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Day 48 of BB11 Feeds

August 26

J&J Their big fight - the middle


After Jeff comes back from the bathroom they play one more hand of bullshit...Jeff has been getting a little crunk from the wine he's been drinking (obvious to me anyway, his face is getting red...)

Just after the 12:23am min mark Jeff lifts his leg twice, she says "no, Jeff"...Jeff "what?"...Jordan "you're about to fart"...Jeff "no...I was about to kiss you" (liar :) )

Another sign of rising tension...Jordan calls BS on Jeff (when it was apparent she shouldn't have to the others)...Jordan plays it off like she misheard again (re: the prior Michele incident)...Jeff looks at her like not again? he asks her what she thought he said?...Jordan says she was half listening and just wanted to call BS on him...Jeff says "you were half listening? that's weird..." /sarcasm...Jordan holds her mouth agape and says "whatever"

Jeff wins. Jordan asks if they want to play go fish? Jeff suggests they play 31...they prepare some snacks to eat while they play.

Jeff explains the rules to the game. Frankly listening to the rules, I am completely confused and I would have tuned out too! LOL

Trouble begins @ the 12:48am mark....Jeff announces it's the last round...Jordan goes to take a card from the pile and Jeff grabs her hand and says it's the last round Jordan...he tells her to put her hand on the table, she does...Jeff says "you wanna match the pictures Jordan"...Jordan exchanges her last card and she has 29...the others show their hands...Jeff then says "do you understand Jordan?"...Jordan says she is getting there...Jeff says all you have to do is match the pictures and get to 31, match the pictures and get close enough to 31...Jordan giggles...Jeff says "what are you fu**ing laughing at?"...Jeff lifts his arms up in frustration and says "you drive me crazy"...Jordan says Jeff gets so mad...Jeff says Jordan drives him berzerk and would storm outta there...

Jordan keeps eating her popcorn and zoning out...Jeff says "I know you know, that's what frustrates me, I know you know how to play, I know you know how to match up the pictures to make 31"...Jordan says "well when you were talking I was listening but I was half listening and I do better when you do it and I watch it and I observe it that way, I do better that when you were telling us how to do it, I was like well I'll just wait until I can play...ok? so no, I don't know (in Jeff's accent)"...Jeff looks downward, he's a little miffed and he eats his snack the whole time she is saying this.

This next comment IMO is the crux of the whole fight and what really hurt Jordan even though Jordan would NEVER admit this and Jeff didn't really mean it...

Natalie then says "you guys never could really date"

Jeff continues to look down and says "no"

Natalie says "you'd kill each other...or Jeff you'd kill Jordan"

MAJOR awkward silence 😑 they play again...

J&J Their big fight - the conclusion


As soon as they start playing again, Jordan makes another mistake...Jeff says "Jordan"...Michele tells Jordan nicely to try and lay her cards more flat because...she gets interrupted by Jeff who says "that is more than both of these"...Jordan in a raised voice says "OMG I do not want to play this then"...Jeff says "why not?"...Jordan says it's aggravating...Jeff says how is it aggravating?

Jeff calmly explains (in his own Jeff way, lol) why she needs to get rid of smaller cards and keep the higher ones of the same picture...Jordan is clearly frustrated that she isn't getting the game but especially because Jeff is calling her out in front of the others...Jeff says he's trying to be as calm as he can, he asks her if she understands?...Kevin says she will get it...Jordan puts her hand up and says she doesn't even want to play, it's aggravating...Jeff says just play, it's so easy Jordan...

More awkward tension...

When it's Jordan's turn she asks Jeff if what she did was ok?...Jeff in a semi-condescending manner explains what she needs to do...Jordan says ok, on her next turn she asks him again...Jeff asks her if she gets it now, a little bit?...she says a little bit...the round ends and Jordan says she doesn't want to play next round...Natalie says you have to play until you use all your chips...Jordan still doesn't want to...Jeff says "she gawn"...Jeff asks Jordan if she wants to play bullshit instead?...Jordan says no...Natalie rubs salt in the wound by saying she loves this game and she loves learning new card games.

Jordan sits quietly eating her popcorn...

On the next round, Jeff moves his chair closer to Jordan, gives her a sweet look and says "Hey Jordan, you want to play with me? I can teach you while we play"...Jeff, in a very sweet tone, starts explaining how to play...Jordan seems disinterested and nods yes...Jeff says you don't get don't like this game at all huh?...Jordan says "no, I like it" (but her face says it all)...Jeff smiles at her, looks away and drinks some wine...Kevin laughs and Natalie says "she loves it"...Jordan smirks/smiles at Jeff...they keep playing and Jordan seems to be getting it but she is still very disinterested...

The next round Jeff lets Jordan play and he will help her...things go ok but Jordan seems less than thrilled...they round Jordan plays again...she picks up a card and puts one down.

Jeff says "Jordan, hold on, stop...."

Jordan says "what? what?"

Jeff says "what matches here?"

Jordan says "they all match, that's the lower number"

Jeff says "which one is different?"

Jordan says "this one? these two match?"

Jeff says "I'm just saying, c'mon Jordan for real...which one is different? There are 3 the same...does this picture look different than that picture?"

Jordan says "oh, sorry, wasn't thinking" and she throws the card in the pile.

At this point Jordan is clearly embarrassed and Jeff is just frustrated that she's not getting what he considers a fairly easy game but mostly that she is not paying attention. The silence between them is now deafening...they continue playing and win their hand.

Jordan casually mentions that it's 1:20 already (her signal that it's time for bed, she wants out, she is so done with this game), Natalie says it's the BB house...Natalie asks that no matter who goes from now on that they continue to all hang out, to remember it's a game and let's not act like Russell is...Jordan is up milling around the kitchen now...she goes to the bathroom.

When she comes back she announces to the group that she is going to lay down...Natalie says she's been laying down all day, Jordan says she is tired so...she points to the living room and walks that way...Kevin says "not upstairs Jordan?"...Jordan says "yeah, I'm gonna lay down here for a little bit"...Kevin smirks/smiles...Jeff with an embarrassed face, mutters "cuz I told her she couldn't match the pictures...tsk...whatever"...Natalie says "it's all good in the hood"

Jordan is now laying down in the SS room on Cam 1/2, the others on Cam 3/4

They continue playing, play one more round and then the party breaks up...Jeff immediately heads to the SS room to get cigarettes, when he walks in Jordan smiles but Jeff gets the cigs, says goodnight to Jordan and walks out. 😢 (we find out after they make up that Jordan was expecting him to say something to her here but he didn't, knowing me I wouldn’t have said a thing either 😐) Jordan is bummed...

J&J Their big fight - the aftermath


Jeff goes outside to smoke...Jordan continues laying down, she is bummed and quiet.

Michele comes in to see how Jordan is...she asks her if she's ok?...Jordan says "yeah why?"...Michele says it's been awhile since she's been in here...Jordan says she is tired of playing cards and she didn't get that game...she feels the need to explain herself so she tells Michele that she thought you had to, she doesn't know, whatever, she's not a card player...Michele says she's usually not good either....Jordan says Jeff is always bickering, he's getting on her nerves...Michele giggles and says she will give him 2 punches...Jordan says he gets aggravated so easy, it makes her mad...Michele says he has no patience...Jordan says no, he doesn't...Jordan says whatever, I'm not a card player, she says she thought you had to pair up two kings, not the symbol, whatever though.

Jordan says they're around each other too much, she needs to sleep down here...Jordan figures she will give him his space cuz they have been bickering a lot...Jordan changes the subject to laundry and Michele fake yawns. Jordan says she shouldn't have eaten that popcorn. Jordan heads out to the HOH room to pretend look for clothes she needs to wash...some kind of excuse she feeds Michele.

She goes in the HOH, Jeff isn't there...she finds no clothes up there and heads back down to the SS room, she tells Michele she's tired and is going to shut off the lights...Michele says she will leave her then...Jordan wraps herself in her soft blanket and Michele leaves...

Feeds go off both Jeff & Jordan until 2:20am when they come back to them... Jordan is wide awake laying in bed on Cam 3, Jeff is listening to music in the HOH bed on Cam 4. 💔

Just before 2:30am Jeff takes off his headphones and turns to "Jordan's side" to sleep, he lays on her pillow and is shaking his doesn't work, Jeff is wide awake and 10 mins later he turns back the other way, drinks some water and goes to the bathroom...he gets back in bed, lays on his back, he yawns...he moves around, bends his knee, shakes his leg and yawns again...he turns to lay on his tummy, shakes the covers off and the feeds go off him...

Meanwhile Jordan is having the same problem...she is awake, @ 2:23am she turns on her back...she is restless and @ 2:30am she is still awake...still restless...she puts her hand up to her head a few minutes later...she scratches her arm @ 2:37am then sits up and turns to "Jeff's side" and tries to get comfy...still awake...a couple of minutes later she readjusts and tries again...@ 2:42am she turns back to her right to see if that will help...more adjusting 2 minutes later...the feeds go off her...

Long story short, they missed each other and had a hard time settling without the presence of the other.

J&J Their big fight - the morning after


***update on how J&J have slept***

2 hours later feeds return to Jeff, Jordan not on camera

@ 4:30am Jeff is still awake, has his knee up and moving, is fidgeting in bed

@ 4:40am Jeff has turned to Jordan's side and is shaking his foot

@ 5:00am he is still restless and turns to the door side again

@ 5:27am he whips the pillow out from under him and turns to sleep on his belly with no pillow...still shaking the foot

@ 5:52am Jeff turns back to the door side again, yawns, grabs the covers and tries to sleep

As late as 6:20am Jeff is still moving around in his sleep...

Feeds switch to Jordan @ 6:30am she seems to be soundly asleep although moving around a bit as well and is hugging the pillow.

The HG's get woken up a little after 9am and Michele heads to the kitchen...Jeff comes out of the HOH to change batteries...on his way back, Michele (taking advantage of the fact Jordan is in the SS room) immediately asks Jeff if she can sleep up there?...Jeff says huh? She asks again and heads up there...(seriously this chick had NO shame...)

Just as Michele is getting comfy in the HOH bed...Jordan gets up out of bed to change her batteries...Jeff brushes his teeth while Jordan goes to the bathroom downstairs...he finishes and tells Michele to use the green/gray velvety blanket and he takes the duvet cover from her and wraps himself in it to sleep

Jordan heads back to the SS room to sleep.

Just before 11am Jordan goes to the GR to sleep there.

More tossing & turning...

@ 11:50am Jordan gets up to go to the HOH...surprise, surprise when she enters the room, she sees Michele laying there in the bed with Jeff...Jordan plays it off like she didn't even see it, heads straight to the bathroom to brush her teeth and get her bikini on, she leaves to go to the pool...she does some laundry...

Just as Jordan is putting on her sunscreen, Jeff has gotten up, is brushing his teeth and putting his contacts in...Jordan gets in the pool just as Michele is getting up, she uses the washroom, Jeff uses it...they talk game, she asks Jeff if he trusts Jordan 100%, then she flat out asks Jeff if her and Jordan were up on the block who would Jeff use the veto on. 🤬 (as I said before...NO shame)

Jeff says he doesn't know...he says that scenario isn't here...he doesn't know, when the time comes he will answer that question, he's btw a rock and a hard's a rough one to answer...Michele says she knows the answer...Jeff says she doesn't because he didn't answer...they leave the HOH room…

J&J&R Fight - chest bump pt1


Jeff goes outside to smoke, he sits on the patio...Russell is on the elliptical and starts in on Jeff...he asks him how long he has been a f**k up...his whole life? Played D3 ball and still got benched?...Jeff says huh?...Russell asks him again and Jeff says for one more day...Russell makes fun of the fact Jeff is in a telemarketing job...Jeff ignores him.

Russell says he talks a big game but never follows through, does he always shake when he sees him?...Russell says you can always tell when someone is scared when they say they're not scared...Jeff tells Russell if this is his last go at him, to go for it but he should go out classy...

Russell continues saying it's a good thing he put an S on the end of Technotronics so at least there is more than one...Jeff says he already used that one...Russell says Jeff has been scared of him since day one, he broke him...Jeff says he's not broke by any means.

Russell gets off the elliptical saying that Jeff decided to make a big scene in front of people, he says he's a big tough guy but he didn't follow through Insert expletive filled name calling Russell goes to the weight bench, he starts up again saying America felt sorry for Jeff because of how Russell laid into him week one and they gave him power....Russell starts lifting and says if Jeff is so tough why doesn't he follow through on his threats about calling security when actually the security was for Russell because they knew he was going to break Jeff's face...Russell starts making fun of Jeff's job again.

Jordan comes outside and tells Jeff not to say anything...Russell says yeah, Jeff don't say anything, have your girlfriend fight your own battles...Jordan immediately yells STFU Russell, you're just a fu**ing douchebag!...Russell tells her to go f**k herself...Jordan repeats the d-bag comment, she says he's pissed because he's leaving tomorrow.

Russell repeats the F yourself comment and then makes fun of Jordan telling "Jeffie" to stay calm, she will fight for him, he says this the whole time Jordan is yelling at him...she yells that Russell hates that he's going to the jury house, she yells he's pissed because Russell wanted to send Jeff out and he's leaving before him, she yells that Russell is trying to get everyone's votes and he's going home, she yells that she swears to God she would hit him in the head if she wasn't in the house!...Jeff finally says "Jordan!...go inside!"

Jordan walks to the couches to sit while Russell says yeah, go inside, go get some cookie dough...Russell keeps repeating Jeff, stay calm...Jeff, stay calm...Jordan yells that Russell just wants to get someone evicted before Thursday...Russell starts repeating "I'll fight this for you Jeff"...Jordan says Russell's points are awful...Russell starts repeating "keep fighting"...Jordan yells I will fu**ing fight with you!

She gets up and makes a beeline for Russell and yells you think I'm scared of you?...she chest bumps him.😤😂

Jeff says Jordan, go sit down, why would you do that? Jordan!! why are you going to make me get up? sit down over here...Russell yells tough girl, tough girl, yeah let her fight your battles for you...Jeff tells Jordan to relax, why is she getting into that, she knows it's his last move...

Russell yells that he can't wait for one of them to send Jeff to him as a birthday present so he can beat his face in...Jeff says that is good, he's a big talker...Jeff says he has 500 thousand reasons not to fight him.

Feeds cut out for a bit...when they return Russell is making fun of Jordan standing up for "Jeffie" and calling her a dumbass, sitting there eating cookie dough wondering why you got fat...Jeff says see?

Russell starts up the Jeff is a failure, he's 31 and has no career routine again...Jeff is just whatever at this point, he tells Russell that he has 7 careers, which one is he? he doesn't even know who he is...look in the mirror.

Russell calls Jordan "Jeff's lapdog"...for her to keep twirling her hair cuz she will never do nothing (wrong!)...Russell starts barking like a dog...Jeff asks Russell if he feels better yelling at a girl?...Russell says for Jeff to fight his own battles...Jeff says he has no battle to fight, his is won...Russell says his battle starts when they get out of this place...

Jeff says oh, boy, get over yourself bro...Russell implies Jeff thinks he is hot because of his looks...Jeff says to ask anyone in the house if he ever thought about that about himself, he knows he is not that guy...Russell says the only person Jeff's busting in the mouth is Jordan...Jeff asks Russell is this is the stuff he came up with for 2 days? it's terrible…

J&J&R Fight - chest bump pt2


Russell brings up the family threat again and threatens Jeff with not threatening him LOL More expletive filled ranting from Russell...Russell makes fun of Jeff's "words"...Jeff says to tell all his friends that he has none of, all he has done is lie...More back & forth btw Jeff & Russell...Jeff emphasizing this is a game...Jeff tells Russell to make a move in the jury house so he can lose his 10G's...Jeff says he doesn't want to be friends with him outside the house.

Things get quiet but then Russell says Chima was right saying they were the ugly truth...he says J&J are two peas in a pod, dumbasses, one thinks Gucci is a catchphrase, the other thinks Technotronics is a word, life can only go up from here.

Jeff tells Russell to stop using his words, his stories, does he want to have sex with him, is that his thing? does he have a hard on for him?...Russell says that is the dumbest thing...they rant about that and then Jeff says he will show him a little ass on his way out LMAO!

Jeff says take a 5 minute timeout, think of a good comeback and then he'll be sitting waiting here for it...he's not allowed to use Technotronics because he said it 800 times, keep quiet and 5 minutes later fire one back at me and we'll see if the crowd laughs.

Russell says Jordan went from pitbull to classy instantly...Jeff says she's a woman bro, she's a woman 😊 Jordan says Russell looks like the biggest asshole on TV...Jeff tells Jordan to be quiet...Jordan says he got in Chima's face, he called her fat...Jeff says Jordan, Jordan be quiet...Jordan says he's a douchebag and a baby and she's not scared of him...Jeff tells Jordan to be quiet, what do you think he wants? that -> (directed at her losing it)

Jeff says "Uhhh, Russell, you went about this the wrong way man, it's a game and you should have treated it that way"...Jeff apologizes for making the family comment...Russell says to stick it up his ass, he's still going to beat his ass...Jeff asks what does he want from him?...Jeff says he can't take this shit anymore...Russell tells Jeff to STFU about 10x...

Russell makes fun of Jeff moping around in the beginning and America pitying him...Jeff makes fun of Russell making final 2 deals with everyone...Russell says Jeff is obsessed with sex, he guesses Jordan isn't giving him enough...

They start arguing about game play now and Jordan lets it slip (with Michele there) that the plan was to backdoor Russell all along...Jordan starts to spill more about what Russell said about Kevin during the chicken comp but Jeff stops her, tells her to shut up and says enough is enough.

Russell starts up again about the final 4, final 2 deal and Jeff says he is this close to busting his face so he leaves and goes inside...Russell has a few more choice words about Jeff and continues lifting...

Jeff comes back outside after cooling off...Russell goes inside and the feeds cut off…

Jordan cries after the fight


When the feeds return Jordan is outside crying...Russell comes out and Kevin tells her they should make french toast, an excuse to get her inside...Kevin tells Jordan he didn't want Russell seeing her cry.

Jordan is shaking and says she wants to hit him so bad...Kevin says that would be bad. Jordan says but after what he said to her...she says she's not scared of him just because he has muscles, she will hit him because she knows he wouldn't hit her back, she says if she knew she wouldn't get in trouble she would hit him...Kevin says Russell knows what buttons to press with her...Kevin says they knew this was going to happen, he's desperate.

Jordan says she bets his job doesn't like this...Kevin says you never go after a girl, he's done this twice...Jordan just wants to hit him...Jordan says she bets her mom's bf wants to kick his ass right now...Kevin says he's sure America does because she has been nothing but nice...Jordan dreads hanging out in the jury house with him and Jessie...Kevin tells Jordan to stay cool, he's going home, he's desperate so he's pulling this card, he wants Jeff to do something dumb...Jordan says she has no respect for someone like that.

Jordan tells Kevin what happened...Kevin says it's so hard not to say something...Kevin says Russell preys on people's insecurities...Jordan describes how she bumped him...Kevin says he's not looking classy at all...Jordan says he does look like the biggest asshole on TV...Jordan says no girl should date him...Jordan describes how the fight went down.

Kevin tells Jordan to not do anything dumb...Jordan says her friends back home and her mom's bf are going to want to kill him...Kevin says Russell has never done anything positive in this game...Jordan admits that she never liked Russell, she only put up with him because of the numbers, she told Jeff she didn't want him around before Jeff got the mystery power.

Jordan asks Kevin if she can hit him in the jury house? LOL They continue talking past 2pm...

Jordan and Jeff are upset


Jeff is on the blue raft in the pool...Jordan in lounger next to the pool still REALLY upset and crying, she's trying to hold it together 😒 ...Kevin comes outside and sits next to Jordan, he tries to cheer her up by telling her she looks really cute when she is crying, her eyes get all big and sad looking...Jordan smiles but starts losing it again...

Kevin asks Jordan if she keeps replaying it in her mind?...Jordan says no, she's just thinking about the comment Russell made about the steaks...Kevin asks if she thinks that was a jab?...Jordan says "oh yeah, for sure"...Jordan sniffles and starts welling up again...after a few seconds Jeff says "you crying Jordan?"...Jordan looks over and says "huh?"...Jeff says "you crying?"...

Jordan, who doesn't want to make a big deal of it says "at first yeah, cuz I was mad"...Jeff sweetly says "I didn't know you were crying"😢 ...this seems to really upset Jeff, he immediately gets off the raft...Kevin says he's crying too...Jeff says what? pardon?...Kevin asks "can you console me?" LOL...Jeff doesn't hear again and says "what?"...Kevin repeats and Jeff says "you wanna hug?"...Kevin laughs.

Jeff is not in the laughing mood, he gets out of the pool and tells Jordan "don't even waste a tear on that fu**ing loser" (Jeff is pissed and it's because Jordan is hurting IMO...)...Jordan says she's just mad cuz she can't do anything about it and she has to sit here and listen to him...

Jeff goes off on Russell, rant #1

He says who here wants to waste their chances at a half a million dollars? nobody so wtf is she going to do? nothing, let him look like a fu**ing douchebag, don't say anything and let them edit it like that, he's not giving them shit in the DR, if BB want to edit it, do it, Russell has said enough, they don't need Jeff's play by play of a fu**ing douchebag, 100 times, he thinks that BB has it, at least he doesn't have to talk about bugs and shit no more...silence...BB tells Russell to change his batteries...Jeff says "change your personality while you're in there" 😅

Natalie comes outside to join in the fun 🙄 they discuss that BB has asked them all about the Natalie/bee incident...Natalie asks Jeff if he is ok? he seems mad...Jeff says "would you be? when you can't do shit and someone tries to attack or do whatever it is and you can't do dick"...Natalie says to not let him ruin Jeff's day, that's what he wants, he's mad because he's going home, he got got that's what it is, he should take it like a man, Jessie got got and didn't curse on his way out, he took it like a man and he walked out...Kevin says "no he didn't" LOL ...Kevin says that Jessie was fine until he stuck his hand in his face...Natalie proceeds to lie about something as usual 🤥

Jeff goes off on Russell, rant #2

Jeff says he got banned from the whole house because of Braden and his racial comment, he said something to Braden and yet people still got mad at him and banished him from the house, no one talked to him but this motherfu**er can say whatever he wants to a woman and get in their fu**ing face, all of them and nobody says anything, they'll sit and have coffee with him but he gets fu**ing banned for sticking up for someone else when everyone else can be friends with a motherfu**er and let him talk shit all day, if Russell came up to him and he was in their (K&N's) shoes, he'd tell him to get the f**k away from him instead of listening to his fu**ing bullshit (burn!🔥)


Jordan finally breaks it by asking if they will show all of this on Thursday?...Kevin and Natalie say they will...Natalie says Jordan can't let him make her cry...Jordan says it's just she can't do anything about it...Natalie says she knows cuz it will ruin her day...Jordan starts tearing up saying he's already ruined it 😔 they have to be in the HOH room with him tomorrow...Jeff says Russell gets to say a speech on live TV, he can bash him but Jeff can't say shit...Jordan says Jeff probably can, she will...

Jeff says so he can act like an asshole and ruin the show and start bickering with a fu**ing loser? either way he looks like a fu**ing dork, whether he takes it or gives it...Natalie says he can leave without class...Jeff says he's already done that...Natalie says it's live TV...Jordan says oh he's going to try something ala Casey...

Jeff goes off on Russell, rant #3

Jeff says to get ready because it's all going to be things Jeff has said to him, the motherfu**er does not have thoughts of his own, he has no points...Jeff says that Russell's talk about security was silly, as if helicopters and the swat team are coming in, like BB is worried about Russell tearing up the house like Rambo, take it easy LOL Jeff says that he can't take fu**ing people like that who just talk, those are the people that get knocked the f**k out in one punch and he's not bragging ok, he's not Russell, but just trust him, a fighter? what league is he fighting dude? get fu**ed...God...his blood is fu**ing boiling over this fu**ing loser.

Natalie says the house will be back to peace around 5:30 tomorrow...Jeff says he didn't do anything, he played the game...Natalie says she and America know that...silence...Natalie brings up that Russell was bringing Chima into the argument saying they were the two most articulate people...Jeff says "how the f**k is he articulate?"...Natalie didn't like Russell bringing Chima into it.

Jeff goes off on Russell, rant #4

Jeff says that the motherfu**er said Jeff can't speak and needed a dictionary, how about him? he spelled shotgun, fu**ing loser, and he has no speech, all his speech comes from things Jeff has told him and if he's so fu**ing stupid, the dumbest kid he's ever met, what does that make him cuz he fu**ing got him, that makes him even stupider because he got got by a fu**ing dummy and first of all, Russell does have a hard on for him because never once did Jeff say he was a model except to Braden and he brings it up 10X a day and not one time did he tell a modeling story to anyone.

Jordan says they'd catch Russell staring in the mirror all the time...Kevin says Russell was mixing up his numbers theory too...Jordan asks if he was making fun of her?...Kevin and Natalie say no...Natalie says Russell is playing one card right now, it's the story about the threat on the family but why did he keep acting cool around them, pretending there was nothing wrong...Jeff says it was a joke and he still apologized...Jordan says Russell has nothing on her, she knew how he was...Natalie says it's one thing to talk to a man like that but not to a woman...Jordan says her dad is probably ready to wring Russell's neck, she is sure Natalie's dad is the same...Natalie says in 24 hours, it will be all good, no.

Jeff goes back to Russell haha, he says "the fact that anyone even listens to his bullshit, I'm not telling you what to do but I would be like get the f**k away from me with your lies"...Natalie says he was asking her all night to play chess...Jeff says she's the person he needs votes against...Natalie says when she said no, he went off on her...Kevin says he called it, he said it was the calm before the storm, he predicted Hurricane Russell was coming.

They start to recall how the fight all started...Jeff says Russell called him a fu**ing pussy, he said Jeff was sitting there shaking and he said what?...Russell said Jeff was shaking, he was a fu**ing pussy and that he put an "S" on the end of Technotronic to make it better and Jeff said "dude, how fu**ing long ago was that? you already played that card"...

Russell kept saying shit and he ignored him, Russell said to keep ignoring him and Jeff did and then Jordan said something to Jeff about ignoring him, to not listen to him...Jeff says who gives a f**k he spelled Technotronics?...Natalie says it's old, it was week one...Jeff says "you spelled shotgun dude, who the f**k cares"...Jeff says that Russell made fun of his career but half the people he works with are millionaires, wtf is he talking about? he wishes his boss would fu**ing fly out there and smash his head ...he doesn't need to defend everything he says, he's done talking about it...

Jordan says they don't even know what Russell does...Jeff finally gets called to the DR LOL...Jeff dries off...Jordan says "I strrrrongly dislike Russell"...Kevin jokingly says "I think he's pretty cool" LOL ...Jeff goes inside…

Cheer up, its picture time


Feeds switch to JeJo in the kitchen...Jeff, who is holding the HOH camera, is telling Jordan to take some (pictures)...Jordan says she doesn't feel like it...Jeff says "me neither, I feel like busting this thing against the wall (LOL) but we gotta do it...c'mon, we have to take some, what are we going to do"...Jeff starts walking towards the RR...Jordan asks how many Jeff needs?...Jeff says 50 :) ...Jordan starts following Jeff saying she's going to pull her hair down, everytime her hair is up...Jeff says everytime he thinks he wears the same outfit...Jordan says she does too.

Jeff tells K-Town they're going to take some pictures, they have to pretend they're happy LOL ...Kevin starts to get up and says "oh, yeah"...Jeff takes a pic of Kevin in his luxurious bed, Kevin poses and then says he wants to take a picture of Jeff and Jordan together...again 🫢

Jeff says they look the same in every picture, he wears the same hat and shorts...Jordan walks towards Jeff and they wrap their arms around each other but not before Jeff tries to cheer up a sad Jordan, he says "c'mon" and pinches her face LOL Jordan ow's and then they smile and get their picture taken...(these are the photos that were taken 😊)

(far away & close up views)

Jeff then says "c'mon Jordan now take a fun one"...Jordan says "of what? I'm just not in the mooood!"...Jeff says he knows, no one is in the mood...they go in the SS room and tell Jordan to pretend she's going down the slide, Kevin does the same, they pose and smile...Jordan wants to see them...Jeff says not to worry, he'll show them at the end...Jeff decides to switch to his Aurora hat to represent...Jordan says "yeah" ;) Jeff asks if he should put on a shirt so he doesn't look like a bozo...Jordan says no, it looks like he's been out in the sun...they go back to the RR but Jeff goes back in the SS room wondering what else he should take pics of...

Jordan says Kevin & Lydia were always so creative...they decide to take a pic of Kevin getting grossed out by the package of tampons/pads in Natalie's bag 🤐 Kevin says he's actually never seen one...Michele joins them...Jeff says she got dressed up for the occasion...Jeff says for Kevin to take one of him and Michele while she looks hot (LOL!)...Jeff backtracks and Michele says she always looks hot

Then Jordan and Michele get their picture taken together...Jordan, Michele & Kevin pretend to pillow fight...Jordan holds her key and Michele & Kevin wave goodbye to her...Jordan and Michele do meditative poses...Jeff takes a pic of Braden & Casey...Jeff leaves for a minute...Michele tells Jordan to grab Kevin's butt, she likes those types of pictures...Jeff comes back with a blue tank top on, he says he didn't want to be "that guy" that takes pics with his shirt off, that's not him...Jordan suggests going outside to get one of Jeff gardening...Jeff says he doesn't want to go outside, not be near him (Russell), not say another word to that guy...

Jeff says he was blogging and talked a little about each person, for Russell he said he's a huge dork, moving on...they suggest doing some "jump shots", they do those, then they pretend to choke and punch Russell's face on the memory wall LOL Jordan suggests going in the GR to take some...Kevin says "of you two...cuddling?" 😊 ...Michele and Jeff get on the bikes and ride them to get the light to go on...Jeff says it's cheesy as they decide to cover Jordan with pillows...Jeff says "just have one boob out" (still thinking back to that day the first week are you? LOL) ...Natalie joins them, Jeff tells her to give them some ideas and jump in "hump Jordan"

They all pile on top of Jordan...Kevin says Jeff has to get in on them, he says it has to be him and Jordan cuddling...Natalie agrees, it has to be him and Jordan...Kevin says that's what America wants...Jeff leans back and takes one with Jordan, Michele and Natalie...Jordan jumps up and says she'll take one with Kevin in it and Michele takes the chance to cuddle up to Jeff 🙄

Jeff says to jump in and pretend they all love each other... LOL Jordan still wants to take the gardening pic...they will wait until Russell goes in the DR, he's been called in...Jeff takes one of Kevin obsessing over the bubble wrap...they decide to take one of Jordan pretending to poop since she talks about it all the time 😅

They all get in the shower and Kevin pretends to be excited to be taking a shower with the girls, another cute pose...they head outside...Jordan takes a pic of Jeff gardening finally and then she takes a more suggestive one with Kevin and the hose...Jeff actually waters the garden for a bit...they then do a couple of "magic of Hollywood" poses with the weights...they do a fake Jeff BBQ'ing pose...Jeff and Natalie get one taken, Natalie says she got one with the hot guy 😉 ...they take another couple of pics and then Jordan gets called to the DR, she leaves...they continue taking random pics outside, Russell comes outside...awkward!...Jeff sits down to take a look at all the pics and the others head inside...Jeff and Russell are left alone super awkward! Jeff heads inside and continues taking a couple more random pics...

Jeff & Jordan make up Pt1


The HG's have been taking pictures with the HOH camera...BB calls an inside lockdown...Jeff & Jordan go up to the HOH...they haven't had a chance to talk since their fight or the Russell fight.

(IMO Jeff wants to talk more about their fight because he's torn up over it and Jordan wants to talk more about the Russell fight because he really hurt her feelings and also doesn't want to admit that she was wrong in how she handled the Jeff fight)

The feeds go to Jeff & Jordan in the HOH bathroom...Jordan sits on the edge of the bathtub and says she took an Advil, she had the biggest headache...Jeff doesn't respond...Jordan asks him if she wants her to leave him alone?... Jeff says he doesn't, he's just saying he didn't like that, that's all. (he is referring to something he must have told her off camera about not liking that she stormed off last night & slept downstairs)

Jeff says she pouted like a baby...Jordan raises her voice and says "I didn't pout!"...Jeff says "well, you slept in there, how mad do you fu**ing have to be to go sleep with Russell...pretty mad"...Jordan says Russell wasn't in there...Jeff says "whatever" (origins of their first issue of jealousy, Russell/Jordan flirting with each other)

Jordan goes to sit down on the bed and says something about hoping the DR doesn't ask her about her family again, she looks like a cry baby...Jeff says she looked like a cry baby last night...Jordan says she looked like a cry baby today...she says she told the DR she was sorry, she looked like (emphasis on today 🤨)

Jordan says she doesn't like the word hate but she strongly, strongly dislikes Russell...she says she has never had any of her friends disrespect her like Russell did today...Jeff says that is his character, it's who he is...Jeff says it's embarrassing for him and his family...Jeff sits down on the round chair...Jeff says to not get pissed off about it...Jordan swears she was going to hit him, but then she thought about the show, then she was going to push him but then she bumped him...Jeff says he was worried she was going to hit him, he would have been so mad if she had hit him...Jordan says she knows and here she was the other night lecturing Jeff not to do anything...but when Russell said the cookie dough comment she couldn't help it.

Jeff says Russell likes to push buttons...Jordan says with a girl you just don't say that kind of stuff, it does bother her she has gained weight, she says he is mean…

Jordan says she never gets in arguments with people and here she was going crazy...she couldn't sit there and hear Russell stay stuff about Jeff...Jordan says Russell called her a lapdog, that he made a comment to Michele about Jordan sleeping downstairs, at least we know they're not (doing it).

Jeff says "that is why I was like why the f**k would you go down there, that's why I was pissed about why the f**k would you sleep down there and give somebody something to talk about...and make them think they have an advantage over us or anything...that's why I'm like what a fu**ing idiot, can't you just come up here and complain?"
Jordan says "no, I was really mad at you"...Jeff says "that's fine, then don't talk to me, but don't air our business in front of everybody else, you know what I I look like an even bigger asshole for sending everybody home and you look like even cuter for not doing one fu**ing thing ever"

Jordan says "you always think I don't do anything"...Jeff says "well then just keep our business between the us from now on ok"...Jeff says if she's mad to go lay upstairs, if you have the opportunity to use it...Jordan says she didn't sleep good at all last night...Jeff says she makes people talk, he says he thought...I'm gonna go and fu**ing strangle her right now...Jeff says then people would say "Jordan are you ok?"...Jordan says nobody said anything!...Jeff says the thing is that is was over nothing...Jeff mutters that he was so mad...Jeff says she makes people talk, she makes people think...Jordan says like what?

Jeff goes off on a spiel about how she doesn't understand, she was giving them an edge with them thinking that Jeff & Jordan are mad at each other...Jordan explains what she said to Michele when she came in to talk to her, no one else said anything...Jeff says believe me, they talk, why do you think Michele came up here at 9am to sleep in my bed?...Jeff tells about Michele asking him about who she would use the veto on...Jordan says he should have said yes...Jordan talks a little game...Jeff seems disinterested but continues talking game...

Then he tells Jordan she needs to play it cool, don't air their business to other people, don't break Michele's trust, don't air their business, if they fight talk to him about it, don't air their business in front of everybody to give them an advantage, watch what she says, she has to be playing the game for 3 more weeks, don't say she wasn't paying attention or not focused, focus for 3 more weeks, think about everything before she talks, focus on playing the game, think for 3 more weeks and then after don't think for the rest of her life but for 3 more weeks, think and use her head...he says he's not getting down on her but this is the final run, people are gunning to split them up, they have to try their hardest to not give people an edge...he's just trying to help her, that's all.

Jeff says he understands she gets frustrated with him, he gets frustrated with her, that's normal. QUIET...Jordan has a super sad look on her face...Jeff shakes his head, smiles at her and says "you're so emotional today"...Jordan says "I am"...Jeff says "what are you emotional about!?"...

Jordan says she doesn't know she woke up in a bad mood, she was already in a bad mood this morning...Jeff says "because you slept downstairs"...she says that then she was laying in the pool and then Russell starts in on Jeff and she was like oh God...Jeff says Russell tried to get a rise out of him and he got a rise out of you...Jeff gets in bed…

Jeff & Jordan make up Pt2


Jeff gets in bed...Jordan looks over at him and says "you look tan"...the feeds cut out but you can see in the control room screen that Jeff has pulled Jordan over to him and she lays her head near his chest...feeds come back...Jeff is rubbing her back and says "don't worry about what he says, it doesn't fu**ing matter".

Jordan sits up and says "yeah but you hurt my feelings too last night, you made me mad"...Jeff says "how? what did I say?"...Jordan says it's because he doesn't have patience with her...Jeff says he doesn't, she's right, because he knows she knows better, that's what frustrates him, he knows she knows better.

Jordan says that when Jeff was explaining the cards she wasn't listening at first but then she was and she thought that Jeff would show her as they played, she thought it was matching the cards, not the shapes...Jeff says he gets it, he has to be more patient with her but at the same time why is she playing the dumb card because he knows she can match the shapes, you could even tell a little kid that...

Jordan protests but Jeff continues saying that she wasn't paying attention, she shouldn't have played at all, just say you don't feel like playing, that is what frustrates him, he knows she knows better.

Jordan says she didn't understand what he was saying and then Jeff was getting all mad at her and she was like uhhhhhh!...Jeff says yeah, but still, was it something to be all pissed and walk away from?...Jordan says she got the hang of it...Jeff says "yeah, I was playing with you and you were still mad"...Jordan says it was because you were raising your voice at me in front of everybody...Jeff says he's sorry, he thought and he knows she is capable of better...Jeff says it doesn't matter, it was a stupid card game, he knows she is better than that, he just knows...

Jeff says whatever, she can be mad, he does lose his patience with her, he does, he apologizes, but she didn't have to take it to the next level like you're fighting and walk away, that is like shit you do with your boyfriend when you get in a fight in high school...Jeff says he understands, it's very emotional and frustrating and your mind is being pulled in 500 different directions and so is his...he says they can't be mad at each other, they have to have more patient with each other, they have to have each other backs these last couple of weeks otherwise one of them is going home and it won't be Jordan so that is why he is more frustrated.

Jordan says Jeff thinks she gets by with everything...Jeff says she does, it's not a bad thing, it's how she has played...that is why he needs her more than ever, right now, he can only do so much, if they're going to be there together they have to do it together.

Part of this convo here:

Jordan starts getting teary eyed...Jeff looks over at her, tsks, grabs her arm and says stop!...Jordan says what? I'm just blah about everything...Jeff smiles at her, she says "I am"...Jeff says what?...Jordan says she's just blllhhh...Jeff looks so serious...he looks away from her for a sec, then looks at her, smiles the most beautiful smile and says "Juh-ordan!" (she's teary) and looks away...Jordan is holding off tears and Jeff says what? huh?...he grabs her arm to pull her towards him and says "come here"...Jordan says no, she's stinky...Jeff says he doesn't care, come here (my fave two words!)

Jordan lays by his chest, Jeff says stop, what's wrong? Jordan says she's just mad...Jeff says at what? huh? He rubs her hair.

Jordan says she doesn't know...Jeff says with me?...Jordan says no, she was last night but she's over it...Jeff says "you wanna make out?" Jordan lifts herself up, smiles and says she's not in the mood...Jeff says she's never in the mood...Jordan says "we're just friends right? friends don't make out"...Jeff says no, we're lovers 🥰 ..he pulls her down to him and squeezes her...Jordan says no, she stinks...Jeff sniffs her LOL

Jeff says he doesn't care, he pulls her closer and kisses her on the neck...Jordan says she does care...Jordan says she just wants to take a break and go home for a weekend...Jeff says this is it...Jordan talks some game with Jeff...Jeff says don't get frustrated when he talks to her, he does it because he cares, he telling her what he thinks, he doesn't know everything, he thinks that buckling down, the things he has been telling her are for the best...he doesn't mean to put her down...sometimes he's out of control, he appreciates her patience this far with him.

Jordan says he never got mad before...Jeff says he didn't get mad but he got mad when she left and she slept downstairs, he was like why would she do that? He says he would sleep in the shower, don't air their business, it was just her actions...Jordan says she does that when she gets mad, she's stubborn...Jeff says he is stubborn too but he would be like sleep on the floor...Jeff says that she left and everyone was staring at him, like he's the bad guy...Jordan says she thought Jeff was going to come in (to the SS room) and talk to her...Jeff says when he saw her in there, he thought, you're really going to play this pouty card like a fu**ing 4 year old...have fun.

They both get quiet and look at their nails...Jeff says he killed her on his blog cuz he was pissed at her...Jordan gets sad and says "you did?..thanks"...Jeff says "no way!"...he laughs, hugs her and says "you were about to cry again...of course I didn't"...Jeff says he was going to kill her this morning when he got up...Jordan says she was waiting on it, Russell got to him before her...

Jeff says he was pissed that Michele came upstairs and he had to deal with her...he was going to kill Jordan..Jordan says she looks tanner...Jeff says she looks beautiful, she looks great...he pinches her cheek....Jordan notices Michele coming up, tells Jeff, Jeff jokingly goes to kiss Jordan, she laughs and Michele enters...

Chi’s or Cheese/play w/my hair


Michele has come up to the HOH right after Jeff & Jordan have made up.

Jordan tells Michele she is staying away from Russell, she says Russell offered to make steaks for everyone but her and then when he was walking away asked her if she wanted one...Jordan does the stabbing motion and says Jeff can stab him one way and she'll stab him the other...

Jordan tells Michele she looks nice with her hair straightened, she should keep doing it...Jeff agrees...Jordan says she can get a really, really good straightener at a discount from her salon and send it to her...feeds cut out...

When they return Jordan is telling Michele the iron is called a Chi, she spells it C.H.I...there are other generic ones but it's the best...Jordan is running her hands through Jeff's hair saying this...she says oh, does she have a story from work to tell, it's embarrassing...Jeff says she can play with his hair while she tells the story, he lays his head down on her lap and she starts playing...

Jordan says one of the girls from the other location called her and asked if she had any Chi's? Jordan goes cheese? and she goes yeah, Chi's? Jordan goes cheese? and she says yes! Jordan goes in the back and she looks for cheese. LOL She went back and said they didn't have any cheese, one of the girls caught her and said omg, did you really just do that? Everybody was laughing...Jordan says they made fun of her all day about that...Michele goes on about how she is so smart that she would think Chi is Chi (with a hard C sound)...fake yawn 🥱

The feeds go off for a bit...when they return Jeff is talking about cooking ravioli with vodka sauce...Jordan is still playing with Jeff's hair...

Jordan stops and Jeff taps her on both legs, touches his hair and taps again to signal her to keep going LOL She does for a bit and then stops and leans forward...Jeff says "it's over?"...Jordan says "we lost"...Jordan moves the sheets and Jeff asks "where are you going?"...Jordan leans in towards him and says she has to take a shower...Jeff whispers "no" and pulls her towards him, hugs her but then immediately is aware of Michele being there and lets go...

Jordan lays there in Jeff's armpit for a bit while Jeff talks about taking a shower first and then Jordan can take a bath...Jordan touches Jeff's belly with her hand and they both get quiet...Jeff makes that mmm sound he's fond of doing and says they need to drink that bottle of wine tonight ;) Michele says she'd like to have a little bit...Jeff says that's what he means, they can all split it tonight if they want, it's not like anyone is going to get drunk, it will just put them to sleep...Jeff wonders if they have to drink it all?...Michele says they suggested it, she doesn't know why they tell her all the rules…

Reviewing & Venting


The feeds return to Jeff saying "chill out a little bit, celebrate" (drinking the wine)...Jeff says "he gawn" (Russell)...Jeff doesn't get how they're all downstairs laughing and shit, the point he made about Braden, how the whole house abandoned him, he even stepped in and said something to Braden about him not being able to talk like that and now Kevin saw Russell up in Jordan's face and didn't even say anything, he should have said she's my friend and so is Chima, you can't talk like that to women, he doesn't step in but he got the plague from the house, Kevin doesn't step in and can kick it but he (Jeff) gets ostracized by the whole house, that he doesn't like.

Michele says that Natalie says that Russell is still her friend...Jeff says she's a hypocrite then, isn't Chima her friend? isn't she a woman? if you want to stand up for your principles, fine but don't be a hypocrite, at least he stood up to defend Braden, there was no one to defend Jordan...Jordan says "why?"...Jeff says that's what he's asking LOL

Michele apologizes for not defending her, she says if she tried Russell would have gone full force on her and she would have smacked him 🙄 Jeff says not her but they were being hypocritical in the situation yelling at him...Michele says that Natalie has been the biggest hypocrite...Jeff says now they're down there kicking it with him...Michele says it's been like that the whole time...Jeff says they don't want to get in trouble, don't want to stick their noses in it but he has to stick his nose in...Jordan says "I stuck my nose in"...Jeff says "yes you did Jordan" 😊

Michele says she doesn't trust Kevin, she thinks he might put in a wonky vote to cause commotion in the house...Jeff and Jordan don't think so...Michele says he better not or she'll fu**Ing go on his ass...Jeff laughs and says "f**k yeah"...Jeff looks over at Jordan...Jordan says she knew when Jeff started yelling at Jordan to back off that he was really mad...Jeff says he thought Jordan was going to slap him and do something stupid, she kept going crazy, what was she going to do? make him go over there and carry her away? when Jordan was the one telling him to be quiet...

Jordan says it's different, she's a girl and she knows Russell won't hit her...Jeff says that if Jordan hit him then she'd be gone from the house...Jordan says she just bumped him...Jeff says he was worried about Jordan hitting Russell, her just slapping him cuz she was so angry and couldn't control herself...Jordan says "yeah I was, I wanted to"...Jeff says he doesn't care that she said something, it doesn't bother him there was a girl fighting for him, anyone should have stepped in and said something...Jordan says she did...Jeff says he was just saying that...Jordan says "lap dog, lap dog"...

Jeff says he had no points...Jordan says she said that Russell has 2 sisters and a mom, she's sure Russell wouldn't appreciate someone saying that to his sisters...Jeff says "you said that to him?"...Jordan says she said it in the DR...Jeff says "that's pretty good"...Jordan says she would say it to him but she's trying to avoid him, Russell kept trying to get her attention outside...Jeff says when he walked back inside Russell was snickering at him but he laughed and walked away, then when he came upstairs to do the blog and he did it again, Jeff slapped his chest and said "get a good look buddy, something to jerk off to in the jury house" 😯 and Russell says Jeff is always thinking about jerking off, he's the homo...Michele giggles...

Jordan says looking at his face though, she's sorry but he has evil eyes, he's evil looking...Jeff says "dude, he's a huge loser"...Jeff says he never defends himself, he has no friends, he's a loser...Jordan says the sad thing is that the way he is is why he has no friends...Michele says angry people don't have friends...Jeff says "people who lie about everything don't have friends" 🛎️🛎️🛎️

Jordan says she said he's a liar, he's not trustworthy and he can sit and call her names but she knows she's a better person than him, she has family and good friends she can go home to...Jeff asks if it was in the DR or to his face?...Jordan says she would say it to his face too...Jordan says she wanted to stand up in front of the camera and say "I don't think you can call this fat, you call this thick, guys like things they can grab" ha! Jeff waves his hand as if to say "oh shut up" LOL

Jeff says the funny thing is he had 2 days to come up with that material and that's the best he got...Jordan says that Russell is the one that stares at himself in the mirror...Jeff says he said that to him, he said it 800 times in the DR, creepshow stares at everyone...Jordan says that Russell pulled Natalie into the SS room and told her to not trust anything Michele says...Jeff says "oh really?...what a fu**ing rat dude"...

Jeff goes off about how he doesn't understand how the others are still talking to him, Russell admitted he would do whatever it takes to get a vote so what do they think he's doing right now...Michele doesn't understand how Natalie can hang out with him when he's campaigning for Natalie to go...Jeff doesn't understand either...Michele says Natalie wants to suck Jessie's dick too...

Jordan wonders what the next comp will be like...Michele says she just wants to win and send them all home week by week...Jeff says "let's just move in up here"...Jordan says she knows...they discuss them winning the HOH...Jeff is putting his money on them over K&N, they were champs last time, just go in with the same mentality...they talk about the graduation comp and what really went goes back to Russell...Jeff says he's so over it, he's going to stay up there all night, he can say whatever he wants, they all have 500,000 reasons not to talk to him...they talk about what Russell's going to do during the live eviction, he's going to come after them...Jeff says he's going to be working on it all night and then he's going to f**k it all up when the time comes and he'll look like an even bigger idiot...

Jordan says she hopes Russell badmouths her on live TV so everyone can see it...Jeff says he thinks he's playing the villain role, he's playing the douchebag role (yep!)...Michele says he's a retard misogynist, he can go home!...Jordan says Russell's so mad that he's leaving before Jeff...Jeff says "he's a fu**ing huge dork, I can't stress it no more"...Jordan mocks Russell saying he was going to mop Jeff, she says "I'll mop you if I get there so shut up!" LOL

Jeff says he wishes BB told him because of his threats he gets to stay in the hotel for 3 weeks by himself...Jordan wishes they would...Jeff says why would they reward a jag off like that?...

Jeff likes thicker girls


Jeff, Jordan & Michele are venting about Russell...Jordan says she does remember something Russell told her, but it's all a lie, he said "he likes thicker girls"...Jeff says "dude"...Michele says "he'll tell you anything"...Jeff says "that's cuz I probably said that 🥰 so he put it in his journal of 'how to be like Jeff' and said it"...Jordan goes on to describe what Russell told her his last girlfriend was like...

Russell is jealous of Jeff


Jordan tells Jeff, who has just finished taking a shower, to come here, she tells him that Michele said that Russell said it's going to suck if Jeff stays because he's going to get TV time...Michele says no no, Russell was talking about Jeff last night, about how Jeff doesn't even need to win on the show because he's already going to get a TV contract or something (🛎️🛎️🛎️) and none of them are going to get anything from the show (Jordan did too! 😊) ...Jordan says Russell is so jealous of Jeff...Jeff says "he's so jealous for real, I'm telling you"...Michele says yeah...Jordan says Russell gets so mad too and so would Jessie...Michele says why are Kevin and Natalie listening to this, f**k this...

Jordan says "when they would say you were hot"...Jeff asks what does that have to do with anything?...Michele says it doesn't, he was just fu**ing talking about you...Jeff says Russell has a hard-on for him...Michele says he totally does.

Jordan in the sweetest voice says "he's jealous of Jefffff" :) ...Michele giggles...Jeff is told by BB to put his mic on...Jordan says "I'd be jealous of you too Jeff if I was a guy" 😉

Jeff tells them that BB wants to hear clearly that Russell has a hard-on for him LOL they continue chatting…

Where does everyone shop


Jordan, Jeff, Michele and Kevin are in the kitchen...Kevin is playing solitaire at the counter...Michele is cleaning the microwave...Jeff is watching his food simmer while Jordan, who seems to be especially enthralled with Jeff this night, intermittently stares at Jeff between zoning out...

They are quiet...Jordan, out of the blue, asks Jeff "what's your favorite clothing store when you shop?"...Jeff says "for what?"...Jordan says when Jeff normally goes shopping, where does he normally go?...Jeff says for jeans he goes to Buckle...Jordan says "Buckle? I've never heard of it"...Jeff says they have awesome jeans, he likes Urban Outfitters, they're good...Jordan likes that and says she always gets her jeans from Lucky jeans cuz they fit her longer...Jeff says Urban Outfitters, he likes that style, you know?...Jeff says Buckle is kinda like UO, he just wears underwear shirts, his style is pretty simple...Jordan says she likes Forever 21 too...Michele says that store rocks...Jeff says "it's cheap right?"...Jordan mmm, hmm's and says she likes Wet Seal, it's good, she likes shorts from American Eagle, she likes Old Navy for tops but she can't wear their pants.

Michele says she hated on Old Navy for the longest time but now she gets clothes from them...Jordan says she likes Target too...Jeff likes Target and Old Navy has deals for t-shirts and shorts...Jordan says she bought 10 pairs of those shorts she wears before she came there, 10 tank tops too...Kevin says before they came there, Old Navy had a sale on men's clothes 50% off...Jeff knows that sale LOL he got his grey hoody from there and all his plain t-shirts he wears here, it was awesome...Kevin likes H&M, Urban...

Jordan says she's never heard of H&M...Jeff says they're like Forever 21, it's cheap but they're getting more expensive, their stuff doesn't fit him well, it's too small for him...Jordan loves the Forever 21 in LA, it's way better than the one at home.

Jordan says she likes Guess, Jeff and Kevin used to love it too...Jordan doesn't like paying 70 dollars for...she gets her Lucky jeans there because she needs them longer, if it's a 4Regular (with other brands) they're always highwaters so she gets long ones from Lucky...Kevin likes Hollister button up shirts...Jordan says she hasn't worn that in forever, since high school, she couldn't wear their jeans, they were too tight. They continue talking about shopping, sales and outlet malls...

Jordan watches Jeff cut his hair


Jeff cuts his hair, Jordan watches...fascinating! Not really but Jeff is shirtless 😛

Jordan is in a sad mood


Jeff comes upstairs to join Jordan in the HOH...Jordan is laying in bed...Jeff enters and says "Johrrdan", he asks Jordan how his hair looks?...Jordan says "perfecto"...Jeff says it's not bad...Jordan says it's not bad...Jeff says it'll do...Jordan smiles at Jeff...

Jeff says "what?"...Jordan says "nothing"...Jeff says "what are you giggling at?"...Jeff grabs a cookie from the table and asks Jordan if she wants some of this soft cookie?...Jordan says no...Jeff says mmm, hmm...Jordan says she doesn't want any, she's fine.

Jeff sits on the bed and says "mmm, it's so good"...Jeff offers her cookie again...Jordan says "I'm good thank you"...Jeff says "a little piece?"...Jordan says "no, I'm fine"...Jeff says "why not?"...Jordan says she just brushed her teeth...Jeff loves the cookie, lol, he says "it's good"...Jordan smiles and says "I know it's good"

Jeff says "that pasta was good huh?"...Jordan says "yeah that was really good Jeff"...Jeff says "thank you Jordan"...Jordan says "I liked it"...Jeff says "so what's up? you wanna spit out what's on your mind or what?"...Jordan says no, she's just having a bad day...Jeff says he knows...Jordan says "I'm having a really bad day" 😢 ...Jeff says "tomorrow is a new day"...Jordan knows...Jeff says "that cookie was the best, damn"...

Jordan says that this bed is 10 times comfier than the one downstairs...Jeff who can't let go that Jordan didn't sleep up there the previous night says "why'd you sleep there?"...Jeff quickly looks at Jordan and points at her knowingly...Jordan holds Jeff's finger and says "cuz I was mad and I was going to give you space"...Jeff jokingly says "have fun sleeping down there tonight" 😅

Jordan asks if she's seeing things or did she see someone on the spy screen? she realizes it's Natalie and they quickly let go of each other...Jeff says if Jordan wants they can play blackjack and he'll be the dealer...they tell Natalie to come in...Natalie enters...Jeff asks Jordan "want to?"...Natalie sits in the round chair and they discuss if they should play blackjack...Natalie asks if Jordan knows how?...Jordan says no...Jeff says he was going to teach her, Jordan's in a sad mood...Natalie asks why?...Jordan says she's in a blah mood, they can play blackjack...Jeff says she doesn't need to know the pictures...Jordan really doesn't want to play...they start chatting about what they've been doing...


Pow wow in the HOH w/o Russell


Natalie joins Jeff & Jordan in the HOH room, then Kevin comes up, then Michele comes up...random chit chat between all of them...

Natalie starts eating Jeff's cheese & crackers...Jeff says he loves cheese...Jordan says her mom always makes cheese & crackers or chips & salsa for starters before dinner....Jeff likes veggie cream cheese on his bagels especially everything bagels...Jeff says he goes to Dunkin Donuts, it's faster and cheaper...Jeff says his fave cheese is Asiago.

Jeff does a card trick with his mouth and Jordan attempts it...she succeeds and looks darn cute doing it LOL Jordan says the pasta Jeff made was soooo good 😊 Michele asks about beef jerky, they explain what it tastes like...Jeff says he always gets a bag of nuts, beef jerky and a bottle of water to take on the plane...they talk about 911 and how the regulations changed regarding liquids...Jeff says the people at the airport probably keep all the left over stuff...Jordan talks about the salon and their return policy regarding products.

Jeff is called to the DR While he's gone, they talk about mattresses, taxes and income...Jordan says that her mom told her that the one thing you don't mess around with is the IRS...Jordan talks about the diet pills she took...Kevin talks about a diet pill he took...Jordan says it was like she was on speed, her sister lost a lot of weight when she took those...Michele talks about Adderall and how it permanently affects your brain.

Jordan says she thinks she is ADD sometimes, with school that is, she doesn't concentrate, she loses focus...Jordan says she will be listening to the teacher, zone out, think about something else, by the time she focuses back on the teacher, she is so lost, she does it all the time...

Jordan talks about one of her classes was 2 hours long and she would be looking around her, trying to talk to someone, she would get bored, that is why she hates school, she says maybe it is something she is not interested in...they talk more about school, the differences between community college and university.

Jeff returns 20 mins later. Jordan starts talking about these 2 guys she hung out with in college, they looked like pimped out dorks LOL they happened to have gone to middle school with her and she felt bad she made fun of them...Jordan talks about Malibu's Most Wanted, the movie with Jamie Kennedy, Michele & Kevin don't know but of course Jeff knows it 😉 Jordan does a little rap from the movie, it's cute! :) Jordan quotes a line from the movie too, so cute!

Jeff says he likes that guy, his show was the best...Jordan liked him on Scream and she talks a bit about that...Jordan liked Scary movie too, she re-enacts a scene from it, she laughs about a guy having sex, him coming and shooting the girl onto the ceiling...Jeff says that is how he is going to explode (after this) 😂

Jeff wants tomorrow to be over with, he says he left Russell a mean message...they talk game for quite awhile...Jeff tells Kevin & Natalie about the ridiculous question Michele asked him, asking him who he would use the veto on, her or Jordan...Jeff can't believe she asked that and can't believe she doesn't know the answer, he says as if he would take her off, the person that has been so honest and loyal to him. /sarcasm

Kevin & Jeff laugh over how they both have said they can't read Michele, she is a question mark to both of them...Natalie says she just doesn't like the bitch LOL Natalie goes off on a mini rant about why and how she can't stand Michele...Jeff asks Jordan if it looks like he has a chunk missing out of his hair?...Jordan says no...Jeff says "should I bring back that haircut?" (the bowl one in his childhood pic, lol)

They talk more game and talk about Michele, Jordan goes to the DR. They continue to talk about Michele and her night terrors and moans...Jeff imitates Michele and the weird stuff she does when she sleeps...they continue to talk game, Michele and Russell...they imagine what Russell's speech is going to be like. (ironically Russell's speech was completely harmless)

Jordan returns 20 mins later. They keep talking about how Russell's speech is going to be and how Jeff is going to react...Jordan says Jeff can talk to Julie first about it and diffuse the situation...they recall the two Jeff/Russell fights...Kevin & Jeff tell Jordan to not say anything when Russell makes digs at her...Jeff says BB must be editing him as the biggest douche on TV.

Jordan asks Kevin if he thinks she is dumb?...Kevin says she is smarter than she lets on...Jeff agrees...Jordan says thanks...Jeff says that wasn't a compliment LOL Jeff tells Kevin that is what he was saying earlier, she knows better...Jordan says to not bring up the card game...Kevin says they are hilarious when they fight Kevin gets called to the DR.

An emotional day - Pt 1


Kevin goes to the DR...Jordan tells Jeff she doesn't want Michele up there...Jeff says they (K&N) were just killing Michele.

Jeff says he is doing what everyone else does, he feels like such a dork sitting up there bashing everybody, like he is so much better than everybody...Jeff says he hates that, he hates the person he's becoming in there...he grabs Jordan's chin and says "just gotta hang in there a little bit longer..." Jordan says 3 weeks.

Jeff looks at Jordan...Jordan says what?...Jeff?...Jeff says nuthin, why?...Jordan says nuthin...Jeff pinches Jordan's nose, he looks at her and says "you had an emotional day"...Jordan says she did and she still feels like crying...Jeff says "we gonna make out later?" 😉 Jordan says "maybe"...Jeff says "yeah?"...Jordan says "maybe"

Jeff looks at the spy screen and says let's watch the party...he laughs at how everyone talks shit and then they're all friends with each other...Jordan honestly doesn't know who she trusts...she kind of hopes Michele wins HOH...

At this point the realization of what Natalie said up there hits Jordan...that Natalie admitted she is going to put up her and Michele if she wins HOH next and it is stressing her out...she had thought that Kevin or Natalie would put up the other if they won...AS IF!

Jordan says she thought that both her and Jeff wouldn't go up on the block...Jeff says Kevin said that but not Natalie...Jeff explains how they can work it out after...Jeff says this coming week is so big...they go over scenarios...Jeff says try to win, they want things in their own hands...Jordan sees Michele coming up and says God! I feel like I can't talk...

Jeff engages Michele in conversation but Jordan doesn't say a word, she is quiet and pensive. She looks stressed...Jeff gives Michele shit about her and Russell...Michele blatantly lies and says she would have backdoored Russell if she won veto...Michele gets teary eyed and says Jeff is mad...she lays at the foot of the bed...Jeff says he isn't...they argue back and forth about Russell...Jeff doesn't know why she gives him the time of day...Jordan is still quiet and is biting her nails...

Jeff gets called to the DR...Jordan announces she feels sick to her stomach...

An emotional day - Pt 2


Jeff has gone to the DR and has left Michele and Jordan alone up in the HOH...Jordan is still emotional...Michele tries to make small talk with her but it's awkward as usual...

Picking up their convo just after 10pm...they are talking game but Jordan isn't really offering up much...Jordan tells Michele sorry that she isn't talking much but she's just ewwww...they get quiet again while they both watch the spyscreen...Michele tries to engage Jordan but Jordan doesn't talk...finally BB takes mercy on Jordan and Michele is called to the DR.

As soon as she leaves Jordan's eyes start welling up again, she rubs them, she bites her nails, she is trying to hold it together but the day has taken it's toll on her...

Shortly after 10pm Jeff comes up eating mint ice cream with warm cookies (yum!) and offers some to Jordan...she nods no, he says "come here, try it, it's ice cream with cookie dough"...she says she doesn't want it but he insists and spoon feeds her. Cute! 🥰 Jordan says ew, it's mint...but the cookie is good, she's not a fan of mint.

Jordan looks at Jeff but Jeff keeps eating and revisits the solitaire game he was playing, he doesn't notice at first that Jordan is getting teary eyed and is sad...he turns back to look at Jordan and sees her watery eyes, he says "whoa, what's up?"...Jordan says "I'm ewww"...Jeff says "about what? what's wrong?"...Jordan says "I don't know"...Jeff tsks, then says "uhhhhh", puts down his bowl, takes a sip of water and lays on his tummy to face Jordan and hold her arm.

Jeff says "about what though?"...Jordan says "everything, I'm just mad"...Jeff smiles at her and says "but what's on your mind the most?"...Jordan says it's everything, she's stressed out...Jeff tells her to relax, they're ok...Jordan complains about Michele, she doesn't even want her up there, she is stressing her out too...Jeff asks her if she said something?...Jordan says that she told Michele that Natalie is going to nominate Michele & Jordan and what if she is planning on backdooring Jeff?...Jordan groans...

Jordan wonders if that is Michele's plan, she is overthinking...Jordan says she doesn't know who to believe...Jordan then she sees Michele coming up on the spyscreen, she just wants her to go away, she covers her eyes with her arms...Jeff tells her to go take a bath or something...Michele walks in (without knocking GRRR)...

Michele fake yawns as soon as she walks in ( I can't take that fake yawn anymore!! sooo sick of hearing it while doing this calendar 🤯) She notices Jordan is stressed and it makes her nervous...Jeff doesn't say much to her either but she doesn't get the loud and clear hint to get the hell out of there...

Ed - check out the panty shot Michele almost gives Jeff (the chair blocked it) by putting her legs up on the round chair while wearing that ridiculously short mini...have some class!! This won't be the last time she does this in front of Jeff.

More fake yawning...Jeff keeps playing cards...Jordan keeps quiet. Michele asks if there is any wine tonight...Jeff says he doesn't know, everyone is a little on edge...he wants to enjoy it...maybe tomorrow night would be better.

Jordan asks if Jeff has his lighter to light a candle?...Jeff says he doesn't think they would let them do that but he asks if she wants to take a candlelight bath?...Jordan says she does it at home...Jeff asks if it relaxes her?...Jordan says yes...Jeff says he thinks she needs it...Jeff tells her to go relax and stop thinking about this bullshit for awhile.

Jeff asks if every BB is like this with people getting all childlike when they are leaving...Michele says probably, Jordan says she doubts it. (shows you the difference in attitude between both of them) Jordan goes to draw a bath...Jeff says that's not him that is for sure...Jeff says he doesn't want to lose his character just for this game.

Jeff tells Michele that Jordan is so fu**ing stressed out, all because of that fu**ing asshole...Michele promises he is leaving tomorrow...Jeff says hmmm...Jordan continues taking her bath while Michele does her awkward giggling, flirty talking to Jeff about how he has been the strongest player there. The feeds cut off Michele & Jeff and focus on Jordan and her bath…

An emotional day ends - Classic J&J banter


Jeff & Michele have been talking about the crazy house, Russell...Jeff feels bad for Jordan and hopes Russell doesn't say anything to her tomorrow, says he can take it...he says again that he doesn't like the person he's becoming in the house...

Jordan comes out of the bathroom from taking a bath and Jeff asks her if she's feeling a little better?...Jordan says a little...Jeff says that is better than before right?...Jeff asks Jordan if she wants to rub his feet?...she says no...he says what?...she says no...Jeff says don't you care how I feel?...Jordan says she rubbed his back the other night for a long time...Jeff says he rubbed her arm...Jordan says not for a long time...

Jeff says "do you want me to rub your butt?"...Jordan says sure...Jeff smiles and says "f**k yeah"...they flirt some more and then Jordan goes back in the bathroom...Michele & Jeff chit chat a bit more and then Jordan comes back out...Jeff asks Jordan to throw Jeff his chapstick, throw it at his balls...she does. 😋

Jordan asks what time it is?...Jeff says she just wants to go to bed and get it over with...Jordan says she is bored...Jeff asks her if she wants pizza?...she gives him a look...Jeff smacks his hand down on the bed and says "listen! you can eat whatever you want!"...Jordan says she doesn't want any...Jeff says he knows why she doesn't want any, she's making him sick now, she's eating pizza...Jordan smiles at him, Jeff says "you look awesome Jordan" (awww) and Jordan says "thanks Jeff" ☺️

Jeff says "do you want to eat some pizza now?"...Jordan says she thought Jeff was gonna say you wanna make out...Jeff says "you wanna make out?"...Jordan says not while Michele is there, she gets in bed with Jeff.

Jeff says "how about if you make a pizza on my chest and eat it?" Jordan says "how about we pour wine on my chest and you lick it?"

Jeff laughs and says anything with alcohol and he's in...Jordan holds her arm out and signals for Jeff to rub but he playfully nods no...he starts rubbing after about 30 seconds LOL but Jordan tells him it's too hard, he adjusts and keeps going...

They start talking about Michele's allergy and Pulp Fiction...Jordan talks about the movie Kiss the Girls...she tries to remember an actor's name...Jeff says Vit Tan Don? LOL

Jeff says he wears the same sweatpants every night...Jordan says she is taking over his pants...Jeff says she ruined them...Jordan denies it but says she can have them then...Jeff says she can buy them and send the check to his brother...Jeff says they are originals...Jordan says she gets his Aurora hat too? he says he has to go to the bookstore and buy that stuff, it's expensive...Jordan wants his UCLA hat then...Jeff says no way...Jordan says she has her bright pink undies for him...Jeff wants her mouthguard...Jeff wants her Mardi Gras shirt...Jordan says he'll burn it or give it to someone else...Jeff says yeah right...Jordan says that shirt is memories...

Jeff says she makes fun of all his shit, he can't throw one stone?...Jordan says she doesn't say things in a mean way, it's not stones, it's in a kidding around way, in a funny, flirty way not a bad way...Jeff says so he can wear all the things she hates to live show?...Jordan says no Jeff, well yeah...Jeff asks why she always says his name...Jordan says she just always says it...Jeff says ok, Jordan, I believe you Jordan, are you hungry Jordan?....

Jordan says he's being mean to her now...Michele says they are always this way, she sees no changes...Jordan says she wants nice Jeff...Michele asks how is he not nice?...Jordan says he throws more stones at her...Jeff says she is getting very testy, so is he, so is everyone...Jeff tells Michele to say Jordan's hair looks like shit, that will get her going LOL

Jeff says "Jordan, when was the last time you washed your hair and it's balding over here"

Jordan's mouth is agape, she says "are you for real?"

Jeff says "no! I'm not for tell me that every's my hair look? I'm losing it over here...every single day"

Jordan says "Jeff!"...Jeff starts laughing and Jordan tells Jeff that when she says his name, he knows what she means...Jeff sings "say my name, say my name..."

Jeff says...we might spend the night together


Jeff talks about not ever having to spend another night with Russell again...Jordan asks what about her & Michele?...Jeff says they will hang in Vegas...and you never know...he looks over at Jordan and says..."we might spend the night together...purrrrr"...big smile from Jeff and a pinch on the cheek for Jordan...Jordan smiles and giggles...Jeff says what?...Jordan says "I was just picturing that"

Michele says if Jordan was a lesbian she would totally hook up with her because she's hot. Jeff says "f**k yeah...take your pants off"...Jeff says it's like Princess Jasmine...oops he meant to say take your clothes off, it was a freudian slip LOL

Jordan says she is serious, if they do all go to Vegas...Jeff says "get naked?"...Jordan says "yeah...I will"...Jeff says "for real?"...Jordan says "Jeff, we'll talk about that later"...Jordan continues saying that she hopes they hang out only with Casey, Laura & Braden and the others can hang out.

Jeff says Russell will come wearing a velvet shirt and pretend to sign autographs...Jeff says he hates that guy...Jordan says Russell is jealous of Jeff, he gets so mad because all the girls think Jeff is so hot...Jordan says she is about to say something but doesn't and Jeff says not to say it LOL Jeff leaves to go eat something...

Jenny & Forrest/Peas & Carrots


Jeff comes upstairs to the HOH with food (again)...he sits on the bed to eat it...he tells Jordan, who has been in the bathroom, "what's up with Fattie McFatterson?", he's a fatty tonight...Jordan tells Jeff he's not fat, eat it...Jordan sits on the bed next to Jeff, she's getting ready to eat strawberries and Cool Whip...Jordan says Jeff's food looks good...Jeff asks if she wants one of them?...Jordan says "no thanks".

Jordan is about to tell Jeff what she said in the DR but notices the Cool Whip is frozen, she gets distracted...Jeff asks her about what?...Jordan says "about how I compared me and you"...Jeff whispers that he thinks Michele is coming up 🥴...Jeff now asks about the Cool Whip but then says "compared me and you to what?"...

Jordan giggles saying "I said Forrest Gump" 😊...Jeff says "what do you mean?" (meanwhile Michele has once again rudely come in without knocking GRR)...Jordan says "Jenny & know how he says we're like two peas and carrots or something"...(I see it! )

Jordan laughs...Jeff says "did you say that?"...Jordan lies and says "no" LOL

Michele then hones in on the strawberries and takes some without asking but asks if the Cool Whip is frozen ...they continue talking about eating late...

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