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Day 2 of BB11 Feeds

Updated: Sep 16

July 11

This is the moment that Jeff has always said he considers the beginning of their real friendship. He said that he would never forget what Jordan did for him that day.

The Beginning Part 1


The technotronics competition & fight have taken place. Jeff is in a bad mood and is thinking/moping in the GR...he feels isolated, alone and confused as to what all has just happened. Ronnie is milling about pitting the two sides of the house against each other, Jordan & Jeff have no clue this is happening yet...

Just before the 1:38pm mark the feeds cut away from Laura who is applying makeup to Jordan & Jeff. Jordan has gone to sit by Jeff in the GR. Jeff is laying down.

Jeff says "I don't...I don't know what is going on, so no worries, I won't say nothing"...Jordan snickers/laughs...Jordan says to look at her, she's a mess...Jeff asks if they are on lockdown still, this is like caging animals...Jordan asks if Jeff wants to be left alone...Jeff says "I don't care, wherever you want to go"...Jordan grabs a pillow and says she needs covers, she then looks at Jeff and says "so..."

Jeff smiles at her and asks her what's up? Jordan says nothing (how many times would we hear that throughout BB?  :) )...Jeff asks Jordan if she ate lunch, she says no...they look at each other and Jordan bursts out laughing...Jeff says well, they have to talk about something...Jordan points out scooped his bowl of watermelon...Jeff says he knows and was kind of giggling about it.

Jeff says "you'll get in trouble for being in here"...Jordan says "why?"...Jeff says "I don't know"...Jordan says "from who?"...Jeff says "who the f**k, I don't know, I feel like I just walked in here, I don't know what's going on"...they giggle...Jeff says "so don't ask me any fu**ing questions, Jesus"...Jeff closes his eyes...

Small talk: Jordan says she was sleeping and to look how red her scalp is...Jeff says "from the sun"...Jordan says she got burnt...Jeff says she has to wear a hat or something...Jordan says lately when she sleeps she flinches and it wakes her up...Jeff says he does that too...Jordan giggles again...Jeff says "so what other movies do you like?", he smiles...Jordan says "the notebook...I don't know, I'm trying to stay awake"...Jeff asks her what's up, she's always sleeping...Jordan doesn't know, she's so tired...SILENCE...

Jeff then says "is everyone staring at you when they walk by"...Jordan says mmm, hmm...Ronnie comes in to spread some lies and asks if they want the door closed...Jeff says to leave it open, he's got nothing to fu**ing hide...Ronnie sits down and Jordan says they'll talk later in the room, Jeff says he's not even talking but if he wants to talk about ice skating or something, he's his man...Ronnie laughs...

Jordan asks Jeff why he is being so weird, she doesn't like this...Jeff staring at Jordan says "whaddya mean weird?"

Ronnie says it's a guy thing when they get worked up...Jeff insists he's not worked up, he just knows where he stands now so what's up, he stands right here, he drew his fu**ing line in the sand, let's fu**ing dance, he's got no problem with who he is...Ronnie starts talking about viral videos...Jordan says to Jeff that he didn't do anything...Jeff says she's right, he didn't but if they want to fu**ing take him, let's fu**ing play motherfu**er, let's go, the whole house, let's go...Ronnie says "oh Jeff"...Jeff says "guess what? I'm not leaving for 2 weeks, so get fu**ing comfy"...Ronnie & Jordan laugh...Jordan says that instead of taxicab confessions, her and Jeff can do their hammock confessions tonight.

Jeff says that he can't wait for that, he can't wait to relax in there. Jeff hopes they give them drinks up tonight, he'll fill his cup to the top like the others in the house...Jordan's wheels are turning...she says "let's..."

Ronnie says "let's dance?"...they start talking about t-shirts with sayings on them, Ronnie loses Jeff when he starts talking about binary code shirts...Jeff says to not make him feel stupider than he already is, lol. Jordan rolls her eyes and Jeff asks "what?"...Jordan says she wasn't doing that at him but Russell who walked by...Jordan pats Jeff's leg (another one of those first of many times :) )...Jordan points at Ronnie and says "me and you, I got a plan"...Jeff says "go for it"...Jordan says that Jeff is in it too but she will tell him later so it won't be so obvious...Jeff says to go ahead...Jordan says ok? and she walks out to talk to Ronnie

The Beginning Part 2


Jordan finishes up her game talk with Ronnie in the HN room and heads to the GR where Jeff is still laying down, she carries her big turquoise cover with her, she sits down and gets comfy and asks Jeff if he wants some covers?

As Jeff says no, it's ok, we get a cute moment where Jeff subconciously reaches out to Jordan just as she is laying down but he awkwardly moves his hand away so as not to touch her, he casually puts his arm up and away from Jordan...she lays her head down on the pillow saying that this will piss them off (the fact she's in there with Jeff).

Jordan says she's tired and can't get comfy...Jeff says he thinks it's maybe because she has been sleeping so much, sometimes it makes you more tired...Jordan puts her hoody on over her head and says she doesn't know, he might be wrong.

Jeff asks Jordan if her and Ronnie had a good chat, was he all excited about it? Jeff laughs...Jordan says he is smart, Jeff agrees he is clever...Jordan says they need better pillows...Jeff says there are 800 in here...Jordan turns to face Jeff and tells him she will talk to him later about it...Jeff says to tell him later, to be honest with her, he doesn't want to talk about it.

Jordan says "so what else?"...Jeff says he doesn't know, that's what's on his mind right now, he says "I fu**ing hate that man, can't stand when people act eats inside me"...Jordan whispers "right"...Jeff's stomach growls and he looks at Jordan who giggles...Jeff says "and I just took a poop"...Jordan giggles again...Jeff says it's probably the watermelon he ate.

Jeff looks at Jordan and asks her what she's thinking about?...Jordan giggles and says everything...Jeff says it's crazy right? God, 3 days ago everyone was skipping around here, jumproping, playing hopscotch, now it's like you're in a trench throwing grenades...Jeff laughs and says "man, you gotta wear a helmet out there"...he cracks up and says to Jordan "don't make me laugh" :)...they both laugh...Jeff says at least he has his camouflage on (his shorts), he's ready for war...Jeff says "I don't know why you fu**ing make me laugh, I don't wanna laugh" ...he laughs more and says that some of the shit he says, like the stuff he said outside, thinking back it makes him laugh...they both laugh...Jeff says he was trying to rip on him a little bit...Jordan says Jeff said "you're a fu**ing dork"...Jeff says Russell had no points...Jordan laughs...Jeff says he spelled shotgun, he makes it seem like he wrote the dictionary, he spelled a 5th grade word too, he doesn't get it, he feels like everyone is taking crazy pills around here...Jordan laughs and mentions technotronics...Jeff says it was an imbecile move, he lost, he wonders what Jordan would have spelled...Jordan says fart, butthole, poop...Jeff says he should have spelled Hey Ma and ended it.

Jeff starts telling the Technotronics story about how he spelled techno but it wasn't long enough so he made it longer, uhhh, he's never going to live that one down, it's over, no matter what he does the rest of the game he'll be Technotronic, his buddies will have shirts and shit made for him when he goes home...Jordan laughs...Jeff says whatever, it was a good bit that's for sure, but because he spelled that people aren't going to like him anymore, people never liked him to begin with, whatever.

Feeds go to fish and return a couple of minutes later with Jeff saying that he can't wait for the next HOH...Jordan says she hopes he gets it...Jeff says he hopes one of them gets it, like Ronnie or Michele, he thinks he's cool with Michele but what does he know, maybe she's in the DR saying about Jeff, what a dork! what a scumbag, he doesn't know what people are saying...Jordan says if she gets HOH she knows who she is sending home...Jeff says he would put his whole team on the block if he could, actually Jessie hasn't said anything to him but he doesn't trust him...Jordan says she doesn't trust him at all...Jeff says Jessie knows what's up, he's using Russell & Natalie do his work, he doesn't give a f**k about them...Jordan says she knows who she's putting up...Jeff says he doesn't even want to know...Jordan says she'll cause some drama in the house, they will hate her.

Ronnie joins them and sits down...Jeff says he might blow a fart which Jordan thinks is gross...Jordan wonders if she has bad breath...Jeff says he'll let her know, he doesn't like bad breath and vice versa...Ronnie asks if they brush their tongue when they brush their teeth?...Jeff says he does, he likes to brush it up.

Jeff says to Jordan "awww, everything is different now, you don't even act the same cuz you've got shit on your mind"...Jordan says no, she's thinking about other stuff...Jordan says that even if Russell wanted to get Jeff out this week, he couldn't, which is good...Jeff knows and says wouldn't it be funny if the cliques stayed and they had to keep him the whole game...Ronnie whispers to Jordan if she told Jeff?...Jordan nods no...Jeff says it can wait, he doesn't want to get Ronnie tied into everything too...Ronnie lies saying he got threatened...Jeff says "ahh? oh really"...Jordan asks Ronnie to leave so she can talk to Jeff...Jeff says for him to come back later...Ronnie whispers to Jordan about why that person is going up...Ronnie leaves and Jeff says to Jordan "you got some scoop?"...Jordan starts telling Jeff what's up...

The Beginning Part 3


Jordan starts telling Jeff what's going down...she says she's been thinking and thinking and thinking...she lays down and covers her head with her hoody, she laughs at Braden who walks by flopping his shoes...Jordan says that she figured out that Russell is just trying to go back and forth, Russell really wants Ronnie out of here, even Laura has said something to her about it, she has mixed feelings towards Ronnie, at the end of the game it's not physical, even though they're not saying she knows the athletes are all together, she told Ronnie that if they keep Chima they will be in trouble and be picked off one by one, they need to keep Lydia...Jeff says Casey & Braden are on their side, Kevin will vote to keep Lydia too...Jordan says she was talking to Ronnie and then right after Russell grabbed him to talk...Jordan said haha, she beat him to it.

Jordan says now Russell is trying to backtrack and if she wins HOH she would put up Russell and one of his other teammates...Jeff says that would be awesome...Jordan tells Jeff not to fu**ing repeat this...Jeff says of course not, he's not going to talk to anyone else, is she crazy?...Jordan explains that is what she is doing, they need to stay together to knock off the other side, she will put both of Jeff's teammates in case one wins the veto...Jeff laughs that even if they win, they can't put him up. They both giggle. Jeff says they're fu**ed...Jeff says Lydia needs to stay or else it was nice meeting her (Jordan) cuz he is "outie", he's next and Jordan is right after him so he'll be waiting on the beach for a week for you (he was already planning their future this early, awww  )...Jordan says they won't even make it to the jury house..Jeff says no way, he's just talking about Venice beach or some shit, no way the jury house, is she crazy?

Jordan says she's sure people are going to start saying stuff now about them because they're sitting there...Jeff says for sure, he wasn't even going to talk to her no more, he didn't want to get Jordan in trouble...Jordan says she doesn't care because she already knows what she is going to do and they're not going to like her :) ...Jeff says everyone who is voting for Lydia should do that...Jordan doesn't finish her next thought because Ronnie walks back in and Jeff tells him Jordan told him about Russell, that's funny. Ronnie says he threatened him...Jeff says he should have told him "f**k you, Playdoh"...Ronnie says you catch more flies with honey...Jeff says he's right, don't do it his way, he's already crossed that bridge...Ronnie starts whispering about the replacement nominee, Jordan says she hasn't told Jeff that part yet and if Ronnie could go away again...Ronnie starts whispering about Russell using the POV on Lydia, Jeff says now he's going to flip the script? Ronnie keeps whispering but Jordan encourages Ronnie to leave...he does.

Jeff & Jordan discuss Ronnie and Russell...Jeff says if he has to go he'd rather see Ronnie win the money...Jordan tells Jeff that if they take Lydia off, they're going after Braden...Jordan says they have to keep him...they go over votes and how the house will be divided...Jeff says they're trying to flip the script, motherfu**ers...Jordan goes over who she's going to put up again...

Jordan knows that if she makes this move people will come after her...Jordan doesn't trust Laura...Jeff says he can't stand her because she always talks about herself but whatever, they both think Laura is 100% with the other side (LOL)...Jordan thinks she talks shit about her and that Laura just wants to stay safe...Jordan says eventually the other side will be kissing their asses you know?

Jordan lightly touches Jeff's arm...

Jordan talks about a conversation she had with Natalie...Jeff says whatever she said it was bullshit, she's making shit up...Jordan says that she told Natalie that she should get Jessie and talk to Jeff because he is their teammate, leave Russell out right now...FISH...More game talk and then Jeff says that kid's got a boner for him...Ronnie has entered the room again and sits down...FISH

The Beginning Part 4


FISH...when feeds return Ronnie is whispering game with JeJo...Jordan says they look so obvious right now...Jeff says who cares, they have the votes...they laugh...Ronnie continues feeding them more BS...

As Ronnie is walking away, Jeff says Ronnie is smart and all business...Jordan agrees...Ronnie leaves again.

J&J continue talking about Russell & Jessie...Jordan says she wants Jessie to leave before jury house again just like last season when he was the 4th person evicted. (she almost got her wish) During this whole Jessie convo Jordan touches Jeff's hand sweetly, most likely subconciously and hence the "touching" begins...

They laugh about that possibly happening to Jessie again, Jordan says that Jessie should shut up about Brian not making it all the way because she's going to try and make it happen to him. Jeff hopes to flip all the votes, you can't trust them, in the next competition he's going to be throwing shit over the wall to make sure one of them (Jordan's clique) wins, he's going to tackle one of his own players...Jordan says Braden can't leave, Jeff says he cannot leave, Jordan says if Braden leaves she's screwed...Jeff says he is too, Jordan says he isn't...Jeff explains they are going to take Lydia down and put Braden up...Jordan realizes what he's saying and says she had the whole thing screwed up, she thought they meant who gets the next HOH...Jeff says no, they're going to flip it and he hopes Lydia isn't falling for the "we're your friend now" routine".

Jeff says he thinks Russell offered it to Lydia and if she buys that shit then they're in trouble, Russell is just doing it to get her on their side showing he saved her when they had the votes all along. Jeff is explaining that even if Braden goes up, Nakom...who the f**k is that Chima? is going up. (he giggles realizing he called Chima Nakomis LOL) Jordan is worried Chima will stay over Braden...Jeff says they have to tell everyone to keep him. They start thinking about who would vote for Chima to stay...Jordan says the whole thing sucks...

Jordan does her water sprinkler laugh and Jeff says "what the f**k was that?" lol They have a little cute moment looking at each other here. :)

Jeff starts up with his hand signalling and says he should have laid into them when he was already fired up before...they start talking about Laura, Jeff says she is so jealous that nobody likes her, she wants all the attention on her from everybody in the house, her tits...he says "listen, get those fu**ing circus tits outta here"  Jordan says "I got big boobs too"...Jeff says "not circus tits but she thinks that's her personality"....feeds switch...

The Beginning Part 5


When the feeds switch back to the GR, Braden is laying on top of Jordan pretend humping her, they laugh (although Jeff's laugh doesn't seem too genuine, LOL) Jeff says "dude, easy, you're gonna stab her with that thing"...Jordan hugs Braden and they all laugh...Jeff says he's going to bust one of his shorts...Jordan playfully hits him and starts to feel uncomfortable but continues to laugh, she says to keep talking because the door's open...Braden says "so, how about those Patriots?" LOL Jeff says "dude, they f**ing feel good" haha

Braden says there's a liar...Jordan whispers in Braden's ear...Jeff says he can't believe they can punt that far...Braden says he's going to punt someone else...Jeff says he wants to punt a couple of people...Jordan keeps whispering in Braden's ear and gets called out by BB about obstructing her mic...Braden says "sorry that was my cock" Braden keeps humping Jordan, she screeches no...Jeff says that Braden is thinking "tell me a long story"...FISH...when feeds return Ronnie is back and Jordan is now laying right next to Jeff, in between Jeff & Braden...Ronnie is saying they can't say a word to anyone, they all laugh...Jeff calls people scumbags...Ronnie starts up again with his BS game talk about how "if" Braden goes up vs Chima, she is going to flip out, they listen intently, Ronnie says to not tell Laura...FISH for a few minutes...When they return now Laura is in the room talking about her hair (and herself LOL)...Jeff says her hair looks nice up like she has right now, Jordan agrees, Jeff says it looks wedding-ish, the girls are confused, lol...Jeff says isn't that how brides wear their hair, nice...Jordan says it's usually up or down & curly...Jeff says he doesn't know what he's talking about, maybe he means bridesmaids...Jordan says they get their hair done the same way...Jeff say they get their hair all wacky.

Jordan says she feels more burned today, Laura agrees...Jeff wants to get some sun but they are locked down...Laura says she is so white...Jordan says she is avoiding eating so she's sleeping...Laura says when you're locked up in a house that's what you do, eat...Jeff says eat a half a watermelon like he did and you'll feel pretty sick...Jordan likes the cottage cheese...Laura says she used to eat it back in the day, she was obsessed with it, when she got her boobs done, she ate it because it coats your stomach so she ate it and got sick off of it, it was the nastiest throw up of her life, it was the worst so now she can't eat it.

Jordan gets up to go pee...Jeff & Laura discuss how terrible it was for her when she was recovering from her boob job...Laura hated herself thinking what was she thinking...Ronnie comes in again to talk about one of his slang moments  Jeff says Ronnie's got one-liners, don't let him fool you...Ronnie leaves...Braden sarcastically says this is so fun...Jeff says it's crazy...Braden says apparently he's going to Hawaii...Jeff says he'd like to spend the day at the beach...Laura leaves.

Braden says it's such a gravy train, rat race in there, he thinks it's hilarious...Jeff too, he says they're such losers...Jeff is glad he had the blow-up earlier so now they can just leave him alone...Braden is glad he didn't get into it because he would be so much more in trouble than he already is...Jeff says he was so heated, they made no points...Braden says it was pointless conversation...Jeff says they have been there 6 days, what are they talking about carrying him?...Braden says they have been in there so long /sarcasm...Jeff says what are they talking about? first of all, Natalie would have won that first comp and he spelled shotgun and they are making fun of his spelling? and they said he was a model...what does that have to do with anything ykwim?...Braden laughs...Jeff then starts imitating Russell saying Jeff was a painter in Chicago, what does him being from Chicago have to do with anything, what does his business have to do with anything? Jeff didn't tell them anything about his modelling, he told Braden who his agent was in LA only...feeds switch to Ronnie  selling out Jordan to Russell in the SR…

The Beginning Part 6


Cams switch back to the GR where Jordan has returned, she is talking game with Jeff & Braden...Ronnie returns with a new idea. He tells them BB is building something outside, he might be crazy but his wheels are always turning...they recognize that...Ronnie says he's a very, very valuable asset to them because people talk to him ...Jeff says he was telling them that a couple of minutes ago...Ronnie tells them his hair brained idea about how the comp might be about mixing up the cliques. Jeff wonders if they would do it this early, it's week one. Ronnie says maybe it's something they'll do every week...Braden says people do switch in highschool (LOL)...Ronnie lays out how the comp might be...Jeff says he doesn't think they're going to switch it up yet because there hasn't been an eviction...Jordan wonders what she should do...Jeff says not to worry about it, it hasn't happened...Ronnie says he is just hypothesizing...Jordan says "omg, we've got a smart guy"...Jeff says Ronnie needs to be double smart for him, he's known as Technotronic bro ...they laugh.

Jordan tells Ronnie that they always talked to him and were nice to him, now the other side is kissing his ass...hole, tell them to lick it.  Ronnie says they better not say anything or he will know they've been talking...Jeff swears he won't and they pinky promise on it...Ronnie says there's only one person he doesn't like in the house because he can't read him...Jeff says it's Casey?...Ronnie acknowledges it's him...Jeff says that is how he is...Ronnie says Casey pissed him off when he was mocking him in the HN competition...Ronnie expains how...Jeff says he got into the moment a little bit there, it's not right...Ronnie says he would never celebrate and mock someone like that if he won something, he goes on to toot his own horn about how cool he is, what a gracious loser he is....Jeff agrees that he is pretty positive. Jordan asks if they think there will be another twist, she thinks it will be around final 6 or 7. They think there will be. Jordan says she's having BB dreams, it's kind of weird.

Jordan & Ronnie start talking about how right after she talked to Ronnie about Russell, Russell pulled him aside, if she hadn't it would have looked suspicious...

Ronnie toots his own horn again saying no one can beat him on a memorization comp, Jordan asks what should she be observing around the house...Ronnie says there are felt numbers around the house...Jeff talks about how many fruits are in the basket, he's impressed with himself, lol...Ronnie says there are the numbers 3,5,7 & 1 around the house...Jeff says he's like Rainman.  Ronnie says he knows approx. how many hours they were in the HN room and how many towels were in the competition. WTH? lol Jeff says Ronnie has to stay with them, lol. Braden says it's amazing, he's always thinking. Ronnie goes on about some other random crap and tells them what he thinks the next HOH comp will be like (he was quite right about it)...Jeff goes off a little about how in this game you're on the bottom one minute and the next you're HOH, you need to stay positive, they say he's not social but those 3 (J,N,R) are the ones sitting in the room being unsocial. Ronnie tells them if they're all up there for HOH they can throw it to him because he's not afraid to get blood on his hands.  Jeff gets up to go pee & Ronnie leaves the room too.

Jordan says she loves him, Braden says he's so excited. Jordan says she had to tell Braden...Braden says he has to be there, he's already lost his apartment so he has to stay here awhile, he can't be going home anytime soon, he needs to make jury...Jordan says he will, he's got them, she will keep him in...Braden says Jessie is on his side (yeah right!)...Jordan says he can't repeat any of this...Braden says he can't, why would he...Jordan says to be careful with Jessie, he could be two-timing him...Jordan says that earlier when she & Jeff were in there alone, she saw Russell give Jeff a look like haha. Jordan says that Jeff didn't do anything at all.

Topic switches to Jordan's hair, she thinks it looks like poo and her scalp is all burned...Braden thinks there is sunscreen they make for your hair...Jordan says she's kind of hungry...she asks Braden if he is really a hippie...Braden says he's hip, he travels, he's a gypsy, he travels around the world but has his own beach house but not anymore, it's all gone...Jordan asks why?...Braden says because he's in the BB house...Jordan asks if he has anyone helping him?...Braden says he's been on his own since he was 14...Jordan says "wow"...Braden says that is why this shit doesn't faze him.

Jeff comes back in and lays down next to Jordan, they have switched sides...Jeff asks why she switched it up, they all had their spots...Braden says now it's kind of weird...Jeff jokingly touches Braden's leg with his and says "Braden what's up?"...Braden says that he didn't shave that leg, sorry...they laugh.

Jeff places his leg over Jordan's (over the cover)...Jeff says everyone is in the bathroom, even Lydia, what is she doing? Jeff says he is scared now, he told Lydia that he would never say anything bad about her...Jeff says he doesn't want her selling herself out just to keep the veto and stay here, they're campaigning for her...Braden says that was what the fight was all about...Jeff says and now she's going to turn? he's not going to speculate but she better not be asking them to save her, she has to know that it's all BS...Jordan says she would hope not, she pinky promised and kissed on the fact she wouldn't turn...Braden says he trusts her a little bit, Jeff does too...Jordan says Jeff is just scared and thinking of the worst...Jordan doesn't understand why Russell turned on Jeff...Jeff says he's not scared of him, he's a jealous asshole...Jeff says he has buddies that are pro fighters and they don't act like Russell, they wouldn't even start a fight like that, they don't have to be openly tough...

Jordan re-enacts how the Technotronic fight started, he started in flip mode style...Jeff says he tried to get in a couple of jokes...they all start laughing about Braden and how he would have snapped (yeah right! lol)...Jeff cracks up over how Braden chimed in at one point saying he was a model like Jeff...Jeff says he isn't even a model...Braden says it's because of his memory wall pic, it looks like a soap...Jeff doesn't understand what his being from Chicago, his being a model or his spelling ability has to do with anything...they laugh...Jordan says it was funny how Jeff said he knew he couldn't spell, he'd post it on a website that he couldn't spell LOL

Jordan says he just wanted to fight Jeff so he would leave...Jeff says believe him, Russell did not want him to get off the treadmill and he knows they couldn't come to blows or else they would be out of there, that's why people act tough...Jordan thinks someone said something to Russell beforehand because he was pissed...Jordan thinks Michele, Casey & Laura are floating but Laura is on her team so it's good for them...Braden says one week at a time, that's for next week...Jordan says they're stressing her out, she's going to get diarrhea or something...Jeff says they need to open the door so they can spread out...Braden agrees and thinks they do it on purpose, he then gets all pissed that BB took his blender...J&J laugh about how it's only 6 days...Braden wants to stay, needs to stay...Jordan says he lost his apartment...Jeff says he'll have to go back to work...Braden says no, he has to get his court case settled and then go to Australia LOL , he knows people everywhere in the world and will crash with them...Jeff says he always wanted to go there...Braden raves about it...Jeff says he met a chick from Sydney when he was in Spain who was really cool...Braden mentions Mandy Moore...Jeff says she is his secret crush...Braden says something about fu**ing Mandy Moore...Jeff's eyes open wide! he says "what?" LOL

Braden says she is dirty and has hooked up with all these celebs...they talk about DJ AM and how him & Travis Barker survived that plane crash...Jordan says she hates flying, Jeff says he's not the best flier either...Jordan says she feels bad for Jeff because he's on the athletes team...Jeff says he doesn't care, he'll throw the comp so they win...feeds switch out…

The Beginning Part 7


Feeds return to GR where Jeff & Jordan are alone again, laying down side by side...Jordan is telling Jeff it's a good thing she told Ronnie about Russell before Russell approached Ronnie...Jeff closes his eyes...Jordan says she can't figure out what she wants to eat...Jeff asks if she's hungry?...Jordan says "kind of, are you hungry? want some pizza?"...Jeff says not really...Jordan asks if he wants a salad? Jeff says not really...Jordan asks if he wants a hot dog?...Jeff says a turkey one? beef?...Jordan says never mind, he can fix his own salad...Jeff says he's not really hungry, everything is making him not hungry...Jordan changes the subject, lol, she points out how bright her nail polish is next to her tanned skin...Jeff says it's terrific, he holds her finger and asks her what happened?...Jordan says it's chipped.

Jordan asks if Jeff wants to go out there?...Jeff says not really...Jordan smiles and says he's going to have to go out there sometime, he can't hide...Jeff smiles and says he's not hiding, he'd rather stay here though...Jordan sits up and says "why?"...Jeff says "cuz we're just chillin' could go out there"...Jordan says she knows, she's about to (but she doesn't)...Jeff says "go for it"...Jordan says she could have gotten more sun today, Jeff says him too...Jordan says she hates laying on her stomach...Jeff says he needs too, his back is all white, he shows her and almost falls off the bed...Jordan says she can't wait until eviction night, it's what she is looking forward to...they go over scenarios for next week...Jeff thinks Ronnie is going to win HOH (he was right!)...Jordan says she told Ronnie that Jeff only said nice things about him...Jeff says that he was a little pissed at her this morning because he thought she was turning against him...Jordan's mouth opens wide in amazement he could think that...Jeff tries to explain the reasons why he thought that including that he thinks Russell went off after seeing them together, he's jealous, Jordan's mouth is still agape...Jeff says for her to just listen, he told himself not to talk to her because then she would get in trouble for talking to him, he's the fu**ing outcast for no reason...Jordan says he didn't do anything...Jeff says he knows but he feels he just is...Jordan says it's because he's the nice one, she then says "uhh, you really did think I said something?"...Jeff says "I kinda did, it was either you or Lydia, I think Lydia said something...I hope she didn't but I think she did, like not..."

Jordan says she was in bed last night by 9:30, was everybody up real late?...Jeff says kinda...Jeff tells Jordan the story about how he was laying in bed, everyone else was talking in the kitchen, Lydia was up in that space listening to them for a half hour and he told her to relax and come and lay down, she has the votes, he says Lydia said they were talking shit and she wanted to start crying, she was so worked up about it calling them bitches and now she's talking to everybody.

Jordan says that when they were laying outside Lydia told her they needed to make today a mellow day, lay low...Jeff says wow, was she wrong...Jordan tells Jeff she doesn't know what to talk about with Laura and she was trying to fool the others into thinking she might be America's player or whatever...Jeff says so they fear you? Jeff laughs.

They talk about how everyone seems to talk about them...Jordan says she feels like everytime she walks out of the room, they start talking about them, can she not have a guy friend?...Jeff doesn't understand wtf it is to everybody?...Jordan doesn't know...Jeff says especially people that have boyfriends and shit (Natalie, Laura), who cares, if it was him and he had a wife and he saw them, he'd be like "did you guys hook up? what are you guys waiting for   " instead of "you talked to Jeff? gross", that's what they're acting like...Jordan says she told them they are just friends and act gay together...Jeff says he said that too...Jordan says you know they're saying that she came in there to...(flirt)...Jeff says he knows and kind of feels bad that she came in there...Jordan says they know she always talks to him anyways...Jeff says he knows.

Jordan says "so why would I change, why would I make it any different, I really don't care if they get pissed off at me or not for talking to you" 

(and with that statement ladies and gents, Jeff started falling for Jordan, her heart and her loyalty)

Jeff says he doesn't know why they would care, why it was a big deal to begin with, apparently it was...Jordan doesn't know...Jordan notices Braden walking upstairs and asks if Jeff thinks he would say something...Jeff doesn't think so but doesn't know, he hopes not...Jordan regrets saying something to him...Jeff says he's pissed, maybe he's just going to see what's up...Jordan doesn't know...Jeff says he pinky swore...Jordan asks why would he go up there, she is worried he will tell on her that she got the info from Ronnie...Jeff says he's not feeling that confident about this...they laugh...Jordan says she was at first but not so much now. Jeff can't believe how fast shit happens in there, they didn't even have an elimination and already shit is blowing up?

Ronnie walks by and Jordan calls him in but he walks on by...Jordan feels like she is in high school...Jeff says "I know! I feel like I'm 12 years old!" Jordan says she doesn't like it...they talk a little bit about Jessie and how Braden thinks they are cool...someone walks by and Jeff whispers who is out there now, Casey?...Jordan nods yes...Jeff says "dude, I'm outta here"...they laugh...Jeff says "good try but we're done"...Jordan says "we are, it's we're not"...Jordan says after the elimination she will know where she stands.

Jordan calls Ronnie in again and he comes in. They whisper about Casey, Ronnie is pissed at Casey...Jeff tries to calm him down...Jordan tells Ronnie to go casually go check on Braden who went upstairs...Ronnie gets paranoid...Jeff says everyone is assuming the worst in people and they need to relax...FISH...when they return Ronnie is saying that if Braden spilled the beans on him, he's going to call him a liar...Jeff says for sure...Ronnie says if he does that you know his word is for nothing and they have to back him up...Jeff says he's got it even though no one is going to ask him LOL Ronnie leaves.

Jeff asks Jordan if she can scratch his arm a little , she does...he asks her what she was saying…

...she starts explaining about Russell and the cams switch for a couple of mins...when they return Jordan is still softly scratching and is looking at Jeff's tattoo on his wrist, she asks what it means (audio is off though)...Jeff says "strength and honor" (the tattoo meaning)...they talk about what they're going to do when they walk out of the room...they decide to get up finally and head out...Jordan goes into the kitchen, Jeff goes to the bathroom and says he'll be right back.

The Beginning Part 8


Jeff & Jordan have just finished their long talk in the GR...aka "the beginning" where Jordan & Jeff's alliance/real bond commenced. Jordan is making a pizza, Jeff comes in the kitchen with a big smile and says oh, no, we're segregated. Jordan smiles. Jeff starts putting away dishes. Jordan wants chips and salsa to eat before the pizza. 

Jordan gets some salsa, puts it in a metallic bowl. Jeff sits down on the counter and says he wants some too. They start eating...Jordan says she likes hers hot...Jeff says warm it up...but you can't in that bowl (she goes towards the microwave to heat it up anyways)...Jeff says it's metal! Jordan says she has heated it up in this before...Jeff says nooo, it's metal. Jordan doesn't warm it up...

Braden comes downstairs from playing chess and Jeff asks if he wants pizza. Braden says he's done eating for the day...he wants to just go to sleep. Jeff wants to go outside and drink, lol. Jeff & Braden joke around a bit...Braden says if this is the route they are taking he could snap and throw someone off the balcony.  :tongue: Jeff says to not say anything yet. Both agree they don't want to waste their eyes on Russell.

Jordan starts eating ham. Jeff says they should have put it on the pizza with all sorts of different stuff. Jordan says she only likes cheese & pepperoni. Jeff says she can't put ham on there? Jordan says no, it grosses her out...Jeff says you can eat it like that? Jordan says yeah, not on the pizza. Jeff says his favorite pizza is roast beef & jardiniere. Jordan says really? Jeff says you don't even know what that is...Jordan says I know, I just said really (LOL)...Jeff says he knows because she is worried about what is going on over there....

Jeff explains what jardiniere is...a mixture of celery, hot peppers, carrot and cauliflower, it's pickled and spicy. Jordan picks on how Jeff says cauliflower and he is saying it cauLEEflower not cauLUHflower...Jeff tries to correct it but fails, lol. (Poor Jeff! ha!)

Jeff & Jordan have their first of many hammock talks.

7:05 - 7:22PM

Jeff is laying down, Jordan is sitting on the hammock rocking it back and forth. They make some small talk about weather and being sleepy. Jeff asks if she feels alright, she says she does. A helicopter flies overhead so it's hard to hear but they start talking game about Ronnie & Braden. They talk about the paranoia & misinformation being spread throughout the house. Jeff talks about the Toona incident. Jeff says other than Jordan & Lydia who opened up to him, Michele & Ronnie are his favorite people in the house, he wouldn't jeopardize that, people expect him to be close to muscle heads and jocks but he's just gets along with good people.

Jordan frets about Russell possibly using the Veto on Lydia and putting Braden up. Jeff says then who do they have? Jordan says her & Jeff, Ronnie and maybe Lydia. Jeff says he is nervous about Lydia. Jordan says she is up talking to them now...Jeff says they are offering to take her off and voting out Braden...Jordan says they need Chima to leave, what is the backup plan?

They talk about the upcoming HOH, Jeff says he would throw it and let Jordan's team win. Jordan asks if Jeff has a bug on him...Jeff says it's a spider web, a little spider flew down from the wall and tried to attack him. Jordan laughs. Braden comes out and they banter a little with him. Jordan just wants Chima to leave and then she will feel more relieved, she says she if she gets evicted she at least wants to make it to jury house to decide who wins this. Jeff agrees.

Jordan wonders why Russell just blew up all of a sudden at Jeff, someone must have said something to him for him to flip out on him like that, she doesn't talk to him when he walks by now, it's awkward. Jeff says he won't make eye contact with that f**ker again...Jordan says they were just laughing in the kitchen the other day...Jeff doesn't know what he wants from him, he cooks for him, gave him his bed, whatever, what's done is done. Jordans says they already knew what type of person he was. Jordan lays down opposite Jeff.

Jordan asks if her feet look crusty...Jeff says no, rubs them and smiles...Jordan says they're soft now, she says her skin is real dry...Jeff says she's gotta lotion. Braden is roaming around the BY...Jeff says Jessie hasn't said a fu**ing word to him...Jordan says she wants to win HOH so much to separate everything...Jeff says he's going to throw it and cause chaos so his team loses, he'll throw a wrench right in the machine.

Jordan says "God, this is only the first week"...she says it's too early to be choosing sides...Jeff says he knows, he thinks Russell played his cards too soon...Jordan says she told Lydia she didn't think she trusted Russell...Jeff thinks he's jealous or something...Jordan says everything was fine, he was working out...Jeff says he knows what he was like even before he blew up on him.

Jordan thinks Jeff should talk to Lydia and not her...Jeff says he thinks she is avoiding her...Jordan wants Jeff to talk to her and open her eyes...Jeff thinks maybe Lydia said something to Russell about him and that's why he blew up at him...Jeff says that Lydia told Jeff that Russell told her that it was a group decision, they had a meeting and that Natalie was the one who put up Lydia on the block but he wasn't involved, Lydia asked why Jeff wasn't at the meeting and Russell pfffted and said who cares about Jeff, he's not even on the fu**ing team, who cares about him. Jeff says he knew Russell was a snake...Jordan asks if Russell was mad about the spelling comp, she giggles about it...

Jeff says maybe he's envious or jealous of him, he says he's trying to figure out logically what he has against him...Jordan doesn't know...Jeff says all he knows is that he's a fu**ing loser, that he sensed he didn't like him and he's a pretty good judge of character, after the glass of wine thing (where Russell didn't offer any to Jeff after he asked) so that was that, he ignored him the rest of the night and then this morning he didn't look at him in the eyes and then he came out and snapped. 

Jordan says he flipped out for no reason, Jordan shushed Ronnie when the fight started happening. They go over what happened in the fight again. Jordan laughs about Jeff calling him a fu**ing dork. Jeff goes off about how Russell talks a big game but knows they can't do anything in the house, what is he acting tough for? he shows off while he works out, relax! has Jordan ever seen Jeff work out without his shirt on? no, because he doesn't need to show off. Jordan asks Jeff if he thinks the story Russell told about being paralyzed before is true? Jeff says no but he'd like to paralyze him right now...Jordan says "don't say that"...feeds switch off J&J…

Hammock Talk Part 2


Feeds switch over to Jeff & Jordan who are still laying in the hammock. They are still talking game, at first it is hard to hear them because of overhead noise and chatter from the other HG's in the yard. Jeff starts telling the story of when Jessie and his team were deciding who they were going put up on the block and he told them he was cool with Jordan & Lydia, he told them he was there for them whenever they needed him and then they went ahead and said he didn't make an effort to branch out. Jordan says Jessie acts like he doesn't want to get to know anybody, it's all about him and himself and his body. Jeff knows.

Jordan points out that Jeff is looking at her and licking his lip...Jeff says it's because he's a chapstick whore, to take it easy, she's got the junkie too (?)...they laugh. Jordan says if everything goes their way they are taking over...Jeff just hopes Lydia stays strong, she's the key to victory...Jordan doesn't think she will turn on them...Jeff doesn't think so either but she's acting pretty chummy with them...Jordan says maybe it's an act, she can't put on an act when she's made, she says that she's biting her fingernails all the time now...Jeff says he does too, he hasn't cut them in so long because he can't stand the noise of the clippers...Jordan needs to shower but doesn't feel like it.

They talk about the athletes clique and how if they win, they can't get Jeff out, they must be so mad about that. Jeff says Natalie would have won the comp anyways so he doesn't know what Russell is going on about. They talk about Ronnie and how it's good they have him but he's too obvious...Jeff says he needs to relax a little.

Jordan says she trusts Ronnie but not Russell, she would even swear on something to him and then go back on her word...Jeff says he doesn't think Russell will trust her now....Jordan says yeah, when he sees her with Jeff...Jeff gazes at Jordan...Jordan says "I don't care"...Jeff says "well thanks for talking to me cuz I wasn't going to talk to you"...Jordan says "why? you asshole!"...Jeff says "I didn't want you to get in trouble so thank you for talking to me"  :) Jeff says he didn't know...Jordan says "you were my friend before"...Jeff says he just didn't know if she wanted to play...feeds switch over to the kitchen where Ronnie is walking outside towards Jeff & Jordan, he tells them he's going to cry and he's mad but "they're" watching so he can't tell them right now, he starts pacing back and forth in the BY and Jeff is confused, lol.

Jordan explains what he said...they laugh about how they are gone from this Ronnie approaches them again, Jeff says that it's a smart move on their part to take Lydia off the block. Ronnie tells them "guys, do yourselves a favor, don't trust Lydia", he walks away again...Jeff says "see, I knew it, you're right Ronnie, I hear you, I told you"...Jeff says "she sold us out to get that veto"...feeds switch off of them and come back a couple of minutes later...

They continue talking game to Ronnie who is telling them more about Lydia. Jordan says Russell tried to turn Michele against Jeff. Jordan wants to say something to Lydia now, she wants to tell her the others are playing her. Jeff says they'll have a chance to talk to her, she's not going to just not talk to them, after being best friends in the house and now she just flipped? Jeff says if she flipped, he'll be pissed. They talk more about Lydia. Jordan says she can normally read people well, Jordan wishes Russell hadn't won the POV...Jeff says he would have tried more if he had known this would have happened....Jordan asks if he didn't try? Jeff says he did but not really, now he knows why Russell was so excited when he won the POV.

Jordan thinks she will be gone before Jeff. Jeff says if Lydia flipped the script...Jordan says Jeff needs to go talk to her and not her...Jeff says she got her head filled all day...Jordan tells Jeff to inform Lydia of what has been going on...Jeff says he will tell her that they're doing this for her...Jordan is concerned about next week, Jeff says they need to worry about this week...Jordan says she is stressing, she's thinking ahead and if Chima stays, she's gone...they both don't want Russell winning next week, Jordan says she doesn't think Jessie deserved it either…

Hammock Talk Part 3


They continue talking game...Jeff thinks the next HOH is going to be a brains competition, someone that you lease expect it will win...Jordan thinks Ronnie is going to win, Jeff hopes so.

Jordan shows Jeff her chipped nail polish and they compare nails. Jordan thinks Jeff's nails are small for a guy. Jeff is getting sick of the same stuff being talked about, he asks where Braden is? is he talking to "them"...Jordan says she can't even talk to them, they talk about Natalie...Braden pops out of the sliding door to ask them if they want some chicken, Jeff says yes and thanks...Jeff asks Jordan if she saw Lydia peek out to see who was outside and then went back in...Jordan thinks they're overanalyzing stuff...Jeff raises his voice and says "why would she come out here?"...silence...Jordan says "I don't know!"...Jeff says if Lydia cried and felt bad that people didn't like her for no reason then imagine if she gave someone a reason, he'll make her cry for real, imagine if she flips.

They talk about Laura and how she's on the other side, Jeff says he hates Laura, well not hate but...Jordan asks Jeff who she would put up if he won HOH...Jeff isn't sure, he says to not get all crazy, let's focus on this week...Jeff asks who Jordan would put up, she says all 3 people on his team.

Jeff says it should be that way, you know?...Jordan says Jeff says "you know" a lot, it's like Bobby's World, Jeff agrees and says sometimes he rambles and just needs re-confirmation of what he's saying. Feeds switch to the bathroom...feeds switch back to J&J a couple of minutes later...

They start talking about Natalie again, Jeff says she's such a dork and he's happy he called her out earlier...Jordan wonders if they (N&J) mess around up there? Jeff doesn't know but even if they don't, if he was her boyfriend he wouldn't be happy, they're like a fu**ing married couple, for eg when Jeff asks Jessie what's up? out of nowhere Natalie will answer for him and Jeff wonders where the f**k did she come from...does she have a hand up his back like a puppet, STFU!

Jeff ends it with "you know what I mean?"...Jordan giggles and says "quit saying you know what I mean, you've said it like 3 times"...Jeff says alright, if she calls him out one more time he's getting out of there, when he gets in the moment he has to say that to reiterate it to the person that is listening...Jordan laughs...Jeff says that sometimes Jordan doesn't know what he means so he has to say "you know what I mean" because she's like "no, I don't"...Jordan keeps laughing...Jeff says maybe that is why he's saying it (more) because talking to her, half of it she doesn't understand, the other half she doesn't listen to so he's just rambling and she'll say "what did you say?"...Jordan says "oh geez".

They rock back and forth quietly, Jordan says she guesses it's just them two out there talking tonight...Jeff knows, he says they're just fu**ing outcasts...Jordan says they will stand their ground...Jeff says he thinks they have a good thing working...Jordan thinks so...Jeff says it's their only option...Jordan thinks Ronnie might have some good tricks up his sleeve though.

Jeff says he needs to pull a rabbit out of a hat...Jordan says they need to start picking the bad eggs out...Jeff says cuz they're ruining the salad (huh? lol)...Jordan laughs and makes fun of people who eat eggs in the morning that are nasty...Jeff says he ate some of Jordan's eggs...Jordan asks if they were good?...Jeff says they were good, for real...

Casey comes outside and there is a little interaction with him, Casey says anyone that puts up Jordan should feel bad because she doesn't do nothing to anyone, she might be a quiet schemer though...Jordan gets nervous about Russell being outside and hearing that convo about her not being put up...Jordan says Russell lost his tanning buddy...

Jeff (with a noisy splashing Casey in the background) says to Jordan "you're so cute staying on my side for no reason"...Jordan says huh?...Jeff repeats "I said you're so cute staying on my side for no reason"...Jordan high fives Jeff and says "thanks"...Jeff says "I appreciate it"...Jordan says "you're welcome buddy"...Jeff smiles at her...Jordan says "you were already going to be on my team anyways before we even talked about it, you know?"...Jeff says "yeah"

Jordan reiterates that she didn't think it was a good thing that Casey said that in front of Russell (about not putting her up)...Jeff says they probably said every single person in the house would be put up...they discuss who is strong willed, who they would use and pick off...Jordan says Russell pulled her aside and asked her who male & female she would put up if she was HOH...Jordan doesn't think she can trust him and told Lydia as much.

Hammock Talk Part 4


They continue talking game...

Jordan tells Jeff that she told Ronnie that Russell wants him out but she wants Jessie and Natalie out, if Jessie and Russell are put up and one wins the power of veto, then one will go and she would put up Natalie as the replacement, she would prefer a guy go over her...Jeff says right, if Russell was on the block he would go home because people don't trust him and would want him gone...Jordan says she knows Chima and Natalie are like this (close), Natalie told her that Chima is pissed at her...Jeff says she's such a liar...Jordan says she doesn't want an 18 yr old winning half a million dollars...Jeff says "dude, she's not gonna win, Jessie would throw her right out, you think he'd let her win or something?"...Jordan says she wants him out, she doesn't trust him at all...Jeff says he wants his whole team out...Jordan says how many mirrors can they get in there?...Jeff says he probably just stays in his room and flexes  ...Jordan says "look at my muscles"...Jordan says that Jessie was telling her about how he needed to go on a diet and she was like are you fu**ing kidding me? are you serious? does he want some of her fat? Jordan giggles and Jeff smiles.

Jordan pats Jeff's hand and says she can't wait until elimination night, do they have the votes?...Jeff says for Lydia they do...Jordan says for Braden they don't...Jeff says they have time after the Veto ceremony...Jordan says they're good (then)...Jordan says she can't wait until Jessie has to come down, he lives in that HOH room...Jeff says yeah and they say he segregates himself from everyone?...Jordan says they're referring to her, him, Lydia...Jeff says but they were outside sitting with the others.

Jordan says that this morning she was going to come up to him and blow (a raspberry) on his face but she didn't...Jeff says she should have :) ...Jordan says she thought he would get pissed...Jeff says "that would have been nice" :) Jordan says she'll do things like that in front of the others just to get them going, like squeezing Jeff's butt, she doesn't know...Jeff says "squeeze my butt? my little butt?"...Jordan talks about how she shouldn't have gone to sleep and then she says she can't stand people that ride the fence, just make a decision, her strategy was to lay low but now she can't...Jeff says me too, he wanted two people to blow up at each other and he'd ride the middle...Jordan giggles and says said the same...Jeff says he didn't really have a strategy, he said that you never know what's going to happen in there and look what happened...Jordan knows, Russell just had something for Jeff...Jeff says maybe he had a hard-on for him...

Jordan says she doesn't know, she hopes that Lydia didn't say anything...Jeff says she had to to try and save herself, why wouldn't she talk to them all day? she feels bad about something...Jordan says for Jeff to talk to her...Jeff says he will, he'll ask her what's up? he won't tell her shit though...they talk about what Jeff should say to Lydia...Jordan says that Laura is playing both sides too...feeds switch out…

Hammock Talk Part 5


Jeff is sitting having a smoke, he amuses himself by making smoke rings with his cigarette....

Feeds switch out and return 4 minutes later with Jeff and Jordan sitting on the hammock again...Jordan is saying something about her wanting to go out just one night...Jeff says not to worry because at this rate they might be going out soon, sooner than she thinks LOL 

Jordan says no, if they're the first people out nobody will remember them...Jeff says no one will know who the hell they are...Jordan says Jeff has a career, she doesn't, you know how bad that will suck? Jordan asks what day it is? Saturday? you know what she would be doing right now? she would have to be at work by 5 or 6 working until 2am, going home, sleeping until 11 or 12, working at 6 on Sunday night, Monday is her day off, then Tues/Wednesday salon days then Thursday to Sunday same life.

Jordan says when she would get cut early she would go out to a couple of bars which is bad, she's always in her work clothes too...Jeff says he knows, he was a server too for a long time, sleep all day, party all night, let people come over after work, always drinking...Jordan says her hair is always pulled up, make up smeared, people must think she's always in the same clothes...Jeff says but they know.

Jordan asks where Jeff worked?...Jeff says all over, when he was out in LA he was a server, in college he was a server...Jordan asks if he liked it? Jeff says no...Jordan doesn't either...Jeff says it's quick money, good money if you work at a good place, he got tired of people, can I get this? can I get that? he knows he's their waiter but dude, relax LOL...Jordan giggles...

Jeff says he tried his best but there's always assholes...Jordan says "oh yeah"...Jeff says it's tough, everyone should be a server...Jordan knows, then you understand how it is, she's a good tipper...Jeff says he is too, even if they suck he tips good...Jordan says if she goes out on a date with a guy and he tips bad she feels embarrassed...Jeff knows...Jordan makes a joke about Jeff agreeing that he hates going out with guys that leave bad tips...:)

Jordan says she hates that, sometimes she thinks she overtips and when she's drunk it's worse, if her bill is $22 then she will tip $22...Jeff says he doesn't tip that much, that's ridiculous...Jordan says if she knows them (she will)...Jeff says oh yeah like when he goes to his buddy's restaurant he'll double what they charge him cuz they don't charge him anything...Jordan says she hates when guys brag about being a VIP...Jeff laughs saying "showoffs I hate that"...Jordan says or when they say they gotcha because they know the owner...Jeff says he goes to his buddy's restaurants a lot so he's cool...Jordan says yeah, he must not go to clubs because he's like 30. Jeff says he doesn't really like them, he hasn't done a (dance) club in forever...Jordan giggles.

Jeff starts whispering about Russell saying he's bragging about being a fighter...Jordan says she served a UFC fighter but she didn't know who it was...Jeff explains the difference between UFC, MMA, he's not a pro fighter...Jordan says is it kind of like when someone models and they say they're a "model"...Jeff says that's why he never said anything about him modeling, when Braden asked him what agency he was with in LA he told him but he said it to him in passing, did she ever hear him once say he modeled? Jordan says no, she didn't know it until...Jeff says until fu**ing dickhead (Russell) said it in the fight earlier, who the f**k told him that?...Jordan says she didn't even know, how did they find out?...Jeff says he said it in passing, he told Braden he was with Auto/Otto (??) Models, he did commercials, people think when they hear model, they think runway, he doesn't do that...Jordan says she hates when people on TV say they're models, Jeff shouldn't tell people that...Jeff says that's why he never tells that part of his life, he never does, he swears to God, even people back home that watch him will say that he never tells people that, they'll say why don't you tell people you're an actor? but he's not! he rolls his eyes when his buddy's point out that he's an actor.

Jordan says that's what Russell does...Jeff says he's not pro, he says he fights local but all his buddies fight local, they're real fighters and one he knows that does fight UFC is the nicest guy in the whole world and you would never know except he looks like one...Jordan says their noses are so different, is that why Russell's ears are weird? Jeff says that's from wrestling, from rubbing against the mat...Jeff talks a little about his buddy Tony that fights...

Jordan asks if they have cameras in all the mirrors?...Jeff doesn't think so they have moving cameras...Jeff says they should have a jungle gym out there or a pull up bar...Jordan wonders where everyone is?...Jeff laughs saying it's just Braden in there...Jordan says now that she's with him when she walks in the spotlight will be on her...Jeff says he kind of likes that they don't have to talk to them now, usually he has to make an effort to talk...Jordan says they're good, they just have to get rid of 3 more people...Jeff says "I just like who I like" :)

Jordan says if they get rid of 3/4 people they will make it to the end...Jeff nods and says it gets hard then because you like people...Jordan says she knows but they have to get rid of 4 cockroaches LOL Jeff agrees…

Hammock Talk Part 6


They continue chatting...

Jordan says she would like to come back and see what's it like on the outside of BB, in LA, cuz she's never come out this far and now she just wants to see what's it like, restaurants, clubs and sightseeing...Jeff says LA is very diverse...Jordan says Charlotte isn't, has Jeff been there?...Jeff says no, he's had a layover there :)...Jordan says she's never been to Chicago...Jeff asks if the mud is red in Charlotte (huh? LOL)...Jordan doesn't think so, maybe some of it...Jeff doesn't know why but he remembers that...Jordan says maybe some of it's red but she hasn't dug in the dirt in a long time 

Jordan says she likes Charlotte but sometimes she wants to move though, after this it kind of makes her think she wants to see what's out there...Jeff says LA is fun...Jordan says but after this she wants to finish school so she can get a real job and then she can just get up and move, she doesn't want to move somewhere else and just be a server somewhere...Jeff knows what she means...Jeff says he said the same thing, if he moves again he'd have to have a job ready because he was doing the same shit, he moved and he was a server, he did everything in LA, he worked at retail stores, a server, washed windows on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills with a company, it was definitely humbling because everyone is so rich and has so much money, he'd wear his shorts with a tight shirt that said LA Window Guys and he'd be like (dorkyface)...Jordan laughs...

Jeff says it was boiling hot and he'd be hungover and he'd be doing these multi-million dollar stores...Jordan asks how old Jeff was? Just says "when I lived out here...' the audio cuts and the feeds switch but Jeff mouths that he was 24/25...

Jeff & Jordan have their first of many backyard talks


Jeff & Braden are outside talking when Braden decides he wants to get in the the hottub and goes inside to change. Jordan then joins Jeff just before the 11:44pm mark, she brings her soft, turquoise comforter with her.  :) She smiles at Jeff as she approaches and Jeff asks her "what's up?"...Jordan says she's in the worst mood...Jeff asks if it's because of Lydia?...Jordan says yeah but then asks if Jeff wants some covers...Jeff says yeah...Jordan says she is clean now...she sits down and covers them both.

Lots of game talk...

Jordan starts by saying she was talking with Lydia and Jessie and says"he is such a fu**ing douchebag, doucheBAG! give him a mirror and let him stare at it too"...Jordan says she went upstairs and asked them if they had something to talk to her about, that Jessie always has something smart to say to make you feel stupid...

Jordan says Jessie said he was naked right now but he had a towel on, so what's the difference since he walks around there with his top off...Jordan says she was sticking up for Jeff :) and that they need to talk to him...they said they've tried and that Jeff had a chance to voice his opinion and save Lydia & Jordan from being on the block...Jeff asks if she laughed in their face...Jordan says no, she wants them to believe she believes them...Jeff says WOW! (can't believe what he's hearing)...Jordan says she told them she felt someone in the house was stirring up lies, they wanted examples so Jordan told them that someone told Michele that Jeff was going to put her up on the block and that wasn't the case...Jordan says that Jeff never said he wanted Michele directly up...Jordan says that they said Jeff could have saved her & Lydia...Jeff says Jordan wasn't even mentioned in the conversation and how could he have saved Lydia when they never told him who was going up...Jeff says "oh my God man".

Jordan mentions she didn't know about the faux alliance between her, Jeff, Jessie, Natalie & Lydia and that they said Jeff didn't even tell her...Jeff explains how Jordan did know about that, he talked to Jessie about it remember? Jordan then realizes what they meant and she says she told them she didn't know...Jeff says "dummy" and then Jordan says hey, she was sticking up for him up there...Jeff knows and pinches her cheek...Jordan says she then walked out and they were talking amongst themselves so she knows they were talking about her...Jeff says "you're dead"...Jordan knows and anticipates being put up if they take Lydia off the block...Jordan says she was about to cry.

Jeff says "dude, they twist everything so hard"...Jordan says she does not like Jessie at all, he talks to her like he's her father...Jordan says if Chima goes it will be good but she's stressing out...Jeff can't believe they flipped Lydia...Jordan says they told her that her and Jeff were a strong team...Jeff says they're blowing smoke up her ass...Jeff says he doesn't believe a word they say and that Lydia is a fu**ing snake...Jordan goes over the convo they had in the HOH room once again and then says she just wanted to get her blanket and sit out there (with Jeff)...Jeff says it's fu**ing amazing, amazing (referring to the spin they're creating)...Casey has come outside and is smoking.

Jordan lays her head down on Jeff's arm briefly

Jeff smiles...Jordan tells Jeff some line Natalie fed her and then Jeff says he needs to talk to them because they think they can smooth talk Jordan...Jordan says while laying her head down again "I'm just mad, I'm gonna cry"...Jeff tsks and says "don't worry, I'll talk to them"...Jeff says he can't believe they make up shit, he's going to call them out on all of it...Jordan points out that Jeff has sparkles on his arm, she thinks it's from her :)

Jordan says to Casey that wouldn't it be better if they could dim the lights a little so it wasn't so bright...Casey says he's a man that likes dim lights that's for sure...Jeff says "put on some softies"...Jordan says "do you like Sade?"...Casey nods yes...Jordan says "I bet you make love to that"...

Braden joins them and Jeff goes off about how he can't wait for people to watch the events and how they transpired on TV, they will be exactly to a tee how he said they happened...Jeff says he went up to the HOH to be nice because he cooked tuna for everyone, he should have never gone up there and then they pawned everything off on him, they asked him what he would do if he was HOH, they never asked him to protect anyone, they never told him who was going up, they talked for 30 seconds cuz he was running to get the tuna, he was up there for maybe 3 minutes max...Jeff says "you know how many times I was a nice guy in my life to the wrong people and I just fu**ing took it in the ass?"...Jeff says people sometimes say he's an asshole and he says "really? you save the heartache...and then you try and give people the benefit of the doubt and they flip the script on you dude?"

Jeff says "I fu**ing wish I poisoned that fu**ing tuna"...Jordan laughs...Jeff says to them "not your pieces" LOL Jeff wanted to give them Ex-Lax tuna so they'd be shitting themselves LOL

Jordan says her comforter must be so dirty, she drags it around everywhere like it's her child...Casey says Jeff will make up with them...Jeff says really? who will make up?...Casey says all 3 men on his team have strong personalities and a lot of pride...Jeff says he won't make up with Russell, too much shit has happened...Jeff gets up to get some water and notices the others are all sitting at the table, he says he'd like to go in there right now...

BY Talk continued

11:54-11:59 PM

Jeff gets up to get some water from the BY fridge and says he feels like going inside and talking to the group...Casey says that Natalie is in there talking about some cops busting her nose, LOL...Jeff says he wants to go in there and just tell them what really went down (toona-gate)...Jeff explains that he told Michele that he said to put up the person that fell 1st or 2nd and Michele told him that was understandable and logical...Jordan speaks up saying she is going home, she knows she is, Lydia will be taken off the block and she will go up in "Keesha's" place, or whatever her name is.  :P Casey starts to laugh and says "KeeshaChimaLibra?"...Jordan says she knows it...Jeff says "you're not going anywhere"...Braden walks out saying "that's not possible, I'm destined"....

Jeff sits back down next to Jordan...Jordan complains to Casey that she doesn't like the way Jessie talks to her, he talks down to her sometimes, like she's an idiot...she asks Casey if he talks to him like that?...Casey says no but he's tall. LOL Casey says he's sorry to hear that, all this shit sucks...Jordan says she can't go in there and be nice to them...Jeff says he is going to go in there and say something...Jordan says not to because then it will cause her drama...Jeff says he can speak for himself...Jordan tells Casey about the conversation she had with Jessie & Natalie prior to coming outside, how Jessie was such a douchebag, he should go get a mirror and pose, drink his muscle shakes and camp out in his room with his new BFF...Jeff says "that was a verbal lashing" ha! 

Braden says every room him and Jeff walk into everyone leaves...Jeff says they think they can talk down to her and not one of them has approached him to talk about things, they are making up stories about things he did not say, they haven't faced him yet, that's why he should go in there right now...Jordan continues venting to Casey about the convo with Jessie again saying how Jeff didn't protect Jordan or Lydia...Jeff goes off about how many people can be on the block? What is this Fantasy Land? :P (Yes, Jeff it kind of is!)  Jeff says he threw Jordan, Lydia, Chima & Michele under the bus (apparently), there are only 2 people on the block so how did he railroad four people?....Jeff says "is everyone taking crazy motherfu**Ing pills or what?" for real! is this real!? it's not humanly possible! like Jeff came out with eight arms, like an octopus"....they all laugh...

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