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Day 24 of BB11 Feeds

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

August 2

JeJo whispers, poots & giggles


A few minutes of Jeff & Jordan whispering, discussing the wizard and who might get it. Jordan fears Jessie might get it because he was on last year, Jeff doesn't think so saying that nobody liked him last year so why would they vote for him this year. They say it would be so unfair if they were to be evicted at the wizard's hands. ;) Right before the feeds go to fish Jeff & Jordan both cross their fingers on each hand and look up to the camera, they start giggling and Jeff says "we're such dorks" 😋

When the feeds return Jordan is saying she misses Casey, she keeps picturing him in the banana suit now, Jordan says he was so funny, she thinks back to when he was holding the watering can and was singing, she giggles...Jeff says that was the best performance...Jordan sings "man in a banana suit"...Jeff says he was so sad, lol...then they go over some of the conversation they had with Casey that one night in the SS room when they talked about relationships...

Jeff wonders how pissed he was when he found out he left his smokes in the house...Jordan says he was probably so pissed...Jeff agrees saying it must have made him even more pissed and he probably made his handler so buy him some.

Jordan didn't think she would get too close to Casey because he was older but she did...Jeff says he was young at heart...Jordan says definitely, she'd like to see him DJ one night...Jeff says me too, Casey told him to come out to Tampa, Jeff wants to go there.

Jordan says she has to poot...Jeff says "f**k it, go for it"...Jordan laughs...Jeff says direct it that way...Jordan says "you wanna hear it?"...Jeff cracks up! He says now she's building it up...Jordan asks again and they laugh...Jeff says "oh boy"...they giggle and wait............Jeff says "I don't know if I wanna hear it now"...Jordan says "pull my finger"...Jeff looks at Jordan and they giggle, she tells him again...Jeff pulls it but only laughs from Jordan...Jordan says "it's there"...Jeff says now it's getting (weird) but they giggle...Jeff says "oh f**k".

Jordan keeps giggling saying those are the silent ones...Jeff says those are the smelliest...Jordan says "that's going to be a stinky one"...Jeff says to give him a heads up...Jordan tells how the other night her poots were leading to "rottenness" in the comforter...Jeff asks if she kept pooting...Jordan says yeah...Jeff asks if she sprayed...Jordan says no...Jeff says "so you just indulged in it" LOL

Jordan announces she has to poot again and says hang on, this one might be better...Jordan laughs...Jeff just shakes his head and giggles...Jeff says "you're fu**ed"...Jordan says they should have farting contests...Jeff says he's been gassy the last 2 days too...Jordan says if Jeff doesn't hate it when you can't fart around somebody...Jeff says it's the worst, you get stomach aches...feeds switch

Another sacrifice, JeJo end up in the same bed


Michele walks into the RR where the HG's are all in bed, she points to Kevin's bed (the middle one) asking if someone is in there...Chima says Jordan is...Jeff is in Natalie's bed against the wall, Lydia is in Jeff's old bed, Chima is in hers, Kevin is wandering around not wanting to go into the HN room quite yet. Michele sits on the floor and the HG's chit chat about taking PB&J over slop. Jeff thinks he wouldn't take that, Chima & Jordan say it's because he hasn't been on slop yet (he would be soon)

They talk about the HN room being the worst. Michele asks Lydia if she's sleeping out there (as opposed to the SS room where Ronnie is)...Lydia says yes...Jordan asks Michele if she slept where she is last night? Michele says yes...Jordan says it's ok she will sleep with Jeff, she says "Jeff, scoot over"...Jeff says "that's fine" :)

Michele says it's up to them...Jordan gets up to move...Michele says she's not going to bed right now...Jordan says she's getting sleepy though and she goes to get in bed with Jeff.

Jordan tells Jeff to take the bigger cover, she'll take the sheet...Jeff says if she gets cold then she can have some blanket. Jordan gets in...Jeff asks them why they don't like to sleep in the SS room? They say because of Ronnie...Jeff says so what?...Jordan says then he can sleep in there...Jeff says if shit gets rough he just might jump in there LOL Jordan says "sleep in that big bed"...Jeff says "I might"...Kevin has come in the room again and sits on the foot of his bed. Jordan wraps herself up in the sheet like a mummy but Jeff still manages to put his arm around her.

The HG's talk about random stuff including slop...Jeff jokes around that this is the last week of it to coincide with the jury starting, he tells them that's what BB told him when he found out he was the wizard LOL...they talk about the wizard again and Jeff puts his arm around Jordan again :) turns to being on slop for the rest of the season for 20G's, would they do that? they talk about how much time is left and feeds go to fish...they return a minute later with the HG's talking about the Grecian POV comp and the names they were given.

Jordan starts getting squirmy and reaches for the blanket to cover herself (and maybe hide Jeff's arm lol)...Jordan says something about cereal...Jeff says it's so good, he hasn't eaten it in awhile...Jeff reaches for Jordan's belly under the covers...Jordan asks if Jeff wants to switch sides? Jeff says no....Jordan asks if he likes that side?...Jeff asks why?...Jordan says she's just asking.

The HG's continue talking about the POV comp...Jordan shifts again and Jeff gets the vibe that she's uncomfortable with the whole thing...Jeff says "don't touch you?" but he keeps touching her, he rubs her face and touches her arm.

More talk about the POV comp with Michele pumping herself up about how she played it so smartly. Jeff says Michele has the giggles, she must be the wizard...Chima says it's the beer...Michele says does anyone want to cook for her (since she's the wizard)...Chima says Michele is the best cook in the house...Michele says she's not...Kevin says Jeff & Michele are...Michele says Lydia rocks too...Jordan says "man, I'm getting hungry" ...they continue to talk about all the great cooks and food.

Jordan shifts again, Jeff reaches for her again and snuggles to her...Jordan pushes Jeff's hand away and shifts again, she makes that funny noise she tends to make when squirming...Jeff asks her "why you making that noise?"...Jordan giggles and Jeff doesn't get it saying "what?"...Jordan deflects raising her hand saying "this air feels so good here", she lifts up the cover and Jeff's hand is still on her belly 😉

Talk turns to Visine giving people the runs and Ipecac making people throw up...Jeff says "where do you get it?" LOL...Jordan giggles...they continue talking about that and then talk dies down, Kevin gets up and then Jordan mumbles something (maybe about not being comfy or switching sides)...Jeff says "why?"...Jordan's answer isn't audible...Jeff says she takes up so much room...Jordan says if she was on the other side she just wouldn't...Jeff says he feels like he can put his feet up...Jordan says it doesn't matter...Kevin says goodnight and walks away, Michele gets up to walk away and feeds switch off...

Ed. Note - just after 4am Jeff moved over to the big bed in the SS room to sleep

Linty pockets, playful Jeff


Jeff, Jordan and Russell are outside...Russell is getting ready to go on the elliptical, Jeff is stretching and Jordan is sitting in the hammock. They are talking about the wizard power. They say if Ronnie gets the power the game is rigged. Jeff starts picking at his shorts' pockets, they are full of lint and he wonders how they got that way. Jordan tells him to quit messing with it, it's not making it any better.

Jordan gets up to go to the pool, Jeff playfully stands in her way and says where the f**k are you going? She tries to duck by him and he pushes her aside, lol.

Houseguests words & animal reincarnation


Jeff, Jordan, Michele and Lydia are sitting on the chairs in the sun...Jordan is off camera...they are going over each person's "word" in the house, yelling them out...

Michele - teehee

Lydia - are you kidding me!?

Russell - schemers!

Jeff - stones!

Jordan - Gucci!

Jeff giggles saying that Jordan did the whole head shaking thing and he imitates her saying "Gucci!"...he laughs...

They talk about Chima's not having a word but a maniacal laugh...Jordan then says something about killing a dragonfly...Jeff says no, they're friendly bugs, they're good...Jordan says shut up...they joke around about the dragonflies...Jordan says she doesn't like bugs...Jeff says he goes fishing with his dad, they land on him, he loves them, he's the dragonfly master, he loves that they eat mosquitoes, he hates those.

Jeff brings up the animal talk they had saying that if Jordan could be reincarnated as an animal she'd be a squirrel...

Giggles all around...Jeff looks over at Jordan who is in the hammock...Jordan says "Jefffff!"...Jeff says he had to get it out there...Jordan says it's because they don't get killed unless they get run over, they run fast, they get to climb up trees and they're really cute :) Jeff says that he said he wanted to be an eagle and Jordan said (in her accent) "umm I'd be a squirrel" and Jeff was like what?...Lydia would be a unicorn...Jeff says those don't exist...Russell says a tiger...Jordan says "or a koala bear"...Russell says "you pick the dumbest animals" 😠

Jeff says you would sleep all day...Jordan says she wouldn't want to be a tiger or anything like that because they're mean...Lydia says she'd want to be a pomeranian...Kevin doesn't know, probably a bird so he can fly...Jeff says that was his answer, he'd want to fly...Michele says dolphin and Jeff says they came up with those too, they start talking about dolphins and how cool they are...Jeff wants a pet dolphin LOL they start chatting about the movie "The Hangover" and feeds switch back inside...

Jordan was the cutest little pork chop


Jeff, Kevin & Jordan are sitting chatting outside on the couches. Michele & Lydia are laying on the lounger...

Talk picks up with Jeff saying he thought he brought lots of socks but he didn't. Jordan says that if he needs to borrow some, she brought probably 20 pairs. Jeff says she packed super over...she brought 10 pairs of jeans. Kevin says 10? how did she fit them in there? Jordan says you never know what you might want to wear. Lydia yells at her what size jeans she has...Jordan says 4 and that Lydia can wear them...Jordan says that the capri jeans she wore on the plane over there were a size 2 but they're tight...Jeff says "what happened? you wore a size 2 here?" (I think even Jeff was surprised she was a size 2)

Jordan says she can't get those things up, that is why she is stressing and eating cookie dough. Jordan says she can't get them past her butt cheeks now. She laughs. Jeff says "Jordannn". Kevin says he's not a fan of cookie dough, Jeff says it's so bad (for you), Jordan says but it's so good. Jeff says Jordan is going to keep eating them so why is she stressing out. Jordan says she hasn't eaten them, she stopped today, she ate fruit...

Lydia yells at Jeff to lay off, stop throwing stones. Jeff says why does everyone interject, he helps her all day and then Lydia hears one thing he says and she's the hero for saying something...Jeff says he hates that, he tells Jordan all day, don't worry about it, you look fine, a hundred times a day and then one person is like hey! stop being mean! and he thinks where were you the rest of the time...Kevin acknowledges the positive comments Jeff gives. Jeff says thank you, thank you Victor...they then laugh about how Jeff couldn't remember Kevin's name in the HOH comp :)

Jordan randomly says "I pooted...smells like broccoli" Jeff just looks at her, shakes his head and smiles 🥰

Jordan says she had fun today, it was a good day. Lydia says to Jordan that she must have been the cutest little girl ever...Jordan says eww, no I was...Lydia says don't say you were chubby, Jordan says she was, she will show them a picture...

Jordan says her dad used to call her pork chop...Jeff says he has a buddy named Pork Chop and for the longest time didn't even know what his real name was. Kevin says Jeff has the best buddy names, Vit Tan Don, Mimmo, Pork Chop...Jeff says when he wins the Power of Veto he would call it the Power of Vit Tan Don. :) Talk then turns to disgusting boogers and luckily the feeds switch to Ronno! LOL

JeJo try out the HOH room - Part 1


Jeff & Jordan finally get some quiet time alone in the HOH.

Jeff is up there listening to music, Jordan joins him and asks if he was sleeping...Jeff says what's up?...Jordan says nothing, she can't stand to sit out there with the others...Jeff says the same thing...Jordan says it's annoying...Jordan starts eating Starbursts :) ...Jordan says she moved to the hammock to go pluck her eyebrows to sit in the light and they were talking about Michele but she thinks they were talking about her too, she can't stand Ronnie, he gets on her nerves, she said they started talking game and Jessie was talking about Keesha, Jordan says this isn't season 10...Jeff knows, he says he's such a fu**ing loser...Jordan says she had to get away but hopefully pray to God, they don't get it (the Wizard) and Jeff knows that after Ronnie is gone they are going to target after them...Jeff agrees they will go up if they get it...feeds go to fish...

When they return Jordan is saying that Jessie is just pissed that Ronnie is going home...Jeff says Jessie is a fu**ing good masturbator, f**k him LOL Jordan continues saying they talk about the dumbest stuff...Jeff says he can't even stand it, like 5 minutes with them, he can't, everyone is talking, they come sit down and it's just dead silence...Jordan says then they ask why isn't anybody talking? Jordan says she has nothing to say to them...Jeff says they are going up if they get it...Jordan knows the deal, she loves Starbursts.

Jordan says they always bring the mood down...Jeff says his jokes are fu**ing terrible...Jordan wonders if they said anything in front of Lydia...Jeff says he doesn't say anything because he knows she will turn...Jeff says "we need the wizard power Jordan" 😏

Jordan says she thinks Jessie thinks Jordan has it...Jeff says good! let him think that, the others are always saying he or Jordan is going to get the power, America loves them, if so then why doesn't anybody in this house love them? how do they know that?...Jordan says "because we're nice"...Jeff says it doesn't make sense that they think America loves them but they don't love them, he doesn't get it, it makes them seem like losers...

They rag on Jessie some more about how he thinks he's going to win every competition, Jeff says he won one thing when he rolled a ball...Jordan says he's not going to...Jordan gets in bed with Jeff and the feeds go to fish briefly...they return with Jeff saying they can't control the wizard thing so no matter who gets it, they get it, we have no idea who'll get it, we can't control HOH...Jordan worries it will get in the wrong hands...Jeff says what can you do? we can't control it, why stress about it, just hope it hasn't been given out yet and it's you.

Jordan says her & Jeff are strong together...Jeff says "strong at what?"...Jordan says they're a strong pair, they don't turn on each other"...Jeff says he knows, he was just joking...Jeff says he has to get HOH and rock this party...Jordan says he's come close twice and he's given it up twice...Jeff says he didn't give it up...they bicker a little about that and Jordan says she didn't mean it in a smart way, Jeff says Jordan can get close one time and then they'll see...Jordan has gotten up, she looks at Jeff and says "there's no need to be a butthole" :) Jordan says she ate the whole thing of Starbursts, Jeff says that's good.

Jordan gets back in bed and says that Jessie brought up something about Casey and said something smart about him...Jeff says that's all Jessie does, whoever insults him, it's his biggest fear, he can't wait until he's on the block and is crying like a little bitch, he remembers last season when he was on his knees begging for mercy and everyone was saying dude, get away from me, he's so paranoid and now he's got an 18 year old person that worships his every move, he thinks he's so cool, all he does is talk shit about people that left and his squad, shut up man, he's always complaining. Jordan says when he's up here on his throne, he's ok...Jeff just wants him the f**k out of here, he can't stand them two, he just wants them gone.

Jeff starts playing with the remote, he's amused by it, he says they're not good at it yet because they have never been in there...Jordan giggles…

JeJo try out the HOH room - Part 2


Jordan starts fiddling with the remote now while Jeff semi-listens to music...they comment on how big or small the rooms look on the spy screen, they see someone walk out.

Jeff says out of the blue "now this bed I could sleep with you in"...Jordan giggles, touches Jeff's arm and says "cuz you have your room?"...Jeff says yeah, he's not smashed off the bed...Jeff says sometimes he can sleep with Jordan in there but it depends, he doesn't like disturbing her, Jordan doesn't even move, if he falls right asleep he doesn't mind sleeping with her, it's usually him because he goes back & forth, he shakes his leg and he doesn't want to wake her up.

Jordan says they laid out for a long time today...Jeff says he was just playing for awhile...Jeff starts talking game, he asks Jordan if he put up Jessie & Natalie, does Jordan think people would vote out Natalie? Jordan says she thinks Jeff could persuade people. They go over votes. Jordan starts talking about the following week too and Jeff says he's not playing that game. Jeff says they haven't won yet and the next week they're going to win two in a row? Jordan says she is including Michele too.

Jeff says getting Jessie out is the key to them taking over. Jeff wants Jessie out if he puts him up. They agree they need to break Jessie & Natalie up. Jeff says without Jessie there, Lydia & Natalie would go at each other, Natalie would be so lost, she would almost want to leave, then Lydia would have nothing to fight about, etc. The whole thing would crumble if Jessie is gone.

Jordan wonders who Michele would put up? Jeff says hopefully Jessie, he would get in her ear about it. Jordan wants to say something to Michele about Jessie talking smack about her but wants to wait until after the eviction...Jeff says she can already start brushing over it with her...Jeff says Michele is mental, all you have to do is drop a little seed and that thing will grow overnight...Jordan laughs...Jeff says all Jordan has to do is say that and the next day Michele will be like "Jessie's outta herrrre"...Jeff says Michele would be lost in her own forest from that seed. Jordan laughs...Jordan says Jeff got some sun but Jeff says that he thought Michele was the wizard because she's acting so weird but she's just weird.

Jeff gets up to go to the bathroom...Jordan says she has a headache again...while Jeff is still there, Jordan randomly laughs out loud. Jeff asks Jordan if she's ever taken a poop up there...Jordan says she might have...Jeff says he hasn't. Jeff asks if she weighed herself...Jordan says no, would she want to do that? Jeff says the scale says he weighs 185lbs, in March he was around 200lbs, usually he weighs upper 190's...feeds go to fish...

Now Jordan has the headphones on and is semi-listening to music...Jordan reaches over the bed to change the song on the CD player...Jeff starts talking about Michele's philosophy but says Jordan isn't even listening...they switch places on the bed...Jordan doesn't know any of the songs...Jeff lays back and closes his again briefly...Jordan has taken off the headphones and lays down, she starts talking to Jeff about a guy she dated off and on from 6th grade until 10th grade, she went to the beach with her friends family, she hadn't talked to the guy in a year and next thing she knows...FISH for about 6 mins!

Feeds return with Jordan patting Jeff's arm and Jeff saying the sun drains you huh?...Jordan mmm, hmm's and says this is like being in a bed at home...Jeff says yeah but he still hates being in other people's beds...Jeff thinks someone is coming and grabs the remote to check, they missed it, Jordan laughs, Jeff tries but to no avail, more giggles from Jordan.

Jeff says what if you could hear people's conversation with this thing, everybody would be fu**ed, he'd be fu**ed because he tells Jordan everything, he talks shit about everybody...Jeff laughs and says each day he's got a new person he wants to kill. 😅

Jeff says he doesn't want to put anybody up, he just wants to rip someone's esophagus out...Jeff says he has never met such an egotistical maniac like Jessie, fu**ing guy always talks about himself, he hates people like that, he hates selfish people. Jeff looks at Jordan who says nothing...she reaches for Jeff's arm and Jeff says "what? now what are you thinking about? ice skating somewhere when you were 6?"...

Jeff says he wants Michele to go make dinner, Jordan tells him she said she was going to work out first...Jeff says he's going to go eat...Jeff sees her on the spyscreen and hopes she's going to make dinner but instead goes to the bathroom, lol.

Jeff wonders how long it would take for the remote to get boring, for now he's having a good time with it although it's hard to tell, people can spy on him because he's always talking with his hands...Jordan says whatever...Jeff says oh now she's tuned out but he had to listen to her boat stories when she was 9? Jeff pinches her arm and Jordan owwwww's!

Jordan says it hurt, Jeff says imagine if it was back here and he reaches for the back of her arm...Jordan says "no, don't touch"...Jeff say it was the back of her arm he was doing, take it easy, scratch...he was just playing...Jordan says "scratch please"...Jeff obliges...Jeff says his legs still have a numb feeling, what's up? Jordan laughs...Jeff says enough is enough...Jeff starts showing Jordan how he couldn't move his legs like this and Jordan says "why does your calf bone stick out?"😂

Jeff says "my calf bone? I don't think it's a bone, it's a muscle" Jeff asks if she's ever seen a skeleton with a calf bone...he smiles

and then says "Jordan my God" LOL

Jordan says "calf muscle!"...Jordan says it looks abnormal...Jeff says he knows, he has big calves...Jordan says it's like a bubble...Jeff says his dad has really big calves, he gets them from his dad...they notice Ronnie on the spyscreen and Jeff starts making goofy cartoon noises depicting Ronnie...they go back to Jeff's calves, Jeff says it's a muscle, it's hard...Jordan repeats it looks funny...Jeff says it's because they're bigger than normal, he says a lot of times it's just hereditary...Jordan says it looks like he has an implant in there...Jeff says some guys do that...Jordan asks Jeff if he has one...Jeff tsks and says noooo, what is he? an egomaniac like some people who live there...Jordan gets goofy and says Jeff can use one her implants...Jeff says he would kick it out the window LOL

Jordan goes back to scratching and Jeff remembers he was talking about laying in other peoples' beds...he doesn't like it when someone lays in his bed, he doesn't know why but when he just makes his bed and someone is laying in it with their dirty feet or something...Jordan says at home?...Jeff says more like in college, he doesn't like people in his bedroom, go lay in the couch, he's weird about that, it's where he sleeps and puts his face, they can fart in there, he just doesn't like it, he doesn't like anybody on there but he likes his girlfriends on there 😉

Jeff wants to get in a little session in (of scratching, it keeps stopping), Jordan says that didn't sound right, don't stop, let me get a session in?...Jeff says "I wish"...they laugh...Jordan gets shy and says "Jeff!"...Jeff says "what?"...Jordan says "geez"...Jeff says "geez what? enough is enough, fu**ing people go crazy in here".

Jordan says "you know Casey was doing it"...Jeff asks if he was jerking off?...Jordan says "no, not in here, you know he's probably at home like get over here"...Jeff giggles saying that Casey said he'd do 6 pumps, oh it feels so good, I'm done, snort, zzzz.

Jordan says "he jerked off?"...Jeff thought that was what Jordan said...Jordan says oh, no, then she says "I'm sure Laura went home and humped her boyfriend too"...Jeff says "yeah, dude, I don't think anyone made it out of the hotel room without..." they laugh.

Jeff & Jordan talk about how they think now when they go into a hotel room they'll be worried if there are cameras and then they talk about sequester...Jeff says he walked around naked, if they got him, they got him...Jordan talks about how she was holed up in there and the maid called her to ask her if she was ok and wanted new sheets or towels because she always had the DND sign up. LOL Jeff says they gave him weird looks too, what's with this scumbag, he felt like an idiot. Jordan laughs.

They then start noticing the people on the spyscreen and start hating on them especially Jessie, they say they're so bitter, they laugh and Jeff compares them to Beavis & Butthead just hating on everything...Jeff says they've had a rough couple of weeks, they're enjoying being up there, they're not even really up there, they're faking being up there. They laugh.

Jordan & Jeff notice Russell is coming up so they try to act all non-chalant with him coming in the room, he enters and they crack up laughing at how stupid they looked, Russell laughs along with them. They laugh about making silly conversations between the people on the spyscreen. Talk turns to game...

BY Girls - blond, dark haired & celebs


Jeff and Russell are outside chatting, Jeff has his feet in the hot tub, Russell is sitting on the couch...Jordan and Michele are walking around the BY...Russell is bitching to Jeff about how much Chima is irritating him, acting like he is her boyfriend and he's sick of it...Jeff says it's weird but to just keep joking around with her...Russell says she's acting jealous of him talking with Michele & Jordan walk by Russell says to Michele "the girls in this house are fu**ing petty"...Jeff looks at Jordan, smiles and says "I love when you work out Johrrdan" :) ...Jordan says "thanks"...

Jordan tells Russell to cheer up...Russell mumbles under his breath about Chima again...Jordan tells Michele she's lost a lot of weight, Jeff agrees...Michele says she weighs the same...Jeff says Michele probably gained muscle and it weighs more than fat so that's why no change.

Jordan finishes working out and sits down by the hot tub to chat. Michele wants to go shower...Jeff says he'll help Michele cook, Jordan offers as well but tells her to shower first, she leaves...Jordan says she feels like she should do a little bit more working out, she likes doing ab stuff but she needs to start doing her arms more.

Jordan asks Russell what's wrong?...Russell keeps bitching about Chima...Jeff says he's fired up...Jordan asks why? what happened?...Russell says Chima thinks she's his girlfriend, she's jealous of Michele and was mad when Russell said that girl (from the comp) was hot, it was her friend and she was pissed he said she was hot...Jeff says it's nothing to get worked up about...Russell says he was up venting to Jessie about it...Jordan says earlier when the two of them went up she was going to yell "schemers" just to bug them...Russell says it's bad enough he has to deal with Chima he doesn't need Jordan doing that to him...Russell says this place makes you crazy and paranoid...Jeff says to not let that get to him, so many things can get to you in here...Russell says it's just something little but it's because she's a "chick", she's emotional and wants someone to lean on and he doesn't want to be that guy, he'll be her friend.

Jordan says she hopes she's the mystery person...Russell says "how about you find me a girlriend that's not crazy?"...Jordan says "I'll find you one in Charlotte"...Russell says "cool"...Jordan says "why don't you come down?"...Russell being the shit disturber he was says "are you gonna find one for Jeff too?"...Jordan says "yeah, I'll find both y'all one, I'll find Jeff a dark haired one and you a blond"...

Russell asks if Jeff likes dark hair?...Jordan says mmm, hmm...she looks at Jeff and says "you said you like dark haired girls"...Jeff looks down (clearly pissed about this and would tell her the next day in the GR that she was stupid to say it) and shrugs saying "it's more what I go for...I didn't say I didn't date blondes"

Jordan says "well we'll find you, we'll see what dark haired girls we got and then we'll find you a blond if you need one and Russell we'll definitely get you a blond".

Jordan says she doesn't know what kind of blondes he thinks are pretty though, she can't believe that Russell doesn't think Jessica Simpson is pretty...Jeff says he loves her 🥰 Russell says that she's got a butt in her chin...Jeff says "dude, I love Jessica Simpson" LOL

Russell thinks Britney Spears is hotter than JS...Jeff says "I don't"...Jordan says she knows a girl who looks just like Britney...Russell says her ex looks exactly like Britney, the one that went to law school in Florida...Jordan says that she thinks Carrie Underwood is so pretty...Russell says she is smoking...Jeff says yeah...

Jordan says that when she was in the auditions for Idol, she looked normal but she wasn't as gorgeous as she is now...Russell says they spend so much money on makeup & hair...Jeff says they have trainers, people that tell them what to eat, etc...Jordan reiterates that she's so pretty...Russell likes that one VS model, he can't remember her name...Jordan says that Jeff has one he likes...Jeff says her last name is Ambrosio...Russell tries to remember her name...Jeff says he knows her name, she was engaged to Lenny Kravitz, Adriana Lima, he likes the Ambrosio one better...Jordan says they're both from other countries...Jeff and Russell say they're from Brazil...Jordan says what it is about Brazil?...Russell says it's their big booty's, he says he used to date a girl from Brazil...feeds go to fish...

Fans? We’ll have fans?


Feeds return with Russell telling Jeff and Jordan that he gave his friend his facebook and myspace passwords, he hopes he's not accepting everyone...Jordan says "oh, shit"...Russell says yeah and he's dumb, a moron, sorry but he is...Jeff asks if there will that many people looking for him? <--- 😁

Russell says that Jessie said there's thousands upon thousands of requests...Jeff says "really?"...Russell says when Jessie got out he had thousands of requests so he made 2 separate ones, one personal, one for fans because he didn't want fans seeing his personal life.

Jeff says "fans?"

Jordan says "you'll get fans?"...Jeff laughs saying "fans?"

Jordan says "I just can't picture it" <---- 🤭Jeff says he can't either LOL oh you will

Jordan says "like who would actually, I don't know, like want to I'm the biggest fan of yours, I'd just be like...thanks" <--- 😋

Jeff says "I'm a fan of yours...for what?...for laying around all day" 😂

Russell says for sunbathing...Jeff says it's cuz he goes in the pool a lot...Jordan does her crunches, about 7 of them 🤣

BY chat - JeJo haven’t kissed, kissed yet


Jordan tells Russell that he better not ever vote her out of there...Russell says "I won't Jordan" (he never got the chance!)...Jordan says she'll be pissed...Russell says he would like to come to Charlotte, why would he do that? Jeff knows why he wouldn't but he can't tell you...Jordan says why?...Russell says he can't tell...

Jordan looks at Jeff and says Jeff looks like he doesn't even know...Jeff says he knows things, he told her to talk to Russell...Russell says his promises are good, maybe as they get further along he will tell her...Jordan says she's scared if her or Jeff don't win HOH than they will go home...Russell says he doesn't even get to compete, he's screwed...Jeff says he's not, they won't put him up...Jordan says no one will put him up, not one person has said they want to put him up...Russell says guaranteed Kevin and Lydia are waiting to...Jordan says him and Chima are close (huh?)...Jeff says didn't she just hear what he said?...Jordan says no besides that she doesn't think Chima would put him up (wrong!)...Russell says girls get angry and crazy...Jordan says Jessie and Natalie like him so he's good...Russell says for now...Jeff says let's worry about this week and then worry about next week when it comes...

Russell gets on the elliptical...Jordan half-heartedly does some leg exercises, asks Jeff if it does anything? she says she stinks, she smells herself...Jeff says "I smell y'all" :)

Jordan tells the story about a group of guys from NY that she met at Hooter's, they were all friends, they were the coolest guys, they have the best time, every time she sees them out they're wasted and having so much fun, she gets jealous, she wishes she could get a bunch of her friends from Charlotte to move down here (LA)...Jeff doesn't respond...silence...Jeff kicks up some water towards Jordan's way...Jordan says "what?"...Jeff says "Johhrdan"...

Jordan says "what Jeff?"...Jeff asks if she said that angry...Jordan doesn't answer and starts doing crunches again...silence...Kevin comes outside and Russell starts talking to him about Chima...Jeff tries to get Jordan's attention by saying Johhrdan again but Jordan's attention is on the convo Kevin & Russell are having...

Kevin sits by the hot tub...Jordan out of the blue asks "why do guys not like fat girls?" (interesting she asked this when a gay guy arrived, hehe)...Russell says something inaudible...Jeff says "that's not true"...Russell yells out something else...Jeff says "what do you mean fat? describe"...Jordan says thick girls...Jeff says big, fat girls?...Jordan says not chubby, not panting fat, thicker girls, she starts to explain how her sister was before she lost weight...Jeff says "I like thicker girls" :)

Jordan says her sister used to be thinner, than gained a bunch of weight and then all the guys she went to high school with weren't (interested), Natalie comes outside and interrupts Jordan's train of thought...Jeff says "would you like a big fat guy?"

Jordan says guys with bellies aren't bad...Jeff says if you can't take care of yourself, would you want someone who is laying around, lazy all the time, unmotivated...Jordan nods no...Kevin says fat people aren't lazy Jeff...Jeff says no, fat people who talk like that, people who say they need to lose weight and then just be all fat...

Jeff says there are people who like thick people, there's someone out there for everyone, no matter what you look like...Cams focus away from JeJo onto Russell and Natalie, JeJo can be heard talking in the background but it's mostly inaudible, Jordan can be heard talking about plus size models and being thicker...Jeff can then be heard telling Jordan she looks good...Jordan gets embarassed...Jeff tells Kevin that he always tells Jordan she looks good, doesn't he? does he or doesn't he?...Jordan says he does, she doesn't like it...Jeff says "why?"...Jordan says "it's embarrassing"

Natalie is seen smiling at them...Jeff giggles about something...Natalie yells "he did say that!"...Jordan ehhhh's 🫤...Russell asks what was that?...Natalie says that Kevin said that Jeff said Jordan was a good kisser <---got that? LOL

Jordan says they haven't "kissed, kissed yet" (so you're saying it's going to happen...;) ) ...Russell ooh's...Jeff says he never said that, they were joking around with her!...Jordan says "oh" LOL...Jeff cracks up...Jordan says "we haven't kissed, kissed"...Natalie says that Jordan said they haven't kissed, kissed "yet" meaning she wants to (yep!)...Jeff says "shame, shame, know your name" :)

Natalie says when one of them gets that HOH room, that's when it's gonna happen... (hmm, they didn't need the HOH room for "it" to happen LOL)

Jordan says "best friends don't kiss" (since when?)...

Jeff says "if I get HOH I'll definitely make out with you" 😍 ...Kevin says "you marry your best friend" (Go Kevin!) the same time Russell yells out that's not true, the girl he was in love with was his best friend...Jordan YELLS "SHUT UP RUSSELL!!"...Russell says he's still in love with her...Jordan tries to deflect saying that's why Russell wants to come to Charlotte, to be closer to her, no wait she lives in Florida...feeds go to fish…

BY chat - Dating, New Years Eve, Valentine’s Day


When the feeds return Jordan is telling Russell that he wants to go see Casey to see his girl...Jordan says that Russell talks about this girl a lot...Kevin asks if it was weird when they first started dating (because they were friends)...Russell doesn't answer...Jordan says that she and Russell were sitting in the pool one day for an hour talking about her...Jeff doesn't seem thrilled with this LOL (since he could barely get Jordan to stay in the pool 5 minutes with him...)...Russell answers that it wasn't weird actually because they always used to hang out, it was weird though because he couldn't really move (he was in traction), trying to make out with her...Jeff says Russell told him about that too...

Jordan randomly asks Russell "did you dress like a frat boy?"...Russell says "me? does it look like I dress like a frat boy?"...Jordan says no...Kevin says he dressed like a mafia guy, with his pimp hat...Jeff, who is done with the convo and ready to get his feet out of the hot tub, says to Jordan "how do I dress, like a frat boy?"...Jordan ignores Jeff and tells Russell she likes that picture of Russell and his friend 🫤 (poor Jeff 😒) Jeff sits down on the couch.

Russell says that picture was from New Years in San Francisco at the St. Regis/Francis, it's $150 a person, all you can drink open bar, he got tanked, had to be carried out

Jeff says that he went to one that was $100 with his buddy, it was all couples and him, Jeff told him there better be some chicks there, he went there and there were no chicks, nothing! a hundred bucks, all you can drink and the waitress/bartender was the only chick that was single, he's not sure she was single but she was the only one without someone in there and he went to get his drink, he got a vodka soda, he's getting ripped, everyone's got a date, he's so pissed off, so she gave him a little vodka soda, he pulled out a $20 and told her, listen, this is how we're going to do it, get that pint glass and fill it with vodka every time I come back, after a couple of them he told her "wanna make out at midnight?", she said "absolutely not" and he said "see ya later" LOL

Jordan says that's what you did this past New Years? this past New Years she did nothing, she sat at home in the worst mood and was all bitter, she cooked herself dinner and watched the ball drop with her mom...Jeff says "aww, that's cute, that's cool, that's a good New Years" :) Russell says he's had the best times when he's been with his parents just fu**ing around...Jeff says it's a good one...Jordan says she was in her PJ's...Russell says she'll remember that...Jeff says yeah, she won't remember drinking gallons of vodka...Jordan says she told her mom the best thing was the next day she felt good, she wasn't hungover like everyone else, she says she thinks New Years is overrated though.

Russell says the two holidays he hates are New Years and Valentine's day...they agree...Jeff says "Valentine's is the worst"...Russell says it's overhyped...Lydia says she loves it...Jeff says "chicks do"...Russell says "guys don't"...Jeff says "yeah, guys don't"...Russell says you have to drop 3 or 400 to give a girl a gift, teddy bear, flowers, all that shit...Jordan says she likes getting cards though, she loves reading cards and what they say, that's the most exciting thing ever cuz she likes to see what they write her...Jeff says he'd like it if someone made him something instead of buying an expensive gift, if they took the time to make it even if it was so cheesy and corny, he would like that...

For some reason Jordan directs what she's about to say to Russell & not Jeff (super weird but Jordan did this around Russell a lot, she would regret it later I'm sure...) by saying "I think, Russell remember this...", she goes on to say that it's the little things that count like for example her mom likes tomatoes and her bf came over one day when she was at work and built a miniature tomato garden, it was so cute...Jeff says "yeah that's good"...Jordan says she remembers things little things like that...

Jordan explains a Valentine card that was very creative and cute...Russell says there aren't many girls like Jordan out here, they all want Chanel & Tiffany...Jordan says don't get her wrong, she likes that too, she's gotten Gucci perfume from a guy with body wash, lotion and a massage gift, a diamond bracelet, a nice card...Russell says she sounds like a 10 yr old at Christmas...Jeff says "Jesus"...

Russell goes back to the NYE convo saying the best thing is to just go with friends and get tanked, the past two he's taken dates and gotten in fights with them, he's gone home in separate cars/cabs, he's angry and he'll send them home...Jeff says that's funny, the New Years before this one, he went with a chick and got in a fight with her...Russell says by 12:30 he told her to find her own cab ride home, peace!...Jordan yells "Russell! that's awful!"...Russell says she was being a bitch, some girls are unappreciative...Jordan says "really?"...Russell says yeah, ask Jeff, they want you to buy dinners and for drinks to magically appear...Jeff says "I know right?"...Jordan says "it does get expensive to go out"...

Kevin pipes up saying "there are females that expect that right?"...Jeff says "oh yeah, totally, I hate chicks like that, the girls I date are usually super cool, all the girls that I date...they can hang out with my friends, ykwim? those are the types of chicks I date, like that are really cool, will hang out and have a beer or a drink"...Russell says he needs to switch to that...Jeff says "I hate like the super, I can't even deal with chicks that are like all high maintenance, I can't even deal with it, they'd be like that chick's so hot she likes you and I'm like get out, no way man"...Russell says that's where he's made mistakes...

Jordan asks Russell "the girls you date can't hang out with your friends?"...Russell says they're bonehead, models...Jeff says he can't do that, he pictures her going to a baseball game, doing stuff he likes, he'll do stuff she likes too, he'll say to a girl to go to a baseball game (with him) and she'll say eww, he'll say eww? whaddya mean eww? he likes it, wouldn't they go for him? if not, guess what, she can go wherever she wants then...Russell says they'd rather go shopping instead...Jeff says "maybe that's why I'm still single" 😉

They quiet down and then Jordan addresses Russell again UGHHH saying "yeah Russell you need to..." Russell says "go to Charlotte to find a non-California girl?"...Jordan says the way Russell talks about California, makes her not want to live out there...Jeff says they're not all like that, there's good people, you have to weed through them, it's like that anywhere, people suck everywhere agree! Jordan says that's true...

Russell says he feels like the girls in California are a lot more self-centered, fake, it's who you know, the car you drive, out where they are from it's more about your personality, a lot of it is superficial here...Jessie points out some bald patches on Jeff's lower legs, they talk about taping ankles in football and injuring themselves on astro turf...ironically Russell breaks the elliptical and just escapes injuring himself...

Can I shower with you?


Jeff & Jordan come in from being outside. Jordan is going to shower and asks Jeff to help Michele with the chicken until she gets out. Jeff says why are you throwing me under the bus? He flicks the water from his wet glass at her. (not sure what this was about? possibly how Jordan had been outside saying that Jeff was into dark haired girls not blondes?) Jordan says she's not and she'll hug him after. Jordan goes to take a shower. Jeff says if it's ok if he pees first or does he have to get to work...

Jeff follows Jordan into the bathroom and smiles at her...Jordan says to get over it, she's just playing...Jeff says she better shut her mouth, he's just playing...

Jordan gets in the shower stall and when Jeff comes out she shows him how her bra matches her bikini bottoms now. Jeff says for real. Jordan says isn't it funny? Jeff says it is funny Jordan.

Jeff says "Johrrdan...let me get in there...Jordan laughs...he says let me get in there...Jordan says nooo!!...Jeff smiles...Jordan says nooo!...Jeff says please Jordan...Jordan says he's not allowed. Jeff leaves saying "Johrrdan...ok Jordan".

Hey Johrrdan, sit down


The HG's are sitting outside on the couches...Jordan comes outside and approaches the seating area...Jeff gets up saying "Hey Johrrdan, sit down"...Michele says they can squish and she moves over to let Jordan sit down, Jeff sits back down on the solo chair...Jeff leans over and says something inaudible to Jordan...Jordan mmm, hmm's...the others are talking about beer...Jordan says she likes the smell of beer...Jeff lays his head down on Jordan's shoulder awww ♥

Jeff & Jordan are quiet while the others talk...Jordan then instinctively reaches for Jeff's hand, he holds it up in the air while she claps her hands around it...Jeff says "hi Johrrdan" ☺️ Michele asks Jordan if she got enough wine? Jordan says she didn't have any...Jeff rubs Jordan's knee...

Jordan asks for the pinata and looks through the candy...lots of candy talk...Jordan gives Jeff a candy he really wants, he says thanks and puts it in the pocket of his shorts, he says he put candy in his shorts during the competition (to eat) and then realizes that he put the shorts in the wash with the box in there, that's why his pockets were so full of that weird shit...the other HG's are shocked he was chewing candy during the comp, didn't it make him sick? how did he not throw up? Jeff says no, it was just something to chew on...

Lydia says Jeff fishes though, he's used to the motion...Chima asks Jeff if he doesn't get seasick?...Jeff says he takes dramamine, he doesn't know why he didn't get sick, when he goes on merry go rounds, he gets sick, as a kid he did...Lydia says she loves them...Jeff says "ugh, they're a nightmare"...they go back to candy talk.

Jeff lays his head on Jordan's shoulder again saying that was so weird...Jordan nods...Jeff says "you don't think it's as funny as I do?"...Jordan says it's cool, she makes a funny sound and says "sorry, that was a little juicy"...Jordan hands a bag of candy to Jeff, he opens it with his teeth and hands it back to her :) ...the HG's continue chatting…

 Ice Cream sweet kisses


Jeff & Jordan are outside on the couches with Michele who is rambling about herself & generally being annoying. Kevin comes outside and joins them. Jordan is eating an ice cream sandwich...Jeff says Jordan eating one is like a 4 year old, it's all over her. :) Michele continues rambling, Jeff says he always manages to get mustard on himself...they try to cheer Kevin up a bit about the fact he's on slop. Jordan continues eating while Kevin & Michele chat.

Jordan is finishing up her ice cream sandwich. Jordan whispers to Jeff "for once be nice" Jeff says "to who?" Jordan says "to me" Jeff says "why" Jordan says "cuz you're being mean"..,Jeff says "I'm not being mean" and leans in and gives her two sweet kisses on the cheek. :)

It's very fast so it was barely caught on camera.

Kevin tells Michele...I just saw something, they just kissed. Jordan is giggling and Jeff cracks up...Michele says she saw nothing...Jeff points at Michele saying she's blushing...Kevin giggles about the cameras, he and Michele talk about the cameras...Jeff just looks at Jordan adoringly...

Jordan asks if he wants some? Jeff nods no...Jordan says she doesn't feel good, Jeff shakes his head and sighs...Jordan pats Jeff's leg...Jeff gets up to go to the bathroom and takes Jordan's plate in...

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