some nice sun...Jordan says "I do".

Braden says "aww, the reunion of the couple" 😍 LOL Jordan & Jeff laugh.

Braden says "the friend couple"...Jordan says "there ya go"...Jordan compares her tan to Jeff's and says she is tanner...Jeff says Jordan's legs are really tan...Braden says Jordan is looking good, nice & sunny...Jordan says thank you...she adjusts her mic and puts away something on the dresser...Jeff smiles at her and compares arms again...Braden asks if Jordan has been outside?...Jordan says no...Braden asks if she's been just running around causing havoc?...Jordan nods yes, she says she is tired...Jeff says he is too from...Jordan says "from what?"...Jeff says "we just been tawkin' "...Jordan smiles and says mmm, hmm.

Braden's kooky self continues with this "what if we both married Jordan, would that be alright with her? we're like yeah"...J&J giggle...Braden says "that's the deal...we'll feed you ribs...and beans"...Jeff says "and hot dawgs"...Jeff laughs and says "hey hot dawg"...Jordan says she just ate a salad and it was good...Jeff says "hot dog"...Braden asks what she put in it? hot dogs?...Jordan says no!...Jeff says "what are you having for dinner? hot dog?"...Braden says "weiners?"...Jordan puts up her hand to Jeff's face and says Jeff is going to drown her for 30 seconds, she asks Jeff if that's what it was?...Jeff says she has to scratch his back for 30 minutes...Jordan says heck no...Jeff says "did you just like do that (roll her eyes) 40"...Jordan giggles.

Braden asks if they were on a 24 hour timeout yesterday?...Jeff says then the explosion happened and then they had to hug each other...Jordan says she was mad, really mad...Braden asks why?...Jordan says she was just mad because she was being thrown in it.

Jeff says he was shaving his chest in the shower and he almost cut his nipple off ...Jordan takes a peek and starts giggling...Jeff explains he was shaving and had soap in his eye and swiped at it and thought he cut it off, it still stings...Braden says he's probably going to be nipple-less man. Jeff cracks up and says "I'm probably not going to be able to feed my babies"

Jeff says "that's all, they gotta work on the right side" haha...Jordan says that's up to the woman ...Jeff says "it is?" LOL...J&J smile at each other…

Braden says what about his wiener, he could stick that in...Jeff says "dude, that's your kid, you sick bastard" LOL

Braden says "milk me bitch"...J&J laugh...Jeff calls Braden a sick bastard again.

Braden asks "Jeff, you going to have kids soon?"...Jeff says "like what, in the next couple of weeks?"...Braden says "like tonight?, like in the next 10 years?"...Jeff says "oh for sure, yeah I'm looking to start a family"...Braden says "start spermin'?"...Jeff says yeah...Jordan laughs at Braden...Jeff says "yeah for sure".

Jordan sits up and asks Braden for his purple eye mask...Braden throws it over after some hesitation...Jordan leans back and puts it on and asks "why does it have balls in it?"...Jeff says "cuz it's weighted" while Braden says it's because she likes balls on her chin...Jeff cracks up!

Jordan asks what the weight does?...Jeff says so that it doesn't fall off...Jordan says "Jeff!"...Braden says you put it in the freezer and it cools you down...Jordan asks if it bothers him when he sleeps?...Jeff realizes that Jordan was shushing him when she said Jeff! and says to her "did you just say Jeff like (be) quiet?"...Jordan says boo and Jeff rolls his eyes and closes them.

Jordan changes the subject (her specialty, lol) and says it's a ghost town outside, only Russell & Kevin were out there...Jeff says it's steamy hot...Jordan agrees...Jeff says that's why he's taking today off...Jordan says she is too.

Crunk/Summer jams


Braden asks what the girls have been saying...Jordan doesn't offer up much hope...Braden says that it was mean that Jordan said she felt bad Braden was leaving...Jordan didn't mean it that way...Jeff says Jordan was all crunked last night...Jordan says she wasn't and for Jeff not to say the word crunked...Jeff says she can't stop him from saying that...Jordan says he can't say that, it's so "2000".

Jeff asks Braden if he likes crunked?...Braden sings that he does...Jordan repeats that it's so year 2000. Jeff says "alright, the point of the story is that you were drunk"...Jordan insists she was not...Jeff & Braden disagree...Jordan says she was tipsy...Jeff briefly sings...

Jeff asks "you ever hear that song?"...Jordan says "yeah"...Jeff in an exaggerated Jordan accent says "that's so 1989!"...Braden says "that was way back when"...Jeff says something about hot dogs again and Jordan says "wow" and changes the subject back to the purple eye mask. LOL Jeff wants Jordan to give it to him so he can see what everybody's talking about...she gives it to him and he puts it on...Jeff says "is there like Eucalyptus in here?"...Jordan says "what is that? it's such a big word"...Braden says it's a tree leaf and a type of tree...Jordan puts on Jeff's UCLA hat and says "a tree leaf?"...Braden says it's a scent.

Jordan briefly sings Sexy Can I by RayJ...Jeff says "Ray J"...Jordan says you know it?...Jeff says "that was my summer jam last year"...Jordan says "you are such a dork"...Jeff says "what?"...Jordan mocks Jeff saying "that was my summer jam, let's get crunk"...Jeff says "so now you can't say summer jams? that one I'm not changing"...Jordan says what Jeff said about his summer jam sounded stupid...Jeff says "why did that sound stupid?"...Jordan says "cuz you said this is my summer jam".

Jeff repeats that it was his summer jam last year...Jordan laughs and says "don't say that, you just look like a dork when you say that"...Jeff says "whaddaya mean I look like a dork?...while I have a purple thing on my face?" Jeff laughs...Jordan repeats what Jeff said about his "jam"...Jeff says "that was my summer jam last year, how does that sound stupid?"...Jordan says you have to say that was my song last year, not jam because when he says jam that sounds so gay. Jeff says "listen, I like the way I say jam"...Jordan says "and I don't like crunk either".

Jeff says "listen, I don't like the way you say hot dawgs"...Jordan says "crunk was year 2000, we're in year two thousand and........nine"...Jeff says "I was so waiting for you to say the wrong year"...Jeff has whipped off the mask and given it to Jordan who puts it back on...Jeff says crunk wasn't from 2000...Jordan says 2005 because she has a shirt that says "Legally Crunk"...Jeff says crunk is in the dictionary now...Jordan says it just sounds stupid so he can't say that...Braden asks "crunk is in the dictionary?"...Jeff cracks up, Jordan laughs...Braden doesn't think so...Jeff says it is, right next to Technotronics 🤣 Jordan says she is trying to sleep...Braden asks for his mask back and the feeds switch to the bathroom…

JJ & Braden laughs


Feeds return to the SS room just after the 1:29pm mark with Jeff laughing and Jordan saying "yeah right"...Jeff says "you don't think I talk to chicks?"...Jordan says "yeah, I'm sure you do"...Braden asks Jordan if she just said what she said and says "I would hope so"...Jeff laughs...Braden says "I would hope you'd have some kind of girlfriend"...Jeff, speaking about Jordan says "no, cuz she goes, cuz we're like, we crossed our arms and she's like, I got boys watching back home...Jordan's a little playa"...Braden says that Jordan hustles guys for free dinners...Jeff says "I know, stick to your side of the bed hoochie mama" LOL and he pushes the cover away.

Braden says when she doesn't get any action she leaves...Jeff says "I'm outta here"...Jordan reaches back with her hand and touches Jeff's...Jeff says "don't touch my skin the rest of the trip" (well that didn't go exactly as planned :) )...Jordan says awww and rubs his hands.

Jordan sits up and says she doesn't know why but she usually likes the assholes...Jeff says "I don't know why but move over" They start play fighting...Braden says guys being dickheads to you? but Jordan ignores it and tells Jeff she has fat arms...Jeff says she has tan arms right now and they compare arms...

Jordan points out how Braden is with his purple mask...Jeff says he is maxin' and relaxin', he likes the Eucalyptus in the mask, helps you breathe...Jeff says he likes that spray for the steam room, it opens up your sinuses...Braden says he wants a steam room for his house...Jeff says me too, he thought there would be a sauna in here...Braden says you gotta "do it" in a steam room, it's the best...Jeff says he never does that, how is he supposed to, it's in his gym...Braden says get your own steam room bitch...Jordan laughs...Jeff asks how Braden pulled that off?...Braden says he was in a steam room...Jeff says "at who's house, where?"...Braden says "this girl's house"...Jeff mishears and says "what was his name?"...Braden says "Tyrone...Jenkins" Jeff laughs and says "Tyrone Jenkins in the steam room" LOL

Jeff & Jordan look at each other…

and then Jordan makes this face and asks Jeff if he can see her…

Jeff says yes, he has his contacts in...Jordan says she ate a salad...Jeff says she told him, was it delicious?...Jordan says it was good...Braden says a good snack for later would be tuna melts...Jordan says "what's up with y'all and tuna?"...Jeff says they definitely can, it's a snackeroo on rye bread and they can brown it, Casey made some and diced up little pickles...Jordan just watches Jeff talk...Braden says they can have the fresh tuna later, all 44 buckeroos of it.

Jeff asks Jordan if she's doing her exercises...Jordan mmm, hmm's and says she feels they are kind of stiff...Jeff says "they loosen up when you do that?"...Jordan says "hmm, that's why I am supposed to do them"...Jeff closes his eyes and holds up his hand as if to say don't get testy...Jeff says how hard is it to just sit there and do that, he'd play with them all the time...Jordan says no, it's different when you have them...Jeff asks why? is it hard to do or you just forget?...Jordan says she just forgets...Jeff just thinks she doesn't want to...Jordan says mmm, mmm...Jeff asks if she's getting crabby?...Jordan protests "no! you always think I'm crabby".

Jeff closes his eyes again, lol, and they both quiet down for a bit...feeds switch to the LR…

Jordan telling time struggle


Feeds return to the SS room with Jordan saying she wants to go see if she can lay down in the other hard bed to see if she can sleep better...Jeff says go ahead...Braden says it's not that comfortable...Jeff says have fun, why doesn't she just lay in the floor...Jeff asks if "what's her name" (Chima) is still sleeping in his bed otherwise he'd leave her alone, he gets what she's hinting at...Jordan says "shut up!"...Jeff says "you shut the ffff" and he smiles...Jordan says "excuse me?"...Jeff says "I didn't say it did I?"...Jordan repeats "excuse me?"...Braden says "Jeff's pissed"...Jeff says "yeah, fu**ing throwing stones all the time, I get the secret messages, I decode them"...Jordan turns to look at Jeff, rolls her eyes and turns back...they are quiet for a bit.

Jordan then says "I miss my watch"...Jeff says "your watch? I miss like going out, you ever go out and forget your watch..." Jordan says she just misses her watch because it's pretty, she can't really tell time on a watch...Braden giggles and says that's funny...Jeff says "you don't know how to tell time on a clock?"...Jordan says "I mean I do but kind of not really, I mean I always have to guess kind of like, like when it's in between I'm like"...Jeff makes an incredulous spitting sound and says "you'd beat Technotronics with that and five other ones"...Braden says "yeah times a billion".

Jeff says "you can't tell time on a...dude, she doesn't know who Al Pacino is"...Braden says wtf?...Jordan says she is sure she would know him if she saw him...Jeff says "she doesn't know what egg whites are"...Jordan says she does.

Jeff asks "where is the big hand and the little hand when it's 11:32?"...Jordan says 11:32? hang on...Jeff says point with your hands...Jordan says it's like when the short hand is in between and you have to go backwards, she never knows if it's either 8 or 7, you know? Jeff smiles and is like ...Jordan says she always likes the digital clocks, when she'd ask the time and people would say "a quarter to", she'd turn around and ask someone else until someone would say like 8:25.

Jeff asks if she doesn't get when they say "a quarter to?" Jordan says she doesn't get it when people say times in that way...Jeff says "so if someone says it's a quarter to eight, you don't know what time it is?"..;Jordan says "no"...Braden says "wow"...Jordan says her mom will say it that way and she has to ask her mom and her mom will say "Jordan, a quarter to" and she never gets it.

Jeff says "how many quarters are in an hour?"...Braden says "yeah that's it"...Jordan mumbles 25? (she's obviousy confusing quarters as in the money, 25 quarters in a dollar with 4 quarters (15 minutes) in an hour)...Jeff repeats "how many quarters are in an hour?"...Jordan says 4...Jeff says right, now how long are each quarter?...Jordan says 25...Jeff says no, how many minutes in an hour?...Jordan says 60...Jeff says divide that by 4...Jordan says 60 divided by 4?...Jeff says yeah...Jordan starts doing the mental math and says hang on...Jeff starts laughing and says "Jordan man, holy f**k, I can't believe I'm having this conversation...dude, is this a real conversation?".

Jordan keeps saying 25...Jeff says "Jordan, that's 100"...Jordan sits up and says "wait, hang on"...Jeff starts asking her again and Jordan tells him to shut up and she starts dividing again...Jeff says "what's half of 60?"...Jordan says 30...Jeff says "what's half of 30?"...Jordan says 15...Jeff says "ok, how many quarters are in an hour?"...Jordan doesn't know and panics, tells Jeff to shut up and says 45?...Jeff says "Jordan!" (love how he says this)...Jeff says the answer is 15

Braden says 15, 30, 45, 60....Jeff says so if someone says it's a quarter til 8, it's 15 minutes til 8...Braden says it's 7:45...Jordan nods...Jeff says It's a quarter to 1, what time is it?...Jordan says 1:15...Jeff cracks up and says "oh my...come on! are you sleeping? or is this for real?"...Jordan giggles and lays her head down on Jeff's chest/armpit...Jordan tries to explain...Jeff says he said quarter to, like it's going to be...this is not a real conversation right now, is it?...Jordan says she hopes not...Jeff says "holy f**k, you better hope this doesn't air"...Jordan says it won't because she doesn't have her mic on ...Jeff says "wow, did that just happen?"...Jeff says "good thing there's no clocks in here"...Jordan says "hmm, why?"...Braden says "good thing there's no cameras" 🤣🤣

Jeff says "yeah good thing nobody heard that"...Jordan says "no, that's just the only thing I've ever had a problem with"...Jeff says "that's it? your scientific facts are straight?" ...Jordan tells the story about her and her sister cooking and Jordan didn't know what margarine was, she thought it was a vegetable oil...Ronnie walks in and of course answers immediately saying it's fake butter.

Jeff says "good thing you're cute Jordan"...Jeff tells Ronnie he just missed an intellectual conversation...Braden says Ronnie would be LMAO...Ronnie says "why?"...Braden says they were going over quarters in an hour because Jordan doesn't know how to tell time on a hand watch...Jeff giggles...Jordan starts explaining to Ronnie and the feeds switch to the LR again...

JeJo spat


Feeds come back to the SS room with J&J talking with Ronnie & Braden. It is hard to hear at times what Jeff & Jordan are saying to each other because of loud Ronno, I think I got it all but the gist is that Jeff doesn't like Jordan's attitude and stone throwing...

The feeds return just after the 1:48pm mark with Jeff laying down on his side facing away from Jordan and Jordan sitting up with her hand on Jeff's side/waist...Jeff says about wanting to hear from Jordan "something positive before I go to sleep, everything is negative in this house, you're supposed to be like my one..." Jordan says "friend?"...Jeff says "yeah".

Braden says "you're the king of pool"...Jordan keeps patting Jeff's side...Jeff says "I do own Braden in pool"...they talk about pool...Jeff says to Jordan "you wanna scratch my back, that'll be positive but you have to do it for like 2 minutes"...Jordan rolls her eyes and says "nooo, I don't feel like it"...Jeff says "alright, don't do it" turns his face away and says "don't even touch me"...they talk about who farted and Jeff says he wishes he had one, he'd fire it out right now...Braden says "on Jordan?"...Ronnie says "dutch oven"...Jordan lays back down.

(this part I will mostly try to say what J&J say as Ronnie & Braden are seemingly not even there in their eyes, lol)

Braden says he promised his mom that he would try and get at least one vote or she would be really, really sad so he asks Ronnie for his...J&J laugh...Jeff tells Jordan that he told him to say that to each person in the house, that way he gets a vote from everybody.

Jordan sits up again...Ronnie talks about bringing baby Jesus & kittens dying into it...Braden says it's Satan's room...Jordan keeps rubbing Jeff's side & leg...Jeff says the God & kittens dying thing makes him sad...somehow Ronnie starts talking about masturbation and God killing kittens everytime it happens (wtf?)...Jordan says wow...they talk about masturbation and Jordan says Ronnie doesn't have to, he has a wife, she's sure Braden does it all the time and Jeff does it regularly...Jeff says Braden's got all those lotions, that's why he took them all...Braden says "I wouldn't waste my lotion, my good shit on my coccyx" Jeff laughs and says "all the lotions you got from the Sheratons"...Braden says "that stuff burns"...Jeff cracks up!

Jordan gets up and goes around to Jeff's side of the bed to put her flip-flops on, she tells Jeff she can't sleep...Jeff says "I am"...Jordan puts on her clip and says "you would sleep"...Jeff says "why don't you scratch my back if you can't sleep?"...Jordan says she'll do it tonight...Jeff says "what a liar"...Jordan says "I will tonight, promise"...they pinky swear on it...Jeff says "if you break a pinky promise everything's broke"...Jordan says "what's broke? our alliance?"...Jeff gives Jordan a look and says "get out...I don't like your attitude right now", Jeff shakes his leg, Jordan looks in the mirror...Jordan asks if the mirrors make you look bigger or is it just the way you are?...Braden says "no, you look fat" ...Jordan says "yay"...Braden says "no, not you".

Jordan puts on her mic and (I think) says to Jeff "how come you're chilling?"...Jeff doesn't answer...Jordan says "hello!?"...Jeff waves the hand at her and then says "it's cuz I'm tired"...Jordan says "you're on my bad side"...Jeff says "you're on my f**ing bad side"...Jordan says "why?"...Jordan says "I didn't do anything", she picks up Jeff's shirt and says "here's your shirt...that's yours"...Jeff says "do you want it? it doesn't fit me"...Jordan with a low blow says "nah, I got Russell's"...Jeff says "are you serious? gimme that"...Jordan pats Jeff and says she's just kidding...Jeff says "gimme it, I wanna save it from someone who appreciates my shit"...Jordan gives it back hastily...Jeff says "is Chima still in my bed?"...Ronnie says she's out like a light...Jordan invites Ronnie to go to the pool with her...she says Sayonohra guys...Braden corrects her and she laughs...Ronnie asks if she's going to get in her suit...Jordan says yeah, she's just bored and she leaves.

Jordan tries to engage Jeff


Jordan & Ronnie are outside by the pool. Michele notices Jeff has come outside and says "hey Jeff"...a smile immediately comes upon Jordan's face...

Jordan says "how was your sleep?"...Jeff says "pretty good, I zonked out"...Jordan smiles and says "huh?"...Jeff says "pretty good"...Jordan imitates Jeff's accent saying "pretty good"...Jeff rolls his eyes and continues stretching. Jordan looks down and says "I couldn't sleep Jeff"...Jeff says "I know, I could"...Jordan says "huh?"...Jeff repeats and asks why she couldn't sleep...Jordan says she doesn't know.

Just after the 4:45pm mark Jordan approaches Jeff, who is on the elliptical, and asks why he's having an attitude with her...Jeff says he isn't, he smiled, he thanks Jordan for letting him take a nap today, he fell asleep pretty fast...a little more inaudible talk btw them and then Jordan goes inside to get her bikini top.

Just after the 4:47pm mark Jordan comes back outside and pinches Jeff's butt as she walks by him.

Jordan says "don't you hate it when people pinch your butt?"...Jeff responds no, he doesn't really have a butt...Jordan says her sister used to pinch her where it was so hard...Jordan gets called out by BB to put her mic on...Jordan says her mic fell in the pool...Jeff says "come on"...Jordan says she's serious...Jeff says he's sure they knew...Jordan says she was called into the DR right after.

Just after the 4:56pm mark Ronnie and Jordan are talking about fate and destiny, Ronnie uses the example of Jordan becoming a multi-millionaire...Jordan says to Jeff "you hear that Jeff? I'm going to be a multi-millionaire"...Jeff says "you are?"...Jordan says "that's in my destiny"...Jeff says "congratulations"...Jordan says "serious!"...Jeff says "I'm serious too! I'm your friend no? hook a brother up...what are you gonna do? what's your millionaire idea?"...Jordan misunderstands and says she's going to buy a house...Jeff says "ok, what are you going to do with the money?"...Jordan says get a house, pay off bills, go to school...Jeff says "go to school?"...Jordan says "yup"...Jeff says "you're already a millionaire"...Jordan says "so? I still need the education"...Jeff says "aww, look at you always improving" :) ...Jordan giggles and says "always improving for the best". (interesting!)

Jeff says "what would you give me?"...Jordan says a dime LOL...Jeff asks if he can get a fly ass car?...Jordan says "possibly"...Jeff says maybe a Lexus...Jordan says "possibly, I love Lexus, I love Range Rovers too"...Jordan then says her mom has an older model Lexus SUV.

Just after the 5:00pm mark Jeff asks Jordan "did you just try to wink?"...Jordan says "huh?"...Jeff says "wink"...Jordan says "me?" and she winks...Jeff gets a kick out of her and giggles.

Just before the 5:04pm mark Jordan gets out of the hottub, wraps herself in a towel, get her mic and walks inside, as she walks by Jeff he says "you look all sexy" 😍 Jordan whispers she's going inside to take a shower and she does...

Cute but not so not cute married banter/stones thrown


Jordan, Jeff, Chima & Natalie are in the kitchen...Jeff is eating taco salad...Jordan is milling about getting her salad ready, she's telling them that she likes to buy shots for everyone when she gets drunk, even though she gets a discount because she works in a bar, one night when she went out with her friends from work, she spent $200, she is too generous...Jeff says he gets very generous too when he gets crunked up...Jordan says he doesn't seem very generous...Jeff starts to ask Jordan if she doesn't think he would if he's drunk but says "get outta here...I don't wanna get pissed off"...Jordan says "no, start, I want to hear you get mad, start getting mad, raise your voice at me at Jeff" (poor Jeff :( )...Jeff keeps eating and shakes his head.

Chima says "you guys are like a cute married couple"...Natalie says "yeah, I was thinking the same thing"...Jordan whispers "he's stupid" 😟...Natalie says "exactly, a married couple"...Chima says "they act just like one"...Jordan says "we've only known each other a week Jeff"...Jeff says "I didn't even say anything"...Jordan seasons her food...Chima says it provides good entertainment, keep going, it's like a soap opera, Bold & Beautiful (destiny! lol)...Ronnie comes in and joins them.

Jeff says "she keeps throwing stones, I'm trying not to talk"...Jordan puts her hands to her ears and says "throwing stones, crunk, summer jam UGHHH"...Jeff says "uhh, what's going on, I'm just trying to eat a salad"...Jeff says "my vocabulary sucks, I scream, I'm cheap, what else? nobody likes me in here, what else?"...Jeff says "my spelling...we'll just get it all out there"...they eat...Jeff looks at Jordan and says "it's official now".

Jordan says that whenever they're done here and someone wants him to do a club appearance they'd be like "alright guys we have a surprise guest tonight", guess who it is and then they'll be like TECH - NO - TRONICS!, she laughs...Ronnie says "you are relentless"...Jordan continues saying all the guys would be like "what a tool"...Chima chants "toona, toona, toona"...Jordan yells out with her hands up in the air "and everybody knows that the Technotronics man is cheap! and he will not buy one of you girls a drink!"

Jordan looks all smug and satisfied but Jeff gets his stones in too and with good reason...

Jeff says "wow"!...Ronnie even says "wow, that was hardcore, Jordan! laying into the man"...Jordan says "come on, say something else"...Jeff obliges and says "Jordan doesn't know how to tell time on a watch" (burn!)...Natalie laughs...Jordan says "shut up!"...Jeff says "yeah it's true...whaddya mean, you just killed me for a half hour"...Jordan says "no, it's not that I..." Jeff says "what time is it if it's a quarter past 8?"...Jordan says "shut up!!"...Jeff asks again...Jordan says "I don't know, stop!"...Jordan says she always learned how to tell time digitally like that (points to the stove)...Jeff says Jordan is going to have an appearance at a bar and she's not going to make it because she's not going to know what fu**ing time it is (ok that is pretty funny, lol )...the others laugh...Jordan says when she was young and people would say quarter to or quarter past, she wouldn't know and would ask until someone would tell her the time in number form, she also gets confused with the short hand and where it sits in between the two numbers, if you go back or forward...when she was in the hotel, they gave her a little clock and she was confused if it was 7 or 8 so she would go by how it looked outside.

Jordan says "ok, are you happy now Jeff?"...Jeff says he didn't say anything, she was ripping on him and he can't say one little thing about her?...Natalie explains that a quarter is always 15, Ronnie chimes in too, Jordan says Jeff already tried to explain it to her, it's hard Technotronics...Chima asks if they didn't teach Jordan in 2nd grade? that's when she learned...Jeff says "I know"...Chima says Jordan is younger than her so it may be different...Jordan asks "weren't you confused at first?"..Jeff says "yeah when I was 4"...Jordan says she still has to ask her mom...Jeff asks what she does she do if someone asks her the time?...Jordan says her watch is broken...Jeff says "holy cow"...Jordan says that if people question why she is wearing one then, she says it's because she likes it and has had it for a really long time or she says something gay.

Jeff says he doesn't know why she ripped on him, he could keep going but he'll let it slide...Jordan says to keep going...Jeff says "no way"...Jordan says "no, I want to hear it...come on Jeff"...Jeff says "I got nothing...the only other thing I got is I can't believe you don't know who Al Pacino is, it makes me sad"...Jordan says "if I saw him I would know"...Jeff asks if she has seen any gangster movies...Jordan says yeah, American Gangster but those are mostly guy movies...they go over Al Pacino movies and Jordan know who he is from Devil's Advocate. Jordan says she knows who he is now.

Chima mentions loving Charlize Theron but she hasn't been in anything lately...Jeff says maybe it was after she showed up at the Oscars all orange & tanned...Jordan says to Jeff "how would you notice that?"...Jeff says because it was a big thing and I haven't seen her since, she's pretty though.

They start talking about what she might be doing now...Jordan eats her salad, Jeff has just about finished his...Jeff leans over the counter towards her and whispers "why do you have to (?) my business in front of everybody?"...Jordan denies she does and says shut up...

Jordan goes over to where Jeff is sitting and pats him...Jeff says "where you going?"..Jordan says "over here" and she sits next to him saying "you know you love me"...Jeff half laughs...Jeff says "you know you can just scratch my back for like 2 minutes and..." (meaning all will be forgiven)...Jordan says Jeff's shirt is nice...Jeff says "I told you"...Jordan starts rubbing circles on his shirt and says "maybe if you wear more shirts like this"...Jeff says "you'll scratch me?"...Jeff says "I have one more"...Jordan says "do you? rawrrrrrrr".

Chima & Natalie talk about both sleeping upstairs with Jessie...Jordan asks if she can have Natalie's bed then because she has snorers...Jeff says it's bad in there, he'll take the light anyday, he kind of likes it because he has that fort and he gets cozy under there. They continue talking about snorers and other random stuff…

BY chat Part 1


Jeff & Jordan are sitting/lounging side by side on the couch in the BY...Casey is there with them, he's telling them about something but as usual, JeJo aren't paying too much attention LOL ...Jeff is moving his toes around...Jordan asks "why do your toes like that?"...Jeff says "you notice every single thing about me now or what?"...Jordan says no, she's looking at Casey and as she's looking at him in her left eye, she sees two big toes going back and forth and it irritates her...Casey says peripheral would have beat shotgun 🤣 Jeff says that would have been a good one...Jeff explains he doesn't know, he always has to move something so if he moves his toes he doesn't have to move a lot ykwim?...Jordan rolls her eyes and Jeff asks why she's doing it...Jordan says Jeff said ykwim...Jeff says "alright, I'll give you that one"...Casey says one of the most comfortable spots to sleep in is the couch they're sitting on (in the shade), Casey says the weather in Cali is so different than Florida, you just sweat there. Casey is excited he is hosting on nat'l TV...Jordan says he was a good host. Jessie comes out doing the Irish accent, Jordan asks where is that from?...Jeff says "Snatch"...they talk about Guy Richie movies...Jordan sits up and pats Jeff's arm that he places on her leg.

Jessie sits down and they chat.

Jeff is just amused with the fact that all they do is sit around all day...Casey says they're like lions in a den, cage, they sit around, go sniff some shit, LOL, look around, play with a little ball...Jeff says "dude, we don't even have a little ball" turns to SNL & the character that always has to "one up" people (love Kristen Wiig!!)...Casey describes how she one ups to the 10th degree and then he imitates her (funny stuff)...Jeff says it's a good bit.

Michele comes out and then Laura joins them with her newly curled hair...Jordan tells her it looks good...Casey starts one upping Laura LOL...Jeff says her hair looks like a Vidal Sassoon commercial...Jordan says "oh yeah like a Pantene Pro-V commercial"...Jessie starts bragging about his muscles and showing them off...Jeff goes "oh man"...Casey says "there goes the B-roll"...Jeff says "geez Louise"...Casey brings up the Penelope character again and does another imitation, they all laugh. Jessie starts talking about himself again (big surprise) then Russell comes out and they say how mad he looks all the time.

Russell goes back in...Jordan pats Jeff's arm...Laura says her & Jeff match...Jordan says she had to put on black...Laura says so you can match him...Jeff says hers isn't as soft as his...Jeff asks Laura if she felt his shirt?...Laura says "yeah, he rubbed it on her face"...Jeff says "oh yeah"...J&J laugh...Jordan says he's so excited about his shirt...Laura tells them that earlier Jessie was in his posing trunks posing ...Casey notices a muscle Jessie has that he didn't even know existed and they go on about it for a bit...Jeff says let's go to the next subject LOL

Jordan pats Jeff's arm and decides to move where she is sitting so everyone will have room to sit, she sits under Jeff's leg.

BY chat - You know/Bully/Accent


Jordan gets comfy sitting under Jeff's leg...Jessie has been talking about wrestling & fighting...Jeff says he has a buddy named Tony that is a fighter, he's only 145 but he's a jujitsu master, the way he talks he says "wtf dude", you could blast a 2x4 over this kid's face and he'd be like "dude, quit fu**ing around" LOL ...he's so tough this kid but when you roll around with him and shit, he'll tie you into a knot, in 30 seconds you're out, he could whip him off for as long as he can til he gets tired because he's 50 lbs heavier, but that only lasts for so long, you're always on the defensive, he knows a couple of moves but that's it, others will see if they can give it a try but after a couple of seconds that's it, why does everyone insist on trying.

Jordan whispers to Jeff if he has chapstick?...Jeff says he does...Jordan asks if cares that she uses it?...Jeff says no...Jordan says they have the same problem and she giggles...Jeff says "what?"...Jordan giggles and says "so it doesn't know?"...Jordan puts on Jeff's chapstick.

Jeff points out she said "you know"...Jordan says "God, I know"...Jeff says Jordan is going to say that back at home...Jordan says she's going to hate herself, she'll be mad at herself if she says that all the know?...Jeff smiles and points...Jordan says "I didn't mean to say that"...Jeff says "I know but your friends will laugh"...Jordan says her friends won't laugh, they'll say shut up...Jeff says "you don't think they're gonna laugh?"...Jordan says they'll say shut up Jordan...Jeff's eyes open wide and says "are they going to fu**ing punch you?"...Jordan says "are you going to say Gucci?"...Jeff says " want me to start it in the midwest?"...Jordan says he should say that to everybody "that's so Gucci"...Jeff says Gucci is a brand, he wishes a word she made up...Jordan says how about Gooch, say hey Guccies or hey Gooches.

This was straight out of the Abbott & Costello "Who's On First" routine LOLOL

Jeff asks the others "hey, what was on Different Strokes the bully, what was his name? Gooch? the Goocher?"...Casey says "who's name?"...Jeff says "the bully on Different Strokes"...Casey says "the bowly?"...Jeff says "yeah"...Jordan pats Jeff's belly real hard...Jeff explains again...Casey says "of course, whatcha talkin' about Willis"...Laura says "the bully"...Casey says "oh the bully?"...Jeff says "yeah"...Casey starts laughing and says he thought Jeff said "bowly b.o.w.l.y"...Jeff says "the bowly, the bowly"...Jordan says "bully"...Jeff says "yeah"...Jordan repeats "bully"...Casey says "we're going bowling, send me the bowl"...Jeff says "send me the bowl".

Then Jessie gets in on it and says say "bull"...Jeff does...Jessie says "bull"...Jeff says it again...Jessie says Jeff is saying "bowl"...Jeff says "like the Bulls?"...they make fun of the fact he sounds like he's saying bowls not bulls...Casey says it's his accent, don't get mad, it seems like he's getting a little worked up...Jordan giggles...Jeff says "you know what the f**k I'm saying, you know like a bowly?"...Laura yells "bully!"...Jeff says he just said that...they all laugh at Jeff's expense...Jordan raises her voice and says "bull, bully, b.u.l.l.y."...Jeff yells "BOWL"...they all laugh...Casey says "like Raging Bull"...Jeff says "Raging Bowl"...they laugh...Jeff says "dude, I'm saying it"...Jordan emphasizes how to say buuulllll...Jeff says bowl... Casey cracks up and Jeff says "get outta here before I go somewhere I don't wanna go"...Casey cracks up saying "show's over"

Jeff says "enough of those sound bites"...Jordan says toona, now they have another word...Casey tries to get Jeff to say bull again by talking about bullfighting...Jeff says he's got it...he doesn't know how he's saying it wrong...what is he saying?...they explain he's saying bowl when it should be bull, they go over it once again this time with the word bullshit...Casey says it's ok, he has an accent.

Jeff asks again what the his name was...the Gooch?...Casey says he doesn't know his name...Jeff thinks it was the Goocher, wth was his name?...Jordan says "who?"...Jeff says she wouldn't know...they go back to the difference in the way Jeff says bowl (as in cereal) and bull (as in Chicago Bulls)...he manages to say them differently at least one time...Jeff is obsessed with remembering the bully's name and asks again, still no answer...Jordan tries to help him again by saying bull and bowl...Casey says the funny thing is Jordan trying to teach Jeff about accents, therein lies the irony right there LOL

Jeff asks Jordan to say hot dog (not hot dawg)...Casey repeats hot dawgs, hot dawgs...Jeff asks if she can talk in an accent?...Jordan says "what kind? northern?"...Casey says New Jersey?...Jordan says they heard this already...Casey says he didn't...Jeff asks if she can do an English accent? Irish?...Jordan says hold on, one at a time...Jordan tells them in a NJ accent about the lady who comes into her salon and says her daughter is getting her hair done and if they need anything to give her a call...Jeff & Casey agree that was pretty good, Jeff says it's like the girl from My Cousin Vinny…

BY chat - Part 2


Jeff, Jordan & Michele are left outside and they are talking about drinking and getting a buzz. Jordan says she wants wine...Jeff starts raising his voice and says "me too, I don't want beer, why does everyone get to drink wine, I'm taking a wine today, oh well, time to switch it up!"...Jordan says "you need to calm down, you're like loose on your patience"...Jeff says "yeah because I don't like stuff...ykwim...why do I gotta, you drink the beer now, we're all living together, everyone thinks they can fu**ing take whatever they want and do whatever they want all the time and say whatever they want all the time, no".

Michele says "oh Jeff, you need a hug"...Jordan says "mm, yeah"...Jeff says "or a glass of wine"...Jordan asks if they think they would have any now? no...Michele doesn't think now...Jeff says they've been giving it to them pretty regularly...Michele says they'd be boring without it...Michele asks if they ate?..Jordan says yeah...Michele goes to the hottub...Jeff puts on his chapstick and Jordan says "everybody left us"...Jeff says "what else is new"...Jordan says it's probably because they're sitting like this...Jeff says no, it's because they're all eating, they're all waiting for that tuna...Jordan gives Jeff a look and Jeff says how else is he supposed to say it...Jordan says "fish"...Jeff says "they're all eating that fish".

Michele complains she is losing weight on the BB diet...Jordan wishes she had that problem, she keeps looking in the mirror and her arms look fat...Jordan says to Jeff "my arm looks fat, it's your fault"...Jeff says "why?"...Jordan says "you let me eat"...Jeff says "no I don't, I tell you to work out and stuff and eat better but you just grab pizza and cookies"...Jordan says "I know, I love them, aren't they so good?"...Jeff says they are good...Jordan asks how her arms look and starts jiggling them...Jeff says they don't look fat...Jordan says they do, they jiggle...Jeff says then she has to do something about that...Jordan says she's going to go home looking fatter...Jeff giggles...Jordan says "then nobody is going to want me if I go back looking fat"...Jeff says "oh shut up"...Jordan says she is serious, no guys like big girls...Jeff says "you're not a big girl"...the feeds switch to the GR.

BY Chat - Jordan tries to calm Jeff


Jordan joins Casey, Jeff & Michele in the BY. Everyone is enjoying libations, Jeff & Jordan are both drinking a glass of wine. Jordan sits herself down next to Jeff. Jeff is sitting up with his feet on the table, Jordan sits upright too, when Jeff leans back and stretches out, Jordan sits back as well and they entwine arms. Jeff says she doesn't have to scratch him and pulls his arm back. Jordan grabs it and starts scratching.

Jordan asks Michele if she fell asleep while laying out...she says she woke up burnt...they start talking about fake ID's...Michele tells the story of how the cops confiscated her driver's license thinking it was fake but she was 21...then they talk about the state troopers and Jeff wonders if they're called the Staties...Laura comes out and joins them...Jeff asks if Good Will Hunting is like the best movie in the Boston area, it's one of his favorite movies...they start talking about words associated with high school and the feeds switch to the GR just before the 9:04pm mark.

Laura says maybe they should do her hair in a mohawk...Jordan says "omg, you can't shave it"...Laura says she was just kidding, there's no way in hell she would do that...Jordan says her neither, she would cry, she'd be so mad...Jeff asks Jordan "how much would it take you to shave your head?"...Jordan says "a million dollars"

Jeff says "a million?"...Jordan says "you would have to pay me a lot of freakin money"...Laura says not a dime less than a half a million dollars and she would do it...Jeff incredulously says "a half a million dollars!?...250 thousand dollars and you wouldn't do it?"...Jordan says "more than 250, more than 250 thousand, swear to God!"...Laura says "no!"...Jordan says "it's a girl thing"...Michele to be different says "hair grows (back)".

Jeff tries to explain that it's a year's salary and your hair will grow back in a year...Laura says "a year salary? you think we make that much in a year?"...Jeff gets agitated and says "that's what I'm saying, it's a 5 year salary!"...Jordan says "lower your tone".

Jeff goes mute LOL...Laura says of course she is exaggerating, for 250 thousand she would do it. Jordan tells Jeff her stomach hurts...Jeff touches her leg and asks if she needs something...Jeff asks her "you would do it for 250?"

Jordan says no, she'd have to bribe them for more, for like 700 thousand...Michele laughs and Jeff makes a face and says "where'd you get that number?"...Casey says 10 thousand dollars...Laura says "hell no"...Jordan shakes her head and says no, she says "at least 100 thousand"...Jeff says that's a year's salary...Jordan swears to God she would not shave it if not for more than 100 thousand...Jeff says "100G,s, you wouldn't shave your head?"...Casey says 50G's...Jordan says "no, not 50, more, I'm dead serious, more"...Casey says "how much money do you make?".

Jeff says he would cut off a pinky for that...Jordan says taxes will take half of it...Jeff says we'll give you tax free...Laura & Jordan agree on 100 thousand...Jeff says you'd be stupid not to...Jordan says no...

Jeff leans back and says "quit telling me to, no actually keep telling me that because I do get loud sometimes"...

Jordan says "I'm just helping you out"...

Jeff squeezes her knee and says "I know"...

Jordan says "it's anger management"...

Jeff says "I did it, you're right, I said you're right, they don't always have to go back and forth" :)

They go back to talking about the 50G's tax free and mohawks...Laura says she wouldn't be able to work if she did her hair in a mohawk...Jordan says me neither...Jeff says "work where?"...Laura and Jordan both say she does promotions"...Jeff says she'd have a year off"...Laura says 50 grand, she can make that in a year...Jeff says she's not working though...Laura says she would rather work, she needs 100 thousand...Jeff raises his voice again and says "what do you mean sit around, you can do whatever you want just because you have a shaved head!?"...Jordan taps Jeff's arm and whispers "lower your tone"...Jordan gives him a look and Jeff says he understands...Jordan says "you're getting mad"...Jeff says "because it's kooky to think that".

Jeff asks Braden "you shave your head for 50 thousand dollars?"...Braden says he would shave his balls for 50 bucks. LOL Jeff asks what would a guy have to do to match that?...Braden says "a cock ring?"...Jordan says "Braden, you're so random, we'll miss you"...Jeff says "don't start"...Jordan says "I'm just kidding, I love you".

BY Chat - sex talk


The feeds return to the BY just before the 9:22pm mark with the group talking about threesomes..Jordan is saying something to Michele about her husband, she says "what if your husband wanted to join?"...Michele says that would be ok...the others say that is nice...Laura says she always thought about that...Jordan thinks she would be too jealous...Jeff says if he paid attention more to her than you...Michele says she's ok with that...Braden says it would be awkward...Jeff says it would be really awkward...Jordan says she wouldn't like seeing him being more into the other girl than her...they agree it would have to be with a random...Laura says it would be hard to be in a relationship and be in love with somebody and then have another girl and wonder if he liked her more...Jeff says "even if it's a random?"..Laura says "yeah what if he was lusting after her?"...Jeff says you would be so jealous if you saw him pumping some chick in front of you...Laura says "f**k yeah".

Jeff says "and a lot of those times when that happens you can't even have sex with that other girl...not saying I know"...Jeff says he doesn't, for real, he doesn't do that...Laura says "you don't do what?"...Jeff says he doesn't do that for sure, it would end the relationship especially if he liked someone...Laura says it's not worth it...Jeff says it's not...Laura says "don't f**k with something that ain't broken"...Jeff says "right".

Jordan says if her and Braden were dating and they & Laura had one...Braden says they might as well, they're on a team, let's do this shit now...they laugh...Jeff says "is the GR open?"...Jordan continues saying that if her and Braden were doing it and she saw that he was more into Laura, she'd be like wait, why is he acting more into her, he should be acting more into me even though it's supposed to be all fun...Jordan says she would be jealous...Jeff says she would be...Jordan then gives the example of a threesome of Braden, Jeff & Michele...Jeff says there would be no jealousy there...Braden says she would love it...Michele giggles...Braden & Jeff laugh...Braden says Michele is going to have sweet dreams tonight...Jeff says the GR is getting worked tonight...Braden says double time.

Jordan says she wants someone to hook up in one of those rooms...Laura says Jordan & Jeff should...Jordan says nooo...Jordan says she wants Michele to hook up with Braden...Braden says that's not possible...Michele says that is called cheating and it will lead to divorce papers at the end of the show 🫢 Jeff says unless she gets a letter in her HOH basket giving her the go ahead, here's a bottle of wine, go for it.

Ronnie comes out and Jordan says "hey we hear you're a little horny"...Jeff says "geez Jordan"...Michele says that married people get horny in this house...Jeff says that Michele said she was horny and then someone else that is married might be horny...Ronnie admits being sequestered away from your spouse is the hardest thing...Jordans asks Ronnie how he approaches his wife when he wants to do it...Ronnie says he can't talk about that, they're teachers...Jeff says they're people too.

Jeff says "how much sex do you think you'd have in the hotel room for a week if it was just you and her"...Ronnie says OMG and doesn't answer...Jeff says he was thinking about that, what if you got locked in here with some chick, we'd just be banging all the time...Jordan says "really?"...Jeff says "what else are you gonna do, you can't leave the room, there's no TV"...Jordan says "you'd just keep doing it?"...Jeff says "yeah...what do you mean roll your eyes, what else are you going to do? all there is is lunch and"...Jordan says "banging and showering and banging"...Jeff says "and then they give us some coloring books"...Jordan says "oh yeah!"...they talk about the various things they got in sequester (model airplanes, toy trucks).

Ronnie asks if anyone saw the Bollywood wedding?..Jeff says he did, that was the highlight of his night...Jordan asks what a Bollywood wedding is and they explain it's an Indian wedding...Jeff says he saw a jewish wedding too, it was cool, he watched it from his window. They talk about the various views they had from their hotel room. Michele says she got the VIP room, Braden says he had two balconies...Jeff says he only had a window...Kevin comes outside and Jordan encourages him to shake it...he does. :) Talk dies out and Jeff gets up shortly afterwards…

Jordan hooks up Jeff


All the HG's are outside except for Jordan and Ronnie who have just gone to the SR to get alcohol...they bring out the beer that BB has given them. Jordan pours 2 glasses, one for her, one for Laura (Budweisers) and grabs 2 more cans and starts walking outside, she sees Jeff standing by the open sliding door and she calls out in a hushed voiced "Jeff!" and hands him a beer...Jeff says "my girl...thanks for hooking me up" :) She hands Casey the other one and goes outside…

Drunk 20 questions


The HG's are all outside talking and playing 20 questions. The couches are all filled up so Jeff stands on the patio. Jordan joins him and they do a little flirtatious dance with each other, Jeff puts his arm on the small of Jordan's back and Jordan almost grabs for Jeff's arm but stops herself because she's self concious of the others.

Jordan keeps whispering in Jeff's ear, it's pretty inaudible for the most part but she does say that they shouldn't have given up their spot on the couches. This goes on for about a minute and a half. It's pretty cute. Too bad the only camera angle was from far away.

JeJo touchy feely


While the HG's play "Julie says" in the BY, Jeff & Jordan are eliminated and then get touchy feely. Jordan is sitting on the fridge, Jeff is standing. Jeff touches Jordan's leg and Jordan holds onto Jeff's arm, she squeezes his neck and whispers in his ear about Michele. They giggle at how drunk Michele is.

Bathroom meet up Part 1


Jordan is in the bathroom and Jeff meets up with her there. Jordan is making a face and Jeff says "what?"...Jordan says she has a gas bubble, she needs to fart...Jeff says "blow one"...Jordan says she is trying to...Jeff goes to open the bathroom stall door and Jordan says "look, I thought this was a spider" and she shows him, Jeff looks...Jordan says "it's not a spider stupid"...Jeff says "why'd you call me stupid?"...Jordan says "cuz"...Jeff says "that was weird" and he washes his hands.

Laura who is in there too says "my knees hurt, f**k red light, green light"...Jordan says hers hurt too. Jordan says "Dr. McDreamy"...Jeff giggles and walks towards Jordan who holds out her hands to hug him, they hug and then Jordan says he has to help us...Jeff says help you what?...Jordan holds her leg out and says "doctor"...Jeff says oh, you want me to help you...Jordan who still has her arm around Jeff's neck says she's just kidding, sarcasm. Laura leaves…

Jeff says everyone is getting along so nice...Jordan giggles and covering her mouth with her hands says it's because of the alcohol...Jordan holds her belly and says her stomach hurts...Jeff says "what's wrong? take a poop"...Casey comes in and Jeff uses the bathroom first telling Casey to entertain Jordan...Casey tells a random non-joke...Jordan says she doesn't get it...Jordan complains her stomach hurts, she's gassy...Jeff comes out and washes his hands...Jordan complains to Jeff her stomach hurts, Jeff doesn't know what to tell her...they get called outside to join in on the fun…

Bathroom meet up Part 2


Jeff & Jordan are getting ready for bed. Jeff takes off his contacts and puts on his glasses...Jordan is brushing her teeth and gargling, she finishes up, approaches Jeff and whispers in his ear something inaudible (I think something about looking in a mirror, Russell staring, something being obvious)...Jordan and Jeff's faces are mere inches apart...cute moment of closeness.

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