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Day 15 of BB11 Feeds

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

July 24

Sweet awareness


Jeff has been up in the middle of the night, eating, talking to Lydia outside. He goes to the bathroom and then walks back to the RR where he & Jordan have been sleeping head to toe. Jeff gets in bed and Jordan stirs, she sleepily looks around realizing Jeff is getting back in bed...Jeff reaches over and touches Jordan's face with his/smells her (lol)

...Jordan says "does my hair stink?"...Jeff doesn't understand and says "hmm?"...Jordan keeps repeating "hair stink, stink"...Jeff still doesn't understand and reaches over and kisses her arm saying "stink? go to sleep"...Jeff lays down but Jordan keeps mumbling "my hair stink"...Jeff sits back up and says "hmm?"...Jordan waves her hand to say forget it...Jeff giggles and lays back down and gets himself comfy to sleep.

Sweet hand hold & foot kiss


Jeff and Jordan are sharing a bed in the RR and sleeping head to toe. Jeff is restless, tossing and turning. Jordan is sleeping on her side with her back to Jeff. He rolls over and puts his hand on her leg. In her sleep, she reaches down to hold his hand. He sits up to look at her and sees that she is asleep.

He lays back down and kisses her foot. 💕

Jordan moves to stretch her feet out and cover herself and Jeff places his hand on her leg and rubs it a little. 

(ED: at this time in the house, he was still telling her how gross he thought feet were, just thought it was a sweet moment)

Jordan's dolled up


Jeff is eating breakfast, Jordan sits at the table with him and they have their first early morning chat. Jeff asks Jordan if she slept good...Jordan says yeah, she only sleeps good when she sleeps at the foot of his bed (that would change! lol) Jeff calls Jordan honey and asks her why she's all dolled up. Cute! Jordan says she just put on makeup. 

Dining table & GR HG chat


Jordan, Lydia and Russell are sitting at the dining table discussing nominations and nailpolish.  Lydia is painting Jordan's fingernails blue. Jeff walks by and locks eyes with Jordan.  She holds up her hand and shows him her nails.  Jeff points at Jordan (and does something else but you can't see because his back is to the camera).  Jordan giggles and blushes.  Russell says "That was cute...Jeff".  

Just after the 11:00am mark, talk moves to body piercings.  Russell claims to have had his penis pierced.  Lydia and Jordan are in disbelief.  Lydia wants to tell Chima.  They all get up from the table and each individually make their way to the green room with Jeff and Kevin, who are discussing who is "doing the watch, for the perch" (meaning who is making sure Ronnie doesn't get to Jessie).  Lydia joins them first.  Then Jordan enters the room and says "Russell has his penis pierced!".  Jeff says "So do I".  Lydia doesn't believe him and Jeff says "How do you know?".  Talk moves to "show me yours and I'll show you mine".  LOL

Jordan changes the subject to her blue nail polish.  Kevin wants to be part of the "blue club". LOL  Jordan puts on Jeff's UCLA hat and says in that annoying Paris Hilton voice "blue is in". She squeezes Jeff's leg and Jeff yawns "I'm tired".  Jordan asks why.  He says "because you're a bed hog."  Jordan says "I slept GOOD.... I think I sleep better with Lydia."  Jeff says "Well, why don't you try that tonight?".  LOL  They discuss sleeping arrangements and have-nots.  Jordan wants Jeff to try slop for a week.  Jeff tells her to lay off until 1 o'clock.  Lydia says Jeff is being ornery.

Lydia notices Russell outside the door and yells "Scheming!"  Jordan tells Jeff to move his leg, so she can sit down beside him.  Russell unlocks the door and joins the group in the green room.  Lydia tells Russell they have been talking about how ornery Jeff is with Jordan.  Russell misunderstands and says "you horny?".  Jeff nods and grins BIG 😁

They clarify that Lydia meant ornery, like angry, not horny.  Feeds switch and then return to the green room. Casey has joined the GR group.  They are discussing Ronnie and the backdoor plan.  They agree they'll find out if Jessie is sticking to the plan in two days (after the veto ceremony). Casey leaves and Jeff says "I don't like finding out 'cause every time I find out I get fu**ed!".  The group laughs and Lydia tells Jordan to give Jeff a cuddle.  They are laying at a weird angle so Jordan just kinda leans on him and pats his leg.  They laugh at the half-hearted attempt.  Jeff says it's good enough.

Russell changes the subject and calls Jeff a asshole, BTW.  Russell says he walked by Jeff's bed last night and saw Jordan with no covers sleeping in an uncomfortable position.  Jeff and Jordan both say she didn't want any covers because it was too hot. 

Jeff only had covers because he has to make his fort to block the light.  Jordan says her feet are crusty and when they scrape the comforter, it grosses her out.  Kevin volunteers to switch beds and Jeff says it doesn't usually bother him.  He likes his fort because he can jerk-off under there.  (He was joking, going back to earlier when Kevin thought Jeff was masturbating because of his foot shaking habit. LOL)  They all laugh.  Russell hadn't heard this story and asks Jeff if he was really doing that.  Jeff says no and explains. They continue on to joke about Jessie giving away his HOH to Ronnie.  More game talk.  

Just after the 11:15 mark, Jeff makes up another one of his analogies about how everything Ronnie says is lies and people shouldn't talk to him.  "Don't touch that oven, it's hot.....Owww!..... I just told you don't fu**in' touch that!".  Jordan says she's not talking to Ronnie.  Jeff says "Yoooouuu started all this!".  He immediately backtracks and says he didn't mean it. 

Jordan explains she felt bad for Ronnie.  Jeff changes positions to lay on his back with his legs wrapped completely around Jordan.  The other tease Jordan about her and Ronnie being BFFs and how Ronnie probably sees Jordan as his dream girl.  Jeff again says he didn't mean to start this conversation.  

Casey comes in again and tells them they are being too loud.  Jeff says they're not trying to hide anything.  Casey says "well, that's true."  Jordan lays down on Jeff and the camera moves to focus on Casey.  Talk moves to Casey's newly shaven face.  They all agree Casey looks better with facial hair.  Casey jokes about how it's Russell's fault.  Last week they agreed to grow facial hair and now they have shaved.  Casey is trying to keep up.  Russell wants to bic Casey's head.

Camera 2 pans over to Jordan who is now laying her head on Jeff's stomach while Jeff rubs her neck.  She looks quite content.

Russell and Casey continue to banter.  "You already fu**ed me with the face.  You fu**ing did the Ronnie hustle on me." LOL  They all decide to go upstairs to make sure Ronnie can't get to Jessie.

Jordan lays her head down on Jeff’s lap 


Seen in many tributes...

Jeff, Jordan and some other HG's are in the GR talking game and hoping Jessie sticks with the "Ronnie" plan. They are nervous about noms. Jordan lays her head down on Jeff's lap and Jeff rubs her neck while they wait…

Jordan sits on Jeff/back rub 


The HG's have decided to go upstairs and "camp out" by Jessie's HOH room in hopes they will get a chance to talk to him and see if he's still on board with the "Ronnie" plan. The camera occasionally pans to Jeff & Jordan...Jeff is laying on the floor on the landing and Jordan is sitting on his butt rubbing his back...

Lydia is on cam seen talking to Jeff, she tells him that they're in line...the cam pans to Jeff and Jordan...Jordan is singing "I think we're alone now" and Lydia says that's a Tiffany song, she tells her that she can totally see Jordan being one of those pop stars...Jordan says she couldn't be one, she can't sing...Jordan rubs Jeff's back...Jeff (voice muffled because he's laying on his mic) says she can lip sync...Jeff wants to see Jordan do a little massage, she doesn't need to do it long...Jeff says his back is sore...Jordan says me too...Jeff says something about Jordan doing it for 30 seconds and she will get it too (?) Lydia keeps staring at them.  

Jeff asks if Jordan has ever given a back massage and  Jordan says "yes, quit throwing stones"...Jeff says it wasn't a stone, it was a question...Jeff says "it feels good though?"...Jeff says that in the middle of the night Jordan was saying gibberish in her sleep and he was trying to get her to say something else, it was funny, he wanted her to say something stupid so he could make fun of her...Jordan laughs...Lydia says for Jeff to lay off the stones ok...Jeff says it wasn't a stone, everyone needs to relax on all the stones before noon...Lydia says it's noon...Jeff says then fire away, lay off, he takes them all day...Lydia wonders why Jessie & Natalie got called in at the same time for a DR, it's not fair...Jeff says it was the first duo.

Casey comes up and they greet him, Jeff says it's too late, it was a group decision, he's just joking, it was a stone, it's afternoon...they realize it's not noon so Lydia says Jeff has to take it back...Jordan says it's only 11:20?...Lydia wonders why they got up so early when no one is talking to them...Lydia moves over and sits by the door to the HOH room.

Jeff & Lydia talk about a song by Naughty by Nature...Jeff used to like them a lot...Jordan keeps semi-massaging...

They keep talking about hip hop music, Jeff starts singing a Salt N Pepa song and feeds go to fish...they return with Jordan now off Jeff's butt and sitting next to him...Jeff puts his hand on Jordan and then holds up his hand and Jordan places her face in Jeff's hand and he cradles it momentarily...

Lydia says they're almost kissing, just to do it, she'll look away...she tells Kevin that she thinks they're making out...Jeff reaches back with his arm and knocks over his cup, he puts on his hat, let's out an ARGH and walks away…

Kiss/Checking out teeth


Jordan goes to sit by Jeff who is napping in the RR. Feeds switch to J&J just after the 12:03pm mark...Jordan says to Jeff "you need to"...Jeff asks what were they saying?...Jordan says nothing, he just wanted to know everyone's opinion...Jeff asks if she told him his...Jordan says she told Jessie how Ronnie kept promising he wouldn't put them up and he did, he's not trusted...Jeff says so basically everything he said...Jordan says yeah but Jeff should go up to show he cares...Jeff mmm's and then Jordan moves closer to Jeff, Jeff grabs her, pulls her in and Jordan kisses him...she says "you need to move"...Jeff nuh uh's...Jeff says "why can't we just relax?"

Jeff asks who went in there? Chima & Lydia?...Jordan says no, she went in by herself...Jeff says "you did?"...they whisper inaudibly...

Jordan asks if Jeff likes her blue nails...Jeff looks and says "I think I like the pink better if I had a choice"...Jordan says "why? what's wrong with the blue?"...Jeff says it's ok, it's a nice change...Jordan busts Jeff saying that he put his shirt up because he wants her to rub his stomach...Jeff says yeahhh...Jeff says "are you going to do it?"...Jordan says hmm and starts...Jeff says she doesn't have to, he only wants her to do it if she wants to...Jordan tells him to quit being a baby.

Jordan says soooo, get up, go up there...Jeff says why? he can't be put up, he'll talk to him...sometimes less is better especially when he has to take a ticket outside and with Natalie there too, she'll talk to him on his own...Jordan says she's going to eat again, she needs to prepare herself...Jeff looks at her, grabs her and pulls her in for a big hug...Jordan says BB is going to call her out for obstructing her mic...

Jeff covers his head with the red blanket...Jordan giggles...Jeff pokes his head out and says he's sleepy because he let her sleep all night...Jordan asks what did she do? one point her foot was up there...Jeff says he was all smushed to the side and then he was so hot, he went outside and had a bowl of cereal...Jordan says you did? awww...Jeff says he did it to not wake her up...Jordan plays with Jeff's hand and says "how cute".

Jordan says "so my hair didn't look bad yesterday when I"...Jeff rolls his eyes and covers his head again...Jordan laughs saying she just likes aggravating Jeff...Jordan reaches down to get her OJ and takes a sip and then offers some to Jeff, he takes one too...Jordan says she loves OJ.

Jordan says she's ashy, Jeff can write his name on her leg...Jeff smiles and says to get some lotion...Jordan bends down towards Jeff and says "I knooooww"...Jordan says she needs to do her boob exercises...Jordan asks Jeff if he wants something to eat? let's eat!...Jeff cutely says "oh my goodness Jordan".

Jordan asks why he doesn't want to eat, of course when she's off slop nobody wants to cook anything good...Jeff says he'll make whatever she wants tonight...Jordan says she might be on slop tonight, that's why she's trying to fit it all in...Jeff yawns and says to go make a pizza...Jordan asks if he'll eat it if she makes it...Jeff asks if she wants to eat it?..Jordan says she'll eat anything...Jeff says then to make what she wants.

Jeff is touching Jordan's teeth/mouth and Jordan says that is weird, him scraping her teeth...Jordan asks if they looks straight?...Jeff says mmm, hmm...Jordan starts saying that her two teeth are crooked still...Jeff says they're perfect...Jordan makes a face and Jeff says ewww, she likes making funny faces?...Jordan says "why?.

Jordan wants to see Jeff's teeth, she pushes his lips open and says they're straight, real straight, let me see...Jeff says "what is this? a dentist meeting?"😂

Jordan wants to observe, she's a teeth person...Jeff covers his head again and says "Jordan! I was sleeping!"...Jordan laughs and says nothing is wrong with his teeth, she's not going to make fun of him...Jeff says he's good but he doesn't need her digging in his mouth when he's tired...Jordan says to look at hers...Jeff who can't see, says "I see, you're perfect" 😅

Jordan laughs and says he's so easy to aggravate...Jeff whips the cover off and says he was sleeping and she comes and sticks her fingers in his mouth and stuff so at least wait...Jordan says he was touching her teeth so shut up!...they laugh....Jeff asks if she can't just relax?...Jordan trying to do Jeff's hand gesture says no, it's not relax mode...Jeff says "really?" and he starts pinching her thigh to tickle her...Jordan laughs and says eowwww nooo, you can't do that...Jeff remembers she's not ticklish on her feet and then the feeds switch to the HOH room...

Sweet leg hold 


Just a brief moment of Jeff & Jordan in Jeff's bed in the RR, laying head to toe...Jeff seems to be sleeping but Jordan isn't, she is holding onto Jeff's leg...she opens her eyes at one point to see who has walked by but shuts her eyes again just enjoying being near Jeff.  :)

Head to toe sports talk 


Jeff & Jordan are laying in Jeff's bed in the RR, head to toe. They are awaiting nominations. Jordan says something about sports and Jeff says something about Chicago...Jordan asks if baseball is big in Chicago...Jeff says it's a football town...Jordan says they have Charlotte Knights baseball but they're not pros, nobody goes...Jeff says it's minor league, Chicago has two teams...Jordan asks if Jeff goes to baseball games?...Jeff says yeah in the summer...Jordan asks if it's major?...Jeff says the Cubs games get out of control...Jordan says "really? nuh uh"...Jeff says it's fun, all the bleachers are in the outfield, you get tickets in the bleachers and they are first come first serve so you go out there super early and everyone that sits there just gets wasted, everyone is just drunk out there and afterwards there's something called Wrigleyville that has bars all around the stadium, it's a nice area and people just go out after the games and just get hammered during the Cubs'  games.

Then the White Sox are on the outside, it's a rougher neighborhood, there's some projects there but there's Bridgeport which is nice but it's rougher so not as many people go but the White Sox won the world series a couple years back, the Cubs haven't won the world series in over 100 years.

Jeff gets peeved that Jordan is distracted with Casey in the room, he kicks her with his leg playfully and says for her to listen when he tells a story...Jordan says she is, she was watching Casey. Jeff says "cookie dough"...Casey leaves saying "it's hard, it's hard not to eat cookie dough"...Jordan plays with Jeff's leg/leg hairs LOL...Jeff says it's hard telling Jordan a story and for her to listen for 10 seconds.

Jordan says she was listening, she was into it...she wants to go to a baseball game...Jeff says "yeah? the Cubs game?"...Jordan says "yeah"...Jeff says they're fun...Jordan asks if he goes a lot?...Jeff says usually when people have free tickets he'll go, he went with his brother recently, goes with friends.

Jordan says she can try to get Panthers' tickets, it's easy to get them...Jeff says that would be awesome...Jordan asks what his football team is?...Jeff says "the Bears!"...Jordan laughs...Jordan says she doesn't watch that stuff, she doesn't know...Jeff says the Bears play the Panthers...Jeff asks how she would get tickets?...Jordan says it's so easy, people give them away all the time...Jeff says "really? that would be awesome"...Jordan wished her dad still had his tickets but she says that everytime...Jeff knows...

Jordan says that a guy she went to school with plays for them but she doesn't want to ask him...Jeff says "what's his name?"...Jordan says Kenny Moore...Jordan says she has friends of friends, it's easy, it's all about who you know that gets them and she works downtown and could ask some people if they have tickets...Jeff says wow, that'd be awesome, Bears tickets are tough, it's a football town, people get crazy for the Bears, say the game starts at noon, people get there at 7am, start partying, drinking and BBQ'ing until the game, it's fun...Jordan says wow, she wants to go to a Lakers game...Jeff says when he lived in LA he went to the Clippers game...Jordan asks why not the Lakers?...Jeff says the tickets were too hard to get.

Jordan also wants to see the Washington Wizards...Jeff asks why them?...Jordan starts describing a player she likes and then another player...Jeff guesses a player from the Dallas Mavericks...Jordan says it's the Mavericks she's thinking of, she wants to see the Mavericks and the Lakers. Jeff asks why she wouldn't want to see the Bulls play...Jordan asks why?...Jeff says they're Chicago. :) Jordan asks if they're good? Jeff says they made the playoffs this year...Jordan says they used to be real, real good...Jeff says yeah with MJ...Jordan says and the guy with the tattoos...Dennis Rodman...Jeff says Scottie Pippen, yeah they were awesome, sick...

Jordan says her dad went to Chicago one time to see them play, he got pictures of them walking off their bus, he's a typical fan, he walked up to Keith Urban one time, her dad used to travel a lot, he was in Nashville at a restaurant doing business and he asked him for his autograph cuz her mom used to love Keith Urban and he told her dad no. Jeff says they can't do it all the time...Jeff says he's not a country music fan at all, if Keith Urban was here he wouldn't even care. Jordan says she likes him...Jeff says he can't even name one song of his...Jordan says Tim McGraw is her fave...Jeff sings "cuz it's all in my head"...

Classic J&J banter:

Jordan "I like George Strait too"

Jeff "I like George Crooked"

Jordan "I don't know who that is"

Jeff -  "omg Jordan" 🤣

Jeff asks if she even got that...Jordan says she did after Jeff started laughing...Jeff says she is fu**ing silly...Jordan wants some cookie dough now...Jeff says it was because Casey was eating it...Jeff says he hates the way Casey eats and then he imitates how he smacks...Jordan laughs...Jeff says he can't stand it...Jordan leaves to get some cookie dough.

More head to toe talk


Feeds switch to J&J whispering in the RR on Jeff's bed. Jeff whispers that he doesn't want to make this decision, he thought it was the fu**ing house consensus to put Ronnie up so now the house is going to be fu**ing mad if he doesn't, he better be...and of course he's going to put Jordan up because he has no fu**ing balls like everybody else in this house, you never know, they'll find out soon, he shouldn't stress Jordan out...she starts laughing...Jeff says he doesn't know himself and if they're fu**ing (?) he's going to smash his face.

They are quiet...Jordan starts getting a sad face...Jeff shakes his leg that she's holding onto...he says "what? he didn't say you so relax with that frown"...Jeff tsks and says "uhhh"...Jordan half smiles but doesn't say a word. Jeff says "will you relax?...what are you thinking about?"...quiet...Jeff tsks and says "what are you fu**ing mad at me for?"...Jordan says "I'm not"...Jeff says "well don't start doing that"...more pout from Jordan...Jeff says "I don't know anything so relax before you start pouting"...more quiet...Jordan starts whispering that he told her he wasn't...Jeff signals for her to sit up and talk to him, he can't hear.

Jordan sits up and whispers to Jeff that "he" told her he wasn't going to get him out...Jeff says we'll see...Jeff says that Jessie didn't tell him if he was or wasn't, he didn't tell him...Jordan says what did he tell you?...Jeff says that Jessie said he didn't even tell Natalie (who he was putting up), that he was talking to him with Natalie laying there on the bed like his lapdog and Jeff asked if Jessie wasn't even going to tell her and Natalie sat up and said he won't tell me...Jordan laughs...Jordan says that Jeff should have won...Jeff says "sorry Jordan, I tried, what do you want me to do...what do you want me to do, I put it in the bucket, want me to win every week so you and I can go right to the top?"

Jordan pulls at her hair and sighs...she whispers something about talking to him to get Ronnie out...Jeff says maybe that's still the plan...Jordan whispers inaudibly...

Jeff farts  and Jordan says ewwwww

...more whispers...Jeff says umm and then Jordan smells the full effect of the fart and groans, she says ewwww again...Jeff laughs...Jordan starts waving the air around...Jeff scissor legs her head and she laughs saying his farts smell like rotten eggs...Jeff says he can't smell it, it went that way...they laugh and Jeff grabs her head again with his leg...Jordan screeches...Jeff says "come up here"...Jordan sniffs and says Jeff smells like rotten eggs...Jeff says "it's gone"...Jordan says "no, I can smell it, that's gross"...Jeff cracks up...Jordan says "yuk"...Jeff says it's over, what was she saying?

Jordan makes a face and Jeff says it's worse than his fart...Jordan says "what?"...Jeff says "what do you mean what?"...Jordan says to quit looking at her like that...Jeff says to look at the face she just made...Jordan laughs and bends forward to lay her head on Jeff...Jeff pats her neck and rubs it...Jeff says he doesn't know what's happening, if they're still "doing it" so don't worry about it...Jordan whispers inaudibly and Jeff does the same...Jordan puts her hair forward and Jeff says to let him braid it...Jordan says he's terrible at it...he gives it a try and does well, Jordan says "good job".

Jordan lays back down and stretches her foot out near Jeff's head and while Jeff is covering it with the blanket, Jordan touches Jeff's face with it, he says eww, f**k...Jordan giggles and then starts whispering again...Jeff asks her why she goes over there when she wants to talk, why can't she put her fu**ing head over here (by him), are we sleeping?...Jordan says "no...God"...Jeff jokes if she wants him to go to the far bed so they can talk? 

Jeff now touches Jordan's face with his foot and she yells out no! blech...Jeff says he ate half a sausage, LOL...Jordan says she can't sleep, she has tried 10 times...Jeff asks if she wants to draw pictures on his back?...Jordan says no! she just doesn't want to...Jeff says well later she is gonna...Jordan says "later I'm gonna?"...Jeff says "didn't I massage you?"...Jordan says watch your words wisely bud...Jeff says "really?" and he puts his foot on her face again...Jordan ewwww's...Jeff says he massaged her, he thought that was the trade...Jordan says yeah...Jeff says "what?"...Jordan says it is ok?.

Jeff does the foot thing again and Jordan tells him to stop...Jeff says he's going to blow a fart under the covers and run...Jordan says no, his farts smell like rotten eggs, her head was down there, it was gross but the other day she did it and it smelled like that too...Jeff says if Jordan doesn't scratch his back he's going to blow one right in her bag...they laugh.

Jordan yawns, Jeff says exactly, it's 5:30, why haven't they started noms...Jordan wonders too...Jeff says to get the show on the road, I guess what's the difference? they have nothing to do now, nothing to do later, what's the difference? so everyone will know and start the scheming like this fu**ing guy back here (bangs the wall referring to Ronnie)...Jordan thinks Ronnie is out there and the feeds switch...

Pep talk & cheek pinch after noms 


Jordan has just been put up on the block with Michele by Jessie. Jordan & Jeff are in the SS room talking. Jeff says to Jordan "you have two chances, you're not going"...Jordan pouts...Jeff says "that's awesome"...Jordan realizes her panties are showing with the way she is leaning back and she says "oh what? can you see me?"...she laughs...Jeff pokes fun at Jordan saying she said "I can't believe I'm going home"...Jordan says "stop! this is serious".

Jeff says he is telling her seriously, he's telling her what he thinks, so far it's going according to plan, he didn't go off the plan...Jordan says yeah...Jeff imitates Ronnie acting surprised at the nomination ceremony, like he didn't know what was going on, the fu**ing dork...Jordan says yeah, I know.

Jordan says what if it's her, Michele & Ronnie playing in the POV...Jeff says if Jordan gets HG choice to pick him...Jordan says mmm, kay...Jeff says "I'll fu**ing claw somebody's eyes out...or pick whoever you want to pick, I'm just saying you could pick me if you want"...Jordan worries about Ronnie...Jeff says he's not going to fu**ing get it...Jeff says she can wait to see who's playing, if Russell gets picked and Jessie gets picked then pick a smarter player, someone who would be good at questions...Jordan says "like who? Lydia?"...Jeff wonders if Kevin would be better at questions than Lydia.

Jeff says they will work over the scenarios later...Jordan says alright...she gathers her towel and panties and says she has to shower...Jeff says for her not to have a pity party just yet...Jordan says what if she's going home?...Jeff stands up and pinches Jordan's cheek…

...gently pats her face and says she's not going home...Jordan says she will be the third person out...Jeff says she will be fine...Michele walks in and Jordan walks out...Jeff tells Michele sorry and then tells her he was telling Jordan that they're sticking to the plan and it sucks to go up etc. They continue talking…

Don’t give me dirty looks stupid 


After the Have/Have Not competition Jeff walks into the bathroom while Jordan is blow drying her hair...Jeff approaches Jordan as though he is going to touch her and he says "don't give me dirty looks stupid"...Jeff sits down and asks "what's up?...Jordan says nothing"...Jeff watches her as she dries her hair, he says "at least you're not on slop Jordan", he smiles...the look on his face is priceless as he watches her...

Jordan is concerned, she asks "what if Ronnie is picked and wins?"...Jeff says "don't worry about it, a lot has to happen for that"...Jeff then tells Jordan that Ronnie just asked Michele if she would pick him (to play) if she gets HG choice, Jeff laughs...Jordan says "what? shut up! what'd she say?"...Jeff says she came out laughing but didn't hear the whole story...Michele comes in the bathroom and they chat about that…

Jeff -  I wanna touch you 

7:51 pm

Another one of my favorite moments or things Jeff said to Jordan.

Jeff has been napping in the GR, Jordan was put on the block a couple of hours earlier. Jordan enters the GR, gets on the bed and says "are you sleeping?"

Jeff shifts, mmm's and sleepily mumbles "what's up?"

Jordan says "nuthin"

Jeff says "wanna lay down with me...if you want?"

Jordan shifts the pillows around and says "you're sleeping, you want me to leave you alone so you can sleep?"

Jeff says "no...I wanna touch you" ♥

Jordan waits and Jeff holds out his hands for her...

Jordan pauses and then punches Jeff lightly saying "you should have told me"

Jeff opens his arms again saying "no come here", he opens and closes his hand (just like his niece when she wants something :) ) and she happily goes into Jeff's arms.

Jeff, caressing Jordan's hair, says he didn't want to make her sad at the meeting...Jordan fake punches Jeff's face and then Jordan gets called out by BB to not obstruct her mic…

Jordan cuddles with Jeff in the GR Take 1


Jordan is stressed out about being put on the block by Jessie. She needs comfort from Jeff. She goes to him in the GR where he is resting and cuddles close to Jeff...

Jordan adjusts her mic after being called out by BB saying "my bad"...Jordan holds up her hands and says doesn't her nail polish look teal now, not blue?...Jeff rubs his nose and says he doesn't like that color...Jordan asks why?...Jeff is about to answer but Jordan says she figured she'd change it because the pink wasn't giving her good luck...Jeff smiles saying "how's the blue treating you?"

Jordan giggles saying she doesn't know, about the same but she's not on slop so she had to change it up...Jeff keeps caressing Jordan's hair...Jordan says "we got to start winning God"...Jeff mmm, hmm's...Jordan says it sucks, if she goes home he'll be bored...Jeff says "who am I going to talk to? listen to their phony baloney and laugh at dumb jokes?...Jordan asks if Jeff thinks she will win over Michele...Jeff says he thinks she's safe, he told her he's going to try and get her to that house...Jordan says Natalie told her she was safe...Jeff says ultimately Ronnie should go home so that should make her safe...they hug closer...Jeff says the next step Michele would go...Jeff says Jessie told him he was going to put Jordan up but to not worry, she's safe.

Jordan says she's not gonna stress...Jeff says "less stress right?"...Jordan says they're making potatuhs, she can't turn down potatuhs...Jeff says you don't wanna turn down potatuhs...Jordan says she'll eat them with ketchup...Jeff says "like fries?"...Jordan says "yeah, potatuhs"...Jeff whispers he wants some fries...Jordan says she has to do her eyebrows, they're getting bushy...Jeff says to do his nails, no, Lydia's going to do them, he wants to see what they look like...Jordan says they'll look shiny...Jeff says at this point he has nothing else to do...Jordan says they're locked in.

Jeff goes in for a bigger hug and Jordan gets nervous, she starts patting him (which Jeff hates)...Jeff says "you always pat me"...Jordan fixes Jeff's mic saying she does it with everybody...Jeff says "you do? everyone you hug?"...Jordan says "hmm? I don't hug everyone"...they cuddle again and then Jordan sits up to take off her sweater, she says she shaved her legs sitting down in the shower, she feels better...Jordan lays back down and they snuggle...Jeff smells her forehead and says "you smell better"...Jordan says she was salty and if smelled bad he should have told her...Jeff was joking, she didn't smell bad, she was just salty...Jordan says "yeah, sweat's salty, duh".

Jordan fixes Jeff's mic again and Jeff says "you moving my microphone"...Jordan says "yeah"...Jeff says "you're so, you're so...good" :) ...Jordan smiles...

Jordan keeps caressing Jordan's hair and Jordan says she's bald on that side...Jeff says no...Jordan says she has more on the other side but that side's bald...Jeff says it's alright...Jordan says Jeff wants to sleep, doesn't he?...Jeff says he wants to relax, what does she want him to do?...Jordan says "talk"...Jeff says in Jordan voice "I'm talking"...Jeff says the turquoise blanket is 50 times better than his...Jordan says it's hers...Jeff says as soon as he hugged it, he was out...Jeff says his blanket is so scratchy (with vocal affects)...Jordan giggles and says when you have dry skin, it's so bad...Jordan asks if her eyebrows look bad?...Jeff says no, you could pick out a couple, but they're good.

Jordan props herself up facing Jeff, Jeff says Jordan's hair looks lighter...she doesn't know why, is it a bad light?...Jeff tsks saying "just lighter, I don't know just looks lighter, I think it does, maybe it's not, I don't know"...Jeff asks if the lemon shit worked LOL...Jordan says she put it underneath...Jeff says while yawning that maybe it's because she blowdried it and it's out more...Jordan imitates Jeff's mumbles...Jordan talking through her hands says she wishes she had wax...Jeff covers his mouth too and says "why?"...Jordan says "cuz"...Jeff says "what would you do with it?"...Jordan giggles...Jordan says "wax my eyebrows"...Jeff covers again saying he just had milk and cookies...Jordan smiles saying he might wanna cover his mouth...Jeff says "that's why I'm doing it" 

Jeff taps Jordan on the forehead a little too hard and they laugh, Jeff touching her hair says "whoa, that was a hard one"...Jordan says ha ha ha...Jeff asks if Jordan wants to scratch his back?...Jordan says "why? now?"...Jeff says "what else you doing?"...Jordan says "nothing, I just don't feel like doing it now"...Jeff says he has to hang around with someone else...Jordan says "yeah right" and she sings "you won't find nobody like me!" :)

Jeff smiles and says "that's for sure"...Jordan laughs and makes a funny noise...Jeff looks at Jordan and says "someone else who'd be quiet and scratch my back"...Jordan says "so, but you'd get bored with that"...Jeff says "no, I don't, I'd love 'em"...Jordan says "no, you would get bored with that"...Jeff says "why? you think I like it when people have wisecracks all the time and don't scratch my back?"...Jordan sits up and says " won't, I'm just telling you that now"...

The Bachelor/Jordan won Jeff?


Jordan sits up finishing her thought about Jeff not wanting someone who bores him...Jeff says "I want what? I want what?"...Jordan says he won't find someone goofy who won't fart with him...Jeff says he's not looking for someone to fart with...Jordan says "looking for somebody to rub your back?"...Jeff mmm, hmm's...Jordan says well then go do it...Jeff says she's his only option in there, wait until they get out of there...Jordan says she's serious, he's going to have, omg...Jeff interrupts saying "you guys, don't even talk about when they get out of there"...

Jordan says after this, Jeff will have lots of options, he can go on the Bachelor...Jeff hopes that 5% of what they're saying happens, then he'll be on easy street...Jordan says she's going to nominate him for the Bachelor...Jeff says "you are?"...Jordan says "you'd make the perfect one" (if he's so perfect Jordan why aren't YOU going after him? ☺️)...Jordan says "that would be like so good...and then you could say, and then I come in and I pick the bad eggs, you know?"...Jeff catches Jordan off guard with this one --- "why wouldn't you compete?"...Jordan says "me?"...Jeff says "yeah"...Jordan pauses trying to think of a good answer…

Jordan says "cuz I already won at Big Brother"...Jeff says "you won Big Brother?"...Jordan says "no, cuz I already won"...Jeff says "how long have I been asleep?"  Jordan says "huh? I said because I won...won you at Big Brother you know?" (no, he doesn't know LOL)

Jeff says "you won me?"...Jordan says "yeah, you know? so you have to go to the Bachelor and win someone else, does that make sense?"...Jeff says "no, not think you won me?"...feeds go to fish briefly...feeds come back with Jordan saying Jeff gets irritated (?)...she then says for Jeff to listen, the plan is that she wants to go to a baseball game in Chicago...Jeff says she'll have to go without him because he's going to be on the Bachelor next month (for which she nominated him touché!)...Jordan pats his leg and Jeff giggles...Jordan says "I'm serious, no jokes"...Jeff says "whoa"...Jordan pokes fun of Jeff's accent saying "jokes"...Jeff says in that case tell one of his friends to get her some tickets while he's in there cuz he can't get shit...Jordan says "why?"...Jeff says "you gotta phone?"...Jordan says she's saying after this whole thing, she wants to go to a baseball game...

Magical undercover fun/Coraline 


Baseball talk continues...Jordan wonders when baseball season is, she doesn't even know...Jeff says it's now, it ends in October...Jordan says well then she wants to go to a football game...Jeff says he wants to go to one too, it's better than baseball anyway...Jordan says then he has to get tickets and no nosebleed tickets...FISH...they return a minute later with Jeff & Jordan being goofy under the turquoise blanket...

Jordan says "would you be mad?"...Jeff says it's like a magical tube :) Jordan says "huh?"...Jeff says it looks funky in there doesn't it?...Jordan says "yeah it does"...Jeff asks if Jordan has ever seen the movie Coraline?...Jordan does something under the cover that prompts her to ask "does that hurt?" ...Jeff says no and then asks again if she's ever seen Coraline?...Jordan says no...Jordan does something funny under there again to which Jeff raises his eyebrows and Jordan starts laughing...Jeff says she's fu**ed...LOL

Jeff says Jordan won't get what she's saying...Jordan says "what is it?"...Jeff says it's a 3-D movie, it was stupid...Jordan asks why he went to see it if it was stupid?...Jeff says it wasn't stupid, it was cool, it's all 3-D and magical and then she crawls through this tunnel...Jordan starts laughing (check out where Jordan's foot is...maybe Jeff had magical dancing shorts on LOLOL)...Jeff pauses and continues saying she crawls through this tunnel which has a magical world on the other side and when she crawls through it looks like this...Jordan asks "it looks like what?" and continues giggling with whatever she's doing under the cover wink wink...Jeff lifting up the cover says "it looks like this"...Jeff says "get the f**k outta here" and Jordan keeps laughing...

Jeff says "stick to what I'm saying"...Jordan says "that is so funny"...Jeff says "what did I just say that is so funny?"...Jordan says "nothing"...Jeff says "I know"...Jordan says "it's something..." and she continues giggling, covering her mouth with her hands...she says "you know what I'm talking about?"...Jeff says he knows what she's talking about"...FISH

Feeds come back with Jordan talking about how they will pan to people at sporting events and then point out how they are look-alikes with celebrities...Jeff says sporting events are fun...Jordan says it depends on who you go with...Jeff asks if she thinks he'd be fun to go with?...Jordan says yeah and asks if he thinks she'd be fun?...Jeff says "yes Jordan you're fun to do things with, you'd be fun to go'd be fun to do a lot of stuff're fun"...Jordan lifts up the blanket and says "tent, tent"...Jeff lifts up his side and says "Coraline"...Jordan says "I like this"...Jeff says "cuz it's magical"...Jeff says it's Coraline under there...Jordan says "what is?"...Jeff says "I just told you the whole story"...Jordan says "oh yeah" 

Jeff admits when he went to see it he smoked a little beforehand, he doesn't do it but once in a while and he did before the movie and it was really cool, he freaked out...FISH...feeds come back with Jeff telling Jordan to not do "that"...Jordan says she doesn't...Jeff says she always tells him she drives...Jordan says no, that was a long time ago, she doesn't know what he's talking about...Jeff says "Jordan, tsk tsk tsk, everyone knows you're a druggie now"...Jordan says "yeah right!"...

Jeff jokes around saying that she should go push her drugs somewhere else, no one is buying them in here...Jordan tells him to shut up!...Jeff says if he goes to Charlotte she's going to make him a druggie...Jordan says omg, that was high school days...Jeff says he's kidding...Jordan says yeah, stuuupid.

Jordan asks if that will go on air? her mom will be pissed...Jeff says what about the internet? they're going to know she's a huge druggie...Jordan says "yeah thanks Jeff"...Jeff says she better watch what she says in there...Jordan says he better watch it...Jeff says he never did any drugs, he's got nothing to hide...Jeff says he did do (pot)...Jordan says duh!...Jeff says that's not even a drug, they should legalize it...Jeff says he knows so many people that just do it all the time, how do they function? it's not his thing at all...Jordan says "new topic"...

Give Me A Hug 


They continue talking...Jeff says the new topic will be the mall...Jordan says "OMG, I was just about to say that", she says she was going to say shopping, about the malls in Chicago...Jeff says that's weird because why would he even say that...Jordan says "yeah I know, cuz you're weird"...Jeff shoots her a look...Jordan says "I'm just kidding!"...Jordan says Jeff doesn't believe her...Jeff does believe her, she wants to be just like him, he believes that...they laugh...

Jordan says she wants to walk, to talk, act just like him, he's right...Jeff says to start a club...Jordan says the Jeff Fan Club...Jeff says she can be the president...BB calls someone out for talking about their DR's...Jeff says "were you talking about how you wanna be me in the diary room?"  ...Jordan says no!...Jeff smiles...

Jordan lays back down and pulls her leg out from the cover and lays it on Jeff...Jeff pulls her toe and Jordan screeches (loud!)...Jeff asks Jordan to pull his toe to crack it...Jorday says you don't pull it, you pull it down...Jordan says "you got some fat toes...and your second toe is ugly"...Jeff says he said that already, he asks her to pull again...they banter back and forth about correct toe pulling procedures...Jordan says eww, she doesn't want to touch his toes anymore...Jeff asks why? why?...Jordan laughs...Jeff slaps her hand with his foot saying crack it, kiss it...

Jordan is not gonna kiss it...Jeff says bite my toenail, he giggles...Jordan says it's gross but she used to bite her toenails...Jeff says ewww...Jordan says it was when she was little and didn't know it was bad to do that so be quiet...Natalie comes in the room and Jordan asks her if she's bitten her toenails with her mouth? 🤢

Jeff is getting grossed out by the whole talk...Natalie leaves and Jordan says she's going too...Jeff gets mad that she came and woke him up saying negative comments and she's leaves all the time, say something nice...Jordan says "I love you"...Jeff says "fu**ing smartass, get outta here"...Jeff covers his head...Jordan says "gimme a hug"...Jeff looks and says "no"...Jordan extends her arms out and says "give me a hug" and then in that cartoon voice says "give. me. a.hug"

Michele comes in saying that there is speculation the POV comp is happening tonight or early in the morning so get a good sleep, who knows...Jeff thinks it would be tomorrow...Jordan says she is determined...Jordan asks Jeff for a hug again in her cartoon voice...Jeff covers his face again...Michele asks what her pump up song is?...Jordan says Britney Spears Gimme More...Michele says hers is Nelly...Jeff wants some Bob Marley if they're taking requests...Jordan sings "get up!"...Jeff says "stand up" and FISH...

8:20- 8:24pm

GR Chat - Friends and Lovebirds 

Feeds come back with Jeff saying something about how he hasn't said "it"...Jordan guffaws and says she knows he hasn't said it...Jeff smiles saying now he wants to say it...Jordan says "what do you want to say?"...Jeff says "let's go to a sporting event and get crunked...want to?"...Jordan says "yeah"...Jeff says "I do too" (asking her out on a date aww ) ...

Jeff says he loves the crowd...Jordan asks if he goes with his buddies? she wants to meet his friends...Jeff says "you do?"...Jeff 😀 ..Jordan says "what? why'd you smile?"...Jeff says they'd like her, it'd be funny...Jordan asks what they look like? are they hot?...Jeff says they're good looking guys...Jordan asks what they do? are they nice?...Jeff says he works with a lot of his buddies, the same as him, some are married, some are engaged, some have girlfriends, a couple are single.

Jordan tells the story of when she liked this guy in his 30's who told her he wanted her to meet his roommate and his girlfriend, she's so nice and they would have so much in common and she was all excited to meet her, she meets her and the woman looks like she is 40 whereas she looks like a 12 year old compared to her, she had nothing to say to her, she felt so stupid...Jeff says why did you meet her?...Jordan explains why saying they all went out to eat...Jeff asks what that story had to do with anything? LOL

Casey walks by saying "everywhere I go it's those lovebirds, gee whiz" 😂

Jeff says in Jordan voice "we're talking about baseball Casey...and weird stories about someone's roommate that I don't understand" ...Jordan tries to explain again but the story doesn't connect with Jeff, he says in Boston accent "that's weird"...Jordan says "isn't it?"...Jordan hears Russell pooting as he walks by...she gets up and says her clothes are getting tight...Jeff says stop eating cookie dough...Jordan says she knows, stress will make you eat...Jeff asks where she's going?...Jordan says the kitchen...Jeff says they're going to be there all fu**ing night...Jordan says they can lay down any time tonight...Jeff says "no we can't"...Jordan says "yes we can Jeff"...Jeff says "go, I'll be there in a little bit"...Jordan gives him one last fake punch for good measure and she walks out Jeff mumbles something about her scratching his back cuz he did her feet, yeah she heard him...

"Jeff...loves Jordan forever” (on the DR couch


Just after the 8:36pm mark Jeff comes out of the DR and walks into the kitchen grinning like a giddy teenager, he asks Jordan "did you write on that couch in there? did you see the couch in there?"...Jordan says "what couch?"...Jeff says "in the diary room?"...Jordan says "no, what about it?"...Jeff says "you didn't see it?"...Jordan says "no, what is it?"...Jeff says he always writes his name on there when he goes in there cuz it's like velvet so you can move it to write your name...Jordan starts giggling...Jeff says look to the right next time, he always writes his name on there "Jeff" and then someone wrote "loves Jordan forever" someone else wrote...

..Jordan cracks up...Jeff says he was laughing and the guy was like "what's up? you're in a good mood or something?"

Jeff  laughs and asks Jordan if she wrote that or something?...Jordan swears she didn't write that, maybe it was Kevin, she bets it was Kevin, or Lydia...Kevin and Lydia ask what?...Jordan smiles at Jeff hoping he will ask but he doesn't so Jordan says "did y'all go to the DR?"...Lydia and Michele say no and Kevin starts giggling right away saying "what?"...Jordan says "it was Kevin"...Kevin says "was there something written on the couch?"...Jeff says "yeah"...J&J start laughing again while Kevin asks what was written? no, seriously what was written?"...Jordan asks Kevin and Kevin says there was something there and he erased it...Jordan says "oh"...Kevin says it partially said something...Kevin asks "what'd you write Jordan?"

Jordan says "Jeff says he goes in there and writes his name on the couch, explain it, it's more funny when you do it...Jeff?!"

Jeff says "I wrote Jeff" then Jeff says for Jordan not boss him and his storytelling, he gets busy eating...Jordan continues saying "and then underneath someone wrote loves Jordan forever"...Jordan cracks up...Jeff smiles and points to Kevin saying he did it for sure, the guy in the DR asked him "what's up, you're in a good mood today?"...Jordan says "it was Kevin"...

Jeff spoonfeeds and reassures


Feeds switch to the kitchen with Jeff telling Jordan she looks fine...Jordan says "no" and then Jeff says "yeah you do"...Jeff is eating his frozen coke while Jordan is about to eat potatoes with ketchup...Jordan (talking about them going to a sporting event) says to Jeff "this will be us at the game...yeah!"...Jeff pretends to drink (beer) from his cup (at the game)...Jordan asks Jeff if he thinks there will be a competition tonight?...Jeff says no...Jordan wonders why they are locked in then?...Jeff says they have to get stuff ready for a show.

Jeff takes a little bite of potato...Jordan does too and Jeff asks her why she's making that face?...Jordan says it's cuz she's sad...Jeff asks why? cuz why?...Jordan shrugs and looks over at Lydia...she digs into her whole potato and they giggle...Jeff asks Jordan if she ate some of his frozen coke?...Jordan says "no" and she waits for him to give her a little...Jeff spoonfeeds her  :)

Jordan nods and Jeff says "it's the best right?"..Jordan says "yeah"...Jeff asks Lydia "who's that wonderful plate for?"...Lydia says "the man upstairs"...Jeff says "wow"...Lydia tells Jordan she's going to win the veto right? or she's going to play for her if she doesn't choose Jeff...Jeff is shocked it's 8:53 at night, he can't believe it, holy shit, he thought it was around 6pm, that's good news.

Jordan wonders again if they might have the comp tonight...Jeff says no...Jordan thinks it might be endurance...Jeff says for POV? no, but he doesn't have any idea what it will be...Jeff hears others talking about the comp being tonight and he asks "why does everyone think that?"...Jordan doesn't know, that's what Ronnie said?

Jordan whispers they need to talk...Jeff says "me & you? why? what's up?"...Jordan whispers game to Jeff that according to Michele, there might be a new plan to maybe get Jordan out...Jeff says "who made that plan?"...Jordan doesn't know...Jeff says that Michele is a fu**ing liar, don't listen to her...Jeff says he doesn't think Jordan is that big of a fish to fry, this is a master plan to get Jordan out? they could have gotten her out last week if it's such a master plan.

Jeff says "Michele is a fu**ing loser"...Jordan says that Lydia told Michele she would take Jordan off and Michele said she would break her arm for this veto...Jeff says that Michele is going home...Jeff says he told Michele that she could pick him to play veto to try and help her and Michele told him why would she do that when he's going to use it on Jordan, she was all cocky so he was like then don't pick me...f**k her...Jordan says "why does it have to be me?" Jeff says "what?"...Jordan says she is full and wants to lay down, she washes her dishes and tells Jeff she's going to go lay down in the GR and leaves

Jordan is moody in the GR 


Jordan leaves the kitchen to go into the GR and lay down, Jeff follows her in there saying "you got in the mood swings today"...Jordan says she's been on the block twice, she doesn't think anybody else has had to be on the block twice...Jordan lays down saying that she's sure if it was someone else they'd be spitting fire...Jeff continues to eat his frozen coke...Jeff asks "how'd you get so moody in like 2 seconds?"...Jordan covers her face with her sweater saying "cuz"...Jeff says "you don't think there's another plan huh?" and he takes his spoon and drops some coke on Jordan's neck area...he wipes it off and giggles while Jordan is saying that she doesn't know, there might be.

Jeff says he doesn't think there is but what does he know...Jordan looks at Jeff and Jeff says what?...Jordan turns her back to Jeff saying she shouldn't have eaten all that food, she wasn't even hungry...Jeff says he can't believe it's 9 o'clock...Jeff says "eh? what's wrong with you?"...Jordan says she's going to bed...Jeff says they just say don't go to bed...Jordan says she's taking a nap...Jeff keeps making a racket eating his frozen coke while Jordan gets even quieter and moodier.

Jeff says "am I bothering you?"...Jordan says nuh-uh...Jeff says "what's up? you got like sad in 2 seconds, what's the problem?"...Jordan rubs her eyes and says she's just ewww...Jeff rubs her side and Jordan says "squeeze my fat" (on her arm)...Jeff says "where?"...Jordan says "arm fat"...Jeff squeezes :) ...Jordan says it's a lot...Jeff says "are you ewww with yourself or about the situation or everything?"...Jordan says everything...Jeff says "you're fine, don't worry about it"...Jordan closes her eyes, Jeff keeps digging in the seemingly unending glass of frozen coke making a heck of a racket LOL 

Jordan suddenly says that she knows Michele is going to be going up everybody's butt now because she thinks she's going home?...Jeff says yeah...Jeff asks Jordan who was there when Michele said that Casey's not using the POV?...Jordan shushes Jeff and says Michele just told her...Jeff says to tell Casey that...Jordan says she's scared to because she doesn't want to start any drama...Jeff says to say it after...Jordan says that's why she thinks there's another plan...Jeff says for them both to ask him and see his reaction...Jordan says yeah.

Jeff lays down on the other side of the GR bed saying when he eats those things he gets cold...Jordan says yeah...Jeff says he thinks Michele is FOS, he says he kind of wants to ask Casey? what does she think?...Jordan says "yeah"...they both quiet down and Jeff seems to fall asleep...the feeds switch…

Jordan cuddles with Jeff in the GR Take 2 


Jordan has just had a talk with Casey about game, she goes to the GR to talk to Jeff who is still laying down...Jeff says "what'd he say?"...Jordan says "do you think we can trust him?"...Jeff says "with some things"...then Jeff says my two favorite words of his to Jordan, he calls her over saying "come here...come here"...Jordan moves a little but stays seated, she says that Russell saw them talking and that Casey said that what Michele said is not true, he wants the motherfu**er out...Jeff says yeah...Jordan says she told Casey that Michele told her via Natalie to not pick you for the POV because you weren't going to use it...Jordan lays down and cuddles Jeff...Jeff asks if Russell was there?...Jordan says no, she told it to Casey...Jeff asks if Casey was like what are you talking about? was he surprised?...Jordan says he said he has personal issues with Ronnie, he wants to win it so he can send him home...Jordan says she doesn't want him telling Russell because Russell will tell Natalie.

Jeff says yeah, he asks again what Casey said...Jordan says she doesn't know, she doesn't know who she can trust...Jeff asks if Casey didn't say that what Michele was weird...Jordan says he said what she said was funny...Jordan says she doesn't believe it, she believes Casey...Jeff says "me too"...Jordan says she's scared Casey will tell Russell though...Jeff says "why? did you say something about Russell?"...Jordan says no, Russell walked back there and she thinks they were in the room talking...Jeff says did you tell Casey to not say anything?...Jordan mmm, hmm's...Jeff says "we'll see"...Jordan says it could bite her in the butt.

They get quiet, Jeff closes his eyes, Jordan is looking up at the ceiling...Jordan asks about what Russell was talking about with Casey in the bathroom earlier?...Jeff isn't sure, he thinks it's status quo, if there's another plan he doesn't know about it...Jordan closes her eyes looking stressed...Jeff says "I don't think so"...Jeff turns his face and touches Jordan's head...

Jeff turns his head away and they are both quiet...Jeff says "now you're all nervous"...Jordan says hmm?...Jeff repeats and Jordan says "I know"...they are quiet again for a little bit...Jordan moves and holds Jeff closer, Jeff turns to Jordan and gives her a few sweet silent kisses on her forehead…

Jordan keeps looking up at Jeff and being restless...Jeff looks at Jordan and says "stop thinking", he caresses her hair and says "there's no other plan, you're all good"...Jordan says "what if they keep him?"...Jeff says "then I don't, I don't think so, everything is set up right now"...Jordan wants more comfort and says "turn this way"...Jeff turns and they cuddle real tight...

They stay like this for a little while and then Jeff starts massaging his arm(s), he stops and they continue hugging until Jordan moves a little...they stay cuddled until the feeds switch off of them shortly after...

J&J pinch/hug in the SR


Jordan is bummed that she was put on the block by Jessie. Jeff goes into the storage room to get some soup and Jordan follows behind him after just having been in the SS room talking to Casey. Jeff enters the SR and says "what's up? you always leave me alone"...Jordan says "hmm?"...Jeff says that Jordan always leaves him by himself...Jordan says she doesn't...Jeff says "yes, you do"...Jordan says why?...Jeff says she's going to be by herself. Jeff gets a can of soup and says he feels like a bowl of soup, vegetable beef.

Jordan yawns and says she was talking to Casey, she was halfway asleep and then she woke up again...Jeff says "cowboy sleeping?"...Jordan says she was halfway asleep and then she woke up...Jeff approaches Jordan and puts his face to hers, just shy of kissing her ♥...Jeff says "being all nicey?"...Jordan says yeah...Jeff says "well come with me and make some soup"...Jeff asks if she's going to bed soon and pinches her cheek…

Jeff pulls Jordan in for a hug, she hugs Jeff tight...Jordan says she has to poo LOL...Jeff says to poo it up, let's go soup it up. They leave the SR...

J&J bathroom chat 


Jeff & Jordan are in the bathroom. Jordan is still a little down. She plays with her hair while Casey washes his hands, he leaves...Jeff says Casey is pissed...Jordan asks why?...Jeff says probably cuz he can't smoke (indoor lockdown) but also because people are talking shit about him...Jeff lays down on the lounger.

Jordan asks how does he know?...Jeff says "we told him yo-yo"...Jordan says she thought it was more stuff, sorry...Jeff jokingly says "I'll fu**ing kill you"...Jordan says "no,  you won't".

Jeff asks if Jordan is going to take a poo and if so he won't stay if she does...Jordan lays down next to Jeff and says "I need to"...Jeff says to try...Jordan says she needs to try to...Jeff says if she wants a swift kick in the stomach to help her off?...Jeff rubs Jordan's side and says "I'm just joking". Jeff says "f**k, I feel like I'm a caged animal"...Jordan giggles...Jordan wonders what Laura is doing right now...Jeff wonders what the animals in the zoo think about all day? 

Jordan says "do you think they actually can think?"...Jeff says yeah...Jordan says "really?"...Jeff says "yeah, why do you think they look so sad?"...Jordan looks up at Jeff and says "really?"...Jeff says "I don't know what the hell they think, I'm sure they think"...Jordan says she doesn't think Jeff knows what he's talking about...Jeff says "you do?"

Jordan imitates Jeff "you do?"...Jeff says "good answer" and giggles...Jordan says mmm and sits up. Jeff says "you gonna come lay down? we can crack jokes and make each other laugh instead of having a poopy party all the time"...Jordan says a poopy party, Jeff doesn't know what it feels like, he hasn't been on the block...Jeff says "I haven't?"...Jordan says "no"...Jeff says "really?"...Jordan says "well you saved yourself"...Jeff says he was on the block and saved himself so don't tell him he wasn't on the block...Jordan uhhh's...Jeff says "whaddya mean uh, I wasn't? yes, I was, I know what it feels like, it sucks"...Jeff says the f**khead that put him on there is all skipping around the house with lollipops.

Jordan says "where'd he go?"...Jeff says "he probably went to go weave a basket for somebody" 

Jeff says "omg, I ate way too much today"...Jordan says she did too...Jeff says that tomorrow he has to fu**ing chill and they'll have a contest so they can go outside...Jordan puts her head on Jeff's chest and asks if it will be good. Jeff puts his face close to Jordan's and says it will be great. 

Jeff says it will be fine and nothing is going on...Jeff moves Jordan's hair out of her eyes...Jordan says she does...Jeff says what does she think is going on? there's nothing they can do about it, if something is going on, they got us again, f**k!...Jordan says they'll have to scramble to stay there...Jeff says yeah, they will, big time but he doesn't think nothing is going on but again his record is not the best in here...they laugh...Jordan stands up to go to the bathroom...Jeff says that you know what is weird? Lydia, she is nice but gives him dirty looks...Jordan says just be nice...Jeff says he is but he's getting tired of the dirty looks, he'll tell her that...Jordan questions it...Jeff says she is, he catches her all the time. Jordan goes to the bathroom…

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