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Day 13 of BB11 Feeds

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

July 22

JJ&L talk RR Part 3


Jordan says if she leaves on Thursday and goes back home she will hang out with her family, what would Laura be doing?

Laura assumes the same, hang out with friends, hopefully Ben will come get her from the airport since he has her car...Jordan says they will go out to eat or depending on how tired she is probably just eat at home, her mom will make her favorite...Laura says baked ziti? I don't even know what that is...Jordan explains what's in baked ziti and Jeff pops up asking her how she knows what that is...Jordan says her mom fixes it all the time, she'll fix garlic bread and a salad with it, it's really good but she fixes it all the time, she's always asking her mom to fix something else...Jeff giggles.

Jordan starts rattling off mom's entrees, lol and says she makes meatloaf...Jeff & Laura love meatloaf...Jordan says her mom makes the best...Jeff says everyone likes their own...Jordan says it's so good, she puts ketchup in it.

Who’s going to make the Toona?


Feeds switch back to J&J who are still awake and in Jeff's bed...Lydia is getting ready for bed and they are talking. Jordan says she's tired...Lydia says she'd invite Jordan to sleep in their bed...Jordan says she wishes she could (she's a HN).

Lydia says unfortunately she's on a different team...Jordan says they're making steaks, steaks are good. :) Jeff giggles and rubs Jordan's back...Lydia says they're marinated in teriyaki (which she doesn't like)...Jordan says anything sounds good right now...Lydia says "here's the thing, the only guy chef I trust in here is him" (Jeff)...Jordan says "really?"...Lydia says "yes"...Jeff says "I'm good huh?"...Lydia says "yes"...Jordan says "he made toona pasta today"...Jeff asks Lydia "it was good right?"...Lydia says it was...Jeff says "who else is going to make tuna pasta?"...Lydia says "who else is going to make the toona?" Jordan says it smells...Jeff says oh, Jesus...Lydia says "that's a reason to keep you around Jeff"...Jeff says "yeah"...Lydia says "yay!"

Jeff wishes it was true ;)


Jordan asks Lydia if everybody is going to bed? Lydia says no...Jeff says he's beat, he doesn't know what it is...Lydia says Jeff's lovely little teammates aren't...Jeff says they will stay up til 4 am...Lydia says "f**k em, I'm going to bed"...Lydia says that Michele makes noises and body spasms in her sleep...Jordan asks what she does?...Lydia says "Jeff why can't you go in there and I get this bed" (Jeff's bed)...Jeff says "with who?" LOL Jordan jumps right in saying that Michele won't do that because she's married...Jeff says no, no.

Lydia says ohhh...Jordan says she guesses Lydia will just have to sleep out here (with Jessie) hint hint...Lydia says "no thank you"...Jeff razzes her saying ohhh, shame shame, know your name...Lydia says gn and closes the door then pops back out saying "f**k you"...Jeff & Jordan laugh...Lydia says "excuse me? who left the condom wrapper in their bed?"...Jeff says "that's a terrible one, Jordan wasn't even here that night"...Lydia says "whatever"...Jordan says she was sleeping with Laura...Lydia says "guilty, guilty, you guys are guilty"...Jeff says "I wish to be honest with you" 😉

Lydia continues saying guilty...Jordan says "oh my goodness"...Jeff says "that'd be awesome"...Jordan looks back at Jeff and says "Jeff!"...Jeff says "what?"...Jordan lays back down and asks Jeff to move his arm please?...Jeff says "all the way?"...Jordan says yeah...Jeff says "no, let's make out for the cameras", he hugs her and dives in for the neck. Jordan giggles and is super ticklish.

Jordan snorts and Jeff cracks up, Jordan says she didn't mean to snort. J&J banter some more with Jeff trying to tickle Jordan more, she tells him to not touch her on her neck and Jordan getting Jeff to move his arm which he places right over her neck, she likens him to someone EVILLLL (said in a deep scary voice) for looking like he's chopping her neck off with his arm. Jeff asks if Jordan ever stays at her friend's house and they stay up all night doing dumb shit, he could see that...Jordan says yeah...Jeff says "and just laughing at nothing?"...Jordan says yeah, they laugh at some dumb stuff.

Jeff & Jordan interlock arms, Jeff reaches over and rubs her hair/head...Jordan says she wishes she could fall asleep in the RR...Jeff says "I know, me too"...Jeff says then it's like they're doing something but they're just sleeping...Jordan says whaddya mean? doing something?...Jeff says "not fooling around dummy"...Jordan says "duh".

Jeff says he means just cracking jokes until they fall asleep...doing something"...Jordan says yeah, you have to clarify that, for the people in America.

Jeff asks Jordan if she even realizes the cameras are on her all the time?...Jordan says no...Jeff says half the time he doesn't even know, it's stupid but you just get used to it…

Flicking, Not Snoring & Giggling


Jordan flicks Jeff hard in the face with her finger...Jeff whips his head around...Jordan starts laughing...Jeff says "wtf? that was hard...Jesus"...Jordan keeps laughing...Jeff says "what was that all about?"...Jordan asks if it hurt?...Jeff says "yeah, a little bit, it stung"...Jordan keeps LOL'ing...Jeff giggles and says "why'd you do that?"...Jordan says she was just kidding, she didn't even think it would hurt...Jeff flicks Jordan's hand hard and she says owww...Jeff says "it hurt? imagine on your face"...they laugh...Jeff says "you flicked it, it felt like a mousetrap" haha! they laugh some more and then Jeff asks what's with the snorts tonight?...Jordan doesn't know.

Jeff sticks out his arm and says "you wanna scratch me?"...Jordan in a weird voice says "gaww, why do I always have to scratch you?"...Jeff says "what was that voice?"...Jordan cracks up...Jeff says that was gross, he doesn't even want to be scratched now...Jordan is acting silly and Jeff says "what's with you? you got the giggles?"...Jordan says Jeff always says that every night.

Jordan asks what time it is and Jeff isn't sure but it's probably close to 1...Jeff then says at least Jordan has a room...Jordan says with a hard bed?...Jeff says it's quiet and dark, he misses their old room, there was no snoring, it was dark...Jordan says "I don't snore"...Jeff says "I said there was no snoring"...Jordan says "I don't snore"...Jeff turns to go on his stomach and says "I said there was no snoring"...Jordan doesn't get it and says "I know, I don't snore"...Jeff says "shut up" and hugs Jordan who immediately starts patting Jeff's arm.

Kevin walks in and Jordan tells him to come and talk to them...Jeff says they just finished making out...Lydia yells something from the SS room and they start laughing...Kevin says "dammit, I missed it"...Kevin walks over to the SS room to see Lydia...Jeff bites and licks Jordan's hand LOL and then Jordan holds Jeff's face in her hand...they laugh about Kevin not being thrilled at the idea of sleeping with Michele and giving Lydia his bed...Kevin says it's pitch black in there and he turns on the light...Jordan says she feels like she has to poo 🥴 Jeff giggles and says he feels like he has to go pee...Jordan pinches Jeff's face and they banter about going to pee...Jeff goes in for the neck again and leaves Jordan giggling…

It turns Jeff on


Jordan & Kevin are in the BY talking. Kevin asks Jordan if she's kissed Jeff yet...she says no but she says you know Jeff kissed me in the bathroom when I was putting on my lip gloss. Kevin says he remembers. They game talk for awhile and then a few minutes later Jeff comes outside.

Jeff asks if Jordan slept good? Jordan nods yes...Jeff says he did too, he was out like boom after she left. Jeff's eating an apple and Jordan points out that when Jeff is talking he always does something with his hands. Jeff smiles. Kevin says mmm, hmm.

Kevin puts his hand on Jordan's leg and asks him if it makes him jealous?...Jeff says it turns him on. ;)

They laugh...Jeff says "this was a delicious apple"...Jordan says "you said that cuz I hate that word, I hate the word delicious"...Kevin says "deh-lih-cious"...Jordan says "see, don't say that" LOL

Jeff tells Kevin that if he goes back and watches the season you can count on one hand how many times Jordan has complimented Jeff throughout the whole show, he's saying if they (J&J) make it to the final 2...none!..."everything is a stone, say something nice about me!"...Jordan says "I do!"...Jeff says "no you don't"...Jordan says she thinks of them in her head, he knows she kids around with him so stop!

Jeff says that every word he says Jordan says that's gross, eww...Jordan says "like delicious? I hate that word"...Kevin laughs and Jeff says "what's wrong with delicious?"...Jordan gets grossed out again when they both say it. LOL

Jeff laughs and says that doesn't make sense...Jordan says she hates the word scrumptious...Jeff then picks up a bug off the ground and chases after Jordan with it telling her to say something nice about him...LOL

Jeff blows up the raft/Michele is weird


The first part of this makes me laugh, it really says it all when it came to how weird Jeff thought Michele was.

Jeff sits down on the BY couch to blow up the blue raft that had been "popped", when he puts it in his mouth he realizes it has rubbing alcohol on it (?) and he spits twice onto the ground grossed out, he yells out to Michele who is tanning to ask her if you put rubbing alcohol to clean the raft, it's ok to put your mouth on it right? Michele says on the raft? Jeff says yeah, he's not drinking it or anything...Michele says it should be fine...Jeff says "should be fine? that's reassuring" typical fashion Michele starts giggling and mumbling something leaving it on for 10 seconds before he does it and how she doesn't know it all...Jeff looks at her perplexed and says "what?"...Michele says she doesn't know everything...

Jeff just looks at her for a couple of seconds, shakes his head like wtf? and goes back to blowing. LOL aaaaand fake yawn from Michele. 🥱

Jordan joins Jeff on the couch and says that Jeff was being so loud earlier when she was sleeping, it sounded like he was bitching about something...Jeff says nothing and keeps blowing...Jordan says "ok, you're ignoring me"...Jeff says "how do you want me to talk and blow this thing up?"...Jordan says "well you stop"...Jeff says well what did I say?...Jordan says she doesn't now but he was bitching...Jeff says he was bitching, he & Casey were talking, he was just venting...Jordan says she thought Michele said something...Jeff says she did...

Jordan says is it to keep Ronnie or something?...Jeff says other people want to...Jordan asks who?...Jeff whispers he will tell her later, she's all paranoid.

Jeff goes back to blowing...Jordan says it's such a mystery to her how she can't find her reef sandals...Jeff asks if the air is just going right out?...Jordan says he's wasting his time, the hole is on the bottom left hand side...Jeff asks if they found the hole already?...Jordan says Russell did. Jeff stops blowing and says it seems good to him for now...Jordan says it will for about 20 mins then it will blow air out again...Jeff says that's cool, then when it's time for someone else to use it then they can go f**k themselves LOL Jeff giggles and sits back...Jordan gives him a look...Jeff says "yeah, everybody only cares about themselves, why shouldn't I?"

Jordan says "well fill me in"...Jeff says "what do you want me to do, she's right there...she's weird"...Jordan says "yeah, I know"...Jordan whispers "what'd she say?"...Jeff shoots her a look...Jordan giggles and says "I wanna know"...Jeff says "nothing, it's crazy"...Jordan says she thought Jeff was bitching because everybody wants her out...Jeff says it's that but moreso that he was just venting about how even though things change, everything is still the same, Casey told him after Jeff went to bed they were still up scheming...Jordan says "are you serious?"...Jeff says yeah, that's why he got pissed off, wtf is there to talk about?...Jordan asks what Michele said again...Jeff quiets down and makes a face implying she is crazy and he will tell her later, Jeff wants to go in the pool, he gets up and puts his UCLA hat on Jordan.

Jeff heads over to the pool and puts the raft in it then goes to the laundry area to put on sunscreen. Jordan is already there and they start whispering again...

Jeff is about to tell her what Michele said but wonders if she can hear...Jordan asks if they should go to the bathroom...Jeff says to be honest, it's not that big of a deal...Jeff says Michele is just crazy, she told him that Jeff wanted her out of there, Jeff said who said that? Michele told him she just knows if she went up he would vote her out, what the f**k?...Jordan asks if it's because it's her & him (aligned)...Jeff says she said that Jeff was playing both sides...Jordan says "what?"...Jeff said Michele is...Jordan walks away to not make it look obvious and then Jeff follows her over to the pool area a few seconds Jeff is putting on his sunscreen in the mirror, he glances over at Jordan kind of like she is.

Tickling in the pool


Jeff is laying on the blue raft as usual, Jordan enters the pool...Jeff reaches out his hand towards Jordan...Jordan moves towards Jeff and they start flirting...Jordan starts getting ticklish as soon as Jeff's hand nears her neck...he tickles her...

Jordan says he's choking her...Jeff says how can he choke her if he can't touch her neck...Jordan says "you're not supposed to choke me"...Jeff imitates Jordan's accent saying "I'm not gonna choke you, I was just playin''...they touch hands...

They whisper and laugh about something...Jeff says "what? now you don't like me, you only liked me because you thought I had some shit" (gamewise)...Jordan giggles, Jeff says it wasn't about her and now she's on her way back (out of the pool)...Jeff flicks water at Jordan...Jordan says she's going to lay out...Jeff says they need pool toys...Jeff tells Jordan she can have the raft if she wants, she says it's ok...Laura gets in the pool…

Relationships & Injuries talk in the GR


Jeff & Jordan are laying on the bed in the GR, Casey has been there talking with them and is just about ready to leave. He is fiddling with the bike...Jeff says to Jordan "you wanna scratch my arm?" (no response is heard from Jordan)...Casey leaves and immediately Jordan asks "so if I'm here tomorrow what are we gonna cook?"...Jeff smiles and says "we're gonna make out?"...Jordan says "we're gonna cook something"...Jeff says "we're gonna get cookin" 😂

They laugh and Jordan says "that was so cheesy"...Jeff says "I know but it fit"...Jordan says "that was really, really cheesy"...Jeff says "so that means you can't scratch my arm no more"...Jordan says "geeeezz" and starts scratching...Jeff asks if that means she's all cocky that she's going to be there?...Jordan, with a goofy look on her face, says no...Jeff points at her and says "yeah you are"...Jordan laughs and says she feels better now but who knows, it might change tomorrow.

Jeff says he told her that...Jordan says she doesn't know, she has to talk to him (Jessie) too because she's got to put the icing on the cake, put the candle & light it. Jeff says just to say what he told her, to explain that Ronnie told her that Jessie didn't like her and she took it as that, they never had a chance to talk so she wants to take this chance to talk...Jordan touches Jeff's ear...Jeff says and if she really wants to butter him up tell him "you look good by the way, then feel his muscles and he'll be like phewwww" 😋 ...they laugh...Jordan says she'll say that she won't tell Jeff...Jeff says "he'll love it, you'll be his best BFF".

Jordan says she is stuffed up...Jeff asks if it's because it's cold in that room?...Jordan says maybe but it could be because she's got boogers in her nose...Jeff asks if she talks extra loud when they're not talking so it looks (to others) like they're not talking...Jordan giggles and says she's not, she's talking normal...Jeff squeezes her nose and Jordan says she doesn't want everyone seeing them talk (little late for that don't ya think? LOL) ...Jordan asks if she has boogers in her nose?...Jeff says no...Jordan feels like it...Jordan says she's sleepy!! (in her cartoon voice)...Jeff says "don't talk in that voice, I don't like that at all"...she starts up again and Jeff closes her mouth with his hand.

Jeff says she doesn't like certain words he says...Jordan says "delicious"...Jeff says delicious he can't stop...Jordan says "crunchy, I mean crunk"...Jeff says he hasn't said that in awhile, he's telling her it's only in certain occasions...Jordan says when Jeff leaves this house he can't say it because it's not cool...Jeff says "I'm gonna text you crunk every day"...Jordan says "I'm not gonna respond"...Jeff says "yeah? I'm going to give you a fake number"...they laugh...

Jordan starts punching Jeff's pillow to try and annoy him...he looks at her...Jordan asks if it's working? Jeff says "a little bit" and they laugh...Jeff asks Jordan if "that" was what she wanted to talk to him so bad about...Jordan says "yeah...that was good"...Jeff says that she was excited?...Jordan says no, what she told Casey and him...Jeff says oh, yeah, that was no big deal...Jeff says he doesn't trust him at all (Jessie), he tells the story of when it was for all 4, then it was all 3...Jordan says they excluded her...Jeff says he offered protection but didn't mean it, he also says it's good Jordan & Lydia are talking again...Jordan says she knows...feeds go to fish...

Relationships & Injuries talk Part 2


Feeds return to J&J...Jordan says you know they're going to be on lockdown, for the whole night...Jeff thinks maybe, maybe not...Jordan thinks they are, they try to remember if they were last week at the same time...Jeff looks at Jordan who is picking at her nose and he says "what's up booger?"...Jordan says "yeah, I know" and Jeff laughs...Jordan gets up to go blow her nose in the bathroom...Jeff closes his eyes...

Feeds go off J&J for a bit and then return just after the 4:35pm mark but with no audio, Jordan is sitting cross legged talking to returns with Jordan saying he's down on his knees at Jenny's grave and he's crying (Forrest Gump reference)...Jeff says yeah, yeah, it's sad and his mom's grave...Jordan says mmm, hmm.

Jordan says she always puts herself in the situation...Notebook, she always cries...Jeff says every girl loves that movie, he thought it was alright...Jordan says she loved it and says "alright?"...Jeff says he thought it was good but girls LOVE that movie.

Jeff says "the thing is girls could have that but they're too big of bitches to have that, you know what I mean?"...Jordan says "yeah right! it depends on the does, it all depends on the guy"...Jeff says "alright, I think it depends on the girl cuz I"...Jordan says "no, because guys can be umm, buttholes and it can like...I don't know, I think it just depends on the guy too, I think well maybe it's mutual"...Jeff says "yeah, you're right, of course, yeah yeah of course"...Jordan says "it depends"...Jeff says "I can be a lot nicer, a lot more romantic, but it's like what are you doing it for? for some chick that's going to put one right in your back? you know what I mean?"...Jordan starts laughing...

Jeff says "and then you feel like a bigger idiot"...Jordan says "you're bitter"...Jeff says "a little bit"...Jeff cracks up...Jordan says "I can tell, why are you so bitter?"...Jeff says "with what? in general?"...Jordan says "yeah".

Jeff says "I got a little chip on my shoulder"

Jordan says "a little chip? I think it's a big chip and it's probably about to fall and crash in the water" 🧐

Jeff laughs and says "what?...oh man"

Jordan asks Jeff what happened? why is he so bitter?...Jeff says "nothin"...Jordan says "why can't you talk about it!?"...Jeff says "talk about what?"...Jordan says what she's asking him about being so bitter, why can't he talk about it...Jeff says "what do you mean? bitter about what?"...Jordan says "every time someone says something about relationships you say it negatively"...Jeff says "I don't know, I haven't had good relationships that's why"...Jordan says "I know...tell me about them"

Jordan says "I wanna know!"...Jeff says "whaddya wanna know?"...Jordan says "I don't know, tell me, start by telling me something"...Jeff says "uhh, forget it, there's no point, I've moved on, I'm living in the now"...Jordan says "I know but I'm trying to go back in the tell me"...

Jeff says "I was in jail for a long time because I killed one of my ex-girlfriends, you wanna hear about it?"😳😅 Jordan says "seriously"...Jeff says "no, get outta here...I don't want to talk about, it's nothing big, it's nothing traumatic, it's just, my relationships haven't worked out"...Jordan says "why? she cheated on you?"...Jeff says "sometimes, sometimes I cheated yeah but lately, no not cheated, nah I wouldn't say that, it's just not good"...Jordan says "how not good!?"...Jeff says "omg!"...Jordan says "I want to know, we gotta have a conversation"...

Jeff says they are having a conversation...Jordan says "tell me"...Jeff says he'll tell her later, he's not in the mood...Jordan asks if Jeff is scared they're watching...Jeff says he doesn't give a f**k, he would like it more if they were watching and then he'd tell the story...they smile at each other...Jeff says "it's not one story in general, it's a combination of shit, it's too much, I'm being honest, she wouldn't understand if he told her anyway, I'm being serious...a lot goes into it, but it's all good"...Jordan says "in the hood?"...Jeff mmm, hmm's...Jordan says ok.

Jeff says "you trust me?"...Jordan says "I don't know"...Jeff gives her a serious look and says "what?"...Jordan says "I don't know"...

Jeff says "don't give me any doubt about you cuz then (hand gesture) I cut it off"...Jordan pretends to stab Jeff in the chest, lol...Jordan asks how is it cut off?...Jeff says "that's it, you're done with Jeff"...Jordan says "whatever"...Jeff says "your Jeff time is over"...Jordan says "you'd be sad"...Jeff says "you'd be sad"...Jordan says "you would be sad"...big smile from Jeff...Jordan says Jeff would be "awww, I miss her"...Jeff giggles...Jordan says "don't lie, don't lie"...Jeff says of course, now he would but she did nothing to make him not think that way, if she did something...there's nothing she could do so it's no big deal.

Jeff says "you're good people Jordan"...Jordan says "thanks, I too"...Jeff says "yah?"...feeds switch to the HOH room when Jordan was just saying "you remind..."

Relationships & Injuries talk Part 3


Feeds return to J&J in the GR shortly after the 4:41pm mark with Jordan telling Jeff he reminds her of her...Jordan asks Jeff if he doesn't think that?...Jeff jokingly says they're identical, they were separated at birth...Jordan says she's serious...Jeff says "me too, we have a lot of things in common"...Jeff says "my sideburns are long, your sideburns are long" 😛

Jeff says he needs to trim his hair, it's getting a little long...Jordan says "let me trim it"...Jeff says he doesn't really trust her, lol...Jordan says "why?"...Jeff says he'll let her cut some of it because it doesn't really matter...Jordan says he's been saying that since last week...Jeff says he hasn't cut it...Jordan says to let her cut it...Jeff says next week, when she's still there...Jordan says "you think?"...Jeff nods yes...Jordan says "are you sure?"...Jeff says all she needs is 5, he goes over the votes...Jordan says you never know, things could change last minute...Jeff assures her he is sure Jessie will vote for her to stay, he wants her to stay, he wants to be with them so it would be a good faith gesture...

Jordan touches Jeff's belly and says "what if I pierced your belly button?" :) Jeff says "you say that every day"...Jordan says "cuz I like squeezing you"...Jeff says he thinks you get stomach aches from that...Jordan doesn't think so...Jordan tells the story of one time when she was little, she had to pee real bad and...Jeff says he's not sure he wants to hear this story, how old was she?...Jordan thinks about 10...Jeff says "did you pee in your belly button?"

Jordan says "no! listen!" Jordan says it was her sister, her & her brother, they always used to sleep like that and every summer when they'd stay at her grandparent's house they'd all have to sleep in the bed together, she had to pee real bad but was half asleep/half awake and she didn't want to get up...her sister rolled over thinking she was a pillow...Jordan says she used to be chubby when she was little, when she was 10 she was chubby, husky, big, she always ate, she'd eat 2 or 3 bowls of cereal and so her sister elbowed her in her stomach and she had to pee, OMG, she had the worst pain in her belly button, she felt like it was right down in there...(Jeff's face during this story is priceless, lol)...Jordan says she was higher up so her sister kept nailing her :/ ...Jeff says "did you pee?"...Jordan says "no, it hurt and then when I went to the bathroom it would pee, stop, pee, stop, pee, stop and then after that I would get really bad pain aches in my belly button"...Jeff says "weird" LOL

Jeff says he can save up his pee and she can give him a shot in the gut...Jordan says no, he doesn't want to do that, it hurts...Jeff says he knows...Jordan says anything to do with your stomach, your belly button, your eyes or your ears or your nose or your mouth, anything like that...

Jeff asks if Jordan has ever had a really bad injury? did she break any bones?...Jordan says she cracked her elbow in half...Jeff asks if she had to wear one of those hard casts (bends his arm)...Jordan shows him yes, she did...Jeff says no, you didn't!...Jordan swears she did...Jeff cracks up...Jordan says "you wanna hear the story?"...Jeff says "yeah".

Jordan says she was in 3rd grade and still chubby, she was trying to swing on the monkey bars, she swung forward real fast because of her weight and then she backed up and BAM fell backwards on the metal thing, it feels like when you hit your funny bone, it just feels like tingly balls right there (Jeff smiles cute!)...

Jordan says she told her teacher she couldn't move her arm, the teacher thought she just bruised it, she told her again she couldn't move it, it turned purple and blue and got fat and then they called her mom, she went to the doctor, got x-rays, broke it, got a blue cast...Jeff asks if she could move it or was there a pin holding it?...Jordan shows Jeff what kind of cast it was and how she could still move it...Jeff thought she was in traction, LOL...Jeff asks if she shattered or fractured it?...Jordan says it just split apart...Jeff says dislocated or broken?...Jordan says it was broken, she was in a cast for 6 weeks.

Jordan says it would itch real bad so she would take a pencil and dig it down in there...Jeff says he's heard that before...Jeff says 6 weeks isn't too bad...Jordan says it hurt and then not long after that this boy came into the school in a wheelchair and he was hit by a car...Jeff says that's terrible...Jordan says he was sledding down his driveway and a car was coming and it ran over his leg...Jeff says what do you mean in a wheelchair?...Jordan says he had to be in a wheelchair...Jeff says oh, after! she made it seem like some guy is just rolling down the street and someone just plowed into him...Jordan says nooo...Jeff says that's what he thought, Jesus! that's terrible...Jordan says no, he was sledding...Jeff sees what she's saying...Jordan says he broke his leg and had to be in a wheelchair...Jeff says but then he got out of the wheelchair?...Jordan says "right"...Jeff says she can't just throw a wheelchair story in there...Jordan says "oh, well my bad"...Jordan lays back down and says she thought he understood...Jeff says "no...I do now".

Relationships & Injuries talk Part 4


Jordan lays down and says she wants to eat. Jeff says "don't start, you're doing so good, I'm proud of you...just one more day"...Jordan says thanks and they high five. Jordan says she's going to have to do competitions by herself (no more populars)...Jeff thinks BB will do something...Jordan says Jeff needs to stay on his team to be safe...Jeff says he needs to, what if they put him & her up on the block...Jordan says she would be sad...Jeff says they might as well just leave...Jordan says she'd be mad, real mad...Jeff says they'd be fu**ed, they be on slop and be eliminated.

Jeff says that if it comes down to it and she needs to pick someone for her team, she should pick Jessie...Jordan says on mine?...Jeff says yeah, mmm, hmm, this way he has to protect you plus Natalie will be on his team so he'll be protected plus he's king in here so why not you know?

Jeff asks what else? did she ever get stitches...Jordan says yeah, on her lip, she thinks she did, she had them on her boobs, on her knee, no not on her knee...Jeff asks if she can't remember if she got stitches or not?...Jordan says on her lip she did, she got a fork shoved up her lip, a fork!!...she demonstrates... LOL

Jeff says "and it came out the inside?"...Jordan says "all the way"...Jeff's eyes open wide saying "wow"...Jordan says she had a piece of cake walking down the steps on the concrete...Jeff covers his mouth and says oh no!!...Jordan says she tripped and fell, she fell down the steps and the way the fork landed, her face landed down on it...Jeff says it sounds terrible...Jordan says it went straight up...Jeff says blah!...Jordan says she cried all the way to the ER...Jeff says he bets, did they take the fork out?...Jordan says yeah, they stretched out her lip...Jeff says "you went to the doctor with the fork in your face!?...Jordan says yeah...Jeff says "no you didn't!"...Jordan swears, she was little, probably like 4 or 5...Jeff imitates how Jordan would have looked and cracks up...Jordan says she was sitting on her mom's lap...Jeff says when she was getting stitches she was thinking about where the rest of her cake was 😂 ...Jordan says "probably"...they laugh. Jordan says her sister was having a birthday party and they had to leave...feeds switch to the HOH room...

Feeds return...Jordan is saying she gets real nervous...Jeff says he hates when he has to carry a tray of martinis, he gets so nervous now from all the years of waitering, if they're filled to the top..Jordan says you drink martinis?...Jeff says no when he has to serve them...Jordan says "you don't work there"...Jeff says when he used to be a waiter...Jordan says oh, oh, oh...Jeff says he would get all nervous with the tray, try to tell himself to not shake because they will so filled to the top, they'd give him a tray and he'd only take 2 at a time...Jordan says she'd take 4 at a time...Jordan asks if Jeff likes fishbowls?...Jeff says on spring break? he had them then...Jordan says they have them at her work, Jeff says they don't have them near him...

Relationships & Injuries talk Part 5


Jordan grabs Jeff's hand, plays with his thumb 😊

and starts talking about Mardi Gras and how they have these long green drinks called grenades, they're long and at the bottom they have a grenade, you drink one and you're like guuuuurrrrr, he should have seen her there, she was a mess, she looked like eat, you drink, you wake up, you're hungover, you start drinking, then the next day it's the same thing...Jeff says that's Vegas too, your only way out is to drink again, that's how he is...Jordan says you feel better...Jeff says his favorite part of Vegas is the pool...Jordan asks what the pool is like...Jeff says it's just a big, giant party, everyone is just drinking, talking, sitting around the pool, swimming, everyone just gets crunked up...he looks at Jordan who gives him the finger...Jeff says it's his favorite, you get sun and then nap.

Jordan asks who Jeff goes with? his guy friends?...Jeff says yeah...Jordan asks if it's more fun with guy friends or with a girlfriend?...Jeff says he went with a girl once or twice, it was fun...Jordan bets it's more fun with guy friends...Jeff agrees but it depends what your girl or guy is like. Jordan asks if Jeff gambles? Jeff says yeah...Jordan asks if Jeff is a good gambler?...Jeff says no...Jordan says "I can see you being terrible"...Jeff says to take it easy...Jordan says "quit throwing stones"

Jeff says he gets out of control, that's his problem, he feels it's personal that he's losing, he gets pissed and doubles his bets, throwing alcohol into the mix doesn't help...Jordan says right...Jeff says he's a perfect stooge for Vegas, he drinks but you have all these $5 chips and drinks are free when you're playing, all you have to do is tip, he'd rather buy a drink because he ends tipping them 5 bucks anyway and if he's winning he'll give them 10 bucks, you have chips and it's not money, it's like your money is fake in Vegas.

Jordan asks how far Vegas is from LA?...Jeff says it's a 4 hour drive, a 45 min flight...Jordan says shut up!...Jeff and his buddies used to drive there at 2 in the morning, get there at 6 and start rocking and rolling. Jeff says it's fun but you can't do it all the time, he gets wore out.

Casey walks in and they banter...Casey says Jeff takes things the wrong way and gets fired up...Jeff says Jordan says the same thing and that he's feisty sometimes...Casey says with the people that like you, you jackass...Jordan says yeah, thanks...Jeff says he's only like that because he cares, if he didn't he would ignore them...Casey says whatever helps you sleep at night, lol...Jeff says he needs some help...Casey says Jeff could use a counsellor...Jeff says me? why do you say that?...Jordan giggles and Jeff says "what?"...Jordan says see?...Jeff says what is he mental? they're just pulling his strings...Casey starts singing "in a dump truck"...Jordan sings along and Jeff smiles big at her...

Jeff says to tell Casey one of her stories...Jordan says he doesn't want to hear them...Jeff says to tell him what a good waitress she is...Jeff gets up...Jordan says she's terrible, she forgets drinks...Jeff pinches Jordan's cheek real cute...Casey says he could see that coming...Jeff leaves...

Relationships & Injuries talk Part 6


Jeff returns to the GR with a bowl of fruit salad asking Jordan if she minds he eat in front of her...Jordan doesn't care...Jeff sits back where he was and eats…

Jordan out of the blue says "I love little babies when if you eat something in front of them and then they want a little bit of it, they sit there and look at you and they want some more, it's so cute"...Jeff says his little niece goes like this (holds out his arm reaching)...Jordan says aww...Casey asks how old she is?...Jeff says she just turned one...Casey says she's the same as Morgan, he just turned one last week of June.

Casey asks if they saw the movie Australia...Jeff says no but heard it was alright...Casey says it was long but good, it's two movies in one, the kid in the movie, Morgan does what he does, he says "I sing you to me"...Jeff says his other niece Marley...Casey says his buddy's kid is Marley, last name Potts...Jeff says that's a little...Casey says he likes reggae, Jeff says his brother does too...Jeff starts to tell the story of when he videotaped Marley on his phone...feeds go to fish and return a minute later...Jeff is saying something about a movie being good, something about Morgan Freeman.

Jordan says "my grandpa told me"...Casey starts singing and feeds go to fish again, they return with Jordan laughing about bumping a girl with her stomach, LOL. She demonstrates...Casey walks out saying geez oh weez...

Jordan sits down again and Jeff says "what happened to your leg?"...Jordan looks for what he's talking about and says it's a bruise, she guesses she got hit, he did it, he doesn't remember?...Jeff says shut up...Jordan says she's just kidding...Jordan looks at Jeff...Jeff says she keeps looking at his food...Jordan says it looks good...Jeff asks if she wants him to not eat it in front of her?...Jordan doesn't care...Jordan in a goofy voice says "I'm about to make me some more slop!"...Jeff locks eyes with Jordan and smiles...

Jordan says "more slop"...Jeff says it's just one more day...Jordan says "cook me something good"...Jeff says "whatever you want, I'll make it"...Jordan asks if she has to wait til midnight?...Jeff says it doesn't matter because she'll be happy she stayed...Jordan says maybe she won't be hungry because her nerves will be bad...Jeff says she better not poop...Jordan says she has to make a speech...Jeff asks if she wants help...Jordan says yeah, she can tell him what she wants to say and he can help her word it better...Jeff says alright.

Jeff says it's going to be funny because she's going to be nervous...Jordan says she knows she will be, she'll get red, forget her words and start stuttering, she'll just cut it...Jeff says not to rehearse too much...Jordan says last week she started rambling and then cut it, it probably didn't make sense...Jordan describes how she answered Julie's question about her & Lydia's fight, she said something about her veins shooting out of her neck..Jeff says he was like "what?"...Jordan says Julie was probably wondering what she was talking about. Jeff says he knew Julie was going to ask him something but not about what...Jordan says he did good.

Casey comes back in, Jeff finishes his fruit salad, puts the bowl away and lays back down...Jordan fluffs a pillow to which Jeff asks if she wants to lay down on him...she nods yes...Jeff gets comfy first then Jordan lays down.

Jeff and Casey chit chat about the Florida Gators, football and Michael Jordan...Jordan announces she is hungry, gets up and leaves the boys to continue chatting about sports…

Kitchen hug & bathroom bite


Jordan approaches Jeff who is sitting at the kitchen counter...Jeff hugs her from behind and squeezes her...he asks if she's tired?...

It's hard to hear exactly what they're talking about because of the other HG's in the kitchen talking loudly but Jeff is heard saying "are you nervous?"...Jordan nods yes...

Jeff encourages Jordan to go practice (the mock game outside), she should prepare...Jordan says she's bad at it...Jeff says "you should practice, it's here for a take advantage and you can win yourself an HOH"...Jordan says she knows, she's being stubborn and says "I can practice tomorrow though can't I?"...Jeff says "if you want to...maybe it won't be here"...Jeff and Jordan get quiet looking at what's going on in the kitchen...

On Cam 4 Jeff can be seen reaching for Jordan and rubbing her backside...Jordan moves away and Jeff goes to the bathroom...Jordan follows him in there...

She sits down on the bed and then Jeff lays down behind her and gives her a love bite on her arm :)

They talk with Laura about how tomorrow might go (live show day)...Jeff rubs his face on Jordan's shirt :) ...Jordan says she's hungry again...Laura too...feeds switch…

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