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Day 35 of BB11 Feeds

August 13

Jeff straddles Jordan


This is a mix of feeds & Showtime After Dark footage which covers the previous entry and JeJo going into the RR. Jeff straddles Jordan in the 3rd part.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

JeJo move to the RR


When the feeds return Jeff & Jordan are laying down in Jeff's bed in the RR. They are cuddling. Michele is there talking with them. They are talking about making over Michele. Jeff throws his two cents in every once in awhile, lol. They talk about winning HOH and the possible comp coming up. Jeff gets out of bed to use the bathroom and then he comes back...

Jordan, I don’t get it


This is probably one of my favorite yet frustrating Jeff & Jordan moments ♥ ...editorializing this point Jeff & Jordan had made out the one night with Ronno in the room and since then Jordan had put the stops on pretty much any real kissing after that. I think Jeff was confused and getting mixed signals from Jordan, he probably didn't understand how she could be so touchy feely with him at times but wouldn't at least kiss him a bit more, showing more real affection, especially at night since it seemed obvious she liked during this exchange Jeff cuddles with Jordan and says "Jordan, I don't get it" Jordan asks him "get what?" and he says "stuff"'s clear to me he was wanting to understand how she really felt about him...I loved that moment because it showed how much Jeff was falling for Jordan and wanted her to reciprocate feelings back or at the very least admit that she wanted to be more than BFF. Poor Jeff LOL

Jeff walks back to the RR from the bathroom, Jordan sweetly smiles at Jeff as he gets back in bed...Jeff gives Jordan a sweet kiss on the cheek/face...

Jeff gets comfy in bed, they lean their heads into each other...Jordan asks what shirt Jeff is wearing? (under his hoodie)...Jeff says it's an M with broncos, it's a football shirt...Jordan asks what the M stands for? Michigan?...Jeff says it's actually a high school called Montini...Jordan says mmm, Montini, that's a weird name...

Jeff says that his buddy coaches wrestling there, they went to a football game and he got him a free t-shirt...Jordan aww's...Jeff says aww, why'd she say that? he wanted Jeff to support the team, they used to play them when he was in high school and get their ass whipped and now he's supporting them.

Michele comes out from the HN room, she looks for a blanket, finds one and goes back in the room, JeJo say goodnight to her...Jeff takes this chance to cover them up with the blanket, he puts his face real close to Jordan's...Jordan doesn't kiss him...

Jeff backs up a little and says "Jordan, I don't get it"...Jordan says "get what?...hmm?"...Jeff says "stuff"...they lay quietly and then Jordan puts up her face to Jeff's and giggles saying "don't you hate that?"...Jeff says "yeah"...Jordan says "when people are right up in your face?"...Jeff puts his face right up in Jordan's saying like this?...Jordan says "no, you weirdo"...Jeff asks if his breath smells?...Jordan says no, hers probably does, she covers her mouth...Jeff says she always does that, he says "lemme smell?"...Jordan shrieks no!...they giggle...Jordan says she doesn't like being up in people's faces and vice versa...

Jeff turns a little and says he just took Tums...he's got odge, odjida (heartburn)...Jeff, while trying to touch Jordan on the chest, says it's like heartburn...Jordan who is jumpy, pushes Jeff's hand away and then says sorry...Jeff reaches for Jordan under the covers and they laugh...Jeff says "don't touch me"...Jordan groans a little and Jeff says he was making sure she didn't touch him LOL ...Jeff says it's over 😏

Jordan points at Jeff's dimples saying he has dimples..."cuuute" 🥰...Jeff asks if Jordan wants to fill them in with cement or something? (huh?) Jordan is perplexed at that one haha...Jordan says that right now, the way Jeff looks he looks like her dad's friend Clel...they banter a little about Clel and Jeff says he never heard that name but he does have an aunt Clelia 😜 Jordan says that's cool.

Jeff caresses Jordan's face and once again Jordan starts goofing around to break the romantic tension...Jeff asks Jordan to crack his fingers...Michele comes out of the HN room again saying that she remembers now the word she couldn't remember before, the one about rats showing they're ready for sex, the word is "presenting"...satisfied that she has shown how highly intelligent she is Michele goes back in the HN room but not before Jeff cracks the joke "go present yourself, I'll be right there"...Michele is giggling and Jeff says that now Michele is going to be all flustered from his comment, he was just joking...they giggle...Jordan continues cracking Jeff's fingers...feeds go to fish...

Halfway Resolution Pact


Feeds return from fish with Jordan talking about how everyone outside the house (fam & friends of theirs) will know who the HG's are but they won't know ❔LOL and how people outside the house (not fam & friends) will assume to know what type of people the HG's are from seeing how they are on TV as opposed to how she knows the HG's (Jeff) are, she asks if that makes sense?...

Jeff says yeah, they don't know Jeff as well as she does...Jordan says not really but nevermind...Jeff says it depends on how they're portrayed on TV, hopefully it's good.

Jeff asks Jordan if he understood what she was trying to get across?...Jordan mmm, hmm's...Jeff says that what's cool is when he tells a story, for eg. about Jordan then his fam & friends will already know all about her...Jordan says the hardest thing is she'll miss 3 months of events, gossip with her friends...Jeff says she'll be caught up in a week...Jordan says she yaps on the phone forever...Jeff says "imagine what it'll be like the first 2/3 days you're back"...FISH...when they return Jeff is lamenting the cold weather in November (after getting back)...Jordan says she didn't bring that many jackets...

Jeff says they still have a lot of time left in the sun...Jordan says it feels like it will be over soon, they're already halfway there and it feels like it just started...Jeff says it depends how you look at it, it feels like 3 months but then otoh it has gone by fast, once they're done then it will really seemed to have gone by fast...Jordan says they'll miss it...Jeff says they'll be sad when they leave...Jordan says she knows...Jeff says you're with these people for 3 months...

Jordan says she'll be waiting for the music to wake her up, to change her batteries...Jeff says when you'll miss it is when you wake up in your real life and you'll ask where is everybody, you'll want to go to the pool instead of work, when you really think about it and put it in perspective they're so lucky...Jordan says they definitely are...Jeff says they'd be a lot better off...Jordan says she has to quit complaining...Jeff says me too...Jordan says she gets irritated sometimes...Jeff says he does too...

Jordan says that's what they're going to call it, like New Year's resolution...Jeff says "this is our halfway resolution?"...Jordan says yes...Jeff puts up his pinky...Jordan puts up hers and they pinky swear that they'll have a better attitudes, they will be positive, not complain, get up in the morning and not sleep so late...Jeff asks they start after he's a HN?...Jordan agrees...Jeff laughs...Jordan continues saying they'll try their hardest on everything, stay positive, what else?...Jeff says that's pretty good, how about enjoy every minute...Jordan agrees and says she won't eat so much cookie dough...Jeff giggles...Jordan says she'll reach her goal of losing 10 lbs and Jeff has to help her...Jeff says that Jordan won't get mad when he tries to help her, like when he asks her a question to support her and she takes it the wrong way and gets pissed at him...Jordan says ok...Jordan says she'll try and quit throwing stones at Jeff all the time...Jeff says "wow, I like this already" 😊

Jeff says he wants this in writing LOL...Jordan says she'll try and be nice and do 50/50 in back rubbing, she'll try...Jeff says "wow, where are all these ideas coming from?"...Jordan says she doesn't know, they're popping in her head...Jeff says "Jordan trying to be positive, I love it"...Jordan says she'll try and not make fun of Jeff even though she tries to make him cooler...she laughs...Jordan says she'll give Jeff better haircuts, not mess them up...Jeff says they're drifting...Jordan says they're not, they're staying focused...Jordan says they'll eat healthy, Jeff cooks every night, Jordan will cook sometimes but Jeff is the main cook, she'll clean and he'll cook...Jeff says "that's a deal sister" 🤝

Jordan kisses their hands, Jeff does the same and then says "now smoke it", he smokes it, puts it out and throws it...Jordan does the same, they laugh...Jordan says "that's our halfway resolution" :) ...Jordan says to hold on, she wants to add more, they hold pinkies again...Jeff says they already smoked it...Jordan says they'll smoke another one...Jordan says halfway to their halfway resolution they are going to not get down, think they can do everything and it won't be over until Julie Chen says they're evicted...Jeff asks if they can bust stuff after?...Jordan says they can bust a move...Jordan asks "ready?"...they kiss the pinky swear...

...smoke it, rub it out and throw it away...they laugh...Jeff says he likes it, they're positive now...Jordan says it starts after Jeff is not a HN, it could start tomorrow if Jeff wins HOH...Jeff says that would start the positive vibes perfectly...Jeff says he likes where they're at...Jordan says "focus, motivation"...Jeff says "inspiration"...Jordan says "responsibility"...Jeff cracks up, so does Jordan...Jeff says "so you just yelling things out now?...drywall paneling!!" 😂

Lincoln Technical Institute


JeJo continue laughing about the words they were using, motivation, inspiration, etc...Jeff says that they sound like a commercial for Lincoln Technical Institute...Jeff asks if Jordan has those?...Jordan says no, what is that?...Jeff says they work on motors or some shit, when he sees the commercials he gets pissed...Jordan giggles...Jeff says it goes "want to better your life and your career? work at Lincoln Tech", they show them drilling stuff into a motor...Jordan says she's seen one but isn't sure it's the same...Jeff says he gets pissed off…

Add ons to the HRP - Earrings & Bears Tix


Jeff says he's so pumped right now, he wants to start their resolution right now...Jordan says they're on their way to success...Jeff says he can't wait to go sleep on a hard bed, he's gonna love it :) ...Jordan says she gets to sleep on a comfy bed, yeah!...Jeff asks what she's doing...Jordan says sorry, she just had to throw one stone...Jeff asks if she doesn't like his bed?...Jordan says nevermind...Jeff asks if she was being sarcastic? he was being sarcastic but she said it starts tomorrow...Jordan giggles...

Jordan remembers more she wants to add onto the halfway resolution...she grabs Jeff's pinky again and says that in case of eviction Jeff has to give her his blue hat, his shirt, his sweatpants and the other hat, deal?...Jeff says "no deal, I'm not smoking that"...Jordan continues saying that if Jeff wins the half million dollars he has to buy her a brand new pair of earrings...Jeff is so cute here, he says "uhh, how, what, how much?"...Jordan isn't sure, they will have to see, ok?...Jeff says he'll smoke half of that, he'll get her something nice...Jordan says she's just kidding, being funny, they don't have to smoke to that...Jeff says first it was a purse...Jordan says but she's wearing two different earrings, a square and a round...Jeff asks how much they are for real?...Jordan says a good pair are like...Jeff says 5G's?...Jordan says no, you can get good ones for a thousand...Jeff says "oh really, if you want I'll smoke that, I'll get you a pair for sure"...Jordan says she's kidding, she doesn't want anything...

Jeff says he'll smoke one by himself right now and he does...Jeff says if he wins she gets earrings...Jordan says if she wins he'll get season tickets to the Bears game, she smokes it...Jeff says he didn't see her smoke it...Jordan sits up and smokes it ...

Jeff cracks up!! 🤣 Jeff says "yes! I've always wanted season's tickets to the Bears, that's awesome...I like our resolution, halfway"...Jordan says she does too...Jeff says they have to remind each other even when they're crabby and they can't get crabby at the other person for doing that...Jordan says ok...

Jordan says she's getting sleepy, she's taking her mic off but Jeff can stay in the bed...Jeff says he'd rather than go in there...Jeff says this is like old times...Jordan says this way Jeff can't come in and beat her (in the morning)...Jeff says he's going into the SS room...they joke around about what they'll do tomorrow morning...Jordan suddenly says goodnight...Jeff makes that frustrated face implying he doesn't want to just say goodnight but wants a goodnight kiss LOL...FISH & when the feeds return Jordan is in bed by herself, Jeff has gone to the HN room and is telling Michele all about their halfway resolution...Jordan is seen smiling...😊

Jeff uses the Coup d’Etat


Jeff, in one of the greatest moments in BB history, uses the Coup D'Etat power to take Lydia and Russell off the block and place Jessie and Natalie there. Chima is stunned and pissed. Lydia is relieved until she realizes Jessie is going up. Russell is grateful but still votes to keep Jessie. Jordan is mouth agape in shock when Jeff stands up to use it...she had no clue he was the Wizard. Michele and Kevin vote to evict Jessie along with Jordan and he is evicted by a vote of 3-2 and is sent packing...with no bag lol

Not shown on feeds but on live TV.

You know ;)


Jeff has just used the Coup d'Etat hours earlier, Jessie is gone, the house is filled with tension...Jeff is sitting at the kitchen table by himself, he has his serious face on, he's unimpressed with how the other side of the house is handling the situation...

Jeff needs Jordan...he walks over to to the kitchen area where Jordan is washing dishes...Jeff says "more dishes?"...Jordan says "of course, you know they're going to do it to be assholes"...Jeff starts preparing iced tea...they look at each other and Jordan says "what's up?"...Jeff says "nuthin, gettin some iced tea"...Jordan says she's getting her usual Thursday headache...Jeff smiles and says he already took an Advil...Jordan says it's every Thursday.

Jeff sweetly says "you hungry?"

Jordan says "yeah it'll be here know?"

Jeff says "yes I do know"

Jordan says "you know I'm taking over this shirt right?"

Jeff softly says "I had a feeling"

Jordan says she'll give it back, it's just comfy, it probably needs to be washed, she cleaned in it, she took a shower earlier but didn't wash her face yet because she thought she might get called to the DR.

Jeff says "you love that shirt huh?"

Jordan says "I know" 😊

Jeff says "your friends are going to, you say you know after every single sentence"

Jordan says "what?"

Jeff says "you say you know after every single sentence, you know?"

Jordan laughs and Jeff says "your friends are going to kill you" ☺️

Russell then comes to talk to Jeff about how stupid the others are acting by moving around their stuff and they leave to check it out...

Good job pinch & hug


Jeff and Jordan come inside after deciding to go hang out up in Michele's HOH room with her & Russell...Jeff heads to the bathroom and is brushing his teeth. Jordan comes into the bathroom and pinches Jeff's butt. 😊 She then hugs/pats him from behind and says "good job"

Jeff asks if he can get a backscratch? (later)...Jordan mmm, hmm's and hugs Jeff tight. Jordan says she feels bad that he has to sleep in the HN room...Jeff says it's ok...she leaves shortly after...

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