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Day 5 of BB13 Feeds

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

July 11

Concern in the purple room

12:07 AM - 12:12 AM

Feeds switch to JeJo who are in the purple room talking...Dom has just walked by the room and Jeff says that they gotta get him the f**k outta there...Jordan giggles...Jeff says Dom is leading the charge so if they cut the head off...Jordan says Lawon isn't with them either...Jeff knows, it's them 3, he likes the odds but hates the game, true or false, AB, Oi...

Jeff says he might as well pick with his eyes closed and not even listen...Jordan giggles...Jeff says they trick him anyways by Jeff answering meatballs and them saying it's meatloaf, last year he went out on his own question....Jordan giggles...Jordan whispers that Rachel told her she believed what Porsche told her...Jeff tells Jordan that Porsche just draws hysteria by saying too much...

Jeff says they're still going to be put up every single week until this couple thing is done...Jordan lays her head on Jeff's chest and says "I know" and they get pensive...

Jordan turns and lays down...Jeff says what sucks is that Keith gets out and Porsche's in the jury house, it makes no sense, say next week they get Dom out, Adam's in the jury, tsk...Jeff says "it's an uphill battle for sure"...Jordan mmm, hmm's...Jordan says she wishes they could both get the key...Jeff says "that's what's shitty, they split, they split up no matter what, one of us gone, one of us jury"...Jordan says she knows...Jeff says "so if they get us now, we're not going to spend the whole summer together, you know" :( (Jeff looks so sad & worried here, made me tear up a little...)

Jeff says they didn't lose anything yet, they'll get it...Jordan says her ear is hot, the earrings hurt her ear because they're fake, it's warm...Jeff asks if Jordan can get fake 14K plated ones?...Jordan says she was going to bring the ones she bought in Vancouver but didn't want them getting dirty or ruined so she brought those ones...Jeff says she needs to clean her ears...feeds switch...

Rachel & JeJo game talk

12:14 AM - 12:17 AM

Rachel joins Jeff and Jordan in the purple room to talk game singing "oh yeah, Jeff and Jordan" big booty style...Rachel tells tells them what's been going on with the other side of the house, she told Shelley that their deal is off because Cassi is telling people she's going to put the vets up, Shelley said that Cassi is turning on them a lot, that Shelley understands that Cassi is doing that, she noticed, they're also all trying to keep Keith in the house but the newbies don't know they don't have the votes...Rachel says she thinks Adam is playing both sides...Jeff tells her that he told Adam that himself...they decide to go talk in the HOH room instead and they head up there…

Shelley wants JeJo’s autograph

1:48 AM - 1:52 AM

Cassi, Shelley and Jeff are chatting in the BY...Cassi gets up to leave telling Shelley that Jeff is going to hook her up with one of his friends when they're out of there (hmm which one lol)...Shelley says when they get out JeJo are giving Josie (her daughter) an autographed picture that they are signing, she will flip out, she knows exactly who they are...Jeff says what does she mean, she can call him, she doesn't need a picture...Shelley says she would love one for her play room, it would be a big deal, she always cheered for the girls to win, she wanted Jordan to win, she's not going to believe she's in the house with Jeff and Jordan...Jeff points out she saw on Thursday...Shelley says she's probably going to be just as shocked as she was, now she knows why she was asked 40 million times who her favorite players were...Jeff says it's goofy right?

Shelley says she'd go online and see them at events standing at a table signing pictures, there's a lot of those videos online...Shelley says she never thought she'd be sitting in the same place with them, she'd google "Jeff and Jordan are they still together" :/ she'd look it up and see reports of them being together...Jeff says it's goofy...Shelley says it's surreal...Jeff says they do some of that stuff so they can see each other, they try to stay out of that but if they get a free plane ride they'll take it and do a little business...feeds switch to the bathroom and then return with game talk...

Jeff says it kills him that he might go home next week and someone like Porsche gets to stay because of the key, wtf, it'll kill him...Shelley says the worst thing is the newbies cannot keep their mouths shut, they talk all the time (pot meet kettle :/ ) ...Cassi comes outside and Jeff changes the subject to the Casey Anthony trial…

JeJo’s worst fear

2:13 AM - 2:17 AM

Shelley joins Cassi and Jeff who have been talking game in circles for a little while, they are basically BS'ing each other LOL...Jeff continues saying that with him, they're not on his radar at all, he would hope that they wouldn't repeat this information...Cassi lies saying she talks only with Shelley, she feeds Jeff more lies...Jeff says they're the couple he wants to roll with...Shelley says she doesn't want to touch them, they're neat people and that's the hardest part of the game, eventually only one person will win the game but the people you meet (is more important) eye roll...Shelley says the thing that is so cool is that JeJo are exactly in real life the way they are portrayed on TV which is very hard to do, Brenchel had a hard time in the public eye but they came out as America's couple, you're that way, you're genuine, you do the same things now as then, the same personality.

Jeff says they are the same, to be honest, they came there to have fun, of course for a shot at the money, they talked before if they were going to do it, they weren't and then they were, they get to spend the summer together and have fun, honestly they're there to stick around, he's not trying to play a pity vote but he doesn't want to go up and go home and Jordan's stuck here, that's their worst fear coming into there that's why he wants to take the strong 10 or strong 8 and roll from there...Jeff then plants the seed saying "me and Jordan are not the strongest couple, let's be honest" ;) and then what happens after that, they have a fun summer and play the game the way it's meant to be played, he wants to pick off the weakest players...Cassi says it's a strange season...Jeff says it's very strange, in his season, at least you knew where you stood, if you didn't like someone that was clear, if he won he'd go after them and vice versa, he'd rather play that way than feel guilty about getting someone out...they continue talking game...


3:02 AM - 3:04 AM

Jeff finally comes to bed...Jordan asks "where have you been?"...Jeff says "canoodling", he says it's his new word...Jordan asks why he used canoodling?...Jeff doesn't know, from her...Jordan says canoodling? she doesn't use that word...Jeff says she said his legs were noodles so he got canoodling, isn't that a word? LOL ...Jordan says no...Porsche is there and says yeah it means you're like cuddling...Jeff takes off his shorts and says "you wanna canoodle?"...Jordan says "OMG you want to? I'm shocked" LOL

Jeff says "what do you mean, we canoodled last night til we fell asleep"...Jordan says "we did, can you believe that?"...Jeff says Jordan started shaking and so he was alright, go to sleep...Jordan says "that's when you know you're really sleeping"...feeds switch GRR

Love you want some breakfast?

11:42 AM - 11:46 AM

Jeff and Jordan have finally gotten up...they wander into the kitchen and start mulling over what to eat for breakfast.

Brendon is making tea and puts extra sugar in it without knowing it's already sweetened...Rachel tells him, sweet tea talk ensues...Rachel asks Jordan if she likes super sweet tea?...Jordan does, she drinks it all the time, they talk about southern sweet tea...Jordan says her dad used to make good sweet tea...Rachel says she doesn't like when it leaves a "mouthy" taste in your mouth...Jeff gets a chuckle out of that, he says "mouthy?"...Rachel tries to explain...Brendon sarcastically says they'll all expand their vocabulary being around Rachel :/

Jeff and Brendon banter about big words and waking up early...Jordan asks if she can use Rachel's bathroom?...Jeff is starting to cook...Jeff says "love ♥ , you want some breakfast?" ...Jordan walks away saying that no, she just cooked oatmeal...

How would Jeff’s friends do?

12:41 PM - 12:43 PM

Feeds switch to the candy room...Jeff and Jordan are talking game but it's hard to understand what they're saying...Jeff goes to leave but comes back saying something about "sneaky Mcsneakersons"...Jeff confirms with Jordan that Rachel wants Cassi gone before Dom...Jeff says to be honest he doesn't care if that happens, he's just worried about...Jordan says "us?"...Jeff giggles saying yeah...Jeff spells out the scenario of how they have to make it through next week.

Jeff sneezes and Jordan says bless you...Jeff says thank you...Jeff says they haven't lost anything yet, he's being negative...Jordan says he's not...Jeff says he's already being negative and nothing has happened yet, he's already trying to fill in the holes...Jordan says that's what they used to do, you can't help it when you're in the house...Jeff says you have time to think...Jordan says there's no TV, you're constantly thinking about it what could happen...Jordan remembers her bottoms are elsewhere, she tells Jeff to go out there, she's taking too long.

They leave the room...Jeff asks "how do you think Vit Tan Don would be here?"...Jordan thinks he'd do good, he's a talker...Jeff says he'd be a good social player, good at the games too, he'd be alright in there...Jordan says she thinks Mimmo would be good, her brother would do good...Jeff says Mimmo would be good but he wouldn't be able to take it...Jordan says "all this"...Jeff says he'd be a good player but honestly f**k this...Jordan says what about Andy?...palm trees…

Smooth jazz returns

12:59 PM - 1:00 PM

Jeff and Jordan are in the pool...a plane flies overhead...Dani, Jeff and Jordan want a scale, they like having one...not seen on camera :/ but Jeff heads towards Jordan...

Jordan gave Jeff a nose enema

1:34 PM - 1:35 PM

JeJo pool time...unfortunately this was slightly off camera but Jeff asks Jordan if she'll spray him?...Jordan says "my pleasure" and takes the hose...Jeff asks Jordan to spray his face...Jordan says "ready?" and sprays him but the water goes right up his nose...the HG's start laughing...Jeff says "it went up my nose!"...Jordan says he wanted her to spray his face!...Jeff says "my face!"...Jordan says she sprayed his face!...Jeff rubs his nose and eyes and says "this is war" :) Dom says his nose is part of his face...Jeff says he wanted a fun mist.

Jeff says "dude that was direct hosage right there, you gave my nose an enema" LOL!

JeJo lounger game talk

2:48 PM - 2:50 PM

Jeff and Jordan sunbathe on the lounger in the BY and talk game and look adorably sexy doing it ;) Jordan's sun hat is awesome!

They talk about how Kalia offered to put herself on the block, both think it's a great idea and Jeff likes how it will show the other side how they really don't have the power they think...Jeff sees they have to see how things work out and he's not putting any hope into what he told Cassi, he's not depending on it at all...Jordan says it's good Jeff said it...Jeff says especially if they win and Dom were to go home, she'd have nowhere to go...Jordan says she wouldn't have a choice but she doesn't trust her, neither does Jeff and that's what he told her, he wanted to get the people he wants to roll with before anything happens because it's easy to come to the other side once you don't have the numbers.

Jeff asks "do we talk loud?"...Jordan says "why are people looking? she doesn't think they are...Jeff says he's a loud talker...Jordan says he whispers loud...palm trees...

Vacation plans if they win

2:53 PM - 2:55 PM

Feeds come back to Jeff and Jordan on the lounger...Jordan says "ok I'll pay for a couple of your friends"...Jeff says "no"...Jordan says "ok, like a cruise and we can do a package deal"...Jeff says "yeah"...

Jordan says "and then you just go with all your guy friends and y'all can do whatever you want and then, you'll go for a week, I'll give you two weeks break so you can recuperate and then we'll go somewhere for a week cool"...Jeff says "it sounds yummy"...Jordan says "like where?"...Jeff says Turks & Caicos...Jordan says "oooh yeah we'll do that"...Jeff says "or Europe"...Jordan says she'd do Europe...Jeff says "me too, I love Europe"...Jordan says she wouldn't mind actually going to see the Eiffel Tower, where is he talking about?...Jeff says he likes to travel, taking the trains, she might not like that, she'd rather stay in one place in a hotel...Jordan says she'd do whatever...Jeff says they could go to France, the best is the south of France but it's really expensive...Jordan says "if I won, what does it matter?" she giggles...

Jeff says they can go to St. Tropez...Jordan says they can go and splurge...Jeff says it's sick...Jordan says she's heard of that, what's there?...Jeff says it's on the beach, like the French Riviera...Jordan says "let's go there"...Jeff says it's awesome...Jeff starts talking to the others about his laundry and gets up to go check it out...

Kitchen hug & butt grab

3:21 PM

Jeff is cooking dinner and standing waiting...Jordan walks into the kitchen area, goes up to Jeff and gives him a big hug and squeeze...

and grabs his butt for good measure :)

Jeff feeds Jordan

3:24 PM

Jeff is getting his plate of food ready...Jordan wanders into the kitchen...Jeff asks where she's going?...Jordan asks Jeff what he's eating?...he explains while Jordan just looks at his food...Jeff says "you want some?" and he feeds her a little bit to try…

Jeff makes fun of Brendon’s toe

4:44 PM - 4:50 PM

Jeff is up in the HOH with Dani & Brenchel...Jeff notices Brendon's ugly big toe and can't help but make fun of it...he says "eww how about that toe?"...Brendon says that Rachel loves it...Jeff says "why would you even say that?" LOL!

Jeff points out it's all black...Brendon says it's from the sandals...Jeff says what's up with that ball over there, when you climb the mountain and slide down it...Brendon doesn't get it...Jeff says dude what are you talking about? your thumb on your toes...they laugh...Brendon admits his brother used to call him "thumb toes"...Jeff cracks up! and says it's bringing up sensitive memories...Rachel says oh wait, if they reproduce their children will have toes like that? :/

Jeff says "like Schmegal, he looks like a Hobbit" :D

Brendon says he can hang from trees though...Dani says hopefully that's an HOH competition haha Jeff says "are you going to rub those dogs?"...Dani says she has been...Rachel says he makes her...Jeff says "omg, are you going to make me rub your feet? she reminds him" LOL Brendon says now Rachel's all embarrassed but was into it a minute ago...Jeff says "did you ever suck a toe?" (omg Jeff kills me!)...they all ewww...Jeff points at Rachel and says "liar, I call bullshit"

Rachel swears no...Brendon syrupy sweetly asks Rachel "you would never suck my toe?"...Rachel shakes her head...Dani says don't you love him?...Jeff says if she did she would...Rachel says "does Jordan suck your toes?"...Jeff mmm, hmm's :/ Rachel says "no she doesn't"...Jeff says "see, so we love each other more than youuuu!" Brenchel says "oooohhhhh" LOL Dani says "competition"...Brenchel says let's prove it...Jeff says what would prove it, the big toe in the mouth would seal the deal, he would be willing to go for a middle toe...Dani feels like this might be a drinking game...Rachel says she'd have to be really drunk...they say "so one glass?" ;)

Rachel says she'd have to soak it in alcohol...Brendon says he'd stomp grapes and then she could suck turns to turtles and then Jordan walks in...Rachel says "have you ever sucked Jeff's toes?"...Jordan says "nooo"...Jeff says they're trying to get those dogs in Rachel's mouth...Jordan is like ummm LOL

Brenchel banter about who is going to suck who's toe first and then Jordan says Rachel should, he's your fiancee ;) Rachel says who's side is Jordan on?...they chant "suck toe, suck toe!"...Jordan says to kiss it...Rachel says no and finally they change the subject...

JeJo story time in the HOH Part 1

4:50 PM - 4:55 PM

JeJo, Brenchel and Dani continuing chatting in HOH room...the toe sucking convo has just died down...Jeff and Dani say they're sleepy...Jordan says she's not working out tonight, she's "tar'd"...Jeff is "tar'd" too...Jordan giggles...

Jordan doesn't feel like it...Rachel says she's ready too...Jeff says he has his workout outfit, it's a shame the doors aren't open or he'd be on there...Rachel says "the elliptical?"...they joke around about the fact no one is going on the elliptical...Jordan says she keeps eating today...Jeff wonders what to make for dinner...Brendon asks Dani where she lives in Hunnington?...Dani doesn't want to say on the feeds for fear of stalkers...they joke around about that...

Jordan brings up some game talk after asking if anyone can hear but Jeff tells her it's better to hold off, he asks her instead if anyone sucked her toes? :P Jordan says yes but then says she's just kidding but there was a guy in her middle school class that had an obsession with feet, he'd stare at girl's feet, not just hers and wanted to rub them, she thought he was a weirdo...

Talk then turns to sticking toes up people's butts :/ LOL which leads to Jordan asking Brendon what kind of bachelor party he's having, where is he going...Jeff says "and can I come?"...Jordan asks again where he's going? Vegas?...Brendon says Thailand, you get more for your money there :/ Jeff says you get anything you want...Dani wants to go there, it's her #1 place she wants to go...

Jordan has been rubbing Jeff's foot while Brenchel & Rachel chat...Jeff wants her to keep going whenever she pauses...Jordan asks Jeff why does she always have to rub him? why can't she get rubbed?...Jeff lies LOL saying "you get it"...Jordan says "when? tell me when?"...Jeff starts making an excuse...Jordan says she never gets anything...

Talk goes back to the bachelor party...Rachel suggests Jeff planning it...Jordan says if Jeff goes all Brendon would be is drunk the whole time and he wouldn't remember anything...Brendon says it sounds good!...Dani says now she knows she's going :/ Jeff says it sounds like a terrible time...Jordan says that she would ask how last night went and Jeff would say "oh man, I DIED last night!", that's what Jeff always says...then he'll say he was "out & Barry" and he'll go on about it...

Jeff says "it always ends up the same, I'm on top of a chair singing something" 😜

Jordan explains the story...he was on top of a chair and fell off of it and cut his lip right there and he was at his house...Jeff says he was singing Jason Mraz and he was on top of this chair like a bozo and he fell off and hit this bar at his buddie's garage and it went vroom, he bit through his lip, he got a chipped tooth and he called Jordan "hi..."

Jordan says she was in town, she was tired and didn't want to go, Jeff insisted she go but she didn't want to, he didn't want to leave her by herself but she insisted that she was tired and didn't care, she didn't want to go...Jeff says "so I kicked it up a notch" :P Jordan continues saying that Jeff went, she had gone with him a couple of days and she didn't want to sit there with a bunch of guys in a garage and umm, so, umm...Jeff giggles and says "so I fell and cut my lip, wtf? this isn't the constitution" LOL!

Jordan says she's not done, so then Jeff gets back and she was like yuk, his lip was, there was a flap...Jeff says "I bit through it but I finished the song" yeah!...Jordan says he put alcohol on it...Brendon says another beer would have made it feel all better...Jeff agrees, he says that's how he rolls…

JeJo story time in the HOH Part 2

4:55 PM - 5:03 PM

JeJo, Brenchel & Dani continue chatting in the HOH room...Brendon makes reference to the movie Stepbrothers says that he and Jeff are brothers, they're going to lots of stupid things together...Jeff says late night pitch & putt, throw stuff of the bridge...they laugh...Brendon says "let's go cow tipping"...

Jordan talks about a bachelorette party she went to, a guy picked up all 12 girls in a bus, took them to eat, they went to a bar called Fish in Charleston, they partied with a group of guys there for a bachelor party, they went to some other bars, the guy picked them all up, it was perfect, they all split the cost, it wasn't expensive, the guy was a DJ and he'd play good music, they were acting crazy, it was fun, it was a party bus...

Brendon talks about a guy named Garrity that ran Reality Rally with them, he has a party bus called down in San Diego...Jordan says it's fun to go on one...Rachel says she'd like to go on a cruise for her bachelorette party, they agree that would be cool...Jordan asks Jeff if when they went to see Tony's fight wasn't it a school bus they were on?...Jeff says yeah, they just rent those out...Jordan says a friend of Jeff's had a beer bong, she only did half of one LOL

Rachel asks Jordan about her prom?...they talk about that for a bit...Jeff and Brendon start yawning LOL They talk about high school and drinking...Dani says she never drank in high school, she was focused on school...Rachel talks about prom again :/ Brendon tries to change the subject...they talk about it being 5pm...Rachel asks Jordan about a certain bar in Charlotte, meanwhile Jeff & Dani talk about taking a nap...Jeff asks Jordan "love ♥? you wanna take a nap?"...Jordan doesn't hear...Jeff and Dani want a nap party...

Jordan asks Jeff if he doesn't remember that bar they're talking about? they went there for Dean's 40th birthday after Brooke's wedding...Jeff says "yeah! I love that place"...Jordan says it's where Brenchel went...Dani & Brendon leave...Rachel says that place is fun...Jeff says he liked it, it's cool...Jordan says it's better when it's packed...Rachel says people were taking pics of them with camera phones...Jeff says "not one person noticed us in there, it was awesome" ;) Jordan giggles...Jeff says that's normal, like every other day...Jeff says he doesn't understand why Brenchel get noticed way more than they do...Rachel says it's because she has red hair...Jordan laughs...Jeff says "nobody fu**in cares about us" 😟(not true!)....

Rachel says people hate them...Jordan says "no, they don't"...Rachel says people think she'll yell at them...Jeff says "maybe we look like everyday Joes"...Jordan says she does...Rachel turns talk back to the bar, she wanted to buy the whole bottle of Patron and at first they said no but she talked to the manager and they did, her friends didn't think that was possible there LOL

Jordan says it's a laid back place...Jeff liked it...Jordan says the closest bar to her house is Hickory Tavern, normally they go there...they talk about a place called Cans that closed...Jordan starts telling the story of going there and falling down the steps backwards, Jeff's heard the story ten times...palm trees...story over :/ Jordan talks about some bars that opened while she was on BB11...more bar and club talk around Charlotte...Brendon returns, by this time Jeff has dozed off...palm trees, when feeds return feeds have switched out..

Jealousy talk & Flirting

8:05 - 8:17 PM

Jordan, Adam, Brendon & Shelley are at the BY couches talking...they are saying that Jordan is the nicest person, doesn't have a mean bone in her body...Jordan says she can be mean...Shelley doesn't believe it...Jordan says to ask Jeff...Shelley asks "do you guys fight ever?"...Jordan says yeah, all the time, it's about stupid stuff...Shelley asks if they get over it quick?...Jordan says she's stubborn...Brendon asks when was the last time she had to be mean to another girl? where she stepped it up?...Shelley asks if girls flirt with Jeff where she's about ready to knock them out?...Jordan umm's...Shelley says that's where she draws the line.

Jordan says she doesn't think a girl has ever gone up to Jeff, she says one time there was somebody that was flirting but she doesn't ever say anything, she's like whatever...Shelley says she hates girls that are disrespectful...Brendon agrees...Jordan says if someone came up to them and sat next to him and tried she might not say anything but if she had drinks in her she would, she doesn't know what she would do because it's not like that situation has happened before, she would be pissed if Jeff was flirting back but he wouldn't do that.

Jordan tells a story about going to this event/street party in Charlotte with her mom and Jeff, they went to the one that is for the older crowd, this guy comes up to them, her mom and her were sitting and talking on the same side of the booth, Jeff was on the other side watching the game intently so this guy just comes up to her mom and sits beside her waving his business card and she was thinking where did this guy just come from?...Jordan explains how her mom looks, she's really pretty and is 51 but gets hit on by younger men and she scolds her saying they're too young for her but she likes the attention...just as Jeff walks outside Jordan tells them that Jeff threw the guy's card and told him to get the f**k outta there, the guy told Jeff if he did it one more time he'd hit in the face, then he left.

Brendon says "douchebag central?"...Jeff says douchebag central, the guy was like (putting his arm around her) "what's up sweetie"...

Jordan and her mom were in a serious conversation, he was watching the Bulls losing and he was already pissed so when the guy

did that he fired the card across the room and the guy said he would fu**ing kill him and Jeff says he was ready to backhand him, the guy even threatened to get his boys...Jordan says that Jeff calls her "Miss Jackie" and he apologized to her for doing that...Jeff says he was Bozo the clown.

Jordan tries to get back to telling Jeff what they were originally talking about, girls flirting with Jeff...Jeff goes back to the bozo story LOL Jordan prompts Shelley to tell a story about jealousy, she tells one about something that happened at her wedding...they talk about that...Shelley says she's a jealous person, she knows her hubby is a butt guy and she knows he looks, she catches him all the time...Jeff and Brendon share their tactics at not being caught looking LOL Jeff says it's not always intentional, he tells Jordan "like you never check out a guy that walks in a bar"...Jordan says "of course I do"...Jeff says "whore" 😜

Shelley says it's worse when they're around their friends...Jordan says people text her at work and her friends ask how can she do the long distance, how does she know he's not doing anything, she says she gives him the benefit of the doubt, if he's going to do it, he's going to do it and she'll find out about it eventually...Jeff says "tell them what my weekends consist of"...Jordan says he's definitely not doing anything ;)

Jordan says that one time he didn't call her, when Jeff was out in LA, she only talked to him at 4 her time and then he didn't call all night, only the next day and she was yelling at him on the phone and Jeff was rude about it but he had been drinking with the boys all night and was hungover but she was going 90 miles a minute, she got off the phone and she was pissed at him all day but that was the only time.

Brendon says he doesn't like to go out anymore, just stay in and drink beers...Jeff mentions going to his buddy's restaurant and another bar nearby, he doesn't go downtown...Shelley say she hates girls that go after married men...Brendon says girls are scandalous :/ Jordan says when alcohol is involved it's worse...they continue talking about relationships and cheaters (and I'm done listening to it! it makes my head spin lol)

When did Jordan fall for Jeff?

8:36 PM - 8:38 PM

Rachel is on the elliptical...Brendon and Jordan are sitting on the couches...Brendon says "when did you know that you really fell for Jeff?"...Jordan umm's...pause...Rachel says "I knew I fell for Brendon 100% in the jury house...after the show when there were no cameras on us", she says that she fell in love with him in the house but 100% soulmate, forever love in the jury house.

Jordan says "uhh, I think it was way after the show cuz I guess I had to feel and see if he was like the same uhh, after, I really don't know when cuz we're just like always together" (you are together all the time? hmm I call bs on this whole statement...) then Jordan says "I mean, we'd have to live together in the same state eventually just to figure out if we can work out, you know?"...Brendon says yeah...she continues saying "and then that way it would be better knowing cuz I mean the long distance thing we both know we can't keep doing that forever"...Brendon says it's just hard...Jordan says that after here, after this, they're going to figure it out...Rachel says "after this summer?"...Jordan says after BB, they have to.

Rachel asks when Brendon fell for her 100%...Brendon says he's the same as Rachel, he fell in love in the house...Jordan says she really liked Jeff in the house but wasn't in love with him...Brendon says in the house you're so nervous to fall for somebody in case they are playing you...Jordan says she cared for Jeff and really liked him but she wasn't all like "I love you" in the house...Brendon says he was still scared, you have so many doubts about everything...Rachel says the jury house sealed it for them, they did romantic things and it was special...Jordan says they're all romantic people and all mushy mushy...Rachel loves it...Brendon says he's always been romantic…

Jeff’s eviction drinking

9:19 PM - 9:21 PM

Jordan is out in the BY with Shelley and Cassi, they're talking about drinking...Jordan tells the story of how when Jeff was evicted, BB gave them a whole bottle of wine, she drank the whole bottle, she was drunk...Cassi asks if she was sad?...Jordan says well yeah, he was like her buddy in there (huh? still 2 years later she can't admit that he was more to her than that? OY!)

Jordan says she was laying in the DR talking just to talk, she was bored out of her mind, she fell fast asleep and had the worst headache the next day.

Jeff comes out and Jordan tells him she told them she drank a whole bottle of wine when he was evicted...Jeff says so did he when he was evicted...Brendon says did you? they just gave him a glass...Jeff says it was from his HOH room, he got smashed, he was out there by himself fighting back tears (you weren't alone Jeff ;) )...Jordan says oh yeah, I remember that...Cassi asks if he was still in the house?...Jeff says yeah, he lost the competition and knew he was gone so he pounded it...

Hey love…

9:21 PM

Jeff and Jordan are chatting with the other HG's...Jordan decides to get up to get a hair she leaves Jeff hands Jordan a glass and asks "hey love bring this inside will you"

I know my love

9:35 PM

Jeff, Jordan and Adam are sitting outside talking about what they had for dinner...Adam asks Jordan how her dinner was?...Jordan says it was good, she fixed a salad...Adam asks if she didn't eat what Jeff made...Jeff says he knows what she wanted...Adam says he should have bet on her eating a pizza and a salad meaning she eats it all the time...Jeff says "I know my love" ♥ aww

Cute slippers & cute Jordan

9:35 PM

Jeff has just told Adam that he knows his love and he looks at her...

Adam asks Jordan if she's playing the drinking game tonight...Jordan doesn't commit...Jeff says that Jordan, he can tell she's near her little friend coming to town...Jordan asks why?...Jeff says he can just tell, all day she's been kinda groggy...Jordan says she needs new slippers, she's had them since she was 18...Jeff says win HOH this week...Jordan says no, she wants slippers like these while Jeff whispers that he'll get them for her...Jeff says "they're cute"...Jeff then says "you look cute tonight"...Jordan says "I do? thanks"...Jeff says he likes it...Jordan says "my hair?"...Jeff says her outfit, it's nice to play someone a compliment...Adam knows…

Jeff’s face mask

9:51 PM - 9:53 PM

Jeff is outside chatting with Brendon, Cassi and Shelley...Lawon comes outside with his face mask on...Jeff tells the story of how Jordan left her face mask at his place after she visited him one time, it felt real good, it's one of those ones that peel off and Jordan called him one time, he had it on and she asked him what he was doing and he said "nothing" LOL

They all laugh...Jeff says then the mask ran out and he couldn't go buy it so Jordan came into town so he told her to go buy bottles of that face stuff...more lol's...Jeff says he couldn't just go buy it, when he went to buy some cologne he almost bought some...Jeff says he thinks he really enjoys that type the most...

Jeff’s big booty proposal

10:24 PM - 10:26 PM

Jeff and Jordan are playing big booty along with the whole house...Jeff messes up so he is punished with having to do various things...first is kiss a HG on the memory wall, he kisses Brendon, then he booty shakes to the camera, then he hugs Adam, he licks a spoon near Jordan's face, gives Lawon a lap dance...Jeff says "that one's gonna be on the internet soon" LOL

Then he has to propose to Jordan...hmm :/ Jeff gets down on one knee...Jordan wipes the sweat away from her hand and gives it to Jeff saying "omg people"...Jeff sweetly says "will you marry me?"...

the crowd aww's...he kisses her hand :) everyone gets excited...Jordan never gives Jeff an answer ;) ...Jeff then chugs a glass of water very slowly and he says that he got choked up from the proposal LOL

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