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Day 58 of BB13 Feeds

September 3

Rachel tells Jordan to not feel bad/what Jeff needed

2:50 PM

Jordan and Rachel are up in the HOH room talking after the POV comp...they are talking about the situation they are in, what winning the money would do for them and that Jordan shouldn't feel bad for the other side...Rachel says that she's thinking about if she was to win this game, that would do so much for her and Brendon, they don't have any money, they have student loans, Brendon is going to be in school for 5 more years with no income and playing this game was a big risk for him because he should've been doing research right now, he put his phD on the line and came back and played it for her because she wanted another shot at winning this game, they're trying to start a family, they're engaged, if they're trying to make her feel bad, don't feel that way...

Jordan says she is that way because when people cry it makes her sad...Rachel says her too, it sucks but Kalia is 30 yrs old, she has a degree, she travelled around with her Broadway troupe for plenty of years, she came in and had just as much of a shot to play this game and she did a good job and didn't win, she aligned herself with Dani, that was a bad choice on her part, she could've been in an alliance with her and Jeff, she chose to turn her back on her and Jeff, she aligned herself with Dani, she nominated Jeff twice, she evicted Jeff, does she think that Kalia felt bad when she nominated Jeff and said this was for Dani? no!...Jordan knows...

Rachel says "does she think about how Jeff needs the money, that Jeff is trying to start a family, that Jeff wants to propose, that Jeff wants to do a lot, plenty of things? no, so, don't feel bad for Kalia"...

Jordan repeats she feels bad when people cry...Rachel says "say I'm sorry and it's been great knowing you" LOL but if Jeff would've cried would she have felt bad? no, she didn't feel bad when they were crying...Jordan says Kalia was a bit nicer afterwards, Porsche was more cold...Rachel says who could Jordan beat more easily, K or P?...Jordan says Porsche...they start debating K vs P…

I miss Jeffrey

7:08 PM

Jordan, Kalia, Rachel & Adam are outside chatting, Rachel & Jordan have their feet in the hot tub...they talk about it being 7 o'clock and how hot the water is and Jordan brings over the hose to add some cooler water...

Out of the blue Jordan says "I miss Jeffrey" 💔

Jordan says "I like (big smile) cuz he just makes me laugh cuz he cracks on people and it just makes me laugh, I miss it"

Boy band songs/Justin Bieber fever

11:39 PM

Jordan and Rachel are sitting with their feet in the hot tub, they are chatting with Adam about Jordan's job schedule on Saturdays...Adam says it's Saturday, 11 o'clock, would Jeff be calling her drunk?...Jordan says no, it's 10 where he is, it's Saturday, he would be at his friend Joe's garage or at his friend's restaurant, they have the same routines that they do...Adam says so in about 2 hours he'll call her drunk...Jordan says "and he'll sing to me"

Adam says obviously Jeff couldn't sing in there but it seems out of character for him to just start singing to her over the phone but she says he does it all the time...Jordan says he will when he's with her friends, he's being goofy, she'll call him because she goes to bed early and he'll say ok, he'll call her tonight and then most likely when she gets up in the morning she's got a message from him, 2 messages actually, a normal one and then a later one in the night with all of them singing Jordan says sometimes she gets mad when he calls really late like 4 or 5 in the morning, she'll answer and be out of it and not really know what he's saying...

Porsche wants someone to sing boy band songs to her, that would be cute Rachel asks if he sings boy band songs?...Jordan says he will, it's hilarious...Rachel says that's cute...Jordan says he's not ashamed of it either...

Jordan says that one time he was at her house and got on pay per view and he loves inspirational movies so he ordered Justin Bieber's movie Never Say Never and she said that she doesn't have enough Bieber fever to watch it so she went upstairs to watch one of her shows and Jeff asked her if she wasn't even going to watch it with her? Jordan said no, have fun and then asked him how the movie was? and Jeff said it was awesome...they continue talking about Justin Bieber…

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