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Day 9 of BB13 Feeds

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

July 15

JeJo finally alone in the HOH

2:12 - 2:24 AM

Jeff and Jordan finally get the HOH room to themselves alone...Jeff says "Johhrdan"...Jordan asks what side Jeff wants, left or right?...Jeff doesn't care...she chooses the left side just like in the candy room...Jeff comes out of the bathroom and asks how to turn off the spyscreen...Jordan's not sure, she says the picture of her and Jeff at the wedding is good but she can't believe Peyton got cropped out...Jeff giggles saying he can't believe he got left out again...Jordan says she wants to read her letter again, she goes to get it...Jeff asks Jordan what she thinks? are they doing the right thing?...Jordan says they should just keep the nominations like they want and then go from there, she says that the problem is that you talk to all 3 of them (A/D/C) and they all say they're good but Cassi doesn't give you anything...Jeff says the most logical thing is to split up Dom & Cassi, they could send Cassi home but then you're losing players to play for you in the HOH...Jordan says she thinks they're being smart.

Jordan sits down to re-read her letter and giggles about how it sounds exactly the way her family is...Jeff says that her mom would say "Peyton does this sound good?" and he'd say yeah...Jeff starts saying where was the game talk when, she spills water on the nightstand and has to clean it up...Jordan asks if BB rewords this? she says there's nothing about Jana, what's wrong with her family? LOL Jeff can't believe Peyton didn't get a picture.

Jeff turns off the lights...Jordan says the spyscreen is like watching TV...Jeff says it's kinda cool...Jeff says he feels bad (for Dom)...Jordan says she likes him but it's not about that...Jeff says he would have put them up...Jordan says he was...Jordan says that way Adam's safe, even when they have to turn…

JeJo alone in the HOH room Part 2

2:24 - 2:39 AM

The feeds switch back to JeJo in the HOH...they are talking about how much they trust Shelly...Jordan says she's going to feel bad seeing Dom go, she wishes he was more trustworthy because they'd have more fun with him, he's too wishy washy though and Adam has to make sure they lose that veto because Dom will then for sure come after them...Jordan says man, this is stressful and her stomach hurts, she's got her heating pad on...Jeff says it's cooler up there too...Jordan says they're going to sleep good...FISH...Jeff wonders why Dom hasn't come up there...Jordan says maybe Dani told him they're sleeping.

Jordan says she feels bad for Keith, if she knew he was with them they would have kept him...Jeff says he's cool...Jordan says she thinks he knew he was going home...Jeff says he doesn't want to get too cocky...Jordan doesn't want to be like Jessie and them and then it flip on them...Jeff just wants them to get to jury then it would ease the pain...Jordan says she wants Jeff to win...Jeff does too but baby steps...Jordan says that Shelly told her she wants to see them do good and go far...Jordan told her she's too nice and then Shelly said they'll go after Brenchel before them...Jordan says what Rachel did earlier towards Cassi was uncalled for, she was just stirring up drama and being cocky, she can't do stuff like that, she's going to make a target for herself.

Jeff says he doesn't care about that after the golden keys but before that's done, if Brenchel get the veto they're fu**ed...Jordan thinks Cassi would put up Brenchel next week over them...Jordan tells Jeff that she talked to Cassi and apologized on behalf of Rachel...Jeff wonders if the votes did go the way they thought or maybe it was other people...Jordan says something about Porsche...Jeff warns Jordan to not listen to a word she says.

Jordan thinks the other side will go after Brendon & Rachel before them...Jeff worries about them getting the veto, they wouldn't even get a chance to play for veto, they have to keep Brenchel around until the key stuff is done...Jordan says Dani will stick with them but she gets annoyed with Rachel sometimes...Jeff says it could go both ways with Dani...there are so many scenarios and what if's...Jordan says they have to go with their gut...Jeff says he wants to go with the numbers not fold whenever someone is nice to them, they're too soft...Jordan says she feels bad sometimes when she talks to Cassi...Jeff says what about Keith? he thought what a f'ing cutie, he's keeping him LOL

Jeff says he's started talking to Dom but not game, they have to look out for themselves not Dominic's fun, he won't give a f**k when he evicts them...Jordan says exactly...Jordan says he's fun, it's funny when they talk crap to each other...Jeff says "see, now I feel bad"...Jordan says he can't feel bad, it's a game, Dom was going to put them up...Jeff says Adam was too...Jordan says that he was about to cry...Jeff says that he can read Adam...Jordan asks if Jeff thinks it's a good idea to keep Adam?...Jeff giggles saying he doesn't know.

Jordan says Adam & Dom are a toss up but if they think long term Dom is going to stick with Dani and that's a strong team, Dani won't pair up Adam...Jeff says they have to look at votes too and the deals they made...Jordan says Dom would go more with the house...(around the horn they go with scenarios, I am getting serious flashbacks to Jordan's HOH week in 2011 LOL) Jordan suggests talking to Shelly and see her opinion on it, Kalia said that Dom or Cassi needs to go but she doesn't trust Cassi...Jordan goes back to Dom & Adam...Jeff says they look at it logically, that's what they need to do, with not having any feelings on it, that plan is the best...Jeff says on the outside looking in that's what anyone would do even though PT is a little cutie and he'd have more fun with him...they both says "but it's not about fun"

Jordan says after the golden keys what if D&D & Brenchel team up against them and Kalia & Shelly, that wouldn't be good, they need to get Adam...FISH…

Jeff & the live feeds 2:52 AM

Feeds return to Jeff and Jordan who are in bed in the HOH talking game...they are looking at the spy screen...Jeff says he likes it, it is kinda like watching TV, he asks "what's on" LOL Jordan yawns...

Jeff says "so this (the spy screen) is what the live feeds are?...oh wait, the live feeds could come in here right?"...Jordan says yeah...Jeff says he thought it was like this too, how pissed would people be if this was the live feeds and they couldn't see anybody and they'd ask "what did I pay for?"...

Jeff then says "oh man, so then people are like watching us on the live feeds right now?"

Jordan says yeah...Jeff says "they're probably fu**in thinking that we're crazy"...Jordan asks why?...Jeff says "cuz we just talked about (it) for an hour in circles"(YES Jeff thank you for recognizing what drives me crazy about you two! LOL) Jordan says "so, we don't have anything else better to do" (yeah you do!) Jeff says "and they're like you idiot! it's so simple, why don't you do that"...Jordan says "I know"...back to game talk

JeJo picture drawing game/wind down

2:55 - 3:25 AM

Game talk is finally over...Jordan asks if Jeff wants to draw pictures, he does ...Jeff gets up and turns off the lights and they banter a little about the blanket & no tossing and turning...they start playing the draw a picture on my back game reminiscent of two games from BB11, the what animal am I game mixed with the draw on my back game...

Jordan starts by drawing a heart & arrow for Valentine's day...Jeff is clueless LOL Jordan helps him out but Jeff doesn't like that picture, she's breaking the rules, he says it has to be a picture (huh? LOL it's also mentioned that they did this very thing the night before which we didn't get to see on the feeds)

Jordan wants Advil...Jeff says there's none down there, she better go to the DR and get some...Jordan says if she doesn't have any she will die (dramatic! lol)...Jordan gets up and they start talking about the feeds return they are giggling and Jordan is back in bed (?)...Jordan draws again and tells Jeff it's going to be an animal...Jeff can't get it...Jordan gives a clue about Thailand and Jeff guesses elephant...Jeff says he was going to say that but Jordan hates that shirt (the elephant one) Jeff wants to know where his trunk was? and tries to explain how she should've done it...Jordan says "Jeff, it's my picture"

Now it's an animal in the water...Jordan draws...Jeff starts talking about teeth...Jordan giggles saying Jeff always thinks it's teeth...Jeff guesses alligator...ding!...Jordan says it's her turn...Jeff asks for one more, Jordan draws...Jeff can't get it...Jordan says it's in a zoo...Jeff guesses pig and a hippo, he's wrong, he wants to know what is with the squiggly tail? Jeff guesses a says it eats grass and has a long neck...Jeff didn't like the tail LOL

Jordan wants one, it's her turn...Jeff mildly protests...Jordan says she's on her period, he has to make her feel better...Jordan says just one picture Jeff draws an animal...Jordan guesses a jellyfish with tentacles...Jeff draws an animal with boxing gloves LOL...Jordan giggles and guesses kangaroo...ding!

Jordan says goodnight but asks for one more...Jordan giggles saying she didn't want to say kangaroo because last time he said "a kangaroo? in Africa?" Jeff remembers...Jeff can't think of what to draw...Jordan suggests drawing something from a holiday...Jeff draws and Jordan guesses pumpkin...ding!

Jordan says Jeff can stop...Jeff has one more...he draws...Jordan wants a hint...Jeff says there's 8 candles...Jordan guesses Hanukkah...ding! Jeff says yay, you're the best...they start settling in for sleep and banter a little...Jordan says she was so nervous today and was thinking Jeff was going to be so mad at her...Jeff says "no I wasn't"...Jordan says she was thinking he would be and she was worried what others think, she wanted to contribute to the alliance...they discuss the HOH comp...

Jeff says "do you believe in positive thinking now?"...Jordan says yeah she said her prayers...Jeff doesn't mean that, he means how they were up there being negative thinking they had no shot (when Dick left) and they thought positively, it came true, they can't get down...Jordan says "I know"...Jeff says "for now, this is pretty nice"...Jordan says to enjoy it for a week"...

Jordan wonders if she overreacted when she won?...Jeff says no because Brendon was screaming too...Jordan laughs...Jeff thinks that everyone watching must've had deja vu...Jordan says yeah, Jeff hit it straight just like last time (she won HOH)...Jeff giggles about Brendon hitting the ball in the bushes...they talk about how they didn't know how funny he is...they say he has the best patience dealing with Rachel...they talk about how Brenchel do everything together, even share the same plate they talk about Brendon more, how smart he is, Jordan says Rachel is too...Jeff says she is? LOL...Jordan says she can have her moments but she's smart...Jordan says Kalia makes the best cabbage, she reminds her of her sister because she's snappy and sleeps a lot...Jeff likes that she fires back...Jordan says she's like Jana with Jeff...

Jordan says Maggie is going to be so excited when she sees her...Jeff says "you know Peyton put Maggie up to the TV...100%"...Jordan giggles...Jeff asks if Rachel talked to Julie?...Jordan says no, there was too much to do...Jordan hopes she doesn't have to talk to Julie, she gets nervous...they talk about DR' for a few minutes...feeds return to Jordan and Jeff talking about Jeff's tampon phobia LOL

Jeff turns the spy screen off after some struggle...actually BB shut it off because Jeff couldn't figure out how to Jeff says after 8 times pressing the button, he thinks they turned it off because they were thinking "honestly you two stfu and go to sleep" LOL! Jeff goes to the bathroom and returns to bed...

Good job today kiss/I love you

3:25 - 3:28 AM

Jeff returns to bed and they discuss the Tim McGraw CD and the blanket situation...Jeff says he's never slept on a round bed...Jordan says it reminds her of Austin Powers (me too!) Jeff says "when he's spinning in a circle?"...Jordan mmm, hmm's saying "shall we shag now or shag later?"

They decide to finally go to sleep, they get quiet...Jordan says "goodnight"...Jeff says "going to bed?"...Jordan asks if he's going to sleep?...Jeff thinks so, its over, "goodnight love ♥"...he reaches over to Jordan and says "good job today", kisses her...

Jordan says "thanks love you"...Jeff says "I love you too" and they go to sleep.


2:05 PM

Jeff is in the kitchen getting his food ready, they're all talking in the silly Bruno Mars/Super Mario voices...Jordan walks by and Jeff says "Johrdann, how do you feel?"...Jordan answers him (can't hear)...Jeff says "I know, I could tell"...

bandaids underneath her top?...Jeff says "no you can see your nipples, it's cool"...Jordan walks away and Jeff says "love ♥ ?"...Jordan says thanks Jeff...Jeff smiles saying "well you asked"...Jordan asks if she should put some?...Jeff says "no! you're good"...Dani says something about it being hot in the DR and then Jeff says in that voice "she's on period, she's very cranky...her friends come to town and she treats me mean and whatever I say I get yelled at"

Is Jordan made at Jeff?

2:27- 2:28 PM

Jeff is in the kitchen cooking…Jordan wanders into the kitchen and hugs her

Jeff asks if Jordan is mad at him? Jordan says no, not at all it’s just that her vagina hurts…Jeff laughs

Jordan TMI ;)

8:47 - 8:52 PM

Feeds switch to Jordan and Cassi who are in the HOH talking...Rachel walks in and sits down mid conversation...Jordan is talking about her and Jeff's first time, she says that they were just out partying having the best time, then things happened and then the next day she wanted to cry because she didn't want to do it because she didn't know if Jeff really did like her or if it was just part of the show and she remembers being like omg, what did I do? she looked over at Jeff asking if they did it? (she surprised herself)...Jeff said to quit acting dumb, she knows they did, she was all like omg because her hair was all over the place, she called her mom and told her...Rachel can't believe this lol...Jordan says she said "did you like it?"...Jordan said "like yeah" (duh! lol) but she was like mom! (regretful maybe) because she thought she was going to wait.

Cassi asks if Jordan knew at that point, was she nervous that Jeff wouldn't stick around?...Jordan says she knew they had that connection, they were good friends but Jeff is good looking, she didn't know if after he would be like this girl is 22 years old, it's long distance and some other girl would come and he'd want her because she's really hot, he could get with her...Rachel says Jordan is hot...Cassi says Jordan's beautiful...Jordan says Jeff could ditch her, you just don't know and you think about that stuff, she was kind of paranoid.

Jordan then says that her grandpa taught her that the worst thing is life is jealousy and not just over a relationship but about anything in life, work, school, etc. she learned with Jeff not to be but Jeff makes it easy he doesn't do anything to make her jealous...Rachel says you can tell that Jeff adores Jordan...Jordan says Jeff can be a butthole sometimes but all guys can...Cassi says y'all know you're on the same page...Jordan says she trusts him, she has been embarrassing before though, at her friend's wedding, it was open bar and she had way too much too drink, she was dancing all night and having fun, she doesn't remember the whole night but Jeff said Jordan was so embarrassing, she was dancing wildly, she picked a fight with Jeff saying he had been looking at a girl, Jeff said he didn't know what she was talking about and the next day she woke up in her mom's bed, Jeff wouldn't even talk to her for a day, they got in a fight, he went out to lunch with Peyton LOL

Jordan understands saying that she ruined his night because he was babysitting her all night...Rachel says Brendon does that all the time (no doubt!)...Cassi says she doesn't drink tequila anymore because of that...FISH...

Snickers hug

10:03 PM

Jeff is playing the bean bag toss with Brendon, Dom and Kalia...JJeff is playing the bean bag toss with Brendon, Dom and Kalia...Jordan is eating a Snickers bar and walks over to where Jeff is...Jordan gives some to Jeff, Jeff says it's so good...Jordan sweetly hugs Jeff and then walks away. ordan is eating a Snickers bar and walks over to where Jeff is...Jordan gives some to Jeff, Jeff says it's so good...Jordan sweetly hugs Jeff and then walks away.

Dang Jeff looks real good

10:12 PM

Jeff and Jordan are sitting on the BY couches with Shelley and Kalia...Jordan says "I listen to my Tim McGraw songs and I look at the picture of the wedding, you know, I get all happy, I see my mom I get all excited"...Shelley says that's nice...Jordan pointing to Jeff says "but I mean, you looked good in that picture, you look real good"...Shelley says it's a great picture of them all...Jeff says "thanks"

Jordan says "you do! you got on your blue shirt, he looks good in a suit"...Shelley says all men, most men do, Kalia agrees...Jordan says "Jeff looks like GQ when he's in a suit"...

Jordan is about to say she's only seen Jeff in a suit (a couple of times? a few times?) but Shelley cuts her off saying she loved seeing her husband in a suit...Jordan says when she saw Jeff at the wedding, he was sitting with her mom and brother and she was like "dang Jeff looks real good...that's my boyfriend!"

JeJo serious game talk

10:38 - 10:55 PM

Feeds switch to JeJo who get some alone time to talk in the HOH...they discuss the days events, mostly talk about Rachel and her jealousy of gets serious when there's a misunderstanding over something Jordan told Cassi...Jeff warns Jordan that she can't say too much...they have a little moment but recuperate quickly...

Jordan tells Jeff how Cassi had just come up there and they were talking about everything, just girl stuff and Rachel told Jordan she doesn't trust her, she's just talking to Jordan now because she's HOH...Jordan tries to explain to Jeff how Rachel said something smart when Shelly was talking to Cassi and that's why Cassi came up to the HOH, she felt she had to get away but now Jordan feels like when she talks to Cassi that the others are all watching her and she's getting paranoid that the others think she's flipping...

Jeff says Rachel gets paranoid over the littlest thing and Brendon has to calm her down, Jeff says to Jordan "who cares, you can't talk to people?"...Jordan says she is talking, Cassi just came up there and thanked her for talking to her today but she doesn't want to seem two-faced, with Cassi she feels like she can just get away and talk, they were listening to TIm McGraw, her happy music and with Rachel and Dani it's like a strike against Cassi, she doesn't want to tick anybody off...

Jordan starts talking about a conversation she had with Cassi about the house and the votes and what Cassi told Shelly about that (confuses me lol)...Cassi misunderstood what Jordan told her and relayed it incorrectly to Shelly...Jeff tells Jordan that Cassi told him downstairs that she felt like such an ass because the whole time she thought it was Adam who flipped his vote which made Jeff wonder if she knew it was Shelly or thinks it's Lawon...Jordan says that Shelly told her to watch what she says because now Cassi thinks it's Lawon who flipped, Jordan tells Jeff she never told Cassi that it wasn't Adam who flipped, she just told Cassi that Adam wasn't with the vets, Cassi took it the other way...

Jeff says that Cassi does think it wasn't Adam now...Jeff tells Jordan "well, watch what you say"...pause & stare ...Jordan says "I knooow"...Jeff asks if she realizes the stuff that comes out of her mouth when she says them? to not stir shit up, things were fine the way they were, now Cassi thinks Adam didn't flip, he doesn't want to deal with all that...Jeff repeats what Cassi said, he didn't know what to say to her, he thought Shelly may have told her...Jordan says no...Jeff says to not fu**ing talk like that, to not say anything...

Jeff says "do I have to pull a Brendon & Rachel? don't talk unless I'm around?" 🤨

Jordan shuts up Jeff by quietly saying "okay"....

Jeff says to just think and it'll be fine, just don't tell anybody anything...Jordan says she told Cassi she felt bad for Dom but she had to put him up...Cassi says that Dom understands and knew he would be going up...Jordan says she likes him but she doesn't trust him and had to put him up...Cassi says Dom figured he'd go up because he was approached by them twice and he wanted to play it out, wouldn't commit...Jeff says that Cassi told him, f**k everybody, it's them, her & Shelly and Jeff wondered wtf Jordan said up in the HOH to her...

Jordan insists they were just talking about other stuff...Jeff says he doesn't care, if anyone asks he'll just say Jordan doesn't know anything Jordan says she didn't want to call anyone out...Jeff says they want them to think Adam voted their way so when he works with them he's a target for them too but to not try and fix things, just leave it alone...Jordan says ok...Jeff says Lawon came up to him and wants to roll with them too, now it's like everyone is rolling on their side but let's see how it is when they get in power, it's like the whole house wants to flip now, ratting each other out...

Jordan says she won't say anything else, she knows that if Rachel wins HOH next week she's putting Cassi straight up but at least they have Kalia, Cassi thinks it was Kalia who voted the vets way and Jordan told her she didn't know, she told Cassi that she voted to evict Keith because he was a threat to her...Jeff asks why Cassi thinks that Adam was the vote?...Jordan tries to explain their convo again and they discuss what might happen if they figure out the votes, Jeff just doesn't want them thinking it's Shelly...Jordan agrees and says they don't know who it is...

Jordan says that's all she wanted to say...Jeff says ok...Jordan suggests what Jeff should do if he's outside and Cassi is trying to trick Rachel into saying how people voted...Jeff sighs and then smiles sweetly at Jordan…

Jordan says alright...Jeff asks if she wants him to leave?...Jordan says she just wanted to tell him that...Jordan asks if he's mad at her?...Jeff says "no, I'm not mad, what do you want me to do?"...Jordan says "well you scare me when I think you're mad at me"...Jeff doesn't get it LOL

Jeff starts talking game again, he hopes the veto stays the same, he told Adam to ease up on that veto...Jordan says she talked to Adam too...they talk about talking to Shelly about the veto also...Jeff says they can just win it and not have to worry about anything...Jeff says he's bohred...Jordan is too...Jeff says he hasn't been snacking but there are so many snacks...back to game...Jeff says they are in a good position right now of course because they're HOH...they talk about the votes again...Jeff says if they get rid of Dom then Cassi can go after Lawon/Kalia if she thinks they voted the vets way...Jeff says then they'll get back Dani...

Jordan says "Daniele seems like the type that'll stab you in the back" (yep!)

Jeff says it's because she hasn't played yet, of course she's going to play for herself...Jordan thinks she'll go after Brenchel, she annoys them...Jeff says that's good but not if they win the veto...Jordan says that Brenchel work well together, they're good partners...Jeff sighs again and says he's tired...Jordan says she doesn't know why, she doesn't feel like sitting out there, she likes it up in the HOH...Jeff says he knows but they can't...Jordan asks why?...Jeff asks if they're going to be "those guys"...Jordan says she is tonight...Jeff says fine but they both can't be...Jordan says she listened to her music for 10 mins...

Jeff says she has an excuse, she's cramping, you can't relax in there, people are always sneaking around and then they'll call them big shots coming down from the HOH...Jordan says "oh be quiet, you're thinking about it too much"...Jeff says he isn't, it's just how it is...Jordan says she's so tired for no reason...Jeff is too...Jordan says she slept real good last night...Jordan turns and they banter about her back (inside joke)...Jeff looks at the spy screen saying it reminds him of TV, there's nothing on...Jordan says nobody is ever in the purple room...Jordan giggles and Jeff asks why?...Jordan explains that it just makes her laugh, the thing about Rachel not speaking without Brendon...feeds switch...

Lonely hot tub 11:57 PM

Jordan is sitting with her feet soaking in the hot tub...Jeff is sitting chatting on the couches with the others...Jeff gets up and says he's going to shower up...Jordan says "are you?"...Jeff says yep...Jordan says "come here"...Jeff starts walking away saying "what?"...Jordan says "ok go"...Jeff says "why do you always do that?"...Jordan shakes her head and says I don't know...Jeff says something else inaudible and Jordan says "ok go upstairs"...feeds switch...

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