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Day 25 of BB11 Feeds

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

August 3

 MFlirty look/Shy hand holding


Jeff & Jordan are outside with Lydia, Kevin & Michele. Jeff starts picking stuff off Jordan's jean's back pocket, Jordan says she's had them since 10th grade...she then says she had to take the logo off them, she had Lucky (brand) jeans and she had to take the logos off them in the hotel room (for the show)...Jeff starts singing and then sticks his tongue out...Michele says Jeff's tongue is red...Jeff says it's from the Jolly Rancher's...he sticks out his tongue again and Jordan gives him a look saying ewww but she's just kidding.

Jordan turns back to look at Jeff and Jeff shakes his head and they lock eyes. Whoa!

Jordan then grabs Jeff's hand and looks at it compared to hers, she puts it back down and says they are the same color...Jeff says what? yeah they're both white LOL...Jordan says no, sometimes one is more paler or more red looking, they're kind of like the same skin tone. :) Jordan keeps her hand in Jeff's lap.

Lydia starts talking about banners & how they should trick Ronnie...Jeff says "a bear"?...Jordan says "a banner!"...Jeff playfully pokes her arm for pointing out he heard it wrong...Michele tells Lydia it would be against BB rules so they drop it.

They keep holding/touching hands with the pillow on Jeff's lap semi-hiding it...duh it's obvious what's going on though LOL...Michele & Lydia leave.

Kevin asks Jordan if she has ticklish feet...Jordan says no, sometimes. Jordan asks Kevin what he said about her in the DR...Kevin doesn't quite remember but says it was something along the lines of Jordan's accent mesmerizing him, he didn't know what she was talking about or what she was saying but it mesmerized him, her stories, he didn't understand but yes! keep talking. :)

Jeff blushes and smiles and Jordan giggles. Jordan says her friends say she tells the worst stories...Jordan says she wishes they would ask her about Kevin because she would go on and on...Jeff says "he's so Gucci"...Jordan agrees...they then get admonished about talking about their DR's...

Jordan does impersonations


Jeff, Jordan, Lydia & Natalie are outside chatting. Jordan talks about her brother Peyton and his problem pronunciating "R's". Jordan then brings up her dad's cousin's husband who is from Wilmington but speaks with a New Orleans type accent, she says "yo down at the bahbah (barber), we go down there, down yonder...that's how he talks"...Jeff smiles & giggles, getting a kick out of it.

Jordan continues saying he talks real different...feeds go to fish...when they return Jordan is saying she loves Renny's voice...Jeff eggs her on saying "what'd she say?" :) Jordan says she said "St. Mary, St. Joseph!" Jeff laughs...Jordan says she wishes Renny was on their season, she would make her laugh...Jordan continues impersonating some of Renny's lines including the sleepwalking/Almond Joy wrappers one...her and Jeff giggle...Jordan says she liked her, she would crack her up. They then talk about when Renny gave Dan a haircut and talk turns to season 10, who they liked and their season.

Jeff groin hurts


Feeds switch to J&J in the RR in Nat's bed...Jordan is saying she has a bruise from the comp, Jeff says he has something on his crotch from that rope, he gets Jordan to feel it, he complains about his groin hurting but Jordan doesn't know anything about that. 😉

She laughs...Jeff says to not get all freaky...Jeff says "it's right here"...Jordan says "no"...Jeff says "what do you mean no? it's my leg"...Jordan says she doesn't feel it...she giggles...Jeff says he knows she can't feel it, it hurts like f**k, it hurts like crazy...Michele puts her two cents in saying she knows what he's talking about.

Jordan spoons real close right into Jeff...Michele says goodnight and Jordan says goodnight back...Jeff, like a little school boy bugging his crush, pokes Jordan in the ear with the sharp mic antenna...Jordan says ow!...Jeff says sorry, they compare mic antenna sharpness.

Jeff snuggles even closer into Jordan...Jordan smiles...Jordan whispers something about how every time they are doing "something" (in bed) the cameras stare straight at them, they laugh about that...Jeff gives Jordan the sweetest look while smiling at Jordan... ♥ super here's a man falling in love ;)

They both start giggling and don't really know what they're laughing at...super cute! Jeff says "what are you laughing at?"...Jordan says " make me laugh"...Jeff keeps smiling...Jordan asks if he pooted...Jeff laughs and says no...Jordan then asks why he is laughing...Jeff says she makes him laugh.

Jordan says she feels like she is sprawled out...Jeff, while snuggling into Jordan's neck again says that's good because he likes falling asleep near her and then going into the other room...

They start whispering about food...Jeff talks about pancakes saying he'll make some but then again probably not...Jordan says she's more comfortable tonight than last night...Jeff says him too because it's cooler in there...Jordan says that is true...Jordan talks about them getting some sun and how she hasn't been called into the diary room in two days...Jeff says he got called in a little bit today...they whisper about something and Jeff starts smiling again...Jeff's hand is close to Jordan's boob and Jordan says she still feels something, she wonders if it's infected...Jeff clears his throat 😉 LOL...they get quiet and then Jordan takes off her mic and so does Jeff, they cuddle up close and the feeds switch...

Dirty little teacher


Jeff is laying down in the RR...Jordan is bored and joins him but she doesn't lay down. She asks him what's up?...Jeff says nothing, what's up with you?...Jordan says nothing. Jeff asks "you wanna make out?"...Jordan giggles and says "Jeff"...Jeff says "what?" (and so it begins lol)

Jordan drinks her OJ...Jeff says he's a little tired...they talk about it being overcast outside but it's clearing up, Jeff says they have something in LA called June bloom...Jordan says Chima was just telling her about it...Jeff reaches over to the dresser to grab water, Jordan puts down her OJ and grabs Kevin's glasses saying she loves them...she puts them on and asks if they are real or fake?...Jeff asks if she can see?...Jordan says yeah, better than with his...Jeff says then they are fake.

Jeff turns towards Jordan...Jordan is clearly bored, she says she is going to lay out today...Jeff confuses what she says and says he doesn't know what goes on in her coconut LOL Jeff lifts up his head after seeing how she looks with the glasses on...

At the same time Jeff tells Jordan that she looks like a dirty little teacher 😍 Jordan says she wants to go to the Bahamas...Jordan laughs...Jeff says he likes it and he purrs , putting his arm around her waist...

Jeff says "what did you say, you want to go to the Bahamas?"...Jordan nods yes...Jeff asks Jordan what made her think of that? he wants to go too...Jordan asks Jeff if she stinks? she keeps smelling something...Jeff hopes it's not him...Jordan says no, she smelled it outside and thought it was her...Jeff sniffs her and says no...Jordan says she is wearing his deodorant..Jeff noticed and says it smells good...Jeff says it's one of his guilty pleasures.

Jordan says Jeff's shirt is what reminded her of the Bahamas because it's baby blue and reminded her of being somewhere...Jeff says he loves those glasses...he wishes they were a little smaller...Jeff goes in for a little nudge with his face and snuggles closer to her...Jordan starts patting his arm...Jeff says what are you done with? you didn't even do anything...(referring to her sign that the rubbing is over, lol)

Random question #1: Jordan asks Jeff if from here to Hawaii is far?...Jeff mmm, hmm's...Jeff says LA is the closest you could get to Hawaii from the US, a lot of people fly through here...Jordan says there aren't many direct flights?...Jeff says it's west of here, they're on the west coast already, Jordan is east coast...Jeff says it's not even really the east coast is it? Jordan says no, not at all...

Random question #2: Jordan asks Jeff if he likes Motley Crue?...Jeff says they're ok, 80's hair band...Jordan says she likes that band...Jeff says he likes 80's music...Jordan does too, there's a station back at home that plays 80's music all the time.

Jeff looks at her again and says "you gonna wear those glasses later?" He smiles and pretends to bite her boob ;)

Jeff gets comfier on the pillow for sleep and Jordan decides to leave to go talk to Russell in the HOH room.

Paranoia is building


Jeff & Jordan have a very brief chat out in the BY. Jeff is laying on a pool chair and Jordan joins him and they talk about the wizard again, they think Kevin might have it and they discuss how it's possible some of the others know about it because they're acting weird all of a sudden. Basically paranoia is setting in big time. :)

Paranoia chat in the GR


Jeff & Jordan meet up in the GR..they whisper game and about Jessie and his smart remarks. Jordan says when Russell talks to Jessie it's like they're good buds...they wonder about Russell & Michele and what's going on with them...Jordan says Lydia was talking shit about Michele last night...Jeff asks if they are getting paranoid or is stuff weird?

Jordan wonders who the wizard is...Jordan says that if Russell was really against them he would have put one of them up...Jeff says yes unless his plan was to make me think he was on our side and then one of them get the veto and backdoor me. Lightbulb goes on...Jordan says oh, but Michele got it so...Jeff says it fu**ed everything up...Jordan wonders if Michele would go with them (the other side)...Jeff says he doesn't think so...they whisper more about her.

Jeff says people are being creepy...Jeff says that Michele asked him if he thought Jordan was talking to Russell about something because she is always by the pool, Jeff told Michele she better not be, Michele said she trusts Jordan and he said me too, if she says something and doesn't tell me she's fu**ing dead and in his head he was thinking....that fu**ing bitch. Jordan --- 😨 Jeff smiles and says that he started believing Jordan could do that, his mind is going crazy now...Jeff says if she stabs him, he will punch her in the face.

Jordan looks so cute here...she is stunned Jeff is saying that and shushes him, she reassures him, she says she was outnumbered in the beginning and she still stuck with him, so shut up....Jeff says it's because he doesn't know what's going on in there, there's magic powers, everyone is stabbing him in the back...

They whisper more game...they talk about Russell playing both sides, they worry about the magic power...Jeff is just angry...Jordan reminds him they have to be nice...they talk about how the odds were with them to win veto to backdoor Jeff but Michele won...Jordan says it's driving her nuts...more game talk intermixed with the feeds going in and out.

Jeff mentions being paranoid again, Jeff hates this wizard shit...Jordan was hoping that Jeff was in the DR for awhile which meant he might be getting it...Jeff says he is going crazy today...Jordan puts on Jeff's newsboy hat 😊 Jeff says Jordan is building a good relationship with Kevin, keep talking to him but don't tell him too much...Jordan says she's not...Jeff says if Jessie wins HOH next he's gone.

Jeff raises his fist and says "I need the fu**ing power!" Jordan laughs...Jeff doesn't think anyone has it yet...Jordan thinks they do...Jeff gets all in a tizzy going over wizard scenarios and Jordan starts giggling...Jeff says he hates this thing cuz you can't control it and he knows some scumbag (is going to get it)...Jordan keeps giggling...

Jeff says you think I got pissed before (when he was nominated), he will be furious, his speech will be destruction, I'll bust everything...he laughs. Jeff says he's going crazy today, this house is so crazy anything can happen.

Jeff imitates how Jordan would react to something and says he would punch her right in the mouth, he laughs and extends his hand to her and says "come here" 🥰 Jordan says no...Jeff says he's just kidding, he knows she wouldn't but his mind is going crazy...Jordan makes the "like seriously?" face...

Jeff says "don't give me that look"...Jordan asks if he thinks she would (betray him)?...Jeff says he doesn't think she would...Jordan says she knows, he was being short with her and she was like what is his fu**ing problem, she says she was pissed at Jeff...Jeff says "why were you pissed at me?"...Jordan says he was being short with her...Jeff says it was because Michele was asking him why Jordan wasn't coming out there and he was yeah why? 🙁

Jordan moves over closer to Jeff and says "you know I wouldn't"...Jeff says "I know...I think" ☺️Jordan pinches Jeff's cheek...Jeff sighs and says he had 5 cigarettes today already...they share a couple of laughs.

Jeff says something is fishy...Jordan says they have said way too much to Russell...Jeff admits (jealousy) that another reason he was mad too was because Jordan was up in the HOH talking with Russell and Natalie couldn't wait to tell Jeff that Jordan was up there and he was laying in bed thinking about it getting more paranoid...Jeff touches Jordan's chin...

Jordan says she went up there because she was bored....Jeff says when Jordan trusts someone she tells them everything...Jordan says she didn't and explains what they were talking about up there.

Jeff says Russell is acting weird towards him, he thinks the others have talked to him...Jeff says that Russell said when Jeff is HOH he will think that Jordan is stabbing him in the back, that is how crazy it gets...Jeff says he told Russell the past is the past...Jeff feels the others could do whatever and they (J&J) will still go up...Jordan says they know they're like this (crosses her fingers)...since day one. 😊

Jeff gets pissed again and Jordan says he needs to control his anger...Jeff says he's freaking out, he keeps biting his nails...he says people are always creeping around, he needs a break from this shit...more game talk...

Jordan talks about a final 3 scenario and Jordan says he better pick her or she will hit him...Jeff pinches her cheek and touches her chin, he says not to worry about it, let's get there first. Jeff says he would pick Jordan for sure...Jordan says over anybody? Jeff says over anybody...Jordan says you better...Jeff says "I don't forget, believe me, I don't" 😊

Jordan brings up the Drew/Diane/Cowboy scenario and Jeff says it happened one time, one season, relax...Jordan says "just don't be paranoid"...Jeff says how can he not...they touch arms and get quiet...Jeff says he has nothing to say to Jessie...Jeff jokes around about blowing this place up, they laugh, flying a plane and dropping a bomb on them...they laugh to diffuse the tension...Jeff says he wanted to cook with no one around but they were right there being nosy and he wanted to take the fry pan and hit them LOL

Jeff says he's at his boiling point with these people...Jordan laughs at how Jeff is...Jeff says they're such scumbags, another reason he was pissed today...Jordan says what did I do?...Jeff says because Jordan goes and cleans everyone's fu**ing shit, he feels like throwing it in the middle of the floor and saying that's your shit, every day she (Lydia) does that, every 3 in the morning she does that...don't clean their shit, Jessie & Lydia never wash shit, they throw stuff on the floor and just leave it 🤬

Jordan tries to make a joke saying "here comes the lions" but Jeff isn't laughing...he sighs and they get quiet for a few minutes...

Jordan sits up...Jeff sighs again and says he's so aggravated with everybody...Jordan says she is more agitated because all the people they used to talk with are gone...Jeff says and when she's gone (out of sight) he's like wtf is going on? he laughs. Jeff says he doesn't trust Jordan...Jordan says whatever, she's trying to get him (Russell) a vote...she wore those glasses up there (jokingly implying she was being sexy flirting with Russell) she laughs.

Jeff looks at Jordan and Jordan looks at Jeff, she now says "don't give me that look"...Jordan takes off Jeff's hat and he says she looks good with the hat...Jordan says thanks and moves over to lay next to Jeff :) she puts her head on his arm/shoulder and says he smells good, she says she's working out tonight, she pats and grabs Jeff's belly...Jeff says he should work out tonight.

Jordan rubs Jeff's arm, looks up at him and says don't be mad...Jeff says he's not...Jordan says she can't believe he thinks she would (go against him)...Jeff says he knows she wouldn't...Jeff says "I am just getting short with everybody, I don't mean to be short with you, I'm sorry" 🥹

Jeff says that it's just that when she cleans their shit it boils his blood...Jordan says she's a neat freak...Jeff says they're making him sick and he can't talk to them so he takes it out on Jordan, ykwim?...Jeff says "I don't mean to, I said I'm sorry" (sweet!)

Jeff says do you ever have one of those days you want to be left alone?...Jordan says that was her the other night...Jeff says that is him today, he doesn't mean her but he doesn't even want to see anyone...Jordan asks if he feels too old for this?...Jeff says they act like they're 10, he goes on to say that he hates they way they disobey authority in the house and think they're cool doing it, they are on a show, do what they say, if not, leave...(Chima anyone? lol)...Jordan says Jeff is flaring his nostril...Jeff says it's because he wants to say it (to them) so bad...feeds switch out…

 Groundhog Day in the GR - Part 1 


This is the first part of the convo where IMO Jeff was frustrated with the whole game hence his paranoia the whole day but moreso with Jordan and her mixed signals, her hanging out with Russell still bothered him, her always saying she and Jeff were "BFF" and to top it off her saying that she would fix up Jeff with one of her friends from back home...Jeff wanted Jordan (duh!) and was frustrated she wouldn't just admit she wanted him too in more than a BFF way ;) even if it was suddle, he just wanted something! I think Jeff was really trying to figure her out here...Ahh the games people play…

Jordan has been working out, she joins Jeff who is laying in the GR...feeds switch to Jordan saying that she is swearing off cookie dough tonight, if she wants something it's going to be fruit. Jeff says "we'll see"...Jordan says she's serious...Jeff says he hopes so, for her, but she can do what she wants to do. Jordan snaps her fingers, Jeff yawns and says he's so bored and out of it today that he doesn't want to be around nobody...Jordan says she can tell and then asks "do you want me to leave you alone?"...Jeff says "no, I like you" :) ...

Jordan says well thanks, she appreciates it...Jeff says for her not to be a smartass otherwise she is banned too...Jordan says "yeah right, you wouldn't ban me, I'm your BFF" Jordan leans back to face Jeff, Jeff tsks and says "no you're not"...Jordan says "yes I am"...Jeff looks at her and Jordan says "what are you looking at?"...Jeff says nothing...Jordan says "I am your only BFF"...Jeff says "only? in here got me"...

Jordan asks if Jeff was crying?...Jeff mmm, hmm's...Jordan says "were you?"...Jeff says no, why?...Jordan says his eyes are red...Jeff says right here right? and he looks in the mirror...Jordan asks if he's getting pink eye?...Jeff says no but if it keeps up he has to change his contacts, he noticed it earlier today...Jordan says not good...Jeff says sometimes his contacts give his eyes trouble...Jeff says they get dirty...Jordan says "real dirty?" and moves over to lay down next to Jeff...Jeff says "real dirty? was that just a question because you weren't listening and just wanted to talk?"...Jordan giggles and says "I'm listening"...

Jeff, who seems frustrated with Jordan's standoffishness, sighs and says "yeah they get real dirty"...Jordan asks if she has any makeup smeared in her eye and cleans it out...Jeff says there isn't...Jordan says she is smelly...Jeff smells her & makes a face, lol…

Jordan says not to smell her...Jeff mumbles she doesn't smell bad...Jordan taps Jeff and says nap time...Jeff sarcastically says "nap time BFF"...Jordan says she wakes Jeff up all the time when he's sleeping, she giggles...Jeff says usually yes but right now he was just zoning out...

Jeff asks if she got a good workout?...Jordan says she did, she had to burn off the 2 pieces of pizza, sandwich, salad and chips and salsa and the jelly thing...Jeff wants a piece of pizza later, he's fat today, he throws in the towel...Jordan says that's fine...Jeff says he needed a "Jeff day"...Jordan says Jeff's eyes are watering, he looks like he is crying, it looks sad because he has water there and his eyes are pink...Jeff wipes the tear away.

Jordan says he should go out there and pretend he's crying...Jeff says about what? boredom?...Jeff says they should transfer him to a new BB house, he's putting in his transfer papers, these people are fu**ed...Jordan says Jeff's eyes are watering again...Jeff says he keeps yawning!...Jordan says excuse me!...Jeff gives her a look and says "don't look at my face"...Jordan opens her eyes wide and says it sounds like something she would say...they look at each other...

Jeff smiles and says what's with you?...Jordan says "nothing why?"...Jeff says "you can beat it"...they giggle...Jordan imitates Jeff...Jeff says "go with your new friends, get outta here"...

Jeff smiles and Jordan makes a confused face...Jeff says he's joking...they look at each other again and knowingly smile...

One of my favorite banter moments btw Jeff & Jordan 😄

Jordan says "did you ever have braces? I forget if I asked you?"...Jeff says "what do you think?"...Jordan smiles and says "yeah, cuz your teeth are straight"...Jeff says "you asked me 10 times by the way"...Jordan giggles...Jeff says "I'll chalk it up again, you wanna ask my last name? what's my last name?" At the same time Jeff & Jordan both say "Schaffer"...HA!

Jordan says "no Schroeder" Jeff says "what else, you ask me every day?" Jordan laughs...Jeff says "there's a couple of other things, when you say it I'll be like yeah, you asked me that like 50 times"...Jordan says "you get mad?"

Jeff says "no, it's like I'm in Groundhog day, same shit...what happened? Jeff's a fu**ing asshole, that's great, do you have braces? Yes, is your last name Schaffer? No, is someone talking out there? Yeah, I gotta take a shit, that's it and then you clean everyone's dishes and we go to sleep wake up, did you have braces?" Jeff laughs 🤣

Jeff scratches his arm and Jordan says that's a deep scratch...Jeff says why is she judging everything he does over here...Jordan says she's not...

Groundhog Day in the GR - Part 2


This is the 2nd part of the convo where IMO Jeff was frustrated with the whole game hence his paranoia the whole day but moreso with Jordan and her mixed signals, her always saying she and Jeff were "BFF" and to top it off her saying that she would fix up Jeff with one of her friends from back home...Jeff wanted Jordan (duh!) and was frustrated she wouldn't just admit she wanted him too in more than a BFF way ;) even if it was suddle, he just wanted some something! I think Jeff was really trying to figure her out here...Ahh the games people play...

Jeff has just rattled off his Groundhog day spiel...then Jeff says wouldn't Jordan just like to take 2 days off with her friends and then come back? Jordan mmm, hmm's...Jeff says "or your family or something"...Jordan says if they let you go on vacay somewhere?...Jeff says he would just go home for 2 days, not even 2 days, just for a day...Jordan asks how long Jeff's plane flight is? Jeff says 4 hours...Jordan's says hers is 5 hours...Jeff says she's a little further east than he is (with a southern accent) Charlotte, Charlotte...

Jeff turns to Jordan with a smile on his face and says "so you gonna hook me up with your friends when I come?"...Jordan says "mmm, hmm, do you want to?"...Jeff says "you're so stupid! why you talk like that?"...Jordan says "what!?"...Jeff tsks and says "you're such an idiot"...Jordan slyly says "why?"...Jeff says "you just say dumb shit sometimes"...

Jordan is offended...Jeff says "ahh what? we're going to find you a nice brown girl, I'm like you're such a dork in front of everybody you talk like that"<--(I KNEW that was bothering him because it made him look like, to the other houseguests, that he was using Jordan's feelings for game) ...Jordan says "you said you want one"...Jeff says "is that what I said?"...Jordan says "well you like brown, brown-haired girls"...Jordan smiles, Jeff looks at her and smiles and says "you're such a loser"...Jordan laughs and says "give me a hug"...Jeff laughs and says "get outta here, you're such a dork".

Jordan lifts Jeff's arm up to prepare for the hug and says "come on"...Jeff laughs and says "won't your friend get jealous the one you're hooking me up with?" TOUCHÉ!! They laugh and Jordan says come on again...Jeff just looks at her while she pleads in her cartoon voice "please, please"...Jeff says he hates when she gets like this because she's about 3 seconds away from the dumb voice and now that he said it, she's going to use it, don't...Jordan says she won't, she just wants a hug...Jeff finally hugs her, Jordan says "aww you really love me" LOL...Jordan squeezes Jeff's butt 🍑

and Jeff smells her...Jordan says to not smell her...Jeff says does he smell?

Jordan says her head is always in his armpit...they laugh...Jeff says always, she loves it in there ☺️...Cute moment when Jordan pats Jeff's arm then puts her hand on his tummy, Jeff looks at her and smiles and she blushes...

...Jordan puts her head in Jeff's arm and giggles...Jeff says she's such a goofball...Jordan sits up and says "oh geez"...Jeff says "oh geez what?" Jordan says nothing...Jeff says that is her favorite, what else does she got sista?...Jordan says Jeff always says that and then she goes over Jeff's hand gestures & what he does when he's mad...Jeff cracks up, Jordan is about to do something else he does but the feeds cut out...they return with Jordan giggling about how Jeff says stuff...Jeff says Jordan talks funny too...Jordan disagrees...Jeff says "Johrrdan"...Jordan says that is her brother...Jeff says he loves it, he wished Jordan talked like that "Johrrdan"...

Jeff asks if Jordan's brother would like him? Jordan says yes, he would say "he's Gucci"...Jeff says "your brother says Gucci?"...Jordan explains that her brother started it with a friend of hers...Jeff just smiles and shakes his heads, says "that's crazy...Johrrdan"...

Jordan sits herself against the wall with Jeff's legs over her...Jeff says "will you scratch me?"...Jordan agrees to but Jeff says he wanted his back but it's too much of a project and it will last for 30 seconds...Jordan says after she showers she will...Jordan jokingly says "listen, I'm getting sick and tired of your lip"...Jeff holding his tongue says "you know where to go"...Jordan says "where?"...Jeff points "outta here"...feeds cut out again and return a couple of mins later...

Jeff & Jordan are talking about a movie and then Jordan asks Jeff if he was really mad at her for saying she would set him up with a brown haired girl...Jeff says he doesn't get mad but she says it front of everybody and he's like, what an idiot, is he supposed to say something or let it go or what is he gonna do?...

Jordan says she told him she would though...Jeff says alright but he hates it when people (pretend that they are not into someone lol)...ok fine, let's do that, I'll come down and you hook me up with one of your friends...Jordan says ok...Jeff says "and it won't be awkward at all, you'll be like that's cool and I'll be like 'later'"...Jordan shrugs and says "we're BFF"...Jeff says "you're such a loser"...Jordan says "we're BFF!"...Jeff in all seriousness says "that's fine, you still want me hooking up with one of your friends?"...Jordan says "if you want to that's your decision"...Jeff says "no, that's your decision apparently"...Jordan asks why it's her decision?...Jeff says "because I hate when people say stupid things like that" 😩

Jordan pops one of the bubble wrap things on the wall and says sorry...Jeff tells BB to give her one (a warning) out loud..."Jordan, please stop hooking Jeff up with your friends" they laugh...Jeff brings it up again and says "no, I didn't get mad, it's just stupid"...Jordan says "why?"...Jeff takes a breath and Michele interrupts them, she leaves...Jeff starts tapping his teeth...Jordan asks if she misses anyone from home? 🤨 Jordan says she misses her girlfriends and her family, that's it, some girls from work, how about him?...Jeff says meh, yeah, he's not missing anything in particular, it's the same shit at home too...

Jordan says she wants to go to school after this but at the same time she wants to get up and move because there's nothing there for her holding her back...Jeff says he's down for a change too...Jordan says it's the same thing all the time...Jeff says things will be a little different, one of his buddies is having a baby real soon, if they make it one more week, they will be there a long time but you never know with Mr. Wizard. Jordan laughs and the feeds switch out...

A couple of minutes later feeds go back to the GR...J&J are quiet and then Jordan asks if Jeff wants to go outside? Jeff says no...he then says that he predicts he'll hear the word tweeted 10 more times...Jordan doesn't understand...Jeff says he just has a feeling he'll say it 100 times (Russell tweeting as HOH)...Jordan mentions Jeff's funny second toe and Jeff says he fell in a sewer and messed it up...Jordan says shut up LOL

Jordan wants to go outside, Jeff doesn't but says for her to go for it...Jordan says no, she'll be by herself...they giggle...Jordan says she needs somebody to talk to, she can't just be there alone without someone...Jeff says his legs are never going to be the same, he still has a numb feeling there...Jordan says it will go away...Jeff says when?...Jordan says in two more days...Jeff says they're so fu**ed up, they feel so weird, feels like a piece of meat gone bad, speaking of bad meat his stomach is doing the cucaracha 🇲🇽...Jordan asks Jeff to move his leg please...Jordan says she's going outside...Jeff says "go outside, I told you Jordan"...Jordan pinches Jeff's face and says bye...feeds cut out...

Positiveville hammock talk


I love this chat because it is right after the tension regarding Jeff’s frustration with Jordan always saying they’re BFF & clearly Jeff wanting more than that or just a sign from her but she wouldn’t admit her feelings so Jeff is like, I’ll tell/show you and it worked! 💋💋

Feeds switch to J&J who are swinging in the hammock...Jeff says everyone is getting on his nerves...Jordan says everyone is paired off in twos...Jordan thinks Kevin is the wizard...Jeff wonders who he would put up...Jordan thinks one of "them", not J&J but you never know...Jeff says "no shit"...Jeff says he hates going into the DR because they ask him all sorts of questions about the wizard making him look like an asshole...Jeff gets called out by BB...they laugh and Jordan says you can't win ok?

Jordan says they could still get the power tonight...Jeff says he needs to be the wizard ;) ...Jordan says she was campaigning (in the DR) saying that her or Jeff need to be the wizard or they're going home...they laugh...Jordan says she said "America, make the right choice"...Jeff says what if somebody has it and he was saying the same thing "vote for Jeff!" and they're like "hey stupid, it's already done" 😅

Jeff says they should have a stupid button for when they want to say "hey stupid, that doesn't make any sense". Jordan asks if Jeff thinks somebody already knows? Jeff says no. Jeff gets creeped out by a bug on him, they laugh about it being bug central around there...Jeff say he feels like a dead body...Jordan keeps giggling and Jeff just looks over at her and smiles.

Jordan says she's hungry...Jeff says he's not, he shoved two slices of pizza down his face...Jordan gets creeped out by a bug this time...Jeff says see, you get the heebiejeebies...Jordan sits up swearing she something fly in between them...she lays back down while Jeff whispers something about Ronnie...Jordan says "rat bastard"...Jeff says "you son of a bitch"...Jordan laughs.

Jordan still wants to eat something...Jeff says pizza...Jordan says no, nothing major, she worked out...Jeff says misery loves company, he wants her to be gross like him...Jordan giggles and says she eats cookie dough all the time...Jeff says he's going to have some...Jordan asks "are you?"...Jeff says no, he wouldn't do that to her even though he's pissed and can do whatever he wants...Jordan says well then eat it.

Jeff says "no, I've just got to get all my negative energy out, what time is it? yeah, I'm like ending in an hour"...Jordan points out Jeff is hand gesturing :) Jeff says with a hand gesture "relax with the stones for a day ok?"...Jordan asks where Jeff got "stones" from?...Jeff doesn't know, he's about to say something mean but refrains and they laugh, Jeff says he told her he needs to get rid of the negative energy...Jordan says "get rid of all of it".

Jeff says "I'm gonna, I need to get on the positive train...I'm on a one way ticket to negative town......I need to get off this train"🚂

Jeff says he just needs one day like this, he just wants to be left alone...Jordan says she doesn't know why it bothers her more now, maybe because they used to sit outside & laugh (w/ Casey)...Jeff says maybe for real, now he's always thinking, all the fun people are gone.

Lydia gets called to the DR and Jordan says maybe this is when they find out (about the wizard)...Jeff says "it's over, I lost, I lost, it hurts and I'm getting it out of my system"...Jordan asks how he knows...Jeff says "because if I win, it's awesome but I lost so I want to get it out of my system and I'm getting off the train to negative town and I'm going to positiveville :) ...for real, I'm done having my pity party...maybe like a half hour more" 😂 Jordan says "wow"...Jeff asks if she ever gets in a funk? Jordan says she was like that today...Jeff says he was too.

Mango/Kiwi/You’re so pretty


They talk about someone busting the sliding door one day, they talk about Ronnie...Jordan wonders if he's that deceiving at home?...Jeff just thinks he's a fu**ing dork, he hates him and doesn't even want to talk about him, he caused so much fu**ing trouble in there, he never said anything bad about him...Jordan asks if Chima is really depressed about Russell?...Jeff doesn't know, that's the word around town...Jordan says Russell must have said something to her for her to be like that...Jeff says she seems like she doesn't care about guys...Jordan says obviously she does, she then talks about how Chima is so finicky about her laundry and how everyone in there is so picky about everything...Jeff says it's just something to complain about...Jeff says he has a headache from being negative.

Jordan, as she is fond of, changes the subject ;) and says "I kind of want to make a fruit salad"...Jeff whispers he doesn't know what he wants...Jordan says "to eat?"...Jeff says he already ate ice cream or he'd eat it again...Jeff says he could go for a mango...Jordan says "ahh, I was thinking the same thing and an orange and a banana"...Jeff says "c'mon"...Jordan says "dead serious, swear to God"...Jeff says "a mango you were thinking of?"...Jordan says "the green thing?"...Jeff says "yeah"...Jordan says "yeah"...Jeff says "wow"...

Jordan says she was thinking the green thing but she didn't know if she should eat it because of her teeth...Jeff says "um, mango? no, that's a kiwi, the thing over here?"...Jordan says "the green thing with the black seeds"...Jeff says "that's a kiwi"...Jordan says "oh, I was thinking kiwi, not a mango"

Jeff says "Jesus, man"...Jeff wipes his eye and Jordan says "aww, why are you crying?"...(she's kidding)...Jeff says "because you don't know what a kiwi is"...Jordan says "yes I do"...Jeff says "you don't know what a mango is"...Jordan says "yes I do"...Jeff says "what is it?"

Jordan with the cutest face says "a kiwi is green"...Jeff says "you know what a kiwi is, what's a mango?"...Jordan says "it's the one I thought was a peach...right?"...

Jordan says "I don't know" and she bends her head down into Jeff's chest saying "I do know what a mango is!"

Jeff out of the blue says "you're so pretty" ♥♥

Jeff starts giggling...Jordan sits up and gives him a look...Jeff says "what? why are you giving me that face?"...Jordan says "why are you laughing?"...Jeff says he was complimenting her...Jordan says "thank you"...Jeff totally cracks up...

Jordan asks again why he is laughing?...Jeff says he's not laughing at her but with her.

Jeff says "Jordan, you're the best" :) Jordan says thanks, really?...Jeff says "in here"...they laugh…

Jeff says "no you're the best Jordan, you get me out of my...poopy pants"...Jordan says "well that's good to know"...Jeff says "you make me laugh...with your world knowledge"...Jordan whispers "shut up, don't announce that"...

We’re winning this bitch!


Jordan tells Jeff not to look at her unshaven (legs)...Jeff says "your fish scales?"...Jordan laughs...Jeff asks what kind of fish is that?...Jordan says "catfish" :)

Jeff laughs...Jordan says "it's good catfish"...Jeff says "oh yeah? wanna filet that thing?"...Jordan says she likes hers butterflied.

Jeff yawns and says "ohhh, Jordan"...Jordan says if Jeff goes out before her, she'll be bored there for a week and then she'll just see him the next week...Jeff says "I thought we were getting off the train to negative town? why would you say I'm leaving?"

Jordan says that he just said they were on the train to negative town so she's going to be positive, she says "we're winning this bitch!"...they laugh...Jeff says "there you go"....Jordan says she really thinks they could...Jeff asks why would she think he would go first? Jordan says because he's a guy, more competitive & he's won a POV whereas they think she sucks at competitions.

Jeff says "I'll be fu**ing pissed if you stay longer than me" 🤭😄 Jordan says "why!?"...Jeff says whaddya mean why? what the f**k!?...Jordan says "why would you get mad? just because I'm more likeable?"...Jeff says "more likeable? what am I supposed to do? carry you this far and drop you and throw you on someone else's back?"...Jordan says "I'm not a deadweight backpack!"...Jeff says "no you help, that was a low blow, you do help, I'm not kidding".

Jordan says "how do I help?"...Jeff tells her that she is friendly with everyone and gets information from them which she tells him and that helps him and she helps him because without her he would choke 16 people already in here...Jordan doesn't get it, she wants to know how she helps him in the game...Jordan points out she is hot & sweating,


Jeff asks her what she wants to know?...Jordan loses her train of thought and says she does suck at competitions right? Jeff doesn't disagree & Jordan gets a chuckle out of the fact he says yes...Jeff says that a lot of people haven't won shit in there so for her not to get down on herself, she hung on plenty on the grad comp, he's proud of her...Jordan says thanks...Jeff says she hung on a lot longer than some other people...Jordan explains she thinks she could have held on a lot longer if she had been wearing the proper clothes, she would have been more prepared if she hadn't been on the block...they talk about the comp some more.

Jordan thinks they really could win if they only get 2 or 3 more people out of the way...Jeff says they just have to stay positive, things are in line for real, he's getting out of negative town...Jordan says for Jeff to pep her up...Jeff says things for the first week are going their way, they haven't yet, Russell might go with them now, Michele seems to be on their side, it's a strong four...Jordan thinks Kevin is with them...Jeff says he doesn't give a f**k if Lydia stays or goes because she fu**ed him week one and he doesn't forget that, she's so emotional back & forth, she walks around pouting like the first week and she wants Jeff to comfort her, f**k her, like he hugged her the first time and he got stabbed right in the back, yeah please...

Jordan says "right"...Jeff says he'll tell her to her face...Jordan says she's just hot & cold...Jeff says he doesn't forget, remember how bad that was? he didn't do one thing, all week he was throwing stones...Jordan says to not worry about it, she's just being nice to stay...they start talking more game saying that Jessie needs to get out first and then go over the order of who needs to go...Jeff says next week is so important, if he gets HOH he'll make a move and it will be make or break. (little did he know he would get the wizard!)

Jeff says he'll put Jessie & Natalie up together, if they love each other so much, why don't they save each other...Jeff says he has to win HOH...he hopes it's not majority rules...Jeff says he hopes Jordan wins...Jordan says "God, I know! it's about freaking time"...

I be loving my mama/ Dream of Jeannie


J&J finish up game talk with Jeff saying he wants to Jordan to win HOH...

Jeff says then he can see "Johrrrdan"...Peyton...Jordan says her mom & her sister, her dad...Jeff says he wants to for real see them...Jordan says her brother has dark hair, olive skin and is really hairy, he's so funny, he's got a goatee...Jeff says a goatee? he's totally not picturing him right now at all...

Jordan says he used to have a beard, he looks too young with no facial hair, looks good with a goatee...Jeff asks how tall he is?...Jordan says 6 feet, 5'11", he's bigger, he's put on a lot of weight, he likes to eat like her, he does landscaping, he doesn't work out, he chugs beers...Jeff says he loves it?...Jordan mmm, hmm's and says he gets on her nerves when he drinks, he's annoying, he laughs too loud and says "I'm crunk!"...Jeff says "ahhh, that's why you don't like it" (the word crunk)...Jordan doesn't deny it , she says he's annoying and will call everybody in his phone, he'll even call Jordan's friends...Jeff says that's awesome, he does that too when he's drunk.

Jordan explains how Peyton looked all dirty and scruffy after work the day they came to film her (for BB) and then she goes on to talk about how her sister is, a drama queen...Jeff says that Jordan tells him everyday she's all "how you doing?" with her nails and her cigarettes...Jeff giggles...Jordan says when you meet somebody's family some families will make you feel weird and some will make you feel comfy, in her family if they're all out and you take a date they will be all like "hey!" and chat them up, so they feel comfortable, it's not awkward and silent.

Jordan then says she went out with a guy who's mom wanted to be called by her last name and she felt weird saying that, she never calls people by their last name...Jeff says really? where he grew up everyone does that, it's proper to say that the first time you meet someone's parents...Jordan disagrees...Jordan says with this one guy she was telling his mom the whole story about getting her boobs done ...Jeff say y'all are weird in the South LOL

Jordan says her family is nice & fun, her mom is Chima's size, she's always smiling and laughing...Jeff says "win HOH and I'll see a picture"...Jordan says "I be loving my mama" 🥰

Jordan tells Jeff they call each other Beezay...Jeff asks what the hell is Beezay? LOL!! Jordan says it's just a name they call each other, they got it from That's so Raven on the Disney channel. Jeff says she is funny. Jordan asks Jeff how old his parents are? Jeff says in their 60"s...Jordan says they're more like her grandparent's age...Jeff says he is older (than her)...Jordan says her aunt is 39...Jeff says yeah...Jordan says her mom is 49...Jeff says well he's almost 10 years older than her, so in ten years Jordan's mom will be almost his parent's age...Jordan asks how many years older is her mom than Jeff? Jeff says 18...Jordan says it's weird to think she was 18 when he was born, she got married when she was 19, in '79 she was 19, Jeff says he was born in '78...Jordan counts and says Jeff was 8 years old when she was born, whoa! Jeff says he was robbing grocery stores.

Jordan says Jeff was an 80's child, does he remember it? Jeff says not really...Jordan goes on to talk about how she has clear memories of things from when she was 2 or 3, things like ordering McDonald's in the drive thru and being a witch one year for Hallowe'en and she hated it and how she wanted to have a cooler costume. Jordan says she was a genie one year, she starts humming the I Dream of Jeannie song...

They start talking about who is in the DR and then Jordan as per usual changes the subject to food 😋...she wants PB&J and wonders if it's bad to eat now? Jeff says kinda but he'll eat one too with a glass of milk and the crusts cut off...Jordan asks about cookies and milk then wonders about PB with apples...Jeff says she will be alright...they banter about the PB & apples vs the PB&J and Jordan talking all loud...cute...Jordan wants to finish off the chicken parm...what about cottage cheese? LOL...Jeff says whatever she eats past 9 will be bad but eat it and ride the negative train and then tomorrow start again.

Jeff has an eyelash in his eye, Jordan helps him find it...Jessie comes out and talks to them briefly then he leaves...back to the eye...Jordan says Jeff looks like an alligator, lol...Jordan wants to go eat...Jeff says hold on, carry me there...Jordan says he's too big...Jeff says no, he lost weight...Jeff starts humming the I Dream of Jeannie song and says Jordan would look cute in that costume with her hair all up...Jordan says she was 5...Jeff means she would look cute now, sicky (lol), with a belly shirt...

Jordan blushes & hides her head...Jeff says "what? you get all embarrassed when I talk about you like that"...Jordan says "yessss"...Jeff says "why?"...Jordan lifts her head up, is 5 shades of RED and says "cuz! I'm not used to it"...Jeff says "why?"...Jordan says "cuz....what??"...Jeff says she's smiling weird at him like he's being creepy...Jordan says "no, I'm just not used to it"...Jeff giggles...

Jordan hums the Jeannie song again and laughs...Jeff says he's going to be thinking about it all night, go get her genie costume...Jeff purrs...he asks her if she has one of those LOL

Jordan says she wonders if casting knew they would get along so well...Jeff asks if she thinks they knew that...Jordan says their personalities are the same, they get along so well, Jeff is like a boy version of her ;) ...Jeff says that's scary...Jordan says just throw on a blond wig...Jeff says except he knows what a mango is, he's sure she's eaten a mango before, he describes what a mango is like and how it's super delicious, it's exotic...Jordan isn't sure she's had it...

Jordan brings it back to wanting soup, lol...Jeff wants his vegetable beef...Jordan says it would be better for them...Jeff is over the PB&J now but it still sounds good, maybe he'll eat the coke pop...Jordan wants the chicken parm or the soup, with dipped crackers...Jeff remembers the first week she was doing that and she offered him some saying "try these"...Jordan says that was when Laura was eating the chick pea stuff, hummous...

Jeff says he had hummous for the first time yesterday since Laura left...Jordan says she likes cottage cheese...Jeff says "you like sticking your toe in my butt?" 😅..Jordan says "my bad" and back to the food talk and suddenly the feeds switch...

Jordan LOLOL/Jeff wants his car keys


This is probably my favorite Jordan moment in the house with a couple of classic Jeff one liners that I love right after that.

The house is going crazy. Ronnie has just had his fight with Kevin (chestbump!) in the bathroom and is now whining and crying to Chima in the RR. Jordan is in the LR with Kevin and Michele & Natalie who are arguing over Ronnie. Jordan overhears Ronnie saying that BB is reviewing the tapes, that's why they called him in the DR, to talk about it, he says "nothing has hurt my fu**ing feelings until that! I wanna fu**ing rewind and roll that goddamn beautiful fu**ing bean footage" 🤣

Jordan loses it...she laughs out loud. It's a beautiful thing.

(Can’t find the gif 😩 )

Jeff who is wandering around taking in the craziness comes into the LR, from the RR where he has just witnessed Ronnie whining to Chima...Jordan looks back at him & loses it again cracking up laughing.

After pissy Michele storms off towards the kitchen, Jeff says "is there an exit? how do I get outta here?"..."someone get me my car keys...I want out" 😂🤣😂🤣

Michele says they should make a hot air balloon out of toga sheets. Jeff says there's no where to go, everyone is fighting...Jeff jokingly challenges Kevin, he says "let's go Kevin, you gotta get in my face and then go okay"...Jeff laughs and says that was the best...Michele comes back into the LR and hears Natalie talking about her in the RR so she goes in there to confront her. More arguing in there, Kevin goes in that room as well.

Jordan and Jeff stay back...Jeff starts walking towards the kitchen and Jordan goes to him, they stop halfway to talk...meanwhile Kevin starts in on Ronnie telling him repeatedly to STFU!! It's hard to hear what J&J are saying because Kevin is yelling so loudly but Jordan asks if Jeff wants to go outside? Jeff says no, he wants to hear this, he tells Jordan to not say something, basically to not get involved...Jordan says she wants to tell Jeff something, she motions to walk towards the kitchen but Jeff walks back towards the RR...Jordan says something about Russell & Chima...Jeff says he knows but to not worry about that, they'll talk later about it...Jordan says she told Chima something...Jeff says she shouldn't have (because things get twisted)...Jordan says to not yell at her...Jeff says he's not yelling.

Michele comes out from the RR and is her awkward self, J&J quiet down not wanting to talk in front of her...Jordan walks to the kitchen while Michele wants to hug Jeff for them both being racists now (because they supported Braden), she hugs him...Jeff says they shouldn't give too many hugs because of what will be said...Jeff walks towards the kitchen again calling out "Jordan!"...Jordan turns and says "what?"...Jeff says he was just trying to talk to her quick...Michele, who of course always thought Jeff was about her thinks Jeff is talking to her not Jordan and says she's fine and mumbles something else...Jordan says "stay out of it" and feeds cut out...

What if Jeff and Jordan kiss...will you smile?


The feeds have been off for a bit, BB has given them a warning (because of the fighting) and is now calling the some of the HG's into the DR one by one. There is still tension in the air, most of the HG's are in the LR...Chima is being her bitter self towards Russell, Ronnie is trying to be realistic about his fate, Russell is far away in the kitchen, Jeff is wandering around trying to stay out of it, Jordan is sitting on the LR couch being her cute self and taking it all in. :)

Kevin comes out of the DR and Ronnie goes in, they must stay 3 feet away from each other. Natalie goes off on a mini rant about how she fought with Michele because she can talk to whoever the f**k she wants to talk to (Ronnie). Kevin says that Ronnie has the gift of gab and they need to stop him from talking because he'll sway them.

Jordan says she wishes she was the wizard. :) Natalie is slopping around with Jessie's huge slippers, she walks back into the LR with a smirk on her face...Chima says she's not in the smiling mood...Natalie says she has got to make Chima smile somehow.

Natalie says "what if Jeff & Jordan kiss...will you smile?" Chima says nuh uh...Jordan and Chima giggle and Jeff says "don't bring me into it" LOL

Chima complains that Jessie is once again hiding, Natalie says he has a stomach ache...Chima says yeah, whatever...Jeff laughs and gets up saying that he's going to take a piss, a fu**ing piranha's gonna probably bite his's the twist 🤪

Natalie’s opinion about the Wizard is correct


The HG's continue talking about the fights and how it was all on Showtime...Natalie asks if they cut the curse words on Showtime? They think not, it's cable...Chima wishes that it was Russell that was going home on Thursday (not Ronnie)...Chima tells Michele that what she said about Russell wasn't a lie (about him having penile dysfunction) even though her actually saying it was a lie...Chima continues bitching and Kevin says he hopes once they go to jury house everything will be squashed, that's why he wants Ronnie gone. Chima says he's leaving...Chima says if she gets the wizard power Russell is leaving.

Natalie says whoever has the wizard power has it already (wrong!) and it's Jeff (right!)...Michele being the brilliant thinker she is says "not Jeff, why would you think it's Jeff, you keep saying it's Jeff"...Natalie says she thinks it's Jeff, she has her opinion about who it is and her opinion is it's Jeff (smart girl)...Kevin says there's a group of people it could be...Natalie says "I think it's either Jeff or Jordan, they're America's sweethearts, that's how America would vote in my opinion"...Jordan swears she doesn't have it...Chima says she would have voted for Jordan :) Jordan says thanks...Michele again, ever the smart one, says why can't Natalie be America's sweetheart, she would have voted for Natalie because she's cute, the youngest.

Natalie says do you see Jordan fighting with anyone?...Michele says Jordan had a fight...Natalie says it was a long time ago...Jordan says it seems like forever ago when Braden was here...Natalie says it seems like 4 months ago...Jordan says but it was 3 weeks ago...Chima says it seems like a long time ago.

Natalie says at the wrap party they will all be best friends having a couple of drinks...the others say "no, we're not"...Kevin says he's going to try...Chima says she won't pretend to be friends (with Russell)...Kevin says they can be cordial though...Ronnie comes out of the DR telling the others that BB told him they were going to call all of them in, all bets are off...feeds cut out...

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