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Day 21 of BB11 Feeds

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

July 29


The 3 stooges - Who’s on 1st


Jeff & Casey do the classic "Who's on first?" routine and confuse the heck out of Jordan.

Aww Casey calls them the Three Musketeers and Jeff calls them The Three Fu**ing Dorks. LOL

They laugh about Braden and how clueless he was about BB, pretty funny! Jordan wonders if Braden will show up to the finale?...Jeff and Casey say it's 50/50 and depends if he gets paid...they crack up some more over things Braden said and then Jeff wonders if he watches the show?...Casey thinks they were just a stop on his tour through life...Jeff wonders what he would wear to the finale?...Jordan guesses leather pants (she was close!)...Jordan wonders what Laura is doing...they discuss how things move slowly in there but things go faster in the house once decisions are made...Jordan says she needs an iron...feeds switch…

Look of Love


Jordan was moody towards Jeff that night so he has been keeping his distance from her (although still in the same room and watching her every move). She and Casey are up for eviction so she is ironing her clothes before she packs them. Jeff and Casey are watching her and listening to her tell a story abour school (pretty funny) that gets them cracking up.

Casey taking about some of his friends and then makes a comment about being old, Jordan says "you're old? I don't think so." and then says a little line about boys and sings a little bit before FISH.

While she's singing, the camera pans to Jeff very briefly, who is staring at her with the sweetest look, like he's mesmerized. It's pretty amazing...This scene always stuck with me for some reason. It was really telling of his feelings even that early on.

Jordan apologizes for being mean


Jeff, Jordan & Casey are in the SS room. Jeff is laying on the rafts in the SS room. Casey leaves to go to the bathroom. Jordan is laying on the bed against the wall. Jordan tells Jeff that she was listening out there to them laughing....Jeff says yeah? what was I laughing about?...Jordan says she was laughing because she was listening to them (Casey & Jeff)...Jeff says "I have a funny laugh?"...Jordan says "no, just the stuff you were saying cuz you're always cussing or you'll get mad or something"...Jeff laughs.

Jordan says Jeff needs to quit being a butt...Jeff says he's not and she needs to relax...Jordan says Jeff knows he was rude when they walked out of the SR...Jeff wags his finger and says "no"...Jordan says maybe she doesn't feel like talking or something...Jeff says he doesn't feel like doing a lot of things too...Jordan says "no, that's what you said to me"...Jeff non-chalantly says "oh".

Jordan laughs and says "yeah that was being mean"...Jeff says he didn't say he felt like talking, he said he didn't feel like kissing her ass 24 hours a day...Jordan says "you don't!"...Jeff wants to trade pillows with Jordan and asks if she's going to sleep there?...Jordan says he can have the pillow and asks him to come up to the bed, for him to quit being weird...Jeff says no, he's staying down there, he's going to cool off and try to get some sleep...Jordan says ok and hands him another pillow...Jeff sighs and sprawls out...Jordan lays back down.

Jordan asks "do you think I was being mean to you today?"...Jeff says nuh uh...Jordan says "well if you did, I'm sorry"...Jeff says mmm, kay...Jordan sits up again and says "hey" and then whispers something about Jessie getting pissed, he's so bitter about everything...Jeff says if he gets put up he'll cry and go crazy, his true colors will come out, that's what he's waiting for. Jordan lays on her tummy to talk to Jeff and they start game talking until Casey comes in and then they all chat until they turn the lights out.

Before the live show “You love that shirt”


Jeff is in the RR laying down in his bed relaxing before the live show. Jordan approaches him asking if he's ready? she asks if she should change into her grey pants instead of the black ones she's wearing because she feels the black ones make her hips look wide...Jeff says he doesn't know, what if she has to piss herself? LOL...Jordan asks if she should leave it?...Jeff says she looks good in the grey ones (the ones he would say later he liked her butt in )...Jeff says which ones are more comfortable is the question...Jordan says either, they feel the same...FISH...

Jordan sits on the edge of the bed and Jeff asks if they're going to win or what? does she feel good?...Jordan standing up says "yeah...I'm nervous"...Jeff says her yeah didn't sound too confident, is it the eviction?...Jordan says yeah.

Jordan asks what she should say?...Jeff says to say kind of the same thing she said last week...Jordan sits down by Jeff and says she doesn't want to give the same speech...Jeff coaches her on what to say...Michele walks by...Jeff says to say something about him...Jordan smiles and rubs Jeff's leg...FISH...feeds return and Michele is sitting right on the edge of the bed to once again make three a crowd UGH

Jeff says to just be humble...Michele gives her advice (who asked you?)...Jordan goes over what she's planning on saying...Jeff says to say what she wants, she obviously rehearsed it already...Jordan asks if it sounds stupid?...Michele says to be flippant, just have fun with it...Jordan says she gets nervous especially with Julie Chen just staring at her...Jeff says he's going to squeeze her butt :)

Jordan says she's talking after Casey...Jeff says she can just go off of what Casey says...Jeff puts his hand on Jordan's leg...Michele gives her a pre-hug (wth?)...Jordan says she's sweating, she stretches saying she wants to win HOH if she's still there, she really wants to win, she's going to try, try, try.

Jordan wonders what the comp will be...they say it doesn't matter, just try...Jordan says she's going to hold on until she's crying tears...Jeff says not to let go til noon tomorrow...Jordan starts fussing with her bra, she repeats she gets so nervous and flustered for her speech on the live show...Jeff says so what, just bust one out since she's done it before...Jordan asks if she sounded stupid (last week)...Jeff says she sounded great...Jordan says "not like ditzy?"...Michele says not at all...Jeff asks if she needs help?...Jordan says no, she was just tightening it to stay in place.

Jordan wonders if she should change into a v-neck shirt like Michele's but then remembers her luggage is put away...Jeff says "you love that shirt", he smiles big...Jordan says "I do!"...Michele says "New Orleans"...Jordan in her NO accent says "New Orlins"...

RR before the live show - Jeff’s air kiss


Jeff, Jordan & Michele continue chatting before the live show...Jordan tells Jeff he should wear a sweatshirt...Jeff wonders where his sweatshirt is then finds it lying right next to him LOL...Michele asks Jordan if she's going to wear a hat?...Jordan says she'll wear Jeff's hat (the Aurora one), she gets up to get it and puts it on...Michele asks if it's waterproof?...Jordan says she got it wet the other day...Jordan informs them she didn't put a thong on because she was scared it would irritate her...Michele says good call...Jeff says he's wearing a hat for sure...Jeff tells Jordan to wear the sombrero LOL

Natalie walks in saying she wanted to wear Jeff's hat but it doesn't match what she's wearing...Jordan says she doesn't match period, peace (pants), purple, blue...Jeff says it doesn't matter, you just have to win, look at him, he's not matching, he's got red shoes, a baby blue hat, a green shirt.

Natalie says Jessie said to wear the sombrero but it's too heavy...Michele says they're ready to rumble...Natalie says at least Jordan is wearing sweats...Jordan wants to wear jeans...Natalie says no, she's not, then she'd be kicking herself when she's competing and you're in a dress or something...Jordan says she's sweating...Jeff says to take a shit in her pants (what is his deal with her peeing/pooping in her pants? LOL), says he just likes to joke...Jordan in Jeff voice says lose the jokes ok?...Jeff flips her the bird :) ...Jordans says she's just kidding...Jeff says he's just kidding too and then sends her an air kiss 😘

Michele starts mumbling about another Michele, Jeff is like huh? 😅...Casey comes in and they chit chat about Casey being a clotheshorse...Jordan says Casey has her name on her shoes...Casey asks why Jordan doesn't have 10 pairs of Jordan's...Jordan says they're boy shoes...Casey says they make girl Jordan's...Jordan says she's not sporty...Casey says after this she should be...Jordan isn't so sure...Casey starts lecturing her and the others on how if you let yourself go after a certain age it becomes harder to get "it" back...

Casey starts bitching about the mentality of the house, he's not mad at anybody and it is what it is, it's just bad to be backdoored, he tells them to go hard in every competition, don't take margarita parties, don't take nothing because it can flip like that, Jessie told him he was good then by the third day he wasn't.

Casey instructs Jeff to repeat nuthouse when Jordan says nuthouse and he tries but he says he has candy in his mouth! Jordan says "shut up"...Jeff says he doesn't want anything disturbing his positive aura with her negative bashing all the time, he has a force shield on...Michele says he's like the bubble boy...they talk about the bubble boy movie/tv show...Jeff starts rocking back and forth and then gets up and leaves the room...

Feel good/good luck kiss


Jeff is laying down in the RR trying to relax before the live show. Jordan comes in asking for Jeff's chapstick. Jordan is nervous about the upcoming eviction...Jeff puts out his hand, he wants five to feel good...Jordan pats his hand several times...Jeff grabs her hand and pulls her down to give her a good luck kiss.

Jordan fists pumps and Jeff says "feel good"...Natalie comes in the room & leaves...Jeff, reaching out to Jordan says "you gotta win, booty" :) Jordan sits down and says "I know, so do you"...Jeff says "I'm gonna win"...feeds go to fish briefly...

Jordan says if she goes out before him he better stay as long as he can...Jeff says "you're not"...Jordan says "if I do"...Jeff says "you're not, don't even put that shit in your head"...Jordan being nervous keeps tugging and pulling at her hair while Jeff lays in silence...just before she gets up Jeff touches her arm but Jordan is too preoccupied to talk, she walks out of the RR.


Post graduation comp fallout


Jeff has finished showering and is exhausted after the Graduation comp. Jeff & Jordan are now both in the kitchen, Jordan is washing dishes & Jeff is puttering around cleaning up something that shattered on the floor. Jeff feels like he has a cut/scrape on his neck but Kevin says it's not red, he does however point out that Jeff's legs are red...Jeff says he can feel it when he sits down.

Sweet moment when Jeff puts his hand on Jordan's back as he gets a glass of water while she washes the dishes.

They bicker a little about how Jordan put Jeff's name in the box to pick the have nots LOL Jeff says he told her not to. (it's hard to hear over Kevin & Michele's loud talking but the gist is that he's not happy about it and Jordan doesn't get why 🤨)

Jeff & Jordan then talk about their sore spots from the comp, they start laughing and Jeff says "dude, I got whipped...I can't even feel"...Jordan laughs and says look at mine, showing hers when Jeff whips his shorts down and shows his legs off as well as his boxer briefs. :)

Michele keeps yapping about her sore areas and no one listens, lol...J&J both put their bottoms back on...Kevin & Jeff talk about how the comp was, Jeff says he was hurting 2 hours in...Jordan says at one point she started crying, she got teary eyed, she hit one of those end things really really hard...Jeff squeezes her chin...Jordan says she wanted to quit but she wanted to win, she told Jeff she would stay up there even if she was crying...Jeff says she did good...Jeff goes to the microwave and says he tried to cut a couple of deals, that's all he got...Jordan says "and?"...Jeff says huh?...Jordan says "and?"...Jeff looks at her through the mirror and says "we're safe" and smiles big 😁

Jordan comforts Jeff after the graduation comp - Part 1


Jeff is finishing up his pizza, Jordan is still cleaning up in the kitchen and Michele & Kevin are hanging out with them. They are talking about the comp and how their legs felt. Jeff says that his legs were numb and he liked getting hit because at least he would get some feeling in them. Jordan says she couldn't even stand up after falling off. Jordan laughs about the clip they showed on the live show of the pig veto, she says it was awesome that they showed Michele falling and Jeff busting up laughing over it...Jeff says he loves when people fall down...Kevin says and it was in slow motion...Jeff says those are good stories, now when he goes home his friends will says dude! why didn't you just hang on? you suck...Kevin says when you watch you think that and he was the first one to go down, his boyf is going to be are you serious?

Jordan is taking her mic out of her mic pack that they wore for the comp, she says she threw up whole macaronis, she didn't even digest her food...Jeff says BB should have given them a couple of beers to take the edge off...Jordan says pizza and beer...Michele asks Jordan if she needs help and Jordan says yes, she hands her the mic pack.

As Michele starts explaining how to separate it, Jordan sits herself down on the counter, Jeff walks towards her and Jordan holds out her hand to hug him, she does, pats his back and says good job. She gives him a raspberry kiss.

Jeff says "oh man, I'm sore"...Michele hands back the mic, Jordan thanks her and says it's "perfecto!"...Jeff starts eating something else...Jordan looks at him and grabs his face and pulls it towards her but just as Jeff moves forward to maybe kiss her, Michele talks to Jordan saying she rocked it, Jordan turns her head to say thanks and they miss contact. 😔

Jeff says he feels like he has something in his pockets, it's so funny. Jeff stands by Jordan again and squeezes her thigh...Jordan says she wishes she had that HOH bed...Jeff says that's why she kept saying stay...Jordan says "I wanted you to win too"...Jeff says "I did too but he wasn't coming down and neither was I and what's the point of staying up there? to kill myself?"...Jordan says "no"...Jeff walks to the other side of the counter and says "I got what I wanted".

Jordan says "come here, I wasn't done"...Jeff comes back and says "what?"...Jordan says "you don't care that I put on your clothes do you?"...Jeff says no...Jordan says "good job" and then says she was freezing, she didn't have anything...Jeff mumbles something and then Jordan says "I'll rub your back?"...Jeff says he'll take it...Jordan says "you deserve it"...Jeff says "we're safe and that's all"...Jordan asks how he knows that?...Jeff says he knows so don't worry, for real, he trusts him.

Jordan comforts Jeff after the graduation comp - Part 2


J&J continue talking in the kitchen….

Jordan says to Jeff "what about if somebody is the mystery person? God...and he can take himself off?"...Jeff says who knows, wtf does he know?...Jordan says he should have won HOH...Jeff bends his head down and stretches...Jordan rubs his neck and then is told by BB to put on her mic...Jeff says "what if you're the mystery person?"...Jordan says "love it"...Jordan says it's America that votes on that though...

Jeff asks "would you tell me?"...Jordan touches Jeff's hair and says she wouldn't tell him if she got in trouble, he would just have to be surprised but it would be awesome if Jeff was up on the block, thinking he was going to be evicted and then last minute she would sit up and veto the nominations, that would be freaking cool...Jeff says it would be awesome...Jordan says they have to talk later though...Jeff says huh?...Jordan touches Jeff's hair again and says they have to talk later...Jeff says about what?...Jordan says "just talk"...Jeff says ok and finishes eating his ice cream sandwich.

Jordan says she was giving Jeff the thumbs up...Jeff says he was hurting...Jordan says she thought he was doing good...Jeff says the last time he gave her the thumbs up he was kind of hurting...Jordan says "you were just trying to be nice?". Jordan says her makeup was all smudged, her eyes were all black...Jordan then grabs the bowl of M&M's and says she was eating NNM's but she was thinking of him 😋...Jeff says NNM'S?...Jordan says yeah...Jeff asks if she was thinking of him when she was in here and he was out there swinging...

Jordan doesn't hear him, she says she wanted Jeff to pep talk her, to coach her but she thought they did good, she is happy with herself because she held on a lot longer than she thought she could...Jeff says she did good.

Jordan says she even has marks to show it, marks on her booty...Jeff drops his shorts again and Jordan giggles saying his marks are pink. Jeff pulls them up and says "oh f**k"...Jeff fixes his shirt and Jordan says "you look cute"🥰...Jeff leans forward on the counter while Jordan starts rubbing his neck again and he says "oh great, that was my goal" Jordan doesn't get it and says "what was?" ;)

Jeff asks where his hat is? he left it outside...Jordan says they won't throw it away, they'll know it's Jeff's hat...Jeff says that hat is...well it's not magic but...Jordan says "it's been through it?"...Jeff says yeah...Jordan says "and it's like good luck?"...Jeff says it's not really good luck...Jordan says "but it's been through a lot?"...Jeff says yeah it has...

Jeff says "f**k"...Jordan says "what?"...Jeff says "nothing, I was just close but I didn't get it, I could have held longer but there was no point, I think he would have never let go"...

Jordan slightly disagrees saying she was trying to tell him that he wasn't as strong as Jeff looked...Jeff says he knows Jordan was telling him that but he looked at him and he looked fine...Jordan says she knew Jeff was asking about deals and stuff...Jeff says he cut a rock, paper, scissor deal but Russell said he just wanted that letter from his dad.

Jordan asks Jeff to pour her some Gatorade, she tells Jeff she's been drinking out of his cup...Jeff asks my cup?...Ronnie is walking by and Jordan raises her voice in responding to Jeff...Jeff asks who she's snapping at...Jordan says you...Jeff lets it go...Jeff says he feels like he just went through a football game...Jordan says after this they are going to a football game...Jeff says where?...Jordan says "omg you forgot?"...Jeff rubs her cheek and says "the Panthers?"...Jordan says the Panthers and Chicago"...Jeff says yeah...he leaves to get some lotion in the bathroom.

Jeff comes back asking if Jordan wants to lay down for a little bit, he wishes they had the GR...Jeff hugs Jordan...

Jordan says he should sleep in the SS room cuz it's cold, it's better...Jeff unhugs her and puts his face about 4 inches from her, LOL, and asks "where are you going to sleep?"...Jordan mumbles something (her mouth is full of M&M's lol) and asks if it's taken?...Jeff says he doesn't know...Jordan gets all nervous and taps her mouth...Jeff just looks at her...Jordan keeps eating M&M's and says that if not, he should move the bed down so the light isn't in his eyes.

Jordan says she liked that competition, it was fun, she couldn't hold on any longer, her butt cheeks were hurting, her feet were numb...Jeff shifts over and says his were too...Jordan says she took it to the limit, she got teary eyed and held on as long as she could...Jeff says he didn't, that's his problem, he could have went longer but Russell could have too...Jordan says yeah, that is true but he tried so...Michele comes in and hugs Jeff who was leaning over the counter...Jeff says thanks, he feels so worn out, he feels 195 years old...

Jeff stands closer to Jordan again, Michele brings up some talk about Casey & some shoes...Jordan says Casey was ewww when he walked out...Jeff doesn't know where his shoes are, he just whipped them off along with this hat and ran inside to take a shower...Michele fake yawns and gets up...Jeff & Jordan giggle at Michele...Jordan runs her hand under Jeff's chin, they look at each other and lock eyes...

They start talking about throwing up during the competition and how gross it sounded...Jeff said he saw all the noodles Jordan threw up ...Jeff says he hates throwing up...Michele says she never throws up...Jeff says they were making him sick, 5 people barfed...Jeff laughs and leaves to go to the bathroom and the convo breaks up btw Jordan & Michele…

Jeff needs to cool off his abs ;)


Too funny!

Jeff & Jordan walk back to the RR to Jordan is sitting herself down in Jeff's bed, Jeff tells her that Casey left him his shorts...Jordan says "awww, that's sad, that's really sad"...Jeff says "I gotta represent him"...Jordan says it makes her want to cry...Jeff says it's sad right?...Jordan says "seriously that makes me want to cry, that's sad".

Jeff says he has to throw 'em down for his nation...Jordan smiles and says "for his nation?"...Jeff laughs and says "don't say that right?"...Jordan doesn't answer so Jeff says "I can say that one?"

Jordan says "why did you buy that green western shirt? not to call you out but"...Jeff says he got it right at the end, he had a gift card and BB had said colors so he just bought it...Jordan says he should have given it to Casey...Jeff says he'll leave it, he's not going to wear it, he never wore it before.

Then out of the blue Jeff lifts his shirt(s) and exposes his abs and let's just say his shorts are riding a little low, he does this about 2 feet from Jordan's face LOL

Jeff just stands there saying he didn't have colors while Jordan is mumbling that Casey left his shorts...she loses her train of thought for a bit and then says "he wore those shorts a lot with his socks & flip flops"...feeds switch off of them…

Back scratching in the RR


Feeds switch to J&J in the RR...Jordan is scratching Jeff's back...Jordan asks Jeff "do you still hang out with people from high school?"...Jeff mmm, hmm's...Jordan says "do you?"...Jeff says his friends were friends before they went to high school...Jordan says "like middle school? elementary?"...Jeff mmm, hmm's...Jordan says " you live in the suburbs too?"...Jeff says "right outside the city, not the suburbs"...Jeff says "I hope they don't call me in the DR"...Jordan says they probably will, they will probably call Russell to give him key...Jordan says the way he does things makes everything look so easy, the way he hangs...Jordan then says she's going to work out tomorrow...Jeff says he's not...Jordan says she's going to run to make herself feel better.

Jordan keeps scratching/rubbing and Jordan zones out...Jeff says he hopes one of them wins the "magic thing"...Jordan says they will get more details on it right?...Jeff says what sucks is they wouldn't be able to tell each other but who cares, it's probably really good...Jordan says oh yeah, definitely...Jeff says see what he means? what they were talking about, they need something to shake up this house otherwise they're just going to walk through this game...Jordan says "yeah"...Jeff says the magic stick is good and he sings "I won the magic stick".

Jeff says there's always twists & shit, you never know...Jordan says it's to make things even in a way, Jeff says it's to shake things up, who knows what it does...Jordan yawns and says she can see Kevin getting it, thanking America with his facial expressions, she also thinks Chima could get it because people notice her, she tells her she's the diva.

Jordan says Jeff's pants are comfy, she also says she felt better after she threw up...Jeff says did she even chew her food, the noodles were whole...Jordan says she did chew...Jeff says she was wolfing them down...Jordan says she has never gotten sick like that before...Jordan then goes into details about how she was barfing...Jeff says when he goes on a merry-go-round he gets sick, he doesn't know how he didn't get sick.

Jordan pats Jeff's back and Jeff says "already?"...he then starts to turn over and says he knows she doesn't like doing it anyways...Jordan says she was just tapping him...Jeff says she's a liar!...Jordan swears to goodness, Jeff lays back down and Jordan continues this time on his face/neck then back to his back.

She asks him "don't you want a facial?"...Jeff asks what do they do?...Jordan explains how they do extractions...Jeff says he dated a girl that had facials and wanted him to go with her and he said no...Jordan says "that's nasty" (not sure if she meant the facial or the girl! LOL)...

Jordan loses her train of thought ;) while Jeff mumbles something about how he shouldn't say dated, he went out with her a couple of times but to just forget it, he's talking to himself...Jordan says ummm, what was I saying? ;) Jeff reminds her and she explains what a facial is like.

Jordan says Jeff should get one...Jeff asks why? does he need one?...Jordan says no, but he'd like them, they're addictive...Jordan tells Jeff her mom dated someone that would get them, she's going to get one and treat herself when she gets back home. They get quiet and then Jordan says "can you believe this year is halfway over?'s so crazy"...Jordan says time flies by the older you get, she's going to be 23 in November, it's depressing to her...they get quiet again and then Jeff asks if Jordan was cold? Jordan says mmm, hmm, was he? Jeff says sometimes he was...Jordan says her makeup was all over the place, she looked like a raccoon...they talk about where Jeff's clothes were after the comp.

Jeff says that Russell was never getting off that fu**ing thing, he's going to be black & blue tomorrow...Jordan says her too...Jeff asks Jordan "what are you thinking about right now?"...Jordan says nothing...Jeff says "does my hair look bad?" lol...Jordan says "I always ask you that?"...Jeff brings up Casey's shorts again...Jordan starts scratching Jeff's back with her mic antenna...Jordan asks if Jeff thinks Casey was upset?...Jeff says yes...Jordan agrees...Jeff says something inaudible and smiles...Jordan gets called out by BB for playing with her mic...Jordan doesn't know why...Jeff says it's the part she's scratching with.

Jordan says Casey had a loud applause, louder than Laura...Jeff says he's sure people like him...Jordan says he's funny and he wore a banana suit...they think about Casey...Jeff turns over onto his back and says Jordan is always looking and judging everything...Jordan says she's not, why?...feeds switch off of J&J…



Feeds switch to J&J who are laying in Jeff's bed in the RR. They are waiting on Russell's HOH room reveal. Jordan is rubbing Jeff's tummy.

Jeff says that if he got set up (by Russell), then he got set up, he doesn't even care, he's leaving, he can't take another backstabbing, if he gets backstabbed he's out, he can't play this game no more...Jordan giggles...Jeff says he needs the magic card to save himself...Jordan says she wonders if they can save someone else, maybe he could...Jeff says Russell swore on something important to him...Jordan asks if her speech sounded corny?...Jeff says a little bit, it had no meaning...Jordan sounds offended...Jeff holds her leg and says it's not like that, not like he wanted to throw up...Jordan asks if it sounded dumb?...Jeff says no, there was nothing, she just said the same shit, it doesn't matter what she said because after Casey's speech, no one will remember what she said.

Jordan said her speech was a thumbs down...Jeff says no one would pick out 2 words of what she said so it was fine...Jordan whispers in Jeff's ear that she thought Casey's speech was awesome...Jeff says me too...Jordan then says that there is one person that keeps voting against her, who could it be? Jeff says that it's sneaky too...Jordan wonders who would give Casey a vote? She thinks it might be Russell, or maybe Kevin or Lydia. Jeff says "she" (Lydia?) kept saying come on Russell! during the comp...Jordan says that's why she wanted Jeff to hang on...Jeff says that both he & Russell would have both stayed on there without dropping...Jordan says she thinks he was going to drop that's why he was trying to make deals...Jordan explains that her and Natalie when they were watching Natalie told Jordan to make sure to tell Jeff to not make a deal with Russell, he should know better and that's why Jordan said to Jeff "y'all just play it out" and Jeff got mad.

Jeff says she doesn't understand, he couldn't take it anymore, he was so frustrated, 4 hours and he was like, dude f**k this, whatever if he gets f**ked, he gets f**ked...Jeff thinks they are just scared now...Jordan wants an ice cream sandwich. Jeff says omg!...Jordan says she does, does he not want one? they're so good...Jeff says the pizza he ate was so good...Jordan agrees...Jessie comes into the room and leaves without saying a word...Jeff & Jordan look at each other, Jordan makes sure he's gone and asks "what was that about?"...Jeff says "f**k him"...Jordan says he's a sorry player...Jeff nods yes.

Jeff brings up something about the "magic card" which brings up a little tiff about how Jordan put Jeff's name in the box for being a have not. Jeff says she didn't have to put his name, does she think that if Jessie was in his place and Natalie got what Jordan did that Natalie would put his name in there? he told her to take his f**king thing out of there!...Jordan says "listen here, don't you get an attitude with moi!"...Jeff says "you should have never put it in there, you were like Jeff's not going in there"...Jordan says "no, wait listen! gaw before you start raising your voice"...Jeff says "that's why he (Jessie) said it like that"...Jordan sits up and tries to justify why she put Jeff's name but can't LOL and says "I was going to, I don't know, quit getting an attitude"...Jeff says he told her not to do it...Jordan says "God, ok! Jeff! God"...Jeff says Jordan wants everything to be fair but they wouldn't be fair to her...Jordan says "ok, I'm sorry"

Natalie comes sauntering in and asks to shut off the light...Jordan says yeah...Natalie starts bitching about how BB called her out for sleeping in the GR, she's sick and she doesn't want to hear their mouths yelling...Natalie goes into the HN room to sleep and doesn't care when Russell reveals his HOH.

Super cute moment alert...Jordan lays back down and plays with Jeff's hair a little, Jeff keeps his eyes closed and doesn't respond to her but then starts pointing vigorously at the kitchen (I think it has to do with her putting Jeff's name in the box)...Jordan takes her arm out from under Jeff's and turns slightly away from Jeff...they get quiet with Jeff turning to look at Jordan...Jordan then turns to the side, butt towards Jeff ;) and quickly tugs at her shirt to pull it down...Jeff looks at Jordan again for almost 10 seconds...they lay quietly until Jordan is the first to break putting her arm back to reach for Jeff...Jeff tosses her arm back in place, lol and then quickly turns to her and rolls her towards him, hugging her and going for her neck...the audio is not on them but Jordan can be heard squealing, she is super ticklish and is holding her legs up in the air, they keep hugging...

Switch to Cam 1 (geez the camera work on J&J this season was HORRIBLE at times!)

Jordan says Jeff! I can already feel it...Jeff says "do what?"...Jordan says "you about to do it"...Jeff says "he wasn't" and then he dives in for the other side of her neck...Jordan giggles, says ugh and turns away from Jeff again...Jordan says hmm!...Jeff pokes her in the back and Jordan protests trying to take his hand away...Jordan says "stop it" in a cutesy voice...Jeff says "you stop it, you're so..." Jordan pinches Jeff's face and says "I'm so what?"...Jeff suddenly just looks at Jordan :)...Jordan says again "so what?"...Jeff says "so cute" ♥

Immediately after Jeff says this Russell comes out of the DR yelling asking who wants to see his HOH room so be warned that the volume blows up suddenly!

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