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Day 52 of BB13 Feeds

August 28

Planet 21 banter

8:11 - 8:14 PM

Jordan, Shelly & Kalia are outside chatting...Shelly asks Jordan what happened when Jordan walked back into work for the first time the last time she was gone? did they make her a big sign saying welcome back Jordan?

Jordan says her manager made her a huge sign that all the girls all signed, it was a big banner that said "Congratulations to our very own Jordan Lloyd for being on BB", it was a huge sign that was right by the Planet 21 sign, it was really sweet, they gave it to her when she got home, they had it up on the salon, up on the building so everybody could see it, the owners of the shopping center told them to take it down though, they are really good to her

Jordan then says that a lady made a big wedding cake sized cake for her, it was all about BB, very detailed with BB stuff, even mini cameras and a smaller cake for TAR with her and Jeff in their backpacks, it was super nice, she got her business cards to hand out, she did an awesome job, they had it on display because it was too nice to have in the back of the salon, she only took a couple of pieces to taste the icing, a lot of people wanted to know who made the cake...

Jeff’s scared of turbulence

9:29 PM

Jordan, Rachel, Kalia and Porsche are outside on the couches in the BY talking about seat preferences on flights...Jordan says her and Jeff will be on a plane, Jeff is a little scared to fly and if there's a little turbulence he'll say "whoa, what's up?" he'll have his headphones on and his hoody and he'll look over at Jordan and say "what's up" LOL and then she'll look over at him with a look and she'll get more scared and he'll say "it's fine"

Jordan knows how Rachel left

9:57 PM

Jordan and Rachel are talking at the hot tub...the camera is on Adam, Porsche & Kalia at the couch area but J&R can be heard...

Jordan says "now I know how you felt when Brendon was gone"

Rachel says "you miss Jeff?"

Jordan says "mmm, hmm...cuz he's so like loud and goofy and like"...Rachel says "and fun"

The next part is virtually impossible to hear but essentially Jordan is saying it's different when you have your "partner" partner in there with you...Rachel agrees


10:59 PM

Jordan is sitting at the hot tub with Adam and Rachel...they are giving Adam a hard time about not manscaping his back, they're trying to get him to agree to let them do it...Jordan says he'll get more TV time, Fara will love them if he does that...Adam is not budging LOL

Adam says real man are hairy...Rachel says Brendon isn't hairy...Adam says he isn't a real man...Rachel disagrees Adam says he saw Jeff shaving in the shower and was like dude, what are you doing?...Porsche says Jeff's trims his armpits, he manscapes...Jordan says Jeff is so picky about the back of his neck, he'll need it shaved and Jordan says she'll do it for him and he goes on about how she has to do it and then he questions her on it, he's so particular about it...

JeJo didn’t make out this time/first kiss butterflies

11:01 - 11:06 PM

Jordan is at the hot tub talking to Adam, Shelly, Rachel & Porsche...they are finishing up the manscaping conversation...Jordan says to Shelly how it's funny one night how her and Jeff were up in the HOH just talking, they never make out up there ever, it's always like (peck) goodnight cuz the cameras, you know, it's just, nobody wants to hear that, she doesn't know, she just feels awkward doing that...Rachel says "Brendon and I made out all the time"

Jordan says she doesn't know, she thinks when she gets out of there she'll forget how to kiss because she hasn't really kissed in so long...Rachel asks if they didn't ever really make out?...Jordan says "no, not in here, I just feel weird cuz there's cameras around and microphones and they can hear you and it's like (smack smack), I don't know, I'm helping production out, they don't wanna hear that" (they don't care Jordan )

Jordan says she gave Jeff a whole foot massage and she never does that...Rachel says her and Brendon are touchy feely...Jordan says they know this, they all know this Raychell...Shelly asks if it bothers Rachel that are cameras catch them making out?...Rachel says no, she doesn't care at all...

Jordan explains how if she was single, she could never do the Bachelor because the cameras are right there when you're making out and there's more people standing around, she could never be like "oh come over here" and kiss, it's like that romantic moment when you say "I just love your eyes and I feel like I'm falling for you, oh Brad, I believe you" and you just start making out...

Rachel says it doesn't bother her, for her and Brendon's first kiss he wouldn't kiss her until he put the blankets over their head because he didn't want America to see their first kiss, he's so dorky but after that they didn't care, she doesn't think it's wrong...Jordan says she doesn't think it's wrong...Shelly says it's your own comfort level...

Jordan says "I mean, we kissed last season kind of like under the covers"...Rachel says they don't go to the movies and make out or go to the park and make out...Adam says he misses those teenage days when you made out everywhere...Shelly says she thought Jeff never kissed Jordan (that season) 🙄

Jordan says "if it was the live show she would turn, even when he left, I always turn for him to kiss my cheek and umm, that's what, on Thursday when he left he went to kiss me and I turned my head so he could kiss my cheek, he was like "love you" and I turned my head so he could kiss my cheek, I don't know cuz everybody's watching, I just feel weird" (no Jordan that feeling is a bit weird)

Jordan says "but I mean on mine, under the covers we did, like the first time he pulled the covers and started kissing me and I remember being like uhhhh, I get like a little girl, like a teenage girl, I'm always like omg! omg! I was all nervous and I got butterflies...I don't know how I felt, I was all like "oh my goodness just stop now" (ok first off, it wasn't under the covers LOL annnndddd you clearly didn't want him to stop because you kept kissing! )

Rachel then tells her story about first kissing Brendon and it's much like Jordan's, she was nervous and had butterflies too

Jeff’s feet

11:25 PM

Jordan, Kalia & Shelly are talking outside on the couches in the BY...they're talking about sleeping habits of the house, snoring and how Adam was kicking and moaning in his sleep the other night...Kalia says that Jeff's thing is this (flicks her feet), she says that some others thought that Jeff might be "getting a rub on" but Kalia didn't think it sounded like that, the next night she walked by the bed and she heard Jeff doing that and saw it was his feet, he does it before falling asleep...Jordan says "all the time! even when he lays out...all the time"

Kalia says she told Jeff he loves doing that, that's how she knows if he's fallen asleep or awake and he said he does, she told him that when they first got there people thought what it was, could they hear that? and Jeff said he didn't know they could hear it...Jordan says one time she thought Brenchel were getting it on or something, she woke up, Kalia and Jeff were sleeping and she kept telling herself to go to sleep, go to sleep...Shelly says they did that one night by her and she thought the same...

Lost in the tree/Jeff’s jokes

11:36 PM

Jordan, Kalia & Shelly are talking on the couches in the BY...they're talking about bedtimes in the house and how boring it can be in the house and what they do to pass the time...Kalia says that her and Jeff had a conversation once about how Jeff gets "lost" in that big tree over there, he sits and stares at it and gets "lost" in it and Kalia told him she looks at that tree a lot too, Jeff said that in his season he'd sit and workout and stare at the tree and she laughed about how they were having a whole conversation about a darn tree...Jordan says "he's so stupid...he's so funny...he always makes me laugh..."

Jordan continues..."and then he gets mad cuz he'll tell a joke and then I'm like uh huh and then he'll be like (disbelief pause)...that was a joke! and he's like, you didn't get it? and I'll be like, no I did! it was funny and he's like no, tell me what it meant and I'm like uhhhh? and then he like breaks it down for me and then I'll be like, oh! that is funny and then he's like no! just ruined it"

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