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Day 16 of BB11 Feeds

July 25

Big hug in the RR 


Jeff is laying down in his RR bed, he has been there for awhile and seems to be waiting on Jordan to come in the room, she finally comes and sits herself down on Nat's bed...Jeff gets up and gives her a great big hug out of the blue.

Cute! 😀 Jordan says "hey" and then trips him as he walks by her 😛

Whats up in the RR


After the big hug in the RR, Jeff changes into his Aurora shirt and sits on Nat's bed to put on his socks & sneakers...he then leans back, rubs Jordan's leg and gives her one of those looks  , she rubs his face and asks what's up? Jeff says "nothin', what's up?" Jordan says "nothin"...Jeff asks if she is crabby again today, lol...Jordan says "why?"...Jeff says he doesn't know.

Jeff says he doesn't like her...Jordan says "K", Jeff gives her another look and waves bye. Jeff leaves…

Jordan - I keep smelling tuna


Jeff lays down with Jordan in the SS room right after he has finished eating tuna. He thinks candies will mask the smell but Jordan calls him on it. Jeff says that he didn't want to brush his teeth because he just had tuna but knew he had to do something because he wanted to find Jordan so he ate the candies. Cute little interaction.

Foot massage 


Jeff is giving Jordan a foot massage while she is laying down. Jordan squeals, Jeff asks if it hurts?...Jordan says yeah, he pushes really hard...Jeff says "a massage?"...Jordan says not so hard.

Jeff then says he is so bored and lays back next to Jordan...Jordan who has been pissy all morning, immediately makes it seem like Jeff is imposing, she awkwardly reaches for her mic...Jeff gets up saying for her to just lay there, he doesn't want to squish her...he gets in Natalie's bed...Jordan says she matches the sheets and then points out to Jeff that the people in the HN room can hear them through that hole...Jeff says he never knew that...Jordan says it's wide open…

Jordan is moody in the RR


The tense chatting continues with Jeff in Natalie's bed, Jordan in Jeff's bed...

Jordan asks if he slept good?...Jeff says he fell asleep right away...Jordan makes a catty sound...Jeff says why does everyone think when he talks he's pissed?...Jordan doesn't know...Jeff says he fell asleep pretty quick, when you get in a comfortable bed with comfortable blankets, forget it...Jordan half giggles...SILENCE

Jordan whispers something to Jeff, he says he doesn't know about it and Jordan harumphs...Casey comes in wondering where everyone is?...Jeff tells him...they joke around about them maybe one day winning HOH and seeing how the other half Casey goes into the SS room Jeff says to Jordan "turn that  frown upside down, what do you want?"...

Jordan doesn't respond...Jeff says "if I get 10G's to make you stay, I'm gonna be pissed off at you"...Jordan snarkily says to take it...Jeff says he thinks he's gonna...they start whispering inaudibly...Casey comes back in the RR and Jeff tells him that Jordan thinks there's another plan (smart girl!)...Casey says he doesn't but what does he know...Jeff says exactly...Casey leaves...Jeff says "he'd (Jessie) f**k himself if there was"

Jordan stresses how important the next HOH competition is...Jeff says "big time"...Jordan says it's because the 4th person out is the last out before jury house...Jeff knows saying next week is huge, one of them (J/J/C/M) has to win it...Jeff whispers that he doesn't trust Michele at all...Jordan says "but she still is with us"...Jeff whispers he doesn't think so, that she's a liar and then Jeff starts making fun of Michele and her stupid giggles at everything he says.  

They give each other a look and Jeff starts laughing...Jordan shoots him another look to which Jeff who is getting frustrated with her moodiness & stress about the POV comp responds "how bout this, you just take control of your destiny and win and show everybody what's up"...Jordan says “do you think I’m a terrible competer?”...Jeff says with a straight face “no I don’t! I don’t think you’re a terrible competer” Jeff cracks up, Jordan laughs...Jeff says “terrible competitor, I don’t know...but competer, you’re great at”  Jordan says “I think you’re lying”

Russell walks in complaining about how he can’t take being locked in anymore, it’s been 3 days, he doesn’t know how Jeff’s doing it, he lays down in his bed...Jeff says complaining about it just makes it worse...Jordan says she tried to sleep, she would think they would be going out there soon...Jeff thinks so too, he says there are a lot of worse places he wouldn’t want to be, they could be on the side of the road with a flat tire in 100 degree weather on your way to a meeting, now that’s stress.

Jordan giggles and says she thinks this might have happened to Jeff because it sounds so realistic...Russell says something similar happened to him just recently with his car...they talk about that and Jeff does a little rap...Jordan gives Jeff yet another look and Jeff says he’s sick of her always judging him from over there...

Russell & Jeff discuss their cars, specifically Jeff’s Camry, they discuss the mileage on them...Jordan says her car is a Honda Civic and has low mileage...Jordan talks about her brother’s car and the good deal he got on it, she says it’s real loud and makes a loud vrrooom sound...Russell asks her again how it sounds?...she repeats...Jeff asks her how her car sounds and an annoyed Jordan won’t fall for the little game, she says it sounds how a normal car sounds...Jeff throws a pillow at her, gets up and says “win your own veto!"😨

Jeff grabs his water, starts to walk away but then walks back to get his shoes and notices the camera following him so he walks back and forth, he stops near Jordan and Jordan lifts her foot and makes that whimpering noise to get Jeff to rub her foot again...Jeff says “don’t touch me” and pretends he’s going to spill water on her...Jeff shakes his head at Jordan and walks away saying “I’ve got to find some excitement or something”.

Jordan immediately gets up telling Russell she is bored too, she tells Russell to scoot over, she’s going to get in bed with him (IMO Jordan was obviously pissed at Jeff especially with what he had just said and/or she was just moody in general since the morning so she immediately decides to do the thing that she knows will get to Jeff the most and/or she was trying to get on Russell's good side to influence him to help keep her in case she didn't win veto. Interestingly enough Jeff & Jordan had their first big tiff the following night because of her keeping something from Jeff that Russell told her not to tell Jeff)

Jordan goes back to get a pillow and tells someone unseen in the hallway that she’s getting in the bed with Russell (I think it was Jeff)...Russell says “hmm, was that Jeff?” but before she has a chance to answer, the feeds go to trivia for the Veto comp.

We’ll never know if she did get in bed with Russell, this is a screencap from the CBS show where Jessie was coming out of the DR to call everyone to pick players for the POV comp.

You’re good in other ways Jordan 


Jordan is eating dinner alone at the kitchen table. Jeff approaches and tells her that she had a long session huh? (in the DR)...he walks by her and squeezes her neck/shoulder...he sits down facing her...Jordan says "what's up?"...Jeff says "nothing, what's up?"...Jordan says nothing and says he looked like he was mad...Jeff bends his head down and say no, he's just bored...Jordan rubs his head briefly…

Jeff looks at Jordan and says "you mad about today?"...Jordan is silent but frowns...Jeff smiles and says she didn't do good, he didn't do good either...Jordan says "do I ever do good?"...Jeff smiles and says " do good're good in other ways, don't worry about it"...Jordan laments her performance, Jeff says it's easy to say afterwards...Jeff gets up and they start discussing the numbers they got in the comp...Kevin arrives on the scene and the convo shifts…

JJ to the GR to talk it out


Jeff & Jordan finish cleaning up in the kitchen & decide to go into the GR to lay down and talk. At first they lay opposite each other and are quiet then Jordan asks what Jeff is looking at? Jeff says her dirty socks. Jeff covers her feet up with a pillow and he smiles...she has a concerned look on her face and Jeff asks "what's wrong with you?"...Jordan shrugs and says "nothin"...Jeff says "liar"...Jordan says she kind of has a headache...

Jeff says "what else?"...Jordan says nothing, she wishes she would have won (the pig veto)...Jeff says "you tried your best right?" and smiles...Jordan says mmm, hmm and then asks why Jeff is smirking...Jeff says he's smiling and she did her best, that's all she could do, the comp was a lot of luck, it wasn't that she did bad, it was the numbers you grabbed...Jordan explains the numbers she grabbed and how the comp went for her...Jeff says he kept grabbing 5's & 4's & 6's, Jeff says he panicked with time, he could have done better, he couldn't find the 7's, 8's & 9's.

Jeff talks about how silly he looked in the pig costume and Jordan laughs...they then both laugh about Michele and how she faceplanted, Jeff says that was the best...they crack up...Jeff says they are going to replay it, it was great....Jeff says "what if that was you?"...Jordan says he would have laughed...Jeff says he would have died...they keep giggling about Michele...Jeff touches Jordan's leg...Jordan tells him she has dry skin, to ignore it...Jeff holds her leg...

Jordan is worried about the plan not going through (putting up Ronnie as replacement)...Jeff says not to worry, it will, he hopes, he knows Jordan would feel safer if she was off the block...Jordan says she is sleepy, she wonders if BB will open up the BY tonight, she says she wants to get her tan on...Jeff says tanning is over for today...Jordan says for tomorrow...Jeff says he knows, it will be open tomorrow...Jordan says Jeff is getting irritated with her.

Jordan says "you know how funny we're going to look on TV with the pink spandex?"...Jeff says like idiots, it doesn't matter at this point...they talk about how the comp went and if Jordan ever wiped out...Jordan makes the whiny, massage me sound and asks Jeff to rub her feet...Cam switches off them briefly but audio is heard...Jeff says "did you look at them? that doesn't help?" ...Jordan laughs...meanwhile Jordan takes off her socks...

Cam switches back to them...Jordan says if it bothers Jeff so much (about her dry feet) go get some lotion...Jeff says he never said it bothered him, who is she getting loud with? he laughed...Jordan makes a face and Jeff says "ai, ai, ai!"...Jeff has an eye twitch and points it out, Jordan didn't see it...Jeff says it's over.

Lydia is heard from the kitchen and Jeff whispers that she gets on his nerves, her voice today during the competition. Jeff says how is it that Jessie stays up in the HOH room laying down with Natalie on one side and Lydia on the other...Jordan doesn't know...Jordan puts her socks back on and doesn't think they are that dirty...Jeff asks if she's seen them? and he holds it up for her...(they are filthy LOL)...Jordan asks that he put the sock back on and he does.

Jeff says "you did good today, you did"...Jordan says thanks...Natalie comes by and they chit chat...Jordan sighs and says "oh man Jeff"...Jordan says "come lay down here"...Jeff says "by you?"...Jordan says yes...Jeff does and lays face down...Jordan does her customary patting but starts rubbing his back a little...Jeff says "you're rubbing my back? without me even asking you?"...Jordan mmm, hmm's...Jordan says her hands are drying from doing dishes...Jeff offers to get lotion and leaves to get some from the bathroom.

Jeff returns with the lotion and spreads some on Jordan's legs saying to get those ashy legs...Jordan is embarrassed and says for Jeff to quit looking at her ashy legs...Jeff says her scales? he's just joking, they're not that bad, just dry...Jeff says he hates dry skin...Jordan says she can tell...Jeff smiles and laughs...

They complain the lotion isn't that good and doesn't sink in...Jordan points out her "roll" of fat...Jeff says "jelly donut?"...Jordan says she would like to eat some cookie dough...Jeff points out how gross it was wearing the pig costume, you could see everything in that thing...Jordan says you could see your pee-pees in them...Jeff says their fatsies, pee-pees, everythingzees...

Jeff and Jordan lay back down facing each other with their faces very close together...Jeff giggles...Jordan gets shy about being so close & not having brushed her teeth, Jeff hasn't either...Jordan flicks something off of Jeff's eye area and Jeff asks if it's dry skin or a booger...Jordan doesn't know but doesn't think it's a booger...Jeff wonders how a booger could get up there...they giggle...Jordan says maybe it flew up there...Jeff says no, unless it was a boomerang booger...Jeff says they're getting silly...they get quiet and close their eyes...Jeff sneaks a peek at Jordan and then sweetly picks some skin off her nose. 😊 Jordan touches her leg to Jeff's and Jeff puts his hand on Jordan's thigh...

Jeff says he hopes everything goes...Jordan says "why?"...Jeff says "why what? everything goes according to plan..."...Jordan says but why would he say that?...Jordan gets nervous about Jeff touching her leg so she touches Jeff's hand and holds his thumb ☺️

Jeff says he hopes it does, it's what he wants, it's what he's thinking about...Jordan says she thought Jeff talked to Jessie and he changed his mind...Jeff says no, he would tell her...Jeff says her, him or Casey has to win HOH or else they'll be in trouble...Jordan agrees...Jeff looks at Jordan sweetly & worriedly...Jordan says Jeff came close to winning HOH...Jeff says he would have won today if he had picked a 5 but it's what if, what if...Jeff looks at Jordan again...Jeff while putting Jordan's shirt strap in place says that everybody wins some time and Thursday will be her day...Jordan says hopefully...Jordan says she has to give another speech again...Jeff says he has to give another fu**ing goodbye message...Jordan says it better be really good...Jeff says that or it will be like, listen this is the 10th one, I don't even care what happens now LOL...Jordan whines and says it's got to be good, what did he say on hers...feeds  switch...

SS Room chat - What a struggle it is for us  


Feeds switch to J&J in the SS room, they are laying in bed. Jeff is saying that it's the second time he's heard someone saying that...Jordan says "what I just told you?"...Jeff says someone told him that too...Jordan says "shut up"...Jeff says he swears to God, he thinks Casey told him that someone said they just wanted to get to the jury house,  they don't care what happens and Jeff thought, cool, cuz right when you go to the jury house, I'll throw you out cuz he wants to win.

Jordan says that her, Casey or Jeff has to win HOH next week or they're done, Jeff agrees. Jordan says if not, it's either her or Casey going...Jeff says "or me"...Jordan says if one of Jeff's teammates wins...Jeff says but if they don't, he's going up.

Jordan thinks Michele might win because she's good at questions...Jeff thinks Jordan will win because the bottom goes to the top in this game, everyone is looking down on you and so just step up and win, she's going to have a positive attitude now and she's going to feel like she's going to win right?...Jordan mmm, hmm's.

Jeff says to not worry about it, if Ronnie goes up tomorrow which he should, she's fine...Jordan mmm, hmm's and says she hopes she doesn't go up again. Jeff says if Kevin wins he would put him up...Jordan thinks he would put her up too...Jeff says that Kevin doesn't talk to him, he thinks he's pissed at him for something...Jordan says Kevin doesn't talk to her at all, she's tried...Jeff says me too...they discuss who would put them up next week.

Jeff thinks Lydia would put him up...Jordan says Jeff has to win it...Jeff knows...Jeff says if he wins this week he could put up whoever he wants. Jeff brings up Lydia and what she did to him the first week (when she cried with him and then badmouthed him to the others), how he got killed and everyone in the house was screaming at him, calling him names and shit but Natalie puts her up, nothing, Jessie f**ks around with Natalie right in front of her, nothing and she cooks Jessie dinner but he didn't say something and he gets fu**ing yelled at...he doesn't get it at all, he doesn't understand...she's crazy, she stays up until 6 in the morning and waits up all night so she can up to the HOH room to be with Jessie, she's fu**ing mental. Jeff goes over who would vote for Lydia if he put her up, Jeff wants Natalie out so he says one of them has to win...

They get quiet and then Jordan turns herself to face Jeff...Jeff asks where she got that blanket...Jordan says she thinks it was in the GR before, she asks Jeff if he remembers how many pillows were originally in the GR before? Jeff says no...Jordan says me neither...they get quiet again...after a little while Jordan asks Jeff "what are you thinking about?"...

Jeff says "nothing" then after pausing says "I'm thinking about what a struggle it is for us"😟 ...Jordan says "mmm, hmm"...Jeff says "it's like they can do no wrong and we have to fu**ing fight every week, how do you turn that around?"...Jeff says "in life nothing comes easy, they think they're riding easy street, that's not a good sign for them"  (Jordan would win! Yes Jeff!!

Jordan says she thinks once they make it to the jury house some of them won't care...Jeff says he is hoping for that but he has to get there first...Jordan says "I wanna win too"...Jeff says "oh man, if one of us could win"...Jordan says "that would be nice, I would like to see you win"...Jeff says "I would like to see you win" 🥰

Jordan says it's been Jessie, Ronnie and Jessie again, no one has made a move...Jeff says no one with a pair of balls has been HOH. Jordan rubs Jeff's chest and they get quiet again and the feeds switch...

J&J have a good laugh over Casey’s banana suit 


Jeff & Jordan are laying down in the SS room bed, Casey comes in just after receiving his banana suit from the DR. They crack up laughing while trying to not make Casey feel too badly. Pretty funny stuff.

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