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Day 44 of BB13 Feeds

August 20

Jeff started his own company

12:33 AM

Jeff, Kalia, Porsche, Rachel & Shelly are sitting outside on the couches talking about having a business and getting tax exemptions...Jordan, who is sitting at the hot tub, gets called to the DR...Jeff says "I just started my own company by incorporating myself"...

Shelly says she did the same thing and all you need is a federal tax number...Jeff says that is coming, he's the single manager, so instead of a social security number he'll use that number...Shelly tells Jeff how he can use that number to get things tax free, business stuff...Kalia says you have to keep receipts...Jeff says he keeps everything...they say as long as it's a write off keep them...they go over some things that can be written off, they say food is not but going out to eat is...Jeff says "I have all my receipts and when I go like, all the time when I'm back and forth from here, I keep everything from my Starbucks"...Jeff says his accountant told him he needs another bank account because he just got it before he left...Kalia asks what Jeff's major in college was?...Jeff says marketing...

Shelly says that's good because any work Jeff does he can get make payment to "Jeff inc"...Jeff says that's why the accountant did that, instead of it going on his turns to Shelly's business...

Jordan strips off the humilitard

1:06 - 1:11 AM

Unfortunately most of this was blocked from the feeds but the gist is there…

Jordan comes outside after the go ahead from BB that she can finally shed her humilitard. She first does the Humilitard dance with Adam accompanied by one point, because Jordan is being a little hyper, Jeff says "what did we feed you today?" LOL

Jordan then strips off each piece one by one and hands them to the HG's that are sitting nearby. Lastly she sheds the humilitard and throws it at Jeff...

The look on Jeff's face is pretty cute lastly she takes off her ponytails and shakes her hair cutely

Post humilitard cuteness

1:13 AM

Jordan has just shed the humilitard, she goes to the DR and comes back to the couch area where Jeff and the other HG's are to get one more part to add to the show segment, she asks the others what they will miss the most about her humilitard...after they answer Jordan sits down on the ottoman/couch next to Adam but Adam gives up his spot so Jeff can sit next to Jordan, he says "go sit with your girl"

Jeff gives Jordan a look and Jordan cutely smiles...

Jeff asks if she is happy?...Jordan says yes, comfy clothes...they say she's rid of the pigtails too...she feels free, she ties her hair...Adam says now she'll have to think about she has to wear in the morning...Jordan says "is that how you felt Cruddy?"...Jeff gets a kick out of that...Jordan says it's too bad he didn't have his Elf suit...random weird chatter...Jeff sits back and Jordan rubs his back and then leans on him...

More random chatter, Jeff and Jordan seem completely bored...Jeff turns to Jordan again and asks "are you super happy?"...Jordan nods and smiles yes...

They whisper about how BB encouraged Jordan to do some sort of dance to shed the humilitard...Jordan asks if she looked bad?...Jeff says "noooooo"...Jordan says she had a sports bra on (oh Jordan! lol)...Jordan holds onto Jeff...

Jordan tells Jeff she's tired and going to bed soon...Jeff says "me too"..more random chatter and then Jordan says goodnight, she's going to bed...Jeff says "I'll be up there in 5 minutes love"...Jordan says her goodnights and happy bday to Dani...Jeff pokes her butt for good measure and she leaves…

JeJo HOH nightly ritual talk

1:38 - 2:08 AM

Jordan is laying in bed listening to Jeff's CD...Jeff takes a shower...Jordan stops listening and seems deep in thought while waiting for Jeff...Jeff finishes up getting ready and they talk a little about Rachel and Dani's tiff earlier...Jeff brushes his teeth ...they continue talking about the Rachel/Dani thing, how Rachel was tipsy and how they wish she was playing in the veto, she's like a caged lion LOL

Jeff asks if Jordan fed the fish?...Jordan says no...Jeff says he forgot, "sorry guys" Jordan says they know it...Jeff feeds them and they go crazy...Jeff thinks they are getting bigger...Jordan doesn't think it's enough food...Jeff says it's not, he continues looking through the fish food bags and talks to himself while doing so Jeff says someone gave the fish his food so guess what? he's taking theirs, these fish aren't dying on his watch (aww )

Jeff puts yet more lotion on and then uses mouthwash...Jordan tells Jeff the talk she had with Porsche about how Porsche thought she had a deal with the veterans since the beginning...Jeff says today she brought that up?...Jordan says yeah and tells Jeff to use her lotion LOL Jeff gets in bed...Jordan explains more what her and Porsche talked about, she thinks Porsche was kind of shocked she was nominated...Jeff thinks so too...Jordan continues filling Jeff in on Porsche...Jeff farts ...control room...

They talk about Dani and the strategy of not putting her up right away on the block, what will happen if Dani wins the veto and uses it...Jordan says she's not going to throw it, she's not that stupid...Jeff agrees but says he feels bad if he does end up backdooring her...Jordan says keep her then...Jeff says no way, listen it's a game, what for? to get rid of Rachel? and then he has to worry about getting rid of her? if he gets rid of Dani whoever wins will go after Rachel...

Jordan says she's worried if Jeff puts up Rachel or Shelly as the replacement nominee and then they split the vote so it's either gotta be Adam or her...Jeff says "I'm not putting you up"

Jordan says with Adam they won't flop on the votes...Jeff says that's if after Dani takes someone down, he'll tell her she needs to keep the noms the same and explain they were in a tough position too last week....more game talk and they go around the horn a few times...

Jeff’s psychic :(

2:09 AM

Jeff and Jordan continue talking game in the HOH room...they're talking about the situation they are in right now...

Jeff says she wants somebody to step up, he's going to have all the blood on his hands which is fine but he needs someone else on his team to step up and win to cover his ass cuz when he goes home no one else is going to care and he'll do the dirty work and the target is going to be on him and none of these people that he's bringing through the game are going to be able to step up and save him? it's going to get dirty, he can't coast to the end, he needs to rely on the people that he brought this far and are with him to step up and help him at some time...

Jeff says that's why it's tough, it's frustrating, that's why he's frustrated and thinking all the time because he has to be one step ahead thinking about everything, getting his hands dirty, then be the good one, he has to step up and win comps every single week after he gets dirty then he's gone and everyone else benefits from his work, he needs people in a rough situation, right now it's good because they have the votes but there will come a time when he really needs it...Jordan says Kalia is the main person they can't let win...Jeff says exactly but he's not playing in HOH, could one of them win?...Jordan says yeah...Jeff says can they beat Kalia or Porsche? that's what he's counting on, he needs one of them to step up and win, this is how he went out last time, he made a big move, sat and watched HOH, lost the POV and he was gone, he doesn't want the same thing to happen, no one could step up and win...Jeff says they're still alright as long as he went up against Rachel he'd be fine, as long as he's not up against Jordan...

Sad to see that this EXACT thing happened to Jeff, his people let him down during the DE 😢

Making it rain

2:12 - 2:16 AM

Jeff and Jordan continue their late night talk...they're talking game regarding scenarios...Jeff says that ultimately he shouldn't rely on anybody to win for him, he should win the POV if he gets put up but he's not gonna lie, it would be nice if someone could step up and win, if she could take one home...Jordan says "ok, I tried in this last HOH"...Jeff says "I know, of course you did, I know you did love ♥, I'm not blaming you, I'm not even mad, I'm just saying, ykwim? it would be nice to know that"...Jordan says "well I'll try in the POV tomorrow"

Jeff extends his hand and they fist bump and Jeff strategically places his hand “down there”

Jeff smiles, Jordan flinches saying "Jeff"...Jeff says "I made it rain"...Jordan says "you made it rain? you tried to make it rain down there" ...Jeff laughs...Jordan wants the lights turned off but Jeff says BB wants them on while they talk (weird!)...they continue talking about the game and upcoming possible twists...Jordan says can you believe they're the last couple in the house, it's good, she's excited...Jeff wishes they got something...Jordan giggles...Jeff just wants a prize and he already has 15G's Jordan says he's lucky...

Jeff asks how pissed does Jordan think Brendon and Rachel are going to be when they find out he threw that veto?...Jordan says "real pissed"...Jeff giggles

HOH Jedi drilling

2:17 - 2:31 AM

Jeff and Jordan continue their late night talk...they're talking about possible upcoming comps and Jordan says the one he won on this time is the one he lost last time...Jeff says he knows, he couldn't play...Jeff says that he just hopes Shelly steps up next week...Jordan turns to her side and Jeff asks if Jordan knows her HOH's...Jordan says yes...they start jedi drilling with Jeff asking Jordan questions...control room...more jedi drilling for awhile...they wonder what the next veto comp might be...Jordan thinks Kalia might put her and Jeff up...Jeff says no, she'll put up him and Rachel...Jordan says in a perfect world it would be Dani out, then Kalia, then Adam...Jeff says not Porsche?...Jordan is worried about Adam's knowledge for questions towards the end...

They watch Adam on the spyscreen and Jordan says "he's so funny...he's got a big heart"...Jeff mmm, hmm's...control room...

Jeff’s psychic again :(

2:32 - 2:38 AM

Jeff and Jordan continue their late night talk...they talk about the HN's and how they won't be able to sleep tonight, they'll go to bed super late which is good...Jeff says can you imagine how Dani is going to be by the end of the week?...Jordan says she's going to be so mean...Jeff says "so mean and if she gets backdoored...she is going to fu**ing throw everything and the kitchen sink to get those votes" (yep! but you have no idea! )

Jordan says she won't get them...Jeff says it doesn't matter...Jordan says it's her, Adam who won't do anything, Rachel who won't do anything...Jeff says "and Shelly, well she'll know she has the votes so Shelly will be like no funny business"

Jordan says she told Shelly that Dani is here to win not make best friends (oh Jordan if you only knew...)...Jeff gets up to use the bathroom and then comes back and spills some water on the bedside table, he cleans it up and then says that if they get Dani they have to tell Rachel to STFU...Jordan says they wouldn't say anything until that day, she would be so mean...Jeff says Brendon would shit his pants LOL...Jeff turns off the lights and gets in bed...

One tuck, one no tuck - opposites

2:38 - 2:44 AM

Jeff and Jordan continue their late night talk...Jeff gets back in bed and starts fussing with the blankets...he says he hates this, what's going on? is Jordan a tuck-in? he's not a tuck-in...Jordan says if you tuck it in, it makes the bed look nicer...Jeff says yeah, but not when you sleep...Jordan says she normally sleeps with things tucked in...Jeff says he's an untucker...

Jordan giggles and says "of course you are"

Jeff giggles and says "oh yeah, what else, what a big surprise"

Jordan says "it's one other thing that they're opposite on, everything"

Jeff says "one tuck, one no tuck"

Jordan says "one chocolate, one vanilla"

Jeff asks if she were to get a shake what would she get?...Jordan says that's a tough one, can she do a mixed one?...Jeff says no, just pick one...Jordan says chocolate...Jeff says him too, see? (that makes no sense LOL)

Jeff says if he were to get a soft serve, it'd be mixed, would she?...Jordnan says yeah...Jeff says those are the best...Jordan says "a McFlurry or the dollar ones with the hot fudge and nuts?"...Jeff says it depends if he's feeling fat or not...Jordan says he has to pick...Jeff says he'd rather have a Heath bar McFlurry, if he's super fat he'll get the McFlurry, if he's just fat he'll get the fudge sundae with nuts, fu**ing assholes LOL ...Jeff says "Peyton, get extra chocolate"

Jordan asks Mexican or Chinese?

Jeff prefers Mexican and then changes the topic to the possible sunburn he got on his cheek and then talks about his muscles hurting from the competition...Jordan fixes her blanket situation and then tries to talk about opposites again...Jeff says "we're the opposite, whatever"...they start talking about Rachel again and how she was antagonizing Dani...they say she's wacko...Jordan says that Rachel told her that she's only like this inside the BB house not outside...they talk about how they're dealing with her, how excited she was about Jeff putting her key first in the nomination box...Jordan feels bad that she doesn't play cards with her...

Jeff Schroeder & Jeff Lloyd are really good cooks

2:45 AM

Jeff and Jordan continue their late night talk...Jefff and Jordan are talking about dinner, how Rachel made a pretty good salad today but usually she makes a salad for 400 people, she makes huge amounts of food, he thought she would use 500 heads of lettuce for it

Jordan says "oh my gosh Jeff that chicken, that bbq chicken was so good"

Jeff is quiet...

Jordan says "my dad, used to, we used to have this chicken and steaks on the grill, my dad can, he'd marinate them, oh it'd be so good, my dad's like a really good cook"

Jeff says "me too"

Jordan reaches for Jeff's hand saying "I know you are, I'm just saying" ❤️

Arm rub/Jordan talks about her dad

2:46 AM

Jeff and Jordan continue their late night talk...they're talking about Jordan's dad being a good cook...Jordan grabs Jeff's arm to rub...

Jordan tells Jeff that she knows he doesn't know that part of her dad...Jeff says that he actually feels like hanging out with her dad for some reason...

Jordan says "what's going on big time?"

Jeff says he cracks him up, he'd feel like going out and having a couple of beers "hey Jeff you wanna couple brewski's?" everything is so dramatic (with him) control room...

JeJo are laughing and Jordan says "hey what's rockin man? oh nothin, just chillin, hangin out, havin me a brewski"...Jeff adds "up at the lake"...Jeff says he is funny though...Jordan says he used to be real funny, the life of the party, he'd be at the country club and sit up at the bar and then go to the pool area and be loud and talk with people he didn't even know saying what's up man?"...they laugh...Jordan says the guy would be what's your name? and he'd say "oh! Jeff Lloyd, nice to meet you" then they would talk about other stuff and he'd say "that's rockin, that's so cool"...Jeff says yeah, he's very enthusiastic...

Jordan says he'd cut up with the servers and tell them to fill up his to go cup with more liquor and when they wouldn't because of the rules he'd say "quit being a pussy, put some more in" and they'd be yes sir...Jordan says "he's crazy"...

No runs for awhile/it’s a prize for both of us

2:49 AM

Jeff and Jordan continue their late night talk...Jordan is rubbing Jeff's arm and they've finished talking about Jordan's dad when Jeff looks at his arm and mmm's...

Jeff says "I haven't had a rub for awhile, not even "that" rub but this rub...right?"...Jordan says "right...I rub you all the time, I do a lot for you"...Jeff asks when was the last time she scratched anything?...Jordan says the day they were in the purple room and he was on his back...Jeff says "oh yeah when was that? day 12?"...Jordan says "no! it was like a week ago"...Jeff says exactly

Jordan wants to know what she ever gets? nothing...Jeff says where is she at right now?...Jordan says to not start that, he's getting cocky...Jeff says she's in a nice bed and he's not getting cocky...Jeff says if she wins this game again he's expecting a big, big prize...

Jordan says "well it's a prize for both of us"

Jeff says he knows but he wants a special side prize...Jordan says "what about me"

Jeff says what does she mean what about you? a million dollars, throw Big Jeff a bone, the eye surgery was a good one though...Jordan says that will last him forever...Jeff says it can't be topped, that was a good one...control room...

Jeff couldn’t zing them - lols

2:51 - 3 AM

Jeff and Jordan continue their late night talk...they start watching the spyscreen and wonder if this is what it's like for people watching at home...Jeff thinks "she" is peeling an egg...Jordan says gross but it's better than the sardines...Jeff feels like she's up to no good...Jordan says Dani? what does he mean?...Jeff says she has her bandana on, she's being goofy...Jordan continues rubbing Jeff's arm and they start talking about Dani and her motives...

Jeff says he can't believe he chose the have nots this week too, it put a bigger bullseye on him...Jordan says he tried to be nice when he did it, it didn't sound like Jeff normally does...Jeff says he tried to be nice in his speech too...Jordan says she can tell because it wasn't him...Jeff giggles and says he couldn't zing them because what if they do stay in the house, so what does she mean, he did the right move and he did it in one take Jordan says he did good and she starts reciting the nomination speech...Jeff giggles and says no...Jordan asks if she said it wrong?...Jeff says do it again...Jordan tries again and asks if that's right?...Jeff says almost and he tells her how she ended it wrong, he made the exact same mistake in the DR earlier...Jordan giggles...Jeff does it this time and Jordan says she keeps wanting to say duo...Jeff realizes she had to do it before, he thought she just had a good memory (from BB11 LOL), she got it right, his was the same...Jordan says when you hear it so much you memorize it...

They talk about the other HG's and where they are sleeping, they debate trading beds over staying in the same bed...Jeff starts to say that he's never been in the house solo (w/o Jordan) but feeds go to control room...

Jordan says that people see Jeff as being mean and they just don't get it, she's used to being around him and how he's like nooo! and he gets really mad, she's used to it so when she heard his nomination speech she thought that didn't even sound like Jeff because he was being really nice like how he was talking to Brenchel in the pool was him "I bit my tongue so much, I don't even have a tongue, I can't even taste"...Jeff cracks up!

Jordan says he gets like "that" with his hands and when he said the tongue thing, that's Jeff, that's how Jeff is and then when he's like doing his speech and nice about it...Jeff says it's because he couldn't zing them, he told her...Jordan says she knows but she was waiting for him to kill them...Jeff says to believe him, he wanted to, he had shit planned, in the DR they told him that he really gave it to them and he said "gave it to them, I held back"...control room...

Jordan tells Jeff what the others were saying about Jeff, how he commands respect, he's hard to approach at first, etc...Jeff says Shelly tells him that...Jordan says Jeff is good at cracking on people...Jeff laughs and says it's his talent, to rip on people...control room

Classic JeJo - mischievous banter

3:02 AM

Jeff and Jordan continue their late night talk...feeds come back with them looking at the spyscreen wondering what "they" are doing?...

Jeff says "I'm telling you they're being mischievous"

Jordan says "miss-chee-vee-ous?"

Jeff says "it's not mischievous?"

Jordan says "no, miss-chee-vee-ous"

Jeff says "miss-chee-vee-ous? isn't it two different...mischievous!...miss-chee-vee-ous"

Jordan says "miss-chee-vee-ous"

Jeff says "mischievous, I think mine's right too no?"

Jordan says "I've never heard of mischievous"

Jeff says "really?"

Jordan says "no"

Jeff and Jordan crack up...Jeff says he doesn't know what it is, he thought his was right but he thinks she's right too kinda...Jordan says "Jayeff!"...Jeff says "what?...I think I'm right"...Jordan says "no, it's mis-chee-vee-ous"...Jeff says he thinks they're both right...Jordan says "mischievous? I've never heard of that"

Jeff says "what's he doing? he's being mischievous"

Jordan says "no, what's he doing? he's being mis-chee-vee-ous, it's mis-chee-vee-ous"


Jeff says he thinks she might be right...Jordan thinks she is right for the first time...Jeff says it's not for sure yet, they're going to ask somebody, he thinks mischievous works...Jordan doesn't think that's a word...Jeff says it's another term, he has a feeling they're both right...Jordan says she's never heard of the word mischievous

FOR THE RECORD, Jeff was right and here is the explanation:

Mischievous is commonly (and most annoyingly) mispronounced as Miss-Chi-Vee-Us. There is NO SUCH WORD people! Mischievous is accented just like the word mischief. You don't say mis-cheef, do you? No. Furthermore, there are only 2 i's in mischievous - not 3. Do not add another i after the v - it is not mischievious.

Mis-cheh-vus is the correct pronunciation. Please! Spread the word!

What’s Mt Rushmore?/soft hair/game talk

3:03 - 3:13 AM

Jeff and Jordan continue their late night talk...the feeds come back to JeJo giggling and Jordan saying "what is it?"...Jeff says "with the 5 president's heads in the mountain, you don't know what Mt. Rushmore is?"...Jordan laughs saying she's seen it but she didn't know what it was called, she saw it on umm...Jeff says "I think it's mischievous"

Jordan says "no, I do think I'm right though on that"...Jeff says "omg"...Jordan says "what?"...Jeff says "nothing"...Jordan says they had something similar to that on the movie Richie Rich...

Jeff changes the subject to his hair saying "feel how soft my hair is"

Jordan feels it and says she did, it's real soft...Jeff says "it is, play with it"...Jordan rubs Jeff's hair...

Jeff says the shampoo BB gave them this time is not bad...Jordan says it's ok...Jeff says it's not the worst, the Tom's was worse...Jordan says that is true...Jeff says his hair is soft, the soap smells good...

They start watching the spyscreen again and doing the voices of Porsche and Dani (segment shown on the tv show)...Jeff says "look how bored we are"...Jordan says to talk like they're them, he's good at it...Jeff says they're just getting something to drink...Jordan starts doing the voices Jeff asks what they're doing? he doesn't know, the fun's over...

They start talking about the smaller table in the kitchen once it's down to 4 and if they had chairs in their season? (they're so forgetful LOL)...Jeff says "mmm, halfway to the final 4, God that's still a lot of work to do...if we could win the next two weeks and get to that double eviction"...Jordan says "if we get through that double eviction" Jeff says if they could get to F3 with Shelley...Jordan says that would be perfect

They talk about how F3 would be...Jeff says it's such a long way, getting through next week is most important because he can't play for HOH, that's what he's worried about not the F3

They go back to game talk and what to say to Porsche...Jeff says Porsche was a good sport about everything today whereas he's tired of Kalia...Jordan says to get her out then if she doesn't win...Jeff says if he gets Dani out and they can't win an HOH he's going to be so upset 😟 more game talk about Dani and the veto...

Head rub/who would go 1st banter

3:14 - 3:18 AM

Jeff and Jordan continue their late night talk...they are talking about Dani, who Jeff is going to nominate and the backdoor plan, if Dani wins and uses the veto they want her to take off Porsche instead of Kalia...Jeff says that Dani pulled Jeff aside and told him that Kalia asked if she thought Jeff was going to put her up and Dani told her didn't Jeff tell you to your face that if you put him up, he'd put you up? so what do you expect? LOL

Jordan thinks they can do it, if they get out certain people, they'll be good...Jordan starts rubbing Jeff's head ...Jeff says there's been only 5 evictions, but really 6 but Brendon left twice...Jeff says "damn, doesn't if feel like?"...Jordan says "forever?"...Jeff says "yeah"

Jordan says it must be hard to work there for 24/7, you don't get a break, 24/7 watching people...Jeff says yeah...

Jordan says "well if something happens and you and I are on the block"

Jeff says "oh shut up"

Jordan says "no! cuz I want you to go far this time, I already had my chance and then that way it will give you one more week, then if I, see I don't even know what jury house is like"

Jeff says "it's like a big house"

Jordan says "I know but, I'll make sure I go before you"

Jeff says "you won't go before me, even if we wanted that, it wouldn't happen"

Jordan says "yes it would if you pushed it"

Jeff says "no it wouldn't! because the people, they don't want me here, if it came down to the end, who the f**k would want me?...nobody's going to take me to the end, they know they haven't done shit, I'm not the best player I think but I've done more than fu**ing a lot of these people"

They continue talking game about Adam and the cornhole competition...

Relationships & life in the BB house

3:20 - 3:26 AM

Jeff and Jordan continue their late night talk...Jordan poses the question to Jeff, does he think that if they met in Chicago and they had been dating for awhile and they came and did BB, you know how it's 24/7, does he think that because they already dated and knew each other and because in there it's stressful does he think they would fight more and not get along more so than someone who came in and met each other on the show like they did?

Jeff says "what are you talking about?" LOL Jordan says "nevermind"

Jeff says that was complicated, could she pretend it's the DR and simplify it? control room...

Jeff tries to clarify, he asks if they came in there as a couple? They came in as a couple, they went to high school together, they dated, yes he gets it...Jordan says they came in as a couple and played BB together, does he think they would kill each other because it's not normal (what is she getting at? geez lol)

Jeff says "as opposed to meeting in here?"...Jordan says yes...Jeff sees what she's saying, umm, he doesn't know because he doesn't know the other side, they both were going through it together, if they both never been on the show and they dated, what's the difference? they'd know each other before they both came on there, that's all so they'd both be new to the show...(confused! 🫠 )

Jordan says it's stressful in there and you go through so many emotions especially girls, she thinks if they came on as a couple already they'd get more agitated because you can't get away from each other, you have no tv, nothing, it's just 24/7...Jeff sees what she's saying, it's definitely stressful but it's a new situation for both of them, if he was on there and they were dating and they both came on, that'd be weird too, he doesn't know...

Jordan says if they had to be there 73 days, that would be really hard, 73 days with somebody, no tv, nothing...Jeff says "well we do it"...Jordan says for them it's normal in there cuz they met in there?...Jeff says "so we know the stress is coming from this game not each other...sometimes" Jordan says they know how it feels from last time...

ed. I think Jordan was trying to say that in her mind she was surprised that her and Jeff weren't even fighting in the house because she expected that going in and realized it's because her and Jeff had been through it before and it helped that they met on BB as opposed to a regular couple going in and getting stressed and fighting a lot with the boredom in there, that would put a strain on any relationship but it hasn't put a strain on theirs JMO

Jeff says it's weird how his buddies tell him they could never do that (BB) but it becomes your reality, ykwim? you forget people work there, it's like this is your house and your daily life, it's weird how your mind just adapts...Jordan says then when you get out it's weird...Jeff says you still think about it, he would imagine it's what it's like going to prison, he couldn't fu**ing imagine going there but imagine getting a 10 yr sentence, you gotta adjust, your mind has to adjust, you gotta get comfortable, omg, he can't imagine jail, holy f**k, he sees those lockup shows, forget it, there are some crazy fu**ing people, omg, he wouldn't last...Jordan says she'd be scared and they'll kill you LOL

Jeff giggles and says "so if you compare this to prison it's not that bad"

Jeff says BB is fun, he likes it, it's an awesome experience but it gets so stressful at times and catty and you're just caged...Jordan says that's the part she doesn't like...Jeff giggles and says that's the whole thing...Jordan says she doesn't like when she feels trapped and people are being mean, the HN comp was her breaking point…

Asshole goodnight kisses

3:26 AM

Jeff and Jordan are having their late night talk, it's winding down...they're going over how the HN competition and how it was so catty...Jeff says they could say the same thing about him, he gets an attitude too sometimes, especially in the morning...Jordan says yeah

Jeff says "I'm an asshole too, whatever, we all got problems, nobody likes everybody"

Jordan says "are you ready to go to bed?"...Jeff looks at Jordan saying "kinda"

Jordan says "me too, goodnight"...Jeff giggles and they go to kiss but Jordan turns her head last second and he half kisses her cheek

Jordan laughs and Jeff says "you're an asshole, I don't like you right now" Jordan says "sorry, I was going to crack up in your face"...they kiss again...

Jeff says "thanks asshole" and sings "a(ss) solo mio" Jordan asks Jeff to turn off the TV...they talk about how they have to use so much lotion because it's so dry in there...Jeff says he's sure he'll be up in about 15 mins to pee...they to go to sleep...

HOH room - opposite likes

12:37 - 12:43 PM

Jeff and Jordan are laying in bed in the HOH room...they are just chatting about random stuff but being mostly quiet...Jeff takes a sip of his V-8 drink and asks Jordan "you not a fan of V-8?"...Jordan says no...Jeff says she likes tomatoes and tomato soup...Jordan says she's not into drinking it, she's not a fan of tomato soup...Jeff asks if she ever had grilled cheese and tomato soup?...Jordan says she wants to say when she was younger yes...

Jeff says "this might sound crazy but I love V-8 and you don't like it"

Jordan giggles and says "surprise!"

Jeff stretches and says "ohhhh love!" ♥

Jeff says "I had potato skins and beef jerky for breakfast"...Jordan says it's not even morning...Jeff says he actually had cottage cheese and fruit...Jordan says good...Jordan says she feels yucky...Jeff says he does too for some reason...Jeff asks if it's yucky, getting sick or yucky she's getting tired of this house...Jordan tries to explain what she means by yucky and then Jeff gets up to go the washroom

Mischievous banter again

2:50 PM

Feeds switch to Jeff, Jordan and Rachel who are in the kitchen...Jeff calls out to Adam "hey Adam, is mischievous a word?"...Adam says "mischievous?"...Jeff says "yeah"...Adam and Rachel says "miss-chee-vee-ous"...

Jeff giggles saying "f**k"...Jordan says see, I was right about a word LOL Jeff says "you were"...Jordan giggles at Jeff saying "mischievous"...Jeff says "mischievous? that's not a word?"...Adam says "mischievous..."

Shelly puts her two cents in saying the word is mischievous but she says it miss-chee-vee-ous...Jordan says see! Jeff was saying last night that it was miscubous LOL! ...Jeff says he said "mischievous"...Jordan says she said no, it's miss-chee-vee-ous...Jeff says that she was probably right but he was too...Shelly says that there are 2 enunciations for it, you can say it whichever way you like...Jordan says oh, she wanted to be right for once...Shelly jokingly says to Jeff "Jordan's right you piece of shit" 🙄

Jeff’s scar story/joint salad

2:51 - 2:53 PM

Jeff, Jordan and Rachel are in the kitchen talking...they've just finished debating how to pronounce the word "mischievous" and then talk turns to the Zingbot and how he zinged Jeff about his soul patch but the soul patch is here to stay, it's not even bad, it's little and it covers up the scar on his chin...

Jordan tells Rachel how Jeff got that scar singing a boy band song...Jeff says it wasn't a boy band, it was Jason Mraz...Jordan thought it was a boy band song...Jeff says "whatever, make the story however you want"...Jordan continues "ok, well, it was a boy band"...Jeff laughs...Jordan says Jeff fell off a chair...Jeff finishes telling the story that he was singing on a plastic lawn chair at his buddy's garage, he was drunk, the ground was wet from the snow, he was talking to Jordan on the phone saying "do you hear this" when whooompf the chair slipped and he fell onto a metal pipe, it went right through his lip, there was a hole, he finished the song, it was believing, his friends said he should get stitches but instead he went home and said Jordan, look at this and she said OMG there's a hole...Rachel asked if he went to the hospital?...Jeff says no he went to bed LOL Jordan says he was drunk

Jeff says he has the soul patch now, he had one before anyway...Jeff notices Jordan took Jeff's fork and the whole salad...Jordan, who has sat down at the table to eat, says for him to come over there...Jeff goes over there and they do something they said they thought Brenchel were weird for out of the same bowl!! 😂

Puzzle banter/sly hug & kiss

2:57 PM

Jeff, Jordan, Rachel and Adam are in the kitchen...Jordan is sitting at the table with Rachel, they are chatting about the POV comp and Jordan is finishing eating her salad, she gets up and washes her dishes...

Jeff says "Jordan, when we get out of here we have to work on some puzzles together" ...Jordan says "my God I know"...Jeff says they are going to have to learn or if he ever goes out with his buddies he can he can buy her a puzzle for Jordan to do until he gets back, he can stay out all night

Adam says that's fu**ed up...Jordan says isn't that mean?...Jeff says it's funny because in the hotel room they did puzzles...Jordan says they did puzzles, she would help Jeff a little, Jeff would get them and she wouldn't so she'd get so frustrated...Jeff says Jordan would take a side piece and put it in the middle, come on!

Adam sticks up for Jordan and Jeff says Adam always does that, he doesn't realize that they crack on each other and that's their relationship, he can mind his own business...Adam says if anyone is going to make her cry it's him...Jeff says exactly...Jeff asks how many times has he made her cry in this house?...Jordan hugs Jeff and says twice...Jeff says "me?"...Jordan smiles

High five puzzles & BB

3:11 PM

Jeff, Jordan, Adam, Shelly & Rachel are in the kitchen talking about the POV puzzle comp...Jordan says she was terrible at it, she told Adam she might have well just have sat there and (? hard to hear)...Jeff and Jordan high five...

Shelly says they're all good at different things...Jordan says she is serious, puzzles (ugh)...

Jeff says "we're going to do puzzles when we get home"

Shelly laughs saying it's for her next stint on BB...Jordan says no, this is the last...Adam says Jordan is a lifer and she's going to be back 5 more times LOL Jordan says yeah right...Shelly says they'll be back on hottest couples edition Jordan says she's probably aged 10 years...Jeff says Adam is spending the winter there LOL Adam says he told them that in the DR Shelly says they might do fans vs favorites then they would come back...Jeff says no they won't...palm trees...

Kitchen head/neck rub

3:13 PM

Jeff, Jordan, Adam, Rachel and Shelly continue chatting in the kitchen...Jeff is sitting on the counter and he leans back and brushes Jordan's arm with the pastry/bbq brush LOL...Jordan reaches over to rub Jeff's head/neck...

Jeff says he's going to cut his hair, he doesn't like when his sides are long, they go straight out...Jordan says well fix it...Jeff says he will but doesn't want to hear from the DR he can't...Jordan asks if there's an extra toothbrush?...Jeff says he'll go check and he leaves…

Jordan & Rachel NC chat

3:49 PM

Jordan and Rachel are upstairs in the HOH talking...they're talking about waitressing...Jordan says she hated waiting on people...Rachel says it's different in Vegas, she couldn't take working even in a nightclub in NC because the people there drive her crazy, in Vegas it's more fun, good tippers, people are travelling, in NC people live there, they don't tip as much, guys are weird, they try to hit on you, she really likes Vegas, she wishes Brendon would want to move there but he loves southern California, he never wants to move to NC...

Jordan asks "why, he doesn't like North Carolina? he thinks it's boring?"...Rachel mmm, hmm's and laughs saying that's exactly what he says...Jordan rolls her eyes and smiles...Rachel asks if that is what Jeff says too?...Jordan says she used to think, well she thinks Jeff is getting more used to it now but especially when, if she had a place downtown but because she's out in the suburbs, she thinks he feels like, when she goes to Jeff's there's always something to do but now, she doesn't know...feeds switch

Jordan zingers

4:02 PM

Jeff and Adam are in the candy room talking about the POV comp...Jeff can't believe he won, he thought Dani was going to crush it...Adam says both Dani and Porsche had a bunch in and then goes in to talk about how they all did...Jeff says "Jordan didn't get one piece in?" he cracks up...Adam says he was right behind Jordan...Jeff says "ahh, fu**ing Jordan"...Jeff says it's funny when they were in the hotel room doing a puzzle he just wanted her to help him so he said to just take the corner piece and she went and put it right in the middle and he said if she couldn't see the edge, it's a straight piece and we get to the house and the first veto is a puzzle one and she took the bricks and put them vertical...Jeff says "she's not good at puzzles, it's official"...Adam says "obvi"

They talk about the Zingbot zings directed at Jordan, Jeff says the first one was good...Adam says it was "the reason why Jeff hasn't proposed to you is cuz he knows you're not good with questions"

What JeJo’s kids will be like

4:06 PM

Jeff and Adam are in the candy room chatting about the V-Tropolis POV comp...they says Brenchel killed that comp...Adam says they killed it because Jordan kept dropping pieces...Jeff doesn't even want to talk about it but actually Jordan did cry at that competition, Jordan was mad at him...Adam says Jeff was yelling "love it goes right there!"...Jeff says it was because she put them vertical and he was like come on man! he doesn't mind losing but come on, the bricks were vertical! and then...

Jeff adds..."what the f**k are our kids gonna be like? they're going to be walking into walls" Jeff giggles and Adam says they're going to need helmets ...he'll be surprised, their kids are going to be pretty so they don't have to be smart

Jeff shyly grins...

Jeff says ai, ai, ai, one thing at a time, let's not get crazy (you brought it up!)

Jordan Kalia & Rachel chat

4:14 PM

Jordan, Rachel and Kalia are up in the HOH room chatting...they're talking about going out with your guy with his guy friends as opposed to going out with girl friends...Jordan says it's also good for Rachel to have girls she can go to yoga with because when you're with somebody all the time you're gonna get, her and Jeff would kill each other if we were together all the time...Rachel says her and Brendon are together all the time, she likes it, she loves working out with him, playing softball together, they have fun but it's with mostly guys...

Jordan says when she goes to Chicago to see Jeff and it's all his guys friends, he wants to go to his buddy's garage and sometimes she tells him to go without her and then he says he's not going without her and she insists because she doesn't care because it's all guys and when it's all guys she'd rather sit at home and watch her show and relax...Rachel goes on to say she likes going with guys...

Are you gonna need a blanket?

5:21 PM

Jordan and Rachel are working out...Jeff is nearby on the hammock...they do a set of reps ...Jordan says those burn...Rachel says they need to work on their cores...they do another set of reps...Jeff says "good job"

Jordan asks if Jeff is gonna need a blanket? she folded the blue one...Jeff says it's a little chilly...Jordan gets up to get it and Jeff says "no, don't get it, I"m fine"...Jordan says "I'll go get it" and she does...Jeff says "thanks love ♥ "...Jordan says "you're welcome"

You’re good love

6 PM

Jordan and Rachel are working out...Jeff is laying nearby in the hammock...Rachel leaves saying she's going to go take a shower...Jeff says he was in and out napping, the hammock is so comfortable, they're the bomb...Jordan continues doing weights and Jeff, getting up to leave, says "you're good love" ♥

Jeff looks back at Jordan working out

6:08 PM

Jeff is sitting on the couches with the other HG"s, he's having a smoke and is just generally uninterested in the conversation at hand...instead he can't help but look back a couple of times at Jordan who is working out on the far end of the BY <333

JeJo hammock chat - Don’t say that Shelley

6:12 - 6:24 PM

After looking back at Jordan working out in the BY, Jeff goes inside, gets some iced coffee and goes back outside, he first heads to the couch area where the others are but changes his mind and goes over to the lay in the hammock near Jordan

Cam 3/4

Feeds switch over to JeJo just before the 6:14pm mark...Jordan slaps her thigh saying she's trying to get rid of her hamhock, she can't run today, her legs hurt from running to get those puzzle pieces (in the POV comp), she says that Jeff smoked everyone, she thought she was going to be the only loser with nothing, she thought why couldn't she be the host and Rachel play, it was embarrassing...Jeff says "you didn't get one piece?"...Jordan says no, she tried, she laid them all out trying to fit it with the one piece the guy gave them, she's being dead serious, she can't do puzzles...Jeff asks if she didn't see the one around the arms?...Jordan says no, she's just not good at puzzles, it's obvious with the V-tropolis comp and in sequester but Jeff did real good...

Jordan says Jeff is acting sad...Jeff says he's tired...Jordan asks if he's stressed?...Jeff says not really, just wondering what the right move is...Jordan says right but at least he won and has the power, they can talk tonight, their late night talks, they can go over everything again, go over that in detail...

Jordan starts doing leg exercises...Jeff watches...

Jeff says it's like a nice fall day out...Jeff and Jordan banter a little with Shelly, how she's pretending not to like them...Shelly says they're so cute, they're America's favorite couple...Jeff says "there's no such thing"...Shelly says Rachel will punch you out...Jeff says "yeah, don't say that, I heard you say that earlier, don't say it"...Shelly says she likes to say it and she's gonna keep saying it ...Jeff says "don't say that"

Shelly says that's the only button she can push, they've taken everything else away from her...Jeff says "well don't because it pushes us"...Shelly says "whyyyy!?"...Jeff says "because I don't like that, we're not trying to be 'that' couple"...Shelly says she knows they're not but what's wrong with it? it's a compliment...Jeff says "I know but it just, anything to rile her up I don't wanna deal with it"...Shelly says alright and then fake whines about how they took away all her fun...Adam comes outside and starts talking to Shelly...

Jordan tells Jeff that the girls were talking to Shelly saying that see if she could talk Jeff into putting up Rachel LOL! yeah right! Jeff harumphs...Jordan can't believe they think he would do that...Jordan says Kalia said if she stayed on the block she wasn't going to keep her mouth shut, she was going to spill...Adam asks if he can use the weights and tells Jeff he's going to walk right now and then they can do weights later...Jeff says alright...

Jeff asks what Kalia said again and Jordan turns to ask Shelly to confirm what Kalia said...they chat about that...Jeff doesn't seem fazed. Jordan continues her leg lifts...Shelly comes over and tells Jeff Kalia's exact wording, saying that by the time her and Dani are finished with Rachel she'll be pushing the red button to self-evict it wasn't about Jeff, everybody likes "the Jeff"...Shelly leaves...Jeff asks if they can guarantee a win next week? Adam says yes because he needs a pic of his girl...they continue talking game with Adam...Adam confirms they are "rolling"...Jeff asks Adam what he would do if he were him?...Adam says honestly, take off Porsche and put up Dani, she's the most dangerous in the house and backstab Jeff in a second...Jordan smiles at Jeff and Jeff sings ♫ I've got the power ♫

Nose pinch/Granny panties

7:49 PM

Jordan, Rachel & Shelly are outside on the couches in the BY chatting about muscle milk...Jeff, who has been working out, joins them and sits down next to Jordan...they talk about Rachel's concoction that she made...Jeff says he's so happy he worked out...Jordan says "don't you feel better?"...Jeff says he was laying on the hammock making excuses on why he shouldn't...Rachel says she listened to her excuses

Shelly says Jeff has lost so much weight since his pics upstairs...Jeff says what do you mean?...Jordan mmm, hmm's...Shelly says "with your brother, you've lost a ton of weight since then"...Jordan says yeah...Jeff says "really?...Shelly says his face (now) is so much thinner...Jordan says he gains it in his face...Jeff says "yeah, I do"...Jordan says she thinks he's like football player "muscle big"...Jeff says that was later than his football years though...Jordan says even in his college pics and that one with his brother and his mom...Jeff says that was only a couple of years ago...Jordan says she can tell he's younger and his face is fuller...

Rachel asks if he got a scholarship for football?...Jeff says no...Shelly says it's so awesome he played in college...Jeff says Div. 3...Shelly says so what, she went to a Div. 3 school and they were awesome, those guys were so cool...Jeff asks what school?...Shelly says Eastern Kentucky University...Jeff says "that was Div. 3?"...Shelly thinks so...Jeff says no, he thinks they're Div. 2...they talk a bit more about what makes a school rank differently...

Jeff pokes Jordan and says she loves that shirt (the one Shelly gave her) Jordan is saying it's comfy,

Jeff pinches her nose

Shelly says she can have her capris and two shirts, they're small, they'll fit her perfect, she can have all her damn clothes, nothing fits, but Jordan is just as small though...Jordan says Shelly is smaller...Shelly says she isn't...

Jeff says "got any granny panties for her?" LOL!

Shelly says she has cute panties and new Under Armor panties she brought...Jordan starts to defend her love of granny panties and Jeff giggles saying he's just kidding, she always wears her swim trunks over her tights so her butt, ass looks all weird...Jordan with a sad face says "what's wrong with it?" LOL...Jeff says it's because she was swim trunks on...Jordan says oh...Shelly says "oh, it's because you see the underwear underneath"...Jeff says yeah...

Jordan says "well I had on my full granny panties"...Jeff nods and smiles...Shelly says she doesn't own any...Jordan and Rachel say "granny panties?"...Shelly nods no...Jordan says "really?"...Shelly says "bikinis, not thongs"...Rachel says didn't she bring boy shorts though?...Shelly says that was so she wouldn't get caught in her underwear...Jordan says yeah, yeah...Jeff leaves to go eat dinner and check out some of Rachel's concoction...Rachel says he'll love it!...

Ohhh lover/want help?

8:27 PM

Jordan and Shelly are outside folding laundry and talking about how they've both said some bad things about Rachel (more like Shelly has bashed her non-stop)

They go inside and as Jordan walks in she giggles a little and says "me too"...Jeff overhears and asks "what happened, something's funny?"...Jordan huh's?...Jeff asks what happened?...Jordan whispers "oh nothing"...Jeff says "I can only guess...who you were talking about"...Jordan says "no! nobody"...Jeff says "what'...Jordan sighs saying "ohhhhh lover" ♥

Jeff is preparing food and Jordan asks "do you want me to help you?"...Jeff says "no thank you I like doing this, you know?"...Jordan mmm, hmm's and says she has to get some socks on...she leaves...

Corn/love/sit here & talk to you

8:29 PM

Jordan comes back from getting her socks from the HOH room...Jeff asks if anyone wants corn while he's making them, he asks Shelly if she wants some?...Shelly says she'll have a piece of corn...Jeff asks Jordan "alright, you want one love ♥ ?"...

Shelly says "I love when you guys call each other love", she calls Tony babe but she loves "love" but I'm not gonna take it from him, she's going to call him stud when she gets home, she goes outside...

Jeff and Jordan discuss how much corn Jeff should make, he will make all 5 pieces...Jordan asks "can I sit here and talk to you?" Jeff says "yes please"

Shelly comes back in and compliments Jeff on his shirt saying black is his color for sure, she bets he's a winter when he gets his colors done (Jeff's probably thinking wtf is that? LOL) Jordan says her mom always boils corn in hot water...Jeff says that's a way to do it....Rachel and Jeff talk about what he seasoned the meat with and then Jordan leaves again talking to Rachel about having to straighten her hair because it gets wavy from being outside...I guess they never got to talking

North Carolina - like or dislike

11:16 PM

Jeff, Jordan, Adam & Rachel are outside chatting...Jordan and Rachel have their feet in the hot tub...they're talking about where they live and what the weather is like there primarily how tough the winters are on the east coast and in Chicago...Adam loves the cold and Jeff hates the winters in Chicago...Adam goes inside...

Jeff joins the J/R convo although they are being quiet...Jeff says "you love the hot tub"...Jordan says she knows, it's because she's always cold...Rachel says Jordan needs to get one...Jordan giggles...Jeff asks Jordan where they were at that when they were in that hot tub near the river, was it John's parent's place?...Jordan says yeah, she explains how they are extending the back part of their house, it's going to look great, it's in Cherry Grove, it's a cool place...Rachel asks about it and Jordan explains it's on the canal...Jeff says it's nice back there with the canal...

Rachel likes Cherry Grove...Jordan says she does too, it's laid back, she asks if Jeff likes it?...Jeff says "yeah, I like it, different than we have the surfboard house?"...Jordan says that was in Folly Beach...Rachel loves Folly Beach...Jordan tells Jeff that Rachel said Brendon doesn't like NC and she was telling Rachel that in the beginning she didn't think he liked it because you were bored but Brendon thinks it's boring...Rachel says yeah...Jeff says "yeah, it's alright though, I don't mind it, I'm starting to like it better"

Rachel says yeah, Brendon is a total California boy, he wants to live out her, moving to NC would be a travesty...Jordan says torture...Jeff says there's just nothing for him to do out there work wise, you know?...Jeff changes the subject to talk about the pool...

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