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Day 49 of BB11 Feeds

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

August 27

Smelly issues


Jeff & Jordan continue their conversation about Michele and her smelly blanket she slept in this morning...Jordan laughs at how Jeff is telling the story...Jeff says "I'm not taking smelly's fact, throw that thing off the bed".

Jordan says Michele didn't take a shower today, did she?...Jeff says "come on!"...Jordan sees Michele coming up to the HOH and says "here she comes", she holds Jeff's arm and laughs.

Jeff says "she had to of"...Jordan doesn't think she did, she doesn't remember watching her...Jeff smacks his hand on the bed and says "I don't wanna keep quiet all night"...Jeff says it was almost better when she was Russell's friend, he says to give smelly her blanket, he will take the good one, he says it's grossie.

Jeff says he almost wants to take a shower but he just took one, it relaxes him at night....Jordan says she knows she doesn't stink because she just took a bubble bath...Jeff says he can smell her ass from where he is. 😜 Jordan is agape LOL she says "shut up".

Jeff says maybe Michele went to wash up...Jordan says she smells like her lotion...Jeff smells her, he agrees...Jeff says he should just put on cologne, his friends call it a European shower, when they smell and put cologne on...he repeats it...he asks her if she gets it?...she cutely says "yes, I do"...Jeff says he had to say it twice and he still didn't get a laugh...Jordan says her hair probably stinks but she wants to wash it tomorrow for live show.

Jeff’s final night as HOH - Michele decides to sleep up there…


Jordan & Jeff talk a little game 🤯  Jordan is so worried she's going home next week...Jeff honestly thinks they're targeting Michele and vice versa but what if Russell got in their heads...Jordan says that's what she's saying...Jeff says it doesn't matter who the f**k wins...Jordan doesn't trust Natalie and Kevin fully...Jeff says lets hope Michele wins and if she doesn't feel safe then for Jordan to win & then they're 100% safe, they don't have to worry about shit and he's still playing the next week...

Jordan wants Michele to win it so they can play for HOH...Jeff says they can stick a dagger in her back...they laugh...Jeff farts. Jordan says uhh, it was a wet one...Jeff says nah, he would take a shower then...Jordan says it sounded wet...Jeff says nah, it was a full stomach one, it was just bouncing around off the quesadillas and then it stuck out...Jordan says she never smells his farts (now that's true love! LOL)...Jeff farts again 😲 ...Jordan says "oh my goodness!"...they laugh...Jeff says it's almost better he farts in front of her rather than when he's by himself, then he's embarrassed and looks like a dork, he's a dirtball.

They go over numbers of bottles, cylinders, items in the house...they realize they didn't go over dates and Jeff says he wishes Michele wasn't coming up there...Jordan asks Michelle from the DR to tell Michele that she can't spend the night up there...feeds cut out LOL...

When they return, Jordan tells Jeff that she feels like now sometimes Jeff gets really aggravated with her, that now he feels like he is on his own now...Jeff says "oh Jordan stop!"...Jordan twirls her hair LOL...Jordan says "I dunno, I just think that sometimes"...Jeff says for her to stop thinking whatever she's thinking, she worries enough, she doesn't need to worry about him, he's solid...Jeff says "ok?"...Jordan mmm, hmm's...

Jeff says for her to come up with something solid to save this team and lead them to victory and she needs to thinking more positive, for real, they have 3 weeks left...Jeff says it's crazy right?...Jordan says it's very crazy...Jeff says if they make it past next week, they're good, he will be excited...Jordan says she can't honestly picture them being in the jury house...they notice Michele coming up ..Jordan groans "God!"...Jeff says "it hurts, we lost".

They tell Michele to take the (smelly) blanket and Jordan smiles to herself...Michele settles into the round chair...Jordan reaches for Jeff's arm...Jeff says he likes to watch the spy screen, he likes to watch Jordan go by...Michele says to watch that ass go by?...Jeff says yeah, booyah...Jordan says Jeff likes her booty, she's just kidding...Jeff says "I do"...Michele says "you guys"...Jordan giggles.

Jeff says Jordan owes him a back scratch...Jordan says she knows...Jeff says you forgot...she says she didn't...Jordan squeezes Jeff's arm and then blows farts on his chest LOL Jeff laughs and says it tickles...Jordan keeps going...Jeff says "look how this looks for that camera" Jordan tells him to put his knee down and she keeps going...Jeff laughs and tells her to move her head up and down and then he lifts his knee up again and points out how it looks.

Jeff says that is the closest to some action he has gotten.  LOL Jordan says the audio doesn't match up though...Jeff says they can put any audio they like with it.

Jeff’s final night as HOH - J&J DR revelations 


Jordan returns from using the bathroom and sits in bed...Jeff touches Jordan to signal to her that Michele is sleeping in that weird position...they both laugh to themselves and Jordan asks Michele how she sleeps like that...Michele says she's flexible...Jordan mutters she is crazy LOL

Jordan grabs her water and tells Jeff that she was re-enacting him tonight...Jeff says oh God, like what?...Jordan says it was in a good way...Jordan starts showing Jeff how she mimicked him, doing the hand signal, it's over, you're done, you're outta here...Jeff seems excited about it 😀...he says which ones?...Jordan touches Jeff and says "hey guys I'm making some toona, anybody want some"...Jeff smiles...Jordan continues...

...she says the "we lost, it hurts" saying but she doesn't remember if she left one part out LOL Jordan says Jeff always has to use his hand like this (does the hand signal) and he says "it's over, I'm done"...Jeff bursts out laughing...Jeff says it's pretty good...Jordan says she doesn't bash him...Jeff tries to recall the saying "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery" but he can't LOL

Michele says he should know because he's all about the analogies...Jeff says he's the analogy master but he's been slacking because his mind is clouded with hate, he's been drinking the winekins.

Jordan asks if he has been saying anything bad about her?...Jordan says "are you going to intimidate me?"...she realizes she said it wrong...Jeff says "do I intimidate you? does she intimidate you?" (imitating Jessie LOL)...Jeff says Jordan should have said "he gawn"...she missed it...Jeff says you missed that one? what did she say two sentences?...Jordan was trying to mock him...Jeff says she missed all the good ones, if she's going to make fun of him at least do it right, you lost...Jordan says "God! she can't do anything right with you now...God! Jeff"...Jeff grabs her head with his legs and pins her down...they banter a bit more...

Jordan asks if he mocks her?...Jeff says he no, not really, he does sometimes but mostly just makes fun of her...they laugh...Jordan wants him to tell her how he makes fun of her...

Jeff just says "you're cute"🥰 Jordan pinches Jeff's cheek and says "and you want to drown me?"...Jordan says she should have said that one too...Jeff says she forgot all of them...Jordan mentions that she cried in the DR, she was a crybaby...they start talking about some criers from past seasons, mostly Amber from BB8 and her Top Model skit.

They talk about crying in the DR, crying in the house...Jeff admits he almost cried when he read his letter...Jordan says that Jeff said if it was longer, he would have...Jeff says his letter was only a sentence long, what was up with that letter?...Jeff starts describing how his Ma is and how she would get all nervous writing the letter, omg what do I write? and she probably called his aunt 50 times, they talked on the phone, emailed each other, went over what to write, she would leave in BB because that is the show and football because he played it and that's it ...he says his mom & aunt love to gossip, they must talk about the show after every episode.

They go back to talking about the Jeff/Russell fight...Jeff says he's a dork...Jordan says she used that in the DR too, how Jeff says that when he is mad...Jeff says she ripped him one in there....Jeff says that's alright, she got ripped on with the tangerine or the nectarine...Jordan asks him what did you say bad?...Jeff pats her face and says "nothing, you're cute"🥰

Jeff says "I said Jordan doesn't have to know the difference between a peach or a nectarine or an avocado or an artichoke...I love her just the same...she's cute" ♥♥♥♥♥♥

Jordan awwws, you said that?...Jeff says he did...Jordan gets tongue tied instead of saying that that was a nice thing to say...says she knows the difference between them but mixes them up...Michele starts babbling about fruits...Jordan lays down next to Jeff...Jeff tells Jordan to not even say anything more about the fruit, it's all edited and done, it's over...Jordan grabs Jeff's arm and starts rubbing...Jeff gets up to take his whitestrips off...

Jeff’s final night as HOH - Jordan feels better and flirty 


Jeff says the stress and the smoking is going to take 5 years off his life...he says he needs to relax...he laughs and says he knows what would help would have helped a long time ago...he says "Jordan"...Jordan as usual isn't paying attention LOL

Jeff returns to bed and asks if he should take off his mic, are they going to crack jokes?...they seem to all want to settle to sleep, they sort of say goodnight...Jordan though starts talking about Russell and the differences in his personality...Jeff says he doesn't know who he is...Jeff says he has an identity crisis, he's insecure.

Jeff gets up again...Jordan calls out to him and says she remembers another word from her DR..."delicious"...she says how Jeff says it...Jeff says yeah...Jordan thinks how he says delicious is eww, gross...Jeff imitates Jordan ragging on him for saying delicious...Jordan laughs...Jeff gets back in bed and says that he hasn't even said "crunk" in forever...Jordan re-iterates her point that she was saying the stuff Jeff says is cute, she says it in a flirty way...Jeff says why she didn't remember "we lost, it hurts"...

Jeff laughs thinking about it and says "you said "we lost" though?"...Jordan says she said something like that...she got flustered...Jeff says if she had said that his buddies would have fu**ing loved her...his buddies thought of that and his other buddy says "we gawn"...Jeff says he tries to throw that in when he's in the DR and they probably think wtf is that?...Jeff admits he gets worked up in there, they want 1 sentence and he goes on for 5 minutes...Jordan says the DR didn't ask her anything about Russell, they asked more fun stuff...Jeff says maybe Jordan just needed a laugh, sometimes you need that because you come out of the DR all happy...Jordan says she told Michelle from the DR she had a bad day.

Jeff wants to know what these people look like...Michele says DR Michelle has glasses, she told her...Jeff asks if DR Michelle sounds sexy, he thinks she does.


Michele says "hellz yeah, all Michelle's are sexy"...Jeff says "No, for real, I wanna check her out..." Michele says "yeah for real!"..Jeff half laughs and says "no, yeah...I know for real"...Michele laughs like a hyena and sarcastically says "yeah well then you said Ronno's wife, meh...just kidding"  WTF? 😵‍💫

Jeff wants to check out these people, he can't judge by their voices...Jordan says "what about Smooth Jazz?" Jeff says he's awesome, he's got hair like Braden...Jordan says what about the one guy that seems cool...Jeff wonders how the other crew in the house knew all the names of the people in the DR...Jeff says he never mentioned it before but he hated when Russell would call out to production saying "hey God", it made him sick, he didn't like it at all from day one...

Russell thought it was funny but it wasn't, not to take the religious stand but he didn't like it...Jeff says he would need a right cross to the jaw, it would help both of them...Jeff says "he gawn" and laughs...Jordan snuggles a little closer to Jeff.

Jeff asks what he should wear tomorrow? he can dress up because he's not doing the comp...Michele wishes they could wear party dresses...Jordan says she would wear her bright dress but then thought she would wear her black one because it would make her look slimmer and then if Russell tries to say something...Jeff tsks and says "shut up, you look great" :)


Jeff says he put in his blog today that Michele lost 16 pounds and is feeling amazing about herself and I think that is great...Michele in her baby voice says "Jeff makes me feel good about myself and I love that" UGH Jordan ignores her and says she wrote about her losing weight too, she looks awesome and she couldn't wait for her husband to see her, wowzers, he's going to want to rip Michele's clothes off...Jeff says she knows it too...Jordan says the feeling will be mutual for Michele...Jeff says he doesn't even think they will make it to the house.

Jordan says "me & Jeff will just be in a hotel"...Jeff says "f**k yeah" and he starts singing No-tel, Motel, Holiday Inn 

Jordan snuggles close again...they start talking about Vegas, hotel(s) and sequester before BB...they talk about how Russell thinks he is going to be famous after this...

Jeff wants to stop talking about Bozo the Clown 🤡he asks again what he should wear?..Jordan says what he wore last week looked cute, his black v-neck shirt...Jeff says he wore that because he had a different black one on and Russell wore the same shirt so he changed...

Jeff says he only has 1 or 2 shirts left...Jordan says he looked really cute in the shirt he was in...Jeff describes his button down shirt...Jordan says with jeans?...Jeff says yeah, she says that will look nice...Jeff says with the shoes she wants to burn...Jordan says no...Jeff says he doesn't have any other shoes...Jordan says to wear flip flops...Jeff says with a button down?...Jordan says yeah, he will look sexy...Jeff says no to that...Jeff tries to recall if he wore his brown/cream shirt yet.

Jeff says he feels like he is getting a fever...Jordan checks his forehead, says he's warm...Jordan asks Jeff if he wants her to rub his back...Jeff says "yeah, f**k yeah Jordan" and happily turns around and gets in position ;) ...he says thanks Jordan.

She says she has a hang nail...some confusion if it was hers or on his back LOL...but she asks Jeff "can you feel it?" and Jeff says "...coming in the air tonight?" 😂 Jeff asks if she got the joke, she says she did and she says that song reminds her of the movie Miami Vice…

Jeff’s final night as HOH - Jordan gets flirtier 


Jordan continues rubbing Jeff's back...she is very close to him...they are talking about crying when seeing other people cry...Michele says Jeff has empathy...Jeff says he thinks it's his downfall...Jordan asks "why?"...Jeff says he doesn't like people LOL...Michele says "you don't like people? wtf dude?"...

Jeff laughs and says sometimes he hates someone and then something sad happens and then he feels bad for them, like when he would come up to the HOH and hear the letters and feel like he had the wrong opinion of people, he felt like an asshole, no really f**k you and I'm out , he felt bad for a couple of seconds and now it's over.

Jordan hugs Jeff from behind and pats his belly...Jeff asks if it's fat now?...Jordan says no, you look good...she keeps rubbing...Michele says he'd have to eat 8000 quesadillas for something to go wrong...Jeff says no, if he eats badly a couple of days in a row, he gains weight quick, in the winter he goes up to 200lbs easy, it's like hibernation...Jordan says you eat more, you wear sweatpants, it's cold and you don't wanna wear jeans and stuff, you wanna wear comfy clothes and stay inside cuz it's cold and you wanna eat...Jeff says it's hard to get to the gym and you're so lazy because you haven't seen the sun in fu**ing days.

Jordan asks Jeff if he goes to the gym a lot?...Jeff says yes, 4 days a week...Jordan says geez...Michele says he wouldn't look like that if he didn't...Jordan says yeah...Jeff says at least 3 but he tries for 5 but it evens out to 4, he gets streaky about it, he'll go for 3/4 months and then sometimes won't go for a month, kind of like in the house...he says he gets lazy, gains weight and then goes diehard back to the gym...Jordan says she does that too.

Jordan taps Jeff to signal the rubbing is over...Jeff does his little "nah, no, where you going?" ...Jordan locks her arm into Jeff's and rubs it...they get quiet...Jeff gets comfy, puts his hand on Jordan's leg...

Jordan says it will be hard to go back to the SS room if they have to, she is used to the big bed, the bed down there is hard...Jeff says he hopes have nots are over, he doesn't want slop...Jordan says her or Michele have to win HOH...they talk about winning HOH's and Veto's and comps.

Jordan snuggles right into Jeff's neck...Jeff grabs the covers to cover themselves up a little more ...she rubs his chest...Michele fake yawns and they both smile (internal laughs)...Jordan rubs Jeff's face.

Michele starts talking about herself again  and they start talking about what they would do to win HOH...Jeff asks Jordan if she would eat bugs?...she says she would struggle but she would do it...Jeff says "hell yeah I like that attitude"...Jordan says that one time they did the blended foods thing, eww...Jeff says it doesn't seem that gross to him...Jordan turns away from Jeff a little and Jeff taps her legs to motion for her to come back to him☺️

Jeff brings up the Chaosserole comp yet again...Jordan giggles and says "Jeff, it's fish, it's salty"...Jeff says "oh boy"...Jordan says Jeff was so mad...Jeff says he was so mad?....Jordan says she was real mad...Jeff says he didn't even realize she was, he said good job and she was like, ummm...they giggle...Jordan says it was cute though, Jeff said "I'm sorry"...Jordan snuggles in again and admits she exaggerated being mean to him...Jeff says she wasn't mad?...Jordan says not after but she had to let him think that she was still real mad at him...Jeff says you made me suffer?...Jordan says she thought it was cute that he apologized, it was sweet but she had to keep her tough face on  ...Jeff tsks and says "so you worked me?"...Jordan says "I diddd"...Jeff says he got hustled...Jordan says "you lost"...Jeff says "it hurts".

They laugh about that saying...Jordan asks where he got that from?...Jeff says his buddy Tony & his brother started it, they say that about everything, tickets, beer, whenever they lose...Jordan bets she will say that when she goes home and no one will understand it but her...Jeff says they say it all the fu**Ing time, Jeff wishes Jordan would have said it in the DR, his buddies would love it...Jordan says she can do it again...Jeff says put on another Jeff show? no, she's good.

Jordan says she worries about what Jeff says in the DR about her, she will get embarrassed, she worries about what the others say sometimes...Jeff says everyone is getting ripped on...Jordan says you better not rip on me...Jeff says he does it to Jordan in a cute way, he says not everyone is going to like you, what are you going to do? read websites all day, drive yourself crazy at people throwing shots at you? whatever who gives a f**k!

Jordan smiles, snuggles again and says she was thinking of funny stuff...Jeff says like what?...Jordan says you, about the recording with the guy talking about the toona and people writing blogs about that...Jordan says even though it's old, when he tells the Technotronics story it's like she's hearing it for the first time, the way he says it is so good.

Jeff asks Jordan to play with his hair, he'll take anything...Jordan rubs Jeff's face...they whisper to each other a little game while Michele is in the bathroom....Jordan keeps touching Jeff...she rubs his ear...she asks him if he had his ear pierced?...he says yes, he had a double piercing...Jordan seems disappointed LOL and says "Jeffff"...Jeff says they called him Double J  😛...Jeff says he's joking but he did have one when he was 18,19, what did she think, it was last year?...Jordan says she forgets, she thinks he is...(younger)...Jeff says "oh shut up"

Jordan says "k, goodnight" and keeps rubbing Jeff's face and hair......Jeff says he's like a dog...Jeff says his hair is ok, Jordan says he needs to cut the top, it's too long...she keeps touching it, she rubs his neck and then they start rehashing the comments Russell made earlier about them being dumb and how he thought Gucci was dumb…

Jeff’s final night as HOH - Hot gardener, Jordanisms & hosting 


When the feeds return J&J and Michele are talking about the grad comp and how cold and numb they were...Jeff says he felt like he lost his feet...Jordan says when Jeff said that, that she thought "get a new seat", remember what's his name?...Jeff says Jessie? yes he remembers LOL...Jeff says he never got to give any of those guys a hardcore zinger...

Jordan snuggles up to Jeff's neck again and says "yeah, well you look better so"...Jordan says they're just jealous because everybody thinks you're hot...Jeff says "f**k yeah"...Jordan says they do and asks Michele if she's not right?...Michele giggles and says yeah, everyone thinks you're hot.

Jordan says Jessie would get so mad if anyone would talk about the other guys...Michele says Chima & Natalie thought he was the hottest guy, it's a love fest in here...Jeff says Chima? she hated his face...Jordan says Chima hated you, then liked you, then hated you but she still thought you were hot...Jeff says he'll take it...Jordan says she was going to say that during the fight, that he was jealous of Jeff's hotness...Jeff says now we're going to stop this conversation...Jordan says k, sorry...Jeff wants to talk about wet socks.  

So of course Michele keeps talking about it   ...Michele says Jeff is going to love her soundbites in the first half of the season, all the questions she was asked were about Jeff (really Michele? 🥴  ) ...Michele says the DR would ask her if she thought Jeff was hot, if she was single would she date Jeff ..Jeff is surprised to hear that, he only knew about the gardening thing...Michele continues to talk like a giddy schoolgirl...Jeff ignores her and listens to Jordan who says Kevin is so funny and how he said that Jeff knows how to work that hose or he can water my tomatoes...Jeff laughs...then Jordan says she thinks she said that Jeff looked like a waterboy or something...Jeff says she thinks they are good takes but he's going to come off like an idiot....Jordan tries to remember what she said...LOL

Jordan gets scolded to not talk about her DR's so they stop talking about it...Jeff says he is getting a big head anyways but sometimes in the house it's nice to get a little lift so he appreashes, he says thank you ladies and says maybe he'll come and water their tomatoes...they both giggle...they start up with the artichoke/avocado talk again and Jeff says he forgot, she doesn't even know what a mango is...Jordan says for Jeff to not say that...Michele starts talking about how she doesn't know what that is, to not consult her on fruits...they totally ignore her again, lol ...Jordan says for him to not say any of that...Jeff says the DR asks about stuff Jordan says...Jeff says will try to think of a JORDANISM and he can't...he's going to look back and think of the times when he couldn't believe Jordan said that and he forgot....

Jordan was always so concerned she would come off looking bad she says "you make me look bad?"...Jeff says he didn't say that, he says that he can't wait to look back on this the planter and how Jordan thought it was some guy walking by with a plant...Jeff says he cracks up every time.

They start talking about comps and how Michele is so accident prone...Jordan continues to rub Jeff's arm...they talk about how when people host they change their voices...Jeff makes fun of how Michele articulates every word, he laughs...Michele tries to defend herself and makes no sense...Jeff says he never got to host and that is what he wants to do when he gets out of here, show his skills...Michele asks if she came off corny...Jeff says no, no, you articulate every word, he would have had more fun with it, he doesn't know if that is what they want, they probably want more of what Michele did, he would joke around more....(no Jeff, you're wrong or you're being too nice) 

They talk about Russell and how the votes should go...they talk about the Pig Veto comp...they think it was stacked for Jessie to win...Jeff doesn't know if he believes that...Jeff says he got 6, 6, 6's, he knocks on wood for that and then says he needs to do his prayers for 3 minutes, he covers himself up...Jordan says she wants to go to sleep...Jeff finishes up and then Jordan says she needs to say hers and she will go to sleep...Jeff gets up to use the bathroom and almost runs into Michele who says she was going to slap his butt. 

Jeff’s final night as HOH - JeJo get snuggly 


While Jeff is in the bathroom, Michele asks Jordan if she snuggles with Jeff?...Jordan says sometimes but not really (liar! lol)...Jordan says she thinks Jeff doesn't like it.

Jordan asks if Michele does it with her husband?...she says yes...Jordan asks if they spoon?...she says yes...Jordan awwws.

Jeff returns and says he is obsessed with weighing himself...Jeff says he weighs 182.5 lbs, he was 191 when he came into the house, on slop he weighed 178...crazy talk.

As soon as Jeff gets in bed, he covers himself and he does exactly what Jordan said they don't do and what she said Jeff doesn't like doing...they snuggle.   LOL! 

Jeff and Jordan get super close under the covers (hard to see as Cam 2 continues to stay on Michele grrrr) Jeff makes that mmmm sound he does when he wants to get close to Jordan, he reaches over and snuggles her...Michele says goodnight but they ignore her or don't hear her....Jeff pulls Jordan closer to him...only their silhouette can be seen at this point...

Something is going on under the covers...Jeff's hand pops out from under, he leans it on the headboard...Jeff whispers...they giggle...Jordan says gn Michele and giggles...Michele says gn...Jordan says gn Jeff...Jeff says gn Johrdan (Peyton style)...Jordan corrects how he should say Johrdan while turning to face Jeff...Jeff says gn Johrdan...they hug under the covers and a kiss is heard...Michele tries to insert herself in the convo yet again saying gn Johrdan, that she didn't say it British enough 🤔 Jordan peeks out and says "what did you say?"...Michele explains while Jeff cuddles Jordan even more...he whispers Johhrdan...they get quiet...

Feeds turn to the crew downstairs and then moments later the feeds are cut off then they return, Michele is seen coming downstairs from the HOH room...she was told by production she couldn't sleep up there. HOORAY!! 🎉

Kissing questions/Jeff put Jordan in a better mood 


Feeds return to the HOH room right before the 2am hour Jeff and Jordan are still cuddling facing each other...Jordan has her head buried in Jeff's face and neck.

Jordan says Jeff needs to be careful with Kevin & Natalie...Jeff says they have to be careful with everyone but Jordan says more with them, she doesn't trust them, it would make sense for them to get rid of Jeff since he's the strongest person...Jeff says they promised but they will see where the allegiance lies...Jordan says she knows but she doesn't believe anybody...Jeff says we'll see and there's still the veto...some rubbing goes on under covers...

Jordan asks Jeff if he doesn't feel weird when they're here kissing and they come over the microphone and address them, you forget somebody is there...Jeff says mmm, yeah...Jordan says she does that, she snuggles closer...Jeff says not for under here, they can't see shit, they don't know what's going on...he covers their heads...Jordan says "noooo, cuz it's...they might think"...Jeff says "think what? that we're doing it?"...Jordan says "not that we're doing it"...Jeff says "then what?"...they kiss 💋

Jordan lifts the cover off and says don't you hate when people do that (she does a popping sound with her mouth)...Jeff says he likes anything and he goes in for her neck...Jordan giggles and says right now you do...they cuddle closely.

Jordan says don't you feel sometimes when you have a couple more drinks you feel like you can kiss better? cuz you're not thinking about it?...Jeff mmm, hmm's...Jordan repeats herself and then asks if Jeff doesn't think that way?...Jeff says "yeah, why? you wanna open that wine?"...Jordan puts her arm in the air and says yeah!...Jeff says "f**k yeah!", pulls the covers over and goes in for the neckage...Jordan giggles and protests, she says it tickles so bad when he does that, it gives her cold chills...he feels her chilly legs LOL Jeff just keeps cuddling Jordan, but then turns towards his side.

Jordan asks Jeff if she's a bad kisser?...Jeff says no, why?...Jordan asks Jeff what do you think makes a bad kisser?...Jeff umm's and Jordan says she will tell him hers, when it's like a lizard with their tongue...Jeff doesn't like that...Jordan says when it's so wet it feels like there is drool...Jeff says it feels like they're licking your face...Jeff says sometimes when he is drunk he likes to get sloppy...Jordan says ewww, Jefffff, noooo not get sloppy...Jeff leans in and says let's get sloppy...Jordan says no...Jeff says no, what?...Jordan says not sloppy!...Jeff says what do you want me to do?...Jordan says you have to stay drier...

Jordan leans up and says sloppy like where your spit...Jeff says no, he jokes around saying sometimes he likes to spit on each other...Jordan ewwws and Jeff says no...they laugh and Jeff says if some chick did that he would choke her out. 

Jordan starts describing her first kiss, how it was real wet...Jeff buries his head in her chest LOL...she protests no!...Jeff says who no?...Jordan says you no! she laughs and Jeff turns back to his side and says oi, oi, oi, I didn't do anything!

They rustle around with the pillows and covers, Jordan says it's hot...Jeff says this is how they get sick...they talk about Michele's smelly goes back to what makes a bad kisser...

Jeff says same thing as her, Jordan says if someone presses their face too hard...Jeff says usually he takes control of the kissing ...Jordan asks if he likes to be the dominant one?...Jeff says no cuz then they will just...Jordan says "they'll follow?"...Jeff says yeah...Jeff says he doesn't like machine gun tongue...Jordan doesn't understand...Jeff says like a lizard.

Jordan admits that when she first kissed Jeff she was saying please don't let him kiss like a lizard or something...Jeff says how did it work out?...Jordan gets flustered and says "I told you...I told,'re gonna love me after this...I told everybody...I was like..."...Jeff says alright, alright...Jordan says Jeff gets embarrassed doesn't he?...Jeff doesn't respond...Jordan says hmm?...Jeff says no, that's good, that's all I need to know...Jordan jokes that no, it was really bad...Jeff says he needs to know that too then...Jordan snuggles in and says she's just kidding.

One of my fave moments btw J&J:

After getting closer to Jeff, she says she's just kidding...Jeff leans his face towards Jordan and says "How do you really feel?"...Jordan says about? your kissing?...Jeff says no. IMO Jeff wanted to know how Jordan really felt about him and them but as usual Jordan missed the cue, heard it and didn't get it or knew what he meant and avoided the subject...

Jeff starts imitating Jordan when Jeff touches her and she says NO! He repeats it, NO! NO! It's cute. Jordan says sorry...he says you want to hear it?...he touches her (somewhere) and she says No!..they laugh...Jeff says oh, man, he doesn't understand how it's ok for her but not for him?...Jordan pats Jeff...Jordan says he got her all hyper now...

Jeff, as he covers them with the cover says "you're all worked up? you wanna fool around?" ....Jordan mildly protests no but they kiss. 

Jeff says "that was nice"...Jordan snuggles in and says "k, goodnight"...Jeff says "goodnight Jordan, that was beautiful"  Jordan giggles softly....Jeff asks if Jordan is in a better mood now?...Jordan mmm, hmm"s...Jeff says no more tears?...Jordan says Jeff put her in a better mood...Jeff says good...Jeff asks if she is going to be ready for tomorrow?...Jordan mmm, hmm's...they start talking game...

Jordan touches Jeff one last time before sleep


Jordan & Jeff discuss how tomorrow will go...Jeff says for Jordan to not say one word to Russell when they're all in lockdown up in the HOH room...Jordan says Jeff got mad at her today...Jeff says he got mad because she was going fu**ing crazy...Jordan says she did, she couldn't help it...Jeff says she stomped out there like a monkey...

Jordan says was it embarrassing?...Jeff says her hair was like (he flops his head around, lol)...Jeff says he could tell she was really agitated...Jeff doesn't get Russell getting off of having chicks right in his face, he thinks he likes it...Jordan thinks he has evil eyes...Jordan says how she bumped him...Jeff says with your boobs...Jordan giggles.

Jordan says she had to do something to let him know she wasn't scared of him, she's not, she was more worked up because she knew she couldn't do anything about it...Jeff says that was his problem too...Jordan was seriously wanting to nail him right in the head, she would feel so good...Jeff warns her again about not saying a word to him...Jordan says no one has ever been that disrespectul to her...Jeff says he's a one of kind jerk off...Jeff says she has a right to be mad, he shouldn't talk like that...Jordan says Russell saying stuff about Jeff made her mad too...Jeff says he's getting over it, he gawn, that is the bottom line.

Jordan says Russell had to play sides, she says she & Jeff stayed on one side and didn't kiss Jessie's ass to feel cool and he did and then he would come with them and that just shows how stupid he is, he was never really with us, no, you're not tough if you were you would stand your ground and not kiss another person's ass..she wanted to tell him to jack off Jessie in the jury house but she didn't.

Jeff needs to take his own advice about not saying a word...Jordan asks if she looked psycho?...Jeff says no, just that she was really pissed which is understandable...Jordan thinks Russell is jealous of their friendship...Jeff agrees, he was jealous right in the beginning and he never had anybody and she & Jeff just clicked and she liked Jeff better...Jeff said that he is jealous, maybe of him, maybe of both of them, he has a jealous insecurity, whatever it is, he's a fu**ing loser and he's out...Jeff drinks some water and spoons Jordan, starts rubbing her...the feeds cut off...

They return 4 mins later with Jeff laying on his tummy and Jordan sleeping to her side...Jordan says she has to go pee, she goes to the bathroom and comes back...she gets in bed and puts her hand on Jeff's side, rubs him and holds it there for a little bit...

Jeff mmm's but dozes off...Jordan turns back to her side and goes to sleep...

Cheek caress & sweet kisses


Jeff & Jordan are sleeping...Jeff rustles and turns to the HOH door side...Jordan stirs...he hears Jordan moving and reaches back to touch her...Jordan turns towards him, puts her arm around his waist and snuggles Jeff...they lay still for a minute with Jordan's head buried in Jeff's back...she moves her face over...Jeff then turns to face Jordan and he puts his arm over her chest and caresses her cheek.

At the 6:13am mark Jeff reaches over to her face and gives her a few short, sweet kisses ♥ and asks her if it's bothering her (having his arm over her), she says no. They try to sleep...

Not one word…

10:42-12:19pm uttered by anyone during the time all the HG's are locked down inside the HOH room the day of the live show. Other than the occasional throat clearing by Jeff and turning by Jordan towards Jeff nothing happened (J&J were convinced Russell was going to start up another fight since he had them where he wanted them) 

Talk about awkward 😳 

Chitter chatter in the RR Pt1


Jeff joins Kevin & Natalie in the RR, he lays down in Natalie's bed and says it's just like the HOH...

They talk about the SS room being closed down soon. They talk about saunas...Jeff says his favorite thing is being in the steam room with eucaplytus and taking a cold shower afterwards, it cleans out your system.

They talk about the clothes BB has given them...Jeff said he got shorts, shoes, tie dyed shirt, chicken suit, sombrero, pig suit, tights, a sheet...Jeff says his favorite costume ever is the chicken suit...he says he is going to be the chicken for Hallowe'en :)...he laughs to himself about how it makes him laugh.

Natalie says if she doesn't win HOH today then she shouldn't be nominated again...Jeff is like this --->  🤨 and says her thinking is (hand motion) kooked, he says how about be thankful you're here today and then move on...they discuss a possible curve ball thrown at them by BB...Kevin asks if Jeff is stressed and to not worry about the vote. 

Jordan joins them and sits on the edge of Jeff's bed...she warns the others about all the ants in the bathroom...Jeff says it's all the cups and candy everywhere...they talk about having lots of time to get ready because there are only 6 of them now then talk about showering order.

Feeds cut off and when they return they are talking about watching Beverly Hills 90210...Jordan says she was surprised that Natalie liked that show, so that was cool and how they think the same types of guys are hot like Brian Austin Greene...Jeff says he (Brian Austin Greene) is going to come here and host LOL 

Natalie says she wishes, she would flip out...Jeff asks if Natalie got to go on a trip with him would she eliminate herself from the game?...Natalie says it depends on the vacation and how long...Jeff says a week in Paris...Natalie says "I'm out!" LOL Jeff asks if she would make a move?...Natalie says she wouldn't go, she has a boyfriend...Jeff says liar! and asks if she would hold hands at the top of the Eiffel Tower? 

...Jordan giggles...Jeff says and then what if Megan Fox showed up at the hotel and started clawing at you and you had a catfight?...Natalie says being on BB is enough on it's own...Jeff says you and Megan Fox catfight...rawrrrr...Natalie says she would kick her ass...Jeff says f**k yeah.

Kevin says he never watched 90210...Jeff says it was the bomb but he had to secretly watch it because he would get made fun of for watching it (in high school)...Jeff says in college everyone watched it anyways, they talk more about 90210...Jeff says TIffani Amber Thiessen's character was banging everyone in the beginning and he was jealous because he wanted to...he immediately says "naaaa" 

Jordan says she thinks it would be hard to act a lot younger or older...Jeff says Jordan would be great as someone younger in something like Varsity Blues...Jordan says she would so do that, like the girl who put shaving cream on her boobs...Jeff says "would you do that part Jordan?"...Jordan nods no...Jeff says she so would, liar!...Jordan says she doesn't know, it depends...Jeff says on what?...Natalie says on the money...Jordan agrees on that but says she will feel weird about putting shaving cream "down there" with tons of people around, but not with her boobs (yeah right!) ...they mention Jordan being in other teen type movies.

They start wondering about what Julie is going to ask?...Kevin asks what is the coolest thing Jeff's ever acted in?...Jeff says he did these commercials for a cell phone company that are dramatic and very soap opera and they were fun...Kevin asks if he had to get rid of his accent?...Jeff says he can't get rid of it, he went to school for it, he can't, he doesn't want to talk about this shit on tape, he lost a lot of work because of that, he says when he's calm and tries to enunciate each word he can drop some of it...Jeff tries by saying "I'm going to win the upcoming competition" (it sounds like a robot, lol)...Jeff says he would have to go to a speech coach...Kevin says he should get jobs because of his accent...Jeff says maybe, he gets local stuff.

Jordan leaves to go take a shower…

Chitter chatter in the RR Pt2


Jeff continues to talk about acting, he says classes are fun, it's surprising how much you open up, depends on the teacher, people lose their inhibitions and just go for it which is what you need to do. 

Jordan comes back without taking her shower, Russell was in there humming a song, taking his time and Jordan is pissed she had to see him in there and deal with him...Jordan sits down on the bed with Jeff...Jordan says now she has to wait until the warm water builds up...Jeff says what if that fu**er stays in there for 2 hours?...Jordan says he probably will...Jordan says he took her mirror to use it to shave his head...Jordan says he's such a little shit LOL...Jeff says she loves when Jordan gets pissed cuz she never gets pissed...Jordan says Russell is such a yo-yo...Jeff smiles...Jordan groans in frustration and Jeff tells her to relax...Jordan says she wishes she could take a bat and smash him, she hates him...Jeff raises his eyebrows in surprise...Natalie says that is how she feels about Michele.

Kevin says a comp with life size pinatas would be fun...Jeff says they usually do that with big faces, etc...Jeff says he would love to have cardboard cutouts of themselves, he would love to take one home, it's a bit vain but it would be funny to carry one of those on the plane...Jeff cracks himself up.

Jordan starts up with the Russell talk again but Jeff says he's done talking about it, he can do what he wants, he doesn't care...Natalie & Kevin say they play along with Russell but they don't have to worry, J&J have their vote...Jeff says do you have some good stories to tell us later?...Kevin says yeah...Natalie says Russell doesn't like Jordan...Jordan knows that, they start bashing Russell again and Jeff says it doesn't matter, he's not going to shit talk anymore, he doesn't need to defend himself.

Jordan says she should tell him to not call her Jordy because she doesn't like it...Jeff says not to say anything...Jordan says she won't...Jeff says who you snapping on?...Jordan says you!

Natalie goes on again about how she can't stand Michele...Jeff tells Natalie about the quesadilla he made last night, there is one left over if she wants it, he loves the turkey bacon in it...he wants to f**k it  😳  LOL...Jeff says he puts it in everything, there's nothing in it (fat) so why not, live it up, have sex with it, put it in your he says this he stretches out his foot towards Jordan and motions for her to crack his toes...Jordan makes a face...Jeff tells her to relax...she starts pulling his toes...Natalie asks don't you love having your toes pulled?...Jeff says not really but Jordan does it lightly...Jeff says pull one, crack one...Jordan says "I'm pulllllin"...Jeff says wait, nice...Jeff smiles at her and she stops for a sec...Jeff says he feels like one needs to be pulled.

Jordan looks at Jeff and asks sweetly..."are you going to do your Johnny Depp today?"...Jeff laughs heartily and gets red...Jordan says "do it"...she keeps rubbing his foot while Jeff explains to K&N what the Johnny Depp is...Jordan says you must love him because you tried to walk through the airport like him in Blow...Jeff says that is the character in the movie that he likes but his favorite actor is Johnny Depp...Jordan thinks he is so hot...Jeff says he is so good, Jeff is saying that JD can do anything, Jordan mutters that she would bang him ....Jeff hears this and says "what did you say?"...Jordan says nothing"...Jeff says "I'd bang him? Jordan? What'd your Ma say about potty mouth?"

Jordan takes off Jeff's sock and says his toes aren't disgusting...Jeff says he does her feet...Jordan says yeah, her feet are pretty though...Jeff says go ahead and make her joke about the 2nd toe...she doesn't...

They start talking about what to have for lunch...Jordan puts Jeff's sock back on and then takes the sock off his other foot LOL and starts rubbing...Jeff gives Jordan a cute smile...she pulls his toes and then puts the sock back on...Jeff says why did you do that?...Jeff laughs...Jordan says "cuz"...Jordan says "aww, I love putting on when I used to"...Jeff reads her mind and says "little baby"...Jordan says "babysit and I was babysitting a little baby and I had to put on their socks and their shoes, I loved that...ah, they're so cute"...Jeff fixes his socks and says he hates when people put their shoes on with their socks not pulled up Kevin says he is obsessed with socks...Jeff says he would break up with a chick that did that on a date LMAO Jordan asks why would she be wearing running shoes on a date?...Jeff says maybe it's a running date at the beach.

Jeff says he was giving a scenario and it was all fake anyways to get a laugh, it wasn't a true scenario...Natalie says for Jordan to make sure she keep her socks straight or else he is cutting you (hand motion)...Jeff does the hand motion and laughs...Jeff adds the pffffttttt...Jordan says I lost, it hurts...Jeff says Jordan was doing impersations of Jeff last night...Jordan does the pffffftttttt and the hand motion, Jeff cracks up laughing...

Jordan imitates Kevin...Jeff says Natalie & Kevin have a similar walk...Natalie says Jeff stomps because he's a heel walker LOL

Jeff says the HOH slippers make him sick, he didn't even feel like wearing them because of he was sick of seeing others slopping around in them...Kevin thinks Jeff has a feet obsession..they go on about feet...Jordan talks about her best friend with the hammerhead thumb...she talks about how they always make fun of each other but are still best friends...she talks about how her and her best friend were going to be like Romy & Michele...Jeff says he heard that story...Jeff says that she won't be her best friend anymore after she just bashed her on TV...Jordan says no, she'll laugh...Jeff asks her name?...Jordan says she can't say...Natalie says that Jordan got called out the other day when she was talking about her ex-boyfriend...feeds go to control room...

They return and they continue talking about food and then Jordan leans forward and Jeff rubs her neck with his foot...

Jordan says his toes feel like fingers...more bantering about hands & feet, arms & legs...some weird talk going on... 

Chitter chatter in the RR Pt3


They start talking about Prison Break...Jordan thinks the guy with the shaved head is is established it's Wentworth Miller  :) ...feeds cut out...eventually they change subjects...Jordan asks if anyone watches Lost?...Jeff says he rented the first few seasons and then he got lost himself, he's out! LOL

They talk about 24...Jeff says he watched the first season...Jordan doesn't know it, she doesn't watch police/action shows...Jeff says he loves Entourage...Jordan liked the Sopranos, she would watch with her dad...Jeff says he would watch it with Vit Tan Don at the Italian restaurant and feel all cool...Jeff would drink wine and Vit would drink a coke (aww) they'd get all Soprano'ed out...Jeff talks about the finale and how it ended, people at the restaurant thought there was a power outage and people were outraged LOL Jeff's favorite character was Pauly (...Walnuts...MINE TOO! )

Jordan says she likes OC, she loved Dawson's Creek...Natalie too...Kevin says he loved Seventh Heaven...Natalie & Jordan go on and on about hot actors & characters on the various shows and movies....feeds cut out in the meantime...

They now talk about gossip magazines...Jeff says he scans them if he's on one of those machines at the gym, he looks at the pictures...Jordan says she likes reading about Jessica Simpson...Jeff says he likes looking at pictures of Jessica Simpson ...Jordan loves her...she says aww, Nick Lachey, maybe there's still hope for them and they can make another newlywed show if they get back together, they were awesome...Jeff says they were the first ones to start all the reality shows with couples.

LOLOL Jordan describes a scene from their show that sounds exactly like Jeff & Jordan...she says Jessica was so pretty just bumming around in sweats, they are outside drinking wine or beer, well he is and he's kinda mad at her, she looks like she just got out of the shower, she's trying to talk to him and he's really aggravated at her, they're kind of bickering and then they make up and then she says he loves her stinky ass and then he grabs her and pulls her upstairs and you don't see the rest...Jeff & Jordan look at each other and smile :)

They talk about Dukes of Hazzard and how that was the start of their demise, she cheated with Johnny Knoxville (alledgedly) and Jeff says she looked smoking hot in that video...they agree...feeds cut out again...

More reality show talk continues...Jordan leaves...

Jordan asks did I act like a bozo? 


Jordan finishes taking her shower after the Smores HOH comp...Jeff is cooking...she walks into the kitchen in her towel and asks Jeff what's up?...Jeff says nothin, he's just making those stuffed pepper thing...Jordan says really?...Jeff says yeah, what's up with you?...Jordan says " you think I looked like a bozo?"...Jeff says when?...Jordan continues..."on TV when I was yelling at Russell"...Jeff says a little bit...Jordan says really?...Jeff says yeah, but nothing bad, when you went crazy, but what does she mean, it was justifiable, it's not like she wasn't egged on to do it, she doesn't look bad by any means, he yelled too, does he look bad?...Jordan says no, but she got up in his face...Jeff says Jordan got pissed...Jordan says she knows but Julie asked her that and she bets she looked stupid...Jeff says no, Russell looked stupid...Jordan says she was waiting on Russell to bash them...Jeff says he's glad he did not...Jordan says she wasn't going to give him a hug...

...Jordan walks to the SS room to change and Jeff continues cooking.

Will you rub me tonight?


Jeff is still cookiing...Jordan is cleaning up and is washing some dishes...she is secretly smiling to herself...she asks Jeff "will you rub me tonight?"...Jeff mmm, hmm's...Jordan says "I'm sore"...Jeff asks "will you rub me?"...Jordan mmm, hmm's...Jeff says "in special places?"...Jordan mmm, hmm's...Jeff's eyes open wide and he says "f**k yeah"...Jordan turns around, points to her lower back and says "you can rub me here"...Jeff walks toward her and pinches her butt  😄

Jordan goes back to washing dishes and secretly cute 😊

Chillin in the RR on opposite beds


All the HG's except Michele, who is in the DR, are chilling in the RR...Kevin is on his bed, Natalie is putting away her clothes, Jordan is on Jeff's old bed, Jeff is on Natalie's bed...they have just finished talking about the Smores comp.

Natalie says her back hurts a lot from the comp...Jeff says they are going to be sore and he points and looks at Jordan...Jordan says "you're rubbing me though right?"...Jeff says for sure, he said he would. Natalie asks if Jeff heard her saying me too, she asks if Jordan heard her. Jordan says yeah, it was funny.

Natalie says her "rubber" is gone...Jeff asks your rubber?...Natalie says Jessie is gone, she would just ask him to rub and he would say ok...Jeff says now he needs some rubbers LOL Jordan asks if they have condoms in the jury house?...Natalie says she is sure they do...Jeff says f**k yeah...Jordan asks if they think people have sex in the jury house?...Natalie says she is sure they do...Jeff says f**k yeah...Natalie says cameras are off, fo sho...Jordan says really? what if this year they did it differently and they had cameras there without them knowing and stuff was happening?...Natalie says she doesn't think they are allowed to film you without knowing...Jeff says there's people jerking off everywhere in there...Jordan smiles slyly at Jeff  😚

Jeff asks if they think that the jury house was expecting Russell?...they start discussing what the jury house sees on the DVD's the evicted HG brings to them, they say that Jessie & Lydia would have no idea who was coming to the house next...they figure out that all they watch is the comps, the POV, the ceremonies, no DR's, no hanging out stuff.

Jeff gets up to get more candy and then walks by Natalie and farts LOL Jordan says Jeff is so gassy in here...Natalie says he didn't start off like that...Jeff says he was faking it, he says Natalie never talked to him in the beginning so she didn't know...Natalie says yeah, she asks Jeff if he was like that?...Jordan says she doesn't think he was, she says Jeff did fart around her, she remembered the first time she farted around Jeff...Jeff asked if she just farted and he said gross and she was kinda embarrassed because he said it was gross, it was in the GR...Jeff said he didn't care :)

They start ripping on Michele and talk a little game...Jeff says she is crying a lot...Natalie says it's because she knows they want her gone...Jeff asks Kevin if he wants Michele out?...Kevin is non-committal...they starting ragging on both Russell & Michele...Kevin says he believes one thing Russell said and that is that Michele wants to make it to final 3 with J&J because she knows she can beat them in comps...Kevin says he doesn't believe shit she says...

Jeff says sometimes you can tell when Michele is lying, he states an example, he says he wants her to get away from him...Natalie can't stand the girl...Jeff says she was totally with Russell, he asked her 3 times why she cried over Russell and no answer...Jordan says Michele lied to her saying that she was going to use the veto to put Russell up...Jeff & Jordan vent to K&N about Michele how they couldn't take it anymore, her lies, her associating with Russell...Kevin didn't believe anything Russell said...Jeff too.

Kevin brings up the fact that Russell was throwing J&J under the bus by saying they use the word fa***t and gay...Jeff says he hasn't said that since the beginning...Jordan says she has been working on it...Jeff finally spills the beans about Russell using derogatory comments towards Kevin after the chicken comp...Jordan says she knew Jeff wouldn't say it but she was going to tell Kevin about it during the whole Russell drama...Jeff says he might as well tell it now since Russell was throwing stones...Kevin says he knows Russell was trying to connect with him by using the gay card, that is not what he's all about.

Jordan can't believe Russell was up there (during live show) and was trying to be all good...Jeff says that he was a character that he was playing, it wasn't him /sarcasm Jordan says omg, I look stupid...Jeff says no you don't, it was a ploy because he put on a suit and everything...Jordan thought he was going to rip on them...Jeff did too...Jeff says they didn't ask him one question about Russell up in the HOH.

They talk about who in the house has won HOH, everyone but Natalie...Kevin thanks production for making the comp fair...they talk about the Smores comp again...Jeff says his favorite thing is when people bite it, it makes him laugh...Natalie reiterates that she hates Michele and she had a speech ready for her if she had won...Jeff asks Natalie what happened to her in that comp LOL ...Jeff says she just quit.

Jeff leaves the room to go to the bathroom, singing "I can't fight this feeling..." 😊

Super cuddly in the RR Pt1


Jeff has just finished eating a Smore and comes back to the RR, takes off his shoes, slaps Jordan's butt and gets in the bed with her...well actually lays on top of her   

Jordan says he is smushing her so Jeff gets off of her...Jordan says she likes this, it's like old times...they wonder about what is going to happen to the SS room...Jeff says he is going to sleep in there.

Jeff asks Jordan if he told her about him making a smore?...she says yes...Jeff spots a bunch of towels on top of a lamp and says "did I tell you about my friend's house that burned down because he left a towel on a lamp?" He says he's just joking but he gets up and takes the towels off, as he gets back in bed, he pinches Jordan's butt...

He laughs and looks at Kevin...

...and then hugs Jordan and goes in for a neck kiss, he looks up, takes the hair out of his mouth LOL and goes in for the neckage again…

Kevin asks if they are cuddling right next to him...Jeff starts massaging her lower back and Jordan is liking it, she says "ahh, up, up, ahh, right there"...Jeff says "oh yeah baby"... they laugh...Jeff keeps rubbing for a bit, then presses hard on her back and stops, he puts his arm around Jordan, she fixes the sheet...

Jeff asks Natalie if she made a smores cuz they're so good?...Jordan says he has the fixings for it...Natalie has never made smores...Jeff says "ever in your life? it's over, we're having one"...Kevin asks if she's never gone to a bonfire?...Natalie has only roasted marshmallows....

Super cuddly in the RR - Pt2


J&J tell Natalie smores are so good and how to make them...Jordan says if they had a stick from the woods or if you were out in the woods and you built a fire...Jeff smiles and looks at Kevin...Jordan says "shut up Jeff"...she continues saying ""or if you're at someone's house and you just get something and put it over the fire...Jeff giggles..."it's so much fun...cuz it just melts and it's got that burnt taste"...Jeff says he burns his marshmallows, some people sit there for over an hour and try to get it perfect, he doesn't play that game, he just gets it done with, he says he kind of likes it too.

Jeff says the spread got puffy in the microwave, it's ingenious...Natalie says it goes perfect with today's competition...Jordan says when the stuff was coming down she wanted to drink it...Jeff says it smelled so good...Jeff calls out Natalie on always wanting an edge (in the comps) and he says she quit.

Jordan says she was trying to look at Jeff and say it's over, I lost...Jeff says it was over after the first 5 mins,they know...Jeff says he didn't want Jordan to quit...Jordan says she didn't...Jeff says he didn't want her too...Jeff tells Kevin he didn't even look winded, they wonder how long the comp was and how long the live show was, it seemed really short but it's an hour...they talk about the live show again...Jordan says she was expecting the question about Jeff but was expecting talk about tangerines and nectarines and peaches but she didn't want Julie to ask her about that. 

Jordan admits she was trying to throw stones at Russell by saying the thing about cookie dough and how you never say that to a girl...they expected Russell to go out swinging but Natalie says he wanted to go out with class...Jordan was like seriously? when Russell gave them all hugs...they had both wanted to stab each other...Kevin says America sees through Russell...Jordan says she hopes Julie doesn't think she is crazy.

Jeff talks about the live show and says Jordan was searching for a word felt like for an hour, he says really it was only 2 seconds...Jordan says she was flustered...Jeff says she was uhh, errr, uhhh and how she better spit something out and then she said "Jeff, what do you think?"...and then he did the same...Jordan said she asked Jeff for help...Jeff says Jordan got back to back questions...Jordan says she gets more nervous because it's live...Jeff says his answers upstairs were terrible, the questions were about Jordan, he was asked why he went after Russell, he explained to Julie why and then the 2nd question was what's with you and Jordan? seems like you're getting a little frustrated these days...

Jeff says yeah, he's coming to a boiling point and he's on edge with everything and he sometimes takes it out on Jordan and he needs to work on it, it's one of his downfalls, he's just trying to make Jordan the best Jordan she can be...Jordan laughs and Kevin says Oh, God...Jeff says what do you mean oh God? that's a good answer...Kevin says isn't that the army LOL

Jeff says it's because Jordan doesn't listen, it frustrates the hell out of him, he goes on to say how he was telling Jordan there was a hole in her cup before the comp started and she didn't listen...Jeff says to Jordan "what are you thinking about?"...Jordan says "he was yelling at me"...Jeff says he wasn't yelling, he was telling her 3 times about the cup...Jordan says that Jeff yelled pay attention!...Jeff says "but what were you thinking about?"...Jordan says the competition and everything.

They talk about Michele and how she is sad...Natalie calls Michele a dumbass for thinking that Jeff would vote for anyone but Jordan (yep!) ...Jordan says why is Michele sad about being put up, she is going to be too, she tells Kevin to give her a good speech...Jeff says if Kevin says Jordan is Gucci than she won't even care about being sent home 

Kevin asks if she should rip into Michele during the nominations?...Jeff says probably not, he might regret it later...Jeff admits he told the DR that he was super pissed about biting his tongue with Russell because that isn't who he is, he's usually takes the lower road and is the little kid and fights and it was bothering him but now that's it's all said and done, he is happy about it, he's the bigger person for it and he looks better.

Kevin says he has to stop talking about Jeff...Jordan asks what about?...Kevin is talking about him too much because of his boyf...Jordan asks if his boyf will get mad?...Kevin doesn't want his words misconstrued...Jordan says she loves what Kevin said about the gardening...Jeff says if you make it funny then it's ok...Kevin says he wanted to throw in the thing about Jeff knowing how to handle a hose :...Jeff laughs and feeds cut out...

When they return Jeff has his leg draped over Jordan and he is playfully patting her face...Jordan holds his hand and places his arm over her chest.

Jeff wonders how they slept in this bed, they were spoiled with HOH...Jordan says she likes being down there now...Jeff says it's back to reality...Jordan turns back to spooning position...Jeff says Kevin will see how spoiled you get up there, sleeping is better, your bathroom is better, whenever you want to get away you just go up there to get away.

They talk about how Russell was asking for votes up until the live show....Jordan says he did the same thing with her and Chima...they talk more game  and Russell...Natalie says Michele won't have the balls to ask her for a vote next week...J&J disagree and say she will go up to the HOH a lot to talk and get on your good side...Jeff says whenever Michele tells you something and looks up and over to the's a lie...Jeff gets up and leaves the room...

Super cuddly in the RR - Pt3


Jeff returns and gets back in bed with Jordan...Jordan is talking about what is behind the walls, she imagines it being like there is a little railroad (for the cameras) and Jeff says he thinks there is...they wonder where the stairs to the HOH are?...Jeff thinks they are metal, they hear sounds and someone that has heels.

They start talking about Kevin & his boyf and if they are mentally picturing him correctly...Kevin describes him...Jordan asks where he met him at?...Kevins says they met at Banana Republic...Jeff says he was a customer?...Kevin says he didn't tell people he's a Jehovah's witness...Natalie questions whether he lied to her or not (karma Natalie, karma)...Kevin says he doesn't want to talk about how he met him...

Jeff puts his hand under Jordan and she snuggles into it/him...Kevin just hopes his parents are there (pics in the HOH)...they talk about how Kevin's HOH is going to be...Jeff says that the best reaction was when Jordan read her letter and Kevin jumped up and put his hands together, he giggles...Jordan explains why she gets emotional when the DR mention her family, they all say that they are positive in the DR when talking about the HOH's...they talk about how awkward it is when they want to leave the room but don't want to seem disrespectful...they say that Lydia was the only person that didn't go up to see an HOH room...Jeff says Jordan('s)  😕 and then says mmm and squeezes her under the cover...

They discuss the changes in the house from year's past and then Kevin mentions how Jen BB9 used the treadmill indoors...Jordan asks if Jen was the girl that did the interviews?...she asks what she was like during her season?....Natalie says she is just like Laura, vain as hell, but worse...she cried about her pic on the memory wall...Jeff says that is hilarious...Jordan says her and her mom were watching TV and flipping through the channels, they stopped it and watched BB, they laughed about the girl who was crying at her picture...Jordan says it's weird she interviewed them...

Natalie says she was really vain, way worse than Laura, they edited her as always looking in the mirror, she had shirts with her name on them...Jeff says that was the worst, shirts with 6 different names on Jenious, Jenuine, etc.

They talk about having interviews with Jen & Ross...Jordan says she thought Diane was really pretty...Natalie said she had to be to have Drew...Kevin says to calm down with the Drew love.

Jordan says she seemed tall & thin (she's not lol)...Jeff says she was tiny...Jordan seems confused by what she's saying haha...Jeff says she's short...Kevin says people are going to think Natalie is tall...Jeff says what? did you see her in that bomber outfit? she looked like a smurf LOL!  and then he does a hilarious imitation of Natalie hosting the pig comp...they all have a good chuckle over that...Jordan loved when Jeff would say "Jessieeee" imitating Natalie...Kevin is called to the DR.

They talk about possible upcoming twists...they want clothes...Jeff says they could use whatever they give him...they talk about going on a private jet to NY and being on the show The Power of 10, then talk about how Dan went to the beach and could take a guest...Jordan tells Natalie about her goodbye message to Lydia while behind her Jeff has closed his eyes and is getting sleepy...

Michele comes in the room, they talk about it already being 10...when Kevin comes out of the DR, they will do the HOH reveal...Jordan's neck is starting to hurt so she turns into Jeff and says "armpit"...Jeff says "get in there"🤓 Natalie smiles at them.

Jordan puts her arm around Jeff, Jeff looks down at her and says "Johrrdan, I'm bohrred" (Peyton voice) ...Jordan makes him repeat it until he gets it right...Jeff chuckles and says "I love it" 

Jeff asks if Jordan wants to drink that wine?...Jordan says it might help her sleep...Jeff says he could get crunk...Jordan pops up and says if they've said anything about how Jordan is trying to make Jeff cooler...Jordan tells the story about in her senior year being on a baseball team called Legally Crunk, they had shirts with that on the front and Gooch #1 was Jordan and her friend was #2, crunk was when she was in high school, she needs to update him on words...Natalie says she says crunk...Jeff says everyone does, Jordan is just pretending like she's the coolest and making him look like an idiot LOL Jordan says she is not and they're not stones...Jeff says Jordan was adamant about crunk in the beginning but now it's faded away 

Kevin comes out of the DR and calls them to go see his HOH.

Flirting in the living room 


Jeff & Jordan are bored....they decide to go sit in the LR and talk since no one ever does...Jeff lays down on one couch and Jordan sits down on the other.

Jeff asks if she ever drinks something and it goes down the wrong pipe and you can't breathe for a second?...Jordan says yeah...Jeff says guess what? it just happened LOL

Jeff says he likes the couch because you can put your feet up on it, it's perfect for watching tv, he says to imagine having a remote right now and putting in a movie...Jordan loves it...Jeff says it would be awesome to have movie night and then zone out and fall asleep...Jeff smiles at Jordan, she makes a funny noise and Jeff says what was that?

Jordan says Jeff looks like he's posing right now...Jeff says for what?...Jordan says for something, he just needs to pull his pants down a little bit, he can do his Hanes...Jeff asks what he's posing for, Blockbuster video?...he pretends to be using the remote :)

Jordan says "you looked cute today" ...Jeff says "I did?"...Jordan mmm, hmmm's...Jeff says thank you...Jordan says "in your black"...Jeff says "I appreash"...Jordan says "you're welcome" and Jeff gives her the most beautiful smile...

Jordan says what?...Jeff says nuthin'...Jordan says oh...Jeff says "we gawne" :( ...Jordan frowns, tsk's and laughs...they get quiet.

Jeff then says that he was thinking about Ronno for some reason...Jordan says why?...Jeff says he doesn't know...they get quiet again but are making signals to each other about the others (Michele in particular) ...Jeff whispers something about "she's crazy".

Jeff then yells out NO! in Jordan style...he asks her to do her NO!...Jordan does it but Jeff says no (it isn't right)...Jordan says for Jeff to say something...Jeff says let me grab your boobs...Jordan says No! but Jeff doesn't think it's right yet but closer...Jordan says it can't be on the spot, it  has to be in the moment...Jeff says like if I'm grabbing something?...Jordan says yeah...Jeff laughs.

Jordan says there's a lot more boob to grab, like a lot, like a lot more, when she grabs and squeezes them she realizes she has a lot more to grab...Jeff says she has a pocketful of boobs...Jordan says she knows, she does..Jeff says she has a bag of boobs...Michele walks by to go to the SR and Jeff says when Michele eats candy she goes crazy, he says he was thinking about Ronnie because of the way Michele chews her food...Jeff imitates her chomping...they both say Ronnie would chew like that...Jeff says "what's up Ronno?"...Jeff imitates Ronnie, how he loves the backdoor plan and how he told Jeff he was going up.

Jordan says "Jeffrey"...she asks Jeff if there is a name his mom would call him when she would get really mad at him?...Jeff says Jeffrey Edward, my ma would say if she was getting really pissed...Jordan says her mom would say "Jordan Halie" or she would say Jor-DAN, she would get real mad and scrunch her teeth.

Jeff asks if her mom has a country accent like Jordan?...Jordan doesn't think her mom does, doesn't think she does...Jeff says because everyone there talks like you?...Jordan says her mom has a soft voice...Jeff says "do you think you have an accent?"...Jordan says not really...Jeff says "you do"...Jordan says she thought when she came to LA that people just thought that because everybody is from different places...Jeff laughs and says "is that what an accent is?"...Jordan smiles...

and says "Jeff"...they both laugh...Jeff says "I thought people had different places because they were different parts of the world" and laughs...Jordan says people in Charlotte don't say anything to me about it and because you're from Chicago, Chicago people talk different...Jeff says that is what he's saying, she doesn't notice cuz you...I got let's talk about those light fixtures...

Jordan says Jeff is getting aggravated, so aggravated...Jeff keeps going and says poking fun at Jordan "I didn't think that accents came from different parts of the world"...Jordan says "shut up". Natalie walks by and then Jordan says to Jeff "you know?" Jeff just looks at Jordan. ♥

Jordan then continues by saying that she can't believe it's her voice when she hears it on a message...Jordan says her mom never answers her cell phone and she gets so mad...Jeff says "hey Vit Tan Don"...Jordan tries to say Vit Tan Don and sounds terrible! 😛 Jeff laughs...Jordan asks if that is his real name or a name he made up?...Jeff says nah, it's a long story and he proceeds to tell it, his name is Vito Anthony so his ma yells Vit Antone!  like Vit Antonio, like Vit Antone...Jordan says something about a Villa Antonio and Jeff says don't get confused, that's all, he doesn't even want to tell the story now, it's over. LOL Jordan says she lost.

Jeff says they need to dust, they don't even clean, remember the first week or two or three they would vacuum, now they do shit, they're so lazy, they're acting like spoiled little bitches...Jordan says she's going to sleep good tonight...Jeff says why?...Jordan says that Jeff didn't compete, she says she is sore and points out where and says she needs Jeff to rub there...Jeff says where? Smiles  Jordan says here...Jeff says where else? Jordan says all over...Jeff rawrr's...Jordan says to get prepared...Jeff cracks himself up.

Jeff admits the HOH bedroom is better because the bathroom is right there, etc...Jeff says it hurts, we lost, back to normal. Feeds cut in and out...Jordan says she is going to go lay down and heads to the RR. 

Being jealous/Jeff’s getting sleepy 


Jeff, Jordan & Natalie are laying down in the RR in their separate beds...they start talking about what the jury house is like...Jordan says she would hate to be there first because you would be all alone for a week, but then what if second person is someone that you can't talk with, then it would be doubly boring...Jeff says what if you were super bored and the next person that comes in is someone you could bang? LOL

Natalie says kinda like Jessie & Lydia?...Jeff says that would be kinda cool...Jordan says she's sure they had fun but she wishes she would open her eyes because Jessie was confessing his love to Natalie...Natalie says she's dumb, she knows this...Jeff says she doesn't care...Jordan says it's obvious he liked Natalie, when they played the "who has a crush" game in the BY, he raised his hand and it was Natalie he meant.

Natalie says Jessie would get frustrated because she would talk about her bf and he would get mad...Jeff laughs...Jordan says really? omg, I bet your bf hates him...Jordan says if her bf was on a show and some girl kept coming around him, she would be yelling at the TV "don't get near him!" and if she was telling him how she felt, she would be so jealous...Jeff says "so jelly?"...Jordan says yeah, very jelly.

Jordan asks Natalie "wouldn't you? If your bf was the other way?...Natalie says of course...Jeff says "I'd be so jelly"...Jordan says "I would, I would get very jealous"...Jordan says she used to never get jealous, she thinks it depends though on the circumstances, sometimes she thinks some people she has dated have tried to make her jealous on purpose, she asks Natalie if her bf ever did that?...Natalie says probably yeah..

They start talking about tomorrow's comp and what it might be...Jeff says what if it's a fishing trip?...Natalie says what if it's a trip to another show?...Jordan says what if they all got to go to the Price is Right?...they talk about former show's luxury trips and former seasons, about finale night and how they fit in so many seats out there...Jeff thinks it's cool that there are people out there waiting for you...Jordan wonders where you drop your bag, etc when evicted...Jeff jokingly says to Jordan..."you will see when you leave" and he smiles at her...she doesn't respond...Jeff keeps looking at her and smiling...Natalie says that was a stone...Jeff says it took her a minute to get that, it bounced off her head and just laid there LOL

Things are quiet until Jordan says she's in the mood to watch a movie like Top Gun or Jerry Macguire, something like that...Jeff says he would watch Jerry Macguire right now for sure...they both love that movie...Jordan starts saying that she loves when Jerry (Tom Cruise) tells her (Reneé Zellweiger) how he feels about her but the feeds cut out...

The feeds return with them talking about Russell and how he tried to be a villain...Jeff says he wasn't, he was a douchebag...Jeff leaves saying he's going to put his glasses on because he's getting tired...Jordan & Natalie chit chat about their nails, about both of them not having won anything yet (prizes)...they talk game...Natalie hopes Kevin sticks to the plan and Jordan has a feeling she's going home this week...Natalie says no...Jordan knows Kevin is putting her and Michele up...Natalie agrees. (liar!) Jordan realizes if Michele wins veto, her and/or Jeff are screwed 😟

Jeff comes back, once again says he's tired...

They talk about DR's and Jeff says if he can do his tomorrow...Natalie is surprised at Kevin's bf...Jordan says he's fine...Jeff imitates Jordan saying he's fine...Jordan looks at him and 🙄...Jeff says "did you roll your eyes right now?"...Jordan says mmm, hmm. Jeff looks at her...

Jordan farts and describes the fart...Jeff says it's probably all rotten under that blanket, for her to get under there...Jordan says she has a headache, after the comp she felt greasy...Jeff says easy, breezy, beautiful Cover girl? :🤪

Jeff says it looked like in the HOH comp they all quit or was that just because Kevin was so far ahead?...Jordan says there was no way she was going to catch up...Jeff says Kevin was so focused...Jeff says they were all sliding, they should have run...Jordan says it was so hard...Natalie & Jordan agree they both sucked...Natalie says Russell would have done good, it would have been btw him & Kevin for HOH...Jeff says so that was endurance huh?

They start talking about the various rooms and how happy they are the HN room is closed...they say that no one ever went in there to scheme or do anything...Michele says she went in there to meditate...Jeff says he went in there to masturbate and immediately looks at Jordan LOL Jeff then says you can't do anything in here, forget it, he's not getting a youtube of him jerking off...Kevin finally comes out of the DR.

Jordan plays w/Jeff’s hair/Stayimg BFF’s/Relaxing Táxi Pt1 


Kevin comes out of the DR and Jeff who has been laying on his bed, immediately gets up and joins Jordan in her bed...Jeff lays down with his head on Jordan's butt...she asks him if he wants a pillow, he says no, he's got her butt, her booty...Natalie says if he has enough cushion and Jordan says "for the pushin"...Jordan starts rubbing Jeff's hair...Jeff says there's no "pushin" going on here.  

Natalie gets called to the DR...Jordan keeps playing with his hair and Jeff says it feels so good, he's so relaxed...

Jeff thinks they are having a luxury competition tomorrow...Kevin doesn't...they start thinking of what kind of comps they might have...Jeff says he wants to get on a private jet and on the way back go fishing...they want to go on Price is Right...Jeff says how about a soap opera?...Kevin says that would be for Jeff...Jordan says it wouldn't be for her.

Michele says it would be cool to meet Drew Carey...Jordan says Price is Right, please, she needs to win...a car, some money...Jeff says a Winnebago and a kitchen set LOL! Kevin says they need to cross promote something new...Jordan says she would want to go on Deal or No Deal, Jeff too...she says the show gives her anxiety, she sometimes has to turn the channel, they talk about Howie Mandel & Bobby's World...Jeff likes him.

Feeds cut out & return with Jeff scooting up to get more comfy (between her legs now on a pillow). Kevin says that he thought Jeff was going to give Jordan a massage (since it's Jordan that's rubbing Jeff's head)...Jordan says he is later on...Jeff says he always does...they don't see behind the scenes.:)

Jordan starts massaging Jeff's face, he says he has never gotten anything cool like a massage or a facial...Kevin asks if he has any weird bumps on his head, she says no, she can't feel anything...Jordan says she could pluck Jeff's eyebrows right now but Jeff says he just did them.

Jordan asks if she sees a blackhead on Jeff can she pop it?...Jeff says no because then it will make a zit...Jordan says she inspects her mom's face for blackheads...Jordan says "Jeff, you don't really have any wrinkles"...Jeff says he uses lotion a lot because he doesn't like being dry and asks if being moisturized will help?...they say yes...Jordan continues to play with his face, massaging it...Jeff asks if this is what they do in a facial?...Jordan shows him what a facial is like...Jeff mmm's and asks if she falls asleep?...Jordan says yeah, almost and they have waterfall music playing and then they massage your shoulders (she demonstrates)...Jeff says that sounds awesome, do guys get them?...Jordan doesn't know but he could...Jeff doesn't think so, it's fancypants...they laugh about how he said fancypants, it sounding like candycane from the movie Joyride with Steve Zahn.

Kevin & Michele have left the RR...Jordan bends down and whispers in Jeff's ear what Natalie said about Kevin sticking to the plan, they are after Michele but Jordan is worried that he will put her and Michele up and backdoor Jeff...Jeff has the same feeling...Jordan says they got rid of Russell and now Jeff is the strongest player left so why would he keep Jeff if he can get rid of another strong player.

Jordan whispers that if she is put up on the block and she wins veto that she won't take herself off because they'll replace Jeff and she knows he will be voted out, if it's her and Michele she will stay...Jordan promises him...Jeff says he appreashes...Jeff says Kevin said Jeff wouldn't be going up in no way, shape or form.

Jordan continues playing with Jeff's hair, she tells him that she doesn't like the way she feels in there anymore...Jeff says what do you mean?...Jordan says with her emotions and everything, she doesn't like the way...she can't explain it well...she feels stupid even saying it...she feels like she is drained and sad, she doesn't like that feeling, it's like an anxious, nervous but sad feeling...Jeff says he knows what she means...Jordan says she worries all the time, it's not a good feeling, leaving or staying...

Jeff asks where Michele is, making her move already?...Jordan whispers to Jeff that if Kevin sends Michele home, it's looking good for them...Jordan says Russell was filling people's heads with stuff.

Jordan asks if she & Jeff will still be BFF when they get out of there?...Jeff mmm, hmm's...Jordan swears that if she wins she will get him the Bears season's tickets...Jeff says he will get her the earrings. Jordan says thanks, appreash. :)

Jordan plays w/Jeff’s hair/Stayimg BFF’s/Relaxing Táxi Pt2 


Jordan says she started a cornrow in Jeff's hair, she'll put him in braids and make him all gangsta...Jeff says hell yeah, that would be awesome...Jordan says "so what's new Jeff?"...Jeff says nothin, no new stories this week...Jordan says yeah, they have their bickering story...Jeff says they have to stop bickering...Jordan says she knows, he's the one that gets frustrated with her...Jeff says he does but Jordan has to laugh it off...Jordan says he gets frustrated with her and then she gets scared, kind of like she needs to stay away from him...Jeff says no...Jordan says you don't think that?...Jeff says no...Jordan says that is how she gets when he is all mad and stuff.

Jordan puts on Jeff's glasses...

Jeff says it's so relaxi taxi...for her to keep playing with his hair. Jordan in a cute voice says Relaxi Taxi. :) Jordan says Jeff really is blind...Jeff says blond?...Jordan say blind...Jordan can't get the braids to work, she says Jeff can't fall asleep because he has to rub her next. (good luck with that Jordan, lol!) Jeff says he might raincheck it...Jordan says no, she's been good, she's been rubbing him almost every night...Jeff says he rubs her arm, other than that one night when he was fired up (and she rubbed a lot), it's pretty equal.

Jordan says she's been doing more than 90/10 maybe now it's like 70/40. 😛 Jeff mmm, hmm's, he says except it doesn't work like that, it has to be 60/40 because he has to fit it into 100...Jordan says that is what she meant Jeff...Jeff says he knows Jordan.

Jeff says to make the cornrows with the little rubber bands, he gets up to get some more and he says he's so tired, what's up? he feels like he took a sleeping pill...Jordan whispers that Michele is probably up there telling Kevin stuff, she is worried about this week...Jeff says him too, it's a big week, he says one of them has to win the veto.🙁

Jordan says she feels like he was disappointed in her today...he says no, he just felt like if they had to win this or go home, that wasn't the attitude that was out there and he was just worried about his chances...Jordan says when Natalie said what she said it made her think...Jeff says he already thought about it too...Jeff thinks he can talk to Kevin reminding him that he took him off the block with the veto...Jordan says Jeff needs to talk to him before noms.

Jordan says if Jeff left she would die and if she left she would cry, she'd be stuck with those crazy people...Jordan goes over the possible scenarios and she says her and Jeff have come this far, she would hate something messing up, she says she would want to cry if Jeff left. 😢She says she would be in the worst mood for the whole time...Jeff agrees...Jordan asks Jeff who he wanted to win more, Michele or Kevin?...Jeff says Michele...she says maybe Michele is up there striking a deal with Kevin...feeds cut out...

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