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Day 49 of BB13 Feeds

Updated: Sep 10, 2023

August 25

HOH talk - there is no I in we

12:10 - 12:14 AM

Feeds switch to the HOH room...Jeff joins Jordan asking "what's up?"...she's in the bathroom, Jeff says he'll wait until she's done...Jordan comes out and asks Jeff some advice about the snake and how to work it best...Jeff explains and says Jordan is getting it down there fine but once she's at the big part she needs to really slow it down to get it in the hole...they talk about how Dani was training Porsche and Jeff says that she's downstairs crying right now, she won't even look at him in the face...Jordan says yeah, she doesn't like them, she won't look at her either...Jeff says she doesn't like him...

Jordan tells Jeff about Shelly, how she thinks she got mad because she told her that Jeff wants Jordan to win because she hasn't won anything in awhile and Shelly said "oh, so he doesn't believe in any of us?"...Jeff is outraged, he says "what!!?"...

Jordan says she told her he does believe...Jeff says he hasn't said "I" the whole time, he said "we"...Jordan says she's in a bad mood...Jeff says he can't fu**ing deal with these people, he said "we" 800 fu**ing times to her...Jordan says well, there's something weird going on Jeff says he saw her in that room and she's been acting weird ever since...Jordan says yeah, it's like she's been caught...

Jordan says when her and Rachel were whispering strategy about the snake game she could see Shelly sitting there staring at them so she's wondering if Shelly might have a deal with Porsche & Kalia...Jeff says he's sure she does, you can't stop people from playing and covering their own ass...Jordan says she knows but she just doesn't want Jeff and Rachel getting put up if they don't win.

Jeff says she's going to win and what is she talking about? he said "we" 50 times, we, we, we, we're going to win, we we, he said it 100 times and for her to say that, don't start...they both leave the HOH room and giggle about 2 chess pieces being missing…

Jeff’s last night as HOH talk - Dani & Shelley betrayal

4:27 - 4:42 AM

Jeff and Jordan have their nightly late night talk, the last of Jeff's HOH's been a long night and they are just now realizing that Shelly has been playing them by getting close with them on a personal level, they are also talking about Dani and her tactics...first they get ready in the bathroom and look cute in their matching outfits

Jordan gets in bed and says "oh Jeff"...Jeff says "geez Louise" before going to pee...Jeff comes out and says "my God"...Jeff turns off the light and gets in bed...they start discussing Dani, Shelly and her betrayal...Jeff says "man, she's putting up a stinkeroo, bravo"...Jordan says "who? Dani?"...Jeff says yeah...Jordan says she thought she was done...Jeff says "far from it"...

Jordan says who is the one person to say that their dad hates them? that's stupid...Jeff says she has no points but the thing is why does anyone buy it? he's the only one that doesn't buy it and that's why she's pissed and she doesn't know that he threw the veto, she just made that up too Jordan says when Rachel said that she thought oh no! thinking Jeff said yes but thank God he said no...Jeff says what? is she crazy? he'd never say yes...

Jordan says that Rachel kept telling her the week Brendon was gone not to trust Shelly, it's kind of like she's ignoring it because she's nice but she doesn't think they should kill her, make war because she's got a family watching, they don't need to go on there and yell at her, say anything, they all need to be quiet about it, does Jeff agree?...Jeff says yeah, he doesn't want to embarrass her...Jordan doesn't think that's the right thing to do...

Jeff says Shelly keeps bringing up money that they are going to win, listen, Shelly has money ok, so listen, he doesn't have any money if she wants to keep bringing it up, he doesn't have any...Jordan says they now know that she's definitely not with them, she's spreading lies but they don't need to go and have a bash session, she's been respectful to everyone and she's a mom, they don't need to scream and do that whole thing, they know it and should be quiet about it (how did that turn out Jordan? lol)

Jeff says he won't be quiet about it if Porsche or Kalia win HOH...Jordan says you know they'll run and tell Shelly...Jeff says he'll bring it out in the open, Dani won't be there to back up any stories...Jordan says she doesn't want her, it to be some big thing and she's got a family at home, her little girl seeing everyone yelling at her mom, she doesn't think it's the right way to go about it...Jeff says she's right but she's not going to let her slide through either...Jordan says they can do it in a nice way or bring her aside and talk to her letting her know they know what she's been doing, how she's lying to everybody, Kalia knows it because of Dani...

They discuss the snake game again, more advice from Jeff...they watch the spyscreen a bit and start getting paranoid about Adam LOL Jordan says if Shelly has been lying to them the whole time, she's going to feel so stupid. Jeff says what he thinks is that she's a good person, she's trying to get by in this game because she can't win a comp so she's protecting her ass on all ends, she's playing up that mother role, everyone cares for her and she cleans everything, she's just doing what comes naturally, being a good person but on the other token she's playing every single angle, she's made 3 F3 deals, if it was anyone else they'd be getting killed right now, that's why he hates making these final deals, he wants to go week by week, it changes every week, everyone wants to hear that, why do people want those promises, the next week things change, he's been going to bat for and protecting Shelly from the beginning and she's been playing all sides like that? if it was anyone else they'd kill her, they're already wanting to kill Adam and he's not half as bad as she is, they have to look at it like a game, she's doing a wrong thing...

Jordan would like to get Porsche or Kalia out first before Shelly...Jeff knows so tomorrow Jordan wins but Porsche is confident, she's good and she's real confident...Jordan says yeah she is but thinks she did pretty good (also)...Jeff says Jordan did great, she's perfect

Jeff says man, the house is going bonkers...Jordan feels like it's so different this time...Jeff says no, he was going crazy last time too...Jordan says not like this...Jeff says it was a couple of weeks later but towards the end he was losing it too...Jordan says last time they laughed and it was more fun...Jeff says he feels like this time there's more weight on their shoulders, he was put in a leader role which he didn't want but then he's questioned on how he's leading, he doesn't want that, he wants to be the quiet person but he was put in that role and now it's at a point where he has to win competitions...

Jordan says it's obvious if Shelly brings up things about Jeff it means she doesn't want him there...Jeff says no shit, she keeps telling everybody that?...Jordan says yeah and maybe Kalia was saying things about Jeff because of Shelly...Jeff says he doesn't know what else he can do to prove to her, obviously she's not listening to what he's saying, he keeps saying "we", he keeps putting it as a team but she keeps taking it as whatever Dani says...Jordan says she takes things and spins them...Jeff doesn't know why she's listening to Dani when he does nothing to solo himself out...Jordan says she doesn't know, it's like Dani is a God or something, did she make that many great moves or something in her season?...Jeff doesn't even remember...

Jeff wants to start a family ❤️

4:43 - 4:46 AM

Jeff and Jordan are continuing their late night/early morning talk...Jeff says that Dani is very defensive, he's not going to break her down, he doesn't think she likes him but the fact he got the best of her is making her 10X madder, she's going to have a bashfest in Vegas with all the other people that don't like him...Jordan says who cares, he got her out before she got him out...Jeff says she's stirring up all this trouble...Jordan says that he knew she was, if Adam is solid, which he sounds to be and then Rachel they have nothing to worry about, she thinks Adam is good...

Jeff sighs and says he thinks so too but there's 13 hours left...Jordan says unless Adam turned on Shelly and then they ended turning on them...Jeff says uhhh, it's getting fu**ing stressful now, they have to step back, it's getting personal, they have to step back and think about what's best for the two of them in this game, who cares what people say out of there, in the end it is just a game...

Jordan asks what Jeff thinks?...Jeff says "I think we need to say something to Shelly, I'm sorry if you are a mother...I wanna win too, I know you wanna win for your family and I'm not knocking your family, I'm not trying to be a mean guy but the point is, I want to win too, I want to start a family, ywkim (Jordan says right) and I'm not, I'm sorry but this is a game and if you're doing the wrong thing, if it was anyone else we would have called them on it and fu**ing killed them for it as a house, as an individual, as whatever and because she's nice and cleans and has a family she gets away with it? listen we have to start thinking business, like a game because that's not right"

Love, I think you’re going to do awesome

4:52 AM

Jeff and Jordan continue talking game early into the late night/early morning...Jeff says he's over tired...Jordan is too and she has to do good tomorrow, she thinks it's going to come down to her and Porsche in the snake comp (she was SO right!), she thinks she'll do good, she worked on it from 8 at night til 3...Jeff mumbles yeah...Jordan says what? and calls him out on how he said that...Jeff says "no love, I think you're going to do awesome!", she did do good, she was the best one out there, he really thinks she is going to win...Jordan tells Jeff to help her while she's doing it, is that allowed?...Jeff says yeah...they go over the comp and scenarios around that…

No, I want youu…

4:55 - 5 AM

Jeff and Jordan continue their late night/early morning talk...Jordan says that she can't wait until this thing is over...Jeff says it's stressful...Jordan says it is, it's driving her crazy...Jeff feels like he's working overtime...Jordan feels like she's constantly thinking and talking, it's draining...Jeff says they're at a point where they overthink everything, their initial gut is what they should trust...Jordan asks why they keep talking about it? why can't she talk about something else?...Jeff says they keep questioning themselves...Jordan says she thinks if she keeps talking, she'll feel better about herself...Jeff says sometimes it helps but you're beating that fu**ing horse all day, everyday, sometimes it's too much but sometimes it's good to get it out...Jordan feels like Porsche is playing it lower and she'll slip through the end, she wants to get her out now (good gut Jordan )

Jeff says you work so hard to build a team and get numbers and everyone wants something better, it's too hard, he can't control everybody...Jordan says it's coming to a point if it stays like this every week that she just won't even care if she's in jury, she just wants outta there...

Jeff says "well you're going to go far, it's like he's getting tired because"...Jordan says "no, I want youuu..."

Jeff says it doesn't work like that, he's getting out, he won both comps, Dani is telling everybody that they're writing checks for him, she's going to make sure no matter what that when she leaves that he's the target, it's too stressful, he can't battle everybody, he can't do it

Jordan says she doens't stand a chance with the people left in the house if Jeff goes, she's screwed...Jeff says there's still the veto, he's not going to quit so they gotta bring the noise if they want to get rid of him. Jordan says it's just so hard this time, last time was hard (too)...Jeff says that this time there's more eyes on them, last time they had that protection and then they all thought Jordan was an idiot, she couldn't do anything and they just cracked jokes in the corner while they went crazy...Jordan says she knows and wished it was like that this year...Jeff says Chima fought Russell and Russell fought Jessie, Lydia was fu**ing crazy and then everyone killed Michele and then everyone killed Ronnie but they're in everything this time, that's why he didn't care if Rachel and Dani killed each other, he's not going to stop that...

Jordan explains that she stopped Rachel because she was scared that she would say a whole bunch of stuff...Jeff says they need to throw Shelly under the bus so someone else fights Shelly like Kalia & Porsche, he can't be the target every week from here on out, it's only 3 more weeks so he guesses he could be, f**k it...Jeff asks why he keeps smelling a fart Jordan asks is it her?...Jeff says no, Dani probably put a shit under the bed LOL

Oh love…it’s just a game

5 - 5:05 AM

Jeff and Jordan continue their late night/early morning talk and are watching the spy screen...they're talking about how Kalia will be shocked when she sees Dani didn't care about her either...Jeff says they're pulling an all-nighter...Jordan says that's good on their part because they'll be tired...Jeff says they'll be up Adam & Shelly's ass...Jordan doesn't even think Kalia campaigned to stay...Jeff says no, he thinks Kalia doesn't even care if she leaves for Dani...Jordan agrees...

Jordan says she feels like they're in the middle of everything...Jeff says that's why they have to start putting shit on everyone else because everyone is lying and putting it on them, with Dani not there, they're not going to put it on them, he's going to fu**ing put it on everybody else, he's playing the game too now, he'll make up shit and do whatever he has to do...Jordan says to make it seem like he has Pandora's box, remember?...Jeff says he should've played that up more today...

Jordan says she has to go to bed, she wraps up her mic and turns towards Jeff, snuggling into him...Jeff turns off the spyscreen and sighs saying "oh love ♥ ...this is ridic-y"

Jeff says they need to regroup, tighten up some screws, they have three weeks left, they'll do what they have to, use people, whatever, maybe they don't think they're honest anymore but he's fu**ing making up bullshit, as long as they're on the same page and people ask both of them, they'll believe it, he doesn't give a f**k, he's saying everything he heard and throwing everybody under the bus...Jordan says ok LOL

Jeff throws out examples of what he'll say to throw people under the bus, he wonders about the duck thing and the chess pieces, that's another thing, he's going to make Rachel hate Shelly and Porsche...Jordan thinks Shelly knew about where they were...Jeff says he's going to start wars...Jordan quietly giggles...Jeff says he wants the target off of them, he wants other people to go to war...Jordan says she thinks Kalia might work with them again...Jeff says if they win, they'll have options...Jordan says she's going to try her hardest tomorrow...Jeff feels confident...Jordan does too...

Jordan says ok goodnight...Jeff says "goodnight, I love you" and they kiss...

Jordan says "love you too"...Jeff says "remember, it is just a game so don't get too wrapped up in everything"...Jordan says "what?"...Jeff says "it is just a game so don't get too stressed or wrapped up in everything, you know...we got 3 weeks left and there's a real world outside of here, so don't worry about it"...Jordan asks if people hate them?...Jeff says he doesn't even care, probably, he can't worry about that...Jeff puts on his headphones to listen to music and Jordan turns back to face Jeff, she peeks over at Jeff a couple of times the feeds go to control room…

Candy room chatter before the live show

1:21 - 1:30 PM

Jeff and Jordan shoot the breeze with Adam, Rachel & Porsche in the candy room before the live show...they talk about past HG's and how long they were in the house and then talk about the beds...Jordan keeps inching closer to Jeff and then finally grabs Jeff's hand over towards her and clasps his hand...

They talk about smelly farts and call Porsche out on a bad one Adam says everybody farts and poops and nobody's shit doesn't stink, everyone's shit stinks...Rachel says "or smells like orange spray"...Jeff says orange spray or women's perfume, when at 3am Porsche has sprayed on a little perfume you know why, she just felt like putting on a little dabble

They talk about how they were locked down for 2 hours so hopefully the rest of the day won't go by so slow...they all debate that a little...Rachel asks when she's getting ready...they are talking about when they're getting ready and how long each person takes...Rachel leaves...they start wondering what tonight's comp might be and then talk about the Bendaroos...Jeff has his in his bedside table...Jeff gets comfy to take a nap even putting a shirt over his eyes and feeds switch…


Jeff is evicted :(

6-7 PM

Jeff is evicted on Double Eviction night by a vote of 2-2 (Adam & Jordan voted for him to stay, Porsche & Shelly voted to evict) with Kalia breaking the tie.

Jordan & Shelley fight

7:15 - 7:25 PM

Jordan and Rachel are sitting in the purple room...Jordan is crying...

Shelly walks in and says "If that's really what you think of me then you don't know me at all."

Jordan - "No I don't think I do"

Shelly - "Well Jordan when you calm down we can talk, but"

Jordan - "No I don't wanna talk to you"

Shelly - "I'm Not playing Jeff's game, so you're pissed. I hafta try to win"

Jordan - "I didn't say you were playing Jeff's game!"

(Shelly saying something inaudible) Jordan repeats what she said.

Shelly screams pointing her finger "So saying in there that I was saying bad things, I can't wait till you see the DRs, I can't wait! Because you know what as bad as I feel for you, I feel like S*** too!"

Jordan screams "You should feel like shit!"

Shelly - "Good I do Jordan!"

Jordan - "You should! You voted him out I gave you a FU**IN call (standing now) but I wanted to talk to my family and I gave it to you"

Shelly talking under Jordan...Rachel grabs Jordan dragging her out...

Jordan - "So that's how you repay me!?"

Shelly - "That's not repaying Jordan, did you hear what he said this morning?"

Now all in the kitchen, Rachel still dragging Jordan to the HN room...

Jordan- "Cuz you lied! You lied!"

Shelly - "I didn't lie"

Jordan - "The whole time!"

Shelly - "Ohh geez."

Jordan - "Cuz all y'all wanna follow Daniele, because all y'all think Daniele is God!"

Shelly pointing at Rachel - "She did too! She was the third vote!"

Rachel says "Oh yeah cuz I -"

Kalia and Porshe enter the LR

Jordan - "All y'all follow Daniele because y'all think she's like the greatest! Her season was 4 years ago and who gives a f**k that her dad is Dick."

Rachel - "Jordan stop it! Jordan c'mon that's not you!"

Packing for Jeff - Jordan smells Jeff’s clothes

9:58 PM

Jordan and Rachel are in the candy room...Jordan is packing Jeff's suitcase for him ...they are talking about Dani and how fake she was, she even talked crap about her own alliance, she wouldn't want to be aligned with her...Jordan says she feels tricked, she feels stupid but it's part of the game, her and Jeff were both naive, they tried to see the best in everyone and not see that side of people and in this house it's not about friendship, it's about stabbing you and ripping you

Jordan starts looking through the drawers and says that she needs to get Jeff's stuff from the bathroom...Jordan picks up Jeff's sweatpants and says "sweatpants" putting them up to her face to smell...she mmm's 😢..she puts them down...they look through some more drawers...Kalia comes in just to tell Jordan there might be a pair of Jeff's underwear in the bathroom and leaves...

Packing for Jeff - Jeff wanted to start a family

10 PM

Jordan and Rachel are in the candy room...Jordan is packing up Jeff's suitcase for him...they are super sad...Jordan asks if she wrote something on a paper would Jeff get it?...Rachel says yes and then says "Jeff's a good guy Jordan, I'm happy for you"...Jordan says "what? a good guy, oh I know, I got lucky"...Rachel says she got lucky with Brendon too...Jordan says "a great guy"

Jordan says "the reason why he wanted to come back too was cuz like you know how he's trying to start his career and if he won he was like, cuz he wants, umm, I don't know, he wants a family and that whole thing you know"...Rachel says yeah...Jordan changes the subject to her tweezers...

Rachel asks if she should keep Colonel Quackers or give it to Jeff...Jordan wonders if she should send Jeff his wine?...Rachel doesn't think so because his bag is overstuffed...Jordan thinks she should because she knows he'll drink it in the hotel and get drunk, believe her, he'll get drunk...Rachel says trust her, she believes her...Jordan leaves to go to the bathroom to get more of Jeff's stuff...

Jordan looks at Jeff’s picture

10:23 - 10:27 PM

Jordan is sad, she sits down at the kitchen table by Rachel and looks at Jeff's black & white picture on the memory wall. Rachel looks at Brendon's...they are missing their men...

Jordan mumbles something about not noticing that his pic was black & white and that next week it's going to be hers or Rachel's ...Rachel says she just wants to be in jury with Brendon...Jordan says she doesn't want to be here...Rachel asks if they can have another double eviction LOL Jordan says she can't believe they lost HOH, veto & HOH...Rachel says "no luck"...

Silence between Jordan & Shelley

10:59 AM

Jordan walks into the bathroom where Shelly is...Jordan is going to brush her teeth, Shelly is putting on makeup...AWKWARD SILENCE...Shelly attempts to talk to Jordan, pretending she hasn't just ripped out her heart the night before :/, by saying "hello Jordan"...Jordan doesn't say a word and sits on the lounger brushing her teeth, Shelly wickedly smiles in the mirror...Jordan finishes up and leaves...


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