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Day 27 of BB11 Feeds

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

August 5

Primping for kissy time with Jeff


While Jeff shares some laughs in the kitchen with Kevin, Chima & Michele, Jordan decides to curl her hair at 1 in the morning, she primps for special time with Jeff, LOL...a girl has to look good for the first time she makes out with her man 😉

Kiwi and banana grab


Jordan holds a banana and a kiwi and Jeff holds her with his legs and gives her a neck nuzzle. She then almost eats a piece of banana that falls to the floor and Jeff chastises her for even thinking about eating it, lol.

Getting all freaky with you


Jeff gets in bed with Jordan in the RR. He says "oh, yeah" when he finally lays down and Chima asks him are you happy about going to bed? Jeff says his back feels good and Jordan feels good LOL

Jordan says he attacks her and then she has to remind him of how it will look for the cameras, her family is watching and she doesn't want them to think she's getting all freaky...Jeff sings "I wanna get freaky with you". 😊 Then Chima says Jeff is serenading Jordan lol. Jeff calls for smooth jazz…

The J’s/The Ghost of Ronno/Ghost stories


Jeff & Jordan flirt and bicker a little and Michele tells them they need their own show...Jordan says it will be called The J's...Jeff & Jordan. 😉

Then Ronnie comes in the room and Jordan says "Ronnnnnnoooo" and Jeff says they should have a show called the "Ghost of Ronno" and then talk turns to ghosts and paranormal activity. Of course Ronnie has a number of ghost stories to tell and we find out that Jeff has an unusual fear of children and balloons...especially when they are standing facing a wall. LMAO The ghost stories continue for over an hour with the other HG's piling into the RR to join in on the fun. At around the 3:23 min mark, Jeff gets up to use the bathroom and Kevin and Michele scare the bejeezus out of him on Cam 1. Good times..

Jeff waits for Jordan


Jeff & Jordan go to the bathroom before going to bed. Jeff goes first and asks Jordan if she wants him to wait for her...Jordan says "uh, yeah"...they are flirty...Jeff tries to touch her butt with his foot but fails LOL he's an inch away...

As Jeff waits for Jordan in the kitchen. Ronnie is talking non-stop, then Jeff and Jordan walk towards the SS room to go to bed he tells Ronnie to take his batteries out, it's time to go to bed LOL...little did Jeff know how much more he would have to listen to that night.... 💋😉

Jeff & Jordan make out


Jeff & Jordan "make out" for the first the SS room with Ronnie there...Ronnie goes on and on about the game and his strategy while Jeff and Jordan put the moves on each other...quite funny actually. The camera angle isn't the best but it's clear what's going on. 😘

Jordan starts rubbing Jeff's hair @ the 4:19am mark...immediately after that Lydia comes in to get some clothes, turns on the lights, turns them off and soon as Lydia leaves Jeff makes his first move ;)...Jordan keeps rubbing his hair as they cuddle real close.

Just after the 4:22am mark Jeff lays right on top of Jordan LOL, she continues rubbing...after a long while Jeff shifts and whispers "I like it"...Jeff then takes off his tank top...(guess he was a getting a little "hot") and his mic...Jeff cuddles Jordan again...

@ the 4:31am mark they start shifting and try to get comfy, Jordan sits up then lays back down, they spoon...a little too close, lol, Jordan sits up again saying she's burning up (now who's "hot"? 😉 )

Just before the 4:38am mark Jordan lays on her tummy, they start talking about cannibalization, the movie Alive being a true story...Jeff poses the question, if they had to eat somebody in the house, who would they eat?...Jordan immediately says "us two"...Jordan and Jeff start laughing...Jeff rolls over onto Jordan to squeeze her butt🍑...

Ronnie asks "why?"...Jordan says Ronno didn't like them...Ronnie says he did like them...Jeff says "I like Jordan's butt"🥰 ...Jordan tries to say something but laughs at Jeff's persistent butt squeezing...Jeff laughs...Jordan laughs again and screeches telling Ronnie that Jeff keeps grabbing her butt...Jeff says it's because he wants to eat it. LOL Jordan tries to keep focused on what she's saying to Ronnie but it's hard with Jeff all over her 😊...Jordan sits up again and Jeff rolls to face the other way (foiled again! lol)

Just before the 4:41am mark Jordan makes her move and they kiss briefly xx

Just before the 4:46am mark Jeff rolls over towards Jordan who is propped up again, he seems to be kissing her shoulder, arm...Jordan keeps mmm, hmm'ing to Ronnie but finally gives in, lays down and they kiss and kiss in between Jordan's mmm, hmm's...

Action finally intensifies around the 4:49 am mark when Jeff really goes in for a longer kiss....Jordan gets all flustered, lol, she giggles and sits up continuing to talk game to Ronnie...Jeff caresses her leg...Jordan lays back down.

By the 4:57am mark...they are snuggling close again @ the 4:58 am mark Jordan is propped up again on an elbow...Jeff holds her face and pulls her in for a longer kiss...

Feeds are off for over 10 minutes, they return just before the 5:11am mark

At the 5:17am mark Jordan is sitting up and Jeff is laying behind her either biting or kissing her back :) ...Jeff then farts silently which causes him to laugh, Jordan laughs at what she had just said to Ronnie, each one is laughing at different things LOL

Jordan lays back down, realizes and asks if Jeff farted?...Jeff says yes and cracks up, Jordan laughs too and they both try to blow the smell away...obviously it didn't deter from the romance 😈 because mere seconds later Jordan starts rubbing Jeff's head and she kisses him...

Jeff reaches for more...

@ the 5:21 mark Jeff can't take it anymore LOL and he goes in for another long kiss...the feeds cut out...

Morning hug


Jeff gets up and goes to see Jordan who is laying down in the RR. He goes up to her and says Huh? (cute considering they had just been smooching hours earlier) He gives her a big body hug. She tells him that she never went to sleep the whole night, she ate, worked out, took a shower...

Jeff gets off and says she's going to be like DJ from Full House who works out too much and then passes out LOL...Jordan giggles..Jeff goes to the SS room, puts on his glasses and goes to the bathroom...he comes back and gets in bed with Jordan, he says she's going to be totally wiped out, she's going to be on a totally different schedule, she's going to have to sleep until 4...Jordan says she tried but she couldn't go to sleep...Jordan turns to face away from Jeff telling him she's doing so...Jeff says it's ok, he's going to go sleep in the other room so they can have more space...Jordan asks him to wake her up by 3 or put her clothes in the dryer by then...he says she'll have to be up by 3, he will…

You say you’re just a friend


Considering this was hours after he and Jordan had made out for the first time, it's a very cute & telling little Jeff moment here…

Jeff is outside cleaning the pool, Michele & Lydia are sunbathing...Jeff finishes up and starts putting some sunscreen on, while he does this he hums a song...Lydia recognizes it and sings it "you say I'm just a friend"...Lydia says to Jeff "that's what you were singing right?" (on Cam 2, Jeff can be seen doing a little dance) ...Jeff says "yeah"...Lydia says "nice"...Jeff laughs to himself while putting on his mic...

...he says "you missed the part where I danced a little bit"...Lydia says he can re-do it right now...Jeff does, he looks in the mirror, sings it again and does a little dorky dance ...he cracks up! saying "I don't know why I do that and then I laugh to myself" LOL

Jeff takes a sip of his water and says "and then what a surprise, there's an ant in my drink...always", he removes the ant and says he almost ate one before, he said "dude, you were just in my mouth, that's a little personal...I no appresh, you being in my mouth"...Jeff leaves to go to the bathroom and the audio goes to Michele & Lydia talking about tanning but Jeff can be heard singing "you got what I need..."

Cutting up fruit/put a battery in him


Jordan is in the kitchen cutting fruit. Jeff enters the kitchen from the bathroom. Jordan has just thrown out a kiwi. Jordan asks Jeff how she should cut the cantaloupe. Jeff holds it and says "what did I tell you? which way do you think you cut it?" Jordan says so she can scoop it up. Jeff says "what did I tell you?" Jordan says this way (demonstrates the right way). Jeff says yeah, because why? Jordan smiles and says because it's like an equator, that's how I remember...not the vein. Jeff smiles.

Jordan asks if this one is going bad too...Jeff says no, it's good. Jordan says she has watched Russell do this...Jeff says what is this (the fruit that Jordan cut up), he puts a piece in his mouth...Jordan says she's trying to eat healthy. Jeff goes to go outside and Jordan tells him to not go, come talk to her, she's bored. Jeff says what do you mean? the robot (Ronnie) is right behind you, put a battery in him...

Jordan tells Ronnie Jeff is talking about him...Ronnie says what? Jeff says see, here ya go. Ronnie says what? the batteries and the robot, is that what I heard? Jeff says what Ronnie is making is his favorite dish, he makes it every day. Jeff says what do you call it? Ronnie says eggs in a basket...Jordan says eggs in a frame!

Jeff tells Jordan to put the cantaloupe on a plate, she's making a mess. She does, Jeff says that Jordan will say Jeff is being her dad, lol. Jordan says that kiwi sucked, it had the worst taste. Jeff is waiting for a piece of cantaloupe. They taste it, Jeff says it's soft and should be in the fridge. Jordan wants watermelon too.

Jeff goes to leave again and Jordan says where are you goin'? Jeff says outside...he probably has enough sun though huh? Jordan says yeah, that's the way she sees it. Jeff says you see me dark? Jeff says or red? Jordan says dark...Jeff goes outside.

Jordan admits she and Jeff kissed


Jordan is eating outside, sitting with Lydia, Kevin & Michele. Jeff & Russell are throwing around a ball in the BY.

Jordan tells Michele she was up until 9am. Michele says she had insomnia. Lydia says she was up boxing. Jordan tells Lydia she busted into the room last night saying they were being loud, she asks her if she heard them laughing. Lydia says they weren't being super loud but Ronnie was. Jordan says she was asking Ronnie who he thought was going to win, tell me what you actually think of me, why did you manipulate me...Jordan says she told Ronnie he can tell her now since he's going home, she promised him she wouldn't get mad. Jordan says she likes calling him Ronno.

Jordan then says "hey, at one point he was telling a story, I turned around and I kissed Jeff, for the first time, I kissed him, kissed him while Ronnie was talking" Lydia laughs and claps. Michele says ya, girl!

Jordan says she would ask Ronnie something and then keep kissing. Lydia says "you little pimp you". Kevin says finally. ;) Jordan tells Kevin he's a good kisser. Kevin says he is? Lydia says he's good?...Jordan says yeah...but it's probably the last time just because my grandparents are weird about it and my mom is watching and I don't want to be laying in a bed all making out with a guy and I don't know what it will look like, ykwim? (suuuurrrre 😉) Kevin says there's another person in the room though. Lydia says scandalous!

Jeff finds out he is the wizard


Even though this wasn't technically on the feeds, this was the moment that Jeff found out he had won the Coup D'Etat. Russell calls a house meeting and Jeff is MIA...he's in the DR finding out he is the Wizard...perfect timing! He must have felt like the cat that ate the canary at that meeting ;)

Jordan’s not as dumb as everyone thinks


The HG's have just had their crazy house meeting where Jeff found out he was the Wizard during his DR session. As per usual, Jeff & Jordan gravitate towards one another and find a way to get some alone time and talk. This time it's outside on the couches.

Jeff is having a smoke, he and Jordan are whispering about the fight and why would Michele make that comment about Russell & erectile dysfunction and then lie about it?...Jordan says that Michele admitted to her she lied and exaggerated...Jeff can't understand why she did that, why would you add more fuel to the fire, it was a stupid move, she fu**ed herself, when you lie in here you get caught...Jordan says Russell is so paranoid...Jeff says let's not take the blame off Ronnie, he's still the rat, let's not get confused...Jordan knows that...Jeff says they're taking it off of him.

Jordan asks why Michele said she would put up Jeff?...Jeff says she told him that but he thought Michele meant it as a joke, he thinks she is trying to strategize but she doesn't know what she's doing, she tells little lies to fill people's head like she's outsmarting someone but she's not.

Natalie comes out saying there's another fight in there between Kevin and Michele...Jordan says "about what?"...Natalie explains that Michele wants the athletes (Natalie & Jessie) and the brains (Chima & Michele) to team up...Russell comes over and apologizes for bringing Jeff into the matter during the meeting, he appreciates Jeff giving his side...

Natalie continues saying that Kevin asked Michele who she would put up if she was HOH and Michele said Jeff and Jessie so Kevin told Natalie, then Natalie called her on it and asked Kevin to confirm, Kevin said he was staying out of it, Michele denied it saying she would only put up Jeff not Jessie, Kevin wouldn't confirm so now he's looking like a liar, that's what they're fighting about.

Natalie says she told them she's playing both sides...Jeff knows this...Russell says Jeff told him this...Natalie lies about the GR incident to throw Michele more under the bus...Jeff calls out Natalie a little for not talking more at the meeting...Russell sticks up for Natalie...Jeff realizes he went to the bathroom at that moment...Jeff says he knows Michele is playing both sides and lying, she is trying to outsmart people and play the game.

Jeff says he told Russell this morning "dude, she's not that smart, I don't care if you're a doctor or a rocket scientist"...Russell says she has a PhD, she's brilliant...Jeff says "she's not that smart dude"...Russell says she went to a top 5 university in the country to get her doctorate...Jeff says "yeah but what does that mean in this game?"...Russell says that she's knows how to play people...Jeff says "play people what? obviously she sucks at it (LOL) so I don't know why everyone is so concerned she's a doctor, I don't give a F**K to be honest with you"...Natalie says neither does she but Michele said that now with Ronnie going home she's the smartest person in the house.

Jeff says that's what she thinks though and they buy into it, they buy into that Ronnie's the smartest guy in the house, he's not that smart, he doesn't know how many quarters go into a dollar, he has no judgement of what's going on, he's a good speaker and talking to you to make you think he's your friend but he's not fooled by either of them...Jeff says "Ronnie's still the rat, you guys wanna point the finger at Michele, Ronnie's still the rat and don't let Ronnie jump up and be like 'that's right, I wasn't' because he's still the fu**ing rat and Michele is not as smart as she thinks she is"

Russell disagrees with Jeff saying he thinks she is smart...Jeff says he doesn't think so, he thinks he's smarter than her in this game and she could have a doctorate and put her diplomas on the wall, he's smarter than her in this game and he barely graduated college...Jeff says there's different smarts, street smarts and book smarts and this takes a lot of street smarts...Russell says he thinks Michele is doing a good job of playing everyone...Jeff says "she's not playing me and my name is always motherfu**ing involved"...Natalie says that's why she thinks she's smart, no one will put her ass up.

Russell says Michele told him "I can get Jordan don't worry about it"...Jeff says "everyone says that but Jordan's not as dumb as everyone thinks either so"...Russell says he's just telling him what she said...Jeff says "no, I'm not trying to start a fight but I'm telling you my opinion is, no one asks me my opinions ever, they just leave me alone and that's what I prefer but those are my opinions, Jordan is not as dumb as everyone thinks she is and let everyone think that and Michele's not as smart as she thinks she is"...Russell says "but Michele said that"

Jeff's diatribe :) LOL...

"exactly another reason why she's not as smart as she thinks she is cuz Jordan's not, that's all I'm saying...I know she wasn't, I know she's playing both sides, this is not a surprise, her little lies, her thinking she's so smart and getting away with things is stupid, like it's not going to get back with all the fighting going on, why would you make up a story that Russell was talking shit when there's already so much to go about, you don't think they'd go head to head again and it would come out? that's silly and even then, you don't think that if they didn't go head to head that they would make up and be like I'm sorry and then Chima would be like you still have a penis dysfunction or something and Russell would be like what are you talking about? you know, you don't think it would come out and then Russell and Chima are friends and guess who was talking shit? all the shit falls back on Michele just for that one little comment, you gotta watch what you say because people are still fu**ing friends ykwim? when me and Russell fought I could say f**k that dickhead, he saw the same thing on my side, we didn't like say alright everybody come here, when you get HOH vote Russell out because blah blah blah and he said! because I knew if eventually, even Casey was like dude, watch what you say cuz one day you're going to be friends again and you can't go far in this house, you gotta make amends you know? so she's not as smart as everyone thinks she is but I knew that the whole time and whatever was said, if she lies or not, when you're a liar you get caught in this house man, you can't run away"...Natalie says "yeah" LOL!

They keep discussing Michele, Russell explains why he had the house meeting and talk dies down...feeds switch…

Wait for me!


Jeff gets pissed that Michele won't talk to him outside when he asks her a question and storms off, back into the house. Jordan tells him "wait!"...Jeff says "wait what?"...Jordan says "wait for me!"...Jeff says "stay away from me"...Jordan says "no!" and gives him a little hug as they enter through the sliding glass door. 😊

JeJo are done! (not really!)


The HG are trying to figure out who is lying about Natalie's "Green Room Incident" and other issues. Michele and Kevin are under fire. Jeff is mostly listening without participating. Jordan is silent and isn't visible on cam, she's laying on the middle bed in the RR, under the purple blanket visible on cams 2 & 4.

Natalie: "I would hope to think anyone I am working with wouldn't put me on the block. If you put me on the block, that means I'm not working with you and anything or anything we've ever had is over."...."That's it, I'm done with them."

Chima: "What if I put you up as a pawn with Russell?" (joking & laughing)

Natalie: "I'm done with you. Bottom line.."

Chima (laughing): "I kid, I kid!"

Natalie (looking at Jessie): "You put my ass on the block, I'm done with you too m'fer."

Jessie playfully pushes her.

Awkward moment of silence and then Jeff breaks the tension...

Jeff: "Jordan, we're just f'ing done!" and he leaves the room, while everyone laughs.

Jessie: "Oh, you guys can kiss and make up later." (Not knowing about the events of last night. Hee-hee!)

Jeff: "Jordan, come into the storage room." RR erupts with laugher.

Jessie: "He wants to apologize. He's had enough of fighting with you."

Jeff & Jordan are squeezeable


Feeds switch to the SS room where Jeff & Jordan are laying down in bed...Michele is there as well and they are chatting...Jordan tells Jeff to not let her fall asleep...Jeff says "wake up!"...they have a little moment and giggle...Jordan rubs Jeff's ear a little and Jeff tells her not to tease him...Jordan says with what?...Jeff says "like you're gonna pretend you're gonna scratch and then 3 seconds later you stop"...Jordan says "why?"...Jeff says "whaddya mean why? cuz I like it and then I get used to it and then you stop" ;)

Ronnie enters the room...they talk about the noise coming from the storage room, Jeff makes a joke about it but no one acknowledges it...Jeff guesses no one liked it, he thought it was clever...Jordan says she didn't (like it)...Jeff says "you better start laughing at my jokes"...Jordan says "why?"...Jeff says "cuz I'm getting tired of you" 😋

Jordan makes her "hug me" groan/whine noise and grabs Jeff towards her...Jeff asks what she's doing? she's just trying to squeeze him?...Jordan starts squeezing Jeff's tummy :) Ronnie & Michele get into it and Jeff says "oh boy, kids, take it to another room" ...Both Ronnie & Michele act weird so Jeff points and says "look at these fu**ing two"...Jordan giggles...Michele mumbles something...Jeff says "what's with the fu**ing shit grin, what's going on?"...

They're all giggling now except Jeff...Jeff says "they're the wizards...together!"...Ronnie says "yeahhh riiiiight"...wizard power talk ensues (sneaky Jeff knowing full well he has the power)...things get weird so Michele leaves the room saying she's going crazy in there...Jeff says "Big Brother! my safety's in jeopardy" LOL

Jordan keeps giggling and then squeeze's Jeff's tummy again saying it's squeezable, she likes it and that she is squeezable too. :) ...Jeff & Jordan then talk game with Ronnie & share some cute moments...

Jordo spilled the beans


Jeff, Russell & Lydia are sitting on the BY couches chatting. Russell comments on how everyone thought they could easily win this game and come to find out it's not so easy. Lydia says at least he has won stuff, no one has taken his block virginity, she has been fu**ed twice and not the way she wants. Russell starts laughing...Lydia says she's been made to feel sore and not how she wants.

Jeff says well, he's got a couple of positions himself...Lydia says "hey, I know what you were up to last night mister...Jordo spilled the beans"

Russell says "what were you doing?"...Jeff leans back, turns red, smiles and says "nothin"

Russell asks Lydia "what was he doing?"..Jeff says "we'll wait til Jordan comes out"

Russell says "hook up?"...Lydia says "she gave you compliments though"

Russell says "you guys have sex?"...Jeff says "yeah!....are you crazy!? I'd be fu**ing floating around here" <---WHOA LOL!

Lydia says they just sucked face...Russell tries to downplay that...Lydia calls him on it saying "have you got that here? cuz I haven't got that here"

Russell sadly says "I've gotten a kiss, but I didn't suck face" (lol poor dude)

Lydia says "in bed, suck face while making fun of Ronnie"...Jeff says "she told you everything huh?"...Jeff turns red again and says that was why he was in there for an hour (the DR)...they laugh...Russell says "you fu**er, really?"...Jeff says yeah, that's why he came out and they asked "Wizard?" and Jeff said no, not exactly.

Russell says "did they ask you about it?"...Jeff says "Oh God, I'm not allowed to talk about it"

Lydia asks if Jeff pulled the cover over them? Jeff says no, it wasn't at all what you thought...Lydia says it was so 6th grade...Jeff says "it was...yeah, yeah"...Russell asks Lydia "how do you know?"...Lydia says blondes talk, apparently.

Russell says it's funny that Jeff is so bashful about it...Jeff says it's because they're expecting a good story, there was no good story (yeah right!) turns to other things...

They have to get Jessie out hammock chat


Feeds switch to Jeff & Jordan in the BY...Jeff is in the hammock, Jordan is sitting on a towel nearby, they are talking game...Natalie comes within earshot of them, Jordan has been talking loudly...Jeff whispers "I told you to shut up"...Jordan says "why didn't you tell me she was coming!?"...

Jordan is freaked out, she says "did she hear me?"...Jeff says no and continues talking game...Jordan says Natalie is everywhere, she doesn't think a lot of people like her, she's so negative...Now that Jeff has found out he's the wizard, he starts planting the seed to Jordan that Jessie & Natalie have to go up and ultimately he wants Jessie to go...he says they have to put her up with Jessie, one of them has got to go...Jordan says Natalie and Chima won't win anything, Michele and Russell will...Jeff says that his fear is that if they both go up, Natalie will go home...Jordan says Jeff will be screwed then...Jeff says well when is anyone going to get Jessie out? never! no one will do it unless they do it sometime...Jordan says that Michele doesn't want to talk game after today but she had mentioned before she wanted to put up J&N...

They throw out the scenario of Michele winning HOH and putting them up then Jeff winning POV and not saving either, then who will go home? Jordan says next week will be a tie and Michele would decide and they have the votes...Jeff asks how would they get 3 votes?...Jordan says her, him and Kevin, even Russell would...Jeff mulls it over and says how would they tell Russell without him getting all crazy?...Jordan says they could get into it later with Russell, he was twittering and he said good stuff about them so she thinks he would do it...Jeff says people are stupid in there and they would get Natalie out for their own personal gain instead of getting a strong player out...Jeff changes position on the hammock per Jordan's request...

They go over the possible votes again...Jordan tells Jeff that her and Michele had a talk and she told her that if Jessie or Natalie won HOH they'd be coming after Michele and Michele told her that she knew that...Jeff says for Jordan to watch what she says, that wasn't bad but just watch it...Jordan says she just put that in her head, they have to say a little something or she might put up Kevin...Jeff advises Jordan to remind Michele to get out Jessie and worry about Natalie later, he doesn't know why they're talking about this (sure you don't Jeff ;) ;) but if it came down to it, he guesses they have to see who wins...Jordan says once Jessie is out she would feel better...

Jordan says she needs to do crunches, she keeps procrastinating, she sits next to Jeff on the hammock...Jeff puts his arm around her, she loses her train of thought <3 and then gradually lays down...Jeff has his arm out and she places her head on it...he says that he knows she doesn't like that but he's holding onto it (the hammock)...Jordan says "ok, go, continue"...Jeff explains even if they got Russell on their side, he feels like other people would want to pick him off so they can keep him more to the end...Jordan wants Lydia around because she would put others up over them...Jeff says with Jessie out, Natalie and Lydia would go after each other (wrong!)...Jordan rattles off who wouldn't put them up...Jeff says that ultimately they need the votes to get Jessie the f**k out of there...Jordan says then they'll be good.

Jeff says Jessie has gotta go, if Natalie goes and Jessie stays, they're fu**ed, if Jessie goes and Natalie stays, they're really good...Jordan says the only thing she's worried about is if Jessie is the wizard and took himself off? then they'd be fu**ed :) ...Jeff hmm's and says they'd be really fu**ed...Jordan says "did you think about that?"...Jeff says "yeah I did" liar! :)

...Jordan thinks Michele might be the wizard...Jeff thinks it's Michele or Ronnie...Jordan thinks it's Michele...Jeff says if it's Ronnie, they'll know tomorrow cuz he'll use it, if he isn't then he goes home tomorrow...they both say it's either Michele or Kevin...Jordan giggles...Jordan doesn't think it's Russell or Lydia, the only reason it might be Jessie is that he already has fans but then again America voted him home last year...Jeff says "how about Natalie?"...Jordan says no, she's too bitchy...Jeff giggles and says she walks around like she has it but she always walks around like that...

Jordan says Jessie is just trying to cover his tracks...Jeff says he's sick of it...Jordan brings up the 3 person/4 person pact Jessie reneged on earlier in the game...Jeff says now he's back to 4 because he's losing in the game and every time shit goes down, he runs away into another room, f**k that, people are stupid...Jordan says that Russell is on their side...Jeff isn't so sure...Jordan says they have to get Michele and Russell to talk, she told Russell that Michele was crying because she thought they were friends...Jeff says he'll take care of it, he wants to pee, she can do her crunches...Jordan isn't done talking...

And then she doesn't talk LOL...Jeff says that's it...Jordan giggles that Ronno has come outside...Jeff says that's all he's saying, people are so stupid in this game, they're not playing, they're just playing a personal vendetta...Jordan says that's what she said...feeds go to fish...they return with Jordan saying she believes Natalie when she says she's not putting up Jeff & Jordan but when Jessie says it, she doesn't believe it...Jeff says Jessie told him today they're good...Jordan says who would he put up? that's his thing...Jeff says he'd put up Michele, Lydia or Kevin, they're the targets...Jeff says he can't take it, he needs to pee, he tells Jordan to do her crunches and he'll come back...

Jordan keeps on denying...


Jordan finishes up her crunches and goes over to the hot tub to soak her feet...Lydia and Russell are on the couches chatting...Russell says "what's up Jordan?"...Jordan asks where everybody went?...Russell says they're scheming, Lydia says they're all up her butt...Russell says "I heard you got a kissy, kissy, kissy last night"...Jordan says "I did for once"...Russell says "for once? for once? why? cuz he hasn't been making his moves?"...Jordan says it was so funny, Ronnie was there and he didn't even know they were kissing (Lydia says to Russell at the same time that Jordan is the one with all the power...Russell says he knows)...Jordan says it was dark in there and when they were kissing Ronnie would say something, ask something, pause, they would do it "but I'm not going to be doing it anymore" ...Russell asks why?...Jordan says "just cuz"...Lydia says she doesn't want to be portrayed as "that girl"...Russell says "is that why?"...Jordan says "and too, me and him, me and Jeff are just friends and I don't want it to turn, you know, I don't want it to be something else, ykwim?" (bwahahahaha!)

Russell says "gotcha"... ;)

Jordan says underwear is just like a bathing suit


Jordan is still sitting with her feet in the hot tub, Ronnie joins her, she has taken off her bra and tells Ronnie that she's getting in the hot tub in her underwear, she takes off her pants and gets in...Jeff has come outside, Lydia and Russell call out to him "Wizard!"...Jeff sits on the fridge to have a smoke, they talk about smoking while Ronnie and Jordan talk game, she tells him she deserves the wizard power...Lydia says her and Jordan have been nominated the most...Jordan joins in on the smoking conversation when Jeff asks her how many cigarettes Casey smoked when he was on the block?...Jordan says a pack a day...Jeff says it was more like 3 packs...Lydia says Casey said it was half a pack...Jeff says it was for sure at least 2 packs.

Jordan tells Ronnie she's on a mission to lose weight, that's why she's working out...she tells Ronnie he looks smaller, that's good, she wishes she could say the same about her, her arms have gotten bigger, her shirts are getting tighter...Ronnie says she's getting buffer...Jordan says she doesn't want to look buff, she wants to look toned, she doesn't want to look like a man...

Jeff, Russell and Lydia are still chatting but it's hard to hear what they're saying, Jordan responds to whatever they've said by saying "it's like every night"...Russell then says that one time Casey got up and had a boner...Jordan overhears, she stands up in her wet t-shirt and tells the "Casey had a boner in his white underwear like my Grandpa wears" story...Jeff says "don't fu**in', come on, we're on Showtime...get back in the water, come on!"...Jordan feels awkward and embarrassed now...Lydia says something to which Russell says "ooh, awkward".

Jordan sits back down and talks to Ronnie about the high tech jets in the hot tub, they make her spin around...she gets out and feels self-conscious sitting there without a towel (JMO)...she looks around, squeezes out her shirt, looks at herself, pulls her shirt down, touches herself, splashes her feet and claps, then gets in again...she whistles...her and Ronnie talk about the speeches that were fishbowled and how awkward Braden must have felt talking to Chima...Jordans says she needs to look for a towel...she stands up and covers her boobs with her hands saying "sorry Ronno", she looks over at the others...Ronnie gets up and leaves...Jordan says "it's just like wearing a bathing suit".

Jordan gets out and quickly walks over to the pool area to get a towel...Russell asks "are you in your underwear?"..Jordan says yes and walks over to the hot tub area...Jeff walks over towards the hammock and says that Jordan thinks she has nothing on, like she's going to walk out of there (out of the hot tub without the cameras seeing)...Russell and Lydia laugh, Russell says the camera is totally checking her out...Jordan wraps herself in the towel to dry herself off...

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