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Day 41 of BB11 Feeds

August 19

Like you love me 


Jeff & Natalie are playing pool, Jordan is sitting nearby watching and chatting with them about Jessie and how J&J used to think that Natalie's boyfriend would break up with her because of how Jessie and her acted, also that Jessie used to treat Natalie like she was his girlfriend...after the feeds cut out, they return to Jordan telling Jeff that Natalie told her that Jessie was in the GR one day basically confessing his love to Natalie...

Jeff seems shocked...feeds cut out again...they return with Natalie saying she told Lydia "dude, he wanted me, he couldn't have me so he settled for her"...Jordan & Natalie agree that Jessie did like Natalie...Jeff says "I don't know (about) love"...Jordan says she doesn't think love...Natalie says she doesn't think love but he told her he wanted to have a relationship...Jeff says pointing to Jordan "like you love me but not like Jessie & Natalie"...Jordan’s face is priceless LOLOL ...Jeff walks toward Jordan laughing and pinches her cheek...Jordan smiling says "I L.U.V. you"...Jeff says "oh be quiet I was just joking"...Jordan says "not L.O.V.E. I L.U.V. like love like girlfriend love" 🤥😋

They continue talking about Jessie…

Jeff’s MINE ;-)


Jeff & Natalie are playing pool, Jordan is sitting nearby chatting...Michele is hovering around. They are talking about the fact that Jessie would get so mad whenever they would talk about hot guys or celebrities around him.

Natalie says anytiime she would say a guy was cute or she would date him he would get livid, she would do it on purpose to mess with him, it was funny...Jordan says once her, Kevin, Lydia & Natalie were talking about a guy they had an interview with and he was getting mad saying alright, alright, enough...Jordan says that would be like her getting mad over a guy saying he thought actresses are hot, it's stupid (funnily enough a few hours later Jeff & Jordan would be doing this very thing 😊)

Natalie says she hopes Jordan didn't get mad when she would say Jeff is hot in front of Jessie, it was just to mess with him...Jordan says noooo, I didn't get mad.

Jeff says Jordan told him one time that if Natalie says that again, I'm gonna fight her LOL! ...Natalie says did you?...Jordan says nooo, I didn't...Jeff says that Jordan said "YOU'RE MINE"....Jeff cracks up!

Jeff says he's totally fu**ing around...Jordan protests nooo, she says her and Jeff are BFF, they flirt, they've only kissed twice but they are BFF...Jeff says believe me, they're just friends, he would be a lot happier in here if they weren't 😅 Jordan says maybe you need to go be Lydia's friend, then he can go get some relief...(Jeff hated when Jordan said this IMO...)

Jeff’s a good kisser


Jeff & Michele are playing pool...Natalie & Jordan are sitting around watching and chatting...feeds come back and they are talking about when Jeff & Jordan made out with Ronnie in the room.

Jordan says Ronnie was in the room and they kept calling him out...Natalie says weren't you guys talking to him and then when he would start talking, you guys would start making out and then?...Jeff says "how did you know that?" LOL (pssst Jordan) ...when he would come up for breath?...Jeff says "we weren't making out in the back seat of a fu**ing movie was jokin' around"...

Natalie says that Ronnie said he had a silly suspicion that the reason they were talking to him was because they thought he had the power...Jordan guffaws and says when Jeff is the one that has the power...Jordan says "he, no...was it the first time I ever kissed you? I think? right?" Jeff says he thinks so...Jordan says they've only kissed twice...

Jordan says "y'all Jeff's a good kisser, everybody wanna know"  🥰 Jeff loses his concentration, misses his shot and mumbles something about f**k yeah LOL Jordan says that was the only time because they've only kissed twice, it was a friend kiss.(suuuurrrrrrre!)

Michele says dude, Jordan, you and me are friends, let's kiss 🙄

Jordan goes on, she says that Ronnie was telling us a story and she was so bored from it, you know how he would babble on and on, so they would just start kissing and then Ronnie would be done and wait for a response and then she would stop and be like yeah, so, blah blah blah, then she'd ask a question, Ronnie would start and then they'd kiss, it was funny.

Not Goodnight...JeJo talk until the wee hours - LUV vs LOVE 


Jordan & Jeff say goodnight to each other after talking game for almost 2 hours. GAH!

They try to go to sleep but no luck...Jeff takes a drink of water, settles in, looks at Jordan, closes his eyes, then rubs Jordan's cheek and says he's not frustrated with her ok, he's just frustrated in general...he turns the other way to get comfy.

Jordan wants to say one more thing...Jeff turns back towards her, grabs Jordan and pulls him towards her, they snuggle real closely...

After some more game talking (and touching) Jordan says that her voice gets deeper and deeper the longer she's up...Jeff says him too...Jordan says she's going to keep her distance from Russell...Jeff asks if he should say anything?...Jordan says no, that would be the worst thing, doesn't he think so?...Jeff says he guesses so...they decide they'll talk more about it tomorrow...Jordan continues talking about how Lydia bashed Jeff earlier in the game...

Jeff is over game talk, he whispers into Jordan "what a nice way to sleep"...Jordan giggles...Jeff then says that Jordan is in the mood to chat it up tonight huh? and Jordan says she is, that she never gets a chance to talk to him...Jeff knows...Jordan asks if they should put their mics on and chat it up?

They decide to put their mics on and chat some more...Jordan says Michele always creeps in on her...Jordan says she didn't work out as hard...Jeff says she was pissed...they talk game again. 

Jordan says that they never talked before (to be on the same page)...Jeff says they don't have a minute...Jordan says she asked Russell an off the wall question outside, she was playing it off...Jeff says she asked him that stupid question...Jeff yawns...Jordan says Russell was staring straight at her...Jeff says she was mad...Jordan says it was obvious, she wanted to make it clear...Jeff says he wants to hear what Russell is saying about him with his own ears...they talk about Russell some more...Jeff says it would be such an easy decision if they (BB) wasn't talking like that to him in the room (DR), what are they trying to tell him?...feeds go to fish...more game talk...

Jeff asks Jordan if she'll scratch his back...Jordan says she will...Jeff says she doesn't have to but he likes it...he takes off his tank top and Jordan gets in position...Jeff says she can tell him all she wants now, he'll listen :) Jordan says he won't, he'll be zoning out...Jeff says he will...

Jordan scratches Jeff's back...Jordan talks game and feeds go to control room...Jordan then says that she gets emotional and stressed out (period time)...Jeff wants that fu**ing thing to come already LOL Jordan says she gets moody when she's on her period...Jeff says with that and how he is, he's going to drown her, it's over!...Jordan laughs...Jeff says he'll fu**ing drown her for love sentiment in there, real drowning...

Jordan pauses the scratching and Jeff says no, no, it means I love you...Jordan gets tongue tied...she says you gotta say L.U.V you not L.O.V.E...Jeff says all sexy "no, I'm in love with you"...Jordan nervous giggles and says waaahhh...Jeff says why did she say that for?...Jordan says that he's trying to be all sentimental and corny...Jeff says "I love you" (all cheesy like)

Jeff says what if they just edit all that? they could...Jordan says he'd look like a total douche or a freak for only knowing each other a couple weeks...they then discuss how the show could edit it...feeds go to control room...

Jordan says she thinks that people watching them would think they're boring to view...Jeff agrees and asks if she wants to turn it up a notch? get naked? LOL! Jordan says "no! not that"...Jeff says let's spice it up...Jordan says to get freaky with Lydia, she'll do it...Jordan cannot believe Lydia & Jessie hooked up...she says she would never have sex with all the cameras around...Jeff says "let's try" 😉 Jordan says no! he can go do it himself, he's got a hand...Jeff says Jordan better relax with her smartass comments...Jordan says to take a great shower...Jeff says it would be...Jordan says make it like a Herbal Essence commercial...Jordan says Jeff's back is smooth...Jeff says "smooth jazz?"...More game talk...

JeJo talk until the wee hours - Baby boy & girl names 


Jeff & Jordan continue talking...

Jordan's arm gets tired from scratching Jeff's back so she stops and starts to turn away...Jeff asks what she's doing?...She tells him her hand's tired and she rubbed him more than usual...Jeff whines "no" so she continues to do it  :)

Jordan asks Jeff his middle name?...Jeff says he told her 10 times...Jordan doesn't remember...he says forget it...Jordan asks him what her middle name is?...He doesn't remember either, he says he knows it, don't tell him...she mocks him since he gave her a hard time about not remembering...Jordan tells Jeff to guess...Jeff says no, he knows it's another cool name (meaning he thinks Jordan is a cool name) but doesn't want her to tell him, he's going to get it...Jeff asks if she spells her last name with two L's?...she says yes but people get it wrong all the time and goes over how they spell it wrong...Jordan thinks "people, people!" LOL

Jordan says she's the worst speller ever...Jeff tsks "Jordan" to signal to her to not say that kind of thing out loud :) ...Jordan says was happy to sit out the pimple comp because she would have been the Technotronics person like Jeff...Jeff asks what her middle name starts with? Jordan says H...Jeff guesses Halie but can't spell it, he tries to spell it but can't get it right...Jeff says he's the worst speller. Well they have that in common. 😜 She spells it for him, he says he would have gotten a half hour. LOL

Jordan says if she ever has a girl her name is going to be Anna Grace, another girl her name will be Christina Halie...Jeff says it's weird because when he thought of her middle name he thought it was Christine even though he knew it wasn't...Jordan likes Carson for a girl, she likes boys names for girls, like Tyler...Jeff likes girls name for guys, like Shannon...Jordan doesn't like that...Jeff thinks it's cool...Jeff says that if he ever had a boy or a girl, his first kid he would name them Peyton...Jordan asks "why?"...Jeff says he just likes it but now it's getting so played. (hmmm, Peyton is Jordan's brother's name and they didn't mention it)

Jordan says there are a ton of Ashleys, Amandas, Britneys & Jennifers..Jeff says he just like girl's names for guys, he thinks it's cool...Jordan says she used to hate her name when she was younger...Jordan likes Tyler, Carson for a girl...Jeff says he likes some others too but his mind is shutting down...Jordan says her Dad's name is Jeff...Jeff knows this. :)

Jordan starts slowing down the rubbing and Jeff whines for her to keep going...Jordan wants to know what girl names Jeff likes?...Jeff says "Jordan"🥰...Jordan says "no seriously"...Jeff says for her to keep scratching so he can keep talking.  LOL  

Jordan keeps scratching and Jordan says "continue"...Jeff says "no, don't cuz I gotta feel the love" ..Jordan says "OMG come on"...Jordan asks again...Jeff says he can't think right now, for her to tell him some and he'll tell her if he likes them or not...Jordan likes Christina, Tyler, Hayley, Brianna...Jeff likes Hayley but it's getting played too, he likes it though ;)

Jordan's mom's name is Jackie, her grandma's name is Connie, she likes it but you don't hear it much nowadays...Jeff doesn't like it...Jordan's mom's aunt's son is Jerry Dean, does he like that?...Jeff says no, it's so country...they mention Paula Dean...Jordan says her mom is Jackie Sue but she dropped the Sue...Jeff says it's so country. Jordan's grandpa, everyone calls him Bubbo. Jeff's friend that died a year ago was named Bobo...Jordan's cousin is named Tierney...Jeff played football with a guy named Robert Tierney...Jordan's grandma is Tilley Mayberry...Jeff thinks Tilley is cool but it's a little country for him...Jordan knows a Maryann, married to Bub, Uncle Fuzz and Po...Jeff asks was he a cop? because people call the cops the Fuzz and Popo's. 😂

Jeff then says he loves the name Poet but he called his ex that so he probably wouldn't use it...Jordan's not so keen on it, she says Jeff likes some weird names...Jeff asks if she doesn't think Poet is cool?...Jordan says no, not really...Jeff says he loves that name...Jordan doesn't even think it's a name, kind of like Apple...Jeff explains how he called his ex that, it was her nickname forever and then Punky Brewster had a kid a year ago and he dated that girl 2/3 years ago and the kid's name was Poet and he was like dammit, he thought he had the name first. :)

Jordan asks if there are weird names in his family? Jordan pulls out the name Maggle, Jeff is like it sounds like someone got smashed. 🤣 Jordan says what about Blanche and Ruby?...Jeff says it sounds like a Florida retirement home. 🤣 Jeff goes over some names in his family, his little cousin is Kyle and there's a Jordan, a Tyler...his nieces are Marley and Macey, Marley is pretty unique...Jordan likes it...Jordan says it's funny how you associate a name with someone you know so it would be hard to name your kid that...Jeff says he loves the name Poet again but he asks wouldn't it be weird naming his kid that if his ex-girlfriend was Poet?...Jordan says she doesn't know, it depends if you had kids...Jeff continues saying that if his wife didn't know that his ex-girlfriend was Poet?...Jordan says she wouldn't tell her that, keep it to himself...Jeff giggles funny and says he's getting slap happy...

Jordan says every summer they would stay with her grandparents and it was fun...Jeff asks if she knows a Billy Bob?...Jordan says no, a Billy Joe...Jeff asks how about a Peggy Sue? LOL Jordan says no...Jeff asks if she knows anyone nicknamed Farmer, like Farmer Fred? Jordan says no...Jeff laughs...Jeff asks how about Opie? LOL Nope!

Jordan says she has a Tosh in her family, does Jeff like that?...Jeff says Taj Mahal?...Jordan says Tosh...Jeff likes it and thinks it's cool...Jordan asks if he likes the name Jaylen? Jeff says he does kind of like that, Jeff's buddy Mookie's daughter is Jayla...Jordan says her friend Jessie's real name is Jessalyn, she likes that...Jeff says Jessalyn? that's trying too hard...

Jeff says how about Murphy? Jordan says no, that sounds like an old fat man  🤣 Jeff doesn't either, it just popped in his head...Jordan says how about Dutch?...Then they talk about Karate Kid LOL Jeff loves that guy!...Jeff laughs and says that movie is the best...they giggle about that...Jeff loves Dutch...

Wee hours talk - Hot chicks/How about a Jordan Lloyd? 


Jeff and Jordan continue talking...

Jordan remembers the other Karate Kid movie with the girl...Jeff says it's with Elizabeth Shue, she's sexy...Jordan says "what??"...Jeff says "you don't think so?"...Jordan says he has a different taste in girls...Jeff says she has a cute thing about her, whatever...Jeff says "I like hot chicks"...Jordan says she never said that, he just has different taste...

Jeff wants to talk hot chicks but says if Jordan is crabby tomorrow (from staying up late) he's going to choke her out...Jordan says why?...Jeff says he'll be crabby from being up all night...Jordan says they can go to bed...Jeff says no way, they were just about to talk hot chicks...Jordan laughs and starts with Charlize Theron...Jeff says Jordan loves her, she's hot, it depends what movie but all he thinks about is her being orange at the Grammy's or at the Oscar's....Jeff wants to pee, hold on, get a bag full of names...Jordan asks about Jennifer Love Hewitt?...Jeff goes to the bathroom saying that he loves her because she's a girl next door, he loves that...Jordan says right...Jordan says it stinks that he doesn't know anybody where she's from so she can't say them (interesting...umm Jordan, he likes you, he’s NOT going to care about your stupid friends)

Jeff comes back...they continue, Jordan starts naming chicks...

Hayden Pannetiere...Jeff says she's too young, she's not great...Jordan thinks she's cute...Jeff says she is but not his style

Vanessa Manillo...Jeff says she's hot but there's way more hotter chicks...Jordan says she's not going for the super hot ones from Victoria's Secret, she knows he thinks they're hot

Rachel McAdams from the Notebook...Jeff loves her, loves her a lot, she reminds Jeff of Poet

Claire Danes...Jeff knows her but can't picture her face...Jeff remembers saying she's got a sexy thing going on, he likes it but her nose is big?...Jeff says her eyes are dark brown, he likes them

Jeff says he likes girl next door types (Jordan to a tee ☺️ ) , cute girls...he loves Alyssa Milano...Jordan says she's cute, very cute.

Cameron Diaz...Jeff says she'd have a great personality but not really...Christina Applegate...better than Cameron but still not...

Elizabeth H. from Survivor...Jeff says nah, all these chicks he would definitely hook up with but he's just giving honest opinion

Daisy from Rock of Love...nah, too squeaky...Jess from ROL...Jeff says she works in a bar in Chicago, he's seen her out...Jeff says she's not his style

Julia Roberts...Jeff says she's good but...Jordan loved her in Pretty Woman, it's her favorite movie...Jeff likes it too, he used to watch it a lot...there's better than her.

Julia Stiles...Jeff doesn't like her...Amanda Bynes...Jeff is stumped even with Jordan explaining who she is, he can't picture her

Rachel Bilson...Jeff likes her...Sarah Michelle Gellar...Jeff says nah...Drew Barrymore...Jeff says she seems like someone he could date, she's a go, chalk him up!

Christina Aguillera...Jeff says not really his style, only in the Dirty video he liked her...Britney Spears...not his style as well

When Jordan names Jessica Simpson Jeff says yeah, he loves her...Jordan giggles...Jeff says he would fu**ing marry her 😉 ...Jordan says anybody would

Aubrey O'Day...Jeff is confused who she is but says she's alright, he likes the one with dark hair and dark eyes the best

Lauren Conrad...Jeff likes her, he likes Kristin Cavalleri better...Jordan says she's cute, she likes how she dresses...Jeff says she's cute but seems a little high maintenance for his style but she's cute

Anna Kournikova...Jeff says yeah, he would have fun with her plus she's got an accent so chalk him up, he's all about accents  :) ...Jordan's dad loves her

Jeff says to keep playing, he likes this game...M-K & Ashley Olsen...Jeff says nah, maybe cuz they're rich LOL Jordan says what does that matter? they dress weird...Jeff says he'd be set for life, they're not his style

Pink...she seems cool but he doesn't know, she's got good hair, nah, no

Celine Dion...Jeff says no, too old...Mariah Carey...Jeff says he kind of wants to fu**ing fist fight Mariah Carey LOL! Jordan says why?...Jeff says he's just joking, she makes him sick, no, she's hot but he doesn't like her attitude, so prissy, he hates that shit, it makes people ugly, chalk him up for no!

Kim Kardashian...Jeff hmm's, she's definitely sexy, yeah...Jordan says if he said no she'd hit him 

Christina Ricci...Jeff say no, no, no..Jeff asks if she reads a lot of People magazines?...Jordan says yeah

Beyonce...Jeff says mmm, too sassy for him, she seems high maintenance too

Jordan says she needs to think of a good last and final one...Jeff says every single one she named he wouldn't kick out of bed for eating cookies

Vanessa Hudgens...Jeff says yeah, he loves her, she's young but he loves her, she's super hot...Jordan says she's cute...Jeff digs it, chalk him up for a super yes

Jordan asks what else can they play?...Jeff says "how about a Jordan Lloyd?"  Jeff purrs😻...Jordan asks "who's that?"...Jeff says "what?"...Jordan says "who's that, I don't even know who that is!"☺️

Jeff says "some super sexy...bitch"...Jordan says "a bitch?"...Jeff means a bitch like bitchin'...they laugh...Jeff says "she's smoking hot and her personality is the best...sometimes"...Jordan says "keep going, keep, I'm just kidding"...

Jordan giggles and says she knows she can be moody...Jeff says 95% of the time she is awesome and the other 5% she's not even bad...Jeff says he thinks about it like this, he can't even stand himself and she's around him 24/7 so she's obviously good, he knows if he saw her on a normal person basis she would be always happy, he's sure, it's hard to get along all the time when you spend 24/7 together...Jordan knows, she feels him...Jeff says for them to get along it's pretty good...

Jordan says at one point she was with "this person" and she was mean every single day, she probably looked like a depressed, anger management psycho crazy person, she wasn't even herself...Jeff says nothing...Jordan wants another game but Jeff likes hot chicks...Jordan says she's running out of people but they continue...

Nicole Kidman...Jeff says not his style...Katie Holmes from Dawson's Creek...Jeff says really his style, Tom Cruise Katie, not his style

Angelina Jolie...Jeff likes her but she's a little weird, she's so hot, she's sexy...Jordan bets her and Brad Pitt have crazy sex...Jennifer Aniston...Jeff says mmm, yeah...Jordan asks why he paused?...Jeff says he was thinking of the two which he liked better, he says he'll take them both

The girl from Blue Crush, Kate something?...Jeff thinks of Kate Beckinsale, btw he LOVES Kate Beckinsale, he LOVES her, chalk her up for a super gold star, she's got an accent, they talk about actors and accents, he loves her, she's super hot

Kate Bosworth...Jeff says she's super hot in that movie but then sometimes she's too skinny...Jordan says she looks like the girl next door

Jeff asks if she's done? They start going over comp numbers...

Wee hours talk - Fooling around/ Trust issues 


Jeff snuggles up to Jordan again, she wants to know what other game they can play...Jeff says they can fool around  ...Jordan says no Jayeff...Jeff laughs and says he gives up, it's over...Jordan says yeah, right...Jeff says they will give each other a good handshake when they say goodbye and he's outta there...

Jordan says he will miss her...Jeff says he can talk to her on the phone LOL ...Jordan says if she leaves before him he will be bored, he'll say he wants to talk to Jordan...Jeff says there will be a time when she will miss him too. (how right he was)

He says that when she's back home she will say that she misses him and should have fooled around a little more with him on the show...Jordan gets snippy that all he wants is to fool around...Jeff says he's just playing with her...Jordan says if he wants that to then go to Lydia, she'll do it but not her (I think Jeff hated when Jordan would say this, implying all he wanted was sex with no attachment)...Jeff says if he did Jordan would be pissed...Jordan denies it...Jeff says she would, wouldn't she even be a little salty? for her not to lie...Jordan says she wouldn't be surprised...Jeff says what!?...Jordan says that he's a guy and her mom told her that men think with their penises and not their heads...

Jeff says he wouldn't fu**ing hook up with Lydia ...Jordan says even though Jeff doesn't like her, if it was Laura he would...Jeff says no...Jordan says yeah...Jeff says that Jordan would be salty! don't even lie...Jordan says why would she be?...Jordan asks Jeff if she hooked up with Jessie would he be salty?...Jeff says yeah, probably because that wouldn't be Jordan's style, why would she do that?...Jordan asks if it was Braden?...Jeff says with Braden, he'd probably like it...they giggle...Jeff says he'd laugh...Jordan says "yeah, you wouldn't care"...

Jordan tries to talk her way out of admitting she wouldn't be salty but it doesn't work...Jeff doesn't believe her, he says she's saying that because there's no competition, he tells her if some smoking hot girl, like Kate Beckinsale came into the house now and he paid all the attention to her Jordan would be salty...Jordan asks if he wouldn't talk to her anymore?...Jeff says no, he'd just say what's up Jordan, but he would have fun with the other one, laugh all the time and be in the pool...Jordan says yeah, she might be salty...Jeff says yeah you would...Jordan says when you put it that way, yeah she would be because Jeff was always someone she talked to and then if he did that she'd be like, omg you asshole, I'm evicting you.

Jeff says see, she plays it off like she doesn't give a f**k but she really would, he says for Jordan to not play the fu**ing tough card with him...Jordan says she wouldn't say anything to him though, she never would...Jeff says he knows but she'd have her little salty attitude like today when she was doing sit-ups...

Jordan says she wouldn't have one, she would act as if everything was ok, not to let him see it bothered her...Jeff says he thinks he would know...Jordan says guys have said to her that she doesn't care, she does care but she tries to act like she doesn't...Jeff says yeah, she plays games...Jordan says you don't want the other person to know it bothers you, Jeff would do that too, is she not right?...Jeff says if she did that to him, he would cut her off...Jordan says period?...Jeff says he wouldn't play no games, you having fun? go have fun, he's out! it's over!...they laugh...

They then talk about trust issues...Jeff says he doesn't f**k around though, if a chick plays games, flirting with this guy or that guy, you know what? good luck, he is out! he'd leave and never talk to them again...Jordan asks if he would flirt with a girl on purpose to make his girlfriend jealous?...Jeff says he won't flirt with girls to make his girlfriend jealous because mostly his girlfriends are like that anyways...

Jordan admits she has done that before...Jeff says he might have done that when he was younger but he doesn't do that any more, he doesn't play games...all you do is fight and it's not worth it...Jordan says she is more jealous as she gets older...she thinks she is more jealous when she doesn't trust the person, she wants that 100% trust with someone...Jeff says that is awesome, that is ultimately what you want...

Jordan says people she had dated, she didn't have that with so she definitely questioned things...Jordan says she went out with someone that she trusted and he broke the trust and she was a crazy person...they both say that trust is the big key, if they don't trust the person you can't have a relationship at all...Jordan says you normally can tell if someone is a player...Jeff says that's why if someone is flirty he's all good luck with that, he's out, it's the same thing as trust, he cuts them out of his life, he deletes the number and it's over, peace in the Middle East...

Jordan thinks most guys do cheat or think about it...Jeff says if you find someone you really like and you're 100% trusting in them then it's not worth cheating, to find that is better than (cheating)...Jordan says you can look at the menu but not order it  Jeff jokingly says how about an appetizer?...Jordan says the appetizer will mess you up...Jordan says yeah, just scan the menu...

5:55-6:25am Wee hours talk - Staying in LA/Sex talk/Finally goodnight 

Jeff & Jordan continue talking...

They rag on Russell a bit...Jeff says he's a douchebag, he's a big talker, he wants to see if he has real friends, he wouldn't be friends with a guy like that, he's phony baloney. Talk turns to how people are in the house compared to outside the house...Jeff says he doesn't judge people on what they are, as long as they're real...Jordan implies Russell came on the show to get noticed...Jeff says Russell is the kind of guy that thinks he's going to be famous after the show, he's going to sign autographs and people won't even want his autograph, autograph? he'd be kind of embarrassed, seriously? Jeff would say "dude, we're in LA go find a real person with talent, I was just booked in some crazy house" (oh the irony!) Jordan says that's her too.

Jordan says that's so funny, she can see him saying that he was on this show, he would embellish his role on the show...Jeff says that's what he means...Jordan wonders if he's a pathological liar?...Jordan says people are different in here than on the outside...Jeff says you get a general sense for how a person is, they can't be acting 24/7...Jeff gets a little miffed when Jordan says that Jeff would "probably" be someone she would be friends with outside the house...he says whaddya mean probably?

Jordan tries to worm her way out of it but it's obvious Jeff didn't like it...Jordan covers up by complimenting Jeff saying he'd be someone she would hang out with at home, he's not full of himself, he doesn't lie, he's a nice person, he's fun, funny, he knows his boundaries...Jeff says hmm.

Jordan says it's going to be weird going back to work, even when she's off for a week, she feels not with it, a little off but she knows she has to start working a lot again, getting in the groove again...Jeff says he forgot his sale pitch already, whatever, he'll worry about it when he gets there, things are going to be fu**ed up...Jordan says it's back to the grind...

Jeff says they'll miss 3 months of news, all the summer jams he's missed out on, all the sports news, if someone important died...Jordan says she needs to go back to school...Jordan says her mom says "Jordan we've tried that" because she goes and then doesn't go, then goes...Jeff says "you should go"...Jordan says she will, she needs to stay focused, if she didn't have to, she wouldn't go back to waiting tables, she'd just work at the salon...

Jeff snuggles up to Jordan again and starts touching her, he puts his arm right around her...

Jordan says she needs to get things in order, it's her bday in November...Jeff says she is looking forward to it...Jordan says she loves her bday, her last one she can't even remember, it seemed to only last 15 minutes...Jeff says "you get crunk?"...Jordan says "too crunk", Jordan thinks someone put something in her drink, she starts telling the story and Jeff says she told him before.

Jeff says "I can't wait to like, I hope we have a chance to have some drinks together and hang out" 💘Jordan knows, she wonders how it works out? they'll figure it out, this whole thing after? they can't go home exactly the next day...Jeff wishes they could hang out at a hotel or something, he wants to stay in LA a couple more days and see some buddies while he's here but Jordan will be on a jet plane outta here 😏 Jordan says she has to go when the ticket says...Jordan says they could hang out at the airport and have a drink at the bar, oh nevermind, he can't go in...Jeff says "yeah, you should stay the wee(k), you should stay a couple of days after"...Jordan says "if I can"...Jeff says "and I'll show you LA a little bit" 🥰

They ponder this quietly :) ...Jordan wonders what time it is? 5?...Jeff thinks it's after 5...Jordan wants chocolate...Jeff says they need to go to sleep...they get ready to sleep (again)...Jordan says if they are going to bed, her mic's coming off...Jeff says they don't even care what they're talking about, they're probably like STFU...they can't believe production is even listening to them at this point...they would have tuned out a long time ago...feeds go to control room briefly...

When they come back Jordan is throwing stones at Jeff about him using his right hand or someone downstairs to get sexual satisfaction...Jeff isn't laughing 🤨 ...Jordan says it made her laugh...Jeff most likely hinted at them having sexy time after the show and Jordan said no, once again denied she'd do it and then brought up the ongoing joke about the hand/Lydia. So Jeff obviously wanting Jordan to say she will stay in LA with him prompts him to... Jeff throws a stone saying "nevermind, go home after the show, he's got a couple of friends he could call and hang out with them"...Jordan giggles...Jeff asks what she's giggling at?...Jordan says nothing, she's being Michele...Jeff says no, that was a real giggle.

Jeff rants about Michele and how she giggles at everything he says, even something like putting real basil on the chicken, he wanted to strangle her, he gets so frustrated, he can't take it, he gets pissed...Jordan compliments her weight loss...Jeff says nothing 👍 They laugh about how weird Michele is and then marvel at how they even made it up to the HOH, they start talking a bit of game but Jeff says they're not going around the horn again on this one...Jordan tries to talk game again but Jeff shuts her down...

Jordan takes off her mic and out of the blue asks Jeff "do you have sex a lot?"...Jeff says "what!?"...Jordan asks again...Jeff says no... Jordan says she has never has sex, never...Jeff says "whaddya mean? Why not?" LOL 

Jordan explains that she only did it with one person and she won't do it again unless it's someone she knows that she is going to be with for awhile...Jeff says "or how many beers you had?"...Jordan says no, she keeps explaining and Jeff says he doesn't want a thesis on it...Jordan says just because you're dating them doesn't mean you should have sex with them, that's just not her, does that make sense?...Jeff says "how about if he takes you out to a nice dinner?"...Jordan pauses to think LOL...Jeff laughs and says it's good to think like that, for real, she has a good girl's mentality, he likes that.

Jordan says she would always tell guys she went on a first date with that she wouldn't be having sex with them, her friends told her to quit doing that, she straight up tells guys she won't be sleeping with them...Jeff says for real, it's good she thinks like that, he's not being sarcastic, she doesn't want to be a hoorah...Jordan says she's definitely not a hoorah and she doesn't even want it, is that normal?...

Jeff immediately says no haha you've got to want it sometimes...Jordan says she doesn't even think about it, maybe because she waited so long, she was 18 though, maybe one day when she's in love she will want to do it all the time...Jordan talks about how she read that men think about sex every 5 minutes...Jeff says 5 minutes seems excessive...Jordan says she's exaggerating.

Jordan talks about men's sexual peak and women's sex drive, how they vary in age...Jordan asks Jeff if he's at his peak?...Jeff says he doesn't know but he'll do it right now if she wants that his peak?  Jordan "Jayeff! No!"...they laugh about her Jeff's and No's.

Jeff pats Jordan's leg and says she's a good girl...Jordan asks Jeff if he's ever had a one night stand (I guess she forgot his answer from when she asked him that the previous week lol)...Jeff says no...Jordan says she could never have one of those...Jeff is like "oh boy"...Jordan presses him with another question but he doesn't want those questions...Jordan says she knows, he won't answer...

Jordan is quiet and Jeff asks her what she's thinking about?...Jordan says life...he says she'll be thinking for awhile, it's a tough nut to crack...Jeff says they've talked a lot since they took off their mics saying they weren't going to talk anymore...Jordan says "you know what?...Jeff says "what Jordo?"...they then discuss life and special people...Jeff does his positivity speech.

Jeff then snuggles into Jordan yet again, he nuzzles her neck...Jordan says he is biting her  ...he nuzzles some more and she asks him if her shirt smells good? (to diffuse the sexual tension obviously)

Jordan mentions the laundry detergent...Jeff says he loves things that smell like baby powder, it's his favorite...Jeff says they're going to sleep until 4, at least they don't have to talk to anyone and he's already tanned...Jeff snuggles up again and is rubbing her...Jeff says "hmm, alright, I got to stop touching you" and he turns away from Jordan...Jordan then turns toward Jeff and snuggles up to him...she says his body feels so skinny...Jeff says Jordan says that every night...they discuss his weight loss...

Jordan turns away to finally settle in, she says "goodnight"...Jeff says "goodnight Johhrdan" and then he says "I always make out with my friends before we go to bed"  They joke around about that and Jeff says "I thought we were friends?"...Jordan says "we are friends, I'm your girl and I'm your friend"...freudian slip...Jeff asks how come they're not making out?...Jordan huh's?...Jeff says he's feels drunk because he's so tired...Jordan says delirious?...Jeff says they just talk about nonsense...Jordan says their whole conversations were pointless except for the scheming (I totally disagree! It’s actually the opposite)...Jeff says he likes the pointless conversation 10X better than the scheming (I totally agree!)...Jordan agrees but is just saying...Jeff says "at least we hung out for a little bit"...Jordan says yep and they finally go to sleep...

White Castle Burgers


Jeff and Jordan have just gotten up, it's 1pm...Jordan makes the White Castle burgers she received in her HOH room...Jeff & Jordan are eating them for breakfast/lunch  :)  Jeff says White Castle gear is trashy and Michele wrongly hears him saying it's the burgers that are trashy...Jeff says she needs to hear the full convo before making statements like that....

Jordan realizes she locked herself out of the HOH room...Jeff goes around the kitchen counter to the fridge and pinches Jordan's butt...Jeff jazzes up his burgers with cheese, Jordan doesn't care either way how they are and she only likes ketchup. 😛

a short DR leak of Jordan going into the DR to get an HOH key is heard

Jordan HOH picture time 


Jordan has been taking pictures with her HOH camera...her and Michele head into the bathroom, Jeff joins them...Jeff takes a picture of Jordan and Michele, Jordan doesn't like it saying she looks fat in it...Jordan then asks Jeff to erase it before taking one of all three of them...Jeff says no  ;) just take the picture...Jeff sits down on the lounger and takes the pic of all three...

They inspect the pic...Jeff says it's alright...Jordan says it works...Jeff goes to take a shower...they all say they're all "sunned" out...Michele asks about Jordan blogging or twittering today...Jordan says BB hasn't let her know...Jordan wants to delete the pic of two of them, she figures out how to do it and deletes it, they try again, they agree it's better...they talk about going upstairs and then Jordan gets up and takes a pic of Jeff in the shower 😊 Jordan & Michele head upstairs...

Too foggy in the shower 


Jordan is taking a shower in the HOH. Jeff comes in the HOH and is looking at pics they have just taken with the camera. Michele is looming around as usual.  

Michele asks him how he is doing today. Jeff says he's just tired...she says (implying that Jeff should have slept downstairs too) that this is why she needs to sleep downstairs because she doesn't get any sleep up here with Jordan, keep you up all night? (cry me a river Michele 🙄)

Jeff smiles and says nothing (probably thinking well stay there then! ) She starts telling him the story about Russell beating down Jeff in his workout...Jeff laughs it off and goes into the bathroom where Jordan is...

Michele keeps talking and Jeff ignores her and goes towards Jordan who is in the shower, he starts holding the camera above the shower door and Jordan asks Jeff "you can't see anything can you?" Michele interrupts saying you can see everything (who asked you anyway?

Jeff keeps holding the camera above the door (who knows what he actually saw there 😉) and says hold on, let me see...Jordan yells no! don't take a picture of me in here!...I'm fat (clearly she was concerned about looking fat and not about the fact she's naked! 😂)  Jeff tip toes and puts the camera closer...he says it's too foggy, let me open this...Jordan screeches NO! Jeff laughs...Jordan says she'll be out in a minute and he says he's just joking...

Jeff cops a feel


Feeds return to JeJo & Michele in the HOH room...Jordan is finishing up her HOH pics, she takes a pic of Jeff & Michele and then Jeff says to take a pic of him & Jordan...Jordan hands the camera to Michele...Jeff grabs Jordan to sit her down by him and as he does he grabs her boob 😋 Too funny...Jordan of course says "eww, no, Jeff!" and smiles for the camera LOL

The photo: 

Jordan waits for Jeff who is pooing 


Jeff goes to the bathroom in the HOH. Jordan is looking through the fridge. She yells out "are you pooing?" Jeff says yep! Jordan says she still has her margaritas and heads into the bathroom. Jeff asks if she wants to drink them, Jordan says not now.

Jordan says she's afraid to put them down there because Lydia might throw them in the trash but she thinks she will bring them down there. Jeff says no wait! Jordan says you wanna drink one? Jeff says he will. Jordan says it's really cold and she will twist the cap off...Jeff tells her to stop talking to him while he's pooing. Jordan laughs and heads right back in there and keeps talking LOL. She goes to grab a towel to help her open the bottle, Jeff says don't give it to me now...she laughs and says "your pants are at your ankles" Jeff says "cuz I'm pooing" Jordan says it's funny when guys poo cuz...they both 😂

Jeff says "I got it, they're gonna turn the camera on in here" Jordan says "you're poopin'!" Jeff says "Jordan, they're gonna turn the camera on, get out" Jordan says "hold on, I'm trying to open this" Jeff says "GO open it out there!" Jordan imitates him and Jeff says he's gonna fu**ing kill her...Jordan leaves and says it doesn't even stink, she can't get the bottle open, he's gonna have to open it.

Head to Feet talk - the HOH bed


Jeff & Jordan get some alone time upstairs...Jeff finishes up playing solitaire and lays down head to toe with Jordan...Jeff rubs his foot on her head to get her attention...they look at the spy screen and wonder if they're all plotting against them downstairs...Jeff says if so, they got got...

Jordan asks Jeff if he wants to rub her feet? she rubbed his back last night...Jeff asks if they're clean? (duh she just took a shower lol) Jordan puts her foot near his armpit...Jeff says to not do that, feet make him sick...she giggles and continues...Jeff says "Jordan! gross!"

Jordan laughs...Jeff says there is toe jam in there...they both laugh...Jordan says her toes are hot pink and pretty so shut up...she pulls something out of her toes, lol, and Jeff says it was toe jam...she says it wasn't...Jordan says her toes are like Jabba the Hut...Jeff pokes Jordan in the boob with his foot. LOL Jordan sits up and asks what she was going to say?...Jeff says "who knows?"...

Jordan tells Jeff about her HOH blog she just wrote...Jeff asks "did you write anything about me?"...Jordan says she did and Jeff wants to know what....Jordan says that she wrote a lot of good things about him, she starts to say what she wrote and the feeds go to control room...when they come back they are talking about being on lockdown...

Jordan says they need to go to bed at 11...Jeff says good luck with that...Jordan says if they eat a lot they'll get sleepy and this bed is comfy so they can sleep better...Jordan says Michele moved out, maybe she felt like Jeff kicked her out...Jeff says "yeah, I hope so"...Jordan giggles...Jordan says how Michele always wants to hug it out and she's so awkward...they notice Michele and Russell heading up to the HOH...Jordan says f**k! and they panic trying to make it look like they're going to sleep...Jeff sticks his foot in Jordan's face and says "rub my feet" LOL R&M walk in...

Jordan tells Jeff off 


Jeff and Jordan have just finished confronting Russell and Michele about wanting Jeff out next week.  They are alone in the back yard. 

Jeff: Way to jump in with the questions, by the way, Sherlock.

Jordan: What do you mean?

Jeff: You didn't ask anything.

Jordan: I was there talking with Russell.... 

Jeff just stares at her...

Jordan: Why do you always think that you're the one that always has the blood on your hands?  You piss me off so bad when you say that!

Jeff (in a smartass tone): Really?

Jordan: Yeah, because....

Jeff interrupts: You sit there and you're like (goofy smile)

Jordan: No!  I don't! I don't sit there and do that all the time but you make me...

Russell comes outside and apologizes for interrupting.  They say it's fine.

Jordan continues: You piss me off when you say that every single time.

Jeff (now with a joking tone): You piss me off.

Jordan: No and you get that arrogant smile when you say that. (Watch Jeff on Cam 1 - he's not sure what to say to this new angry Jordan - LOL)  Every single time you say that.

Jeff: Arrogant?

Jordan: Yes, arrogant. 

Jeff smiles and looks down. It seems Jordan won this battle

Convo moves on to the earlier confrontation...then Jordan asks Jeff if he drank her all her margarita coolers? Jeff says two of them. Jordan says they're gone. (there were only two) Jeff says they gave him a little heartburn. Natalie comes outside and asks Jeff if he wants to play pool, Jeff accepts, he gets up saying that he took Jordan's heartburn away. Jordan gives him a look saying "oh yeah". Jeff says "don't mean mug me" and he walks away.

Tie Dye Shirts


BB gives the HG's tie dye kits.

Jeff is starting to make his tie dye shirt...Jordan comes out to the BY and asks Jeff what's up?...He says he's making the best tie dyed shirt ever...Jordan asks why they are tying them?...Jeff says that's where they got the name "tie" dye, first you tie it and then dye it...he says it all sassy according to Lydia...Jeff says he wasn't sassy it's just like set it and forget it...Jeff asks Jordan if it was sassy?...Jordan says it was...Jeff slaps her butt and she sits on Jeff's lap.

Jeff holds up his shirt that has one elastic around it and asks how Jordan likes it so far LOL Jordan likes it and wants Jeff to make her one...Jeff says he doesn't even know what he's doing...Jordan says Lydia will have a good one, can she make one for her?...Lydia says she's making for a bunch of people but she will make one for her too...

Lydia and Jeff bicker a little over the shirts...Lydia says she's making the nicer one for Jordan because she's been an asshole to her all week...Jeff says Lydia's been an asshole to him, he saved her 3 times and he was nice to her...Jordan stands up...Lydia says Jordan is a better snuggler so...Jeff says she can keep throwing stones because he has his shield up, don't hate, appreciate...feeds go to control room…

Jordan, is now sitting on the coffee table, she tells the others what she talks about in the DR regarding stuff, like pooping and farting...Jeff says "that's what you talk about? omg"...the others laugh...Jordan says she talked about different types of poops, she laughs...Jeff says "holy shit"...Jordan says all the guys in America are going to be grossed out by her...Jeff asks if she talked about her being in the room when he was pooping?...Jordan didn't but says she should have...Kevin says they do talk about that...Jeff says she loves to talk about that stuff...

Jordan says she told the DR Jeff wears girl's deodorant...Jeff says "did you?"...Jordan just giggles...Jeff asks why Jordan sold him out with girl's deodorant? Jordan says she sold herself out too...Jeff says he's tied his shirt too much, can you get carried away tying?...Jordan laughs...Jeff says "what? what are you laughing at?"...Jordan then puts her feet in the hot tub while Jeff continues to prepare his shirt.

Tie Dye moments


Jeff, Kevin, Natalie & Michele are outside...Kevin and Michele are doing their tie-dye shirts.

Just before the 10:40pm mark Jordan comes outside asking how it's going? Michele says awesome...SILENCE...Jordan then asks Jeff if he can help her bring her suitcase down because she's trying to get all her stuff out...Jeff asks "right now?"...Jordan says yeah, it's already all zipped up...Jeff immediately leaves to do that, Jordan soon as they're inside Michele makes a cracking the whip sound signifying Jeff's whipped , she giggles but Kevin and Natalie don't take the bait.

At the 10:41pm mark see DR Sessions Giggles

At the 10:49pm mark Jeff and Russell are outside now, Jeff is just starting his tie-dye creation...Russell breaks out in laughter saying "can you sleep in my room tonight with me?" (to protect him from crazy Michele)...Jeff says "forget it"...Russell keeps giggling...Jeff says "you better on your shirt" :)

At the 10:53pm mark the HG's are outside checking out the tie-dye shirts, Jeff is still working on his...Natalie says Lydia is making their's pink and purple...Kevin starts snickering at Jeff's shirt...Jeff says "you laughing at mine?"...Kevin giggles...Jeff says it's dope boy fresh...Kevin says not to put the dye in the folds...Jeff says really?...Jeff keeps creating and Kevin keeps cracking up ...Michele says "what is he doing?"...Kevin says "I don't know"...Jeff says "don't worry about it, it's going to be dope" LOL

Jeff goes inside to get more blue dye...Kevin starts walking over to the couches where Jordan, Michele and Russell are sitting...Russell is saying it's Jordan last night as HOH...she's happy saying she doesn't like being HOH, she likes the letters and she takes a bath every night...Jordan holds up her leg for Kevin and says "feel my leg"...Kevin does saying it's so soft, at that very moment Jeff comes back outside...

Russell starts laughing implying Jeff is going to get mad...Jeff mutters "oh shut up"... Kevin says he was just feeling the lotion on her legs that's all. 😊

Just after the 11:01pm mark Jeff reveals his ugly tie-dye shirt LOL he says it looks dope...Kevin oooh's saying the bottom part looks cool...

Just after the 11:09pm mark Jeff comes outside with a 2L Coke and Mentos, he grabs one of the buckets to do an experiment, he's never done this...Jeff asks Kevin how to do "it"...Jordan asks what they're all doing?...Natalie says "making a bomb"...Jordan says "a bomb!?"...Russell asks for a Mentos...Kevin says you need to put one in...Jeff says he's going to put 4...Jordan asks why Coke, Mentos and hot water?...Russell says it's a chemical reaction...Jeff does whatever needs to be done and some Coke comes shooting out of the bottle but the experiment ends up being a dud LOL 

Kevin laughs at how it fizzled out...Jeff picks up the bottle saying "that was it?"...Russell says yep!...Kevin asks how many were in there?...Jeff says 4...Kevin says "that was pretty lame"  Jeff says it was super lame...Jordan thought it would blow...Jeff says if he had kept the top on it would have exploded.

Just after the 11:13pm mark Jeff is watering the garden, Kevin, Jordan and Russell are sitting on the couches...Kevin asks Jordan if she's asked about Jeff gardening?...Jordan says "yessss"...they laugh...Russell says "you are?"...Jordan yells out "Jeff! you and that garden", she laughs...Jeff says "what?"...Jordan says "you and the garden"...Jordan says she said that Jeff was a garden boy or the water boy, something like that with his shirt off...Kevin says he said "let's just say Jeff knows how to handle his hose"  they crack up while Russell shoots them the funniest look! LOL

Kevin says "I totally did"...Jordan says "oh that was good, I like that" and she looks over at Jeff smiling...

Kevin says he did different versions, very sexual...Jordan says "what else did you say?"...Kevin starts explaining more and the feeds go to control room...

DR Session Giggles


Jordan has just asked Jeff out in the BY to help her bring down her suitcase....

Jeff enters the HOH room, he goes to the bathroom...Jordan walks in and heads to her bedside table, picks up the photo of her and her sister and says they had tie-dye...she puts it back down and waits for Jeff...Jeff comes out saying "I just had a DR session too"...Jordan giggles saying "was it the same?"...Jeff says yeah and laughs, he gets Jordan's suitcase...Jordan says "you better not have said anything bad...did you?"...Jeff keeps chuckling saying "no, did you?"...Jordan says "I'll kill you, the only thing bad I said was you wear women's deodorant" :)

Jeff says "I fessed up"...Jordan playfully punches him as he walks out the door, she says "you cheated, the only reason you fessed up is because I (did)"...Jeff says obviously it's not a secret, he said it in the house, he uses it everyday...Jeff picks up the suitcase to take it down the stairs and they laugh again...Jeff says it was pretty funny...Jordan says "wasn't it funny?"...Jeff says "what's up, throw me under the bus with crunk!"...more giggles...

Jeff says "yeah you did!"...Jordan doesn't hear Jeff, she says "hang on, I did what? throw you under the bus with what?"...Jeff rolls the suitcase towards the SS room...Jeff says it's cuz he used the word crunk...Jordan laughs saying "I did not!"...Jeff says "liar!"...Jordan says "I did not say that!"...halfway there Jordan says she can roll it now...Jeff realizes and says here, what are you doing? he hands her the suitcase while playfully pushing her away...

Jeff walks towards the kitchen while Jordan puts her suitcase in the SS room.

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