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Day 57 of BB13 Feeds

September 2

Jeff can be romantic

10:36 - 10:42 AM

Jordan, Rachel & Adam are in the bathroom getting ready for the luxury comp...they are chatting about being romantic...Adam is telling them something romantic he did for Farah...Jordan says that on her birthday, she knows that Jeff and her are LD so it's really hard for him to do anything romantic, but they went to his friend's restaurant, they were in the back of the restaurant, nobody else was really there, they gave them a bottle of champagne and took them to their table.

Jeff had flowers laying on the table but she didn't really notice at first and then was like, wait, these are flowers, they're for me? it was really sweet 🥰

Rachel says that's so cute, see Jeff can be romantic, Big Jeff...Jordan says "yeah, he just doesn't do it in front of..."

Rachel says Brendon is super romantic...Adam says that Jeff seems like he has to be the "tough guy" in front of guys...Jordan says Jeff can be (romantic) when he wants to be, he's sweet, he'll say sweet things...

Adam says he's probably the type that comes off as a hard ass but when he's alone with Jordan he's cute & cuddly LOL

Jordan says umm, he cuddles sometimes, he doesn't really like to cuddle, he likes his space, they're like buddies, they sit on the couch, one day it was freezing, it was in Chicago, they were eating all day, they were hungover, they ate Italian beef's and fries, so then a couple hours later they decided to go McDonald's and Jeff never eats fast food but they got $1 sundaes and cookies, they sit around on the recliner couch on separate ends and watch movies and eat and laugh about stupid stuff...

Adam says for her that's a romantic date with Jeff...Jordan says they don't live in the same state so she feels she doesn't really know, know Jeff's romantic side (what does that have to do with it? 🤔)...she means that he can be romantic...

A little bit of talk about Brenchel's relationship and then Adam asks if Jeff likes to rub her feet?...Jordan says no...Adam says he likes it and rubs Farah's feet...Jordan says feet gross Jeff out...more foot rub talk and massage talk...Jordan starts to say that Jeff is really good to talk to for advice, if she's upset…feeds cut out...

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