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Day 36 of BB13 Feeds

August 11

HN room - love, come with me?

12:03 AM

Jeff comes into the HN room where Jordan is laying down...he says "love ♥ "...Jordan says "what?"...Jeff asks what she's doing?...Jordan says nothing...Jeff asks if she wants to come watch him wash his face?...Jordan says no...Jeff says he's going to use the thing to pop his nose, come with him?...Jordan mmm's...Jeff says c'mon they're not doing anything...Jordan says "can I do it?"...Jeff says yeah, does she want to do it to him?...Jordan says yeah...Jeff says ok, he'll put his teeth thing in...Jordan says she keeps thinking of what Maggie will do when she sees her...palm trees...Jeff says he wants to see yo-yo (Peyton)...Jordan asks "don't you miss him?"...Jeff asks if yo-yo would come out there by himself?...Jordan says yeah but he would need help with checking in at the kiosk and him and her mom don't know you have to be an hour early at the airport, Peyton hasn't been on a plane since he and her mom came out there...feeds switch…

Jordan pops Jeff’s blackheads

12:06 - 12:31 AM

Jeff and Jordan head to the bathroom to pop Jeff's blackheads...gross! Somehow the JeJo bantering during this makes it more funny & bearable though

PR - tiffs/stories/backscratch/tense goodnights

12:43 - 1:52 AM

Feeds come back to where Jeff, Jordan and Shelly are chatting...Shelly asks Jeff if he got his blackheads done?...Jeff starts explaining the tiff they had during that, Shelly leaves, they chat about random things, have another little tiff and then Jordan scratches Jeff's back, plays the back picture game, then they do a story time game with some interaction with Adam and lastly an alphabet game...Jordan says she's bored of the last game, is sleepy and wants to go to bed...she leaves saying goodnight, Jeff asks if she's not waiting for him?...Jordan asks if he's coming?...Jeff says "goodnight love, I love you" and Jordan says goodnight again and leaves (tense goodbye since Jordan left in a bit of a huff IMO)...

Sweatpants butt grab

2:58 PM

Jeff and Jordan are in the bathroom...Jordan has come out of the bathroom stall telling Jeff to wait a minute before he goes in Jeff waits and after he feels it's been long enough he walks by Jordan on his way into the stall and grabs her butt for about the 23rd time or so, but who's counting? 😜

BR - super plus womanly things

4:53 - 4:56 PM

Jeff, Kalia and Dani are in the bathroom...Jeff is shaving his armpits...Jordan comes in looking for tampons...Dani tells her they may be in "that thing", they've been in there before...Dani checks in another place and finds some, she hands them to Jordan...Jordan says "oh, are those super plus? or regular?"...they manage to find the ones she wants...

Jeff says "oh I have another question, if you're having your period why wouldn't you just go for the super duper hold all the time" LOL Kalia says it's cuz there are different flows, it's not always heavy...Jeff says "the other one's too thick?"...Kalia says umm, if you don't need it, if you're on a lighter day and you have a super tampon, when you take it out it's not gonna feel too good huh? LOL

Jeff says "see I don't have any sisters so I have all these womanly questions, I don't know what these products are to open your pores, I don't know what's going on"...Kalia says he can absolutely ask, she doesn't mind...Jeff says he does all the time...they say Jeff is learning...Kalia says when he's old and married and needs to buy tampons he'll know what to say...Jeff says "her flow's not so strong so I should just go with super plus" LOL no Jeff, you clearly weren't listening

Jeff says if he's sent to get them, he'd have to pick up a couple other things...Jordan comes out of the stall and washes her hands...Jeff says "good timing huh love? ♥ your little friend?"...Jordan says "God, I know", she says she's not fully on it but she doesn't want to be on the live show and have a pour come out...Jeff says better to be safe and use a super plus LOL...Jordan says she did...Jeff says that was what he was thinking

Jordan says her stomach is starting to hurt...Jeff says "love, do you have a pair of my underwear in your laundry?"...Jordan says no, she has a pair of hers, she leaves the bathroom...

Candy room kiss - where’s Jeff’s underwear

5:13 - 5:17 PM

Feeds come back from palm trees...Jeff, Jordan and Adam are in the candy room getting pumped up about the show and the votes...Jordan says she's getting pissed off that nobody thinks she can win...Jeff says win! and find my underwear too Jordan says ok! and gives him a kiss...

Adam and Jordan high five and then Jeff asks where his underwear is?...Jordan says "I don't know love" ♥ Jordan and Adam whisper about Dani while Jeff keeps looking...they all exit the candy room and go into the HN room...they continue talking game...Jeff goes on a mini rant about Dani & the Kalia alliance and they share some laughs...Adam says the NBSB alliance has to win tonight...Jeff asks Shelly if she saw a black pair of aficianado underwear, he can't find them...Shelly goes to help Jeff find them...

Yes sunshine & butt poke

5:25 PM

Jeff is in the kitchen...Jordan yells out to Jeff (off camera) and Jeff says "yes sunshine"...Jordan stands at the kitchen counter and Jeff goes over and pokes Jordan's butt.

Kitchen counter hug

7:48 PM

Jeff and Jordan are in the kitchen with most of the HG's, they're chatting about Brendon's sequester time...Jordan pours herself some iced tea and then goes towards Jeff who pulls her in a sweet hug.

Jordan then kisses Jeff on the cheek, Jeff locks his legs around Jordan...

...and then Jordan moves over and the HG's continue chatting…

HN room - tummy rub

8:37 PM

Jeff and Jordan have been chatting in the HN room about the game and the twist and how crazy it was...Jordan says "love, that worked out good for us"...Jeff says later it will harder (to get them out)...Jordan knows but still...Jeff laughs about them evicting Lawon...Jordan says if not it would've been Rachel battling Brendon (better!) but it could have been Jeff battling it out too...Jordan says now they lost a number, they gained a strong person...Jeff says he warned her to get out floaters...Jordan says they thought until last night someone was coming for afternoon snack...

Jeff farts Jordan says "Jeffff! that's nasty"...she starts rubbing his belly...

Good lips kiss

8:44 PM

Jeff and Jordan are talking in the HN room...they're finishing up their game talk when out of the blue Jordan says "I don't think I've ever told you but you've got good lips"...Jeff says "yeah?"...Jordan mmm, hmm's...Jeff says "thanks"...Jordan says "they're full, they're like not thick but they're not like too little, they're like good"

Jeff says "they're chapstick lips"...Jordan says "nah they're good'...Jeff says "great"...Jordan wishes she had bigger lips...

Cam 3

Jeff says "I wish I had a slice of pizza"...Jordan says "me too"...Jordan, who obviously wants to plant one on Jeff looks at him while Jeff says the waiting until midnight thing is stupid, finally kisses him...

Jeff asks if she's sure it's at midnight they can't eat?...Jordan says she'll go ask...Jeff says he has to pee...feeds switch out...

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