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Day 51 of BB13 Feeds

August 27

Don’t worry love, I got this

10:19 AM

Jordan and Rachel are talking in the purple room...they're going over the POV comp during the DE...Rachel says it's too bad that Jordan didn't get picked, she could have won, taken Jeff off and then put up Adam and he may have been voted out over her...Jordan says of course, Porsche gets picked to play and not her...Rachel says it's like when Brendon left and they didn't get picked for veto...Jordan says what are the chances?...Jordan says she was crying and Jeff looked at her and told her "don't worry love, I got this" Jordan says she still felt with the veto it was theirs, every time with the tiebreaker it's been against them...Rachel says she feels like their backs have been against the wall the whole time...they talk about how Dani's moves changed the whole game…

Meeting their boyfriends/husband on BB/the Brenchel wedding

12:42 - 12:45 PM

Jordan walks back into the purple room where Rachel is...Rachel says Jordan's make up looks good, she thinks everyone looks better with mascara...they talk about being tired as opposed to being nervous, they have a few hours before the POV...Rachel says they should think about something positive and uplifting to talk about...Jordan says that they are going to win...

Rachel says "I can't wait for me & Brendon to get married, I'm so excited...I think that like, we're going to have a really good marriage, I think we balance each other out really well"...Jordan mmm, hmm's...Rachel says "isn't it weird how we met our boyfriends, like our future husband on BB?"...Jordan says "I know, who would've thought"...Rachel says "seriously especially in this house right?"...Jordan says "God I know"

Rachel says her and Jeff have to come to their wedding obviously...Jordan says they will...Rachel says ok, it'll be fun, she doesn't know what they're doing but they have to be there...Rachel starts talking about wedding dresses…

Taking Jordan to Napa

2:20 PM

Jordan and Rachel are talking in the candy room...they're talking about how they have to just win the POV, if not, they're going home, they've accepted it...Rachel says they have a great shot...Jordan doesn't know why she's so nervous, she guesses it's because they don't win, they go home...Rachel says to think about something else so Jordan continues talking about the POV LOL They talk about that for a bit...Rachel wants to change the subject so they're not so nervous...Jordan says that she tries to but keeps coming back to that...

Rachel says that Jeff wants to take Jordan to Napa after this...Jordan says "he did?... I didn't even know that"

Rachel says that Jeff wants to take her there, maybe she wasn't supposed to tell her...Jordan says "how sweet"...Rachel says that would be really fun, she's never been there right?...Jordan says no, it's just wine?...Rachel says yes, it's supposed to be really romantic, it would be really fun for them...Jordan says especially after there...Rachel says it would be de-stressing or rather decompressing...they start whispering game...

Jordan & Jeff balance each other out

3:29 - 3:37 PM

Jordan and Rachel are in the candy room...they are hanging out and chatting...Rachel says "this game is so crazy huh?"...Jordan says "yeah"...Rachel says "did you ever think that coming back in this game that you and I would be such good friends?"...Jordan says "no"...Rachel says "me either"...Jordan says "you didn't?"...Rachel giggles and says no...

Rachel says she thought that Jordan and Jeff weren't going to like them, she never knew Brendon and Jeff would be so like best friends too...Jordan says Brendon's funny...Rachel says he is, he's such a good man...Jordan says he seems like it...Rachel says he's really caring and understanding...Jordan says he seems like it, Rachel needs someone like that because she's so, she's like Jeff

Rachel says "yeah and Jeff needs you"...Jordan says that if them two were dating they'd kill each other...Rachel says for real, for sure, it would never work out, that's why Brendon and her are so perfect for each other and Jordan and Jeff are so perfect for each other...Jordan says that if her and Brendon were dating they'd be the most mellow people ever, never yell, never do anything...

Jordan says that's why she thinks her and Jeff balance each other out, if he was with someone really strong, outspoken, somebody with an attitude, it would never work out, that's why they balance each other, they are complete opposites on everything, with food, the way they dress, everything ...Rachel says her and Brendon are a lot alike but a lot opposite...they're alike with romance and always want to be cuddly and touchy, if she dated Jeff it would be a disaster LOL!

Jordan says she knows...Rachel says Jordan isn't super cuddly either so she couldn,t be with Brendon either...they laugh about how Jeff draws a line in the bed and needs more room and Rachel is on top of Brendon in bed...Rachel says "yeah we're like perfect for each other"...Rachel asks Jordan if they cast her and Jeff to meet and be together?...Jordan says she's sure they didn't know...Rachel agrees and we get palm trees

Jordan says that if she didn't have the personality she has Jeff wouldn't be attracted to her (you're only a knockout Jordan geez)...Rachel says you can tell that Jeff really cares about her, he loves her, they're super cute...Jordan says Jeff is attracted to someone more like Minka Kelly Rachel says she doesn't know what Brendon likes, he loves curvy girls...Jordan says he said he did outside...Jordan says he doesn't care for boobs but likes butts but Jeff cares more about the personality more than looks...Rachel says he seems like that, she's like that too, she loves Brendon's personality too...Jordan says there are people that might not be the hottest but if they have a great personality they're so much cuter and the reverse is true, looks fade, it's really all about personality...

They chit chat more about that and then Jordan says she never saw Brendon's goofy side on tv and then when she saw Rachel coming in she was like "Oh Lord, I was like, Rachel" LOL Jordan says she thought Rachel would be mean and catty, just everything, she just had that perspective of her and she wasn't, she was nice...they continue chatting...

Terrell Owens freak out

3:51 PM

Jordan, Kalia and Rachel are talking in the candy room...they're just chatting about random stuff...they start talking about Basketball Wives and Chad Ochocinco, he's a flirt...Jordan says her friend Megan loves him...they talk about a reality show he and Terrell Owens had...

Jordan tells the story about when Jeff and her went to "this thing" (the Reality awards show...Rachel & Kalia must have been thinking "a thing" that T.O. just happens to be at? hmm LOL) and they were walking and Terrell Owens was there with these 2 girls, he was right by them and Jeff was like "OMG that's Terrell Owens" and she said "really?" and Jeff said to take his camera and take a picture of him with T.O. in the background and Jordan was like "who's Terrell Owens?" and Jeff was like omg, so excited so she tried to act all natural while taking the pic of Jeff with him in the back

Jeff’s late, Jordan’s early - opposites

5:41 PM

Jordan, Rachel and Kalia are chatting in the LR...Kalia misses her iPod...Jordan mmm, hmm's...Kalia loves Kanye's last album...Jordan says Jeff loves Kanye, he plays it all the time when she goes to Chicago, she gets so mad because...

Kalia interrupts saying everyone in Chicago loves Kanye too...Jordan says yeah, she'll be calling Jeff saying "hey, I'm here where you at?" and he'll say he's on his way because he lives right by the airport and she gets so mad because she's standing by the window asking where he's at now and he'll say he's almost there and every time she gets there early, she waits on him to call her, she's always on time or early (in Charlotte), she's always there so when he calls her she just pulls up right around...

Rachel interrupts saying Jordan is Brendon and she is Jeff, it's exactly how they are...(and we never hear the end of Jordan's story )

The big move

10:10 PM

Feeds come back briefly from control room with Rachel saying it's going to be a busy week, if her mom, her sister and her sister's fiance come down they are going to help them (move?) and she whispers "we're going to get Jeff and Jordan to help us too" control room...

Jordan says "he wants to be in Chicago because of his family and friends, all his friends are like his friends from high school and umm, I know he wants to move here too and I don't want to live's different, I could definitely get used to it, but I don't know, I don't have my degree or anything and I don't want to just get up and move here and like have some bs job...I mean if I get in the program it's only a year, you can do that, we can commute back and forth, we make it work anyways, I mean it's almost time that we need to do something but um, I don't know we'll see, we said we were going to discuss it after the show"...Rachel says she would love for that (for them to live in LA)

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