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Day 17 of BB11 Feeds

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

July 26

Jeff helps Jordan work out


Jeff is doing laundry and Jordan waits for him sitting on the pool table. Jeff leans in towards her and asks her if she wants to do weights right now...she says yes. Jeff grabs his water from inside and Jordan goes and sits on the weight bench.

Jeff grabs the free weights and Jordan says she wants to do the bar...Jeff says it's 45lbs, does she think she can lift that? Jordan says yeah, she knows, she took gym ok? Jeff says alright and there's a little confusion as to which way she's supposed to be facing. Jeff says what do you want to do? Jordan says her arms, now what? Jeff says your triceps? Jordan pats her arms and says this jiggly part. 😛

Jeff says to lay down, she does, he doesn't think she can do the bar, she insists and they bicker about it. Jeff says if she wants to do her triceps she needs to do it this way (he shows her) but he says the bar is going to crush her face.

(I am realizing that Jeff is not the best instructor after this next exchange, I am as confused as Jordan was LOL)

Jeff holds the bar and tells Jordan to lay down, no the other way, with her head over there (failing to tell her where)...Jordan says my head on this? (points to the support)...Jeff walks towards her legs and says no, with your head right below there (looking at the end of the bench but meaning the support)...Jordan starts turning around and Jeff says "the other way"...Jordan says what do you mean?...Jeff says put your head over here (nodding his head)...Jordan says this way? He says yeah, he tells her to lay flat though, move down, down, down. Jordan finally gets it...

In the background Russell is heard saying that Jeff wants to put his balls on her head. 🫤 The mic keeps on Russell & Chima in the background but Jeff is seen showing Jordan how to lift the bar. She is laughing and lifting her leg probably realizing how darn heavy the bar really is. They laugh and Jeff says she is going to kill herself. Jordan is seen lifting the bar about 5 times when cams go off of them.

They return with Jordan saying she wants to do her arms. Jeff says for her to listen to him, he shows her how to lift the free weight properly. Jordan attempts to do it, Jeff helps her and smiles. She does 10 reps on each arm. They whisper game...Jeff asks her how it felt..she says good. He asks if she wants to do another bench. She says yes. She does 10 reps and Jeff says to breathe and that it's pretty good. Jordan says her arms hurt. She does some bicep curls and Jeff tells her to look in the mirror which she says she hates doing and to pay attention. Jeff shows her how to do it. She doesn't listen and does it wrong, lol...Jeff giggles.

Jordan says this bores her but she wanted to do it because she feels fat...Jeff says do you feel skinny now? Jordan laughs. Jordan says her arms are jiggly...Jeff says she is fine. Jordan asks about how to do knee lunges, Jeff shows her and tells her to hold the weights. She does it and Jeff giggles. Jordan gives up and says she'll exercise later, she knows she will be up all night...Jeff says she really put in a lot of time 😂

They leave, Jeff goes inside to get his nails done by Lydia, Jordan joins the others…



This "interesting" convo starts takes place in the RR...Jordan is sitting on Jeff's bed in the RR talking to Michele...Jeff has just gone to the bathroom...after being outside for a long time, Russell & Chima have come inside and make their way to the RR. Jordan is talking about swingers and how she could never do that when R&C walk in...Russell turns on the light to put his clothes away, Chima goes and lays down in the far bed, Russell is going to join her.

Michele says they're talking sexy talk so they better watch out 🙄 ...Jordan says they're talking about swinging/swingers, she could never do it...Chima says her husband will be her husband and that's it...Russell says why would you ever want to do that...Jordan hesitates but says "there's some...I mean...I don't know"...Russell says some people can, more power to them, he can't...Jordan says she would get jealous...Chima agrees...Jordan says she would be real jealous...Russell guesses it takes a certain level of being comfortable with someone, he's not there...Chima says or it's complete boredom in your marriage...Russell says exactly, then asks Michele her opinion...Michele says she's not doing it "now" hehehe 🙄..Jordan says "whaaaattt?"...Russell asks if she would consider it?...Jordan says her husband (Tim) doesn't care...Chima says it's too early in their marriage...Russell says (imitating Michele) "I would consider it".

Jeff joins them and lays down in his bed. Chima talks to Jordan about her laundry, she will put hers in for her. Jordan asks if Russell minds if she turns off the light so they can be sleepy? she's going to be up late. Russell doesn't mind, Jordan turns off the light and gets back in bed with Jeff, sitting across from him.

Jordan obviously wants to talk about swinging again so she pretends to forget what it was they were talking about and then says to herself & Michele "what were we talking about? oh yeah, so your husband, y'all just have to discuss it first?"...Michele says "yeah....the situation has never presented itself as of now"...Jordan pointing at Jeff says "if me & you were married, let's say"...Russell whistles, they giggle and Chima says "you're jumping the gun Jordan"...Jordan giggles and says to Jeff "let's say and I made out with a girl would you consider that cheating or no?" Jeff says "I'd be pissed I wasn't there" LOL...Russell says "that's the same reaction I would have".

Chima says "typical man"...Michele says that her husband (before they were married) watched her make out with a girl...Jordan says "how hard did he get?" 🫢 Jeff says he thinks he'd be pissed if they were married and he made out with a dude or something...Jordan says "duh! that's cheating"...Jeff says he doesn't know if he'd get pissed...Michele says if you're with someone, even if it's another woman and they're having intimate feelings that's not you...Jeff says "I don't know, I've never been put in that situation so I don't know what my real feelings would be"...Jordan says "right"...Jeff says "I think I'd want to say I don't care but who knows"...Jordan says "what if you got dumped for a girl?"...Jeff says that would suck, maybe you (Jordan) like chicks, who knows, different strokes for different folks...Jordan says "not me, I'm just saying"...Jeff says "I thought that was the situation?"...Jordan doesn't get it, LOL...she says "no, I'm saying if I really did like, like if I was bi and you knew that, I'm saying"...Jeff who is clearly not understanding why they're talking about this says "I don't know Jordan".

Chima giggles and says Jeff just doesn't want (to deal with this)...Russell says that Jeff doesn't want to play that game...Jeff says he doesn't know, bring her to bed and let's all get crazy before we break up ...Jordan says "that's such a..." Jeff says "well wtf? why can't I have, why can't I go out with a bang too? maybe I'll like her and you'll get dumped and I'll start dating her" 😵‍💫 Jordan doesn't like this and says she's trying to think if he made out with a guy, the same thing...Russell says "what? that's not the same thing though".

Jordan says "yeah I know, like if your husband made out with a guy..." Michele says she would be very mad, yeah...Jordan says you would be pissed...Jeff asks "would you be mad or just think that's weird?"...Michele says maybe if he told her before he wanted to do that it might be ok but if he just did that whoa!...Jordan won't let up, lol but gets tongue tied...she says "yeah that is true...I'd just be like...I don't know"...they all start giggling...Jordan then says she'll be in the DR and totally forget the whole conversation, what the point was, she'll be like hang on, what?

Jeff says he does that, he gets off on a tangent and will ask "dude, what was the question again?" J&J laugh...Jeff says he's way off in left field...Jordan says she does that too, she branches off...

Now Michele brings up the sex talk and asks Jordan if she was dating a guy and he told her he was bisexual, would she cut it off? would she be grossed out?...Jordan says "ummm, I probably would cut it off just because I wouldn't want, I would only want him to be intim...I, probably...I think it's different though with girls, honestly, like I think if you were like, if I was bi or any other girl, it'd be different but if a guy was bi, I don't think I would like that"

Michele says that the straight partner in that relationship is always threatened...Jordan asks if Michele's husband was bi, in the beginning, would that turn her away from him?...Michele says she's bi so it wouldn't bother her, as long as he is open...Chima says "you're what??"...Michele says she is...Chima says she didn't know that...Jeff asks her "could you see yourself being with a woman for the rest of your life?" (you hear Chima telling Russell she assumed since she was married she never thought that)...Michele says she could have but she found her soulmate so it just happened to be a man, so she's good..

Jordan asks Michele when she knew she liked girls?...Michele says in high school...Jordan says really? does she mind talking about this?...Michele says she doesn't care, she's an open book ...Jordan asks if her parents know she is bi?...Michele says no, they probably know now...Jordan says wow...Jeff says she is married so it doesn't matter...Jordan asks what kinds of feelings she gets...Michele says the feelings you get when you like a guy...Jordan asks if she dated a girl in high school?...Michele says not really...Jordan says she can't tell if a girl is gay or not, the butch ones yes...Michele talks a bit about that...Jordan says she works with a girl that is gay that is so pretty, she would never know she was gay...Jordan talks about the Real World and how two pretty girls were gay on that show...Michele talks about Ivette being a runner up on BB and she was gay...they then start talking about the different seasons of BB and how long it's been on…

Pre March of the Penguins talk


The HG's continue chatting in the RR with the lights off. Jordan is sitting on Jeff's bed across from Jeff who is laying down with his legs around Jordan. Jordan says that she remembers everything from school, she had a best friend since 3rd grade and they always used to say they were Romy & Michele (from the movie) because they were never going to do anything with their lives and they were going to stay in the same town, doing the same things and they'd end up being roomies forever, they would try to make up some big lie to make it seem like they were somebody cool so when they would go to their high school reunion they wouldn't seem like losers...Jeff laughs out loud and grabs his forehead and says "oh shit" LOL

Jordan says she probably won't even go to her 10 year reunion, she hated high school...Russell says "really?"...Jordan says yeah, she hated it...Chima asks if she was popular?...Jordan says she hung out with everybody (that usually means you are popular, lol)...Jordan says she worked during high school, she doesn't know, she always thought it was drama, all the girls disliked each other...Jordan says she wouldn't care to see them, she sees half of them as it is...Russell says to wait a couple of years...Jordan says she'll be 23 in November, November 21st and Laura's was Dec. 21st.

Jordan says on her 21st birthday, it fell around her birthday instead of the week after and she was so mad because everyone was going out of town and she said no! you can't go, it's my bday! it was on a Wednesday, she didn't really have that much fun on her 21st birthday.

Jeff asks if they know what Black Wednesday is? They don't really know...Jeff says it's the Wednesday before Thanksgiving...Russell says it's the biggest party day of the year...Jeff says people get fu**ing smashed, you black out that's why it's called that, everyone is back home from school and it's just rocking, the city and then on Thanksgiving you're blahhh.

Jordan says that on her 21st bday she got sick at 12am and had to go home and she almost passed out at the bar and then her bday last year wasn't fun because she swears someone put something in her drink because she remembers getting downtown and being in one bar and she looked at her friend and said she felt really drunk already and her friend felt it too and she doesn't remember the rest of the night, she woke up and she was in her friend's bed and her other friend got separated from them and ended up being in a bathroom in a club the whole time...Russell says he knows a friend that that happened to.

Jordan says this year will be totally different, she will pace herself a lot more because she ended up having shots and more shots and she threw up all the way home, threw up in her hair.

Michele talks a little about her last bday before coming in the house...Jordan says BB has to let them have a bday party for Chima...they talk a little about how her bday might be...Jordan starts eating cookie dough...Jordan says if tequila is involved she'll be boohooing 😭 Jeff smiles...Jordan says tequila makes her cry...Jordan gives Jeff the cookie dough package to place by his bed...Jordan says he knows he wants one...Jeff says he knows but he won't...Jeff closes his eyes and Jordan taps him with her foot saying "wake up"...Jeff says he is up but he has them closed because of the bright light in his eye.

Michele says she feels like a cat sitting up on a perch which prompts Jeff to say he likes cats...Jordan says she doesn't...Jeff says you have to earn their affection, dogs are fu**ing sellouts...Jordan says no, they're not, dogs are cute...Jeff says he likes dogs too...Chima says that Jeff is so funny, the way he says stuff is hilarious, she has heard that exact same sentiment but just differently...Jeff laughs and says he likes dogs, don't get him wrong but people give cats a bad rap, people say "you like cats? fu**ing loser!" "why? cuz I like a cat, you're a fu**ing loser, look at your pants!!" Russell laughs and says he actually likes cats.

Jordan grabs Jeff's leg and says "every time you get mad you say f**k"...Jeff says "I say f**k when I eat breakfast LOL...Jordan says she knows, the F-bomb is Jeff's favorite...Jeff says "I love it, I hate that I say it all the time, I don't even know"...Jordan says "maybe that is why you're having bad luck, St. Anthony and he's supposed to protect you or something, give you good luck" 🤔

Jeff & Russell at the same time say that Jordan has no clue what she's talking about...Jordan says "your necklace"...Jeff says "what did I say St. Anthony was for?"...Jordan says "I forgot"...Jeff says "I know so let's just blow things out"...Jordan says "wasn't it for protection?"...Jeff says "no, it wasn't, what? did you see a movie with that or something?"...Jordan says "no, you were telling me about it the other night"...Jeff says "protection from what?"...Jordan says "just like protection"...Jeff stares in disbelief at Jordan, Jeff says he told her 3 times what the saint meant....Jordan says she knows, she forgot...Jeff says "well it's not for you anyway" :(

Jordan says "oh my God!"...Jeff says why should he keep telling it to her, if it was important to her she would remember, if he has to tell her 6 times it doesn't matter, make up whatever story she wants, it brings penguins out and that's like the 5th time he's said penguins...the HG's say Jeff always talks about penguins...Jeff says he has a penguin obsession, for real, he's going to see penguins when he's out of there, he talks about them and polar bears a lot...Jordan asks about that movie with Adam Sandler with the fat guy that always sees penguins...Jeff says oh, yeah and laughs...Jeff says "there's that penguin again"...Jordan & Jeff laugh.

Jordan says Jeff should be a penguin for Halloween...Jeff says he's gonna...Jordan talks into her mic asking BB to give Jeff a penguin suit to wear for a week...that brings them to talk about Casey and his banana suit, they can't take him seriously walking around in it...Jeff can't believe he went to bed already.

Jordan makes a pouty face at Jeff, Jeff taps Jordan's leg and tsks, he smiles and sits up to hug Jordan, he goes in for the neck twice...Jordan squeals in delight...

Jeff lays back down...Jordan says Jeff is being sassy tonight...Jeff rubs Jordan's leg and shakes his head no...Jordan says she smells like dough...Jeff says she ate a whole thing of it...Jordan laughs and says she can't resist...Jeff says "eat it up sista"...Chima says it's great, she understands...Jeff says it's the best, he'd eat some but he brushed his teeth...Jeff says he ate so much today...Jordan says she even ate meatballs...Jeff says he jammed 6 or 7 of them, he slept 8 times and he ate 9 times.

Jeff puts on his glasses after saying he can't see the face Jordan is making...Chima starts making fun of Russell's glasses and Russell gets agitated...Jeff takes his glasses off again and Jeff & Jordan just look at each other while they bicker...they start talking about Family Guy, King of the Hill, Daria from MTV, Beavis & Butthead and Singled Out.

Jeff passes Jordan a pillow to put behind her back, asks if she needs another one. :)

March of the Penguins - Part 1


Jeff, Michele & Russell get into a talk about marriage & gay marriage, why gay people can't get married in some states & the complexities of why gay marriage isn't fully recognized. Jordan pats Jeff on the belly and Jeff reaches out for her hands, they touch each other and then clasp hands...

Michele says maybe they talk about it in the house because it's a touchy issue...Jeff says he's all for less problems, if they want to get married go do it, if they want to fly a plane into a penguin, do it...Jordan laughs...she squeezes Jeff's leg...Russell says "you know what's even funnier Jeff? my brother has an obsession with penguins...he has penguins all over his room, it's his favorite animal"...Jeff smiles at Jordan kind of implying "see, I'm not the only one" LOL Jordan asks why penguins, they have weird bodies and they walk funny.

Jeff says "they're awesome, did you ever see March of the Penguins?"...Jordan giggles, shakes her head and says no...Jeff says Jordan probably wouldn't like it...Michele asks how many times he has seen it?...Jeff says he thought it was inspirational...Jordan asks "why was it inspirational?"...Jeff says "dude, you know what those penguins go through? it's crazy!"...laughs all around...Jeff carries on "did you guys see it? why are you laughing? did you watch it?"...more laughs...Jeff says "dude it's crazy what those things do! you think people have it bad? I can't get married, you should see what these penguins do just to have a kid, man, they should do that, if they do, then you can get married" More laughs!

Jordan says "wait! how do they do it?"...Jeff says they march, they can't even walk, they go all the way across the Arctic, it's freezing, they go miles, you gotta watch it man, he doesn't know why everyone is laughing (Russell is heard saying it's a cartoon)...Jordan says "continue"...Michele says it's nice to see Jeff passionate about something like penguins (shut up Michele!)...Jeff says he doesn't know the exact miles they go but it's crazy long distance to mate...Jordan says "why do they have to walk somewhere to mate?"...Jeff doesn't know, they do it every year...Jordan giggles...Jeff says "listen, they go all the way there and find their mate".

Lydia yells from the HOH balcony "did you see March of the Penguins?"...Jeff says "that's what I'm talking about, everyone's laughing at me"...Russell says "it's a cartoon right?"...Jeff says "no, it's a documentary with Morgan Freeman"...Jeff continues to Jordan "so they go all the way so far, they find their mate"...Russell says "did you see Happy Feet?"...Jeff says no but Jason Mraz has a song on that soundtrack that he likes 😊...Jordan says "continue"...Jeff says "it's just amazing, you gotta watch it, it's amazing"...Jordan asks what happens?

Jeff says "so they go there to find a mate and they sit there, the female has the egg, they have to hold it in their feet, they can't even touch the ice, if they touch the ice it's dead, so they have to hold it in their feet while the other partner goes all the way back, all the way back where they just came from and goes in the water to get food and they eat as much as they can and there are sharks in there and shit, so half of them are getting eaten and then they come back and the other penguins, the male penguins stay there holding the egg on their feet and then when they come back they have to throw up and give the male's food, they throw up the fish they just have so some males are sitting there and don't get fed cuz they got eaten, their partner, then some come back and the egg's on the floor, it's fu**ed, he gone, so all this, the whole year, the odds of them having the baby finally and then when they do have the baby, then they have to go back through the water and more sharks and seals"...Jordan says "I thought they had intercourse? like banging? like horses do"...Jeff says "it's not like a porno Jordan" 😂

Jeff says "you just have to watch it, it's crazy what they do and this is like all year"...Jordan says she thought Jeff was going to say they had to walk to bang each other...Jeff says why would he say it's inspirational? to see penguins banging?...more LOL'ing...Jeff says they are laughing at it, go watch it...Russell says to J&J "you two are fu**ing hilarious, you guys should have your own TV show" 🛎️🛎️🛎️

Jeff says he knows Jordan will watch 3 minutes and tune out, if she could sit down for 2 hours and just watch it...Jordan says if it's inspirational she might like it...Jeff says she will be like "I can't believe that these things do that"...Jordan goes off on another tangent saying that she thought the penguins were like horses doing it from behind, banging...Jeff puts his hands to his head and says "I can't talk to you" ...more ribbing...Jeff says "go watch that movie, it's awesome"...Jeff yells out to Lydia "Lydia!? Is that movie awesome? isn't it amazing?"...Lydia doesn't respond...

March of the Penguins talk - Part 2


More chatter btw the HG's about movies and then Jordan sits up, touches Jeff's belly and says "uhh, you need to watch your attitude"...Jeff grabs Jordan's hands and says "I'm not getting an attitude with you, I'm trying to help you"...they clasp hands again...Jordan says "with what?"...Jeff says "because it's a good won't like it, I know you won't like it"...Jordan says she does like some things...Jeff says "it's true and it's just amazing what they do, it's crazy...but I don't think you would watch it or like it"...Michele puts in her two cents again by interrupting J&J and says that if it's seriously that hard for them to have children maybe they should be extinct.

Jeff gets excited and in a loud voice says that you would think they would be extinct, that's exactly what you're going to say after watching the movie, how in the world are these things surviving, it makes no sense whatsoever and why they do what they do, nobody knows but he'll tell them one thing "they're tough sons of bi**hes!"😅

Jordan says "so they lay on their backs with the eggs on their feet"...Jeff says "see how you listen!? when did I say they lay on their backs?"...Russell cracks up...Jeff says "I can't talk in front of everybody cuz it makes, you get me angry sometimes"...Russell says he's going to have an anuresym...Jordan quiets down and Jeff grabs her hand and says "just smile"...Jeff sits up and goes for the neck again...

Chima says they're cute together...Russell says they're necking...Jordan touches Jeff and pushes him away saying she knows, he goes for the neckage...LOL...Jeff lays back down.

Jordan says she wishes she had her spray, her body spray, she doesn't know why they took it away...they start discussing what BB allows them to bring or not...J&J laugh about being searched by dogs before coming into the house...they talk about BB taking away tweezers and tail combs...Jordan says hers you could probably stab somebody with.

Jeff says if he wanted a "job" done in there he could do it with the tools they gave them, he doesn't know why they took away a tweezer...Chima & Jordan laugh about Jeff sounding like a gangster...Jeff says if he wanted to be violent, it wouldn't be with tweezers, he'd smash a drawer over their head

Jordan says that Jeff isn't tired now is he? Jeff says no, he got worked up talking about penguins...Jeff asks Jordan if he told her his nieces story about the penguin...Jordan says "yeah" and recounts the story...Jeff laughs and says "yeah, you remembered huh?"...Jordan says "yeah I listen"...Jeff says she listens to what she wants when he talks...Jordan says she doesn't...Jeff says that's why he gets angry because she doesn't listen to him when he talks...

Jeff wraps his legs around Jordan's head...Jordan says "headlock"...Jordan says "you love doing that, I think you'd really kill me one time if you thought you would choke me"...Jeff smiles and says "that wasn't even hard"...Jeff says that he could see Jordan with short hair now...Jordan says "noooo".

Jordan says "wait, lock your legs", Jeff twists her a little...Jeff says "see you do look nice with short hair". Jeff asks the others if they think Jordan would look nice in short hair?...Chima says yes...Jeff says "I think so, you have a cute face" :) Jordan says "Jeff!"...Jeff says "what? that was nice, you do".

Jordan says it was funny the other night when Jeff wrapped his legs around her neck and put her under the covers...the others say "that was funny?"...Jordan gets Jeff to demonstrate...Jeff says it wasn't funny...Jordan says it looked funny...Chima says it was funny because you were just playing around, if it was real, it wouldn't be funny...Jeff says he'd be whisked right out of there.

Jordan goes off on another tangent about Braden breaking up with a girlfriend and a cream pie, the others are lost...Jeff says "where did you get that from?"...Jordan says she thought about it a long time ago when he was there. Lydia enters the room and says she should have her own educational TV show or something, how she described the March of the Penguins...Jeff says "isn't it great that movie?"...Lydia says it is, it's magical...Jeff says it's awesome, no one gets it....Lydia says "remember how they find their mates?"...Jeff says "no, there's so much more to the story that I can tell but I just gave them the gist".

Jeff asks how many months out of the year is that?...Lydia can't remember but they have to walk super far plus so many different animals try to eat them...Jeff says it's so sad when one penguin doesn't come back...Lydia says they're screwed, they just die...Jeff says "yeah, they're totally dependent on their mates so the mate gets eaten by a shark and they're just sitting there with the egg"...Jordan says what happens when the mate doesn't come back?...Jeff says "it's over"...Lydia explains it's over, it's only a matter of time before they get killed by something else, no other penguins go to help them.

Jordan says "so nobody else will reach out?" :) LOL's...Lydia says no, there's no community penguins or shelter for the abused penguins...Jeff says it's super duper below zero, it's mad cold...Jordan says she has an idea...Russell says Jeff can start a reach out program ...Jeff says he's starting a penguin fund because these things are going to go extinct and they're awesome...Jordan says why don't the two that don't have mates hook up? Jeff says "because they're not swingers"...Lydia says that a penguin spends his whole life looking for one little pebble, one stone, when he finds the perfect one they present it to the one they want to be with, they put it at their feet, now if the female accepts they are together for life, they never cheat on each other, they never leave each other but if not, he's rejected and it's very unlikely he'll go find another mate...Jordan says "ever?"...Lydia says yeah, the male spends months looking for the perfect little stone to present his mate...Chima says that's so cute...Jordan says "this is real life?"...Jeff says these things are real, they're amazing...Russell is going to throw up in his mouth a little, LOL...Chima says she wishes men were like that, they search all their lives looking for the perfect diamond.

Lydia says they are totally faithful and everything...Jeff says they just stand in the cold, just stand there holding this egg...Jordan says she feels bad if they're rejected but the good thing is that they all look alike so no one can reject them on their looks ...Jeff facepalms 🤣! ....Lydia tells Jordan not all of them look alike...Jordan says all the penguins she's seen look alike...Jeff says these are Emporer penguins, not just regular penguins that you see...there's a noise at the SS room door and seconds later Casey walks out and storms off to the bathroom...the HG's all laugh, Jeff says not to laugh too hard, he's pissed, he's going to kill them...

March of the Penguins talk - Part 3


The HG's continue laughing over Casey & how silly he looks in the banana suit...Michele comes back in the room & they tell her they're all laughing at Casey...Jordan says it's hard to take him serious when he's smoking in a banana suit like if Jeff was in a penguin suit venting she couldn't take him serious plus he would wobble LOL...Jeff says he wants to see Jordan in a suit.

Jordan says that Casey looks like the Fruit of the Loom commercial...Jeff says it would be worse if he was the grapes. LOL Random weird chatter...Casey comes back from going to the bathroom and heads straight into the SS room, he is pissed 😬 Russell cracks up when he walks by and Jeff says "he's not happy"...Lydia dreads going in there...Chima says "poor thing...he's the angriest banana I've ever seen"...they giggle a bit more and then Lydia & Jordan start singing the theme song for Bananas in Pyjamas...feeds go to fish...

Cam 4 returns to J&J

The HG's are now talking about Christopher Columbus...Jeff says he heard he was a bad person, he just travelled around like a pirate and raped & pillaged everything. (Michele meanwhile is giggling like a 12 yr old schoolgirl @ everything Jeff says 🙄 )

Lydia says he had slaves...Jordan says she doesn't know this stuff, she didn't pay attention to it (in school)...Jordan then says what else was back in the day? Wouldn't it be weird to sleep in a teepee?...Lydia says it would be cool...Jordan says her mom is part Indian but she couldn't sleep in a teepee because it's hard floors...Jeff says "didn't you go camping? it's the same"...Jordan says living in a teepee would be uncomfortable, she'd rather live in a cabin, she says her Uncle Bub was full-blooded Indian, she thinks that is where her mom gets her dark skin...Lydia says they can go make a teepee outside...Michele says there are hotels that are like teepees that people want to go sleep in...Jeff says it's just like camping...Jordan isn't convinced but says you would get used to it...

Jeff says he drove through New Mexico when he drove to California, he drove for hours and hours with nothing in sight, he doesn't know how people survived, he drove forever in a car, he can't imagine how long it would take to walk it, he'd be listen, I'm not going nowhere anymore, I'm staying right here...Jeff says it's amazing how you survive if you're put in that situation.

Jordan says what about back in B.C, like in Jesus (or before Jesus times hence BC lol ) times...Jeff giggles...if you stole, they would chop your hand off, that would be awful...Jeff says he's all about an eye for an eye...Lydia says if she cut off his pinky toe would he cut off hers?...Jeff says absolutely...feeds go to fish briefly...they return with them talking about Lorena Bobbitt. Jeff says "how did she do that? was he sleeping? how did she get a hold of his penis?"...Chima says Oprah wanted to ask the same thing...Jeff says how could it happen if someone grabbed your penis and had a knife (wouldn't you know?)...Jordan says why'd she chop his penis off? he cheated?...Chima say yes and he was abusive...Jordan says "did they sew it back on?"...Chima says it was on the side of the road ...Jeff says "he was in a porno right? didn't he sew on like a bigger dick or something? is that true?"...feeds go to fish LOL...feeds come back with Jordan saying "don't cheat or you'll lose the penis" 😬

They talk a bit more about the Bobbitt incident including if the nerves are cut & if there is feeling or not and then Russell says "can we not talk about dicks being chopped off, I like the March of the Penguins better" LOL "it was very inspirational"...Jeff says they should see it.

Talk quiets down and they say it's good because they should sleep...Jordan says she needs to make herself more sleepy because she woke up at almost 12...feeds go to fish...they return with more random chatter...Jordan continues squeezing, patting and rubbing Jeff's leg while Jeff continues rubbing Jordan's arm...Michele says goodnight and almost leaves...they say tomorrow is Sunday, their day of rest...Jeff says "Jeff's closed tomorrow...yes!"...Jordan says "yeah, Jordo's closed...closed for business"

Lydia & Jordan discuss what they're going to do, maybe run, maybe walk. Jordan lays down on Jeff's chest...Jeff asks if she's going to play around?...Jordan says she has to get tired, maybe walk or exercise so she'll wake up tomorrow & feel skinny and not like she ate a big old burger...they start discussing sleeping arrangements...Jordan wonders if she should sleep in Russell's old bed (the one in the corner of the SS room)...Russell says she should instead of sleeping with Lydia...the cam angle changes back to full view of J&J...Jordan says she sleeps comfortable in the big bed though...Jordan rubs Jeff's belly...Jordan says she kind of wants to walk but she doesn't know if it's a good idea...Jeff says he doesn't know how she's going to walk right now, he's so tired...Jordan says Jeff is going to walk to the penguins...Jeff says "march to them?"...Jordan says "yeah definitely".

Lydia comes back and they discuss walking outside...Jordan says she needs to start exercising, she's just laziness, seriously, she didn't realize how lazy she was...Jeff says Lydia is a night owl...Jordan says that she was just looking at her owl tattoo...Lydia says she's going to cover her leg with owls...Jeff says she should consider penguins...Jordan says "supporting penguins"...Jeff says "you don't even understand"...Lydia likes the penguins from Madagascar...Lydia notices Russell is touching his junk and her & Jordan wonder why guys always do that...Russell says theirs are outside and hers are inside. (huh? lol)

Casey appears again and heads out of the SS room...Jeff says he's not happy...Lydia says he's not going to want to talk to any of them. Chima comes back & they discuss Casey not being happy...Lydia and Jordan discuss tomorrow, Lydia says she wants them to do yoga...Jeff asks when her yoga class is...Lydia says around 3 so it's not too hot...they then start talking about adjusting their junk again and how Jordan's comforter is the best, Jeff loves to take a nap in it, his is only good for blocking the light.

Russell falls asleep immediately and they can't believe it...Lydia enters the SS room and says it smells like Casey so she gets room spray...Jordan rubs and squeezes Jeff's belly...Jeff tells her not to squeeze his fat ;) he squeezes his legs around her instead...Lydia fumigates the whole room...Jordan says Casey's going to be even more mad...Jeff says "alright, alright, that's enough, holy f**k, I can smell it from here"...Jordan says Casey is going to be even more pissed when he smells all that...Lydia says it's stinky and gross...Russell even wakes up...Jeff says "yeah that's a lot"

Jordan looks around the room, keeps rubbing Jeff...she lays down on his chest and says goodnight...Jeff makes his little whining noise as he does when he doesn't want her to leave and he strokes her hair...Jeff says she's going to be up all night. Jordan says "you think?"...Jeff says that Lydia likes to stay up late...Jordan says she wants to walk but she doesn't want to, lol...Jeff in a Jordan accent says "go walk"...Jordan smiles and lays back down and they hug…

Two goodnight kisses before bed


Unfortunately it's not the best camera angle because Cam 3 is occupied showing Chima & Russell cuddling but the HG's long conversation into the wee hours finally ends when Lydia comes to ask Jordan if she's ready to go to bed...Jordan says she is...Jeff hands Lydia the opened package of cookie dough that has been sitting there so she can put it in the refrigerator...Lydia walks away...Jordan looks at Jeff and pats him...Jeff pulls Jordan to him and they kiss each other twice (heard but not seen). Jordan then gets up...Jeff says he'll see her at noon...Jordan then leaves to go to the kitchen...

Natalie is right/Kevin is wrong


They never specifically mention Jeff and Jordan in this convo, but when you see it, you'll understand why I posted this.

Natalie, Chima, Jessie and Kevin are upstairs on the couch outside the HOH room. They are discussing the BB5 Drew & Diane showmance. (For anyone who doesn't know, Drew and Diane made it to the final three on Season 5. Drew won the final HOH and, as a shock to many, evicted his girlfriend Diane. Jordan will talk about this scenario later in the game to Jeff.)

Kevin: Name me a showmance where in the female wins.

Chima: Never

Kevin: Never. The female always get screwed..... 'cause for some reason the girls really believe that...

Chima: ...the guy really likes them.

(Note: This whole time Natalie is looking stubbornly annoyed. She knows she is right.)

Kevin: It's like, are you serious?

Chima: Every time.(the girl gets screwed)

Kevin: I guess they just can't process that it's just temporary.

Chima: Girls always get screwed over by a guy.

Natalie: The thing is, it doesn't have to be temporary. If it was, if it's important enough and if there are true feelings it could be outside the house.... (Jessie agrees) And that's where the real testament is because here you're with them every day so you're stuck with them. But once you get outside the house is when it ...

Kevin interrupts: There's only one reality couple out a thousand reality shows.

Natalie: No, there's a lot, Kevin.

Kevin: No, there's only one.

Natalie: There's Rob and Amber from Survivor.

Kevin: They're not together, are they still?

Natalie: Yeah they are, they're married. There's The Bachelor, Trista and Ryan.

Kevin: Ok, there are two, Trista & Ryan and Rob & Amber

Natalie: And then there's..

Kevin interrupts: Which, BTW, both of them are only together, I feel like, because both of them got follow up reality shows to watch them get married.

Natalie: No! They've been married for years, they have two kids. That's BS.

Chima: They didn't both get follow up shows.

Kevin: Yeah, but they got married because they got reality shows.

Natalie: You can fall in love with somebody on the show. I'm sorry, that's BS. I don't care what you guys say.

Kevin: Two out of a thousand?

Jessie perks up: Hey, what did you say?

Natalie: I said it's BS, you can fall in love on a reality TV show. I don't care what anybody says. And it could last after that show. If it was true love it would last. Bottom line.

Chima: But a lot of it's not true love. A lot of the guys play the girls.

Natalie: I'm not disagreeing with that. I'm saying it could be both ways, too.

Kevin: Wait wait wait. Time out, too. And the Bachelorette doesn't really count because it's all about falling in love. I'm talking about shows that it's all about like, "screw each other over" shows.

Chima: Like this one.

Natalie slaps both hands on her face in frustration. Chima laughs and asks if that is her way of ending the conversation. Natalie says "pretty much". Kevin says girls just need to realize that it's temporary.

JeJo unspoken affection


Just a cute little moment where Jordan gets into bed with Jeff in the morning, not a word is spoken but Jeff reaches over and rubs Jordan's forehead/hair...Jordan turns to Jeff holding onto his arm and cuddles closer...Jeff mmm's and rubs her hair again…

Jeff’s tattoo by the pool


Jordan has just gotten out of the pool, she's wrapped in a towel. Jordan asks Jeff for his Aurora hat. He throws it to her and she says thanks. They talk about the sheets they need to wash. Jordan heads over to the hammock while Jeff sits in the pool. Jordan puts her mic back on and heads over to sit near Jeff, she puts her feet in the pool.

Jeff says "hey Jordan"...Jordan says "hey"...Jeff asks her if she likes that hat. Jordan nods yes, it fits. Jeff says it's too tight for him and smiles at Jordan. Some inaudible talk...Jordan puts her hand on Jeff's shoulder and asks him how old he was when he got his tattoo, young? Jeff says yeah. Jeff says it sucks, ever since he got it he has wanted to fix it...Jordan says and do what to it? Jeff says he wants to fix the cross because the guy that did it sucked, it looked better on the drawing, he wants something on the inside of his arm too, to go around, he doesn't know...maybe, maybe not because if he gets that fixed he might want something else. Jordan says gotcha.

Jeff keeps going about the tattoo saying that he likes tattoos that you can't see but Jordan gets up to leave and he says where are you going when I tell stories? Jordan says she needs to blow her nose. Jeff says when he tells stories she doesn't listen. Jordan says she was listening. She leaves...

Jordan pretends to smoke


Jeff is outside smoking on the far couch...Russell joins him and sits on the opposite couch to eat his huge salad...Jordan has come outside, heads towards Jeff...Jeff asks her what time it is? Jordan says like 2 something...Jordan rubs her belly and Jeff asks if she ate cake? Jordan says she's full and goes to sit down...Jeff lifts his leg to let her pass but Jordan sits right down on Jeff's lap, lol.

Jordan asks if she's squishing Jeff...he nods no...she pats his chest and says she might go sit back on the hammock...Jeff says "or jump in the pool"...Jordan grabs the cigarette that Jeff was smoking and tries to flick the ashes off but mostly fumbles it...Jeff stares at her feeble attempt...Jordan lifts the cigarette up and asks if she ruined it?

Jordan then holds it up pretending she's smoking...(LOL Jeff)...she laughs...Jeff grabs the cigarette out of her hands and puts it back on the ashtray...Jordan says "wait, I wasn"t done"...Jeff isn't impressed and says "quit fu**ing around".

Jordan makes a face and while Russell asks her if she's ever smoked before, Jeff draws the word J E F on her leg (he left out the last F)...Jordan answers yes, when she gets really drunk, she'll sit at the bar smoking and talking gibberish to people. Russell asks her if she can smoke in a bar? Jordan says yeah...Jeff says really? in Chicago you can't...Russell says you can't in California...Jordan says "you can't sit in a bar and smoke?" They both tell her not inside, it's banned in NY, Chicago, etc. Jordan says she didn't know that, it's different in Charlotte.

Jordan then tells one of her stories about being out with her friend Brooke at the bar and how they had the best time, she was so drunk and was making friends with everyone at the bar.(Jeff's face during this LOL) Jeff high fives Jordan and says "that's what drinking does"...

They clap hands and Jordan says to Russell "yeah, don't you get friendly?"...Jordan says she loves everybody but she loves to dance, she can't dance but she'll be out there anyways...Jeff says "shaking it?"...Jordan says not trying to booty dance but she's out doing something...Russell asks if she did the dump truck?...Jeff smiles and nods yes...Jordan says she did but she can't do it like Laura did, she was good. Jordan says she loved Braden's rap...she wishes she didn't eat those cupcakes...Jeff laughs...convo dies so Jordan gets up and leaves...

Stressing over Jessie the SS room - Part 1


J&J talk in the SS room, Jeff especially is stressing over Jessie, ultimately they share some laughs but this talk however, would set the mood for the rest of this strange night in the BB house.

Jordan & Jeff have some serious game talk about Jessie...Jeff says that Jessie is the worst talker, he'll say "are you intimidated by my size? before I could answer" (his question)..."are you intimidated by the way I look?"...Jordan says "that's what he said?"...Jeff says yeah and that Jessie then asked him if Jeff was intimidated by Natalie's size, he was trying to make a point and Jeff told him he wasn't intimidated by anybody here so that's first things first and then Jessie said "that's what I mean", Jessie says "see what I'm saying?" and Jeff says he doesn't see what he's saying, what does that mean?...Jessie then goes on to say he's been honest with Jeff right?...Jeff says he's the worst talker, he makes no sense and he always talks about himself...Jeff says he doesn't care how big he is, he'll smash the fu**ing thing right over his head.

Jordan giggles but Jeff isn't amused with him...Jordan rubs Jeff's leg and asks what they're doing outside?...Jeff says getting ready for the margarita party...Jordan says she doesn't even feel like getting ready...Jeff asks if Jordan likes his ghetto haircut? Jordan says it doesn't look bad...Jeff says he was going to wait until the pool opened up but then they didn't...Jordan says she thinks they will stick to the plan...Jeff thinks so too...Jordan asks if she should go talk to Jessie?...Jeff says for what, what is that going to change?...Jordan says somebody has to boot him out of there...Jeff nods yes...

Jordan whispers inaudibly about them getting to the finals then she says that Jessie was asking everybody two questions, he asked her what if she got HOH next week what would she do?...Jeff says don't answer it...Jordan says she told him he was safe...Jeff says "yeah, f**k him...he says that to everyone to protect himself, he's so scared about people coming after him, that's why he's not gonna make a move"...Jeff then mentions how Jessie was begging in the previous season, making a fool of himself.

Jordan tells Jeff again how she told Jessie that he was safe...Jeff says yeah, tell him what he wants to hear, they said they would protect us four and they didn't protect Jordan so f**k them, when it's time to put someone up, he'll say "dude, remember when you were going to protect us four? well rewind the tapes because you said us four"....

J&J go over how Jessie didn't really protect them when Jeff got put up on the block, Jeff took himself off, Jordan replaced him & then Jessie backtracked saying he was protecting the three of them not including Jordan, Jeff played dumb saying he must of misunderstood the protecting four of them part...Jeff says they think he is so fu**ing stupid...Jordan says Natalie has to go, she irritates her.

J&J go over who would put who up if they won HOH, they think Kevin would put them up...Jeff says why? what's his problem?...Jordan says she talks to him, Jeff too, they don't know...Jeff talks about if he wins HOH and Jordan tells him he's getting close...they talk about the veto Jeff won and how when Jessie does something everyone goes yay! but if Jeff were to do the same thing, they'd be pissed...he doesn't get it...Jeff feels like smashing everyone...Jordan knows.

They start talking about Russell now and how he is playing sides...Jeff says the others always talk about their "group" and him & Jordan are nowhere to be found, they are fu**ed unless something happens...Russell is heard outside the door saying "schemers!"...Jeff says "you're the schemer dork"

Jeff tells Jordan she's playing good so far but if anyone asks her any names, don't ever say a name, Jeff didn't tell Jessie any names, does he think he's stupid? Jessie told Jeff he never expected him to...Jeff makes a face to say does he think I'm dumb?...Jordan tells Jeff to lay down...Jeff just looks at her...

Jordan says she was almost asleep but then Ronnie wouldn't STFU about some dumb game he plays...Jordan says her, Jeff, Casey or Michele has to win HOH...Jeff says he doesn't trust Michele at all...Jordan doesn't think she would...Jeff thinks she would because they would tell her too...Jordan says "really?"...Jeff shrugs and leans back & sighs...Jeff says the smart move would be to get Jessie & Natalie out of there but he's saying it because he's him.

Jeff says that both of them will be put up every week...Jordan says "who said that?"...Jeff says "come on, that's how it is"...Jordan says she's been up twice...Jeff says he's been up once and took himself off and if he goes up again he'll be so fu**ing pissed...what if Casey goes up?...Jordan says they're doomed...Jeff says they're dead...Jeff says if Jessie puts Casey up (as a replacement) he's going to flip out because he knows he's going home anyway and he'll say "you're a fu**ing pussy"...Jeff says he doesn't want to get upset though.

Jordan asks "do you want me to scoot over?"...Jeff jokingly says "nah, I don't like you anymore"...Jordan says "hmm? what'd you say?"...Jeff smiles and laughs. Jordan says she hates this, if someone else had of been HOH things would be completely different (meaning that if someone from a different clique had been let in)...Jeff knows this. Jeff asks if Jordan is hungry and then leans over her and kisses/bites her lower back and says he's going to lay down for a sec...

Stressing over Jessie in the SS room


Jeff lays down next to Jordan, he says he won't stay long because Jordan is going to sleep, Jordan says she's not, she's just laying there being a pouter...they get comfy, Jeff says he's hungry and then they are quiet.

Jordan says Jeff smell's good...Jeff says he didn't put cologne on...Jordan and Jeff both say it's his armpit/deodorant :) ...They laugh about the cameras zooming in on them, they didn't even know it could go like that, do that angle...

Jeff says he's going to make chicken pitas...Jordan says "omg, then I want one"...

they laugh...Jordan says she shouldn't even eat any more...Jeff says it's better to eat that than cookie dough...Jordan says it's so good...Jeff says it's not good for you...

They start talking about Russell & Jessie again...Jordan wonders if she should go up and talk to him...Jeff says for what? he doesn't think so...Jordan says that Jeff never talks to him...Jeff says he does, what does she want him to say to her?...Jordan doesn't know but says "you gotta step it up too sir" :)

Jeff says what does she mean, he went up there before the ceremony and talked to him...Jordan asks what he said?...Jeff says he just told her about the do I intimidate you convo with Natalie sitting on the bed as Jessie's lapdog...Jeff imitates her and Jordan laughs...Jordan says Jessie says the dumbest stuff and everyone laughs at it...Jeff says for Jordan to just keep doing what she's doing, she's doing good...Jordan starts whispering inaudibly...Jeff says people are too scared to make a move, if someone else did they might jump on board.

They continue to whisper about the other HG's...Jeff says Kevin better change his tone with him...Jordan asks Jeff if he won HOH who would he put up?...Jeff turns to her and just smiles...Jordan says he has to tell her...Jeff says he doesn't know...Jordan says he does know...Jeff says he does know a little bit...Jordan says "who?"...Jeff sighs...Jordan says she won't say anything...Jeff knows she won't...Jeff says "next week? I think I'd put Kevin up"...Jordan says "and?"...Jeff says "Michele"...Jordan says "really?"...Jeff says "maybe"...Jordan says putting up Michele is wrong because Michele will be voted out and then Kevin will come after him...Jeff says he thinks Kevin is after him already but then Lydia would be pissed and so would Chima...Jeff wouldn't put up Chima because he thinks you could reason with her even though she is a diva...Jeff says they shouldn't talk about it because things change and they don't know who will be HOH.

Jordan says Michele gets so offended by everything...Jeff says OMG...Jordan giggles...Jeff says he said something about gay people at Disneyland and she freaked out, she's married, why doesn't she shut up fu**ing loser, it's like she's picketing outside, fu**ing crazy bitch...Jordan giggles...Jeff says that's why she's such a weirdo...Jeff asks Jordan if she knows what he is about to say?....Jordan says what?...Jeff starts imitating Michele's giggles at everything he says, watch when they are sitting around talking and Jeff says something to Jordan and she'll giggle , then he imitates how she groans when she's moving around in bed...Jeff cracks up, Jordan is giggling...Jeff says he can't stand it, who the f**k is she? R2D2? Relax! 🤣

Jeff says Natalie is so weird too, you never know what you're getting with her...Jordan asks if Jeff's arms aren't sore from yesterday's challenge as a segueway to asking him if he would rub her arm, she places her arm on his chest....Jeff says "no, remember we gave up on that?"...Jordan says "please! it's sore"...Jeff says "then what do I get?"...Jordan says "I told you a back rub", she giggles...Jeff says "no, that game is over, you didn't play right"...Jordan asks again...Jeff says "see what happens? (she says) I don't want to, I don't want to" and he turns the other way to show her what she does LOL

Jeff says "you like that?"...Jordan giggles...Jeff says "what are you laughing at?"...Jordan says "you"...Jordan says "please"...Jeff says "no, I gotta make food"...Jeff won't give in and says it hurts, him too when his back needs to be scratched...Jordan says she rubbed his stomach last night...Jeff says it doesn't count.

Stressing over Jessie in the SS room - Part 3


Jeff & Jordan continue to bicker/banter over Jeff not wanting to scratch/rub Jordan's arm because she isn't doing the same for his back...Jordan gives up trying LOL

Jordan cracks up over the fact she woke up the other morning and saw Casey in his underwear & his penis was sticking out. Jeff laughs and says "why you looking at everyone's ding dongs for? I don't wanna hear that gotta fu**ing watch it with you" Jordan says she couldn't help it, it was weird because Casey is like the dad, he wears the underwear her grandpa wears.

Jeff imitates Michele's weird noises/giggles again and says for Jordan to watch, it will crack her up...Jordan says that maybe Michele likes her...Jeff says she does...Jordan means that Michele "likes her" (in "that" way)...Jeff says maybe...Jordan talks about the convo where Michele said she wished Jordan was bi...Jeff heard...Jordan keeps touching Jeff's face/ear and asks Jeff what if she was looking in his ear and a bug flew out?...Jeff says he would die, he would get so creeped out and leave the house, wouldn't she? if a big grasshopper came out?...Jordan says she doesn't think it would fit in her ear...Jeff gets defensive and asks what's his ear?...Jordan says his is bigger...Jeff exhales deeply and gets quiet...

Jordan brings up game again and says she hopes the upcoming HOH is physical...Jeff says will she stand out there for 9 hours?...Jordan says yes...Jeff laughs and says yeah?...Jordan says she's serious, she wants to win...Jeff says he hopes so, it's good, he's glad she thinks like that...Jordan says she'll stand there as long as she has to...Jeff says good...they continue talking about it and the feeds go to fish...when they return Jordan is talking about Ronnie and freaking out...Jeff says not to worry about it until then, nothing she can do, don't worry until tomorrow, why is she going to talk to Jessie? it has nothing to do with her if he's not putting Ronnie up...

Jordan talks about Russell & Jessie...Jeff says he doesn't think they think Jordan is a threat, they think she's an idiot...Jordan says they think she's dumb...Jeff says let them think that, don't worry about it, just keep listening to what people say because when the time comes she'll have a lot to say, you think I'm dumb? well I'm not, I remember all this shit...Jeff says Jordan is good and he pinches her cheek ☺️

Jordan says everyone thinks she's this sweet & innocent person...Jeff says that's good, everyone talks to her, they open up to her, that's good...Jordan says she does like Chima...Jeff says he does too...feeds go to fish...when they return Jordan is saying that Jessie & Natalie have to be broken up...Jeff says that's good...Jordan asks Jeff if he doesn't think that people are thinking that about them?...Jeff says no, because they have no power, why would they break them up? plus Jordan hasn't won anything so why would they do that?...Jordan says "thanks"...Jeff says he's just saying it from a logical point of view, he's not putting her down, he's just saying it from their perspective...Jordan upsets Jeff by saying that Jessie wins everything...Jeff raises his voice and says "no he doesn't, this is the first fu**ing thing he won, why does everyone think that? what do you mean win? how the f**k is that winning? he picked up the right thing?"😠

(Small Tiff alert) Jordan says "yeah, well he won"...Jeff says "get outta here, you and this fu**ing shit, I'm outta here"😠 Jeff sits up...Jordan says "omg!"...Jeff says "how is that winning? he won one thing?"...Jordan says "quit being uuhhhh"...Jeff says "he won one thing dude, take it easy"...Jordan with her head buried in the pillow says "you get so mad"...Jeff says "I'm not mad because what do you mean he wins everything? what are you talking about?"...Jordan says he just flipped out...Jeff says it's because everyone thinks they're these fu**ing gods, they're fu**ing dorks.

Jeff starts to walk out and Jordan calls out "hey, are you making me one?"...Jeff holding the door open says "no, absolutely not...I'm making you one that falls on the floor"...Jeff laughs...Jordan gets up...Jeff says of course he's making her one but she doesn't have to come...Jordan runs to the door right behind Jeff and heads straight to Russell who is in bed in the RR...

Margarita Party/J&J tiff/Hallway kiss


Jeff & Jordan have their first big tiff. Lucky for them and us it didn't last long. 😊

Sequence of events:

Jordan talks with Russell in the RR. Jordan is worried about this week and possibly being evicted. He reassures her that she is safe and won't be voted out. He also tells her not to tell Jeff. They have the margarita party an hour or so later. It is a flop. The mood sucks and no one enjoys themselves. The mood is awkward and tense because the whole house knows Casey is going up not Ronnie...the whole house except for J&J, Michele & Casey...Jeff realizes what is up after the margarita party.

Feeds switch to the kitchen where Jeff and Jordan are...Jordan tells Jeff he looks cute...Jeff says "I do?"...Jordan mmm, hmm's...Jeff says "f**k yeah"...Jordan says guys always look cute when they have bum shirts and hats on and jeans :) they look better...Jeff says "I look better?"...Jordan says Jeff looks better in a hat, she likes him in a hat, she's just telling him what she likes...Jordan sits on the counter...Jordan says it's probably different from other people, she thinks Jeff looks good in a hat when he's bumming, she thinks guys looks hot when they're bummed down...Jeff says "I like that too though, when girls are like that" 😉 Jordan asks what's wrong with Casey?...Jeff says "whaddya mean? he thinks he's going home?"...

Silent looks...Jeff says "they" all knew, they were just idiots out there, the worst part is they can't do anything, they can do whatever they want, it's just a matter of time before they go...Jordan says "just enjoy this week cuz it might be my last"...Jeff says he's trying but the script has been flipped...Jeff is pissed...Jordan is acting flippant (because she has been told she is safe by Russell) but Jeff is stressing out that one of his two close friends is now leaving for sure...

Jordan squeezes Jeff and says sorry, she wants to hit him tonight...Jeff says he knows...Jeff leans over and Jordan rubs his neck…

They watch Lydia and Kevin go by, Jeff taps Jordan’s leg as a sign to stop touching him (not sure why), she does and once they go in the HOH room J&J decide to go in the GR...

Jeff & Jordan go to the GR to talk but Jeff goes to use the bathroom first, the toilet is backed up and Jeff is grossed out...Jeff sits down to talk...Jordan fibs to Jeff saying she thinks it will be her and Casey going up and she is "outta there"...Jeff thinks it will be Casey but either way he is pissed...Jordan is acting a little strange, Jeff notices and calls her on it asking her what she's laughing at?...

...she's going home, she's going to be at work next week, was that funny? (since she's already laughing)...

Jordan flips him the finger and calls him an asshole...Jeff says "then what are you laughing at?"...Jordan tells him that Russell told her not to tell Jeff but that she is safe but she wasn't supposed to tell Jeff...Jeff tsks and says "so you have secrets with Russell?”...

Jordan says "nuh uh, I just told you"...Jeff says that's why she was laughing? she knew the whole time, why didn't she just tell him that Casey was going up?...Jordan says she doesn't know that, all she knows is that Russell told her she's safe...Jeff clams up and then mumbles "great"...Jordan says "hmm?"...Jeff says "you don't tell me?"...Jordan says she just did...Jeff says "you fu**ing loser!"...Jordan says she found out tonight...Jeff says "I'm outta here, go join their side you'll be safer"...

Jeff is pissed...Jeff says he is sick of gaming anyway, f**k this and he starts to walk out...Jordan says hey!!...Jeff says he has to piss and the toilet's clogged...Jordan says she is done with him, done! and Jeff says me too...he walks out closing the door...


Jordan goes to the RR to talk to Ronnie, Chima & Michele, she tells them she is done with Jeff tonight, he is in a bad mood...she is sad...she then goes into the SS room to talk to Casey...then about 6 mins after being done with Jeff she goes back to the GR to talk to him LOL Jordan tries to smooth things over but Jeff won't have any of it 😞 she leaves one minute later and goes up to the HOH...


Jordan comes back down to the BY where Jeff is, she is eating Nerds...Jordan tells Jeff that they told her they are sticking to the plan (they lied)...Jordan tries to engage Jeff, even kisses him on the cheek but he ignores it and she asks him "why are you being like that?"...Jordan keeps looking at Jeff in the eye but Jeff just keeps eating his nerds...Jordan turns her cheek so that Jeff will kiss her back...

...but he uhhh's signaling that he is still pissy...Casey is out there smoking like a fiend, he and Jeff are venting and Jordan isn't getting anywhere with Jeff so she leaves again.

@ approx 10:08pm

Jordan is back in the BY with Jeff & Casey...things seem a bit smoothed over btw Jeff & Jordan at this point (feeds were off them for awhile)...Jeff moves over to smoke near Casey and tells Jordan "I'll come back" :)

@ the 10:10 mark Casey says that they're the only two people he is friends with...and one is voting for his girlfriend (J&J smile) and that's ok...

@ approx 10:12pm Jeff & Jordan have a 20 second stare down which is kind of intense & sexy at the same time...

Casey continues to gripe but says that you can take the high road and have nothing to regret...Jeff says sometimes he likes to take the low road, he moves over to sit with Jordan, he looks at her and she touches his arm and all is well in JeJo land again 👏👏 back to touching each other and arm scratches while they chat with Casey...


Jordan and Jeff meet up in the hallway and they kiss.

She asks for a hug and he obliges and then they squeeze each other's butts for good measure.

Jeff heads into the kitchen asking what was that, was she playing truth or dare?...

Favorite positions in the HOH room


This entry is from a clip uploaded onto youtube. This was not shown on the feeds, the feeds were on fish when this aired on showtime. This took place when Jeff & Jordan were having their little tiff about Jordan keeping something from Jeff. Jordan had been down in the GR trying to talk to Jeff who was sulking & being quiet, she left and headed straight up to the HOH where Russell & Lydia were hanging out. Jordan sits on the round chair and sex talk starts up (as per usual in a house full of bored people, lol)...Jordan starts talking about her ex-bf and sex and the feeds cut off @ the 8:58pm mark and do not return until the 9:10pm mark. This discussion happened in the meantime...

The sex talk continues...Jordan says she has faked orgasm a couple of times...she says vaginas are ugly...Lydia disagrees and says they resemble flowers...Jordan says she never thought of that...she asks if they knew that eating strawberries & pineapples is supposed to make your vagina smell good? Russell says yes...Jordan says she told a girl at work that and the girl said it ruined her, lol...Jeff walks in asking if they have any laundry and that he needs to go pee because the bathroom downstairs is clogged...laughter...Russell asks Jordan her favorite position...Jordan says "the natural" (missionary) but tries to explain her other one...Russell asks if she can demonstrate on Jeff...Jordan calls out "Jeffrey!"...Jeff is weighing himself...Russell says to just sit down and for Jordan not to say anything, just do it...he comes over and sits down saying "what's up?"...Jordan starts and says "they're not going to air this?"...Russell and Lydia say no, no LOL

Jordan tries again but is worried her butt will hang out of her jeans ;) ...she says she's talking about sex moves...Jeff says "oh they're not going to air this"

Jordan sits on Jeff and starts explaining again...Russell tells Jeff to hold her...Jeff says he doesn't want to make a wrong move so they'll say "see you suck" LOLOL Jordan finishes explaining and Jeff holds onto her waist to "help" and smiles big

Jordan stands up and Jeff leaves...Russell says to take a cold shower. LOL

Piggyback on Jeff/Jordan holding Jeff’s face


Jeff and Jordan come outside...Jordan jumps on Jeff and he carries her for a brief moment…

Jeff needs to do laundry. Jordan sits on the pool table while Jeff decides what setting to use on the washing machine...while he does that Jordan gives advice and impatiently waits for him. Once Jeff is done, he leans into Jordan and asks what she's going to do? He nibbles her ear :) Jordan says she's going to sleep. Jordan whispers in Jeff's ear about the ongoing fight for Jessie between Lydia and Natalie and how they are being silly by making him food.

Jordan pats Jeff's face and holds it in her hands while she says this. Super sweet moment :)

Jordan says her legs are so scaly...Jeff says to put lotion on them...Jordan asks if Jeff farted?...Jeff says no...Jordan says she smells it...Jeff says it's that shit (the mud from the comp)...Jeff swears it's not him...they are quiet and then Jordan says "this sucks" and says she's just at the point of saying whatever, you know? Jeff says he knows what she means...Jordan says to enjoy their time while they're there...Jeff says "exactly"...Jeff starts playing pool and Jordan says she wants to stick her feet in the hottub, she walks to the hottub and dips her feet in.

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