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Day 11 of BB11 Feeds

July 20

Jordan returns to lay down with Jeff in the RR


Jordan says she is going to try to sleep (in the HN room) but after about a half hour of tossing and turning she goes back to the RR to lay down with Jeff. Jordan is bummed about the turn of events and they gripe to each other about how Ronnie turned on them, they can't believe it.

Feeds switch to J&J in the RR...Jordan says can you believe this house? I need to go home...Jeff holds Jordan around her waist...Jordan says I can't stand another week with them especially if (she trails off)...

Jeff talks about the others saying they're motherfu**ers that think they run shit so they aren't even quiet when they come in there, they do whatever they want...Jordan says that whenever they get out of there she will tell Jeff why she thinks they're like that but she won't say it now...Jeff says "why?"...Jordan says she will say it when she gets out of there...Jeff asks why she won't say it now?...Jordan says a lot of things don't make sense...Jeff says he'd like to know because he can't figure it out. Jeff puts on his mic and says he'd like to know what she thinks, is it because it's on TV?...Jordan says yeah...Jeff says why would she care what the f**k they think?...Jordan says she doesn't, she's just saying...

Jeff says that tomorrow when they are put up, they should tell Russell everything, how everyone wanted to put him up, she should stir some shit up before Laura leaves...Jordan says then she will be voted out, the vote could be 50/50, she doesn't know how it will go...Jeff asks if Jordan talked to Ronnie?...Jordan says why would she talk to him?...Jeff knows but wants Jordan to ask him if she's going home or what, let her know...Jeff says if Jordan goes home it's a shot at him...Jordan says if she goes home she hopes Jeff stays there long and at least goes to jury house...Jeff repeats that if she goes it's definitely a shot at him...Jordan says so that Jeff won't have anyone to hang out with?...Jeff says yeah...Jordan says "I can't believe he'd do that to us, can you believe that? 😟 ...Jeff says he hopes he fu**ing cries when he goes home and sees the tapes...Jordan says yep, they were nice to him and all the others are talking shit behind his back and they're just being nice to him this week and then they're going to turn around and backstab him, she doesn't know why he's putting her up...Jeff says it's because he's a fu**ing pussy...Jordan says obviously they told Ronnie to put her up and then he's sitting there telling her she's so safe...Jeff says he's such a fu**ing liar...Jordan wondered "are you serious right now?"

Jordan says it's ok, she is in a way ready to go home to see family & friends but it just sucks when you're the 2nd person out because nobody remembers you...Jeff smiles and says "they'll remember you"...Jordan giggles and says "you don't ever remember the 2nd person or the 1st person or the 3rd person out"...Jeff says "hmm, that's going to be me"...Jordan laughs...Jordan wonders why Ronnie even wanted to talk to her, it sucks because she thought Ronnie was going to put Casey up and she was trying to convince him otherwise, she guesses that she is too nice...Jeff says that if Jordan stays she has to shut her mouth and not worry about others, look out for herself and she puts herself here, puts him in trouble and everyone else...Jordan lays a little closer to Jeff and asks how she got him in trouble...Jeff says she doesn't help the situation...Jordan says they already don't like Jeff and they don't like her, they're just jealous, you know?...Jeff says yeah...

Jordan says Ronnie's wife is at home saying OMG what are you doing? they were so nice, he will regret it...Jeff agrees...Jeff says he would say Jordan is not going home, he would think Laura is going home but he's fu**ed the next week, he has a feeling he's going home, he has a fear, a sense he is...Jordan says he better work to get HOH next week, fight his ass off...Jeff say he is and knows that...Jordan is just reminding him...Jeff has a feeling he's going to get backdoored...Jordan props herself up and says she was hoping she'd win half a million dollars and go home and not have anything to worry about...Jeff says he thinks they all want that...Jordan thinks someone that doesn't deserve it will win...Jeff thinks he deserves it...Jordan says her & Jeff should be final two...Jeff says in a dream world.

Jordan says if a different HG had come in instead of Jessie they would be on top...Jeff says they wish they had a new person, not a former HG because the others have stars in their eyes regarding Jessie...

Jordan says they are the nicest ones in there and are going to be the first ones out...they giggle about it being them and Braden...Jordan snuggles into Jeff and says "it sucks don't it?"...Jeff say it's the worst, he feels like the biggest loser in there...they laugh...Jeff says even when he wins they fu**ing lose...Jordan giggles.

Jordan says it's terrible...Jeff says he's just waiting to get fu**ed again, he wins HOH and then he gets fu**ed again the next week...Jordan thinks Michele might win it...Jeff says he wishes...Jeff says Jordan shouldn't be going home...Jordan thinks she is...Jeff says everything he says is wrong? he should use reverse psychology...Jordan says "aww, you're going to be sad, you're not going to have nobody"...Jeff says he will be sad.

Jordan says Jeff needs to leave her a really good goodbye message...Jeff smiles and says people are waiting on that one...Jeff says "you're not going nowhere, shut up"...Jordan says if she does go, just give her a really good one because she wants to laugh ok?...Jeff nods...Jordan says "you gotta have deep heart"...Jeff says he will but don't even say that shit, regardless he still has to give her one anyway...Jordan says "a kiss?"...Jeff says "uhhh, a message!"...Jordan laughs...Jeff continues saying he has to do one regardless...Jordan keeps laughing saying she thought he was talking about a kiss...Jordan says "you get so aggravated with me"...Jeff says "because what were we just talking about?"...Jordan says that Jeff said before that he was going to lay one on her...Jeff real sexy says "I'm gonna" 😘 ...then he says he's going to f**k it up and look like an even bigger dork...they laugh...Jeff says he'll trip and bust a tooth open 🤓

Jordan says that would be funny...Jeff says it would be great. Jordan has put on Jeff's glasses and says she's gassy because she has her period. LOL Jeff is like 😐 then asks her why she's wearing his glasses. She jokes around and then takes them off...she tells Jeff that for her goodbye message for it to be really good and let it be funny because she wants to sit on stage and laugh ok?...Jeff says ok...Jordan wants it to be last...feeds switch…

Jeff whistles at Jordan


Jordan is changing into her dress in the HN room, Jeff is laying down on his bed in the RR...Jordan comes out and Jeff whistles at her :) (she does look pretty)...the camera switches right at this moment so the whistle is only heard, not seen...Jordan stands there and Jeff moves over to let Jordan sit...she does and Jeff immediately puts his hand around her...Jeff smiles at Jordan...

Jordan says her stomach is hurting, she woke up at 7 and she was cramping...Jeff says "that sucks"...Lydia who is in the other bed says "crapping or cramping?"...Jordan says cramping...Lydia says that Jordan looks nice and Jordan says "thank you"...the cam switches angles...Jordan gets up saying she's going to brush her teeth, Jeff gets up and leaves...

Touching hands/ Jordan’s pregnant belly


Feeds switch to Jeff who is laying in the GR, Jordan joins him and lays down...they have been awoken early by BB and are now awaiting the POV ceremony...Laura joins them and sits down...Jordan scoots over a little closer to Jeff and holds out her hand to which Jeff immediately responds by holding out his...cute hand touching just after the 9:10am mark… ♥ ♥

Jordan tells Laura she looks pretty, Laura says she does too and as usual whenever Jordan would compliment Laura, Jeff would always come back with something cute to say about Jordan (sweet!)...Jeff says Jordan is all ready to go up...they laugh...Jordan says she had to prepare herself...Laura says she's more worried about looking cute than going up...Jordan says everyone is going to be focused on both of them, gotta look cute, the guys watching will be asking, dang! they're getting rid of them two?...Jeff smiles...Jordan says that Jeff and them will be real sad...Jeff says "and them?"

(who exactly are "them?" LOL)...Laura says it looks funny that they are up, like for real?...Jordan says both of them have big boobs, the titty committee, you know?...Jeff says "you know"...Jordan says Jeff is rubbing off on them...Jeff says it's not good, they don't want to be him, not in here anyway...

Jordan rubs her tummy and Laura asks if it doesn't feel good? Jordan nods no and continues rubbing, she says she wants to go lay down in their bed and see if she can sleep a little bit...Jordan puffs out her belly and says "don't I look pregnant?"...Laura says that dress would be cute to wear if she was pregnant...Jordan looks over at Jeff and smiles saying doesn't it look real?...

She cutely rubs her belly saying "awww" and they all laugh...Jordan says she's always wanted to know what it feels like to get an ultrasound, she bets it will feel real nice, as Jeff says, do it nice, do it real nice...Jordan puts on Jeff's underwear shirt and says the shirt reminds her of E.T....they discuss what part of the movie he's wearing the shirt...then they talk about theme parks like Universal Studios...Laura says she can only puff out her tummy so much...Jordan says she wishes she had that problem...Laura says she feels like she hasn't eaten in 25 days, it's only been 3...Jordan says it feels longer when they see other's eating hamburgers...Jeff knows, it sucks...Laura and Jordan say he doesn't know...

Jordan just wants to take a nap, Laura just wants to eat a pizza...they talk about their bad fortune in the game...Jordan sings she doesn't know what went wrong!?...Jeff and Laura say they know...Laura says either way she feels like they were set up to fail, it's like in high school, the others go after the popular crowd...Jordan says they're trying to get rid of the cool people first...Jeff says whatever makes you feel better...Laura says the cast will be weird if they leave...Jordan says nobody is going to watch it...Jeff says people like them, he doesn't know...Laura says maybe they look like the bad guys...Jordan doubts it, look at the comments the others made when Dan was there...Jeff says they must get sick of laughing at each other's dumb jokes...Jordan says they all wanted Ronnie out, now they're BFF...Jeff says they twist everything around and can do whatever they want without repercussions, it makes him sick...

Jeff whispers that Jessie is going to walk to the fu**ing top...Laura says it will be difficult to come back to the finale if he's in the final two...Jordan says it's the easiest game for him...Laura says all those girls love him...Jordan says Natalie has a crush on him...Jeff says that's going to be the downfall...they talk about the triangle between Jessie, Natalie and Lydia...Jeff says shit's going to blow...Laura says she doesn't find him attractive, take his face off and he's got a great body...Jordan says "he's not all that"...Laura says he's a butterface...Jeff says butter personality ;) ..Jordan says she doesn't like guys that are ripped like that...Laura says she likes muscle guys but not like him...Jordan says it's nice when they're built but not overly...Laura says she doesn't get why guys think they can get cut up and that makes them hot...Jeff who is uncomfortable with the hot guy talk says alright, let's not talk about this shit...Jordan asks "what's wrong with you?"...Jeff says nothing but they're right out there and they're going to get even more info on them...Jordan says he better do something about it...Jeff says he needs spiderman skills…

Dinners, Myrtle Beach, Fiji & Diamonds


Jeff, Jordan & Laura continue chatting in the GR...

Jeff says he has no one to back him in there...Jordan says he has her...Laura says not if you're on the block...Jordan laughs...Jeff says he feels he's going to be backdoored next week...Jordan says that he just needs to win HOH or Casey or Michele or her or Laura whichever one is still there...Laura is about to say she is the one going but says that she won't even say it, she's tired of talking about it...Laura says it's Monday, which means tomorrow is Tuesday...Jeff asks what that means?...Laura says it's one day closer to Thursday...Jeff laughs...Laura says it means she'll be on a plane smiling on Friday...Jeff says she doesn't know nothing...Jordan says what if Ronnie completely surprised them and put up Russell...Laura says he won't...Jeff says he had a % chance he might...Jordan says 5%...Jeff says an "under" %, that would mean he sprung a little nut LOL he's got an M&M down there if he did that.

Jordan says she wants to go sleep now...Laura wants her lipgloss & mascara that are behind the furniture, she says her & Jordan have to pack on Wednesday...Laura asks if Jeff's bag was overstuffed and cost extra?...Jeff says no...Jordan says hers was way over and she paid a lot more...Jordan pops up saying that she's only known them 3 weeks and yet it feels a lot longer...Laura and Jeff say it's because they're with each other 24/7, it's like 9 months in real time...Laura says how often do you see your normal friends?...Jeff says he'd kill his normal friends, they'd kill each other...Jeff says it's only week 2 so everyone is still putting on a smile...Laura says they're playing it safe but once the veto ceremony is done maybe things will heat up again.

Jordan says they get cocky...Laura wonders why BB woke them up so early...Jeff says to make sure they were ready, it's a hurry up and wait deal...Jeff yawns and says they can go to sleep later, he loves how when they have something to do everyone complains and vice versa, they just complain about everything...Laura says she can't believe Russell has handlebars...Jeff says he can't believe how fake everyone is...Jeff starts venting about what might happen if shit gets thrown at him next week and Jordan reaches back to rub his shoulder/back in support...

Laura says "if you win, you have to buy me two steaks"...Jeff says "dude, fu**ing take it easy...Laura says "that's not much money"...Jeff says "2 filet mignon dinners!?"...Jordan imitates Jeff "tooo filet mignon dinners"...Jeff says "what do you fu**ing think I do?"...Laura clariies that it's if Jeff wins the whole thing...Jeff says oh f**k yeah, he thought she meant if he won HOH, like if you wore green today you owe me another night out...Laura says no, you idiot...Jordan continues touching Jeff...

Jeff says "f**k yeah, you got it"...Jordan says "and you're taking me..." Jeff smiles...Jordan says "let's see, where are you taking me?"...Jeff says Jordan is taking him right out of this game LOL they all laugh...Jordan says "I'm saying after, we're going to go...we're going to go eat"...more touching...

Laura and Jeff poke fun at Jordan's simplistic request...Jeff says it's no problem, he'll get her a McDonald's gift card and they'll be all squared...Jordan says she was trying to think of a place, she says Jeff can take her to Fiji...Jeff in a southern accent says he can take her to Myrtle Beach, that's where she goes right?...Jordan says yeah...they laugh...Jeff says "take me to Chick-fil-A in Myrtle Beach, that's like your honeymoon"...Jordan says "no! you can take me to Fiji or something"...Jeff says tell him something in Fiji or where it's at and he'll take her there...Jordan says it's clear water and pretty, it's like an island...Jeff and Laura giggle.

Laura says she has one, if Jeff wins he has to buy Jordan another earring...Jordan says oh yeah, if he wins he has to buy her another diamond...Jeff says he'll buy them all diamond earrings and cars because, pointing to himself, this motherfu**er ain't winning shit. LOL Jordan holds Jeff's arm patting it and says "you never know!"...

Mary Had a Little Lamb


Jeff, Jordan & Laura continue chatting...

Jordan says Jeff needs to start trying....Jeff says he is but as soon as he tries everyone jumps on him and there's no way he's not going up because he's the easy one to put up, it won't rattle the house...Laura says to rattle it then...Jeff says he tried, he got slapped in the face and bent over...Jordan says how? how did that happen?...Jeff says Jordan was one of them too...Jordan asks what she did?...Jeff says she got bent over...they laugh...Jordan says what causes that?...Jeff says when you trust someone and they bend you right over and stick it in your ass, you don't even see it coming.

Laura can't believe Ronnie won't even admit it, he cried saying it was Michele and they didn't even believe her at first...Jordan says she's really, really sorry, her and Jeff were fooled...Jeff says he was...Jordan says it was because of their stupid stupidity...Jeff says at least they made a move, they would have had a hand up...Laura says it was worth the risk, they hated her anyway...Jeff says he wasn't on their Christmas list...Jordan says if Braden had stayed it would have been so funny...Jeff says Braden was sure he was staying, when he heard the vote was 5-5 he must have shit, he must have shit when he knew he had to go out and talk to Julie after what he said...Jordan says everyone cheered for him...Jeff says they have applause signs so don't think you're all cool when you go out there...Jordan says aww man, she thought they cheered cuz they like you...Laura says some people will like you, others will hate you...Jeff says it's like this house, like real life, everything else.

Laura speaks into her mic asking for BB to get the show on the road...Jeff asks where she's going?...Laura says she's tired, she got up so early and now she's just sitting waiting, she can't even do her hair if she's going to sleep...Jeff says they will do it soon...Laura thought they'd do it at 8...Jeff says to relax, it's another hour...Laura says she didn't think she'd be setting up her life to be gone 3 months when she's going to be going home 3 weeks later...Jeff says someone has to go home, only one person can win...Jordan says the person that might win might just walk his way up, she wants a BB redo...the others agree...Jeff says he wants a BB bat and start smashing people...Laura laughs over Jeff saying he'd stab people in the heart...Jeff says that was his lowest point, he was so pissed that day...Laura says she was pissed at Jeff when he picked the wrong outfit that day, they're on slop because of him...Jeff asks why?...Laura explains again...Jeff says "whatever, I screwed up, it was my fault".

Jordan says she's tired, do they want to go lay down?...Jeff says isn't she laying down?...Jordan says in their bed or something?...Jeff says she's on a cushion so yeah, let's go lay on a hard thing...Jordan says she's tired again...Jeff says they're all tired, they all want to do this, let's not complain about everything...Jordan says she has a tummy ache...Jordan reaches back to touch Jeff's arm again and then bugs him by putting her hand all over his face...Jeff asks if she put his fingers in his armpit? LOL

Jeff reaches over to touch Jordan's face and then lays his arm down...Jordan starts blowing farts on it...Jordan says she heard Jeff's stomach...Jeff rubs it saying "I know, I'm on my period" 😋 Jordan starts blowing more farts playing a song on Jeff's arm...she cracks up...Jeff asks what Jordan was trying to do last night when he woke up and saw her...Jordan laughs saying she was going to stick her finger in his ear...Jeff says "like a wet Willie?"...Jordan laughs saying Jeff was sleeping and she was going to do it but right when she tried to do it, he turned and woke up so she didn't...Jeff says you have to sleep like a chameleon in there.

Jordan starts blowing a fart song on his arm...pretty hilarious LOL Jeff's face haha...Jordan stops and Jeff says "what time is it?" LOL...Jordan asks if he heard the song?...Jeff says no...Jordan tries again and it's pretty obvious what song it is IMO ;) Jeff says "itsy bitsy spider?"...Jordan laughs saying no, Mary had a little lamb...Jeff says "again!?"...Jordan laughs...Jeff says it was between that or Beethoven, he didn't know which one it was...Jordan asks why would she do Beethoven?...Jeff says he doesn't know, he thought she was a classical music fan...Jordan says Jeff's armpit is in her hair, that's not cool...Jeff says it's not even close...Jordan asks if Jeff put deodorant on?...Jeff says yes...Jordan says oh...Jeff holds Jordan's hand...

Jeff says people are acting fishy huh?...Laura says people are trying to be discreet, just waiting for Jordan to be put up on the block, they don't want to go up themselves...Jeff asks if they think Ronnie even feels bad? where's that dudes soul?...Jordan and Laura say no...Laura lays down...Jeff says he doesn't get it, he wants to win for his wife but...Jordan says Jeff told him he deserved it but he doesn't deserve it at all...Jeff says he was so nice to him...Jordan says me too, too nice...Laura says me three...Jeff says he sold them down the river without a paddle...Jordan says that's what she's going to do to him too, just kidding...Jeff says good luck...Jordan says "just kidding"...she gets comfy and all get quiet...Jeff then says that if Jordan won HOH they'd try and convince her to put Jeff up...Jordan says they'd find a way to make it sound good...Jeff says they'd say "we got your back...drink this blood".

They all get quiet but not before Jeff asks for a little arm scratch, Jordan does briefly and then Jeff pulls some lint or something off Jordan's face...Michele comes in to tell Jeff his clothes are dry...@ the 9:42am mark Jeff leaves...he returns a little later to say one good thing is the pink is out of his shorts now then he leaves and comes back @ the 9:49am mark to lay down with Jordan and Laura again...the feeds go to fish @ the 9:57am mark…

JeJo whispers in the bathroom after she is put on the block


Feeds return from trivia just after 12:30pm...Jordan is in the bathroom waiting for her turn to put her bathing suit on. J&J whisper to each other about her being put on the block. Jeff says that for a second he thought Ronnie was going to put up Russell and he was like 'do it Ronnie'...Jordan says she did too. They agree that they all knew she was going up.

Cute little moment ♥

Jeff checks in on Jordan


Just after the 1:51pm mark the feeds switch from the kitchen to the HN room where Jordan is laying down not feeling well. Jeff comes in to check on her...Jordan says her stomach hurts...Jeff says "well take a little nap"...Jordan says that is what she is trying to do...Jeff says he's just seeing if she's alright or wants to lay out (can't tell LOL)...Jordan says she doesn't feel like laying out, she doesn't know why, maybe because she's on her period, she's not in the mood...Jeff says yeah, he's going to eat and then he'll come see her later...Jordan says ok and Jeff leaves turning off the light for her...

JeJo talk in the GR w/Laura


Jordan is put up on the block...she goes to the GR to be with Jeff...Jeff pulls her down towards him and they hug.

Jordan pats him and Jeff asks if she can't give him a nice hug?...Jordan says she did, Jeff pats her saying it was a patronizing one...they stay close a little more then Jordan says she just ate her slop...Jeff asks if it was gross? Jordan says yeah, she says if she gets a choice she will pick Jeff to go on it so he can see what it feels like (not nice :( & she almost did a couple of weeks later)...Jeff sarcastically says thanks.

Jordan says she slept good, Jeff says he's pretty tired from being in the sun all day...Jeff asks if Jordan feels better since she slept all day...Jordan says a lot better, she says she needs to sit outside and pluck her eyebrows...Jeff pokes fun at how she says this, Jordan giggles and lays back down.

Jordan talks about not being able to wear tampons on the first day of her period...Jeff's thinking TMI LOL...they discuss her period technically starting today...Jeff asks if it's the worst today? Jordan says yes, she gets really mean and she wants to eat a lot...Jeff says it's good they stayed away from each other then...Jordan says that's why she was distant...Jeff says it's alright, he had a good day, got some sun, cracked some jokes with Casey...Jordan loves the "it's hard Casey" bit.

They talk about Laura's speech during the ceremony, Jeff says it was stupid...Jordan starts laughing thinking about how Jeff explains the Technotronics thing...Jeff asks why they have to relive it?...they banter about that and Jeff jokingly says he liked not spending today with Jordan...Jeff tries to hug her with his foot/leg...Jordan says she only has a couple more days with her just in case...Jeff says no...Jordan mmm, hmm's...Jeff says he talked to some people...Jordan says whatever...Jeff says he thinks she is staying...Jordan doubts it, Jeff doesn't.

Jeff asks Jordan to scratch his back...Jordan says she will in a second but she poots first and laughs...Jeff laughs and asks "what are you 4, sitting there making faces?"...they debate over whether it smells, LOL and then Jeff turns to get scratched but Jordan feels like she's going to get the runs so she runs to the bathroom. :) Jeff says "oh, gross"...

The feeds switch back to the GR @ the 6:26pm mark with Jeff telling Jordan that he told Jessie "what happened to protecting "my girl"" 😊 They talk game specifically about why Jordan was put up when Jeff talked to Jessie about having a deal & having protection for her...they then discuss how Russell is starting to break off from the group in power and the dynamic between Jessie, Natalie and Lydia.

Jeff says that he knows that people are gunning to break them up and he can't understand why, they're not a threat, they're only 2 votes...Jordan takes this as an indication she's leaving on Thursday...Jeff tells her she's not...Jordan buries her head saying she shouldn't listen to him...Jeff says everyone wants Jordan to stay, the vote will be 9-0...Jordan says Jeff needs to win HOH...they banter a bit more and then Laura comes in eating her slop and drinking tea...Laura is sad, depressed...Jeff says "come on"...Laura says she is serious, she just wants to go home...Jeff says "get outta here, will you stop? it's not that bad".

Laura starts gets teary-eyed saying she's pissed and wants to go home...Jeff and Jordan tell her "you don't"...Laura says she does, she knows she's going and the worst is waiting until Thursday, if they let her live and eat and shower, she'd be fine. Jeff says she's breaking down because she's on slop, don't let it break you down.

Laura closes the door...Jeff says to get creative with the slop, he will help her...Jordan says "don't cry"...Jordan says she's sick and tired of this...Laura feels like this was a waste of time, she ruined her life back home...Jeff says no, she will make advancements...Jordan says she has a great body and people will see that, she might get modelling or swimsuit offers...Jeff says it can't hurt.

Laura says she's going to eat...Jeff says "don't do it"...they talk about taking the week off they get back home before going back to work...Russell tries to walk into the GR but the door is locked...Laura finds it was Russell..they call him in...Jeff laughs saying that would be him trying to get in the door too...Russell comes in poking fun at how stupid he looked trying to get in and then says "the Don" is outside talking (Ronnie), he rolls his eyes...Jeff cracks a joke about how Ronnie was outside and BB was calling them out and Jeff said Ronnie was STILL talking about who he was putting up (after the fact) LOL

Jordan says he's on this game 24 hours a day...Russell says every day and walks out...Jeff tells Laura to relax, when she looks back it won't be so bad, think positively...Laura talks about her saying happy ass and popsicle stand a lot.

Jordan starts poking at Jeff's chest :)...Laura knows what is going to happen on Thursday and says she has been right about everything else...Jordan & Laura discuss what they will wear for the live show, maybe both in black so as to look like a funeral...Jordan snuggles into Jeff...Jeff says to wear "death" veils over their faces...Laura says she will never eat oatmeal again...Jeff says he told her not to eat it before...Jeff says it looks painful her eating slop now...Laura says even in jail you get fed better...Jeff says there are starving people in Africa who would love to have slop...Laura says there are starving people in America.

Jeff says he has to watch what he says, he'll make a donation when he gets home...Laura says after he buys her a steak...Jeff says the slop has all the protein she needs in a meal, it's just lacking flavor...Jeff says "f**king just jack some cinnamon in that motherfu**er!" 😛 "get silly with it"...Laura says she needs steak in there...Jeff says it's only one week...Laura says it's a long time...Jeff asks her if she'd rather be there eating that only or be in sequester eating everything but locked in a room?...Laura says be there but it's not been worth it...Jeff says he hasn't had the best time either.

They laugh...Jeff says he'd like to give it to some people...Laura says she can't wait to see her argument with Jessie on TV...Jeff says he doesn't even want to see himself...Laura says this highschool bullshit season screwed her...Jeff says she's sitting in the pity party so they agree...

Jordan tells Laura to not cry which makes Laura more teary-eyed...Jeff laughs saying Jordan saying that is going to make things worse by saying "were you about to cry?"...Jeff says that he asked Jordan if she had been crying and she denied it, 2 days later she came up to him and said "remember when you asked me if I was crying? I was crying" LOL

They start to relive the "Casey, it's hard" bit again and they laugh...Jeff says "ahhh, that is the best one"...Laura says she's going to miss Casey...Jordan says me too...suddenly Jordan says for Jeff to move, she needs to poop...he delays moving but then gets up saying he better not joke around, she'll shit her pants. LOL :) She leaves…

Jordan wants Jeff to talk/ BFF snuggles


Jeff is outside on the elliptical...Jordan is sitting on the far couch plucking her eyebrows, she tries to get Jeff's attention twice, first by saying that the hairs on her arm are blond but she always gets a couple of black hairs...Jeff says nothing...she says "you know?"...Jeff says "I do too" (he clearly didn't hear what she said LOL!)

Jordan then says "but you have black hair, you know?"...Jeff says "I do know"... :)

Jordan looks at Jeff and then she keeps plucking in silence...a couple minutes later she says that she needs to bleach her teeth again, she feels they look yellow...Jeff says nothing...Jordan says "you know?"...Jordan can't take it anymore, she asks Jeff "why aren't you talking to me?"...Jeff says "I am, you were busy" (could have fooled me)..Jordan says Jeff was just nodding his head...Jeff says "I'm mad at you"...Jordan says "for what?"...Jeff smiles and says "you know" :) ...Jordan says "yeah right, you can't be mad at me"...

Jeff says "no way, I like you cuz I didn't talk to you all day"...Jordan says "hey, if I'm gone the next week, you'll be sad, so shut up"...Jeff says he will be but she's not going nowhere..

Casey has come outside...Jeff asks Casey to close the trash lid or push it down, it smells...Jordan says "y'all will have to find a new BFF"...Jordan says "Casey can take my place, he can snuggle"...Jeff says "does Casey snuggle?"...Jordan giggles saying "yeah you can snuggle with him"...Casey says no...Jeff says "c'mon Mingle"...Casey says he already wore a dress...Jeff laughs and says he can wear (his) pigtails, he can wear the blond wig and then do Jordan, if they have a couple of drinks then they can bust it out...

Jordan says she wants Casey to imitate everyone...Casey says he doesn't have everyone...Jeff says Casey's ass will go up then (oops! it did regardless of the imitations)...Jordan says maybe Casey shouldn't do that then...Jeff agrees, it would be a bad move, he can do Jeff...Jordan says Jeff is easy, toona, technotronics...Casey says "bowly".

Jordan asks Jeff if she can cut his hair?...Jeff asks "why? is it long?"...Jordan says "can I just cut it?"...Jeff asks "like how?"...Jordan says "how I want it"...Jeff asks "how's that?"...Jordan says "I don't know, I can cut it shorter"...Jeff is dies down and then the feeds switch...

 Life & relationship talk in the BY


Russell, Chima, Michele and Jordan are outside sitting on the couches chatting. Jordan is sitting on the couch closest to the hot tub. Jeff is pouring himself a glass of wine at the mini fridge. Jeff walks over to where Jordan is and stands there pondering where he's going to sit. Jordan moves slightly...Jeff signals to Jordan he's sitting and sits in front of her on the chair...

Michele asks Jeff if he wants to sit by her 😠 he says it's ok and she says alright...They're chatting about the man's role in relationships, they talk about men being expected to kill bugs...Jeff says cockroaches are so gross, he hates them...Russell starts up with his fantastical story about being bit by a black widow spider 🕷️..Jordan touches Jeff's back to let him know he can move back a little...he does and Jordan touches his back again and his neck...Jeff leans back into Jordan and touches her knee with his face and looks back at her...he leans forward again...Russell finishes up his story and Jordan says he has nine lives...Russell says he's used them all up and he is going to die young...Chima says not to say that, don't put that out there...Russell says he doesn't want to die old...Chima says he's 25, what does he think is old?

Russell says he wants to be like Richard Branson and travel the world doing crazy stuff, he doesn't want to live to 75...Jeff says 75 is not that old, people golf and stuff...Jordan says golf is boring...Jeff says when you can barely walk it's something to do LOL Jordan giggles and taps Jeff's back.

Chima says 75 is fairly young...Jeff says plus if you have kids and grandkids of course you're going to want to be around...Jeff asks Russell if he's not interested in kids?...Russell says he doesn't want to get married until he's 35...Jeff says if he had kids he'd be ready to die, until then it's gotta be someone else...they laugh...

Chima says 35 is a good age for a man to get married...Russell says times have changed, it's no longer get married in your 20's...Jordan says "I know"...Russell says why rush it...Jordan places her hands on Jeff's back and rubs...Jordan says she has some people from high school that are getting married...Russell too...Chima asks "are they happy?"...Russell says they're going through the motions, he knows they want to go out with him on Fridays & Saturdays but they stay home and play Guitar Hero, wtf is that?...Jeff says it gradually declines, it gets to the point where they want to go out for coffee or order pizza "you're out bro" :)

Chima says going out gets old after awhile...Jeff says not hitting a club, just going to the corner bar or he has buddies that have restaurants, just doing something and they say they can't, they have something in the morning...Michele says it's the women, they're bad women...Chima says maybe they're scared the guy will find a new woman...Russell asks if that's really a threat for girls?...Chima says she's sure it is...Michele says a lot of girls are insecure, that's why she has a problem hanging with other girls because they can't believe she lets her man do this or that ...Chima says the girl will give the guy a guilt trip to make him stay home...Jeff says sometimes it's not even worth it, like stfu, I'll stay home...Chima says then they get mad and go on the internet and watch porn...they laugh...Jeff says "no, it's a give and take, relationships are hard"...Chima says she doesn't want to get married and her husband be bored with her...Russell says she needs to go out with him then...Jeff says it's give and take, he gets that, sometimes you have to stay home...

Russell says it's hard when your lady is all dressed up and going out and then you want to go with her...Jeff says that that's when you ask and she'll say no, it's okay I'm just going out with my friends and you think "wtf is going on?" LOL ...feeds switch out...

Jeff is waiting for the right girl


The HG's are sitting outside on the couches.

Casey starts talking about how when you meet someone you will know they are the "one". Casey says that he dated many women for different amounts of time and kept asking "is she the one, I don't know", there were some really terrific ladies. He kept making excuses and then he & Janice hooked up and he knew. He says he has been with her since '05 but knew her since 95 when she was dating a promoter friend of his. They ran into each other at a Labor Day party in '05, kissed that night, they went out to dinner later that week, he bought flowers for her but left them in the car because he didn't want to feel like he was all into her and she wasn't. After that they were engaged within 2 months and married in 7. wow!

Casey says when you know, you'll know. Casey says he had struggled before, he says you date someone for 3 years and there comes a point where you have to shit or get off the pot, he was given ultimatums a couple of times...Ronnie tells a story about the Osbourne show where a woman wanted to marry her fiancé on the spot or else and then they did get married.

Casey says that there came a time where he was in a good place and ready, Janice is a terrific woman. Lydia asks if a man reaches the age of 30, does he know more what he wants. Casey thinks so. Chima asks Jeff because he is now over 30...Casey keeps talking saying that when you reach a certain age you know what you want out of a spouse, a life partner, they need to be your best friend, Casey says his wife is his best friend. Ronnie agrees.

Jeff rubs Casey's arm, lol. Natalie asks Jeff what is he waiting on, Lydia asks too...Ronnie says thanks for putting him on the spot. Jeff says he doesn't care...

Jeff answers saying he is waiting for the right girl..."personality, I like a lot of personality, I like a is number one with me, you know, I'm I got burned a couple of times you know...not a couple, twice, that's a couple...and uh, I don't know just like Casey said, like a best friend, you know, I would like to hang out with her like I hang out with my friends you know...go out with her and just have a great time you know...and usually all my girlfriends are like that" (sounds like Jordan to a tee)

Jeff trusts Jordan


Jeff and Natalie are sitting outside on the couches...Natalie is trying to convince Jeff that Laura is making deals to stay and that "they" want Jordan out...Jeff asks who "they" are? he is confused by what Natalie is telling him because he thinks Jordan has the votes to stay no matter what...Natalie is hesitant and won't name names mostly because she's feeding him lies and just wants Jeff to get upset and cause more drama hence making him more of a target again.

Jeff says she doesn't have to tell him who told her this...Natalie says she is sticking her neck out and doesn't get why people want to change shit...Jeff guesses Kevin and Lydia? but he thought Lydia liked Jordan...Natalie says they all want Jordan to stay but Laura is trying to make deals...Jeff says "oh really?"...Natalie says they should have the votes but Laura is making deals and she doesn't know if Jeff trusts Russell because they talk but he can't trust Russell at all.

Jeff says "I trust Jordan" ♥

Natalie says ok, she knows Jeff's trying to keep peace but Russell is not on his side in any way, people are trying to change shit around...Jeff asks "who?"...Natalie won't say...Ronnie gets called to the DR...Jeff asks why Ronnie gets called to the DR 15x a day?...Natalie giggles...Jessie comes over to where they are...Natalie tells Jessie that she's telling Jeff about Russell and Laura. Jessie says "oh, he's trying, he's trying to get your girl out" :)

Jessie sits down and the three of them talk a nutshell ~ Jessie backtracks a little on Natalie's stance, saying that what they're telling him is worst case scenario (Jordan leaving) and that they're basically doing him a favor by letting him know that it's a possibility and that Laura, Ronnie & Russell are all scheming. Jeff's not really buying it but they try anyway...Laura and Jordan come outside just before the midnight mark and immediately a smile comes upon Jeff's face, Jeff holds out his hand to Jordan and they banter a little about food. It's cute as usual :)

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