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Day 22 of BB11 Feeds

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

July 31

Pre kiss talk 


Before the goodnight honey kiss Jeff & Jordan talk/whisper in Jeff's bed in the RR. Jeff is laying down and Jordan is sitting close to him. The whispers are inaudible mostly but occasionally some things can be heard such as Jeff telling Jordan to not lay it on too thick...Jordan says she wants some tea...Jeff says she's easily convinced...Jordan says "am I?", she says that Laura got her liking it...Jordan says she misses Casey...Jeff says you always miss the person that just left...Jordan says she does, it's quiet, Casey left a whole carton of cigarettes...Jeff can't believe it...Jordan says she figured he left them because he wanted to quit...Jeff says no, he forgot, he was probably like wtf?...Jordan says he was so funny.

They start whispering again, then they start giggling about Casey's speech regarding Jessie...they continue whispering, Jordan mostly in Jeff's ear...Jeff says something about the slop bringing Jessie & Natalie closer together, fu**ing dorks...Jeff then says that Julie Chen was grilling Jessie about the love triangle between him, Natalie & Lydia during the live show, they played dumb but Jeff says like they don't know, everybody knows, like Natalie's boyfriend isn't already banging 6 chicks.

Jordan says she's going to make that tea, does Jeff want any? She then smells something and says Jeff pooted, Jeff denies it but Jordan says "whatever, you pooted"...Jeff laughs...Jordan says Jeff's pants (that she's wearing) are comfy...Jeff says he knows, he loves them...Jordan says she didn't have her luggage yet to get her clothes to change into so she had to dig in his drawer...Jeff says it's alright, he doesn't care...Jordan says she likes his shirt...Jeff pulls at it and says "me too".

Jeff touches Jordan's foot and says "I thought you were wearing that to motivate me or something"...Jordan says oh, ok, I was doing that to motivate you...Jeff says "no you weren't dork"...Jordan says she was, she was standing there...Jeff says his legs were fu**ing burning and Jordan was yelling at him "don't make a deal" like 50 times and he wanted to ring (her neck)...she made him so aggravated...Jordan says "why?"...Jeff says he knows not to make a deal, he understands but Russell wanted a letter real bad and he could have stayed up there another hour, so could Russell and where would it have gotten them, more pain?

They start whispering again, mostly game about how the others are getting nervous now that things aren't going their way and Russell is in power...Jordan shifts and gets ready to get up to make tea...Jeff pinches her butt...Jordan says oww and then asks Jeff if he really thought Jordan dressed like that to get him excited, to pep talk him...Jeff says "yeah"...

Jordan says awww, she was standing by herself and even brought his stuff outside for him to wear when he got off...Jeff realizes where his clothes were that he was looking for...Jordan punches Jeff playfully and says "you didn't even acknowledge that"...Jeff says he couldn't even walk, he just went straight to the shower...Jordan says she was trying to be nice...Jeff rubs her hair and says "thank you though, I just couldn't, I wasn't focused".

Jordan while putting her leg up onto the bed says "I was trying to give you a pep talk but I didn't know what to say"...Jeff lays his head on Jordan's sweet ☺️...and says it doesn't matter, he didn't need a pep talk...Jordan scratches Jeff's shoulders...Jeff says he needs a new pair of legs...Jordan says she thought if she stood there and gave him up the thumbs up he would stay on a little longer...Jeff says he just got sick of it, he didn't want to spin around in the rain and smash into that thing, what's the point, whatever, maybe it's for the best, as long as he's safe he doesn't give a f**k about the HOH.

Jordan says she was surprised they weren't asked questions (live show), she was waiting on it...Jordan says if she asks her she will say "Jeff take over"...Jeff asks if she already planned that?...Jordan says yeah...Jeff says he'll say "yeah, we made booger all last night" Jeff cracks up! 😂 Jordan says she'll say if they watch the tapes they'll know Jeff is lying...Jeff says he'll say they did booger under the covers, you couldn't see...Jordan laughs and says with Casey in the room beside us?...Jeff says yeah, Casey was loving it.

Jeff brings up his face close to Jordan's saying it's dark and he can't really see...Jordan says she knows, he was all up in her face and she leans into Jeff saying she's just kidding...

Jeff bites Jordan's knee and then says he can't believe Jordan threw up all those noodles...Jordan says she did and they were whole...Jeff says he thought, I just cooked all that shit 😅 They laugh about it being in a circle...Jeff says it was so gross...Jordan then leaves to make some tea.

She returns later to whisper some more and then kiss Jeff goodnight 😘 (feeds were off them for almost 2 hours so no idea how long they were talking pre-kiss)

Goodnight Honey kiss 


Feeds switch to Jeff & Jordan just after the 3:49am mark...J&J are facing each other whispering in Jeff's bed (Natalie's bed) is virtually impossible to hear what they are one point audio is amped up by control room but it's still difficult to make out...they are talking game though...after about a minute Jordan gathers her sheet up and says "ok, I'm going to my bed"...Jeff leans forward and says "nawwww"...Jordan says yeahhh and puts her face near Jeff's, she says goodnight while he takes the opportunity to bite her cheek and then kiss her, he says goodnight honey...Jordan says oww, you like biting me...Jeff looks at her and they kiss.

Jeff jumps up all excited and then lays down and covers himself with his blanket...Jordan jumps over Jeff and gets in her bed (Kevin's bed).

Cute “have not” selection banter 


Jeff, Jordan, Chima, Russell and Lydia are in the kitchen/dining room discussing last night's endurance comp. Jeff is joking that toward the end he was waiting for prizes and would have dropped for a bucket of marbles. Talk moves to Jordan's have/have not pass where she had to choose three have-nots. Russell teases Jordan about adding Jeff's name to the hat she choose the names from. Jordan explains how she wanted to be "fair. I didn't want anybody pissed off.." 

Jeff interrupts and says (as Jordan) "I didn't want anybody pissed off but I just got put up two weeks in a row and now I have some power. Let's put everybody's name in a hat and f**king dance!"  She shyly laughs and he reaches over and grabs her knee to let her know he's not really that mad. Jeff then moves on to demonstrate how he was barely able to move in the shower when she told him his name was going to be in the hat and he was like "whattt?"

He impersonates Jordan by smiling big, clapping his feet and skipping away.  LOL Russell can't stop laughing. Jordan says she didn't want people to think that she wasn't considering him just because they're friends. (HUH?) Jeff again tells her she should have chosen people that put her up, not him. Russell sides with Jeff and Chima tells her not to let them give her a hard time. Jeff says he busted her yesterday. 

Jordan is sitting at the counter quietly and giving Jeff a "look". Russell says he thinks Jordan wants to take Jeff out now. Jordan just smiles. Jeff says "Whatever, keep it up."  All of a sudden, the gate comes up and the BY opens. Jordan says "alright, we can go outside" (changing the subject). More joking about last night. Lydia tells Jeff that his name actually did get pulled, but Jordan thought "maybe he'll be really mad". Jordan walks into the kitchen, passes Jeff and pats him on the arm. Jeff joking pretends to knee her. Russell says the girls in the house are cut-throat. Jeff stumbles over his words "Jordan's...Jordan's just too sw...bwahhh... she's too nice...that's what I was getting at" (Awww) More talk about the comp itself.

Just before the 11:38 mark, Jeff and Jordan meet by the microwave and and Jeff playfully "punches" her in the back. Lydia asks why he would do that to Jordan. Jeff says everyone thinks Jordan's all cute and innocent while she throws stones all night when no one cares. Suddently all cameras switch to the empty bathroom, on camera 2/4 you can kind of see a hug and hear back slapping. Lydia says "special friends" and Jeff and Jordan laugh hard. Jeff goes outside.

Jordan is placing her order with Jeff


The squid has arrived in the house (HN food)'s disgusting...Jeff is outside smoking...Jordan is sitting in the pool...Kevin comes outside to dispose of some of it...Jordan asks Michele if she's going to eat any?...Michele says hell no...Jordan says she'll eat that stuff at restaurants when it's fried...Jeff has finished up his cigarette and tells them that he will cook up some of the clean ones...Jordan says when it's fried she'll eat it.

Jeff says "I'll make some, it'll be good like with'll be good"...he heads inside...Jordan eww's and says "don't put it in the pasta, put it on the side, cuz then it'll smell like fishy, I don't like the kind that has the tentacles and stuff, that look like it's alive"...

Jeff has just been staring at Jordan and says "alright Jordan, do tell me what you want"...he smiles big at her...

Jordan says for Jeff to listen, she's trying to tell him what she likes...Jeff says "you're placing your order right now?"...Jordan giggles...Jeff says "you want some more bread? I'll be right out with more bread and then I'll take your order"...he giggles and goes inside...Jordan yells out "in case you make it!...oh my gosh"...

Ice Cream sandwich desire


(please try to ignore Michele during this...Jeff and Jordan try to LOL)

Jordan has been in the hammock suntanning...Jeff is putting on sunscreen by the pool table...Jordan gets up to get out of the sun and asks Jeff if everyone is attacking Russell?...Jeff says kind of, he just talked with him upstairs...Jordan says she'll be right back and goes inside...Ronnie's in the kitchen and takes the opportunity to apologize to Jordan ...Jordan lets him have it :) Go Jordo!

Jordan goes to the bathroom and comes back outside, her and Jeff move over the pool area to talk game but Michele comes outside as does Ronnie so they can't quite talk openly...

Feeds then go off of JeJo and return to them with Jeff in the pool talking to Jordan, they are talking about Casey and his banana suit...Michele wanders over there and Jordan asks her if there are any more ice cream sandwiches left?...Jeff thinks there are...Jordan says she thinks she's going to get one...Jordan leaves to get one...Michele whips off her dress/shirt and starts putting on sunscreen and shamelessly tries to flirt with Jeff. Jeff looks the other way waiting for Jordan to come back LOL 

Michele tries to engage Jeff talking to him about him being safe this week...Jeff doesn't agree with her, saying what does she mean? no one is safe in this house unless you're holding the HOH key or you have the veto...Jordan mercifully returns eating her ice cream sandwich 🙌

Jordan sits down with her feet in the pool and says it's freaking good but she wishes it had the chocolate nut things to put on top, she giggles...Jeff smiles...

Jeff says "what's a chocolate nut thing?" LOL Jordan says "it's a Nestle, it's like a nut thing"...Jordan keeps savoring the ice cream and says she has probably put on 10 lbs from being here...Jeff says she eats all the stuff...Jordan says she can't help it though...Jeff says "it's harrrrd!"...Jeff cracks up, Jordan laughs saying that it's a chocolate chip cookie with ice cream, how can you say no to it?...Jeff says "it's harrrrd Casey"...Jordan says she doesn't know how celebrities do it when they have to get fit for something, she'd be like hmmm cookie dough or a salad? cookie dough...Jeff says "as it spills all over your leg?" 

Michele starts rambling and Jeff somewhat humors her by responding but is distracted by Jordan eating...he looks over at her and smiles saying "Jordan!?"...Jordan says "am I grossing you out?"...Michele keeps rambling and Jordan half humors her this time...Jeff can't take it anymore and says "gimme a bite of that!"...Jordan says "I told you"...Jeff walks over saying he just wants a little bite...Jordan says see, you want one...Jeff bites into the sandwich...Jordan asks why she never thought of this? (making one)...Jeff says it's because she's too busy eating everything and not creating it...Jordan says it's true...Jeff says it's good, there's no getting around it. :)

Michele starts talking about Ronnie and game and they join in...

Everything else? Whoa 


The HG's are outside awaiting nominations. Jeff has just taken a shower and comes outside. Lydia moves over so that he can sit down next to Jordan...Jeff tells her that her hair looks good. They bicker a little about who rubs whom more and Jeff says to Lydia "you don't know how much I rub her leg...and everything else...and I get nothing". 

Lydia whispers "everything else? everything else whoa" 😂

Jeff comes to check on Jordan 


Jeff comes to the RR to check on Jordan. She isn't feeling too good. Jeff is bored as is Jordan, he wants to be near her but allows her to rest and says he will check on her later if she's still there. They share a nice hug.

Jeff & Jordan & the magic power


Jordan is sitting outside on the BY couch talking to Michele, they talk about taking baths vs showers...Jeff comes over and sits next to Jordan...Jordan tells him he needs to win HOH next week so she can take a bath...Michele says Russell will let them take a bubble bath...Jordan says she misses it...Jeff asks if he can get in there? Jordan says with their bathing suits on he can...Jeff says no, a birthday party bath...Michele says it was one last time, Jordan was flashing them. Jordan loses her train of thought for a sec LOL

Jordan says she always takes baths, never showers, she loves it...Jeff says he knows, he's heard it before many times, he says he's going to take a shot in the dark and say he'll guess that Jordan shaves her legs sitting down in the tub...Jordan says mmm, hmm...Jeff says whoa! I do have magic powers   (insert sarcasm)

They talk a little about the magic powers...Jordan wonders if BB can tell them at any time...Jeff says someone might already know...Jordan says they haven't called her to the DR...Jeff says he wants magic powers, he won't start addressing the camera but he wants them...Jordan wants Jeff to sit next to her...Jeff says why doesn't she move over to him so he can stretch out OR he can move next to her and stretch out so he does. LOL Jordan shares the cover with him.

They discuss the sleeping arrangements, Michele isn't happy with hers...Jordan explains what beds are available...Michele says Jeff has the big boy bed...Jeff says he's a bigger boy, he needs a bigger bed. Kevin comes out and joins them...random chit chat about the veto comps, Jeff has played in every one, Kevin has played in none...Lydia comes out and Kevin leaves to play pool with her.

Jordan says it's chilly tonight...Jordan says she really wants some chocolate right now...Jeff smiles and shakes his head and Jordan giggles...Jordan ties her hair up...Jeff says "these are my favorite shirts"...Jordan says "they're comfy?"...Jeff says "yeah, like underwear shirts with some jeans, that's how I roll"...Jordan says "me too, I'm plain Jane"...Jeff says "I like it"...Jordan says "I'm always in jeans and a t-shirt"...Jordan says "don't you hate when you go to the mall and you pick out something and you're trying to be stylish, oh I feel so cute and then you go out and see somebody else with an even better outfit and you're like man"...Jeff says he knows what she means but how about when you buy something thinking it's awesome and you randomly walk in somewhere and see something so much better than you bought.

Jeff says he hates that, it's like when you order something at a restaurant and the person you're with orders something better and you're like "I should've got that, mine sucks"...Jordan giggles saying she does the same thing...

Jordan says she does better with pictures on the menu, she'll think it's good...Jeff laughs and Jordan giggles...Jeff says if you don't have a picture you don't know what it'll come out like and the other person's is like "aaaahhhh", it's the best and you're like (pissed)...Jordan says she doesn't do good with descriptions...Jeff says so when they read her the specials it's just meaningless?...Jordan says she doesn't even pay attention to the specials...Jeff says he just gets the giggles, he just thinks save it because he already knows what he wants...Jordan says you laugh? poor guy! if they were at a restaurant the guy would think "these assholes"...Jeff says he just says "don't even worry about it"...feeds switch off J&J...

They return just with Jeff asking why would America give it (magic power) to some...Michele approaches them and Jeff doesn't finish his thought...Jordan doesn't know...Jeff tells Michele they're talking about the magic player, the magic player and ordering food at a restaurant...Jordan says it's going to be weird carrying a purse, she hasn't carried one...Jeff asks if they smell a skunk?...Jordan says she loves big handbags...Jeff asks again...Jordan says yeah, kind of...Jeff says he kind of likes the faint smell of it, he's said that before, so what's up? she likes big handbags?...Jordan says holding it with all her stuff in it, a cellphone, it's going to be so freaking awesome, she can't wait.

Jeff says how about her cellphone, how many text messages does she think she'll have?...Jordan says if her mom suspended it, she won't have any, she told her mom to suspend it, she better not have disconnected the "celly"...Jeff says he hopes his is suspended, he doesn't even care...Jordan said she'd have a million if not...Jordan says she loves to text...Jeff says he loves it too, he likes it more than talking...Jordan does it all the time and has unlimited texting.

Jeff says "what is this magic thing? I can't get it out of my head"...Jeff says the person can use it this or next week so the person will know about it this week, they don't know what the power brings...Jeff jokes around with Lydia about her having, she better tell him, no one is listening or watching LOL...Jeff asks K&L if they're talking about the mystery power, he's freaking out about it, he's so excited about it.

Jordan says she's not going to sleep tonight...Jeff asks if she will rub his back all night?...Jordan nods yes but Jeff isn't buying what she's selling "sista" :)

Jeff asks Lydia to check if there are drinks...she says she will and will report back...Jeff whispers to Jordan that it's nice of her to do that...Jordan says she told her she had nothing to worry about this week and she feels Jeff and her are in a good position but she doesn't want to jinx it...Jeff says he doesn't want to think that far ahead because the magic powers will put them back to the beginning where they always end up...Jeff hopes they don't vote Jessie to have the magic power, he's such a yo-yo, that's stupid, he'd be pissed...Jordan says maybe they voted to give J&J luck...Jeff wonders if one of them would get it, wouldn't she think so?...Jordan says she would hope...Jeff says they have struggled.

Jordan says they can't let Chima win HOH next week (she would! lol) because she would put them up, she's being fake nice to them...Jordan says she's a little excited (after noms)...Jeff says this is the 1st week one of them isn't up or their friends...Jordan asks if Jeff thinks Russell would back door one of them?...Jeff says nothing is certain until it's all done...Jordan says she's been looking to see if Ronnie has been scheming and that probably Jessie, Natalie & Chima will vote to keep Ronnie...Jeff says if Michele votes with them that's all the votes they need...Jeff told Lydia she had his, Jordan's & Kevin's votes, she just needs Michele's...Jeff says he can see Michele coming to their side now...Jordan says Michele told her it's all about the numbers...Jeff says last week she was floating to their side, when it comes down to it, he'll remember that  ...Jordan says Michele says they are too loud (huh??) and that she's scared what she tells them the others will overhear .

J&J start in on Jessie and what a dork he is, he asks too many questions...Jeff says that when he had finished the graduation comp Jessie came up to him and said "don't worry man, you're safe" and Jeff wanted to say that Jessie wasn't safe, he knows he's safe because he was the one up there making a deal, he sat there for 4 hours...Jeff says he wants the magic powers to zap Jessie, he has the speech ready, he'd wear Kevin's clothes and tell him that he doesn't need to wear another man's clothes to do the job, he'd take them off, have his Chicago shirt, say this is where he's from and you're gone bro, don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out, that one's for Casey, beat it (wouldn't go QUITE like that but sounds great!)...Jordan giggles :)

Jordan says they definitely have some memorable speeches...Jeff says he'll make it memorable...Jordan says surely America wouldn't vote for him...Jeff says he would hope not...Jordan agrees...Jordan says if she has powers to evict him, she will...Jordan says Natalie will be all over their asses...they laugh about Casey saying "go make him a sandwich"...Jeff says he has to represent Casey's shorts...Jordan suggests wearing them on Thursday...Jeff says Casey will see the other shows, he won't wear them while everyone else is dressed nice...Jordan says wear them tomorrow...Jordan is sad Casey didn't leave her anything LOL...Jeff says Casey went with dignity, he didn't try to bash Jordan to get votes, that was cool.

Jordan says the power can't get in Natalie, Chima or Jessie's hands...Jeff says "why would it?"...they wonder about when the voting ends...Jeff says they are underdogs...Jordan says America did vote him out last time, maybe they brought him back because he's a tool LOL...they talk about season 8, with Jessica and Daniele...Jeff says Dani had a showmance with some other kid in there...Jordan says it would be different if Jessica or Cowboy had been in the house.

Jordan says she misses Casey sitting outside smoking a cigarette...they both imitate Casey with his "right, right, right, right" and how he crossed his legs...they do the Minglemixx sign and then Jordan says "I just pooted, it stinks"...Jeff makes a face and says "come on!", he sits up...Jordan giggles...Jeff says he doesn't even want to smell it...Jordan says don't, he'll get grossed out...Jeff say he has to pee...Jordan has gas pains...Jeff says to let it out but he poots audibly and Jeff says "Jordan!" and walks away.)...

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