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Day 47 of BB11 Feeds

August 25

BY Chat - Pop culture, reality shows and characters


Kevin, Natalie, Jordan and Michele continue sitting by the hot tub while the tension is thick over at the couch area where Russell and Jeff are...Russell is still playing solitaire and Jeff is just listening to the hot tub talk and participating every so often...

Jordan talks about a hot guy on the show they are talking about...Jeff can't remember the name of the show, he then mentions the show the two Corey's, of course Jordan knows it 😉 Jeff says one of them is still on drugs.

Natalie asks if they watched the Ray-J show?...Jordan and Natalie think he's cute, Kevin doesn't, they talk about the girls on the show...Kevin thinks Ray-J looks ashy and busted...Jeff giggles and says "ashy" LOL

Jordan then says Reggie Bush is HOT...Jeff says he plays for the Saints and was from USC...some confusion over that...this brings up talk of Kim Kardashian...Kevin says she has a body...Jordan says she's gorgeous...Natalie says she's not all that pretty, she is Jessie's dream girl...Russell says it depends what you like, if you like exotic, that's her...

Natalie says someone that is drop dead gorgeous bombshell is Jessica Simpson...Jordan says definitely...they wonder what happened to her sister...Natalie says Beyonce, Halle Berry...Jordan says Halle Berry is pretty...Kevin thinks Beyonce will be known forever...Jordan says she likes Jennifer Hudson, she liked her in Dream Girls...Natalie says she's engaged and pregnant with that Punk from I Love New York...Jeff says yeah...Jordan can't believe it...they talk about how he's getting involved in wrestling and Jessie knows him.

They start talking about American Idol...Jordan says she watches it in the beginning when everyone is trying out...Jeff says "me too, that's when I watch it" 😉...they talk about the auditions and how people have to know they can't sing...they talk about William Hung the She Bang guy...they talk about how families encourage the awful singers...Jordan talks about a specific woman who threw a big fit.

Jeff demonstrates how they sing holding their ear like it's a singing technique when it's actually something real singers do to keep their earpiece in so they can hear their music

Jordan says her and her sister crack up...they keep talking about American Idol winners and losers...Kevin says what about Carrie Underwood...Jeff says she's huge...Jordan says Fantasia lives in Charlotte and her house went into foreclosure...they say Simon bailed her out...Jeff says he's so rich...Jordan asks who he is?...they tell her he's the creator, owner of the show...Jordan says she likes Kellie Pickler, she is an hour from her town is...Natalie says she's pretty good...they mention Jordin Sparks which sparks (pardon the pun ) Chris Brown talk...they talk about him and Rihanna quite a bit.

Natalie says it would be nice if BB gave them a TV just for a day...Jordan says they could watch reality shows and catch up...Jeff giggles...Jordan says she would even watch BB episodes...they says that's not going to happen...Kevin says season 1 was so different, the house was one storey and it was a bit ghetto...Jeff giggles...they keep talking about BB...Natalie wonders if there will be another luxury comp...Jeff hopes so...they think that it's too late to take someone away from the house and they just did that (last season)...Jordan blurts out "I think it's different with this cast because nobody likes each other"

Russell's face on Cam 4 is hilarious! Awkward SILENCE and yawns LOL 🥱🤣 Jeff leaves!!! haha

The HG's continue talking…

Jordan calms Jeff down, he needs it Pt1


Jeff is up in the HOH playing solitaire listening to music...Jordan comes up after being outside with the others for awhile...Jordan & Jeff greet each other with "what's up?"...Jeff says he just won solitaire...Jordan says she needs to shower...Jordan says she's been sitting outside...Jeff says he had enough of being outside, he was getting tired and wanted to come inside to chill...

Jordan says Russell was making her so mad because she was talking and could see him from where she was, he was smirking at everything she said...Jordan grrr's and says she really wants to punch him...Jeff giggles...Jordan doesn't like him at all, she calls him a pansy and a douche and says he gets on her nerves...Jeff says he's a fu**ing dork...Jordan says she can't be around him...Jeff says he's a fu**ing huge dork...Jordan says Russell can't stand the fact Jeff beat him.

They talk some game 🤯 Jeff asks Jordan if Michele was crying?...Jordan says yep...Jeff says "what a yo-yo" Jordan tells Jeff that Michele came inside in a snit because Kevin and Natalie asked if they would just let them have HOH next week...Jeff said he was laughing (inside) when Natalie kept talking about next week under the assumption that she would still be there.

Jordan says she would seriously hit Russell even if it meant getting evicted, she swears she would do it...Jeff says oh, shut up, he doesn't think it will flip and they're not gone so it doesn't matter...they go over the numbers of cylinders but Michele comes up looking for tweezers so they get quiet...Michele goes in the bathroom with the tweezers...Jordan says she's just eww...Jeff whispers for Jordan to watch what she says...Jordan decides to take a bath

@1:04am...she talks to Michele while doing so.

Jordan finishes her bath and Michele finally leaves

@ soon as she leaves Jeff stares at Jordan...Jordan asks "what?"...Jeff says he doesn't know...Jordan says "about her?"...Jeff says yeah...Jordan tells Jeff that Michele swore to her that she wouldn't keep Russell here...Jeff says Russell's going to try and get in Michele's head...Jeff talks about something Kevin said that didn't sit well with him and then Jeff & Jordan talk more game, going around the horn for awhile.

Jeff says Russell is such a fu**ing loser, what a baby...Jordan says for Jeff not to let Russell get to him where he would hit him and get himself evicted...Jeff says he knows, what a fu**ing huge dork, he just can't get over it (Russell blowing up)...Jeff says now that he is at it, Michele is a dork too and she makes him sick, she's not on their side, she is going to put them up, he doesn't trust her, he can't believe that Michele actually believed the family threat, oh get the f**k out of here, like he's going to kill their families! He hopes Kevin wins and they get her out, he'll vote straight to evict her.

Jordan says she doesn't want to jinx things but she envisions Jeff especially in the final 2 and she can't wait until the others have to ask him questions, they will be bitter...Jeff says they will spite him in the vote unless they have time to cool off...Jeff says it will be a Jeff bash in the jury house...Jordan says they will get over it...feeds cut out...Jeff says Michele's move is playing both sides, it's been that way the whole game...they talk more game and scenarios regarding HOH/POV (I get a headache listening to them, lol)

Jeff says he doesn't like Michele at all...Jordan says she does that fake yawn every 5 minutes...Jordan says she is trying to keep on Michele's good side...Jeff says she is fake, she is phony baloney, she frustrates him...Jordan finishes up brushing her teeth.

Michele tirade #1

Jeff goes on a tirade about Michele ...he says she is smelly and she should absolutely not nap up there anymore, he wants to tell her off, he would be like honestly Michele, vote the way you want and I'm done with you...he's done trying to tip toe around her, he's done with her making those fu**ing squeaky noises around him, he's done with all her lies, get the f**k away from him, go roll by yourself, he'll take his chances...Jeff hates she is playing sides...Russell just called her a crazy bitch a week and a half ago and now she's crying because he got put up?...Jordan says she feels she doesn't have a chance...Jeff says good, she doesn't, she doesn't have him anymore...Jeff says she makes him sick, he doesn't understand this house.

Jordan calms Jeff down - he needs it Pt2


Jeff has just finished telling Jordan that he doesn't understand this house...Jordan says "what? people?"...Jordan tells Jeff that she was going to tell him earlier that she bets people are going to think they're in love or something because she always says good things about him in the twitter, the blogs, DR and people probably think OMG! she always says good things about him, which she can't say one bad thing about him because he hasn't done anything, now, if he screws her over then...Jeff gives her a look and Jordan says "I'm just kidding Jeff, you're not in the mood to joke around are you?"...Jeff says not at all, he's just stressed out...Jordan asks if Jeff is worried about the votes?

Jeff says he's a little bit worried...Jordan says they would be dumb to keep Russell...Jeff says all he does is fill their heads...Jeff says Russell is dragging him through the mud because he would rather anyone but him won, he wants to spite him because he beat him, that's it, it's the only reason, it fu**ing drives him crazy!...Jeff says he got beat by someone better than him....Jordan says it makes her mad that Michele knew he was going to do it (blow up) and she didn't say anything...Jeff says he knows and she still won't (say anything)...Jordan says just play along with it.

Michele tirade #2

Jeff raises his voice and says "I'm fu**ing sick of playing along with it, I'm sick of you dragging your feet with your fu**ing shoes, coming in here (insert squeaking noises lol) "hi, morning"...STFU!🤬(referring to Michele) do you have a personality? do you have a human inside yourself? (imitatiing Michele) I don't frustrating putting on this act for someone who I know you're lying to me, don't even come up here and lie to me, just stay the f**k away from me and lie to someone else" he continues "you gotta smooth everything over with everybody all the time because one jerk off keeps running around, running his mouth because he can't take it that he's losing, did you say this? he's probably saying stories that probably never even happened and we have to back it up"

The whole time Jordan lets him rant, she finally speaks and tries to give Jeff some reassurance that his move is a good doesn't work ...Jeff is still pissed, he rants about Michele again and says he doesn't trust Kevin even though he gave him his word...Jordan says Russell has to be a pathological liar because people believe his stories...Jeff says he didn't (believe them)...Jordan says because Jeff is smart...Jeff says not that smart, not smart enough to make people fu**ing cry when they're up on the block, everyone has a tear to shed.

Michele tirade #3

Jeff can't get over how he couldn't get to the bottom of the LML...mimicking Michele "no, he's lying...I don't remember...dude, get the f**k away from me, I can't take it no more with her awkward little pauses and dragging and hum...ugh"...Jordan says bite your tongue for right now...Jeff says "her pinky toe!...I hate it, it's all like wrapped around, like her nail's on the what is that thing?" ...Jeff says he's getting really frustrated obviously...Jordan says she can tell.

Jordan says she's like her tonight, she didn't wash her hair and doesn't feel like doing it, she says she's going downstairs real quick...she sees Michele's blanket under the covers and Jeff tells her to take that fu**ing smelly thing and get it the f**k out of there LOL Jordan heads out but comes right back....Jeff goes to take a shower and she goes down again and keeps herself busy putting away dishes.

Jordan calms Jeff down - he needs it Pt3


Jordan waits in bed for Jeff to finish up his post shower grooming...Jeff turns off the lights and comes to bed...Jeff asks what time is it?..Jordan says 2...Jeff says tomorrow he needs to sleep and work out no matter what, that is probably part of the reason he feels so shitty, he says he's getting shitty on himself, he doesn't like what he's becoming, he's not working out, he's smoking, he's getting lazy, he's losing his edge...Jordan says it's stress, don't let people in this house get to you...Jordan says he's a better person, a way better person.

Jeff goes off again saying that he has to justify what he's doing in there for other people, how about he gets some thanks for getting Russell out of there, for getting Jessie out of there? he does all the dirty work and if he doesn't benefit from it he's going to get so fu**ing pissed off that someone else walked in there and won, if he doesn't win he will be so pissed...Jordan tries to pep talk him...Jeff says he is just getting shitty on himself...Jeff wants people to just say to Russell you're a douchebag instead of placating him, tell him his attitude sucks and change it...Jordan grabs Jeff's arm to rub/scratch it, she says she thinks people know that.

Jordan tells Jeff to just act the same way as before, just control himself, be nice to Michele even though he probably wants to choke her, just listen to her BS like you believe her lies and then see what happens next week, either way she's fine.

Oh geez, Jeff goes off yet again ...Jeff says that part of the reason is that he wants to fu**ing bust the mofo's face wide open, nobody ever talks to him like that, if that was in the real world that would never happen...Jeff brings up the mopping the floor with your face comment and says who the f**k does he think he is, like he is scared of him! that is what is getting to him too, he really thinks he is tough, he is saying it on TV when he can't do anything about it...

Jordan says Jeff looks like the better person...Jeff sarcastically says that's great...Jordan says he looks like the better person and Russell looks like the asshole...Jeff says not if Russell's going in the DR saying he threatened his family and now Michele believes it too...Jordan says everybody knows he's a liar...Jeff says oh, yeah and Michele is crying about it and telling others about it (the family threat)...Jordan says "it's Michele, it's Michele...seriously"...Jordan says it will be shown you said that in a joking manner.

Jordan is such a calming influence here

Jordan says people are rooting for Jeff because he got the mystery power, Russell didn't, he's portrayed as the biggest asshole on the show, he started the Technotronics fight, he got in Chima's face, etc. people have lost respect for him too about that, going after Ronnie, coming after Jeff, everyone's calling him short tempered, him calling her a lapdog...Jordan says he's mad because you got to him before he could, Jeff should know that if it was reversed he wouldn't do that because he has more class, he's a better person than him, 10X better, he's just young and stupid, he thinks if he talks junk maybe Jeff will hit him or get himself evicted, he is all talk, all talk.

Jeff says he knows this...Jordan says let it go in one ear and out the other...Jordan says she was complaining too about him smirking at her thinking she's dumb but look who is leaving, Jeff has made good moves, yes, the jury house will be bashing but Jeff has played a good game, doing what he's supposed to do, probably in the end he will be rewarded, Russell will cool off and people will realize Jeff has made the best moves in the game so far.

Jeff says he's not worried about the jury house, they can do what they want...Jeff says he has to stop with the pity party because of a douchebag that thinks he's tough, he would crack his fu**ing skull in half out of here, he gets to run his mouth in here, he has to be the bigger person, he'd rather be the smaller person so he could fu**ing bash his face right the f**k in...Jordan says Jeff had to know it would be this way because Russell would be mad...Jeff says he's a fu**ing douchebag, people are scared of this fu**ing kid, he's a fu**ng loser...Jordan says that last night Russell was convinced Jeff wouldn't put him up as the replacement but today she could tell he was nervous.

Jordan tries again to calm Jeff down, she continues rubbing his arm...Jordan says let him say whatever, stay up in the HOH and avoid him. (Everything Jeff just said over the last 20 mins...yeah he repeats it! I'm getting tired to type it all again, lol)

Jordan says well, suck up his pride...Jordan says he did good today, acted like nothing, he didn't talk back to him or act rude, he doesn't look stupid...Jordan says she thinks America would love to see Russell gone...Jeff says Michele makes him sick and brings up the Michele/Russell thing AGAIN 😫 He can't understand how she can be on his side after what he did...feeds cut out...

Jordan says Jeff needs to keep his cool and keep the same mentality until he's gone...Jeff says this place is wearing on him...Jordan says she can tell he's more irritable because of the stress but to stay focused, don't let others put him in a certain mood, play like before, it got him this far, he's smart and knows what he is doing...Jordan tells him to not get down...Jeff says he's not down, he's being a little bitch LOL ...Jordan says "me and you are still both here" :) ...they need to take one day at a time, stay focused, they're on track.

Jordan starts to quiz Jeff but he doesn't want to play...Jordan asks if he wants her to go sleep downstairs?...Jeff says no, absolutely not :) Jordan asks if he's sure?...Jeff says yeah, he's positive...

Jordan calms Jeff down - he needs it Pt4


Jordan continues rubbing Jeff's hand and arm...Jeff says he needs to sleep too, he's not really tired but he didn't get a lot of sleep last night because they woke them up early and he didn't nap during the day...Jordan says maybe that's what's wrong...Jeff says that's part of it he guesses...they talk about the fridge smelling like fish.

Jordan gets up to put a tampon in and asks Jeff what day it is?...Monday?...Jeff mmm, hmm's and Jordan asks "when did I start?"...Jeff the smartass says "last've been on your period for like 2 weeks"

Jordan leaves the HOH, asks Jeff if he wants something?...Jeff says no, thank you and she leaves...Jeff then gets up, goes outside on the balcony and asks Jordan if there are Tums in the bathroom?...she finds them and brings them up...Jeff says he's making himself sick, he takes a few and lays down and covers himself with the duvet cover and prays...

Jordan comes back to bed...super cute moment when she fixes all the covers and places the grey velvety type blanket over Jeff to keep him warm They stay quiet, Jeff moves and Jordan asks him if he's done?...he mmm, hmm's and Jordan tells him she put the blanket over him...Jeff asks her what she has (drink) and Jordan says water with lemon, she says she has been doing better, she ate oatmeal today, a hamburger and a salad...Jeff says a turkey burger...Jordan says she walked, it wasn't a hardcore workout but it's something...Jeff says she did good...she says good job...Jeff says "good job, Jordan"

Jeff has calmed down...Jordan smiles and says thanks ☺️ Jordan says they were counting in the GR, they're doing good, they go over how many pillows there are, canisters, cylinders, bottles, etc.

Jordan asks if he wants her to rub his arm?...Jeff places it in position...Jordan says he better take advantage of this...Jeff says "thanks Jordo"...Jordan starts talking game again...Jeff doesn't say anything but closes his eyes and puts his fingers to his temple...Jordan says tomorrow is going to be a good day, they can sleep in, no comps, they can lay out in the pool, but just don't let Russell running his mouth make him do something stupid, he doesn't want to jinx himself, he's come all this way and that might be Russell's strategy, he might be doing all this to make Jeff mad and do something stupid, remember that...Jeff says she is right :) ...

Jordan says then Jeff is letting him win...Jeff says she's right for real...Jordan says that was another reason she came down there because she was worried Jeff might do something, Natalie had called her down there, she's sorry, she had to put her two cents in...

Jeff says he doesn't care because he wasn't getting anywhere with Russell, if he was talking to him like a man, he would have told Jordan to leave it alone but he was talking gibberish, not gibberish but he was making no sense, he was barking like a little chihuahua...buh, buh, buh, buh, buh, buh I'm gonna mop the floor with you buh, buh, buh, buh, buh, buh...he would ask him a question, Russell would answer with something totally random, so whatever.

Jordan reiterates what she said before, she says to just walk away, walk away if he says something stupid...Jordan says she will be mad if he hits him because that would mean Jeff would leave...Jordan insists that Jeff doesn't look like a bad person, for him not to worry about that either.

Jeff mutters under his breath..."he's such a fu**ing loser"...Jordan tells Jeff to remember he's the better person...Jeff says his points are ridiculous...Jordan says he makes no sense, he's a liar...Jeff says he killed him, he told him he has no friends, there's a reason why, he told him he's a loser, a liar and he has no friends and Russell came back with the fact that Jeff's a loser because he's 31 and on a show...

Jordan says he's on the same show...Jeff says he told him the very same thing, he doesn't understand how it's a knock...Jeff says "whatever", he doesn't know what any of his points are...Jeff mutters omg...Jordan says Jeff is still here playing the game, his chances increase more of winning the 500G's, Russell's chances are gone...Jeff says they better be..they get quiet...

They get closer in bed and Jordan asks Jeff if he wants to talk?...Jeff says about what?...Jordan says she doesn't know or is he done?...Jeff says you wanna take your mic off or put it back on in 5 minutes? LOL Jordan wonders what they can talk about...

Jordan asks Jeff how many hours he's behind here in Chicago?...Jeff says ahead 2 hours...Jordan says her grandparents are in So. Illinois and they are an hour behind us (in Charlotte)...Jeff says yeah, you're 3, he says it's 5 in the morning by you...Jeff says you're forward Jordan...Jordan says what am I thinking?...Jeff says her grandparents are the same as him...Jordan says never mind, that don't make sense.

Jordan asks Jeff what he normally does on Tuesdays?...Jeff says $1 night at the video store...Jordan asks if they have Red Box?...Jeff says yeah, they are going to destroy Blockbuster and stuff cuz they have the current videos or he goes to the gym.

Jordan says she has a plan...Jeff asks if she will scratch his back a little?...she says yeah...he says now he's really taking advantage, he needs to get fired up more often...Jordan tells him to scoot over closer and she starts scratching...Jeff mmm's and says "now this is good" :) ...Jordan says her goal is to not see any of those people in the jury house, she wants to win even more badly because she doesn't want to have to deal with them...Jeff agrees and says he doesn't want to be stuck in there with all those..." Jordan says "yo-yo' you would say it"...Jeff says "I was just gonna say that" Jeff giggles...Jordan has a plan.....

Jordan calms Jeff down - he needs it Pt5


Jordan tells Jeff about her plan while scratching his back...

"IF...maybe this will bring us good luck...if we're in the final 2 or if you win or if I win, we are going to go,now I told you those places, those islands with the tiki hut things...we're going to go there, we'll bring our friends, you bring a couple of your friends, I'll bring some of my friends...and umm, we'll go, on an island and stay in those huts"

Jeff says how much money is that?...Jordan says well they would have to pay their own way...Jeff says well they would be're paying LOL Jordan says "sound like a plan?"...Jeff says "I would like that, dude, that sounds fu**ing awesome right now, doesn't it?"...Jordan says they would go snorkeling or jet skiing or fishing...Jeff says he is going fishing when he gets out of the house...Jordan remembers him saying that...Jeff says it's like he's been on vacation all summer but not...Jeff says he feels like he should go back to work even though he doesn't really want to...Jordan says when she leaves there she wants to take, well go with her mom, her brother, her sister & her boyfriend and go to the beach or something for the weekend, something simple...Jeff says yeah because you have to gradually get back into things...Jordan says when they get out it will still be warm by where she lives, who knows.

Jeff says he can't wait to go fishing on the ocean, drink some beers, relax...Jeff says he's relaxed in here but he's stressed out...Jordan says not to stress need to stress unless you're up on the block and fighting for veto or something 😒 ...Jordan tells him not to throw all his eggs in a basket and to not get nervous for no reason.

Jeff asks her where she got all this good advice from?...Jordan says what do you mean? I always give good advice, does she?...Jeff says today was a bonus day...Jordan says is it? she's just telling him what she thinks...Jeff likes it and tells her she did a good job :)...Jordan says she doesn't want him doing anything stupid, she's just planting the seed in his head, Russell might try to get to him...Jordan coaches Jeff on what to do if Russell starts in on him again, walk away, don't say anything back because you know Russell will have something to say right back and it will make Jeff more mad and worked up...Jeff mmm, hmmm's...Jordan says she is just letting him know, to not do something he will regret, she doubts Russell will let it go yet...Jordan tells Jeff to keep his mindset and stay focused, she says to let her do all the talking...Jeff says for Jordan not to talk anymore, for her not to do the talking...

Jordan says Russell he is a bully type person, not necessarily towards Jeff but other people, she thinks that Russell thinks if he's loud and in your face he is getting to you, she says he's a miserable person, he has a lot of anger built up inside...Jordan says that with Jeff she really knows him but she honestly can't say that she knows Russell...Jeff says he doesn't know himself...Jordan says "true", she says he's that person that is real flashy, cocky...Jeff says he is all show and no go, his stories are repeats of his own, he's got no personality, he always talks about Casey...Jeff says whatever, he makes him sick and that's all, it's over.

Jordan reiterates what she said before about Russell, bite his tongue and walk away, Jeff is the better person, he's a 24 yr old liar...Jordan brings up how Chima said that Russell said he's the guy that eff's your girlfriend, she thought, get over yourself, ugh...Jordan & Jeff agree it's not worth arguing over...Jordan tells Jeff to not even sit near him when they're outside because it will be a chance for Russell to throw punches at Jeff.

Jordan brings up Michele and tells him again to just play along with things for right now...Jeff says what? put a smile on my face every time she fu**ing lies to me?..Jordan says Jeefff, just do it...Jeff says "I've been doing it for fu**ing 2 months, what's another month...fu**ing loser"...Jordan says don't, because she thinks Jeff is getting real angry about a lot of stuff and he's letting it take over everything, he needs to quit doing that and he wasn't doing that before...she says he was more laid back before, he needs to go back to that, not to stress right now, he's got Tues & Weds...Jordan says to stay focused, he is capable of winning this, he has a great shot...

Another one of my favorite JeJo moments...

Jordan says "I will help you anyway to, you know...kind of like you're running for the ball and I'm tackling know?"...(Jeff laughs)..."great comparison right? and I'll try to tackle them down so you can run and get the touchdown"...Jeff says she's using the football analogy?...Jordan says "yeah, no you're the, you're trying to win the game and I'm tackling them so you can get through"...Jeff says he knows, he appreashes and thanks Jordan..Jordan says "and then our team wins you know what I mean?" 😊

Jeff mmm, hmm's...Jordan says she talks to Michele to keep her and then they have Kevin and Natalie so she thinks if Russell goes home she'll feel more confident and at ease but she knows it will be more tense because there will be fewer people...she says Jeff will do good...

Jordan calms Jeff down - he needs it Pt5


...Jordan says she thinks she told him this before but good things always happen to good people...Jeff says he knows, he believed that once too, no, he knows...Jordan says no stones Jeff...Jeff says he threw one at himself...Jordan says none...Jeff says she's right, it's true, he's being serious, he is just getting fu**ing sick of people, he wants to get the f**k away from these people...Jordan says of course he's around them all the time, she says she thinks if she was gone he would go crazy w/o her and vice versa...Jeff says yeah, he would.

Jordan says in all honesty she thinks Russell is jealous of Jeff...Jeff agrees 100% and doesn't know why but he knows it's true...Jeff says he said that to Jordan a long time ago, he has a hard on for him, remember when he said that a long time ago?...Jordan says yeah, Jeff is likeable and Russell isn't...Jordan says for some reason the other guys didn't like it when the girls would compliment Jeff...Jeff says he knows, they'd get pissed...Jordan says maybe that is why Jessie didn't care for him because the girls all thought Jeff was hot...Jeff says what does that have to do with my personality or who I am?...Jordan says she doesn't know, you know guys...

Jordan rubs Jeff's head and asks if he used System Professional?...Jeff says you know it! why? its so soft?...Jordan says yeah, she can tell...Jeff says dude, what's up? he loves that stuff...Jordan giggles over him saying what's up?...Jeff giggles...Jordan then says that Jeff says relaxi taxi 🚕

Jeff says he needs to think of the positive things....Jordan, the pool vacuum, the garden and the shampoo...he likes all those things 🥰...he says the pool vacuum is his favorite, nah, Jordan is his favorite, the pool vacuum is #2 Jordan asks why the pool vacuum?...Jeff says he is obsessed with it LOL ...Jordan says just like the garden?...Jeff says they took it away...Jordan says because he was obsessed with it...Jeff says everyone ate out of it when they were on slop...Jordan says thanks to Jeff...Jeff says did he get a thanks? no, does he need one? it would be nice but no...Jordan says "thank you Jeff"🥰

Jordan says she gets mad when he talks negatively about making the two biggest moves and not winning...Jeff says he hopes it pays off for him and not someone else...Jordan says it will...Jeff says he looks like the asshole and someone else benefits...Jordan repeats it will...Jeff says he's having a bitter party...Jordan says no need to be bitter, the only sour person is Russell.

Jordan pats Jeff to signal it's over, she says her hand is going to break off, she stops scratching and says it's the longest she has ever done it...Jeff says it was good one, he turns around and thanks her...Jordan says she likes sleeping back to back because of the body heat and Jeff says she turns up right on him LOL Jeff says he feels her butt all up on him...Jordan says sorry but Jeff says he doesn't mind...Jordan says he is warm...Jeff says it's weird that they sleep like that facing the other way, .he says if they slept on the opposite sides then they would face each other....(nope, they slept on the opposite side in the SS room and STILL faced away from each other )

Jeff farts ...Jordan says "oh my Lord"...he farts again LOL...Jeff says he's letting it all out now...Jordan says she doesn't want to smell it...Jeff tells her to smell his hair instead, she smells it and says it smells real good...Jordan asks him what shampoo did he use in here before?...Jeff (in Jordan voice) says "Luminous!" and laughs...Jordan says "Luminous!" they both laugh...Jeff says "uuhhh, it's so stupid, it's funny"...Jordan asks what shampoo did he use?...Jeff says "Shampoo"...Jordan says she knows that...Jeff says no, the brand is called Shampoo LOL ...Jordan laughs...Jeff says it's the shampoo they have here with the picture on it...Jordan laughs and says it's called BV or something...Jeff says "Shampoo!...BV!"...Jordan says "Conditioner!" (all in Jordan voice)

Jordan asks if they are going to take their mics off?...Jeff says "are we?"...Jordan says they should and see where they end up...Jeff says they'll see when Michelle (producer) tells them to put them back on in 5 mins...

Jeff says thanks for talking to me and calming me down...Jordan says he would do the same for her...Jeff says he appreashes...Jordan says "no problem Bob"...they both face each other and give each other a goodnight kiss 💋

Jordan says goodnight and Jeff says goodnight Jordo...(of course they start talking again)...

Jordan calms Jeff down - he needs it Pt7


Just after giving each other a goodnight kiss, they quiet down but then Jeff starts up again...

Jeff laughs and says "how am I laying right now?" (he has had his leg on Jordan's body/leg for awhile now)...Jordan says "I was warm though"...Jeff says "I know, it felt like it, did you shave your legs..."Jordan says "yeah".

Jordan says she needs to win HOH so she can keep taking her baths...Jeff says they both have to win it if they want to move...Jordan says they just said they were taking mics off and then they started talking again...Jeff says of course.

Silence for a minute...

Jordan has a funny feeling she is going on the block and is going home...Jeff says to not think like that...Jeff says really who the f**k knows what to believe in there but they know shit, pfffttt...Jeff says he thinks Michele would put him up not Jordan...Jordan says why?...Jeff says he just doesn't think she would, he can't read Michele, fu**ing stupid pinky toe LOL...he hates that thing.

Jordan confides in Jeff something Michele told her, for him not to say anything, she told Jordan she doesn't like doing crunches because she makes a queefing noise when she does them 😳 ...Jeff laughs, they both laugh...Jeff says that almost makes him feel bad for her, she definitely has fu**ing problems, she's so accident prone, she busts her head every day, she's really crazy for real...Jordan says maybe she's sucking in air...Jeff says omg, did she make one for you? ...Jordan says no, she even tried to do one herself and couldn't, Michele says it's the reverse crunch that makes her do the fart noise and it's really loud...Jeff says omg.

Jordan says Michele was shocked that Jeff took Kevin off the block...Jeff asks Jordan if she told her that he drew a card for that...Jordan is almost positive she did tell her that...Jordan says Michele always does that yawn now...Jeff says it's a nervous tic, her dragging her feet is a nervous tic, her talking in that stupid voice is one too, her whole presence around him is a nervous tic...Jeff says she talks shit and talks to Jeff with her nervous personality and she knows he isn't stupid enough to fall for that shit...Jordan says Michele told her she was glad she had her and Jeff.

Jordan cuddles up to Jeff...Jeff can't believe Michele cried...Jeff fake yawns, tsk's and says that was her voice (Michele)...Jordan says she thought so...Jeff cuddles more into Jordan...they make some fun of Michele and laugh...Jeff asks how doesn't her husband kill her?...Jordan says her husband said her butt is like tomatoes or something...Jeff says he heard her saying that when they were jogging by...Jordan says it's like when they're soggy & dimply like all cellulite...Jeff says OMG!..Jordan says her butt should be nice because tomatoes are red...Jordan says it's kind of mean...Jeff says it is.

Jordan says if her and Jeff were married and he said that she would be pissed...Jeff says mushy tomato butt? MTB?...Jordan says oh yeah, she doesn't think she has cellulite on her butt, she has it on her thighs...Jeff makes fun of Michele's mumbling and the music...he giggles to himself and says "uhhh, I'm so bitter about everybody...I got to get off the bitter bus"...Jordan says they have reversed roles....Jeff knows, what's up?...Jordan is trying to pep talk him...Jeff says he's in a funk and he will be better tomorrow, he feels like the funks are happening here more often than in his real life.

They are both glad they did the counting in the GR today...Jeff says she did good with keeping track of things with the cut up paper and q-tips...Jordan says it was a good way to keep track...Jordan says teamwork!...Jeff mmm, hmm's...Jeff says he was worried someone was going to come in there, he didn't like lying to Michele saying he was taking a nap.

Jordan has turned back again to hold Jeff's arm...Jeff tells her that he went in and twitted, twitted, tweeted?...Jordan says twittered LOL...Jeff says at first he didn't know what to write but then felt like he could go on forever, he forgot what he wrote, he probably didn't make sense, by now they know he's an idiot,...Jordan disagrees and says that she bets Russell wants to take back everything he wrote...Jeff says he only wrote about Jordan...Jordan says "really?"...Jeff said thanks for the votes, it's the best experience ever, this place makes you crazy sometimes and then I'm sure you're wondering about Jordan, about me & Jordan, nothing new about getting down & dirty, she's a good girl but it doesn't mean I'm gonna stop trying...Jordan says that was funny and she likes that...Jeff says he finished with haha, people are gonna think he's a dork...Jeff finished with another thanks for the votes, he's going to try his best to make final 2, my time is up and hopefully I will talk to you when I'm HOH again and then he wrote "peace out Technotronics" (he's kidding LOL)

Jordan says she thanked everyone for voting for Jeff...Jeff gets a kick out of that...Jordan talks about the blog and how it works, that Jeff will get a chance to do it too probably tomorrow or the next day on the computer...Jordan talked a little about everyone and says of course, she said good things about Jeff...Jeff says he wrote something about how Jordan is a sweetheart, she has a big heart and that is what I like best about her, I don't know how she comes off on TV, he doesn't know sometimes what she's talking about but she's a sweetheart.

Jordan says they probably think we're in love ...Jeff says no, he was just cracking jokes...Jordan says she knows...Jeff says they better stop talking about production, he will cut if off here or maybe they got sick of him bitching....the feeds cut out...

They come back shortly after with Jeff lightly smacking Jordan's butt saying "I'll be seeing this butt smash into my back in 2 hours"...they both giggle and Jeff asks how do they sleep like this?...Jordan says her and her mom sleep like that with their butts touching...Jordan says coming into the house she wanted to have her own bed and she is the one that shared a bed the most in the house...Jeff says she has hardly slept alone.

Jeff says "and now we're stuck" :) ...Jordan says "we're a package, you don't get one without the other"...Jeff says "isn't there a better saying for that?" Jordan giggles and spoons Jeff and puts her hand around Jeff's waist...Jeff holds her hand/arm and they FINALLY doze off...

Jordan gets to know Jeff in the HOH


Jordan has been outside suntanning alone...Jeff has been laying in bed in the HOH...Jordan comes upstairs and tells Jeff to wake up, it's almost 1, she asks Jeff if he was still sleeping?...Jeff says no, he was just laying there...Jordan asks him if he wants to be left alone?...Jeff says no.

Jordan says she was sitting on the raft for probably an hour...Jordan says she couldn't sleep anymore...Jeff says sometimes that happens...Jeff says Jordan looks tan, she looks like a sexy motherfu**er...Jordan says ''Jeeffffff"...Jeff says what? I don't have my glasses on...just joking...but you do...LOL

Jeff says ''Jeefff''...Jordan says her blanket is so soft and that Jeff doesn't look like himself wrapped up in all those blankets...they talk about the OTEV competition...Jordan yawns and Jeff asks ''where's Michele?''...he's joking around that she is there yawning.

Jordan asks about Jeff's fishing hat...Jeff says he wore it to his buddy's fights a couple of times but he lost so he started wearing it fishing instead, he doesn't even know why... Jeff says he goes fishing every year with his dad up in Canada, in the picture in the HOH he's wearing a bandana to keep the sun away and then we wears the hat on top...Jordan says Gangsta! LOL

Jordan says the hat reminds her of Grumpy Old Men...Jordan says Jeff looks tired...Jeff says maybe because he just woke up...Jeff asks Jordan if she wants to feed the fish? if she wants to go ahead...Jordan does feed them.

Jordan says she wishes BB would make a fake pond so they could fake fish...Jeff says he wishes they could really fish and take them out on the ocean for the day...Jordan asks if he gets sick?...Jeff says he takes Dramamine for precaution...Jeff tells Jordan about his buddy who got seasick just from being at the harbour...Jeff says the combo of him drinking and being on the boat sometimes makes him feel like he's still on the boat even when he's on shore...Jeff talks about his buddy who was throwing up for 5 hours over the side and Jeff just kept on drinking 🥴 LOL Jordan says that sucks for him.

Jordan can't believe she didn't bring her phone charger...Jeff says when she's in the hotel (if she stays afterwards) to ask for a phone charger because guests leave them there all the time, he did that in Vegas although Vegas has a ton more rooms than here....Jordan says she would hate to be a maid in Vegas...Jeff says yeah, there's people throwing up and sex and shit...Jordan says yuck...Jeff says that would be rough, people get gross.

Jeff takes some Tums...Jordan asks if he has an upset stomach...Jeff says yeah, he doesn't know why...Jeff says not in his stomach but in his throat...Jordan says she hates that, it's the worst...Jeff says his picture of him as a kid is 'rockstar', he doesn't care what anyone says, that frame should always come with that picture when you buy it...Jordan says it doesn't look like him...Jeff says what are you talking about? you think you look like you when you were 5?...Jordan says she has a baby picture, maybe when she was 3 of her sitting with her a ponytail to the side and her fingernails painted and chipped like she has now and she looks exactly the same.

Jordan says she likes the picture of Jeff & his dad fishing...Jeff says in that picture there is a waterfall to the side, they were fishing by it...Jeff says they went to Ontario to fish, it was a 14 hour drive...Jordan says 14 hours to go fish? Jeff says his dad loves it, he wants to have sex with fish 🤨 He's just joking, he says his dad loves the outdoors...he says that his mom says Jeff is like his grandfather, his parents are laid back and quiet, his dad for Spring Break went fishing and camping with buddies...Jeff otoh was lighting hotels on fire in some exotic country...Jordan laughs. Jeff says he goes every year with him and his middle brother...Jeff says his ma is really quiet, she's a super nice lady...

Jeff talks about his grandmas...he says one was Italian, didn't speak English and his ma took care of her her whole life, she passed away in December. Jeff says his ma is's hard for her...his other grandma died a month earlier but in December too...she is his dad's ma, she was nuts, she mowed her lawn until she was 85, she lived by herself until a month before she died, she was 93...Jeff says his dad's dad died before Jeff was born and his other grandpa died when he was 5 :( Jordan says geez...Jeff says his grandma's were around his whole life.

Jordan says her grandma's mom is 95 and still mows her lawn...Jeff says that is crazy...Jeff says his grandma would always walk the dog, it helps to keep active...Jordan says two thanksgiving's ago Jordan went to visit her grandma and now she has Alzheimer's and she couldn't believe how she looked...they talk about how hard it would be to lose a parent at a young age.

Jeff & Jordan talk a bit more game and Jordan starts talking about how close they are to the end...Jeff says she has to stop doing that, she's going to jinx it (for him it did...)

Jordan says she wishes she could talk to her mom...Jordan says she's in the mood to just go home for a day...Jeff agrees he could take a break...Jeff says he feels like he has been up in the HOH room forever, they are getting too used to it...Jeff says he needs a dose of reality...Jeff says he hopes next week they get an amazing luxury comp...Jordan thinks it might be when there are 4 left. Jordan wants clothes...They talk more game, Jordan doesn't trust anyone. They get quiet and then Jordan says she is going outside again...

Jordan & Kevin were talking about Jeff


Jordan & Kevin have been talking about Jeff, she has been telling Kevin why she continued to talk to Jeff right in the beginning of the game, she didn't care what others said or told her to do, even when people would say mean comments she just knew that Jeff wasn't that person, he was the type of person she wanted to be around, he was always positive...Kevin laughs at how Jeff said he sucked at BB, he didn't even know what was going on...Jordan says Jeff would say "am I missing something" (in regards to the first nominations and why everyone was mad at him)...

Jordan says "Kevin, I notice that all the time..."Jeff comes inside from working out and says "you've been talking about me?"...Jordan slyly nods and says yes...Kevin says they were a little...Jeff says "fu**ers" LOL...Jordan says with a flirty voice "ooh, you're all sweaty"...Jeff says he knows, he worked out too...Kevin says they were just saying how soft his lips were and stuff...Jeff says "you were Jordan?"...Jordan mmm, hmm's...Jeff says "what else Jordan?...shoot me straight"...Jordan says they were giving him compliments...Jeff says were you really talking about me?...

Jordan says she was talking about the beginning of the game when no one would talk to him, she knew what kind of guy he was, that's why she hung out with him...Jeff says because none of that bs was true, he appreciates it, he knows what she's talking about.

Jordan finishes off her fruit salad...Jeff says he will have some too (Kevin made it)...Jeff says he might finish working out but it's too hot outside...Jeff is going to marinate some fish and throw it on the grill...K&J don't want it...Kevin & Jordan might work out tonight...Jordan says she lost a pound, it's so hard to lose weight...Jeff says good and leaves the room…

Tiki vacation for JeJo


Jeff has left the room...Jordan says that she notices that now whenever there's an awkward moment, Michele does that sigh noise, it irritates her and she wants to tell her about it but that would be kind of mean...Kevin says he thinks it would be funny though...Kevin asks if they have any tomatoes?...Jordan says no, they took the garden so none in there either...Jordan says that Jeff's life was the tomatoes and the stupid vacuum in the pool, he was always watering the garden...Jordan recalls her and Kevin talked about the garden...Kevin says there's going to be a segment on that (yep!)...Jordan says now that it's gone, Jeff's whole thing is the vacuum, he told her last night that he's obsessed with that thing...Kevin says he just has to take care of something huh?...he jokes Jeff can take care of him.

Jordan says that she told Jeff that they're going to go on a vacation :) Kevin says "oooh, Hawaii?"...Jordan says no, you the know the places where and then Jeff comes in the kitchen saying he just heard "Hawaii"...Jordan giggles and says no, she was telling Kevin that they're going on vacation when they get out...Jeff says "we are?"...Jordan says "yes! when I told you!"...Jeff says "I know, I know" and he rawrrr's 🐯...Jordan says it's where they have tiki huts and it looks like a tiki thing?...Kevin says "oh"...

Jeff says "you know on the ocean thing where two people just stay in a little hut and we're just going to hold hands on there, in the ocean with your own hut"...Jeff looks at her...

Kevin says "just hold hands?...have you heard of?"...Jeff turns and points at Jordan saying "have you heard of, that's a fake story"...Jordan says "what!?"...Jeff says "nevermind"...Kevin says the ones where the water is underneath you?...Jeff says yeah, his brother went to Antigua on his honeymoon...Jordan being prudish says "we can go snorkeling and fishing and we can go"...Jeff sarcastically says "best friends always go to those places together"...Jordan's face drops...LOL!

Jeff gives her a look...Jordan says "we're BFF, we can go!...Jeff cracks up!!...Jordan says "you're saying no!?"...Jeff says no, he's not saying anything...Jordan says "fine, I'll take my BFF, I'll take another person with me"...Jeff says he's not saying anything, him and Mimmo usually hang out there on Spring break together...Jordan is confused haha, she says "what!?"

Jordan smiles at Jeff slightly shaking her head and Jeff says "you're funny Jordan"...Jordan says "that was a no"...Jeff yells "that was not a no! I was joking around, you're not catching onto the joke"...Jordan says she's finding a new partner...Jeff says "Jordan"...Kevin who is about to walk outside says "are you guys fighting?"...Jeff says "no, we're laughing"...Jordan says "we're bickering"...Jeff says "it's Jordan's favorite word"

Kevin goes outside and Jordan shuts the door for him...Jeff immediately asks if she thinks Kevin is solid or what?...Jordan says yeah, all the way...Jeff sees Kevin has walked in and he jokes "we're going to go all the way?" :) Kevin says "oooh" and he walks out again...Jeff laughs...

Jeff goes off about Russell to Jordan


As soon as Kevin goes outside, Jordan tells Jeff that Kevin told her he's voting to evict Russell for sure and that Russell was campaigning to stay, he told him Jeff is lying and will target him and reminded Kevin that Jordan uses the word "gay" all the time...Jeff is stunned, he says "he said that!?"...Jordan says yeah, she told Kevin she used to say that in the beginning but it offended Michele and she's been saying stupid now instead of gay, she's been trying not to say it, Kevin told her he understood Jordan isn't using it in "that" way...

Jeff says "dude, what a fu**ing loser!"...Jordan says she wanted to tell him so bad...Jeff says "what a fu**ing loser man, he makes me so sick, why would you do that? try and bash someone's character? ykwim?"...Jeff tsks and stumbles over his words...he says he's boiled up...Jordan says she hasn't said that in a long time...Jeff says he says it too but they both don't say it derogatory...Jordan says he's making it seem that way...Jordan says that Natalie told her that Russell said that he needs to be there to get Jeff out...Jeff says so then after another week he's going to lay down and leave?...Jeff asks are they stupid? it's not like they're both on the block and they have to decide, if Russell stays, Jeff stays, there's no guarantee he's leaving either, who the f**k wants both of them in the house?

Jordan says he's dumb...Jeff says they're dumb if they're even considering it, why don't they tell him to STFU and get away from them, he doesn't understand...Jordan says they're just listening...Jeff asks why they have to listen?...Jordan says she thinks Kevin is intimidated by Russell...Jordan says Kevin told them his word is good and Michele will just vote along with Kevin, she wouldn't worry about it, she thinks Jeff is good, they just have one more day...Jeff says it's not like he's leaving...Jordan knows but she's just saying...

Jeff goes OFF! #1

"fu**ing, what a fu**ing loser, Jordan uses the word gay all the time, that's why in the chicken contest, he said dude, leave it to that fu**ing homo to fu**ing win it with the stupid, it takes no talent and no brains to fu**ing get that egg up there and he's telling me leave it to that homo to win, he's telling me that, you think I go and fu**ing throw that back in Kevin's face that he said that?"...Jordan says no...he continues "cuz I'm not a fu**ing loser like that.......he's calling you out on some derogatory comments when he's the one being derogatory saying leave it to some homo to do a no talent, no brain contest"

Jordan says everybody at home knows she says that, she hasn't said it here really...Jeff says he sometimes says it too but it's not derogatory, what Russell said was but he isn't going to bring it to Kevin's attention, to make himself feel better? people don't see that he's a fu**ing loser then he doesn't understand, then f**k it, he gives up...Jordan says she thinks everyone knows.

Jeff goes OFF! #2

"now he's talking to the point where he has to bash people's characters, look at your fu**ing character! take a look in the mirror you f**k face, look at your character! you're a fu**ing loser!"...Jordan starts giggling about how it looks like Jeff is yelling at her cuz they're alone in there...Jeff says it's because he's looking at him right there (through the window)...Jordan looks at Russell's picture on the memory wall and thinks UGH whenever she sees it...Jeff says wanna look at his picture? look at the mirror he's looking into because he's looking at you through it LOL...

Jeff says "I see him 24 fu**ing hours a day when I'm out there, fu**ing loser!"...Jordan wonders if he thinks they can't see him...Jeff says "he's making me like sick dude, like sick to my stomach and stressing me out because he's such a loser, I can't take it"...Jordan says Kevin told her they have nothing to worry about...Jeff says "but what is it, like where do you draw the line? ykwim? where do you stop? where does he stop? dude, I'm defeated, now he's just burying himself, he's just making himself look worse and worse"

Jordan says right and then they talk about the pork he's marinating...Jordan says it's good Russell isn't eating...Jeff says that makes him feel better for real...Jordan loves it...Jeff says he can't believe it, each day surprises him with this dude...Jordan says he had to know he was going to act like this...

Jeff says no, he didn't think it would get this far, he talked to him about this earlier in the game, how to act like a human being and he thought he was getting through to him at certain points but obviously he didn't grow at all, he is who he is and when he told him he has no friends from HS, it's not surprising, he understand people don't have to have friends from HS but he has no friends from his past, when he was little, there has to be someone he is close to, but he isn't?

Jeff goes OFF!#3

"it means you're a fu**ing loser! like the way you are and nobody wants to be your friend cuz you're a liar backstabber in real life and nobody wants to talk to you, I wouldn't be friends with that! not a fu**ing chance! I wouldn't even want him in my house! for what? to steal my dishes!? f**k him, I don't trust that guy for a second"

Jordan asks if Jeff ever really trusted him?...Jeff talks about how Russell came with the deal of putting Jessie out of the house and he betrayed him by voting Natalie out, he bought himself a vote and he wanted Natalie out to step up in the alliance and then team up with Jessie to get him out, it was a slap in the face, it was the dumbest move ever...Jeff says he strung him along as long as he could and now Russell got fu**ed, he knows he got played, worked in every way and now he gawn!...

Jeff says Russell thought he was the player and he got played but he doesn't need to brag all over the house and how he got him, he doesn't need to do that, he got got :) can't make 16 deals and expect everyone to be loyal to you...Jordan says exactly, she agrees...Jeff says he wonders how people can't see that? what that kid is?...Jordan says she sees..

Jeff goes OFF! #4

"and then when he starts bashing peoples' characters? dude, even if I was in Kevin's position, I'd be like, dude I understand where you're coming from but you don't need to start bashing peoples' characters, are you perfect? you've never said that word in your whole life? you gotta make fun of Jordan who never says anything bad about anybody and you gotta make her out to be a bad person who talks shit when you (Jordan) haven't said one bad word about anyone this whole game maybe in your (Jordan's) whole life? so relax with trying to bash peoples' characters...take a look in the mirror...while you're fu**ing staring at everybody else in there, look at yourself"🤬

Jordan says he's just mad...Jeff says that makes him mad (you don't say! LOL) finally dies down and Jeff sighs...they are quiet for a bit and then Jeff says he can't wait until Thursday because Russell is boiling his blood...Jordan says Russell will have an over the top speech...Jeff knows, he says he'll have to wear earplugs during it because it's going to be so ridiculous, off the wall, not even true and on live TV...

Jordan says everyone watching knows he's the bully type...Jeff says "and I can't say anything"...Jordan says not to...Jeff says he's not, what is he going to look like a fu**ing idiot on live TV while he's running his mouth like a..." Jordan says "yo-yo"...Jeff is about to say that it's "because he lost and" when Jordan warns Jeff that Russell is coming in...Russell comes in glaring at Jeff, he washes his dishes, gets some water and walks outside again.

Jeff and Jordan laugh about how Jordan was talking all tough...Jeff asks Jordan to Saran wrap something while he washes the dishes...Jordan says "I like how you get mad...what a yo-yo!"...Jordan says she knows Russell will bash Jeff and her on live TV so just smile and he'll look 10X better than him...Jeff says he knows but she doesn't understand...Jordan says "it's hard and I know you're a guy and you wanna say something but don't"...Jeff says "I know Jordan, it's harrrd Jordan"...Jordan knows it is and he's probably going to say something about her...

After a couple of minutes Jordan mentions one more thing that Natalie told her, that Michele cried on Russell's shoulder after he had been put up and Russell had to talk to her and tell her it was going to be ok....Jeff laughs at the ridiculousness of the statement...Jeff says well then she can go first next, he can't stand her anyway, it doesn't matter to him.

Jordan mentions that Michele snapped at her once for putting away the silverware a little wet...Jeff says the best would be if Kevin left, then get her out before final 3 and she would say what about them talking about final 3? and Jeff would use her line "I don't remember" LOL They chit chat some more and the Jeff decides to go finish his work out and he goes outside...

Looking at each other


Jeff has just finished working out. Jordan, Natalie & Michele are sitting on the couches outside.

Jeff comes over there to sit with them...Michele says something to Jordan about not believing she told Jeff "that" (the queefing)...Jordan says she told him that last night, she didn't say it out loud and Michele just told Natalie...Michele says but we're girls...Jeff says he doesn't care if that helps...Jordan says it's Jeff, he's like a girl too...Jeff says why?...Jordan is "just sayin"...Natalie says you're surrounded by girls...Jordan says "you smell my armpits, so..."...Jeff says "what? do girls do that?"

Jordan says "I always stick my head in his armpit, he says you love it in there...he always says that, I don't know why I do that"...Jordan smiles at Jeff and he does the same...Jordan says "it's hidden or something, I don't know"...cute smile again...

Michele is making weird faces, they start talking about dinner and when Michele is off slop...they get quiet...Out of the blue Jordan lets everyone know she feels like she's going to have diarrhea or something...they all giggle, Michele says that's random...Jordan says her stomach keeps having that feeling, probably because she ate a salad, salads always make her poo...

Jordan looks at Jeff and smiles sweetly...the camera turns to Jeff who shakes his head, rolls his eyes a little, gives her one of those beautiful smiles (he's probably thinking I can't believe she just said that but I love this girl! lol)...Jordan says what?... Jeff keeps looking and smiling and says "nuthin"...Jordan keeps smiling.

Natalie says Jordan wants to play bullshit tonight, she had fun...Jordan looks at Jeff and says "want to?"...Jeff says "yes, I do" and keeps on looking at her...Jordan says we can sit out here if it's not cold or anything...silence...Jordan looks at Jeff who is still looking at her and says "no answer?"...Jeff smiles and looks away. Jeff says he has to go shower and he leaves…

Jordan is bored and smelly


Jordan goes up to the HOH room where Jeff is chilling out listening to music and Michele is napping on the round seat.

Jordan tells Jeff she is bored - he extends his arms for Jordan to give him a hug - she tells him she is kind of smelly right now. Jeff says "you don't wanna make out?" Jordan says she's a little smelly. Jeff goes to grab her arm and smell her (with a big smile on his face) and Jordan says "no, don't smell me like that"

Jeff goes to touch her chest/neck area and Jordan flinches...Jeff says to take it easy, he pretends to touch her boob, she doesn't move so Jeff says Jordan doesn't care when get goes to touch her there but when he goes for her neck she does.

Jordan wants to take a nap, Jeff asks if she's going to take a naperoo? Jordan asks if he cares that she is smelly? Jeff says she will be over there. Jordan says awww, he has her blanket. Jeff says he thought about that when he put it on. :) Jordan wraps herself up in the sheet because she is smelly.

Jordan lays down and taps Jeff's arm. Jordan wonders if she should go walk. Jeff turns towards her and says she looks like she got some sun. Jordan points out that she thinks she has armpit fat since she got her boobs done...Jordan asks if it looks like it? Jeff says no, he never heard of that term, she looks fine. Jeff says she definitely got some sun today.

Jordan says Jeff looks tan in his baby blue (shirt). note - Jordan told Jeff yesterday that she liked him in his baby blue shirt Jeff says you love it huh? Jordan says mmm, hmmm, you look good in baby blue...she says it again. Jeff asks how he looks in a black shirt?Jordan says good.

Jeff touches her chin and says thank you, I appreash. Jeff says he likes the baby blue. Jordan asks Jeff to rub her arm...he does. Jordan says "I did you last night" Jeff with a little smirk/smile says "let's do each other"😍

Jordan asks if Jeff can smell her, he smells her and says no. Jordan says she smells like outside. Jordan points out a burn mark on her arm from when she baked cookies. Jordan says it was when Laura was there...she says going in the sun made the scar darker, before it was pink. Jeff says "that's an amazing, amazing story"

Interesting to note this exchange, clearly they talked about the beach scene in the HOH as being "their" vacation spot one day...

Jeff points to the wall and says "let's try and be like's good scenery" Jordan says "that's our vacation spot...remember?" Jordan looks at Jeff and says "just kidding" Jeff says BFF spot...Jordan says yeah, BFF spot. 👩🏼‍🤝‍👨🏻

Jordan says Jeff can stop rubbing, they banter about how much time they spend rubbing...Jordan says "where's sweet Jeff?" They hold hands and Jordan says Jeff's hands are soft...Jeff loves her Aveeno lotion. Jordan says he loves her stuff. Jeff says he needs new stuff.

Jordan says it's time to nap...she says goodnight. Jeff says she doesn't tell him that because she woke him up and now he's wound up. Jeff touches her armpit and Jordan says that is awful, he laughs and pinches her cheek. Jeff goes to listen to music and Jordan turns to nap. Jeff then falls asleep…

Love this screencap of Jeff.

Jeff wakes up Jordan


Jeff is downstairs in the kitchen with Michele...he says dude, I have to wake her (Jordan) up or she's never going to sleep all night...he heads upstairs to wake Jordan up.

He says "Jordan, Jordan, hey, it's like 8:30, you want to keep sleeping?"...she turns...he says you're going to be gone for the whole night...Jordan makes a funny face and Jeff says what were you thinking about right now?...Jordan says she doesn't know...Jeff says "your face was shocked"...Jeff says "well, it's 8:30 just so you know" and he leaves..

Teasing Jordan about Peach/Nectarine


Jordan comes outside to work out and Jeff & Natalie tease her about the peach & nectarine incident...Natalie tells Jordan she told the DR that Jordan is so sweet however she can't tell the difference between a nectarine and a peach...Jeff laughs...Jordan tells her that she told the DR that she's still convinced it's a peach...Jordan said she had Michele on her side...Natalie says Michele said it was a tangerine, that is worse than anybody, at least Jordan's was similar...Jordan said she could tell by the nut...Jeff says you tell by the skin, not the nut, they both have the same nut LOL

Jordan can't believe they (BB) are going to show that...Jordan wants them to show the Natalie bumblebee incident...

They ask her, now are you convinced?...Jordan is still not convinced it's a nectarine (she is stubborn, lol)...Jeff then says he also told the DR about her not knowing the difference btw an artichoke and an avocado...Jordan laughs. (Russell sits quietly shaking his head...)

@9:55pm Jeff says Jordan’s hair looks beautiful

Jordan: "Does my hair look greasy??"

Jeff: "No, it looks beautiful for some reason, for real, I'm not joking" 😍

Jeff & Jordan play pool


Jordan is sitting on the lounger and Jeff is playing alone. He finishes a good game, lol and she asks him if he wants to play. Jeff says hell yeah. They play. They share some laughs while playing. Jeff tells Jordan to use that cue stick helper thing (sorry, I have no clue what it's called) ...she says are you allowed to use it in poker. Jeff says poker? Jordan says pool. Jeff says yeah, nectarine. LOL Jordan wants to keep using that thing because it makes her shots easier.

Interesting sign of things to come, sign of the big tiff they will have in a couple of hours or so...Jeff is trying to help Jordan with a shot, she doesn't listen to his advice, he raises his voice, she screeches, he tells her again and shows her, she says quit yelling at me, Jeff laughs and says he gets so frustrated easily...Jordan says he used to have patience with her a long time ago, Jeff says he does have patience....

Jordan wins the first game because Jeff scratched on the 8 ball. They play again.

Jordan informs Jeff she has sweaty diarrhea 😨

More laughs. Jordan wins again. They go inside. Jordan asks Jeff if he was tipsy after drinking the whole bottle the other night...she couldn't even tell. She leaves to go poop...

“Oh yeah” & fiber


The feeds switch quickly from outside to JeJo in the kitchen...Jordan is lifting up her shirt to put her mic on and Jeff says "oh yeah" 😍

Jordan then says she can't poop, she's constipated or something 🤨..Jeff tells her to take some fiber...Jordan asks if that makes you poo?...Jeff says yeah, he doesn't know if it makes you poo, but it gets you (going)...Jordan questions Jeff saying she thought fiber was for when you have diarrhea, it stops it...Jeff says she needs that too, doesn't she?...Jordan says she wants diarrhea ...Jeff asks "why?"...Jordan says she feels better getting it out ...Natalie chimes in saying she needs to take fiber if she wants to go to the bathroom...Jeff says "see"...Jordan, of course now believes Natalie 🙄 and says "ok" (listen to Jeff, Jordan lol)

Jordan asks for where it is?...Jeff says it's in the cabinet in the SR...Jordan says she thought they were upstairs...Jeff says no, those are Tums...Jordan walks off to get them and Jeff says "fiber, Tums, nectarine, peach, avocado, artichoke" LOL...Jordan giggles and walks into the SR...

Margaritas/Mexican restaurants/Mucho caliente look


Jeff & Jordan are in the kitchen hanging out. Jeff is sitting at the counter drinking wine, Jordan is slicing up some lime to put in her water, she says she's going to take a shower and then they can play bullshit. Natalie comes by and they chit chat, she leaves. Jordan puts away the extra limes, she says she loves granola bars, they talk about making granola with the marshmallow spread Jeff got in his basket...Jeff says just eat the smores he got then...Jeff now kind of wants one of those smores things now...Jordan says they're good...Jeff says they're really good, he loves them, he could eat 50 of them.

Jordan says that the first thing she's going to get when she gets out of there is a cold margarita, a big one!...Jeff says "the jumbo ones? yeah"...Jordan says she always gets the jumbo ones, one of those and a vodka drink.

Jeff says "I love going to Mexi...I miss like...yeah...I wanna do that too...go to a Mexican restaurant"...Jeff says he goes to Maria's by his house...Jordans likes the place On the Border but it's more American-Mexican, she likes other places like Monterrey's...Jeff doesn't know it, sounds familiar though...Jordan says it's by her place, it's good...Jordan likes the margaritas and the chips and dip...Jeff says the place he goes to has the best salsa, it's hot...Jordan doesn't like it too hot...Jeff says he likes it with the chips that are warm.

Jeff says it's even better when you can eat Mexican but you sit outside...Jordan agrees...Jeff says everything is better outside...Jordan says her mom always asks for "outside" when they go out to eat....Jeff says for sure, he loves it...Jordan doesn't like it though when it's humid and hot, then her and outside don't mix with eating.

Jeff says "yeah if it's too hot, if it's burning yeah"

Jordan says "you said if it's TOO hot"

Jeff gives her a look

Jordan says "I like's not a stone"

Jeff very slowly says "I have a speaking...problem" (check out how Jeff looks at Jordan here 😍 )

Jordan whispers "no you don't"

Kevin walks in and breaks up the intense look Jeff is giving Jordan...Jordan says "hey"...right on cue Kevin says "were you making fun of him?"

Jordan says "we're talking about Mexican restaurants"...Jeff says "and yes" LOL Jordan tells Kevin she wants a cold margarita after the show, doesn't that sound fricken good?...Jordan says Jeff drank her margaritas...Jeff says he did but they gave him heartburn...Jordan says she still has the wine, they can drink it tomorrow...Jeff says she has the competition...

Jeff describes Mookie aka Shaggy


Jordan & Jeff continue talking, Jordan says that Jeff can drink the bottle of wine all by himself...Jeff does the hand gesture...Jordan says "how do you do it?"...Jeff pfffttsssss with the hand gesture...Jordan laughs...Jeff says "I'm gonna drink the bottlessssssss...that's what you do".... they laugh...Jeff says "you wanna hang out with Mookie huh?"...Jordan says "huh?"...Jeff says "you wanna hang out with Mookie..."

Jeff describes Mookie saying "dude, he's like a tall, he's so, he's like tall and he's so skinny, he looks like uhh, you know who he reminds me of, uhh, you know ever see Scooby Doo? (who hasn't!? LOL) Shaggy, but except he's got his hair short but he looks like that guy cuz he always wears like a, like he always wears two shirts you know that are like down to here, but one, I'm like dude, why you, cuz he's so skinny he always wears two shirts and he always wears like a hoody, you know?...uhh, that's what he looks like, he's so funny though"

Jordan asks if it's true that Scooby Doo, Shaggy and Scooby ate Scooby snacks because they smoked pot and they had the munchies and were always hungry...Jeff thinks so, it's all from that "weed era" and stuff (LOL)...Jordan says "but it's a cartoon with kids"...Jeff says all cartoons have hidden meanings...Jordan imitates Scooby saying "so hungry" Jeff says they're stoners. :) Jordan says the movie they made, the guy who played Shaggy did so good, he fit the part…

Disney’s hidden treasures


Jeff & Jordan continue talking movies & cartoons...Jeff asks if she's ever seen cartoons like Disney where they put different things, like hidden meanings?...Jordan says that somebody said that (to her)...Jeff says he saw a couple but he didn't believe it either (before)...Jordan asks which one?

Jeff says in the Lion King there's Sex spelled in the clouds...Jordan heard that but didn't believe them...Jeff says he paused it and saw it himself so it's true...Jordan asks which part...Jeff says it's when he's laying on top of a mountain...Jordan asks if it's when his dad is dead and he runs away?...Jeff says no, he's all growns up :)...Jordan asks if it's when his dad comes and talks to him from the clouds?...Jeff thinks so, yeah, it says sex or sexy.

Jeff says in Under the Sea (otherwise known as the Little Mermaid lol )...the priest that is marrying them has a boner. Jordan says she heard about that one too, those were the main ones, Lion King & Little Mermaid.

Jeff says in Cinderella one of the castles is like a dick or's like a castle but it's got like a dick head on it you know? (big smile from Jeff, LOL)...Jordan says "you think they meant to do that?"...Jeff says "yeah!"...Jordan asks why they would do that?...Jeff says because it's all animated and they can sneak shit in like that.

Jeff says in the Lion King (he means Aladdin)...he climbs up the balcony to see Princess Jasmine and he says "Princess Jasmine...take off your clothes"

Jeff swears to God he says that...Natalie walks by and Jordan asks her if she's heard of hidden meanings, messages in Disney movies?...Natalie hasn't...feeds go off and return...still talking about this, Jeff says the boner one is kind of weak, he has a bulge in his pants, he's not sure if it's a boner. LOL

Jordan says she used to want to be Belle...Jeff says his niece, that's her favorite, Belle is her favorite character, she loves Beauty and the Beast...Jordan says when she was little, she used to want to be Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella too, she loved her clothes, wanted to be like her.

Jeff sings a couple of notes of a Disney song, he's not sure where it's from...Jordan says it's from Little Mermaid and sings "I wanna be where the people are" :)...Jeff, talking about Marley, says he's not making her out to be a genius child but she's three and sang the whole song...Jordan says "really?"...Jeff says she'd do it soft but say the words, she'd do the whole verse, it was crazy...Jordan aww's...Jeff says "I know" (he's the proud Uncle)...Jeff says when he sees her he says Marley, do that part, that song...J&J giggle...Jordan says that's cute...Jeff says it's awesome.

J&J Their big fight - the beginning

11:43pm into tomorrow…

Jordan has just finished showering, she comes downstairs to play Bullshit with the other HG's. Russell stays outside. Jordan says that she was going to wear her Mardi Gras shirt just for Jeff but didn't. Jeff asks if he should wear his Let's Dance shirt..🤐 Jordan tells the others about each other's clothes they would burn.

The first incident...

They start playing. Right before the 12am hour Jordan puts down 2 jacks, she then calls BS on Michele's 4 queens...the HG's say that she shouldn't call BS unless she has a card like that. Jordan says sorry, she thought Michele said kings. Jeff says Jordan keeps doing that. Jordan raises her voice at him and says sorry! she thought she had said kings...Jeff says "that's yelling". Jeff then says "Jordan!" and Jordan thinks she is supposed to call BS so she does...the others laugh because she is confused at why Jeff said that. Jeff says my God! they all have a chuckle over it.

Jordan wins! :) J&J high five. Jeff shuffles for her for the next round. Jeff says how the f**k did you win...Jordan says she is Gucci. They play Bullshit again...Jordan wins again! :) They are all stunned.

Jeff says this whole thing is fake, Jordan has a fucking doctorate...she's a card counter. Jeff says all this peach/nectarine stuff is all bullshit! lol

Jordan says that would be cool, an awesome twist if at the end she stood up and said she was a doctor...she graduated from Harvard...Jeff asks her what kind of doctor she is?...

Jordan says an ear doctor...

Jeff totally cracks up laughing…

Jordan says you know, the ears, nose & throat...LOL

Jeff says that was a good bit.

Jeff goes to the bathroom…

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