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Day 59 of BB13 Feeds

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

September 4

JeJo’s long distance relationship

12:55 - 1 AM

Jordan and Kalia are outside talking...Kalia is talking about being in a sorority...Jordan says one thing she wishes is that she went to college when she was younger...Kalia asks why she didn't go?...Jordan says she didn't really have the grades, when she was out of high school and everyone else is out of college she thought to herself that by the time she gets there and transfer she'll be 20, everyone will know each other and have friends and she'd be the person that doesn't know anybody, she thought it would be too late so she never bothered, she wishes she would have, she probably would've failed out though..Kalia says why would she say that?...Jordan says she would have liked the social aspect, she'd get caught up in it...Kalia says she could get tutors, she'd just have to hunker down and get it done, same as how now she'll go back and do the dental program, she'll have to work hard to get that done...

Jordan says that's true, after there, that's exactly what she's going to have to get done, go home and get all that done, get focused, Jeff wanted to do this and they don't see each other all the time so they figured it would be something good for them to do as a couple just one last time because they have to figure out what to do, they have to do something, they can't do long distance forever...

Kalia says no, well, you can't but...she then says she was in a LD relationship too that ended but with them...Jordan says "no, we make it work"...Kalia says "not only that seems seems like you both have things in place that will, ok, we're working on the individual things that need to be done so that we can collectively ykwim? and you're still young, I mean I know Jeff's older than you but you're still super young"...

Jordan says yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah but what she loves, loves, loves about Jeff is he is not a jealous person at all and she's not jealous either so that's good because if you did LD and were jealous that would be really bad...

Jordan says "I will be like, ok, I'm going out with my friends or something and I don't go out that much but he'll always be like, ok, go have fun, call me whenever you get home, he's not that guy that keeps calling the phone and the same with him, if he goes, I'll do the same, I'll be alright, have fun, call me later and sometimes if I say it too fast he's like, whoa, whoa, whoa, wait, you don't wanna talk?"

Jordan says normally he'll do that to her, saying he's gotta go and she'll be ok but that's one thing that's perfect because they're buddies besides "that" so it's not like "aww baby", that mushy mushy stuff, he trusts her and she trusts him...

Jordan says he always jokes around, Kalia knows his personality, he's like "y'all don't be whores"

Jordan says everytime she cracks up, one time he said it in front of someone who she can't remember and they looked at him funny and he said she knows what I mean...Jordan says if he misses her he'll say "I wanna drown you right now" and she'll say that's so sweet or he'll say "yeah, I really could, I wanna smash your face in something" LOL these two!

I wish Jeff was here

7:43 PM

Jordan and Rachel are in the kitchen talking while snacking...Jordan asks Rachel is she can have some of her brown rice?...Rachel says yeah...Jordan asks if she's sure?...Rachel says of course...Jordan doesn't want to be annoying...Rachel asks what she's talking about? she's so silly, she used to drive Jeff crazy asking him to have some of his food, she'd ask him after he'd spend 2 hours making it and he'd say there's not even enough left now (it's true, it did drive him crazy LOL)

Jordan screeches "I wish he was here!"...Rachel giggles at her cuteness...Jordan says "I think it's because I didn't have time"...Rachels says "it's weird cuz you didn't say goodbye"...Jordan says "yeah he was like 'bye love, love you'", she was too busy, startled, thinking what is going on?...Rachel says she can't believe Shelly came up to Jordan right after to give her a hug...Jordan says "I was like, get away from me" (no kidding! )

Jordan says when Kalia gets in jury there's going to be an argument...Rachel says for sure, there will be some words and omg Jeff...giggle, giggle...Jordan says "I know"...Rachel says "and Brendon"...Jordan says Brendon is just going to be the calm one backing up Jeff and Jeff will be bluhbluhbluhbluhbluh (hard to transcribe LOL)

Rachel says "I wonder what Shelly's going to say?"...Jordan says "I know...she's going to end up hating us"...Rachel says "who cares, I will never talk to her regardless and I don't mean that in a mean way, obviously if she hit me up on twitter or facebook or something and was like hey!, I would be like hey! hope you're doing great, but she's not someone I would go out of my way to keep in touch with...I don't care how she played the game or if it was just a game or whatever"...they talk about people Rachel kept in touch with…

Sweet JeJo fansite shoutout from Jordan

7:48 - 7:53 PM

Jordan and Rachel are chatting in the kitchen while snacking...Jordan is talking about what it was like to come into the BB house with Jeff last summer as hosts for the POV comp...Jordan says that anytime the BB12 cast would say anything about her, people would Twitter her saying Rachel said this about you last night...Rachels says that's crazy, so people know about old houseguests...

Jordan says that all the people from JeJo fansite, they're all so sweet, idk, they got your back, they really look out for you and they're really nice people...(if) they say real mean stuff, they stick up for you and they always have nice stuff to say, those are the people that helped me see Jeff to Italy...Rachel says wow, really?...Jordan says when he went on ATW...Rachel says "oh they sent you to Italy?"...Jordan says "yeah, all of them helped me, it was SUPER, super, nice"...Rachel says that is really cool, she didn't know that, aww, that's awesome...

Jordan says they all got together, she thinks, they always got in contact with Jeff but she's almost positive that all of them from the site chipped in for them to go to the Carrie Underwood, if not all of them then one person, she can't remember, it was supposed to be a surprise, they're just so nice, when she was taking anatomy and needed help people sent her stuff to help with that, really nice generous stuff or they're write her inspirational things...they go outside...Jordan says she doesn't know, they're just nice people...Rachel tells Jordan about stuff they sent her and Brendon, they've done so much for them...

Jordan says that those people helped out Jeff with ATWFF too, it's really nice because you don't think that outside of there people would do that or care but these people are so nice because they feel like they know you and are willing to help you, it's cool to see people that want to help you and see you do good…

JeJo’s connection on BB

9:07 PM

Feeds return from the control room just after the 9:07pm mark...Jordan is talking to Adam about her previous relationship of 2 years, they broke up, they didn't talk for awhile and he was dating someone else and then they started talking again, she found out she was going on BB (first time) and she has never talked to him since, so it was kind of like they were starting to get back together but she left for the show and things happened (umm, never heard that before, revisionist history maybe? )

Jordan says "I didn't think coming in here that I would ever meet anybody, I thought I would just come on here and hang out with people, wasn't even looking for anything at all, just coming on here for fun...and then meeting Jeff was awesome cuz he was like my best friend here, it was kind of like that connection when you know for sure, in this house, even though I didn't know him outside this house, I knew just from like 2 weeks of being with him that I could trust him 100% with everything and it was just like that, you know, just like that connection"

Embarrassing story

10:05 PM

Jordan, Kalia, Rachel & Porsche are outside talking on the couches in the BY...they are sharing drinking stories...Jordan tells them about the time just after BB when Jeff was in town for a baby shower and wedding, they were going down some stairs by a group of people that were outside a club, Jordan was wearing high heels, she can't walk in heels, meanwhile they were her Jessica Simpson heels, they know how high they are, Jeff was holding her hand helping her get down, she turned her foot and fell down on her butt and slid down the stairs, in a dress, she looked up and everybody at the club was pointing and laughing, it was so embarrassing, Jeff grabbed her, told her to get up and walked her away from there, he said she was so embarrassing, it was terrible and her leg was all scraped up, it was funny.

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