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Day 14 of BB11 Feeds

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

July 23

Brief chat in the GR


Jordan meets Jeff in the GR, she is stressing about tomorrow and possibly going home.

Jordan says "should I be out there practicing?"...Jeff asks if she wants to practice a little bit?...Jordan says she is bad at it...Jeff says that's what practice is, at least she will practice a little bit to get her distance down, it's all a rhythm thing, she can win this. Jordan says she doesn't know, she feels people are going to change their minds. Jeff says they can go out and practice with the rest of them.

Jordan says she is sleepy tonight. Jeff says that's good, get some good rest and celebrate. Jordan hopes tomorrow goes by fast...Jeff said it should but maybe not for her...Jordan props herself up a bit and asks Jeff is he thinks she has the votes...Jeff strokes her hair and says yes...Jordan says "positive?"...Jeff says "yes, I think you got them"...Jordan asks if Jeff talked to Jessie?...Jeff says yes...Jordan rubs Jeff's arm and says she talked to Jessie and told him she was sorry about how things have been, placing blame on Ronnie and she was taking this opportunity to talk to him to clear the air, etc.

Jeff asks if he talked back? Jordan says well, he gave her a hug...Jeff says he wanted to feel her boobs...Jordan says whatever...Jeff says he's just joking...Jordan gets called to exchange her batteries, she tells Jeff that Lydia was asking her why Laura wasn't campaigning and Jordan told her that Laura's homesick...Jordan giggles and she leaves with Jeff telling her to come outside later to make it look like at least she is trying...(she never ended up trying...)

Cute punches


Jeff is laying down in his bed in the RR, Russell comes in and they talk about how Jeff's back is hurting him a little. Jordan comes in and sits on Jeff's bed, she asks Russell if he's going to bed? Russell says no, he had too much sugar, he leaves the RR. Jordan she starts punching his leg to get Jeff's attention and she starts laughing.

Jeff smiles but doesn't respond so Jordan says "what?"...Jeff says "nothin"...Jordan says "why you serious?"...Jordan keeps squeezing and punching Jeff's legs...Jordan says "you know when something is so cute and you just bite your teeth, if you grin 'em, you know like when you see a dog and you're petting them and you're just like oh God" (meanwhile rubbing Jeff's leg)

Jeff nods and says yeah...Jordan gives Jeff a few more punches for good measure and then asks if she punches hard?...Jeff holds up his hand for Jordan to punch and the feeds switch...

Jordan story telling time


The HG's sit around the RR talking, shooting the breeze. Jeff & Jordan are in Jeff's bed.

Feeds return to Jeff signalling for Jordan to rub his hair.

She slightly rolls her eyes but does it anyway...

She stops and then Jeff looks back at her again to let her know to continue...she does...they talk about Ronnie and how he's holed up in the HOH room...Jordan says she wishes she could go up there to poop on his pillow...Michele bursts out laughing...Russell says she must have some good poops with the slop...the others don't want to hear more, TMI...Jeff says to not encourage her (but it’s too late LOL)

Jordan starts her story telling, first about how when she was little she ate so much food...she gets distracted and veers off to another story about how she pooed in the ocean before, she couldn't hold it to go in the hotel so she went right there...the others start giggling...Jeff says "I told you, don't encourage her...Jordan!"...Laura tells a story about being on a houseboat and every time they would see someone swimming out faraway, they would know they're pooping...they talk about houseboats...Jordan says "sometimes you just gotta go"...Jeff says "who are you, Forrest Gump?"

Jordan then tells the story of her and her friend going into the ocean to poop, she encouraged her friend to go so she held her bottoms for her but the poop floated to the top near them and they were freaking out...appropriately feeds go to FISH...Jordan then starts telling her sand spurs story for the first time...funny stuff, it never gets old...

What was Jeff doing with his foot?


The HG's are getting ready for bed...Jeff & Jordan are laying down in Jeff's bed in the RR...Chima comes in the room...J&J are laughing...Jordan says to ask Chima because she sleeps in there...Chima asks what happened?...Jordan says that the other night when Jeff was shaking his leg they all thought Jeff was masturbating...Chima says she wasn't there but Kevin told her all about it...Jordan cracks up laughing...Jeff says "that's hilarious".

Chima asks Jeff "he didn't tell you?"...Jeff says Jordan just told him now and he said omg, when he sleeps he always rocks himself to sleep...Casey says he's covering his tracks...Jeff says no, they all know he does that...Jordan says if a girl was in there masturbating she'd be ewwww, she'd feel weird...Jeff says he'd be jealous...Chima says girls are quieter...Casey says they don't have to give it the force they do...they all laugh...

Chima says they are more suddle...Jeff says if a girl was doing that he'd have to take a shower...Casey says they must know people have done that here before...Jeff says the internet woud catch that...Jeff says you have to forget about your boy while in there, shut it right down.

Jeff gets up while Kevin walks in and Jeff says "there he is"...Jordan & Chima laugh...Kevin asks if they're sleeping together tonight?...Casey says not after this conversation...Kevin asks if they're cuddling up...Jeff asks if Kevin minds him rocking himself to sleep?...more laughs...Jeff says "he'd be rocking and rolling something else"...more laughs...Chima says Jordan told Jeff...Jordan tells Kevin that she told Jeff the story...Kevin says he told Lydia "I think I caught Jeff jacking off"...Jeff says "omg dude!"...Casey says Lydia told Natalie, Natalie told Jessie who told Ronnie and Ronnie told everyone...Jeff says Ronnie said that in a DR session...Casey says he already tweeted that shit LOL

Kevin says when Jeff was talking about how he rocks his foot he was like "oooohhhhh" (he realized his mistake)...Kevin says Jeff was being pretty aggressive...they laugh...Jeff says he hopes they (BB) play both sides or none of them otherwise he's going to look like a big pervert. Jordan leans back and Jeff grabs her bent leg and bites it. 😊 Jordan whines a little and rubs Jeff's head while Jeff holds onto Jordan's leg...cute. 🥰

They get playful with each other and Kevin asks if tonight is the night? Jordan says "nooooo" and the others laugh...Jeff starts scratching his arm...Jordan thinks Jeff has chiggers in his bed because he has all these bumps...Jeff says he was outside...Kevin jokingly says "who you calling a chigger?" LOL

They talk about bugs for a bit and then talk turns to the masturbating story again...Jordan says she loves the story...Jeff says he just found out right now...Jordan says Jeff was shaking his leg and it made her think about it...Jeff says he does it every night...Jordan says when she heard it she thought she hoped he wasn't doing that, it's disgusting...Kevin says why? it's natural...Jordan says no, not with a bunch of people in the room, if she was in a room with 5 people and had her finger in her crotch that wouldn't be...Jeff cracks up!...Jordan says that would be awkward...Kevin talks about a girl at he used to work with that he thought he caught masturbating but he wasn't sure...they talk about if it was possible with what she was doing...Chima says maybe she had crabs...Jeff says maybe her junk was all rotten.

Jordan asks Chima how many orgasms has she faked? Chima says oh, all the time...Jordan is surprised at this saying wow...Chima says some men don't know what they're doing...Jordan says she hates cocky guys who think they can get a girl off anytime and she's like uhhh, no...Natalie tells them what time it is...chatter about beds...lights get turned on and off.

More chatter about beds...Kevin says Jessie has a crush on Natalie FYI...Jeff starts giggling about how Kevin said this...Jeff bonks Jordan and says sorry, she feigns hurt and Jeff says "oh stop", she giggles and they touch hands, Jordan rubs Jeff's fingers...they talk about tomorrow being up in Ronnie's HOH, they're going to listen to Legally Blonde the Musical...Jordan says she strongly dislikes him and wonders what he's been doing up there the whole time...Jeff says he's been jerking off...they talk about Ronnie.

Chima says the camera is positioned on Jeff & Jordan...Kevin says "producers, in about 10 minutes they will begin to kiss"...they all laugh...Natalie says it could be Jeff's last shot, you never know...Chima says she thinks that Jeff should kiss Jordan just for their pure entertainment (these people were OBSESSED with seeing them kiss! )...Jordan covers her face with her hands saying "noooooo", Jeff giggles...Jessie comes in asking about his laundry bag, discussion over that and laundry...Jessie gets in bed and starts imitating Jeff asking Kevin who he is...Jeff says they just got done talking about that...Jeff shows Jessie what he does...FISH...Jeff says he doesn't even notice he's doing it to be honest, every time he sleeps with someone they say "stop!" and he's like what? but now he knows.

Jordan tells the story AGAIN...Kevin says he does it in spurts and wondered about his technique...Jeff laughs about that and says he can't believe they thought he was ripping one out in front of everybody...Kevin says he wasn't sure...the others keep talking while Jeff keeps touching Jordan's leg...they talk about Ronnie again and what the live show might be like, would Julie ask Jeff about his "issue"...Jordan asks if anyone on BB ever masturbated?...Jessie says he's sure they have...Jordan ewww's...Kevin says he feels like he's going to have a wet dream, it's been so long...Jessie says he doesn't have them...Kevin says he has to, right?...Chima says it's a man thing...Jordan agrees...Chima says she knows who she can have sex with if she needs to...they guess Russell...Natalie being the little shit disturber she was says "no it's Jeff, Jordan, you better watch out"...Jordan says "that's fine"...Natalie says she better hold her man close...Jordan says "oh Lord".

Talk between Jordan and Chima about sex while Natalie wonders how what Jeff does makes him tired...they talk about Natalie and how easily she sleeps...Jessie says he sleeps in weird positions...they talk about mermaids...Jordan finally says she's going to bed and says goodnight and leaves…

Looks no sound needed


Jeff and Jordan are laying on Jeff's bed waiting to be called up for the HOH lockdown...Michele is talking to them, mumbling and giggling, trying to tell them she doesn't normally talk in her sleep but she is sex deprived right now so... Jordan immediately suppresses a laugh, Michele leaves, Jordan looks at Jeff smiling, Jeff looks at Jordan and they smile knowingly (...knowing she is CRAZY!)

...unfortunately the audio stays on Michele's mic instead of focusing on JeJo so they are not heard but some cute looks are exchanged between them

JeJo on the round chair HOH lockdown


The HG's are in the HOH on lockdown on the day of the live show. Jeff & Jordan sit together/cuddle on the round chair.

Some cute moments between them:

Jordan reaches over and rubs Jeff's head

Jeff smiles at Jordan and positions his hoody asking her to rub his hair, she does :)

Jordan finishes rubbing, covers her head with her hoody and lays her head down on Jeff's chest

Jeff has been cracking some jokes and then covers his face with the fuzzy blanket...Jordan reaches over to take a fuzz off of his face, he thinks it's a booger and shakes his head, Jordan giggles...

he sweetly looks at Jordan then takes a fuzz off the blanket and tickles Jordan's face with it :) Jordan mildly protests...Jeff says "you're tired? what time did you get off?" LOL...Jordan reaches over and squeezes and rubs Jeff's chin

Jordan leans into Jeff again and starts rubbing his belly. They cuddle...feeds go to fish for awhile...

Jordan moves her arm, Jeff asks if he's making her sick with the spinning? (of the chair), she says no and reaches back, she puts her hand on Jeff...Jeff holds her hand and caresses it, then starts playing air guitar on it :), they then hold hands...Jordan moves again...Jeff reaches over and scratches her arm, Jordan rubs Jeff's leg...

LOL @ the 11:48am mark Jeff has gotten up and walks back to where Jordan is now occupying the whole chair, he slaps her forehead quite hard, probably harder than he anticipated, then Jordan oww's loudly, punches him back and calls him a butthole...he mumbles something about that's what she gets for throwing him off the chair...Jeff sits down with his back to the chair and moves it back and forth...Jordan complains saying geez, you keep moving...Jeff turns, points at her and says "two days", he does the "you're cut off" sign and lays down covering his head with his hoody...pretty funny considering 10 seconds later Jordan turns to get comfortable and with them pretending to be mad at each other, Jeff asks how Ronnie didn't know he had 6 quarters in his ass? and Jordan immediately bursts out laughing.

Sexy legs in the GR


Jordan and Jeff meet up in the GR to talk. The feeds switch to the GR just after the 7:13pm mark with Jeff says he was playing chess. Jordan lays back and says "I'm gonna be on the block again"...Jeff sadly says "I know, I was thinking the same thing"...Jeff assures Jordan about Ronnie being the target...Jordan says "are you sure he's sticking to that?"...Jeff says he better or he's going to make some enemies in there...Jordan says she was excited because she thought Jeff was going to get HOH...Jeff says he thought he had it, he hit it but the ball just bounced out, what is he going to do?...Jeff says "I had it in there".

Jeff puts his lips to Jordan's leg, Jordan gets nervous LOL and says "oh well"...Jeff says it's better he didn't win...Jordan wonders what the HN comp will be since she is by herself...Jeff guesses...Jordan says she is mad at herself, she's really bad competing...Jeff says she needs to knuckle up...Jordan says she was trying, she's not good...Jeff says she could have won this one, he told her to practice more yesterday...Jordan says to quit making her feel like more crap...Jeff says he told her to practice (he was right!)...Jordan says she did (barely, lol) and she only had one chance...Jordan asks if he thinks it will hurt her? Jeff mmm, hmm's...Jordan asks "why?"...Jeff says whaddya mean why? and then he says she's not going anywhere this week.

Jeff tells Jordan that he thinks it will be her and Michele nominated but if everything goes according to plan it will be ok...Jordan says she doesn't even want to talk anymore...Jeff says "listen!"...Jordan repeats she doesn't want to talk...

Jeff says "will you listen first before you get all upset"...Jordan says she already knows what he's going to talk about, backdooring Ronnie, she knows but still...Jeff says not to worry...Jordan says it's not her fault, she has tried, she's just not good at competing, is it her fault?...Jeff says "whose fault is it?" (he has a point)

Jordan raises her voice saying she's sorry she got out early...Jeff says to take it easy, it's over, if everything works out she'll get to compete in another HOH...Jordan says she sucks, her nerves were bad...Casey comes in the GR asking about moustaches and they start up with the Irish voices again...Jordan complains to Casey that she's terrible at competing, she's the worst...Casey says she has to fix that, her attitude won't help her either, her mind will tell her body what to do, a positive attitude will help her as opposed to a defeatist attitude...Jeff says it's a self-fulfilling prophecy, if you think you can't you won't...Casey leaves. Jeff puts his face near Jordan's leg…

Jordan gets nervous again and moves her other leg saying she felt bad because Laura was sad...Jeff says of course she was...Jordan asks if Jeff thinks she is going home this week?...Jeff gives an emphatic "noooo"...they whisper about something inaudible about the game and then Jordan gets up and leaves asking Jeff to help her with her luggage and then they will lay in his room…

Guy talk in the BY


Jeff, Casey and Russell are in the BY discussing tomorrow's have/have not comp. They are trying to figure out how it will work now that Jordan is alone in her clique. Jeff says "Oh, I hope she's not on slop." Russell says he would feel bad for her. Casey says if someone has to choose a clique to be the have nots, she's an easy choice. "I know that's your girl, Jeff, but you can piss off three people or you can piss off one." Jeff says they'll worry about it when it comes and lights up a smoke.

They change the subject to how fun the competitions are. Jeff wonders if production will make the veto something easy for Ronnie to win. Russell thinks they might. It will bring more drama to the house. They fear Ronnie getting in Jessie's head. Casey says Ronnie will definitely try to get at Jessie and Natalie. Russell says they are the couple of the house, along with Jeff (and Jordan). Jeff grins.

"Dude, we're not a couple." Russell says they are cute. Jeff says "Dude, she my...she's a good getaway here, ykwim? You can just talk to her and laugh and not worry about shit. That is what it is for me." Casey says that's what Jessie says about Natalie. Stop it, Casey. There is no comparison! Casey says "I don't give a f#$k, Jeff. You could have three girlfriends in here." Jeff worries that Jordan will be a target again this week. Russell doesn't think so. Jeff corrects himself and says he thinks she will go up. Talk moves to who they want to see compete.

Holding hands/PDA shyness/the right one


Jeff and Kevin have been sitting outside...Jordan comes outside and joins them. Kevin says he loves how J/J are matching, how cute...Jeff says Russell too...Kevin asks if this is a signal or something?...Jeff says he doesn't know...

Jeff says to Jordan "another week, are you ready for what lies ahead?"...Jordan says she is, isn't he?...Jeff says "I don't know"...Jordan asks why?...Jeff says he's ready, always ready...Jordan says she's excited but disappointed, she wishes she could have done a practice run (what was that contraption in the BY for then? Jeff wanted you to practice didn’t he? LOL)..Jordan says she wishes she got a letter from home...Kevin says "yep"...Jordan says it would have made her feel better,Jordan says the game was luck...Kevin loved that it was a totally even playing field, anybody could have got it.

They get quiet...Jeff says "we'll see, we'll see...stuff comes pretty fast the next couple of days"...the three of them discuss what is coming next, food comp and nominations, they're not sure...they get quiet again...Kevin then brings up how Julie Chen is on point with her questions, she fires them off quick, he thought she had set questions but she seemed to be ad-libbing with Jessie a little bit and with Jeff too...Jeff agrees...quiet again.

Jordan out of the blue asks Kevin if her boob was hanging out was it?...Jeff turns and smiles big at Jordan while Kevin says no, he was keeping an eye on it. LOL Jordan says good. Jeff laughs at what Kevin said...Jeff says "I had one eyeball on the boob the whole time"...Kevin says maybe the one boob was popping out but the other one wasn't...Jeff asks if they think Laura is going to eat the pizza (she took with her)...Kevin asks if she packed it in her thing?...Jeff nods and Jordan says "and a crunch bar"...Kevin says Laura is going to so hate him because of in the first two weeks they were pitted against each other so she's going to see that...Jeff says he dogged her a little bit too...Jordan says she told her all of that...Jeff is surprised to hear this, he says he was going to tell her but thought he would leave it alone...Jeff says he was going to tell her that he said she talks about herself a lot...Kevin nods.

Jordan says "twelve can't get here fast enough, I'll probably be on slop next week"...Jeff reaches over to touch Jordan's face but Jordan intercepts his hand and holds it...Jeff asks if he poked her eye?...Jordan says no, she gets nervous, they let go hands and then hold hands again, Jeff holds Jordan's wrist and then caresses the palm of her hand...Kevin sees this and says "ohhhh"...Jeff cracks up! and touches Jordan's face and then they hold hands again…

Michele comes out to break up the moment and Jordan nervously lets go again...Michele tells them food is ready, she leaves. Kevin asks Jeff what is with the "bully" stuff...Jeff explains how he says bully like bowly, it's just his accent...Jordan smiles the whole time 😀

Kevin says his boyf can't say wood properly either, he just can't...Jeff says he'd like to meet him. Jeff gets up to have a smoke. (Kevin notices what WE all can clearly see demonstrated by the hand holding he just saw) He asks Jordan "are you shy? with public displays of affection?"...Jordan, knowing Jeff is right behind her shyly nods yes...Kevin says yes, yes you are...Jordan admits yeah, why?...Kevin says "interesting, I would have never guessed"...Jeff asks how long Kevin's been with his boyf...Kevin says "nueve anos"...Jordan says nine years...Kevin asks if Jordan took spanish? Jordan says yes, she's terrible at it...Kevin doesn't speak but knows a bit.

Jeff asks "is there a masculine or feminine one in your relationship?"...Kevin says you mean top or bottom?...Jeff says not in detail, he doesn't want to get in that detail...Kevin says in theirs no, it's 50/50, that's why gay relationships are the bomb, he says in general one person has to be the one that makes decisions, drives, opens the door, etc. with two guys it's different...Jeff says what's wrong with that, it's like hanging out with a buddy (taking away the sex aspect)...Kevin says yeah plus females are complicated. Jordan says "really?" I get like that, I get moody"...Michele comes back & sits down...Jordan says "I'm a moody person"...Michele says "really? I haven't seen the downside"...Jordan says she gets moody when she's depressed...Jeff says everybody does though, that's everybody.

Kevin asks Jordan what would make her cry? a letter from home? (what is he Nostradamus? LOL)...Jordan says she'd get teary eyed...Kevin says "but not boo hoo?"...Jordan says "no, I wouldn't want to boo hoo in front of a bunch of people" (LOL)...Jeff says he can see Jordan getting emotional when she drinks...Jordan says "if she drinks tequila, depends, if something is bothering me that I've had on my chest for a long time and I start drinking and I think about, yeah I will cry". Jordan says she hated the whole year of 'O7, it was the worst year ever, her parents divorced, they lost their house, she broke up with someone, she quit school, everything was going wrong, that's how it was, she was always crying and upset about something, that is when she started doing some wrong stuff like drugs...Jeff has gone inside...Kevin says he doesn't want to try that stuff because he knows he would get addicted...Michele puts her two cents in saying only 5% of people get addicted...they start discussing drugs...Russell joins them...Jordan admits she did coke and in her town a lot of people did, she got a bad reputation...Jordan says she'd stay up all night, had a really bad lifestyle partying...Russell says he's surprised with all that she's only been with one guy sexually...Jordan swears to God she has...Russell says "why?"

Jordan says she's really weird about stuff like that...Kevin asks if penises scare her?...Jordan says no, she lost her virginity when she was 18, she was going to wait longer but thought it was the right time and then she got her feelings hurt really bad and she told herself that the next person she does it with will be the person I know I will probably end up with so...Michele plays devil's advocate and asks what if it takes her a really long time to find that person, like when she's 35...Jordan says no, she would but she would wait a while if she started dating someone...Russell asks a similar question to Michele...Jordan starts to answer but Lydia comes out and interrupts...Jordan says "I don't know, I just want to wait on the right person" (mmm hmm 😉)

Russell says that's cool, everyone's got their thing...Jordan says "I just can't do a guy because he's showing me attention"...Kevin says "that's good though"...Kevin asks how much time is she talking about?...Jordan says she knows after the first couple of dates if she has that "feeling" turns to Russell's conquests.

The irony of this next statement by Jordan is not lost on me, LOL...

Jordan says there was this one guy she knows she could date, he's perfect but he's who she would want to date when she's a bit older like 26 because he's too settled, he probably wouldn't want to go out as much as her, that would be a problem, he's very into his work but she knows when she's 26 she would want that, she's only 22, she doesn't want to get herself into all that, she doesn't even know if she wants to get married anytime soon, she doesn't want to make a mistake & do that too early, she doesn't even want a boyfriend, you're always arguing, she's just terrible at relationships.

Jordan then says she likes all types of guys, she doesn't just have one "type"...Kevin says "guys from Chicago?" 😚

 I’ll get you to the jury house


Feeds switch to Jeff & Jordan who are sitting outside discussing game.

Jordan, tries to explain why she did poorly in the HOH comp, she says her nerves were really bad today being up on the block, thinking of a speech, being on slop for a week...Jeff says he understands, he's just glad Jessie won...Jordan asks if he thinks Jessie will put her up?...Jeff says it doesn't matter because Ronnie is the target and if she does go up, he'll put up Michele with her and Michele will go home...Jordan says "good God, so what if none of us win POV? whoever wins the POV is supposed to use it right?"...Jeff says yeah, 100%...Jordan says so they can backdoor Ronnie...Jeff says yeah.

Jordan says they have to work on these competitions, she has to start drinking water and eating healthy...Jessie & Natalie are called into the DR and J&J comment on that. They talk about how Natalie started up right after Jessie won HOH and how they have to stay on it...Jeff says he feels like the tension is lifting a little for him...Jordan tells Jeff to stay up Jessie's ass and she can tell Russell is getting annoyed...Jeff says that he is glad he didn't win, at this point he doesn't need to make two more enemies...Jordan says Jeff could have been HOH and she could have been up in the room...Jeff says sorry about that...Jordan laughs, she tells Jeff to continue she is listening...Jeff says he told her three times, she's not listening but it doesn't matter, he knows what he needs to do.

Jordan says she doesn't think Jeff wants to carry her...Jeff says he'll carry her to the jury house, then he can carry her, what does she mean, he wants to take her as far as he can, what is she talking about?...Jordan asks if Jeff thinks they can make it to the jury house...Jeff says "I'll get you to the jury house"...

Jordan laments being by herself tomorrow for the food/HN competition...Jeff says "what?"...Jordan explains she has no team now and asks Jeff who she should pick if they ask her to pick a new team...Jeff says he already told her who to pick (Jessie)...Jordan says she doesn't think it's a good idea...Jeff says "why?"...Jordan says "cuz that means he could put you up"...Jeff pauses and says "no pick him"...Jordan repeats it's not a good idea...Jeff says it's a good idea for her...Jordan says "it isn't for you though"...Jeff says "pick him"...Jordan says "but what about for you?"...Jeff says Jessie won't pick him because he's on Natalie's team...Jordan says but what if this is permanent, that means Jessie could easily put Jeff up...Jeff says he's not playing for HOH next week so it doesn't matter...Jordan says Ronnie has to go...Jeff says he'll be outta there, if she needs to pick someone, pick Jessie...Jordan says "who is backup?"...Jeff says "Jessie"...Jordan says "if not then who's backup?"...Jeff says "Jessie"...

Casey comes out and they start talking game with him...

You make me smile each day


JeJo are alone again...Jeff says he just needs a couple of the big dogs knocked off like Jessie or Russell, he needs Natalie out of here. Jeff says Russell is already getting sick of Jessie...Jordan says Russell plays back and forth, Jeff can't tell him nothing...Jeff says he's not telling him shit...Jeff says he's noticed no one wants to make big moves until they're in the jury house, that's if they want to win, some people don't even care, they just want the jury house...Jordan wants to win...Jeff says she needs to step it up...Jordan says "you don't think I am?"...Jeff says she missed, the only one that missed today, she doesn't think Jessie isn't going to say something about that?...Jordan says she didn't mean to miss...Jeff says he knows she didn't mean to, she's alright...

Jordan says she talked to Jessie and thinks it will be Casey and Michele...Jeff says he thinks it might be Casey because he's getting on people's nerves with the way he tries to control things.

Jeff noticed that Russell and Casey were talking something private earlier and then they went into the GR, so they're scheming, hopefully to knock off Jessie not him...they talk about Casey a little...Jeff reminds Jordan to not tell people what he tells her...she says she doesn't...Jeff says to let them fight amongst themselves, if this was out in the real world and people were throwing stones at him he would shut them up in two seconds but since they're here, he'll be a good sport but if they were saying that Technotronics shit again to him he would smash their heads on the concrete...Jordan laughs and says "anger management"...Jeff says he controls himself in there for the most part...Jordan says she's talking about outside this world. :)

Jordan asks if she should go talk to Jessie?...Jeff says no, it'll look obvious...Jordan says Jeff scares her when he says she needs to step it up...Jeff says to not take it as a mean comment, he's just telling her what other people might see...Jordan says she didn't miss on purpose, her nerves were bad sitting in the chair and she's sure she's going on slop for another week...they giggle...Jeff says he feels bad and would go on slop for her...Jordan says she knows she's going to, she's going to take a hot shower tonight...Jeff says that would suck.

Jordan says "you did good today" :) ...Jeff says he should have won...Jordan says he should have LOL...Jeff says he's glad he didn't win...Jordan says she just wishes it wasn't Jessie that won...Jordan thinks it's good she talked with Jessie last night...Jeff says it's a good thing Ronnie's the target...Jeff says he doesn't know anything that goes on in the house but he doesn't foresee that not happening (wrong!) but who knows in this house, it's crazy town.

Jordan says "I feel like you think you have to carry me”

Jeff says "Jordan, I want you here, believe me you help me in ways you don't even know"...Jordan says "do I?"...Jeff says "yeah"...Jordan says "how?"

Jeff says "what do you think we're doing right now?"...Jordan says "talking game"...Jeff says "yeah we are, but I can say anything to you, ykwim?"...Jordan says "right"

Jeff says "and it helps me, get through each make me smile each day" 😊

Jordan loses her train of thought with the nice words Jeff just said...Jeff says "so you help me in that scenario, I know your goal is to get to the jury house, I know you want to win but ultimately you want to get to the jury house and I'm going to try my hardest to get you there" :)

Jordan doesn't want people to think she's not trying, she tries...Jeff knows...Jordan laments how poorly she did on the HOH comp, she was nervous...Jeff says he was trying to talk to her before and she wasn't listening...Jordan says "I was too!"...Jeff says she wasn't...Jordan says she was focusing...Jeff says well listen, she needs to practice something, practice...Jordan says she's not the only one that hasn't won...Jeff says for her to worry about herself...Jordan says she feels like a target now that she hasn't won anything...Jeff says Ronnie is the ultimate target...Jordan asks who would be the target next week? Jeff says he hopes it's just not him.

Jordan says "omg, I will die if you go before me"...Jeff says he's glad he's not HOH because if he was he'd have to put two people up and that would be another two people that would get pissed at him...Jordan hopes Michele would win next week, she wouldn't put her or Jeff up...Jeff thinks she would put up a big player...Jordan says she had a talk with her...Jeff explains how Michele was telling him the other day she didn't want to talk with him because Jeff wanted her out of there...Jeff was like "what are you talking about?", "what the hell made you think that?"...Jeff says he told Michele if she had a problem or anything with him to just ask him about it...Jeff says "she's crazy"...

Jeff & Jordan continue chatting


Jordan says that she had a problem talking with the others, there was silence, nobody has anything to say to each other...Jeff says he knows...Jordan says her and Jeff talk, they can talk about anything and then when they're all together there's nothing to talk about, she sees what Jeff is talking about when he says that Jessie and them talk about weird stuff, she doesn't get it...Jeff says OMG, it's painful...Jordan says she knows the stuff she says they probably don't get but Jeff understands it...Jeff says "you just make me laugh" :)

Jordan says "I really did think I was gonna go home"...Jeff says no, of course she thought that but he knew she wasn't...Jordan asks if her boobs looked like they were about to pop out did they?...Jeff doesn't think so...Jordan says "my hair looked ok?"...Jeff says "yep"...Jordan giggles "yep"...Jordan turns to face Jeff and says "man, I wish I would've won, I want a letter from home"...Jeff says "I wish you would've won too" 🥰

Jeff continues saying "next week win"...Jordan says she will try and he will get to see what her family looks like...Jeff says "I hope so"...Jordan says it was funny when they showed them all (live show), Jeff in his cheerleading outfit...

Jeff says "hilarious" /sarcasm Jordan repeats "hilarious", she asks him to say it again, he does and she repeats again...Jeff says "how do you say it?"...Jordan says it...Jeff tsks saying he asked her to say it and her accent is worse than his...Jordan nuh uh's...Jeff says he didn't know he had such a weird accent...Jordan says "toona, it's like different, it's just like tooooona"...they wonder about Jeff's accent.

Jordan points out a cold sore and Jeff says awww LOL...Jordan says she ate a lot, she's full, she ate 4 candy bars, 2 pieces of cookie dough, 2 pieces of bread, spaghetti, pizza, a salad and a sprite (whoa!) ...Jeff says it's alright, she just came off slop...Jordan says yeah, he doesn't know how good that pizza tasted...Jeff asks if she even warmed it up or just ate it with the napkin on there?...Jordan says no, she ate it cold...Jordan laughs asking Jeff if the position she is in is going to look bad?...Jeff doesn't get it at first saying "what? what's going to look bad?"...Jordan laughs saying he gets mad, her head's at his (crotch LOL)...Jeff looks at Jordan shaking his head...Jordan says she's just kidding. :)

Jordan says she felt bad for Laura...Jeff says yeah, of course but somebody's got to go...Jordan thinks what Jessie said was wrong...Jeff says whatever...Jordan looks at Jeff's necklace asking "who's St. Anthony?"...Jeff says "just a saint"...Jordan asks "what about him?"...Jeff says "he helps you find lost things"...Jordan giggles saying like your shoes?...Jeff nods saying people use it for that...Jordan says "or like lost love or something?"...Jeff says whatever she wants, whatever she believes...Jordan says "really? aww how's a Catholic thing?"...Jeff mmm, hmm's...Jordan asks if Jeff is strongly Catholic?...Jeff nods no, he just believes in what he believes.

Jordan says she is not Catholic but not Baptist, she guesses Pentecostal or non-denominational...Jeff doesn't care what anybody is, whatever, religion is different for everybody so whatever you believe in is fine with him...Jordan talks about a girl she knew that wouldn't date a guy who was Catholic because whenever they have kids it would be hard, Jordan wondered why because this girl didn't even know if she was going to marry this guy.

Change of subject twice by Jordan first she says "I feel like a, cuz I ate all that food"...Jeff says it went by pretty quick right?...Jordan says "yeah"...then she says if she leaves or gets evicted she wants Jeff to get evicted right after her...they laugh...Jordan says they could hang out...Jeff knows what she means BUT :) ...Jordan says she would be really bored at the jury house if he wasn't there, she has nothing in common with everyone else...Jordan notices Jeff moving his feet/toes, she giggles...Jeff says he can't help it...Jordan says she whispered in Laura's ear "I'm sorry" but she was ready to go, to get out of the situation...Jeff says oh, for sure...Jordan says "oh man, I don't even know what I'm going to wear to the next one"...they giggle, Jeff shakes his head and smiles...

Jeff says "so focused huh?"...Jordan says in a sing songy voice..."man, this is scary and I don't have to sleep on a hard bed tonight! I'm probably going have to sleep on a hard one tomorrow night! and eat slop!"...Jeff says he hopes not, she's going to have to go on another team...Jordan asks which one does she pick?...Jeff says Casey's team...Jordan says " offbeats" LOL...Jeff says "'re a little offbeat"

Jordan starts to say "so BFF..." and then Jeff notices Jordan's ears and asks "did you wear one earring to the thing tonight?"...Jordan says "no I found my other one"...Jeff says "where?"...Jordan says she was packing and happened to find it on the floor, she saw something sparkle and was like OHHH...Jeff says "in the hard room?"...Jordan says yeah, isn't it crazy?...Jeff says "that is crazy, you found two things today"...Jordan says "and you know what? they're two different earrings"...Jeff says "it's cuz you were around St. Anthony" 😂 Jordan cracks up!

Jeff says "you never know"...Jordan suddenly says "awww, you don't think I'm going to be put up tomorrow do you? I don't want to!"...Jeff says "your brain just switches thought huh?"...Jordan laughs...Jeff says "you're like, I hope I'm not put up, cookie dough" Jeff laughs...Jordan repeats she doesn't want to be put up...Jeff knows she doesn't...Jordan says if Jessie does, she'll be so mad, she doesn't want to be used as a pawn...Jeff says it smells like trash...Jordan jokingly says Jeff smells like trash, she's kidding, she then asks what time it is and the feeds switch out…

Jeff hates Jordan's Whoville face


Feeds go off Jeff & Jordan for a little bit, when they return Jordan is telling Jeff that she doesn't think it's a good idea (to pick Jessie as her teammate should the cliques get changed up) because Jeff should be on his team in case he wants to come against Jeff, she really thinks it's a bad idea...Jeff says "yeah but it's good for you"...Jordan says "I'm looking out for you too!...I think it's best if you stay with him"...

Jordan sits down on the table and continues arguing her points regarding Jeff staying with Jessie...Jeff says "so who are you going to take? Russell?"...Jordan says "yeah I could take him, I think it would be best, honestly...I'm kind of scared to grab Russell because he'll get irritated with me real easy".

Jeff says "then who would you take?"...Jordan says she can't take Jeff because they'll be major targets...Jeff says she can't take him...Jordan says she can't take Casey...Jeff says he thinks she has to take Jessie...Jordan doesn't think it's a good idea...Jeff says "then who you going to take!?"...Jordan says "listen, don't raise your voice at me because you get aggravated...Jeff says they're going in a circle...Jordan says "don't get an attitude, she's trying to talk to him"...Jordan pulls Jeff's shirt that she is wearing over her knees and tries to lighten the mood by pretending that's what she is going to look like...she laughs.

Jeff says let's go eat, she can do whatever she wants to do...Jordan glances at herself in the mirror and says whoa! it is kind of wide...Jeff sarcastically says to stretch out his shirt a little more...Jordan pouts and says Jeff is mean...Jeff says she wants to win but doesn't want to pay attention...Jordan says to listen, this is the plan, if she has to pick, she doesn't want to pick Jessie because Jeff needs to stay with Jessie & Natalie because she thinks they would try to get Jeff out for the next week so she thinks she would need to pick someone else, yeah that would protect her but she thinks it's better that Jeff is with them than with her because he has a better chance of winning. (and who said Jordan didn't play the game?)

Jeff says "then who would you take?"...Jordan says Russell, Russell would be the next person...Jeff says that doesn't split Jessie & Natalie up, how is he going to get them out of there?...Jordan asks if she should take Natalie?...Jeff says might not come to that but when it does pick whoever she wants...Jeff sits up to put on his shoes...Jeff says they might just send her on a team...Jordan says she's the last person, she can't do this by herself...Jeff says he doesn't know what's gonna happen...Jordan says she doesn't want to be by herself.

Jeff says Jordan is driving him bananas, he doesn't know what's gonna happen, maybe they'll send an astronaut in there and take her away. Jeff smiles at her...they talk about Natalie/the bee incident and how she fell in the pool and it was funny, why were people so sensitive about it...Jordan says if it was them they would have been laughing...Jeff says if it was him and he broke his leg, they would all be laughing, as if they would run to blow dry his shit, f**k them...Jordan says "youuu are so sensitive"...Jeff says he's not...Jordan says he's more sensitive...Jeff says he's just tired of shit, he wants someone to make a move, to stop being pussies...Jordan says that's been hard with Ronnie & Jessie twice being HOH.

Jeff says let's go make some salsa...Jordan stares at Jeff and fumbles her words, she asks if he wants anything...Jeff says no, he'll sit with her...Ronnie has come outside and gone back in...Jordan says she feels bad that they're being really mean to him, she feels bad that he's lonely but she can't give in to that, you know?...Jeff looks at Jordan and says "I know"...they continue to eye lock and Jordan smiles...

Jeff says "don't give in, dude, look what he did to us"...Jordan says "yes, I know this...but I care more about people"...Jeff says "after they stab you in the back, what do you care about them for?"...Jordan says it's because she has a heart...Jeff says so you can be their friend so they can do it to you again? that's awesome...Jordan says no, she didn't say that...Jeff says if he wants to pull the "it's just a game" card, we're still in the house, still playing the game so go sit in the corner and don't talk to me.

Jordan pulls her ears and makes the Whoville face...

Jeff smiles and says "I hate that face"...Jeff says eww, your little thing is sticking out...they laugh...Jordan pouts, shakes her head and says he gets them too...Jeff says "get what?"...Jeff says "no I don't, what's everyone laughing at?".Jordan makes the Whoville face again...Casey comes outside...Jeff says if Jordan is going to eat, then eat...Jordan says she is...Jeff asks for help up and Jordan obliges...Jordan makes the face for Casey and he says it's a monkey face...they all walk inside with Jordan saying it's a Whoville from the Grinch that stole Christmas.

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