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Day 46 of BB11 Feeds

August 24

The HGs play bullshit


All the HG's play bullshit at the kitchen table...even Jordan.  :) She's actually really funny and they all seem to be having a good time for once.

Cute moments:

@ 12:03am when Jordan, with a mouth full of candy says "one Jack" and Jeff says "Jordan how many candy's you got?" Jordan says "huh? I'm not eating them all" and Jeff laughs

@12:06am when Kevin calls bullshit on Jordan LOL

@12:10am when Jeff calls bullshit on Jordan and she says damn you! She was bs'ing. She says "you're definitely getting it in the butt" 

@12:12am Jordan calls bullshit on Jeff. He gives her a cute smile :)

@12:22am A couple of cute smiles from Jeff to Jordan

@12:23:46am Jeff puts his one card left on his forehead LOL 

He wins! Jordan said she was so close to winning, they high five each other...

Jeff says it hurts...Jordan says we lost...Jeff says I won!

@12:25am They talk about playing poker instead...Jordan doesn't know how so she would have to watch...Jeff says in a dirty way "we could double team"...Russell says "oh God"...Jordan complains again that she would have won and says to Jeff "damn you"...Jeff in a sad voice says "you damned me?" LOL

@12:26:28am Kevin is about to call bullshit on Jordan...Jeff says "Jordo...I believe ya"


@12:27am Jordan calls bullshit on Michele and Jeff calls bullshit on Jordan. He's right and Jordan says "Jeffffrey!" LOL Jeff laughs...then on the next go round Jeff calls bullshit on her again and he's right again...Jordan says "stupid!' which makes Jeff crack up! Big smile then Jordan immediately calls bullshit on Jeff, she's wrong and she says she needs to keep her mouth shut...Jeff smiles :)

@12:29am Jeff calls bullshit on Jordan...she says "f**k you Jeff!...I'm just kidding"...Jeff laughs...Jordan says "that was Halie coming out"...Jeff says "alright, alright"

@12:35:48am Jordan lifts the green blanket up and Jeff grabs her and tries to kiss her underneath it (by the refrigerator)

@12:44am The HG's are now playing poker...Jordan gets a poker lesson from Jeff

@12:50am Jeff finishes eating his steak and tells Jordan he will show her as he plays....Jordan says yeah...Jeff starts explaining how it works...she starts to get it...she says " you can lie?"...Jeff is like yeah, that's poker face. 

@12:54am Jeff accuses Natalie of seeing his hand so he shoves his chair away from her and shoves Jordan over too...he says here on my right is what you call a cheater...those people get their hands smashed by a hammer 

@12:58am Jeff & Jordan get closer and get flirty...they bond over mango/peach/nectarine skittles Super cute!

@1:02am Jordan folds...Jeff concurs, high fives her and says good call Jordo...he then rubs her neck and instructs her on how to act next hand...she says poker face, gotcha. Jeff then shows her the signals on his/her leg for stay and fold...Jordan does it and he says good call.

@1:12am Jeff wins a hand which includes 2 peach skittles...he says him and Jordan get to eat them with dirty fingers, he looks at her and says "or we could just get dirty upstairs"...they all laugh. Russell says "that is so going on TV"...Jeff says he drops those all day long...Jordan says she wakes up and he's like "you wanna make out?"...Jeff again says he drops them all day, you guys don't even know...Jordan says the DR asks her about it...Jeff says him too...Jordan says she told them she likes it though...Jeff says he told them he's spinning his wheels, that ship has sailed.

Jordan goes upstairs to the HOH room because she is sleepy...the others stay and play...

Kiss/Grab under the blanket


There's a break in the card games...Jeff heads over to the fridge and Jordan goes over there too...right after the feeds come back to the kitchen Jordan puts the blanket over Jeff in the kitchen saying "he's going in for the kill"  :) 

Some ooh'ing and ahh'ing goes on and Russell says it's the first kiss seen on blanket...Jeff says "dude, I wish"...

Jeff flashes his butt to Jordan 


Too bad the HOH table was in the way and she didn't see it. 😉

Feeds switch to the HOH room...Jeff walks in and goes immediately into the bathroom...Jordan is laying in bed, she asks if everybody went to bed?...Jeff says no, they're playing pool and badminton...Jeff takes off his tank top...Jordan says that Natalie and Kevin tried to talk to Jeff upstairs earlier and a minute later Russell came up...Jeff says it wasn't even 15 seconds...Jeff takes off his jeans saying that they came up asking to talk to him and right after Russell knocked on the door, Russell wanted to listen to music which he let him do and the others stayed 10 more seconds and left...Jordan asks if Jeff talked to Michele?...Jeff says to hold on, he's going to take a shower.

Jeff starts brushing his teeth and Jordan says that at the angle she is sitting at, it looks like he is naked because the table is blocking the middle part of his body where his underwear is.

Jeff turns around and pulls down his underwear and exposes a little bit of his little butt. 

 Jordan asks if Jeff drank that whole bottle of wine?...Jeff mmm, hmm's...Jordan says "you did?"...Jeff mmm, hmm's...Jeff gets in the shower…

Jejo need to be touching 


Jeff finishes his shower and comes to bed...he sighs big...Jordan asks him if he feels better?...Jeff says "yeah...relaxi taxi"...Jordan asks him to turn off the lights please...he does and then he slides shut the bathroom door...Jeff has the whitestrips in his mouth again...Jeff puts his arm on Jordan's chest...Jordan says he smells good and she asks him if that's a hint he wants his arm rubbed?...Jeff says no and he puts his hand on Jordan's leg...

Jordan brings up the stuff they counted and they start going over numbers of cylinders, cans, etc. in the GR, RR and various places in the house, they then go over the days events happened.

Jeff rubs Jordan's arm and says "you're good Jordo, I'm proud of you"... Jordan, as she turns towards Jeff, says "I'm trying to show you that I'm serious, I'm not goofing off"...Jeff says "we're gonna make out as soon as I take these things out"...Jordan giggles.

Jeff puts his hand between her legs...Jordan immediately gets self conscious of the cameras (hesitation in her voice or her changing the subject is her tell, lol) and as soon as she can she puts her hand on Jeff's to "hide" the situation" 😉

They start talking game again mostly about a conversation Jeff had with Michele...Jordan covers herself with her blanket...too late LOL...she keeps rubbing Jeff's arm as they talk...she touches Jeff's chest and they talk about who Jeff should take off the block and what he should tell them...Jordan says that she can tell when he has the whitestrips in...she then puts her hand between her legs and says that Jeff is making the right decision for himself...Jeff says for her too!...Jordan says she knows but it's best for him...they talk more game and Jordan continues touching Jeff's arm...she tells Jeff that she's glad that he's getting Russell before Russell gets him...Jeff says it's awesome that he took out the two biggest players in the game, it will pay off...Jeff hopes so.

Jordan and Jeff agree that Russell will cool off after the initial anger of being put up and Jordan says IF you make it in the final two, Russell will vote for him...she then rephrases it by saying "WHEN you make it in the final two" ...Jeff turns his head towards her and smiles and says "when WE make it to the final two"  ...Jordan says he'll have his vote....Jeff says "let's just get there and we'll worry about votes when we get there...there's still a long way to go"...Jordan finally takes Jeff's hand and places it on her leg...

They talk about how long they have to go still, it seems short but it's not...Jeff says there is a long way to go...more game talk, Jordan says she's excited and scared, all these different feelings...Jeff says he wishes he could look into the future and see what's going to happen...more game talk and scenarios  ...they watch the spy screen for a bit and then Jeff asks Jordan what her and Michele talked about in the hammock or while working out...

Jordan says nothing really...Jordan wonders if the other 4 are making a deal out there?...Jeff says one of them is fu**ed then, they're not making deals...they talk about how paranoid Michele and Russell are...Jordan grabs Jeff's arm to hold/rub it...she says that if she didn't trust Jeff she would be so paranoid too...Jordan tells Jeff what else her and Michele talked about earlier while rubbing Jeff's waist under his undies. :) She keeps her hand tucked under his waistband for a little bit...

They laugh about the remote for the "TV" and how it feels so creepy...the feeds go off them…

Long talk until the wee hrs Part 1


Feeds come back to J&J....Jordan & Jeff continue to talk game  ...Jordan is now sitting up in bed.

They're discussing things Russell & Michele have said that make no sense eg. the fact Casey & Laura were tight...Jeff can't remember a lie that Russell told him that he wanted to immediately tell Jordan...Jordan says he lies about everything...they say a lot of things don't make sense.

Jordan keeps touching Jeff's arm...they reminisce over Casey and how funny the margarita party was, it was the worst LOL...Jeff still can't remember the lie Russell told him, he says he remembers thinking he couldn't wait to tell Jordan about it...Jordan tries to jog his memory but it doesn't work...Jordan wonders if Russell is a pathological liar?...Jeff does too...they discuss reasons why they think that...Jeff thinks they might be jumping to conclusions...hey keep discussing Russell...

They share a few laughs over Braden and the hair gel he left Jeff...Jeff & Jordan but especially Jeff want to ask so many questions when they get out of there, they want answers...Jordan grabs Jeff's arm again and rubs his hand...

They complain about Michele and her mumbling and convenient memory loss...Jeff tells Jordan that Michele got in his face about knowing how to deal the cards and how she fu**ed up the whole hand...Jeff told her "I guess you don't know how to deal" ... Jordan giggles and turns the other way and gets comfy...Jeff says they're bashing people up's Summer Bash LOL

Jordan keeps rubbing Jeff's arm and they keep bashing ...Jordan says Michele gets offended easily...Jeff says that Michele better not think she was on board from day one because she was playing sides the whole time...Jordan says her and Jeff were the only ones, all their friends left...Jeff says he wouldn't have been their (J&J's) friends either.

Jordan says to Jeff "if after the show we can go somewhere and drink do you so want to?"...Jeff (inside must be thinking, finally!!) says " and you?"...Jordan says "after the show after, you know, the finale and all that stuff"...Jeff says "do I wanna go drink?"...Jordan says "like if we all can, like just go somewhere"...Jeff says "yeah, whaddya, of course I wanna get fu**in'...brass monkey" 

Jeff says "I'm calling my boys....I'm telling you if you can change your flight, stay a couple days"...Jordan says she would but she might need to get home and see her mom and everyone...Jeff says he understands...Jeff says he's going to try and stay a couple days...Jordan touches Jeff again and holds his hand...Jeff says if he can't change his flight then he is going to have to go home too...a little more game discussion and then...

Jeff asks Jordan to feel his hair...Jordan asks if he put SP in it and the gloss stuff...Jeff says f**k yeah...she smells his hair, says it smells good...Jordan says he's going to buy that stuff...Jeff says probably not...Jeff takes off his glasses and turns off the spy screen, gets settled and then...

Long talk in the wee hrs Part 2


Jeff turns towards Jordan, gets cozy and says "but what if I start dating some chick (Jordan) and she has that" (talk about a major hint to Jordan that she doesn’t get, lol)

Jordan "has what? System Professional?"

Jeff says "mmm, hmm"

Jordan says "you'll think of me"

Jeff says "I know...and we'll lay in bed together and I'll just go to sleep, I'm like omg I thought I was with Jordan"  

Jordan says "why?"

Jeff laughs and Jordan says "it probably won't be a good thing"

Jeff says "I'm just joking.....a good thing for what? for us?"

Jordan says "no...for say omg Jordan! You could also pretend that it's a guy"

AWKWARD SILENCE as they digest what they just said...

Jordan rubs her nose, Jeff hums, Jordan giggles then Jordan says "you will have no problem will probably have girls hanging all over you after this, after cuz you probably looked out to be the nice guy"

Jeff gets PISSED at this! 😡 He throws the covers off of him onto Jordan, gets up and says "oh whatever" (clearly frustrated with Jordan's mixed signals)

Jordan continues saying "and too, from what I have said, I've said some nice things"

Jeff sarcastically says "thanks for hooking me up Jordan"

Jordan says "I have" and Jeff says "you should worry about hooking yourself up"...Jordan says "you haven't done much"

Jeff says "what? I try"

Jeff returns from the bathroom and says he knocked the Lysol can onto his toe, he doesn't think he can go's over, he quits, Jordan is one person closer (to the end)...Jordan says no...Jeff wishes Jordan good luck...Jordan says "not without you"...Jeff says "awww" :)

Jeff says they are going to miss each other after the show ...Jordan says she knows...Jordan laughs and says she is probably going to text him and bug him all the time...Jeff says him too, with the dumbest shit...Jordan says she will text him something annoying all day...Jeff says "no, but I'll love it" 😊

Jeff says he knows you can't spend every second of the day with someone and then not talk to them...Jordan says she knows...Jeff inches closer to Jordan, puts his hand on her butt and says "ahh, Jordo"...Jordan says what?

They are both hot (DUH! lol)...Jeff whips the cover off his chest...Jeff makes fun of Michele whining Kevin and Natalie took her blanket...Jeff says "man, she's crazy".

Jordan tells Jeff that the next time he has off after he goes home, he should come to Charlotte and he can stay at her house...Jeff says "yeah?"...Jordan says he doesn't have to get a hotel because it's kinda weird, whenever her friends come to stay they always stay at her house, she thinks if she invites them she doesn't want them paying...Jeff says "are we gonna f**k around?"...Jordan "Jeeeffff!"...Jeff says "what? your mom's house?"...Jordan says "huh?"...Jeff says "nah, I'll get a...we'll see, we'll see"...Jeff says he would like to go and visit Jordan of course... :)

Feeds go off them for about 7 minutes…

Long talk in the wee hrs Part 3


Feeds come back to Jeff & Jordan....they talking about Michael Jackson dying...Jeff didn't think it was real but then heard a million songs on the radio, he knew it was...Jordan talks about how people at the airport, etc. were all talking about it...they felt bad that Farrah Fawcett died on the same day and her death was overshadowed by MJ's death...Jordan says she liked her...Jeff says if MJ didn't die that day Farrah Fawcett's death would have been huge news but MJ was known all over the world...

Jordan says that if they died no one would care and she wonders why people care so much about celebrities and get emotional over them?...Jeff says they don't have any talent so nobody gives a f**k about them LOL...Jeff says they're nobody special...Jordan says she knows it's sad they died but people don't even know that person, you don't know if you'd even like that person...Jeff knows what she means.

Jordan asks Jeff if he pooted because she felt a vibration near her foot...Jeff says as if he would try to hide a fart from her? does she think he's embarrassed?...Jeff laughs...Jordan says no, definitely not...Jordan grabs Jeff's hand and rubs it as she continues talking how weird it is that people get emotional over celebrities' deaths...

Jeff mentions the movie Bronx tale, he asks if Jordan knows it?...she doesn't...Jeff says it's a great movie, Robert DeNiro and Chazz Palmintieri is in it, he talks about how it relates to what they're talking about...Jeff says celebrities, athletes, they ultimately don't care about you so why should people care about them...Jeff says all his knowledge is from movies...they giggle...Jordan says they want to make money off of you...Jeff says it's not that cut and dried, you get enjoyment out of their music, so you buy it and like them...

Jeff asks if Matthew McConaghey died (it's still on Jeff's mind/he still remembers that Jordan thought he was hot lol) when they got out of there would Jordan be like "holy shit"...Jordan says she'd feel sad for his family but not cry over him...they talk about how people cry at concerts and how it is weird.

Jordan says it's weird when people scream at concerts "omg! I love you!"...she says she feels embarrassed for people and would never do that...Jeff says "you know what is weird...I can totally see you doing that" ...Jordan says no!...Jeff says Jordan would say "omg! it's Britney Spears"...Jordan says "no, I will get excited and say omg, I love her, I love Britney (in Jordan affected tone), things like that"...Jeff says he hates her and that stupid voice...Jordan says that is how she talks at home...Jeff says "Luminous!" LOL...Jeff says he said "Luminous!" in the shower by himself. 

Jordan repeats that's how she talks back at home...Jeff asks if that is how her and her friends are all the time?...Jordan says yeah...Jeff says he would fu**ing slap them LOL Jordan says she doesn't talk like that here...Jeff says she sometimes busts it out...Jordan says her friend Jesse did sign (the release) so she can talk about her...

Jordan describes a typical conversation between her and Jesse...Jeff says it's so annoying...Jordan says they just act stupid and have fun...Jeff asks Jordan "how do you say in your voice, you wanna scratch my back" haha...Jordan tries to say it all peppy but it's not working...Jeff just wants his back scratched. :)

Jeff turns and Jordan starts half-heartedly scratching him...Jordan says she calls her mom Beezay and calls her friend Megan Beezay too...Jeff says that voice is annoying and he hates it, kind of like when he says crunk and she hates it...she says Gucci is her word...Jeff says he'll let that one slide but when she says everything in that voice...Jeff says "Luminous!" and laughs...Jordan asks why he laughs?...Jeff just finds that one funny...Jordan wants him to say it again but she says it instead "Luminous!"...they both laugh...Jordan says she greets the girls at the salon with "Hey Guccis"...Jeff says does anyone walk in and say "what's up dorks?" LOL they make fun of her?

Jordan says no, they love it...Jeff says he can see her and her friends doing that all night...Jrodan says they say "hey stupid", she talks about all the various friends she has, from the salon, from school, some are the "luminous" friends, some more laid back, some more drama, a variety...Jeff says "luminous" again (he loves that!)...Jordan starts talking about a friend Amanda and...

...the feeds go off for about 5 minutes...when they return Jeff and Jordan are talking about TV shows...Jordan says she was watching a Cheaters marathon on the last 4th of July LOL

Jeff asks her if she has seen the show "To Catch A Predator"?...Jordan tries to recall the show and does...she puts her hand on the small of Jeff's back...they talk about what they remember about the's fascinating how they finish each other’s sentences here ...seriously fascinating especially when Jeff says "their poor lives are..." and both Jeff & Jordan say "RUINED!"...they are so in sync...

They can't get over how creepy these guys are and then Jordan asks why men do that? (cheat and be a sexual predator)...Jeff says thinks it's a sickness...Jordan says it's disgusting...they can't get over it and ask what is wrong with people?...feeds go off again, return a few mins later with Jeff asking Jordan if she's seen "America's Smartest Criminals"?...Jordan says no, she's seen "America's Dumbest Criminals" 🤣

Jeff talks about smart bank robbers, he's intrigued by it...Jeff goes on to describe a heist he saw on the show...halfway through Jordan says she thinks she has heard that story but Jeff thinks she is thinking of the movie the Bank Job...they agree that eventually you will always get caught (if you do wrong)...Jordan says her mom always said don't lie to me, you will always get caught.

Feeds go off again for a bit…

Long talk in the wee hrs Part 4


Feeds return with Jordan asking what? and Jeff saying that she has been saying that ever since he said it...Jordan says "he gawn?"...Jeff says yeah, that she's been picking up all his sayings...Jordan says sorry...Jeff says he wasn't making that a bad comment...Jordan thought he was...Jeff says no, it's that she's starting to talk a lot like him, she's saying a lot of things he says, her friends are gonna be like "wtf is wrong with you?"...Jordan giggles...feeds cut out for a minute...

They talk about the spy screen remote and how Jeff never told "them" his final decision... Jeff says none of them know that "he gawn" (Russell)...Jeff fiddles with the remote, says "they" are all outside still.

Jeff puts his hand on Jordan...Jordan has hers under him...Jeff giggles and whispers "luminous", he says it's stuck in his head...Jordan says she feels like she can't get comfy, can he?...Jeff says how about today? they were just effing around and he just was just out, he couldn't even remember falling asleep...Jordan says her hand fell asleep, it felt like little balls 😝.

Jeff says he loves it when his legs fall asleep, it feels like a free massage LOL... Jordan hates that feeling...Jeff says the weirdest was the hanging graduation comp...they talk about it...Jeff says Jordan did good and he pats her leg...Jordan wonders if she was on for an hour...Jeff thinks 2 hours because him and Russell were on for 4.

They get quiet...Jeff puts his mic away and says "that's it, we gawn"...Jordan says yeah and Jeff turns to Jordan to cuddle...Jordan takes off hers as well...they talk about how comfy they were when sleeping earlier in the day, they try to figure out how they were and they get really snuggled up...

Jeff says he likes how they hold each other for 5 minutes and then roll to the other side to sleep...Jordan says he doesn't like it, he likes his space when he sleeps...Jeff says no, you turn your back on me.  Jordan says she just goes on her side.

They get quiet except for some mmm's and some movement under the covers...Jeff says "like that?" and Jordan says "mmm, my boobs are sore"...Jeff says "from what?"...Jordan doesn't know...Jeff whispers "I love this" (aww)...Jordan says they're just sore...feeds cut out again...they return with Jordan talking game and Bioré strips 🤨

Jordan is a little worried that Kevin & Natalie might team up against them...Jeff says now you're worried?...Jeff says go outside and get some water and see what's up...Jordan says she's tired and for him to get water...he says no, you go, he can't see, plus she's more smooth... (precursor to their tiff over her getting him water)...feeds switch off Jeff and Jordan...

Long talk in the wee hrs Part 5 (Get me water tiff) 


Feeds return just before 4am with Jeff saying "how about you go get me some water?".... Jordan says "do I really have to go down there?"...Jeff says "I don't care what they're doing, I would rather have water"...Jordan says "what, you want me to go downstairs because you really want water?"

Jeff laughs...Jordan says omg, so know what, she's not going to because he now sounds like "Jessieeee"...Jeff says he knows but just before she gets all fu**ing crazy, he didn't say go downstairs and get water (yeah you did Jeff) and second of all maybe she should go get him water because he cooks all her fu**ing meals and he tries to do everything for her so it would be a nice gesture if one time she would be Jeff, you know what, I'll get you some water because you're thirsty, he is just throwing it out there but now it's OVER, he will fu**ing dehydrate himself before she gets him water...he says that it would have been a nice gesture, he wouldn't have let her go but he would have taken it as a gesture.

Jordan has been giggling/smiling the whole time listening to Jeff's diatribe...then she says "ok, wait, didn't we just say like seriously, like 2 seconds ago how we haven't been bickering or fighting and you said we just made up and then just now those were stones, so stoppp! seriously"

Jeff laughs...Jordan says they just said they weren't going to bicker...Jeff says he was pissed because production told them to put their mics on...Jordan says she will get him his water...Jeff says forget it...Jordan says she's doing it to be nice because he throws in stuff to make her feel bad and that might be his strategy...Jeff says if she gets him water he'll throw it on the floor and dehydrate himself...

Jordan says no, he wouldn't...Jeff says he's not drinking it and she's not going anywhere...Jordan says he just told her he wanted her to go downstairs...Jeff says it would have been nice without asking for it...Jordan raises her voice and says she'll go downstairs and get him water!...Jeff asks if she's putting on a show for somebody? relax, for her to use her inside voice and take it down a notch, she's getting outta control and it's late.

Jordan rolls out of bed and GRRRRRR's...Jeff tries to grab her and says "hey, don't get me water, get out of here"...Jordan says she doesn't know but says Jeff is crabby, he's on his man period 😅...Jeff laughs, he says "where you going? don't go get water, I'm serious"

One of my favorite Jordan moments....she says..."no I'll go get it because you want it because you made me feel bad because you do cook me stuff all the time but I just want to let you know that I am not, that you're not going to be like Jessieee ok?"...Jeff asks if she thinks the water squares them?...Jordan says "no, maybe you'll be quiet because these past couple of days, I swear to you, you act like you're on your man period, I'm serious"...Jeff says he's going to throw that water right in her face when she gets back...Jordan leaves and goes outside to get Jeff's water.

She returns to the HOH with the water...Jeff says thank you...Jordan starts talking about Michele being out there and Jeff says "thank you very much for the water" :) ...Jordan says she put ice cubes in it...Jeff says now he feels bad...Jordan says he should feel bad and laughs...Jeff says was that tap water?...Jordan says no, she went outside...Jeff says no you didn't?...Jordan says she did...Jeff says "wow, now I feel like an asshole"...Jordan says "yeah, uh, yeah you can be"...Jeff says take it easy, that's all, now he can't ask for anything ever again...Jordan says he can, but to not be rude.

Jeff thanks her again and then Jordan tells Jeff what her and Michele talked about...Jordan tells Jeff it's 4 o'clock and that they will probably get woken up in 5 hours...Jeff's surprised they haven't told them to go to sleep...the feeds go off for a bit and then return to Jordan in the bathroom, she comes back just after the 4:14am mark....Jeff says he's tired, Jordan is too, they take off their mics and settle in for sleep.

They assume the position - Jordan's butt to Jeff, her hand reaching back to touch Jeff, Jeff touching her, Jeff putting his leg over Jordan's leg...Jordan says goodnight...Jeff says "goodnight Johhrdan" ...Jordan giggles and Jeff laughs and says what?...they both smile...Jeff mutters "oh God" and then they finally quiet down to sleep...

Burning clothes/Blankie...barbecued! 


Jordan & Jeff get woken up early...Jeff gets dressed but goes back to bed to listen to music...Jordan puts on her makeup for the POV comp coming up...Jeff farts a couple of times...Jordan takes it all in forward to the 9:16am mark...Jordan comes out of the washroom and Jeff calls out "Johrrdan"...LOVE Jeff's smile to her when she is standing by the table putting her deodorant on...he is just gaga over her. 🥰

Jordan questions why he is smiling/smirking...Jeff says it's nothing! to take it easy...she leaves to get her bra and Jeff does the "it's over" motion with his hand and says "you're going on the block" LOL

Jordan comes back and gets in bed...Jeff tells Jordan he is going to take Kevin off the block...he takes a red card out of the deck just to say that he drew red for Kevin in case they ask how he determined who would be taken off...Jordan says Kevin is the best choice since Natalie might have turned and voted for Russell to stay...Jeff says that's a good point and that is why he keeps Jordan around...high five!🫸🫷

Another one of my fave J&J moments here...

They notice Michele on the spy screen and Jeff says she knows they are watching, she seems nervous...Jeff says he wants to throw Michele's shoes over the fence like that one season when they did that, when they got to burn each other's stuff...Jeff says he definitely would burn Michele's shoes.

Jeff says for Jordan her bra would have to go, it makes him sick, it's clean though...Jeff doesn't understand how she brought 15 pairs of jeans and 1 bra?...Jordan explains she had just had her boobs done and she couldn't wear a wire bra so she didn't want to spend a lot of money on non wire bras.

Jeff says maybe that Mardi Gras shirt...Jordan asks what's wrong with that?...Jeff says he doesn't know but she wears it all the time so he would burn it...Jordan says that's memories!...Jeff says and her peace pants too...Jordan says she doesn't have any other long pants...Jeff "they gawn" 😅

Jordan says "alright well let me tell you"...Jeff cracks up...Jordan would get rid of his "Let's Dance" shirt...Jeff gets perturbed by this haha ...Jeff says "what? why?"...Jordan doesn't like it...Jeff "what?"....Jordan "Let's Dance?"...Jeff says it was a gift...Jordan says ok, then!...Jeff asks her why she doesn't like it?... LOVE Jordan's giggle here...Jordan says she doesn't like it, she just doesn't like it...Jeff says he wore it twice!...Jordan repeats not liking it...Jeff says "why? because it was a gift?"...Jordan moves on but Jeff is "why? why?"...she doesn't know...Jeff repeats the gift thing AGAIN LOL...Jordan won't give him an answer but says he wore it yesterday or the other day...

I think Jeff wanted Jordan to admit she didn't like it because his ex-gf gave it to him and that was the reason but she wouldn't give him that satisfaction at this point LOL The shirt did look like it was made for a 5 year old 😛

Jeff says let's get back to you then, why would she throw that away? (the shirt lol) ...Jordan says she would get rid of, she says she likes Jeff's baby blue shirt (note - he wore it the next day 😊 ) ,the shirt he wore in the comp, v-neck shirts...Jeff says it's all he has...Jordan would get rid of the green one he has never worn and the other western one, the white one...Jeff says no way!...Jordan says his black sneakers too...Jeff says the Adidas!?...Jordan says they look like something a 10 year old would wear...Jeff says "f**k you...that's all I have for dress shoes"

Jordan says she likes him in jeans and flip flops...Jeff says guess what he's wearing today, his Let's Dance shirt with his Adidas and his cowboy shirt on top...Jordan says "really, Jeff, you just wore that shirt the other day"...Jeff is still bitter LOL..."I can't believe you don't like that shirt, I wore it twice" 

Jordan says Jeff looks good in wife beater tank tops, v-neck tops...Jeff says he needs to mix it up, he tells Jordan to put on that stupid purple Mardi Gras shirt on and he's gonna throw her over the fence with it. 

Jeff ponders what else she wears that makes him sick to his stomach...Jeff says that eyeliner? OVER the FENCE!...Jordan asks "you don't like it?"...Jeff says nope! he hates it...her mouthguard? Pffffftttt He gawn!...Jeff laughs...Jordan says that don't even make sense!...Jeff says "It gawn! Pffftttt Your blankie? Barbecued!" 😂

Jordan comes back with his glasses and his hair gel...Jeff is offended saying "whaddya mean my hair gel?"...Jordan says whatever he puts in his hair...Jeff asks if she doesn't like it?...she says no...he says to go find a new roommate, this fu**ing thing is over (hand motion)  ...Jeff says she better believe he's wearing all the things she hates to the live show...he yells out "my hair gel!?"...Jordan turns and says she was just kidding, joke, har har.

They quiet down and take a nap…

Increasing their sexual relationship deal 


Jeff & Jordan are sleeping in the HOH room, it's already almost 11am...Michele had been up in the HOH round chair napping/spying...who knows, she leaves and Kevin & Natalie come upstairs and wake J&J up to talk about the quickly upcoming POV ceremony. They want to make a deal (fake) that they won't put up Jeff in any way, shape or form next week, Michele is the target. Jeff says ok. Kevin says Jeff will have to be ok with Michele going, Jeff says right, it's not her (Jordan) aaaaand...

"Me and Jordan have to increase our sexual relationship"  

Kevin & Natalie say DEAL! They all laugh. Natalie says "you get a kiss right now".

Jeff says "Jordan, I'm still working on one right here (points downward, lol) if you wanna finish up" He grabs Jordan and gives her a hug.

Jeff wants Kevin to go in the pool if they make the deal, lol. Natalie says if Jordan gives Jeff a kiss for her, then the deal is on. Jeff says they're making out a bunch (little did he know!)

Kevin & Natalie leave not knowing for sure if they are safe or not but all signs point to it...Jeff doesn't give them a definite answer…

Jordan had a dream/kiss 


Right after Nat & Kevin leave cams follow them downstairs but you hear Jeff telling Jordan "did you hear that deal?" The cams then go back to the HOH...Jordan is telling Jeff "actually, you know what I was just dreaming?"...Jeff says "that we're fooling around?" 😉

Jordan says he's probably not going to believe her because he always says that (fooling around) but it made her think of the dream...Jeff says c'mon...Jordan says she's serious...Jeff says what was going on?

Jordan says they were doing a competition where they had to go up 20 stories (Jeff farts and says what's wrong with me?) and they were hanging by something and Jeff was saying they had to practice their kiss before he goes and she was like, why? and Jeff was like, we just have to practice because practice makes perfect and she was like ok and it was really weird, to not worry about it, but it was funny Jeff said that cuz she was dreaming that.

Jeff says do we turn it up a notch?...As Jordan is saying "we haven't even turned..." Jeff lays on top of her and snuggles her...Jordan says they haven't even had it up a notch and Jeff says he knows, let's move it...Jordan scratches his neck and smiles...Jeff says he's tired...Jordan says her too...Jeff asks if she's scratching...Jordan mmm, hmm's.

Jeff asks "how does this picture look?" (referring to the fact he's on top of her)...Jordan says "interesting, what do you think...Jeffrey"...he farts again, lol...she says "good God!" ...Jeff says "right?", then says he thinks he's thirsty, he reaches over to get his cup and kisses Jordan 😘 Jordan goes back to talking game…

Jordan pops Jeff’s pimple/BY chat 


Jordan and Michele have been outside on the couches talking game, it's a little weird and tense...Jeff comes outside and sits between them...Michele immediately starts giggling and being her usual weird, goofy self around Jeff, which makes things even more uncomfortable 🥴

Jordan notices Jeff has a pimple on his nose so she tells him to turn to the side, she says he has a pimple, can she pop it?...Jeff says "where?"...Jordan says "on your nose"...Jeff says "yeah"...Jordan tells Jeff to lean in...Jeff says "you wanna pop it?"...Jordan says "yeah"...Jeff says "gross"...

Jordan pops Jeff's pimple and says he has stuff shooting out of another...

Jordan tells Jeff to wipe his nose, Jeff is 😐 Jeff asks if she got it?...Jordan says Jeff has a bunch...Jeff says he needs the strips...Jeff asks if he should go see if he has any?...Jordan (who is probably dying to leave and get away from Michele) says "yeah let's go see if you have some because I want to do it to my nose"...Jeff's not sure but he'll check later, he looks at Jordan and says "right now?"...Jordan says hopefully he has one, she wants to do it too...Michele goes inside...

Jordan immediately tells Jeff to let her know when she comes back outside, she tells Jeff everything she and Michele talked about, how Jordan told her she doesn't know what Jeff is doing re: the POV ceremony, it's going to be a surprise and how Michele told her that if Jeff does put up Russell as the replacement nominee, he should leave Kevin up against him and they can vote Kevin out...Jeff says "what??"...

Jordan says that Michele told her they (her & Jordan) control the votes and just so Jeff and Jordan know in case they hear word, she did tell Russell that she would do everything in her power to split Jeff and Jordan up 🫤 Michele told her she had to play it up but Jordan thinks Michele was being for real...Jeff agrees...Jordan says she was looking at Jeff wanting to tell him so badly...Jeff asks why the f**k she would say that?...Jordan explains that Michele said she was just saying that to Russell and that Jeff will know her loyalty to him by her vote...Jeff says she'd be stupid to vote otherwise.

Jeff says he's definitely taking Kevin off (the block)...Jordan agrees...Jordan says that she got quiet with her and so did Michele, she thinks Michele gets kind of mad...Jeff says she has to because he doesn't tell her shit...Jeff says he has no problem sticking it to Michele either, sure she's playing both sides, she's on his fu**ing side...Jordan says it's obvious...Jordan says that Michele said it would be a crazy thought to think she would try to break Jeff and Jordan up, like that would happen and Jordan thought "uhh, no, that wouldn't really happen" :) Jeff says it's a crazy thought that Kevin and Natalie want to get Michele out too...

At this point Michele comes back outside and Jeff starts talking about his pimples again LOL...he says he's going to see if those things are in there, he says he'll bring them out if so and he goes inside...Michele and Jordan talk about the Biore strips, how they work, more awkward conversation about aging, their mothers and how young they look 😐

Jeff comes back outside saying he doesn't have any...Jeff sits on the fridge to have a smoke...more quiet and then Michele goes to clean her slipper with some water from the hottub...Jeff tells Jordan he only brought one (of the strips) to use in the hotel...Jordan says "geez Jeff"...Jeff says he didn't want to bring them because he didn't want others thinking he was trying to be all cool with his facial products LOL 

They talk about Braden and all his variety of products and mini lotions...Jeff talks about how the nose strips work...Jordan zones out...Jeff says "Jordan!"...Jordan turns around and says "huh?" and giggles...Jeff asks what she was thinking about?...Jordan says "Big Brother"...Jeff says "whatever, I lost the excitement of the story, it's over"

Jordan says he said something about the strips...Jeff explains how gross it is...Jordan asks how they work?...Jeff explains and says they have them for all over but he just got those because they're cool :) ...they talk about ear candling...Jeff says he's never done it but he knows a lot of wax comes out...Michele says wax is good for your ear...they agree it grosses them out...Jordan tells a disgusting story about an infected pus filled boil/pimple she had in one ear (😧)...Jeff says it makes him sick to his stomach, he doesn't know if he can be her friend anymore  ...Jordan says "oh be quiet"...Jeff smiles big...

Jordan says "you get pimples too"...Jeff says he doesn't...Jordan says "yes you do, I just popped one!"...Jeff laughs...Jordan says she doesn't like the mirrors in here, you can't see well...they talk about the tweezers and where they disappeared to...Jeff insists Jordan was the last one to use them or see them...she doesn't think so but says maybe she dropped them in her makeup bag...

Things get really quiet...Michele, again being creepy and awkward tells Jeff that he's really tanned, she doesn't know why he said he wasn't tan...Jeff who feels uncomfortable with her staring at him says he would have a shirt on but he doesn't want to pit it out so that's the reason...Michele says "that's ok, you're allowed to walk around shirtless" ...Jeff says not all the time, there's certain times when you can, jeans and no shirt, you're showing off, swim shorts and no shirt, you're ok.

Russell comes outside to hang with them, they talk about seeing a praying mantis die earlier...Russell says it's a sad, sad day LOL Jeff does the sign of the cross for it :)  , they talk about praying mantis some more...Jordan who is zoning out tries to ask about something and Jeff says it doesn't matter, for her not to worry about anything...Jordan says she wasn't listening...Jeff smiles knowingly...

They banter some about Jeff winning some money and Jordan being a golddigger ala the Jamie Foxx song LOL...Jeff says they're going to play that song tomorrow for sure...they talk about the songs BB plays for them in the morning...Jordan eventually gets up and goes inside...

Jeff & Russel fight/Jordan sidekick 


Feeds return from trivia...the POV ceremony has just taken place and Russell has been named the replacement nominee. Jeff is sitting on the fridge and Russell is sitting on the couches. Jeff asks Russell if he has anything to say, if he wants to talk about it. Jeff says he thinks it was a smart play, doesn't Russell think so?

Russell is pissed...he tells Jeff to remember what he said out there...that if anyone changed the plan that he would go after you and your family. Jeff says he remembers. Jeff says he broke the plan first. They argue over the final 4/final 2 deal, kind of like which came first the chicken or the egg, lol. Russell says what he told Jeff was true and it doesn't matter what he said to the others. Russell brings up the family comment again and says if Jeff doesn't win this thing and he goes to the jury house, he will mop his face all up in there 😡 Jeff laughs and grabs his head.

The tone escalates...Jeff says he'll lose $500 right now and bust his face if he talks to him like that again. Jeff says he will come to his house and stab him in the neck and to not threaten him...he will pull his eyeballs out and to not mess with him 😳 😵

Russell says he better win because he feels sorry for him if he walks into that house. Jeff yells out to BB that they better get someone out there or he will cut his throat. Add many expletives during this exchange, lol. Things get nastier and more heated. Jeff says Russell doesn't know him...he starts yelling...

TRIVIA LOL...In the meantime Natalie goes to get Jordan to tell her that they are fighting...Jeff & Russell continue with their threats and insults, Jeff says he is not scared of him...add more expletives...😤😡🤬😡😤 (sounds like an episode of the Sopranos!)

Jordan arrives and says that Russell is just mad because Jeff got him out before he did. Russell says he doesn't need Jeff's lapdog there, he doesn't even want to talk to her. Jordan says he better not say anything about the jury house because he isn't going to do shit there.

I love this by Jordan "you're just pissed because YOU'RE GAWN!" (with hand gesture)

Russell asks Jeff if she wears the pants, if she always fights his battles?...Jeff says yes, yes she does...Jeff says for Russell not to test his manhood, he's not scared of him...Jordan tells Russell that he needs to go inside because he's the negative person in the house.

Jeff says why are you so mad because you got, got?...Jeff says his threats don't scare him...they go on for awhile saying the same things...Russell says he doesn't need Jeff's sidekick (Jordan)...Jordan says she's not his sidekick, she leaves...Jeff says he thought Russell would be more of a man in this game...they talk things out some more and they settle down...Jeff says remember what you're saying (about him mopping the floor with his face)...things escalate again...

Jeff says that his 4 year old niece has better conversations than him. Jeff says Russell is going to look like a yo-yo when he walks into the jury house and he does nothing and an even bigger yo-yo when Jeff knocks him out when he walks in there...they go on AGAIN about the family threats and the mopping of the face/ass on the floor.

Jeff tells Russell that he's going to go a lot further in life than he is. Russell doesn't believe it, after all Jeff is 31 and on Big Brother...Jeff says he's 25 and on the same show, what is he talking about. Jeff says he knows he's going places, he has a life after this place. Jeff says you got, got, got, got, got...

More name calling, insults and expletives which goes on for awhile. Jeff says he doesn't even know how he sleeps at night wondering what he's going to do with his life and where his character is, it eats him up inside. Jeff finally leaves.

Playing ball in the pool


Jordan, Jeff & Michele are in the pool...Jeff is on the blue raft as usual...they are quiet, Michele says it's not much of a pool party...Jordan asks Jeff if he wants to play with the beach ball?...Jeff says what do you want to play?...Jordan says she doesn't know, like hit it back and forth or something...Jeff asks Michele if she wants to play hit it back and forth?...Jeff says how about you hit it over me?...Michele says Jeff in the middle.

They start playing but aren't very good LOL Jeff sees Michele struggling and says she's drowning over there, he says for her to get out of there before something happens 😅 Jeff moves out of the way to play too...Jordan hits it out of the pool and Jeff says this game is going to get old quick...Jordan signals forget it...Jeff says it's gawn...Jordan says we're done.

They start with the mini ball and hoop instead...they all miss their first shots...Jordan gets one in and claps yay!..Jeff steps in front of her to take a shot, misses, Michele misses, Jordan gets one in, Michele misses, Jeff misses, Jordan gets yet another one in.  Jeff says wow...Jordan says wowzers...

Michele finally gets one in and her and Jeff both say yay...Jeff says they both said yay like a couple of yo-yo's...Jeff tries to show off by doing a behind the back shot...he misses LOL They keep playing and it's down to Jeff & Jordan...Jordan says alright Gucci...Jeff says let's do this..

Jeff misses, Jordan takes her time for her shot (she looks like an NBA player concentrating on making a last second free throw, lol) she misses, Jeff misses, Jordan hits her next one and says yay!...Jeff misses his next...Jordan misses and Jeff says way to be creative...she keeps shooting lefty, rightie, lefty, rightie...Jeff gets one, Jordan misses...Jeff gets another...Jordan gets two more...Jeff says get the f**k outta here ...Jeff gets another and says that Jordan is saying just end this game...Jordan says she knows.

Jeff gets on the stairs to the pool, hits one and Jordan says that's too easy, she does the same and says see  Feeds cut out...

When they return Jordan finishes up winning...she says "I won"...Jeff says good job and they high five...Jeff gets back on his raft and feeds cut out again...then a BB voice is heard telling them they need a few quick DR's and whoever wants to go in first can.

The hat’s John Gotti



The HG's are sitting outside by the pool...Jeff is tanning...Jordan is sitting on a towel in the sun...Jordan says to Jeff "hey you know what your hat reminds me of?"...Jeff says what?...Jordan says that it's from the JT video 'Cry Me A River' and that girl is wearing the same color hat, she's supposed to be a lookalike for Britney, she's walking down and you never see her eyes...Jordan asks if Jeff hasn't seen the video? that's what his hat looks like.

Jeff says "the hat's John Gotti"...Jordan says "it's the 1920's"...Jeff says he loves it 😊 Jordan says he looks like a newsie...Jeff says a news reporter...Jordan says they just need to get him some pants and suspenders and he could be the paper boy...Jeff asks if they have heard the song Paper Boy?'s a summer jam..they haven't.

Jordan says he could look like he's in a musical or something...Jeff doesn't think that sounds cool...he says he could be a gangster with that hat or skip around in a musical delivering paper, pick one! LOL Kevin says he could be like Leo in Gangs of New York...Jordan says he could be in Titanic...they talk about when Gangs was set, they're not sure.

Jordan tells the story of a lady at the dentist who was around during Pearl Harbor and the newsboys would say "Attack on Pearl Harbor" and that could so be Jeff...Jeff says what do you mean be me? You want me to find a career about that?...Jordan says no...Jeff makes fun of Russell mocking him for not having a career but he lied about all his careers...Jordan says Jeff has a career...Jordan says you pay your bills right?...Jeff doesn't hear because he's talking to Kevin...they bash Russell a bit and go on about how he embellishes his stories...Jordan says he's the next Braden 😅

Kama Sutra


Michele is at the kitchen counter eating...Jeff comes out of the bathroom and they chit chat...Michele says she woke up because she was starving...Jeff yawns and says his is just beginning (?)...Michele says she might go back to sleep but the (HOH) room is all his anyway...Jeff, as he's about to enter the GR, says "no sleep, I'm laying in the room here with Jordan doing the karmasut...whatever the f**k...kama sutra"  LOL! He giggles and walks into the GR...

Jeff gets to Twitter


Jordan & Jeff had been counting bottles and cans in the GR...Jeff got called to the DR and Jordan has been napping in the GR...Jeff returns and softly wakes up Jordan.

He tells her that it's 9:30 and he has been the DR for what seemed like forever...he says everyone else is sleeping, Michele is in his room sleeping.  

Jordan asks him if he wants to lay down with her?...Jeff says what's the point he wants to sleep later...Jeff says "I got to twitter...about you" :😊Jordan says she has...Jeff says wasn't it weird?..Jordan says mmm, hmm what'd you think?...Jeff says he didn't know what to write, at first he sounded like a yo-yo...Jordan asks Jeff what he said?...Jeff says about the experience, thanking for voting for him and then he talked about Jordan...Jordan asks "what about?"...Jeff smiles and says "I said, uh"...Jordan says "that you're in love?"  Jeff says "there's nothing new on me and Jordan getting down and dirty, I go it doesn't mean I'm going to stop trying and I put a haha...I said Jordan has a huge heart and I hope you see that on TV...I said nice things"...Jordan says "awww"...Jeff leaves the GR and Jordan dozes off again...

BY chat - Movies, banking & reality shows 


Jordan and Michele have been working out and finish up...Michele is inside...Jordan joins Natalie and Kevin who are at the hot tub...Russell is playing solitaire at the couch area and Jeff is sitting on the fridge...they are chatting about movies and Natalie's job at Blockbuster.

Natalie says she recommends movies, the movie Best Friend's Girl for eg. but she tells customers it might be too vulgar for them...Jeff says that movie is fu**ing hilarious, he was renting movies one day, he saw it was Dane Cook, who he likes, he was pissing his pants, his friend came over and they rewound it to watch it from the beginning....they talk about how obnoxious his character is but it's so funny, he loves that movie.

Kevin imitates how an annoying customer at Blockbuster would be and Jeff laughs...Jeff sits on the far as possible from Russell LOL

Jordan talks about overdrafts and her banking situation...Russell smirks at Jordan 🙄

Talk finishes up regarding mortgages and homes...Kevin asks if they've ever seen Flip That House?...Natalie says she watches Extreme Home Makeover...Jordan talks about an episode based in Alaska and they continue talking about that show...Jeff just watches with his head turned away from Russell...

Kevin asks if they watched Extreme Makeover?...Jordan says yes! she loves it! it's on channel 98 at her house...Jeff laughs at how Jordan knows the channel number...Jordan is excited about the show...they talk about the guy who weighed 300 lbs and lost all that weight and had so much excess fat, he had to get a body lift...

Jordan asks if she had work done in Beverly Hills would it be more expensive than if she did it back home?...they all agree it would be cheaper in Charlotte and explain why...they then talk about the Swan...Jordan loves that show too...they wonder why those types of shows don't exist...Jordan talks about one episode where an "ugly duckling" sister becomes beautiful, it was great...Natalie loves the Biggest Loser, it's such a positive show...they talk about that show…

They start talking about Jon & Kate Plus 8 and who was at fault in the breakup...Natalie says she heard she was a bitch to him...Jordan says their kids are so freaking cute, she wants to squeeze them...Natalie says Jon isn't cute...they agree Kate looks good after her makeover...Natalie says since she got called out by Kevin on live TV that she needs a makeover BB might as well hook her up with one...Kevin apologizes...Jordan giggles at how Kevin apologized...Jeff giggles at how Jordan said it.

Jordan says she loved and was so hooked on Celebrity Rehab, that was her show...Jeff says he loves those too...Jordan says she loved Sober House too...Jeff says yeah...they talk about Gary Busey...Jeff says he's fu**ing hilarious...Kevin says he's insane, how he thinks he doesn't need rehab...Jeff says he thinks he's the counsellor, he is crazy...Jordan says Tawny Kitaen would call him out on his lectures, it was nuts.

Jordan brings up the show were teen idols come back to try and get a second shot at fame...Jeff of course watched it too 😉...Jordan asks Jeff what the name of that was?...Natalie brings up another show...Jeff says no, that was the one they tried to remake a boy band...they try to remember the name...


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