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Day 12 of BB11 Feeds

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

July 21

The house turns on Ronnie/Moments of comfort amongst the chaos


The whole house realizes what "the Rat" has been up to, dividing the house and pitting one side against the other. The HG's gather outside to talk it all out w/o Ronnie who is holed up in the HOH and through it all Jeff & Jordan stay close, supporting each other amidst the chaos around them...they lean on each other...what has become the norm for them in the BB house.

Chain of events:

12:25am Jeff & Jordan go to the hammock to try and get to the bottom of the rumors about Russell & Laura campaigning.

12:30am onward Ronnie's jig is up.

1:05am Who's fu**in' cat is that in the picture? 😂 😂

1:39am, 1:58am, 2:00am, 2:05am Jeff & Jordan standing getting close.

2:09am Jeff sits down and holds Jordan.

2:10am Jordan sits down near Jeff.

2:16am Jeff rubs Jordan's leg.

2:26am Jeff leans his head on Jordan and shoulder kisses her

2:31 am Jeff lays his head on Jordan's shoulder

Jordan scratches Jeff’s back in the HN room


After the Ronnie blow up, Jeff goes to bed in the RR.

Jordan finishes up talking to Chima in the bathroom and heads to bed. Jordan scares Jeff a little by pinching him, she giggles and Jeff says omg...he smiles and reaches out to her with his arm saying "come here" (I always love the way Jeff says this to her 🥰)

Jordan says "what no, I gotta go in there" (HN room)...Jeff pulls Jordan down to him but Jordan says she can't sleep in there...

Jeff says "come lay down with me"...Jordan says for him to lay down with her in the HN room...Jeff doesn't sound enthused...Jordan shrugs saying to go in there because everybody is sleeping in the RR and they'll be talking...Jeff as per usual says "scratch my back?"...Jordan says she will and goes into the HN room...Jeff follows after putting on his sweatpants.

Jeff enters, lays face down and says "wtf?"...Jordan laughs saying "welcome to our bed"...Jeff says he doesn't like it at all, he's going back...but he doesn't LOL Jordan starts scratching...Jeff says "wow, I don't like this"...Jordan asks if he wants a blanket...Jeff says a little bit, yeah...Jordan says she has two and throws one over Jeff's legs.

Jordan says "what a crazy night" and continues scratching...Jeff feels like he's dreaming...Jordan knows...Jeff says things make sense now...Jordan agrees...Jeff wondered wtf was going on...Jordan says he (Ronnie) got caught, she bets he feels like crap...Jeff says he's good, he'll give him that...Jordan scratches Jeff's armpit asking if it tickles...Jeff says no...Jordan imitating Jeff says "it feels nice"...Jordan hopes BB lets them sleep in tomorrow because she's going to be so tired...feeds go to fish briefly...Jeff says they'll talk about it all day tomorrow...Jordan thinks she'll sleep all day.

Jordan says it gets really cold in the HN room at night...feeds go to fish again...Jordan says it's like starting all over again, she wishes Ronnie would just quit to let her and Laura stay...Jeff says not much will change...Jordan says he'll be ignored for a week...Jordan asks if Jeff shaved his armpit...Jeff says "you like armpits" :) ...Jordan says "no I don't"...Jeff hmm's...(she likes your armpits)

Jordan says it's hard in there and the little dinky pillows...Jeff says the pillows suck again...Jordan keeps scratching...more fish...they discuss Ronnie and how far he would have gotten and that they were done talking to him...Jordan pats Jeff and he whines "nooo"...Jordan says "what?"...Jeff says it usually means Jordan is done...Jordan giggles.

Jordan says it's weird when you live with people for awhile, you feel like you know them a lot longer than you do...Jordan says she feels like she has known Jeff forever and Jeff says me too...Jordan says maybe it's because they're both so open talking about pooting...and he farts in front of her :) ...Jeff says "you like that?"...Jordan says "stuff like that"...Jordan asks him if Jeff farts in front of his girlfriends?...Jeff says not usually unless he dates them for awhile...Jordan asks how long dating?...Jeff says he doesn't know...Jordan giggles...Jeff says "not 2 weeks" 😅

Jordan moves up to Jeff's head and starts rubbing asking "how was your wine?" Jeff says it was good, he didn't even feel like talking...Jordan asks "doesn't if feel good when people rub your face?"

Jeff says "I love it and my hair"...Jordan says "you love it when people rub you period"...Jeff mmm, hmm's...Jordan says she had to put Neosporin on her boob, the one stitch part, she hasn't been doctoring it...Jeff asks if you can still see the cut?...Jordan says it's moreso like a scab, it probably hasn't healed as well...Jeff wants to see...Jordan rubs the front of Jeff's hair and says he's burning up, his forehead seems hot...Jeff says it's the sunburn.

Jordan keeps rubbing saying the camera is right on them, she asks if Jeff is sleeping?...Jeff says no, he's in the zone, this is the best session ever...Jordan says she feels bad for Jeff...Jeff asks why?...Jordan says because Ronnie put him up, she doesn't know...Jeff says because everyone hated him for no reason...Jordan says it's cuz of Ronnie, they had a little bug...Jordan asks if she's being too loud?...Jeff says no if they keep talking the way they are...Jeff says Ronnie's a rat...Jordan bets he can't sleep tonight...Jordan complains she looks terrible in the DR with no make up on...FISH...

Jordan says she looks rough...Jeff disagrees saying she looks good without makeup...Jordan says "Jeff"...Jeff is confused...Jordan says it's nothing, she just says Jeff sometimes...Jordan starts playing with Jeff's ear making a buzzing sound and asking if he's got any gnats in there, any roaches? she giggles...

Jordan asks Jeff about Ross the intern, how they had to do those interviews that day, she starts giggling and FISH briefly ..Jordan starts saying that they asked and she's sure they asked Jeff if he was going to have a showmance...FISH AGAIN!!! Grrrr

Jordan then says "did he say that to you?" (I think she was saying that Ross told her there was someone in the house she could have a showmance with)...Jeff says that Ross said that to him too...Jordan giggles and says "I wanna know who it was"...DUH - Jeff!!

Jordan says her hand/arm is tired...Jeff whines...Jordan grabs a hold of Jeff's arm and rubs his hand...Jordan says his hands are warm too, Jordan guarantees it will be freezing in there tonight...Jeff says he can't sleep in there...Jordan says she is just saying...Jeff says he's going to sleep so good tonight...Jordan agrees...Jeff says he can't believe the others are still talking about it...Jordan says Casey is so funny...Laura has entered the room and whispers something to J&J...they say that Jeff is just in there talking.

They start talking about Ronnie again, Laura is just glad it all came out before she leaves...Jeff says he is sure they'll talk about it all day ad nauseum...Jordan says it's weird he gets to stay and one of them has to leave...Jeff says "thank God I got that veto"...they talk about Ronnie lying about not intending for Jeff to leave...Laura says that it's funny he tried to pit Laura against Jordan...Jeff says that's where he got too big...Jordan says she asked Jeff what was going on and she knew Laura wouldn't campaign against her...Jeff says things didn't make sense.

Jeff leans into Jordan, puts his hand on her waist and starts rubbing her belly...

Jordan takes Jeff's hand and puts it on her butt, he playfully goes back to rubbing and she places it away again, he squeezes her butt and she giggles. Jordan says he lied a lot, she's glad he got caught...Jeff nods yes and starts rubbing her back...Jordan says it's going to be freezing...Jeff throws his blanket over her and goes in for a neck nuzzle/bite...they keep talking about Ronnie, Laura says he was using them as toys the whole time...Jordan tells Jeff that what he did tickled so he does it again...Jordan tells Jeff that's her ticklish spot.

Jeff says it's a nightmare in there...Jordan says wait until he has it, he doesn't want slop and to be in there...they whisper some more while Jeff prepares to go to bed...Jordan says "you can go to bed now"...Jeff laughs asking if she just said he could? (go to bed)...Jeff says "thanks, I was planning on staying here all night" LOL...Jeff says they can talk about it tomorrow til they throw up, it's gonna be fun...Jeff leans into Jordan and gives her a goodnight kiss on the cheek, says to have fun in there and leaves…

Sleepy bathroom hug


The HG's are woken up early after being up very late...Jeff & Jordan are super tired. Jeff has just sprayed the toilet area so his eyes are stinging. Jordan gives Jeff a big hug, Jeff rubs her back.

What’s on your mind?


Feeds switch to J&J who are talking in the GR but audio is not on them, it's on sleeping Michele & Casey outside. lol

Audio is restored with Jordan asking Jeff if he popped the raft? Jeff says no, Lydia says he did it but it was Jessie, he swears to God it wasn't...Jordan says she's just kidding...Jeff asks why she was asking him?...Jordan says she just thought it might be him because he's always on it...Jeff says it was Jessie, he popped it but he thinks you can still fill it up.

Jeff asks "what's on your mind?"...Jordan says "nothing"...Jeff says "liar"...Jordan says "no, nothing why!?"...Jeff says she has something on her mind...Jordan says nuh-uh...Jeff says "what's up?"...Jordan says "nothing"...Jeff says "liar...what you got? show your cards"...Jordan says "no I'm not saying shit"...Jeff says "what you got?"...Jordan says "I'll tell you later"...Jeff smiles and says he knew she had something, he slaps her leg.

Jordan laughs and says "how'd you know?"...Jeff says "oh! is it about Russell?"...Jordan says "kind of"...Jeff says he has to tell her something too.

Jordan asks if Jeff wants to go outside?...Jeff doesn't seem thrilled...Jordan says it's just for a second, he doesn't have to stay...Jeff laughs and says "you're such a loser, why wouldn't you just be like I have to tell you something"...Jordan laughs and says "I don't know!...I don't know, shut up, now come on, let's go"...they head outside...

We're a package


Jeff & Jordan come outside to talk, they sit on the pool chairs in the shade. Jeff says "whoa this is like good huh?"...Jordan says it's nothing but she tells him that Lydia told her that Russell is in on it with Ronnie and there's more to it, she just agreed with everything she said, Lydia said that this morning Russell was laying on the couch up there and he was overdoing it, she caught him in some lies. Lydia told her that Russell always said he hated Jordan and would put her up if he was HOH. Jordan puts on her bikini top that was sitting outside drying. LOL

Jordan asks Jeff what he thinks about that?

Jeff says he doesn't know...who the f**k knows...Jordan says she is scared if Russell gets HOH he will put her up...Jordan says that Lydia told her they have to get rid of Natalie because she will ruin Jessie's chances, even Chima said so because they know if it came down to it, they know Jessie would pick Natalie.

Jeff says "see we weathered the storm and things are changing now and we get a free pass with everything because we really didn't say shit you know? and the only ones who fought..." Jeff notices Jordan was zoning out so he says Oh? did you see me talking? forget it...Jordan says she was listening and repeats what Jeff said. Jeff says it doesn't matter.

Jordan says she's scared because everybody knows they are like this (crosses her fingers)...she is worried she is going home Thursday, does Jeff think she is?...Jeff says he doesn't...Jordan says "you swear?"...Jeff says "no, I'm lying to you Jordan"...Jordan says "do you think I got the votes?...Jeff says mmm, hmm...Jordan says "are you sure?"...Jeff says yeah...Jordan says she will be so upset if she leaves...Jeff says he thinks she is good, he's serious, he thinks she's good.

They go over scenarios regarding voting...Jeff says Casey will vote for her...Jordan thinks she has Michele...Jeff says he doesn't trust Michele...Jordan says you have to be careful...Jeff says really careful but she's smart...Jordan and Jeff agree they can use her as an asset...Jeff says Jessie & Natalie will vote for Jordan...Jordan isn't so sure...Jeff reassures her...Jeff says nothing is going to change now...Jordan says she can tell Laura is a little bit more quiet with her. Jeff says everybody likes her, she's a good person, everyone likes her...Jordan says that is why she tried to do the dishes too ...Jeff laughs, he didn't think about that...Jeff says she always does them...Jordan says she was trying to be extra nice and help Jessie.

Jordan says it's good because now Jessie & Natalie like them...Jeff says it's not only that but they never talk to them so they can't get on their nerves so they probably feel like they gave them a bad rap but amongst them they are getting on each other's nerves and they can float by.

Jeff says it's nice out 😊 Jordan says she doesn't trust Russell...Jeff doesn't either but he can use him...Jordan says good job...Jordan doesn't want to go, she's so nervous...Jeff can't believe the lies Ronnie said, there were 10,000 of them...he can't believe he said that Jeff didn't want to stay and that he said fa***t , she is with him all the time and when did she hear him say that?...Jordan says "I stick up for you, the whole time, we're like a package"...Jeff says "what?"...Jordan says "we're a package" :) ...Jeff says "you're right we are a package" 👩‍❤️‍👨

Jeff says see they were right the whole time, they thought they were going crazy...Jordan says she knows...Jeff repeats they were right the whole time...Jordan says they just didn't know it was him and they were blaming Jessie...Jeff says (blaming) everybody, yeah.

 I’m so glad you’re here


Jordan thinks they should stick by Jessie now...Jeff says f**k that, his power diminished and he knows it, he had everyone by the balls and now he has nothing, he had a weight in Natalie and she gets on people's nerves and they come in a package...Jordan says Lydia told her they need to get rid of Ronnie, then Russell, then Natalie...Jeff says that would be awesome, he would win this fu**ing thing...Jordan says hopefully it will be the two of them standing at the end...Jeff says if they went out like that he would beat Jessie straight up...Jordan says "you would?"...Jeff says "f**k yeah, he's got no brains"...Jordan says "I don't either so you've got to balance it out".

Jeff points out that last night when everyone was yelling at Ronnie, they were all a team, Jessie just had his back turned and didn't want to get involved, where the f**k are you? still trying to keep your hands clean? then Jessie warned Jeff about Russell, to not trust him, they were being so paranoid that Russell would end up with them...Jeff says it's a game changer, everything is meant to be in life, you can never get too down on yourself too much.

Jeff feels like he is dreaming, all of this isn't real, it's a second chance, he really thought he was gone the next 2 weeks...Jordan is still worried she's leaving, she has a bad feeling...Jeff says of course you do because she's on the block...Jordan says she has Jeff, she has Casey...Jeff says "you don't have me yet" ;) Jordan says "yes I do"...Jeff laughs and smiles at Jordan...

Jordan goes over votes for her...Jeff says Lydia still likes her, she should reach out and talk to Lydia...Jordan says she will but she doesn't trust her completely...Jeff says don't but just be friends with her, especially when Laura leaves, Jordan will have another friend in her...Jeff says that's 2 more votes for them.

Jordan says they can't get too excited...Jeff knows...Jordan says what if the worst happens and she does leave, she would cry...Jeff says "I would're not going nowhere"...Jordan says for Jeff to start threatening everybody LOL Jeff says "f**k that, you've got the votes"...Jordan says is that why Laura is acting all depressed?...Jeff says yeah...Jordan says she's a bigger threat than her and she is smart...Jeff giggles and says "no offense to you but I think she is too"...Jordan says yeah and smiles/laughs...Jeff says "and whatever, take it with a grain of salt, I'm protecting you anyway"...Jeff asks if Jordan thinks she would do better without him?...Jordan says no...Jeff says good because he feels bad...Jordan asks why?...Jeff says he said in the DR that if she goes him, he'll feel at fault and everyone at home is going to be like "why did you (Jordan) make friends with that idiot (Jeff)?".

Jordan doesn't understand and thinks Jeff will send her home...Jeff says "see? you think I'm sending you home, your mind is going crazy"...Jordan says she would be mad if he sent her home...Jeff sighs and says "why would I send you home Jordan? you're the only person I can talk to in this whole entire house"...Jeff grabs the planter and says if she left he'd have to talk to the plants and scheme with them. LOL Jordan laughs and says "I know, I'm so glad you're here...if you weren't I would be bored".

Jordan says "I don't even know how me & you started being (close)"🥰 ...Jeff says "me neither"...Jordan says she thinks it's because they shared a room and they'd stay up late at night talking...maybe that's how?...Jeff says "like me and you can talk about anything, i can tell you anything and it doesn't even matter, it doesn't have to be about the game or the game, we just talk to vent to each other and we don't have to run to someone else"...Jordan says "right"...Jeff says "that's what I like because you can't talk about the game in here all the time 24 hours a day and then everything you say is held against you"...Jordan says "right...well I still think we need to get Russell out of here too, I think he would cause problems"

Jeff says everything is alright with him right now because everything is forgiven, right now Jeff thinks they could use him, they could trick him easy. Jordan says she loves Casey, she would like him to go to the end too...Jeff says Casey is a wildcard but he would trust him...Jordan says he goes with the flow…

Your sink was shipping


Jordan says she's ashy...Jeff asks about the helicopter flying above, if it could be a news one? Jordan doesn't know...Jeff makes fun of the fact he even thought they might be trying to film them, who the f**k cares about them? LOL Jordan laughs.

Jordan hopes they make it to the top 5 😉😉 Jeff says they have a chance now...Jeff says he's going to playing the puppy dog card saying he can't believe everyone was mad at him he's so nice, Jeff laughs...Jordan says to be sweet to everyone, he already was but be super sweet, then Jordan says her stomach, she doesn't know, she's going to be pooping so much on Thursday, her stomach is going to be so upset, if she goes home she will be mad...Jeff says she will be alright...Jordan says "you better promise me"...Jeff says "promise you what?"...Jordan says "that I'm not going home cuz I don't want to be shocked"

Jeff says "no, I'll be shocked"...Jeff says he doesn't think she is going home and not to worry, he'll talk to a couple of people before Thursday...Jordan says she needs 5 votes, she goes over the votes...Jeff brings up what's the difference between the 3 couples in the house?...Jordan says they're jealous cuz they know they're close and they don't run their mouths...Jordan says she tells Jeff 'basically' everything...Jeff says basically? what is she hiding? ;) Jordan says "major stuff" LOL

Jordan says her legs are ashy again, she shaved them and went in the pool...Jeff sarcastically says that's so hygenic...Jordan says huh? don't use big words ...Jeff says he tries not to...Jordan says she's gaining weight on slop, she wants to eat so bad...Jeff warns Jordan not to be stupid and eat just because Laura wants to...Jordan says "yes father"...Jeff says he is just trying to help you, then eat it, then go fu**ing eat a whole pizza, see if I care...Jordan says to quit cussing...Jeff says he's trying to help her and she's being a smartass...Jeff says it's less weight to carry, go eat that pizza, he laughs...Jordan says "I'll hit you" 😅

Jeff goes back to game talk, lol...he says if bozo goes home next week that's one more person gone and then they're in the jury house...Jordan says they have to make it to final 4 or 5, she thinks they are...Jeff says his goal was don't be the first eliminated, make it to the jury house and then win this motherfu**er, you gotta climb the ladder, his goal is jury house now and still some shit could happen...Jordan points out how Jeff hand gestures...Jeff says he feels like he has a new life...Jordan doesn't feel depressed anymore...she asks if Jeff thinks Russell could change Natalie's & Jessie's mind?...Jeff doesn't think so, they're bumping heads...Jordan asks again...Jeff doesn't think so...Jeff thinks Russell is fading away from them and wants to come to J&J.

Jordan says Jeff got the bad end of the stick...Jeff says the super bad end...Jordan says he got an ass licking...Jeff says "dude, my butt is still sore"...Jeff says that is why Dan was telling him to hang in there because on TV they probably made him look like a prostitute, everyone was just banging him.

They bring up the costume Jeff wore in the Truth Hurts comp and how Jeff hated the answer he gave more than the costume itself...Jordan says that and the Technotronics...she starts giggling and says honestly, who thinks of that? Technotronics? youuuuu...Jeff says they say such a big deal about it...Jordan says he will probably be known as the Technotronics boy...Jeff says they beat a dead horse in here about that line, it's their favorite...Jordan says she just loves hearing him explain it...Jeff cracks up.

Jeff says he's not smoking for a couple of days...Jordan wants to lay out again, does she look pale?...Jeff says no, she can lay out tomorrow or go now, whatever...Jordan says the only thing she's worried about going home today...Jeff says that is normal, from the outside looking in, he thinks she is staying...Jordan say she hopes...Jeff says "I hope too"...Jeff says the positive thing is now they do seem to have a say in this thing...they talk about how Ronnie screwed himself with his big mouth...Jeff says he was in big trouble...Jordan says "yeah, your sink was shipping"...Jeff cracks up...Jordan says it was sinking ;)

Jordan gets up, checks the sun and sits on the same chair as Jeff...Jeff puts his leg over her lap...Jordan says Jeff's ship was definitely sinking...Jeff says his sink was shipping? Jordan says sinking, you know what I mean?...Jeff says he knows what she means. 😄

Jordan says she can't go home saying "you know what I mean?", she will correct her...Jeff says but what she said was a real you know what I mean because she said sink was know what I'm saying? 🤣🤣

Jordan says he has to quit saying that because he confuses her...Jeff says "but that was a real...I don't know"...Jeff cracks up...Jordan says just put your hat on and go to sleep, just kidding...Jordan says everyone is passed out...

Get better at backscratching


Jeff says everyone is getting stressed out (hence everyone is sleeping) and then they didn't sleep the last night...Jordan says she did rub his back...Jeff says "dude, that was the best BB backscratch, our time" ☺️ Jeff says Jordan set that bar that good, she has to get better and better each time...Jordan says "no! why?"...Jeff says because she has to improve herself each a person"...Jordan says "why?"...Jeff says "what do you mean? don't you want to be better each day?"...Jordan says "at backscratching?"...Jeff says "at everything but backscratching might be one of them" ;) Jeff laughs...Jordan says she can't help he's obsessed with wanting to be rubbed.

Jeff nods and says it relaxes him...Jordan says she doesn't want them to be seen a lot together at night, she doesn't want them to be perceived as a threat...Jeff says they're not a threat, people are over it...Jordan says "Jeff, listen to what I have to say"...Jeff says for her to tell him what she has to say, he'll go lock himself in a room...Jordan says she just told him...Jeff says ok, leave me alone today, he smiles :)...Jordan says ok and Jeff waves bye ;)

Jordan changes her mind LOL and says no, she's saying that people will say they're always hanging out and together but they can wait til tomorrow because tomorrow matters...Jeff says it's stupid but he knows what she means...Jordan says last night they were sitting together and she could feel people looking at them...Jeff says they've always been together, why would things change now?...Jordan says she's on the block and trying to help herself...Jeff understands.

Jordan pats Jeff's leg hard and asks if it hurts, Jeff says no, it kind of makes his leg move...Jordan says in a Jeff voice "it kinda feels nice" :) Jeff smiles...they talk about being tangled up in the mic cords, Jeff even had a dream about the same thing, it's the first dream he's had in there, he usually doesn't remember his dreams, they talked about that already...Jeff says wouldn't it be nice if they could just watch TV and make some popcorn...Jordan says popcorn? no, hamburgers...Jeff laughs and says Big Macs & hot dawgs 😂

Jordan says she was going to say in her speech that if they all vote for her, they're Gucci and if they don't, she guesses she is going home Casey and she's going home to get herself a Big Mac...Jordan laughs and Jeff says that is good...Jeff says she has to work on her speech...Jordan says she doesn't know what to say, it's gonna be scary, you could tell Braden was nervous during his speech...Jeff says yeah, big time...they talk about how Jeff had to memorize the script for the veto ceremony, Jordan says she won't be able to, she has bad short term memory...and the feeds go to fish briefly...they return with J&J bantering about the speeches...

Jeff wants Jordan to do her speech now in front of him, it will be fun, he wants her to stand up and do it LOL...Jordan starts saying that it's been the longest 3 weeks of her life, they all know who the rat is so now they're good, she really wants to be there, so if they keep her Gucci and if they don't she hates them all. Jordan says she's just kidding, she doesn't know what to say, what should she say?...Jeff says "I don't know...whatever you feel like, it's your speech, it's your moment to rock the microphone"...Jeff suggests not sounding too rehearsed.

Jeff kinda braids Jordan’s hair


Jordan wants to lay back so Jeff adjusts and puts a pillow between them at Jordan's request...Jordan leans back and Jeff says she smashed him ;), the adjust some more and finally get comfy. Jordan continues saying she doesn't know what to say in her speech...Jeff says for her just to say what she wants because it'll be funnier and cute...Jordan says "no it won't"...Jeff says it will, it's cute...Jordan says maybe only Jeff thinks that, other people might not. Jeff says no, it's funny...Jordan says "what's funny?"...Jeff says "when you're you" 😊

Jeff says Jordan can't fake it, if she fakes it, it will ruin it, speak from her heart...Jordan says she is speaking from her heart, she's telling the truth, she felt like she was in a psycho ward, she was with a bunch of crazy people for 3 weeks and she did think she needed a psychiatrist...Jeff says another thing is that when Jordan is saying 'I'm sorry" to them she should say she forgives them too because it makes it seem it's all their fault, they fu**ed up more than they did...Jeff starts touching Jordan's hair...Jordan says ok...Jeff says he's serious and he tugs at her hair...Jordan says her hair is so knotted...Jeff says it feels like a wig. 😅

Jordan says "like a wig?", she says it's from being wet, she unties it and says to Jeff "there ya go, play with it"...Jeff holds it in one hand and starts shaking it around...Jordan says she's bald on one side...Jeff says it feels weird, what if he had all that hair?...Jordan misunderstands but says Jeff would be jealous of her long hair...Jeff asks what if he had long hair?...Jordan says she would love it.

Jordan says David Beckham looks hot with long hair...Jeff says he could have horns and he'd look good...Jordan says he's just blessed...Jeff says he's a good looking cat, there's no getting around that...Jordan says Tom Brady is hot too...Jeff says the quarterback? Jordan says yeah and for Jeff to keep playing with her hair, puhlease.

Jeff says like this?...Jordan says however he wants to play with it, Jordan says Tom's cute too...she then says Jeff is terrible...Jeff wants to know what to do, braid it?...Jordan asks if Jeff knows how to braid?...Jeff says no but he's gonna try, he knows it goes in threes...Jordan shows him how...Jeff says it's a lot of hair, it's kind of making him grossed out...Jordan says "why!?"...Jeff says it's not his deal...Jordan says her hair and her feet gross him out?

Jeff says he doesn't know how people are barbers with all the hair and stuff...Jordan keeps showing Jeff how but he's pretty useless LOL Jordan then shows on her bangs to help...meanwhile Michele has woken up and is getting in the pool...Jeff mumbles that this is gross. 🥴

Jordan says she has pretty hair...Jeff knows but he's never messed around with people's hair like this...Jordan laughs...clearly the braiding lesson isn't going well as Jeff says what she's showing him is all reversed...Jeff thinks he has it but he doesn't really. ;) Jordan tells Michele she's teaching him to braid.

Jordan keeps trying but Jeff says "dude, it just like made a knot" Jordan says "whatever, you're fired"...Jeff says fired from braiding hair? no problem, it's too much and it's gross. LOL Jordan sits up and puts her hair in a ponytail again.

Michele tosses aside the popped raft and that brings up the discussion again over who popped the raft with Jeff asking why Jordan thought it was him...Jordan says he's on it all the time so she assumed it was him, calm down...Jeff wets his finger and pokes Jordan in the ear...Jeff laughs at Jordan saying to Michele that Jeff gave her a "wet Willy"


Jeff starts massaging Jordan's neck...Jeff says Chima washes the most clothes here by far...Jordan guesses so...Jeff keeps massaging while they talk to Michele...Jeff asks if it tickles and she scrunches her shoulder showing she's ticklish...Jeff giggles and massages her back too...Jordan decides she wants to lay out in the sun before it's gone so she gets up to do so and Jeff continues chatting with Michele.

Jeff, Jordan & Laura in the GR


Jordan and Laura are laying in the GR bored and wanting the days to go by fast...Jeff joins them asking "what's up?"...Jeff asks Jordan "I thought you were laying outside?"...Jordan says she thought she was but it didn't last very long...Jeff does something with his mouth that makes Jordan say "eww"...Jeff gives her a look, Jordan kind of lifts her arm up thinking Jeff is going to sit near her but he denies her, lol and lays by Laura...they joke about how Laura always has her lip gloss by her...Laura says she would never get lost in that popsicle stand, they'll know where she is at all times...they laugh and Jordan pulls Jeff's toe. :)

They talk about eating pizza while on slop and what would happen if they did...Jeff randomly brings up that one day when he's 80 he's just going to wish he could get one day back when he was younger...Jeff thinks today was a waste of a fu**ing day, an 80 year old would kill to have a day at his age...Laura says especially their (her & Jordan) age...Jordan pullls Jeff toe again :) and says yeah cuz in a couple of years Jeff will be 40 (what kind of math is that? LOL) Jeff says "in 9!"...Laura says she says that to Ben too and he gets pissed saying he's not going to be 40 in a few years.

They talk about the bubble wrap being ridiculous, why is it there if you can't pop it?...Laura says "why did they put food in this house if Jordan and I can't eat it" LOL Jeff says that's the name of the game sister...Laura says "ok brother"...Jeff says quit complaining about it...Jordan say it's hard...Jeff asks if they knew they were going to have to do this before they came here?...Jordan says yep...Laura says not all of it, maybe the slop...Jeff says "oh stop, you knew"...Laura says you don't know how bad it is until you're on it...Jordan says she hopes Jeff is on it 😵

Jeff says "maybe I will be"...Laura says "me too"...Jeff says he hopes one of those ceiling fans falls and chops one of their necks off ...they laugh ...Laura says it wouldn't work considering the fan isn't even working...Jeff says "let's see, I'm pretty good with electricity"...Jordan smiles and keeps rubbing Jeff's toes...

Feeds go to fish briefly...a little foot play then Jordan shakes her head saying she won't play anymore...Jeff says "I just ponytailed you" LOL Jordan says "that don't sound right"...Jeff says it sounds dirty...Jordan makes fun of Jeff's 2nd toe again and Jeff asks "what do you want me to do? have toe surgery?..your toes are not like spectacular so.."...Jordan thinks they are...Jeff signals to rub...Jordan says she's not rubbing them, uhhh, eww, gross Jeff!

Laura asks Jeff if she heard Jordan's speech about the Big Mac?...Jeff says he heard a version...Jeff says whichever one of them stays can eat at midnight...Laura says whichever goes can eat right then...Jeff says what are you going to do say "hey Julie, you got a Big Mac under that chair?" LOL

Laura says they can eat after they go through all the debriefing...Jeff asks what that is?...Laura says you have to talk to a psychologist, make sure you're ok to go into the real world...Jeff laughs wondering if there was someone who wasn't?...Jordan says "probably Braden" Jeff says he's surprised Braden got in there, let alone out of there.

Laura says they pre-warn if you've gotten a lot of bad press...Jeff gets it...BB calls them out...Jordan punches Jeff's foot and Jeff says "what's with my feet?"..Jordan makes a funny face to which Jeff cracks up!

Jeff taps Jordan's arm twice with his foot while sending her two air kisses :) and Jordan says eww, they look like long fish when he does that, she hates fish...Jeff says he likes them...Jordan says cut it up and make toona...Laura says toona and Technotronics...Jeff says "there we go, we got our quota for the day"...they talk about people back home watching the POV comp (coins one) on TV right now...Jeff says "oh! a chance for big Jeff to shine in the sunlight"...Jordan giggles...Jeff says "wow, at least my Ma will smile for a minute"...Jordan is just beaming at Jeff here :) ...Laura says her family will be embarrassed at her performance...Jeff says he needed a big comeback after the Technotronics scene, he doesn't really care about that, like everyone is perfect...Laura says he should get t-shirts...Jeff says he doesn't care to promote that and the toona thing is blown out of proportion too...Laura says it should be spelled "T.O.O...NA...toona" :) ...Jeff says "let's talk about something else" LOL

They talk about dinner...Laura says y'all are having steaks...Jeff says "who's y'all?"...Laura doesn't know if he's included in that...Jeff asks "how many steaks are they going to eat this week?"...Laura says it's a lot of red meat...Laura is craving long horn...Jeff wants to talk about food they all can't have in there...Jeff says "me, crab legs"...Jordan immediately says ewww...Laura says no...Jeff gets agitated saying "what do you mean no? that's my answer, I don't care! wtf!?"...Laura says it's disgusting...Jordan says he always cusses now...Laura says Jeff has a potty mouth...Jeff says he does, everyone is driving him crazy and he swears...Laura says to calm down, calm the f**k down LOL

Jeff asks her what's she's having?...Laura say the damn filet...Jeff says GROSS!...Laura says he's going to buy it...Jeff says he's going to fire it against the wall...Laura says actually the night she's out she's going to have a greasy Big Mac & fries...Jeff asks how she's going to get there?...Laura says her happy ass handler...Jeff says nope!...they banter about that a bit...they hear footsteps and they think it might be Ronnie finally coming down...Jordan says he's been up there all day...Jeff says "you know what would be cute? if he came down for some milk and cookies, then I'd be like aww, I like him again"...Jordan laughs...Jeff says "he almost ruined my life but I like him"...Jeff gets up...

JJ&L in the GR Part 2


Jeff gets up to drink some water and sits near Jordan, he bends down and bites her arm...Jordan says ouch!...Jeff shifts and lays his head on Jordan...cute! Jordan pats his head and then Jeff sits back up saying "dude, I can't go back to sleep can I?"...Jordan looks at him...Laura asks what else he has to do?...Jeff says he's going to work out in an hour...Jordan asks if he's going to?...Jeff says why? is she going to say she's going to work out and not?...Jordan plays with Jeff's hair and says no, she's not...Jeff says "you can pretend that you are"...Jordan says she'll try...Jeff says "alright, cool"...Jordan says "then I won't do it"...Jeff pokes Jordan in the tummy and then points out that the blankets are the worst, there are fuzzies everywhere...Jeff lays his head on Jordan again and bites her side LOL...Jordan ow's again...Jeff sits up again and sighs, he fiddles with his foot while Jordan sneaks some peeks at him.

Jeff sings "last night"...Jordan & Laura tell him to stop singing...Jordan says "yeah please don't sing Jeffro"...Jeff laughs singing "please don't go"...J&J laugh...Jeff has laid back down, he says he didn't realize how much he sings...

Jeff says when someone says something he's always like (Jeff hand dances)...more laughs...Jordan imitates Jeff's hand motions saying "Jeff always does this with his fingers"..."hey I'm Jeff...what's up? we go again...what the f**k!...yeah, this is like awesome!"...Jeff doesn't like that last one so he raises his voice saying with hand motions LOL "when did I ever say 'yeah this is like awesome'?"...Jordan says he's a dork while Jeff is saying that that's not a real line he says...Laura says "you know what I mean?"...Jeff says Jordan says that more than he does now...Jordan keeps at it by imitating Jeff saying he says "I doooo, toooona"...Jeff laughs saying he can't take this shit...Jordan keeps going and Jeff cracks up saying OMG.

Jeff says what if he has a hearing problem and they're making fun of him?...Laura and Jordan suggest getting it checked out...Jeff says Jordan needs to tone it down, who put a nickel in her this morning?...Jordan says "you" :)...Jeff says she is fired up from the slop...Jordan says slop and period, great combination...Jeff asks if Laura has it too? he never knew girls period's can coordinate when living together...Laura says she would but she's on birth control...Jeff doesn't get it, it's amazing to him...Jordan asks why is it amazing?...Jeff it's crazy talk, how does it happen, what's the explanation...Laura isn't sure, maybe pheromones? ask Chima she might know but she knows when two girls hang out a lot they typically get their periods at the same time...Jeff says that's interesting...Laura says it fu**s with your hormones, it can make you more moody like she is because she's hanging out with Jordan who has it...Jeff says what do guys have?...Laura says nothing...Jeff says "they get boners?...I'm just joking".

Jeff says it's only 5:30, he says they just want this day to end...Laura wants tomorrow to end too to get to Thursday...they get quiet and Jeff sings "it's amazing, so amazing"...Jeff wonders what Ronnie is doing up there?...Laura thinks another plan...they talk about Ronnie and how his plan failed...Jordan stays quiet...they joke that Laura should go get a fruit roll up from Ronnie's room (that Russell stole from her)...Jeff says she can't eat it anyway, it would just tempt her...Laura says she has a Crunch bar stored away in her things...Jeff says she should eat it right on set after she leaves, the company will send her a lifetime supply...they talk a little bit about that and Jeff says she should bite into it and say it's delicious.

Jordan starts getting testy that Jeff is pushing into her, she says he's making her mad...Jeff says "who? I'm not even talking to you!"...Jeff pushes her leg to the side...Jordan says "Jeffff! I'm sleeping"...Jeff plays around with Laura's lip gloss...they talk about the weird wake up call they got the other day...BB calls out Jordan for talking about production...Jordan says she didn't even say anything and Jeff & Laura laugh...Jeff pokes fun saying "yeah Jordan's busted, what were you whispering in your mic over there? snake...she's in with Ronnie, that's why she was sticking up for him the whole time"...Jordan gives Jeff the finger 🖕

Laura can't understand how they mistook her for Jordan...Jeff says "you didn't say hot dawg" LOL Laura starts up with the Casey/Jordan "come on, it's haarrd" bit...Jeff says "that's funny man, that doesn't get old to's way better than the Technotronics"...Laura sings the "I'm lovin' it" song and hopes she can get a lifetime supply of Big Macs...they talk about the bubble wrap again...Jeff says sometimes it's better than opening presents :)

Jeff & Laura talk about former seasons a bit...Laura says she can't wait to meet Evel Dick...Jeff doesn't think she will meet him...Laura thinks they'll come back for the finale...Jeff says maybe...Laura says he's a winner...Jeff says they're going to pay him to come out there?...Laura says he'll just want to plus he lives out there...Jeff wants Jordan to interact so he says "Jordan is sleeping"...Jordan continues silent...Casey walks by, they call for him, he farts and they laugh...Casey comes in, sits down and they chit chat a bit about how hard it is to sleep in there and the wake up calls...BB calls them out about production again...they talk about Ronnie again, him not being called to the DR as much and Casey walks out...they get quiet.

Laura says she's been off of Afrin for 8 weeks...Jeff asks what that is?...Laura says "nasal spray"...Jeff says he hears you can get addicted to that...Laura says she was...Jeff says "come on!"...Laura says she slept with it underneath her pillow...Jeff says "what!? what happened?"...Laura explains that she got sick and her nose got stopped up, she used it, if you use it for more than 3 or 4 days you get dependent on it and when you stop your nose gets completely closed up so you have to use it, she was addicted for a year and a half...Jeff asks if it comes with a warning label?...Laura says it did but she was stupid RTB...Jeff asks what is that?...Laura says "read the back"...Jeff says TIA...Laura asks what is that?...Jeff says "This is Afrika" LOL

Laura says she quit for BB in case she got it, it was a good reason to quit because she was trying to quit a long time...Jeff says that's hilarious, I'm addicted to nasal spray...Jordan speaks up saying she is hungry...Jeff starts touching Jordan's butt with his foot...

Jordan says "quit digging in my butt" :) Jeff and Laura crack up! Jeff says "diggin" and taps her butt once more for good measure (kind of like stop giving away my secrets LOL) Jeff giggles once more and says "that was a good one Johrdann"...Laura says that there was a girl (from BB) that slipped up and said there was going to be a girl named Jordan in there...Jordan says nuh uh? aww...Jordan gets up and out of the bed saying she's going to fix them some slop, she leaves...Jeff says "yes" and moves over to where Jordan was laying and gets continues between Jeff and Laura about food and then they get dozy and quiet down...

Jeff - you’re cute!


Lydia & Kevin are stting on the bathroom seating area chatting and doing their nails. Jordan has just finished taking a shower, she's wearing her Easter egg towel and is prepping to get dressed. Jeff walks into the bathroom to bring Jordan her mic. He hands the mic to her. Jordan says thanks and Jeff says you're welcome. Jeff puts on lotion. :)

Lydia shows Kevin how to buff nails with a buffer and Jeff watches. Jeff says "I got fu**ing sold one of those at the mall one time"...Lydia asks "was it blue and white?"...Jeff says "yeahhhh"...Lydia laughs at him and says she knows what he is talking about.

Jeff says he was suckered, it was Christmas and somebody just said to give them his hands and she had an accent so Jeff just said "give me the fu**ing thing, how much?"...Kevin asks how much was it, like $10?...Jeff says it was $45 so he told her "listen I'm not paying 45, do you wanna sell this or not because I'm leaving, what do you want? I'll give you 20 bucks for it"...she said fine so Jeff said give it to me...Jordan laughs...Jeff says "45 dollars for a..."...Kevin says "sponge"...Jeff says "yeah, whatever, Merry Christmas, good job" LOL

Jordan asks if they call it the dead sea something...Jeff doesn't know what it was but it works, it makes your nails shiny...Jordan says "you paid 20 dollars for something you didn't even know would work?"...Jeff says the girl was bothering him and wouldn't let her go so she said listen, I have to go, just give it to me...Jordan laughs again and whispers "you would do something like that"...Jeff says it's Christmas you gotta be nice.

Jordan continues doing her hair and says everybody is nice around Christmas...Kevin says "I know"...Lydia says "you'd hope so"...Jordan says "I always feel bad for people that don't get anything for Christmas, I always wanna buy, in Charlotte you can get like an angel thing and you get it from a tree and it'll say what the kid needs, it's cute"

Jeff says "you're cute...see ya later" and he walks away...Lydia says "you guys gonna make out later?"...Jeff says "yes!"...Lydia says "ahhh, Jeff said yes!"...Kevin says they're going to sit and watch...Jordan blushes and doesn't say a word...

In their own world - sleeping all night/nasty candy


Jeff & Casey are chilling in the BY...Jordan joins them...Jeff puts his hand on Jordan's leg, he tells her that the salad she made was good, Jordan thanks him and then Jeff says she did good today...Jordan asks on what? Jeff says on playing with everyone today...Jordan asks Casey what he thinks? Casey says TBH he slept most of the day...Jordan says she is trying to, she doesn't want to go home, it hits you when you go up there and then it's just like wow! she could be going home...she asks what Casey's opinion is? Casey doesn't think she is, people have changed how they feel about Ronnie, the only thing that might hurt her is if people look at Jeff & Jordan as a twosome and keeping both of them is a two vote swing, same as J&N and K&L...Jordan says that Lydia told her she's not going anywhere...Jeff says just keep doing what you're doing, he thinks she is fine...Jordan says she thinks they see Laura as more of a threat.

Russell joins them, he & Casey start chatting while Jeff points out a bug bite on his arm, Jordan says he got bit, what bit him? Jeff doesn't know...Jordan thinks maybe an ant or a spider...Jeff squeezes her nose and Jordan asks if it's a booger? why is he squeezing her nose?...they giggle...they talk a little about the salad and turkey bacon, Jeff loves the licorice candies on the table...they talk about the baseball all-star game and some baseball player that was a drug addict...feeds go to fish...when they return they're finishing up that topic...Russell asks if Laura is pretty down and out?...Jordan says the slop is getting to her...Jeff says big time...Russell says he feels bad for Laura, Jordan is handling the slop like a champ...Jordan says she's trying to suck it up...Jeff says she's doing good.

Russell says it tastes like oatmeal, he's tried it, but it gets old...Jordan says it's because you have to eat it every day and you see others eating, she tries to eat a lot of it and get full, she doesn't think Laura is eating that much of it, she told her she needs to eat more but it's grossing her out, Laura said if she sleeps she won't think about eating...Russell leaves to shower and Casey joins them again after having left to get food...Jeff looks over at Jordan, smiles and asks if it (Casey's food) looks good? Jordan nods mmm, hmm and feeds go to fish...they return with Casey eating, Jeff and Jordan in silence...Jordan then says Laura is going to be up all night...Jeff knows, she's slept all day...she's going to be up all night...all night...Jordan says yep...they have an intense little moment looking at each other here...

Jeff snaps out of it and says he slept a lot too but he needed it...Jordan leans in closer to Jeff, she says that Jessie's thighs are so muscular, they look weird when he flexes...Casey says he eats up the attention, Jeff says he loves it...they talk about some stupid look how sexy Jessie is game they're playing...Jordan says it's not cute when guys are real muscular like that...they sit in silence again, Casey finishes smacking his food and starts beatboxing...

Jeff asks what's on Jordan's mind? what is she thinking about? Jordan says she's just thinking...Jeff says today is Tuesday, what would she be doing at home?...Jordan says working 10 to 7, no 8:30 to 2, her new hours...Jeff thinks it's 8:30 to 2 in the morning...Jordan says no, she works at the salon on Tuesdays, 8:30 to 2 then she would take a nap, wake up...Jeff says eat a cheeseburger? LOL...Jordan says no, her mom would be getting home then they would fix dinner or go out to dinner, go back home, watch TV and then do the same old thing...Jordan says that she used to work 11 to 7 on Tuesdays and Wednesdays...Casey says that's a good shift because you can sleep in, go out the night before, when he was her age he used to go out every night...Jordan says she used to do that when she was 18, then when she was 19 and 20, she was dating someone and never went out, then 21 she started going out again...Casey describes his routine on Tuesdays...

Jeff and Jordan are in their own little world again...Jeff looks in the mirror, sticks out his tongue, then turns and does the same to Jordan, there's a piece of licorice on it...Jordan says "what is that? eww, nasty"...Jeff says "candy"...Jordan says "nasty"...Jeff says "candy"...Jordan says "but it's looks...nasty, it looks like a raisin" ...they giggle…

Jeff thinks Jordan is safe


Casey complains about the muscle milk containers left all over the yard, he and Jeff agree they aren't going to clean up the mess the others made...Jordan starts rubbing Jeff's neck...

They discuss Ronnie & Russell, Jordan says that Lydia told her that she doesn't trust him, she caught him in a couple of lies...Casey says Russell trips him out acting like he was the only one that noticed that Ronnie was going back and forth between sides saying that he called him out, he got him...Casey says he likes Russ (addressing the camera which Jeff hates LOL) but come on, he knew Ronnie was up 21 hours a day working everyone and they'll see that (via his DR's)...Jordan says she's waiting on Lydia and Natalie to blow up on each other...Casey and Jeff agree...Casey says to Jordan in a patronizing tone "I've told you this before, my sweet young friend, play the back man, play the back, stay out of the limelight", he says he didn't want to win that veto comp the other day, he rolled the dice because he might have gone up but part of the reason was he had been on the radar enough with winning the H/HN comp, the luxury comp, he had the thing with Chima, he was the swing vote, etc...Jordan says right...

Jeff says they're going to self-destruct soon, they all get along but the other side was forced to get along with each other, today in the pool it was so fu**ing uncomfortable, they were sitting with Jessie, Natalie and Lydia, Jessie has no personality, he was sitting there fake laughing and thinking OMG...Jordan asks what were they doing?...Jeff says they were talking and everything they were saying was so stupid and terrible, he couldn't believe he was sitting there, it was a nightmare, they also sit around the round table and eat dinner together and listen to Ronnie's stupid fu**ing jokes all day.

Jordan says that Lydia made a comment saying they have to get rid of Natalie soon, she didn't say anything, all she did was mmm, hmm, Lydia said even Chima knows it, when it comes down to it Jessie is going to pick Natalie over Chima, Lydia told her they need to get rid of Ronnie, Russell then Natalie...Jeff says they should point out whenever they can that Jessie is with Lydia to Natalie and vice versa to cause division...Casey says that gets in Natalie's ass...Jeff says she can't control her emotions, she's 18 (LOL!)...Jeff says he doesn't get it, he sleeps with Lydia and Natalie sleeps on the floor...Jeff then says that earlier today by the pool Jessie asked Natalie to get his sandals for him when they were 2 feet away from him, like the motherfu**er couldn't grab them...Jordan says he does the same for her...Casey thinks Natalie has Jessie whipped, he wouldn't do that for his wife, let alone some girl he met 16 days ago...Jeff mumbles "that has a boyfriend"

Jeff scrunches up his face amused at what he just said...Jordan says that Jessie raised his hand when they were asking who had a crush on someone...Jeff says that Jessie loves himself more than anyone and she's right there with loving him, that's why he likes her, if someone's that into him, that's why he likes them.

Jordan asks where Michele is?...Jeff says he doesn't know, she scares him a little...Casey says he might pick her for nomination at this point...Jeff tells Jordan that he doesn't care if Casey hears because he was going to tell her later but he was by the pool earlier, after Jordan had left, Michele asked Jeff if he would hate her if she voted for Jordan to go and Jeff said no, what do you mean? you're not voting for Jordan? you're voting for Laura to stay? Michele said she hadn't made up her mind yet, she's debating, it's a tough one 😤 and Jeff told her to do whatever she wanted to do, it's her one vote...Casey says that was a good answer...

Jeff says Michele told him she was debating but why the f**k would she tell him that? he doesn't want to hear that, you know?...Jordan says that Michele told her she would vote for Jordan to stay because Jordan got backdoored and that isn't fair...Jordan says she doesn't know, it's going to be close...Casey is thinking 5-4, 6-3 (wrong!)...Jeff says then people are lying because a bunch of people told him that they're voting for Jordan to stay so they'll see how it turns out...Jordan bets she is going home...Jeff says "no, you're not" 😊

Jeff says if Jordan goes home it's because of him, it has nothing to do with the game...Casey agrees saying it's because of their relationship...Jeff doesn't understand because Kevin & Lydia have the same, Jessie & Natalie have the same...Casey says that will come back to haunt them, they are safe this week...Jeff says Natalie thinks she's going to walk to the finals with Jessie...Casey says he will be really embarrassed if an 18 year old makes it to the final 2, personally embarrassed...

Jordan says that Laura is sleeping a lot because she is upset...Casey says deservedly so...Jordan says she should have just kept her mouth shut...Jeff asks about what?...Jordan says about Ronnie, but she probably would have gone up anyway...Jeff says it would have still been her, there was no one else...Casey says that if it had been him or Russell and they stayed they would have brought the noise the next week, Jordan could bring the noise too but she's quieter about it.

Jeff says "I think you're safe though"...Casey agrees...Jeff says Jessie & Natalie are going to vote for her because Laura is coming after them if they send Jordan home...Casey says to plant that seed to one of them because both will know about it...Jeff says he already planted it, J&N know that if Jordan goes home and Laura wins HOH they're going up, they said what if Jordan puts them up and Jeff said he might have something to say about it but to not worry about it...Casey says they have Ronnie has a collective target...Jeff says yeah but they're trying to get Jordan through this week.

Jordan says she doesn't know, she doesn't have a good feeling...Jeff says that's normal, everyone is going to have that feeling no matter what until you're told you're safe, the good news is it looks like she's staying and it seems to be the truth because no one is backstage whipping up bullshit...Jordan says that last night Natalie told Laura she was sorry but she was going to vote for Jordan to stay...Jeff says he talked to her aside and she told him the same thing, she wants to be straight up (ironically Natalie ended up being the lone vote for Jordan to go)

Jordan goes to rub Jeff's neck again and Jeff startles thinking it was a bug, they laugh...Casey says that Kevin and Lydia don't like Laura...Jeff says that Jessie won't vote for Laura after what she did...Jordan feels bad for her...feeds go to fish..

Jeff is going to get Jordan through this week


Feeds return with Casey saying that things could easily revert back to how they were once Ronnie is gone...Jeff says they have the numbers but they could get Russell on their side...Casey says the Lydia/Natalie conflict is building as is the Jessie/Russell one, they have to play it back and let it simmer...Jeff says they have to, he and Casey got a bad rap but him moreso than Casey, but thinking like a normal human being maybe they're thinking that they fu**ed them a little bit, they really didn't say or do that shit...Casey says yeah, yeah...Jeff says that's what he's hoping at least he's thinking like a normal human being...Jordan says she's been talking to Russell too...Jeff says "you've been doing good too" 😊

Casey says Russell may have some guilt over going off on Jeff, the guilt may make him want to keep Jeff, he's been cool with Russell since the beginning...Jeff rubs Jordan's leg and then puts his hand up to Jordan's face saying "we just gotta get you through this week", he puts his hand back down...Jordan looks sad, she says yeah...Jeff puts his hand up to her face again, she pouts...Jeff rubs her face, ear...

Jeff pats her face saying "we'll get you to the jury house" (she never made it there) Jordan says “y’all gotta make it”... Casey says he doesn't want to be in that jury house with a bunch of goofs (no need to worry Casey, you didn't make it there, heh)...Jeff says to Jordan "I do! with you" 🥰 they touch hands...Jeff says once he gets her there, he's going to drop her off and go solo, roll solo LOL...Jordan says "yeah right"...

Laura comes outside...Laura says they were inside talking about them eating the pizza (to disobey the slop rule)...Casey and Jeff think it's a bad idea...Jordan says Laura really wants to eat doesn't she?...Laura says she would have eaten the pizza if she thought it was a good idea...Jeff asks how is she going to sleep?...Laura says she just lays there...Jordan realizes she wasn't sleeping then...Laura says she feels nauseous...Kevin comes outside...Jeff asks if Laura has anything in her stomach?...Laura says a little...Casey asks how they can eat salsa with a spoon?...Jeff says that would give you heartburn...Jeff asks Kevin if he's eating plain yogurt?...Kevin says it's lemon, mmm, delish :)

Jeff touches Jordan's leg again...they all discuss the tomatoes, if and how they can eat them...Chima says to take them from the storage room and put them in the garden...they all laugh...Casey says yeah, 66 cameras won't see that...Chima says oooh, fresh off the vine...Jeff says "perfect, with the sticker and everything" LOL

Jeff sits forward and looks back at Jordan...they have a little moment...Laura asks what candy he's having...Jeff says licorice, he loves it (so do I!)...Chima goes on to talk about how Jessie and Russell were taking showers and her and Lydia checked them out, they didn't see anything exciting, only their butts...they go on to talk about movies, various other topics with more HG's joining in...Jordan walks back inside eventually to eat...

JeJo talk with Laura in the RR/Part 1


Jeff is laying in his bed in the RR, Jordan turns off the light and gets in bed with Jeff, Laura is sitting on Natalie's bed & then eventually moves over to Kevin's. Laura says they have to pack and stuff...Jordan says she knows, she's not in a ewww mood but she's in a funk...Jeff puts his hand on Jordan's waist and Jordan says "don't squeeze my fat" 😐...Jeff moves his hand and rubs her hair, her back and then puts his hand back...Laura says that this week has been even worse than sequester...Jordan asks if slop is fattening? Jeff and Laura say no...Jordan gets comfy and lays back beside Jeff...Laura talks about slop's calories and what's in it...Jordan says she's been peeing a lot...Laura says it's the protein...Jeff asks if she's drinking water?...Jordan snaps "no...sweet tea"...Jeff says "well same shit".

Jordan says she doesn't like straight water, she buys propel packets...Laura says she doesn't like it either...Jeff likes water...Laura asks if she likes mayo...Jordan says not plain but yeah...Laura says she doesn't like water, seafood...Jeff loves water and seafood...Laura says her and Jordan have similar tastes in food.

Laura says if and when she goes home on Thursday she hopes they let her have her phone...Jordan says her too, she wants to call...Laura says she wants to call her boyfriend, it's been awkward, so hard not having anyone there with being in this position, Jordan has Jeff, her BFF or whatever you want to call it, she doesn't have anyone to cuddle with or anything...Laura says if she goes home she won't have any hard feelings towards anybody...Jordan says her neither if she goes home, it sucks cuz they both deserve to be there...Laura thinks it was her fault that they let it happen, the network must think how did that happen because she knows so much about the game.

Feeds go to fish when they return Laura is saying she is smarter than that and should have realized it, she shouldn't have trusted Ronnie...Jordan says Ronnie had her fooled...Laura says Ronnie thought Laura was a threat and that's why he went after her...Jordan says he knew Jeff & her were dumb...Jeff debates how dumb they really were, haha.

Jeff tugs at Jordan's shirt and Jordan says "Mardi Gras" and then she says in her NO accent "New Orleans"...Jeff laughs (that was the start of that!)...Laura says she loves New Orleans...Laura asks Jeff if he heard their plan for Thursday? Jeff says no...Jordan props herself to hear Laura tell the plan and Jeff immediately puts his hand around her waist and starts rubbing ;)

Laura tells Jeff they're going to make a pizza and each get a piece, take a Crunch bar and halve it, then put each thing in a plastic bag, whoever wins eats theirs at midnight and the other eats it in the car on the way home. (since they're on slop)...they all agree it's cute. Jordan says she needs to pee again, she's getting tired of getting up. Laura steps out to go find her seashell...Jeff says he feels drained...Jordan says me too.

Jordan says she feels bad (for Laura)...Jeff says "how bad are you going to feel if you go home?"...Jordan says "bad"...Jeff says "of course you're going to feel bad"...Jordan turns to face Jeff and says she doesn't want to go home...Jeff leans in and says he doesn't think she will...Jordan says "I think I am"...Jeff says he thinks she's safe...Jordan asks if he's sure? Jeff is not sure but he's pretty sure..

Jordan lets out a screech into Jeff's arm LOL Jeff says if he bet, he would bet she's staying...Jordan hmm's and pats Jeff's arm...Jeff says now she wants to stay, a couple of days ago she wanted to go home...Jeff says "you'll be fine" and he strokes her hair...

Laura comes back saying Sean better have mailed her letter (?)..Jeff says BB will take care of that stuff...Laura explains that she broke her and Ben's special seashell in the hotel and mailed the other half to him (care of BB) because she thought he should have it. Jordan says that is so sweet, it's nice, she's not really romantic at all...Laura asks if that is romantic?...Jordan thinks so, it's sweet...Jordan says she tries to be and then she feels kind of corny...Laura says that the week before she left her & Ben spent a lot of time fixing his house, time flew by and she kind of felt like they left everything awkward, she had a funny feeling about it even though Ben was always supportive of her doing the show. Jordan says it's easier for him because he sees her on TV whereas she doesn't see him...Jordan excuses herself to go pee...

Laura asks Jeff if he's nervous about Thursday, Jeff says no, he can't control anything so...Laura realizes she's the bigger threat over Jordan...Jeff says to be honest with her, he really doesn't know how it will go down...Laura says she's been told she is by people...Laura says she just doesn't want to not get any votes...Jeff doesn't think that will happen, he thinks it will be really close. Laura starts talking about the DR and feeds go to fish...

Part 2

The feeds return to a quiet Jeff & Laura in the RR...Laura whispers that she wants some food...Jeff says they're crazy with this food thing...Laura says it's terrible, wait until he has to do it, it's the worst thing she's ever experienced in her life and sequester is right behind that, you go insane...Jordan comes back and sits down on the bed...Laura says your body wants something different...Jordan says she said to Jeff or Michele earlier where was Laura, she didn't think she was taking the slop thing well right now...Jordan lays back and bends her leg on top of Jeff and he puts his hand on it, under cover of course. ;)

As Jordan starts saying that it's hard to see everyone cooking food Jeff turns his head and love bites Jordan's arm. :) Jordan continues saying that it's not easy to see and smell all the good food...Laura says Chima & Michele know but it's hard to empathize if you've never gone through it...Jordan says no one knows how it really is...Jeff starts singing "you don't know how it feels"...

Jordan says "shut up :( you can't sing"...Jeff looks at Jordan...Jordan says sorry...Jeff just looks and takes off his glasses and puts them in the bin...they talk a bit more about slop and their eating habits...Jordan tells Laura she can tell her moods, she is getting sadder and sadder...Laura says her body isn't liking the slop, she's just a bitch when she doesn't eat...Jordan says for her not to eat because it will be a penalty...they talk about eating and what the consequences would be...Jordan says she wants to lay out all day tomorrow...Laura & Jeff both want to...Jordan doesn't want to get too red.

Laura is going to tan in a tube top because she's wearing a tube top dress, she asks Jordan what she's wearing...Jordan says she has a regular string top black dress, she has a thing from French Connection that looks like a one piece, it has a tube top and shorts and thing that ties on the side, she has a bunch of cotton dresses that are simple, she will try them on and see, it sucks when you're trying them on and it's freezing cold. Jordan says it's going to be nerve wracking, her heart will be pounding...Jordan says she wishes Ronnie would never have won HOH.

Jordan says she kind of has a headache right now...Jeff says he does too...Jordan says can you believe Ronnie has been up in the HOH all day? she keeps thinking he has a TV up there or something but he has nothing...Laura is trying to find her seashell so she gets up and asks if she can turn on the light...J&J say to go ahead...Jeff turns onto his stomach and puts his arm around Jordan...Jordan starts touching Jeff's hair and plays with his ear.

Jordan asks what Laura is missing? Laura says she dropped a shell...Jordan asks if she wants some help and she gets up to help her. Jordan says her implants feel weird...they search for the shell...Jordan touches a bug eww and Jeff giggles...Jeff asks how she lost it, she just had it...Laura says she just dropped it...Jeff says it can't be far...Jeff asks Jordan if she wants an Advil?

Jordan says no, she's good...Jeff leaves to get one, he comes back and takes one...they are perplexed how it got lost...Laura finally finds it...Jef says "how many times are you going to lose that thing?"...Laura says "I know"...Jeff & Jordan get back in bed...Laura sits back on Natalie's bed.

Jordan says she feels so blah...Jeff says why?...the camera rotates to face J&J and Jordan says of course it does, why doesn't it go on Laura...Laura says because she's not in a bed with a guy...Jeff bites Jordan's arm again. :)

Jordan & Laura say they have to think of something to say on Thursday...Jordan lays back down and starts wondering what she's going to do when she gets back home if she leaves on Thursday...Jeff puts his arm around Jordan again and caresses her arm but Jordan as usual seems nervous around Jeff whenever he shows her affection in front of others but mostly in front of a peering camera.

ed. note I really do think that if Laura had not left this week, Jeff & Jordan may not have bonded and fallen for each other the way they did...Laura leaving brought them even closer together and I noticed as well that whenever Jordan was around Laura she would act differently towards Jeff, would speak differently to him, would shy away from his affection...she was way more aloof, cold & slightly mean and she put on an act like she didn't really care for Jeff the way Jeff seemed to care for her...I know this was her way of protecting herself & her feelings but just my observations...

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