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Day 3 of BB11 Feeds

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

July 12

First BY Talk continued


Jeff keeps ranting about being an octopus, lol, he's pissed!...Jordan says she's serious, she's getting mad, she can't quit thinking about it and won't be able to sleep tonight...Casey says welcome to my world...Jordan says Jessie makes her so mad, she doesn't trust Russell because he's asking too many questions and he's playing sides...Jeff says he's going in there, f**k it...Jordan says no, Jeff! you're going to get me in trouble!...Jeff says "you in trouble, I'm going to fu**ing tell them how it is"...Braden says "let him get it off his system, he's thought about it, he's smart".

Jeff goes inside just before the 12:02am mark...Jeff tells his side of the story inside while Jordan, Braden & Casey keep discussing game outside, eventually Braden leaves and then just after the 12:36am mark Jeff comes back outside...Jordan asks if he got it out? Jeff says he said his peace...Jordan offers for Jeff to sit by her but Jeff wants to smoke...he says that what he said did nothing, they are all brainwashed, he said his peace but they just kept talking...Casey says he assumes Jeff will catch him up...Jeff says that everything he said outside, he said in there...Casey says perception is everything and they're not perceiving things the way Jeff is...Jeff tells Jordan and Casey what he told them...

Jordan listens intently and says "he's such a fu**ing douche"...Jeff says that he talked to Lydia and realized she's on their side, he told her she hurt him, he thought they were friends...Lydia told him she didn't feel well, he told her to be honest with her he was hurt a little and then she left crying.

Jeff waves at Casey and says "it was nice meeting you bro"...Jordan says it was nice meeting Casey too cuz she's out, she's gone...Casey says in his opinion there's bigger fish than Jordan (to get rid of)...Jordan says that Jessie, Natalie & Russell think they run this house, it's them three, they're the instigators...Casey thinks Natalie is drunk with power...Jeff says he told them that Natalie talks for Jessie, also that he apologized for talking to Natalie the way he did and Jessie said you don't talk to an 18 year old like that and Jeff told him he just apologized.

Jordan says Jeff should have said more especially the thing about supposedly throwing Michele under the bus...Jeff says he called them out about saying that no one sitting at the table talked shit today...they all denied it and Jeff said then he must be taking crazy pills if that was the case...Jordan asks if Jeff said the thing about Jeff not protecting Jordan or Lydia...Jeff says he did tell them...Jordan asks what they said about that?...Jeff says they said nothing...Jordan can't believe it after Jessie & Natalie talked about that very thing to her up in the HOH...Jeff explains that he told them there was no opportunity to save Lydia and that he had told Jessie that Jordan & Lydia were with him so what part of that wasn't protecting them?...Jordan can't believe that Lydia didn't believe Jeff...Jordan says "what the?"...Casey says "welcome to the Terrordome"

Jordan says to Jeff "I'm glad you said your peace, good job sport" :) Jeff says no one was buying, he makes a little joke about it and they laugh...Jordan puts up her hand to high five Jeff saying "good job" but Jeff says "good job what? I failed"...Jordan says he did good, he stated his peace...Casey says he planted seeds...Jeff says he doesn't know if he needs a high five but he will give her one...Jeff holds his hand up to Jordan's and plays with it for a second...and then they clasp hands :) and then high three each other, a partial high five, lol.

Jordan says Jessie has them all brainwashed, he's such a fu**ing douchebag, she didn't like him as soon as he walked in, she didn't like him from his season and she still doesn't like him now...Jeff says that at the end Kevin said "Jeff, I liked you before and I still like you"...Jordan giggles...Casey, Jeff & Jordan discuss how they like to play the game and how they feel about discussing things in front of others vs keeping your mouth shut, they go over the first HOH comp and how they could have done things differently or not...Jeff says Jessie is in it to win it...Jordan says it's cuz he got voted out last time...Jeff can't understand how they don't want to get him out cuz he'll cut them, he'll stab you in the back...Jordan says she tried to tell Lydia that...Casey says it's telling that no one has walked out that door...Jordan still thinks she is going to be put up as a replacement.

Jeff says Lydia is full force with them, it's over...Jeff tells the story of how Lydia was crying all day and Jeff tried to make her feel better, to not worry, so he told her the meaning behind his cross to distract her, Lydia kept hearing things Natalie said about her so she said she was going to go out there to confront that bitch, Jeff told her not to, for her to come lay down and relax, Lydia later told Jessie that she wanted to go talk to them but Jeff told her not to go talk to them making it seem like Jeff was saying for her not to go out to talk to them because they are assholes...Jeff asked her if Lydia took it like that? instead of it being Jeff trying to make her calm down and not stress about it? she believed that?...Lydia told Jeff yeah...Jeff says Lydia flipped it on him and totally threw him under the bus. Casey leaves…

First BY talk briefly alone again


Casey goes inside leaving J&J alone...Jordan says she told Lydia they will throw her under the bus, Lydia promised she would never vote to evict Jordan but maybe now she's in trouble and Jeff is safe...Jeff says he's safe for now but next week he's the first one out...Jordan says she wants Natalie & Jessie gone, she doesn't like him at all...Jeff says "me neither, he's a smugf**k"...Jordan says Jessie thinks he's the shit...Jeff still can't believe how Lydia flipped and says "fu**ing Lydia, motherfu**er"...Jordan says she pointed out to Lydia that they were the ones in the room with her when she was crying, she needs to trust them to keep her. Jordan says "omg Jeff if I get eliminated you have to get Jessie outta here for going after me"

Jeff says everyone's got their mind made up...Jordan says Jessie is good, real good and Jeff and her didn't see it coming...Jeff hopes that they keep the teams because it will be harder to get him out but his team is the one he wants out...Jordan says she wishes it was Cowboy that came in...Jeff says Russell was bitching about it being Jessie, he knew it was going to be that douche that was coming in...Jeff says he won't throw Jessie under the bus...Jordan says he's a douche, he drinks his body shakes and eats like twelve meals a day, lol...Jordan giggles over it just being her & Jeff...and Braden. :)

Jeff says he hopes that what he said might make them think...Jordan again says good job and that she is proud of him...Jeff says he could have given them an hour's worth of examples of them talking shit and Jessie kept pffttt'ing and saying whatever...Jordan giggles and says not to worry about it...Jeff still can't believe that Lydia flipped...Jordan worries about going up and who will vote for her to stay...Jeff says a handful of people...Jordan says she only knows three...Jeff says that's when you...Jordan says she's not kissing people's asses...Jeff tells her what she should say...Jordan smiles...Jeff complains again about Jessie...Jordan says he's stupid...Jordan says tomorrow her & Jeff are going to walk around the house and study everything, they laugh...

Casey comes outside and tells J&J what was being talked about in there...they talk more game about how all the Lieutenant's are ruining this...Jeff makes an analogy about the others being Sammy the Bull's not John Gotti's, John Gottie didn't kill anyone, it was Sammy the Bull...that's what everyone thinks. ;) Jeff grabs more water from the fridge and sits back down...Jeff says it's way too early for this...Casey says way too early for the line in the sand...Jeff says "oh but it's drawn bro"...Braden story time :)

They start laughing about Braden and his random comments, like him saying "goodnight boss" to Jessie...Jeff tells the story of how Braden got pissed that Russell didn't clink his glass to say "cheers" and he was going to sharpen a pool stick (and shove it up Russell's ass)...Jeff cracks up!...Jordan cracks up over the fact that Braden said he can't leave this early because he lost his apartment...Jeff then loses it over when Braden told him that he said in the DR that he was losing it and he was going to throw people off fu**ing balconies! :D Jordan keeps laughing saying that Braden says he at least has to make it to jury house because he doesn't have anywhere to go, he's going to leave the country and go to Australia...Jeff says that the others were saying Braden doesn't need the money because he has $300 hair products and Braden said "what? I'm fu**ing broke!"...Casey says he stole all the lotions from the hotel, he had 65 lotions in his suitcase! 😜

First BY talk continued


J&J continue laughing about Braden...Casey wonders if it heats up this early every year?...Jeff says no, this is right off the blocks, Jessie said that the minute he came into the house BAM! he was playing the game...Jeff says he told him he must have not been on his horse yet and Jessie said exactly...Jordan says "omg, he's such a douche"...Jeff says Jessie is letting all his foot soldiers do the work for him and he's keeping his hands clean...Jordan says that's what the others said about Jeff, he's staying clean, Jordan asks what has Jeff done?...Casey says Jeff is a mastermind...Jeff sarcastically says he's been running this house since day one, what? he hasn't even talked about the game til yesterday...Casey says that is what the problem is...Jeff says he could tell Casey what he's going to do but he's not going to tell him. LOL

Casey talks about team, team, team, he's on a team with two people that never played sports in their life...Jeff says he's with people that did and he hates them, Jessie doesn't believe in team, he will use his team, he put the "I" in team...Jordan hates when he makes that fart noise...Jeff says "hat's off, they're playing the game well"...Casey says like his mom told him in 8th grade, whatever you tell somebody you have to assume they're going to tell somebody else, as you go through your life you have to pick and choose the people you can tell stuff to and they all have some...Casey says in here there's a 99% chance someone will tell someone else which has been a surprise to him...Jeff says people love fu**ing gossip, how do you think all those magazines, celebrity tabloids sell, people love to talk about how perfect their life is as opposed to somebody else's but when you point the finger at someone there are 3 fingers pointing right back at you so watch what the f**k you say. (This is so old school, my dad says this ALL THE TIME except the WTF part LOL)

Jeff says he's not perfect by any means, he's not a great player but he doesn't talk, he says whatever he has to say to someone's face and when he's telling someone a spiritual story he had about a cross, being all nice to someone, hugging them all day and trying to calm them down, he doesn't twist it around, what kind of person does that?...Casey says a weak-minded person...Jeff says "whew, man, did I get that one wrong, I thought I was good at (reading) people".

They discuss Lydia again and how she had the votes but she flipped to the other side to guarantee she was staying, she wanted to be saved right now...Jordan says that she turned on them...Casey says that's kind of fu**ed up...Jeff says he said his peace...Jordan says at least the people that Jeff doesn't get along with are on his team so they can't get rid of him...Casey says that's the ironic thing...Jeff says it's awesome...Jeff thinks if Laura wins HOH she might be convinced by them to put him up.

Michele comes outside looking for her flip-flops...Jeff asks her how was his speech?...Michele says everything she's heard from both sides seems like the truth but they're never going to feel like Jeff is part of their team because he wasn't hanging out with them...Jeff is more concerned of what the others thought, not his team...Michele says they think it should have been more private, a lot of them thought it was a show...Jeff says if it was more private they would have twisted his words, he wanted everyone to hear....Jeff seems pissed and says "oh whatever"...they are quiet...Michele keeps looking for her shoes...Jeff then says "a show huh?"

Michele then talks to Casey wanting to clear the air about some stuff, they bicker a little and talk while Jeff & Jordan observe...they lean into each other just after the 1:10am mark...Jeff says "we're outta here"...Jordan touches Jeff's hair 🥰 smiles and giggles...Jeff wants alcohol the next couple of days...Jordan says "I thought we had a chance"...Jeff agrees...they start whispering and it's hard to hear...Michele admits she's going through some emotional stuff with her family...Casey admits he cried today, it's stressful...Jordan says she's cool with Michele still, Jeff says you know I luv you (oi oi oi what did you start by saying that Jeff! lol)...Jeff explains why he went in there to talk to them, he wanted to clear the air but people didn't take it that way...Jordan says it sucks when you're being talked about and you feel like lies are being spread about you...Jeff says it's best to talk about things, get things out in the open like she did with Casey...Jordan agrees it is good.

J&J keep giggling over the convo Casey and Michele are having...Michele is getting stressed out about the whole thing and J&J tell her to not feel bad and to not stress out, sit down and relax...Michele says Casey was mad at her...Casey says he wasn't happy about her wanting him out of the house, no one would be happy...Michele agrees...Jeff says they all need to simmer down...J&J keep whispering in their own little world (as usual :) )

Michele complains about her missing shoes...Jeff gets up thinking he saw some over by the pool table...Michele says she's cold and going to get her hoody, she leaves...

First BY talk keeps going


After Michele leaves, Jeff sits back down and him, Jordan & Casey laugh about how Michele came outside to confront Casey...Jeff says "this shit's a trip"...Natalie comes outside looking for her water jug, finds one but throws it out saying it has bugs, she leaves...Jeff says he has one more thing to say, he says how can you (Lydia) go from saying "I hate that fu**ing c**t bitch last night to 12 hours later being on their team"...Casey says because everything changes every 6 hours like Jessie said, he has been here before...Jordan says he was the 4th person evicted...Jeff says he hopes it changes...they talk about the veto and who is being put up...Jeff says every single person has been brought up that could be put up.

Casey brings up what Michele told him and says "please"...Jeff laughs and says everyone is so on edge...Jeff says for him to vent...Jordan laughs about how Casey talked to Michele...Jeff says Casey was being so smug...Jeff says he knew it was going bad when Casey called Michele "sweetie" from the jump...Casey says it was "honey" and he retracted...Jordan says "good save"...Casey says "wtf did I do to you?"...J&J laugh...Jordan says Casey is the one person that hasn't done anything...Casey says he was salty at Michele because he was told she wanted him out...Jordan asks who told him that?...Casey says he's not getting into it...Jeff says this game is a trip, it's bananas 😉🍌

Casey says because he asked Michele her profession??...Jeff says you have to watch what you say and if you don't talk you're an asshole.

Casey says he knows he can be abrasive but that wasn't it, this ain't the place to make little jokes, he's wanted to say things to Chima, if this was in the real world and they were out, he would say all kinds of things because he doesn't give a f**k, he would get in his car and go home, they would do the same, what the f**k does he care but in here you have to care...Jeff laughs saying it's funny seeing people get pissed off, even with himself, he rants and he laughs at himself...Casey says Michele is on suicide watch :/

Jeff says everyone is on edge...Casey says he did good, he was going to go off on her but didn't, he had a heart to heart with her while playing chess and she probably felt bad, the guilt was eating her up, at least she has a redeeming quality...J&J can't believe she came out and admitted she talked shit about Casey, Jeff says she put a little sugar on it though...J&J laugh about how Casey talked to her.

Casey compares the others' antics to the kids at his school and Jeff says they are kids though, these people are grown...Casey says a 22 yr. old is still a kid though, not much life experience, he realizes Jordan is that age so he kind of apologizes for saying it...Jordan says "oh no, you're fine"...Jeff says he's not the same person he was at 22.

They talk about being safe...Jeff feels like he is the target right now...Casey says nobody is safe but it is telling that they are outside alone when everyone else is inside...Jeff says they think they're safer being in there with that group...Casey says there is a gang mentality in there, he couldn't believe that Kevin was so willing to vote out Lydia who is his team member just so that he wouldn't go against the house if need be...feeds switch @ the 1:26am mark and return @ the 1:32am mark

Jeff, Jordan & Casey are still outside discussing game...Casey is venting about how useless his teammates are, how they can't win anything, he is carrying them on his back and how Lydia threw the spelling POV comp...Jordan laughs about how they want to get mad at Jeff for Technotronics and Lydia spelled a 4 letter word and Jessie misspelled his word. ;)

Jeff laughs saying he can't even talk because the word he came up with was ridiculous and he's never going to hear the end of it so he'll pay the piper later on that, he's going to be known, everyone who sees him will be "oh! Technotronic guy" (YUP!) Casey says "either that or the guy that argued on the elliptical" LOL Jeff laughs and Jordan is cracking up!

Casey goes inside...Jordan says "technotronics" :P Jeff says "where did I come up with that? and then I put it on the board and I was like Vanna it is...and I tried to explain myself" 😂

Jordan says they need to strategize...Jeff says about what?...Jordan says so they're not going home...Jeff says they're fu**ed...Jordan says they're not if Ronnie gets the next HOH, she's depending on him...Jordan says he's smart and is going to make it to final 2...Jeff hopes so...Jordan says she at least wants to make jury house to vote on who wins the money...Jeff doesn't want anyone from his team there (they all made it! including Jeff)...Jordan says if she wins HOH she wants Jessie and Natalie out...Jeff says he's telling Jordan this but no one else, he's going to throw the next HOH because who would he put up?...Jordan says she doesn't like the people that ride the middle...Jeff says the others are over here and they are way down the block on the left side...Jordan starts laughing...Jeff says "me and you we're like GUYS!! (yelling)"...Jeff says "what kind of people are these people?"...Jordan says "just listen"...Jeff says "I know, I can't stop motoring", he smiles :)

First BY talk continues on


Jordan tries to get Jeff to calm down and strategize with her...Jordan says just as long as Russell keeps, as long as he doesn't use the veto on Lydia they are good...Jeff says he's using it, he's saving her, she already went to the dark side, they promised her that and they're putting someone else up...Jeff says Lydia and Chima are friends, they shouldn't be talking...Jordan says upstairs Lydia was talking shit about Chima.

Jeff says "that's bullshit! because she plays both fu**ing sides!"...Jordan says "don't clench your teeth at me"...Jeff looks down and says "because it makes me sick that I fu**ing look foolish, I fu**ing always get fu**ed...I like being an asshole...I'm such a like shelled up protected person cuz I don't wanna get hurt and then as soon, the moment I open up to somebody (punches his hand)...right in the fu**ing ass!" you know what I mean? I'm like F**K!! I should have just been an asshole the whole're cute...f**k you...I know what's gonna happen in 6 months" (referring to women)...J&J laugh...Jeff gets up and says "I know where this is going...beat it" 😉 (this says a lot about Jeff's tough persona and experiences with the opposite sex)

First BY talk that never ends


Jeff sits back down and tells Jordan how things are going to go...Jeff says that they're promising Lydia to take her off the block, leave Chima on, put someone else up...Jordan says her or Braden...Jeff says put someone else up and vote them out so both Lydia & Chima are safe...Jeff says Lydia was giving him the sob story about what it's like to be on the block...Jordan says she was safe and had the votes and she told her to tell Russell not to use the veto, Lydia told Jordan she was telling him not to use it...Jeff says that's bullshit, she was blowing smoke up Jordan's ass...Jeff can't believe she flipped like that...Jordan says that Jessie is kind of convincing with what he was telling her about Jeff not protecting her but Jordan says she so doesn't believe him.

Jeff asks if Jordan watched his season?...Jordan says yeah...Jeff says what about when Jessie was up in the HOH begging and they all thought he was a joke and voted him out and here they are buying into him...Jordan says because this is high school version, last season they were smart, Keesha voted him out...Jordan claps saying she was proud of Keesha.

Jeff grabs a cigarette and says "do you think I look like a bozo?"...Jordan says "no, you look fine, I'm glad you said something"...Casey comes back outside eating a pickle...Casey says if he is put up for coming outside, smoking cigarettes so be it, same for Jeff, what is he? a leper now?...Jeff says "I know, for real"...Casey says tomorrow he should just be whatever to Lydia, what will eat her up the worst is not saying nothing...Jeff says she has already flipped so there's nothing else to say.

Jordan asks Casey if she is put up on the block will he vote her out?...Casey says no, he doesn't think she will be put up...Jeff walks inside again...Casey and Jordan discuss who might be going up...Casey says Ronnie is the biggest hustler in this motherfu**er, they need to put Ronnie up (DING DING DING!)...Jordan says Ronnie is smart, he's a good person to have on your side, he's loyal and won't throw you under the bus (WRONG :( )...Casey says f**k him, he's competition, if he's that good, he needs to go home, no?...Jordan thinks he should stay a bit longer, he's good...Casey says ain't that a reason to send him home Jordan?...Jordan says in the position he's in, he's good, she's not.

Jeff brings Jordan a pickle wrapped in a napkin after Jordan asks for one :)...Jeff says that Lydia just put her head down when he was in there, he can't believe he let her touch his Jesus cross :( ...Casey says Lydia played him...Jeff explains he got the cross from the Vatican, he got it blessed by a priest when he was at church inside the Vatican and Lydia was like this is rad, this is so cool...Jeff says he doesn't show that to everybody...

Casey & Jeff smoke while discussing Jessie & Natalie, Jeff says you can't talk to him because she's always there...Jeff says someone they talk to will win HOH...Jeff turns to Jordan who is enjoying her half pickle and wants another...Jeff smiles, says there are whole ones...Jordan leaves to get another pickle...Casey says to Jeff as she's going inside that Jordan is going to go running to Ronnie to tell him what he just said about him...Jeff says "no she won't" :)

Casey and Jeff discuss Ronnie and Michele, people talking shit about everyone...Jordan comes back with her half pickles...they keep discussing game and what people are like in there...Casey says he's sure Jeff is like this with his buddies back home, they probably bust each other ball's all the time...Jeff says they do...Casey says that's just what they do, they still have his back in a bar fight...Jeff says it's kind of like respect, you wouldn't do that to someone you just met...Kevin comes out to do laundry and they get a little more quiet.

Casey says at least they'll have good stories when they go home...Jeff says trying to stay positive...Casey says all the scheming gets on his nerves...Kevin leaves...Casey says he can't scheme for hours on end...Jordan gets up and leaves to go pee...Jeff says that is all you do because there's nothing else to do so you just talk, that's the premise of the game...Casey says he doesn't care if Lydia goes, she's never going to win anything...Jeff says you never know what kind of competitions they're going to have...they discuss odds and the chances of winning...Casey can't believe none of them have come outside...they keep discussing game and how Lydia turned...Jeff says Jessie doesn't care and is using everyone...Jordan comes back outside and sits down.

They keep talking about Jessie...Casey then says that Jeff was funny today during the Russell argument, he was cracking him up...Jeff starts talking about his buddy Tony Marti who is a pro fighter and he knows guys in the UFC and the feeds go to fish...they return with Jeff ranting a little about Russell and how if he was really tough he wouldn't need to brag about it, he would have a presence about him, just be bad and not be all show.

Jeff says "dude, I'll go to fu**ing war, let's go, you're a trained fighter, you should be able to fu**ing take me but I'm not fu**ing scared, I'll fu**ing go"...Casey says he would just bring a knife. LOL Jeff says that's another thing, why is he acting tough when he knows they can't act on it?...Casey says that's why...Jeff says that's why he's even more of a douchebag...Casey says he should go to bed...Jordan asks where Braden is?...Casey says he has his purple haze mask on and is sleeping like a baby…

First BY talk on and on


Jeff, Jordan & Casey are in the BY talking. Jeff tells the story of how yesterday Braden came out of the room, he was laying in bed and didn't have his glasses on, his contacts in and he could see a little bit, he could see it was Braden but it was blurry...Jeff starts laughing...and he comes out...Jeff gets up to demonstrate, he puts his hand down his shorts and squints his eye and says that Braden said "dude, what the fuck time is it?" Jeff says to him "dude, what are you doing?" and he had on like (Jeff starts outlining underwear on his crotch)...feeds cut off... (we come to find out later that Jeff thought Braden was wearing Jordan's underwear...I will try to find that convo for the calendar)...when they return Jeff, Jordan & Casey are heading inside…

From the BY to the GR


Jeff & Jordan head to the bathroom. Jordan says they're going in there? What about the GR...Jeff wants to brush his teeth, he does so while Jordan sits with her turquoise blanket waiting...

Jeff says it's time to put on a show, ykwim? Jeff says they will say they tried to open up but you know...Jordan says her hair gets blonder in the sun, it's exciting since they will be here for awhile. Jordan asks if Jeff thinks the mirrors make you look bigger or do they really tell what you look like? Jeff says he thinks they tell what you look like, they're not circus mirrors, lol...Jordan thinks they make her look bigger. Jordan says omg, that camera I looked at it and it's facing right at me...she smiles...Jeff asks if they all went upstairs? Jordan doesn't know...Jeff finishes up, says aww, man, this is trippy...he goes to the bathroom....

Feeds cut out for just over 10 mins when they return Jordan & Ronnie are talking on the GR bed while Jeff is on the bicycle. 😜

Jordan starts implementing her plan to Ronnie about keeping Braden. (girl was always gaming...) Ronnie pretends to be over it :/ Jordan says Ronnie is a good person and if Jeff or her don't win it then she wants him to win. They keep whispering game. Jeff keeps pedaling...

Ronnie finally leaves and Jeff lays down next to Jordan @ 2:24am. Jeff says Ronnie is so stressed. Jordan says she is sleepy, she sleeps too much, maybe the pickles made her sleepy. She asks if Jeff is sleepy, he says a bit but he can't go to bed. He would lay there. Jordan says she can't believe Lydia. Jeff says "we lost". Jordan says "no we didn't...shut up" Jeff says we would have had it...Jordan says she's a snake. Jordan says we still can get it, we just won't know until the veto ceremony...

Jordan says God, Russell is in my room. Jordan says she wishes she had the power in her hands so Jessie would be begging and screaming like a pussy...Ronnie goes by and Jordan says oh, Ronnie, he's so sad, Jordan asks if she thinks he's going up...Jeff says everyone thinks they are going up...Jordan does her patented turn her butt towards Jeff move and says she wishes they could sleep in the GR...

Jeff says me too, it's 10X better than his room...Jordan says your cubbyhole? Jeff says there is just more room. Jordan says she doesn't want Casey playing sides...Jeff says he is just trying to save his ass, be nice...Jordan says she's not...she wants to talk about something else.

Jeff says ummm, I don't know...his mind is on this...Jordan wonders if they will have a comp tomorrow...Jeff says no...he says his Technotronics will air tomorrow...they laugh and feeds cut out...

When they return Jordan is spelling a 17 letter word lol and Jeff says he couldn't even find an H. Jeff says that he was running all over, like it would have mattered anyways..Jeff tells the Technotronics story and Jordan laughs all through never gets old!

Jeff says so I'm like Techno, first thing that popped into my head and I'm going with it and then I just, I started finding O's and C's and I'm like Techno-tronics...I'm like Tronics...I'm like Technotronics...and I was running all over and then I couldn't find an H so I ripped off the R and the O and I smashed them together to make if they wouldn't know that it wasn't a won! In a way, I was all proud of it...hilarious...I hope they don't play it up but they made me go last so they knew it was funny....J&J laugh...

Jordan says Technoootronics 😂 ..Jeff says I'm fu**ed...Jordan says you're going to get made fun of...Jeff says big time...Jordan says they even might make Technotronics shirts...Jeff says yeah, oh yeah, my friends will at least...Jeff says they will sell them because no one is going to remember who I am in 3 weeks...Jordan bets his friends are going to be laughing...Jeff says they are going to die but everyone that knows me is going to be like I can't believe he did that...Jordan wonders if they aired the paint comp already and Jeff thinks maybe that will air that then...Jordan says on Tuesday they will air Technooootronics! Jeff laughs and says there is nothing they can do about it now...Jordan says it's so funny...Jeff says it's funny bunny...

Casey comes in, leaves, J&J start listening in on the kitchen to see how many times Laura talks about herself, complimenting herself. Jordan says Laura keeps staring at her, she says she has a cute body but no butt...Jeff says they're so fu**ed...Jordan says thanks Jeff, you ruined it for me, you ruined my half a million dollars...Jeff says you did, Jordan says she didn't do shit...the mics go off them then return...Jeff is touching Jordan's feet, lol, he says he doesn't like feetzies...Jeff says he has callouses, Jordan says gross, go get pedicures...Jeff never had one...Jordan explains what they do in a pedicure...They start talking game again and then head outside…

First foot rub


Lights are still out in the RR, Jordan comes out of the SS room and talks to Jeff who is sitting on the edge of his bed...Jeff whispers something inaudibly and then Jordan walks off asking what time it is...Jeff thinks around 10.

Jeff has put his sneakers on and puts on his glasses...Ronnie walks by all sleepy...Jordan comes back saying it's 9:30, 9:38...Jeff says what's up? they got gipped a half hour...Jordan comes around Jeff's bed and sits between his and Kevin's bed asking Kevin if he's up...Kevin sleepily mmm, hmm's...Jordan yawns saying she's going to wait because the bathroom is packed, she sits on Jeff's bed.

BB warns them to keep the bedroom lights on during the day...Jeff says wow, the next one they're going to yell at them...Jordan giggles about Braden and his mask...Jeff yawns noisily saying he feels like it's cold in the morning but at night it's boiling...Jordan says she doesn't know why she's so tired and she lays down...Jeff says he's tired as hell...Jordan asks if she moves where she is sleeping can she sleep?...Jeff says to eat breakfast and then go back to sleep...Jeff says today is going to be a naperoo day...they both yawn again...Jordan says she won't be laying out...they get quiet.

The camera pans away from JeJo, when it returns Jeff has turned himself around and is rubbing Jordan's foot...Jordan giggles and says that Jeff doesn't like feet...Jeff says "it was a nice gesture"...Jordan eeks and says Jeff always does it so hard...Jeff giggles and says she's not ticklish?...Jordan says "I mean, I am sometimes"...Jeff keeps rubbing...

Jordan says she has to brush her teeth, move around and then get back in bed...they continue sleepily talking about getting up...Jordan giggles about how they have cubbies...Jeff shows her how he makes a fort with the stiff blanket...they giggle...Jordan asks if he is serious...Jeff is, he has to, he can't sleep with that light...they say Laura is in a good spot. Jordan leaves to go change her batteries...Jeff laughs how everyone is back to sleep...Jeff gets up and leaves…

Jeff is closed on Sundays


Jeff is chilling on the hammock. Casey is on the couches talking to him. Jordan comes outside and Casey says "sexy, Charlotte the building". She heads to the hammock to talk to Jeff.

Jeff says he is closed on Sundays. Casey yells out that he hopes you (Jordan) got your Jeff yesterday because he is closed today. Jeff laughs. Jeff immediately scoots over to give Jordan room to lay down if she wants.

Jeff asks her what she's doing. She says nothing. She asks what he is doing...Jeff says he told her, he's being Sunday. She tells him she has something to say and then she's not going to talk about it all day...she tells him that she asked Russell if he was mad at her, she told Russell that when she walks by he doesn't look at her, Russell said the same of her. Jordan feels she is always the one to have to say something. She tells Jeff she told Russell the only thing she said was that she can't trust him. She knows Russell is talking game with Lydia and the others.

Jeff says Lydia has gone to their side. Jeff doesn't know how much people like Russell anyways. Jordan says we're the good ones. They know Lydia is playing sides. Jeff says Russell is going to use the veto on Lydia and take her to his side.

Jeff says he took Natalie aside and apologized to her on a personal level game aside. He says just as a person it was terrible. Natalie accepted. Jordan feels stupid for talking to Lydia. Jeff says Lydia wants the veto to be safe. Jordan wants Chima to go home. Jeff doesn't even care if Lydia goes home. Jordan doesn't want Jeff to throw the next HOH. Jordan leaves to get in the pool...Jeff says whatever, it's Sunday…

Classic Jeff & Jordan banter - egg whites


Jeff & Jordan are outside on the couches. Jeff is sitting and Jordan is laying on her tummy facing the pool...Jeff says it's so hot the candle wax melted. Jeff asks Jordan what she's thinking about? Jordan says she's mad, she's ewww. Jeff asks what ewww is? She's disgusted with everything?...Jordan says she doesn't want to go in there, she doesn't like talking to any of them, they're all stupid and gay...they just think they're cool.

Jordan says if Russell uses the veto and she goes up she has a speech, she is going to tell everybody off because she knows she is going home. Jeff says you don't want to burn everybody ykwim?...Jordan says Jeff!...Jeff says what?...Jordan says whatever...Jeff says what?...Jordan says you know I'll go home...Jeff says no, he doesn't, she doesn't know that, she doesn't know what's going to happen...they argue about it being over or not...Jordan says "whatever her name is"...Chima (LOL) has all of them and she doesn't...Jeff says a lot can happen from now until Thursday, don't stress out.

Jordan says she wants HOH so bad...Jeff says he could be going too, he says not to burn everybody if she gets put up, don't go crazy on everybody or you're never going to get it...Jeff says are you hearing me or not?...Jordan says "I am...I am father" 😜

Jeff says he feels like they have a pet because there is hair at the bottom of their shoes...Jordan robotically says yeah...Jeff laughs and says yeah...they want the POV ceremony to start...

Jordan asks what Jeff was going to fix to eat...Jeff says egg whites with basil, tomato and cheese...Jordan says what are egg whites? egg whites? like egg? Jeff says yeah...Jordan says ewww, gross! like the hard egg?...Jeff says you don't know what egg white omelet is?...Jordan says like an omelet, like an egg & cheese omelet...Jeff says you know what egg whites are? like not the yolk but the white part, the clear part, like the part that turns white when you cook an egg? You gotta be kidding me right this for I still asleep? 😂

Jordan laughs and says I know what you're saying...the soft part of the egg...they laugh...Jeff says what is wrong with you?...Jordan says I know what you're talking about...what Russell always eats...that part...Jeff says I guess if that is what he always eats...Jordan says you know what I'm talking about!...Jeff says I know what I'm talking about...Jordan says not the crusty part of the shell but the soft part...Jeff says not the yellow part the white part!...Jordan says yeah, that's what I'm talking about...Jeff says Holy shit!...Jordan says Egg White. 🤣🤣🤣

Jeff says whatever, I don't even want it.. I'm going to throw it out the window now. Jordan says what else he was going to cook with it...Jeff says tomato, basil & cheese...Jordan says ewww, that sounds disgusting...Jeff says whatever! so are hot dawgs and whatever you put on there...Jordan says oh, shut up, if you try it you'll freakin love it...Jeff says he'll fire it at her head, he cracks up.

Jordan says he'll be down another person, he won't have any other friends. Jeff says maybe in two weeks I can fly there and meet you and we can have some hot dawgs with sauerkraut:wink:...or whatever you put on them...cabbage. Jordan says chili, salt, mustard, ketchup. Jordan says they have hot dawg stands on the street corners for at the end of the night (partying). Jeff says do they cover them (the hot dogs) in bacon? Jordan says cover what? Jeff restrains himself and says never mind, keep going...Jordan says what was I saying? Jeff says I don't know...HOT DAWGS! 🌭🌭

Jordan says where are my sunglasses 😎 it's too hot out here. Jeff says Jordan's mind is like all over the place, I can't even talk to you right now...Jordan says why? Jeff says you're crazy...Jordan says she is not crazy she just thinks about different stuff, she has a lot on her mind...Jeff says just focus...Jordan says focus on what? Jeff says just go back to what you were doing, I'm done.

They both complain about being sweaty...they can't go inside because they are blackballed. They both say they could have been good but it will just look like they're kissing ass, Jordan can't suck it up and be nice to them...Jeff says they need to suck it up and realize they're going home...they both laugh and Jordan says she will meet Jeff on the other side...Jeff says fo sho. An outside lockdown is called and the others come outside.

I want to drown you


Jeff & Jordan are in the pool just chillin'. Jordan is in her pink floatie and Jeff is floating with the beach ball...Braden is there with them sitting by the pool. They are trying to think of how they can keep Braden in the house. Jordan tells the story of how when she was zoning out and Jeff was saying he didn't like when she's like that, that she was actually watching how many times Russell was looking at Jeff...she got to 20 and then stopped counting. Jeff says "come on". Jeff says he's jealous.

They go over various annoyances and are just generally ragging on the other side of the house, how Lydia flipped, how everyone in there thinks Jessie is a celebrity and don't they realize they are all on the same show.

Really cute moment when they get closer in the pool and Jeff touches his legs to hers and pushes her...

Jordan says "you want to drown me now?" Jeff gets a huge smile on his face and says "yeah"...

"I want to drown you so bad Jordan" ...HOT!!🔥

They start talking about having fajitas for lunch and then the feeds cut off…

Bro'ing out


JeJo & Braden are outside...Jeff and Jordan have been in the pool, Jeff has gotten out and has dried off...Jordan is still in her pink floatie, she asks Jeff to bring her a towel...Jeff asks "this one right here?"...Braden who is there as well says he hasn't used it yet...Jordan says she'll sit out there while they start cooking and then she'll come in...Jeff says "you wanna?"...Jordan says yeah...Jeff says he likes it, take care of this (as he throws down the towel)...Jeff giggles and Jordan says "no"...Jeff says that Braden folded it and showed him up...Jeff & Jordan giggle...Braden says that's how he rolls...Jeff says he feels bad, is Jordan going to use that one?...Jordan, with sass, says "yes Jeff"...Jeff sasses back "cuz this one's a little wet!!"...Jordan says "okay!"...Jeff says "guess what? I'm going to shit in your fajita"...Jordan laughs...Jeff says "that was another term of endearment" :)

Jeff laughs...Jordan says ""

Jeff says "I'm going to drown you and then shit in your fajita" LOL...Jordan smiles...she says omg, you all are so...Jeff says what is he going to do if Braden leaves? he's leaving too, they'll get a 2 for 1, f**k you guys, he's outta there too, why he is wasting his time? there's no way he's eating oatmeal for a week, he's outta there...Jordan then gets out of the pool and they go inside...

Fajita chatting & jokes


The feeds switch to JeJo who are in the kitchen geting ready to eat fajitas, Jordan is putting the fajita meat onto her plate...Braden walks into the kitchen...Jeff puts his fajita meat on his plate...

Jordan says her and her friend always split fajitas when they go to Mexican restaurants...Braden says because there are always so much...Jordan says their so good...Jeff says he used to go to the beach with his brother and afterwards get fajitas at this place, there was so much, they'd have beers and go to tiz-own...Braden asks if his brother is older?...Jeff says he has a brother 5 yrs older than him, another one 7 yrs older, he's the baby...Jordan loves N&M's :)

Jordan tells Jeff she was venting in the DR...Jeff thought she was in the bedroom, it kind of feels good huh?...Jordan mmm, hmm's...Jeff says "talking shit about everybody?"...Jordan mmm, hmm's...they giggle...Jeff says he has some shit he wants to pull too...Jeff mumbles about Lydia being a fu**ing rat...Braden says it's funny how now that everything's been said and done they're not in Jessie's room...Jeff says oh but remember know one knew what was going on...Braden says nothing happened, they're not even on the show, they share a laugh LOL they mumble some more...

Jordan says they all cuss like sailors...Braden says he has a trucker mouth...Jeff sits near Jordan to eat...Jeff says this is bomb diggity...Jordan says it was a good idea...Jordan asks what are these long pine-needle looking things? Jeff says rosemary...Jeff and Braden laugh...Jeff, in a southern drawl, says "you don't like 'em"...Jordan doesn't like how he said that LOL she says his voice sounded weird, what did he do?...Jeff says he talked like her...Jordan asks why his voice got deeper?...Jeff says he's trying to talk southern...Jordan asks to do it again and he does...Jordan, teasing Jeff, says she likes his voice better that way than how it is now...Jeff says "that's nice, I like you with a hood over your head" :P he continues saying he likes her better with a mask on and a piece of tape over her mouth...Jordan says drowning her...Jeff says yeah with a sack full of weights in the middle of the ocean LOL he must REALLY love her then! ;) they laugh...

Jordan says she needs more Gatorade...Braden asks her which flavor?...Jordan says any flavor...Braden says that isn't helping him...Jeff says "red" ;) Jordan repeats she likes Jeff's voice better deeper...Jeff gives her a look and says they've already established that...Jordan says she's letting him know again it's like the you know thing...

Braden says something goofy while walking outside to get the Gatorade and Jeff says he's like a little kid...Jordan says he cannot leave...Jeff agrees, they're f**ked if he does, oh well...Braden calls Jordan Sizzle Chest...Jordan calls Braden Gucci Man...they share the last of the Gatorade...Jeff says the potatoes are good...Jordan ate all of hers...Braden says "God bless you guys" and then says something funny about ambiance LOL Jordan says she told BB that they can't let him leave because he has nowhere to live, he lost his apartment...Braden says he gave it up, it wasn't the smartest choice, there's more in the future for him...

They talk about Jessie and game...Braden asks about the rosemary...Jordan says they look like pine needles, something you'd see on a Christmas tree, you know?...Jordan says there are different types of pine needles, green and brown, she smiles...Jeff asks Jordan if she sells Christmas trees?...Braden says she's Santa's helper? LOL

Jeff says that Braden missed a couple more "Laura's" earlier...Braden asks if they were about herself?...Jeff says yeah, that's all she talks about herself...Braden says that Laura said she'd do Playboy if they came up to her and offered it...Jordan says she'd do Playboy Braden says yeah?...Jordan says she so would...Jordan says she loves the girls on that show...Braden says Hef doesn't like girls with big ole fake tits like that LOL! ...Jeff asks if she would be Hugh Hefner's girlfriend?...Jordan says yeah...Jeff says she'd have to suck his dick Jordan says "don't be so plain" (huh?)...Jeff repeats...Braden says it's true...Jeff asks "would you do it?"...Jordan backs off her yes answer, she says there might be different types of Playboy (umm no) ...Jeff says yeah one sucks dick and the other one doesn't get anything...Braden says one of them's a cyber girl like Laura's friend who makes $100 and no exposure zing! Jeff says "and she still sucks dick"...

Jeff calls Jordan a little homewrecker...Jordan says she's not...Jeff says she'd suck his dick, he's 100 years old...Jordan says she never said she would...Jeff says Jordan would sell out for money...Jeff asks if she would let someone bang her for $1000?...Jordan says no...Jeff asks $10000?...Jordan says no...Jeff says liar!...Jordan swears to God, she's been with one person...Jeff says she'd suck a 90 year old man's balls...Jordan says she didn't say she would! she said she'd just be in Playboy...Jeff says to do that she'd have to do other things...Jordan says "not necessarily"...Jeff says yes, necessarily.

They talk about Kim Kardashian and playboy/porno...Jordan says she didn't have to do it and did Playboy...Jeff says she was famous already...Braden says she got 100 grand, was she totally naked?...Jordan thinks so...Jeff says who cares? she's got a porno out...Braden says he never saw it, was that with her boyfriend?...Jeff says yeah, it was good...Braden asks the football player?...Jordan says at the time it was RayJ...Jeff says he's a singer, Moesha's sister...Jeff says now she's with Reggie Bush...Jordan says he's hot...Braden says he's gnarly, serious...they talk about football players...Jordan thinks athletes dress good...Jeff says they have a billion dollars to get tailored suits, they travel in suits.

They complement the fajitas, they're amazing...Jeff says he's a bomb cook...Jordan with one last dig says next time to leave out the pine needles...Braden gives them flavor...Jordan disagrees...Jeff says he told Braden that Jordan would complain about them...Jordan says she'll eat anything but...Jeff tells her the fajitas were pork chops...Jordan is surprised...Jeff says he didn't want to tell her because Jordan would say "that's gross, I want a hot dawg”

JJ & B laughs in the SS room


Feeds switch to the SS room where JeJo are in Jordan's bed and Braden is feeding Jordan some vitamin drops on her tongue LOL Jeff says it's like feeding a little bird...Braden says she is a little bird...Braden says she is a little bird...Jordan asks if it will make her sleepy?...Braden says no, it will make her freak out and turn green LOL Jeff doesn't look impressed with Jordan saying she just takes stuff not even knowing what it is...Braden says it's melatonin...Jeff says he bets Jordan does drugs like that, she'll just take something and go ok!...Jordan ignores and asks what melatonin is?...Braden says it's a natural herb thing that relaxes you and makes you sleepy...

Braden says something nonsensical again and Jeff tells him to stop, he's had the giggles all day and Jordan giggles :) Braden says "it's better than weeping around with your head down, knowing you're the biggest imbecile in the fu**ing world"...Jeff CRACKS UP! Jeff says he swears he laughs at everything, it doesn't even make sense...Braden says it makes complete sense...Braden says he'll make history for being the first guy out that shouldn't have been out, he's going to take a dump on Jessie, on his face, Dumpee McGee :) Jeff laughs again remembering how Braden reacted to being vetoed...Braden says he said "great, now I'm on the veto" LOL

Jeff cracks up about Braden being in the green chair...Braden says "now I'm sitting in the green chair, sweet, what the f**k does that mean?"...Jeff is killing himself laughing, Jordan is laughing too about how Braden was so clueless about the veto...Jeff says when he tells people about this they won't think it's so funny, they won't get it but it's so funny...Jeff continues laughing about the whole thing, he finally calms down...Braden non-chalantly says "who would've thunk it"

Braden says he can at least give them his strategy that he mapped out so well LOL and hopefully they can make it to the end...Jeff doesn't even know how he'll make it through next week...Jordan says she's going to be the next one out...Braden starts making no sense again but he tells them that they are definitely going to get HOH, just don't give up...Jeff wishes they could shut the lights off, he's tired, at least dim them...Jordan giggles...Braden says to turn them down, their hospital lights...Jeff feels like he's in the microwave LOL Braden says flourescents are the worst for your eyes too.

Braden thanks JeJo saying they're amazing, he wishes it was just them 3, they'd be having champagne...and fajitas all day LOL! Braden says the fajitas were amazing, he rubbed it in the others' faces...Jeff says everything he's rocked in here has been good, the food is good in there, the people not so much...Jeff says he feels weird in the room, it's giving him the heebiejeebies because of Lydia, he's out of there, he leaves…

Jordan's the cutest thing


Jeff and Braden are playing pool. Jordan is on the couches telling a story to the other houseguests. No cameras are on Jordan, so you don't get the whole story, but at one point, Braden blurts out "Jordan's the cutest thing". Jeff smiles big and nods. Quick but sweet moment.

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