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Day 30 of BB11 Feeds

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

August 8

JJ snuggle & kiss in the SS room Part 2


Jeff comes back from the bathroom, takes off his hoody & lays back down with Jordan. They lay closer this time...Jordan says Jeff better dress warm for the HN room...Jeff says he'll wear a hoody...Jordan says it gets really cold in there...Jordan whispers she never thought that Lydia & Jessie would hook up, did he? Jeff didn't.

They whisper inaudibly...Jordan snuggles closer to Jeff...Jeff turns his head to face Jordan, Jordan puts her head down saying she was almost asleep when she got called to the DR...Jeff asks if she wants him to let her sleep?...Jordan says no, he's fine.

Jordan giggles and Jeff says "what?"...Jordan says Jeff has to sleep in the HN room with crazy...Jeff says he totally forgot about that, he's going to wake up to monkeys choking me out 🙊

Jordan snuggles into Jeff again and says imagine if final 5 was them & Casey, Laura & Braden, it would be so fun...Jeff says it would be a blast...Jordan says she can tell Jeff gets a lot more irritated...Jeff says he doesn't mean to be, there's no one else for him, you say something in there and everyone has an opinion...Jeff mumbles again about Michele, he will use her as much as he can but the first chance he gets, she gawn...

At this point Russell opens the door to the room to peek in to see where Jeff & Jordan are, Jeff says he was creeped out a bit because he thought it was Michele, he was going to call 911 LOL

Russell leaves...Jordan says she doesn't want to get up because she'll eat but she's been craving oatmeal...Jeff says ugh, the slop is so chunky, chunky monkey...Jordan says it tastes like oatmeal...Jeff then turns toward Jordan and cuddles up against her...

Jordan says if you put cinnamon in it it isn't bad, Jeff says after a few days he'll get sick of it but he's going to try to stay positive.

Jordan gets visibly nervous about Jeff being so close to her, she is uber aware of the camera right above their heads...she tugs at her shirt and changes the subject saying that she hasn't noticed any change in her body/weight since working out...Jeff says she needs to do it for a week or two...Jordan says she's been doing it for 4 days...Jeff says that's good, keep it up, she's doing good and it will change.

Jordan giggles about how on edge Jeff is about Michele thinking it was her at the door, she is coming to get him, they banter a little about that...Jordan to torture Jeff some more since he's on slop, lol, starts talking food again, about pasta & a restaurant near her that is like an Olive Garden...Jeff says there are a million Italian restaurants in Chicago...Jordan says there's a place near her mom's house that has the best food, it's a low key restaurant...Jeff says those are the best...Jordan says they have the best salads...Jeff says he likes Olive Garden salads, he doesn't eat there that much but he used to like it.

Jordan says Michele will apologize to Jeff tomorrow...Jeff says he knows she will but she will get hers bitch...Jordan says Jeff!...they talk about Michele again and Jeff says for Jordan to be weary of what she says to her. Jordan rubs it in some more that she is happy she's going to watch the movie they won in the luxury comp. Jeff says she is so lucky...Jordan says she knew she was going to win when she saw who her team was...Jeff says "no shit"...Jordan says she said Jeff was like Zach Morris remember? Jeff says he remembers. Jordan asks Jeff what his strategy was? Jordan turns to face Jeff...Jeff says they wanted bendy stuff but they didn't see the stuffed animals...

They talk about who Chima will put up if Russell wins POV, they agree it will be one of them...Jeff says they can worry about it tomorrow...Jordan says they're going to be so bored...Jeff says "dude, half the time, no 90% of the time when I just talk to you, fu**ing Michele is 3 steps behind you"...they whisper more about Michele while getting physically closer...Jordan then shifts and props herself up on her's very hard to hear what exactly they're saying because they are mumbling but it's all game...Jordan keeps looking around 🤷 😅

Jordan then lays back down and Jeff snuggles into her neck saying that Jordan is the only one he can trust...Jordan says they have trusted each other since day one, did Jeff think that from the beginning?...Jeff says no...Jordan says "really? didn't he think she would be a person he could trust?"...Jeff says he wasn't even playing the game the first couple of days...Jordan asks if he didn't think that at all in his first impression of her...Jeff says no, he didn't know what to think...Jordan says you can get vibes on people, she didn't think she'd be close with Casey...Jeff says Jordan's vibe on Jeff was that he was a goober (he never forgot this! LOL) Jeff says he knew he'd be close with Casey because he was making him laugh, he was a goofball.

Jordan says she knew she wouldn't be close to Jessie, she thought Lydia would be loyal, she thought Natalie looked deceiving, she could tell she was like that because she asked too many questions like when Dan came...Jeff says he liked Dan...Jordan did too, he's cool...Jeff says he thinks about him a lot...Jordan asks why?...Jeff pauses and does something under the covers that causes Jordan to squeal, she turns her head to Jeff, Jeff reaches in the dark for her lips and kisses her.

Jeff says Dan told him to hang in there and he did and he was right, he just thinks about it sometimes, he could tell just by the way he looked at him...Jordan says "you think we'll make it far or no?"...Jeff says yeah, he thinks so...Jordan says if plans? (go well)...Jeff mmm, hmm's...Jeff says they'll be alright, they should be, he just kind of feels bad that his plans, his decisions are going to affect her...Jordan says they will...Jeff says he hopes he makes the right decisions...Jordan doesn't realize he is talking about the wizard power and says that Jeff listens to her, her opinions...Jeff says if he makes a decision, Jordan will pay the same price as him...Jordan says "probably"...Jeff says "are you cool with that?"...Jordan says "well yeah what are you saying?"...Jeff says he isn't saying anything, just that from this point on, it's do or die...

Jordan says that whenever there's a pair, they always follow one after the other that's why she doesn't want to be seen as a pair...Jeff says there are 3 pairs in this house...Jeff cuddles closer to Jordan again and something goes on under the covers...Jordan giggles and Jeff smiles, he snuggles into her neck again, he forgot what they were talking about....he almost forgot where he was for a second 🥰

Jordan turns towards Jeff and keeps whispering game...Jeff gets even closer to Jordan, surrounds her with his arm and more whispering...Jeff says he won't say anything to Michele...Jordan scratches her head and then says something about making slop...Jeff says "work with me"...

Jeff says he weighed himself when he went to talk to Chima...he weighs 183 and before he was almost 200, when he came in the house he was 190 or so, if he gets in the 170's it will be fu**ing crazy...Jordan wonders why they all lose weight so easy and she doesn't...Jeff says he watches what he eats...sometimes he eats everything...Jordan says "why?"...Jeff says because it's good and she's around and eating things...Jeff whispers "pizza"...Jordan says that sounds so good right now...Jeff feels like pasta...Jordan says they were talking about it earlier...Jeff says they were? it came from somewhere, who else would it come from, Jordan is the best.

Jeff starts rapping on the headboard and Jordan starts humming, lol 😉😉 then Jordan turns to Jeff and lifts the cover over them more saying she would piss her pants if they were final 2...Jeff says that is the goal, they're trying to get there...Jordan says look at Drew, he was nice and he got there...they snuggle and kiss 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨 Jordan gets uncomfortable with her mic on, saying she can't stand hearing people kiss, you know the mic is going to pick up on that and then the camera is coming right down to zoom in on them...

Snuggle & Kiss Part 3


J&J finish kissing and Jordan finishes being all nervous about it, lol, Jeff says they look all green in the night vision cam and their eyes are black...Jordan says "all of them?"...Jeff says "all your eyes? yeah, just one of them" :)

Jeff says you hear people walking around and he's not sure if it's in there or outside of there, Jordan says it's around there (haha, still nervous) Jeff brings up Michele again saying she went upstairs to hide because she knew he was going to say something to her but whatever, he knows the f**k you was for him but she will deny it.

Jordan says she loves working out and then getting in the hot tub...Jeff says he sees that...Jordan says "I know, isn't it funny?"...Jeff says "no"...Jordan says she was telling the others earlier that she better hurry up and do it because when Jeff gets out there, he will get kind of mad...Jeff says it's because he's looking out for her and she sometimes makes dumb decisions...Jordan asks "looking out for me how?"...Jeff says he's over it, her being in her underwear in the hot tub...Jordan says "no wait, looking out for me how?"...

Jeff says "because you just do things like...I don't know, nevermind"...Jordan asks "what do you mean?"...Jeff says he's not trying to get mad or jealous or anything, he's just trying to look out for her, don't do some shit...Jordan says "wait, but it's just us in here"...Jeff says "there's 8 billion cameras, what are you talking about it's just us in here, what are you talking about?...I'm talking about in the hot tub, it doesn't matter, you did it a hundred times so it's not really a big deal...if you did it like once, I'd be what are you doing? but you do it every day"...Jordan, as she pulls the cover over their heads, says "it doesn't matter it looks like a swimsuit"...Jeff says it doesn't matter, he was just trying to help her...Jordans says nobody is going to say nothing...Jeff says "allllright, that's all I'm saying"...Jordan says "what?" omg, nobody is going to care about some person"...(welllllll 🤔)

Jeff says that if you do it all the time no one cares but she does it everyday...Jordan says she does it everyday so it's no different...Jeff drops it and says she's right but when she says stuff to her, he's just looking out for her, he's not trying to do anything else...Jordan says "be a jerk"...Jeff says he's not being a jerk at all.

Jordan AGAIN brings it back to food LOL and says she kind of wants to fix something...Jeff asks what?...Jordan says he's the cook here...Jordan keeps looking up at the camera all nervous and finally lifts the cover over again and asks Jeff "you wanna fix some oatmeal?"...Jeff says no, he's on slop...Jordan says "that's right"...Jeff says "why you hungry right now?"...Jordan says mmm, hmm, she's wide awake now...Jeff says he's winding down...Jordan says "we're not on the same page"...Jeff lifts the cover over them more and says they need to get on the same page...Jordan teehees and they kiss...

Jordan breaks the kiss up by popping her mouth...Jeff squeezes her and Jordan says she told him, no more kissing...Jeff says he didn't...Jordan says he kissed her...Jeff says she's like 6th grade, he didn't...Jordan says what does he mean...Jeff says he didn't move, look at the tapes...Jordan laughs...Jordan says it's awkward...Jeff says who?...Jordan says nothing...Jeff says what?...Jordan says it's awkward with all the cameras and the lights off, it just looks weird, being under the covers kissing...Jeff says he knows what she means.

Jordan props herself up while Jeff strokes her hair & rubs her neck, she says she wants to fix food...Jeff says later but he's not going to eat...Jordan says she was so tired earlier...Jeff says he was too...Jordan sits up with her back against the wall, she says she wanted to kill Ronno the other night for slamming drawers...they position themselves to get comfy...Jeff says maybe he was right about Michele being crazy...Jordan says they have to have her for the vote...Jeff says he's caught her a bunch of times lying...Jordan doesn't get why she keeps throwing Jeff's name into it...Jeff says he knows, wtf?...Jeff says she told Russell she forgets a lot of the things she says...Jordan says that is automatically lying...Jeff knows...they go over what happened in the back yard again.

Jordan says "you know what sounds good right now? chicken noodle soup" Jeff can't help but laugh...Jeff says it does...Jordan says would it be bad to eat now?...Jeff says everything is bad (late at night)...Jeff says if she wants it go get it...Jordan says she doesn't want to work out and it not pay off...they discuss Michele AGAIN! Jeff says he told the DR Michele is crazy, Jordan says did they say anything...Jeff says no they don't respond...they talk about the luxury comp again...Jeff says it sucked...Jordan says she could tell he was pissed, really mad...they talk about how Jeff knew right away they were going to lose and how Jordan was over on the other side looking at him...Jordan says she had to win, she hasn't won anything...Jeff says he won one thing...Jordan rubs Jeff"s shoulder and says he won a Veto...

Jeff says "a Vit Tan Don?"...Jordan says "mmm, hmm". Jordan asks how Jeff's toe is...Jeff says it's better, he'll ice it...Jordan says "I want pancakes" Jeff says "Jesus"...Jordan says it's because she's bored...Jordan lays back down and Jeff snuggles into her neck/shoulder...Jeff says it's late night cravings...Jordan says there's nothing else to do, she gets bored...Jeff says me too...Jordan says she can really tell Michele is losing weight...Jeff says she doesn't really eat, she just leaves it laying around...Jordan says "like her cheese?"...Jeff says "and her bagel?"...Jeff asks Jordan to move her hair please (so he can cuddle her better, lol)...Jordan says she's going to take her mic off...Jeff asks if she's not going to eat?...Jordan says no, she's trying to avoid it and she asks Jeff to put her mic away...feeds go to fish…

Snuggle & kiss Part 4


Feeds return to J&J cuddling closer than ever...Jordan whispers something and then they are quiet...Jeff shifts to get closer to Jordan's neck...Jordan starts to ask "what is the most, let's see, what is something we can talk about?" and Jeff reaches up to her ear and bites it :) ...Jordan shivers and says he gave her a cold chill...Jeff asks "what's something, what's what?"

Jordan says she's trying to think of a subject...what is the most romantic thing you've done to someone?...Jeff prickles at this, he doesn't know and wants to talk about another subject...Jordan says why? why is he so weird?...Jeff asks her what's the most romantic she's done while biting her t-shirt and pulling her towards him even closer...Jordan says "me?"...Jeff says "yeah"...Jordan covers herself more with the cover and says she's trying to think what that would be, she doesn't know...Jordan says she's not affectionate, she's trying to be which she doesn't think it's good not to be, it's not good to be not affectionate...Jeff says you either are or you aren't not...Jordan says "I'm working on it, I've been working on it"...Jeff says "lately?"...Jordan gets tongue-tied and says that no sometimes normally I end up, kind of somebody's like my friend...and she trails off.

Jordan changes the subject and says Jeff is burning up...Jeff says he knows and it will be good for later...Jordan asks why?...Jeff says it will be freezing later...Jeff stretches out the other way and reaches for his water...Jordan asks if he's about to leave...Jeff says he'll be leaving soon, doesn't she want to go to bed soon?...Jordan says no, he kept her up...Jeff says he'll stay as late as she stays...Jordan asks if Jeff is going to go out there with Russell...Jeff says no, it's the same shit.

Jordan hums the McDonald's song and says she wants fast food...Jeff says this is no good now because he always gets hungry around this time (and now he's on slop)...Jordan turns herself around and props herself up on her elbows...Jeff complains about the chicken livers...Jeff shifts and bumps into Jordan and says "oh sorry"...Jeff reaches to snuggle again and says "where are you?"...Jordan says "right here" and giggles...Jeff hugs her and says "wtf?"...Jeff rubs Jordan's hair and rubs her back...Jordan then bumps Jeff's face and says "I'm sorry, I'm sorry I didn't see you"...Jeff says it's alright and keeps rubbing her hair/neck...Jordan lays her head down on the pillow and their faces are about an inch apart...

Jeff wonders what is touching his face, Jordan giggles and says it's her eyelashes.

Jeff keeps rubbing...he then says he has to take his contacts out...Jordan asks for Jeff to pull her hair back...Jeff does it gently, moving it onto the pillow (probably one of the most sensual moments between them)...

He continues rubbing her neck...Jeff (hard to hear clearly) says that he just likes laying down and not talking about anything...Jordan says "with me?"...Jeff mmm, hmm's and says "we just talk about stupid shit, it kind of just takes me away, like I'm not worried about this place"...

Jordan says that she was going to tell Jeff that when he was pulling her hair back it reminded her of when she was little, first grade, her mom had a kidney stone and her dad had to take care of them and he was getting them ready for school, normally her mom always did her hair in the mornings, he was pulling her hair back in a ponytail and his hands were so thick compared to her mom's, he also told her a story of when he had long hair in the 70's and he used to pull it back in a ponytail...Jeff says "and this reminded you of that story?"...Jordan says yeah, your hands did...Jordan says her nose is all of a sudden all stuffy...Jeff says his too...they compare stuffy noses and say it was Ronnie LOL...feeds go to fish…

JeJo still snuggling in bed


Cams return briefly to the RR where Jeff & Jordan are still snuggling in bed, 20+ minutes after the feeds went off them when Jordan was saying she was ready to go to sleep ;) Russell is checking in on them to see if Jeff is going to confront Michele tonight...Jeff tells him no, he's retired for the night...Russell leaves

Jeff is Team Jordan


Jeff and Kevin are on the BY couches discussing the first week, when Jeff got blackballed. Michele is jogging. Jeff again explains that he didn't throw Lydia under the bus. Jeff tells Kevin the GR story. He says Jordan came to talk to him when no one else would. He told her that he liked her, but she should go make friends with everyone else. He didn't want to drag her down with him. He'll take care of himself. She told him no, she wanted to talk to him. Jeff says "So that, right there, was the moment that I was Team Jordan".

They talk more game and Jeff pretends to stress about the "mystery power". At one point, Kevin asks if Michele is naked. Jeff says no, her shorts are just up her ass. (ewww and lol)

Out of the blue, Jeff yells to Michele that if she thinks she heard something, not to go and tell everyone, but to ask them. She denies that she tells stories about what she thinks she hears. Jeff says he' s not trying to start anything, he just wanted to say that. (I love it when Jeff calls her out!)

Would Jordan mind the unitard?


Jeff, Chima, Michele & Natalie are in the kitchen discussing the unitard, whether BB will break it out this season and which girl would like/dislike wearing it.

Chima figures they have a lot of women to choose from this year so they might still break it out, she wonders which of the women left would be the most ok with wearing it, she thinks definitely her and Lydia wouldn't be ok with it...Michele says she went into the show really wanting to wear it ...Chima says did you really? ok her vote is with Michele then...Michele says apparently she doesn't want prizes, she just wants costumes

Jeff says "what? the unitard? Laura would have loved it"...Chima agrees saying "exactly, you (Michele) and Laura"...Chima thinks Natalie wouldn't mind either...Jeff says yes she would, she would like it, nah she wouldn't...Chima asks Natalie if she would mind it?...Natalie says she wouldn't bitch about it or anything but if she had a choice to wear her regular clothes or the unitard she'd wear her regular clothes but it wouldn't bother her...Jeff says "if I had a choice to eat a sandwich or slop I'm gonna eat a sandwich" LOL...Natalie says it wouldn't bother her too much.

Chima says that she guesses it's Michele then, she hasn't talked to Lydia about it but she's assuming that she wouldn't want to wear it...Chima says "I don't think Jordan would either"...Jeff says "mind?"...Chima shakes her head saying she doesn't think Jordan would want to...Jeff says "no, I don't think she'd care"...

Chima says "really? you think she'd be ok with it?"...Jeff shrugs his shoulders and says "she's pretty good...even tempered you know?"...Chima starts agreeing saying "that's true, she takes everything..." and feeds switch to the GR…

Fruit/Drinking/Jeff’s pissed


Jeff and Russell have been outside playing pool, Russell has come inside to get liquor and some snacks...Jordan has finished napping and is hungry, she gathers some food and takes it outside to eat...she tells Jeff she has to still get her cup...Jeff goes inside to get it and asks Russell how much liquor they got? Russell says a bottle of wine and some beers...Jeff goes outside and gives Jordan her cup...Jordan says thanks, Jeff says you're welcome :)

Jeff then stands by the sliding door talking to Russell, Russell hands him a beer saying to put it in the mini fridge...Jeff jokes that he's going to drink the beer real fast while no one is looking (he's on slop)...Jeff takes a look at the food Jordan has in front of her and says "wow"...Jordan asks no matter how much fruit you eat can it be fattening?...Jeff says nah, fruit is good for you...Jeff wants to eat some of the fruit, it looks good, she's not going to eat all that though?...Jordan says I don't know...Jeff says she can eat some and then save some for later...Jeff says "hmm, look at you, you're serious huh?"

Jordan says she is, she's trying to lose weight...Jeff says you're doing good...Jeff walks over to the lounger by the pool and lays down...Jordan asks "anything happen while I slept?"...Jeff shakes his head no and says he was sleeping too, he went out like a light...they are quiet for a bit while Jordan eats her oatmeal/slop?...Jessie comes outside to show he's drinking wine and goes back in...Jeff says "dammit, now I'm pissed" (because he can't drink)...Jordan says she doesn't want to drink it after she worked out...Jeff says "good, wait for me to drink".

Jeff says "you haven't drank in awhile"...Jordan says "not really"...Jeff says no one has but she hasn't even had a glass of wine...Jordan says she might get a little tipsy, she doesn't see the point in drinking it, it just feels like an extra 1000 calories added...Jeff knows what she means, he's like that with his friends, they want to go out for 2 or 3 beers, what's the point?...Jordan says normally 2 or 3 beers ends up being all night...Jordan says her and her friend went to get ice cream, they ended up going into the bar next door just for a second but she ended up having ice cream with grape vodka and sprite.

Jeff says it's always like that when you go out, that's how people get you to go, they say "no no no, just have 1 or 2"...Russell has come outside at this point, he says that's his buddy's classic line...Jeff says "dude, that's everybody's"...Russell asks "you ready?"...Jeff says "no, I'm busy" LOL he gets up to play. Jeff takes the first shot, Russell takes the next...Jeff then goes to chalk up his pool cue, he turns around and looks at Jordan and he waves at her and smiles...another cute moment! 👋🥰

Jeff and Russell continuing playing pool...Jordan eats silently...Kevin comes outside and Russell starts talking to him about the veto comp...Jordan then says "Jeff, what's the difference between a nectarine and a peach?"...Jeff says "a peach is like fuzzy"...Jordan says but they taste the same...Jeff says it's the skin that's the difference...Jordan mmm's...Jeff says a nectarine is smooth, they taste the same, nectarines are good but peaches are good :)

Jeff and Russell resume playing with Russell bitching about Jessie wanting more wine...Russell yells out to Jordan that he's going to get tanked...Jordan asks are you?...Russell says no, it won't work...Jordan says he has a whole bottle of wine and all the beers...Russell says he split it with Jessie...Jordan asks wine?...Jeff says "dammit, I can't wait til I can drink and no one else can, I'm so pissed right now"...Jeff says it's the perfect night (for drinking)...Russell starts singing and dancing "Saturday night and the feeling's right"...Jeff says "f**k off, this is my last game, I'm not supporting your fu**ing habit" LOL

Jordan, the queen of random conversations asks "will fruit clean you out?"...Russell says huh?...Jeff says "you mean like poo?"...Russell says "fruit? yeah you'll be pooping your brains out but it will start turning watery so watch it, it'll be mushy poop"...Jordan giggles...

Kevin comes outside again, Jordan says hi...Jeff says you should be able to store up your beer if you're a HN so when you can drink there's a ton of it...Russell says he wishes Jeff could enjoy it with him, it's a glorious night...Jeff says it's a nice night, he loves the fall, it feels like fall...they keep playing pool and for good measure Jeff once again says "I'm so pissed right now"

JeJo hot tub time


Jeff has gone inside to change into shorts to get in the hot tub, Jordan decides she wants to as well but as usual, she doesn't bother to change into a bathing suit instead opting to get in with her clothes on...(just the night before they had a talk about this very thing and Jeff made it pretty clear he didn't like it but Jordan didn't see what the big deal was)

Jordan takes off her mic and dips her feet in...Jeff comes out and Russell calls him Casanova...Russell jokes around making a mean face at Jordan, she takes off her bra saying that he doesn't scare her...Jeff heads to the hot tub...Russell says "how can you be mad at Jordan?...especially when she's taking her bra off, ok this is awkward"

Jordan says "it's awkward? why? sorry" she says that she always gets in there with her clothes on because she doesn't feel like getting her bathing suit, she looks at Jeff and says "and I'll get out in a little bit"...Jeff gets in...Russell mumbles "bitch" and grunts aggressively towards the camera (weirdo!)...Jordan says "Russell you don't scare me"...Russell yells "shut up!"...Jordan says "you don't"...Jordan says if Russell yelled at her she would yell at him back.

Russell tells Jeff that he should have yelled more at Kevin during the veto comp...Russell says no, who cares...Jordan says she's going to get in...Jeff says "you're going to jump in?"...Jordan says "I do it every night with my clothes on...every single night with my clothes on"...Jeff playfully wets her and they get silent...

Jordan say it smells bad, like that stuff they were digging around in for the pig comp...Jordan asks Russell how the fruit was? Russell says good, thank you...Jordan says she fixed way too much, she thought she'd be able to eat it, she's so full now, she even ate oatmeal, she had to get her cravings in from last night.

Jordan says to Jeff "you look, your stomach looks skinnier"...Jeff says in a serious tone "it does? already?"...Jordan says it won't in a day but even a few days ago she told him it looked like he had lost weight...Jeff says it's gonna be more now...Jordan asks why?...Jeff says whaddya mean why? cuz he's on slop...Jordan says to eat a lot of it...Jeff says he doesn't have appetite for it.

Jeff says "you want me to fatten up?"...Jeff says it's not cute when guys are real skinny...Jeff says "sorry Jordan"...Jordan giggles...Jordan says she has a friend that's really big but he's so cute and she always just wants to squeeze him...Jordan describes how her brother was really fat, up to 220lbs, he was sick of people making fun of him so one summer he walked every day, drank a lot of water and ate salads, the weight just melted off of him, he was so skinny, he looked good...Jordan says she told her mom that they all had their fat stages...Jordan asks Jeff if he did?...Jeff says no, he got heavier in college though, like 210lbs...Jordan asks Russell, he says he gets bigger like Jessie sometimes...Jordan says she weighs 140lbs, only 30lbs less than them...Jeff says no he's 185lbs, he wants to see Thursday what he weighs...Jordan says if she doesn't look like she lost weight by Thursday she's going to be pissed and quit (working out, eating better)

Russell yells again...Jordan says it feels better when you first get in...Jeff agrees it's hot...Jordan says she wishes she could call her mom...Jeff says yeah, me too, but she's watching...Jordan says duh, they're watching but still...Jordan gets out and sits up...Jeff gets out and sits up...they sit in silence...feeds switch out...

JeJo misplaced mistrust leads to a tiff - Part 1


This starts a series of convos where mistrust begins which leads to a tiff…

Summary - Jessie told Jeff in the bathroom that he had told Jordan that Russell was after Jeff (but he didn't really, he was tipsy from the wine) so when Jeff asked Jordan if Jessie told her that, she was confused & didn't remember him saying that (which he didn't). Jeff got suspicious of Jordan holding back info like that so that's when the "tiff" started (remember he was the Wizard & was debating in his mind if it was worth it saving Russell so this was weighing on him and it was important info to know)...Jordan then went upstairs to talk to Jessie and they cleared the air about what was actually discussed...Jessie admitted he never really told her the Russell thing (how he said it to Jeff) so then Jordan went outside to talk to Jeff about it on the hammock. They, then cleared the air & it all ended up being a miscommunication because Jessie was tipsy, granted he never made much sense anyway, sober or not 😉

Jeff & Jessie have a game convo in the bathroom which upsets Jeff because Jessie makes it seem that he & Jordan had a talk about Russell wanting Jeff out and Jordan hasn't told Jeff anything about the convo yet. Jessie isn't making much sense as usual, lol. Jessie calls over Jordan to confirm what they talked about, Jordan agrees but is kind of lost too. Jessie leaves saying that they (Jessie & Natalie) have their (Jeff & Jordan) best interests at heart 🙄

Jordan is fussing with some clothes saying she has so much laundry...immediately Jeff says "why didn't you tell me about Russell?" Jordan says "huh?"...Jeff says "Jessie told you that shit about Russell?"...Jordan perplexed says "what about him?"...Jeff says that Jessie said that Russell told him to make sure that Jeff goes up against him...Jordan says "no, I didn't know that, I swear to God I didn't know that unless I wasn't listening"...Jeff says you weren't listening to that?...Jordan says she's not talking about that, she didn't hear that, she must have not been paying attention...Jeff mumbles "guess not"...Jordan says "what happened?"...Jeff says it was nothing just that Russell said to make sure that Jeff goes up against him because he has a better chance of not going home against Jeff...

Jordan says "when did he say that, today?"...Jeff says it was when you guys were talking out there...Jeff says "you didn't know that"...Jordan says she wasn't paying attention then or she must have been zoning out at that part...Jeff snickers saying it's a big part.

Jordan says she would have fricking told him if she had known...Jeff looks at her, shrugs his shoulders and leaves pissed off mumbling "this fu**ing place man, so much shit, you never what the f**k, who to talk to"...Jeff leaves the bathroom, comes back immediately to grab his cup and then heads out again without saying another word. Jordan continues straightening her hair while Jeff goes to the RR to put on his UCLA hat, socks & sneakers.

JeJo Mistrust tiff - Part 2


Jeff finishes up putting on his sneakers and talks to Lydia who is in the kitchen making slop bars. He compliments her on trying a new recipe. Jordan yells out from the bathroom if she can have Jeff's socks...Jeff says yeah, yeah, go ahead, they're in the 2nd drawer from the bottom...Jordan is still looking for socks and yells out again...Jeff says they're on the left...Lydia has walked outside to sit with Russell & Michele...the camera pans back to Jeff who is walking towards the RR, apparently Jordan wants his chicken socks...Jeff says forget it, he's keeping them for Hallowe'en 🎃

Jordan says "no! really?"...Jeff says "why, you want to wear them here?"...Jordan says she wants them...Jeff says to take Russell's...Jeff looks for his socks asking where they are?...Jordan says she'll steal Russell's socks...Jeff points to Russell's socks and laughs, he says they're in that bag...Jordan says for Jeff to look out and she grabs them, lol...they laugh and then Jeff starts to walk away...Jordan says hey, hang on telling Jeff that she is going to stuff them in Jeff's shorts in his drawer...Jeff asks if she's not even going to wear them right now? she's just going to take them home?...Jordan says she's going to take them...Jeff says you can get those for 2 dollars at the fu**ing dollar store...Jordan keeps fiddling with the socks and the drawers...

Jeff asks why she wants them?...Jordan says they're cute...Jeff says "don't put them in my drawer!"...Jordan giggles saying why?...Jeff says "because then I'm the culprit...I'm guilty by association, I don't even know what's going on over there"...

Jordan laughs and says "wait, come here...come here!"...Jeff says "dude, put them in your bag"...Jordan says "are we allowed to do this?"...Jeff smiles and says "I didn't see anything"...Jordan says "shut up"...Jeff says "put them in your bag"...Jordan says "I know, come here"...they go into the SS room.

Jordan says "so Russell wants you out?"...Jeff starts to say what Russell said and then says he doesn't even know if this is true...Jordan says "I told you"...Jeff says that while they were outside, Jessie told you, he doesn't know if he did or not...Jeff says that Jessie is drunk, he said that Russell said to make sure he goes up against Jeff cuz he has a better chance"...

Jordan says "so that means Kevin is using (the POV), is he taking Lydia off?"...Jeff says that Lydia just said right now that Kevin's not using the POV because they're scared of the wizard.

Jeff says they're scared the wizard is one of them and they will use it on each other if so, that's what they were saying and Jeff says "cool, whatever keeps me off the block"...Jordan says "I'll go up against him"...Jeff says "wow, you're getting cocky now?"...Jordan says "no..."

Jeff interrupts saying that when Jordan hears things like Jessie said fu**ing listen...Jordan says "ok, I going to get in trouble for stealing his socks?"...Jeff says not if he doesn't know about it, why doesn't she just ask Kevin for his, he's sure he'll just give them to her...Jordan says ok...Jeff says unless she wants to steal them, he didn't see anything.

Jordan umms, then hmms then says that obviously they don't have it (the wizard power) so it must be Michele that has it...Jeff says Michele or Kevin...Jordan says why wouldn't he want to use POV then...Jeff says Kevin asked Jeff who he would put up hypothetically and Jeff told him he didn't now, he doesn't even know what the power is, why would he ask that? is he telling him something?...Jeff then says he told Kevin he doesn't know, if he could evict somebody he would probably use it but if he couldn't he wouldn't use it so to not make any enemies, that's what he said.

Jordan changes the subject and says she feels fat, she ate too much fruit...Jeff is not amused...Jordan says Russell is a little snake...Jeff says he doesn't know if it's true but why is Jessie telling him all this shit, he never did before, now we're best friends...Jordan says to use it to his advantage...Jeff says Jordan, the top 3 are going to be them three and then him & her, how is that going to work?...

Jordan says "you win HOH"...Jeff says then who is going to go up, he has to win it soon or he won't have the numbers...Jordan says "next week...are you even trying when you do the HOH?" Jeff says "yeah, why wouldn't I try?"...Jordan says "I don't know"...Jeff while getting up to leave says "am I trying? no I just stood up there for fu**ing 4 hours because I was playing a joke! good one"...Jordan giggles and says come here...Jeff says "do what you want with those socks, put 'em in your ass"...Jeff walks out.

Jordan says "are you serious?"...Jeff walks to the kitchen and Jordan follows behind…

JeJo Mistrust tiff - Part 3


Jeff has left the SS room in a huff over the comment Jordan made about him maybe not trying in the HOH comps plus the Jessie convo has him slightly mistrusting Jordan...Jordan follows him out into the kitchen and walks toward the sliding door...Jeff asks her if she's going to ask him? (Russell, about the socks)..Jordan says "yeah, I don't want to get in trouble here"...Jeff says for Jordan to put them back, don't let him know you were digging through his shit...

Jordan walks towards the food (maybe to hide them in there while she asks)...Jeff says "don't put whatever you want"...Jordan, while walking back to the RR, says "God Jeff! you're getting on my nerves"...Jeff says in a raised voice "I'm getting on your nerves!?"...Jordan says "yessss, you're being so uhhhhh"...Jeff says "then fu**ing steal 'em! I don't give a f**k! whaddya mean I'm getting on your nerves, I'm just saying I wouldn't like people digging through my shit is what I'm telling you"...Jordan yells out "they weren't, I wasn't, they were just sticking out"...Jeff says "oh alright, that makes it better". (he has a point)

Jeff fixes himself a drink...Jordan comes back and tries to engage Jeff to talk about the slop creation but he doesn't bite, she goes outside as does Jeff, Jeff goes to have a smoke while Jordan asks Russell if he's going to use his chicken socks?...Russell says he wants to keep it for a Halloween outfit, he's sorry...Jordan says it's ok and sits down on the couch. Jeff sternly asks Jordan "what are you looking at?"...Jordan doesn't answer and leaves...Jeff watches her walk inside...

JeJo Mistrust tiff - Part 4


Jeff is still outside smoking, Jordan is inside doing dishes and talking to Jessie again. Jessie is going over the same BS and Jordan isn't buying it, lol.

Jessie leaves to go up to the HOH room, meanwhile even though it's not shown on camera at first, Jeff has been watching them from the window from his perch on the outside refrigerator and when Jessie is gone, Jeff gets Jordan's attention.

She gives him the bird (not sure why) and he holds up his index finger to indicate one (?). Jordan shakes her head and says she can't see Jeff's face and she smiles, he knocks on the window but she continues to wash dishes...

Jordan continues milling about the kitchen while Jeff tries to cool off on the couch outside...he finally comes inside just before the 10:08pm mark...Jeff is still fuming though, he sits himself down on a stool and just stares at Jordan who is tidying the snacks area...Jordan says "what?"...

Jeff shakes his head and says nothing, he clears his throat and keeps looking at what Jordan is doing...Jordan says "you're being mean"...Jeff says "I'm mean? how?"...Jordan says he's just mean...Jeff says "how is that?"...Jordan says he's always moody...Jeff says "no, I'm not, how was I moody? you told me...umm, nevermind...nothing...I'm mean...". Jordan says "when I'm done with this we're going outside and having a talk"...Jeff says "yeah?"...Jordan smiles and says "mmm, hmm"...

Talk turns quickly to the cereal(s) she is sorting, lol...Jeff is quiet again and Jordan is doing recycling, she mutters why don't people throw things away? Jordan grabs the recycling trash bag, holds it up and says it gets so full so fast...Jeff offers to put it away but Jordan says there's no need to do it when it's not full.

Jeff gets a little pissy again, sits back down and pretends to read some red laminated thing that's on the counter...silence again...then Jeff gets up to dump out the rest of his iced coffee, he rinses his cup with Jordan right next to him...silence...then Jeff goes to refill his cup with iced tea powder...

Jordan sees it and asks him if he likes that stuff?...Jeff says he does...Jordan doesn't saying it doesn't taste like tea...Jeff says he only uses a little, he fills up his cup with water and glances over at Jordan...who glances over at him...Jeff chuckles and can't help but smile at her, he says "my God Jordan"...Jordan slyly says "why?"...Jeff mumbles "I'm getting on your nerves?"...Jordan says huh?...Jeff says nothing...Jordan says "you just piss me off"...Jeff says "really? how is that?"...Jordan says "little comments"...

Jeff stares at Jordan through the mirror and says "by me huh? you don't make little comments?"...Jordan says "I don't make comments, I throw stones"...Jeff says "yeah"...Jordan says "just kidding"...Jeff gets out some pickles to eat...Chima comes down, they say their hellos & how are you's and then Jordan says she has to go pee, she heads to the bathroom and not 15 seconds later she heads up to the HOH to use the bathroom there...Jordan yells out to Jeff that she has to pee (to explain why she's going up there where Jessie is )...Jeff takes his pickles & iced tea and goes outside…

Jeff fumes on the hammock


Jeff lays in the hammock quietly fuming over his & Jordan's tiff and why she's up in the HOH with Jessie and not laying with him.

Camo & beer shirt hammock chat - Part 1


Jeff has been laying on the hammock alone, not too thrilled with the fact that he & Jordan had a tiff & that she is up in the HOH room with the "enemy"

Jordan comes outside to join Jeff on the hammock...Jeff scoots over to let her on, Jordan lays down beside Jeff & offers him some sweetarts...they are quiet...Jordan says Lydia & Kevin were fighting in the green room, she doesn't know what about...Jeff says it's about using that veto...Jordan says "what about it?"...Jeff says that Lydia said that Kevin wasn't going to use it, he told her that...Jordan says yeah, but she didn't know if that was final...Jeff says he doesn't know, he doesn't know if he believes that.

Jeff says "what's up?"...Jordan says "nothing, what's up?"...Jeff who is dying to bring up their tiff says "you need to stop being snappy"...

Jordan says "I'm not!"...Jeff says "yeah, you are"...Jordan says "I'm just getting annoyed with everyone"...Jeff says "yeah, me too, don't get annoyed with me...cuz you're starting to annoy me and then that's no good"...Jordan says "I'm starting to annoy you?"...Jeff says "yeah"...Jordan says "how?"...Jeff says "what do you think you fu**ing are? perfect?"...Jordan says "uhh, no, I never said that"...Jeff says "no, you think that, whatever, I'm not fighting with you...if I don't talk to you, I'll go crazy so you better keep it cool".

Jordan says "what do you mean...keep it cool? I feel like you think I'm going to turn against you or something"...Jeff says "you're getting a little sassy"...Jeff says he doesn't like it when people say shit, saying that Jordan knew (referring to Jessie's earlier talk with him), what do you mean fu**ing Jordan knew?...

Jordan explains that when Jessie was in the kitchen after when she was cleaning the dishes, he came up to her and said something to her, she told Jessie that she thought Jeff was a little mad at her because she didn't remember Jessie saying anything like that to her, maybe he did and she just forgot...Jordan says that Jessie said he didn't say it to her then, she doesn't know, she was confused as to what Jessie was talking about...Jordan says she thought he was kind of drunk...Jeff smiles and says he knows...Jordan says it's funny, he's tipsy...

Jordan sits up...Jordan says she wondered what he was talking about and then she just let it go out the other, she didn't really remember him saying that to her and then Jessie told her he didn't remember saying it either...Jeff gets the answer he wanted and says "alright". 😊

Jordan then says that Jessie said Russell wanted Jeff to go up against him because he would have a better chance of staying, they're freaking out about that whole wizard thing...Jeff says "yeah"...Jordan says maybe they are talking to her because they think she's the wizard but she told them that hopefully Jeff has the power, he's just playing dumb with her...Jeff says "why? did they ask you?"...Jordan says she told them she's packing her bags just in case, she tells Jeff not to get on Michele's bad side because she feels like she has it (little does Jordan know Jeff has it)...Jeff says "Michele? yeah I know" Jordan says she doesn't want Michele turning on Jeff and evicting him...Jeff says he didn't say anything to her...Jordan says Michele is crazy...Jeff says "holy f**k".

Jordan says that Michele came up to the HOH saying she was bored and she thinks Michele is getting paranoid thinking Jordan is talking about her...Jordan says Russell gets on her nerves...Jeff says yeah...Jordan says they were telling Russell at least when he gets out of there he'll have $10,000 and Russell said no, it's only $3000...J&J talk about why would Russell say that, Jeff says he'll have $9000 (?) lol...Jeff says Russell is just downplaying what he's going to get.

Jordan says she can't figure out when Russell is lying, J&J talk about all the different occupations or careers Russell has said he has and they laugh about that, they debate over whether Russell comes from a family with money...Jordan tries to drive home the point that Russell needs to go this week because he's already said next week he's going after Jeff,

Jordan doesn't see a benefit of Russell staying...Jordan says on Thursday there's going to be a big blowout (not the kind she imagined but yes!)...Jordan says Jessie is being so nice 🤔..Jeff says it's because he needs the votes to get Russell out.

Jordan says she thinks Russell & Michele have something, he seeks her out, yesterday she was trying to sleep and Russell kept coming in the room because Michele was in there and Jordan was getting pissed, she swore if one other person walked in this door...Jeff says "and I probably walked in and you were mad"...Jordan says no, it's just cuz he was walking in when she was sleeping...Jeff says he knows, he thinks he did it today to her while looking for his shoes...

Jordan talks a bit more game about scenarios for next week...Jeff points out that Jessie doesn't talk to them at all and then he thinks one of them has the wizard and he starts talking to them, does she see how he gets?...Jordan says yeah, she's not fooled...Jeff says that Jessie is all scared of being put up because of the wizard power, Jeff told him to relax, he doesn't know if he's being put up, Jessie says he's got Jeff's best interests at heart and Jeff was like dude, you want to talk later after the wine wears off?...Jordan says "his teeth are all red"...Jordan says they all don't like Michele...Jeff says they hate her, he told her this...

C&BS hammock chat - Part 2


Jordan says that the others upstairs in the HOH were rolling their eyes when Michele walked in, they don't like her...Jordan wonders where Russell went, he might be up there now, who knows they could all be plotting against them, she has to quit worrying about it because it's not going to do her a bit of good...Jeff says exactly...Jordan says she thinks her & Jeff are completely safe now on Thursday because they think that they have the power...Jeff says that's exactly why they're safe, once Friday comes they're back out there and no one cares...Jordan says who cares...Jeff says that's good for this week.

Jeff explains that they think J&J have the magic power so then Kevin isn't going to use the POV to take Lydia off, they're scared that Jeff would take Jordan off & vice versa whereas if there was no magic power he would definitely use it and one of them would go up...Jeff says "I don't have this fu**ing magic power, I don't think you have this fu**ing magic power...Pause & smile" 😊 Jordan says "I don't!"...Jeff laughs, they both laugh, Jeff continues and says how does that make them safe? he's safe why? because this thing exists? Jessie doesn't have their best interests at heart, liar.

Jordan says she sees that, she's just playing the card...Jeff says he is too, he just wants her to see that...Jordan says she knows Jeff thinks that (she's turning against him)...Jeff says he doesn't think that...Jordan says she saw Jeff shaking his head when she went up to the HOH, just because she goes up there and says something, she's just playing them too...Jeff says then they play her too, that's why he doesn't like it, Jeff says "they'll say Jordan, Jeff was looking at you weird, are you guys (fighting)?...ykwim, they put shit in your head and then you're like what happened? I would never go, ever, ever, ever go against you, ever" 🥰..Jordan says "yeah I know and I wouldn't go against you"...Jeff says "don't think that I'd ever do that"...Jordan says "so shut up" :)...Jeff says "you shut up with your snappy attitude just cuz I said I wanted to keep my chicken socks for Halloween, you got all pissed"...Jordan says "I did not!...I should have stole Russell's"...Jeff says "you should have, I told you to steal them".

Jordan goes back to game talk and says that this is their best chance to get Russell out because he's such a strong competitor, Jeff can beat Jessie because he's smarter than him but with Russell it would be more neck and neck...Jordan once again says she thinks Michele has the power...Jeff says "I know, I was thinking Kevin" (LOL sneaky!)

They discuss the wizard again...Jeff says that is why Jessie is kissing his ass, he thinks Jeff has it...Jordan goes over how the HG's might be evicted...Jeff says so many things have to happen...they talk about what order of eviction would be most beneficial to them...Jeff explains why it would be good for them to keep Russell...Jordan counters with her points and says she thinks Russell & Michele have something going, she doesn't have a good feeling about her, she doesn't want to talk game with her anymore...Jeff continues explaining why he would want Russell to stay.

Jeff is talking about the POV...Jordan asks if Jeff honestly thinks they have a chance to make it to the final 2...Jeff swears to God yes if they get Jessie out...Jordan goes over who is a good competitor, she says she is ok...Jeff says she is going to get one...Jordan says he'd be the strongest...Jeff says "I know you're going to get one"😊

Jeff says "so that's that" and says to wait until Monday...Jordan says she doesn't think they're going to use it...Jeff says that is what K&L are fighting about, they're scared of the Wizard...

Jeff lies again saying he thinks Kevin has it......Jordan says Michele is too calm...Jeff says calm? or is she on medication?...Jordan says "Cuckoo Magoo" Jeff laughs...Jordan says she drives her crazy...Jeff says "and she is loosening up on you, before she was 3 steps behind'd come in the room and I'd be like Johhrdan and then hey, hee hee with her little run that she does"...

Jordan says she thinks Michele isn't trusting them as much and she is trying to go with them...Jeff says he knows what's going on, Chima is telling her she wants all girls in the final and Michele is all about the girl power, she's like hee hee, I feel like throwing her off the balcony. Jeff says he would love to see Natalie on the block against someone like Jessie, finally she would be up, she'd like to see Natalie without Jessie.

Jeff then says, while touching Jordan sweetly on the leg, then arm, then face, "first of all...I am getting a little short with everything, I don't mean to be, I am though, I know I am"...Jordan says "yeah, cuz it gets on my nerves"...Jeff says "I know and I'm sorry, I don't mean to be I swear"...Jordan says "cuz it makes you no fun"...Jeff says "I know and I don't mean to fight with you either because then I have no one to talk to, I'll sit out here, I'm like I don't want to go talk to Jordan right now and I'm like...I gotta go talk to Jordan right now"...they laugh...Jeff says "so I don't mean to be up your ass either but there's nowhere for me to go"...Jeff says sometimes he wants his space too so when she is sleeping he's out of there, he doesn't want to bother her...Jordan says she wasn't feeling good today and he was trying to talk to her and she was like get away from me...Jeff gets it, he's the same way, he understands.

Jeff says he just gets like that...Jordan says she thought he was getting mad because she was talking to them...Jeff says no, he gets short, he doesn't get mad at her when she talks to them, he just feels like asking them if they think Jordan is stupid or something? she's not so what are you doing, they don't talk to them the whole time and now they talk? Jordan says it's good they think she's stupid so she can keep going and they'll keep her longer.

C&BS Hammock chat - Part 3


Jeff starts venting about how Natalie is now all of a sudden cooking hot dogs and other things in the kitchen when Jeff is around and on slop whereas before she never cooked one thing, she'll ask others if they want more hot dogs, more pizza, more cheese...he thinks it's a stone, LOL...Jordan sees it she just observes.

Jordan squeezes Jeff and asks where Russell is? upstairs?...Jeff says that even Jessie is saying that Russell is playing both sides, Jeff knows this, he's not stupid...Jeff says that right now Russell is up there plotting to get rid of Jeff, then he'll switch it up, he'll play every single side...Jordan says she told them that he's going to start stuff with all of them to get them all mad at each other...Jordan says she's scared when Jeff talks to Russell because she thinks Russell will then call Jeff out...Jeff says to not worry about it, he's not stupid, he doesn't want to get Russell riled up, today Russell drank one beer and he's drunk, he pretended he was tough and then something will go down around him and he doesn't want to be involved, let him go do his thing...Jordan says Russell drives her nuts...Jeff laughs about how Russell was badmouthing Jeff to Jessie and just now Russell came up to Jeff and told him how he was provoking a fight between Kevin and Lydia.

Jordan says she's getting really annoyed with everyone because they're playing the feel sorry for me card...Jeff says just now Lydia was playing it saying she was part of the loser crew...Jordan says she doesn't care about being a loser here...Jeff says "they forget so easily, remember that you (Lydia) were the one driving the bus that ran me over and now you're part of the loser crew? you were part of the one that ran me over...why the f**k are you telling me your problems?"...Jordan says Lydia does that when she gets depressed, she comes to them...Jeff says everyone does that but it's good for later in the game.

Jeff says to not think for one second that he won't go to Natalie and tell her that while she's laying in bed with Jessie, he's fingering Lydia 😳 he'll say it to her face...Jeff says for 500G's fo' sho'...Jordan giggles...Jeff says he doesn't give a f**k, everyone in that house fu**ed him and he doesn't forget...Jeff says everyone comes to them with their sorry stories and he'll just listen and listen...Jordan says he has to wait until the end to bring them out...Jeff says he won't bring it up unless he's on the block, ready to leave and needs to save himself.

Jordan says to look at Ollie & April, they followed each other out the door, so she's worried they will too, that's why she doesn't want people to see them as a pair, but then again he is her only friend in there...Jeff says yeah, me too, but he doesn't think people are gunning to break them up...Jordan wishes there were older people in the house, since Casey left she has no fun anymore...

Jeff says "I know, it's hard...yeah and I can only have so much fun with you because I get sick of you sometimes" 😅

Jeff is joking of course, Jordan gets all offended, lol...she says omg!!...Jeff says he's just joking...Jordan says yeah you do...Jeff says "sometimes I just need my space but usually I don't, really, I can be around you a lot and not get on my nerves...I'm like a moody person and you don't bring that out in me, you know what I'm saying”...Jordan says "are you a moody person? I can be"...Jeff says "yeah I can be too that's why sometimes I just like to be alone, you know? but then when you come in I'm do more good, way way more good than anything in here"...Jordan looks suspiciously at Jeff...Jeff says "I'm being nice"...Jordan says "ok"...Jeff says "why? did you think that was a shot?"...Jordan says "no, I accept it".

Jordan says "what do you think about my camo and beer shirt?"...Jeff says he likes it, he bets Jordan drives all the guys wild in her town wearing that cuz they'll say let's go hunting and drink some beers! I love that girl!...Jordan doesn't like that too much and says her town is not like that...Jeff knows and says he's just joking, it's not country...Jordan says some parts are.

Jeff says they can plan for the future but all they have is week to week, you have to make it through the weeks and finally, hopefully you're at the end...Jordan says she says her prayers every night...Jeff does too...Jeff knowing full well he has the wizard power in his back pocket lays out his ultimate scenario for how evictions would go and he says that keeping Russell would be good because others would want him out before them OR it would be J&J with Russell at the end and then one of them would stab his ass in the back...Jordan laughs.

Jeff says when he came into the house he said he wasn't going to stab anyone in the back, he wasn't going to play dirty or anything, after being in there, he'll fu**ing cut their parents' throats...Jeff cracks up...he says it's so cutthroat in there, the first day he was all happy go lucky drinking champagne and he got 100 knives in the back, you motherfu**ers, let's dance...Jordan laughs...Jeff says he can't believe the first week, what a nightmare...Jordan says "for you!"...Jeff says he didn't do one thing, not one thing, omg...Jeff remembers back to the one night in the first week when he went into the kitchen to make his case, make amends, spoke from his heart and then Braden told him that they all thought he was putting on a performance.

They laugh about the Braden fight outside by the pool and the feeds cut out...when they return a couple of minutes later Jeff is saying he doesn't understand why if BB was going for a young, good looking cast they didn't cast more single people...Jeff suggests sitting by the couch, his legs are getting stiff...meanwhile Russell has come out with the guacamole he made and offers some to Jordan, Jeff can't have any because he's on slop but he says he loves guacamole. Jeff gets up off the hammock to have a smoke and they move to the couch area....

Avocados, Braden & Casey


Jeff is sitting on the mini-fridge smoking while Russell & Jordan are sitting on the couches in the BY eating chips & the guacamole Russell just made...they talk about what's in the guacamole...Jordan says she was about to ask Jeff why he isn't eating, she forgot Jeff can't have any, he's on slop...they talk about avocados...Jordan says she's never met so many people that love avocados as out there...they talk about how Braden was the avocado master, he loved them and would take them all, it was every man for himself with the avocados LOL.

They then start talking about Braden and how fun his personality was...Russell says he felt bad for the way he left...Jordan says he was so easy going but in his speech she could tell he was nervous...Jeff says that he didn't think Braden really knew what was going on half the time especially when he was vetoed...Jordan asks if Braden even watched the show?...Jeff says he doubts it...Russell laughs about Braden saying that he just got vetoed so let's have a pool party...Jeff says that was the best, he couldn't believe more people weren't cracking up over that...Jordan says even Dan was laughing about it...Jeff says he was the only one cracking up, they've talked about that story a billion times...Jordan says it's cuz it's funny...Russell then says he was laughing about Casey saying that he was pissed because he was in a fu**ing banana suit.🍌😀

Jeff says that last week, he didn't see Casey ever without a cigarette...Jordan says he stayed pissed...Jeff says well he was in a fu**ing banana suit ...Jordan says she felt bad...Jeff says considering he took it pretty well...Russell says he had the hardest time taking him seriously...they all giggle at how funny he looked...Jordan says he would lean back and he'd say "right, right, right, right"...Jeff says whenever he had something serious to say, he'd cross his legs...

Jordan & Russell continue to imitate Casey and then Jeff says Casey and Laura would address the camera six times a day...Russell says he livened up things around there...Jordan knows, she says it's so boring now...Jeff says it's because all the groups split in half, their friends got knocked out so they had nothing...Russell says he's their friend but he might be getting knocked out...Jordan says she thinks it's a bad thing to be their friend, they put a curse on people...Jeff says it's just they come out and sit with them when they're on the block, it's like the lunch table no one wants to sit at...they joke around about Jeff being on slop...Jordan says it sucks Jeff got liver...Jordan goes inside to get something to drink and Jeff & Russell continue to talk about being on slop…

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