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Day 29 of BB11 Feeds

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

August 7


Jeff is playing pool solo and Jordan is sitting on the lounger...J&J are discussing how people are playing the game, Jordan says Jessie lies...Jordan tells Jeff he has to win something because she knows Jessie wants Jeff out...Jeff says he knows and he's trying...Jordan says she wants some white slippers...Jeff says next week.

Jeff says the only fact he's scared about is if they are safe this week and then they put Jessie & Natalie up on the block next week, he might not be voted out...they will be f**ked then...Jordan goes over each HG and who they would vote out if that was the case...Jeff wonders about Michele and says they should ask her if she would...Jordan says it's best to wait on it and ask her later.

Out of the blue Jordan says "I swear, you're the gassiest person" LOL Jeff says he's not, he's not even joking...Jordan says he's always fartin'...Jeff doesn't know what's going on but thinks it's the food in there or maybe the pills he's been taking.

Totally switching the subject Jordan says "you think when we get out of here, we'll talk still? and you?" 🤔 Jeff says "yeah...I think we'll text message each other a lot"...Jordan says "yeah but I think we might talk at first and then it will get old" (yeah sure Jordan)... Jeff says "and then we'll fade and then we'll get back to our lives"...Jordan says "yep" 🥺

Jeff says it's sucks but he thinks that is what will happen...Jordan says doesn't he hate when he hasn't talked to someone in awhile and you get excited and you text them or call them and they don't act excited to really hear from you?...Jeff says no, he'd be excited...he thinks they would talk forever :) they would constantly keep in touch (that's not what you said 10 seconds ago 😉) 

Jordan says she thinks that Jeff is the only person she'd really care about talking to...Jeff agrees but says actually he would probably go see Casey and probably Braden because he comes out to LA all the time...Jeff says if he was coming out to LA, he would call Jordan to see if she could make it and he's sure one time they would hook up because he comes out there all the time...Jordan asks what about Laura?...Jeff says he would never go see her, maybe for a football game or something...Jeff says the others all say come and see me, he can't take 15 vacations or anything... :)

Would you ever have a threesome? 


Jessie, Lydia, Jeff & Jordan are sitting outside in the BY. Jeff is sitting on the fridge, the others on the couches. The feeds switch to them with Jordan asking Jessie if he'd have a threesome (with another guy)....Jessie says he probably wouldn't do that, he asks Lydia if she would do that...Lydia doesn't answer...Jessie says one out of four ain't bad Jordan, she could do it (?)...Lydia says maybe with a girl she might do that, not with a guy...Jordan says "really?"...Jessie says Lydia likes girls...Jordan says she likes girls and guys...Jessie says Lydia likes Jordan more than Jeff...Lydia says that's true...Jordan says she remembers the night Lydia told her she wished Jordan was gay...Jordan says sorry...Lydia says it's ok...Lydia says Jordan still grabbed her butt so that's good, she doesn't grab her butt though...Jessie says she would grab Jordan's butt and be possessive...Lydia says she caressed Jordan's arm when they were laying in bed and she's been good so don't even go there...Jessie says Lydia's been good, you don't want to see her when she's bad.

Jordan says she doesn't think she could ever, it's not her, she just doesn't feel that way about other girls...Jordan yells over to Jeff..."Jeff, would you ever wanna have a threesome?"...Jeff says "a threesome? two chicks?"...Jordan nods...Jessie says "a little menage"...Jordan says "would you do it?"...Jeff says "would I?"...Jordan nods...Jeff shrugs...Jessie says the question is has he, not would he...Jeff laughs.

Jordan asks "have you had a threesome?"...Jeff says no...Jordan says "Jessie, have you?"...Jessie looks down and says "okay, uh, no"...Lydia says that means yes, one out of four ain't bad Jordan (?)...Jessie says what happens is one always feels like they're being left out...Jordan says she was just about to say that, she thinks she might feel left out or jealous...Jessie says the girl would say he's giving too much attention to the other one, he only has one (penis), if he had two he'd be doing porn...Jordan says she'd be like uhh, ok...Jessie says she'd feel like she wasn't good enough...Jeff says "you would do it"...Jordan says "me?"...Jeff says "yeah"...Jordan says "I don't know, I would want two guys"...feeds switch...

Jordan explains she was the initiator ;) 


Jessie & Lydia are still sitting outside, Jordan comes out and joins them and tells Jessie how much Ronnie loved him (obvious from his speech before he left the night before), this leads to talk of Jordan and Ronnie's relationship...Jordan starts telling Jessie about the night that Ronnie spilled everything to her and Jeff in the SS room...Lydia eggs on Jordan to talk about what else went on that night, she says "yeah Jordan but what happened in between all that?"...

Jordan says "oh yeah while he was talking, well me and Jeff should have put the covers over our head, I was just, well I don't know, he would just talk and talk and talk and talk and I just started kissing Jeff because I was just what the hell! and umm, cuz we never like kissed like that and Ronnie's sitting here explaining everything and me and Jeff are kissing in the splish splash room, it was dark and we're being whenever he would pause and I knew he would stop, I would stop and be like oh yeah! and ask another question and me and Jeff would continue kissing and he would just keep talking, he had no clue the whole entire time, giggle we weren't even listening"  :)

3am playfight with J/J/L/M - Part 1 


Jeff, Michele & Jordan have gone to bed in the SS room, Lydia is still up...Jeff gets up to use the bathroom, Lydia follows him in there and scares him...he finishes up, he and Lydia chit chat about him not being able to see without his glasses, how they can't sleep even though it's late and Jeff needing a haircut...they walk back to the SS room.

Jeff gets in the far bed, Michele is in her bed, Jordan is in the double bed...Lydia tells Jordan she scared Jeff and she giggles about that...Jordan says she can't sleep...Michele is up too...Jordan says they're the Fab 4...Lydia says they're fu**ed cuz Chima is going to put up one of them if not two of them...Jordan says to stay positive...they talk about what might happen tomorrow regarding the HN competition.

Jordan says "Jeff are you sleeping?"...Jeff says "no"...Michele snarkily says "yeah we're all talking and he's sleeping, he's snoring"  ...Jordan says this is like old times...Michele says let's tell ghost stories...

Cams switch angles and on Cam 3 Lydia is seen whispering to Jordan about what's she's about to do, she gets out of bed tip-toeing towards Jeff to scare him again...Jordan tries to keep talking with Michele about how their room was the fun room so that Lydia can't be heard sneaking over there, obviously she can't be seen because according to everyone who slept in the SS room it was pitch black in there...Lydia slightly trips on the rafts giving herself away so she lunges onto Jeff to scare him...Jordan laughs...Lydia cracks up...Jordan says "did you scare him?"...Jeff says "no, I was like dude, wtf is that?"...

Michele says "what just happened?...Jeff says a dog ran over there...Michele says "a dog??"...Jeff says he doesn't even know why she did that because she couldn't see his reaction anyway...Jordan says she sometimes gets scared with the hanging towels thinking they are people...Michele, who is even more blind than Jeff lol, reaches out to see where Lydia is but can't feel her until she hits her with her monkey...Lydia laughs...Lydia sits on Jeff's bed asking where Jeff is? Jeff says "right here" while she smacks him in the face :)

Jordan, who wants in on the fun, has moved to sit at the end of the bed, she starts humming a song...Michele reaches out for Jordan and gets her with her monkey too...Jordan says "they need to play some good jams tomorrow" <--- slowly but surely Jordan was using Jeff lingo more and more :)

Lydia reaches for Jeff's face again and touches it...Jeff says "what's up? are you going to make me out of clay?"...Lydia says yeah and she starts singing "Hello" by Lionel Richie LOL Jordan wants eggs, pancakes and bacon LOL Lydia puts her head to Jeff's chest and says "Jordan, I think we need to operate on Jeff"...Jordan asks why?...Lydia says his diagnosis, hmm...Jordan interrupts saying Jeff needs to operate on his pee-pee  he needs to ejaculate...Lydia says he has ejaculateatitis LOL 

Jeff says "he's got clogged pipes"...Lydia says it's not good, it's touch and go, they might have to cut off the entire thing...Michele says "oh gosh"...Lydia says the blue balls are really bad...Michele says she knows how to suture, he'll be okay...Lydia pats Jeff saying he's going to make it, they'll make him like a Ken doll...Jeff says thanks, f**k yeah.

Lydia slowly walks back to the double bed area...Jordan takes this opportunity to go over to Jeff's bed...she says "Jeffrey...wake up, wake up"...Jeff says "dude, what's up?"...Jordan giggles and says "wake up"...Jeff says he is up...Jordan says she can't sleep...Jordan goes mmmm, lifts up the cover and ducks under it, reaching for Jeff saying "Jeffff"...Jeff says "dude!"...Jordan says she is hyper...Jeff says he knows, what's going on?...suddenly Lydia comes over and jumps on them, mostly Jordan, she asks who she's touching...Jordan says it's her, mostly her buttocks...

Jeff says "shit's getting weird" 😂 They start giggling more and Lydia and Jordan are doing something to Jeff...Jeff says "dude, get off me"...Jordan says "wait, Jeff's hard" 😳 Lydia cracks up and Jeff says it's because everyone's grabbing his dick...Jeff totally cracks up!...Michele moves over to sit on the end of the bed (?)...they're all laughing and Jeff says "this is gonna be a Big Brother porno"...they laugh about how weird it would look with the green lighting...Jeff says "watch out before I get a fu**ing boner over here"...Jordan says he's already got one...Jeff says he has half a boner ...Jordan after taking her own advice says to Lydia "feel, feel...Jeff has a boner" LOL 

Lydia says she can't feel anything...Jordan directs her hand saying he does, he's having it...Michele gets uncomfortable and moves back to her bed...they goof around some more and laugh some more...Jordan says "oh my goodness" and stays close to Jeff marking her territory 😉 

Jeff announces that his boner is gone...Lydia gets up...Jordan gets under the cover and squeezes Jeff saying "uhhh, I like squeeeezing you"...more goofiness with Lydia suggesting they all sleep in the big bed...Jordan says yeah Jeff, does he want to sleep with them? Lydia is horny...Lydia says it can be her and Jordan on the bottom with Jeff and Michele on top, a splish splash sandwich...Jordan says they're going to be so tired tomorrow...Jeff says they're going to be dead.

Lydia starts moving around in the dark scaring Jordan...Lydia moons Jordan they start talking in their cartoon voices...Jordan says Jeff hates that...Jeff says they are killing him...they talk about how they suck because everyone in the room has been on the block...Jordan touches Jeff's hair 😊...Lydia reaches out for Jeff over the cover and Jeff says "what did Jordan tell you to do? fu**ing crazies"...

Lydia does something else to which she laughs some more and Jeff says "get outta here, you fu**ing assholes" LOL...Michele throws her monkey onto Jeff (?)...Jeff says the monkey wants in too? and he throws it back...

J/J/L/M Part 2 


The kookiness continues with Lydia getting up and spreading out the rafts to lay down on...meanwhile Jordan covers up her and Jeff and snuggles into him saying "Jeffro", she blows a fart/kiss on him...Lydia throws a blanket on them...Jordan says "do you smell me Jeff?"...Jeff asks why everybody keeps throwing stuff on him?...Lydia thinks she has BO, did Jeff check it out?...Jeff says eww, no.

Jordan says she can't sleep and covers them up again because Michele says Lydia might as well turn on the light...Jeff says noo, Jordan says noo, it's gonna be so bright...Jordan gives Jeff two somewhat noisy kisses on the cheek...Lydia says she feels really bad, she has to poop but doesn't want to...Jordan says "go poop"...Jordan snuggles more into Jeff and says she's surprised they haven't gotten in trouble...Jeff says why?...Jordan says with his mic off...Lydia says they're not the problem, they get up, they're not the laggers.

Cams switch off JeJo at this point

Jordan asks Jeff why his heart is pounding so fast?...Jeff says "it is?"...Lydia says it's cuz Jeff is getting excited, they should play strip poker...Jeff says he only has one card left...Jeff says to Jordan that his heart's not going that fast...Jordan mmm, hmm's, it felt like it to her...Jordan says Lydia wants to play strip poker...Jeff says he only has one chance...Lydia says she has 2 articles of clothing...Jordan says "there ya go, c'mon Jeff"...Jeff says "go get the cards"...Jordan says "what cards?"  

Lydia suggests all going streaking and jumping in the pool...Jordan says "should we?"...Lydia says "why not?"...Jordan asks Jeff if he would do it?...Jeff says no...Jordan says "why!?"...Jeff says "you guys fu**ing go"...Lydia says what if BB did a lockdown though?...Jeff says "and you guys were locked out"...Jordan says "oh God, naked, that would be bad"...Lydia suggest taking them off by the back door, jumping in the pool...Jordan says right...Jeff says "go for it"...Lydia asks "who's in?"...Michele says if it wasn't for her working with kids she totally would...Jeff says if he didn't have a life after this he would do it...

Lydia asks Jordan if they're doing it with clothes or without?...Jordan says she doesn't know if she wants to get wet...Jeff giggles over the fact that Jordan doesn't have a problem with the naked part...Jordan says she doesn't mind being naked...Lydia says she bets Chima is watching the spy screen.

Jordan asks if anyone has slept naked in there?...Lydia asks if she wants to?...Jordan says she hasn't showered...Jeff says "that's right"...Jordan says they might wake up in the middle of the night and Lydia would have gotten her, she's kidding...Jordan says Jeff will be in the middle and be like pow! and get both of them...

Jordan says "'re sleeping, you're not being fun tonight"...Jeff says he's not sleeping...Lydia complains too...Jeff says they have all week, they can't just burn out...Michele says some of them might be have nots...Jeff says awww...Jordan says some of them might be in bad moods tomorrow (Jeff LOL)...Michele says she thinks she's going to be punished tomorrow (yep!)...Jeff says he hopes he's not (nope!), that would suck.

Lydia suggests her and Jordan switch clothes...Jordan asks why?...Lydia says for the hell of it...Jordan says "gooch, I haven't showered, I'm kind of smelly"...Michele says they should shower in case of being a HN...Jeff says he will but probably not, he'll be too tired...Lydia says Jordan should let the funk go and then proceeds to talk about being nasty 

Michele says these are personal stories...Lydia continues with her weirdness and then Jordan sits up and asks Lydia where she is? Lydia is contorting herself on the rafts...Jordan leans back into Jeff asking if he can smell her?...Jeff nuh uh's...Jordan says she can kind of smell herself...Lydia says she's so bored...Jordan says her too, that's why she eats so much, it's for comfort...Jeff says yeah.

Lydia calls Jordan over, she gets up and feels out for Lydia, meanwhile Jeff throws the other blanket on the floor...Jordan gets back in bed with Jeff and cuddles him...Lydia says something about farting on Jeff and Michele says she's getting out of the room...Lydia exits and Michele goes out by jumping on the raft...Jeff says "oh boy...dude, whatever you guys got, gimme some"...Cams go off the SS room briefly...Jordan is heard saying Jeff is being boring...Jeff says he's not.

Lydia sneaks back in without Jeff and Jordan knowing it, she jumps on the noisy raft...Jordan says "who is that?"...Jeff peeks his head up and says "it's Lydia"...Lydia takes 3 more steps towards them and Jordan says "no it's not" and she screams! Jeff giggles and Lydia starts stomping in place to scare them...Jordan realizes it is Lydia and tells her to stop, freakin A! she's scaring her...Jeff laughs...Lydia does it again and Jeff laughs with Jordan screeching...Lydia does it again...Jeff thinks Lydia was blowing farts (it was the rafts)...Jordan peeks out and says "is it Lydia?"...Jeff says yeah...Jordan SCREAMS Oh my gaw!!!

Lydia reaches out for them and Jordan hides under the cover, getting protection from Jeff...he cracks up!...Jeff says he can smell Lydia...Lydia almost puts her hand in Jeff's mouth and then starts pulling his arm, she lets go and starts pulling the cover...Jeff says whatever she smoked, he wants some...Jordan screeches again and holds on for dear life while Lydia starts pulling the cover HARD...Jeff yells LYDIA! wtf!?...the blanket tug of war continues but Lydia pauses...

She starts pulling again and Jeff getting fed up with her games says "I'm gonna yank this motherfu**er", he sits up while Jordan laughs...he gives the blanket a strong tug and Lydia almost gives up...interesting intertwining of the legs going on...

Jeff corrals the blanket and Lydia accepts defeat with a fart LOL Jeff and Jordan howl at that, not quite believing how loud it was...

Jordan says that was a wet fart...Jeff says she needs to go take a shit...Lydia gets up and starts scaring them again with her stomping dance...Jordan screeches saying it was so freaking scary...Jeff says lemme see...Jordan says it's slow motion, you can see an outline...Jordan screams!...Jeff says "yeah, that is freaky"...Jordan cracks up...Jeff says "yeah do it sideways" Lydia does...Jeff says it's fu**ed up, it's gross...Jeff asks where Lydia gets all this midnight energy...Lydia starts dancing with Jordan singing then Lydia sings and the feeds go to control room...

Jeff’s on slop hug 


Jordan hugs Jeff from behind because he has just lost the have not comp and is going on slop. She says some insensitive things so Jeff doesn't appreciate the hug, in his mind she's patronizing him...

Jeff’s crabby/Jeff’s toe hurt GR chat Part 1 


Intense game talk btw Jordan & Jeff, who all the while has the wizard power in his back pocket but he can’t let Jordan know that

Feeds switch to J&J who are laying down in the GR. Jordan is whispering game to Jeff, she is putting out scenarios of the following week if Russell is not there...Jeff asks how he is going to get Jessie out without Russell?...Jordan asks whaddya mean? yeah he can...Jeff says "go, count the votes"...Jordan says her, Michele and probably Kevin would, Lydia probably would, he could talk to Chima & negotiate with her. Jordan says she doesn't think it's a good idea at all to keep Russell, he's sneaky and she knows him & Ronnie had something going on...Jeff takes off his sock and winces...Jordan asks him if he's listening?

Jeff says he feels like he broke his toe, not broke it but...Jeff says he's listening as he stretches out his toes...Jeff asks "what?"...Jordan says that people told her that Russell makes fun of Jordan behind her back, she knows this, she also says that she found out that everything they told Russell the week he was HOH he went back and told the others, who knows if that is true though?...Jordan wonders if they keep him, how will they know he's not going to turn on them, he's a wildcard.

Jeff says "ok, now let me talk, ok"...Jeff asks Jordan if she wants to win or does she not care?...Jordan wants to win...Jordan forgot one part, she says then again, if Jeff doesn't vote Chima's way, they'll know the votes and this week it will be a tie and if it's a tie, Chima breaks the tie and that will put a target on their backs because they didn't vote Chima's way...Jeff says "ok, can I talk now?"...Jordan says ok...Jeff says you can count the voting anyway you want...5 people do not fit in the final 2, Jessie, Natalie, Chima, where are we? where are they? there are 2 people that are going to win, 2 okay? they've got to kill one another, Chima gone, Natalie & Jesse F2 if they don't do nothing, wtf does it matter if you're 7th or 4th, you're going to get knocked out, they have to make a move...that's great, let's pretend to be friends with Jessie because the first chance he gets, he'll throw Jeff right out.

Jordan knows this but what she's saying is what would be the benefit of keeping Russell...Jeff says it's because they abandoned him...Jordan thinks that they might have done that but if he gets HOH, Russell will drop them, just like when Chima won HOH he completely blew them off...Jeff says yeah...Jordan says if Russell wins HOH how does Jeff know that Jessie won't influence him to put up Jeff?...Jeff says he doesn't but is Jordan going to win HOH next week or Russell between them two?...Jordan says she is...Jeff says "really?"...Jeff stares at Jordan...Jordan says "you're a butthole"...Jeff says "am I? or I am trying to win this fu**ing thing?...Jordan says Jeff doesn't know what the HOH comp is going to be next week...Jeff says she's right but at this point he needs someone that can win instead of making it to the final 5 and getting dropped out (how prophetic!! LOL)

Jeff says he doesn't give a f**k about what place he comes in unless it's first...Jordan goes over the votes again and why people will vote the way they will...

Jeff says to just answer this question, who would she want out if she could kick one person out of here? Jessie or Russell?...Jordan says Jessie...Jeff arrest his case, lol.

Jordan says if Russell wins the POV then ok but she thinks he would turn on them...Jeff says to worry about it until after the POV...Jordan says Chima will want to talk to Jeff to go over who she wants out, she knows Russell & Ronnie had something going...Jordan told Chima she doesn't trust Russell and she thinks that he would vote out Jeff if he could...Jeff says "not if I save him, if I saved him he wouldn't"...Jordan says "how do you know that?"...Jordan is leery of going against the house & having everybody targeting her.

Jordan says Lydia told her that she knows it will get down to a point where Jessie will have to choose between her & Natalie, if Russell leaves it's going to be Lydia next...Jeff throws out a scenario of Russell being gone, fine then it's Lydia, then it's Kevin, then there's 5 people left, week after that it's her, then him, week after that it's Chima and Jessie & Natalie WALK through the fu**ing thing...Jordan says then Jeff is going to have to hope Russell wins POV and saves himself but then again if he does her or Jeff is going up in replacement so either way they're stuck...Jeff tells Jordan that Russell told him that if Jeff helps him to stay, he will be on his side 100%, they abandoned him, he hates the others and he wants Jessie out.

Russell knocks at the door and enters saying "sorry you two"...he wants to know what Jeff put in the halibut...Jeff tells him, they talk marinades and Russell leaves saying sorry again. 

J crabby toe chat - Part 2 


Russell leaves and Jeff starts complaining about his toe again. Jeff says he can move it but it's like he jammed it...Jordan says "on what?"...Jeff says he feels like he wants to pull it out and pop it...Jordan asks "you want me to do it?"...Jeff says no, he doesn't know if that's going to hurt or help it...Jeff sits up and inspects his toe...Jeff says he's scared to pull it, what if he jammed it?...Jordan says "what if I pull it?"...Jeff says "and then what if it accidentally kills and you accidentally get a left kick to the face?", Jeff smiles...Jeff says "damn you toe"...Jeff lays back down.

Chima & crew upstairs get called out for talking about production and Jeff says he doesn't want to go up there now because of them...Jordan grabs Jeff's hand and says she knows, she doesn't trust them, she just acts dumb around them...Jeff says he does too but he doesn't feel like playing like that right now because he's crabby...Jordan lets go of Jeff's hand and says he is crabby, he's a lot crabbier lately, he hasn't been any fun...Jeff just looks at Jordan...

Jordan gets uncomfortable and giggles...Jeff turns his head the other way and she says "Jeff!"...Jeff says "what?...Jordan"...Jordan says "back to what we were talking about"...Jeff says "well then let's just do that and we'll just take 5th and 6th and we'll meet in the jury house"...Jordan says "nooo"...Jeff says why not? that's the perfect plan to take 5th, I'll take 5th (and he did!  😢 )...Jordan gets irritated...

Jeff says "what?"...Jordan says that the only way Russell is going to stay is if he wins POV...Jeff says "right so who cares"...Jordan says if Jeff won the POV and saved Russell that would definitely put a target on Jeff's back and everybody would be against him...Jeff agrees...Jordan says he's stuck...Jeff says the decision is only after the POV...Jordan repeats that if Jeff used the POV everybody would be pissed off at them...Jeff says to not win it...Jordan says if there's a tiebreaker Chima will vote out Russell & it's impossible to try and get votes for him.

Jeff farts and says his stomach is doing the cucaracha...giggles to break the game talk up but it starts up again...

Jordan says there's no way to save Russell, if Russell wins the POV then one of them is going up...Jordan thinks they would be going up as pawns and Lydia would go home...Jeff says he hates how Lydia is just skating by, honest to God, she makes him sick...Jordan says the only way Jeff's plan works is for Russell to win, takes himself off, one of them goes up as a pawn, she would rather it be her than him because if it's him she gets scared. :)

Jordan says they were the last keys in the nom box...Jeff says that's the order she likes people, so if she had to do it again, he'd be up, not Jordan because she likes girls more & she would put him up as the replacement not Jordan...Jordan agrees, she says if Russell were to win HOH next week and put Jessie up, Jessie wins POV, then they are screwed because she guarantees Russell would flip and team up with him again, he's a flip-flopper, he's told so many lies...Jeff knows...Jordan throws out another scenario and says her and Jeff don't need any targets...Jeff says "so you want to follow, you want to be on a team that we despised from the beginning and made fun of everyone who followed them instead of doing something"...Jordan gets agitated and says "if I got HOH next week, you know who I would put up!".

Jeff says "alright" and reaches over to caress Jordan's face, she shies away and says "no, you're making me mad"...Jeff reaches over and hugs Jordan while saying she has good ideas...Jeff puts his face to hers…

and then kisses/bites Jordan's cheek...

Jeff holds his toe again and says "oh my toe"...Jordan asks "you want me to pull it?"...Jeff says "no, I want it like off"...Jeff smiles, Jordan giggles...Jeff sits up again...Jeff says "I think I jammed it, when?"...Jordan says she doesn't know...Jeff says "here's the dilemma...I have turf, what is up?....Jordan whispers "Jeff! I have good points?"...Jeff says "yes Jordan you have excellent points...I'm being for right now we'll just follow"...

J crabby toe chat - Part 3


Jordan grabs Jeff's hand and while Jeff looks at their hands  :) Jordan says that next week Jeff could win HOH and then the others would have to follow what they say...Jeff wraps his leg around Jordan and Jordan continues talking about Russell saying she has a feeling that him & Michele are going to cut a final 2 deal...Jeff says he doesn't trust Michele...Jordan says she trusts her more than Russell...

Jeff says she's so weird, Jessie was bashing her earlier and Natalie was telling Jessie to be nice...Jordan starts rubbing Jeff's scruffy face...Jordan says that if Michele wins HOH she could put up Jessie & Natalie, she doesn't like them...Jeff knowing he has the wizard power and will put up Jessie & Natalie if he sneakily asks Jordan who Michele would vote out if that was the case (he wants to secure votes to get Jessie out)...Jordan says Jessie...Jeff says "why don't you ask her that?"...Jordan says she doesn't want to ask her yet because she doesn't want her to go back and say something.

Jordan continues caressing Jeff's face and out of the blue Jordan says to Jeff "I like you scruffy" 😍

Jeff persists saying "why don't you ask her? just bring it in a casual conversation"...Jordan says she doesn't think she'll talk about it yet...Jordan says "I have to wait...Jeff"...Jeff says "could you just ask her?"...Jordan says "I will"...Jeff asks again and then Jordan says "I like you scruffy, don't shave"...Jeff says "are you going to ask her?"...Jordan says "yes!"...Jeff says "I won't shave til tomorrow"...Jordan says "no why?"...Jeff says because he's going to be on slop and bummy and skinny and he's not going to grow a beard too, he'll look like a hobo...

Jordan giggles and says while holding Jeff's face "I'm not saying a beard but you look cute scruffy, some guys look cute scruffy"...Jeff is taken aback by the compliment (finally!) from Jordan and just looks dreamily at her which makes Jordan self-conscious and she asks him if she's got some Bodu right now? (pointing to her face)...Jeff says "shut up" while Jordan says he's looking at her funny.

Jordan grabs at Jeff's hoody and asks him if he's picked to play the POV is he going to try and win it or no?...Jeff says he's going to try and win it...Jordan asks what will Jeff do if Russell wants him to save him...Jeff says then he'll have a decision to make, if one of the others win it, he'll go up so he has to try and win it...Jordan snuggles into Jeff's armpit and asks if Jeff thinks she's right about Russell?

Jeff says she's right...Jordan comes out from under LOL and says that Russell will throw Jeff under the bus and he's just saying those things now to Jeff but if he stayed she thinks he would go right back with them...Jeff says she's right and he's not just saying that...Jordan says they're screwed either way...Jeff says then he has to win, he guesses.

Jordan says what? HOH? or me (win it)...Jordan says Jeff has no faith in her...Jeff says he does, what does she mean he doesn't have faith, he tells her every fu**ing week she's going to win so don't tell him he doesn't have faith...Jordan changes the subject and says they both came close for HOH, got out on the same answer...Jordan covers her head up with her hood and Jeff laughs at her...Jordan says "what?"...Jeff says "I just love that you think you got no fear now cuz you made a new friend (Jessie)"...silence...

Jordan says "and I was just about to get to my point"...Jeff wants the point, he can't wait for the grand finale...Jordan says she was going to say just because she talks to the others or vice versa, she's just trying to make it easier for both of them, she's just being nice...Jeff says but who is she with though?...Jordan says "you"...Jeff taps Jordan's head saying for her not to worry...

Jordan asks if Jeff was mad he didn't win today wasn't he?...Jeff says "yeah, I was pissed"...Jordan offers up her movie prize...Jeff says "no, I don't need any handouts...Jordan"...Jordan says "ok Jeff"...she asks if she did good at presenting during the comp...Jeff says "mmm, hmm, except the last one I wanted to smash over your head" LOL Jordan giggles and asks what it was? Jeff says he doesn't know, he was just joking.

Jeff cracks his toe and says "yes!", he says it doesn't feel any different...Jordan says it's not broken or he couldn't move it...Jeff checks out his toe and says "what's up?"...he thinks it helped a little now...Jeff says he must have jammed it during the comp...Jordan laughs about how all 4 of them fit in the front seat of the car...Jeff says Lydia was in the back and Michele was under his feet...Jordan keeps laughing and says that Michele is getting skinny...Jeff says she was bent up like a circus performer...

Jordan says that Jeff was so mad about being on the side he was on...Jeff says "so mad!"...Jordan can't help but crack up laughing at Jeff's lot in the comp...Jeff just looks at Jordan...Jordan sits up and says it reminded her of that episode on Saved by the Bell, did he ever watch it?...Jeff says yeah he loved it...Jordan explains it was when Zach (Jeff) was on the team with Lisa (Michele)...feeds go to fish with Jordan still laughing...feeds come back with Jordan saying Zach was pissed and Jeff laughs...Jordan explains further that there was the military guy and they sucked and Slater's (Jessie) team had football players and Jessie & Kelly (Jordan) and in the end Zach's this point Jordan is killing herself laughing and can't finish the story 🤣🤣 ...Jeff says he couldn't rally the troops this time...Jordan tries to say Jeff was Zach and she keeps laughing...Jeff says he's going to bust her face open right now 😛...Jordan sits up and says when she saw the teams, more LOL'ing

Jordan says she knew he was pissed when he saw them...Jeff says he was so pissed....Jordan laughs more and Jeff says "get away from me"...Jordan lays her head on Jeff's chest and says "I'm just kidding...gimme a hug"...Jeff says "get outta here, why do you always say that?"...Jeff won't hug her but wants her to kiss his toe ;) ...Jordan says "eww no"...Jeff laughs and Jordan lays her head back down on Jeff's chest...

J Crabby toe chat Part 4 


Jordan props herself back up and says that from day one til now Jeff is so snappy...Jeff says "whaddya think?"...Jordan starts talking game again, she says Russell has 10 thousand dollars now...Jeff says oh yeah...Jordan says he has that now so why would they want to keep him?...Jeff says "right"...Jordan says if she won that money she'd be alright, she wouldn't mind being nominated...Jeff says he wouldn't mind cashing in a little prize himself...Jeff says "big deal, I'll take 500 over 10"...Jordan plays with Jeff's hoody zipper and says for them to play it out and see what happens...

Jeff says he hasn't eaten since 11 o'clock...Jordan asks if he wants to go get some food?...Jeff says he doesn't have an appetite for slop but he has to eat some though...Jordan asks "have I been getting on your nerves?"...Jeff says "yeah"...Jordan says "really?"...Jeff says "no"...Jeff says he's tired too these last couple days cuz he's on a bad schedule and now he's going to sleep in that room and it's going to be even worse...Jeff takes his arm out from under Jordan's head and moves over away from Jordan...Jordan says she better stay clear from him.

They are quiet and then Jeff starts venting about Lydia and how she is like a 5 year old causing problems, she wants everyone to pay attention to her, who cares? She flipped out because she didn't want to do the dishes, he had to yell at her, she does 5 dishes and then let's the others soak in the sink and he felt like soaking her under there and washing her fu**ing face, she makes him sick...Jordan just watches Jeff's rant and smiles...

Jeff says he hates that shit, who the f**k acts like that?...Jordan says "let it out" and Jeff sits up and smothers her head with a pillow  Jordan laughs and says "you got me"...Jordan does her classic turn the other way and lay with my butt towards Jeff move and asks Jeff if she can lay in his bed?...Jeff irritatingly says mmm, hmm...Jordan says she can't sleep in the GR...silence...Jordan asks if Jeff can believe how chilly it feels outside?...Jeff says he feels the cool breeze...Jeff sits forward and asks his toe "what's up toe?" :)...Jordan goes to touch it but Jeff says to leave it, he can move it, he just thinks he jammed it like you jam your finger...

Jeff says "you better start listening when I talk"...Jordan says she does, everything...she appreciates Jeff, she does, why does he think she doesn't? what does he mean not listen to him?...Jeff says "nevermind"...Jordan says "tell me"...Jeff says he doesn't know...Jordan says "what do I do that aggravates you?"...Jeff says "I don't know, I'm just aggravated...that's all"...Jeff lays down opposite Jordan & Jordan grabs his foot & starts touching it to see where it hurts...

This is just what Jeff wants but won't admit...Jordan starts pressing different spots on Jeff's foot to see where it hurts, Jeff tells her yes or no...Jordan wants Jeff to lift his leg up...Jeff's scared she's going to yank his foot...Jordan says she's not...Jordan says she's investigating and she continues pressing Jeff's foot...Jordan finds the tender spot and massages it...Jeff says yeah, yeah...Jeff wonders how he jammed it...Jordan says she doesn't know, he didn't do much...Jordan massages and Jeff says it kind of feels good...feeds go to fish...they return with Jeff saying when she rubs it, it hurts but feels good...Jeff instructs Jordan how to move it, then says he feels like a little complainer...Jordan says he is...Jeff says he kinda is right now...Jeff says he wants Jordan to just take his foot and pop it but she doesn't know what's going on so for her not to do it.

Lydia comes by and asks if they want the big comforter, they say no...they talk about Jeff jamming his toe and then feeds go to fish again...

You look pretty today/ Kiss 


The feeds return from fish...Lydia has left...Jordan is sitting up near Jeff and squeezes Jeff's leg...Jordan says "I like squeezing you"...Jeff who is still laying down, closes his eyes...Jordan says "do you want me to rub your foot again?"...Jeff smiles and nods...(take note of how sweetly Jeff looks at Jordan here)...Jordan says "k"...Jeff says "would you rather do that or scratch my back?...Jordan says "what do you want me to do?"...Jeff says "whatever you're going to do for more than a minute"...Jordan says "oh your toe hurts so I'll do your toe"...Jeff smiles and Jordan giggles...Jeff says "ok cool, I'll take what I can get"...Jeff says "you hate scratching my back"...Jordan says "what?"...Jeff says "what do you mean what? you heard me!"...Jordan says nicely "don't raise your voice"...Jeff says "sorry, that wasn't necessary"...Jordan says "yes, good job".

Jeff says "you look pretty today" ♥ ..Jordan looks at Jeff and Jeff says "what?"...Jordan asks if Jeff is being sarcastic?...Jeff says "I'm giving you a compliment"...Jordan downplays and says "even though my hair is greasy and my makeup's run"....Jordan says "did you like my announcing?" and suddenly kisses Jeff  ♥

Jeff says "did you like mine?"...Jordan says yes...she says that's why she thinks BB asked them because they were both good at it...feeds go to fish...

J crabby toe chat Part 5 


Feeds come back..Jeff & Jordan are now laying opposite each other and Jordan is massaging Jeff's foot. Jeff is saying his Under Armor socks get smelly, lol, regular socks are better and he doesn't know what the deal is...Jordan keeps manipulating Jeff's toe and Jeff tells her to be careful not to move it around too much, he tells her what she's doing next is better, it hurts but feels good...Jeff says "right there" then winces in pain, he says that right where she was before is exactly pinpointing where it is, it f**king hurts but feels good...

Jordan giggles and says "please scrunch your teeth"...Jeff asks if she ever had a toothache when she was a little kid, omg, it hurts...Jeff says again she's right where the pain is...Jeff sits up to feel where it is and says it's a knuckle that is jammed, it feels like it should be popped.

Jordan keeps massaging and Jeff says no, no, no...she lets go but then continues in a different manner...Jeff likes that better, he says it's so weird, it hurts but he likes it...Jordan giggles and feeds go to fish again...when they return Russell is in the room asking about how to bake the fish, he leaves and shuts the door despite Jordan telling him he doesn't need to...Jordan says "he's playing the feel sorry for me card"...Jeff says he talked to him outside...Jordan asks what he said...Jeff says if they save him then he will be with them 100%.

Jordan says "do what you need to do, I'm just saying"...Jeff says "okay...I'm looking out for both of us"...Jordan says "you need to look out for yourself, not for both of us, you need to do what's best for you"...Jeff says "mmmkay, I'm doing what's best for both of us, as well as myself, ok?"...Jordan giggles and sits up, she says "no, do what's best for you because I don't want it to be me that's holding you or like you know, you making a bad decision just because you're thinking of both of us, you need to think about yourself and how you're going to win it for yourself"...Jeff says " you wanna roll solo?"...Jordan says "no"...Jeff says "don't decisions are with you in mind, that's all ok?...just don't worry, I have your best interest in my decision"...Jordan says "yeah I know but I'm just saying, I don't want you just because..."

Jeff interrupts saying "I get you, I got you"...Jordan tries to make her point again saying she wants to be final 2 and take 50/50, it's better than 10...Jeff says that if they get to the final 2 they have no say, it's not up to them, that's as far as they could go...Jordan knows but says if he has to...Jeff says "thank you, what am I supposed to say? thank you, what do you want to hear right now?...I just told you I got you".

Jordan lays back down and says she knows, she's just saying Jeff...Jeff appreciates it...Jordan says she is just letting him know that he doesn't have to feel that he has to carry her with him...Jeff says "okay...thank you for saying so...but don't worry, you're involved in my decisions"  😊

Jordan goes back to game talk and says she thinks it would be better if Lydia is still there...Jeff asks Jordan if she's ever going to win a challenge, ever?...Jordan says that is why it's good, she would be with them plus Kevin plus Michele...Jeff points out that Lydia would be with Jessie...Jordan breaks down the numbers and says you never know what Russell is going to do, he's your BFF one day then he isn't, she believes him in one way...

Jeff (who knows he has the wizard power in his back pocket) is getting tired of hearing this and tries to say he knows and stop her so he says "just please rub my toe, please Jordan, I swear I know what you're saying ok? I'm with you...don't worry, we wait til POV's done and then we'll go all in"...Jordan thinks if Russell stays they're going to get stabbed in the back...Jeff says she's right...Jordan says that in a way, she sees where Jeff is coming from...Jeff laughs and touches her foot, lol...he says "Jordan, I swear you're making great points, you know what's going on"...Jeff says he's not being sarcastic, he knows...Jordan says "and too, he said all my marbles weren't upstairs or up here"...Jeff says Jordan doesn't know if he said that...Jordan hits Jeff's leg and says "listen!"...Jeff says "whatever, it's a game, who gives a f**k!? are you going to talk to him after the game? I'm not, who gives a f**k"...Jordan smiles...Jeff says "you could do after this, go do whatever you want to do, talk to whoever you want to talk to, right now, play the game, okay?"

Jordan doesn't respond...Jeff says "please, let's relax, please, can we?"...Jordan mmm, hmm's...Jeff says "I'm fu**ing high strung"...  

J crabby toe chat Part 6 


Jordan turns the convo to spaghetti, she wants some LOL Jeff says he does too...Jordan says "don't that sound good?"...Jeff says pasta sounds real good right now actually...Jordan says she ate too much...Jordan scratches Jeff's leg...Jeff wonders if he could get down to the 170's...Jordan says "why you trying to be so skinny?"...Jeff says he's not, he's just wondering if he will drop that much weight after this week.

Jeff out of the blue says "dude, Jeremy Piven was here today, you don't even know but...I love that guy"...Jordan says "well that's cool"...Jeff says really cool...Jordan says maybe he'll watch the show now, you could so tell he didn't watch the show, he didn't know nothing...Jeff says he'll never watch the show...Jeff says how it's funny how life works out, you can have the shittiest day and then there's always something good, everything works out, you just have to stay positive and know that, it's so weird, it's true.

Jordan says if he means how the other day he had a bad day? Is that what he means?...Jeff says yeah, you have to take the bad with the good is what he's saying...Jordan rotates herself to lay on her side and she hugs Jeff's foot...Jeff says nevermind, he knows what he's saying...Jordan says she hears him...Jeff says "but you don't know what I mean"...Jordan says "Jeff, I'm listening...I hear what you're saying ok?"...

Jeff says "you sound like Jerry MacGuire and I sound like Cuba Gooding Jr." LOL They laugh...Jeff says "help me help you Jordan"...Jordan then says the words Jeff never liked her to say "BFF" and he closes himself off...she says "I know BFF"...Jeff says "huh?"...Jordan says "I said I know BFF"...Jeff breathes deep & starts messing with the popcorn on the walls...Jordan says "I wonder if after here, you know cuz since I'm like always around you all the time, I'm going to be like ohhh, I want to aggravate him today or"...Jeff says "I'm telling you we'll talk and then just go (hand signals drifting apart)"...Jeff says she will get back to her life...Jordan says he will too...Jeff says "probably...but, you never know, so...I'm not going to worry about it right know?"...Jordan mmm, hmm's...Jeff says "you never know what can happen Jordan" 😉...Jordan mmm, hmm's again and Jeff says "huh?"...Jordan says "I said mmm, hmm"...Jeff (pushing for more) says "what? why'd you say it like that? hmm?"...Jordan doesn't know what to say, rubs his leg and says "she's just playing"...Jeff puts his foot near Jordan's nose & she sniffs it...Jeff giggles...SILENCE...Jordan keeps massaging his foot, Jeff says nevermind don't do it, yeah do it...SILENCE......................................

Random comment then by Jordan "you know you're going to have to take cold showers now?"...Jeff laughs (for other reasons 😉 ) Jeff says he knows...Jordan offers to stand in the other shower back to back so he can feel the warm water...Jeff says okay...Jeff says he should have showered this morning but was too lazy, he doesn't care about the showers, he'll just jump in the hot tub before there, it will feel good, then jump into warm clothes and jump in bed...he asks when he can eat again...

Jeff starts singing and fish, feeds come back to Jordan saying she knew it...Jeff says that that's all he thinks about, what Jordan is doing aww ;) Jordan says "yeah right, you'll miss me"...Jeff says he will miss her, it will be weird, he'll be like, he swears, you get used to people and he'll be like "where's Jordan?"...Jordan giggles...Jeff says he's sure they'll text each other and talk and then they'll see, you never know, he's sure they will talk...Jordan mmm, hmm's...Jeff says he's sure his friends will want to talk to her...Jordan asks "why?"...Jeff says because they'll just want to talk to her cuz they'll probably be watching the show, they'll know her from the show so when they're out, they'll want to talk to their favorite she's got that going for her ;)

...Jordan says "what? you calling me with your friends?"...Jeff says yeah and they laugh...Jordan says "thanks I appreciate it"...Jeff says "shut up, I'm going to call you by myself, we've got a long way to go before then so don't worry about it, we'll worry about it, when we've got to worry about it, you know what I mean?"...Jordan doesn't respond so Jeff says "ahhh?"...Jordan mmm, hmm's.

Jeff looks over at Jordan, blushes & smiles😊...Jordan says "why are you laughing?"....(apparently Jeff farted)...Jordan says she started laughing when she pulled his name from the nomination box...Jordan says Jeff said "thanks Chima", Jordan says Jeff's such a nerd...Jeff says what? why?...Jordan says some of the stuff he says is so funny, he's such a nerd with his nerdy comments...Jeff doesn't know what was so funny and says he's glad she laughs...Jeff seems like he wants to say something else to Jordan but Jordan changes topics saying "your heel looks shiny" :)

Jeff moves his toes around and then puts his foot on Jordan's nose...Jordan giggles and Jeff says "you laugh"...Jeff asks Jordan if she can go up to the HOH with him...Jordan says he needs to go...Jeff doesn't feel like it...Jordan says to just go talk to her, she didn't nominate him...Jeff knows but asks if she will come up there with him please?...Jordan says he needs to go alone...Jeff sings again and brief fish...Jordan says she loves watching Kevin dance...Jeff imitates him and they laugh.

Jeff asks again if she will come up with him...Jordan again says no...Jeff sits up and pinches Jordan's butt, he leans on top of her saying he has to...Jordan mmm, hmm's and rubs his hair...she says he has to go up there...Jeff puts his finger in Jordan's nose & then touches her mouth :P Jordan says ewww and rubs Jeff's hair again...she shifts to get more comfortable and tells Jeff he needs to go up there...Jeff says it's because she wants to go to sleep...Jordan shifts again and Jeff takes this opportunity to grab her and swing her over to spoon with her. 🥰

They laugh, Jeff squeezes her, Jordan says nap time...Jeff says "I know right?"...Jordan pats Jeff's leg nervously...Jeff says "nap time, it's almost 9"...Jordan asks if they're on lockdown still, she's sleepy...Jeff says he is too...Jordan starts saying "oww Charlie" the home video of those two boys and feeds go to fish...

Cute Jeff & Chima talk in the HOH 


Jeff and Chima are up in the HOH talking...Jessie has just left after the three of them talked game for about 20 minutes. Jeff is a little bummed about being on slop, he looks over at Chima's Rice-a-Roni and says he could eat some of it...Chima says she's not going to eat all of those so...Jeff says it's just because he can't have it, he's a big "I can't do that, I want to do that even more" guy...Jeff gives the example that if someone says to him that a girl wants to talk to him he'll say she's ok but if he's told she doesn't even like him, he'll be "what? lemme talk to her"...Jeff laughs saying he's like that and then says if a girl says "I love you" he'll just brush it off but if she says "I hate you" he'll turn to her saying "what?"  :)

Jeff says he doesn't know why he's like that, if a girl says he doesn't want him then he'll think "I need that girl"...Chima says "yeah now you must have her"...Jeff says "for sure"...he says if the girl says "I'll give you the world" he'll says "nah, I'm good"...Jeff cracks up! and says he doesn't know why he's like that, he's terrible...Chima says that's funny...Jeff says "I'm a yo-yo".

Talk turns to Jordan...Chima says if Jeff doesn't leave she's going to ask him about Jordan, she says "so what's up with you and Jordan?"...Jeff smiles and says "me and Jordan?"...Chima says "I think you guys are the cutest couple" :)

Jeff looks down and says "we're no couple" (not yet! LOL)...Chima says "ok, maybe not here but I think you guys should pursue something outside of the house"...Jeff looks at his hands and says "we were talking about that right now" (him & Jordan)  here Jeff does that subconcious rubbing of his left ring finger again! 😉

Jeff says that Jordan asked what's going to happen? he said that probably they would talk a lot, text each other and then as the months go on they'll just fade away...Jeff laughs...Chima says noooo...Jeff said Jordan said "what?" and then she said she thought so too.

Chima says she said this very same thing to Jordan...Jeff says "oh you did?"...Chima says she told her they should do something outside of here, she's not trying to toot Jeff's horn but she told Jordan that Jeff is ready to settle down, he's cute, he cooks, he's a family guy, guys from Chicago are great...Jeff fist pumps LOL...

Chima says that Jordan said oh, you know!...Chima defends Jordan's stance saying she's 22, she's really young and wants to see what's out there or whatever and she told Jordan "honey, there's nothing out there"...Jeff laughs...Chima says she said "trust me when I tell you Jeff's a great catch"...Jeff says "man, thank you"...Chima says "yeah we had that discussion but now she's realizing, that was a few weeks ago"

(actually it was 3 days ago LOL)...

Jeff says "we'll never know, I told her the same thing, I'm like no, you never know, so that's like a long time from now"...Chima says she knows but they're just cute. Jeff says "alright, I'll take it...and on that note, I'm outta here"...Jeff gets up, says thanks to Chima for talking to him and he leaves.

 You smell like awesome 


Jeff is out on the hammock talking to Lydia. Jordan comes outside...Jeff calls her over "Johrdan, Johr-dan"...Jordan comes over to sit with Jeff. Lydia complains about some drama with Michelle, they chit chat and then she leaves...Jordan asks "I smell good?"...Jeff says "yeah, I was gonna say that"...Jordan says "do I?"...Jeff says "yeah your breath is like", he closes his eyes and breathes in...he says she used the toothpaste and mouthwash?...Jordan says the one they gave them, he can smell her breath from there?...Jeff says "you smell like awesome"  :)

Jeff says it's because he has pickles on his breath, she smells good though. Jeff rubs Jordan's leg and she says her legs are spiky, she feels clean. Jordan lays near Jeff and cuddles into him...Jeff breathes in and says "mmm, you smell so good"...

Jeff is stressed/Jordan calms him down 


Jeff has just witnessed the argument between Michele & Russell outside. As Michele storms off and walks inside she yells "Don't get Chima?...f**k you!" to either Russell or Jeff (I think it was Russell) and Jeff gets really aggravated by it. He goes inside just after the 11:49pm mark telling Russell that he's going to see where Jordan is and then he will come back out (he never did). Jeff goes into the SS room where Jordan is laying down.

Jeff says "Jordo...what are you doing?" Jordan says "nothing, what's up?"...Jeff sits down on the opposite bed and says "nothing"...Jeff asks why she didn't come outside?...Jordan says she is tired...Jeff says he was just wondering...Jordan asks what everybody is doing?...Jeff says Michele is going f**king crazy...Jordan thinks it's about Natalie?...Jeff says not even that, he explains that Russell & her were talking outside and he went out there to ask what happened, R&M were fighting about the same thing, Russell was calm but Michele was saying she tells stories and then forgets what she says...Jeff starts whispering more of the story and it's hard to hear but then Jeff says that he didn't even say one word to her and Michele said "f**k you" to him and stormed inside and ran upstairs.

Jordan says Michele kept asking her what was wrong with Jeff, she's so paranoid. Jordan asks Jeff if he wants to lay down with her for a little bit? Jeff doesn't answer but says he was thinking where the f**k is Jordan hiding?...Jordan says underneath the blue covers in your bed. :)

Jeff wants to know if that f**k you was for him...Jordan advises Jeff to go upstairs and talk to them because Michele might be twisting his words to make him look like the bad guy...Jeff says he hasn't even spoken to her yet...they discuss exactly what Michele said, that Lydia told Michele she wants to put Jeff up and Lydia said how could she say that when she was being mute and then Michele changed her story saying it was the day before. Jeff is confused...

Jordan says they are lying...Jeff says he didn't get a chance to talk to her, when Russell & Michele were fighting he didn't say one word and then she left with the f**k you and Jeff asked Russell who that was for? Russell didn't know...Jeff says it better not be for him...Jeff sighs deeply and looks down to the ground...Jordan says "do you have the mystery power?"...Jeff says "I wish...I was hoping you had it"...Jordan says she was hoping he did...Jordan says they rely on each other but haven't really won anything.

Jeff puts his face in his hands and mopes...Jordan asks him where everybody is at? Jeff tells her without raising his face...Jordan tries to change the subject  by saying she doesn't understand why she's always wanting food...she then asks Jeff if he wants to lay down again...Jeff says in a minute...Jeff repeats he was waiting for her to come outside...Jordan says where? on the hammock? she can't sleep out there.

Jeff starts noisily biting his nails and spitting them on the ground, he is furious  he whispers "that bitch is fu**ing where's her meds", he opens and closes the drawer...Jeff sighs again and Jordan says "what?"...Jeff says "nothing"...silence...Jordan says it's getting more boring there, no one there is fun...silence...Jeff sighs yet again and Jordan says "what?"...Jeff says "just the bitch is crazy"...silence...Jeff asks Jordan if she's just going to go to sleep?...Jordan says she is going to lay there, she's awake now...Jordan asks if he's going outside...Jeff says yeah, he wants to get really tired...Jordan says he can lay in there, she'll turn off the lights… 

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