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Day 6 of BB13 Feeds

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

July 12

Jeff snuggles into Jordan

12:50 AM - 12:55 AM

Crappy camera work once again :/ but Jeff heads to the candy room where Jordan and Kalia are...Jeff gets on top of their bed and says Jordan elbowed him...Jordan says she didn't know it was Jeff...Jeff says "who would it be" (good point lol)...Jordan says "I don't know"...Jeff jokingly says "what?" and kisses her arm.

Jeff sits down and they talk about the tournament going on outside, a mini triathalon, Jeff won and he's so excited :) Kalia says her and Jordan were having a talk...Jeff touches Jordan's chest and says "do you want me to sign your boob the triathalon champ?"...Jeff says it was pretty fun, he likes games...Kalia says the name of the game is how they can entertain themselves every night...Jeff says that game was way better than the big booty game they played with the booty shaking and spoon licking...Kalia says Jeff insulted her spoon LOL

Jeff says the spoon licking was the worst thing Kalia keeps talking Jeff snuggles into Jordan's neck and blows raspberry kisses :) ...Kalia wonders what the noise is and Jordan says it's Jeff...Kalia keeps talking and Jeff goes in for another snuggle & kiss...

Jeff sits up and starts rubbing Jordan's arm, he asks them what they were talking about?...Jordan says everything, Jeff won't be able to keep up because you know, she talks a lot LOL! Kalia ahh's and says that they were talking about the POV comp, she felt so sad for Jordan...Jeff says Jordan was mad at him...Kalia knew that once it wasn't going well she thought Jordan was going to cry...Jordan says she was going to...Jeff just looks at Jordan so sweetly...

Jordan says she's terrible at puzzles, she's not going to lie...they talk a bit more about the comp and Jeff admits he's too competitive and gets too excited out there but in end everything turned out alright. They talk about making a medal for the triathlon champ...Jeff is puttering around, grabs a cigarette and then farts...Kalia tells him to not fan it this way, she's not his girlfriend and shouldn't be subjected to his farts LOL

Jeff smells Jordan's eye patch and says "Love! ♥ "...Jordan asks if it smells good...they chat about how drunk Rachel is and then Jeff leaves...

First time Jeff tweeted

1:09 PM

Jeff is outside smoking and chatting with the other HG's...Rachel is saying she hopes she gets to do an HOH tweet...Adam says he won't know what to do, he doesn't have twitter...Jeff says the first time he used twitter was in the house, he didn't know what the f**k it was either, so he ran out of room and he was like dude? what is this thing? what's going on?...BB told him to just write, there's no feedback so he wrote "today's nice" :) "I like this" and then he wrote more and he told them he was out of room, it was very complicated but not…

JeJo game talk & kiss

1:48 AM - 1:57 AM

Feeds finally switch to JeJo who are in bed whispering game..

They talk about Adam and how he's really not on their side...Jeff says "this motherf**ker is not on our side"...Jeff says he told them that he's still on the fence and Jeff told him it was ok because they know how many votes they have so if the vote goes a certain way they will know how each person voted...Jeff says he just wants to get through...Jordan says yeah...they then talk about Porsche, how it's better to keep her...Jeff gets up to shut the door...they talk about Kalia and how they really think she's with them, how she offered herself up.

Jeff then does the cutest thing, he signals Jordan to give him a kiss by puckering his lips twice...Jeff lifts up his head and Jordan kisses him ♥

Jeff says hopefully they win HOH...they talk about it maybe being an elimination type comp, they want to take out Lawon, Cassi and Dom...Jordan relates a convo Kalia had with Lawon that Kalia told her...Jordan says Lawon goes with the power...Jeff says Dom has to go first then Cassi will have nowhere to go but with Shelley and he hates talking long term but Dani is in the best set up in the house, she's safe for 4 weeks and everyone likes her, definitely one of those three (L,C,D) has to go...they start stealth whispering, it's hard to hear but it's all game related...Jordan lays back down and says she knows they're going up if they don't win :( Feeds switch…

JeJo talk w/Porsche & GN kiss

2:52 AM - 3:08 AM

Feeds switch to the candy room...Porsche comes in the room and starts telling JeJo about what just went on with Cassi. Porsche vents to them and Jeff seems generally confused about the whole thing. LOL

@ the 3:04am mark Jordan puts her arm over Jeff's chest and signals she wants to say goodnight...they give each other a kiss and Jeff says "goodnight love" ♥

They each get in their position to sleep...Jeff reaches over Jordan to check how much room she has on her side...Jordan giggles and says "scoot over?"...Jeff says yeah...she scoots and Jeff arranges his cover, he tells Jordan that's why she sweats (too many covers)...they say goodnight to Porsche and she says goodnight...they chat some more and then Porsche thanks JeJo for listening to her, it's hard for her because she's alone and they are lucky to have each other...Jeff hmm's and Jordan says "shut up" LOL Porsche giggles and says Jeff knows it ;)

Jordan tells Jeff he's rubbing his feet...Jeff says he's rocking...Porsche asks if that is what that noise is?...Jordan says Jeff always does that...Jeff says he doesn't even know he does it...they finally quiet down to sleep…

JeJo sunbathing

12:55 - 1:03 PM

Feeds (sort of) switch to JeJo who are sunbathing on the beach chairs...the other HG's are starting the trial of missing Franklin the turtle ;) ...Brendon gets called to the DR which they say is excellent timing, court will adjourn at 3pm...they leave...Jeff says to Jordan "they're taking over...they stole my idea"...Jordan asks if he's mad?...Jeff says no.

Jordan says her stomach is hurting...Jeff says "oh boy here we go"...Jordan says she knows...she then yells out to Porsche asking her if she said had a heating pad...Porsche says Jordan can use the smaller one, put it in the microwave for 2 minutes and it will stay warm for 2-4 hours...Jordan says "ok cool", she tells Jeff she's going to need it tonight...feeds switch to Porsche & return just after the 1:00pm mark

Cam 3/4

The others are back talking about the Franklin trial again...they leave and Jordan says "ahh, they're funny"...they go back to sunbathing...Jordan says something about them being out there alone and Jeff says they don't like them, everybody hates them...Jordan says they don't...Shelley comes out and Jeff says "here comes a friend"...Jordan asks if she's going to lay out...Shelley says she doesn't want to burn, she asked for some SPF 15 lotion, other than laying out all she can do is sit there and smoke and she doesn't want to do that...Jeff says he knows, that's the worst...Jeff says they need 45?...Shelley says they asked for 15 the bronzer...Jeff says the bronzer stuff is like a laser.

Jeff pokes Jordan in the boob and then pulls down her hat a little :) he says he needs to pee...Jordan says he better go pee...Shelley asks about the CD player, can it be brought down?...they tell her no...Jordan says whoever is next HOH needs to ask for batteries beforehand...Jeff goes inside to pee…

Is your sandwich done love?

1:25 - 1:27 PM

Jeff and Jordan are in the kitchen getting their lunch ready when BB calls an outdoor lockdown...Jordan starts rushing to get her sandwich done...Jeff looks over at her and says "is your sandwich done love ♥ ?" Jordan says "I'm hurryin"...they finish up their food and head outside…

Spilling water on Jordan

3:04 PM

Jeff and Kalia are laying by the pool, they're chatting with Jordan, who is on the lounger, about tea...Jordan and Jeff love the tea Kalia made, it was so good...Jeff and Kalia decide to go make some more...they get up...Jeff says that they'll make tea, weigh themselves and nap and that will be his afternoon.

Jeff puts his towel on the weight bench for when he comes back to work out...he walks by the lounger and spills a bit of water on Jordan...she giggles...Jeff practically pours the rest of his water on her and she laughs...Jeff says "it's war" :) ...he goes inside...

Jordan is bored

3:55 - 3:57 PM

Jordan, Jeff, Kalia and Dani are in the candy room...Dani throws a ball onto Dom through the little hole in the wall and BB warns her to stop that!...Dani tries to pin it on Jeff...Jeff says if Dom throws that on his face he's going to snap his spine...Jeff is getting sleepy...Dani says it's awfully quiet.

Jordan gets up, she's restless...Jeff says "where you going love?" ♥ Jordan doesn't know...Jeff says she's "bowhed" (Peyton style)...Jordan says she's going crazy in there, she can't take it...Jordan says maybe she'll go sit in the LR...Jeff asks how that's entertaining to her?...Jordan says maybe she'll go do crunches or go in the purple room or do something, she's just bored...Jeff says "you're getting irritated because your little friend's coming"...Jordan says that is true...Jeff says that's exactly what it is...Jordan leaves...Jeff says "so my best move is to stay away..Kalia laughs...Dani says "and nap?"...Jeff says "yeah, because my mouth will only get me into trouble"...

Ello love (2nd time)

6:21 PM

Jeff and Jordan are up in the HOH with the others talking about the prices of the decorative items in the HOH room...Jordan is laying on the bed, Jeff is on the couch...Jeff gets up to put on some lotion, comes back to sit down and in a British accent says to Jordan "Ello love ♥ ...did you sleep at all?"...not sure what Jordan says here but she mmm, hmm's...Jeff says she didn't sleep by him :) Hard to hear again but Jordan says something about how Jeff was already sleeping.

Shelley says Jeff's face got burnt today...Jeff says he can feel it, he put lotion on too

Super cuteness in the HOH

6:28 PM - 6:38 PM

The HG's are up in the HOH chatting...just before the 6:29pm mark Jeff, who is laying on the couch, says to Jordan who is sitting on the HOH bed...

Jeff "you dont like me anymore"

Jordan "yes I do, you don't like me"

Jeff " yeah I've been crawling all over you and you leave me alone"

Jordan "no.....come here"

Jeff "no"

Jordan giggles and gets up moving over to where Jeff is, she tells Jeff she looks tan...Jeff says she's super tan...

Cam 1 goes to them briefly and then back to Cam 2

Jordan sits by Jeff putting his legs over her, she starts rubbing his leg...Jordan tells Jeff he looks burnt...Jeff says he knows, he is...Jordan asks him if he put anything?...Jeff says he didn't on his legs but on his face he did and it feels burnt...Jeff says Jordan got red too, the sun's strong, you gotta watch out...they talk a little about grooming products and Jeff says BB took everything...Jordan lays down next to/on Jeff and says his pants smell good LOL

Cam 1

Cuteness ensues ♥ when the cam pans in on them

Cam 1/2

Jordan sits up, the HG's look up at the spyscreen and talk about the CD player...

Jordan rubs Jeff's foot and leg...they get quiet while the others talk...Jeff is getting sleepy...Dani asks him if he slept before...Jeff tells her he did for a little bit but Porsche was making noise whispering to Dani, it was the worst, he woke up and left and 2 seconds later she was right behind him asking hey, what's going on, he wanted to tell her before if she wanted to go to the kitchen she should have gone before and he could have gone back to sleep...they giggle...Jeff smiles at Jordan saying he's not annoyed by anything.

Cam 1 just before the 6:36pm mark

Jordan lays back down and more cuteness ♥

Jordan grabs Jeff's arm and pats her head with it signaling she wants her head rubbed...Jeff says he's too tired, he caresses Jordan's chin and says something inaudible which causes them to smile at each other...

Jeff says the sun is draining...they continue laying together contentedly for awhile...

Do you love me kiss

6:42 PM

Jeff and Jordan continue being cozy on the couch in the HOH...Jordan sits up and tells Jeff that she's going to just eat a salad or should she wait because Jeff wants to eat?...Jeff says he ate already, pizza and cereal before he came up to the HOH...Jordan tells Jeff about a flossing tool she brought same as the one she got in her HOH basket...Jeff just takes Jordan all in :) ...Jordan asks him "what?" twice...

...Jordan shakes her head and lays on Jeff's chest asking him "you love me?"...Jeff hums no...Jordan says "yes you do"...Jeff giggles...Jordan says "hmm?"...Jeff says "yeah" and they kiss and continue cuddling…

Head rub talk w/Rachel

7:35 PM - 7:46 PM

Jeff returns to the HOH, he sits down and positions himself on the couch leaning on Jordan, she rubs Jeff's head while they talk to Rachel.

Jordan’s ghetto walk 

11:10 - 11:15 PM 

Dom teaches Jordan to walk ghetto...he explains she needs to walk with her left knee looking like it hurts...Jordan says she already walks like that kind of LOL She demonstrates how she walks...Dom says it's not tough enough so he shows her again and off she goes! haha

Dom then says she has to swing her arm too, like she's swatting something...Lawon helps out too...she adds more emphasis...Dom says it's perfect! he's gotta go get Jeff...Jordan says "gangsta"...Dom opens the sliding glass door and tells Jeff to come over and look Jordan real quick...they laugh

Jordan adds a little hand sign at the end and Dom cracks up...Shelley joins in on the action and does her walk...Jordan gets into even more...Lawon cracks up...then Keith joins in with his advice and the D/L/S/J do their walk simultaneously...they all get into and there are lots of laughs...Dom gives the second part of his tutorial and then Jordan makes everyone crack up when she says "whassup Shelly, Im'ma grab my junk" 😂

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