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Day 4 of BB11 Feeds

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

July 13

Kitchen flirting again

12:02- 12:14am

Starts with Jeff & Jordan talking/flirting/laughing in the kitchen but the audio feed is still of Braden and Natalie who are outside...

Jordan says "I like chocolate Teddy Grahams"...Jeff looks at something on the Teddy Graham box and says it looks so good, if he had a kid he would mak them that...Jeff says if had a hid he would do that for him...Jordan says do what? make that whole Teddy Graham? Jeff says yeah make that out of bread, pb&j and Teddy Graham's but then he'd want it all the time and he'd say, listen this is for special occasions.

Jordan opens up another packet of oatmeal and Jeff says another one? Jordan says "I'm a big eater!" Jeff smiles and says noooo :/ put a hot dawg in there...Jordan laughs. Jordan says "I am, I love to eat, it's like my favorite thing...maybe it helps deal with.." Jeff says stress? Jordan says she doesn't know...

Natalie comes in and says Braden kicked her ass in pool...Jordan says she sucks at pool, she played football when she was younger, for fun. Natalie says she's going to play chess, Jordan says she doesn't know how to play that either, Jeff says it's complicated and he's sure Jordan would get bored of it quick. Jeff says they're going to be up all night, it's already 12...Jordan wants to work out her arms...feeds cut out for just over a minute and come back to J&J

Jordan is saying something about ghost lager (?) making her do things she wouldn't normally do. Jeff says we need to go get some ghost lager...Jeff says what did I tell you about that bowl? (he had told her the day before it was metal and not to put it in the microwave) Jordan says what about it, it's not going to do anything...Jordan says she needs to start doing this when he's not around because he's up her butthole about it, Jeff says because it's metal...Jordan says so! Jeff says you can't put metal in the microwave...Jordan says why? Jeff says I told you 3 times, I'm out! 😝 You can do whatever you want now...

Jordan says she feels bad for Ronnie, is he mad at us? Jeff says no, he's on slop and tired...Jordan says she needs to be on slop, Jeff says she would die, she would be so crabby, he wouldn't talk to her for a week but then again it would be our last week together and then I wouldn't talk to you ever again...Jordan says she knows, we need to make it to the jury house...

This part is so sweet, remember this is one week for them in the house...

Jeff say it's impossible...Jordan says Jeff will make it far, further than her...Jeff says how is that...Jordan says he's on their team...Jeff says that will stop, change...Jordan says not til later...Jeff says if they don't win next week, whoever wins is going to campaign hard to put him up...Jordan then says then I will save you, that's what we'll have to do...Jeff gives her a "Jeff look" and says I'll save you if I get it...

Jordan starts laughing...Jeff says what? Jordan says spelling...Jeff says it's over the spelling, f**k...Jeff says what do you think you would have spelled? Jeff says Jordan was relieved she didn't play, Jordan says she was, she doesn't know any big words, she was sitting there thinking of a big word like dictionary (lol)...Jeff says he's never going to hear the end of that then he puts his hands to his face and smiles. (seen in tons of tributes)

Jeff goes on to tell his Technotronics story. It NEVER gets old, Jordan is right. Jordan laughs. Jeff says you know how many times I am going to have to tell that story? About 800 more...Jordan says probably...she says ok, tomorrow don't let me eat bad food...Jeff says you're not the boss of me...Jordan say Jeff is her coach, she talk about this every day...she needs her diet pills...

Jordan says Jeff has really straight teeth :D...Jeff says he had braces...Jordan says she knows (somehow she forgot this later because she kept asking Jeff if he had braces, LOL) ...Jeff says so do you, you have super straighters...Jordan says she always looks at people's teeth, if they're white, it tells a lot about a person...Jeff says how about if they can bite the top of this bottle off? :P

Jordan says she has her two front teeth bonded because they had curved out, she shows Jeff and they banter a bit over that...

Jeff says they look good. Jordan keeps explaining about the bonding and what it's like but she says Jeff looks confused...he is adamant he gets it, he says "what do you want me to say about it? congratulations...let's have a pool party"...they laugh.

Another sweet moment...

Jeff whispers "wtf would I do without you?"...Jordan says what are they going to do...Jeff says "what if you left? I'd be like...(lost)"...Jordan doesn't understand what Jeff means and says she would be lost if they left the CBS studios she wouldn't know where to go, Jeff doesn't understand what she means and says they take you out, she just says what if...Jeff says he knows exactly where he'd go, he lived here...Jordan say oh yeah. Jeff says he'd love it, he'd go rock it out right now but everything closes at 2.

Jeff makes a point of telling Jordan this...he says he wasn't talking about leaving here, he was talking about if she left this house and he was still here...she is washing dishes and doesn't hear, she says what did you say? Jeff says I was talking about if you left, who the f**k would I talk to...Jordan says you would come after me? Jeff says I would say wait, I'm going too. ☺️ Jeff says no, I'm saying what would I do?

Jordan says Jeff reminds her of someone from Boston not Chicago...I don't know why, you know? Jeff says "you just said you know" and he smiles. Jordan says "uh oh, you're rubbing off, you were just looking at my boobs earlier weren't you? LOL Jeff says "no I wasn't" She says he was, he swears to God he wasn't. Jordan says she was just kidding and she doesn't care...he says he has seen enough of them...she says he hasn't...he says he still has to see them...she says ok...she says she has on her Mrs. Doubtfire bra...he says "what's that, now I looked"...she says it's her old lady bra...Jeff says you have your granny panties? Jordan looks and says no, well they're not as wide as grannyy panties but they're full on panties. Jeff laughs...Jordan says she doesn't like thongs, they irritate her...Jeff says let's go outside Gucci...he says he just called her Gucci and that he's not going to say..he leaves...

BY chit chat

12:31-12:35 am

Jeff & Braden are playing pool. Jordan comes outside and folds towels. They start talking about trying to get on Russell's good side and how Lydia has turned to the other side. Jordan says she hopes that Lydia understands that Jessie and them are going to throw her under the bus...Jeff says she doesn't understand is what Jordan doesn't understand...Jordan says well, she is trying to soak it all in.

Braden says Lydia ruined his game, Jeff says she ruined all their game. Jeff says it's because of her they're in this spot. Jeff says that they should have just voted her out and taken Chima's side...he says if he wins HOH she's going up and she can take her f**king unicorn with her and stick it up her ass.

Jordan says Lydia is all about them. Jordan says she wished they could somehow turn the game around...Braden says he has written it off and has accepted his fate. Braden thought he would be cool with the girl that lives close by him, they had good energy, he was wrong.

Jordan goes to clean up and pick up a peach pit someone left and Jeff tells her "don't touch that thing!" They say it's gross. Jordan says it's not from some random person, it's from someone in the house. Jordan walks towards Jeff, Jeff says not to touch him with those dirty peach hands. Jordan tells him to shut up and puts her arm in his.

Jordan says she'll be talking to Jeff and Laura will be staring at her, what is she staring at? Jeff says it's because she's jealous, she wants all the attention. Jordan cleans up a bit more, says they're the messiest people ever...Braden and Jeff bug her that she picked up the peach pit, they say now she's a sicko, she has to eat it now, sleep with it...Jordan goes inside and tells them to shut up...Braden says yeah, stick it in your jeans...Jeff laughs and says he was going to say that, stick it in your cooch. LOL

BY chit chat continues


Jeff joins Braden & Jordan who are chilling in the BY on the couches. Jeff is tying up his sweatpants and says they're his football ones that they wore when he didn't have to wear pads, he had a couple more pairs but his ex-gfs kept stealing them. Jordan says she wishes she would have brought her Duke shirt. Jeff says his buddy loves Duke. Jordan likes Duke too but everyone is a Carolina fan. Jeff says his buddy Mimmo, he's going to want to talk to Jordan on the phone. 😉 Jordan says really? Jeff says yeah, his buddies are going to want to talk on the phone to "that girl" that you talked to...Jordan doesn't get it...Jeff says afterwards friends will want to talk to the people in the house, they'll be like dude, f**k you, I talk to you every day, let me talk to someone else.

Braden says yeah, they'll want to talk to the hottie with the cute accent...Jeff says they'll want to talk about egg whites...Braden adds "and Duke"...Jeff says again that Mimmo will want to talk to her about Duke...Jordan says she like JJ Reddick when he played for Duke. Jeff says Mimmo has a JJ Reddick jersey.

Jordan starts getting into game mode...she wonders if Casey would vote to keep Braden. Jeff says even if they swung it, they need one more vote. They talk game for a bit...Jeff scratches his balls and says sorry he keeps scratching his crank LOL Jordan says he does play with his balls a lot...Jeff says well it's nighttime (apparently that is a valid excuse! lol) Jordan laughs and says she's glad she doesn't have that problem...Jordan goes back to game mode, they start counting possible votes. Jordan says she can't stand floaters.

Jordan says Russell thinks he's a pimp wearing his hat today, Jeff says he's a tool, a clown...Jordan says they need more mirrors so Russell & Jessie can stare at themselves more. Jordan counts votes again...Jeff farts and Braden says that's the seventh vote. :D They laugh and call it Stinky Simon. Casey joins them. Casey calls them the giggles.

They start talking about Lydia & Kevin not saying goodnight and how weird Lydia is now with them. They say she's a snake and a runaround talking to everyone. Jeff says she lies to his face and then tells the story of how he went to the bar with his buddy after work to get a drink, they went out for a smoke and he left 10 bucks under his beer for the bartender to pay for the next round, he comes back and there's a girl sitting there with a drink in her hand and says here's your change. Jeff says she asks her if she's getting them another round, she says yes, Jeff says to take it out of that 10 dollars, she says what 10 dollars? Jeff says the 10 dollars you just paid that drink with...the girl lies and says she just pulled it out of her purse...the bartender asks her where the money came from and she lies again and says my purse...Jeff says sweetie, that was my 10 dollars that I know you stole, I'm not even pissed about it but look me in the face right now and tell me you took that 10 dollars, just tell me and we'll laugh about it and I'll buy you another drink, just for the person you are that you took the 10 dollars...she lies and says she didn't take the 10 dollars...Jeff calls her out as a liar...the girl calls him a fucking asshole and Jeff says he wasn't the one that stole 10 dollars and she walked away...Jeff says he killed her.

They start talking about random celebs and losing weight for movies, Jordan says she likes Mark Wahlberg, Jeff too, Braden says he's a cheapskate, they ask why, how does he know? Braden says he had a couple of beers with him :cool 😜 They laugh and Jordan says Braden and his stories, she loves them...Casey loves them and says he knows what Braden is going to say (the beer thing)...they all laugh...Ronnie asks Braden to throw out a number of how many famous people he's had "encounters" with...Braden says 500...Natalie wants to know if he know Brian Austin Greene...they then talk about Megan Fox and how hot she turns to reality shows, they talk about I Love Daisy...Jordan saw Daisy in the airport the first time she came to LA for the show...Jeff saw a girl in the airport in LA and he thought she was smokin hot, she took off her glasses and it was Cindy Crawford, she's 45 but smokin hot.

Braden says her husband is loaded. Jordan says they made cute babies. Jeff says he saw Forrest Whittaker at the airport too right after the Oscars. Braden said he saw DJ Paul at the airport, Jeff says he would have said hi to him, Braden said he did, he had beers with him :tongue: and he was teaching Braden how to block girls' numbers on your cell phone. Ronnie says goodnight.

More BY chit chat


Braden says DJ Paul has a full grill with diamonds and everything...they mention his reality show...Jordan talks about the one guy from 3-6Mafia (their friend named Computer), his gf the heavier set one and how she feeds him chicken and smacks him while she's on top of him and how she tried to make something sexy with ranch dressing, it was gross :/ The show was called Hollyhood...Jordan asks Natalie if she liked Jess on the first Rock of Love...Natalie says yes but she was too good for him...Jeff says she's a bartender in Chicago @ Spybar...Jordan says she's so pretty...

Casey says Jeff is going to walk in there and she will say "Technotronic" LOL Jordan says he's ruined for life with that...Natalie says Jeff will go on that soap show...Casey says Jeff should be the Bachelor...Jordan says he should so do it...they egg him on...Jeff says let's do it...Natalie says she wants to do the Amazing Race...Jeff says "I do too" ;)

Natalie heard from Jessie that CBS frowns upon doing that kind of thing because it's the same network...Braden says it's impossible wink wink Casey thinks it would be the opposite...Natalie says there's Celebrity Apprentice...Jeff makes a face and says he doesn't know if they're celebrities...they laugh...Jeff says they wouldn't qualify...Natalie says Jeff might with Technotronics LOL

Jordan says Jeff probably made the Soup..Jeff says Jordan is going to get on there too ;)...Casey says they are clowning them about the word being Shotgun and then they pan to Jeff with Technotronic and says but it was better than this word LOL They bust Jeff's balls...Jeff says they made him go last, they knew what they were doing.

Jordan says she wants to laugh again, please explain the Technotronics story :P Jeff tells the story yet again and Jordan giggles like crazy...Natalie says Jeff should have grabbed an "e" and spelled electronics...Jeff says he had a one track mind LOL

They talk more about the comp, Jeff says you know how many times he's going to have to tell that story...Jordan just wants to hear it over and over...they talk about how Jeff will never hear the end of the Technotronics thing.

They talk about what is airing right now on TV regarding the show...Casey says Jeff might get a contract out of exploding on Russell while he was on the elliptical LOL Casey says he was trying so hard not to laugh when the fight was happening...Jordan says how Braden interjected during the fight...Jeff says that Braden said that Laura was a model and she should stick up for herself (Russell made fun of Jeff being a model)...Jeff laughs and said Braden threw a stone at her and she had nothing to do with it...Jordan says Braden is so laid back, it just makes her laugh...Jordan mentions the green chair thing.

Jeff kills himself laughing and recounts the story of how Braden sat in the green chairs after being nominated..."Congratulations, I just got vetoed, let's have a pool party" 😁

They all laugh...Jeff says he wanted to put a pillow on his mouth to stop him from laughing, he was dying...Jeff says it's week one and so much has happened already, it seems like longer...they talk about sequester...Braden leaves and Jessie comes out, they talk about sleeping in the HOH and why the house is cold in the morning. Jeff usually likes sleeping when it's cold and you get cozy...Jordan laughs when Jeff says they worry so much about how they're going to look on TV and Jeff asks her what she's laughing at...Jordan says can she not laugh?...Casey says can she only laugh at Braden?...Jeff says she laughs at me, she laughs with Braden...Jordan says Braden is funny with his stories...they tell Jessie about Braden's latest encounters with celebs.

Braden comes back from the DR and says all they wanted was an interview with Ellie May (the elephant). :) They want more stories but Braden has his retainer in so he says it's hard to talk (lisp)...Jeff says he's like Sylvester :P Braden says he did the DR with it on and won 50 bucks on a bet....Jeff cracks up!

Jordan says "Hi my name is Braden" ...Jeff with a lisp says "I got put up for evicshion"...Casey says "I got vetoed"...Braden says "I got Vit'oned, go on a fricken green chair"...Casey leaves...Braden tells Jessie that he should know that he didn't say anything about him, he didn't even bring up his name...

Braden then goes on a hilarious rant about how the whole thing is obnoxious and sad, something about licking his own balls and needing a neck brace because of it, how the other side are dogs, how he needs to go buy some new sandals (he rips his off, breaks them in half and throws them in the yard)...Jeff & Jordan are killing themselves laughing...Jeff says he's crying and congratulations...Braden says this is like a disembarkment, life, he'll become a captain of a ship's stern...Deadliest Catch 7 (?? LMAO) Jeff says he should go for it...Braden agrees since his career is over, he went down in the first round of BB, he'll go down in history...Jordan says Braden reminds her of one of the guys from Superbad.

Braden leaves but not before playing duck, duck, goose with Jessie as the goose...Jeff says Braden is a mental case...Jeff & Jordan wonder how Braden got past the BB therapist LOL Jeff says he cracks him up...they all start recalling how funny Braden's reaction was to being nominated, they say how funny it would be if Braden had to come back to read something for the show...Jordan can't wait to see Braden's interview with Julie Chen, she feels bad because he lost his apartment and how he wanted to make it to the jury house to save some money...Jordan says Braden said he's a gypsy and he will have to go to Australia...Jeff wonders how he will get there with no money...Jordan asks if they have seen his suitcase, it's 70's style...Jessie tells the story of how Braden busted the suitcase seeing if it was breakproof and then the cops came and he had to buy it LOL Jeff says Braden has 30 toiletries from the hotel in his suitcase, he has a bomber jacket, his smoking jacket, his shoes all lined up nicely, the elephant on the bed, the toboggan (or is it toque, LOLOL) on the elephant's head, his purple eye mask, his $700 eye cream with the gold spoon...Jordan asked to use it but it was his expensive Dior cream so he wouldn't let her LOL

Jeff tells the story that was cut out of the feeds last time, he says how he woke up, couldn't see very well without his glasses and thought Braden was wearing Jordan's underwear because they were weird bikini underwear 😂 They go on to say they will miss him, he just lightens the day...Jordan says how Braden knows everyone you mention, they laugh about Braden and his shakes, learning techniques from Japan and Hawaii...Jeff laughs about how Braden said he could stay in his tent if Jeff stays in LA for a few days after the show...they go on about Braden's randomness and Jeff says wtf? what is with that kid, he's all over the place.

Jordan says she needs to get tired, Jeff says he's all giggly...Jordan says they can't giggle where he's at because they'll wake everybody up...Lydia comes outside to lay on the hammock...Natalie says goodnight and leaves...Jessie gets up to go talk with Lydia...Jeff whispers to Jordan that now Jessie is the one that consoles her? (used to be him) J&J both say they never know what to say around Jessie, there is no conversation. Jordan says he's fricken weird...feeds cut off them…

Transitioning to the GR


Jeff and Jordan come inside with a bunch of their clean laundry, they go past Natalie & Chima who are chatting in the LR, they are surprised they are still up...they put their stuff away and plan on going to the GR...Jordan asks Jeff to grab a blanket, she wants him to, he wants her to...Jeff walks past Natalie & Chima again and they chat about how cold it is in the HN room, Jeff says that's the worst, he'll get sick, they talk about being a HN...Jordan comes out and they chat a little more and then they head to the GR...Jordan spreads out the blanket and sits down...Jeff comes in and says his blanket is the worst, it's so stiff...Jordan says that's how he builds his forts...Jeff complains about something and calls someone a fu**ing co**sucker...Jordan tells him to calm down and then goes to the bathroom while Jordan waits…

Giggle Patrol in the GR


Jeff & Jordan come inside to the GR after having been outside for a few hours...Jordan is sitting waiting when Jeff comes in putting lotion on his face very delicately...Jordan giggles...Jeff looks up at the ceiling because the sound's like a speaker is on and Jordan giggles...Jeff drinks water and she keeps giggling...he says "you got the giggles" and looks at her...Jordan asks why he is looking at her like that?...Jeff says because you got the giggles and he is waiting for BB to say something...she has the giggles why do you think he's laughing at everything...Jordan doesn't know, everytime she looks over at him, he's looking at her...Jeff says why do you always think I'm looking at you funny, I'm just looking AT you, like what's up? like I'm talking to a normal person...Jordan giggles :) and Jeff looks at her LOL

Jeff says now that was weird, now shit's weird...Jordan says why?...Jeff gets comfy with the hard blanket and shows Jordan how he makes a fort in bed...she giggles and giggles...Jeff cracks himself up!

Jeff says he needs to cut his hair...Jordan says let me do it...Jeff says who else is going to do it now? (obviously not Lydia) Jordan giggles...Jordan asks if Jeff's ever shaved it off?...he says no, he has weird bumps on his head it would look bad...he asks her to feel them, she doesn't (but that would change, lol) and Jeff says you don't have to get all grossed out, she tries to feel but he says forget it...Jordan giggles :)

Jeff says "wtf? dude, you have giggle patrol right now"...Jordan says can she not laugh?...Jeff say but is she laughing with him or at him?...Jordan says both...Jeff says he forgets that he's on camera, he will catch himself noticing them...Jordan says the cameras remind him of the movie War of Worlds...they both don't like the dumb ending with the robots...Jeff asks if she saw 7 Pounds with Will Smith?...Jordan says no...Jeff says his favorite thing is movies, he loves movies, he just rents movies all the time...Jordan says what a dork...Jeff rolls...Jordan says she's just kidding, just kidding, he's 30 he can do that.

Jeff says what do you mean, I like the movies, I go to the movies, I watch movies and I rent them...Jordan giggles...Jeff says what do you do? watch Daisy of Love? you're a fu**ing dork...Jordan says Jeff said "I go to the movies, I rent movies and I watch the movies" 🤣 ..more giggling...Jeff smiles and puts his hard blanket up, he giggles...Jordan says again "I go to the movies, I rent the movies and I watch the movies, do you know what I mean?" 🤣 Jordan cracks up and Jeff laughs and says she had to throw that one in there too huh?...

Jeff says Jordan has it down pretty good...he says "f**k you hot not f**k you, I shouldn't swear to you"...Jordan says it hurts your feelings more...

Jordan asks him why he puts the elastic around his cup?...Jeff says so he knows it's his...Jeff says he has to stop swearing (how'd that work out for you Jeff? lol) ...Jordan makes fun of Jeff's accent again...Jeff says Jordan makes it seem like she's an English teacher...Jordan giggles and says Jeff sounds like Bobby's World...Jeff says that's a Minnesota accent.

Jordan wonders if the people behind the walls laugh at them?...Jeff says he doesn't hear them...Jordan kiddingly says uh oh, Jeff is getting old and needs to fix his ears...Jeff says the speaker sound is driving him bananas...Jordan says he can't say "bananas", it sounds corny...Jeff says and Gucci doesn't?...Jordan says Gucci is cool and he's going to remember it...he agrees...Jeff says he's going to text her that all the time ;) ...Jordan says she'll say this is that annoying weirdo that got me voted out of the BB house, she's kidding.

Jordan wants Jeff to get her to work out tomorrow even if he's annoying her...Jeff says she'll be in the pool and say in 5 minutes and she'll keep laying there and he'll say what are you doing? and Jordan will say thinking, nuthin' LOL Jordan says she was thinking today and observing...Jeff says he regrets yelling at Natalie big time...Jordan says it was in the heat of the moment...Jeff says he should know better...Jeff catches himself saying you know what I mean and Jordan giggles drink! ;)

Jordan wonders how they are going to portray her & Jeff on TV...Jeff says they'll keep people guessing, showing them but nothing has happened so what can they really show, it's not a me & you show. (umm, yeah it is!) They'll be on a couple of times a week, if they don't do anything they'll just stop showing them.

Jordan says she's gassy...Jeff says to rip one...she asks Jeff why guys get grossed out when girls say they have to poot, her friend Megan told a guy she liked that she had to fart and he got grossed out. Jeff says what are you going to do, he would rather let her fart so that he could rip them in front of his girlfriend then hold it in and it make noises...Jordan says she hates that, she has had to fart on a couple of dates and it was the worst...Jeff says as soon as they leave, you fire them off...Jordan giggles and says "riding with the windows down" Jeff laughs and says yeah, for sure.

Jordan says her poots stink...Jeff says poots?...Jeff says his nieces say tooted...Jeff says his niece is so funny, she'll roll over and say Uncle Jeff (fart sound), she'll fart while she's moving, she doesn't get embarrassed but just a little embarrassed...they laugh...she'll say "I just tooted" (so cute!) Jeff says his nieces are so cute...Jordan asks how old they are?...Jeff says one is 3 or 4 and the other is 1 and half.

Jordan says she used to call a vagina "pootie" because of her mom, her grandpa calls it a "tweetie bird", he'd say did you wipe your tweetie bird good? when she'd come out of the bathroom, her friend would say "muff"...Jeff has heard of that.

Jordan asks Jeff if he likes haunted houses?...he says yes, if they're good, he likes being scared...Jordan giggles drink! Jeff tells the story of how he tried to scare Casey when he came out of the DR but Casey was like dude, there's like a 100 mirrors in here, he saw him and Jeff was busted...they laugh.

They talk about Casey & Braden...Jeff says he wants to hang out with Braden...Jordan says her too but if you were to come to Cali, he would be the type to not show up at the airport...Jeff says he would get his friends to get him and just go out one night with him...Jordan says she would definitely not depend on him.

Talk turns to pooting and pooping, they giggle more...Jordan says Jeff is cussing like crazy...Jeff says right? I gotta drop the F-bomb...they talk about farts again and they giggle...Jeff says when he's 80 he will still think it's funny...Jordan poots and her stomach makes a loud noise...Jeff says that was a rip-roarer, she should go to the washroom...Jordan giggles...Jeff says it's hilarious but if he smells it he will fu**ing throw up..more fart talk (GAW these two talked about farts a lot! :P ) ...Jordan tells the story about how when she was little this one guy, everytime he picked her up and squeezed her, she would fart...Jeff says how about when you run and fart?...FISH...Jordan leaves to go poop...

She comes back a few minutes later...FISH...Jeff asks her to scratch his back, he swears if she does it, he will rub her feet...she starts by scratching over top his shirt...feeds go to fish and when they return she is scratching with the shirt pulled up...Jeff asks her if she could be anywhere right now where would she be?...Jordan says to an island...Jeff says on the beach with palm trees and a little tiki bar?...Jordan says yeah, yeah, that would be cool.

Braden arrives and Jordan offers to scratch his back too?...she starts scratching both...Jeff says this is going to air and Jordan is so worried about her & Jeff (their involvement)...Jordan says no...Jeff says this is bomb and for her to tell a story...Jordan asks them what's the worst kiss they've had?...Braden tells his first kiss escapade and beyond to boobs LOL Jordan asks if he did motorboat?...Jeff says her boobs are good motorboats.

Jeff asks if she had bad kisses all the time or what?...Jordan says only 2, one guy who was hot but he kissed like a lizard and another that kissed really, really wet...Jeff says he had a girl that had machine gun tongue, he told her she had to relax 😂 Jordan is confused :) Jeff says he was young, he says she was going crazy...Braden says he would grab her head and put it in his crotch. 🤪 ..Jeff says "machine gun my dick"...they crack up laughing...Jordan says they're awful...Jeff & Braden say she started it, where do you think it's going to go?

Jordan keeps scratching but then says her arms hurt and she lays back and puts her foot in Jeff's armpit (sign of things to come!) They start talking game and how messed up the house is...Jeff says he needs to pull a miracle...Jordan giggles and Jeff asks if she was laughing at him?...she says yeah...he says you don't think I could do it?...Jordan says yes...Jeff says he needs help from other people, upset nation...Jeff makes fun of Jordan's feet, he points out a bone that he thinks is a callous and Jordan says her mom has it too, he looks at his feet and voila, he has one as well which he never noticed his whole life. :D...feeds cut out…

More terms of endearment


Jordan is in the pool on her pink floatie. Jeff has just finished working out and is eating tuna...Braden & Laura are there as well and all of them (minus Jeff) are saying how much they hate tuna and it's disgusting...Jeff sits down near the far wall eating his tuna...Jordan says tuna is nasty, she would hate when her teachers ate tuna and they'd teach after, ugh, she hates how it smells...Jeff mumbles something about jamming the tuna down her throat,

Braden laughs and Jordan says "what'd you say?"...Jeff says "nothing"...Braden says Jeff is going to bird feed a tuna...Jeff says "it was a term of endearment"...Jordan says "another one?".

Jeff laughs and says "yeah...we're in love"...Jordan says "thanks Jeff"...Jeff says "I love Jordan so much I want to drown'd her"...they giggle...Jeff says "that's our code word"...Braden says "for how much you love her?"...Jeff says "yeah"...Braden says he could punch her in the face but then again, he could squeeze her to death...Jeff says "you know how everyone is talking shit about everybody, so I'm like man, Jordan, I just wanna drown her at the bottom of the pool, she'll know that means I love her" and then everybody will be like Jeff said he wanted to drown Jordan and Jordan will say aww

Jeff & Braden agree it's a little reverse psychology...Jordan asks what time it is...Braden says it's noon...Jordan says "already?"...Jeff asks Jordan if she's going to work out?...Jordan says she told him she would later on, she wants to lay out first...Jeff says it's been 2 hours...Jordan says it hasn't...Jeff says it has...Jordan says later on...Jeff smiles shaking his head...

Braden says at 7, you got it...Jeff says "it's ok y'all...I don't care if you don't work out, you just told me to tell you yesterday so I'm telling you, don't bite my head off".Talk turns to the HOH getting a camera, taking pictures and some game talk...

Fights all over the house


Fighting breaks out all over the house. First Braden, Kevin & Lydia get into it by the pool when Braden calls Kevin a beaner...things settle down but Jordan and Lydia have a little confrontation in the house, she goes outside and talks to Jeff, she is visibly upset over what Lydia said...Jeff goes inside and he, Kevin & Lydia fight in the kitchen with Jordan

watching...Jordan then lets it all out in the bathroom, she explains how everyone avoids Jeff and just because she talks to him she gets the put in the middle of everything, she's not going to not talk to him...Lydia comes in the room and then Jordan & Lydia start their big blowup...Lydia leaves and Jordan runs through the house after her, she is pissed!

Afterwards Jordan is alone crying on the hammock :( (1:49pm) while Jeff talks to Kevin more calmly. Peace is restored eventually.

Jeff's concern


The Braden/Kevin/Lydia blow up has just happened...Lydia & Jordan have had some heated words in the GR...Jordan heads outside and sits on the couches...Jordan rubs her eyes, she's visibly upset...

Braden asks if it's chaotic in there?...Jordan says "no, they're mad at me"...Jeff says "mad at you for what?"...Jordan says she doesn't know, she told Lydia she didn't do anything and she's yelling at her...Jeff asks "why is she yelling at you?"...Jordan doesn't respond...Jeff tells Braden that he went about it the wrong way because now Lydia is pointing people out, yelling and it's her fault, she's the one that flipped, she's pointing fingers at every other person...Jeff is upset, he gets out of the pink floatie...

Braden apologizes to Jordan saying he never said her name...Jeff asks "what'd she say to you?...huh?"...Jordan doesn't respond...Jeff says "Jordan!?"...Jordan says "what?"...Jeff asks again...Jordan says she said something about how Braden was the type of person she was aligned with, good job and she wouldn't talk to her and then Jordan told Lydia that she doesn't talk to her, she has to talk to her, why is she getting dragged into this, she didn't do anything...Jeff says "because she's trying to...I don't know"...Jeff then says Lydia is just pointing fingers at others knowing she's to blame (deflection)...Jeff then tells Braden that it was a little off the handle btw...Braden says he doesn't care...silence...

Jordan sits while Braden and Jeff chat...Jeff tells Braden he can't really talk because he exploded as well (technotronic fight)...Jeff keeps looking over at Jordan with a concerned look on his face...

Jeff sighs and says it's a new day, a new fight...Russell comes outside...Braden and Russell start to hash things out...Natalie comes out and joins them...they all talk for a bit and then as soon as Jeff can get away from the others, he leaves the pool and walks over to where Jordan is to talk to her...🥰

Jeff says "are you sad?"...Jordan says "no I'm just..." (at this point it's hard to hear what they're saying because the audio is focused on the others)

Jeff says "you do?"...Jordan says she's just irritated...Jeff says "with who?"...Jordan says "why my name? just because like when you and Russell get in a fight I get dragged in the middle of it and now Lydia and him get in a fight now I'm dragged in the middle of it and then she's sitting there like"...Jeff says that Lydia is just pointing fingers at everyone...Jordan says that Lydia said that Jeff had a chance to save Jordan and to save her and he didn't...Jeff says "what are you talking about? to save you, when did she say that?"...Jordan says it was just a second ago, he didn't and now whenever Jordan is in this position, she'll know what she's talking about, she doesn't see how Jordan can't see how Jeff is...Jeff says "right now she said that?"...Jordan says yes!...Jeff is stunned...Jeff says "why'd she fu**ing bring my name up, I didn't fu**ing say anything"...Jordan says "go ask her!"...Jeff says he will and leaves to go inside...

Fights aftermath


Jeff and Kevin are clearing the air after all the fights, they have calmed down...

Jeff looking over at Jordan who is still in the hammock, says (re: Jordan) "now I feel bad for her, I could take all this shit, 13 people to 1, I'll take the odds man, it's better than playing craps you know, it's 36 to 1, so I'll take these odds but I feel bad for her and that's my downfall in life cuz I feel for other people because of my actions, you know? and just cuz she's friends with me shouldn't mean anything"

Kevin says it shouldn't in real life, in Big Brother, it's different...Jeff asks Kevin what he would expect Jordan to do at this point, them not talk anymore?

Kevin says he told Jordan that honestly, if she hung out with Braden he wouldn't like her, it shows you condone certain actions, reach out to others and then reconnect, he's going to do that with Lydia too, in real life they'd be going out to drinks and bonding even more...Jeff says "oh yeah me too" LOL

They start talking about Lydia again and how things got twisted...they talk about their strategies coming in...Jeff says (re: him and Jordan) "if people judge me and don't like me, that's cool with me, I can live with that, this is just a game and there's an outside world to this but I don't want to drag other people down and make them look bad because they like me, they shouldn't be judged on that either, you know"

Kevin say if Jeff likes Jordan then he should distance himself from her because she's going to take all the motherf**ing heat, she really is, unfortunately :/

Casey who is also sitting there says he doesn't get how she's taking the heat...Jeff doesn't either...Kevin says it's because they want to get at Jeff, he's bonded with one person so to sting Jeff they'll go after her because they can't get him...Natalie joins them and they continue rehashing...

Jeff says that he only went in there to defend Jordan, her name wasn't mentioned, you can not like Jordan because she talks to him but don't tell stories about her, that's why he defended her and he's already in the hole so what does he have to lose, he's not going without his character, not without a fight and not without his character, that's what they can expect if they don't expect that already...they start talking about comps...

Russell comes out and clears the air about his and Jeff's fight and that no one should take anything out on Jordan because of it and he's not mad at Jordan for talking to Jeff...conversation dies down and Jeff heads inside...Russell is in the kitchen cutting pineapple...Jeff tells him he feels the same as what he told him outside but he just feels bad for Jordan :( ...Russell says girls are cattier, he was never mad at Jordan for talking to Jeff, that's between them...Jeff says vice versa, he feels the same...Jeff heads outside again…

JeJo light workout


Jordan has changed into workout clothes...she's admiring her tan, she likes it saying it makes people look skinnier and hides your cellulite...Chima, who is in the bathroom, tells her she looks good, brown not red...Jordan says her nose is a little red...Jeff says "you want me to help you? (workout)", he notices how tan she is and says "holy f**k you are dark"...Jordan says her brother gets tan, her mom has a little bit of Indian blood in her so her brother gets really dark, she's in the middle and her sister is fair and doesn't get tan...Jeff looks at his lack of tan LOL he says that's as tan as he's gonna get.

Chima can't believe Jordan didn't come into the house with her legs like that...Jeff says she's dark as hell...Jordan lifts her shirt asking if her stomach looks tan?...they think it is...Jordan says it's hard to tan her back though, she needs the tanning bed, she tells Chima she looks pretty...Chima thanks her...Jeff says it's silky btw...Chima says she's only taking compliments from Jordan btw...Jeff says "what's up?...Jordan and Jeff leave to go outside...

Jordan tells Jeff to put on his shoes...Jeff asks if she wants him to work out too?...Jordan says if he wants to...Jeff says he'll just help her...Jordan gets on and asks if she should do the elliptical first?...Jeff asks what she's going to do? for how long 15, 20 minutes?...Jordan says 30 minutes...Jeff tells her to set it...Jordan tries but the timer isn't working...Jeff tries but can't seem to get it to work either...Jeff says it's kooky, she has to go for it to start...Jordan goes but nothing lol...Jeff says wtf, it's haywire...Jordan says it's kind of going...Jeff says it's busted.

Jeff says for her to go until she's tired and to let him know if she needs help with the weights...Jordan says "I'm already kinda tired"...Jeff cracks up! and says to Casey "a half hour" ;)

JeJo in blue BY talk


Jeff is outside with Casey, Jeff is laying on the couch, Casey is sitting on the chair facing him...they are talking about the game and Casey is saying how he wanted to tell Lydia that she's not Jordan (who is closer to Jeff, no comparison btw them) Jeff feels like he's taking crazy pills in there...Casey is going on about how his students lie to him when Jordan comes out in her pretty blue dress, she says "hey guys" and sits on Jeff's legs. Casey pauses to tell Jordan she looks nice...Jordan says thank you...Jeff says "you look beautiful" :) ...Jordan says "wahhh, thanks".

Jordan gets up and sits on the other couch...Casey and Jeff talk about his students, analogies about someone telling you something that will never be a reality and how raising your voice doesn't change the facts...Jordan stands up and at the same time gets called out by BB to put her mic higher...Jeff looks up at her and Jordan asks him "what?"...Jeff says nothing, he was just checking her out. :) Jordan then sits on the chair next to Casey's...Casey is still rambling about his students while Jeff & Jordan look at each other ;) ...Jordan says her nose is peeling...Casey says his arms are too...Jeff asks if she's putting lotion on it? Jordan says she has...Jeff says he knows...Jordan says her forehead is peeling too...Casey wonders how Jordan was doing it, being out in the sun 6,8 hours a day...Jordan says she knows...Jeff keeps looking at Jordan and says "you still look cute" ♥ ..Jordan says "thank you"...

Casey leaves...Jordan immediately says "today's been like a uhhh"...Jeff says it's the same for him everyday, he just feels bad for her...Jordan asks if Jeff was in there when her and Lydia (were arguing)...Jeff says he came in and heard it...Jordan asks if he heard the end?...Jeff nods yes...Jordan says she was sticking up for Jeff, she told them she's not going to quit talking to Jeff just because everybody else (is)...Jeff says he did the same thing, he told them he was in there for Jordan and even Russell came up to him and told him that whoever Jeff talks to, he's not mad at those people and Jeff agreed that's the way he's been playing it too. Jeff says he just thinks Lydia is covering her tracks because she knows she fu**ed up...Jeff says he went in there to defend Jordan not talk about the whole thing...Jordan says she told Lydia she had the votes and Lydia told her she didn't. Jordan says she doesn't understand, Lydia said Jordan ignored her and didn't talk to her but when she walks in the room, Lydia walks away and Jordan feels like she has to say something.

Jordan says her throat hurts from yelling at the top of her lungs...Jeff says she was yelling...Jordan says she probably looked like a freaking psycho...Jeff says it's good, she has to hear it...Jordan says her eyes are all watery...Jeff says "were you crying?"...Jordan says "yeah, I was crying, I was so mad"...Jeff makes a pout and says "see I feel bad"...Jordan says she doesn't feel like everybody should jump down her throat because she didn't do anything and she told Russell on the hammock that even though him & Jeff don't along, they are on the same team so they should all talk, they don't have to be BFF but they're all going to have to get along. (good luck with that! lol) Jordan says she wouldn't distance herself if it was her.

Ronnie comes outside rambling about possibly getting a mohawk :/ , Jordan says to do it, she gets up to get a towel and comes back saying "it's so hard to shave your legs in this house"...Jeff says "tell me about it" :P Jordan tells Jeff to put his feet up and sits herself down under & btw his legs. They get comfy and then Ronnie leaves.

Jordan continues saying that is what she was telling them...Jeff says he said the same thing, did she hear him talking or no?...Jordan says yeah, she was right there...Jeff says he went in there to defend her and to not say he didn't defend Lydia & Jordan...Jordan says that Jeff is sitting there stating his point and they still don't believe him...Jeff says he knows...

JeJo in blue BY talk Part 2


The feeds switch back to J&J talking with Jeff saying "I suck at Big Brother" They laugh...Jordan says he hasn't done anything you know?...Jeff explains that Russell apologized, they got a little heated and he said that he was sure J&J were super nice people outside the house but Jeff just sucks at Big Brother...Jeff says he told him "ok, I suck at Big Brother but I'm not going to change the person who I am"...Jordan says she said the same thing, she told Russell that she thinks Jessie talks to her like she's stupid and just because he is HOH she's not going up there to kiss his ass, she can't suck up her pride and do it, she finds him ughhh, she's been trying to be nice to Russell in case he does become HOH but she guarantees she's outta there next week...Jordan says she's depending on Ronnie, she brings up how Laura is staring at her the whole time, she always talks about herself and she tried to go put on a better dress (than Jordan had on).

They laugh...Jeff says omg, he thinks she is jealous even though it's big headed of him to say but he thinks it's true...Jordan says Laura doesn't like her either...Jeff thinks she's jealous because he's not giving her the attention she probably gets and she's not getting the attention she probably gets and that's his opinion, he's thought that from the beginning. Jeff says he cannot believe Lydia, Jordan too...Jeff says no one in the house is going to say anything...Jordan says "they're all so fu**ing young"...Jeff says Lydia is terrible by continually saying that Jeff didn't defend her being put up, how many times does he have to tell her that it was not a point to defend, Jeff wasn't there and he didn't know she was going up, he says that we (Jeff, Jordan & Lydia) were the closest, she laid in his bed crying and Jeff asked her if she didn't think he was her friend? Lydia said no and Jeff said "really? really? can say whatever you want in front of these people but really in your fu**ing heart, this game aside, you know I was your fu**ing friend so put on whatever show you want cuz I know what's true...if they air everything people are going to know it's true".

Jordan keeps patting & touching Jeff's legs...Jordan says Michele told Ronnie that he's a target for her because she wants him out because he would beat her in the final 2, Jordan says "dang, Michele's got a little feistiness to her"...Jeff says Michele still talks to her, she's not scared...Jordan says Michele made a little comment in the pool about how she thought Jeff was her friend but wasn't sure because Jeff had put Michele under the bus...Jeff rolls his eyes and says he was up there (HOH room) for 25 seconds and 5 names came flying out (for nominees)...Jordan asks "do you know how gay we're probably going to look on TV with everybody fighting?"...Jordan says she had no makeup on and her hair was all nasty...Jeff says "whaddya mean? all I do is yell in here"...Jordan laughs and says "me too, I was screaming at the top of my lungs"...Jeff says that then people are going to say that he doesn't come talk to them, he tries to take himself out of the situation and when he goes to talk to them they say he doesn't give them enough space...Jeff says "Jesus man, I can't do anything right".

Jordan says "me neither, they don't like us"...Jeff says "no, they don't, they hate us"...Jordan says they haven't done anything...Jeff says "I can take it, I can fu**ing, I like the odds, 12 on 1, bring it, I don't care, I can take it, ykwim? there's bigger things outside this house but I fu**ing felt bad for you, you know that's why I went in there, listen...don't say I didn't defend you & Jordan, you (Lydia) and me have a problem that I didn't defend you, whatever, ok, I didn't, that's what your story, I'm like Jordan's name was not even mentioned so don't run around and say I didn't defend Jordan and make Jordan mad at me and she's like 'well you didn't' and I was like 'Jessie, was Jordan's name mentioned ever, ever when I talked to you?' and he was like 'no' and I'm like alright"...Jordan says "and they're still mad at you".

Jordan says when she was in the shower, Lydia was getting ready and there was complete silence and the girls won't speak to her when she's around and after she leaves, the girls will speak to her. Jeff doesn't understand why people follow that...Jordan says she already told Kevin she's not sucking up to anybody, she's not kissing anybody's ass and she thinks that everybody is scared of Jessie, Russell & Natalie because they're the strongest, no one wants to step on their toes for fear of elimination. Jeff says that Lydia brings up Braden & his bigotry and how Jeff didn't defend her...they laugh about how ridiculous the whole BY convo btw Lydia, Kevin & Braden, Jeff explains how it went down and how he stepped in to say it's not cool to make fun of people's race.

Jordan says Lydia made a comment in the kitchen about how she was aligned with a person like Jeff and Jordan thought she was aligned with them before so...Jordan says she's trying to get people to turn against her...Jordan says she's the nice one, she is...Jeff says he thinks everyone sees that...Jordan debates over whether it's a good or bad thing that she's nice...Jeff says he's been talking to Jessie & Natalie more...Jordan says she doesn't like them...Jeff says you have to bite your tongue...Jordan asks if it's true they wanted her in an alliance with the athletes...Jeff says that is what he proposed because he was tight with Jordan & Lydia, them 4 with 2 girls on different teams and they could go a long way....Jordan asks what did they say?...Jeff says they put Lydia up and how is that not defending her when he said she was his best friend in the house?...Jordan doesn't know...Jeff says he did everything to defend her.

Jordan says they said they were just trying to open her eyes and see that Jeff isn't something....Jeff says "what am I trying to be though?"...Jordan waves her hand and says "I don't know Jeff, shh, I don't care, I already know, I know..."...Jeff's face completely softens

and he says "mmm, thank you because what am I trying to do? I'm not trying anything"...Jordan smiles and says "I know"...❤️

JeJo in blue Part 3


Jeff says he felt bad for Jordan and that is why he went in there...Jordan says she was sitting on the couch with her Easter egg towel and Lydia yelled something from the other room, she jumped up and sprinted to Kevin's room and asked "what'd you say!?" and that's when they started going at the top of their lungs and that's when Lydia said she was talking at this level (low)...Jeff says he heard that and thought that Lydia was the one that was just fu**ing yelling...Jordan says she was screaming at the top of her lungs, she gets like that when she gets mad...Jeff says he does too, he almost lost it on Lydia too and almost said some shit but he didn't.

Jeff says that's what Lydia does is she doesn't stay and defend herself because she knows she is going to get killed, she knows she is wrong so if he keeps making the points, she knows she is going to lose so she runs up to the HOH room for her protection, why is she running away? and just because she screams louder than the other person doesn't mean she's right.

Jordan says "what are we eating tonight?"...Jeff says "whatever you want baby" :)

Jordan says they're going to have to cook tonight cuz you know they're not going to ask us what we want to eat (Jordan looks absolutely stunning here IMO)...

Jeff brings it back to game and says "yeah, I dunno because people are showing weird sides and I think Lydia showed that she's a fu**ing snake"...Jordan worries that she already told her a lot...Jeff says they all did, it's already out there, people know...Jeff says his beef with Russell is mostly over...Jordan wonders if it's because she helped...Jeff says that yeah, right after that Russell came over and talked to them (in the BY)...Jordan wonders what Casey thinks...Jeff thinks Casey is on their side and he brought up the Jeff/Jordan are closer thing...Jeff says first they (the other side) said he didn't defend Jordan, then they said what if Jordan was on the block, they keep switching it...Jeff says that Jordan wasn't, then they said she was, then it was proven she wasn't so then they say 'what if?', they keep switching so he has to defend a new point...Jordan says there are more of them than of us so it's harder...Jeff says they keep coming after him...Jordan says with Braden gone it's just them...Jeff says he knows.

Jeff brings up the Lydia saying 'what if' Jordan was on the block thing again saying that Casey almost jumped in saying to Lydia "you're not fu**ing Jordan, Jeff & Jordan are tight, not you and Jeff", Jeff says Casey was going to jump in but thought better of it...Jordan says that maybe Casey sees they're not fake...Jeff says he definitely sees it...Jordan says Casey is now trying to figure out who he trusts...Jeff says he sees and people are showing their colors and he knows...Jeff says Casey just can't come out and say that because then everyone is against you...Jordan says they just need to make it in the jury house...Jeff says it's going to be rough...Jordan says they just need 4 people to go out before them and then they're good...Jeff isn't sure of the numbers...Jordan explains but isn't too sure either, says they need to ask Ronnie, he's smart...Jeff says he is but will he be able to answer questions under pressure.

Jordan says Jeff has her saying you know, she needs to quit saying "you know"...Jeff sighs...Jordan says if she's with him this whole time, 3 months or whatever...they high five, entwine their fingers and touch hands…

Jordan says she will be saying "you know"...Jeff says "well that's good because he felt bad, now I can't talk to Jordan, that's awesome, I'm glad you came out here"...Jordan says "oh, you thought I was mad at you?"...Jeff says "no, I just thought you wanted to stay away from me, I'm like I want to go give Jordan a hug and I can't"...Jordan smiles and says "and drown me?"...Jeff says "no, I wanted to just give you a real hug, I'll drown you later"

Jordan laughs and says "uhh, did you even think it would be like this?"...Jeff says "what?"...Jordan says "all like this, I thought it would be easier, you know?"...Jeff says he didn't think he was going to be the fu**ing asshole of the fu**ing house...Jordan laughs and says she wonders if people really see this, if she gets out early she's definitely watching it cuz she wants to see...Jeff says people will want to watch with her to see what's really going on...Jordan wonders if they look like the assholes?...Jeff wondered the same thing but thinks they're not, other than what he did with Natalie, he doesn't think he does...Jordan says right...Jeff says his points are valid...they both agree that what Braden said was not good and he can't win with those comments. Chima comes out and they talk about dry cleaning sheets for the dryer. She leaves.

Jordan asks if Jeff thinks everybody is going to start liking them now?...Jeff says he doesn't know, he hopes and he's starting to talk to Jessie and company more...Jordan says be BFF with them because she won't...Jeff says they know that J&J are locked together...Jordan brings up Diane & Drew and how they made it far, then they start talking about final 3 with Ronnie, Jordan says she wants to be in final 2 and get 50K or 500K, she says they (her and Jeff) might have to fight about that at the end...Jeff says he hopes they have a fight about that...Jordan says why?...Jeff says because then they would be in the top 2...Jordan says what if Jeff kicked her out for Ronnie, she would kill him!...Jeff says "shut up, you're my only friend in here, I'm going to kick someone else out".

Jeff talks about his DR's and how they have changed from "these people are my friends, I hate these people, what's going on?" They laugh. Jordan says she knows because in the beginning she said she loved Lydia and now she's going to be in there bitching about Lydia, the other day she was bitching about Russell and then when Russell came over to her to talk she thought maybe she was being too hard on Russell. Jeff says he thinks that has boiled over. Jordan says "Gucci?"...Jeff says no, no, he doesn't think they're going to be friends but they have a mutual respect, they'll leave each other alone in the house...Jordan asks Kevin how the Technotronics fight started, she thinks somebody had to have started something. Jeff thinks it was Lydia. Jordan thinks maybe that is why Laura looks at her funny because she told Lydia stuff about her. Jeff thinks that the other side doesn't really like her so maybe shit isn't as bad as they think it is, they're thinking the worst which is ok but hope for the best, "you know"

JeJo in blue Part 4


Jeff is talking about how they have to hope for the best and he has held his word and so has Jordan so they can be trusted, their word isn't shit, they don't bounce back and forth...Jordan wishes it was Cowboy that was there...Jeff says they would be BFF's...Jordan says omg, she knows, she loves him...Jordan says normally people like Lydia that are different with tattoos and stuff are usually the nicest but in her case she was just totally different...Jordan says Lydia overexaggerated the whole thing to make Jordan look awful, that's why she was screaming at the top of her lungs, could Jeff hear her?...Jeff says he did but at least she was defending herself...Jordan says "were you like good job?"...Braden comes outside at this point.

Jeff says "yeah but then I just feel bad for people that I like and really you're the only person I felt like dude, wtf man, like it's my fault"...Jordan says "we're not BFF's anymore"...Jeff gets a cute look on his face and says "hm, yes we are"...Braden walks by and says "hi lovebirds" which makes Jeff speechless, he gets a goofy smile on his face and looks at Braden...

Braden says "what? what are you looking at me for?"...Jeff pauses and says "I was just...what?"...they laugh and Braden says "what?" as he prepares to go into the hottub.

Jordan asks Jeff if her nose looks real bad?...Jeff says no, she looks like she's on vacation with her sexy sundress and a tan...Jordan says "I what?"...Jeff changes what he said and says "you look like you're on vacation"...Jordan says she is...Jeff says yeah, a real paradise...hotel".

Braden says he loves that color dress on Jordan...Jordan says "thank you, 10 dollars Walmart"...Braden says "what?"...Jordan says swear to God...Jeff says that's how you blow it up...Jordan says when you have get fake boobs, you can mix it up and make it fancy...Braden says Ross is good too...Jeff says you can find some jams there...Braden says he found a couple...Braden gets in the hottub.

Jordan complains she tried to curl her hair but it won't curl...Braden hopes Jordan didn't go through too much BS today...Jordan says she did but she's ok now...Jeff says they're always worried about Jordan...Jordan says awww.

Jordan who loves to change the subject, lol, does and says she lost her retainer. Jeff whispers "I'm so happy you came out here"...Jordan says "why?"...Jeff says because he thought he was just going to have to not talk to her (cute smile on Jeff's face)...Jordan says why does she have to come out there? why does she always have to do everything?...Jeff says because he doesn't know if she wants him talking to her, it's the same as last time, he doesn't want to get her in trouble, he thinks it's over though.

Jordan says they told her that she should stay away from Jeff for a little bit, Jeff says they told him the same thing (they clearly didn't take those orders!)...Jeff says he thought about it and what's the fu**ing point of that, what does that prove to anyone?...Jordan says she told Kevin why don't they say the same for Jessie & Natalie? Jordan says "they sleep in the same bed and we don't" (not yet )...Jeff says no one says anything to them".

Jordan says "he wakes her up to make her breakfast and we don't do that" ...........(ummm )

Jeff says "and they tickle each other in the pool"...Jordan says yeah "and we don't do that" (yeah only the bed for you two )..."we just talk about drowning".

Jeff wonders why everyone is on his fu**ing shit?...Jordan says cuz they don't like them being friends...Jeff says why? cuz they know we're not kissing ass?...Braden says he heard Jessie call Natalie "fluffy muffy"...Jordan mishears and thinks Braden is talking about her and says if she thought Jessie was talking about her being fat she would go off on him (sign of things to come)

Jordan says if she was her boyfriend she'd be pissed, if she was the girl back at home and her boyfriend was doing that on tv, she wouldn't even talk to him anymore, he'd hear a mouthful, you know? Jeff says he does know…

JeJo in blue Part 5


Jeff changes the subject to game and says he can blow some smoke and play the game a little more...Jordan says to do it, to not blow any competitions...Jeff says he's not because he can't afford to, he doesn't know who is going to put him up...Jordan says then she will have to freaking save him cuz if he's gone she'll be by herself...Jeff says he will have to save her too...Jeff says there are so many scenarios, they could stay up all night thinking about them but he's definitely going to tell them to not put up Jordan, saying "remember how you said I didn't defend Lydia, I'm taking this opportunity to defend Jordan"...Jordan laughs and says that later on in the game they will try to break them up, separate them...Jeff says no one is trying to separate Natalie & Jessie...Jordan says cuz they're scared of them...Jeff says that someone needs to make a move otherwise they're just going to walk through the fu**ing game...Jordan says she will...Jeff says somebody has to...Jeff says on Thursday power will change and then they have to fu**ing start kissing ass, they're like "we sit up there all day from our ivory tower and judge people".

Jordan thinks Michele will put her up...Jeff doesn't think so...Jordan says Jeff needs to talk to her...Jeff says he feels he & Michele are pretty close...Jordan sits back on Jeff's leg and says "you know like when you cry and you just feel like ahhhh"...Jeff says "better? a good cry?"...Jordan nods yes and says she looks like the crybaby now...Jeff says she doesn't...Jordan says she cried yesterday & today, she cried on the hammock like a little baby crying...Jeff asks her what she cried about yesterday? he forgot...Jordan says it was because Braden got put up...Jeff says "at the table?"...Jordan says no, remember when Jeff asked her what was wrong, her eyes looked watery or red...Jeff says "you were crying!?"...Jordan admits she was...Jeff says "why didn't you tell me?"...Braden says to Jeff "were you crying about me?"...Jeff says he was in the shower...Braden says "ok, that's what I'm talking about"...they laugh.

Jordan says "cuz Braden got put up so I started

crying"...Jeff says "aww, that's fu**ing going to cry when I leave?...f**k yeah"

Jordan says it's because she knows she'll leave right after...Jeff says it's not that she's going to miss him, she's just crying for herself...Jordan says no, no he's her BFF...Jeff says "if I get kicked out next week, we're making out right away before I leave"

Jordan giggles and says "see ya later Jeff"...Jeff says they're gonna make out...Jordan starts rambling about Julie Chen, questions and what people actually see in the house. Jeff is confused, lol and asks about fooling around? Jordan says no, just them asking about "sparks in the air"...Jeff says it won't matter because he'll be gone.

Jordan starts playing with Jeff's leg hair and somehow the conversation ends up being about chickens, how Jordan's aunt Maggle killed chickens and Jeff's story about going pheasant hunting with his dad.

Jordan says her friend Blake wants to take her hunting in the fall...Jeff says what hunting?...Jordan says to go hunting! deer hunting, he told her that Jordan has to be quiet...Jeff says yeah right...Jordan says she knows and then she asked him if she could whisper and he said maybe but he didn't know if she could even do that, he told her they have deer spray, he can wear his camoflauge and he told her he would take her four-wheeling, they can go in the creek and do that so she's excited...Jeff doesn't seem enthused, LOL...he says he doesn't know, hunting's not for him, you just fu**ing sit there and he gets impatient wanting to shoot stuff, his dad told him he had to wait so he left and sat in the van and waited with the dog, Diamond, he slept and thought "I'm never going hunting again".

Jordan tells a story about going in this guy's truck down a straight up and down hill going about 80 miles an hour, she buckled her seat belt in case, when they hit the bottom they hit so hard they popped up, oh, it was so much fun...she wishes she could be 18 again. Jeff says "you're 22!" Jordan wishes she was 18 again though. Jeff wishes he was 6 and you play and that's all you worry about, your worse problem is if it's dark or it's rainy out, there's no worries...Jordan says she knows...

Jeff asks what time it is and Braden answers 6:15...Jeff says he didn't expect Kevin to snap like that today, not snap on him like that...Jordan says him & Lydia are tight...Jeff brings up that Lydia said he didn't defend her...Jeff says he said what did she want him to do, drown the kid?

Jordan says "what are you going to do when you get back home?"...Jeff says "I don't know, go to my buddy's restaurant and have a nice dinner, probably all his friends will come out and laugh about everything they saw and I'll tell them what really happened and shit"...Jordan says "tell them how you only had one friend in the house"...Jeff says yeah...Jordan says "well two"...Jordan says now he has uno...Casey comes outside...Jeff says "Casey's my friend".

Casey and Braden start bantering. Jordan says when Braden leaves she'll take over his palate in his honor. They talk about sleeping arrangements and Jeff suggests just switching (?)...Jordan says it would be obvious...Casey sits down & starts smoking...Jeff says oh, f**k it, he'll win HOH and get the bed upstairs...Jeff wants to wait until tomorrow to see what happens (they're under the impression the rooms are changing)...Jordan asks Casey if they're cooking in there?...Casey says nothing is going on...they start talking about Veal Parmigna and Jeff asks if there is veal? Braden says no, pork chops. Jeff says he doesn't eat veal because he feels bad for it...Braden says oh, please...Jeff says they don't even get a chance to live, they put them in a box and they can't even turn around so they don't use their muscles so their meat is more tender, they feed them in there and they live there until they're killed and that's veal. :( Jeff says cows go to a slaughterhouse, he gets it but he draws the line somewhere.

Casey says "fu**ing activist...PETA is still waiting for him about the spider on line 4" lol...Jordan says Jeff has a spider on him and she starts brushing off his shorts in a very precarious spot Jeff starts brushing off his shorts quite briskly and asks "is he gone?"...Jordans says "I don't know! there" and she turns her head away, LOL.

Jeff says his shorts are closed...Jordan says oh...Jeff says "was there a real spider in there?"...Jordan says it was a baby one, that's why she couldn't get it and she grabs Jeff's shorts to check again. Jeff says "he gone, f**k him"...Jordan laughs.

They start talking about Ronnie and his possible mohawk, Jeff says "maybe that will bring the house together" (I just noticed this Jeffism right now)...Braden says if he does he'll be the next to go because it's bad luck...Casey says that works for him.

Jordan starts saying that she doesn't smoke but at this rate she's going to be huffing and puffing on something, like pot, it would calm her nerves down...Casey says that's what he hears...Jordan says she could just be high and sit there...Jeff says it makes him bananas, like he's in a bubble on a different planet and he wants out, his friends laugh their asses off, Jeff says it's not funny, call the paramedics cuz he's freaking out...he can't relax, that's why he doesn't do drugs, just pot makes him that weird...Jordan asks if he's done any other drugs besides that?...Jeff says never...Jordan says hmmm...Jeff says what do you mean hmmm? Am I boring? Am I cool if I just bust out some lines?...Jordan says no, I was just asking any other...Jeff says no, I haven't...Jordan says good for you...Jeff says thanks...Jordan says good, she asks Casey if he has, she bets he has...Casey says no, to the camera and he'll leave it at that. Jeff says "stay in school"...Jordan says "oh yeah I forgot you're a teacher". Jordan says she went through a phase where she wanted to experiment...Jeff says "you told me"...Jeff gets called to the DR.

Technotronics (again!?!) & stones from Jordan


Jordan & Jeff are hanging out in the kitchen with Ronnie, Laura & Kevin. Jordan is sitting on the counter, Jeff is trying to figure out something to eat, he's hungry. Jordan says she's good, she ate pizza & cookie dough. Jeff looks in the refrigerator for inspiration. Jordan bring up the Chicken of the Sea reference from the Newlyweds (with Jessica Simpson), she says at first she didn't get it but now she does...Jordan notices Jeff might eat tuna and says "tuna, ughhhh"...Laura says "are you eating tuna?"...Jordan makes fun of Jeff saying "Ahhh, Jeff's making some toona"...Jordan continues mocking him saying "with the Technotronics"...Jeff says "Ronnie, thanks for not making fun of bro"...Jordan repeats "Technotronics"...Jeff says everyone has got their own little fu**ing soundbite so...Jordan says "I'm serious"...Jeff says "what if they don't even play that and no one sees it? that'd be awesome"...Jordan says "everybody will because they're going to make fun of you"...Jeff gets red in the face and laughs saying "I know they are, I was just hoping"...Jordan says that she thinks everyone is going to get made fun of though with Jeff and his Technotronics and the main word that won should have been a big 11 letter word and it was shotgun, other people didn't spell it, one word was spelled wrong, she just thinks it's going to be really funny. Jeff keeps looking in the refrigerator (to distract himself from Jordan's stones, lol)...Jordan says she hopes they make fun of him on tv cuz she will just love it...Jeff says "thanks Jordan"...Jordan thinks it'll just be funny...Jeff says he thinks it will be a good bit...Jordan says it'll be a good experience for him...Jeff asks the others if they think he'll have to talk about it when he gets out of there...Kevin thinks so and to be prepared...Jordan says she's prepared because she already heard the story so many times, she can tell everybody.

So she starts telling it, lol, she starts laughing and Jeff adds on saying he was already nervous about it because he's the worst speller, he'd rather jump in a ring with a lion than spell something...Jordan says she can't spell either, she does it with her brother when they text, she's talking about words that sound like other words but are spelled differently, she mentions cat but spelled kat with a k...Jeff says to keep going so she can beat out his soundbite...Jordan explains why she has difficulty spelling, she didn't learn from Hooked on Phonics...Jeff says "so you can't spell either?"...Jordan says "no, I'm terrible at spelling"...Jeff says Jordan would have been even better out there in that group, they should have added one more...Jordan says Jeff should have thought of telecommunications or telephone...Jeff says "or electronics?"...Jordan laughs and says yeah, instead of Technotronics...Jordan is about to tell Jeff what he should do next time...Jeff says next time he's on TV?...Jordan says she knows how he feels because her heart was racing when they did the first "tube" competition...Jeff says he doesn't get nervous, he doesn't really care, he thinks it's pretty funny...Jordan says she doesn't think it is...Jeff says he thinks it is but it will get old in there...Jordan disagrees saying it will never get old...Kevin says "lover's quarrel" (LOL)...Jeff says yeah, what are you gonna do?

Jordan asks if they think Braden is mad over what she said about his elephant?...Jordan talks about how she said Braden and the elephant would be sleeping in a tent on the beach, she's kind of scared for him...Jeff assures her he will be alright...Jordan is worried he's going to be homeless, CBS needs to find him a home, lol...Jeff says he'll stay in one of those holding rooms...they talk about Braden's living arrangements.

Some more random chatter about have nots being over soon, time differences, Jeff shaking his legs out and Jordan not liking the image it's presenting and Jordan regretting eating pizza. Jordan throws this one out there "Jeff had a spider on his weiner today 🤨...a baby one"...Ronnie asks if it was in the bathroom?...Jeff laughs and says yeah he was taking a piss and a spider crawled on my dick. :P Jordan says it probably was laying seeds (? lol)

Jeff says in my peehole? what if he peed and there were like 100 spiders? Jordan says she'd be so grossed out and never talk to him again...Jeff says "dude, I'd cut my own peeper off" 🤨

They start talking about sleeping arrangements and Jeff says he just opened the door to the SS room and heard the snoring, thought what a nightmare and went to sleep in his own bed. Jordan wants to be on slop just so she won't eat. Ronnie says "don't say that"...they all decide to go outside to help Ronnie pass the time so he can be off have nots.

Jordan sits on Jeff's lap


Jeff is sitting at the kitchen table, Jordan comes over to show him her burnt and flaky scalp from the sun...Jeff says it's gross, she should brush it out or put lotion on it...Jordan says she can't, Laura was picking at it...Jeff says it's out of control and grossing him out :P ...feeds go to fish...when they return Jordan is sitting on Jeff's lap...all of a sudden, Jeff doesn't seem to mind her scalp any longer 😁

Chatter amongst the other HG's as the ones on slop prepare their food to eat at midnight...J&J look around taking it all in...Casey asks that someone take out the salmon and the tuna...Jeff wonders if they should take it all out...Casey says they'll eat it all in the next 3 days...Jeff says that should be fine as long as they don't put it back in the freezer. Jeff & Jordan laugh about the tuna and how it's bad luck (caused the last big fight)...Jordan won't eat the tuna, they can have all the tuna they want...Jeff says he'll eat it, he doesn't believe in that shit...Casey keeps looking over at J&J (probably surprised at their early closeness?)

Casey asks Jeff "where you sleeping tonight buddy?"...Jordan says that Lydia was washing her sheets and she doesn't even think they're dry, do you think that was a statement? like get out of my bed?...Jordan looks at Jeff and whispers the same thing, saying she doesn't even think the sheets are in the dryer...Jeff thinks she did put them in the dryer...Jordan says she walked back there to change her clothes and the bed wasn't even made...Jeff says "all the sheets?"...Jordan says "yeah, I think that's a sign to get out"...Jeff says "where the f**k you going?"...Jordan says "sleeping with you"...Jeff blushes saying "we're head to toe"...they laugh…

Jordan says "I think that's what we're gonna have to do"...Jeff shrugs (sounds good to him! LOL)...he says "whatever, you start snoring you're going on the floor"...Jordan bursts out and says "no we were roommates before and I never did"...Jeff says "oh yeah, we were never head to toe buddies"...Jordans says "just don't kick me in my face, I have enough pimples and peeling that I don't need anymore"...Jeff says he doesn't move much.

Jordan says she went in the room and was like hmm, hmm, maybe it's an excuse so she can sleep with Jessie, she likes him...Jeff says it would be awesome if she slept with him to start a fight between her and Natalie...Jordan says maybe they shouldn't make the bed...Jeff says "get someone else in trouble".Laura asks Jeff if he wants crackers?...Jeff says no, he brushed his teeth so he wouldn't eat...Jeff says he's not gonna smoke for a couple of days either, he feels sick, he's smoked so many cigarettes today, he feels like throwing up, this place, he doesn't even smoke during the week.

Jordan asks if she's hurting Jeff...Jeff nods no...Casey talks about being HOH, getting a letter, pictures...Jordan hopes to get a letter, she'll be mad if she doesn't get one...Jeff says he'd like some pictures...Jordan says "me too"...Jeff is curious of what kind of pictures...Casey says "pictures of you and your wife at your wedding?"...Jeff blushes and laughs saying "uh two kids"...Jordan smiles...Casey says his little dog & kids...Jeff cracks up...feeds go to fish briefly...they return with Jeff saying pita chips are awesome...Jordan asks what happens if they don't wait til midnight to eat....they start discussing food...Jordan changes the subject, lol saying Jeff looks so dark. :)

Jeff says this is as dark as he is getting but he'll keep going out but will wear 50 SPF...Jordan wants to get on Jessie's scale, doesn't Jeff hate scales? Jeff says for her not to weigh herself now...Jordan knows, she ate so much and the pizza she ate was really good...Jeff says the pizza was super delicious...Jordan says she ate both...Jeff smiles and says he told her that stuff was good...Jordan says "I told you I like to eat"...Jeff says "I like it" :)

Jordan says she's sleepy...Jeff is too but wants to see the others eat...Jordan says it's like Christmas, like opening presents...Jordan wishes they could sleep outside...Jeff says "wanna hammock it?"...Jordan doesn't hear and instead asks again if she's hurting him?...he says no...Jeff tries again saying "wanna lay on the hammock?"...Jordan says "yeah, now?"...Jeff says "wait"...Jordan says "3 minutes?"...Jeff says "yeah"...

Russell walks by and Jordan says she's shocked he hasn't gone to bed yet...Jordan says she has to do her exercises...Jeff says "your boobcizes?"...Jordan finally gets off Jeff's lap because he tells her his leg is falling asleep..

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