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Day 45 of BB11 Feeds

August 23

A hotel in LA for Jejo 


Feeds switch to the RR where Jeff, Jordan, Kevin and Natalie are chatting...they have been talking about Jordan staying in LA with Jeff when the show is over because Natalie says that if Jordan doesn't want to stay Natalie may take Jeff up on the offer to see LA   Jeff says to Jordan that she doesn't have to...

Natalie says after all this talk tonight Jeff and Jordan might not want to sleep next to each other (implying they won't be able to resist each other)...Kevin says oh, no...Jeff says "it's over...I tried, that ship has sailed, doesn't mean I can't keep trying"...he winks at Jordan...

Jordan says that Jeff said that she should stay a couple of days after the show, they're definitely getting a hotel and they're definitely doing...Jeff interrupts saying that he didn't say it was for that, that wasn't the reason I told you to stay...Jordan says "yeah I know you were just"...Jeff says "but don't make it sound like I'm fu**ing trying to get a hotel, a no-tel motel with you"...Natalie asks if they're going to stay for awhile after...Jordan says see what she means? see how Jeff gets?

Jeff says "what did it sound like when she first said it? that I wanna be like "eh" let's get a room and bang, right?"...Kevin is cracking up...Jeff says "didn't it sound like that?"...Jordan says "I didn't try to make you seem like that" (you kinda did LOL)...Jeff says "yeah but that's exactly what it sounded like, that's when I stopped you cuz you don't realize what you're saying and it makes me sound like a scumbag, like I'm going to get a $5 motel and bang then I'll be like see ya later, I gotta catch a plane!!" 

Natalie says she didn't think that...Jeff says (Kevin is giggling the whole time) "I gotta a lot of friends here and she's never been in LA so I'm like, I'm going to try and stay a couple of days, if you wanna see LA I'll show you LA a little bit and you can stay a couple of days, now her fu**ing Bates motel"...Natalie and Kevin laugh...Natalie says "motel 6"...Jeff says it's pretty classy, we have an hour so let's do this, I gotta catch a plane LOL

Jeff shakes his head and says Jordan makes things sound like he's a dirty old man...Jordan says she doesn't...Natalie says they could always cover themselves with the covers to make out, no cameras would see...they discuss Jessie & Lydia's sex escapades in the HOH...Jordan says of course production knew what was going on...Jeff says yeah, of course that is going on under that blank sheet, they knew...Jeff sings that it was a little "bump and grind" Jeff's little dance love it!! 

Natalie says it's dirty...Jordan can't believe it...they debate over whether Lydia is cute...Jeff says for her to not bring him into it...

Jeff loves Jordan’s butt


Jeff & Jordan continue talking with Kevin & Natalie in the RR.

Kevin wants Jeff and Jordan to make up (they were having a tiff) he doesn't like seeing them fight...Jeff says they are made up...Natalie says kissing and making up...Jeff asks Jordan if she wants to make out?...Jordan says "sure"...Jeff says what?...Jeff says "don't act like you're fu**in'..."...Jordan says "I said sure" 🥰

Jeff says really?...Jordan says "not in front of everybody"...Jeff says she says that every night, he tries but Jordan just says "Jeefff!"...Natalie says to have make up sex and Kevin says for them to just make out...

Jordan says that Jeff likes her the same time that Kevin says he likes her butt too, Jeff says he LOVES it 😍...Kevin says she has a really nice body and Jordan says no, thickness...While Kevin is saying she does, Jeff says "I like it" 😊...Jordan says she likes Natalie's (body)...Kevin says that she (Jordan) has a playboy body...Jordan says not really, she needs to lose a little bit of weight...Kevin says it's perfect shaped...Jeff then tells Jordan why she doesn't say Kevin! when he's saying stuff like that...Jordan says Jeff is always grabbing it...Kevin asks Jeff if he's a butt guy?...Jeff says "yeah, I LOVE it" (not butt's but "it" referring to Jordan's) ...Natalie asks him if he's a butt guy and Jeff says mmm, hmmm.

Kevin asks if she can make it clap?...Jordan says she can't do all that…

School girl outfit/Lucas 


Natalie says that Jordan needs to put on a schoolgirl outfit with the glasses...Jeff says "oooof" (sounding like he would love it)...Jordan says "and a ruler" and does the smacking motion while looking at Jeff...Jeff says Jordan would need smaller glasses though...Jeff says Jordan looks like Lucas with those on...Jordan asks "what's Lucas?"...Jeff says it's a movie a long time ago...Kevin and Natalie don't know what Lucas was either...Jeff says he said that at work too, some kid came in looking just like Lucas and everyone was like what?

Jeff says there's tampons everywhere he fu**ing looks...Natalie says she was so cautious before but now she just changes in the room...Jeff starts walking away and Kevin and Natalie encourage Jordan to kiss Jeff tonight, she turns to game and Michele and Russell…

Kevin’s dating game 


Jeff is alone up in the HOH, he decides to head back downstairs to the RR again...Kevin says that they were talking about Jeff the whole time...Jeff asks about what?...Natalie kids that Kevin said if he was single and didn't have a boyfriend...Kevin says what!!?...Jeff covers his mouth saying "oh no" LOL

Natalie says Kevin did...Jordan says Kevin said he definitely would molest him...Kevin says he said he would tie him up, he was just joking...Kevin asks if Jeff is Jeffrey?...Jeff says yes...Kevin says "did I tell you that my boss' name is Jeff Jordan?" 😅 Natalie says are you serious?...Kevin is and says every time he hears their name he thinks of that, it's like a porn star name LOL

Jeff says Michael Jordan's middle name is Jeffrey...Jordan says "what turns you on?"...Jeff opens his eyes wide thinking it's him, he says "who?"...Jordan says Kevin, has she asked him this?...Jordan says Jeff won't talk about it...Kevin says he knows why won't he?...Jeff says "what are you talking about?"...Jordan says "oh, what turns you on?"... 😛

Kevin answers for him saying Jeff likes brunettes right?...Jeff doesn't look amused!...Jordan of course eggs it on by saying "mmm, hmm"...Jeff is silent...Kevin the shit stirrer says that the girl in the competition, Jeff was all over her ...Natalie says all the guys were...they all agree she was cute/pretty...

Kevin starts the trivia dating game...

Kevin says he likes brunettes ✔ (even though Jeff didn't agree)

Kevin says he likes girls between 25 and 30 ✔ Jeff nods yes.

Kevin says he likes them to be college educated - Jeff says it doesn't matter but he wants to be able to have a conversation with them, he doesn't care about their education level.

Kevin had asked if he likes big booties ✔ Jeff likes a butt.

Natalie ask big boobs?...Jeff doesn't care...Kevin says he likes butts ✔

Natalie says Jordan has one so far, she's not a brunette or 25 or older...Jordan says she knows (she was keeping track! lol)...Jeff says he doesn't not like blondes, he finds himself more attracted to, he finds more girls he has dated have been dark but he's dated blondes.

Natalie says he can picture Jeff liking the schoolgirl look...Jeff says he likes "girl next door" types...Kevin asks what that means? average-y?...Jeff says kind of...Natalie says like Hugh Hefner's girls next door?...Jeff says no, no, not at all like that, the opposite of that.

Kevin asks if he likes longer hair? - Jeff says it doesn't matter to him.

Jeff says personality is the best, the key, for him ✔✔✔ Jeff says a chick can be super hot and have no personality, stuck on herself and he's gone.

Natalie says that's what she didn't like about Laura, she was too freaking vain, so into herself, get out of the mirror for 5 minutes...Jordan says Jeff used to say that.

Kevin says sense of humor ✔ Jeff says yeah he has to have that...Kevin asks if she can make him laugh or she laughs at his jokes...Jeff says both, he likes that.

Natalie goes on a rant about Laura and hiding the flat irons from her...

Kevin says Jeff likes them athletic ✔ Jeff says yeah

Kevin says they have to be into sports ✔ Jeff says he likes it if they are, they don't have to be but he's into it so it would be nice if they showed an interest for him.

Kevin says Italian ✔ Jeff giggles saying he's into Italian chicks, generally they have dark features though, it's not Italians in general, it's just they have dark features but he loves girls with accents, it gives them another notch...Kevin asks what kind?...Jeff doesn't care, just accents in general ✔✔

Kevin says sassy or outspoken ✔ Jeff says he doesn't but every gf he has is so he guesses he does, he always ends up with girls that stand up for themselves so he guesses he's attracted to that unconsciously, he doesn't like people that just lay down.

Kevin says she has to be slightly shorter than him ✔ Jeff says yes.

Kevin says he should be a matchmaker...Natalie calls him out saying he's saying things they already know...Kevin says it's her turn then...

Jejo describe each other as their type 


The dating game continues...

Kevin says it's Jordan's turn, she likes the K-Fed type (yuk! lol)...Natalie knows too, they say white boys that are leanish with air force one's...Jeff says "yeah I don't think I'm Jordan's type" LOL

Jordan says she likes all different types, like K-Fed she thinks some guys are cute like that but not the ones that act all bummy, she likes polo shirts, golfers, business looking guys, beachy types, she likes all different types...

Jordan likes guys that are wear shorts, flip flops and a t-shirt or tank top and a hat  JEFF 😍

Jeff says he loves chicks in sweatpants and their hair tied back, that's his favorite JORDAN 😍

Kevin says "the hell?"...Jordan says "yeah" 😊 ...Jeff says "if you look pretty like that, than you're pretty, I don't need you to get all jazzed up every time we go out and when you take your make up off it's like yammahamma, it's fright night"

Kevin says "oh so you like a girl that doesn't wear a lot of makeup?" ✔ Jeff says yeah exactly...Kevin turns to Jordan and says "Jordan, you don't wear a lot of makeup"...Jordan giggles...Jeff smiles...

Dating preferences & courtesy chat 


Talk in the RR continues...

Kevin goes back to the accent talk, he says he loves them too...Natalie says everybody does, her bf has a bit of a Boston accent...Jeff says not that kind of an accent, a foreign accent...Kevin says his man is so sexy, he has an accent, he's so self concious about it...Jordan asks why?...Kevin says his is not the typical Spanish accent, he is so cute when he botches words, he likes it...Natalie asks who is the man or the woman in his relationship?...Kevin says the whole world should be gay because the roles in the relationship can be flipped, it's awesome for eg, sometimes he drives, sometimes his boyf drives.

Natalie says she always makes her boyfriend drive...Kevin says see?...Jeff says he'd like a chick more like that (more like Kevin is describing not Natalie), he dates girls like that...Jordan says she doesn't like it when a guy picks her up and opens her door...Jeff thinks it's cheeseball...Jordan says "I know! I do too! I just don't like it, I can get my own door" ✔✔✔ Jeff says if he's right there on that side he'll get the door if it's the first couple of dates or if he's walking into a place obviously he's going to let her go first but he's not going to run around the table and pull her chair out for her and he's not going to run around the car when it just goes beep! to go and open your door, who is he impressing anyway...Jordan says right...Jeff says he's not going to do it in 2 weeks so...

Kevin says some girls require it though...Jeff says he hates those types...Natalie says it's old fashioned...Jeff says it's phoney baloney when dudes do that, they're not going to do that all the time, it's fake, you're putting on a front...Jordan says she knew a guy that did all that all the time...Jeff asks if it made her uncomfortable?...Jordan says yeah, kinda...Jeff says it's better to be free with it, it's nice to be nice, don't get him wrong, he's nice...Jordan says she asked for a vodka/cranberry and wanted him to get a liquor drink so he would loosen up, when they went to the car, she was kind of tipsy...Jeff giggles...Jordan says he wanted to open the door and she said "I got it" and he insisted on getting it and Jordan said no, no, honestly he didn't have to do that, she hated that! she doesn't like it when guys do that (another thing they actually have in common! lol)

Natalie says the only thing she wants is her boyfriend to drive...Kevin says oh Lord, that's the 1950's...Jeff likes a girl to drive sometimes...Kevin mentions something cute his boyf does...Jeff says when he used to sleep over at his gf's place on one side of the bed and she would say he needed to sleep on the other side, the side by the door in case someone comes in LOL

Jeff was like wtf are the odds of that happening!? if someone comes in he's freaking the f**k out just like she will...Kevin laughs...Natalie agrees saying the  man is the protector, she likes that too...Jeff says who the f**k is coming into her place!?   Natalie says that's how it is...Jeff says he couldn't protect her from one foot back?  Natalie keeps going and Jeff says "you're a freak show" :) Natalie says they each have their own side...Jeff says he knows they have sides but not for that reason.

Jordan stories/After the show 


They have just finished talking about sides of the bed to sleep on when suddenly Jordan says "have you ever walked in, like your room from being drunk and peed on the floor?"  😳 They all start laughing and Jeff cracks up...

Jeff can't believe what he just heard, looks at Natalie and says "Jesus!"...Jordan says she would get absolutely belligerent drunk and she guesses it's like when a dog makes it's mark...Kevin says "oh God stop it"...Jordan says where her bed was, the pole, the left pole, every single time she'd get belligerent drunk she'd go home and she would pee right there. Natalie says she's so funny...Jeff's face is priceless!!

Jordan starts to demonstrate and Jeff still can't believe it LOL!

When Jordan squats down to show how she would pee, they all crack up laughing...Jordan says that a friend was in sleeping in her bed and saw her and yelled at her to get up! what was she doing!?...Jordan says peeing LOL ...he took her to the bathroom and then she just passed out on the bed, she has done it twice and once she ended up in the bathtub rolled up into a ball...Jeff says yes! :) ...Jordan says she woke up wondering how she ended up in a bathtub, her sister and them found her...Jordan says she has random stories, she always pops squats...Jordan starts telling another story and Jeff says "Jesus" LOL

Jordan says she'll stop at the side of the road to pee, one time 4 of them were in the car, Jordan had to pee so they pulled over at a house that had a For Sale sign, it was all dark, they all splattered out in the bushes, one of her friends said they were going to get in trouble but they all popped squats and left...Natalie asks if she's ever peed from laughing so much...Jordan says not completely but a couple of drops...Natalie says her too.

Jordan asks what makes you forget when you're drunk...Jeff says alcohol...Jordan says duh! but what does it do that makes you forget?...Jeff says he doesn't know, it fu**ing wrecks your brain up...Kevin says maybe they slipped her stuff?...Jordan says her birthday this year is going to be much better than last years...

Jeff says Jordan is putting too much thought into this birthday, he bets it's going to be worse, whenever you think too much about something it never turns out like that (wrong! lol)...Kevin asks if they're going to be in Vegas?...Jeff says Jordan talks about it every day...Jordan says probably not in Vegas, last year her birthday seemed like it lasted an hour, that was her 22nd one, her 21st one she got too drunk and threw up at midnight and passed out and that was it, it was the worst bday ever...Jeff says well maybe this one will be better...Jordan says maybe. :)

They talk about Kevin's birthday, it's right after the finale, they talk about going out together for his birthday since they will probably all be there still...they think the finale will be the 15th...Jordan says they can have a bday celebration...Kevin says they can all go out for drinks if they're still talking to each other...Jeff says f**k yeah, he's down with that.

Jordan says she doesn't care what anyone says, it's a game and then after you might be bitter for a little bit but...Natalie interrupts saying that she agrees that it's a game and no hard feelings but there's a way to get through the game so you don't backstab people (how did that work for you Natalie? 🤔 )...Jordan says that after the show...Natalie interrupts again saying "you'll be friends"...Jeff says he doesn't think they everybody can be friends (yes!)...Natalie says it's an opportunity of a lifetime...Jordan tries again saying that after the show even if somebody did that to her (backstab) she'd be alright "it's squashed", real world, be nice and have fun and forget everything (how did that work for you Jordan? 🤔)

Kevin thinks some people will be different in the real world...they all agree...Kevin says he's so paranoid, he thinks production is out to get him...they talk about the can HOH...Kevin feels like they make certain comps for certain people and he thought the can comp was his to win because it suited him, he told them in the DR that he felt like the producers yelled out they could use the gold cans only when he was in the lead...of course the feeds go to control room twice...

Jordan says this talk is making her sleepy...Jeff says he's going upstairs...Jeff complains about the HOH slippers and starts walking away...Natalie says goodnight to Jeff...Jeff says goodnight yo's...Jeff says "you're sleeping down here Jordo?"...Jordan says "yeah probably" (suuuure ) and feeds go to control room...

Jeff knows Jordan down pat 


About 2 minutes after Jordan tells Jeff in the RR that she is probably going to sleep downstairs, she heads right up to the HOH LOL...Jeff has his Whitestrips in.   

Jeff starts playing solitaire and asks Jordan if she was going to sleep downstairs by herself?...Jordan says yeah, she's going to give him his space for a little bit...Jeff says he doesn't feel like that, she doesn't have to sleep by herself down there...Jordan says she doesn't want to crowd him...Jeff says she's not, he's telling her the truth, she's not, Jeff would tell her thank you, that's nice...alright, goodnight.

Jeff says he doesn't want her to sleep by herself downstairs either, if someone was down there he would say go ahead if that is what she wants but if she wants space then go ahead...for real, he's being honest...they look at each other and exchange what's? :)

Jordan changes the subject LOL she feels like her shirt is shrinking...then they talk a lot of game mostly about Russell & Michele, while Jeff plays solitaire...Jeff warns Jordan without raising his voice  that Jordan shouldn't get too comfortable with Kevin & Natalie...Jeff doesn't want them getting too cocky, he didn't like what they did with taking the covers off Michele when she was napping...more game talk...

Jordan brings up the Drew/Diane thing YET AGAIN  ...she says he better not do the thing Drew did to Diane, she says she would die, she would cry, she would be so mad if he picked Michele over her when they get to the final 3 (as if!) ...Jeff says he's not going to do that, let's get there first but why would he do that to her?...Jeff says they came this far, why would he do that now? it makes no sense when he doesn't even have to...

Jeff would rather go against her in the finals, he doesn't want to see anybody in the finals but them, he wants only them to win the money, if the others don't see that he came a long way and played a good game and want to spite him they will no matter who he is up against, he needs to get there first...Jeff says if he's against Jordan they might let her win because she was sweet the whole game, she didn't make big moves to send anybody home but whatever if they can get over it, he has a chance but if not he doesn't have a chance, he'll worry about that then...

Jeff asks Jordan why she is quiet, did she not like what he just said?...Jordan mumbles she's listening...Jeff says it's the truth turns to Russell & Michele again ...Jeff says they think they have something cooking but they don't, they have no options, he wants to split them up because they're talking behind their back, they never get to the bottom of their stories, it's all bullshit, they'll keep Michele on their side and hope she puts up the right person...Jeff will convince her they're on her side, he knows she's a liar, he'll tell her that they're sticking to the final 3 and then it'll be "see ya later", it hurts what are you going to do?...Jordan mmm, hmm's...

Jeff asks Jordan again why she is quiet?...Jordan says no reason, she's just watching him play...Jeff wants input from her...Jordan says she agrees with everything he said...Jeff says c'mon...Jordan says she does...Jeff says they need to keep talking to Michele...Jordan says she can tell Michele doesn't like them talking to Kevin and Natalie, she thinks they're in a good situation right now...Jeff says yeah...Jordan hopes next week if Michele gets it she doesn't put them up...Jeff asks who is she going to roll with?...Jordan says that's true...Jeff says he just thought of that right now, he wondered the same thing but what is Michele going to do? put them up, split them up and roll with the two that hate her...Jeff says he thinks they're in a good position but he doesn't want to get too cocky. 

Jordan says she's going to keep saying her prayers...Jeff says me too...Jordan says it's crazy that they both won back to back HOH/POV...Jeff says it's crazy for real, he hopes they didn't blow all their prayers on these last 2 weeks 😢..Jordan is sure her grandpa has a prayer line going on at his church...Jeff says he hopes he's in one of them...Jordan says she's sure her friends, brother, mom and sister are doing the same...Jeff says "give me a little love" (aww)...Jeff says her grandpa is probably cursing him...Jordan says why?...Jeff says "because you kissed me on TV?"...Jordan says no.

Jordan asks how many more games he's playing?...Jeff stops playing cards so they can talk...LOL More game talk & scenarios...they think Kevin & Natalie won't turn on them next week 😒..As the game talk continues, Jordan holds Jeff's hand across the bed...she lets her hand linger there and she caresses his fingers...

They let go of their hands and Jeff mumbles "Michele's the worst" LOL Jordan asks about what?...Jeff says that Michele lies to him saying that her and Russell don't talk game...Jeff mistakenly believes that both Kevin and Natalie won't put either of them up the next week while Russell will, he says that there's the answer right there  Jordan says obviously Jeff has to get Russell out before Russell gets him...Jeff says yeah...Jeff says that Russell asked him if the final 4 thing was still on, he swore on his father and it was the one thing he didn't want to do and Jeff said that Russell never broke the promise so what is he talking about?...feeds go to control room...

They talk about how Russell must know that's he's leaving, he made deals with everyone...Jordan says that Russell was found by BB at a bar where he was throwing money around plus he's already got 10 thousand...Jeff doesn't care about that, he's going home anyway.

Jeff says that's fu**ed, they found Jordan too? he tried out...Jeff says that's bullshit, you know how many people try out? LOL Jeff says he wants to hear everyone's stories later, he knows they can't talk about it, it's crazy...Jordan then starts to tell Jeff the story about how she was handpicked to be on BB...she said she thinks it was meant to be that she was chosen, she didn't even think it was real at first...Jordan said isn't it weird how some things turn out? 

They go back to game talk...Jeff says it's going to be so uncomfortable when he calls Russell out...they wonder if Michele will vote for him to stay but it doesn't matter...Jordan says when Russell goes to jury house, it's going to be a him and Jessie bashing (of Jeff)...Jeff says he's fu**ed...Jordan says no, if they think about strategy and stuff, Jeff's got it...Jeff says he doesn't want to think that far ahead.

Jeff says "I would freak out dude if we were in the final 2, like I would fu**ing freak out" :) Jordan says she would too, she'd cry, it would be so freaking awesome, it's going to be hard but if they focus and stay positive she thinks it could happen...Jeff says they have to start studying everything, they need to know everything because if they make it to the final 3, that's the competition, HOH/POV...they wonder what the final comps might be...Jeff thinks it would be fair if this week it was endurance...Jeff goes to the bathroom...

Jeff comes back and wipes some lotion on Jordan's face...she says so, what's up?...Jeff says nothin', he wants this week done with...they talk about how Russell will react once he's put up and how long of a week it will be...Jordan rubs Jeff's arm especially where his tattoo is...Jeff says he'll give him a good speech and make him understand...Jordan says Russell is too sketchy, he showed his cards too early...Jeff says way too early, Ronnie should have gotten him out that week.

Jordan says she is glad that Jeff stayed after that first week or she would have been by herself...Jeff says if he had left then nobody would have gotten Jessie out and Jordan would be long gone...Jeff then changes his mind saying he shouldn't say that, who knows what would have happened...Jeff says Jordan would have had to jump on the Jessie bandwagon (to stay safe)...Jordan says no, she didn't jump on the bandwagon before...Jordan says she would have had to find a new friend...Jeff says "who knows, whatever, everything happens for a reason"...Jordan says yep...

Jeff says Jordan is acting all weird, he hates it, she's quiet because she thinks that she's getting on his nerves and she's not...Jordan says "it's funny, you've only known me a couple of months but you know me down pat, you know me"

Silence...LOL Jordan says "it's funny cuz what is it...on the Bachelor what are you there? 6 weeks on the Bachelor? I'm always like them girls they can't sit there and actually like know the's only 6 weeks BUT I guess it proved wrong cuz I've been here awhile and I feel like I've known you forever"....Jeff says that with when with someone 24/7, who else has that? unless you're doing something like this...Jordan says "and then it's back to the grind"...Jeff says they'll worry about that when they cross that bridge too (referring to their relationship, not just the game )

Jordan wants to go to Myrtle Beach when she gets back home...Jeff says he wants to stay in LA a couple of days and go fishing...they remember that Russell's birthday is next week...Jeff says he honestly trusts him that he wouldn't go up but then Jordan would have to go up because he wouldn't put Michele up and there would be a chance of Jordan going home (aww) and with that said it would even be if they made it, him and Jordan vs Russell and Michele, he likes their odds better vs Kevin and Natalie. 

Jordan uses the washroom, when she comes back she asks why Michele always yawns?...Jeff says it's fake...Jordan giggles, she says she's weird...Jeff says she does awkward things...Jordan says she's just goofy  Jeff says he can't believe how they are acting even after getting called out by them...Jordan suggests laying down the normal way...Jeff says he should backdoor Michele and leaves to take his whitestrips off...Jeff comes back and they decide to turn the lights off...


Smooth Jazz, Tiki huts, Beach weddings 


Jeff & Jordan finally turn off the lights and get comfy in bed...they are quiet and far apart in bed...Jeff tries to engage Jordan...Jordan finally decides to talk about.......Russell 🤯  ...they talk about Russell and what he is really like...Jeff thinks he really does want to be his friend, he's an alright guy but this is the best gameplay sending him home, he would talk to him after this...maybe.  Jordan thinks he'd be the type of person that would go out with you to a bar and leave you stranded...Jeff doesn't think so but he can see him getting pissed off when he drinks, he would want his own ride if he went out with him...Jordan thinks he has anger built up...Jeff thinks he likes confrontation (yep!)

Jeff says that he feels this is the road they have to take, he feels bad leaving him in the dark...Jordan says that Jeff shouldn't feel bad...Jeff says he doesn't, he'll take care of his business but that's his downfall, someone can f**k him and something will happen and he'll feel bad for them even though a week before he wanted to kill them, he doesn't know why he's like that.

Jeff says that he's just not going against them with Jordan...Jordan sarcastically says thanks...Jeff says he's just not, Michele is smarter than him and Russell is an awesome competitor...Jeff says "I mean, I'm not saying, listen, don't, I'm sorry, I don't mean to, I'm not putting you down or anything, you know? and I want you with me in the finals and that's why I'm taking this road too, it's not for me, it's not for you I'm taking this road, it's for both of us, ykwim? it's an easier road for us, it's an easier road for me, an easier road for you, if we take the other way, it's a harder road for me, it's a harder for you, you know?"  ...Jeff says Jordan doesn't believe him?...Jordan does, she sees what he's saying.

Jeff stresses that you have to win every competition, it's survival, if you don't win at this point, you go...Jordan says if they split them up she will die...Jeff says the thing is that he will be the one to go not her but Jeff isn't going anywhere and he really thinks they're going to do it 😢 They go over the HOH's and POV winners...they discuss when Dan happened to be there and what they need to count, what possible comps might be coming up.

Silence then Jeff jokingly says "I thought you were going downstairs?"...Jordan says "I am"...Jeff says he's just joking, no she's not...Jordan mmm, hmmm's and Jeff says un uh (no), why would she go downstairs?...Jordan snuggles up to Jeff and says so that he can have the room to himself cuz since you got in here she's been up there...Jeff says he doesn't care, he wants her up there...Jordan knows but she just mmmm...Jeff says hmmm? what?...Jordan says she doesn't know, she just feels like she's kind of bothering him, she doesn't want him to feel smothered...Jeff says "I'm not Jordan...I would tell you! you don't think I would tell you?"...Jordan says yeah, but he might want the room to himself one night...Jeff says Jordan doesn't bother him, other people there do...Jeff says ok? and to stop being all quiet and shit, she's freaking him out...Jordan asks why?...

Jeff then snuggles up to Jordan and tells her that he can tell, she's acting all quiet and he doesn't like that, she needs to tell him a joke, start laughing...Jordan doesn't know any jokes...Jordan says she took a bath again...Jeff says "yay! you love them, did you shave your legs...smooth jazz?"...Jordan says she did, definitely...Jeff says whatever, I can't get in there LOL! (her soft blankie is in the way 😉) Jeff manages to and says mmmm...Jordan says they're the smoothest they've ever been...Jeff says "Smooth Jazz"...Jordan giggles...

Jordan says she's kinda sleepy tonight...Jeff is too, it's past 2...Jordan brings up the Kevin dating game talking about Jeff but Jeff doesn't bite LOL ...Jordan rubs Jeff's hand and says his hands are soft, he puts lots of lotion on...Jeff says he doesn't like dry hands...he has a disorder :)

Jordan says lotion disorder?...Jeff says yeah...Jordan says Jeff smells good, it's the Axe...Jeff says it's the body wash not the deodorant...Jordan says the Axe works for her...Jeff says it's hers now, she can keep it, they put that in there for her...Jordan says someone took her cookie dough, even though she should lay off of it...Jeff says maybe someone made cookies?... Jordan rubs Jeff's hair and said no one has...Jordan asks if Jeff tried the blueberry muffins she made?...Jeff says no...Jordan says they were good...Jeff says he'll have one for breakfast...Jeff asks if Jordan saw his sandwich for breakfast?...Jordan did...Jeff describes the sandwich and says he was pumped about it...Jordan knows he was...Jeff asks if she wants one tomorrow?...Jordan says maybe...Jeff doesn't think she'll be as pumped as he was about it.

Jordan turns to face the other way and reaches back to touch Jeff AKA assuming "the position"  Jeff says "what happened?"...Jordan says it's over, we lost and she giggles...Jeff says "this over?"...

Quiet and then Jeff says he kind of doesn't like sheets but he likes it in there because it gets so cold in the morning...Jordan then asks Jeff what would be his ideal type vacation spot?...Jeff says Turks & Caicos, somewhere like that...Jordan hasn't heard of that...Jeff says the Bahamas is a little played, he wants to go to Jamaica cuz he loves Reggae...Jeff asks how about her?...

Jordan wants clear blue water and white sand and somewhere where they have tiki huts...Jeff says "oh yeah!"...Jeff says his brother went to Antigua for his honeymoon and stayed in huts on the water...Jordan says that's what she's talking about, you could lay out and be in a towel and sleep...Jeff says you have your own little thing...Jordan asks if they loved it? he says they did...Jeff says that's awesome, that is totally his style too. 

Jordan says if her mom got remarried she would do it on a beach with just a couple of people...Jeff says that is what he wants to do...Jordan talks about her friend's mom's beach wedding...Jeff says that is cool and he likes it...Jordan talks about her friend's type of dress...Jeff says he went to have lunch in Laguna Beach and he saw a beach wedding, he describes what they were wearing, it was really casual but fu**ing awesome...Jordan says she would so do that, she loves that type of wedding but if she could she would have a big wedding too but who knows, her family isn't that big...Jeff would like a beach wedding and then have a party after.

SILENCE...LOL Jeff scratches his head and more SILENCE  (probably mulling over what they just talked about  )

Jeff says "what else you got Jordan?" Jordan says she's sorry, she's falling asleep...they take off their mics…

Jeff can get a goodnight kiss 


Jeff & Jordan take off their mics to go to sleep...Jeff covers his head for a couple of minutes...he then moves over closer to Jordan...they talk a bit more game.

Jordan snuggles into Jeff's armpit and then Jeff rubs her hair...Jeff asks her "why do you love it in there?"...Jordan says she doesn't know, it's kinda weird...Jeff says he doesn't mind, it's her little house LOL Jordan says it's dark and easy, so she can fit right in...Jeff giggles and asks if it smells wonderful?...Jordan says she just doesn't want his deodorant in her hair.

After a minute Jordan turns the other way and says goodnight...Jeff says "goodnight Jordan"...he takes off his tank top, gets his covers all the way he wants and starts his prayers...he prays for a few minutes and then rolls over to Jordan and cuddles her...

@ the 3:09:50 mark he gives her two quick kisses...after a bit he says he has to pee and then he says "are you happy you stayed up here Jordo?"...she uh huhs...Jeff rolls back to his side and decides to listen to some music, he says goodnight again but first he goes to the bathroom...when he returns he puts on the headphones and relaxes...all the while rubbing Jordan's butt.   

After about a minute Jordan goes to say something but doesn't, she just half giggles and Jeff says he loves it...he gives it one last shake and says sorry...Jordan says "I don't care"...Jeff says I love your butt...Jeff says remember when you woke up and you were like this. (referring to the fact she had her hand on his butt) Jordan says she can't believe she was...Jeff says he will let her sleep as he taps her butt one last time.

Jeff says "we're gonna make out tomorrow"...Jordan says "are we?"...Jeff says maybe...Jordan clasps her hand under Jeff's arm...Jeff says he loves that Jordan loves "this song"...Jordan says 11...Jeff says it's the best...Jordan says it's a good song.

Jeff listens to music for about 20 mins...just before the 3:35am mark he senses Jordan moving and asks "you awake Jordan?"...Jordan says she dozes off, wakes up, falls back asleep...Jeff says she keeps shaking, he's wondering wtf she is doing...Jordan says really? she didn't realize that...Jeff says to just go back to sleep...Jordan says she's sleeping and thinking and it's waking her up...Jeff says yeah, you're sleeping unless you wanna make out for awhile...Jordan looks over at him, he giggles...

She feels bad so she says "you can get a goodnight kiss"...Jeff doesn't hear her because of the headphones and asks "who?"...Jordan says you...Jeff says "I know, I never do"...Jordan says "hmm?"...Jeff says "what?"...Jordan gets up and plants a kiss on Jeff…

Jeff says with a big smile on his face "oh, yeah...that's why I couldn't sleep"... Jordan says "now you can"...Jeff says "thanks Jordo"...Jeff continues listening to music and Jordan goes to sleep.

Jordan’s dream/sleeping habits/Jeff’s sweatpants 


Jordan and Jeff have been laying in bed with the lights on for about a half hour...Jordan spoons Jeff..they lay quietly for about 5 minutes, then Jordan turns away from Jeff, he immediately turns towards her and they cuddle & kiss...(movement under the covers)...Jordan tells Jeff she had a dream last night, that one of them won the HOH part that Jeff didn't want to win or something, no, they were all competing and it was an HOH, Jeff didn't want to win and he won it and Jeff yelled at Jordan says he told her he didn't want to win that HOH! and then Jordan said she was sorry...Jeff laughs and says I give you a hard time in my dreams? (he meant her dreams) ...

Jordan says that in the dream she said she was sorry and that Jeff was yelling at her in front of everybody and Michele was saying, calm down Jeff, it's us three, you don't need to yell at her and Jordan said yeah! and Jeff said, you don't understand I told you! and Jeff was yelling...they both start laughing...

Jeff says "see, then you wake up on a bad note, I was already yelling at you"...Jordan says "no, I was just like, I don't know"...Jordan asks Jeff if she was twitching like that last night?...Jeff says she was when she first went to sleep...Jordan laughs...Jeff was like wtf are you doing? what's up? but then he realized she was just asleep...Jordan said she would zone off, twitch, wake back up, zone off, she does that sometimes.

Jeff cuddles up to Jordan, she says she doesn't feel like getting up, he doesn't either...Jordan says it's pretty outside...Jeff says he'll wait til 12:30, it's better sun anyway.

Jordan rubs her eyes...Jeff makes the funny noise he makes when he's about to move in for a kiss or hug, he does, he covers their faces and kisses Jordan...Jordan says she can't breathe under there, she says it gets hot...Jeff says that's why he does it, it's freezing.

They start talking about Casey, the banana comp and the tiff they had prior to and during it...Jordan says she was still mad and didn't want any help...she starts raising her voice and Jeff puts his hand over her mouth LOL 

Jordan says she knew she was going to be eliminated...Jeff says so yelling at him in front of everybody was better?...Jordan says she didn't yell at him...Jeff says "and then I yell at you in my dreams, in your dreams?" Jordan, with a devilish smile, says that Jeff yells at her now, it's his thing...Jeff says "no, it's not my thing"...Jordan says mmm, hmmm...Jeff leans in, kisses Jordan and says mmm, mmm...Jordan, like only Jordan can, says No!...Jeff laughs, he remembers the dream and says "of course, Michele has to stick her two cents in in the fu**ing dream" LOL...they both laugh.

Jordan giggles and says he has a good point...Jeff says it's her or Lydia...Jordan says Lydia was the worst...Jeff says "dude, the worst!", he says that Lydia wouldn't talk to him for 3 days, he would say "Jordan" and Lydia would say from another room, to not talk to Jordan like that, he wanted to punch her...Jordan says he got rid of her so...Jeff says he would like to be a fly on the wall in the jury house.

Jordan starts lol'ing about Natalie & Kevin and the bug incident, she says it was so funny...Jordan says they should tell production should do a thing on that...Jeff thinks they're already on it...Jordan says instead of Jesseeee, Jesseeee it's Kevin, Kevin now...Jeff says Kevin ran the other way instead of helping Natalie ...Jordan lol's twice more...Jeff says still? LOL

Jordan says she's thinking about funny stuff...Jeff says good, stay in a good mood...Jordan says at one point last night she snuggled up to Jeff and he pushed her away or she put her feet on him...Jeff says no, he was about to fall off the bed and he asked Jordan to move over please...Jeff demonstrates LOL...Jeff says she kept pushing him and he was like wtf? you gotta move over...Jeff says it was the third time she did it...Jeff hugs his pillow and faces her...he says "you wanted to snuggle up last night" 😋 Jordan says she was cold and he took all the covers...Jeff denies...Jordan says her feet were cold...Jeff says he doesn't care about snuggling (AKA he wants to snuggle, lol) but just do it in the middle of the bed.

Jordan says she is going bald on the one side, it's thin right there...Jordan asks to switch sides to listen to his CD player...they switch...Jeff gets up to get a drink...he goes to the fridge to get something and when he turns back his sweatpants are almost falling off and his package is half on display ...Jordan notices and giggles and tells him to pull his pants up...he smiles and obliges her.

Jeff drinks a bit of his V8 and says the whitestrips make his teeth sensitive...Jordan says to grin, he does, she says they look white...he reaches over and takes something out of Jordan's eye, he says she needs to get it, then he does it again and gets some off...he asks her how she can sleep with mascara on?...Jordan says it's the liquid liner that comes off in the corner of her eye...she asks if it's gone?...Jeff says it is...Jordan puts on her headphones and listens to music...

Game chat in the HOH - Jordan wakes Jeff up 


Jeff has been sleeping in the HOH room, Jordan has been outside talking game with Michele, she excuses herself saying she needs to go to the bathroom and goes up to the HOH to talk with Jeff.

Jordan taps Jeff on the leg says "hey, what's up?"...Jeff stretches and says "what's up Jordan?"...Jeff asks what time it is?...Jordan says one something...Jeff says really?...

Jordan says yeah, she is nervous and says "hang on" while getting the remote for the spyscreen...Jeff says he has to get up anyway and he does, he goes into the bathroom to put on his contacts and brush his teeth...Jordan starts telling Jeff about the conversation she just had with Michele...

Jordan says Michele asked her who she wanted to see leave?...Jordan says she doesn't know but she guesses Kevin or Russell because they're the strongest players and then she turned it on Michele asking who she wanted to see go and Michele said Kevin and Natalie (leaving out Russell) after some hesitancy...Jordan says she forgot to tell Jeff that yesterday Michele told her that Russell said Jeff put his key in first just to trick him into feeling safe...Jordan says that Natalie was out there talking about slop saying that it was fair that Russell was on slop now because he'd never been on and then Michele sassily said that Natalie had really only been on slop half of the time...Jordan says that Michele is sticking up for Russell and she told Jordan an FYI - that Russell told her he was going to go berserk if Jeff put him up as the replacement nominee 

Jordan says that she told Michele that she's not sure what Jeff's going to do and she not speaking for Jeff but if it was her decision she would get rid of Kevin or Russell but that's not coming from Jeff's mouth, it's coming from her, she doesn't trust Russell, he couldn't even come clean with Jeff and Michele admitted that Russell told her that he wished she hadn't said anything about them talking about being final 2.

Jordan says she told her that Jeff is going to do what's best for Jeff and she said that if Russell does win HOH next week he's not going to worry about Natalie with Kevin gone, he's going to try and get rid of Jeff, make a move and Michele didn't say anything...Jeff giggles...Jordan says that Michele asked her if JeJo think about the finals? and Jordan told her that they think of it a little but they don't like to think that far ahead because it's them 3 in the finals remember?...Michele asked why would they want to keep Natalie? it makes sense they want to keep her because why would they want to go up against Michele?

Jeff says "no shit" LOL Jordan says that Michele asked her if they have even thought about that and Jordan said no, they only think about this week and next...Michele told Jordan that next week it wouldn't be good to win HOH because then you couldn't play for the final four/three...Jeff says that's fine, if Michele doesn't win HOH, she's gone, that's all...Jordan told her that she's still going to try...Jeff says "she's sold, she's gone, f**k her"...Jordan says she's so with Russell...Jeff says that's cool, Russell's gone and if she doesn't want to play by their rules then it's 4 against 1...Jordan says Russell knows he's going up...Jeff knows that Russell knows it's the only move to play.

Jeff and Jordan agree it's the best/smartest move...Jordan says it's so good Michele didn't win the POV...Jeff says she better watch her fu**ing tone, if she gets out of line then he'll tell her Russell is going up and if she keeps up with the tone then she better fu**ing watch it, if she wants to throw HOH go ahead and make it easy on them, she'll go home then...Jeff says Michele isn't stupid, she knows Russell is her only ally, if Russell goes home she's effed, she knows that JeJo are covering both ends, of course M&R talk about it, all day sitting there for 8 hours, they know what the best move is, this, Jessie knew what the best move was when Jeff evicted him, Russell's not dumb, he knows this is the best move, is he going to sweet talk him and ask if Jeff wants to work out? no, he doesn't, he wants Russell to leave, that's what he wants.

Jordan brings up the berserk thing again and Jeff says for him to go berserk...Jordan says she's not scared of him, what is he going to do? yell, scream, say hurtful things? (yep! )...Jordan says if Russell says something during the POV ceremony she will say something to him ...Jeff says he's not going to say anything, berserk? like he's scared of him, he'll fu**ing slap him in his fu**ing face...Jordan says she thought "omg! I gotta wake up Jeff and tell him", she used the bathroom excuse...Jeff says who cares if Jordan is telling him? who the f**k is she running around telling you that shit, she should watch her fu**ing mouth...Jordan repeats that she made it clear these were her thoughts not Jeff's so they can't turn around and say anything.

Jordan says she has to shave her bikini line...Jeff says "shave? your goocher?" LOL Jordan goes in the shower stall to shave while Jeff goes to poop...(haha they keep talking...they crack me up! even while doing this they talk game ) ...Jordan says she told Michele to remember that Russell never liked her in the beginning, he's just using her...they discuss what Michele said about not wanting to win HOH next week...Jordan wonders if Michele would put them up if she won?...Jordan says if Michele flops, she'll take HOH and then they can do whatever they want.

Jordan waits while Jeff puts his shorts on...Jeff starts looking through the fish food bags saying they're all mixed up...Jordan says that Michele said she wasn't stupid and was questioning the fact that Jordan and Jeff never thought of keeping Natalie the weaker of two of them...Jeff says "be like, I'm not stupid either, you never talked to Russell?"...Jordan says she said no...Jeff says Michele knows it's the best move, let her talk to him...Jordan says she's kiind of worried if Michele wins HOH because Michele said if it comes down to it, she'll have to put one of them up...Jeff says "yeah, next week"...Jeff asks what day it is?...they figure out it's Sunday...Jeff looks through the bags...

HOH Game talk - Jeff feeds the fish 


While talking game with Jordan, Jeff feeds the fish in the HOH room...

Jeff has realized the order of the food bags is all messed up, he says that BB is just going to have to fix it later on...Jeff and Jordan talk about Michele’s sassiness when grilling Jordan earlier...Jordan tells Jeff that she told Michele that Jeff is going to do what’s best for him just like Michele would...Jeff says Jordan best believe she’s running to tell Russell right now, he doesn’t give a f**k, he will tell Russell he’s putting him up if he asks.

Jeff puts his hand, full of fish food, in the fish tank and says “look at these fu**ing things, look it”...Jordan asks “are they eating it?”...Jeff says yeah, they nibble your fingers...Jordan says eww...Jeff says you don’t feel it...Jeff says they’re so smart, they wait for this fu**ing thing...Jordan asks “what’s that?”...Jeff says “watch”, it’s a chunk you push against the glass, they’re all supposed to nibble on it and run away but one fish steals the whole thing...he tells her to watch as he does it and boom! one fish immediately steals it...Jeff says they all fight for it and then take off and chase each other...

Jeff goes to wash his hands...Jordan tells Jeff not to act any different when he goes downstairs...Jeff says he won’t...Jordan says Michele wanted to get info to see where Jeff’s head was so she could go tell Russell...Jeff says yeah, for sure...Jordan says she told Michele that Jeff hasn’t told her what he’s doing...Jeff says Michele thinks they’re stupid, he doesn’t even know why he’s getting mad, he’s just mad at the fact that no problem, he’ll bend over while Michele puts it (knife) in him.

Jordan says she’s going back downstairs, she just wanted to let him know what Michele said...Jeff says “thanks Jordan”...Jordan says “you’re welcome”...Jeff thanks her for waking him up too...Jordan says that she said things ok?...they high five...

Jeff asks what?...Jordan says that Jeff always says she doesn’t say anything, that’s why she said they were coming out of her mouth...Jeff grabs Jordan and playfully whips her onto the bed LOL

Jeff grabs his UCLA hat and mutters to himself what Michele said about Russell going to go berserk...Jordan asks if she can wear Jeff’s fishing hat (to block the sun)...Jeff says yeah...Jordan says “really?”...Jeff says yeah...Jordan puts it on but says she looks like Grumpy Old Men, she doesn’t want it...Jeff asks if she wants his Italian hat?...Jordan says no, she’s good...they walk out and head downstairs...Jeff asks if Jordan has eaten?...Jordan says she ate a muffin and oatmeal...Jordan goes outside and Jeff heads to the SS room to get his sandals…

Jordan likes country music 


Poolside...JeJo are both in the pool in their customary rafts, Michele is getting out, Russell is sitting on the edge of the pool just being weird...tension is in the air but Jeff and Jordan try to act like nothing is going on  ...Jordan pokes Jeff in the ear to get his attention LOL...Jeff asks if Jordan put lotion on?...Jordan says earlier she did, did he?...Jeff says not yet.

Jeff brings up the weird music they played this morning...Jordan says she never even heard of them, the second one was country wasn’t it?...Russell mumbles something...Jordan says she thought it was but...Jeff says “it had to be for you”...Jordan repeats she never heard of it.

Jordan says she likes Brad Paisley, Tim McGraw, Kenny Chesney, Alan Jackson...Jeff asks if a lot of people where she’s from like it? he keeps picturing that she’s from a smaller town in the south, but Charlotte is a bigger town but does Charlotte like country?...Jordan says oh yeah definitely, she says how she told Jeff about May race week and they have people like Gary Allen, Boyz II Men, they have 4 different stages with concerts, she was 18 or 19 when Boyz II Men was there, they close half the streets down, they have food, funnel cakes, they have concerts...Jordan says she missed it when she came out to LA in May, they have it every year, it’s called Speed Street.

Jeff asks who was there last year?...Jordan says she thinks Gary Allen, one year Kellie Pickler was there, they have alternative bands too, also every year in October they have the Gravedigger’s Ball and last year Katy Perry was there...Russell asks if it’s only Nascar or Motorcross too?...Jordan says mainly Nascar, the last day, Sunday is when the big race happens.

Jordan says when she was younger she went to Kenny Chesney concerts, she remembers Keith Urban and Rascal Flatts too...Russell says Rascal Flatts is popular out here...Jordan loves Rascal Flatts, they’re really good...Jordan says she likes Carrie Underwood too...Russell asks if that’s the hot girl that won American Idol?...Jordan says yes...Russell says she’s smoking hot...feeds go to control room...

Mono & football


Jeff and Jordan continue chatting with Russell and Michele at the pool...they have been talking about braces, wisdom teeth and tonsils...Jordan says her wisdom teeth were impacted and had to be removed, Jeff says his were too...Jordan talks about her dentist while a helicopter flies overhead, it’s impossible to hear what she’s saying...Jeff says when he was young, in high school, he used to get strep throat every year, when winter would come around, the changing of the seasons, he’d get it and the doctor was always urging him to take his tonsils out for four years, never did and then he just never got strep again...Russell says he always thought kids that get strep or mono were using it as an excuse to skip school.

Jeff says his senior year he got sick and he went to the doctor with his oldest brother, the doctor told him he had mono and Jeff asked him what about football? The doctor asked what year he was and Jeff told him senior and he said his football career is done, he can’t play...Jeff was like what!?...the doctor told him that if he took a shot in the kidneys, which are swollen, he could die...Jeff told his brother that if he told their parents that Jeff can’t play football, he would kill him and then when they got home his brother said “Jeff’s got mono! he can’t play”  

Jeff was like “you fu**ing asshole!” and his Ma was like “don’t say that” and his dad was like “how do you feel?” LOL...Jeff says his dad was all about playing...Russell says it’s such a dad comment...Jeff says he played a rival school, he only ran the ball 11 times that game, he was really weak, he was sick...Russell asks what mono does?...Jeff says it makes you weak...Jordan says it makes you tired and sleepy...Jeff says he could feel it in his throat, he wasn’t eating anything because of his swollen throat...

Jeff says it was homecoming game, he was so sick, didn’t even practice and ran like shit, one of the kids from the other school was trash talking Jeff saying he sucked, calling him a pussy and all this shit was going through his head like if he didn’t have mono he would have fu**ing drilled him, the kid kept taunting him and Jeff got up and kicked him, kneed him in the face...Jeff says he got thrown out of the game and the next game, that gave him a little time to recover ...Jordan giggles.

Jeff says that he ended up playing with someone that played for the other team that remembered the incident and Jeff and they had it on tape so they could watch film of Jeff...Jeff says “my parents were so pissed”...Jordan says “I bet”...Russell brings up the mono again...Jeff says he was weak and skinny, he shouldn’t have played...Russell asks how it went away?...Jeff says antibiotics but you have to keep taking them for a long time...Jordan says you have to rest and sleep or it won’t go away plus antibiotics...Russell wonders why only young people get it?...Michele says there was an outbreak in her college...Jeff says he guesses it’s really contagious...Jordan who has gotten up is walking to the hammock and says “yeah, you could have got your.....teammates mono” (I think she was going to say “girlfriend” instead of teammates lol)

Russell mutters about Jeff kneeing that guy in the face...Jeff says he was pissed because the guy said he sucked and he was right...Jeff says if he wasn’t sick he would have drilled the guy in the face legally...Russell asks if Jeff was a bruiser or a speed demon?...Jeff says bruiser, he didn’t have the speed so he’d have to put his head down, he ran like idol Walter Peyton how he finished all his runs and that’s how he would run, he’d just drill the safeties, make them pay, then in the second half make moves because they were leery of getting hit and he’d go right around them, that’s high school though...Jeff says in college he was even slower because everyone is faster so he just ran with his head down...Russell and Jeff continue football talk...


The Great Peach/Nectarine debate rages on…


This is the infamous peach/nectarine argument that aired on the TV show and the one that IMO Jordan was embarrassed about afterwards...a few days later they had the conversation in the HOH about it, I think she realized that BB was going to use it to make her look dumb/irrational and she didn't like it...

The feeds switch from outside to the kitchen where Jeff and Jordan are...Jeff is prepping for the chicken for lunch, Jordan is sitting on the counter eating a nectarine...Jordan is being stubborn insisting it’s a peach...

Jordan says she’s about to go in the DR and ask them because she honestly thinks Jeff is wrong...Jeff just wants to prepare the chicken LOL but says “hold on, I’m going to prove this right now” and he walks towards the SR...Jordan says “cuz a peach and nectarine taste identical, this is a peach” (wrong!)...Jeff mutters “alright”...Jeff yells out asking if there’s a red onion out there?...Jordan says she doesn’t see it...Jeff says it’s on the left...Jordan shrugs and says “whatever” (not nice Jordan)...Jeff is heard saying “f**k”...he comes back saying that Jordan should go in the DR and ask, he went in the SR to see if there was a nectarine sticker on the fruit.

Jordan says “I know I’m right, it’s a peach” (wrong!)...Jeff ignores and says they can make the chicken the other way and put them in fajitas too...Jeff then says “go ask, it’ll be funny”...Jordan asks if he thinks they will be able to tell if she holds up the pit?...Jeff says yeah, ask them what’s the difference between a peach and a nectarine? Is one fuzzy and one smooth?...Jordan says “yeah but they taste the same”...Jordan walks off saying “me and you are just having these little conflicts with each other”...Jeff sarcastically says “make sure you sit down and look cute cuz they’re going to use this”...Jordan says “no!”...Jeff clears his throat (showing constraint LOL)

Jordan goes in the DR, Jeff continues prepping...feeds go to control room briefly...Jordan yells out “Jeff!”...Jeff says what?...Jordan says “he (DR guy) said it did look like a peach aaaand but he said he’s not the one that does the grocery shopping so he doesn’t know but tonight I will definitely find out if Michelle or one of them is working and I will ask because...let me ask her” (referring to Michele who has just come inside)

Jordan asks Michele, this is a peach correct? It has the nut like a peach...Michele looks...Jeff says “what is a peach? does it have fur on the outside or is it smooth?”...Jordan who is raising her voice, says “I know a peach has fur”...Michele says peaches are furry...Jeff says “it’s smooth, what’s it called?”...Jordan tells Michele to smell it...Michele says it smells like a peach...Jordan yells “it’s a peach!”...Michele says she doesn’t know!...Jeff says to Jordan “you’re a peach” LOL

Jordan, who is wrong, says “you’re so wrong and you hate it because I'm right” Jeff yells “I don’t hate it! It’s a nectarine!”...Jordan says “no, I put, I put 100 bucks on it” (Jordan would lose )...Michele confuses those fruits with oranges and tangerines, she doesn’t eat a lot of fruit...Jordan yells “a nectarine tastes completely different, it’s harder, this is soft”...Jeff guffaws saying “so what’s the difference between...what if I am wrong? I’m going to be so fu**ing pissed”...Jeff laughs...Jordan yells “you are wrong!!”...Jeff says “what’s a furry peach called and what’s a smooth one called? a smooth peach?”...Michele howls like a hyena...Jordan says “when I was cutting the fruit...a nectarine is kinda...stop you’re making me’s kinda like the apple thing”...Michele brings up tangerines...Jeff says “no, that’s a tangerine”...Jordan yells “a nectarine!”...Jeff points at Jordan saying that’s a nectarine!!...Jordan yells “this is a peach!! smell it, it has a nut in the middle!!”...Jeff yells “what do you mean smell it!? Is it furry or smooth?”...Jordan continues being stubborn saying it’s a peach, it smells like it, it’s a peach!! yes it is!!

Natalie is about to walk in at this moment...Jeff, referring to Natalie, says “don’t even start with her”...Of course Jordan starts in with Natalie lol...Jordan says to come here...Jeff says “oh boy, house meeting”...Jordan says “yeah house meeting cuz I know I’m right and I know you’re so wrong” (wow 😨  )...Jeff who has shown much constraint says “you better watch what you say cuz if you’re wrong you’re going to look like a fool so heads up” 

Jordan holds up the pit and says “this is a peach right?”...Natalie says “nectarine”...Jeff says “BAM!” LOL...Jordan says “how is this a nectarine?”...Natalie says “peaches are the soft fuzzy ones”...Jordan says she knows but smell it, it smells like a peach...Natalie smells and nods no...Jeff says “you lost!”...Jordan says “no! this is a peach!!”...Jeff says “you lost, it hurts”...Natalie walks off saying sorry Jordo and muttering something about nectarines...Jordan is a little speechless and stumbles over her words...Jeff nods saying “I’m the best” :) Jordan says “no, you’re not”...Jeff says “just say I won”...Jordan says “no”...Jeff continues “I’m sorry Jeff, I’ll go get you a lemon if you want right now...I need a lemon, could you go get me one?” LOL

Jordan says she doesn’t understand why nectarines and this (she still won’t admit haha) taste just alike? when she cut the other nectarine, it was hard, this one is actually softer...

Jordan gets up saying “I still don’t believe it, I still think I’m right”...Jeff asks if she can get him a lemon?...Jordan says no, cuz she’s pissed...Jeff says “why, come on, go get me a lemon’s your lunch”...Jordan walks off saying “no I just ugghhhhhhh”...Jeff says “what are you mad about? that you’re wrong?”...Michele asks if Jordan can bring her some milk?...Jordan says “sure Michele”...

Jeff says for Jordan to check if there’s any winekins in there for Jordan and he giggles...Michele says “you’re such a butthead Jeff” HUH? Wtf is she talking about!?...Jeff says “butthead!? she was screaming at me and she didn’t even know if she was right or not!”...Michele giggles...Jeff says “how come I always look like the bad guy even when I’m right?”...Michele says he’s not the bad guy...Natalie asks Michele if she said it was a nectarine too?...Michele says she doesn’t know fruit...Jeff laughs...Michele says she’s never eaten either, only canned fruit...Jeff says “too funny”...

(in the meantime on Cam 2 Jordan is seen in the SR looking at nectarines and smelling them lol)

A minute later Jordan brings back the milk and puts the lemon down in front of Jeff...Jeff laughingly says “don’t get pissed at me...uhh, you could still be right Jordan, you don’t know for sure”...Jordan says “I know, I think I am”...Jeff says “I don’t think you are but” 

Jordan says every time she eats a peach it looks exactly like that...Jeff says it does look and taste exactly like a peach”...Jordan says “oh”...Jeff says “but it’s not a peach, ykwim?”...Jordan mmm, hmm’s...Jeff says Jordan can ask them in the DR tonight, is she gonna?...Jordan mmm, hmm’s...Jeff starts talking about how much chicken he should make and Jordan who is still pouty keeps mmm, hmm’ing...

Jeff says he’s obsessed with basil...Jordan just stares...Jeff says he can’t believe she went in the DR (to ask), she’s funny...Jordan says it’s because she was 100% sure she was right...Jeff says “how are you 100%?”...Jordan says in an annoyed tone “I don’t know! I guess it’s cuz I never had a nectarine before that tasted like a peach”...Jeff says “listen, then what’s the difference? they gotta be two different things”...Jordan explains again that the previous nectarine was harder like an apple (umm, it wasn’t as ripe lol) and this one was soft...Jeff says he knows what she means, the texture is exactly like a peach...Jordan says “exactly”...Jeff who is trying to compromise says “maybe you’re right, I don’t know, I thought peaches were furry”...Jordan finally backs down saying they are but she thought this one just might be...

Jordan trails off and drops the conversation instead asking if she can put the chicken on the grill?...Jeff asks if she wants to cook it?...Jordan says yeah...Jeff says she can, if she’s saying she’s trying to help...Jordan asks if he’s trying to be nice now?...Jeff says what does she mean, he’ll let her do it, he just has to supervise...Jordan asks what Jeff is putting on the chicken? garlic and pepper?...Jeff says yeah...Jordan says those are his main ingredients...Jeff adds salt too, he also says red pepper to make it a little spicy...Jeff says the pepper mill takes forever...Jordan says she put pepper in another grinder, it might be easier for him...

Jordan asks if that stuff makes it more fattening?...Jeff explains it’s just a marinade to give flavour...Jordan says she went on the scale and weighed 140.5...Jeff says grilled chicken is the best for her, if she wants to lose weight, just eat chicken with a salad...Jordan just continues looking at Jeff...Jeff continues chopping garlic...Jordan tells Jeff to call her once he’s done...Jeff says he’ll cook the chicken later...Jordan asks if he wants help putting away the spices...Jeff says no, she can go outside and enjoy :) ...Jordan goes outside…

Grilling chicken


Jeff & Jordan grill some chicken on the grill and chit chat about game & stuff.  :)

That's all. LOL I thought it was cute watching them cook together plus Jeff is shirtless 😛 

Jeff is older & wiser 


Jeff & Jordan finish having their chicken dinner and head up to the HOH to chill....Jordan sits in bed and waits for Jeff who is in the bathroom...Jeff sits in the round chair and immediately flirts with Jordan, he flashes his dimples and asks Jordan if she wants to take a shower together 😘 ...Jordan says yeah, let's go...Jeff, looking like the cheshire cat says he will meet her in there...Jordan giggles...Jeff asks what her smile is about?...Jordan says nothin', can she not smile?...Jeff says it's a little smirky though, what's on her mind? 

Jordan says nothing, everybody is split up in 2's...Jordan doesn't like Michele's attitude... they talk about Michele wanting to save Russell and what it will be like when he walks out that door, Jordan can't wait...Jeff thinks he'll be mad at first but he'll be over it by Thursday...Jordan doesn't want to commit to Kevin & Natalie too much...Jeff says they saved them twice, they owe him...Jordan knows and says she can't believe Michele told her that they would be dump to keep her, she likened it Natalie to Jerry from the Dan/Memphis season and then Jordan got pissed thinking, who does she thinks she is??

Jordan says she notices Michele's annoying yawning now, it irritates her...Jeff says once you notice it, it gets on your nerves...Jordan says Michele was throwing stones about her & Jeff being up in the HOH room...they don't know what she's talking about...Jeff makes fun of whiny, mumbly Michele saying "are you guys listening to music up there?" LOL Jordan laughs! and says she's crazy...Jeff says that something is on Michele's mind and she won't say it, Jeff knows what she is thinking though but he has things on his mind too.

They talk about end game, Michele and how she does in comps  ...Jordan says she lied to Michele about worrying that Jeff would dump her in the final 3 like Drew & Diane...Jeff says yeah, let her think that...Jordan says if she has to she'll make a pretend deal with her...Jeff says she doesn't even have to make that deal...they agree they want it to be Jeff, Jordan and Natalie in the final 3...Jeff says she could pull one out at the end but they just have to put themselves in the best position and hope for the best...they say Kevin is slick and not sure who they trust more between the two...Jeff says Michele isn't that impressive in comps...they go over them...Jeff says his wins aren't that impressive either he guesses...Jordan says he won stuff.

Jordan goes to the bathroom, comes out and pretends to hit Jeff in the face and Jeff grabs to pinch her butt but misses...Jordan sits down but gets back up to put her mic on, she says she's glad Jeff is her partner otherwise she would've been out of there, she would have been gawn...Jeff says "you gawn" :)

Jordan gets a granola bar and sits back down on the bed...they talk about Kevin & Natalie...Jordan says they're not getting on her nerves and they're not up their asses...they talk about how Natalie is sucking up...Jordan thinks they have probably made a final 2 deal...Jordan tells Jeff that she told Kevin they didn't make a final 2 deal, that it is bad luck...Jeff says that is what they want (final 2) but it's still a long way off.

Probably one of my top 5 little interactions btw J&J here (LOVE watching Jeff's reaction)

Jordan asks Jeff is he thinks it is possible? (that they make it to final 2)...Jeff says she asks him this every day and anything is possible...Jordan says "ok, LISTEN, I wanna ask you something"...Jeff starts smiling a huge smile...

Jordan says "I wanna tell you something, the reason I ask you things like that is because it's're older and wiser and I listen to everything you say because I, I don't know"...Jeff starts laughing...

Jordan continues..."I trust you and I feel like you're smarter and you whenever I don't feel confident about something or I get kinda worried, I just ask you because I feel like I just need the reassurance and it makes me feel that's why if I ask you and you're like omg, I just ask you because I think you have all the answers"...Jeff says he doesn't have all the answers but yes, he thinks they can do it...Jeff gives one of his motivational positive pep talks. 

Jordan says she plays it over in their head if they were to be final 2 with the others asking them questions...Jeff says that's good to picture that...Jordan says she asks a lot because she thinks Jeff has all the answers...Jeff asks her if she believes they can do it?...Jordan says she does but she wants to know what he thinks too...Jeff says he believes it...they talk more game & scenarios ...Jeff basically says the answer is always win HOH or POV, win that's all, throw a hippo in the scenario, just win, don't rely on others, win, don't give up, win...feeds go to control room...more game talk.

Jeff says at this point in the game everyone is lying, he just wants the strongest player out...Jeff says he's lying LOL...Jordan says it better not be to her!...Jeff runs his hands through his hair in frustration and says "shut up!"...Jordan giggles...Jeff gets quiet for a little while and Jordan asks him what is he thinking?...Jeff says nothing...Jordan says "you wanna make out?"...Jeff says yeah...Jordan says she knew that would put a smile on his face... :) Jeff gets quiet again...

Jordan asks about Jardiniere? LOL Jeff explains what it is and says he can't believe they gave him that...Jordan says she is going to work out tonight...Jeff says he is lazy, he has no motivation which is stupid because there is nothing to do in there...Jordan says she was the same with her homework...Jeff says like avoiding counting things in the GR? /sarcasm...Jordan says they can do it late tonight if he wants...Jeff says yes, they decide they'll do it soon when others aren't around...feeds are cut off...

Crab legs, neck kisses & going fishing Part 1 


Jeff gets in bed with Jordan...Jordan says they'll take a nap, work out, take a shower and then start counting stuff...they go over the need for counting...Jeff says that if someone on the street came up to her and said she had to count everything in this house for the one in five chance to win a half million dollars what would she do?...Jordan says "count"...Jeff says "everything so why would you be lazy and not practice or learn?" ...Jeff says he is spinning his wheels with her to try and get through to her that they need to do everything they can to learn...Jordan mmm, hmm's.

Silence..........then Jordan bites her nail, smiles and takes off her mic to sleep, she tells Jeff "goodnight"...Jeff does his little groan 😚 Jordan wraps herself up in the blanket and grabs the other bigger blanket to cover herself...feeds go to control room...

...when they return Jordan is giggling about her legs crawling? LOL and Jeff has covered his head with the big cover...Jordan says "hellooo?"...Jeff says "when you tell me when I'm going to get crab legs and what kind then I'll respond to you...until you get those 2 answers I'm not talking to you anymore, so figure those two questions...when am I gonna eat crab legs?"...Jordan says "when you get outta here"...Jeff says "wow! ok, what kind of crab legs do you know?"...Jordan says "none"...Jeff says "you don't have crab legs when you worked at Hooter's?"...Jordan says "just crab legs, regular crab legs"... Jeff says "so what other crab legs are you talking about when I said if you were a crab I would eat you"...Jordan says "I thought you were talking about my legs"  They laugh...Jeff says "if they were filled with crab meat I would eat them" :)...Jordan says "I thought you were being dirty"😂..Jordan laughs and Jeff rips the cover off his head and looks over at her with a big smile...

Jeff says "oh my Gawd"...Jordan tries to explain but Jeff says "what planet am I on right now?" ...Jordan says "cuz you said if I was a crab you'd eat me"...he says it's cuz he likes crab legs, she never heard him say that? which means he likes her (he admits it!) ...Jordan thought he was trying to be goofy when he said that...Jeff says yeah, I got it....Jordan says Jeff is short tempered...Jeff says he's not, he didn't even get pissed, he just wanted her to figure out something, he's beginning the quizzes now...Jeff says that's not short tempered...Jordan giggles and then moans...

Jeff mimics her moaning in Michele's manner and covers his head again...they both laugh...Jordan says she doesn't like "this Jeff" that she's been experiencing...Jeff says then he'll just be goofy and who gives a f**k who wins...Jordan says noooo, to stop acting like that...Jeff says who cares, let's just have fun....Jeff says they got this far, at least they got to the jury house....feeds go to control room and you can see Jeff covering Jordan with the cover and grabbing her towards him, enveloping her, going for her neck and kissing her...

When they return Jeff is still spooning Jordan...after a minute he turns back to his side, closes his eyes and covers his head...Jeff rubs Jordan and snuggles up to her, gives her a little kiss and asks her "what does that mean? does this mean it's over?"...Jordan says mmm, hmmm, you're done, it's over...Jeff nuzzles her and asks why?...Jordan says "cuz! you get very irritated with me now and I keep saying that, every day" (he's continuing to kiss/bite her ear/neck) ...Jeff says he's not, he told her, why would he be hugging her?...Jordan says "cuz you're trying to make up!"..they laugh and he kisses her. 

Jeff says he could just throw her aside...Jordan squeals no!...Jeff says no and he nuzzles some more...Jordan says "not at all, Jeefff!"...Jeff says what? they're practicing, the questions...more giggles...Jordan says "on my neck?" 😄

Some funny business goes on, they do their Jeff! no! what? routine...Jeff says he's trying to get some sleep, relax...Jordan laughs and says he keeps kissing her neck, he's not getting practice...Jeff says who is doing that? quit showing off...they joke around about covers, not breathing and pillow smothering LOL Jordan says that's awful...Jeff says he's joking...Jordan says she needs to put on deodorant...Jeff says gross! and they banter about that...Jordan puts on deodorant and sings while doing it 😀

Jordan gets back in bed and they banter about B.O...Jordan says she doesn't stink...Jeff says quit telling people he's hitting on her all the time or else she's going to be called smelly when she gets out of here...they joke around some more about stones and who Jordan tells that to…

CL, NK & GF Part 2 


Jordan reaches over to touch Jeff...Jeff says no! (ala Jordan) and Jordan tells him to calm down...calm down now!...Jeff gives her a cute look and says "you're not the boss of me"...Jordan says " forgot that part"...they laugh...Jordan says "you're going down sista...isn't that how you say it?"...Jeff asks if Jordan will scratch his back?...Jordan huhs and begrudgingly says she will, she tells him to turn around...Jeff says why can't Jordan be appreciative that he made her lunch so she would willingly scratch his back?...Jordan protests about who did what for lunch...Jeff just want scratches please, everything doesn't have to be an argument.

Jordan starts scratching...they start bickering about how to back scratch LOL but she keeps doing it and Jeff keeps enjoying it...☺️ ...they are quiet but Jordan keeps doing those secret smiles of hers...

They talk a little about mint chocolate chip ice cream and if Jordan should bring her clothes upstairs thinking Russell might do something to them?...Jeff says no, he'll be fine...they talk a little game concerning Russell and Michele...Jordan asks can he imagine what it would be like in there if the prize was a million dollars?...Jeff says it's half a million what is that, shit?...Jordan says no it's a lot but people are...Jeff says he would stab someone for half a million...Jordan says she would stab someone for a 100 thousand...Jeff says he'll cut his fingers off for a 100 bucks...Jordan laughs...Jeff says buy him dinner and he'll rip his esophagus out (yikes! lol)...Jeff says he's just joking.

Jordan brings up fishing...she asks him if he's going fishing when he leaves?...with his dad?...Jeff says no, he'll stay in California and go fishing on the ocean...Jordan asks on the pier?...Jeff says no in a boat...Jeff says they have charters that go out out of Redondo beach right next to Hermosa...Jordan gets it now...Jeff explains what it entails...Jeff says it's the best time, it's his favorite thing to do ever, he'd rather do that a 100X over going out to a nightclub or something...Jordan says "umm, what was I going to say...I could fish but I couldn't eat the fish, I'd let somebody else eat it"...Jeff smiles and says "are you saying you want to stay and go fishing? 😊” 

Jordan says "no I was just saying, like, you know...see at home you can"...Jeff interrupts saying he brought a girl out there one time...Jordan says umm, turns 3 shades of red and starts laughing "back at home..." 

Jeff says "what? I'm just saying if you like...why, is that gross?"...Jordan is giggling and Jeff says "look at you, getting all jealous!"...Jordan protests "I did not get jealous!!"...Jeff says "aww, that's so fu**ing cute" 😍 ..Jordan who has covered her head with the blanket, says she didn't have anything to say from it, she did not get jealous!!...Jeff says "Jordan, that's so cute" ❤

Jordan turns the convo back to fishing, she says back at home when she goes to the beach, they don't have a boat but you can fish on the pier...Jeff says here too but he likes the boat...Jordan doesn't think there are charters...Jeff says for sure there are...Jeff says there are expensive ones that are all day for big fish, it's expensive, he can't afford it, it can cost $800 to $1000 a day...Jeff talks about the time he was in Mexico and paid some guy $150 to take him and his gf out on the boat...Jordan can't believe he went on some random person's boat...Jeff says there were all these timeshare people, he told them he wouldn't buy a timeshare but he wanted to be taken out fishing and they set it up, he caught 4 big toona LOL

Jeff says it was worth it...he tells Jordan he caught the toona at Lover's Beach, it was from the Pirates of the Caribbean, the movie Troy was filmed there too...Jeff says he does want to go on a big boat one day when he has more money, if he won the big money, he'd stay and take his buddies on a really nice fishing trip over here...Jordan says that's nice...Jeff says they'd kick it at the beach all day, he'll worry about that later (he knocks on wood)

Jeff says that is like his favorite day...Jordan says what day?...Jeff is incredulous 😂...he smiles and says Tuesdays...Jordan says why?...Jeff says they're just cool...Jordan says Tuesday? that's such a random day, what about Saturday? 🤪 Jeff says what about the day he was just talking about, fishing, maybe it's that day, what were we just talking about Jordan?...he laughs and turns towards her saying "Jordan, c'mon I can't take it no more!"...

Jeff questions if she was even there the whole time he was talking about fishing?...Jordan says "yesssesssss!"...Jeff then he grabs the pillow and pretend smothers her, he says "it's over, I'm out of this house!" Jordan says he got her...

Jeff accidentally bonks her on the head, they laugh and he pushes her down...she says Jeff always beats her up...Jeff says he hit her with the pillow...Jordan laughs saying when he swung it her hand hit her head by accident...Jordan pinches his cheek and says "I hit my head Jeff!"...Jeff wants to know if she wants to make out and make up?" LOL...Jordan says she's mad...Jeff says she's not...Jordan says she is and Jeff asks at who?...Jordan sings "youuuuu!" 😂...Jeff says she seems fired up.

Jordan puts on chapstick and lays back down...Jeff asks if they should open that wine and get crunked?...big smile from Jeff...Jordan says right now? ok....Jordan reaches for Jeff's hand and they hold hands...Jeff thinks maybe they should save it for a better time? if they had 2 they could have one now...Jordan plays with Jeff's hand.

Jordan rubs Jeff's chest and belly while talking about the wine, BB told them they can't save it (for future weeks)...they decide to drink it Tues. or Weds...they talk about being final 2...Jeff pinches Jordan's face and they talk about how it's going to be hard from here on out and they both have to win things...Jeff says if they have a chance and they don't win, one of them is going home 🙁...Jordan understands and says ok...

Jordan preps herself for nap time...Jeff says "did you turn your back on me?"...Jordan says no, let's take a nap. Jeff says "come here" (my favorite thing Jeff says to her ever) and he pulls her towards him. (rawrrr🐯) 

Jordan says "what?"...Jeff says omg, it's every 10 minutes (the bickering)...Jeff wants to play a game...Jeff suggests Go Fish...Jordan says it kind of bored her...Jeff spoons Jordan, does something and Jordan giggles...Jordan says "you know what?"...Jeff says "what Jordo?"...Jordan says Tues and Weds can be their practice days...Jeff says ok, it sounds good to him...

Jeff has his one hand completely wrapped around Jordan and gets real snuggled up to her again, he does that little moan and nuzzles her neck...Jordan says goodnight again...Jeff whiny moans again...Jordan asks if he is doing a Michele and they both imitate Michele's weird moaning and movements in bed...Jordan adjusts her blanket and top and Jeff asks what's in there and he peeks LOL Jordan says she wants to take a nap, Jeff too...she takes off her mic and lays it on the bed in case they want to talk more...Jeff says deal, sista...Jordan moves around and bonks her head again, she laughs in pain.

Jeff covers them and snuggles again, he goes for her neck and Jordan is ticklish...Jeff says he's sleeping...Jordan says "Jefffffff"...Jeff says he's sleeping, for her to quit waking him up...Jordan says "goodnight!"...Jeff says goodnight, Jesus!....Jordan is so aware of the cameras so she puts a huge pillow in front of her body to block the view, lol.

As Jordan adjusts the pillow Jeff uses his hand that's wrapped around Jordan to pull her blanket to block the view even further haha...Jordan giggles one last time...Jeff asks if it was because of that?...Jordan says no, she was thinking of something funny...Jeff wants her to share...Jordan just says it's funny that they bicker and then it's like they never bickered...Jeff says 10 minutes later it's the same shit...Jordan says it's their friendship...Jeff says mmm, he feels like he's gotten the short end of the stick in this friendship...Jordan says "why?...I've been a good friend"...Jeff agrees and they quiet down but then Jeff brings up the show that is airing tonight, they finally doze off...

Jordan holds Jeff’s butt 


Jeff & Jordan nap in the HOH room. Jordan has her hand on Jeff's butt while they sleep. Cute!

Michele rudely interrupts and wakes Jeff up. Jordan continues holding his butt, lol...Jeff then gets up to go to the washroom and Jordan finally wakes up.

Jordan would like to squeeze something on Jeff


Jordan & Michele are working out...Jeff is having a smoke and observing while sitting on the fridge...they are doing standing squats...after Jordan does about 4 of them she gets a charley horse and needs to stop...Jeff giggles from afar and Jordan starts laughing knowing that he's poking fun at her stellar workout regime. 😛

Jordan sits down, massages her foot and says "Jeff...shut up"...Michele says no spectators, go inside...Jeff says he wasn't even looking...Jordan says you know you were checking us out while we were doing our squats...Jeff says "I was" 😍

Jordan says "Jeff likes to squeeze my butt"...Michele says you have a very squeezable booty, I wanna squeeze it too 🙄

Jordan says "I'd like to squeeze something on him...I'm just kidding"...Jeff hollers "f**k yeah Jordan!"

Jordan wants to know how many times from morning til night Jeff says the F word...Jeff says ok and then says "hell yeah Jordan" LOL they continue working out, Jeff finishes up his cigarette, heads inside and says "I need to stop watching this" 

Jejo flirt over wine opening 


Jeff is given a bottle of wine from BB. Jeff starts opening it and asks Jordan if she wants some wine?...she says she doesn't know...Jeff smiles at Jordan like only Jeff can...Jordan says she'll let Jeff get drunk and she'll take advantage of him this time...just kidding. 😉:

Jeff says "yes! sounds like a plan to me"...Jordan says she knows he loves hearing that...Jeff asks if she is just playing around with his emotions?...Jordan says "never, Jeff, never"...Jeff gives her a look and says don't be a tease Jordan...Jordan says she's not.

Jordan starts going up the stairs and says he has the whole bottle to himself...he says for her to have a little bit...she asks if it isn't bad because she just worked out?...Jeff says a glass of wine is good for you...Jeff pours a big glass (for himself) and Jordan thinks he's pouring a lot for her so that they will make out...

Jeff smiles at her through the mirror by the sink and asks her where she's going?...Jeff pours her a little glass like at the restaurant...Jordan says "good, thank you, I appreash"...Jordan giggles and goes to the HOH room...

Look at you/Jordan is buckling down 


Jeff is sitting on the fridge outside having a smoke...Jordan comes outside and starts to rattle off numbers of items in the house...she says "there's in the red room 24 pillows..."

Jeff says "look at you" 😊

Jordan says she tried not to mess it up, she hurried up and tried to do a brief count, she knows there are 24 pillows, she counted tonight, there were 19 pillows outside, when she was running she was counting...

Jordan says to hang on, she's going to double check and she starts counting...Jeff says "good Jordan"...Jordan confirms there are 19...Jeff asks about the stupid flowers out there...Jordan doesn't think so, that's looking into it too much...Jeff says you never know...Jordan says she doesn't know, he can still count them...Jeff thinks they should...Jordan says there are 19 pillows outside, 24 in the RR, she talks about the amount of flowers along the wall in the LR...Jeff smiles at her proudly which makes Jordan smile :)

Jordan says she's missing something...Jordan says there are 24 bulbs in the light fixtures in the RR, she's positive they're all the same, they need to double check....Jeff says alright...Jordan explains how she tried to count them without Michele seeing...Jeff says "good Jordo"...Jordan talks about the SS room, how many lanes there are, the numbers on the walls...Jeff says he didn't even think about that, that's good, it's going to get monotonous but they just have to try...

Jeff asks "what made you buckle down?"...Jordan says "you yelled at me" LOL Jeff says he didn't yell...Jordan says "you uh, said that to me"...Jeff says "what if a question comes up and you win HOH because of that?"...Jordan hmm's...Jeff says "we gonna make out?" 

They wonder what type of questions will be asked, they don't know...Jeff says "who knows, they might never ask us Jordan, I'm just saying, we could do whatever we can to prepare"...Jordan says that in the LR, there's a missing plant(s) that aren't on the table anymore, she remembers them from when she was dusting...Jeff says they do ask what's gone sometimes...Jeff rattles off the number of items in the kitchen...Jordan listens...Jordan says she was going to start counting in the SS room but Russell was in there...they go over the GR items again...Jordan is just about to start talking to Jeff about something she discussed with Natalie when Natalie opens up the sliding door and says they're ready to play cards...Jeff asks if Jordan is going to play?...Jordan says no, she's going to lay on the hammock....Jeff goes inside...

Octopus hands


Jordan & Michele are in the hammock talking...Jeff is smoking on the fridge again...Jordan asks Michele if Jeff is getting tipsy yet?...Michele says no...Jordan yells out "Jeff!"...Jeff "yo!"...Jordan "you getting tipsy yet?"...Jeff "yeah"...Jordan "are you?"...Jeff "yeah"...Jordan "we gonna have some fun?"

Dramatic pause for effect...Jeff blows smoke...

and says "I'm gonna be like an octopus with eight hands up there tonight" 

They all laugh...Jordan says that the other morning they woke up and her hand was on his butt. (as it was earlier that evening lol)



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