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Day 7 of BB13 Feeds

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

July 13

“I love you “

3:32 AM - 3:39 AM

Jordan finishes up talking to Brendon about the golf comp and then she heads to bed...Jeff is already waiting there for her...she gets in bed and gets comfy...Jeff reaches to hold her hand but she's fumbling around so he drops it...Jordan starts whispering game in Jeff's ear, it's virtually impossible to hear but it's clear from Jeff's tense body language that he's worried/stressed...Jordan asks him if he's ok?...Jeff says yeah, why?...Jordan says he seems mad...Jeff says he's not, their backs are against the wall...Jordan says they're going to do good, they're going to win it...Jeff nods yes.

Jordan whispers a little more and then cuddles into Jeff and she clasps his hand

Jordan signals time for goodnight, they kiss and she says "I love you"...Jeff says "love you too" and they both turn to get to sleep.

Almost wake up kiss

11:47 AM

Jordan is in the kitchen and walks to the candy she enters Jeff is putting on his shorts...Jordan says "I was just going to wake you up"...Jeff says "yeah?"...Jordan mmm, hmm's...Jeff points to Kalia signalling she's still sleeping...Jordan says sorry and says she was going to go (and kiss him to wake him up), she kisses Jeff on the cheek…

JeJo picture time

12:33 PM - 12:35 PM

Rachel has the camera and is taking pictures...she is looking for Jeff and Jordan...she runs outside excitedly and says "hey guys you ready for picture day?"...Rachel asks if she can take a prom picture of them...Jordan and Jeff are practicing golf...they pose for a picture but not before Jeff grabs a golf club and says it's like they're on a mini golf date...Rachel aww's and says it's like their first date all over again.

She says "cuuuute" and says she's going to grab someone to take a pic of all 4 of them...Brendon just smiles and shakes his head...Jeff says "have fun the rest of your life, right?"...Rachel runs back saying yay!...Jeff says "that's forever" ;) Brendon says "forever's a long time"...Jeff cracks up...they pose for Lawon...

Rachel then wants the guys to hold up their girls for another picture but only they do it...Jeff says Jordan's not really into that, they say they're good for pics now...Brendon says they'll do a group one later...Rachel whispers to them that BB told her they were going to be locked down inside for maybe the rest of the night...Jeff worries about his workout time and decides to do some now...Jordan says he should and that she'll keep practicing...Jeff says "ok love" ♥ and they high five and go their separate ways.

C’mon Jeff hold me

1:02 PM - 1:05 PM

Jeff and Adam are playing chess with Kalia watching...Jordan walks over to where they are and says that Jeff has been hiding from her (?)...Jeff says "I hate you"...Jordan in a high pitched voice says "Jeff, c'mon Jeff", she sits on his lap...Jeff says "noo"...Jordan says "c'mon hold me", he does...

then she sits down beside him...they sit quietly for a bit and then Jordan rubs Jeff's arm...Jordan and Kalia eventually get up and leave…

Kalia teaches Jeff to step dance

1:51 PM - 1:55 PM

Jeff, Jordan, Porsche & Kalia are in the bathroom chatting...Jordan admits she took something from the hotel (toiletries)...Jeff says he knows...Kalia asks if Jeff knows someone named Buddha (?)...Jeff does lol, it's a guy named Nick who's a DJ named DJ Buddha, he was the kicker on their football team, he's a big dude, he'd put the meat to it and let it fly...Kalia says it's hard to be a kicker, they get a bad rap...Jeff asks if what she has are clippers, maybe he'll cut his hair...Jordan wants to do it.

Jeff starts joking around with Kalia doing a step dance...Kalia starts laughing...Jeff says "you wanna battle?"...Kalia laughs and says no, but she'll teach him an easy one, one she remembers...Kalia says he has to step, clap...Jeff says you have to get into it right?...Kalia says he just has to get the steps first...step, clap, hit...they do it...

Kalia says there ya go...they go over it again and Jeff's getting into it...he says Kalia is making it dirty lol, "f**k yeah"...Kalia starts stepping it up faster and Jeff gives up LOL Kalia is good! Jordan sits by and enjoys.

Quick game chat

2:10 PM

Jeff and Jordan have a quick game chat in the kitchen. Jeff helps Jordan put a new sponge head on the dishwashing tool. :)

Prenups and Jeff’s Cinderella

3:13 PM - 3:16 PM

The HG's are talking about marriage and prenups in the chrome room...they're all saying if they would sign one or not before marriage...Brendon says he'd never make Rachel sign one...Jordan says "really? if I had millions of dollars I'd make him sign it"...they all move to the LR...Brendon explains to Jordan why he wouldn't...Jeff says Brendon is going to be loaded after that and that's when the bitches come...Jeff laughs and Jordan says "Jeff!"...Jeff says "I'm just kidding stupid"

Jordan says "it's not bad to sign a prenup, a lot of people do that, it's just to secure yourself"...Jeff says "what are you saying, you're going to make me sign one?" (and Jordan says she doesn't think Jeff thinks about marriage! busted!! ;) ) he adds "if we get hooked up?"...Jordan says she doesn't have any money :/ Jeff says she has a little bit, she has some assets...Jordan says if Jeff had a bunch of money and he told her to, she would sign it, no problem...Jeff says if he starts rocking and rolling he'll let her sign one.

Dom (the constant shit stirrer that reminds me of Natalie BB11) says what if Jordan gets famous and the dudes start running around cuz she's famous?...Jeff says "swinging dicks?"...Jeff fake yawns, lol, and says "uhh, Jordan's a good girl, she wouldn't f**k around" that shut Dom up! ;)

They go around the room asking about prenups...Dom would if he loved the girl enough...Cassi would absolutely...Jeff doesn't think it matters...Jordan agrees...Jeff says if you say you're signing this and you're going to be together forever anyways so it doesn't matter...Dom says as soon as you have a kid it's pointless anyway because you have to pay up for the kid.

Jeff says the only reason is if you've got millions "If I was super loaded no matter what, even if I knew it was my Cinderella, I'd be like listen you have to sign this cuz I'm not taking it up the ass" LOL

Dom says "wait did you say Cinderella? you're gonna look, you have a Cinderella?"

Jeff says "what do you think? I'm not romantic? if the glass slipper fits"

Dom sarcastically says Jeff seems the epitome of romantic :/

Brenchel admit they got in a huge fight about prenups and Brendon goes on to tell that story...

Where’s my kiss (cuties in the HOH)

5:34 PM - 5:58 PM

Jeff, Jordan and Brendon are talking game in the HOH...they're talking about how annoying Porsche is and half the time they have no idea what she's talking about...Brendon says what's more annoying is that she follows Rachel around...Jordan sits down near Jeff and lays her head on his shoulder and rubs his hand.

They continue talking about Porsche, Keith and more game...Rachel comes up and joins them, they talk game primarily about Cassi and how Cassi was campaigning for Keith to stay...Brendon berates Rachel a little for telling Porsche too much...they talk about jury and about the talk Dom had with Jeff in the chrome room...Jeff tells them how Jeff laid it on the line with Dom, that he knows he's coming after them...Jeff tells them he talked louder on purpose so that Adam in the kitchen would hear...Jeff giggles...Brendon says they're all going to be turning on each other soon.

They wonder if Cassi will throw the comp...Rachel leaves and Jeff thinks he hears a noise and asks Brendon to go outside and pretend to talk to Rachel and see what's going this point Jeff is laying down with his head near opposite Jordan...Brendon goes outside.

Jordan leans down and Jeff kisses, tries to bite her...

Jordan is ticklish...Jordan says "where's my kiss?"...Jeff tries to kiss her...

Jeff says he's trying but this is weird...Brendon walks back in and Jeff says "noo"

They start talking game again right away and it goes on for a long time...Jordan rubs Jeff's hair for a little bit during this…

Jeff bottled his fart?

8:17 PM

Some of the HG's are sitting outside on the couches in the BY, Jeff is on the elliptical...Shelly is talking about bottling a baby/kid's smell, it would be awesome...Jeff pipes in "I tried bottling my fart" :P LOL's...

Jeff says they were talking about that earlier...Adam says "did you really try?"...Jeff says yes, he put the top on but it gets out, it needs to be airtight, you need a vacuum seal...Jeff shows how you fart into something, vacuum it up, it would probably work...Adam says like peanuts...Jeff says yeah you need a Tupperware that pops and then (pop it) it smells like fart...

Adam asks what Jeff would do with this bottle of fart?...Jeff, with a big smile, says "I'd send it to Jordan for Valentine's...ahahaha"

Get your gf away from me

9:55 PM - 10:09 PM

Jordan and Rachel are in the HOH chatting about Cassi...Rachel is getting anxious, she's not liking her gameplay and is getting threatened by her, she thinks she's targeting Rachel and Jordan because she wants to work with the guys. Jordan isn't so sure about that but wants to hear what Jeff thinks...Jordan wonders where Jeff is, he said he'd be up soon, he pisses her off sometimes because he takes his dear sweet time...Jordan goes out on the balcony and says "hi"...Jeff asks if she pooped? :/ LOL Jordan says she hasn't and then asks if he's coming up there?...Jeff says "whoa, that sounded like an ultimatum"...Jordan says "well yeah you take forever...sometimes"...Jeff says he was chatting with his new friends.

Jordan says "well, ok, whenever you're done eating could you please come up here?"...Jeff points at Jordan and says "you've been hanging around with Rachel too much" (in reference to Brendon saying that Rachel's been hanging around with Porsche too much)...Jordan giggles...Jeff says she's bossy and then says to Brendon "get your girlfriend away from mine" :) Brendon says "she's not my girlfriend..." Kalia says "she's my fiance" ;)

As Jordan heads back into the HOH Jeff says "if you start using my plate we're through!" LOL Jordan and Rachel continue talking about Cassi mostly...Rachel says she's just venting to Jordan because she's her friend...Jordan says she's nice and would hang out outside the game with her...Rachel says she's nice, everyone here is nice but she's driving her crazy because she's being weird and it's freaking her out...more game talk...Jeff walks in the room, looks at Jordan who is looking at Rachel and says "why do you have an eww face?"...Jordan says "I don't!"...Rachel starts telling Jeff what they have been talking about...Brendon comes in and they talk about how they want the comp to go, the order of how they play...

Ewww face

10:01 PM

Jordan and Rachel are up in the HOH room talking game, they are concerned about who Shelly is voting for...

Jeff walks in and sees Jordan possibly looking worried and says "why do you have an ewww face?" Jordan says she doesn't...Jeff sits down and they all talk game together...

Did you poo?

10:13 PM

Jordan is still talking game with Brenchel...Jeff has been in the bathroom for quite awhile...Jordan gets up when she hears Jeff washing his hands...he says "Ello love" ♥ Jordan says "did you poo?"...Jeff says yes :)

A colonic date :/

11:35 PM - 11:37 PM

Jeff is chatting with Brendon, Lawon, Cassi & Shelley...they start talking about colonoscopies and colonics...they talk about them being good for you but they are really nasty...Shelley describes the differences between the two and the procedures involved.

Jeff, out of the blue, says "I'd like to do it, like maybe me and Jordan go so afterwards you could laugh about it" :/ Haha what a romantic date (match made in heaven these two lol

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