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Day 19 of BB11 Feeds

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

July 28

Jordan waits


Feeds switch to Jordan in the RR...Jordan is in bed by herself...Jeff has gone to the bathroom and she is waiting for him to return...Jeff returns shortly after and rustles around in the dark looking for shorts to wear to sleep...just after the 12:00am mark Jeff changes and Jordan shyly covers her face with the sheet to give Jeff some privacy ;) They giggle and Jeff says "you're such an idiot"...Jeff finishes and says "it's ok now".

Jeff asks if Casey is in bed?...Jordan says he's outside, he's going to smoke himself to death...Jeff mumbles something about not smoking any more unless they have a drink tomorrow and says that he's got to quit by the time he gets out of there (how'd that go? lol)...Michele walks by to go into the HN room and says she has to turn on the lights, she does...Jeff does something that makes Jordan giggle...he gets in bed and she keeps giggling...

Jeff gets up and Jordan covers her face with her hand...Jeff leaves and Jordan is left waiting

Game whispering & a little rubbing


Jeff is back in bed with Jordan in the RR...they whisper game (for the first little bit someone breathing loudly is heard on audio so it's virtually impossible to hear what JeJo are talking about)...

Jeff puts his leg over Jordan (the position 😉 ) and tells her not to worry about what "she" said...Jordan pats Jeff's belly...they get quiet and then Jeff says the good thing is "she" might put up Lydia but he doesn't know, he just wants to win...Jeff looks at Jordan, Jordan looks at Jeff...they have a little moment and then they smile and giggle...Jordan lifts Jeff's shirt to rub his belly...Jeff says "f**k"...Jordan says "what?"...Jeff, who is visualizing, says "Jeff, you are the new Head of Household...thank you Julie" :)

They smile at the thought...Jordan says she's sleepy and sore...Jeff asks from working out?...Jordan says no, from pulling on the ropes, she cutely asks "you wanna rub it?"...Jeff pauses and smiles, turns towards Jordan and rubs...Jeff asks where it hurts?...Jordan points out where it's sore, she asks why it hurts so bad?...Jeff says it's just sore from pulling...Jeff massages...Jordan says "right there"...Jordan asks what rubbing it does?...Jeff says it just relaxes it...Jeff pushes a little too hard, Jordan ow's...Jordan says it hurts...Jeff asks if she wants more?...Jordan says "no, you're good"...Jeff says "I am" LOL

Jordan says Jeff has the shitty side of the bed...Jeff says "what else is new, I got the shitty side of this's all gonna change, you'll see"...Jordan sits up and asks if she needs to put on her mic?...Jeff says if she wants to?...Jeff reaches back to get her mic from the little cubby and loses his chapstick, he finds it and puts it back in...Jordan asks about Jeff's nametag?...Jeff giggles and says he just kept it...Jordan asks why?...Jeff says he doesn't know, it says "Jeff" LOL

Jordan says "my dad's name is Jeff"...Jeff says "I know"...they talk about Jeff's sweatpants being his workout ones...Jordan says she's going to work out again (tomorrow), she grabs Jeff's leg and places it over her and starts rubbing...Jeff says "yay"...Jordan says "I know"...Jeff says he's going to try and work out early...Jordan says she wants to get to bed early and wake up and feel good...Jeff says it's early, it's 12...Jordan says yeah, but still...Jeff says if he's asleep by 2, that's good...Jeff says he wants to work out before it gets hot but no smoking, he got out of control with that shit, he smokes when he has a couple of drinks or next week if they don't get HOH LOL

Jordan says one of them will, it will probably be him...Jordan says she has to pee but she doesn't want to get up...Jeff says he hates that, it's uncomfortable, she should just pee, she'll feel better...Jordan stops rubbing but Jeff starts rubbing her leg ;) Jordan decides to go pee and Jeff laughs...Jordan leaves…

Casey & JeJo talk/laughs in the SS room


The feeds switch to the SS room where Jeff and Jordan are in Jordan's bed, they are talking with Casey who is sitting on his bed...they are talking about how the sleeping arrangements came about on the first day...Jordan says she gave up her bed to Jeff and she slept with Lydia...Casey says there's no way he could have slept with no chicks, mama wouldn't have had that...Jeff says Jordan asked him "you want to sleep over here?" and he thought aww, that's awesome and right away he thought they were his best friends because it's awesome that they did that, remember he was so happy they did that?...Jordan says "no"...Jeff says “what does she mean no? he was so happy they (J&L) slept together because he felt bad, he was the last person to get a bed and there wasn't enough”...Jordan says "oh right"...Casey says he knew he had to be near a door, cuz he's old and needed to get up to pee...Jordan giggles...

Jeff says he was in that back room for 9 seconds the whole time, he doesn't even remember what it looks like...Jordan doesn't either...Casey says it was red...Jordan says they'd all go to bed early...Casey says 3 o'clock...Jeff says they'd be in there (SS room) giggling...Jordan says they'd be up all night laughing, they'd all come in there to hang out...Casey says the cool kids, the populars...Jordan says they're hating on the populars...Casey says "business as usual".

Casey says everybody wants to be friends with the athletes as usual...Jeff says "not this athlete"...Casey says not him, son...Jordan says "you know how you crave cigarettes? I'm craving cookie dough" :) Casey says that's some good shit, in the middle of the night he had one and he thought about her as he enjoyed every fu**ing bite LOL Jordan laughs and Jeff gives her a cute look...Casey starts lecturing Jordan about caloric intake and exercising 🙄

Super cute moment when Jeff realizes that Jordan was on the elliptical for 30 minutes and she worked out, he says "wow, I saw you working out and then you were doing the weights side to side, I was looking at you with a big smile" :) Casey is rambling so Jordan doesn't hear :( Jordan doesn't like hearing that one cookie dough is almost equal to 30 minutes on the machine...Jeff in Jordan speak says "one cookie dough!?"...Jordan says she's still hungry LOL

Casey talks about his cute puppy named Jordan...Casey says his one regret is being nice, he might as well have been an asshole if he was going the 3rd week, he was nice and he's going home...Jeff starts cracking up!, he says he's thinking about something else...Casey rambles about something while Jeff keeps laughing...

Jeff finally sits up saying that reminded him of when Chima went off on Braden during the live show saying he supported bigotry and even called Julie a ho, she just unleashed it and then Braden just sat there with a blank look on his face, turned to Chima and said "thanks"...Jeff cracks up!! 🤣

Jeff continues saying "...thanks for ruining my life"...Casey and Jordan are laughing too...Casey and Jeff talk about how Braden was going to be asked over and over about that incident the next day by the media, Casey mentions the whore comment and FISH...they return briefly with Casey saying something about Jeff's last name, Jeff looks at Jordan and she buries her head in Jeff's arm saying "Schroeder, Schraffer"...FISH...they return briefly again with Casey saying "oh God, he can't give you the dick until you know his last name"...all three start laughing Jeff says "Schrader, close enough!" (this exchange might be one of the funniest all season 🤣) FISH and then all three are cracking up!! 🤣

Casey & JeJo talk/laughs in the SS Room - Part 2


Jeff, Jordan & Casey continue chatting it up in the SS room...after they crack up laughing over Jordan not knowing Jeff's last name, Casey says that he heard them talking about prom, he didn't get laid on his prom because he wouldn't tell the girl he loved her, back when he had values about that shit, 1986 LOL

Jordan & Jeff laugh...Casey says "shut up Jordan"...Jeff says "oh man Casey, you're funny"...Casey imitates his date "do you love me? tell me you love me", he couldn't do that so it was goodnight...Jeff says "yammahamma"...Casey says the girl said c'mon, c'mon...Jordan says Jeff was 15 (when he lost his virginity)...Casey says he was 18...Jeff says "not 15"...Jordan says that Jeff said 15...Casey is confused what year Jeff was born...Jeff says he was a sophomore, 78 (he was born)...Jordan says "so you were probably 15, 16"...Jeff says "yeah"...Casey is STILL confused and says "what?"...Jeff looks at him and says "what?"...Casey says "how old you are dude?"...Jeff says 31, do the math...Casey says yeah, he's 68 so he's 41...Jeff giggles at Casey saying "how old you are dude?"...😂

Casey says he's going to get clowned for the banana suit (by his friends), come home 3 weeks later, ain't that a bitch, the margarita party was a blast /sarcasm, he took one for the team for nothing, thanks, they're going to show them being sad and in the DR they're going to say that everybody knew Casey was going but him...Jordan says she had no clue, Jeff didn't either and then he figured it out...they whisper a little about Jessie, Jeff says whatever, he could go all night with that fu**ing douchebag...

Jordan gets up and starts jogging out of the room...Jeff asks her where she's going? to pee?...Jordan giggles saying no...Casey and Jeff say "cookie dough!"...Jeff says "you're fu**ing weak"...Jordan says she's going to get something that can fill her stomach up...Casey says to have a nectarine...Jordan is puzzled, she says "a what?"...Jeff says "a peach"...Casey suggests a banana...Jordan doesn't seem thrilled but says ok...Jeff says if Jordan eats a peach he'll eat one...Jordan leaves...Jeff starts laughing to himself…(peach & nectarine ;) )

Jeff says "I'm like, I know Jordan now, like language cuz outside fu**ing Kevin goes have a nectarine, same as you and she goes what? have a nectarine...what? and Kevin goes have a peach...oh!"...Jeff says that's why he told her just now a peach...they laugh...Casey says it's a hairless peach...

Casey & JeJo talk/laughs in the SS Room - Part 3


Jordan returns from the kitchen with 2 bananas and a bag of M&M's...Casey reprimands her for bringing the M&M's 🙄 Jordan says they're 80 calories...Casey says that's 10 mins on the thing (elliptical)...Jordan feels bad now...Jeff says to eat the banana, it will fill her up...Jordan says she just has to look at them...Casey says a banana and a glass of water...Jordan says she got Jeff a banana...Jeff doesn't want one but he wants a bite of hers though...Casey says Jeff wants a smooth peach...Jordan cracks up...Casey says it's fu**ing hilarious yo...Jordan starts peeling the banana while Jeff eagerly anticipates...

Jordan starts whispering about Jessie and Natalie...Jeff can't wait and grabs the top of the banana for himself...they eat...Jordan says there are some strange people in this house...Casey says it's the year of the dork...Jordan says no wonder Jessie was gone the 4th week, he's so stupid...Jeff says he has no personality...Jordan says it's dead...Casey says wait until they hear his speech on Thursday...Jeff and Jordan can't wait...Jordan asks if it's going to top Chima's?...Casey says it won't be as vulgar...

Lydia comes in and asks if they want to sleep in there and she can sleep in Jeff's bed?...Jeff (who's probably thinking yes!) says "nah you can sleep here"...Lydia says it's ok, he can...Lydia asks where her blankie is?...Jeff says it's here, he kept it perfect for her...Lydia leaves saying that he can stay in there and she'll stay out there...Jeff says "for real?"...Lydia says "for real, for real"...Jeff asks "what if Casey snores?"...Lydia says to deal with it buddy...Jeff asks Jordan "do you want me to go in my bed?"...Jordan says "no, you can sleep here if you want, there's an open bed over there too" (ok sure ;) )

Jeff says he likes the big bed but he's worried about Casey snoring...Casey says "well cry me a river Justin Timberlake"...Jeff takes another piece of banana saying "this is pretty good"...Casey starts singing "eating a banana in bed....Jeff wishing he would get some (head)” LOL!

Jeff and Jordan crack up...

Casey says "banana...haha you like that, I got a million of 'em, be here all week"...Jordan gets up to go to the kitchen, throw out the banana peels...Jeff says he hopes that BB got all the Braden highlights, he doesn't think people knew how funny he was, no one was laughing and he'd be like, dude, you gotta watch this guy...Jordan leaves...Jeff and Casey discuss Braden a little bit and Jeff laughs just thinking about him...feeds switch to Jordan who has opened up the bag of M&M's and is eating a few ;)

JeJo sleep in Jordan’s bed together for the first time - Part 1


Feeds have been off the SS room for about 30 mins, they return with Jordan and Jeff cuddling, still talking to Casey, lights are off...

Jordan is telling Jeff something about her telling the truth (I think it's about her only being with one person sexually)...Jeff says something about him being with only 2 people (liar) and she asks Jeff to swear it's true...Casey says he was with 2 chicks the week before BB LOL ...Jordan says shut up...Jeff says the airplane ride doesn't count either...Jordan says "really?"...Jeff says "nooo", he tsks and says "what do you think I am?"...Jordan says she doesn't know...Casey keeps saying pimp, pimp...Jordan says "who knows, hmm"...Jeff says "what do you mean hmm?"

Jordan asks if they've done it on a plane?...topic gets sidetracked...Jordan says her arm is sore...Jordan asks if Casey's wife did her boob exercises a long time?...Casey says he doesn't know, she had them long before they got together, she's ready to get them redone...Jordan says she's getting scared they might not look right if she isn't doing them...Casey says to do what the man said...Jordan says it will look weird her doing them...Jeff says not if it's her hands doing them ;)

Jordan needs a new razor...Casey says to shave your boobs?...they laugh...Jordan says no, for her legs, armpits and her chacha...Casey says nipple hair is a turnoff...Jeff says ewww, I would fu**ing leave, I swear I'd get out of there...Jordan laughs...Casey tells a story about a chick he was banging, yadda yadda yadda, she had big boobs but prickly hairs on her nipples 😐

Jordan giggles...Jeff says "oh God"...Casey says by the 3rd time, he couldn't take it...Jeff says "I'd fu**ing throw up...I don't like hair on me, let alone some chick's nipple"...Jordan laughs...Jeff pretends he's spitting up hair lol...Casey says it's not pubic hair or anything...Jordan says that girls do get that sometimes...Jeff says yeah?...Jordan says yeah...Casey says to pluck them...Jeff says to grow a goatee...Jordan says what do you mean?...Jeff asks what do they do? wax it off? that would kill...Jordan says no, pluck it or shave it, she laughs realizing how silly that sounded...Jeff recalls the Kelly Clarkson waxing shout out in 40 Year Old Virgin, he laughs...Jordan says he always says that.

Casey whispers about the others complaining they kept them up until 4am, everybody else can do shit, they do it one time and the others say it was rude of them to stay up, stfu, go wash your fu**ing dishes...Jordan laughs.

JeJo 1st time in her bed - Part 2


JeJo and Casey are quiet and then Casey starts talking to Jordan how he couldn't begin to name all the girls he's been with, he doesn't even want to see them, some of them are probably not looking too good...they laugh...Jordan asks what makes him think that?...Casey says because sometimes he'd be drunk in the club just trying to get laid...Jordan says NUH UH, he could do that? just like that? just try to get with someone?...Casey says "yes dear, it happens in America all the time"...Jeff laughs and cuddles into Jordan...Jordan asks if it doesn't scare him with all the diseases out there? it could be a problem...Casey says if you're single...Jeff ends with "and ready to mingle"...Casey says exactly.

Jordan says no and Jeff does something to Jordan that makes her squeal...Jordan keeps wanting more info out of Casey and Jeff keeps wanting to cuddle closer to Jordan LOL

Casey says he was a DJ in a club going through them, he was having relations with lots of young ladies...Jordan hmm's...they start talking about Bernie Mac & how he died, the Kings of Comedy...Casey says he was with a couple of girls from Charlotte...Jordan asks what he did?...Jeff giggles saying what do you think he did?...Jordan says she's just saying, what did he do? just call them?...Casey says Jordan wants to know what his mack was...Jordan does want to know...Jordan covers her and Jeff up...Casey says he'd call them, ask to hang out, have some drinks and then...Jordan says "whoopee? booger?"...Casey says "smashfest"...Jeff says "f**k yeah"...Jeff says "smashfest 2000 & what? 90?"...Casey says "'86 to '04"...Jeff says "f**k".

Casey says Jordan has got to realize he was a single man for a long time...Jordan says it's alright, she's proud of him (huh? lol) ...Casey says he doesn't need that, the number is high because he's old and did it for a long time...Casey says he's been monogamous 5 years in September...Jordan says that's so good though...Casey says his wife says that's the way it's supposed to be, what does he want? an award, his wife is a little sassy...Jordan can see that because Casey can be like that too...Casey says she keeps him in line.

Jordan feels hot and can tell Jeff is too...Casey asks how old Jordan is? 22?...Jordan mmm, hmm's...Casey says she's only been with one dude? geez maneez, one?...Jordan says she knows, she's picky...Casey says it sounds like it, even during her drug phase?...Jordan says yeah...Jeff laughs...Jordan says "omg, that sounds bad"...Casey says partying like that tends to loosen your inhibitions...Jordan says definitely, she could have done it a lot of times but just said no, she'd keep her pants on...Casey says she's funny...Jordan says she'd wake up the next morning and think thank God because isn't it funny how some guys turn cuter to you when you've been drinking (duh! LOL!)

Jeff says that never happens. Casey says that's how the big girls end up at his place, he wasn't always real choosy, it's late night and you're just looking for some looooving...they laugh.

Casey tells another story of bringing a girl home and they have a giggle over that...they talk about the movie where the girlfriends come back as ghosts...Jeff takes off his tank top and asks Jordan to scratch his back...she does :) Jordan tries to find out again what Casey says to girls to pick them up...Casey says Jordan is so cute...Jeff says she wants to know everything...Jordan just wants to know his game...Jeff says you say "hey you wanna go out for a pizza and a f**k? what's wrong? you don't like pizza?" LOL

Casey says you make small talk and get some flirting in...Jeff says "were you never picked up by a dude before?"...Jordan says "yep, but I don't ever go home with them"...Casey says "don't you ever give them your number?"...Jordan hesitates saying "no, umm...normally it's like..." Casey says that now Jordan is lying...Jeff says she is full of shit...Jordan laughs...Casey says she started stuttering like when Jeff said he was only with 2 women (zing!)

Jordan says it depends, if they're random or she talks to them at a bar she never talks to them again unless they're in a group she might, but there are so many weirdos out there...Jordan used to give out the wrong number but now they put the number in and call you right there and then and she hates that...Jeff and Casey say that's standard...Jordan starts talking about a guy she met and was sending her text messages...FISH...

Jordan says she felt bad...Casey says she has to let that go...Jeff says "so was that the guy you slept with?"...Jordan says nooo...Jeff says he was just joking...Jordan says the one guy she slept with had a huge penis. Casey says that's why it was so bad...Jordan knows, saying he was big...Casey asks how many she's seen?...Jordan says 2...Casey says like Jeff...Jordan misunderstands and says nooo!...Casey means she's seen 2 and he's slept with 2 Jordan says "oh" LOL Jeff giggles and Jordan knows that's a lie...Casey thinks it's crazy she's only seen 2...

JeJo 1st time in her bed - Part 3


Personal life chatting continues...

Jordan asks if Casey gets jealous real easy? not now but did he?...Casey says sometimes, it depends on how much you can trust your lady, how much you like them, he tries not to get jealous with his wife but he does sometimes, not a lot, he trusts her 99%...Jordan asks why not 100%?...Casey says only a fool trusts 100%...Casey goes on to describe a situation where you could lose trust in someone...Jeff says under his breath "fu**ing whores"...

Casey then talks about a buddy of his named "Jeff" and his wife were hard core partiers, things started getting weird and he discovered she was cheating on him...Jordan says "oh God"...Casey says "can you imagine how your heart would drop? I don't want to even think about it"...Jeff says UGHH...Casey says they're in the middle of divorcing, separating all their stuff...Jordan asks if he was heartbroken?...Jeff tsks and says "what do you think?"...Casey says yeah but he's moving on, is getting over it, it's hardens you...Jordan has stopped scratching and Jeff asks if she's done?...Jordan is done :)

Jordan says he probably asked himself what he did wrong? what he could have done...Casey says there's always self-doubt with cheating...Jeff says "whores"...Casey says a drug addicted whore...Jordan says Xanaxes will f**k you up if you're drinking alcohol, you black out, don't even remember...Jeff asks how she knows then she only had sex with one guy?...Jordan says whenever she did do that, at that time, she was always with her girlfriends...Jordan starts talking about driving home one night and Jeff tells her to not even start with those stories...Casey finally says goodnight...

Jeff takes the opportunity to grab Jordan and make a move, he tries to kiss her but it's hard to tell if his attempt was successful ;) Bonus points for trying though Jeff :)

Casey starts babbling about that couple again and ruins the moment LOL Jeff calls the cheating wife a whore again...Jeff and Jordan cuddle, rustle a little and then they all get starts up again when Jeff says that BB is going to wake them up at 9am because they have a show to put on...Jeff reaches over and puts his hand on Jordan.

Casey says he's relatively wide awake, does Jeff want to go smoke?...Jeff says no, not until he has a drink, he's been outta control...they start rehashing game talk...Jeff reaches over and cuddles into Jordan's neck...Jordan rubs Jeff's arm/hand...they talk about Jessie...FISH...Casey has gotten up and has turned on the lights, he puts on his shorts to go outside...he turns the light back off and leaves...feeds go off JeJo but Jordan is heard saying her nose is stuffy...Jeff's is too cuz it's chilly in there...

Jeff can’t handle snoring


Jeff & Jordan slept in the SS room together for the first time but Jeff didn't stay there the whole night..

The HG's get awoken early. Jordan is outside on the couches eating cereal. Jeff joins her and is zoning out. Jordan says her teeth are response from Jeff.

Jeff says he's tired, Jordan says me too, Jeff says it's because they were up giggling like they were in 4th grade all night. Jordan says me? Jeff says me...fu**ing Casey was cracking me up. Jordan agrees. Jeff smiles and shakes his head, he yawns.

Jeff tells Jordan not to do any of those dishes in there, she says she's not, she will just clean what's hers. Jordan says she has never seen Natalie clean one dish, Jeff says not one time ever since he's been in the house. Jordan says the way they treat us, she's not doing it. Jeff says he's not doing it, he'll put those things through the window before he touches one.

Jeff zones out again, yawns and then says he doesn't know how Jordan sleeps through that snoring (in the room). Jordan doesn't know, she just does. He shakes his head...he wishes, he doesn't wish, he doesn't care but...Jeff says he threw a mattress on the floor, Lydia said for him to sleep in the bed, she would go in the SS room. Jordan says she heard Jeff get up. Jeff says he was going to whip something at him (Casey). Jordan giggles.

Jeff says he gets so fired up when that happens. Jeff says all these thoughts go through my head and it's so loud and crazy. Jeff starts imitating Casey's ridiculous snoring 😂. Jeff thinks "dude, how the f**k are you not awake? Jesus, dude, it sounds like you're having a heart attack" J&J both laugh and Jeff says "oh man, I get so pissed"

Jordan says she knows, he jumped up. Jeff says that was after smashing the pillows in his ears. Jeff says "I can't take it, it's over, I'm outta here". They laugh. Jordan says "it's over" LOL Jordan says that she can't believe it never rains here. Jeff says never, it's the best. Jordan says no wonder why they always have fires here, Jeff says exactly why, Jordan says cuz it's dry. Jordan asks why it doesn't rain, Jeff doesn't know, he's thinking it's something to do with the weather patterns, the wind, etc.

Jordan says her teeth still hurt. Jeff says she needs to stop bleaching them for a bit. They both say they're sleepy and want to go lay down. Lydia comes out and joins them.

JeJo play house & talk game


Jeff is preparing tuna 😉 and Jordan is washing dishes. Jeff goes to the sink to dump out the liquid from the tuna can in the sink

...he whispers something about Lydia...Jordan says not to worry about it...Jeff says he's not. Jeff asks if he can dump this?...Jordan says yeah, hang on and then asks Jeff to get something for her (the bottom of a bowl)...he does...

Jordan tells him she made a comment about Ronnie being the only dick sucker in there if front of Kevin and she was like f**k!, she thinks she pissed him off...Jeff says he slips all the time too...Jordan says they're screwed now...Jeff says why?...Jordan says about what Natalie said...Jeff doesn't get it...Jordan explains (hard to understand what she's saying with the water running)...Jeff says she doesn't know...Jordan says she does...Jeff says "what?"...Jordan explains about Natalie again but again very hard to understand and it's all game.

Feeds go to control room for a minute, when they return Jordan is still doing dishes and Jeff is putting the tuna in a bowl...Jeff says that he can't wait until Michele goes home...Jordan says now you know you can put her up...Jeff says "I was gonna anyway"...Jeff takes over washing a pan...Jordan comes back and continues...Jeff mumbles something about whoever he wants to put up if he wins...Jeff gets something from the fridge and says "you know what sucks, Kevin said it but we're the ones that are going to pay for it"...Jordan says right...Jeff tells Jordan that he thinks he's out, if he doesn't win, it's him not her (they're getting rid of)...Jordan says it's probably her...Jeff says "how do you figure?".

Jeff adds mayo to his tuna...Jordan grabs yet another pot to wash...Jeff huffs and says "why do you do all that shit?" response from Jordan...Jeff adds seasonings to his tuna...Jeff gets some celery from the fridge and has a little difficulty closing the shelf, lol...Jordan asks why they are cleaning when the "kings" upstairs are doing nothing...Jeff says "that's why I said just fu**ing leave it"...Jordan says they can do those...Jeff says he hasn't seen Natalie do one dish since they've been there and they can do theirs? he doesn't even know why Jordan fu**ing touches it.

Jordan says you know how Casey was saying he had just about had it? he's done with it? that's how she feels right about now...Jeff says "me too man, I was fu**ing crabby this morning"...Jordan says it's just no fun...Jeff says "it sucks! everyone is a fu**ing loser"...Jordan says it's supposed to be fun...Jeff chops his celery and Jordan continues cleaning...Chima walks in and Jordan asks if she was sleeping all day?...Chima says yes...Jordan says she slept until 1:30 herself...Chima says she is going to lay out (for once)...Jeff says hell yeah...Chima leaves to take a shower first...Jeff stirs his tuna...Jordan keeps washing dishes...

Jeff walks over closer to Jordan and says "hey, Thursday it's going to be endurance", he says they said to wear gym shoes...Jordan says maybe they will hang...Jeff says or stand...Jordan says she pushed herself to work out yesterday and do squats to prepare for that. Jordan picks up yet another dirty pan full of grease and asks Jeff if it's ok to pour it down the drain...Jeff says you're not supposed to...Jordan asks what she should do with it? put it in the trash?...Jeff says no, he gets a can from the recycling, tells Jordan to pour it in there and he'll put it outside...Jordan pours the grease in there...Jeff says "dude? what is that?"...Jordan says grease ;) ...Jeff takes it outside and huffs loudly as he does...he comes back in and grabs his tuna, pita chips and drink and heads outside while Jordan continues washing...

Jeff goes off about Ronnie & Michele LOL


Jeff, Kevin & Lydia have been sitting outside chatting, Jordan joins them and Lydia gets up and leaves in a huff about something. Jordan sits down and says she wishes Ronnie was going home this week not Casey, Casey is so funny and he wasn't even after them...Kevin says it's because when you're vocal you get put up and Casey was too vocal.

Jordan tells Kevin that Lydia told her that Michele "told on him" (?)...Kevin says Lydia hasn't told him the full story but supposedly...Jordan asks if he thinks they'll make him a target now?...Kevin thinks so...Jeff says everyone thinks that but he is going up for sure...Jordan says no, it's her & Jeff, he doesn't have anything to worry about, they're not going to vote Kevin out.

Jordan says that Natalie came up to her last night and said Jordan was being quiet, she told her she was sick of being a pawn and it just sucks, Natalie said she can't say anything because she doesn't now what it feels like to be on the block, Jordan told her that she already knows if she doesn't win HOH she's going to be up again, Jordan says Natalie will probably make it to final 5 and never be on the block...Jeff says "or wash a dish" ;)

Kevin says "yeah but if one of you guys win she's kind of right because you guys will put up Ronnie cuz you guys are so livid about Ronnie, that's why they kept him because he's a bigger target than them"...Jeff says "why is that what she said?"...Kevin says no...Jeff says "is that why they kept him?"...Kevin says no but he's assuming...feeds go to control room...when they return Jordan is looking towards the pool area where Michele & Ronnie are and says that you know that Ronnie is going to go back and say that they (J/J/K) have something going on...Kevin says "guaranteed"...Jeff says "who gives a f**k".

Jordan says you know that they like Kevin more than them, it's so funny that whenever something happens around them, it's automatically her & Jeff's fault...Kevin says that's not true...Jordan says they take the blame for it. Jeff says "honestly for $500,000 I wouldn't listen for 10 weeks to that fu**ing kid's nonsense stories and laughing, that kid was like on batteries yesterday , I wanted to be like honestly...shut up"...Jordan says "and it's so obvious when he schemes"...Jeff says "I know"...Jordan says to look at him, you can see him in the mirror, there's mirrors everywhere.

Jeff says "Michele is a sellout dude, she's crazy anyway, who cares...I'd rather not listen to her hm, mm, ee, oo, her be-bop" Kevin giggles and says be-bop, she does sound like that "de do ooo oo"...Jeff says "she's like R2-D2 dude"...Kevin laughs...(this next part cannot be described well enough, Jeff's imitation is hysterical)...Jeff says how about when she's sleeping and she wakes up (imitates Michele's funny noises)...Kevin & Jordan laugh...Jeff says "I'm like dude, R2" Jeff laughs, Kevin laughs.

Jeff says if one of them wins HOH they're all gravy...Kevin knows...Jeff says the only way he's going up is if one of the brains gets it...Jordan says same here, whatever they're doing for the comp, she's staying up there until she cries or passes out...Jeff says he'll do the same, they might have to go to a doctor. They talk about what the comp might possibly be, they think it might be a standing one, Jeff thinks it will be fair because BB usually levels the playing field.

Jordan says she will hang on for dear freaking life...Jeff says well, it's your life in this house...Jordan says she will pass out before she lets go...Casey comes out and joins them...Jeff says he played the saxophone when he was little because he wanted to go to Great America, you had to play for a year, he made the band for a couple of weeks and then they kicked him out because he didn't know any songs.

Kevin leaves to go talk to Lydia and J&J continue to chat with Casey, Jordan seems to have something on her mind, Casey asks her what's wrong? Jeff says she's crabby & paranoid, something he admitted he was a couple of minutes before...Jordan says her teeth hurt from the bleaching...Jeff complains again about Ronnie and how he wouldn't shut up yesterday...Jordan then asks Jeff if he wants to talk on the hammock, he does but first he goes inside to wash his dishes.

JJ hammock hotties


Jordan is sitting with Lydia on the lounger in the BY. Jeff walks by, stops near them and applies sunscreen in the mirror behind them. Jordan feels ewww. She is not happy that Michele said some things earlier to Natalie to stir up trouble for her. Jordan gets up telling Lydia she's going to lay on the hammock. Jordan touches Jeff as she walks by and Jeff asks if she's going on the hammock, Jordan says yeah and lays down on it. Jordan sits up when she hears Jeff coming, he sits down next to her and finishes spreading sunscreen on his legs.

Jeff leans back and says "what's up? you're so sad"...Jordan says she wants to say something to Natalie because Lydia could easily throw them under the bus...Jeff says he knows...Jordan says Kevin is up there now...Jeff says really?...they whisper inaudibly and then Jeff says "here, lay down with me for a sec"...they lay down, Jordan wants her face to stay hidden…

They talk...Jordan says she has to be careful not to make enemies because they could easily vote her out over Casey...Jeff says oh, in the meantime?...Jordan says yeah...Jeff says to be nice and just keep doing what she's doing...Jordan says this could break her, she also wants to talk to Chima and ask if her somebody said something, she should go in there now to cover her ass...Jeff says she's in the bathroom, she can approach her non-chalantly...Jordan says she doesn't trust Russell, she asks for her drink and gets up to go talk to Chima...

Jordan sees rainbows


Jeff & Jordan talk game outside by the pool. Jordan asks Jeff if he thinks Lydia is lying? Jeff says no, he thinks Lydia is doing what Jessie wants her to do...Jeff says what do you mean? why would Jessie want Natalie out?...Jeff says that Lydia wants Natalie out and she can't say that she does so she has to say that him and Jordan do which will upset Jessie. Jordan says that Chima and Natalie told her she's safe, even if she goes up, she's safe...Jeff says they'll put him up...Jordan says Natalie can't put him up...Jeff says Chima can...Jordan says he or her can win veto...Jeff says thanks...Jordan says they way they're talking they want Kevin out before Jeff, you never know.

Jeff says he doesn't trust Lydia...Jordan says "so they're using us?"...Jeff mmm, hmm's...Jordan says she tried to blame it on Michele...Jeff says "oh you did? good"...Jeff says he would think people would want her out...Jordan says she told them she thinks it's Michele because she plays both sides, Jordan says she can't lie, she is terrible at lying cuz she never lies so she didn't tell them much...Jeff says it's alright, you kept your mouth shut.

Jordan says she has a good feeling that she thinks she will win HOH...Jeff says me too...Jordan says she thinks she will win it...Jeff says he loves that attitude...Jordan says she feels positive because she saw rainbows on her legs when she was taking a shower and see takes it as sign from God. 🌈

Jeff says whatever, sometimes it takes weird forms like that but he's glad she is thinking positive.

Jeff says if you think you can't you can't...Jordan says she feels positive about this one...Jeff says good, he's happy to hear that...Jordan says she just wanted to clarify the story...Jeff says it's good what she did because Lydia and Natalie will be mad at each other...Jordan says she told them the only alliance she has is with Jeff, they put up all their friends.

Jordan asks is it better to eat before you work out? Jeff says yeah, eating some protein or pasta is good...they go back to talking more game rehashing the same conversations...Jordan says she thinks she will be used as a pawn again...Jeff says that's why they have to win cuz if they don't, he's gone...Jordan says that it's working out them being nice to them, she's not even a target at all now, that could help them...Jeff says it could help her not him...Jordan says if Jeff gets put up, she'll have to play for the veto, Kevin and Lydia said they wouldn't put up Jeff, she would use the veto to save him, they would just have to do that each week.

Jordan doesn't want Lydia thinking she said anything...Jeff tells her what to say to her...they talk about Russell a little and then Jordan says this sucks...Jeff says no, it doesn't, it all depends who wins...Jordan says "I think I'm gonna win"...Jeff says "I fu**ing love that, I think I'm gonna win so that's awesome"...Jordan says she feels it, she's going to hold on to that thing til she almost passes out...Jeff says good...Jordan says she will until her knees are shaking...Jeff says good, he hopes he's right next to her...Jordan says "pep talk"...Jeff says "I'm gonna pep talk you all night" :)

Michele comes out and starts walking towards them (GAH that girl had a serious issue with just leaving J&J alone ) and Jordan quiets down...Jeff says "you're gonna do good"...Michele starts making conversation, Jeff gets up and starts making himself busy leaving Jordan to deal with Michele LOL

Jordan & the girls chat about Jeff - Part 1


BY talk about Jordan possibly dating Jeff outside the house...Jordan plays coy as usual and doesn't think it will happen (some of this was shown on the CBS show)

Jordan, Natalie and Michele are in the BY chatting...Jeff is in the pool and adds his two cents here and there...Chima joins them...they wonder what the next endurance comp might be, maybe a the mean time Jeff has gotten out of the pool, he asks Jordan for the towel that is on her chair, she gives it to him...Jeff goes to the hammock to dry off and catch some sun....Natalie, looking at Jeff, says that if it's a running comp, it'll be all Jeff...Jeff doesn't respond, he's busy drying off...LOL!

Jordan calls out "Jeff!? did you hear her?"...Jeff says what? he did hear and repeats what Natalie said...Jeff says he doesn't know about that, the problem with him is he doesn't like running, he gets bored...Natalie agrees...Michele tries to be all funny and flirty saying that she was bored and then Jeff got in the hammock and she got renewed strength, it was awesome falls flat, Natalie harumphs and Chima says "oh, ok"...Jeff says he needs music or at the gym he looks at pictures in celebrity gossip magazines, he always knows who is together and he's all like "ooh", he can't read but he looks at pictures...Michele says she likes watching TV on the treadmill...they all talk about being in sequester and what they did there, the pool, the gym, room service, the schedule, etc...BB calls them out for talking about production.

Jeff says he was waiting for that...Chima loves the hat she's wearing...Natalie talks about the tank top she's wearing...Chima notices it's ripping, she's going to have to get a sewing kit...they talk about where Chima got her clothes but a plane flies overhead and it's hard to hear...Jordan says she bought a bunch of tank tops at Old Navy for $8 in all different colors...Chima says the tank tops she bought tend to rip, does BB give them a sewing kit? she thinks it's on the list, she's good at sewing stuff.

Chima asks if they took Home Economics? or have they stopped teaching that?...Jordan says in middle school she did, not in high school...Natalie says she wishes it was in high school, she didn't take it...Chima says she learned so much, how to sew, how to cook...Jeff is told by BB to put on his mic, he gets up to do so...Michele says she learned nothing in those classes, the teaching was awful...Chima says they made sweatshirts and dresses...

Jeff says he made sweatshirts too in middle school, thank God because he knows how to sew now...Chima says yeah, yeah, that's what she's saying...Jordan says they took a field trip to a fabric store and they made dresses...Jeff asks Chima if they made pillows and stuff?...Chima says yeah pillowcases, she liked it...Jeff says it was better than school...Chima says it was the best class ever...Jeff says his favorite was Foods, he loved it...Natalie says that's why he knows how to cook...Jeff says no, he just learned cuz he learned but he likes it...

Chima says that Jeff is going to make a woman very happy one day 🛎️🛎️🛎️ ..Jeff says "we'll see"...Chima says "no, seriously, he can cook, he's cute"...Natalie says she knows, he can cook with his shirt off, even better...they laugh...Jeff walks towards the house and says "hell yeah, good vibes, now I'm going inside and everyone's gonna talk shit"...they giggle and Chima says no...Jeff says he's kidding, he'll be right back, so they can bite their tongues...he goes inside.

Natalie immediately says "you wouldn't date him Jordan?"...Chima says she was just going to say that...Jordan shyly says "oh my God guys" ☺️...Chima says "Jordan what the hell is wrong with you?" (Agreed!)...Natalie says what is she waiting for? she needs to grab him and keep him...Chima says he's a catch, he can cook, he's cute, he's older...Natalie repeats that she needs to grab him and keep him...

Jordan says "yeah but you don't know what else is out there" Chima says "who cares, I do, there's nothing out there"...Natalie says they're not saying for her to marry Jeff tomorrow...Chima says to trust her when she tells her there's nothing out there...Jordan says "yeah he's nice" (what a glowing compliment 🤨) ...Chima says that Jordan always says that...Jordan says she doesn't know, it's weird...Chima says that Jeff totally likes her though ...Jordan says when they get out of there though...Chima says that's true, whatever happens, everything is compressed and they're with each other every day or whatever, she doesn't know how he acts outside of the house...

Natalie says the wisest thing she said all summer "but you could get so close in here that when you get out you guys will make it a point to be together you know" 😊

Chima says to give it a chance, maybe move to Chicago...Jordan immediately says "uh uh!"...Natalie asks if she wouldn't move to Chicago?...Jordan scrunches up her face and nods no...Michele says it's cool...Chima says it's a great city though, at least visit Jeff in the summer...Natalie says Jordan might like it...Chima says to not go in the winter cuz she'll hate it, not between January and March but December is beautiful with Christmas decorations...Jordan says she's always wanted to go to NY for Christmas...

Chima repeats that Jordan should give Jeff a chance...Jordan mumbles "I don't know, he's funny, that's why I get along with him so good" :) ...Chima says from the outside looking in, they seem to get along really well...Jordan says that she likes when Jeff gets mad threatening her with stuff, him cursing and when he was talking about the penguins...they laugh about that and how funny it was.

Chima says that when Jeff gets back she's going to ask him what's going to happen with him and Jordan, no?...Natalie says Jeff won't respond, Michele agrees...Chima says she won't go there then...Chima says maybe Jeff has cute friends (haha it's the reverse of the meeting girls in Charlotte for Jeff, maybe Jordan can meet Jeff's friends in Chicago ) Jordan says she asked Jeff about that...Chima and Natalie are sure he does have hot friends...Chima says Chicago is great for hot men, a great place to meet men.

Jordan says that when she first saw Jeff she wasn't all "mmmm" about him...Chima says that's a good thing for women, getting to know a guy, because guys that do that for you are never a good catch but the ones you need to warm up to are a catch...Natalie says that when she saw all the guys, she definitely thought that Jeff was the cutest and told BB that...Chima says she said the same thing...Jordan inexpicably says "really??" (are you kidding me Jordan? who else was there!!)

Chima says Jeff is handsome but has a side to him that makes you feel he would be a good father, etc (DING DING!)..Natalie says he dresses good...Jordan says she's sorry but he has that ugly green western shirt that she told him not to wear, he wanted to wear it...Chima and Natalie don't know that shirt...Michele says it's always good for your guy have one really ugly shirt to wear...

Jordan gets really mean now UGH saying that Jeff says "crunk"...Chima says Jordan hates when Jeff says "summer jam", what's the other word she hates?...Jordan says "delicious", she hates how he says it, ewww...Jordan goes over the words he says she hates, crunk, summer jam, delicious...she can't stand the way he says tuna 😕 ...Jordan says that Jeff will say she is "throwing stones", she hates that too...Natalie says it's because he's from Chicago...Jordan repeats "stones! and I'm just like omg"...Jordan says she told Jeff after this that she wants to go up there to see a football game, the Bears :)

JeJo & the girls talk about Jeff - Part 2


Talk about Jeff continues...

Chima says ah see, if she sees them hand in hand in Chicago she'll yell "OMG!!", she'll call Natalie telling her she saw them walking down Michigan Ave....Chima says they'll have gorgeous kids (🛎️🛎️🛎️!!!)

Jordan then says that she was talking to a couple of people before she came out there, she wonders if they're watching the show, she doesn't know what they're showing about her and Jeff?...Natalie says it was nothing serious though?...Jordan says no it wasn't serious but it could have been...Natalie says for sure they are showing her and Jeff...Chima says it's good because they will want her even more...Jordan says that's why she tries not to (get too lovey dovey with Jeff haha), she slept with Jeff in the room with him but she slept with "the foot" LIAR! LOL

Jordan says she doesn't want people to think they are doing stuff...Natalie calls her out asking her if even in the double bed they slept like that?...Jordan almost fibs saying mmm, hmm but then says no, they slept "normal" last night but when she's in the twin bed she'll sleep at the foot of the bed...(because that makes it all better! lol)...Chima says if they were doing stuff BB would know it and show it, so everyone is going to know they're on the up and up...Jordan says Casey was in the room with them too so maybe that will help LOL

Natalie says they can get a room all to themselves...Jordan says "nooo, no"...Natalie says Jessie would let them borrow his room...Jordan says "ah, no, no booger"...Chima says Jordan is a good girl anyway...Jordan says Chima is too...Chima says she is too but she needs sex soon...Jordan says there's Russell...Chima says that she doesn't want to have sex with him, she's just a cocktease, it's just fun to be around a man especially one with muscles...Jordan mmm, hmm's and says she likes a little bit of fat on them, you've got to squeeze something, she doesn't like rock hard solid, she likes something to squeeze...Chima says she likes rock hard, guys with big arms, muscular arms and the V that guys have are her favorite parts...Jordan mmm, hmm's and says she likes the back of their neck, shoulder area...

Natalie asks what is the favorite part of their bodies? they answer the neck and Jordan says she has a tickle spot on her neck...Jordan asks if Jeff's hair would look weird if they colored his hair to get the grey out?...Chima says "weird how? like dark dark brown?"...Jordan says not dark brown but do they think it would look weird?...Chima doesn't think so...Jordan says that some guys look weird with their hair colored, Jeff's going to be all grey...Chima says at least Jeff will have all his hair instead of being bald, better to be grey with a full head of hair.

Natalie says Jeff won't let anybody color it though...Jordan says she knows, maybe he'll let her color it...Chima asks if Jordan doesn't like the grey hair?...Jordan says "it's ok"...Chima and Michele say it's hot...Jordan says her mom thinks grey hair is sexy...Chima says when Jordan gets a letter from her mom it will say she can't wait to meet the grey haired fox.

Chima says that would be so funny, she hopes she's there for that ...Jordan says her mom loves Richard Gere...Natalie says you're not allowed to single out people in the house in the letter whether good or bad...Chima says maybe her mom can infer something like "the Richard Gere you're dating is hot"😂 ..Jordan says she wants to talk to her brother, he makes her laugh, he's so funny...they continue chatting about random things other than Jeff :)

Cute little workout outfit


It's workout day/night in the BB house...Jeff is seen walking by the pool table on Cam 3/4...Jordan is seen walking outside on Cam 4/3...Off camera Jeff is heard telling Jordan "cute little workout outfit"... :) Jordan says something inaudible to Jeff and he says "it looks cute though"...

Run by & smile


Jordan is walking laps in the backyard and Jeff is running. At one point, Jeff comes running up behind Jordan. He brushes her shoulder, she tries to pat his butt, and they give each other the cutest smiles.

Smile & thumbs up


Jeff has finished working out, he gets his clothes, walks through the kitchen to go take a shower and gives Jordan, who is outside working out with Kevin, a huge smile and thumbs up of encouragement 👍

Jordan looks all cute when she works out


Feeds switch to Jeff and Jordan who are outside talking on the couches, Jordan has finished working out...Jordan is saying she knows Lydia is pissed off at her...Jeff says "really?"...Jordan thinks so...Jordan says that Casey told her he wished she was a bitch so it would make it easier for him to talk shit about her to other people so he could get votes...Jordan thinks Ronnie will vote for her to stay because he doesn't like Casey, she can't get others against her, she really thinks Natalie likes her...

Jeff asks why Lydia is mad at her?...Jordan thinks because she was talking to Natalie...Jeff says no...Jordan says she can tell...Jordan goes on to say that Kevin and Lydia are starting to feel ignored like they were in the beginning...Jeff says "oh and what? they don't like it?"...Jordan says they don't...Jeff says "no shit"...

Jordan says she was talking to Michele, she apologized to her, even though, he knows...Jeff says "talking about your boobs?"...Jordan says "yeah"...Jeff giggles...Jordan says "definitely"...

Jeff clears his throat and takes this opportunity to say "you look all cute when you work out"...Jordan says "no I don't, you're crazy"...Jeff nods his head and says "why would I say it?"...Jordan says "I do not look cute when I'm working out"...Jeff says "I like it" 🥰

Jeff asks Kevin if Jordan looks cute when she's working out?...Kevin doesn't answer...they laugh...they start talking about not trusting Michele...

An iPod for Jordan/sex music/Jordan knows some summer jams


This is one of my favorite flashbacks of the season

Jordan, Jeff, Russell & Banana Man are sitting outside on the couches. Jordan gets up and Jeff says "where you going?" Jordan says she's going to go on the elliptical, Jeff says she's overdoing it because of Thursday (needs to save energy for the HOH comp), Jeff tells her to go on there for 5 minutes if she wants to loosen up but he wouldn't do any more than that. She gets on and the camera follows her, she says omg. Russell jokes around that a crazy fan is following her, getting her email right now. Jordan says she had to get an email address for the show.

LMAO Jeff says it's! Jeff says "you didn't have an email address?" Jordan says she didn't, she had to get one for the show, she doesn't have the internet. Jordan says she had to use her friends laptop with a thingy you stick in the side (verizon wireless) 😄

Feeds cut out...return with Casey poking fun at someone saying "what's this new thing...facebook or something?" Jordan says she doesn't have facebook or myspace, none of that. Jordan says she doesn't have an iPod, she still listens to a CD player, the old school way like the one in the HOH...everything is old school.

Jeff says he likes it :) Russell says that's awesome.

Jordan says she doesn't have to have stuff like that. Jeff says "my point exactly".

Casey says "good human being right there" Jeff says "a keeper"

Jordan says she's sure if she had it, she would like it. Jeff says of course, if he had a million dollars...Jordan says she's never been into all that stuff.

Casey says Jeff will get you an iPod for Christmas. Jordan says "yeah, I mean, I would like that if I'd travel but I don't ever travel" (that would sure change) ...Jeff and Casey in girly voices both say that she would say yeah, Jeff you can get me an iPod.

Jeff says "I'll get you an iPod Jordan when we get outta here...I'll fill it up with summer jams" Jordan smiles big and Jeff laughs.

Casey says that Jeff has 6 iPods and will just give her one of his. Russell says Jeff will fill it up with booty music and he starts singing ♪ sweet lady will you be mine ♪....

Feeds cut out and return with Casey saying sex music, sex music (?)...Jordan says she likes Sadé...feeds cut out and return with them talking about Peaches & Cream...Jordan says if they know that Silk song "Freak Me", that lick you up and down one...Russell knows it and starts singing it...Jordan says yeah...feeds cut out and return with Jeff singing ♪ I wanna play with your body ♪ (Jeff would sing this song later, the night J&J made out)

Feeds cut out and return with Jordan saying she loves Genuwine. Jeff says they're throwing out old jams. Jordan says if they remember TLC's Red Light Special...Jeff says he wants to hear some jams so bad...Jordan says when they're talking about going down, Russell says omg!, Jordan says it's really good...Casey says "no diving" Jeff laughs.

Jeff tells Jordan hey, don't do that too long and then go in the hottub? Jordan says probably...Jeff says to do it to relax her muscles, she has to be ok for Thursday, you're always sorest the 2nd relax, for real...Casey leaves...Jeff says something about jams...Russell says Jordan knows some good songs...Jordan says "y'all remember LSG My Body? they start singing ♪ my body ♪

Feeds cut out and return with Jordan saying something about it coming out in 8th grade, she knows he knows it. Jordan says Keith Sweat sang in it too. Jeff says that was the one I just sang. Jordan says there were really good songs back in the day, Russell says they don't make them like that anymore, now it's like Ne-Yo and he sucks. Jeff says Akon has some good ones. Russell says he doesn't make 'love' music though...Jeff says no, he was just talking about singers in general.

Russell is talking about sex music. Jordan says she likes Sadé...Jeff says Keith Sweat is the man. Jordan asks if they've heard of her...Jeff says yeah...Jordan says go buy it, her song No Ordinary Love, you'll love it, it's probably the best song to have sex with and it's 7 minutes long...

Jeff says you should get one of those CD's that come on at 3 in the morning...Jordan says yeah, Slo Motion...Jeff cracks up! and says "that's hilarious" Jordan says she has that CD.Jeff cracks up again and says that's funny. Jordan says it has that Tyrese song on it., all of them, R. Kelly Bump & Grind

Feeds cut out and return with Jeff saying if you had a song and a vacation with it and you had a great time with the song then like you love that song...he had a great time with Remix Ignition one time...

They talk about songs & memories...Jeff says he liked P.I.M.P remix with the steel drums...

(Reggae mix for Jeff ;) )

Jordan didn"t like that song either (big surprise! lol)...Jordan likes 50 Cent L'il Bit. They talk about 50 cent...

Jeff says he never thought he'd miss music this much or sing this much. Casey knew he would besides his family. Jeff says he doesn't miss TV at all, he misses movies. Jordan doesn't watch that much TV. Jordan asks if they like the Eagles, Russell says no, Jeff says yeah. Jeff says he loves 80's music, Jordan agrees, Jeff loves everything but country. Russell agrees. Jeff it's so depressing. Casey says that Ice-T said hip-hop and country are similar. Jordan says when y'all get home download Tim McGraw Suspicions, it's the best...

Casey says his wife likes Tim, Jordan says he is sexay (Scottish voice, lol) but Faith Hill is hot too. Jeff says hell yeah. Kevin comes out and Casey starts rapping. Jeff says there's a station in Chicago where they do a birthday shout out, he loves it...Casey talks about a Tampa Bay radio station where he has connections...they talk about 2 people being gone already...they say Laura is watching them...they say they wouldn't watch, maybe the Thursday show, definitely not the feeds.

Jeff says he thinks everyone is waaay overthinking what is going to happen when they get out of there... :) Jeff wants Bob Marley...more chatter...feeds cut out...Russell says he doesn't know how they stay up so late. Casey says Jeff gets the giggles at night...Jeff says Jordan gives him the giggles. Jeff says the others are all scheming and they're all giggling.

Jordan at this point is off the treadmill and getting into the hottub. She makes sure to tell them she's in her bathing suit bottoms. She gets in and then yells out (so Jeff knows) that she is not in her underwear but her bathing suit. Jeff smiles...

Russell says the camera shifted to Jordan...Jeff says well what the f**k are they looking at us for...dude in a banana suit? or a chick in a hottub? Casey says are you throwing stones? Jeff say ok, fine, a dork in a tank top? or a chick in a hottub? LOL

Jeff then goes on a funny mini rant about how Ronnie didn't stfu for 24 hours, stfu it's 4am, take your batteries out and go to sleep. Casey then goes on a funny mini rant about Jessie. Things then get quiet, Michele comes out and Russell goes to bed...

Like Jeff’s Ma


Jeff is hitting the nerf balls with the golf club, he hits them towards Jordan and Michele who are soaking their feet in the hot tub...Jordan protests a little, she holds one ball and scoops another out of the hot tub...Jeff goes over to where Jordan is to retrieve the 3 balls, one near Jordan and the other 2 she's holding onto...Jeff asks for them...Jordan looks up at Jeff and tells him to not hit them over there...Jeff says "I won't!'re like my Ma" :)

Sniffing Jordan


Jordan has been in the hottub, she gets up to go inside and shower...she walks towards Jeff who is playing golf, comes up behind him, squeezes his butt and says boo! Jeff turns around, smiles and goes in for the neck...

Jeff says ewww (jokingly), she says she's going to go shower...Jeff playfully pushes her away and Jordan says "why'd you go sniff me?" Jeff says he wanted to smell her LOL

Jeff says I’ll take you over a thousand people


Jeff & Jordan in the kitchen. Jordan is eating pizza and Jeff is cleaning up. Jordan tells Jeff that Ronnie said he doesn't understand why Jordan, Jeff & Casey are so mad at him because the only person he lied to was Jordan and he did it because Jordan is stupid. Jordan says "whatever".

Jeff sarcastically says "hmm, that's nice of him to say"...Jordan says "man I'm not the brightest at times but whatever"...Jeff says "Jordan you're fine, don't worry about you...I'd give...believe me, you're fine...I'd take you, fu**in, over a thousand people any day" 💙

Jordan says "awww, how sweet...I just worked out and just ate this pizza"...Jeff says "that's who you are, eat what you want"...Jordan says "I know but I'm trying to lose weight here"...Jeff says "well that's why you work out too, so you can eat what you want"...Jordan says it's going to stay the same...Jeff agrees…

You’re the best Jordan


Preamble to this very sweet moment between Jeff & Jordan ♥...Russell & Casey had been listening in on Lydia, Kevin & Ronnie in the SS room. Ronnie called Jordan dumb/stupid. Russell then told Jordan in the SS room, that Ronnie called her stupid and Jordan was upset. Jeff got angry. Jeff then told Jordan in the kitchen that he would take her over a thousand people.

Later on that hour, Kevin, Lydia, Casey, Jeff & Jordan are sitting on the couches in the BY...It's very hard to hear what Jeff tells Jordan because Casey is talking quite loudly telling Lydia that he can be aggressive but he has made a concious effort to not be...

Jeff looks at Jordan and says "you're the best Jordan"...Jordan says "am I?"...Jeff says "yeah you are"...they both say something inaudible...Jordan says "really?"...Jeff says "don't let people tell you different"...Jordan says "thanks".

A pause and then they look at each other...Jeff says "what?"...Jordan says "I'm sleepy"...Jeff says "go sleep"...another pause and then they whisper about what they should make for breakfast tomorrow...Jeff then leans in and gives Jordan a neck kiss before getting up and leaving. So cute! 🥰

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